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12-30-2004, 10:20 PM
Anyone have specific diet or exercise goals for the new year? Share here.

12-30-2004, 10:32 PM
Hi! I think one of the most important goals I am setting is to stop being so hard on myself. I hold myself to strict standards and set goals that are not always attainable...then when I don't see results or have a setback I feel like a failure. So, I want to set more reasonable mini-goals which will help me get to where I need to go. I want to work on increasing my daily level of activity, planning foods in advance, and working on self-image. That's my I need to work on the details. How about you?


12-30-2004, 10:38 PM
Well, I have really just gotten very off-track the past few months and need to get back to my normal diet and exercise plan. I would like to lose at lease a pound a week beginning next week... We'll see how it goes!


12-31-2004, 09:58 AM
I hear you! I seems to do really well for a while and then get sidetracked - kids are sick, work is busy, etc. - and then it is like starting over! I need to come up with a consistent plan and find the motivation to stick to it no matter what! I would like to aim for a healthy loss of a pound a week! What I have been consistent with since November is attending kickboxing class 2-3 times a week...not always great about getting to the gym in the inbetween days though! :) What plans do you have to get back on track?

12-31-2004, 07:19 PM
I do fairly well if I write down EVERYTHING I eat and the fat and calories in it. I am starting that tommorow and am going to try to get back into an exercise routine too. Basically, if I can establish a routine and stick to it, I do well. When that routine is broken, I'm lost! My schedule should sort of normalize this semester though (I am student teaching so will actually have regular hours, etc.) so I am hoping I can get a pattern and routine established.

Sounds like you are doing great with your kickboxing. I am the same way with yoga. I will go to my classes, but have a hard time making myself go to the gym in between. I finally decided just to join YMCA next month (when I can afford to). Between the two YMCAs my membership will include, there are yoga classes 6 days a week. My goal is to make 4-5 of those a week and go to the gym before or after those classes (which is easier to make myself do than make a separate trip for the gym!

12-31-2004, 07:55 PM
Hello! I am KICKstarting myself before I am right back to where I began 2 years ago! For a million and 1 reasons..... I am now at 205 AGAIN (but still nearly 40 pounds from my heaviest! :) ) .... and I can't stand it! This time... THIS time! No REALLY! THIS TIME!

So here are my "resolutions", if you will:
1. THINK about what goes in my mouth.
2. REMEMBER what being less than 20 pounds from my goal FELT like!
3. MAKE TIME for me.... no matter what!
4. DRINK water.... lots of WATER!
5. Write in my journal! Keep track of everything that goes in my mouth as well as my emotions!
6. MOVE! Some kind of movement for at LEAST 20 minutes.... to start! EVERYDAY! Come **** or high water!
7. LAUGH! Remember to find the humor in EVERYTHING!
8. Carry one book bag of work home...... NO MORE!

:) These things will keep me plenty busy! BUT, I know from the past that THESE promises will also find me "shrinking"! :)

Lauren, what / where are you doing your student teaching? I usually hang out in the Teacher thread with a bunch of wacky gals who understand what it is like to not be able to get to the restroom OR another adult for hours! ;)

I am in control. I AM in control. My fate...and waist and thighs are up to me!

01-01-2005, 12:36 AM
Your goals sound like good ones!

I am student teaching in first grade in the Klein school district in the north Houston area. Where is the teacher thread - I haven't found that one yet!

01-01-2005, 12:42 AM
I'm teaching 1st grade for the 18th time! :) I LOVE all that 1st grade is!
Look below this thread..... it is down below where you have this one! If you still can't find it...I'll post a link tomorrow...after all the hoopla is over! (hanging out at home with the family! BUT it is getting close to the new year now! :) )

01-01-2005, 01:04 AM
Thanks - I found it!

01-01-2005, 09:26 AM
Both fo you seem to have some really good plans! Good luck on the student teaching - first grade is fun! I taught third grade before leaving on maternity leave almost four years ago, and I haven't gone back yet! :) I think my biggest goals are:
1. Plan ahead so I am not scrambling around and eating everything!
2. Monitor my portions - no more eating at the counter or from bags
3. Drink water
4. Get to the gym on a regular basis (I have an appointment Monday with a trainer to get measured -yikes- and to develop a traning plan to go along with the kickboxing classes I am doing)


01-01-2005, 11:51 AM
planning ahead! NOW THERE is a goal that makes all the difference in the world! I need to add that to my list! :)

good luck with the trainer and that measuring tape!

01-01-2005, 02:11 PM
I agree - that planning ahead thing sounds like a wonderful idea :-)

Let us know how the meeting with the trainer goes - I have been thinking about doing that myself.

01-01-2005, 05:45 PM
I think meeting with the trainer will be a good thing because it will hold me accountable, especially if I stick with the plan of measuring every other month or so. I'm not quite ready to be weighed in, though! Maybe I'll work up the courage for that soon!

01-01-2005, 06:14 PM
Hi guys! I think you all have great goals for this year. I haven't written mine down anywhere yet, so if you don't mind me jumping in, I'm going to do that here.

1. Exercise! The only exercise I've found that I really get "addicted" to is walking. So I'm going to set myself that goal of walking 10,000 steps every day. I started working from home about two months ago, and I've found that if I don't make the effort to get up and move around, I will literally sit on my butt for eight hours straight. (Luckily, my butt is very cushiony and comfortable. Which brings me to my next goal:)

2. Eat in a healthy fashion, therefore causing weight loss and reducing the number of wiggly bits on my person. Way too much wiggling going on around here lately.

3. Donate, give away or burn all unwearable clothing by the end of this year. I went through my closet this morning, and I have literally more clothes in there than I could wear in three weeks that doesn't fit me anymore. I've gained more weight this year than I can stand to think about, and my closet was cluttered with crap that just made me sad and mad every time I looked in it. So I pulled it all out, put in ONLY what fits, and the rest is going into a trash bag in the attic until I lose twenty five pounds, at which point I'll haul it all back down here and re-evaluate.

But there is nothing sadder than seeing all the cute outfits you can't wear. I am keeping one dress out to hang on the back of the door for inspiration, and god help me, on January 1 of next year, everything that doesn't fit is going straight to the Goodwill. (And if that's not inspiration, I don't know what is!)

Anyway, I wish everybody the best of luck with their new year's resolutions, and I hope we all make them happen.