Support Groups - LO CARB 2005 #1 Hey girls a new year, new start!

01-03-2005, 06:51 AM
Well it's been awhile! I have been maintaining at 255# for months. However I am in a size 24 and surely not feeling good about myself. STress at work has been more than I can bear. Which does not help. Intelectually I know that exercise will help with that, as well as an attitude adjustment. But can't shift my thinking.
Maybe this time.
I got up late, so this is all. Will introduce myself more later to lurkers and potential joiners


01-03-2005, 06:35 PM
I ah here just bearly holding at 235 givbe or take a few lbs.

I am Sue I am a long timer here have lost down to a size 12 then gained it lall when i lost my self and self resolve and self respect. I am working hard to gain it all again and regain control over my self. So I can get rid of this extra weight. I know I am a memeber of the YMCA but at work there is a bunch fo us going to join with corperate sponcership a different Gym. I am happy sort of and scared again to try and do it all over again the good news is that I know it can be done I just hope I am not to impatient and want it all gone in 3 months. I have about 100 lbs to lose and realisticly it should be done in about 2 years slowly. I am ready and really want to be able to squat again. and get out of my size 24' in to 12's and lower. So here I go. (now to get my fingers out of those cookies that My DD1 brought over)

Pat I am behind you if now with you!!! We will have to make a date for the mall this year. just to low carb some coffee!!! I can definatly relate to the stress at work attitude, that is my killer. I now have a drawer full of goodies. if only I can by pass the junk to get the good for me goodies.

01-03-2005, 07:19 PM
Hello ladies. I saw the low carb in the thread title and I had to come in and post. My name is Lisa and I just started (for the third or fourth time) my low carb diet today. I weighed in at 202 this morning. I would like to lose 50 pounds this year. I did low carb two summers ago and lost 27 pounrds in 3 months. I felt and looked great! Then....well let's just say last may I had a 9lb 3oz baby boy and now I'm right back where I started with a few extra pounds. This was my third child and so I'm busy busy busy. I'm also a full time nursing student. I've done low carb since baby was born but I think that my body is holding on tighter than ever to this fat. It might have to do with the fact that I'm breastfeeding but I'll keep trying. Better slow weight loss than no weight loss...and better no weight loss than weight gain. I, too, have a membership to the YMCA and since I joined in October, I've only been once! However, for Christmas presents I signed my daugter up for gymnastics on Saturdays and my son up for karate on Wednesdays, so now I have to go at least twice a week! Hopefully the baby will do well in the nursery so I can really get a workout in. Well, that's me. I hope to visit you all more often and get to know you better!


01-04-2005, 06:11 AM
Well good morning everyone! I can say that I feel better watching my carb intake. I am more alert Have less physical pain symtoms(arthritis) and more energy. But get me off track and just watch out! A moment of pleasure vs. many moments of guilt, self loathing etc. etc.
I was thinking last night as I watched all the ads for t he new year that in teh past year I have gotten exactly what I have put into my weight loss efforts.... Nothing! I am a firm believer that you get what you put into something. I now need to put into myself!
SO today I will go upstairs and work out
I will take and give support here @ 3FC
and I will make sure I get my 2 quarts of water in.

Sue we are ready!!! we can do this and we will do the mall thing!
Welcome Lisa! I too lost soem great weight the first time w/ lo carb but I'll tell you the second(3rd,4th you get the picture) has been hard! We are a great bunch of ladies( i know there are only 2 of us now) but we useed to have a bunch working together. I get alot of support here. Congrats on teh baby.

I will check in tomorrow and let you know how it went

01-04-2005, 09:37 PM
Water did you say water?? I knew I forgot some thing! :lol:

Hi Lisa I to have done great in the past lost a wopping 65 lbs and then went to work and gained it all back and some. I wish it was a nother baby then I would have had an excuse to eat the junk I did but I am having a hard time getting started again. I too have 4 kids so I know so well the difficulties that you face. I had to wait untill my kids were a few years old before I could do it. You need to be able to keep your focus and keep your needs up front, Pat and I are both nurses. So we can relate to all that you ahve to go through with school. If you just maintain and do not gain through this time you will do just great. what degree are you trying for?/ LPN or RN?

The body know the trick of low carb come the second time and you need to be patient. Some tricks, chromuim for the cravings (Gee I need to try some of these again) make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand. Do not get hungry!!!! One of the soups have some great low carb soups I have had tow of them so far the meditranian meatbal soup was great only 3 carbs per serving and 2 servings per can. I had roasted chicken yesterday a few more carbs. it is mostly broth so one whole can is not unreasonable. But it is home time when i lose it. like today again. I need to take some chromium before I go home then I think I will be fine.

I also got some low carb (sugar free with spenda) coffee flavoring (McD's has several) but I am trying this. it is french vanilla my down fall so lets see wehere this goes.

Todays meals were not the best but tomorow is another day.

OK I am ready. Waiting for Pam to check in!! I did get a return PM, she is still having a very hard tome with life. Poor Pam I have never met some one with so much fighting against her with such a positive attitude.

01-05-2005, 02:27 AM
AHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!! I have found you again!!!! Oh Happy day, Oh Happy Day, hear the music?
Darlin's, God but it is good to be home! Here I am remember me, the lady who lost 100 lbs. Their back.......yes, it is true.The past year was a really challenging one health wise. At this weight I am surprised I am not dead...but, by heavens I am still here.
I am having a massive swelling problem in one leg but after all these months it is now spreading! All the hard work lossing that hundred pounds. Still, I shall do it yet again and more. I got lost in all the illness. One thing after another, non stop. I approach my 51st Birthday and beyond a shadow of a doubt will not live much longer at this rate.
Oh my Darlins how much I envy those who can exercise really exercise. It is so hard to be trapped by illness. The ill part I can handle but the weight, not the extreme weight. I surrendered to it and this is the result....I have regained it all back. I grow older now and it is hard to carry. My knees, and legs ache. It is hard to function at all. How depressive this sounds. I am not depressed nor do I tend to be a depressed person but all that illness ....trapped me. I lost hope, I lost me. JUst for a time...... mind you. I am hard to keep down but it succeeded for a while. No longer sooooo on a better note, I am 1 day op. As I am not at a high degree of mobility I am modifying my low carb to include lower fat as well as careful portion control. For breakfast I began with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and 1/2 cup low carb peaches. For lunch I had to eggs and three small pieces of sausage, I became shaky and ate a boiled egg. For dinner two baked chicken thighs and green bean cooked with a bit of bacon. I did have a small amount of cream with my coffee. All together I had 16 carbs. I did not get the water started today but I will tomorrow. I have to go pay my bills but... I want to get them all done tonight so I can spend a bit of time outside tomorrow as it will be 78 degrees. The birds will be singing and flowers keep pushing up. Take care be back tomorrow. Missed you, and missed me too. I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-05-2005, 06:13 AM
Well good morning!
I can't tell you how good it feels to "talk" with you all. I didn't realize how much I missed you until I saw that you had posted! I will have to find that cool little scale that everyone has!
Fair day yesterday! Dealing and giving into the carb cravings. Not prepared as of yet. Must focus. Think I'll start us a challenge next week.

Pam my girl, it is so nice to hear your voice. I am sorry about teh health woes. You are such a trooper and always so positive. How is your mother? And DH. I get so envious when we are in the darkest winter and you talk of your warmth!

Hey Sue, I am trying to catch your energy! How is work? Stilll teh boss? Being teh boss sucks most days for me.

Off to today.

01-05-2005, 11:59 AM
It is very nice reading all your posts and getting to know you gals. It's also very nice to talk to others about low carb. It makes me more motivated and I don't feel so alone. With a 7 year old, a 5 year old and a husband who love ice cream, chocolate milk, french toast, cookie crisp cereal, mash potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rice and tortillas.....low carb is tough in my household!!!!! But, I can do it! Monday was day 1 op for me and I was doing great until last night when I had bacon wrapped scallops in the oven when our electricity went out....for 6 hours!!! I did not have my scallops and I was frustrated about being in the dark and not having the right kind of batteries for any radio in our house! So...I got out a gift that one of my church kids gave me for Christmas....the makings for Smores! Yes, we had graham crackers, Hershey bar and marshmallows by candle-light.. The kids enjoyed it and I didn't over do it. Today is another day and for breakfast? BACON WRAPPED SCALLOPS!!! I'm not doing very well with water intake and I'm drinking lots of diet dr pepper. We're in the middle of a horrible ice storm so the kids are home from school, my sons karate class was cancelled and my dental appt was even cancelled. So, nowhere to go and DH may even have to stay home from work due to power outage at work. good low carb snack ideas? I like pepper jack cheese and of course, all the low carb candy bars. I also like to snack on almonds or pecans as well. For lunches I've been taking a low carb tortilla and rolling it up with some deli turkey, mayo, mustard, cheese and cucumber. I cut in medallions and it's scrumptious!

Okay, that's all for me today! Have a great day everyone and hope to hear from you soon.

Oh...nasus...I will graduate in May with an Associates Degree as an RN! YIPPEE


01-05-2005, 07:15 PM
Congrats on the hard work Lisa, (nasus is susan spelled backwards) It will pay off in the long run.

01-06-2005, 01:03 AM
Darlin's, I am doing well 2 days op. I was really quite nauseated this morning. Coffee with a healthy dollop of thick cream is much easier on the stomach than straight coffee! It seems I must have a bit of something before coffee. Funny thing though, I had an odd experience. I went through a few seconds of an anxiety attack over dieting! Well, food actually. It didn't last long but I was intensely aware of it. That has never happened before. Why? "I asked myself. I went on and was distracted from the thought. Later, I mused over it while chatting with my friend and she looked at me very straight and said,"Well, I think I know why." My head tilted to the left and my questioning expression invited her to continue. "Pam she replied firmly. For Months, you have been dreaming of Dr Phil. He has come to help you with your weight on four occasions I know about. Something has triggered, something new. So many dreams
about him. You got it somewhere deep down and that means a huge change for your whole life. That's scary! she said with feeling. I hope so but only time will tell. My carb count for today is 18(salad). Did I tell you all my best friend of nearly 30 years is now divorced and she her daughter, and a friend from NH now live here with us. It is nice They have been here for 7 months. Rabbit, (nickname) from NH takes care of what I can not do, Mandy Cheri's daughter is 11 and can be a hand full but we dearly love one another. Cheri is like a sister to me. It is nice to have them here I must say. Mom is fine she has regained her lost weight and added a few lbs. How long that shall last I do not know but she is more in the spirit than here.It will never be easy to lose my Mumsey but she is so different. Hubby is now disabled due to short term memory loss.
It is much better for us now. He has started a food pantry at church and is really quite busy. I make notes for him and he is very involved in community affairs. He is really quite busy. I am working on my kitchen chairs recovering them. I can sit on the floor getting up is another matter. LOL Between this weight and the very swollen leg it is just another challenge. The day was lovely my girls, the birds were singing the gentle sunshine. The air fresh and tenderly warm to the skin amidst trees sleeping, flowers bravely standing despite the ever present threat of winters icy fingers laying waste to their efforts. But soon my dears , soon Spring will return to us shooooing away winter, nurturing all those sleeping leafy friends and low and behold she will call summer once again to come.
Lisa.... I know how it is by candle light . When Ivan hit here like Thors hammer ripping up trees, stripping the pecans off the standing tress throwing them against the house sounding like an attack by a machine gun, we were with out electricity for many days.
We cooked on the grill, made coffee with the bunson burner and daily packed the frezers with ice. Had to cook a lot of food really fast.
Pat It is good to be back and I am as wordy as ever I really must curb that!!! So I am going to sleep now but you will of course most usually see me here each day.

01-07-2005, 12:22 AM
Darlins, Just dropped in to let you know I am op and doing fine. Hubby brought me a gift........a bag of Fritos scoops. My favorite. I said to Cher get that out of here. There is junk everywhere but Fritos are my favorite chip. I had Rabbit take them and put them in her room. Hang tough girls!!!

01-08-2005, 07:24 AM
Hey girls sorry to be away. DH's father is going thru chemo and has had a bad couple of days.

ANy way. Not OP and kinda scattered. Am going to grocery shop today and spend the weekend trying to get my head on straight.

Lisa, way to go!!!! My hats off to you juggling all that. It is very hard t o cook 2 different ways. I have read that some people just learn to offer their family similar stuff thats lo carb . Have you watched lo carb and lovin it on teh food network. He has some great reciped. They are on teh web site too.

Pam you know I love your wordiness!!! Your writing has such poetry. I am glad your mom is better. ANd am glad you are seeing to yourself.

Bless you and Lisa for coping with weather's wrath. WE have been lucky here so far, knock on wood.

Well I'll check in again later.

Have a great weekend

01-09-2005, 05:05 AM
Darlin's, I am totally op on my low carb diet. So Pleased to be able to say that. I watched a very intresting show on the food network about low carb diets. From Atkins , South Beach and a nutritionist of many years who had herself tried many diets due to a weight gain she had experienced after having cancer, chemo and after recovery, had gain a good bit of weight from inactivity. She tried fruits and veggies, and even the microbiotic diet caused her a weight gain and by her own expermentation found low carb a major part of the answer. There is more her diet plan while low carb does allow some fruits( but you must have protien with the fruit),and a very restricted use of carbs. She doesn't eliminate them completely( after a good running start she suggests small servings of brown rice, and other carbs are allowed too but in very small serving. The most valuable thing I learned from her was that one should have a small snack every two hours to keep the blood sugar on an even keil, which in turn keeps the body burning fat continually. It stops cravings the downfall of most diets and keeps the body burning fat at a high rate all day long until sleep. Her modified low carb is so close to what I have chosen to do I tried what she said. Every two hours I had a small snack two celery sticks with cream cheese, 1/4 of a large green pepper with a little over 1/2 oz. of Montery Jack Cheese and five cherry tomatoes, 1/2 cup low carb ice cream and so on. As to how it effects weight loss I can not yet say but my energy level was vastly improved and stayed that was all day and well into the night. I did not have cravings.....none. That is a miracle in a house full of junk food. That I can attest to. Therefore I shall continue in this manner and see what happens. One thing I do know, my husband & Rabbit both eat something about every two hours, in fact I have kidded them about it. I never guessed it may be the right thing to do. I shall boil some eggs tomorrow, and make up a few snack bags for myself. The Nutritionist di suggest that making up a few sanwich bags with munchies was a good idea. Be it fresh veggies(LOw Carb Ones) or a couple of eggs,
what ever you choose. Take them with you, 4 bags for an 8 hour day at work ,5-6 for the whole day. it makes sense. I will let you know if it works! Despite two nasty arguments with hubby I am totally op and drank a pot of green tea. Got in about 45 oz's of water but when the milk jug is empty that will be my personal water. I have always done so well that way. A good day for me personally but darlin's it is way late and I must go to greet dreamland which awaits me so patiently. I was so busy creating a pattern from the back and set of one of my kitchen chairs. They are shaped in a deep curve for the back. Oddly shaped chairs but I like them. I now have the pattern cut and tomorrow I shall cut out the material from the pattern and fit them to the chair. For now sweet ones, sweet dreams and may the angels watch over you and your loved ones as you sleep.
P.S. Pat, gosh I am glad you don't mind how I do carry on sometimes! I just can seem to help it!

01-09-2005, 07:28 AM
Good Sunday Morning to you all
Pam Great snack ideas. I too watched the second 1/2 hour of that program and do enjoy George's Lo carb and lovin it cooking show. He makes the food look so attractive. ANd of course he is a walking testiment to teh lifestyle. I shopped adn didn't buy the pitfalls. Will focus today on teh detox. Get the water in. Planning for me is so important. It is also harder for me to eat salads in eth winter as I seem to want something warm. So I bought lean quisene lunches that are lower in carbs. I hope to stay ontrack with them. AS it seems that the lack of planning is what gets me

Sue where the heck are you??

Lisa how is the family, schoolwork?

I am going to start a challenge thread for us tomorrow.

I point each for getting in water
exercise(movement of any kind) and eating OP
3 possible points for each day.

Looking for you all

Lurkers welcome too!

01-10-2005, 06:45 AM
Good morning
feeling kinda lonely
heading to do the challenge thread

01-10-2005, 10:16 PM
I did stop in yesterday but got interupted so I did not get a post out. Pam I love that idea, I rarely find time to breath. I have a drawer full of low carb drinks and bars so I can munch today I did not get a chance to eat I got two admissions and every one is sick with the pukes and shits that the girls are going crazy!! I hope that I do not get it!1 one can only hope at this time. I have had in the last 5 days 5 admissions so I am busy busy busy!! paper work. I am alsi introducing my house to fly lady again slowly baby steps. that is how I feel in control and when i feel in control I act in control and have control over me. I almost went to McD's twice today but was just bearly able to talk my self out of it. not easy arguing with the devil!!!

I was going out the stairs this evening to berin Ben to cub scouts and sliped on the ice and went down with a huge band. luck I still have a BIG butt as Ben said it was funny watching you bounce down the steps Mom. Well I did not get hurt (yet) but I know >>>>>>>

Well that is it for me I am heading to bed.

Catch you guys later. Pam.... Pat...... LISA?........

Pat for the scales on the bottom go to user profile and you can find them there.

01-11-2005, 06:54 AM
Hey girl. That stomach flu is the pits . DH and I had it over the holidays. Not the way to lose 5#'s. Hope you aren't feeling the fall today.
We are coping here w/ DH'd dad and cancer. He is due to come home from the hospital today. But all teh other stuff!! In-law stuff. UGH!

Hope Pam is OK. She was doing so well OP wise.

Way t o go on the Mc D' and not giving into the cravings. It is so hard. Planning is so difficult when you have a full plate.

Well back to work today. The routine helps me.

01-11-2005, 08:18 PM
How is FIL? I did mean to ask. how did the chemo go? My boss's DH has been going through this in remission for 2 years now and actually doing fairly well. still they jump every time he gets his levels drawn.

I do not feel sore it must have been the fat cushioning me.

just to let you know that I will be gone this weekend as I have to go to to an away swim meet in buffalo the meet is sun but we are going to drive up early sat so we can relas and watch some movies in the hotel. It will be fun I think

01-12-2005, 01:15 AM
Darlins, I am fine. Still Op and my water has been added in as of today measuring 128 OZ. Hey, that number worked for me before so I am sticking with it. I have found that a bit of fresh lemon jiuce in my water makes it so enjoyable.I don't know if you have tried the quart fruit juices by Atkins Carbdown, I think but they have a low carb bananna, pineapple& orange juice that is like dessert!yummyyyyyyyyyy. The lemonade , well for me lemonade so often causes major heart burn but i have found it worth while to add some to my water and it is quite nice. I do not use a lot just enough to get a delicate flavor and I find it is so satisfying for my thirst and the need for flavor. Doing well so far, now if I can find a way to get some kind of exercise!!!!
As I am off my scale I don't really know what I weigh I can only begin the numbers when I get back to 350. How discouraging that sounds when I know I had gotten down to 238. Oh well that was then and this is now. By George this year I am claiming as mine!Oh, by the way girls,I have flat bread from Walmart Count down I believe that is so helpful when you really want something different.It's big. I enjoy scrambling eggs and topping it with cheese and bacon it makes a lovely burrito type of bread. The seasoned flatbread makes a lovely pizza. Personally tomato sauce is not my favorite, I prefer brushing on a mixture of olive oil and Italian spices rubbing it on the bread putting my chosen meats and cheeses on top heat it up and whaaaala!!! a great pizza.
Pat I know what you are dealing with with DH 'S Dad. I went through it with my Dad many years ago. Hang in there.
Suebee it's funny we decided to rent some movies and camp out this weekend. Hubby bought me a large flat screen tv, so everyone ends up in here anyway. LOL That is why I have a couch in my room! Anyway it is time for me to get another massive glass of my water you girls keep the faith. The hardest part of this process is staying true to myself in the face of stress. I really have to find another way of dealing with it. Love ya all.

01-13-2005, 06:18 AM
Good morning girls and lurkers

Well I am envious of the lo carb products that you all have availble to you. Pretty slim here. Way to go Pam!!!! Great job being OP. You are such a creative cook!

Sue, thing with FIL is OK it's just the extra stuff that makes things complicated. Some people rise to the challenge and then in others you get to see sides of people that are really disappointing.

Lisa, Are you out there?????

Lurkers jump in anywhere!

01-13-2005, 11:22 PM
Ok I had several days from He**

Let me start with yesterday. I started off with great intentions. I get to work and one of the residents that I have threw her dentures out in the garbage with the evening meal, well when she finds out she is totally inconsolable she (she did this last month and she cried for 4 hours straight until her son went dumpster diving and found the teeth. I know it sounds disgusting but it takes about 1 month to get new teeth and that was the only way that we could help her she does not have the mentality to realize and she just cries. And the son used to work for social services and have to at time s\do investigative work and go dumpster diving. And the meal was lf all thing hash and beets, and deviled eggs. (do not ask me how they got that combo) and she finally was happy)

Well to make a long story short we heard about how the son had to go diving to find the teeth and well I was not going to let that happen again. Guess what was for dinner Monday?? Hash beets and deviled eggs, and it was warmer and raining so I was not dealing with frozen garbage) and some body else had gotten there ahead of me and started to rip the bags open and did not do it neatly. I ended up climbing into the dumpster and trying to go through bags we could not reach from the edge. I did place cardboard on the trash but it did not keep it all out) and well as things happen I realized I was in trouble when where my knees were kneeling on the box and where the juice level of the OOOK was above the knee level I said enough is enough!! I bailed. I almost lost my cookies several times. When the son got there he also needed to look he found them right where my knees were and I almost killed him as he ended up getting the gold medal again.!!!! So all day I was so sick to my stomach I barely could eat and barely could stand any smells.

Today I was driving My DD2 car and it got stuck in the middle of in intersection I believe the fuel filter got plugged and was not clearing out. I was stuck!! I had many people yelling at me and swearing at me. I called 911 and cried I need help I am stuck in the middle of the intersection and can't get out!!! Finally after about 15 min they came to help me. I got pushed out of the intersection. I did go back after bowling to get my self out It did start but I am going to have it looked at in the morning!!! I am so tired of this!! Just when things are starting to go right!! It all goes to heck!!!

So I think I have had enough!!!

I know Pams posts are so nice to read but this was no way to amke this one nice!!!

hope you guys have a good day!!!

01-14-2005, 03:03 AM
Well... Pat Dear, if It makes you feel beter, let me share How my Christmas went. Rabbit went to NH and my best friend was working, her daughter was at Dad's. Our toilet had been running slowly and Christmas day I told Hubby it was to the rim when flushing well guess backed up into the shower everytime we flushed and I didn't know it. Little did we know. The pipe was off the shower and several days of human waste gushed out below our house. Had I not ask Hubby to check under the house we would have not known the carnage that was taking place beneath us. Even with our own electric snake we were unsuccessful at removing the Block. Have you ever tried to get someone out on Christmas day? What we had to go through!!! Well my dears, My best friends car shot the bit and She Rabbit and her daughter was stuck on the side of the road. They could not reach us as the computer was on and it was only later we got DSL. Now This became a disaster on Christmas Eve. We had to just continue dumping below the house until the afternoon of Christmas day. Thank God the man came out and saved us. It was wonderful to be able to shower and use the restroom freely until..... the day Rabbit came home from NH. It went out again and we sweated out the return with an exhausted person traveling all that way by bus coming home to no showers and no bathrooms. At the last minute the plumber came back out and spent 10 minutes and fixed it for the last time. Her car is still in the shop having an engine rebuilt and now our car has been in twice in the last two weeks. She has to drive 40 miles twice a day to her work and has to use our van and ours has nearly stopped working on her twice!!! Mom went back to smoking a good while back and isn't breathing to well, so naturally she is no longer hungry. Other than that life is fine.LOL
I slipped just a little with my t-bone steak I had 1 small dinner roll and I hope the carbs were not to bad but it was the only carbs I had today so It should be ok. I also had one small bit of baked potato just one. I added my gallon of water so I am I think still op! I could have used my carbs differently and I know the chemical break down of regular bread breaks down to sugar but I would guess that 1 could not have 21 carbs. They were the wrong kind of carb. Oh well. I did it so there.
Yes we have a lot of products low carb from peanut butter to candy, breads, taco shells, flatbread, even can fruits and juices. Barbeque sauces, steak sauces, salad dressings,ketchup and much more it sure makes it easier but the flatbread you should be able to get at Walmart if not ask about it. So anyway, I am going to get a soda and kick back so I can sleep in a couple of hours. OH!!!!!!! One more thing, guess what I have taken up ..... Learning Hebrew! Once I get it down I can read the originial
texts from the scriptures and research other writings as well. The manuscripts from Isreal is in hebrew and I want to know exactly what the original words were before transcribing and subbing words for our modern age. To get a better understanding of many texts refering to Christs Time. I am so excited!!! I began today my new studies.
Philosophy, biblical, aprocriphal all of it. Have a good day dear ladies.

01-14-2005, 04:26 AM
newbie here, and getting on the wagon when I get up in the morning...have long term and short term goals, bought myself an atkins journal today that has places to write my food intake and a tally for cabs...hope to inspire and be inspired here!!! :cheer:

01-14-2005, 06:56 AM
Well a big welcome Blissful! We are a very supportive bunch here. We all practice some sort of carb watching.

Ah Sue, I too remember teh days of going thru garbage looking for dentures! They can carefully wrap and hide them! Oh my gosh girl, it should only go up from where you have been!

Pam , I always wonder why those things happen when they do. But you can always seem to se the bright spot! We have the basics availble to us in teh lo-carb items.
We do have a health food store, but the items are very pricey. I will e-mail the loacl wal Mart

Thigs are OK here, FIL is looking pretty poorly. The chemo( I hope) is kicking his butt. He hasn't had his followup cat scan yet. The hopital stay screwed up his schedule.
Work seems just a little less crazy. I have been able to stay tru to OPdom. The key is planning and alot of self talk! Ah the voices in my head.And I think I can report 4 days OP!

01-15-2005, 03:49 AM
Hello Darlins, another op day. Finished off the taco's tonight and had a root beer float for desert later though I made the family blackberry crunch. Lax on the water today but I shall be good about that. Oh My Dears call schwans an get some dynamite low carb ice cream at the moment they only have vanilla and butter pecan. Make yourself a float to die for with diet root beer and schwans ice cream. LORDY TODAY!!!!!! mmmm
mmmm good. Chicken livers tomorrow coated in parmeasan cheese and cooked in bacon grease. Let drain well and Yummy, yummy ! Everyone loves them!!!
Welcome, welcome, welcome Blissful. Sugar pull yourself up a seat, kick off your shoes grab a cup of coffee and get comfy. This is a great place to be.

01-15-2005, 06:47 AM
I envy your cooking talent Pam! Now we do have schwans here. I have tried some of the other lo carb ice cream and can take or leave it. You might remeber that ice cream is a favorite of mine! WE had a taste of spring here Thurs. it was 57deg. We are back to reality at 23 this am. It has been a very weird winter.

Blissful how are things for you? reading the book?

Hey Sue hold tight, I know you have alot going on. I think you said Buffalo? Hope you don't run into any lake effect.

I had a so so day yesterday. Off to work today to supervise carpet installation in teh clinic. ANother perk of being the boss. At least there will be no staff there. It soemtimes seems that I have 15 little baby birds there yelling mama mama mama all day. God help me!

01-16-2005, 01:36 AM
Darlin's....I made low carb fried chicken livers (a family favorite), green beans, and potatoes for those who could eat them. Made diet jello for Cher(BF/sis) and happily she has begun again to go back to low carb . She has gained so much of her weight back, I was delighted to have her join me. She said well it just keeps going up . I told her I understood totally if there is one thing I have learned for an absolute truth you can never go back to eating the way you did before, this must be a lifestyle. After working so hard to lose my weight to regain 100 lbs!!!! I discovered something else too and that is that carbs are a way for the body to deal with stress but to be and stay sucessful one must find other ways to work out the stress. Excersize works but it is most difficult for me. I would so like to enclose the pool in some wonderful glass type environment but oh what a cost that is. Now should a mass of money fall into my lap I will surely do that very little thing!!!! I used to work out at the gym two hours a day. Some days after working all day I dreaded it. Now....(a whistful look on my face)
I wish I could. I shall find a creative way that will not last for two or three days and down bedfast for two weeks.
Pat Dear, my weakness is bread but I love good ice cream. Scwans is the creamiest smoothest, most wonderful ice cream you can buy on the open market!!!!
Before I went back on low carb I made a study of the low carb food and what to do with it. plain tuna and a gallon of water is not livable. Mind you I will be most restrictive of carbs as I lose weight and when I feel the need, low carb bread , pita, candy and such I will use, but not all the time. That Root Beer float was a real winner though!!! Cher grilled t-bone steaks the other night that the store would not be able to sell after the next day and wow what a discount. Been a while. Boy ,I can still taste that steak!!!
I did find out the roll I ate had 16 carbs so while that is a lot it was my only carbs for the day. * a point of interest is that due to eating that one small roll I fought like crazy sugar cravings,and carbs period for two days. It really made the next two days much more difficult. Oddly vegtable carbs do not affect me that way.
Still Op. and hanging tough. Tonight I could have drowned in carbs. A totally frustrating day but I have hung in there and tomorrow is another day. So tonight I shall play a few computer games relax and be prepared for tomorrow to be a wonderful day. Take care.

01-16-2005, 07:15 AM
I agree pam, I love bread and cake. The lo carb lifestyle requies determination to either find a substitute or the determination to learn a new way of cooking. I too agree on the stress managment. I am continuously stressed. I believe that the carbs calmed me down. And since I have not efficiently figured out a new way to cope, my cortisol levels are up and I hold all my weight in the middle. Craving gone wild.
I got into the carbs since Friday. I fall so easily when my routine changes. But I am here and determined.

Lisa, Blissful and Sue hope the weekend is treateing you right!

I will be starting a new thread tomorrow

01-17-2005, 06:06 AM
Darlin's this is my 13th day OP, I really won't know how well I am doing until I am able to weigh myself again. I will have no idea how much I have lost either!!! LOL I just finished drinking my water and am sloshing a bit.LOL I feel rather like the Queen Mary!
Had a bad night but I have been out of stomach meds for over a week. I just hate going to the doctors. I have spent to much time there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cher told me today that I have a lot of emotional stress. Sugar I relied that is mass frustration, pure and simple! We both laughed.I made chicken wings tonight and had asparagus with it. it was so good. Crispy, oven baked, creole seasoned wings. Some were pretty spicy but I made milder ones too. Oh by the way if you choose to cut the fat some most any vegetable tastes wonderful with 1 tblsp. butter and about 1 tblsp of liptons dry onion soup. Leave very little water if canned and cook well stirring it around until done. I use about a quarter cup of beef, chicken or ham boullion as my liquid. It is really a nice flavor. I prefer everything fresh but canned is a quick fix. I am doing well but as you can tell a bit frustrated that I cannot keep track of my weight. All the water is helping more than anything else has to keep the swelling in my left leg more manageable. Well, it is nearly 4:00 am so I suppose I should get some sleep. I really must get back on a normal schedule! I am such a natural night owl that it is always work for me to sleep normal hours. I really do much better on a daytime schedule. I shall perhaps take a slleping pill tomorrow night so that I am sleepy by midnight. Sweet night, quiet, serene. The world becomes so much quieter. My mind clears as the velvet black wraps about me. Even Mother nature in her busiest slows down and the velvet songs of frogs , crickets and various other creatures merge in a peaceful serenade designed to lull the soul. Worldly vibrations filled with chaos of every kind falls away beneath the rich dark sky. The spirit can be heard at last. Soon here the day shall begin and I shall just be entering sleep as the hub-bub begins. There is good in the night and the day both should have time to be appreciated. So farewell for another day. I shall return as evening slowly desolves into night. Love ya.

01-19-2005, 02:13 AM
Darlins...... Say where are ya all? I fell asleep last night rather than posting and thought I would have lots of posts to read tonight. Nary a one.
Anyway I am op. My water I have not maintained well or should I say consistantly. I will get in the habit!!!! I had a four egg omlet tonight with cheese a little onion (the one carb I find hard to do with out) a bit of green pepper and a few sliced mushrooms. Earlier I had 1/2 cup of low carb peaches for breakfast I had a tangerine. In a little bit I will have jello. Sugar free of course and a little sugar free whipped cream.
Tomorrow.... I think I will make meatballs for Cher and I . Oh ,girls try meatballs made with ground turkey and a little sausage or crumbled up bacon. I make mine with hamburger and sausage too. Tomorrow I shall use hamburger. Try this.... Hamburger and sausage mixed well with chopped (small) mushrooms, a little onion for flavor, garlic to your taste a bit of basil, shred a cheese of your choise but farmers cheese and a little swiss is lovely, and two eggs to bind well. Mix very well. Roll out into 1 1/2 inch balls. You can fry but I choose to cut the fat so oven bake for about 20 minutes turning once and continue to cook for another 10-15 minutes at 350. Your left overs pop into a zip lock bag and you have snacks for another time! These are great with low carb barbeque sauce too!!! When I make these with ground turkey I use crumbled bacon and instead of farmers cheese I use monteray Jack the flavor is perfect that way! I hate to think what I weighed as I am still not on the scale but soon I hope. I have myself on a normal schedule so I am off to sleepy land. Hope I see you soon.

01-19-2005, 06:14 AM
Pam we started #2