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05-09-2001, 04:54 PM
Last year we posted the top 10 reasons why we want to lose weight. I tried to find the old list to see what I'd written, but couldn't. So I thought I'd start a new thread.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I want to loose weight:
After working a long time on my inside, I want my outside to look as good :D.

I never ever want to see that big (50lb) weight on the doctor scale move up over the 250 lb mark.

I do not want to look like some of the older members of my family who have serious weight and health problems and man was I headed that way.

Feeling healthy.

More energy.

That pesky butt crawl thing from getting close to moving up the next size in clothes.

Sleeveless tops, I love 'em, my arms....

Control top pantyhose, why do most large sizes have them?

So my knees won't ache so bad (I hope).

Just because :) (OK so I couldn't think of 10)

Let me know what your reasons are.

-Tech :spin:

05-09-2001, 06:39 PM

1.To feel good about myself

2.To have more energy now that I am a mother of 2(well in 2 days:D:D)

3.To make my almost husband proud that I am his almost wife and want to show me off

4.To wear clothes and know that they look great

5.TO be able to run distances that I like without being out of breath

6.To keep up with a very active man!!!

Ok--that is it!!!!!

05-09-2001, 06:56 PM
Jumping on the bandwagon!

1. To be more healthier
2. Because I know I can and I know I should
3. Increase my confidence
4. So that I can buy a leather pair of trousers :s:
5. So that I can change in communal changing rooms and not worry about what I look like to others
6. Wider choice of shops to shop in and clothes that look like clothes and not large square pieces of material
7. Because my hubby remembers exactly how much I weighed when we first started dating 9 years ago
8. To be able to run for the bus, catch it and then not spend the whole journey trying to get my breath back
9. To wear the slinky black dress I wore after I graduated - only been worn once!
10. So that I can hit goal and stop paying to attend WW!

05-11-2001, 01:29 PM
Great idea Tech!

Here goes:

1. To be healthy

2. To feel so good about myself

3. To feel strong

4. To look great!

5. To lead an active healthy lifestyle

6. To feel that sense of accomplishment

7. To live a long, healthy life

8. To be a good example for my son


05-18-2001, 07:42 AM
Mine aren't necessarily in order of importance - they could all be the #1 reason, depending on the day and my mood.

I want to reach my weight goal because I want....

1. To look great.
2. To be healthy and avoid my inherited health risks.
3. To breathe easier.
4. To be able to run farther and faster.
5. To wear my "little" jeans!
6. To be a positive example to my younger family & friends.
7. To be stronger than my cravings!

and, what the heck... might as well be honest....

I want to reach my weight goal because I want.....
8. To be the one to make heads turn! :)

05-20-2001, 07:48 PM
1 to have more energy
2 so that I can go hiking with friends an not feel that I am slowing them down
3 so that I can wear the clothes in my closet
4 to look better
5 for self pride
6 to be healthier
7 so that I like what I see when I look in the mirror
8 to be less limited in activities
9 so that I can keep up with my dogs
10 repeat number 1

05-22-2001, 09:29 PM
1. Because I hate trying to find Plus size clothes

2. To wear a swimsuit and not feel like a beached whale. Can we all say ORCA!

3. So my son's friends quit telling him his mom is fat

4. Cause I feel and look better.

5. I do not want to become a diabetic that runs in my family.

6. To see the look on my ex-husband face-after he said I will always be fat. HA I am sending him a picture when I am done.

7. Just because I CAN!!!!

8. To be happier all the way around.

9. For all the health reasons there are.

10. To run an play with my grandkids (that had better be years away)

06-01-2001, 11:48 PM
10: Make a return appearance in vacation photos!

9: Easier to shave my legs!

8: No more jiggling while taking the stairs at work!

7: No longer having to wear all BLACK all the time because of its slimming properties.

6: No more hyperventilating fits while passing the swimsuit section.

5: No longer having to ask my husband if "my butt looks big in this."

4: No longer have to hear my husband groan when asking #5.

3: No more pulling shirt over big booty to keep it camoflaged - like that was fooling anyone!

2: Chafing, chafing, chafing.



06-02-2001, 11:38 AM
10. I'll finally be able to wear more than three things in my closet.

9. The bath towel will wrap all the way around and actually close at the bottom!

8. I can wear a dress sans-pantyhose without having to go through a half a bottle of baby powder.

7. I won't have to get in the pool in a pair of shorts and a dark t-shirt when the kids beg me to come swimming.

6. No longer have to defend myself against rude comments by juvenile "men" while walking down the street.

5. Might have to defend myself against rude catcalls by juvenile "men" while walking down the street ;)

4. Can tuck in my t-shirts and wear a belt again.

3. No more "good-natured" prodding from the kids when we go over a bridge with a posted weight limit.

2. Will no longer run screaming from cameras.

1. Will be healthy and strong again!!!!!

Jennelle :)

06-02-2001, 01:45 PM
Ok, I need to do this. The last few days I have been slipping. Once you slip it is hard to avoiding falling. :)

Top Ten Reasons to lose weight (in any order)

1. To be healthier and avoid future health problems.

2. Reduce back problems.

3. I want to be a pretty mommy.

4. To be a good example for my son.

5. I want to be able to achieve this. I will feel really good if I can get all the way to goal and maintenance and feel that sense of accomplishing something very significant.

6. I want to be able to wear clothes I like instead of just what I can find that will fit me.

7. I want to have more energy and just feel stronger. I love when my body feels fit and healthy.

8. I want my husband to be proud of me and look at me in that admiringly way. I want to be able to dance closely with him too.

9. I want to feel good about going out into the world.

10. I don't want to look older than I am.

Oh there are more than 10 but even if I just focus on these, it will help. :)