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12-29-2004, 08:50 AM
I guess I get to start the last thread of the year. I can't believe we have whipped through this year already. I know I have done little or nothing with my weight loss this year, but I am truly commiting myself to hard work next year. I would like to be 120 lbs down by this time next year. I did a lot of back pedaling this year and up and down, but the last 3 weeks I haven't done much of anything except eat holiday junk.

Hope everyone is well this morning. I finally got all the ice removed from our walkway out to the end of our garage. It was a solid sheet of ice and couldn't get the snow shovel to make a dent. It has turned warm here (supposed to be 65 today) so I took out hot water, the shovel and a hammer and whacked away a little at a time. My hands really hurt by the time I was done, but at least no one will slip and fall now as the warm air has dried the wet ground and melted the few places I couldn't get to break up. What a job that was. I shoved all the chunks of ice out into the street because it was sunny and by the time Jack got home it was almost all melted. The walkway between the two garages/condos stays shaded so that is why the sun was making no dent whatsoever. I couldn't even walk out past my deck to go and get the mail it was so slippery.

Not much news since yesterday. Hope everyone will have a nice day!


12-29-2004, 11:04 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Today was one of those days where I did accomplish a few things but nothing you can see! I got a perm this morning and think, for once, she cut it the way I asked her to. I'll know in a couple days when I wash it. :p I never like them for the first week or two anyhow; I just can't comb it and make it look like she does in the shop. :(

I put the Christmas bags and boxes away in the spare room and have started to gather the decorations together in one spot. I figure that if I start now, I should have everything together when it is time to pack it away for another year. I always seem to forget something though.

I did a couple more loads of laundry that I didn't get done over the weekend. I think DH hides socks and then dumps two weeks worth in all at once -- I even accused him of changing them twice a day! :lol:

We are going to Sioux City tomorrow to return some things that the kids forgot on Christmas Day. I even went through the garbage bag full of gift wrap to make sure nothing important got thrown away. We will probably hit SAM's for kitty litter and whatever else that jumps into the basket.

"Gma" -- Thanks for starting the new thread! :smug: You be VERY careful around the ice! We are house sitting for a neighbor and their driveway slants quite a bit; I just about fell where the snow had melted underneath and then froze again. I got the shovel out and cleared the snow off so it will dry underneath. It is supposed to be in the '50s tomorrow with a possibility of some rain. We have had such strange weather this fall and winter.

Maggie -- I hope you can get back in again SOON! We miss you when you are MIA! :yes:

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. Guess I will unload the dishwasher and check out what is on TV. DH has gone back to the office so the remote is all mine! :lol3: Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-30-2004, 10:01 AM
Morning ladies! DH woke up starving at 3 AM and went on a donut run! :lol: He was dying for donuts and I didn't say anything as Monday he goes back on his diet so I can get those lbs off him before he goes to his cardiologist in February. We have both slid backwards but at least we will be doing it together.

DH has informed me he is going to work on the car, so I may be without one! :lol: Actually, I looked online and found online car repair manuals so I am going to talk to him about purchasing a subscription if he wants to replace the ignition coils (we have two that are bad causing the misfiring and the car acting up not the plugs as first thought.) Anyway, they showed you a demonstration of how to use it and it was really simple and straightforward with clear pictures and instructions. Even buying the subscription and the parts is cheaper than having it fixed somewhere. Autozone wants $42 apiece for the coils and the manual is $25 for a year. Firestone quoted Jack as at least $80 labor and $120 to $260 for the two coils so we save a bundle doing it ourselves. We shall see.

Jean: When I was reading about your Christmas put away, before I got to the part about: I figure that if I start now, I should have everything together when it is time to pack it away for another year. I thought you were going to say "If I start now, I should have everything together when it is time to put it up again!" :lol: I actually know quite a few people who practically do it that way. I am wayyyyyyyy to anal for that. The stuff comes down the day after Christmas no exceptions. By that time, I have had it with all the stuff. At least the stuff survived the cat pretty well. Next year I am putting up an all white tree and decorating it all in red and white. I saw one at Cracker Barrel and loved it. In fact, I am going over to Cracker Barrel today and buy some of their ornaments that are like half off.

Well, I best go as I need to get my chores done this morning. Everyone have a great day.


12-30-2004, 12:08 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It is 52 degrees right now but it is cloudy and windy. It is not snowing so that is good! We are supposed to get some rain later in the day which will be good for the farmers.

I'm waiting for a load of DH's socks and underwear to finish drying so I can fold them before we leave later this morning. We're going to stop at KMart and Target to check out their area rugs. I'm not holding my breath and will probably end up at the carpet store to have a hunk cut from a roll and then have the edges bound. I'm anxious to see all of the Christmas loot that the grandkids got.

They say that deaths come in 3s and we have our #3. A well known retired music teacher died yesterday and his funeral will be Sunday afternoon. He played in several area dance bands and was still subbing at the high school. He was 76, had bypass surgery a couple of years ago but kept on smoking. :(

The finishing edge floor wood hunks are in so they are going to finish the floor on Tuesday. It'll be nice to have it all done finally. If I'd have known it was going to drag out like this, I would have waited until after the holidays to do the whole thing. "Oh well . . . . ."

"Gma" -- We have always left our tree up until New Year's and this year since we were late putting it up, I didn't get out the extra decorations that I usually do. Anything I don't want the cats to play with, I either put where they can't get at it or else leave it in the box. I have some hand blown glass ornaments that have never been on the tree! :( Maybe once the cats are gone I'll put them on the tree although I can't imagine life without a cat either.

I hear the dryer buzzing so it's time to get busy again. I hope you all have a great day! Do something nice for yourself and be happy . . . the choice is yours!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-30-2004, 11:41 PM

I am one happy camper! The thread let me in tonight ~ guess it wanted me to tell you that I showed a loss at weigh in! Yeppers. I didn't go to my usual moring meeting down the mountain so went to the one here and figured if I showed a large gain from the holiday eating plus the eating I did to day that next week I would show a good loss at least for weighing in the morning. Well I glory in that fact that I lost ONE HALF OF A POUND. Believe me I have never been jazzed about losing 1/2 of a pound before. I told the leader here that she needed to have the scales recalabrated because that was not possible that I would show a loss. Well that is a good start to get this cocoon off this body.

Type at you when I can.

12-31-2004, 12:43 AM
"Weigh" to go, Maggie!

12-31-2004, 09:01 AM
Maggie: That is great. Take it where you can get it. Now that the holidays are just about at the end, maybe we all can get back to being serious about losing. I applaud you just for going to the meeting!

I got a call from dgs (he dialed the call himself for the first time, but didn't realize I didn't answer at once) and he asked me, "Nonny, can you go to lunch with me because Daddy has trouble at work and can't go to lunch with me?" So, I took him and his mom to lunch and promptly got sick. We went shopping and I was running from one bathroom to the next and one time barely made it. I came home, headed for the bathroom and then out to get Jack. Sucked down half a bottle of Pepto and that helped later on, but still felt queasy for awhile than all was ok again. I am a little nauseous this morning, but I have some allergy/asthma type problems that cause me to cough a lot in the mornings and gag and that may be it for right now. I was going to clean today, but I feel kind of icky so I think I will just grab a book and some movies and veg today.

Well, the washer is done with the load so I need to go put the stuff in the dryer.

Have a great New Year's Eve and weekend


12-31-2004, 02:42 PM

It is still raining here and there is big clumps of snow mixed in. WOW this is only 2000 feet up the mountain so I can imagine what is happening at our cabin which is up 6000 feet. I sure hope all this moisture brings this state back to exact and out of the drought syestem. I can imagine that the streams are all loosening up that gold that is in these hills and washing some down where it is accessable. Yep, there is gold in them thar hills. I am really excited about getting back on program ~ it has been a while.

FAYE I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. It is a good idea of yours to lay low this day and do quiet things. Get well my friend. Sip a nice hot cup of tea. :coffee:

Everyone have a wonderful New Years Eve and lets do well in 2005!

12-31-2004, 04:52 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers!
We are having the strangest weather! Yesterday it got up to 62 and felt so much like a spring day! Today the sun is shining with a bright blue sky. This morning it was very windy and the temperature was 27 with a wind chill of 12. This afternoon the wind has died down, it's 31 with a wind chill of 46! I think the weatherbug is confused! :lol3:

I am in the process of putting Christmas away for another year. I was going to wait until tomorrow but want to do a thorough vacuuming to start the new year off right.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better by now! It's not fun being sick any time but even worse when you are not home. Do you suppose it was something that you ate? :?:

Maggie -- It's nice to see you two days in a row! Maybe your luck will change and you will be able to get in whenever you try! :cp: I wondered if you were in the rainy part of CA. I hope it doesn't do any major damage for the residents. My niece just moved to a suburb of LA and I'm hoping they didn't have to unload the truck in the rain. I don't have an address for her and can't remember the name of the place either. :(

I hope you all have a nice "rest of the day!" Enjoy your evening if you are celebrating the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005. I will probably be fast asleep unless I take a nap before the clock strikes midnight.

Jean -- :wave: from :cool: Iowa!

01-01-2005, 03:08 PM

01-01-2005, 03:32 PM
Tried to get in here earlier and could read but wouldn't let me post for some reason. Hope you all are having a great holiday.

Dh worked on the car and solved one problem but still is going to have to have some more work so it is going to have to go into a shop for the day. That will have to wait a week or so though. Always something.

My tummy is better. I think it was just upset from lunch as we had dinner and it was ok in the evening.

DH is watching football. He called ds earlier and they are both ok. My son was being his funny self. I wish you could have seen him just 8 years ago. He has hair down past his shoulders with a braid in it. He cut it us past his shoulders for his sister's wedding, then a couple years ago got a "man's" haircut and looked really nice. I guess according to my dil, he has shaved his head now! Talk about an enigma. Never know what he is going to do!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


01-01-2005, 05:34 PM
Happy New Year, Flowers!
It is a bad weather day in my corner of the world! We are under a freezing rain/drizzle/storm watch until later tonight. There were rain drops on the windows when I got up this morning but now there are sprinkles of ice on the street. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere!

DH is watching the Iowa game on TV. I watched the halftime show . . . wish they would show the whole thing and forget the announcers! I can't sit for hours watching TV . . . just can't get comfortable in the loveseat and fall asleep in the recliner. :rolleyes:

Maggie -- Nice to see you today!

"Gma" -- Glad you are feeling better. I am sorry about the car troubles -- that is so frustrating! We have quite a few shaved heads in our high school and Beth's s.o. has his shaved too. She says he does it because his hairline is receding. I would think it would be cold in the winter.

I need to do some more magazine sorting but I feel really tired and lazy today for some reason. I did fix a roast for dinner though. I haven't slept well the last few nights and I'm thinking that I preheated the bed too warm before I crawl in. It sure feels good at the time but I feel like I toss and turn all night. I really hated to get up this morning. DH has to usher at church this month so there will be no sleeping in on Sundays.

Have a great first day of the new year, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-01-2005, 07:58 PM

Maggie & Jean you are both having the weather we may be getting was in the 50's and they are predicting rain/snow/sleet etc by Wednesday.

Took advantage of the good weather and took down the outside lights and the window lights. Tomorrow, if I feel like it I will take down the tree and my 85 Santas. I need to reassess the boxes in the cellar so that what I used this year is in it's own box and not mixed with things I didn't use. Maybe next year it will be easier. :)

Jean how is your floor coming...have they put down the final pieces. I bet it looks wonderful. Just heard that Iowa won the football game. Congratulations!

Faye so sorry to hear you were sick but glad it didn't last long. Cam, (11), had a bug of some sort last night....chills and then a fever but seems to be better today. Hope DH can get the car back to where it should be. DD#1 had an accident on Sunday in the snow storm. She was driving along a wooded road and went into a spin and went off the road and into the woods. Hit a couple of trees...she wasn't hurt but couldn't get out of the car. She had her phone with her and was able to call the police and they and the firemen came. They got the car out and towed it home. She could actually drive it but she decided to get a new car rather than have it fixed. She had been looking at cars for the last 4 months. This just pushed her in that direction even more.

Maggie it is good to seen you here again and I hope that gremlin takes a break in the New Year and leaves your computer alone.

Yesterday we went into Boston to see the Radio City Rockettes show.....Spectacular! DD#2, SIL and Kerri & Sean and DH & I. It was a great time and I enjoyed sitting next to Kerri who was enchanted with the dancing and all the moves. She has been doing cheerleading and so could appreciate what the dancers were doing. The last scene was a Living Nativity that was beautiful. It included live sheep, goat, and camel and was worth the price of admission.

Gloria in MA.....heading out to watch some TV.

01-01-2005, 10:28 PM
Happy New Year, Gloria! What a nice surprise to see your post tonight! :yes: Our street is a solid sheet of ice and the bedroom screens are covered so that I can't see out. It's not that I need to go anywhere, it's the fact I couldn't get out if I wanted to. :crazy: They are coming to finish the floor on Tuesday. Meanwhile I have vacuumed just about every day and need to wet mop it but will wait until they are done. It's definitely going to be more work than carpet! I'm hoping the area rug will also be done soon -- I didn't think it would take so long to be bound. :( I need to have another hunk done for under the table and hope they are faster with that one. DH should have taken our outside lights down yesterday as I'm sure they are frozen to the house and tree now. Oh well, I kind of enjoy having them lit. I've seen the Rockettes advertised on TV and would love to see them. We took our daughter to see Riverdance so I know she would enjoy the Rockettes. She misses dancing even though she is 26 and been away from it for a long time. I'm glad your daughter wasn't hurt in the accident. Jason and Amanda spent New Year's Eve in Omaha with friends. He called here for a weather report this morning, when it wasn't doing anything, and ended up driving the interstate at 35-40 mph all the way back home again. He said cars would pass him and then he would pass them as they sat in the ditch or hung up in the median. DH was glued to the TV for the Iowa game and I think he's on the 3rd football game now. Everytime I sit down I fall asleep so need to keep moving. I don't know why I am so tired today -- it's not like I partied till the wee hours this morning. I was in bed at midnight! Have a relaxing Sunday!

01-02-2005, 09:32 AM
Morning everybody!

GLoria: So glad your dd is a-ok. MY dd and I and dgs had a car accident the Monday before Christmas. This stupid woman pulled out of a side street (with a stop sign that she ignored) and right into us broadside. We were on a 4 lane city street going about 45 so she really creamed us then hit us again in the rear end. We got some aches and pains out of it and that was all. DH can't do all the work. Looks like the plugs and wires are still going to have to be changed and Jack says they are too far down for him to reach so we will have to pay the $300 to get that done (our car takes platinum plugs, which cost around $4 apiece and the wires for the 8 plugs cost about $160 total as they are some special kind.) Well, we wanted a fancier car, so now we have to pay the fancier repair bills I guess. :lol:

Not to make those of you who are freezing feel bad, but it was 74 here yesterday and will likely be about that for almost a week. I wore capri pants, a t-shirt and sandals yesterday! I wore shorts at home. It is so nice after that horrific ice storm of Christmas weekend.

Jean: We want to put hardwood floors down sooner or later. We have to do rooms a little at a time and we want to start with our tile flooring first. Even doing it yourself it is expensive. Going to cost us about $500 to tile the entranceway and that is with Jack doing it. Course, all the tools we have to buy and the "water" saw we won't have to incur that expense to do the other tile in the kitchen etc. I told Jack that we are going to hire someone to do the bath downstairs though. It is just one of those toilet and sink things, really small and would be hard for a nonprofessional to do. Besides, I think we will put little squares in there instead of the 12" ones.

Well, best go and finish my grocery list. Commissary has been closed for the holiday the last two days and I need groceries.