Carb Counters - New Years Weekend Chat - Dec 31st - Jan 2nd :)

12-31-2004, 08:13 AM
Good Morning,

Before I forget...I wanna wish you all a very HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR, hope its the best one yet.

What a great chat last night. I stayed up until 1:30 am just giggling with the girls.

To bad we missed some of you.

Today I am getting ready for my company tonight, thats about it lol.

How about you all ?

Mrs H
12-31-2004, 10:05 AM
Good Morning Leenie! Hope that you have a great New Year also! I forgot about the chat until almost 11 last night. Wished I had known you all were still chatting, because I would have been there! Maybe next time!

Well, nothing much going on today. Plan to get a little cleaning done, and maybe head out to Wal-Mart. Probably won't buy anything, just want to get out of the house a little and the walking around is good for me. I'll be up late tonight ringing in the new year I am sure :lol: My SIL and her hubby are going out to the club to the New year's eve party. My MIL (her mom) will usually ride down and pick them up when it's over where they will not have to drive. Well, MIL is going to be out of town and so last night my SIL asked me if I would come down and get them. She knows I am always up that time of night. Of course I told her I would! I would much rather go and get them, than have something bad happen. Plus she lives right next door, so will only take me a few minutes to run down and get them and drop them off at home! So, what's everyone else's plans for tonight?? I am sure going to miss watching Dick Clark. I have watched that every year that I can remember!! Hope everyone has a great new years...and most importantly be careful!


12-31-2004, 10:14 AM
Good morning to all on this last day of the old year!

Leenie: Sorry I missed you, too, on the chat last night. I was caught up in a fiercesome game of Rummikub with my 10-yr-old DD, and then fell fast asleep by the fire. Sounds like a good time and I'm sorry I missed it.

Mrs. H: I'll be cleaning also, in my attempt to get the New Year started off in a more organized fashion. Good of you to pick up your SIL et. al. A good friend of mine (a doctor!) was picked up for DUI on NYE a few years back, going to show that taking a cab or finding a ride home can save a lot of trouble in the end.

Well, the induction is doing the trick, all cravings are gone, and I'm generally a happy puppy. Since I get up so early in the a.m. (usually 4:30), I doubt I'll make it to midnight. But that's no longer an issue, as we stay at home and celebrate with DD -- at least until she's old enough to celebrate on her own or not need a babysitter!

12-31-2004, 10:31 AM
Morning everyone! :coffee:

Hi Leenie, sorry I missed the chat last night. I was so bummed. I was only out an hour of it though and from what you said about 1:30, then I shouldn't have missed any more of it. However, everytime I went to log on, it told me the board was shut down for maintenance. :( I was so bummed! Maybe next time.

Mrs. H: Wow, I can't believe it's so close already! It seems like yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant! I am so excited for you. Maybe you'll get an NYE baby ;) I am going to miss Dick Clark too. It's going to be weird seeing Regis Philbin in his place. I mean, he's just not who I think of to replace Dick Clark. Johnny Carson sure, but not Regis :lol:. **** even Ed McMahon before Regis.

Paula: Woohoo for you! I love that great feeling. Keep on it girly! I like your idea of celebrating with the kiddos. We have never gotten a sitter for Eric either. I just think it would be too hard to a) find someone for that night other than family and b) Trust someone for that night :lol:.

As for me, I am up early to take Dh to the eye doctor. He needs his yearly diabetic check thingy. What a yucky day to get it on huh? Then I am off to the bank. I have an appointment to meet with a realtor and lender today to see about getting into a house. Apparently I have a lot going for me, being a first time buyer and all. I doubt I will be able to get into anything in the next year or so, but at least they can get me ready and point me down the right path. I don't even know where to start with it myself. I will probably wait and see how that goes before going down to the apts today. I might just go on Sunday but we shall see. That's about it for me. More garage sifting and repacking, yay! :dizzy:

OH yeah, in case I forget or don't get on...........HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it's the best year to date for you and your loved ones!

Purple Hugs
12-31-2004, 12:07 PM
Hi Everyone! I'm pretty new to this board, so thought I'd pop my head around and say Hi!

I'm in the UK so have no idea on times when I'd be able to meet you guys for a chat.

I started (ok re-started) induction today, and am very excited to be able to get back down to losing weight. :D I had a health problem last year and my gp and consultant (surgeon) recommended coming off atkins, some dr's are still down on atkins. Funny as my GP's nurse originally suggested it to me! :p

Well, after 4 months of comfort eating and then xmas on it's way I now find myself back at where I was!! :( but at least I know how to change it! ;)

I'm a 32 year old foster carer and mum of one 5 year old. I'm married and have one dog (a norfolk terrier x).

hope you all have a great new year. I'm one of the mum's stopping in with the kids! we normally go out but our foster baby is 7 months old and doesn't take kindly to her bedtime routine changing. Takes about 4 nights to get her back into the routine.... so stay in we will!

so thats me!

12-31-2004, 01:09 PM
Jane-I didn't realize you were starting today on induction.. I thought you already started. Girl, we are SO doing this!!!!!

Sorry I didn't get to stay long on the chat room. Jer got home from the store, and so I needed to spend time with him. He's been working long hours, and I was surprised that he was off for the night.

We are so staying in tonight. I am coming down with the flu. (not that we made plans this year, anyways..) But I am glad we are staying in. We'll probably play games with the kids, and cuddle under a blanket and watch tv. sigh.. No chocolate or sweets!!!!!

I am so going to stay good . Jane, you got me so charged! I needed that enthusiasm from a diehard re-newbie! :D

Purple Hugs
12-31-2004, 02:41 PM
hehe we can steer clear of temptation!! other than our hubbies of course ;) hehe

will be back in a bit, baby is wailing..

12-31-2004, 05:16 PM
Leenie: Last night DEFINITELY was fun. Sorry about disappearing--had a good reason. We'll have to plan that again when I'm feeling better :) Have a great New Year!!

Lisa: That's great that you're going to pick them up. Wish more people were responsible like that!! Hope you have a great night!!

Paula: Congrats on no longer having cravings!! That's the BEST part to get to :) Have a great night w/the family.

Randi: Hope DH's appointment goes well. And hope you get good news from the realtor :)

Purple Hugs: I think it's great that you're a foster mom. Not a lot of people could do that and I give credit to the ones that do :) Nice to meet you :)

Carrie: Hope you're feeling better soon and the flu doesn't get you down for long. That's the pits being sick!

Well, tonight and tomorrow and that's the last of carbs for me. Figured tomorrow I'd clean up the rest of the carb stuff and make room for the healthy foods I bought :lol: The way I feel (don't ask!!) I'm not hungry not much carb-feasting will happen tonight. It's tomorrow that'll be interesting. lol.
Hope you all have a Happy (and safe) New Year :)

12-31-2004, 08:31 PM
Woohooooooooooooooooo I GOT MY APARTMENT!!!!! I am sooo excited! The realtor never called but I doubted she would be able to get us anywhere in 2 months anyways. Soooo, I went down and applied for the apartment. I'm ecstatic in case you can't tell :lol:. This is also my first place I have ever gotten on my own, without a cosigner or anything.YAY! What a great start to the new year!

01-01-2005, 12:02 PM
Congratulations Randi!! So when do you move in? And I've gotta admit...I'm confused as to why you would need a co-signer for an apartment? Do they cost THAT much that you have to take a loan out to pay for them?

Ok. I'm off to readjust my siggie AGAIN. But I'm hoping this is all water weight. I've been a VERY bad girl the past few days and today won't be better. But ya know, I'll deal with that tomorrow. Thinking of doing strict induction for 2 weeks. But that means no sunflower seeds. But hey, if it jump starts my weight loss why not right? I'm also looking forward to checking out my step video. When NOBODY is around to see me that is. lol. If that one is too hard I need to get a slower one to start with.

Mrs H
01-01-2005, 12:28 PM
Randi: Congrats on the apartment. When are you moving?

Brenda: Have fun doing the step video. You sound like me. I never liked exercising, epsecially when someone was watching me. I wouldn't even exercise in front of DH :lol: Don't worry about the few extra pounds. I am sure most of it is water weight, and will be off very soon!

Well, nothing much happening here. Planning on cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning today. I have got to get my house in order before the baby comes. My grandma called me yesterday to see if I was coming to her house today. She always has her Christmas get together the first Saturday after Christmas. Well, DH has to work, and then he wants to go hunting as this is the last day of the season here. So I told her I didn't feel comfortable driving home after dark by myself. It's an hour drive, and it's all long dark country roads. I can just see myself going into labor out in the middle of no where :lol: She was OK with this and said she didn't blame me. She said everyone from out of town would be leaving Sunday morning....and she might get my uncle to brink her down here to stay with us for a while!!!!! OMG I am soooooo not ready for this. I have too much to do. Plus I have my own little schedule. I sleep a lot during the day and stay up most of the night. She is supposed to come down and stay a week after the baby is born, which is ok. But now she is saying she may come down tomorrow and stay until the baby is a week old. If that's the case I will go CRAZY!!!! I love her to death, but I just don't think I can handle anyone "living" with us for a few weeks right now. I need my time to get everything together! And what if this baby is late or something. That could put her being her for a month or more! I just don't know what to do. I dont' want to hurt her feelings, but I can't handle company right now!!!!!!!!! I'm freaking out just thinking about it!!!! Well, gonna go try to get some things done. Sorry to rant and ramble so much...just needed to get this off my chest! I'll pop back in later! Have a great New Years EVeryone!!!


01-01-2005, 02:19 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR :cheers: !!

WOW, its 1 pm I slept until 8:30, DD didn't go to bed until 11:30 last night and behaved so well for a tired 3 year old lol. We had wonderful guests, food and fun. Today I have taken down all the Christmas decorations and put them away. I'm washing and vacuuming from yesterdays mess (gotta work on monday ick). House looks brandy new and smells wonderful. I bought those plug in air freshners, I think Glade makes them, boy are they ever nice, you walk in the house and the smell is so soothing it makes your shoulders drop lol. Now I have to clean my bedroom (not really just make the bed) and thats about it. Laundry can wait until later on in the evening. Its 60 degrees out and sunny....I GOTTA get outside.

01-01-2005, 07:30 PM
Hey Lisa, sounds like your "nesting" already! My sister always says that a sure sign of a baby's impending birth is when the mom-to-be starts cleaning and moving furniture around! About your sounds like you two are really close. Why don't you just go ahead and tell her how you feel? Just let her know how much you appreciate her offer and what a load off your mind it is knowing she'll be there to help after the baby comes, but that right now you need some "alone" time since you won't be able to have any for quite some time after the blessed event. Trust me, she'll understand since she went through it. People just want to offer as much help as possible so that you won't feel alone or overwhelmed. Let her know you're okay right now!

My DD and I went to the latest store to take our section of town by storm -- a 99cent superstore. This place is huge. There are some good deals, but it was hysterical trying to shop for food because some of the labels were entirely in another language. One was definitely in Hebrew (recognized that from my upbringing), a ton were in Spanish (duh, since we live 60 miles from the Mex border here), and there was something that looked like Czechoslovakian! It was a hoot shopping and we found some great bargains. I hooked up with 10 cute Santa coffee mugs at $.25 each -- gonna stash them for next year and them fill them up with homemade candy/fudge and hand them out to DD's teachers and neighbors.'s my product comment for the day. Shimma had mentioned on another thread that she thought the new Heinz 1-card ketchup was great. OMG!!!! I bought some (at Walmart) and tried it. Absolutely fantastic! I'd buy it even if it were $5 a bottle!

Well, that's enough rambling for now. See you all tomorrow!

Mrs H
01-01-2005, 10:43 PM
Hi Paula: Sounds like you had a productive shopping trip! I am always looking for a bargain! I love going to the 99cent stores! Thanks for the advice on my grandma. I called up there just a few minutes ago. I knew my aunt and uncle that I never see were spending the night there tonight so I got to talk to them also! My grandma never mentioned coming tomorrow when I talked to here tonight. I ended the conversation with her by saying that I would call her as soon as I went to the hospital in labor. She said that sounded good to her! So maybe she was just making conversation yesterday. I dunno! Maybe I do have the nesting thing going on! I cleaned off and on all day today. Moved everything around in the kitchen, scrubbed counters, cleaned the stove/oven, washed cabinets, then took all the holiday decorations down, took them out to the building, done some rearranging in the building, came back in..vaccuumed, dusted, and then fell asleep on the couch :lol: At least I got a lot accomplished. Have even more to do tomorrow. My DH and nephew are going to a basketball game I think. Well, I know my nephew is going. My DH is not sure because I am having some mild contractions. I told him to go ahead. If anything happened he could be back here quick! Oh well, hope everyone has a great night! I'll check in tomorrow during my breaks from cleaning!!!


01-02-2005, 11:30 AM
Leenie: Wish it was that nice here. We had this stupid ice storm last night so everything is all slippery. And of course i DO have to go out in it. Oldest DD had a friend stay over and I have to take her home (did I mention I told DH I wanted another ring and we're going to get it today--if it fits that is ;) ). lol. Hope you enjoy your weather!!

Paula: Haven't seen that ketchup around yet, but I'll keep my eyes out. I miss ketchup on hamburgers!! Oh...found Davinci syrup and bought chocolate. Hoping to figure out a way to make hot cocoa :lol:

Lisa: Sure sounds like that baby is getting ready to be born REAL soon. Hope not while DH is away!! Does he have a cell phone or beeper you can contact him??

Well, adjusted my siggie AGAIN!!! For the last time though. At least--going upwards. Today started induction and going to make that :censored: scale go down if it kills me :lol:

Mrs H
01-02-2005, 01:54 PM
Brenda: Be careful in that ice storm! Congrats on the new ring! Way to go getting back to induction. I know you can do it! You will be moving that siggy weight down very soon I just know it!!! And yes, DH does have a cell phone so I will be able to get in touch with him if I have too. Hope if doesn't happen today though, because when he gets home we are planning on going out to dinner just the 2 of us(probably the last time for a while) and then going shopping!

Nothing much happening here. Just getting ready to watch the ballgame on tv that hubby went to. I am glad he got to go because he's going to see the UNC Tarheels and that's both of our favorites! He asked me to go, but I definately didn't want to go into labor at the ballgame :lol: so we gave my ticket to my 16 y/o nephew. He was really excited and glad I wasn't going :lol: Well, off to make some luch and watch the game. Hope everyone has a great day and I'll check back in later!


01-02-2005, 05:31 PM
I'm a football widow again today! Not even the smell of pot roast is enough to get that man's eyes unglued from the set, so I'm using this opportunity to throw out all of things he's been stashing away in the hall closet. You know those "I haven't used it in 5 years and I'm not even sure what it's for but don't you dare throw it out" kind of things. Wish me luck!