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12-29-2004, 08:30 AM
Good Morning !

Its dark and gloomy out today, gee wonder if its going to snow again. The TV says nice and sunny all week but so far.....wish I got paid their salary for being so wrong all the time :lol3:

So whats everyone up to today?

Nothing much for me except a pile of laundry to fold, and maybe take DD bowling :D


12-29-2004, 09:08 AM
Morning All!

Leenie: I'm envious! After 4 years in AZ, I'm kind of missing the snow. Well...that is until I watch CNN and see those huge snow drifts and all the stalled traffic. Here in the SW it's chilly and drizzling....but we celebrate the rain since it's such an infrequent visitor.

I'm thinking of taking DD to Walmart to spend some more of her Xmas cash from her various relatives. This 10-year-old has more cash on hand than I do!!

I also want to pick up a few more food for my induction since I'm getting sick (after 2 days) of what I have. Variety IS the spice of life!

I'll check in later to see how all you other sleepheads are doing....

12-29-2004, 09:40 AM
Leenie: You must have the same forecaster we do!! We're supposed to be sunny and all I see are clouds!

Paula: Isn't money grand when it's burning a hole in a childs pocket? lol. We went to the store yesterday and the DD's spent their money. I even bought 3 pairs of earrings with some of my Christmas money :)

Well, Taco Bell rang and so we answered the call last night for supper. So of course my goal to stay clean until New Years is done for. Well, another day is dawning and all I can do is my best. If not, then there's always 1/2/05!!!! :)

12-29-2004, 09:50 AM
Morning everyone.....sorry I missed you all yesterday....went home sick :( Have a wicked cold. I was coughing my head off at work and driving everyone crazy. In today because I have a site I need to take care of this week and I am out on Friday.

Leenie: It was so dark out when I left this morning I kept looking at the clock in my car to make sure I didn't get up at the wrong time! :lol:

Spedmom: If you miss seeing the snow I can send some your way!

Brenda: Stop beating yourself up girlie! These things happen...just dust yourself off and move on. Since I have had this cold I have to say the least been feeding it whatever it wants....not worried...starting fresh in the new year.

Well, so I feel like crap but I came in anyway. Need to get some big stuff taken care of today....I will check in when I get a chance.

12-29-2004, 10:12 AM
Brenda: I'm with Jane -- stop beating yourself up! Just do your best and these holidays will soon be past us!

Jane: We feel your pain. Get in under the covers, ingest large quantities of cold medicine, pop a good movie in the VCR/DVD player and get well!


What are the proper ratios for protein/fat/carbs (or is it fat/protein/carbs or carbs/protein/fat....LOL). My book is on temporary loan out to a sweet friend who has also had enough of having her stomach hit her chest when she sits down. So.........does anyone remember?


12-29-2004, 10:36 AM
Good morning, everyone!

Spedmom: Welcome back! I don't know the proper ratios for you, though. I'm not even sure where my book is, as my parents just moved into a new house and everything is everywhere, and never where you think it might be!

Jane: Hope you're feeling better soon. The 24-hour flu seems to be making rounds here at work, though I've yet to get it. *crosses fingers*

Brenda: Hello again! Luckily, holidays don't last all year - the problem around this time of year, is that for me, I seem to consider *two weeks* as "holidays" and cheat maybe a little more than one should. ;)

Leenie: Hello! We're progressively getting warmer weather up here, and now our snow is starting to melt. :( It was good for a workout- my sister and I would walk through the deep snow in the golf course - that really got our hearts going.

My sister and I have tried to teach ourselves how to knit, from instructions off the internet. I'm almost done my first scarf (I'll probably never get to something more complicated!), but it seems that every so often I seemed to "gain" a stitch or two - does anyone know how this happens? My scarf is starting to look more "trapezoidal" than "rectangular". :)

I'm at work today, and it's lovely quiet! Very few phone calls, no interuptions from the men in the plant ... bliss!

Later, Julie

12-29-2004, 11:17 AM
Good morning!

Just time for a little fly by this morning. I've got a 7:30 meeting that I'm getting ready for. What time do you guys go in to work? I'm in by 6:30 or 7:00 on most days so it's always dark! :lol:

Back later!

12-29-2004, 11:54 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Well it is Wednesday so I don't have to be at work until 9:00am, usually I am in @7:30 when I work at Comcast, the vet clinic on Wednesday is a little more laxed. Still trying to wheen off the sugar and get ready for induction again,,whoopppppeeeee!!! Going to the dentist today to have a tooth checked that has been bothering me. My DH got me a personalized license plate for my VW Beetle for Xmas and I can't wait for it to get here!! Its Says "EYE RUL" regular "I RULE" was already taken so I picked that way. You should only tell the truth on your license plate!! ahahahahahaha

I will be back for personals this afternoon, gotta get ready for work!!

Love TG

12-29-2004, 12:43 PM
Good Morning.. I just have a sec right now.. but I wanted to answer Paula

I dont believe that DANDR actually gives you ratios, but the rule of thumb I hear from most Atkinites is this 75% fat / 20% protien / 5% carbs. We I am on strict induction and losing steadily.. my ratios on Fitday are VER close to this!

I'll be back after I send a HUGE file to my Boss!

12-29-2004, 01:46 PM
Thanks Karen!!!!

Mrs H
12-29-2004, 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone!

Just a quick fly by to say hello to everyone. I have been MIA for a few days, because right now I have my days/nights mixed up. I can't sleep during the night, but have no trouble during the day! I am trying to stay up today, where hopefuly I can get back to normal tonight. I go back to the dr in the morning, and I am hoping she has some good news. When I went 2 weeks ago, she said I was just beginning to dialate. I hope it won't be much longer. I am 2 weeks away from my due date, and it seems like time is creeping by now. I have been having some mild contractions the last few days, and am hoping they turn in to regular strong ones soon. I am so ready for this baby to come! Well, just thought I'd say hello to you all. I'll try to get in a little later this afternoon to do personals! I miss you all!


12-29-2004, 05:39 PM
We are thinking of you Lisa! :crossed:

12-29-2004, 11:41 PM
I'm so not able to be OP it's not funny!! I can't seem to get it into my head. So I'm not worrying about it until the New Year. Then it's full force and full speed ahead maties!!! I'll be chugging water and watching what I eat. Not sure I can do the induction again!! I'll see when it comes. Maybe induction with my sunflower seeds on my salads. :lol: Time for bed! ARGH!!!!