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Crime girl
12-19-2004, 03:17 PM
Here you go everyone!
Have a great day-
will be on later I hope.

12-19-2004, 05:25 PM
Good morning people. Hope you found us over here on our new thread. Thanks Crime girl, what a rotten time to get sick. Sure hope you feel better soon. Everyone around me is sniffling and coughing. The Japanese have a saying that "idiots don't catch colds" and I don't have a cold and rarely get one so. . . :lol:


little grasshopper -- I remembered I wanted to look up Australian shepherd on the Net. Just did. They look like border collies, don't they. Pretty. I love dogs too. Any animal really. Oh, that breakfast of mine is the usual. I always have the same thing. It just stays with me so long and is a real comfort food. Hard to find the ingredients here and I pay for them but it's worth it I think. I've tried the raw cashews too. Can't find them easily either and since I don't really like them I don't seek them out. Organic food stores. That is one thing I absolutely love about the States, at least in New York and California I was in heaven when I found these stores. Here, again, you have to find things separately, the "nutrition stores" are like they were 30 years ago in the States. Then again, the regular stores don't have the junk you find in the U.S. to quite the extent. But, really, seasoning of processed foods is bad. Speaking of seasoning, I made my vegetable curry last night and even added another spice to the about 10 I use already. Tried it this morning. It actually tastes good. I have it over brown rice with some plain yogurt and mozzarella cheese melted on topped. Yum. People at work all want some. Of course, I cook with no salt, so oil or butter so it's not what they're used to. I put salt on top but most people are used to fatty curries that use a lot of ghee or whatever. Mine is ultra-healthy!

Hmm. Grasshopper, you sound like a classic apple. The opposite of me. You should stay away from sugar and processed foods as that puts the weight on up top even for a person not predisposed to putting it on there. Yes, I can see how you would need the scale to assess your progress. It's hard to find tight-fitting clothes on top that you could use as a measure. That would be tough to drop 20 pounds and not have anyone notice. But you notice, right? Most of the people around me are guys and they would never say anything anyhow. Although I'm always commenting on their looks (usually only positively) and they seem to like it. My face is thin and stays thin even though my hips may be expanding considerably so it's hard to tell with me what I'm doing weightwise, especially since I always wear baggy clothes. Oh, and yes, I hear you on the "one of those people that don't look like they need a compliment." That's a shame but it's true. People soon stop complimenting someone who always looks good. I try to remember that and say something nonetheless. I guess the trick is to look like a slob for a while and then do a switch to "nice" and get them noticing again.

Oh, yes, the living simply magazines. Unless it's Mother Nature, isn't that the magazine about self-support, most of them are hogwash. Simple shouldn't mean expensive. I think they're confusing simple with austere.

What's wrong with putting hot peppers in your food? Or are you worried about allergies or sensitivies? And a big :bravo: to your doing great at your party. Racing sounds great too and would be a super goal to work toward. Good luck!!

stormy -- Hello. Thanks for the encouragement to stay off caffeine. I didn't give in even to decaf yesterday. Now had my morning shot but am going to get some decaf (very hard to come by over here) and start mixing it with the regular for the morning pot. I didn't even have a headache yesterday and I did feel much more awake, not draggin' like the other day.

Oh, yes, shorts. I would love to be able to wear them. My legs are thick, muscular, great strong legs but certainly nothing to show off. Oh well, then again, why not. They are whiter than white, haven't seen the sun in decades. That would be a goal to work toward. Good for you for being good at your party too. All these parties. I'm jealous and then not. They'd be ****. Actually, I do have one next Monday but it'll be mostly beer. The Japanese aren't big into sweets at parties. It's mostly raw fish and stuff and there's nothing for me to eat as a vegetarian so I usually wind up just knocking back the beer and entertaining all the old men! (These are work-related parties.)

I heard about that movie Supersize Me. Apparently the guy got really sick, wanted to stop I think but they made him continue. It's horrible. I don't think they could pay me enough to do that. I haven't eaten Mac's in years. Don't consider it food. You know, thanks for reminding me. I think I'll try to get that movie just for inspiration. It helps me to reconfirm my goals. But it's probably not out on video or DVD yet, right?


OK, gotta run. Hope someone comes in to chat. Ciao! :sunny:

little grasshopper
12-19-2004, 06:36 PM
Hi everyone!! It's been a good day here. I had a massage, did some small shopping, got sticks from a good friend for chirstmas. I guess we were really bad because BF and I have to share them - there was only one stack :) Actually they were bay leaves for cooking. Theyr'e in this nice hanging display and you just pull a leaf off and cook away with it. I like it - BF thinks he did something wrong and got a pile of sticks :)

Crime girl - I lost 5 this week :) :) After the scales not budging at all last week I was very excited :) I hope you're doing better soon - you can smile knowing you're no idiot. Redballoon - I haven't gotten sick this year boading well for us, is it? :)

Stormy - Congratulations on your party success and the scales too!!! I bet your body is really changing with all the weight training you're doing! I picked up some old firm videos from my old roomate. I'm going to see if they're any fun. Exercise needs to be fun for me. I can get through it either way but it's much easier to look forward to it if I enjoy it. Oh, and outside as much as possible. I get cabin fever if I have to stay inside too much. Sounds like you did great at the party - even line dancing :) did you learn the boot scootin boogie? I don't know it, just remember when everyone was doing it :) :) Hope today's party goes as well!!! Only a few bites huh, you people should be nominated for sainthood!

Redballoon - the idea behind my diet is that when we eat things our body is sensitive to our nervous system gets all out of wack and our digestive system does too. Bad bacteria can grow, the PH level gets out of wack. Vets seem to understand this with animals...when a dog gets sick they put them on a bland diet so things can calm down and their bodies can heal themselves...well that's what I'm on for about 3 months. I don't eat any food that would upset the digestive system at all...and I don't eat any food that my nervous system can't handle. When you keep eating foods your sensitive to, the nervous system stays under attack and will eventually start popping sensitive to things you wouldn't normally have a problem with. Once you start eating well, the NS calms down and allows you to have these foods without going into a mini shock. Some foods you'll always be allergic to, but others you'll be able to eat with no trouble. Does that better explain it? It's hard because it's very involved. Every food I eat is tested on me to make sure it's okay for my body, right now.

Well guys - I miss everyone that's been MIA this week! - I hope you're doing okay. Drop in when you can. We're here for you!!

12-19-2004, 06:51 PM
grasshopper -- Ok, fellow flame :flame: :flame: we're hot! We don't get colds. . and it ain't cuz we's dum!! We's goin' to learn ya all, youze gonna see!! :rofl:

And thanks for that explanation on your complicated and seemingly very scientific eating regime! And a big congrats on your 5 lb-loss. :encore: :cp: :encore: :cp:

I tried on a jacket I bought that's too small for me. I don't know if I'll ever fit into it but I'm going to try. That'll be a far goal, to fit into my short brown jacket. It's corduroy so maybe next fall, or. . with a bit of hard work. . . this coming spring!!

By the way, did you see that you can make your own weight tracker here on the forum. In fact, you have to use this one, not the tickerfactory one, but these are much better anyhow and easier to use because they're right here. I made a new one. Not using it until I weigh myself though. Still not ready for that! ;)

12-19-2004, 07:19 PM

Crimegirl, get better soon. I am down two pounds for your records.

Little grasshopper, 5 pounds :D :D :D I am so happy for you!!! I love it!

Red balloon, another day without the C word. Congrats! Your party sounds like fun. I am the type of person that can have fun in almost any situation but these parties around the holidays get old fast. It is cool though b/c my husband works with people from all around the world so I get to learn a lot of new things. I love learning about other cultures :smug:

The party today had lots of bad stuff :devil: I was good though and only had one glass of wine and a little turkey and pork. I did not eat any dessert :^: That part was not hard b/c there was no chocolate :mad: Just apple cake, cheesecake,etc. I can pass that up without any problem.

I have now officially made it through all of the parties until Christmas Eve :dizzy: I have not exercised yet but I plan on it a little later on.

I'll check back in a little later

12-19-2004, 07:36 PM
Thanks stormy, yes caffeine is being kissed sayonara!! Get your claws offa me, you hear! Well, that party always has bingo and I never win, though sometimes people give me their presents! It is fun though. Maybe this year I'll get lucky! What kind of your work does your husband do that he's meeting people from around the world, if you don't mind saying? Do you meet any Japanese?

Wow. You did fantastic!! at your party. How do you do that!?! You're superwoman! :strong: Good luck on getting in some exercise too. I was going to get to the gym Tuesday but may not have time unless I really hustle. Going up to the racehorse training center to catch the fast work for the big race here Sunday but really just to say hi to everyone I haven't seen in a long time and hang out at the reporters' dorm where a lot of people drink till very late in the dining hall. And we have to be up before 5 to catch the early work. I hear photographers going, "I can't focus!!" :rofl:

I'm working on my translation work here, got another hour and half, then to the office. Got to finish this work up tonight. Wish me luck!

Good luck all there!
Crime girl, get well soon!!

Oh, and yes, my weight report is that my belly is definitely smaller and I've been feeling hunger pangs and loving it!!

little grasshopper
12-19-2004, 07:42 PM
Stormy - YEAH!!!!! :D :bravo: :cp: :cp: congratulations - those parties couldn't stop you!!!!! You did a great job - I'd have been knee deep in wonderful cheese cakes!!!! Great job!! And congratulations again on your loss :)

Redballoon - I have a coat I'm hoping I will fit into. It was out of style for a while, not that that's a big deal, but suddenly it's the "new style" We'll see. Right now it's too small across the chest. I'm a 32 DDD....that didn't seem possible but I've been measured by two people. YIKES! I hope they go down some soon!!! It's like having two extra people just sitting there in my ribs. :)

okay, have to work on my boyfriend - he had a nasty wreck on his bike and is almost through the muscle parts of the injury. don't want him backsliding!! Talk to everyone soon!

Oh yeah - I'm computer dumb it seems. I can't seem to get my ticker to post again. I'll have to redo it. I tried from this website this morning. I'm just being careless about something. Have to pay more attention!

little grasshopper
12-19-2004, 08:45 PM
Oh redballoon - you're right, aussies look like more sturdy, border collies. Mine is all black with a white streak down his face and chest, so people are constantly telling me my border collie is too fat. He's not at all, he's very lean but aussies are built to be very strong and solid. He is 65 pounds of solid muscle! And soft as a pillow :) Oh, they have tons more hair too! Luckily they shed in clumps. My lab is much worse wit the shedding. She drives us crazy! There's hair in places she's never even been!!

okay, going to look for a semi healthy bannana nut bread recipe for christmas. I need a dessert :)

12-19-2004, 08:48 PM
I think I want an Australian shepherd now! :sunny:

Look grasshopper, Aussie sheps galore!

12-19-2004, 09:50 PM
Little grasshopper, does your sheppard bark a lot? Our neighbor has a great pyranise and she barks all of the time. She said that those types of dogs are made to farm, but they are so cute. Does your bf have a motorcycle? Did you get to find a new gym yet?

Red balloon, my hubby does brain research. Yes, I did meet a Japanese guy. His name is Hidiki (sp?) He also works with several Italians, Germans, British, Chinese, Indians, Iranians, etc. I like your ticker!

little grasshopper
12-19-2004, 10:55 PM
Hi guys!

Stormy - Mac doens't bark much at all. You're right though, they were built to work all day, full speed. I live on a pretty big piece of land so he has plently of space to run. Greg doesn't have a motorcycle - he ride bicycles - road and mountain bikes. His wreck was on a mountain bike. He's had two this year that were big. Anyway, he takes Mac mountain biking with him and Mac runs the entire way!! They are wonderful dogs - the most personality of any dog I've ever seen - the breed as a whole. But you have to be able to spend time raising them. They can be timid and it comes out with fear barking and nipping soemtimes. Mac never nipped - but he would run at you and sweep your legs out from under you. After that you went where he wanted you to go. Very effective herding method and hard to break him of! I did break him and he's great now. He is the top dog but so laid back he lets all the other puppies and younger dogs wrestle him all day long. Every now and then he'll calm them down but for the most part, he doesn't care who the boss is as long as he gets to play. I swear he's part human. He will sneeze on command. He'll go find anyone you ask him to, once he hears their name. He sniffs EVERY piece of makeup, hairspray or what ever I use to get ready...I have no doubt this dog could find me, if I ever turned up missing - he follows me around all day sniffing whatever I'm doing. I guess that's how he's learning. He's WAY to smart for his own good!

okay, enough about my dog. I'll have you thinking I don't love the puppy. Maggie - yellow lab and scared of her own shadow. SWEET as can be but still adjusting to her happy home. I think a lot happened to her in her old home. Mac kisses her every chance he gets. Especially when she gets scared. It's so sweet it makes me want to cry!

Redballoon - I would love to have a whole herd of aussies. But only if I had the room for them. Mac was so depressed before I moved here. I didn't see it then - now that I see how happy he is here with all the room to run, I realize it. They NEED a lot of space - if they have it they're the perfect family dog! (once they're trained :) )

time for sleep. Big day tomorrow. See you guys then!

12-19-2004, 11:53 PM
Little GH, that is why my neighbor is looking for a bigger piece of property. She has a fenced in yard, just not a lot of room. This dog barks constantly. It is so sweet that your doggie takes care of Maggie. I love when animals comfort each other. Mountain biking,eh? Yeah I have had a couple of wrecks on those. It is fun though. It is also a great way to workout :smug:

Red balloon, Supersize Me is out on video and DVD now.

I did get my workout today, but only 45 minutes :mad: There are never enough hours in the day. Well I guess I better go and get some work done and schedule my patients for the week.

12-20-2004, 07:47 AM
Oh guys, just wanted to say Hi. I'm dead tired and need sleep! Not getting this translation done. But I have only a little bit of time left to do it in tomorrow.

Horrible day at work. Got angry at the boss again. Just felt so frustrated at the idiocy that goes on there. Stormy, please have your husband come to my company to research if there are ANY brains at all there, working ones that is!!

No, really, stormy, that's so cool, your husband's work. What kind of research does he do actually? Also, the Japanese fellow's name is most likely Hideki, same as Hideki Matsui, the player for the New York Yankees.

Uh, oh, I didn't want my ticker to show. Maybe it did. Those numbers aren't right if it is. Is it the heart and smiley face. I can't see it??

Thanks for telling me about Supersize. I may get it. I glanced at the reviews on Amazon and they looked good.

And congrats on getting in a workout. 45 minutes sounds good! Don't pooh pooh it!

grasshopper -- How are you doing? I hope well. Today was horrible at work and I left all angry and with adrenalin shooting through me I think. Ugh! I overate but it was good stuff, even came home and had an apple with all-natural peanut butter on this German Vollkorn bread. I had too many nuts and nut butters today but all in all I think I did well. Walked to a health food store at lunch break. That helps me get in some exercise. My work is just sitting in front of the computer all day. Yuck!

Ok, gotta go. Hope to see you all writing soon again! Crime girl, we miss you!! :grouphug: Hope you're feeling bettter.

Anyone else out there, please come join us!!

little grasshopper
12-20-2004, 09:03 AM
Good Morning guys. Bad day in our house. Boyfriend is very sick. He has stuff coming from everywhere it can. Right now he can't keep water down. I've never seen him this sick. I'm pretty sure it's not food poisoning because we ate the same thing all day and I'm not sick. I feel so bad for him but I have to confess I'm looking at him thinking - oh god, I don't want to get this one!!! How bad of me!

Stormy - do you work out of a hospital, an office or home calls? I was curious. You're right about dogs comforting. It surprises me to see a dog that can be so hyper and active, lay with maggie and give her kisses. The one thing he won't share is food :) As for mountain biking. We're lucky to have a ton of places to ride. This past summer we took a vacation to Tsali - it's a huge mountain biking area. You can go out for overnighters, or just spend your days riding for a week and never hit the same trails. The trail system goes all around a lake on the edge of the smokies and it's beautiful! We're definately going back. I bought a new bike about 4 months ago, full suspension, disk brake, everything! I am in love with it!! My back likes this one a lot better than my old hard tail too :)

Well I'm going to go take care of sweetie. He can't hold anything at all down now, so not a whole lot I can give him yet. He has about a 20 second delay. They should make a spray with the meds in it for things like this. I know they can - think about the sore throat sprays.. I know, they're topical.....but still! A lot of homeopathic things are dissolved in the mouth, rather than swallowed.

12-20-2004, 09:18 AM
HI guys. Just a quick hello.
Red balloon, my hubby looks at neurotransmitters in the brain through imaging techniques such as MRIs. It is so way above my head! Can't see your ticker this morning. I think it was the heart and smiley faces. Hope your work goes well today!

Little GH, I do home health. Hope your BF feels better soon!

To everyone, this week will be very challenging. Eat right and take care of yourself!

12-20-2004, 10:27 AM
Hey Just chekcing in...Had gotten some more bad news..So i have been helping my mom alot and havent been home..Went to WW on weds and lost another 3.5 that is a total of 6 pounds now..woo hoo..Hopefully since christmas is right around the corner i can keep it up..If not its ok..There is always tomorrow to work it off..

See u guys later :o

12-20-2004, 03:58 PM
Michi-great news! You are taking that weight off despite everything you are going through :D I am so proud of you!

12-20-2004, 04:05 PM
stormy -- hi there!! are you on now? It's 5 a.m. here. Gotta get out soon. Just having my daily caffeine. Wind is rattling the door. Don't feel like going out in the dark. Yuck. . .but up and at 'em!!

What is home health, by the way?

Glad you like my ticker. I will get it working (meaning accurate) when I dare to weigh myself and that will be when I'm not so disgusted and down about the weight I gained over the past three months of ****.

little grasshopper -- hi there. hope the boyfriend gets well soon, in time for Christmas. Totally fine to NOT want to get what he has. You'd be very odd if you didn't! :yes:

yes, michie :bravo: to you

little grasshopper
12-20-2004, 04:59 PM
Hi guys!

Michi - You're overdue for some good news! Congratulations on the weight loss in spite of it all though! I'm really proud of you!! You set a great example. We're looking forward to when things calm down some and you can join us again!!! We miss you!!

Crime Girl - hope you're feeling better today! Got to get well for Christmas!! We miss you too - it's chaotic without the fearless leader :) :)

Redballloon - it was 3 outside with the windchill. 3!!! I live in the south, it's not suppose to do that!!!! Water lines were popping all over the place! I made a big pot of soup yesterday to get ready for it :) I'll have some tonight :)

Stormy - I hope you're having a great day!! Sorry to be wining about my cold, I'm sure it's much worse there!! :)

okay, so far I have not cheated today :) I'm going to go do some yoga and pillates. Get those abs in "sexy jeans" shape :)

12-20-2004, 05:13 PM
Hi ladies!

Red balloon, home health is where I go out to people's homes and give them physical therapy at home. Good morning to you! Hope that you have a great day at work, don't let them drag you down!

Little GH, It is pretty cold here in TN also. Did you guys get any of the snow we got yesterday? It was so cold doing visits today. I had three layers of clothes on and felt like a sausage! I am going to do Pilates in a little while also and then hit cardio.

Crime girl
12-20-2004, 06:00 PM
Thought I would speak up and let you guys know I have been reading along even though don't really feel like responding- thanks for the kind words.

I am still sick and I hope it goes away before Christmas..
it is 47 degrees here in Florida and it stinks! :o

I was gonna try to respond to everyone but dont have the energy..
I will say Hang in there everyone! We are going through a tough patch but all will be OK soon. Also-you have all done well still losing weight despite the problems so just imagine what you can do when they pass... :D

Okay- I am getting tired and need to lay down..
I will try to get on later-
:spin: :spin: :spin:

little grasshopper
12-20-2004, 07:23 PM
Crime girl - you poor thing!!! I really hope you're feeling better soon. It's so hard to be sick around Christmas. I hope you don't have to do any traveling!

With everyone being so sick, it's gotten us talking here about what comfort things we need when we get sick. You know, do you sleep on the couch or in bed? Have to have a special soup, even though you would never touch it unless you were sick? I sleep on the couch - even at night - if I'm sick. That's where my mom always put us and it just seems right. I feel better there. If it's a sore throat I drink honey, whiskey and lemon juice. I do realize this doesn't make me well, but again, it's what mom did. And I usually want cambell's chicken noodle soup - as I feel better I would eat crap, as a mini didn't do this - I did somewhere a long the way. I'm trying to be better about it these days. Eat a more healthy soup, stay away from sugar type stuff like WHISKEY! :) :) It WAS really good though!

Stormy - we didn't get any snow. Don't really get much here. The past few years we've gotten hit. They are saying tonight that we MIGHT get snow on Christmas. That's rare! I forgot that you're in Nashville???? If so, you're not far at all from Tsali and other GREAT mountain biking places. I'm really jealous :)

okay, time to wrestle spong bob, and the simpsons away from my boyfriend so I can do pillates :) I ate a cold dinner so the smell of it heating would make him puke....this is the least he can do :)

12-20-2004, 07:56 PM
Crime girl, I hope that you get better soon.

When I am sick I do not like to be bothered by anyone. I like to sleep, sleep, sleep. I do not like to eat or talk to anyone. My hubby has finally become used to it. He use to try to baby me but now he knows I do not like that when I am sick. On the other hand, he loves attention when he is sick.

Yes GH I am in Nashville. I do not know how much snow normally falls here b/c we just moved here in August. It is too cold ,though. I think that we are supposed to get flurries on Thursday. We fly out to New Orleans on Thursday so hopefully we will only get flurries. You are right though, there is a lot to do here. Hiking, biking,etc.

little grasshopper
12-20-2004, 10:20 PM
Oh guys I made a big mistake tonight. I found a drawer of clothes and couldn't figure out why I never used them. Cute tops and things. I thought they'd fit just fine - after all I've lost all this weight. NOPE! Now I feel like all the excitement for the 10+ pounds I've lost is gone. I realize of course that it's not really "all this weight" but I'm having to face the fact that I'm starting at a higher point than ever before and it's going to take longer to really FEEL the difference. I don't. I know it seem silly at this point to be angry because I feel fat....I've only been good for 3 weeks - took me a lot longer to gain the weight! I sure would like to FEEL better about my body though. Right now I'm angry and frustrated. One thing it did do for me though - I didn't touch my rice dream, icecream tonight.

I'm going to bed. I should've never touched those clothes!! I was just so excited because a couple of pairs of pants fit this morning. I thought I was good. At least they'd fit....we'll work on looking great next. But they looked horrible! Good night - I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. Sleep or work (redballoon) well!

12-20-2004, 10:39 PM
Oh Crimegirl!! I am so sorry you are sick...I know just how you feel!!! {{{HUGS}}}

12-20-2004, 10:40 PM
I know it sucks doesn't it. Kind of the same way I felt when I tried on clothes for the Chriatmas party. Keep working hard and they will fit again. In fact, they will be too big for you. Just wait! Did you get to do your Pilates? I did my 20 minute tape. I just do not Pilates past 20 minutes of it. It is boring to me. What tape do you use?
Do not get discouraged. Your weight loss has been great so far!

12-20-2004, 10:50 PM
Hi all....

I've been sort of MIA for the last week or so. I think it's partially because I'm really off track and don't want to be discouraging to anyone else. I haven't been eating too well, and the exercising has been pretty much non-existent. I've decided that, being realistic, this is my plan: to try to not eat too horribly through the end of the year and to start 2005 completely from scratch! I'll be "coming alive in 2005!"

Christmas has overtaken my life recently. I'm a shopping machine, but I truly love the holidays. Just hate all of that good food! It's killing me!

Hope everyone is doing well, get well soon to those of you that are under the weather. Hope to chat again soon!!!


12-20-2004, 11:53 PM
Kelly & Jazzmine, welcome back! This is the worst time of year to be following any kind of diet plan, huh? I am sorry that you have not felt well Jazzmine. The stress of this time of the year is hard on the body. Kelly, things will get better. Now you are surrounding with all kinds of sweets, etc. In two weeks you can start up again. Nice thing about it is at that time of year everyone else will be dieting. The difference is that you will stick with it. Aim for not gaining anything during the holidays and that will give you a great start. Try not to be so hard on yourself!

12-21-2004, 01:39 AM
Thanks Stormy....I appreciate your support and kind words. I am always hard on myself, but when I feel particularly unsuccessful, I am even more so......

Thanks again! Have a great night, chat with you all tomorrow! Stay warm (it's freezing here!!!).


Crime girl
12-21-2004, 02:13 AM
I am so happy to you back Jazzmine and Kelly- so much so I am posting to tell you so...
I have taken a crap load of meds and I just cant sleep so here I am- still won't be a long post but trying to keep in touch as much as I can. :D

I am with you kelly- I am following the best I can but I will also be "alive in 2005". We will get back on track- don't worry and post even if it is just to say you are struggling or just to talk... ;)

Okay- hope this post makes sense-
Little grasshopper- stay out of the clothes- it will come in time- I promise. You are doing so well so don't get down on yourself.

stormy- I am with you on not wanting to be messed with- I tend to nest and want to just be left alone. Luckily I am off work until next Monday so I won't miss any work. I didn't know you are in Nashville- my brother is getting ready to move there.

red balloon- hang in there- I hate that work is causing you such stress..
I hope it gets a lot better for you. :D

michimesh- glad you popped on- congrats on losing especially with the stress in your life right now. :cp:

I know I am leaving things out- it is hard to catch up -
I am getting sleepy though- maybe I can sleep awhile without hacking and while breathing.. :crossed:
Have a wonderful night everyone and I will try to get on more tomorrow and get us back in the swing with the daily question...

:snf: :sman: :rolleyes: :eek:
:spin: :spin: :spin:

12-21-2004, 02:41 AM
Hi all. Wow, lots of writing going on here. Just wanted to say I'll be out of the loop for a day or so. Will catch up when I get back. Wishing you all well. Take care! :wave:

little grasshopper
12-21-2004, 07:45 AM
Redballoon - and just WHERE are you going???? :) just kidding! We'll miss you.

Stromy - looks like we're holding down the fort until everyone gets well. So far I've stayed clear of BF's sickness. Really hoping I can keep it that way too!!

Crime Girl - I REALLY hope you're doing better now!!! Rest up as much as you can!!!

Well I woke up feeling just as fat as I did when I went to bed. Got on the scales this morning and they say I've gained weight. There's just no way! I haven't cheated, I haven't changed my portions, I haven't modified anything. I've been perfect. I'm hoping it's just the old crappy scales I'm using and I'm going to get on the ones at work. Or maybe I could quit obsessing since all it's doing is making me feel bad about myself anyway! I was feeling good and proud until all that started!!!

Well talk to everyone soon.

little grasshopper
12-21-2004, 08:27 AM
Man! I missed whole bunch of posts! Hi Jazzmine and Kelly!!! So glad you're here!!!!

Jazzmine - I'm sorry you're still feeling bad! Are you and crime girl meeting in secret?? :) I hope you're feeling better soon! Are you having to work through all of this?

Kelly - I agree with everyone else. It's really really hard to stick with much less start a program this time of year! Good plan to kick start things in 2005! And Stormy's right, you'll have plenty of company with all those new years resolutions being made!!! Lots more support. Write any time and all the time :) We love hearing from you!

Stormy - I have 3 different pillates tapes. And I'm really glad to hear someone else can't do more than a bit of them. I got the winsor pillates tapes first - only thing I've ever bought off TV. :) good evercises and great explanation but she talks so slowly and has such big gaps between the exercises that it's annoying once you get the hang of it. I also have a pillates/yoga combo DVD that I like it's " Quiick Fix - Total Mix" Yoga and pillates. It has all these 20-30 minute workouts you can combine anyway you'd like. I like it because I can throw it in and dow at least one work out and know I've done something.

okay, really have to get ready for work now - see you guys soon!

12-21-2004, 09:12 AM
Hi everyone :)

Crime girl, sounds like you are doing a little better :^: I hope that you get well soon!

Little GH, I do Winsor also. She is just boring to me :lol: Now use your powerhouse :lol:

Red balloon, I hope everything is going better for you. Don't stay away to long :D

12-21-2004, 09:30 AM
Little GH, remember
1)scales are evil
2)water weight
3)muscle weighs more than fat

Now stop getting down on yourself. You know that are doing great. Keep eating clean and exercising. I got on that stupid thing this morning too. I need to throw it out b/c it is discouraging. I try to weigh myself once a week but I keep it in my bathroom and I just can't help it. Right now I am using it as motivation, I am going to make those numbers move. For a long time I did not keep one in the house and as a result my weight is where it is at now.

little grasshopper
12-21-2004, 08:59 PM
HI guys!! it sure is quiet in here tonight!

Stormy - we rented supersize me today. WOW. I hope everyone sees it. I really do. The scary thing is that in my other life as a corporate geak - I ate 3 meals a day either at a vending machine or a fast food line! No wonder I can only have 2 things to eat :)

Today has gone well. I'm crazy busy at work but it's more balanced that last week. BF is doing better and I'm feeling more confident that I've avoided getting it. Been taking stuff to boost my immune system (more than before) since he got sick. I really hope it works.)

I'll pop in later. Crime girl - I sure hope you're feeling better!!! We really miss you!

Talk to everyone soon!~

12-21-2004, 09:11 PM
Little GH, I boost echinesia (sp?) and Vit C into myself if I feel something coming on. Studies do not show significant benefits from echinesia but oh well it seems to work.

Today I did both of my new exercise videos Crunch boot camp and I want that body. Both were good videos. I am sure my legs will feel it in the AM from the leg portion of I want that body. I keep a picture of this fitness model from Muscle and Fitness magazine in my workout room for motivation. It helps me work my way through it.

little grasshopper
12-21-2004, 10:31 PM
That's a good idea - keeping the picture in your work out room. I have an old picture of me that I keep. It reminds me that I can be there, because I was before.

I take a lot of vitamin C and I take a vitamin for the thymus. So far I'm okay. We'll see....this hit him fast so I don't want to jinx myself.

Well BF has me hooked on the stupid gilligan's island show and it's the last show tonight. Better go watch!

Hope you're not too sore tomorrow!!

12-21-2004, 11:08 PM
Where is everyone? We are heading to New Orleans Thursday night and will return Sunday night so I will not be on much after Wednesday night. My parents do have DSL though so I'll check in.

Gilligan's Island, is the reality one any good? Little GH, I am already sore. I dread walking upstairs to my office to do my paperwork!

12-22-2004, 12:15 AM
HI Everyone,
Sorry I havent been here. I got really overwhelmed with school and didnt pass one of the courses. My divorce proceedings have begun too. I fell off the diet/workout wagon as well. Stress ruins my diet.

Tomorrow I will try to workout and start fresh. It does feel hopeless sometimes.Does anyone know any good running music?

Its going to take me a bit to catch up on posts.

12-22-2004, 05:50 AM
Hey, all, am back in Tokyo. Didn't go far this time, just up to the racehorse training center, stayed overnight at the reporter dorm, hung out at the center this morning, saying hi to lots of stable lads and trainers. Since I don't have to go up there for work these days, it's more of a socializing thing that can always be connected to work at some time.

Went off the wagon with food and such, wine last night but no problem. I'm cutting the strings that tie me to this emotional eating I think, finally! and I think I'm getting a handle on disassociating life from my eating habits.

OK, will be back soon I hope to check out all your posts. Wow, sometimes you guys really get prolific!

12-22-2004, 07:32 AM
Heh all. Back again to check out the posts and catch up. Here goes:

kjk -- STOP with your nonsense! "off track and don't want to be discouraging to anyone?!?!?!?" That's what we're here for!!! Besides, your being offtrack makes us feel so much better about ourselves, so much superior! Come here and tell us how hard it is, how awful it is and we'll be able to gloat and get disgustingly arrogant about anything we do!! :rofl: Heh, just kidding, you know. Come on. Try for those baby steps. You can do this! And really, I come in here and say how awful I've been and depressed, blah, blah, blah and then everyone says, "you can do it!" and then I do it and . . . here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush. . that's OK! We go round and round and we're going get where we want to go eventually, you bet! You will too. Just keep at it!

crime girl -- you're one sick lurker, you know that?! :lol: Glad you're still with us. Do get better real quick. Are you eating good things? I know it's hard when you have the flu but it'll help you get better faster.

thanks for that rundown. That must have been hard for you to do. Don't overdo it for us. You need your rest. We want you back here soon though, you hear!

stormy -- thanks for explaining home health. Thanks for the encouragement. I haven't been in the office so I'm pretty much okay. Woke up this morning from a bad dream with the boss refusing to acknowledge me. Felt bad. Wasn't home in my usual bed. Quiet room, all alone, no cats to cuddle. Felt bad but then I just blasted the thoughts away. Got up and had a good morning. I was out seeing lots and lots of people I haven't seen in months up at the racehorse training center. So nice to have all these people calling to me off their horses, "heh, how've you been? where've you been?" got an email on my cellphone. Friend from work about to board his flight to Ireland. Played with a trainer's dog and parakeet, all these little things, was told by this guy that I look like Candice Bergen (he always! says that, gotta love it even if it's only from the neck up!) Got my horse a new halter for Christmas. . . came back, three hours in the bus in traffic back to Tokyo. Normally takes half that. . . oh well.

Heh, anyhow, stormy, good luck with your workout. Pilates is tough. There is nothing more boring than Pilates. I have tapes and have never done them. I have books and have never read them or done the exercises after I started one tape and was bored to tears. I would rather lie on the floor like a log than lie on it and do these painful horrid, painful little exercises that make me feel like a beached whale or overweight seal making grunting noises, wiggling around trying to find its way back into the water! Just kidding. I hate pilates. I know it's good for me. I will try again. . . .

susanne -- welcome back. Sorry to hear school is a bummer. You're going through so much, a divorce?! That's ****. Try to relax, maintain calm. They say, put your hands one on top of the other above your belly button and breathe deeply saying, "I will remain centered." This is your center of power, stay balanced, stay calm. Weather the storms.

little grasshopper -- don't be upset about those clothes. You'll get there. Keep moving toward the goal. Maybe you should buy new clothes though if you can. I mean, why compare yourself against a measure from the past. In any case, don't get upset. Yes, it took a long time to gain the weight. Keep focused on your wins, not your losses, your triumphs, NOT your failures.

And just stay off the scales if they're bothering you. You SHOULD be proud. You SHOULD feel good. You know you've been eating right, doing well. Don't let something as fickle as a scale be your judge and jury! :no:

heh, what's going on with the weather with you. You're in Carolina, right? shouldn't be so cold should it? I can bet the water lines were bustin. Put some pumpkin in your soup. It'll warm you right up. Pumpkin is a great warming food. Good for you for not cheating. How'd the yoga go. I just renewed my subscription to Yoga Journal. Great magazine. I wish I could look good in jeans. Don't think I ever did. No, wait, I did once. . Gotta believe it can happen again. . so hard to believe after all these years. . .

Heh, what is this sponge bob thing. I read about him being stolen and stuff. Don't know the character. I am a popular culture alien. Please explain strange American ways!

little grasshopper
12-22-2004, 08:58 AM
Good morning everyone! Susanne, it's great to see you here!! I'm sorry things are going to crappy right now! I'm glad you stayed here though! It's really really easy to let devestation in one area lead to it in our eating habbits too isn't it! I fight that all the time! I'm glad you're here, and good for you for getting reay to get back on track!

Stormy - I've had two trips to New Orleans scheduled and then cancelled at the last minute. 1 a hurricane, 2 I was leaving the evening of 9/11. Some day I'll go....Have a good time! Gilligan's Island isn't very good at all. There was just a really really manipulative guy on there that buddied up to this really innocent girl and they voted everyone off...then he won. They didn't do any kind of followup with the charactors though so you didn't get to see her when she realized she'd been used at all. (she was the mary anne charactor - perfect for it too).

Redballoon - glad you had a good day. You'll have to give us the secret to cutting those emotional strings. I seem to be tieing safety knotts in mine just in case they slip a little :) I had decided the scales are bad for me and my mental state right now. I'm WANTING to do things like scimp on a meal..not skip it, just eat a lot less than I should and I KNOW that's not a good sign. I feel good and like I'm making great progress until I get on them, so it's time to stop. Sponge Bob is a Cartoon guy. He is a big hit with adults too because of the humor involved I guess. I confess, when I've been made to whatch him I do laugh. Anyway, one of the fast food chains is offering him in a kids meal - and they have these big blow up sponge bobs and people keep stealing them. I'm worried that if I don't get him a pair of pj's soon, he'll get ME a pair, just so he can still see SB and laugh! :)

You're right, I'm in NC. We do get some cold snaps, but they're just that, we usually warm right back up to the 50-60's again. You're also right though that water lines were bursting everywhere! We are okay, but then we used extra insulation on our pipes. It's suppose to warm back up today and then start getting cold again. We usually get 2-3 snows a year but nothing big. Less than a foot. I95 seems to be the cutoff for snow and Ice, but this week they are the one's that GOT IT. :)

Okay I need to make my breakfast and get out there. I don't know why but my entire week booked up this week. I'm doing more in 3 days than I usually do in 5 at work! I'm going to need another massage :) :) Talk to you guys soon!

12-22-2004, 09:55 AM
Good morning everyone :D

Welcome back Sussanne ;) I am so glad that you are back. I hope that things get better for you soon :( Divorce, school, etc. is very overwhelming, I'm sure. I hope that you have a great Christmas :D

Red balloon, sounds like you had a nice night. :cool: I have no idea about sponge Bob I have never seen the cartoon. I really do not have time to watch TV. I know kids have painted their rooms yellow and one of my friends paid $150 for a Sponge Bob DVD player. I told her she should have bought a $75 one and painted it yellow :lol: . Where are you from originally?

Little GH, don't let all of those massages wear you out. I am sure that you will have plenty after Christmas if you take gift certificates. I guess you can think about it as job security.

Alright I am going to do a little exercise this AM before I go to work.

I wish everyone has a great day or night :D

12-22-2004, 02:59 PM
Hey, girls. I'd like to join your group if that's okay. I haven't stayed on track with my fitness goals lately. I was 6lbs from my goal weight only to gain 9lbs. I want to lose about 15lbs.

Crime girl
12-22-2004, 05:20 PM
Hi everyone,
I am feeling much better today and thought I would pop on and say Hi to everyone. The funny thing is - I am feeling better just in time to clean my house and shop for groceries because my mom and dad will be here tomorrow. :D
I am going to try to respond as much as I can to everyone-
Sthrn-Welcome and we are happy to have you with us!! Jump right in and make yourself at home. ;)

little grasshopper- I almost got hooked on Gilligans Island too- fortunately my papers for school kept me from watching so I broke the spell. :lol: Hang in there with eating right- you have been such a good influence for me. Don't sweat it about the clothes- you will get there in time. Keep up the great work and it will happen. :D

red balloon- I am sorry you are having so many problems at work. It sounds like you are trying to work them out in your dreams. I always know when something is eating at me when I dream about it in an extreme- like your boss not wanting to talk to you. Hang in there! :cb: To answer your question I havent eaten much of anything. I have been so sick to my stomach. I have been trying to concentrate on drinking as much water as possible and getting as much sleep as I can. It seems to be working. :) Also- spongebob is a cartoon and he is really funny if you ask me. Brainless fun! I can't believe people are stealing him though. :mad:

stormy- You are kicking butt staying on plan! Great job and keep it up ! :bravo: Have a great time in New Orleans- I love that town. I try to shoot over there at least once a year- I have a friend at Tulane. I am in Tallahassee so it only 4 or so hours away. :D

susanne- Glad to have you back! I am sorry you are going through so much right now. Don't get discouraged about the class- it happens to all of us and it will work out. Pop in when you need to vent and let us help if we can- I am glad you are getting back on track. It is hard starting back again but it will be worth it in the long run. ;)

I am not sure if I left anyone out - I hope not. I hope you are all doing well today and keep chatting! I will be back on later to talk more. Need to go my bf just got home and I need to give him a chore list so I don't freak about my parents coming.

I promise I will get back in the swing of things next week and get back to the daily question and reacp and all of it. Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement - it helped to hear them when I was sick.

:spin: :spin: :spin:

little grasshopper
12-22-2004, 08:36 PM
Hi Sthrn - Hello!! It's great to meet you. :) We're a chatty group :)

Crime Girl - YEAH!!!!! Glad you're feeling better. Just in time for company too - and PARENTS! I freak when my mom comes too. Have to have the whole house clean...I don't know why - she doens't freak over me :) Do you know where apalachicola is? My grandfathers were both keeprs of the Cape Sanblas and the St George Lighthouses. I go there about once a year to visit some family that is still there. It's a neat place but is changing fast!

Stormy - I'm right on the verge of over working. I asked the doctor today if he could think of a reason I'd still be gaining weight when I'm not cheating at all and not eating that much and drinking tons of water. He suggested hormones. With the stress of working the two jobs last week and this week being all out chaotic!! He's thinking it's possible my DHEA level is a little low and that will cause you to gain quickly. I've gained and lost 7 pounds twice and can't come up with a better reason.. I thought it was PMS but I should be at my lowest weight. I also haven't done any muscle building stuff except the pillates in two weeks. Anyway, if it doesn't change by my next appointment in mid January we're going to check it out. It might be that for the sort term at least I need a bit of support in that area.

Redballoon - where the heck are you? Get tired of reading already :) :) I hope you're having a great Thursday! Do you get Christmas Eve off?

Well I'm going to get a back rub and then - holy cow - it's already 7:30. Time flies!! See everyone soon.

12-22-2004, 09:41 PM
Southern Belle-Welcome! How about that snow? Has it stopped yet? My nickname in LA is Cajunbelle. Well please keep us updated each day on your progress, life, etc.

Crimegirl- Are you among the living now? So happy that you are on your way to feeling beter.

Red balloon, are you out partying again?

Little GH-Please take care of yourself. As healthcare workers we sometimes do not follow our own advice! Have you had your thyroid checked?

12-22-2004, 10:44 PM
Hey Everyone.

Im glad you are all here. I am trying to remind myself that this IS possible!. I wish some of you were here to work out with! I get tired of going alone to the gym and tired of cheering myself on. Today got too complicated and I didnt make it. But tomorrow is a new hope!. I need my routine back. Eating hasnt been too horrible though. I havent gained. Just havent lost.

When you are use to working out and suddenly dont, it all goes to marshmellow fast!


little grasshopper
12-22-2004, 10:49 PM
Hi guys! Stormy - I have had the thyroid checked. It's a little slow but nothing an MD would medicate. I take a vitamin for it. And now I've learned that when one endocrine organ gets wacky, they all kind of do. I think it all started with hypoglycemia that runs in the family. It sounds like I'm a really sick person, I know! But it's more of a situation where something was off...I couldn't pin point it and the MD's couldn't either but Naturapaths did and I've felt 100% better since. Now the weight gain thing is minor but there, so I asked about it. If it's still a problem next month I'll have plenty of time with the doctor to figure it out. If it is a stress/hormone thing it might be that I catch up when I get use to working the longer hours, or my schedule levels out a bit. I'll just have to wait and see.

Well guys I'm beat - off to bet. One more day of it this week!! I do my last bit of before christmas, christmas shopping :)

12-22-2004, 11:52 PM
Susanne, I know that you can do it :D It is wonderful that you have not gained weight during this stressful time. This is a hard time of year to find time to workout. The way that I look at it is if I work out I get more energy which enables me to get other things done :^: If you can get a few minutes in it is better than nothing. For example, when you are shopping do a couple of bicep curls with your bags :lol:

Everyone, remember we are in the mind set and ahead of the game of most people. So many start resolutions in the New Years that they break. Since we started before the new years we have to stick to it, right :?:

12-23-2004, 12:41 AM
Heh guys, I wrote that mega post last night, got a night's sleep and already you're asking where I am??! ! I ain't that prolific! I suppose it's the time difference. While I'm slumbering you're all running around and then when I finally get down to the keyboard you're all a slumberin'. Sure you didn't miss that second long post? Please! :lol: Does this mean you like me or something? :love:

Heh, southern belle, welcome :wave: You don't have much to lose but those last pounds are the hardest. Good luck and post often. As you can see, the people round here give you **** if you don't!

I'll be back to write more later. Just got in from riding.

12-23-2004, 04:32 AM
Yes, it is 3:30 am where I'm at, but I'm not sleepy right now.

I'm snowed in!!! We've had 12 inches of snow since Wed morning around 4, and the snow is supposed to continue until about 2 pm Thurs. So needless to say, I'm getting stir crazy. My roommates and I wrapped presents, watched TV and played games all day to keep busy!

Thanks all for the encouragement, it is always greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is well...if you're stuck in this weather like me, stay safe and warm!!! I'll check in later...


12-23-2004, 05:22 AM
Hi kjk, are you still up? I'm probably the only one that's up around there, or, rather, around here. It's going on 6:30 p.m. Thursday here. Actually, I hope you got some sleep. Wow, all that snow. I'm from Pittsburgh. Better call my Dad. My sister's coming in from Philly. Sure hope they get their safely. Sure would be nice to be there for a White Christmas!

Good luck on your weight loss and come to us any time for support. But please give us some too. I'm one of the worst, I think, do real well then blow it all. Have stayed about the same for a long time. But the past three months were horrid and I gained again on top of having all my muscle turn to flab.

Things are still not good. Work is bad and could get worse. I dread the new year, which is a horrible feeling to have but they keep threatening that "there will be big changes" and the guy who I think was looking out for me is quitting. Damn.

Still, today I was excellent! I ALMOST had a sugar binge but didn't. I was thinking, well, it's almost Christmas, blah, blah, blah, and then I said, "Look, WHEN are you going to do this, WHEN are you going to stop making excuses and just get on with the weight loss!?!?! so I didn't buy sweets. Just now my delivery of oatmeal and packaged curries arrived and those curries are always good in an emergency, when I'm feeling lazy about cooking but don't want to blow it. Heat one of them up and pour it over brown rice. Yum!

Well, good luck. Make 2005 your year to shine!! :sunny:

little grasshopper
12-23-2004, 07:04 AM
morning guys. I can't sleep. I have to be at work early today for some meeting the boy wonder doctor is making us have. He is upset because last week he had to check out one of his own patients because I was in a massage and there was no one around to check them out. Funny thing is that HE is the one that scheduled the patient! And HE'S not coming to the meeting. I think he's just ticked because his book of business has died off and mine has really picked up at the same time and he's taking it out on other people in a very passive agressive way. Anyway, I have to get to work early now and I kept waking up to make sure I hadn't over slept.

Redballoon - I know what you mean about doing so well and then crashing. That's what I usually do. I have one thing after all I "earned" it, right...but then the one little thing leads to another, and then I might as well have whatever I want and I'll go back on tomorrow.....then tomorrow I'm sick so I have to have my comfort's a never ending cycle once it starts. I realized I'm doing something completely different now though. Because this is more about health - detoxing, fixing my endocrine system, getting rid of pain, and the weight loss is a sideeffect, it's not that easy to cheat. If I cheat I hurt. Instead of cheating my emotions are just chaotic. They REALLY are. They shouldn't be. They should be getting more and more stable as my diet does but it's not working that way. I think it's because I'm not dropping weight - I'm gaining and it's pissing me off. EVERONE else drops weight. They dorp every ounce of fat they have, if they stay on it. Anything not healthy about the body begins to resolve....not with me, not this time. I am hoping it's the stress, but still I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT! So I'm having this 'why bother" attitude today. I want to eat what I want a christmas now - after all I've gained more than I would have anyway! Yes, I'm a little pissy. But in truth I don't want to cheat. I just want to figure out why I'm gaining and fix it so I can go on.

Oh well, I'll talk to you guys later tonight. We may be heading to Wilmington, NC tonight but there is a computer there too so I'll check in! :)

12-23-2004, 12:05 PM
Wow you all sound like me I could not sleep lst night either. I was just too cold to leave the bed to post. We have about 2 inches of snow and ice here so I do not think that I will go out to see my patients today. Too many slippery hills. Tonight we fly out to New Orleans, hopefully our flight will not be cancelled.

Kelly, have fun staying home. I just thought to myself (flipping through the channels) what do people do during the day if they do not work, go to school or have kids. There is nothing on tv. Well get ready for more snow, it is coming your way.

Little GH, I hope your spirits improve soon. You are trying your best and that is all you can do. It will get better. 2005 will be great for you.

Red balloon, sorry about your job situation. Enjoy your time with your sister!

Crime girl
12-23-2004, 02:12 PM
I think I am finally mostly cured and my parents will be here any minute so like a large number of you-I couldn't sleep last night. I am excited but there is always so much stress too. :^:
Anyway- I am sorry you guys had a rough night- and red balloon I hope everything works out at work. Any kind of change is hard-but maybe it will work out to a positive in the end?? :D Hang in there!
little grasshopper- I hate when people do that! I hope everything went OK today. Just keep chanting in your mind that at least your book of business is doing well. :lol: Then imagine him in his underwear... :rofl:
kjk- I cant believe you are snowed in!! I am so jealous- it is 62 freaking degrees here- hard to get in the Christmas spirit. At least you will have a white Christmas. ;)
stormy- have a great time in New Orleans!! :D

Okay- I better go- the parental units will be here soon....
wish me luck and also that my dad doesn't give me the "you need to lose weight" speech. Sometimes I want to say- OH! Thats how you do it!! If only I had known I would have been skinny for your visit. He makes it seem so simple- on top of that he has amnesia from his own battle to lose weight. :dizzy:

Hope you all have a great holiday!!!!
Hope some of you will be around to post...
and Sthrn Belle- where are you? jump right in and tell us about yourself. :D

:spin: :spin: :spin:

12-23-2004, 05:57 PM
Good morning all. Friday here. Christmas Eve. Gotta go to work. I was SOO good yesterday. I didn't give in to all these temptations. I'm trying to eat like a thin person. I met a friend briefly the other day up with the horses. Now she and her mother are just two of the most elegant, well-dressed, well-coiffed people around, as there are so many in Tokyo. I had told her in an earlier email that I'd been pigging out, from the stress and all. When I met her she asked me, half with concern, half chidingly, if I'd gotten that under control. I said I had (from just a week ago though!) She was saying, "you mustn't do that, you really mustn't" and her mother was saying "I just can't understand it. I can't eat a thing when I'm stressed." They were genuinely concerned, but really at a loss to understand how people eat from stress and emotions. The mother had even been saying to the daughter how she'd got the father to eat a little more than usual, and it was apparently a very big thing! Talk about disbelief! :lol: I had to laugh. I need to be around people like them a whole lot more!! :lol: (No offense guys!!) No, really, seeing a different species' perspective (!) is eye-opening at times and just may lead to new ways of doing things. So, yesterday's triumph may have had something to do with this. Maybe something rubbed off. Maybe I was just able to laugh at my running to eat whenever I feel . . . well, alive. :rofl:

little grasshopper -- thanks for the sponge bob explanation. I'll have to look him up on the web. There must be something that explains the critter. Yes, that was it, him being stolen off fast-food joints. And grass, stay off the scales! You sound exactly like me. I have been thinking I should get back on because I wanted to make a chart but NO, I know where this leads, to an external measure of my success that has NOTHING to do with the real success. OK, maybe if I only weighed every two weeks or so I'd see nothing but losses IF I'd been great but every two weeks, who cares if you only have to weigh every two weeks. Face it, we're all looking for that recognition, that pat on the back, that gold star on the forehead. And the scale doesn't give it to us! Why? Because the scale is a creep and a liar, a bully and a backstabber. Stay away from it and measure your success other ways. Well, that's my advice. I hate to read about you being so good and making so many meaningful changes, like eating less and then getting on the scale and getting an apparent slap in the face despite of it.

And about the not losing weight. . . you're wrong, you're NOT the only one who doesn't lose weight. I have a very hard time of it. And I think, yes, stress is a big factor. The body just holds on to the fat when there is stress. And this, when you think about it in the context of the cavewoman or so, is natural. This means we have excellent genes for survival. Our bodies don't know or care whether the stress comes from mountain lions outside our caves waiting us out or some cruddy boss with his passive aggressiveness infantile ways. It's stress and that means the body has to rise to protect US! Protect means, maintain fat levels, protect means keep the body alive. I think we have to learn to FEEL that everything is okay and the incredible mix of hormones that make us up will then stabilize and allow us to slim down.

But heh, I feel your anger and frustration. I really do. Rant, have it out. But also, think, that something needs changing. Try eating different foods at different times. Do something DIFFERENT and do it for a while and see if you can't get a change. Like I think I said earlier, I definitely lose weight when I concentrate my diet on vegetables but because I don't really like eating this way I soon revert back to the diet that doesn't see me losing weight. We've got to leave our comfort zones. We do. It's probably the only way. And stop comparing yourself to others. It's your body, you've got to learn to deal with it. Come on! Let's tough this out together!

stormy -- I think you misread something. I'm still over here. My sis is still over there. No meeting up for Christmas. In fact, I haven't even heard from her in months. She never calls me. No one does. Sob. Sob. Sure wish I could meet them. You're right that we're all ahead of the game here. We've decided to at least not pull all the stops over the holidays. This is important, a very important step.

Well, you have a great time in New Orleans, OK? Hurry back. I'll miss your warm posts. :wave:

susanne -- How are you? Come in and post. There's always hope. And if you haven't gained then you're still ahead of things. Can you perhaps find someone to work out with, someone perhaps already at the gym who you can buddy up with? Maybe that'll help.

Crime girl -- There you are again! Hurrah!! We've missed you. :dancer: Glad to hear you're mostly on the mend. Thanks for the concern about my work. It's awful. I think about it constantly and how I could be kicked out at any time. That's the way it feels and I know it's bad to be thinking that because it'll probably make it happen. But, I feel the place has absolutely no compassion left anymore, the guys running it are old men who sit on other floors and never meet people face to face, yet send out orders that are cold and ruthless, cutting pay, cutting jobs. It's so cruel. This is what happened to me last week but I was hanging on but it was humiliating I thought, to be treated this way. I want to cut all ties with that place but don't have alternatives lined up and especially this time of year don't see them happening. I have put feelers out, but just come up empty. Damn!

Well, hope the time with the family goes well. If your dad starts in with the weight speech, try agreeing wholeheartedly with him. It'll probably surprise him and it'll definitely take the wind out of his sails. Encourage him to go on, solicit his opinion, his advice, make a game of it but don't get sarcastic. He will definitely be surprised!

Ok, all, best of times to everyone. Hope you find time to post occasionally. I get lonely easily! :wave:

12-23-2004, 06:06 PM
Hi Everyone!!!

Got my fat butt to the gymn today. Have also manged to stick to salads and chicken. I am trying not to let the chaos in my life get to me and keep me from my goals. I was there for an hour. I did 30 minutes of elliptical and 30 minutes of nautilus. Worked up a very nice unattractive hair and all...Tomorrow I hope to do the same...Thank goodnesss you are all here. I liked seeing that show the biggest loser the other day.

12-23-2004, 06:11 PM
Susanne!!! :bravo: to you!! What a great effort you made, eating right AND a kick-A workout. Mega-kudos to you! :cp: :cp: And a good sweat is never unsightly. It's utterly sexy! You keep it up, kid! :spin:

12-23-2004, 06:51 PM you Redballoon!! I will take all the cheering I can get!!!

12-23-2004, 07:08 PM
THEN, you shall have it!!


She sure can!

She kicked butt AND she ran!!


She's no sham!!

She can sweat it like ANY man!!


:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

Crime girl
12-24-2004, 12:44 AM
Hi everyone!
Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is tonight. My parents got into town and I spent the evening with them so that was cool. So far no major lectures and I think they see I am trying to lose weight and that it is hard for me. :D
Susanne- Good for you going to the gym and eating right!! :cp: :cp: :cp: Great job! Keep it up!

red balloon- you crack me up!! I like your cheer for Susanne. I think you are right that people we surround ourselves with influence greatly our success in losing weight. The best weight loss I ever had was when I lived with this girl that was really into nutrition and juicing. She also walked with me everyday- the thing was for her it was normal life- she didn't think of it as a chore or a program to follow- it was just everyday life for her- business as usual. I kind of followed her lead and it became part of my everyday life as well. I hope you had a great Christmas eve and don't let work get you too down- it will work out I am sure. ;)

I am guessing everyone else is busy doing Christmas things- I will be out most of the day tomorrow so my next post might not be until Sat. Next week though- starting Sunday I am going to try to get us back on track with the check in days and the question of the day. :D

Have a great Christmas everyone! Thanks to all of you for your support and kindness- I feel truly blessed to know you all.
Merry Christmas!!
:spin: :spin: :spin:

12-24-2004, 08:00 AM
Thanks Crime girl, for all your work with this thread. You've really brought people together and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you again starting next week, including your question of the week, which is fun.

Glad the family wasn't hard on you. Losing weight is no easy thing. Gaining it is a cinch. At least for us. Some skinnies would say the opposite. Anyhow, we want to do this and we're going to do it. FEEEEEL how great it'll feel to have the body you want and the be able to look smashing in the clothes you want to wear and . . . on and on. I'm going to start thinking this myself, really try to get jazzed about it all, which I haven't been but I'm gonna try. . .

Okay, Merry Christmas to you all!! :sman: :merry: :sman:

12-24-2004, 01:48 PM
Hi everyone! Made it to south Louisiana! Today will be my cheat day. Once you get into eating healthy it is hard to cheat without feeling guilty. I brought a couple of DVDs with me to work out and I did them this morning for 45 minutes. My abs are sore today. They have not been sore in a long time. I did Tamee Lee's I want that body Ab program 2 and wow it works! I know when I am sore that it is a good thing.

Red balloon, I really must have misread a post and I apologize. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas! Do you have special plans? Reading through your posts this morning cracked me up. You have a great sense of humor. Remember each time you laugh it adds years to your life (or so they say).

Susanne, you can do it! Keep it up and have a wonderful Christmas!

Crimegirl, you sound like you are having a nice time with your family. Today should be interesting. If I can make it through the day without strangling my dad it will be a good thing! He drives me nuts. Fish, friends and family begin to stink after three days! So we are heading home on Sunday! Have a Merry Christmas!

KJK, I assume you are still snowed in. I have not watched the news but my friend in Dayton told me it was pretty bad. I hope that you are able to enjoy your Christmas.

Michi-Hope your mom enjoys your housekeeper gift! I hope that you are doing well and Merry Christmas!

Little Grasshopper, hope you haven't worked yourself too hard. Give your hands a rest this weekend. Have a great Christmas.

Southernbelle, hope you post soon. You may not even have electricity in Memphis b/c of the weather so we will forgive you (LOL). Have a great Christmas!

To everyone else, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

12-24-2004, 03:47 PM
Good morning everyone. It's Christmas morning. Still dark but I think it's going to be sunny. :sunny: Just after 4 a.m. Going to make the long trip to the riding club, give my horse her new halter, have a lesson, give my teachers some great chocolates, come home and enjoy the day I hope! I'm taking off work. I just didn't want to be there on Christmas Day. I want to spend this day with the things and those I love.


stormy -- Glad to hear you made it to New Orleans! Are you staying with friends? Oh, it would be nice to be somewhere different for Christmas. Enjoy yourself. Don't think of this as cheating. If it's something you want to do then do it. You know a couple days here and there of doing things that would, multiplied hundredfold, have grave effects, will NOT harm you if done over a period of only a few days. That is, unless you do some really bizarre things?!?!?

No need to apologize about misunderstanding a post. I just pointed it out so others didn't start saying something. Before long, I wouldn't know where I was!

Great going on your workouts. That is inspiring. I have been long away from the gym and soon it will be closing for the yearend. At least I get some walking and riding in. If I could make some room in my room maybe I could do some videos. But really, for now I'm mostly concentrating on diet. Last night, I got my box of macrobiotic supplies for 8 days. Look forward to doing this when I think I can find 8 days or so where I can really stick to it. Kind of a scary thought but I want to see change!

OK, gotta run. Take care all! Have a great weekend and please post when you can.

Crime girl
12-25-2004, 09:48 AM
Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I hope you all have a very special day!!

I will be on later- just wanted to spread some holiday cheer..

:snf: :sball: :sman: :grouphug:

12-25-2004, 10:17 AM
Merry Christmas everyone..Hope everyone has a good day.. :D

12-25-2004, 06:41 PM
Thanks Crime girl for the cheer. So sweet of you!

Thanks to you too, michiemish, good to see you! Come out from hiding and play with us more often, OK? And, I love your signature about the smiles. We all need more of them, don't we!?

Cheers. I'm already in the 26th here. Had a good Christmas, thanks, in part, to you all! Enjoy! :sman:


little grasshopper
12-25-2004, 11:12 PM
Hi guys - it's 10:05 Christmas night. We came home. Stormy - you're VERY right - fish and mom drove us all nuts this time! She gets sidetracked SO easily that she's usually about 4-5 hours late for EVERYTHING. It's hard to get anything done when she is involved. I had to MAKE her turn the phones, TV and Computer off for 10 MINUTES to open presents because I knew she wouldn't be able to not get sidetracked if I didn't. We went to Christmas dinner without her and she showed up 2 hours after we ate (4 hours late). I love her and wouldn't trade her for anything, but there is some serious chemical imbalance going on there!

Mostly behaved myself well until my aunt gave Greg (BF) candy for Christmas. There wasn't a single food all weekend I could have eaten without being WAY off track. I made a lot of my own food and they ate some of it. I think it was a bit too healthy for most of them. I did have a small dessert and had some crab salad too. After all it IS Christmas.

My mom, in an effort to make Greg feel welcome (we've gone away every Christmas before) bought him tons of Christmas presents. She even bought "us" a waffle maker....I will NEVER be able to have a waffle. Everyone in the house knew it....they even commented on it when he opened it. She didn't realize until we were opening presents that she didn't get me anything except the waffle thing. Oh well, that's mom. I know she felt bad but there wasn't a lot I could do for her aside from tell her that I appreciated the effort and that Greg WOULD really get a lot of use out of it and I will too, so don't feel bad. Just reassure her I love her. It's hard sometimes though to have a mother so easily distracted...:) I had to remind myself a lot that my attitude needed to be checked.....BUT that put me in an easy position to eat crap....I have officially eaten 6 small candy bars and have not the will to stop eating them. My nose is running, my throat hurts from the shock and I have a headache. I am going to stop eating them now. I need to get control over this.

My family is a HARD family to be healthy in!

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday. BF and I came home early to enjoy the last day of ours and each other's company. I'm going to go do that right now! See you guys tomorrow.

Crime girl
12-26-2004, 12:31 AM
Hi everyone!
Well- Christmas is now officially over and we all made it! Congrats and I hope you all had a really special Christmas. :D
I had a great time with my folks but like Stormy said- only can take so much of the family. I can't complain though- my mom gave me Martina McBride's CD with a note saying that she dedicates "In my daugther's eyes" to me. It was so touching to me..I think that alone will keep me motivated to stay on track. I really want to feel like I am the kind of daughter she can be proud of.

little grasshopper- I am sorry things were rocky for you-the funny thing is I also got a waffle maker (Winnie the Pooh). I absolutely love it and I am going to look for healthy recipes that I can cook in it. I will let you know if I find something good.I am sorry your mom was so focused on your bf- parents sometimes can have tunnel vision and we just have to assume they meant well. It sounds like you handled it with real class. I am so impressed that you didn't just give in to eating all the bad things- I was horrible today! Tomorrow, however, is a new start for me and I am officially back on track. :D

red balloon- Thanks also for the holiday cheer! It sounds like you had a good holiday and I am betting things will look better job wise for you in the new year. :crossed:

Michimesh- I am so glad you popped on the board- we have missed you. ;) Let us know how you are doing and I am still keeping your mom in my prayers. Despite life's struggles I truly hope you had a great Christmas!

Well I should go- stay chatting when you can everyone. I will start a new thread tomorrow and get us back on schedule and start posting daily questions. Maybe things can get back to normal.

Have a wonderful night everyone! Thanks so much for the support and care you all provide me everyday.

:spin: :spin: :spin:

12-26-2004, 11:08 AM
Just stopping in quick to say Hi!! Hope you all had a great Holiday. I am hoping the madness will be over soon and life can resume some sort of normalcy!! LOL

Crime girl
12-26-2004, 01:28 PM
We are moving to Battle of the Bulge #5...
Here is the link..

Today is weigh in day so anyone who wants to give me their weight feel free-
if not, go ahead and record it for yourself somewhere..
I am going to do a recap of anyone who reports their weight to me so I can get a new start weight for those who are getting back with the program..
Hope you all had a great Christmas!!