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12-23-2004, 03:50 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies where you'll meet wonderful women who will become more than friends...they become family! :grouphug:
Come on and join us!

12-23-2004, 04:35 PM
Well, I am back again ladies! Just can't stay away...:D

If you pay for my flight Marti I will be more than happy to come and bake your cookies! :D I think Jhanai would love to bake the cookies with you tho. Will she be with you for the whole Christmas weekend? I am glad that you are getting Christmas Eve off to spend with the family. V came home early because 1/2 the plant was gone-some took the whole day off and others left at lunch so he thought what they heck, no point in staying. He is off till Monday after New Years.

I have yet to do anything except some laundry. My right foot is bothering me again and I am not sure why-it's hard to stand on it for too long. Going to make a Drs appt after Christmas to see if something is wrong and get aquainted with the new Doc. Did I mention that back in Oct. I received a letter from my doc about her quitting in Nov? Nov 11 was her last day. Didn't give a reason except that she was quitting and said if you have an appt. after that date you need to make other arrangements-weird. I hate that because I don't like starting over with a new one. It was hard finding another woman that is accepting new patients and one close to us. At least this one is just around the corner, about 2 miles.

I am going to try and make chat tonight. Not sure at this point. I think CSI and Without A Trace are not going to be on. :dunno: and it depends on if I have done my baking yet! :lol:

Mindee~did your friend do something to warrant the e-mail? Or is it just about her thinking she is pregnant? Don't they grow so fast? Better enjoy Brandon while you can. I swear it seems like yesterday the kids were that small and now they are in their 20's. Where has the time gone? :dunno: Well, DD will be 21 next month.

Guess I have gone on enough :blah: :blah: :blah: See ya later ladies-hopefully :wave:

12-23-2004, 08:57 PM where was I?? Oh yeah…..catching up on here.

Marti~ We have come to the conclusion that she is looking to get pregnant. She thought she had gotten pregnant with her ex-fiance, and now the tides have changed and she is thinking it again. She kept telling me at our Christmas party that she was because her boobs were so sore. I told her “just because your boobs are sore doesn’t mean your pregnant. For some women their boobs get sore when they are about to ovulate.” As for Tommy’s sister’s boyfriend. I am going to avoid him at all costs, and at this point I don’t want to go to any more family functions with his family. His parents in the past have used the N word in my presence.

That story about the little boy is just a miracle!

Ellen~ Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for the card by the way!

Gotta run again….time to eat and then maybe I can get Tommy to play some cards with me until our buddy Joe might come over to play some poker.

Cristi~ Our friend has done everything out there to avoid us at all costs. She even told her sister and her sister’s friends that she wasn’t even going to come to our Christmas party because she figured it would be boring! That I found out because I went with her to get some clothes because she was going to stay the night and her sister’s friend made a comment about the party being boring and her not wanting to come.

da fat n da furious
12-23-2004, 09:10 PM
Good Evening ladies!
only 37 hours till Crhistmas, came home and Brandon had a web site on that says exactly how many days, hours, minutes and yes even seconds till Christmas...last I looked it was 2265 minutes...that was an hour about so 2205 minutes too go...ok maybe I shouldn't of had that chocolate...wowee are things busy or what!? Seriously I won a HUGE sack full of chocolates,,,and the girls and I polished off some brandy chocolates,,,would that make me inpaired? Cause I feel more hyper with all the chocolates.
Ellen, you get yoru pictures done when you want to....but don't forget you are part of the kids lives and probably would love to have momentos of you. I had to show the family your card,,,I bragged for you about all the beautiful decorating you do.
Susan, as the othes have said, hoping you were not hurt. And yes Rocky is a sweet man...and tell him we all said that!
Jane, I swear you must of got all our snow! Im using a broom to clean my walks. Id make sno angels with you if I was there! And make a Castle, and using walk and food coloring sprinkle it over making colors...then using lights. I used to do that before when we had lots of COLD christmass.
So (tongue in cheek) how come Neal gets distracted when giving you a massage?

Katy, I am so needing a massage,,,Ive never had one but I know I could like one.

Sue, Well if it gets to cold for you come on up to Glad to know BIL is feeling better, this isn't the time to be dealing with sicknesses...

Cristi, THANK YOU for the pot holder,,,I have it already near my stove ready to pull dinner out.

I went to Petland today to buy Garrett (youngest brother)'s cat a gift. He's is a special needs person, 21 yrs old but more like 10...and he loves his Sophie. So I stopped in and got her some treats. And my mom's dog Sparky,,,and then got a few more things for Miss Skittles. And OMG *sigh spent over an hour cuddling a rescue puppy! There were 3 all around 2 months old,,,I could of taken them all home if I knew Monte would let me. One kept eating at my hair, so I left there looking like Cameron Diaz on Something about Mary. But ooo was Skittles mad,,she sniffed me over and gave me this look...Who have you been with?
Anyways I should get dinner ready,,,have to work tomorrow at the office early then I have to work late as a PI...all together now,,,ah that sux!
Well I better get...
OH Yes Hello Pam, and welcome! And girl I need to talk to you about how you did it!

12-23-2004, 10:30 PM
Hi ladies~

Just a quick check in to see how everyone is doing. Won't make it to chat tonight, can't even remember what time you ladies have it. :shrug: Anyway...was thinking it was now but don't really have the time to chat. Just got a few things done and still have to bake a cake, actually cupcakes. And also do another load of clothes. I will definitely be up late tonight which is fine as I can sleep in tomorrow. Don't need to get anything started till about 11 anyway.

Angie~sorry you have to work tomorrow and tomorrow night. Everyone should get Christmas Eve off. Step away from the chocolates missy!

Pam~well, that's a good thing the doc didn't say anything, I guess. It still seems your caloric intake is really low for a person your height and weight. And I know you can still lose weight on more calories. Also, always heard it's not good to lose too fast. But as long as the doc didn't say stop...just be careful. I know we all know what our bodies can and can't take. :bravo: on your loss.

Mindee~I guess I am still a little confused about all that and the e-mail, even from what you just posted. Anyway...

Okay, I am outta here till tomorrow sometime. Will probably check in in the morning to see how everyone is or if anyone has posted but will be busy. Oooo, the timer just went off-gotta go.


I am back again...:lol: Just wanted to say I did get everything done that was on my list tonight. And...while tomorrow will be a bit easier for me, I will still be busy. So...I am going to sleep in and then cook and hang out with the kids and DH, and of course Ernie dog. I will see you ladies sometime Sunday or possibly Monday morning. Not sure yet as I have no idea what is on the agenda for the week since V will be home. So you all have a good holiday with your families and take care.



12-24-2004, 05:39 AM
Merry Christmas!!

Angie - yep, lol, I'd say you were impaired! Got any of those left? LOL I have one of those counter thingies at the Disney site I go to, lol. Of course, mine has run down now, lol.

Marti - thank you for starting the last couple of threads. Enjoy your weekend with James and Jhanai. And grandpa, too.

Cristi - so glad you got evertthing done! Hope your foot is better today. I do think it's time for the JLs to focus on pampering ourselves in 2005, and doing makeovers or whatever we need.

Mindee - enjoy your little guy and I hope you have a great holiday.

Pam - I must have missed your post, but hello anyway!

Hello and Merry Christmas to the others.

Southern Indiana has been declared in a state of emergency. They have closed most of the roads, and there is no mail. Ellen - I know your card is on the way, so thank you in advance!

Our church service for tonight is cancelled. The elders were afraid some of the older ones would try to make it in and get hurt on the ice. Our church has an extraordinary amount of old members.

We did have so much fun in the snow, but couldn't stay out long since the temps were only in the high teens. Derwood pulled me on the sled and I haven't laughed so hard since I don't know when! And we got some good photos of the kids decorating cookies last night. if I get a chance, I'll post a link. But it's doubtful. Too much going on!

I hope Santa is good to all of you, all though we've been a fairly naughty bunch, lol. Have a merry christmas and I'll be back Sunday. With a new daughter-in-law to be!! :cp: Gina thinks Terry got her a gift certificate. :rofl:

Kathy - bet you though I forgot....

:gift: :balloons:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :gift::balloons:

12-24-2004, 07:01 AM
Good Morning everyone!!!

Got home a half hour early from work. Just got all caught up and I thought, I might as well get my weekend started!! :D Yesterday I talked to some people about wearing a Santa hat or some Christmassy hat....four of us wore hats! It was fun. I brought in tiny little bells so this guy could sew them on the end of his hat!! Being silly and enjoying the night.

Jane--I was reading in our paper here about your State having lots of snow...but I no idea you had so much that you're in a state of emergency! Do you live in the Southern part of Indiana?
How funny that Gina thinks she's getting a gift certificate!! Boy.....I sure wish you could capture her reaction on film.

Cristi--My doctor left to go teach interns in Portland. I was sad to hear that too because he was great. Never gave medicine out just to satisfy me or anything. Really took care of Jhanai. He left about 2yrs ago and I still haven't found another doctor. And I really need to get in and have an annual. W/Ovarian Cancer in the family......never want to take chances.

Angie--You're silly! Probably had one to many Brandy chocolates!! Rescued puppies!! What kind of dogs were they? Now....why are they making you work tomorrow so late?? It's time for relaxation and family time! I hope you don't have to work all through the night.

Mindee--Time for your friend to grow up. Playing around w/trying to get pregnant is not something to take lightly. It's a huge responibility and you truly have to be ready. I hope she's not doing it just for attention. Some girls like the attention they receive while being pregnant and once they have the all changes.

Merry Christmas Eve to all the ladies I have missed!!

Well, I'm not really sure if I'll get a chance to get on tomorrow(today) or Christmas I hope you all have a


I'm going to browse a bit before I go to bed.

Good night!!

12-24-2004, 09:56 AM
Merry Christmas!

Hi gals - I'll be pretty busy over the next couple of days, so I thought I'd stop and wish you all the best right now.

Jane - I had a lovely picture in my mind of you and Neal laughing in the snow...made me smile. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around a state of emergency - we are still getting temps in the 50s here.... stay safe and don't go anywhere you don't have to, alright?

Cristi- a late thank you for the cuddle card ... so cute! Hope you have a great Christmas.

Marti - I could just see you with a cute little Santa hat on...ho ho ho

Merry Christmas to Susan, Mindee, Ellen, Angie, Kathy , Katiecat, Ann, Pam...and everyone else lurking out there!

Well, so far so good. DH has baked a gazillion cookies over the last few days and I haven't had a single one. I'm going to try to get them wrapped up soon so they aren't a temptation. Haven't done so great on the other BLTs ( mentioned on the weight loss thread) but today is another day and I have no excuses even with the holiday. we are having our usual celebration at the ILs tonight and they cook pretty healthy. Tomorrow is very laid back with a prime rib dinner for 8. I got out the linens and silver yesterday and I think I clean them up and use them on Christmas.. it will make it nice and festive!

again - a Merry Christmas to you all - have a good one

12-24-2004, 12:02 PM
Helloooo. Today is "clean the house and collapse in bed tonite"day. Even the "babies" are excited because they know they'll be getting some yummy things to eat to. My son and I only like white meat but I go ahead and buy the whole bird so the "kids" can have lots of goodies to.With ham I'm carefull to cut away the fat before they get any of it.I'd like to wish all the Jaded Ladies a happy holiday and may you be granted everything you need and some of what you want. In the words of "Tiny Tim",may God bless us ,everyone. Love Pam :merry:

12-24-2004, 02:31 PM
Okay, so I have a few minutes...didn't think I would but got the turkey in the oven earlier than usual and everything is ready to turn the stove on. I think this just may very well be the earliest we have ever had Christmas (Eve) Dinner. V and DS#2 decided to go to some tool place and look around and then to Lowes to get paint. Men and their tools. LOL

I also almost forgot to wish Miss Kathy a very Happy Christmas Birthday! :hb: :gift: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR KATHY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! AND MANY MORE... :gift: :hb:Hope your day is a special one.

Jane~will DS and soon to be DDIL still make for your dinner and special night? I have been watching the weather and am still in awe of all the snow. Can't wait to see some pics, just know you all are having fun in all that. Looks like we won't be having a white Christmas. :( It is supposed to be in the 30's-40's tomorrow. Sorry you guys will miss Mass tonight.

Katy~wish I could stay away from the food! I don't normally eat lunch on the day I cook like this because I know I will be tasting the food. :nono: Of course usually by the time dinner is ready I fix a plate eat 3 or 4 bites and am full!

Pam~we give our little Ernie Dog a little bit of turkey, not much. He had seizures a few years ago and the vet thought it was probably from eating too much people food.

Marti~yea, I would definitely get checked regularly especially if that runs in the family. I used to balk at having to go tot he doc but try to have my yearlys done regularly. I know last year I skipped it but before that I have always gone. Better safe than sorry.

HI to everyone else! :wave:

Guess I better get going. Need to check on the turkey and get the ham ready. As soon as the turkey is done in goes the rest of the stuff. have you guys ever used those bags? I tried it a few years ago and was amazed at the difference and how much faster the turkey cooks and have used one ever since. Anyway...take care ladies and EVERYONE have a safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS! See ya in a couple of days or so. :wave:

:sman: :) :merry: :) :sman:

12-24-2004, 06:15 PM
:merry: (Eve) Everyone!!

I have some time before I'm truly busy and running around like a chicken w/it's head cut off. (did you know that they really do run around once thier poor heads are cut off??)

Cristi--I hope you and V and the rest of you family have a WONDERFUL dinner tonight and that you get spoiled w/relaxation and family time!!

Pam--Merry Christmas to you and your son. Sleep in late tomorrow and then enjoy the rest of your day!

Katy--Enjoy that Prime Rib dinner tomorrow night!! (YUM!) Lots of hugs to your little ones!!

And to all my other Jaded Lady Friends....Have a wonderful day today and tomorrow. I hope you all have special memories created and new traditions started.

Well, I have some last minute wrapping to do. We decided we don't need cookies...and then clean up a bit before leaving for Grandpa's. Read in the paper that Jane is trying to send some of her snow my way! :nono: So there is a chance of a White Christmas in Oregon...(who ever heard of such a thing?) :lol:

Love and Hugs to all of you!!

And have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

da fat n da furious
12-24-2004, 09:10 PM
Good evening ladies,
Jane, I could just imagine the fun of riding in a sleigh! I actually giggled thinking about you laughing... State of emergency,,wow. We are like plus 2 or something strange like that, We had snow this morning dusting the ground, but its all gone. We are suppose to get nasty weather Sunday.
Cristi, your having turkey for dinner and Im having cheese and crackers...
Marti, I decorated my desk at work with all our left over ornaments,,,and of course everytime I turn around some dept person is coming by with a plate of cookies or punch.
Katy, you are one strong woman! I have eaten my share of the neighbours cookies, then picked at few things at work...

Well I worked this morning and had some good laughed with some pretty funny customers,,,I swear some of them must of have gotten into their stock.
Came home slept for 3 hours and now Im heading out the door to work as a PI. Should be a quiet night,,,boring probably... ah well.

Anyways better get,,,

da fat n da furious
12-24-2004, 09:12 PM
Happy Birthday KATHY!!!
:) :) :) :D :joker: :cb: :gift: :flow2: :grouphug: :queen: :encore: :cheer: :cheers: :balloons: :hat:

12-25-2004, 02:36 AM
happy birthday Kathy!!

I just wanted to pop on here real quickly to let you all know that I am thinking of you guys. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!!!

12-25-2004, 07:16 AM
Merry Christmas!

Marti - did you get the snow I sent your way, lol? Yes, I am in southern Indiana! The roads to town are passable now, but very, very slick. We even got mail yesterday! Hope Santa is good to Jhanai!

Ellen - thank you so much for the beautiful card, photo and bookmark! So sweet of you! Enjoy your day with the kids.

Katy - we used paper plates yesterday, but today the good dishes and special tablecloth come out... hope you have a wonderful day! Good for you with all the control around the cookies!

Pam - have a blessed Christmas with your son.

Cristi - Terry and Gina and the kids made it out here ok. He has a big truck with 4WD, and pulled right up to the door, lol. I do so hope you are filled with the Christmas spirit today!

Angie - your life is so exciting! Always something going on, You truly do need to think about writing a book. Have a great day with the fam!

Mindee - have fun with your little guy today!

Hello also to Kathy, Sue, Susan, Julie and anyone else reading this.

Just popping in to say hello - want to share my Christmas memories with the Jaded Ladies! It's still early, and Neal and Katie are still asleep. Terry gave Gina the ring last night, and she called, all excited, so Mary drove Neal's big truck into town with Katie and me, so we could see the ring. It was all very emotional, and so very sweet! I gave her the Brides magazines and reception magazine I had bought for her, and she was already flipping through them before we left, lol. The best part was, I told Mackenzie-the-five-year-old that now she and her little sister are going to be my "for real" granddaughters, and we hugged and cried together. Oh, Terry said that when he went over to Gina's parents to ask for their blessing, her mom sat down and cried and her dad said he'd have to think about it, lol. Then he shook Terry's hand and said of course he had his blessing.

I've got some of the cutest Christmas/snow pictures to share, and when I get time, I'll post a link.

Merry Christmas!

Tea Rose
12-26-2004, 12:41 AM
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE is for all my friends in the USA.Sorry I am posting so late . I haven't been feeling to well and this day took all my strength to get through it , but I did , we had a wonderful day and Christmas dinner, together.I received some beautiful gifts from my children .I hope that every one had an equally wonderful day with families and friends.Jane I am so happy you received your card in time for Christmas,and that your day was so wonderful , It sounds like Gina is a dream come true for your family and hers and I am very happy for you all. I hope everyone else recieved their cards in time for Christmas as well.You wonderful ladies have made this holiday season extra special for me, sharing all my thoughts and feelings. and and having your kind responses and thoughtfulness. I also enjoyed sharing your lives learning more about your families and traditions and sharing in your happy times and not so happy times.Each and everyone of you have enriched my life and I am very thankful. I am looking forward to sharing another new year with you all and I thank you for the kindness you have shown to me these past months.I just had to pop in to say that I wished you all a Blessed Christmas Day, I;m sorry though its so late in coming. I am very tired and worn out so I will say goodnight for now and I will look forward to catching up with everyone over the next few days,as I imagine that everyone is very busy.Merry Christmas all and goodnight

12-26-2004, 05:38 AM
Morning everyone.

I sure hope everyone had an absolutely magical Christmas. I know I had a great one. James & I got up earlier than we usually do (we were excited) and found Jhanai waiting for us on the couch. She had just got up too!

Christmas Eve at grandpa's was fun. Santa came to visit the little ones and it was a great turn out. My brothers were both here so that was also a great surprise...especially the youngest one since he lives in Florida.

I took some photos and I will post them sometime tomorrow to share.

I need to get some sleep. I just wanted to come in real quick and say hi and I hope that you all had a Wonderful Christmas.

Good Night!

PS.....Ellen...LOVE the photos of the two girls on the stair way! I may have to print it out for a Christmas Scrapbook page!!

12-26-2004, 01:03 PM
Just popping in for a quick "hi" and "Merry Christmas!" Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families. I am so glad that this year Christmas was on a Saturday so we have today off with our families as well.

I think my oldest son is back in the states now, but doesn't have a phone yet...he is supposed to be coming to visit in January.

Ack, my kitchen is a disaster, so I guess I'd better get working. Hugs to all the JL's, and hope you have a wonderful day :) :) :)

12-26-2004, 05:19 PM
Happy Day after Christmas ladies~

Well, I am happy to say I am glad that Christmas is over! Am also glad that we have our dinner on Christmas eve as it wouldn't have happened on Christmas Day. Got up in a good mood even tho didn't feel good. Everyone opened their gifts and about 1 pm I went to bed-slept till about 6 and then warmed up the leftovers and made some bread. Ate a little and went back to bed. Slept the rest of the night but feel okay today. Did make it to Mass on Christmas Eve, it was nice even tho I could barely stay awake. Then watched Jingle All The Way and a Christmas Story. Anyway...have a mess in the kitchen to get cleaned, lots of laundry and working on getting all the Christmas stuff down, the inside stuff. We will leave the outside lights up till Jan. 1. Just want my house back to normal. Of course it won't be for a few days. Once I get the Christmas stuff put away then we have to take stuff off the walls and get everything taped off to paint. Went and got some paint Friday-hoping it is nice. V put a big square on the wall so I could see if it is the shade I want-can't really tell tho. Anyway...just popping in for a quick HI to everyone! :wave:

Jane~aaaaahhhhh, the proposal story brought a tear to my eye. I am so happy for your entire family and glad Gina said yes!

12-26-2004, 11:00 PM
Hiya ladies, and happy boxing day to the Canadians,

Let's see... who's checked in since I was here last?

Ellen - hope you're feeling stronger by the time you read this. Thank you for all the kind words to the JLs... we're glad you're a part of our little family.

Marti - how great you got to see your brothers! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas photos. Loved the picture of Jhanai and card you sent!! What a cutie she is!

Cristi - glad you're on your way to getting the room painted... it will make such a difference!

Katiecat - hope you get to talk to and see your son asap!!

To the others - hope your Christmas was a good one!

We had such a wonderful Christmas Day! In some ways, I'm sorry to see it gone... Then today we made it to church, and had the candlelight service that got cancelled on Christmas Eve due to the snow. Our nephew Zane from Evansville is here to stay until Friday. He loves it out here, and we love having him.

I posted a link to some photos on the Christmas Talk thread, for anyone who wants to see them.

See you tomorrow....

12-26-2004, 11:23 PM
Good evening. Today was a lazy day for myself and my husband. It just felt good to sit at home, nice and cozy. Yesterday we were up and out of here by 9 to go to SIL's for a family get together. Ate too much and had way too much fun. My in laws are all the very best people. We have a blast.

Christmas Eve day my DD and family were here by 10 or so. We finished up food prep and laid out a lunch spread. Just the 7 of us, but we ate, played pool, exchanged gifts, ate, talked, and ate some more until almost 8.

All in all 2 very nice days capped off by a cozy, lazy one. Tomorrow it is back to the real world, but we have lots to do.

12-27-2004, 11:58 AM
Good Monday Morning Chickies~

Where is everyone?

Jane~hope Zane is having a nice time with Auntie Jane. Refresh my memory again...what is his age? Glad you guys had a nice Christmas. Your pics are great! Except there was someone missing from the group :chin: :mag:

Sue~glad you have the best in-laws. Glad you and your family had a nice holiday. When do you guys go back to Vegas?

Well...V was up bright and early this morning to get started on the painting. I think I am going to like the green. I did manage to get the Christmas stuff put away, all 10 tubs! Got a late start on it but was determined to get it put away to make way for the next mess. But it will only be messy for today and tomorrow. Wednesday we should be done and have everything back in order. A new year for new starts and what better way to start off the new year than with a new look in the house. Like the green so much we are going to paint the front door also. We have a dull beige house and a lot of people around have different color doors-why we got stuck with a boring beige one I don't know. Anyway...DD and I are off to the library and Target to pick up a couple of things-hope they are not busy.

HI to every one and take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

Tata for now...:wave:

12-27-2004, 12:58 PM
Hey Ladies

Hope you all had a wonderful xmas, it was so hectic I had no chances to get on the computer and post to you all!!! We got lots of nice gift cards out to eat and for shopping, and yesterday I went and bought an elliptical workout machine, they were on sale at walmart for 160.00, so I figured what better way to start out the new year motivated, than with a new piece of equipment!!!... I was also back at the doc's for bloodwork, after my last ultrasound they think I may have polycystic ovary Im going for testing and hope to hear something next week... Apparently the giant cyst on my right ovary is gone and now theres one on my left ovary...I guess this is a symptom that my body is producing way too many hormones, so if I have this syndrome, Ill have to go on special meds, so this doesnt really help our BABY situation!!!!
Was outside shoveling at 4:30am to get my car out for work, Im pooped!!
On the flip side to all of this DBF decided to call his mom who he hasnt contacted in 2 years yesterday, he has alot of problems with his brothers and sisters, he just doesnt get along with any of them, and his mom always sticks up for their wrong doing ...She never rewards DBF for his successes in life, but instead makes him feel rotten that his life is so much better than theirs....His brothers have stealing issues and all kinds of we choose to stay away from them...Anyhow, now she wants to see him, so he wants her to come up next weekend and stay with us so she can see our house and stuff....the problem with this is that if the family finds out shes coming, they'll all swarm over and we dont want them knowing where we kind of stressed over this right now, cause for some reason she doesnt like me cause she thinks my family is too good for DBF....shes a real piece of work, but still his mom so I cant deny him the right to see her.. The whole situation is just one big mess with them......And everytime he tries to get along, something blows up so its just a matter of time, sad to say!!!
Anyway gotta get back to work, just wanted to say hello and catch up with everyone


12-27-2004, 02:30 PM
Good Morning Everyone.... could this year have ended???
Let's see. Last night I was getting ready for bed and went into the kitchen to fill up my water bottle from the fridge....when a smell of burning plastic got my attention. So I'm checking the stove to make sure no burners were on (we didn't even use the stove yesterday) and then looked in my laundry room and saw smoke! So I woke up James who went to bed before me, and told him we have smoke billowing out of the laundry room somewhere,,,,,we called 911 and they had the police and firemen out here and so our neighborhood was lit up with siren lights!! (this was around 1:30 almost 2:00)

I waited and waited...hoping it wasn't something that was going to be horrible and take the house......and was relieved to know that the waterheater had been leaking...and so it over heated and burned itself out, which made it burn all the electrical wiring or something like that and that is where all the awful smoke was coming they cut everything up and diconnected it all. We told them that we would have done that if we could see what the problem was (so much smoke) and he told us "Oh no, that's what we're here for, you did the right thing"

So now my house still smells like burning plastic, we have no hot water (we did call the landlord and it will be replaced) a perfect way to add to all the other things that have gone on this month! :dizzy:

Thank god it wasn't anything more serious!!

I didn't get much sleep last night, our dog Cocoa cried and cried and so James had her sleep w/us last night (on his side of the bed!) I really don't want to go to work today but.......must just carry on! :lol:

I'll come back later and chat about something else. I want to know what everyone got for Christmas!! Anyone want to share???? I need happy news!


Tea Rose
12-27-2004, 02:58 PM
Hi Everyone
Just popping in quickly, Well Jane I finally got them grandbabies :lol: My kitten had kittens,does that qualify me as a Grandma for now.I,m somewhat thankful she waited till after Christmas but I sure could have used a few more days .I am running on i'm guessing fat because its the only thing left.Did anyone try my pumpkin cheesecake , does anyone want to try it ,I still have some ,staring me in the face everyday , its so good I can't leave it alone ,so please if there are any takers. Maybe the kids will finish it up tonight.along with the rest of the Christmas goodies. The kitties are sure enjoying the turkey, problem is they probably won't be to thrilled with their regular food when its gone.Tommorow I start the weight loss program again I am afraid to get on the scale after the last few days probably gained back everything I lost. My kids said after going out for different turkey dinners at BF and GF's houses that they never realized how much they appreciated coming home for their Christmas Dinner,I thought wow they really do notice ,:lol: I thought it was a wonderful compliment.Cristi you work really fast , didn't waste any time did you, I'm still cleaning up after Christmas between not feeling well ,the newborn kittens,Kobi's having seizures last night and today and pure exhaustion, I have been useless. i did get some help, but everyone is working and off doing things.Its just taking longer than usual,what can I do.I must admit though that like Cristi I am getting anxious to get things back to normal for another year.Tired of picking up needles from Christmas boughs,I'm just tired in general:lol: I am so happy to hear everyone had a wonderful Christmas now just one more hurdle New Years Eve ,not my favourite , actually I try very hard to sleep through it , I watch a movie so I don't have to hear all the New Years programming, I hate watching the ball drop, Maybe I would feel different if I wasn't in my situation. Hows that for depressing , but I hope that everyone else has a wonderful New Years Eve and Day, me, well, I will start my new year as quietly as possible.Sue it sounds like you did have a very nice time ,and its wonderful that you enjoy your inlaws.Glad your feeling a bit better.Julie its to bad about the family situation , maybe your DBF's mother will surprize you, and realize how much better things would be with her son if everyone compromised. I hope it works out for the better.Katie glad to hear you had a nicetime with family on Christmas I hope you get to see your son soon.Hi Marti so glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and that you got to see your brothers. I am also happy to hear that you had a such a good time at Grandpa's it must have helped him tremendously,Hi Mindee Brandon's pictures are so cute, glad you all had a nice Christmas.Hi Susan, how was your Christmas ,did you and the girls have a nice day,I hope that you all had a wonderful day. Angie, now where are you, building ice castles an ice hotel , or are you just busy being you, which is tiring enough, How are the boys enjoying their holidays.Did you get good presents?? Katy how was your roast and lemon shortbread, I bet everyone really enjoyed that it sounded so yummy,I hope leigh and James got lots of goodies from Santa, do they still believe in Santa?? I do :lol:I must go back to the kittens and make sure their eating they need a little help latching on so thats my job to quide them ,they are so small and cute. They only cry when Amelie their mommy sits on them ,she 's still learning, but she's doing so much better today.I will check in later and see what everyones doing sorry if I missed anyone I'm lucky if I remember my own name the last few days.:lol: Have a great day everyone, and Jane bundle up if your out making snow angels and how come there was no you in those pictures ????Wow Marti thank God it wasn't more serious and everyone and the house is fine. Its always better to call for help better to find out its not to serious than something to late to turn around . So sorry that happened but so happy everything is fine.(((HUGS)))

12-27-2004, 03:36 PM
I'm baaack...

Marti~thank goodnes it wasn't a fire that put you out and no one was hurt. It still is bad enough, nothing like the smell of smoke and not having any hot water, but it could have been worse and thank god it wasn't. Of course it would scare the heck out of me to wake up to smoke. We did have that happen once when we first moved to KS. We were living in V's grandmas house and I swear it was like she didn't want us there. First the hot water heater burned-melted. Then a tree outside caught fire from lightning, there were a couple of other things that happend also all in a four month period-weird. Hugs to you and James and I hope it gets fixed soon.

Ellen~wish I was there to cheer you up and make you feel better. (((((HUGS))))) to you! And yes I think having kittens qualifies you as a grandma.

Julie~(((((HUGS))))) to you also! Hope everything with the in-laws and baby issue work out for the best.

Well, did get to Target, the library, Hallmark (little pit stop on the way) and picked up an application at the Goodwill. Would be an easy job and it's just around the corner-could walk to work. V has done quite a bit of the painting and it looks gooood! I am really liking the green-should have gone with that to begin with. It goes better with everything, much better. Anyway...

Have a good one ladies! :wave:

12-27-2004, 04:00 PM
Well, I'm back again.... This doesn't seem like Monday, does it?

Sue - glad you had a good Christmas!

Cristi - Zane is 9.. an immature 9, but that's ok with me. His mom is engaged and he's having a hard time letting he new man in his life. Hopefully it will all work out. Glad you got your errands done and that you like the green paint.

Julie - there is a support board here at 3FC for those with PCOS, in case you didn't already know. Can they remove the cyst? Yay for the exercise machine!

Ellen (grandma) - no cheesecake for me, thanks anyway. :) Just a little while ago I tossed what was left of the pumpkin pie and cherry delight down the garbage disposal. The family had fair warning that this was about to happen and got what they wanted first. We had already ran out of cookies and other goodies yesterday since I made so few of them. Hope you're feeling better.

Marti - glad your water heater will be replaced by someone else, lol. They're expensive! Also very glad you didn't have a fire or anything. I was very blessed in what I got for Christmas - Neal and the kids are always too generous. I won't list it all, but my big present from Neal was a white gold and tanzanite bracelet. Stunning! What I liked most, though, was that they were all able to get here and how nice everything went Christmas Eve.

Well, we got all the decorations from the inside of the house taken down and put away. The outside stuff will have to wait til the snow melts, which should be later this week.


12-27-2004, 05:38 PM
Hello again.........

My house is a mess right now. James & my grandpa are working on replacing the water heater. House smells horrible!! May have to light up some scented candles before too long.

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. That is so good to hear. Ours was a nice one too. I was spoiled w/scrapbooking supplies. And I was thrilled with that. Got all kinds of paper and a carrying case to haul it all into! I think my favorite gadget was the sticker maker! So cool. James was making anything into a sticker. :lol:

I was very happy to see my brothers on Christmas Eve. My one brother who just lives along the coast has me very worried though. He's an alcoholic (although he doesn't fit the look of one....always clean and very polite and all) BUT----it truly has taken a toll on his body. He had a seizure last week and so when he got to my house....I was looking at how he walked. He walked like a 100yr old man. He was having a hard time talking and walking at the same time. So sad. I truly would be surprised if he made it to 35 and he's only 32. Very sad.
His ex-wife brought over his kids and he was so excited about that. I guess he doesn't get to see them much. I got to meet my neice for the first time. She is such a sweetie. My nephew I haven't seen since he was a baby! And they are 8 and 7 yrs old! (or is it 9 & 7??) Anyway...had a very nice get together.

I must say that this was a very good Christmas this year, despite all that has happened to us this month. But, we are all healthy, alive and still have each other and that is more than I could ever ask for.

And also...being able to come here and talk about it all and have my "shoulder" to cry on is just such a comforting feeling. I am blessed to have you all as my extended family!!!

So thank you all for being here for me!!!

12-28-2004, 01:19 AM
Ohhhhh, I so did not want to go to work today! But I did, and I am home now. Mike is watching "Spiderman 2" (Tim got it for Christmas), and Tim is playing "Jedi Academy" on the computer to my right, and I am here saying hi to all of you, and all is right with the world.

Mike passed his driver's test, yay! Finally, I am no longer taxi driver/chauffeur. He got insurance, too, so now he can drive himself. Oh, but I worry anyway. 18 years you are responsible for them, I think it's hard to let go.

Erik is supposed to be back in the states, but we haven't heard from him yet. I know he doesn't have a phone or internet connection, but he could get a phone card or call me collect, or use the library computer to email. I'm about to call his commanding officer and tell him to have Erik call me. :drill: He was at Diego Garcia, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where they just had that terrible earthquake and those tidal waves that killed all those people -- how horrible! But a news report Tim found in the Washington Post said that Diego Garcia was unharmed, even though everything else around there seemed to be hit...

Jane the pics of the snow are beautiful, but look soooo cold. brrrrrrrrrr! It's bad enough here in Northern CA, and it only usually gets down to the low 30's. It's sure pretty there in IN, though :)

Marti, I am so glad that you guys are all safe! It's not pleasant having your house smell like burning plastic, but I'm just so glad that's all that burned. What a good thing that you happened to go get water right before bed.

Cristi, I envy your organization. Wish I had all my Christmas stuff put up so quickly! Well, we usually take the tree and other decorations down on New Year's Day. I'm really looking forward to another 3 day weekend -- wish I had a whole week -- no, a whole month -- with no other obligations, so I could just sort and organize and get some things around here in order. :D

Ellen, sending a hug across the miles to cheer you up :grouphug: Did you make the pumpkin cheesecake yourself? Is it a "virtuous" recipe, or does it need a makeover? :lol: Pumpkin is actually very good for you, very nutritious -- I bet you could make a healthy pumpkin cheesecake that you wouldn't have to feel guilty about eating. How many new kittens? Are there any calicoes? I love calico cats :love:

Julie, I just read what you wrote about maybe having polycystic ovaries. I had a friend with that condition, and the doctor told her it was closely related to her weight problem -- don't know if the condition caused weight problems or if having a weight problem contributed to the condition. But at any rate, might be something worth discussing with your doctor.

Hi to everyone else -- Mike is bugging me to go play cards with him, so goodnight for now, ladies :wave:

12-28-2004, 09:17 AM
Good Tuesday morning ladies,

Marti - so sad about your brother's health, and I'm glad he got to see his kids, and you too. We're blessed to have you as a Jaded Lady, Marti. The group sure wouldn't be the same without you!

Katiecat - lots of movie watching going on in my house, too, lol. Katie and Zane did get out some board games last night for something different to do. The temps are supposed to be better today, so I think they'll build a snowman. Oh my, I hope you hear from Erik soon, although I'm sure he's safe. I know I'd be calling the CO today.

Cristi - how's the living room coming along? But it's so pretty. As you know, I've been wanting to change something around here but don't know what. I think if we do move back to the old house, it will be quite a while before we do. Mary and Dale aren't on very sound financial footing right now since he is facing surgery again for his neck. Hope your son gets the job at Goodwill!

Katy - you said you'd be busy for a couple of days, but we miss you! Hope you're having lots of fun with your family during this holiday time.

Angie - ditto what I said to Katy, lol. It was so sweet to hear how Brandon helped around the house even tho he is on crutches!! You've got some real considerate boys there, Ang.

Susan - boo hoo, I've left you countless messages but you don't answer...

Ellen - how are the new babies? Can you post a photo? You're welcome to put it right here in the chit chat thread, or wherever you'd like, ok?

Hello again to Julie, Mindee, Ann, Sheila, Pam and all who read this.

Well, it's that time of year again... time for me to start thinking about Spring cleaning! It's not Spring yet, but those who know me, know I don't wait til then to begin. Because when Spring really gets here, I'll be outside every day.... not stuck in the house with Mr. Clean, lol.

I'm going to try to get a decent photo of me to scale down for an avatar. Gotta get Santa Molly out of here, lol.

What's on your agenda for today?

12-28-2004, 09:22 AM
Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas! Well, we had a good one, too. DS8 got a Harry Potter CDROM, and has since been hogging the computer. However it's 5 am and he's sleeping, thank goodness, and here I am!

Our Christmas consisted of us, my brother (37 y/o), DH's mother and her s/o, and and old friend of mine who has a crazy family and needed an escape. They all loved the prime rib.... and it did turn out pretty good I must say. I was a little nervous to fix it as I don't prepare red meat all that often, certainly not a spendy piece of meat like a standing rib roast! But also invested in a new instant read meat thermometer and that was the key.

Kids made out like bandits, of course, and our playroom looks like a tornado hit it. I got lots of books and book store gift certificates and a subscription to New York Review of I am set for reading material for a good long while!

Jane - thank you for sharing your pictures, would have loved to seen one of you, missy! Dh and I our talking about finally getting a digital camera sometime during the next year...sure would make posting pic on JL easier....I have a darling little picture in the camera of my DD3 wearing her red wool coat with black fur trimmed capelet...sooo cute

Marti - Boy that water heater thing has happened to us twice! It is dramatic - so glad everyone is ok. We haven't had any problem since we installed our gas water heater...but you never know I guess. The scrapbooking stuff sounds like alot of fun. My hobby was indulged a bit this holiday as my MIL gave me a knitting book called Stitch n' ***** and some money to spend at the yarn shop in my neighborhood. Yes I can walk to a fabulous yarn shop! It's amazing that I have any money at all! very tempting place I must say.

Ellen - a late thank you for the lovely card and book mark -so thoughtful. I didn't make your pumpkin cheesecake, but it looked so good! I will have to try it sometime. I'm not really into lightening up stuff like cheesecake. I like the real stuff, but really limit when and how much I eat it.

Julie - Hope everything goes smoothly with the ILs....sounds like your fiance has had to overcome alot in his life and is to be commended. I will be crossing my fingers and hope you get some good news on the fertility front soon...don't know too much about PCOS but hope it all works out for you.

Cristi - I think you are really going to like that geen, particularly in the spring when the greens start coming back out into the landscape outside. I wish I was on top of the decorations as you are. We went to Salem yestrday to pick up a chair from my Granmda, so now my living room has an extra chair hanging around waiting for the tree to wear out its welcome so it can have its place. I noticed Target is having a sale on Rubbermaid - so I'm going to pick up some ornament storage...

Hi to everyone else!

Have a great day

Tea Rose
12-28-2004, 11:09 AM
Good Morning Everyone
Ok I will try this again ,I was typing away with the usual quips of bad humor and I lost my post .I really, really ,really ,don't like when that happens:lol:Katy so you didn't try the deviously delicious pumpkin cheesecake , well what can I say. as a matter a fact no one tried the deviously delicious pumpkin cheesecake ,should I be offended ?should I be sad? what should I be? All i can say is that its your loss and my gain, weight gain that is:lol: I'm not into lightening things like cheesecake either Katy, me to, I like the real stuff and I limit myself to, only eating it till its gone.:lol3: Katie I did make it without pumpkin cheesecake we would be lost,:lol: and it needs no makeover for me ,and I only pretend to feel guilty, because its just to good to worry about once a year,:lol:I was going to also share my deviously delicious dark chocolate truffle torte with ammoreto cookie and almond crust but since sharing these top :mag: secret recipes goes unnoticed I have to think about it now. Jane I must say those pictures are wonderful not only are all those granddaughter beautiful the property you all live on on is magical when it snows and I imagine equally as beautiful the reat of the seasons.Is that the house you are thinking of redoing its a wonderful house. Cristi I can't believe you moved from a 125 year old farm house I absolutely love farmhouses,not to say your new house isn't beautiful because it is , but a 125 year old farmhouse, I"m speechless,well not really :lol:Jane I can see why you love when it snows there ,it is truly a winter wonderland all you need is a horse driven sleigh ,I have always dreamed of doing that, going for a sleigh ride, but Kathy wouldn't take me on one :lol: so if you get one I can come and visit and I will bring my deviously delicious top secret:mag: recipes. You must have so much fun with the granddaughters play out there in the snow so much room for tobbogganing and snowagels and snowmen ,you could make your whole family, like in Meet me In St. Louis.Any ways its so beautiful and how come you got so many precious grandbabies and I haven't got any will you share please,, well I have kitten babies.I will post some pictures as soon as I get them,they are so small ,although this is the secong time, I have been present for the birthing process it has been almost 18 years since the last. The mommy is only about 8 or 9 months old ,so she is having a hard time knowing what to do, I can tell she just wants to be left alone sometimes when the babies are trying to feed , she keeps leaving them and coming to me ,so I have to stay with her quite a bit reassurring her. She looks so lost , I feel bad she had to go through this so young,but when we found her it was already in the process. So is everyone ready to conquer the next holiday New Years Eve ,what are your plans any fancy dressup parties or are you party poopers like me:lol:What do we discuss next when the holidays are done,Groundhog day:lol: I guess we will see now won't we

12-28-2004, 12:07 PM
Tea Rose, I know whats it's like with a new Mama and babies. I've had to hand raise many little ones. It might be a good idea to suppliment the feedings if she continues to have a hard time.You can buy formula at Petsmart. I never had much luck with the tiny baby bottles and used syringes. You know the kind you squirt med into childrens mouthes with.If you do try handfeeding it's very important to wipe each kitten down,especially the genital area with a warm moist cloth after every feeding. This stimulates them to evacuate and they can't do it otherwise. I'll be interested in how it's going. Love Pam

12-28-2004, 01:49 PM
Good Morning All~

Ellen~yeah, we moved from that old farmhouse-we were only renting. We had just moved from OK and couldn't find a house to buy so ended up with that at the last minute. And...since I am not big on moving we stayed there for almost 3 years. Grew tired of not having our 'own' house to fix the way we wanted. Sorry, I didn't try the cheesecake either. I had planned on it but I wan't feeling so great and the less cooking I had to do the better. As a matter of fact I slept most of Christmas Day. As far as new Years Eve plans here. I am not the partying kind, not a drinker except an occasional margarita or glass of wine/champagne for a special celebration, which is probably 1-2 drinks a year if that. Will probably just stay up late and watch a movie or something. Sometimes catch the ball dropping with Dick Clark but since he won't be doing that this year probably won't even watch.

Marti~sorry to hear about your brother but glad you got to see him and he got to see his kids. It's terrible what drugs and alcohol does to ones body. I haven't seen my oldest sister in about 10 years I'm guessing. She was and still is into it and my mother said she is losing her mind and it is too sad. Oooohhh...scrapbooking supplies...what a perfect gift! Our Christmas was fine, was feeling a little under the weather but was up long enough to open gifts. V and I orginally weren't going to get each other anything because I told him he had gotten me/us so much already. But then decided we would get each other one gift. Of course I told him what I wanted which was Eternity perfum. I was out and he got me the perfum and body lotion-love that stuff. I got him this big saw, not even sure what it is called...mitre saw, table saw :dunno: Of course the kids always spoil me. I tell them to not to spend their money on us but do they listen? Noooooo...they got me some books and cds and of course DS#1 bought us the pic on the living room wall, it was nice tho. I am glad I did good with their gifts and everyone was happy.

Katiecat~oh, I am not so organized at all, not like I used to be. Just wanted the Christmas stuff out of there fast. Although, I was a little sad to take it down, especially the tree. I love to just sit and look at it all lit up. I may leave it up a little later next year we just wanted to get started on some painting. DH is home for the week. I do hope you hear from DS soon, and glad DS got his license. Know what ya mean about worrying. I am horrible about worrying about the kids. I know I have to let them go as hard as it is but it doesn't make it any easier.

Pam~oh how I love Petsmart! That is the best store ever, of the best. I love how you can take your pets in there. Of course we can't take out little old Ernie. He doesn't like strangers at all.

Katy~yes, we are already loving the green! I had V put a little square on the wall to see if it was the right color and was worried because against that yellow-ick! But it looks nice and the couch goes great with it! Didn't realize Target had a sale on the rubbermaid-want to get some Christmas tubs. I've got most of the stuff in tubs but do have 3 boxes of stuff that should be in tubs.

Jane~the application is for me! :) It is for a cashier, easy enough right? I need and want to do something and figure that would be good enough for now. I like that it is so close to home. The living room is coming along fine. We got the main wall done and the furniture back in place and things on the wall yesterday and wow...what a difference the green has made. It looks so warm and the couch looks so nice with the green. Must say I made a good choice in color. V and DS#2 kept asking me why I didn't go with green in the beginning. My plan was to get a green couch and have touches of green around but really wanted a yellow kitchen. Little did I know we would end up with a putty colored couch that would look awful against the yellow-ick! But it is coming along. I am sad tho...had to take my sunflower border down this morning. :( I didn't like the way it looked even tho it had green in it. So will end up doing another border at some point or maybe a chair rail. Spring cleaning? EGADS!! I don't even want to think about spring cleaning. But there is nothing wrong with getting an early start. Hey, when you are finished with yours come on over and do mine! :lol:

So that's what is on my agenda for the day...finishing up the dining area and kitchen. Got up early this am and had to take everything out of the hutch to move it. Took the plate covers off and my border. :( Then V ran me off. :lol: Said "Don't you need to be getting on the computer?" Imagine that...him running me off. :lol: So I will probably be off and on here all day bugging you ladies! Anyway...

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Have a great one ladies!

12-28-2004, 04:44 PM
I'm baaaaack...

Jane~love the new avatar! I swear every time you post a new one you look so different, that's good. It's nice though.

Don't really have much to say, just bored. Been going back and forth with watching V paint and chatting with him to reading and doing some laundry in between. And of course getting on here. Figured I shouldn't distract him when he is busy so he doesn't mess up and it is taking longer than we anticipated. He thought he would have it all done and only have the wall leading to the basement to do tomorrow but...he is going to stop at the kitchen and finish up tomorrow. Not so much to paint in there but a lot of taping and then would have to pull the stove and fridge out. By then it will be close to time to cook so better to finish tomorrow. He went ahead and got some paint for the front (outside) door and we did it the same color, looks good. Of course he is having to put two coats on another reason it is taking so long. Anyway...Wednesday evening everything should be done. :crossed: :blah: :blah: :blah:

See ya later ladies! :wave:

12-28-2004, 05:02 PM
I usually go to bed and wake up when all the horns start to honk. I'm thinking that maybe this year I could try to stay up. I'm not a drinker either But I'm thinking that this year maybe I'll spring for a small bottle of Kaluha(?) and make a couple White Russians.YUM. :hat:Once a month I go to PetSmart and stock up on low magnesium cat food. I have 1 cat, Baby Huey, who weighs 16lbs and is prone to urinary problems and has to have" special diet" so this means everyone gets it to. My Bon Bon,a little white Poodle ,goes with me and loves to check out the dogs ,mice,hamsters,ect.

12-28-2004, 05:46 PM
My face in the new avatar looks smeared, almost like a burn victim.... wonder why? I tried a different photo and it was the same, if not worse! Don't like this!!! :no:

12-28-2004, 06:23 PM
Evening Ladies!!

Jane: The picture is nice, cant even notice it being smeared!!! You're doing great, keep it up!!!Also thanks for the advice on the PCOS group, I did post over there and have been getting some good feeback!!!

Glad to hear everyone had a nice christmas!!! We got lots of gift certificates, walmart, home depot, restaurants, video store, and old navy!! Got some candles and kitchen stuff as well!!!!

Thank you all for the support with the health conditions, I have to go to the doctors tuesday for my blood results....I know its sound strange to say, but in a way I hope something is wrong with me, because lately I just havent been myself and I can't physically motivate and push myself like I used too..I also feel bloated all the time, which Im thinking may be a side effect???
So hopefully its good news!!!
Anyhow got back on the diet today, Ive been making myself do 25 minutes on the elliptical machine a day, plus Im trying to get back into drinking all the water that I used too....somethings gotta give!!
As far as New idea what we're doing....probably get some wine, movies and takeout and stay in!!! Also get friends , the ones whose kids I take all the time...WELL her husband has decided now with 3 kids to go enlist in the air force!!!!! NUTS!!!! Anyhow he leaves tuesday to boot camp, so they're supposed to have a get together for him this weekend!!
Im very upset with him, I think hes making a very careless choice, he should have done this before they went and had three kids...not to mention while theres a war going on!!!!!! So never a dull moment around here!!!!
Well its off to conjure something up for din to you all later

12-28-2004, 07:09 PM
Just a flyby today girls.

I'm so frustrated right now. Our water heater is not as simple to replace than was thought. Ended up with a HUGE water fountain in our pantry room! I spent some time sopping up the water w/towels and grumbling under my breath. So......told my grandpa to quit working on it, tell our landlord to quit being a cheapskate and just get the plumber out here tomorrow so I have water again.
I hate to watch my grandpa work on something that he shouldn't even have to do. It's not his job. And he's getting too old to think about crawling under the house to get to hoses and stuff.

Anyway...done whining. I need to get ready and head over to grandpa's to use the bathroom and clean up before I go to work.

What a pain!!

(sorry for venting ladies)

I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully a better outlook on everything.

Until then.

12-28-2004, 07:10 PM
BTW Jane....advatar looks great! What are you talking about a smear????? You look wonderful.

Tea Rose
12-28-2004, 10:06 PM
Evening Everyone'
Hi Jane
so thats what you look like, well aren't you the cutest thing.You are exactly what I had pictured in my mind,right down to the hairstyle.:lol: You are doing so great you look wonderful, know wonder you don't want any of my decandent deviously delicious pumpkin cheesecake with the ginger cookie and almond crust smothered with 35% whipping cream decorated with those fancy wafer roll chocolate dipped cookies and roasted almonds.:lol: Sorry :( Tommorow I start again , I made my daughter eat the last peice of pumpkin cheesecake when she came home ,so there is no more temptations her for me. I will unload the fridge of everything else tomorrow giving everyone fair warning to take what you can and run. Mommy and babies are doing fine its grandma whos struggling:lol: I think I did this a couple of times already and I'm not handling these all night is getting better now , I thinks she's beginning to understand that she has to cuddle and let them feed. I feel so sorry for her she looks up at me so innocent and lost sometimes, so I just sit with her and she's happy . I had to sleep on the floor in the closet last night because she wanted to be with me more than the babies, so I put down the feather bed and pillow and tried, I say tried to sleep.:lol: She's much better today about staying with them, only leaving for food drink and her business.So how is my back you say , don't ask, I promise you tonight I will be in my own bed,if I have to put the box beside me so be it :lol: I will post the pictures as soon as get them they are so cute.

HI Marti
I hope you get that fixed soon , its really hard to be without the necessities ,and its no fun mopping up water .You have every right to vent if thats what you have do , do it.I wrote you a poem (((Hugs)))
It started out as a puddle
it turned into a lake
I'm so sick of mopping
This is all I can take
I just want a bath
I can't take this no more
I do want some water
Just not on the floor

Hi Cristi
I'm happy the green turned out so nice ,its amazing sometimes what a difference in colour can make to a room.I look forward to seeing your pictures. I like chair rail I have throughout the house the only place I didn't put it was in the bedrooms.Having large furniture in them would defeat the purpose because you wouldn't see it anyways.I hope you are feeling better than you were ,(((HUGS))) Once you get everything done and back in place I think you will be much relieved , I think, like me ,you get frazzled when the house is in chaos is that true.Just think in a couple of days it will be a memory and it will feel like its always been that way. I am looking forward to getting my house back in order ,I usually always take down the decorations on New years day, inside and out. It will be sad when they all come down ,but once they are, I always find that It doesn't take long to readjust, and it makes cleaning that much easier.Eternity is my daughters favorite perfume , mine is Paris ,my kids usually replenish my supply every Mothers Day, I hope that you are having a good night.

Hi Julie
I think I might agree with you on that issue, leaving three kids behind is a tough call. I don't know why people make some of the choices they do. I do hope that the bloodwork goes well, and although I know what you mean about hoping they find something wrong I really hope they don't , you really do not need to have anything else to contend with.Good luck (((HUGS)))

Hi Pam
I usually go to bed and put a pillow over my head ,:lol: Kalhua sounds good, I do like that and Baily's, not that I drink it only maybe every few years.As I have said New Years isn't something I look forward to and if I were to drink I would get all weepy and thats not good for me , so I mostly avoid the whole scenario.Babies are doing fine so far Amelie is getting more comfortable , I wish I was :lol: Have a great night .

Hi Susan
I wrote you a little poem to
Susan oh Susan
Sweet friend of my mine
Please wont you join us
On thread ninety nine
I miss conversations
about Love and Romance
About how lucky you are
By just taking a chance
I know things are tough
But hope is the key
And no matter what happens
You always have me :lol:
Boy that better have made you smile if thats not pure genious I don't know what is :lol: :lol3::rofl:I hope your having a wonderful night.:^:

Hi Kathy
sorry I missed your birthday, Are you all moved in and settled now , I hope your having a wonderful holiday season,

Hi to everyone else I hope your having a wonderful holiday season ,I must get back to my babies.Have a great night everyone.

12-28-2004, 11:13 PM
That is rather.......ummmm, lovely Ellen - lol. Thank you - how can I not respond :shrug: :shrug:

You are our incredible shrinking woman Jane. You look so different :bravo: to you.

Thanks for the beautiful card Ellen ,and bookmark . So nice to get.

I have been super busy at work.I completed all our reviews , interims, and zero incomes......over the last 2 weeks. Huge job , I was doing ours while my boss was doing another building.

My car should be fixed by weeks end. Though I love the Mazda that I am using.
I have mediation on Monday, just an overview thing. I will have to see Mike......gag.

I am suppose to be working on my anger.......hahahahahaha.

Gabster is great. She is so sweet. I got a gift card to GapKids and I still have some $$$ on it , might go tomorrow and pick her up another pair of boots.

The older girls are babysitting for extra money this week. I borrowed 20 from them

Anyway- payday is Thursday!!! Yay.......

Rocky is a dream. He called and said there was a $700 phone bill......but it was a mistake because we have unlimited mobile to mobile......thank goodness. Anyway, love him to death - just hard at times being so far away. I would love for him to go to the court thing with me.

Hi to everyone!!!!! Catch up soon........just couldn't pass up Ellen's poem :)

btw- never recieved messages Jane. If it was to my email, I don't have the mom2three39 one anymore.

Night :)

Tea Rose
12-28-2004, 11:38 PM
Well! Well !Well ! Hi there miss Susan so nice to see you.I though I might bring you out with that smashing good poem :lol: I try what can I say . Glad to hear little Gaby is fine. Its good to hear your car will be fixed , maybe just ask if you could switch even steven, as a Christmas present if you will :lol: sounds fair to me.So your supposed to be working on your anger what I do PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE really it cures everything well except for the few extra pounds ,but then that makes me mad all over again , never mind bad idea:lol:Yay payday isn't so far away now,I hope your having a good night and ya'll come back soon ya here ( thats beverly hillbilllies jargin) night Susan sweet Rocky dreams

da fat n da furious
12-29-2004, 01:55 AM
OMG Ellen, that was are so talented.

ITs the 28th already? geesh time flies.

Jane, I love your new pic. And yes I got goosebumps reading about Terry and Gina...*sigh Got choked up with you telling the kids about being their real grandma,,,you have always been their grandma.

Cristi, love to hear a good designing Can I borrow V for a bit...I have a bit of painting to do around here....
And you are already packed up with all the decorations? Yikes woman! Im thinking of Valentines Day Ill be able to get it done.
Julie, again been there done that about the cysts,,,mine are big enough to cause pain, but too small to surgically remove.
Marti, that scared me thinking about your problem...put all the fans on in the house,,,either boil some water and vinegar on the stove or buy some sponge smelly thingies, they absorb smells. Then after you do that, lite some scented candles.

Went to Sylvan for Christmas,,,was so tired, worked till 2 am on the case...came home slept , got up just after 7 and got ready. Came home in a storm,,,ya we got snow,,,just didn't want it AT that time. Got to visit with my one cousin Joe who is the same age as me,,,that was nice, what wasn't nice was my two drunk aunts. Sounds like we all have one in our families somewhere eh?
I got totally spoiled, embarrassingly so. Two makeup suitcases,,,ya you saw right,,,suitcases. Totally different one is full of creams and brushes, and the other is powders and lights...was thinking of returning one,,,but Monte talked me into keeping both,,,and so I will, think I will put my hair stuff in one and makeup in the will I ever look like a professional when doing a makeup gig for a show.
I got Lampoons Christmas vaction one and two, and Elf.

Well gotta run,
night all

da fat n da furious
12-29-2004, 02:00 AM
RK,,,Ive been thinking of getting some of those funky yarns,,,and making a scarf,,,,I'd crochet it since I hate knitting, can never do the tension right.
I always end up with my wrist swollen cause I never know the word moderation,,,gotta get it done...NOWWWW and then suffer for my impatience...*sigh
Katy, hope you son comes and sees you soon, but he better call before that,,,as in ASAP!
Good night to everyone else....

Tea Rose
12-29-2004, 02:29 AM
Hi Angie
Saw you popped in so I just wanted to say hi. I am so glad you were spoiled for Christmas with all you do , you deserve it ,Maybe when I get ready for that makeover you could pop over to my house and do my hair and makeup ,I would love to have a professional like you do it. Well I must go check my babies i don't know if you heard I am a new grandmother of two kittens.:lol: Have a great night Angie

12-29-2004, 07:11 AM
Just poppin in real quick before I go to bed.

Ellen...I absolutely LOVED that poem!! I'm printing it and puting it on my fridge!

Jane.....I viewed your profile photo--absolutely stunning!! You're just beautiful!!

Hello to everyone else. Sorry I haven't done any individuals. I will try to do that long as I'm not mopping up more water! :lol:

Hugs to you all!

12-29-2004, 08:41 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Katie - sounds like you had such a wonderful Christmas! I've never cooked a standing rib roast - too afraid I'd botch it, lol. YAY for you doing a good job!! When does your next class start up?

Pam - sounds like you know a lot about kitties! I love being surrounded by animal lovers, lol. Btw, if you'd like to send you snail mail addy and email addy to me by PM, I'll put you on my personal Jaded Ladies list, ok?

Julie - PCOS can cause all kind of health symptoms, and I think fatigue is one of them. Weight gain is another. Glad the girls at that site are helpful. Both moderators of that site are real sweeties. Although I don't visit that site, I know them from the Hen's Roost. Yikes, I can't imagine why your friend's DH would join the service right now, unless it would be for a guaranteed paycheck and benefits. Do you think you'll have the kids a lot more now?

Marti - lol, I just put that photo there yesterday - how in the world did you find it already?! I am fatter than it looks in the pic, and even then, you can tell how chubby my thighs and midriff are! Yes, your grandpa shouldn't have to fix stuff for your landlord! Hope it's all under control today.

Cristi - oic about the application! Yes, you could handle that position, and meet a lot of nice people along the way. Next time we talk on the phone, I'll tell you about a recent job thing with me.... So have you picked out new border for the kitchen to replace the sunflowers, or just going with the chair rail? Btw, the old house in the photo is the one we thought about fixing up. It was built in 1885. Neal was born there, as was his mom.

Ellen - what a poet you are! Really loved the poems! Hope you slept in your own bed and not the floor last night, lol. How's the new mama doing with the babies now? Is she getting the hang of it?

Susan - I left you many, many messages HERE, sweetie! Would like your new email addy though, if you want to PM it to me. Yikes, glad Rockie can get the phone bill adjusted, lol. When will you be able to see him next?

Angie - I don't think I knew there is a Christmas Vacation 2... did it go to the big screen or straight to video? The first one was hilarious. A couple of years ago, we were re-watching it with Fern, who had Alzheimers, and at the end when Aunt Blanche starts singing the Star Spangled Banner, Fern started in with her, and I just about peed my pants!! It was so cute!! I've seen days where I need a whole make-up suitcase to perk up my tired old face! Might borrow one of yours, lol.

Hi to the others.

Thank you all so much for the kind words about my avatar. I do have a photo in my profile now, but I am fatter than it looks. Since everyone is telling their New Year's Eve plans - I'll remind you of ours. We're going dancing! Nothing fancy at all, just a little club in town where no one gets dresseed up. (Darn - I'd love to get gussied up!!) Not sure I'm going to wear the pink sweater I told you about.... it's almost too short when I raise my arms. And my arms will be up around my sweetie's neck during all the slow dances, lol. I will probably get snockered, 'cause it doesn't take much.

Today I'm doing laundry and not sure what else. My decorations have been down and put away since Monday, so I think I'll start Spring cleaning in the living room today.

Have a good one!

12-29-2004, 10:20 AM
Good Morning all...
Just checking in....Posted over at WL1, so I'll try not to repeat myself too much here....getting old, you know...find myself saying things twice all the time, lol!

Today is my "running around" day, starting with an 8am speech app't for Leigh. I'm afraid I won't be around for chat today as I have my second chiro app't scheduled at that maybe I'll drop in Thursday...I have a harder time with the Thurs. pm one 'cause I tend to forget with all the hubbub of family life then I look at the clock and it's 8 pm before I know it. Today I am also putting my living room back together. I am having the chair I got from Gma professionally cleaned and figured it would be a good time to pack up Christmas and rearrange my furniture for the new ( to me) chair. Felt kind of good to pack it all up - don't know why,,,,

Jane - The key ( as I've discovered) for standing rib roast is to have a really good instant read meat thermometer and take the meat out as soon as the internal temp hits 150...then it has to rest for 20 minutes. The temp rises to 175 and it's perfect! Once you cook it this way it is so easy! Thanks for asking after my classes, but, you know, I am done for now - yippee! and I got As in both classes - another yippee Need to take another 3 credits before June 06, so I can take my time with that.

Marti - Can't believe your landlord wanted you to install your own water heater! Remember when our bathroom sink leaked this summer? well, I hate to give you something else to think about but all that water is not going to dry out on its own - you need some serious fans and de-humidifiers. We hired an advanced recovery company recomended by the plumber... didn't want mold and dry rot. Kick that landlord in the fanny and make him shell out... I'm sure he doesn't want his rental riddled with dry rot or having mold making his renters sick. It amazes me how people can be so pennywise and pound foolish sometimes.

Angie - I have a bunch of these cool faux fur yarns and I have been making a bunch of cute little scarves out of them. Little secret about knitting - forget about tension, it's all about gauge. Just knit a swatch normally holding your hands however you want them, then if the gauge isn't right, change needles and try again. I used to avoid knitting for the same reason as you, but when I read this tip and tried it... it changed everything - now I love to knit - keeps my brain and my hands busy. I have just started crochet again after many years away..found a cute poncho pattern on the internet and so I am working on that as well as the scarves. Once these are done, I am moving onto Stitch n ***** - there are some very cool patterns in that book//stuff I could just see you wearing, A

Ellen - how are you - the kitties keeping you busy - how are the babies

Susan - I am so glad you checked in.. I thought your email was 40, not 39 - I sent you our holiday email to that address - did you get it? (Hoping I sent it to the right place :fingerscrossed:)

Cristi - If I worked at GW - I'd never make it out of there with a paycheck :lol: I love that place....

Hi to everyone else

Well - I'm off to get my busy day started, have a great day everyone

12-29-2004, 11:28 AM
:coffee2: Feed the cats,gave Niki(Lab-Chow mix) her pill .(for epilepsy) and put seed out for the birds. Now I get my first cup of coffee.It's still raining and blowing here and it looks like I won't get to walk for another day.Poo!I find I need to walk. It makes me feel like I'm acomplishing something.Ellen, how are those babies? Kittens are so darling. I love all animals but something about cats really has my heart. I love the pharse'God made cats so we could touch the tiger,"and they are the only truely wild animal we can safely bring in our homes. They have a Baboon gene which would suggest a distanct relation to us.Jane,liked seeing the picture of you. It's nice to see who your talking to. Maybe I can get my son to show me how to do nifty stuff like that.To all you other Ladies;Good Morning! :wave:

12-29-2004, 01:36 PM
Stop! Go to #100 - are we chatty, or what?!?