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12-25-2004, 12:52 AM
She had put chocolate from Harrod's the spa that Oprah goes to in Arizona she had put a good looking personal trainer and some other goofey stuff on Brittany's list and since I did get her the c.d. that was one of Oprah's picks I figured it needed a little ryme to go with it! She is a real sap for mushy songs like My Christmas Prayer. DH is always tellin her how broke he is so it is a big joke with her and I about how he can't afford anything unless he wants it! lol. She is a WW member and has just joined Curves. I hope you enjoy! Nuttin' fancy but it comes from the heart! teehee!

My Christmas Prayer

No Harrod’s Chocolate could we afford.
We’re doin’ good to keep room and board!
We wanted to send you to an Arizona spa where you could hang with Oprah and her gang.
But about all we could afford was a jar of Tang.
I know what your thinking you won’t be drinkin cause those points you have to bank.
Well not so fast cause it may be all you get no hunky trainer in Grant have we met!
The ladies at curves are all very nice but not exactly appealing for your type!
I know there were some pans from Target you were wantin’ but the Salvation Army they're not supporting‘.
So I looked over the list of Oprah’s favorite things to see what our family could bring.
No big surprise most we could not afford but they did have this one that won’t leave you bored.
It has a special song I think you will adore as you learn it and sing it more and more!
It is a Christmas prayer for everyone to hear because you Judy are so special my Dear!

12-26-2004, 09:20 AM
Oh, my gosh! That is GORGEOUS, Bamie!! I love it!! :lol: What a special thing to take time do... you're a great DIL, girl!!
Thanks for sharing, hon. You've given me my first smile for the day. :grouphug:

12-26-2004, 04:57 PM
Ellis... Your so sweet! She loved it! I have a very good MIL so it's easy to be nice. haha Glad I made ya smile! teehee!