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12-19-2004, 09:52 PM ... and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :D

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Come on and join us! :gossip:

12-19-2004, 10:22 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Marti - I sent you a PM.... hope you're having a good weekend with Jhanai.

Cristi - I'm still waiting on a recent photo of you!! I meant to have Neal take my picture when we went out the other night, and then forgot. But there will be holiday photos and if I think any of them are flattering enough, I'll post one. Btw, on Saturday, are you (and Ellen) going to be saying 1 more day til Christmas, lol? About the church service, I know just what you mean! Our substitute pastor doesn't make a lot of sense either, and is so boring it's all I can do to stay awake. Thankfully, he isn't there very often!

Hi to everyone else reading this.

Had fun with the kids and grandkids today. Saw Terry and Gina's tree - it sure is beautiful! She has quite a collection of gingerbread men ornaments that fascinated me! Ready for some quiet time now, though.

Have a good evening, everyone.

12-19-2004, 10:48 PM
Ladies, Ellen (TeaRose) posted this after the last thread was closed. I'm sure she was working on it while I was making the new thread... anyway, wanted to share it! Ellen. look for an apologetic PM from me for losing your original! So sorry!!!


Hi Jane I'm like Cristi I count the big day, The house sounds like it would be a wonderful project it would be a lot of work but it would also be so exciting and the end result would be beautiful. I know renovating is emotionally challenging ,so its a huge commitment but well worth it. It sounds like commitment is something you do well considering you haven't gone of program for almost a year , thats amazing, congratulations. I wish I had that in me,but its been a struggle.I'm happy that its been so successful for you ,you should be very proud of yourself,Was Mackenzie really excited when you got there,I love the innocence of little ones ,if only it lasted a lifetime,I was wondering if you know if I'm on the good list or not , I did get a birthday card and christmas card posted from the north pole but they weren't signed anyone get those I thought it was strange since they had my name and my kids names, :lemonade cake huh sounds yummy, Katy makes lemon shortbread to, mmmm I hope your having a wonderful day and yes its 6 days till Christmas

Hi Cristi Oh my gosh you and I are a lot alike, I didn't want to say anything , thinking that no one would understand , how we could be so involved in the Christmas decorating and enjoying the music and have no Christmas Spirit, I have been struggling with this to for many years now ,its such an empty feeling for me . I try so hard to make it happen but it comes from within. not an easy feat for me, Its something I do for everyone else, but no matter how much I want to feel the way I used to its not there,I feel tremendous guilt feeling this way.I love the feeling on Christmas Eve and when everyone gathers at home on Christmas Day but up to that point there little if no excitement.Its a sad way to feel for me and I'm sure its the same for you,Its not that I dislike the season I Love the season and everything about it ,but something is definitely missing inside. I unfortunatly don't get a lot or any sun in my kitchen because of all the big trees and I do miss that,big differece from my other house, I have been trying to think of a way to get more light into the room somehow by adding windows somewhere, but where is the problem , when I moved in there was no windows on the stairway wall and it was dark as night so I put those two windows on the landings and changed the front door to all glass and that made a huge difference in the amount of light that comes in. I have the fireplace on daily. I love the way it makes the room feel, like candles, and dimmers. Well hopefully you and I get a little spark of Christmas Spirit, it sure would be nice for both of us , it really should'nt feel like another day.Well I hope you had a nice day today catching up on your reading and relaxing.

Hi Marti
How are you today? did you and Jhanai have a nice day , Did you get the fudge made , what kind do you make, nosy huh. I love fudge but I haven't had any for a few years. I know they have so many different kinds now . When I was young my best friends mom used to make maple fudge every halloween, thats when you were still allowed to make homemade things . I used to run down to her house first and make sure I got some before it was all gone, ahhh memories. I hope you had a really fun day ,

Hi Mindee
How was your Christmas party , was it a lot of fun,I haven't been to or had one for more than well to many years How many people came , and what did your serve inquiring nosy people like me want to know I hope it was successful and you all had a great time . Is Bradon still trying to get at the presents, make sure you send pictures of his little face on Christmas morning.I look forward to seeing them. I hope you had a great day, or did you spend it cleaning up after the party

Hi Katy
What happened to those skinheads did you chase them out of town, Did you get your Christmas tree up, your running out of time , after all its 6 or 7 days till Christmas depending wether you go by Janes method of counting or Cristi's and ,mine Well no matter which way you count its coming faster than bedtime,I hope you had a nice day decorating the tree

Susan where are you I can't see you anywhere, I really hope everything is alright ,I miss you

Hi Angie
That female version of Scrooge sounds like a lot of fun , I used to go and see plays with my Aunt sometimes but haven't been for years . I used to enjoy them so much , a lot of fun and a lot of laughs , I sure could use some of that in my life,I am so happy to hear that Brandon is doing so well, and his spirits are good ,great for recovery. Tanners school band must have been wonderful to watch, you must be happy he is so interested in theatre,well it sounds like you are going going going , when is it you sleep, Hope your having a good night.

Hi to Everyone else Katie Julie Ann Sue hopefully I didn't miss anyone I hope every one is well and having a great day ,or I guess it would be night now
Christmas is so close I can smell the turkey and pumpkin cheesecake and I'm really hungry,


12-19-2004, 11:22 PM
Hello, I am back freezing my butt off at home. (well it would be nice if the butt would be gone...) This is a real shock to my system!
I had to drink the solution for my scan, ugh! And to think I have to drink another bottle of it in the morning. Then get the scan and a battery of blood tests again. For this I left the sunshine?
It doesn't even seem like Christmas to me. No tree or decorations, but I am hanging stockings and decorating the mantle tomorrow. I have to get a little of the feel.
I will cook Fri. and then have DD and family here for Christmas Eve day. We will sure miss the other kids and "grands."

Thanks for all who asked if I was doing okay. There has been alot going on for us and some things are sad. We will be okay as we believe everything happens for a reason. We just pray for the strength to get through.
We have just found out that BIL has cancer and it is not looking good. HE is very close to us, so this is especially hard.
Then DD2 out west is working now for DD1 who has her own business here. So far it is going well, but time will tell. She is lonely being away from home and that breaks my heart. I am going there in a couple weeks, so maybe can take her some cheer.

12-19-2004, 11:48 PM
Hello girls...........

Jane--Got your PM. How silly of me. At least you got your card!! James ended up taking the cards to the mail box to get mailed BEFORE I was able to put return addresses on them. But....looks like everyone is getting their card.

Ellen--I made the traditional/original kind of fudge. I don't like fudge so it never hurts me to see it go! :D I made it for Jhanai's dad. It's a recipe from my grandma. TOO much sugar in fudge for me to enjoy it.

Sue--My heart goes out to you and your family. Always know that we are thinking of you. I hope your BIL has good results w/getting to the cancer before it's all over. My prayers are w/you!

Hello to everyone else! I'm sorry I'm not exactly doing all the individuals like I intended, but this is a start. Been busy running around that it's really hard to keep up. I'm leaving here in about 10 mins. to take Jhanai home.

Jhanai & I spent well over an hour in Walmart today...SO crowded. Only this time of year will you see such chaos. Why must we think that we have to spend spend spend our money rather than spend quality time with our family? And instead of buying....why don't more people make things? Seems more special when something is made. I'm hoping to do better next year w/making things for my family.

Well, I need to get going.

You all have a wonderful night...hugs to you all!

12-20-2004, 03:08 AM
hey ladies....quick post because I am getting ready to head to bed. I finally got Brandon to fall asleep early tonight.

the Christmas party went great. things outside the party, well that is another story. a friend of ours, who happens to be one of Brandon's godmothers, has been avoiding us at all costs. well Friday, she called and asked what we were doing. We told her that we were getting ready to go do our Christmas shopping, she then asked if we minded if she came along. We both said no, so we went. Well, the whole time we were out, all we kept hearing about is this new guy she met, that she basically had a one night stand with and now he won't return her calls or anything.

fast forward to our party, and here she is sitting in our kitchen saying that she has forgotten to take her birth control pills twice this past week, had two oopsies (sex encounters) without any protection, and now she feels sick to her stomach. she has since caught up on her birth control pills, but is still not feeling well. to me it all sounds like she over loaded her system on estrogen since she is on the pill, and she thinks that she is pregnant now all of a sudden. (granted it is a possibility) but we have already gone down this road with her, and has spent many a nights over here telling us that she is not sure how she would be able to handle having a baby of her own. a friend of ours asked her "if you think you are pregnant, are you going to call (the guy) and tell him that you think you might be pregnant?" and immediately she said "nope" I mentioned to her that just because her boobs are sore, doesn't mean that she is pregnant, and that some women get sore boobs when they are about to ovulate.

ok....I believe I am done with my rant. I just had to get that all out of my system. Oh yeah....she called here at 11:45pm (Sunday night) and asked what we were doing. Tommy goes "well, we are about to go to bed. why?" she goes "well, I am bored. so I figured I would call and see what you guys are doing." the only time she wants to come over and hang out is when this guy is working or when she is bored.

anyways....back to our christmas party. it went great! everybody that we invited except 5 to 10 people didn't show up. but it was all a great time! we pulled out our kitchen table and got some games of Texas Hold 'em Poker going. we must of played five or six games by the time everyone had left.

sunday we went out to my in-law's house to exchange presents. I have to admit it was a good time until Tommy's sister's boyfriend opened his mouth. For a little background, my parents have adopted 10 or 11 kids, with all different backgrounds and ethnicities. Well, somehow we got on the topic of the schools in our neighborhood (Tommy's sister's boyfriend lives about a half a mile from us, if that) and how there were more ethnicities moving into the area. Well, he said the one word that I absolutely HATE with a passion. (he used the n word) and I figured that since it had been a nice uneventful day that I would let it pass. but I kept my distance from him the rest of the time we were there. we brought our poker chips with us to play, but after he said that I told Tommy I wanted to leave right away. Tommy's sister's boyfriend said the word very loudly and repeatedly, in front of me, Tommy, Brandon, Tommy's brother Tim, Tommy's other brother Al, Al's wife Wendy, Al and Wendy's two sons Michael and Jason, and his own daughter. Anybody who knows my family knows that I don't like that word, and he just was very rude and very ignorant.

so needless to say, he will be one person that I will be avoiding on Christmas Eve at my hubby's Uncle's house. And actually, I will make sure that Brandon doesn't go anywhere near him again. I don't need someone like that saying and using that word in front of my son.

ok....I believe that is everything for now. oh yeah....I forgot my digital camera at my in-law's house because we were in a hurry to leave. Tommy locked the keys in the truck while it was running so we had to get that taken care of and then in all honesty, I had forgotten that I had taken it with me. but Brandon did get a LOT of cute things! he wore one of his christmas presents from his Uncle Joe over to my in-law's house.

12-20-2004, 08:58 AM
Good morning ladies,

Ellen - yes, your name's on the good list! I heard it from a very reliable source. I sure hope you get the Christmas spirit soon. If not, I have enough for you, me AND Cristi, lol.

Marti - I avoided Walmart like the plague this weekend, lol, but am going to have to go soon for milk and bread. I truly don't mind the crowds unless people are rude, though. Is it your turn to drive the car this week? Bet you just love it!

Sue - I've got a BIL w/cancer, too, so I sure know how you feel. He looks really bad, and I think after Christmas he will go downhill fast. Hope things strainghten out for your family. ((((HUGS)))) to you! Have fun on Friday with your DD.

Mindee - your friend sounds a little high maintenance, lol. Glad the party went well, and everyone had a good time. Don't blame you for being upset at the N word. I'd rather hear the f word than that - at least that doesn't target any specific race. Hopefully Tommy's sister will wise up and dump him.

Hello to all other Jaded Ladies and elves reading this.

Well, I'm going to make 1/2 batch of sugar cookies. Was going to order 2 dozen unfrosted from a local store, but did a makeover to my recipe to cut it in half. That will give us about 2 1/2 doz. Then the DGDs can come over one evening this week and frost them. Won't that be fun?

Hope you have a great day!

12-20-2004, 10:04 AM
..and it's real purdy! I put on the lights and the beaded garland and the kids did the rest - it's so sweet!. DH and I learned our lesson about we had to pay about 2x as much as we are used to paying to get this little tree. I joked that we should go buy a fake one -don't their prices go DOWN as we get closer to Christmas? DH would never hear of it... a fake tree... in OREGON?! we would have to hang our heads in shame...we're already wimps for not going up to MT Hood and cutting it down ourselves! :D

Marti - I am so with you about the chaos of Christmas! We really try to single out the three or four things that bring us the most pleasure and just focus on those....funny, spending the day at the mall isn't on the list! I did most of my shopping online this year.... However, I do need to do some grocery shopping for the various gatherings this week, so I probably won't be able to avoid chaos entirely.

Ellen- Our community has organized a unity rally to promote the positive values of our community as opposed to running the skinheads out of town. After all, they DO have a right to gather and to free speech. Their goal is to generate calls to the police, so members of the community thought it would be best to just ignore them and take the time while they are here to remind ourselves that we are a welcoming community to all races and religions. It will be a wonderful event with many religous leaders of the community ( including our pastor) speaking, activities for kids.....Too bad it takes the threat of a hate group to prompt such a gathering...but it is happening and it will make us a stronger community I think.

Jane - good plan on the cookies! Cookie baking was one of the things I dropped off my list, as I do not enjoy it all that much. However, DH loves to bake and this year will include the children in the more power to them, I say! ((((hugs)))) to you and Sue.. holidays are hard with ailing relatives. but hopefully there's extra time to be with them over the holiday.. I pause and remember my loved ones who aren't with us anymore several times during the season - it's bittersweet

Mindee - glad your party was fun - I'll have to check out Brandon's page and see him all dolled up in his new clothes. I'm proud of your response to the hate speech uttered in your presence. You just keep to your values, girl. And remember your son and the great example you are setting for him by not tolerating that language. Hate is taught - we are not born with it....

Sue - hope your tests go well and you can be done with them for awhile...

Hi to everyone else...
Today is a busy one. I have get back to the hairdresser for a few extra snips. I did get the highlighting done last week and I really like it - a nice change of pace...cut needs a little tune-up. Today MIL is watching the kids so DH and can go to lunch and the art museum. Yay another date -two in one week...can I stand it? Saturday we went on a volkswalk around downtown Portland, timed with the Christmas ships on the Willamette. So we got to see the ships and .... the displays downtown.... and walked 10k besides! It's become a tradition for DH and me. We don't particularly like to shop, but the city is so pretty during the holidays...this is our lo-stress way to enjoy it.

Then this evening the ILs are coming over for pizza dinner as DH's stepsister is in town...need to see her before she skedaddles back to Houston.

Oh - and today the piano arrives! The best present ever....


12-20-2004, 01:15 PM
Happy Monday Morning~

Ellen~yeah, know what ya mean about the Christmas spirit. I do all the decorating and cooking for others also. Last year was one of the worst years and V kept telling me don't decorate. But I can not decorate-it would be too weird. I know that it will be this way every year and I think that is probably one reason I go thru all the decorating and such, you know to get into the spirit. And hopefully stop the feeling before it comes on. But once all is done and the big day is near....nothing-it is kind of a sad day for me but I try not to show it as I don't want to ruin it for everyone else. And it doesn't pass till New Years is over. Anyway...about the windows...that was one reason I loved this house for all the windows and light. Hey, I remember those days when people handed out homemade goodies at Halloween! My friends mom always made popcorn balls and gave them out and every one loved them-including me!

Jane~I am making an appt. for a New Years pic today so you will get a pic soon! Penneys has a 2005 card that I thought would be nice since we missed the Christmas pic that I always send every year. This was the first year I didn't do a pic. Getting some pics together to add to the yahoo photos. I had taken some back in June and then will have some from Christmas also. When Jan. 1 rolls around I am getting down to business with this weight and will be doing a before during and after photo album. Wanted to ask have you ever used Splenda when baking? I have been seeing all these commercials for it and was curious. Of course I don't really do any baking from scratch, haven't since we had V's mom over for Thanksgiving in '98 (she passed away the next June). I think I will just get some from the cookie shop in the mall-they have the best snickerdoodles and think Wanda would prefer those over mine. :)

Katy~glad you guys got the tree decorated. That would be kind of funny getting a fake tree in Oregon! :D CA always has the harbor parade of lights and that is one thing I miss every year. It was hard getting used to Christmas in sunny CA but loved the boats all decorated for Christmas-soo cool and cold! But we always took the kids. Two dates in one week, what's a gal to do? :lol: V will be home this Friday till after New Years, oh joy! Kidding...or am I? :lol: Have a GREAT day with hubby! And enjoy that new piano!

Mindee~that is the one word I HATE also! Don't know why people have to be so ignorant. Glad your party went well. Sounds to me like your friend is needy and needs attention all the time. Didn't think too many people had casual sex anymore in this day and age. If she doesn't want to get pregnant she should be thinking about that before doing the deed without protection. One of the managers at DS old job went out and had a one night stand-she told everyone "It just happened" ummm, yeah right! Well, she has twins now from that one night stand and no help from the donor. So now she has three kids to support because it just happened.

Sue~(((((HUGS)))))to you and yours. Sorry to hear about your BIL and the rest of the family. I do hope things get better for everyone. Bet it was a shock to go from Vegas to IN! It's cold here also but not too bad. Supposed to get up to 55 today which is nice for Dec. here. Hope you can try and enjoy your holiday in IN. Just keep thinking you will be back in Vegas where it is warm soon.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Don't have much ont he old agenda today, just catching up on laundry, a lot of laundry. Have to run to Walgreens a little later and get some packaging tape. I passed the post office this morning and like I thought, they were packed. So will mail my package in the morning first thing, should get there by Christmas I am hoping. It isn't really a Christmas gift per se but I help out a friend with her site once in a while with a gift drawing for a sad mom who has lost a baby. Did that for a while but took a year break from it. She's going to offer holiday drawings again so will help out with a few gifts. Anyway..that's about all I have for now.

Take care ladies and have a FANTASTIC day!


12-20-2004, 01:43 PM
:) Hey Girls!!!

HELLO TO KATHY!!!!!... sorry I forgot you in my last post.....

Well didnt get a chance to post over the weekend, had a lot going on, trying to wrap up last minute running around, baking, wrapping gifts.....etc..
Trying to get some info from my employer...I found out that my DBF and I might be able to have my insurance cover things because we are donsidered common law married in RI, we've lived together over 5 years... So waiting to get word on whether they will cover me .....trying to keep our fingers crossed.

CRISTI: As far as your advice on waiting the year, thats not a problem, but right now we cant get married because DBF has some family issues that he needs to straighten out first...and I dont want my name tied with them in any way that could hurt me later... We have little contact with his family because there are alot of issues involved with them...and we haven gotten married kind of because of them....its just a long story....

Everything else here is the same, nothing new....its snowing today....I guess we're supposed to get 3-6 inches.....I have to dosome baking tonight for work tomorrow, we've been taking turn bringing in goodies since its xmas week and we've already had our xmas needless to say the diets on the back burner...
Hello to everyone else..........Hope all is well
Julie :D

12-20-2004, 02:37 PM
Good morning gals!

Julie--We've had Christmas goodies sitting in the office at work all week last week and the week before. I've felt pretty good w/not getting into it at here at home-----a whole 'nother story! :D

Cristi--I've used Splenda for my coffee and cereal before but never baking. I don't taste a difference really. But I also went back to regular sugar! :lol: I hope you get to avoid the chaos at Walgreens. I need to get to walmart today now that Jhanai isn't w/me.....last minute stocking stuff.

Katy--James has mentioned a fake tree the last couple years too! But I'M the one who wants the real deal. Not sure why I feel I need to have a real one.
I need to go to the grocery store myself and pick up some Christmas dinner items. I may just leave a list and have James pick it up.....he's working days all this week.

Mindee--Sounds like your friend is needy of attention. And it almost sounds like she DOES want to get pregnant rather than not. Why talk so much about it?? And the SIL boyfriend---OMG!! I would not have kept my mouth shut! I hate that word and think it's just terrible that some people say it so freely.
I'm with you....avoid him at all cost during Christmas Eve.

Jane--You must take some pictures of the girls frosting the cookies!! That's going to be sucha great memory to look back on! Sounds like so much fun!! Jhanai and I bought a gingerbread house kit at walmart (I'm not a good baker so had to get a kit) and I "glued" it together while she decorated. I didn't EVEN think to get my camera out for that!!! Would make a great scrapbooking page!!

Well ladies..... I'm happy to say that James called last night to put a hold on a job this week. Which means, that he'll have Christmas off!!! (and he'll be off early on Christmas Eve) I was happy with that.
Today on my agenda is to try and do some laundry...unless I can get Cristi to add mine to hers.....clean up my house, and maybe head over to Walmart to get some stuff.

I better get myself cleaned up and out the door....that way I can come home a relax a little before work.

Take Care!!

12-20-2004, 04:38 PM
Hiya ladies,

Katy - so glad you got the tree up. Bet it's very nice. It's fun to have dates with the DH, isn't it? Now that the kids are grown, Neal and I have more of them since we ever did except before we got married. Have fun w/the ILs tonight.

Cristi - if I put on my Christmas hat and sing and dance, would that cheer you up? How about if I throw a snowball at you? Darn... no snow, so that's out, lol. THANK YOU so much for the potholder and the prayer coin!!!!!! You are a sweetie to send it. Also got your thank you card for the light... you didn't have to do that! Btw, my mom made popcorn balls at Halloween, and yikes, they were so good! A little hard on the teeth, though, lol. No, I've never baked with Splenda, but I have used it for other non-baked desserts. And in other stuff, too. They make a 1/2 sugar, 1/2 Splenda mix that ought to be pretty good. Btw, I will be so glad to see a new photo of you. I truly will have Neal take one of me to share... soon.

Julie - speaking of baking, what are you making tonight? Hope your insurance does end up covering you.... I bet it will.

Marti - you should've hollered and we could've gone to Walmart together, lol. I just got back a little while ago. The other shoppers moods were ok, but the clerks are getting a little testy, lol. Speaking of candy, I had an egg white and vegetable omelet for lunch to work in 6 points for 5 Resse peanut butter bells. MMMmmmmm!!!! It was worth it!

Neal is on vacation for 3 weeks now. I just love having him home! He's been out in the wind and cold today, tearing apart an old combine. It can't be moved the way it is - has to be taken apart. I worried about him getting too cold, but he comes in every once in awhile to warm up, and says he's fine.

Since we're having such a fattening array of food on Christmas Eve, I'm fixing herb roasted chicken for Christmas dinner. The kids will have ham at the in-laws anyway, (except Katie, lol) and I just don't want ham and all the fixins here. Toooo tempting! And none of us want turkey. But don't feel sorry for my family, because we're having "good stuff" Christmas Eve, lol.

Take care,

12-20-2004, 05:05 PM
Is it just me or are Mondays the days where you just don't feel like getting things done that need to be done?! :D

I haven't budged from my house yet and I have only half of my makeup on!! Talk about procrastinating about getting out and getting some of my errands done in town!!

I was reading the paper today and saw this article of an accident that happened on the railroad last week.

A 14yr old boy was walking along the tracks....a single engine had hit him (it was foggy out) and didn't even know it. They were setting up to add more train they backed up....back over the poor boy!! They proceeded to do their job, with no way of knowing that they had hit this kid! Then, another train came along and hit him again...but this time it was noticed and they stopped. They seen the boy laying there and had no idea how long he was there (they eventually figured out it was about an hour or more) they thought he was dead and got all the security (police, ambulance and such) out there. One of the police was taking photos and notice that the boy was still alive!

Well....lets get to OML...that night, one of the girls answered a call to one of our carriers saying they had something for us. She went and got the specimen and realized it was a pair of legs!!

This boy lost his legs in the accident and was no one thought he would survive.

Now....the article in the paper.

The boy is improving! And will make it. That was such a good thing to read! James came home that night and was just sick thinking about the family who may have lost thier son around this time of year. Made him feel awful. I've been trying to contact him to let him know...but he's not near his phone. So I'm going to leave the article out for him to read. Unless he read it at work.

Such a sad sad thing to happen! I hear so many horror stories about the railroad that it just scares me that James is working there....but of coarse the stories are about other people and not the workers.

SORRY for telling such a sad story, but it has a happy ending.

I better get ready to go to town.

12-20-2004, 05:25 PM
Julie~oh it wasn't advice, just a thought I threw out there...I guess I took it you saying the insurance would pay if you were married as you guys were thinking of getting married soon. :dunno: Guess that post was so long ago I don't remember what was said. I do hope you can get the insurance to pay. :crossed:

Jane~you are welcome for the little gifts. I saw the coin/medallion at Hallmark and thought of you. Of course I have one also that I carry around. I buy a lot of those and give to people. V has two he carries every day in his pocket-never leaves home without them. I am glad that you enjoy having Neal around. Yeah, the 1/2 splenda 1/2 sugar mix is the commercial I saw and was just wondering if anyone has used it.

Marti~I don't use sugar either, use sweet n low, have for years. The only thing I keep sugar around for is for kool-aid I make once in a while. Was surprised that walgreens was busy, man the post office was horrible so will be there first thing in the morning when it opens.

Anyway...was just checking in for a few minutes to say THANK-YOU KatieCat for the adorable card! I love angels-how did you know? :lol: :D

Oh Jane I did cheer up for a while-opened the mail box to a few cards which was nice and I received pics of my nieces (my middle brothers DDs). I have three brothers all who are younger than me by 1 yr., 3 yrs. & 10 yrs. between the three of them I have 11 nieces and a nephew who died at 3 days of age. It really is nice seeing family and my how they have grown since I saw them last. It really was nice to see their smiling, cute faces! I think that is part of my problem, missing my family. Oh well...have a good rest of the day ladies. :wave:

12-20-2004, 06:42 PM
Hi again ladies!

I'm done with my running around. I decided to go to walmart tomorrow since I go to my grandpa's on tuesdays to help clean house and Walmart is on the way.

Jane--I honestly can say that I would never want to work at any place that I was a clerk and had to deal with the moods of customers. I think it would just stress me out too much and I'm no good under stressful situations....when it comes to people. You never know if you're going to push the wrong buttons w/someone! I feel for anyone who does have that kind of job and give them all my respect for being able to handle the holidays!

Cristi--I got your gift in the mail! You are such a wonderful person to send that out! I have it sitting in my kitchen w/warnings of "don't touch".....too special to use right now! :) I had idea's for everyone that I was going to add to my cards....but didn't have time. So I have decided to send them out on birthdays starting next year! So whose birthday is coming up first this next year??......oh goodness, that would be me.....well forget that, whose after me? :D Thank you so much Cristi!!

Hello to Ellen, Angie, Susan, Katy, Katie, Julie, Mindee, and Ann!!! (Hope I didn't forget anyone)

I have an hour and a half before going to work. On my way to town I have discovered that my car is waaaayyyy smarter than I am! :lol: It does so many things that I know I will never use. One cool thing I learned last night....the windshield is rain sensitive and so when it rains the wipers turn on...when it slows down to a will stop. So if I keep this one button on to where rain is in the forcast, I don't have to worry about it....or, if I pass someone and get a huge splash......they'll come on. Am I making any sense???

Oh please forgive me if I'm bragging about my car....I'm just in aww of all the things it can do.

Ok...I'm going to browse around before I plop my butt on the couch before work.

May be back again!! (just a little warning!) :D

Tea Rose
12-20-2004, 06:47 PM
Happy Holidays Everyone :merry:

12-20-2004, 06:56 PM
Oh Ellen--She's gorgeous!! I bet she takes after her mother too!! What a beauty! I'm so glad you shared that with us! I hope we get to see a photo of you sometime! (hint-hint!)

da fat n da furious
12-20-2004, 10:38 PM
Ellen your daughter is beautiful! They make a sweet couple, both very attractive,,,them grandkids will be

da fat n da furious
12-20-2004, 10:40 PM
Good evening Ladies,
Went to Sylvan yesterday for christmas dinner with friends. Our Dutch tradition,,,gourmetting..say it was a good dutch accent and you will understand..
Well I had a wonderful day once work was done,,,came home and checked my mail and what to my wondering eyes did I see? A box full of cards from all my Jaded Friends! A picture of two adorable kids...a card from Mary,,,I love that front of that card. Will be framing it! And Marti, do you use a ruler to write so neat and straight? You have beautiful penmanship.
What I like most, without looking at the return address I am able to know who wrote me, Thank you Cristi...*smile
Shanna thank you for the card and the kind words. See you in 7 months once school is done.

Jane, Brandon does that surgery possibly in the summer, hes still in the one cast that hes unable to walk with. Mid Jan we go see the Dr. again to determine if he gets a walking cast. Then there is Physio,,,then after hes walking around a bit, we go for the other foot.... I wish Monte could stay home for 3 weeks with me,,,the things I would be doing with him,,,well I just can't bring myself to be saying. Oh alright,,,first off, painting the office,,,entrance way. Cleaning Tanners room out and putting up shelves,,,
Cleaning the basement,,,clearing out the junk. And then relaxing by the fire with a glass of eggnog,,,him with the eggnog...*gag for me.
Cristi, can't you just shmoosh over the yellow with another color to bring your putty couch in to the color scheme?
Katy, well I didnt' do lights but my tree looks pretty good, wish I had the energy to look for them 2 boxes. I look at the tree now and Im thinking with the garland adn lights i may have been pretty in other words perfect! Friends of ours have a revolving gotta get me one of
Well I got Monte's birthday gift on Friday,,,he sent me on a wild goose chase,,,lol his clue,,,Edmonton Trail, next door to Ebony and Ivory,,,not the white one. I walked into a thift store,,,and saw flowers and china dolls...and other lil trinkets,,well Im thinking great what a time of year to have my husband cashing in his senses. But as I was turning to leave saw the boats or ships whatever.
Our neighbours on one side came over with movies for Brandon a couple of days ago,,,how sweet. So Brandon wrote a thankyou card to her and when she read she was close to tears,,,he put thank you *auntie* Debbie for your thoughtfulness, I do appreciate the movies. Sometimes he amazes
Our other neighbours just dropped of their christmas plate of cookies,,,about 10 lbs worth,,I love them neighbours! She makes the best gingerspice cookies. Im so boring, I always get them blockbuster GC and Tim Horton's GC.
Tanner is staying with my mom for the week,,,he loves that since he gets to be spoiled
well other then that,,,all is well here, got caught up in house work and feeling pretty good. Even was able to do my grocery shopping today.
I need my hair cut so bad I am willing to do it myself!
better make an appointment.

12-20-2004, 10:46 PM
Ellen~your DD is BEAUTIFUL! And her honey is not so bad looking either ;) Hubba hubba...thank you for sharing the pic with us. Now I have to agree with Marti, it is your turn lady. I am getting ready to put up some photos of myself soon, just remembered you haven't seen me! :D

Marti~it's okay to go on about your new car. It's new and you are finding where things are and how they work. Plus you are excited about it, like a kid with a new toy. I too have that on my vehicle but haven't figured it out yet-theres a lot I haven't figured out and still am not used to it. Should have gone over the book before driving it but didn't and the first time it rained I could not figure out how to turn the wipers on-not good. Didn't get mine loaded or with a lot of extras 'cause I am not into them. My main focus was if I liked it and if it had air and a CD player! LOL It does have a sunroof which I am not crazy about-seems to be a popular thing as none of them came without it, except some of the 4 cyl ones. It's actually okay sometimes. DD loves it-she thinks it is the perfect size, as do I. Since you got your new car I have seen them everywhere. Isn't it funny how you hardly ever notice a car till you get one? Or it has been that way with me-now I see them everywhere.

Anyway...nothing on tv so I thought I would check in and see what's up with everyone.

Nighty night ladies :wave:

da fat n da furious
12-20-2004, 10:58 PM
Hello Cristi we are posting at the same time....
and again we are the same,,,I didn't know how to use my wipers either. I do like the adjustable seats...

Tea Rose
12-20-2004, 11:12 PM
I don't even know where to start , what happened I spend the day doing stuff every body decides to talk.I was wondering if anyone got their Christmas Cards yet , how long does it take to get from here to there do you know?
Hi Jane:wave:
I'm so happy to hear I'm on the good list,:lol: I am looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ,I spent some time last night just sitting looking at the decorations, lit some candles and cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket and took it all in, it did make me feel something.I made out the grocery list and all the good things on it was making me pretty excited :lol: Did you get your cookies baked ,sounds like a lot of fun in store for the grandchildren.Thats nice that Neal gets time off to spend at home, hopefully he didn't get to much of a chill today. I hope you had a great day and continue having a great night

Hi Marti:wave:
Thankyou ,I am very proud of her she is a very sweet kind hearted girl.That is her new sweetie of about 4 months, he has changed her life and I am so happy for her and for them both, they are so sweet together and he is so kind and respectful of her . You don't like fudge huh, is there such a thing as to much sugar :lol: I am happy you are enjoying your car so much, and you should, its beautiful.Thats so nice for you that James will have Christmas off. I hope you had a nice day today and you got home in time to relax a bit before work.

Hi Cristi:wave:
Thanks Cristi ,your right he is a cutie isn't he , and just as sweet as he can be he makes her so happy all she does is smile now shes on a cloud they both are, and they are enjoying every moment, together,its so wonderful.
I hope your spirit picks up as the days get closer, and mine as well., we will think of happy thoughts .Your friends Mom made popcorn balls my friends Mom made fudge ,they are both so good ,I made a popcorn wreath one Christmas its the same thing and yummy.I'm happy the Christmas pictures cheered you up today is your family far away? Did you manage to get your laundry done, its never ending isn't it.well I hope you had a nice day inspite of it,

Hi Katy :wave:
Aren't you lucky two dates in one week , sounds like you had a nice time. So you finally got the highlighting done in your hair I bet it looks so nice,I still need to do something with mine, I also see that you got your Christmas tree up, It sounds very pretty. I enjoyed your pictures very much you have a very sweet family, thankyou for sharing them, Have a great night Katy.

Hi Mindee:wave:
Glad to hear that your party went well,it sounds like you had a lot of fun, I agree with everyone about the ignorance of some people , and Katies right Hate is taught and you should do everything to protect your son from it. I hope your having a great night

Hi Sue:wave:
So sorry to hear about your BIL ,my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Ihope that your scan goes well, I know that stuff is awful to drink. I hope that you got your mantle decorated and your stockings hung hopefully that helps pick up your spirits , it seem a lot of people are struggling with that this year.((( HUGS TO YOU ALL)))

Hi Julie:wave:
It sounds like your busy baking and wrapping gifts, what tasty treat did you make, I hope the insurance works out for you , that would be a tremendous help to you both,How come your getting all the snow you lucky girl , send me some pleaaase.Have a great night Julie.

Hi Kathy:wave:
How are you doing , all settled in I hope and ready for Christmas , it must be so pretty out in the country, this time of year. Do you have any snow? Have a great night.

Hi Susan:wave:
Where are you ?? I miss you , I hope that everything is alright sending big hugs to you and Gaby (((BIG HUGS)))

Hi Katie,:wave: Hi Ann:wave: I hope you girls are well and keeping busy getting ready for Christmas

Hi Angie:wave: Thankyou ,she's my pride and joy as is my son ,and they do make a cute couple , Yes if all goes according to my plan they will be pretty cute grandbabies :lol: I will keep my fingers crossed I couldn't ask for a nicer future son in law,

Happy Holidays to everyone else:merry:,hope you are all doing great,

12-21-2004, 09:41 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Marti - I don't think you're bragging at all about your car. You and James are working so hard to pay for it, and you should be proud! We're all just so very happy for you, Marti! Wish I had windshield wipers like that! Btw, so glad the boy who was run over by the train is going to make it.

Cristi - oh, I know what you mean about the pictures in the mail! Aren't they great? Neal's nephew sent one of his boys, and my nephew sent one of their twins. How'd these kids get so big already, lol. Like someone else mentioned, I told my family to NOT use the potholder yet, lol. They can be such slobs, lol. You are such a sweetie, always sending messages, cards and other things to us all the time! You mentioned getting a job at some point - WE are your job, lol!!! And we're all very grateful for all you do, Cristi.

Ellen - OMG, your DD and her DBF look like celebrities!! They are both so darn gorgeous!! And yes, it's time you shared a picture of yourself. No, I didn't get the cookies baked yet, but the margarine is soft now, lol, after lying on the island to soften for a couple of days. Today I will make the dough, which has to get cold, then tomorrow I will bake them. Can't wait til the DGDs are old enough to help me roll them out and bake them! Anyway, the kids are coming Thursday evening to decorate them. I bought all kinds of stuff for them to use, lol. There's something new this year - a bag of chocolate chips that also has red stockings and green trees in the bag. How cool is that?!? Also got some pecan pieces to toast, some white chocolate chips, some multi-colored sprinkles, some colored sugars, and....well, maybe that's it. None of us actually eat red hots, so didn't bother with those this time. Of course, I will make white, red, and green frostings for them.

Angie - that's so cool that you basically did a scavenger hunt for the ships! Sounds like you and Monte have lots of fun. Speaking of your mother, did she ever go out and get your Christmas gifts, or did she send you after all? Just wondered how that turned out. You know she's spoiling Tanner to death, lol. I know I would..... it's a grandma's job to indulge grandchildren, lol.

Today I'm having lunch with a good friend, Kathy. We've been best friends since we were 13 - which is 38 years now... dang, I'm old, lol. Anyway, we're going uptown to a fancy little tea house. The owner is a WWer, so she added WW items to the menu, and listed the points value. How cool is that? Gotta save my extra points for Friday and Saturday! Maintenance is sure a lot like regular WW, lol.

Hope you have a great day.. I'll bbl,

Tea Rose
12-21-2004, 12:04 PM
Hi Jane thankyou for you kind words about the kids ,yes they do make a cute couple ,and they are just as happy as they look, they may look like celebrities but they are both down to earth.umm a picture of me huh, good luck with that one, my kids have been saying for years Mom we need a picture just to prove you really existed,:lol: I absolutely hate getting my picture taken, can't explain it I have always been that way.You will have to give me some time with that one.I didn't think I could smell the cookies ,Can i come help decorate, I promise not to eat them:D ,it sounds like so much fun, The little ones are going to have so much fun decorating the you take pictures? I have to reorganize the corner cupboard today I need a lazy susan in there , the shelves are useless and impossible to get anything in and out,that is definitely on my wish list this year. My Daughter and Son did the Christmas Grocery shopping last night for me, how sweet is that, DD even helped me put everything away, so I am ready except that I have to clean the silverwear.When My Grandmother passed away I was given her silverware its beautiful, I cherish it, and use it every Christmas.I think I will buy one of those chests that is treated and prevents tarnishing this year , would save a lot of cleaning which would be better for the silver as well.I guess I should get busy ,have some laundry to do ,and some furballs to vacumm, I will be back later to catch up with everyones activities,Have a great day Jane.

12-21-2004, 01:01 PM
Well, a very good Tuesday morning ladies...

I must say I am in a bit of a better mood today, not so much Ms. Scrooge! Maybe that's all I needed was some photos from family.

Angie~so sorry :( didn't see your post when I was done. I logged out as soon as I posted or I would have said HI! As far as the paint, I could do that but just thinking green would go better and I am in a green mood for some reason-really liking it. Plus I am wanting something a little darker because it is so bright in there. Those tree stands that go around are kind of cool. There is a store in the mall that is there only during Christmas-sells Christmas ornaments and such plus calendars. But they always have a big tree in the front that goes around and it is nice. You know, I still have to think about those darn wipers Angie! :lol: I had a mini-van for so long they were similar and this is different. It's a stick shift and I still reach up to change the gears and the key is not on the steering wheel. Not sure how long it will take me to get used to the thing. I was missing the lights coming on automatically when it gets dark and just found out that these do also! :lol: I really need to read the manual! Does yours have the heated mirrors? I just remembered that yesterday. Remember the guy telling us about it like it was really something but I guess if there is a lot of frost it comes in handy except I park in the garage. Anyway...I am loving it! Hope you are loving yours also.

Ellen~I did get my laundry done but will be doing a couple of loads today also. For some reason I try to stay on top of it during the week but the weekends, eh...depends on what's going on as to whether I will do it or not on the weekend. I am glad that your DD and BF are happy, they really do make a great couple and you can see from the pic that they are happy-they look good together. Not sure exactly how long it takes to get a letter to Canada but I did mail something this morning and she told me 5-8 days, yikes! LOVE your clip art/pic-that is nice. Looks so warm and cozy. My family is about 7 1/2 hours away and while it is not too far I just haven't managed to drag myself down there. Been meaning to but when it comes down to it I back out. I guess too because they always think I have to come to them instead of them coming here. Of course some of my family just don't have the time or funds to do so which is understandable. But after seeing pics of my nieces yesterday I realized how much I have missed by not going and need to make a trip soon. Maybe next year I will plan on spending some time there during or before the holidays. I don't want to leave the kids here alone for the holidays and they can't go because of their jobs, yadda, yadda.

Jane~yes, I do enjoy getting pics in the mail. I kept looking at my nieces and thinking WOW! Didn't realize it had been so long since seeing them last and they grew too fast! Sarah Jane is 6, and the twins Tiffany & Brittany are 11 but they are so cute still! I look forward to my cousins yearly letter as well. They always give an update on the family and she lines the side of the pages with pics of them all. I have to say, I really do enjoy sending little gifts to everyone and sending cards. Your cookies sound delicious with all the frosting and toppings. Okay, the frosting I can do without but all the sprinkles and such, yummy! :T Good thing I don't bake any, would probably eat more than I give! :lol: The kids think I am weird because I like cake w/o the frosting. And pancakes without syrup. Enjoy your lunch with your friend.

Anyway, I have been working on this post for over a hour! Okay, had to stop to put fabric softener in the washer and water to the beans and to talk. LOL I am fixing chili for dinner tonight and good thing as it is a little chilly out. I will cook the beans for three hours, put all the other ingredients in and then throw it in the crock pot to simmer for a few hours. Perfect chili weather. Anway...going to go with V to the foot doc this afternoon and that's about all I have for now ladies.

Hi to everyone else. Take care all and have a wonderful day! :D :) :wave:

Edited: Just had to say HI to Ms. Ellen! :wave: That was sweet of your DD & DS! Wish I could get mine to do that! Actually, they would if I asked but don't think they would get the right stuff. Even DH hates to go for fear of getting the wrong stuff! :lol: Anyway, another beautiful pic! Had to print them to put on my cork board. Have a good day! :)

Tea Rose
12-21-2004, 01:41 PM
Hi Cristi :merry:
We make a list of what everyone would like I specify certain things and they pick up the things they would like to have as well it works out well , they are very good at this now,:lol: So happy you are feeling cheerier, its an awful feeling wishing away something so beautiful,I hope you feel better and better we still have four days you know , I'm sure we can find some extra Spirit we have time.I'm supposed to be getting snow , so thats a sure Spirit booster for me, I hope there is something you find that brings you the magic,everyone deserves to feel it on Christmas.I hope it doesn't take 5-8 days I will feel so bad, I didn't plan on them going out so late.well I mailed them last I think it was wednesday, or Thursday,can't remember now.I really hope they come before Christmas , thats the whole point of Christmas cards I think,:lol: Oh let me know when they come in .I think it would be nice to spend some time with your family , I know what you mean about always having to go to them , but sometimes you just can't change them and your the one that misses out. I went through that .Well I just wanted to pop in and say hi,I have laundry goint to and I am also cleaning the light fixture in my room , forgot about that one , and I thought I was done.:lol: So I hope you have a great day and I will check back later on my break :lol: Marti I just wanted to thank you for the birthday card it was very sweet of you to think of me. I know I thanked you Cristi ,but just in case you missed it thankyou as well your sweet to , :D I was wondering if all you girls could tell me when your birthdays are because I need lots of notice to get cards out on time, I don't want the same thing to happen as with the Christmas cards ,although I am so hoping they get to you all by Christmas.

12-21-2004, 04:42 PM
Hi everybody!

Just a quick one to say: We're expected to get up to 10" of snow tonight!!! YAY!!!! :cp: :cp: :cp: Wanted to let you know - since I'm out in the boonies, with a dial-up connection, the snow could affect my internet service. If you don't hear from me, that would be why. Hopefully, tho, I will still be able to get online. That is, if I can still function after making snow angels, lol. Did I tell you I bought a 66" sled for the kids? OH WHAT FUN!!!!! I may just lay on my belly and slide down the hill on it, lol!!

Ellen - yes, I sure do like the clip art...

Gotta go...

12-21-2004, 05:05 PM
Whoa, 10 inches of snow Jane! EGADS! Just make sure and keep it there! LOL

I would love to have a white Christmas as no one would have to get out in it this weekend but not right now and definitely not 10 inches! Of course they say we are supposed to get a few flakes, not sure what a few flakes are. Guess not enough snow to say we will get some. :dunno: And by the way the weather is going it could happen. Was supposed to get up to 44 today and when I went to the store they said it got up to 39 and then dropped to 34. It was cold with the wind, brrrrrr.

Would ya know it, I went and burned the beans! :lol: :lol: So had to go to the store and get more and start over. :lol: Now to get that nasty smell out of the house! I must say I don't think I have ever burned any beans before. Well, maybe once as a teenager. I was too busy on the 'puter and that's what happens when you are downstairs and can't smell it. There will be chili tonight tho.

Ellen~oh, when I have sent DH to the store I do give a specific list as there are certain brands I like and I also give him a second choice in case. If they have neither he will go elsewhere. Not because I make him ;) he just doesn't want to bring the wrong stuff home. But there have been times I forgot to write a second choice and he got something I had to deal with. Oh well...

Gotta go ladies. Hope you both get all that snow you are wanting. :wave:

12-21-2004, 07:15 PM
Afternoon ladies!!

I've been busy since I got up this morning!! Non stop.....since when is life so busy?? :D
I ran to Walmart today do get the last of the stocking stuffers. I'm officially done. (well, I actually have one item I need to buy, but that's at the grocery store!)
Then headed out to grandpa's to help clean house. Did his laundry and remembered...oh yeah, I have laundry at home that needs to go in the dryer!!
Been cleaning up my house to make it more presentable, and I'm finishing up on my Christmas cards. How terrible is that, that I still have cards that needs sent out?!
Anyway...I hope you all are having a more relaxing day. I need to finish up around the house before I go to work. You all have a wonderful's the shortest day of the year today!!

Take Care

da fat n da furious
12-21-2004, 10:18 PM
Cristi, I can't tell you how many times I have tried to change to drive with the wipers,,,cause in my mini van the wipers where on the left and the gear shift was on the right,,,,lol I love the heated mirror,,,this moring it was frosty and they work! I didn't get the heated seats but I did wish for them this morning. But wow does it ever warm up fast so I guess Im ok. Did you have to take a class on yours? I went last week,,,told me all about the warranty again and how they do the maintenance and my job to bring it in on time. And then the guy gave me 25 bucks towards my first oil change...ok cool.
Marti, I would never think you are bragging about your ca,,,heck girl you should be! Niiiiiiicee Clean house? arghhh I have to clean again,,,not really bad but could use a could wiped down every where.
Jane,,,wow you guys must be colder way down there in the south then it is up here. We snowed enough to put a covering on the ground,,,Monte just came in from outside and he said its snowing again. I remember living up in the NWT and it being like 5-6 feet high with snow. My grandpa was forever getting mad at me if I walked in the ditch,,,cause I could of literally got stuck and well lets not think what could of happened.
Ellen, I just got the most beautiful card ever today. Thank you! Now about this picture,,,why not go and get a make over and then get some pictures done? Do two things at once,,,you said a makeover is one thing you want to do,,,soooo????
Katiecat,,,gotta tell I really like that card you sent,,,i brought it to work and have it hanging on my cubicle,,,and then half way through work I realized why,,,thats how I used to look as a

Anyone watch the Biggest Loser? At first just hearing that show made me uncomfortable but then ok I ve gotten hooked in the last 3 weeks,,,Im also been glued to Desperate Housewives,,,wowee the story lines are woweee,,,lol
Well I should go and do my thing,,,clean or somethign...arghhh

12-22-2004, 12:09 AM
Thank everyone for the kind thoughts. I am feeling a little better about life in general tonight. BIL is in the hospital and seems to be improving, slowly, but we will take anything. His chance of remission is very high, so keep your fingers crossed.
I put up a small tree and decorated the table. It looks cute and gave me a smile. Finished up shopping today. YAY! They said we will get snow for the next 2 days, so I didn't want to chance being stuck with the shopping undone. I have never been this late finishing up. I usually have it wrapped and ready a week or two in advance. I really blew it all off this year. Now it is okay and will be great. I am even wanting to get cooking, but that will be Thurs.
I guess tomorrow will be a lazy day. I will lounge in my kimono, eat bon bons and watch soap operas. (while looking at the pretty white stuff falling) No, Jane, I refuse to go out and make angels. I hate to be cold!

12-22-2004, 08:23 AM
Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!! :D

Cristi - yep, we did get a bunch of snow. It has been drifting, so it's hard to tell, but I'd guess 10-12 inches. And it's still snowing!!

Ellen - I once sent Neal to the store for Miracle Whip, and he came home with Cool Whip. Another time I sent him for the kind of pudding that you cook, and he came home with the instant kind and said they don't make the other stuff anymore. The clerk and I had a good laugh over that when I returned it, lol.

Marti - hope you're off tonight. When will you be able to get Jhanai? Glad you helped out your grandpa. It will be sad this year w/o your grandma. (((HUGS))) We went through the same thing last year since Fern had just passed away.

Angie - Neal, Katie and I all watch Desperate Housewives. That show cracks me up! I remember the one gal who played Paige from Knots Landing. Remember her? She and the tycoon played strip croquet, lol. And of course the other actresses have done some recognizable work, too.

Sue - you ol' party pooper, lol! How much snow did you get? Pass the bon bons, will ya?

Susan - did you run off to Hawaii already?

As I told Cristi, we got a lot of snow! Around a foot, and it's still snowing! I shoveled about 75 feet over towards Mary's house, and then all around to our back porch door. Speaking of doors, I had a real hard time getting the front storm door open this morning, due to drifting snow! Thank goodness for the doggie door for the dogs to go out and do their business! Poor things had to just plow through it, lol.

I made a snow angel, but everyone else was asleep, so there are no pictures of that. This is the first time in years that I was fit enough to get down there and back up w/o help, lol. I laid there and looked at the falling snow... and in the breaks of the snow clouds, I could see a few stars here and there. It was beautiful! Can't wait for all the DGDs to wake up and go play outside with me!! Wish all the Jaded Ladies could, too!


12-22-2004, 11:13 AM
Good morning Ladies,

I am here...still alive and kicking. Work has been so out of control with the end of the year. I did just find out this morning that I do not have to work Christmas day or New Years Eve YIPPPPEEE

Wishing you all much love, happiness and health. I'll learn everyones names soon, I promise.


12-22-2004, 03:00 PM
Good Morning everyone.....

Is this chat morning?? :D

Cristi--I know exactly what you mean about not seeing a car then once someone owns one, I see it every where. It was that way w/our Toyota Supra. Now, after 5yrs of owning it....I don't see them that much anymore.
The other night I couldn't figure out how to turn my wipers on! Then when it started started working. That was pretty cool.

Ellen--A photo of you is a memory for your children!! And us.....we would love to see a photo of the wonderful Ellen. But of coarse, I don't want to pressure you, so post one someday ONLY if you ever get comfortable with doing so.

Angie--I started watching the Biggest Loser, but then my show that I must always watch (Amazing Race) started and it's on at the same time. I do get on the site to see who was sent home and how much weight they've lost after they left the show. Amazing!! I'm always glad to see that they stuck with it!

Jane--What a wonderful NSV!!!!!!! Snow Angels!! I we haven't had snow deep enough for me to want to make a snow angel...or maybe I should say soft enough. Last year it snowed, and it didn't get too deep at all...about 2" or so. Beautiful to walk in during the night!

Sue--Glad that your BIL is improving! Always good news! I want some Bon bons too....pass some over here once Jane is done!

Ann--Glad to see you here!! And also glad to hear you don't have to work on Christmas or New Years Eve!! Don't worry about getting to know everyones names right takes time. Just glad to have you here!

Ok....I'm going to check the chat room...anyone going in??

12-22-2004, 03:19 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Jana~hey, you just keep all that white stuff to yourself missy! I am not ready for it. A foot of snow eh? Geez, it must be coming down fast since I last saw all the mess (it's on the front page of AOL), said IN got 5-6 inches, can't imagine a foot of snow. I am happy to say we haven't gotten any but they said tomorrow possibly. It sure is cold enough, with the wind chill it is 2 degrees...brrrrrr. Too cold for me. I hope you and the grandkids have fun playing in it.

Angie~I didn't get the heated seats either, didn't really think it was a necessity. Besides once I am in and situated the seat gets pretty warm on its own. It does heat up pretty fast. I didn't go to a class but we did go back a few days after buying it and the guy went over the book while we waited for him to fill it up and them detail it-I just wasn't listening. :lol: Yeah, like the oil change thing-we didn't get a certifcate but was told our first oil change is free and he gave us two full tanks of gas. One when we went back because when buying it he didn't have a key to get in the back to clean it up and fill it up and then another for the inconvenience. I like too that they have called to follow-up and see how we are liking it and how everything is going. Also, like the fact that a portion of the sale went to help kids with cancer. I didn't even know this until a little while ago when they sent another welcome letter and had a brochure with it telling us this-made feel good knowing that. Anyway...i caught about a minute of Biggest Losers as I was switching stations once but never watched the whole thing. Just caught my first episode of Desperate Housewives and it was funny. They have been talking about it on the radio quite a bit here and how everyone likes it and it being kind of irionic since the people in the bible belt are totally against everything that goes on on the show. But it was funny. I am going to have to remember it is on as I usually watch something else. Dd has been watching it though and loves it.

Marti~since you got grandpas house cleaned come on over and do mine! :D PLEASE!!!! LOL I have gotten so lazy but the holidays are a busy time.

Hi Sue~glad to hear are a little more in the spirit. Now how far are you from Jana? How much snow did you guys get? Like I told Miss Jane, you ladies keep that white stuff in IN! LOL Glad to hear about BIL and I definitely will keep him in my thoughts and prayers,and keep my fingers crossed. :crossed:

Hi Ann~good to see you checking in. Was wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear you got those special days off!

Oh Jane, I remember Knots Landing-that was one of my favorite shows! I was sad when they took it off the air, just like a lot of other favs. I swear everytime I get into a show I can't miss they take it off. It is Nicolette (sp?) Sheridan-I remember her on Knots Landing and she dated Michale Bolton, made me jealous-had a thing for Michael Bolton for a while.

Anyway...HI and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone else!

Today was Wal-Mart Wednesday. Thought I should get up and get an early start thinking maybe they would be very busy. I ended up going to a different one quite a ways from us but in the same county. It is a new one that we have been meaning to go to. I was surprised to see they weren't busy at all. Maybe when people get off from work, but this morning at 9:30 they weren't. It was 9:30 when we got there because of all the other stops I had to make a long the way. Anyway...ready for Fridays dinner. Tomorrow I am going to do some prep work and bake the desserts so I don't have as much to do Friday. I am looking forward to midnight mass, it will be nice. But other than that tomorrow will be my lazy day. I keep going back and forth with this pic thing, not sure why. I made another appt. for a pic and canceled it-were supposed to go this evening. I am not really seeing the point of it I guess so...we will forgo it entirely this year, and maybe next year-we'll see about next year when it gets here. Never fear Jana, I will get a recent pic posted. I am going to get some taken in front of the fireplace since we will be kind of dressed up for mass, and just post them on yahoo. But I will send you one for sure.

That's about all I have for now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Edited to say Hi to Marti! :wave: Ooops! Forgot about Chat...oh well maybe next week. Jane, just saw they updated the AOL news thingy and it says Evansville has a foot of snow, I just can't imagine that much snow. Anyway, have fun playing in it and make a snowman for me! :sman:

12-22-2004, 07:50 PM
Hiya ladies,

Ann - good to see you! Glad you have Christmas Day and NYE off! Any special plans for either day?

Marti - OMG! I totally forgot about chat today! I went in early to the dentist, since he had so many cancellations, and had a filling replaced, and got sidetracked after that. Was anyone in chat?

Cristi - yep, we got almost a foot which was a few more than what they got in town. And it's snowing again, with anywhere from 5 to 10 inches more expected. The further south in Indiana, the more snow. You mentioned the right actress from Knots Landing, and I'm glad to know someone else missed that show as much as I did. I was also a big Dallas fan. Were you?

Hi to Katy, Ellen, Angie and the rest, wherever you are!

Also hello to my new friend who may be lurking... we aren't talking about weight loss very much this close to Christmas, but I think the conversation will steer that way after some January 2nd weigh-ins, lol. Please feel free to jump in, ok?

Have a good evening!

12-22-2004, 08:31 PM
Hello again....

Just poppin in real quick before work. I didn't see anyone in chat this morning...but I had some errands to run and visits to do so I really had to get going this if I missed anyone .....sorry, hopefully next week.

I got to get my garbage set on the side of the road and gather my recycling....what fun eh?

I hope you are all enjoying your day today and that you have all your Christmas shopping done and don't have to worry about the crowds! And if you're out driving : BE CAREFUL!!!!

Ok...better get stuff done.

Hugs to all!!

12-22-2004, 09:02 PM

Just popping in. Missed you all !! Thanks for all the cards and lovely pot holder(Cristi :) that was so sweet of you all, I appreciate it.
I didn't get any cards out. I will have Christmas in January , I guess.

I was in a car accident yesterday.Rammed into a SAAB :( ......Katy would know Hillsdale at the 3rd light by the 76 station.....thought the light was green up ahead and ....anyway. Gaby wasn't in the car, thanks goodness,,,,and not much damage to the other car.

$5000 damage. Hope they don't total it....have a nice rental. The girls think that is cool........."clean car, ma!!!" lol

Have a motion date on the 18th for change of venue.Mediation thing on the 3rd.....

*sigh*.......Rocky is great. He is sending me a couple of hundred to buy presents. I blurted out... " I haven't even bought anything Rocky......I am lucky to be getting these bills paid" So he said "I am sending you some $$ use it for the girls, buy them something from you....."

He is the he fusses he didn't send enough......*pinch* myself, how did I get so blessed?? Never had a man like this......

I guess that is a fast update. I have to go for dinner.

Missed you all!!! Your daughter is a beauty Ellen....... :)

12-22-2004, 09:36 PM
Susan~you didn't mention if anyone was hurt so I am assuming you weren't thank goodness! I am sorry to hear of the accident tho. I am glad that you have been blessed with Rocky in your life. :grouphug:

Jane~I just noticed I typed Jana a few times, oops! I got so used to calling you that that I still refer to you as Jana to the family (V & the kids). So just tell me to stop it if I do it again and it bothers you. In the beginning of Dallas I didn't know about it and everyone was talking about it. I am not sure at what point I started watching but did watch till the end and loved that show too! I was wondering if you guys were buried out there yet. I bet all that snow is beautiful. So who is this new friend? Welcome Janes new friend if you are lurking. Hope you decide to drop on in for some chit chat.

Marti~girly you are starting to sound like Angie, busy, busy, busy! Not sure how you girls do it. You be careful also, being out so late and all.

This was just a quickie to say Hi to everyone. See ya tomorrow some time. :wave:

12-22-2004, 09:44 PM
Hi J-ladies,I'm Pam. I've been over on the 100's club sence back in Aug when I first found this site. What a blessing it's been.I don't know if I could of gotten as far as I have without it. I've gone from 282 to 222. I'd like to skip back and forth if thats OK. Sometmes it gets a little slow there and as I spend alot of time alone it's nice to chat with someone. :snf:

12-22-2004, 10:10 PM
Hi and a big WELCOME Pam! Looking forward to getting to know ya. :)

12-22-2004, 10:43 PM
Welcome Pam! What great success you have had....I love a good success story as it motivates me to keep on...keepin' on...KWIM? Look forward to getting to know you better :)

Jane - All that snow! We just don't get it like that here... I'm still debating whether I need a coat or just a sweater when I leave the house. Can you believe it? Since I am a tried-and-true Oregonian - I never leave the house with an umbrella, lol

Susan - so glad you are ok - I know exactly what intersection you are talking about. I'm not a fan of driving in Hillsdale, but gotta go there to get to the library, sigh.

Marti - Sorry I missed chat - just busy with running around today - might make tomorrow pm - but you're working so I'll have to try to check in another time.

Hi to Angie, Cristi, Ellen, shopping is all done! yay.. tomorrow I am baking some lemon shortbread and homemade bread and trying to get in some housecleaning..hopefully will be able to drop in on the pm chat.

Had my first chiropractic visit today and was very impressed with the clinic and the physician. I am so fortunate that I can walk to the clinic from my house and it is in my healthcare network so I only have to pay a copay...they also have massage therapy and my copay is $25. Now, I don't know if any of you are into massage, but I love it but haven't had one in awhile because the going rate around here is $60/hour. So I was ecstatic to find out that I have some coverage for this. I couldn't book one fast enough, haha. It's Mommy time, folks!

I have to go as my DS8 is bugging me to play some Harry Potter CDROM - will check in with you all later!

12-22-2004, 11:33 PM
Good evening. We got about an inch of snow this morning and now it is coming down thick again. If we get as much snow as Jane then I will be indoors for a few more days. We stayed in the house all day, so to keep from being bored I baked brownies and some cookies. Just another thing I don't have to do tomorrow. Jerry baked bread for 2 of the neighbors and a loaf for us. He will bake some for family next. It is so good! Needless to say I am not walking, so I have to really watch what I eat.

I will have to wrap a few more things tomorrow and make a salad and dip for Fri. Other than that I am all ready for both Fri. and Sat. Oh, I might run the sweeper and

Drinking a cup of Sleepytime tea and then off to bed. Good night JL's.

Jane and Cristi, I, too, miss Knot's Landing. I also watched Dallas, but KL was my very favorite.

edited to say that BIL was doing even better today.

Tea Rose
12-23-2004, 03:07 AM
How is everyone today , feeling a little under the weather today , hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.I did get snow today ,its definitly white outside but its calling for rain tomorrow so it will be gone as quick as it came it appears, so I'm not to happy about that. Jane I think I will have to come and play with you in the snow, haven't done that for years and years.Did you and the little ones have a good time today.Did Katie play monopoly with you this time on her snow day off. Cool whip huh I don't think that would taste to good on a sandwhich lol :lol: I love the pudding story.I've heard those stories to. You have to sympathize though, they do try don't they. So the doggies had to shovel their own way out today did they, sure glad we have indoor plumbing:lol: my one kitty uses the toilet , never could teach her to flush though:lol: Well I hope you had a great day in the snow .I see Susan has resurfaced welcome back stranger, thought you left without me.Sorry to hear about your accident ,but glad to hear that you weren't injured and that Gaby wasn't with you. Sounds like Rocky is being very sweet and supportive . I will be happy for you when your new life begins , and you can put the rest behind you. So glad your back and everything is fine, I was getting worried about you. Well enjoy your rental car and take care of yourself.Hi Marti , I have always been so uncomfortable taking pictures, there are pictures of me just none recently , the last was my drivers licence and that was scary.:lol: I will try to get a picture sometime when I'm feeling a little better about myself . Hi Sue .so glad that your feeling a little better ,mmmm cookies and brownies,and fresh baked bread, sounds so yummy. It seems like we are all getting snow,so if your not into playing out in the snow like Jane stay in and stay warm. Hi Katy oh I would love a massage never had one in my life, but could sure use one now.your lucky you have some coverage for that. I can almost smell that fresh bread and lemon shortbread sounds so good. I bet James and Leigh are getting so excited with Christmas so close. Hi Cristi ,so you got the snow to did you, I was so happy when we did but then I heard it was gonna rain tomorrow and wash it all away.I used to watch Dallas and Knots Landing , they were my favorite shows to. I'm glad to hear your spirits are picking up .Apparently I have a gift coming tomorrow , I don't know what it is but for some reason it will be here tomorrow, so I'm so excited and curious. I didn't tell you what else my kids gave me for my birthday , it turns out that my son and daughter bought me a little chandeleir I had been eyeing for the front entrance, It didn't come in time to give it to me on my birthday , thats why I had to wait , so another surprise is coming, I have been so spoiled this year, not sure I deserve all this.
Hi Pam welcome welcome,looking forward to getting to know you . Hi Angie , I will do the makeover sometime in the new year when things are over and packed and settled again,and the holiday meal is a thing of the past at least till the next one:lol: I am looking forward to getting myself back on track I have been off for a couple of years and I have had enough of this.I don't want to be embarrassed about my appearance ,I have spent all my time fixing the house ,now its time for me, I haven't had my hair done in years, bought myself some clothes or anything, just didn't see myself as a priority. How is Brandon and Tanner doing ? Do they still get excited at Christmas.
Hi Ann glad to see you here again.I am happy you got the days off ,its nice to get a break from work... Well Girls its late and I should be in bed so Hello to everyone I didn't manage to get to I will try to do it tomorrow so night all and see you tomorrow,Gosh I almost forgot to thank Katy and Katie for the wonderful cards katy the children are so sweet and cute and Katie the angel is so cute , thankyou so much . I guess the only one so far that got a card from me is Angie. I sure hope they come tomorrow. :)

12-23-2004, 07:26 AM
Good Morning lovely ladies--

Got home a few minutes ago and I have to say that I'm tired. I drank some wonderful coffee at my Aunts and after awhile....I was ready for bed. :D So being at work was tough!!

Susan--I'm glad that you're ok. Had me worried for a minute and then realized that you must be ok since you are posting and you didn't mention any injuries. What a sweetheart Rocky is!! He's a keeper. So did you ever get your package (or was it a card) from him??? What was it? Curious minds want to know.....only if you want to share!

Cristi--I think I'm FAR from being like Angie and her tireless ways! :lol: But I have been more busy than I usually am. Tomorrow I have to go to the grocery store to get some Christmas dinner items, then after that Im making some cookies, and sometime before work, Shanna may stop in.'s Christmas Eve and I should be able to RELAX a little!! :D (hopefully anyways)

Pam--Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!! So glad to see you here. I am looking forward to getting to know more about you!

Katy--I was really busy this morning myself. I had so many things to do, and actually managed to get most of it I could find some little elves who would finish up my laundry I would be set! We'll catch up on Chat another time.

Sue--Snow?! Now where are you located? Didn't you say you moved to Cali? Or am I thinking of someone else? If you're in it really snowing? Because if that's the case....Oregon may get some flurries in the near future and I really don't want to see any. (sorry Jane & Ellen)
So happy that BIL is doing better!!

Ellen--I hope you feel better tomorrow. Feeling bad during this busy time of year is tough. (well,,,, I guess it's tough no matter what time of year it is)
I like how you look at putting yourself first now that you have fixed up your house and all that. Making yourself a top priority is a great thing and I need to do that myself. I've been watching my "love" handles expand and I haven't even dared step on the scale...but I know it's time to start working on me. I will make a difference this coming year.

good morning to the rest of you girls!!

Ok...thought I would catch up on individuals now while I had time and before I was so far behind that I wouldn't know what to say! :lol: I hope you all have a wonderful morning and when I get and if I have time...I will pop in!

Hugs to you all!

12-23-2004, 10:31 AM
Feliz Navidad!!

Cristi - thank you so much for the cuddle card! The angel and the poem are precious! My friend hasn't shown up yet... hope she makes it. Yes we are BURIED out here!! The snow plow is stuck right now - how do you like that?!? Right up the road! Last night a car got stuck when he rounded the curve nearby, and Neal pulled him out. It was blizzard conditions, and I hope the guy made it back to town. He was drinking, so I'm not sure. Our drifts are over 4 feet tall in some places. The total actual snow is 10 -13 inches, but it's hard measure when there are so many drifts. Neal will take some pictures later, hopefully.

Susan - yikes! So glad you are ok! So what are you getting for the girlsfor Christmas? Rocky is so sweet to give you money for that.... reminds me of how Neal did before we got married.

Katy - never have had a massage from a professional, but I would LOVE one! Neal tries his best, but he gets distracted, lol.

Sue - so how much snow did you actual get? I can't even get out of the front door.

Ellen - I think 2005 should be the year you focus on yourself! It's your turn! A new look - hairstyle, clothes, and whatever else you need to make yourself feel spiffy. Maybe all of the Jaded Ladies can do this with you?

Marti - enjoy your visit with Shanna. I'm thinking she forgot all about us... we've left soooooo many messages for her here. Tell her we know she's on vacation, lol, so what gives?? Are you ready now for Christmas? I have some things to do today, for tomorrow.

Hi to the others...

We have sooooo much snow! We're truly snowed in, even with a 4WD. The snow plow just now got mobile again - a big payloader showed up to get him out of the drift. But our driveway has so may drifts, we will have to clear it before we go anywhere, even to the mailbox! My mama always said, "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it." lol!!

I'll try to bbl... have a good day!

Tea Rose
12-23-2004, 10:34 AM

12-23-2004, 11:29 AM
Jane- Well, let's just say I won't be going anywhere today. We got lots of snow. Can't really tell how much since it has blown and drifted. Out back by our trees is bare and by the front door was about 3 ft. I imagine we got at least 8 inches. Jerry is out shoveling the porch and a neighbor with a snow blade just did the driveway. But, I still plan to stay off the highways until Sat. Hope they are clean then. I DID NOT MAKE ANGELS.
Marti- We live about 25 minutes North of Indianapolis, Indiana. We were in Nevada and came home to this. Thank goodness we go back next week.

I hope everyone is indoors, warm and safe.

12-23-2004, 01:57 PM
Good Morning Chickies :D

Jane~I saw the mess online-wow! Was reading about this family on their way to Ohio and being stuck on the freeway for 13 hours! Don't think I have ever seen that much snow before. I think it said Evansville got 19 ins. :yikes: Hope Neal can get some pics as I bet it is beautiful tho.

Marti~I hope you do get to relax on Christmas Eve. Didn't realize it but everyone will be off work and home here so if it snows it will be fine. I just worry so much about them driving in the mess even tho for the mos part they keep the roads clear. I did my shopping yesterday so I am ready for the big day, which for us is tomorrow.

Ellen~we didn't get any snow, yet. I say yet because they say there is a chance of flurries today. I don't know if we will-it is cold enough. Hope you get to feeling better. I also agree with the others and think you should always pamper yourself. I did for a few years and it was always nice to go to the salon and shopping. I haven't done that in a while for myself but I do plan on starting again. Can't remember the last time I had a haircut from a salon-me and DD cut my hair. But I plan on doing that soon-need a new do. It really makes one feel better about themselves also. I have never had a manicure or pedicure either and would like to do that. I have done my own nails since I was 15.

Katy~I too haven't had a massage professionally but I kept saying I wish the insurance would pay for it and for Mothers Day V got me a certificate for one. Never did go tho. Your lemon shortbread and homemade bread sound delicious. :T I have a bread maker and love it but haven't made any bread in a long time.

Susan~Rocky is such a sweet man and I hope you can get started with your new life with him soon. So have you decided on a date yet, as far as moving? Is it still April or did that change? Can't remember.

Hi to Pam, Sue, Angie, Shanna, Katie, Kathy, Ann and anyone I may have missed.

Have some cooking and preparation to do today. Going to try and get the small stuff done so the rest is easy tomorrow. Have a little bit of baking to do and make the ambrosia and waldorf salad for tomorrow and that's it for the cooking. In between tho need to get some laundry done today so it doesn't pile up tomorrow and then I end up having to do laundry all day Christmas. I plan on relaxing Christmas Day. That's about all I have ladies. Take care and have a wonderful day. And those of you who have all the snow if you have to get out in it do be careful! Later ladies...

12-23-2004, 03:08 PM
Good morning...or almost afternoon.

Jane--Well sounds like you're definately going to have a white Christmas. I am happy to report that we will have the usual "Wet" Christmas! :D Actually it really hasn't been raining....extremely cold though, so there may be some snow in our forecast!!
DEFINATELY get Neal to take pictures.....of you and your DGD's making snow angels!!!

Ellen--I know exactly what you mean by finding other things that are more important. Wonder why I don't think of myself as being important? I bet Jhanai thinks so, and I bet James thinks so. So maybe I really need to do some soul searching as to what I need to do.
I hope you start to feeling better soon!! Get plenty of helps.

Sue--Nevada is really bad for snow too sometimes. The year that I lived there, around Halloween it was snowing.....then we thought it would be fun to walk to work and visit some friends while it was snowing.....BAD turned out like a blizzard and what would have taken us 15mins. to walk home took us 2hrs!! Hope you don't have that when you go back.

Cristi--That's great that everyone in your family has tomorrow off! I had to request that day off. And I was pleasantly surprised that they gave it to me since I'm so new!! since you're preparing to cook and all that....would you mind coming over here and making those cookies for me?? :D

Well here I am on the computer when I have lots to do!! I need to straighten up my house...(seems like I'm ALWAYS doing that....what is James doing while I'm at work?) :lol:
Need to head to the grocery store, make some cookies, call a friend and tell him I don't need him to drive my Toyota home.....blah,blah,blah!!

James is picking up Jhanai today. So she'll already be here when I get home in the morning. May just wait until tomorrow and make cookies w/her.

ok..better get the day going!

12-23-2004, 03:35 PM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Let’s see here…..major updates! First being that we bought Brandon his first package of size 4 diapers the other day! Man he is getting so big. And we also bought him this big huge container of Isomil 2 formula for the 6 months to 18 month olds.

And I have to say, that for once I am the one that is not having the pregnancy dreams…..Tommy is! He told me that in his dream, he could see how everything worked with two people having sex, and when the sperm came out, he instantly saw a baby’s head form. Then when they showed the u/s he saw a blob and a baby head. I don’t know what he ate or drank before he went to bed, but we shall see. Cause he asked me right before we went to the mall to exchange my shirt, when that b*tch would be in town. I said anywhere from the 26th to the 31st at this point.

Ladies….I need help again with my chart!! Tell me what you all think please!!

I have incentive now to get back on the workout wagon! I got a new pair of jeans and a new shirt yesterday! The only thing is is that the pants are one size too small, so now I have to get back on the workout bike to get my thighs smaller, cause everything else is in place, I just have gigantic thighs!

things are about the same here.....we measured Brandon today and he is about 28 inches long. We had to do that because Tommy was freaking out because Brandon's rib cage is sticking out again, and he kept asking me every five minutes if he looked pale to me. I guess one trip to Beaumont for Brandon, and daddy worry wort comes out!

Jane~ I agree…..I would rather hear the f word as oppose to the N word. Our friend is definitely a little high maintenance to say the least. I wrote her a little email to express how things are being felt around our house, so hopefully she will get it and we can talk things out. As for Tommy’s sister and her boyfriend. She won’t dump him because they have an almost 4 year old daughter. But that relationship is very weird anyways.

Katy~ I agree with you 100%! I never have tolerated that kind of language before, and I am never going to tolerate it in the future. My son, and any future children that we have, mean more to me then anything else. And if that language is going to be used in my presence every time I am around, then I am just going to stop going to family functions like that.

Cristi~ Like I said, I emailed her and now I am just waiting for a response. We have noticed that she has to be the center of attention some times. So that should of sparked some red flags there.

I have to run for now….I will be back later. We are going to run over to my hubby’s oldest brothers house. More to come later.

12-23-2004, 03:48 PM
Stop!! Don't post here......Just mosey on over to Chit Chat #99! :D