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12-20-2004, 09:15 AM
Good Morning :D

5 more days until Christmas :dance:

It is blistering cold here today, its in the 20's but wind chill is 0 degrees burrrr.

Whats everyone doing today ? Me, I'm just staying put, its to cold out and we are expecting snow later.

Tomorrow it will be 40 out so I'll go to the outlets then.

Coffee taste's so good when your home relaxing :D

12-20-2004, 09:34 AM
Leenie: You have a heat wave!!! It's 9 degrees but w/the wind chill it's -5 !!! We're also getting snow.....between 2-5 inches. I think that's in addition to the 1-3 we've already gotten. We're in a winter weather advisory. It was colder yesterday!!! Just hope my car starts!!!

Well, I blew it yesterday. Started with hot cocoa (just GOTTA have it when it's THAT cold out!!)...then ended with frustration at the mall (DH insisted I needed a new coat and I'm too practical to spend that much on a coat I need to dry clean if I get it dirty). So we had McDonalds'...and I topped it off with 2 oranges and some Christmas cookies. Didn't even bother stepping on the scale today. I'll worry about it if my skirt doesn't fit :lol:

12-20-2004, 11:06 AM
Your right Brenda, I'll take 20 over 9 degrees. We are expecting snow today too but the sun is shining right now and its hard to believe its coming. One thing I love is when the water on the bushes and tree's freezed and the sun shines thru them making them sparkling and looking like the brightest silver you ever saw. Its just so peaceful on the mind.

Oy, you did pig out yesterday huh LOLOL !!! Well you can reverse that today and you know what you need to do. Think SKIRT SKIRT SKIRT !!!!!! hang it where you can see it, like in the kitchen ;)

12-20-2004, 11:23 AM
Leenie: Brrr! I don't blame you one bit for staying inside with your coffee!

Brenda: Ick! Your weather sounds miserable. Don't blame you on the hot cocca -- it sounds necessary!

Well, it is "freezing" here, too. Now, I know it's nothing like you guys are talking about, but for Florida, it's downright cold! It's only supposed to get to 53 today, and it's supposed to freeze tonight. Brrr! I can hear the wind whipping around outside, and I'm really dreading taking the dog out!

I haven't been OP since I don't know when... :( It started with a Christmas party, and it hasn't stopped since. It seems like I'm always on-the-run this time of year, and fast food is always easy to grab. Of course, I never grab a healthy option! Who wants to eat a salad while you're fighting traffic going shopping? Not me! Then, there's more Christmas parties and more goodies waiting for you everywhere you turn. It's just a disaster. Somehow, I'm still maintaining my weight. If I can get through Christmas maintaining, I think I'll call that a victory and start losing this weight on Jan. 1! It's really going to happen this year!

Hope y'all have a great day! Stay warm!

Take care,

12-20-2004, 03:49 PM
Leenie: I'll trade you weather. And my skirt isn't safe in the kitchen. Not the way I cook :lol:

Jina: OMG what I wouldn't give to see 50's for temps!! Our weather doesn't sound like it's going to improve much either!! Sounds like a healthy attitude. Keep the maintain and work on losing with the new year.

Well, just wanted to check in. I have to hop offline now and go wrap MORE presents. I hate doing that almost as much as shopping for stuff. :lol: Did buy myself a necklace and a couple pairs of (cheap) earrings to wear this weekend. Otherwise it wasn't stuff for me.

12-21-2004, 10:36 AM
50 is cold when your not used to it but here, people wear shorts when its 50 LOL !!!

I remember when my DH's aunt came to visit us from Hawii. Our temperature was 75 and she was wearing a turtle neck and sweater ROFL !!!! We were sweating like pigs...snort~

Jina, hang in there, the holidays are almost past... Just trying to maintain is hard this time of year.

Hugs !!