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05-08-2001, 07:38 AM
Hope you guys don't mind (don't want to step on any toes here!!) but I started a new thread since the other one was 2 pages. How is everyone doing? I'm still at 10 lbs lost! BUT I'm STUCK!!! Any ideas? Still on plan though. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

240/230/165 (goal)

05-09-2001, 03:07 PM
Hello - I am a newbie here and felt I really had to share my experiences regarding slimfast - firstly let me say that it is excellent that you are all having such a success with it - brilliant news! I went on it a few years ago and lost a shed load of weight really quickly (unfortunately it did not stay off but that was my own fault!) What I did notice is that my teeth really suffered during that time - and I am fairly sure that it was due to all the sugar in those drinks. I am from UK but I'm sure that there are the same over here - they may be low in fat and full of vitamins but they do have alot of sugar in them so please brush and floss well so that you don't end up having to have a load of fillings as I did!
I really don't want to put a damper on your spirits and maybe I just have got bad teeth all of a sudden but I just wanted to mention it as I have heard similar report from others.
I am now on a detox diet and it is going really well so far (Carol V's if anyone from UK is reading this!)
Bye for now

05-09-2001, 07:23 PM
i agree, thats why i use twinfast by twinlab. its low in carbs, akmost fat free& is sugar free..... made with nutrasweet.

05-10-2001, 01:22 PM
I posted a reply on the board but don't know where it went. Anyway I am on my 2nd day of using Slimfast. I have it for breakfast and Lunch and eat dinner at evening meal. I have fruit for snacks and pretzels. I have been drinking 2 quarts of water a day also.


05-10-2001, 02:06 PM
keep up the good work!

05-11-2001, 08:51 AM
Today I brought a couple of hard boiled eggs to add some protein and help with getting hungry. That is my downfall is junk food. Anyway I have slimfast for breakfast, a banana, some pretzels and a couple of hard boiled eggs. I also have a slimfast for lunch. I will only eat the eggs if I get really hungry or else give up the pretzels. Does this sound like I am doing right?


05-11-2001, 01:44 PM

sounds good, but i would eat the egg whites, not the yolks, and give up the pretzels. my ww leader used to say she thinks something in pretzels kills metabolism.

anyay, eggs are great for feeling full. i eat them for lunch every day.

05-11-2001, 10:46 PM
I never heard that of Pretzels. I will not eat them if they do that. Thanks...


05-12-2001, 10:41 AM
no problem lorrie. its one of those controversial things, but thats what she believes&shes a nutritionist&a personal trainer&aerobics instructor, so i trust her.

05-15-2001, 08:04 AM
wow really? I love pretzels. Maybe I should taper off a bit on those!! (I eat them with a squirt of mustard; crazy I know!)
So how is everybody? I can't seem to get over the 10 lb lost mark. (plateau) Any ideas on what I can do to get a quick jump start? I'm at the minimal calorie intake right now (1200) I don't function well with any less then this. So cutting back is not a good idea for me. I've increased my excersise just a little, to no avail. HELP!!

Hope you all are doing well, let us know!

05-15-2001, 12:56 PM
frogger- yes,that what she believes. as for your plateau, your body may think its starving at 1200.... try 1400&see what happens.

im doing lousy wh this diet thing, but am determined to get my act together!!

05-25-2001, 09:08 AM
At first pretzles soud great. NO FAT! However, they are tremendously high in carbs and calories. Read youre lables carefully. Hight carb foods make you sleepy and less likly to want to be active. Pluss if you eat to many youre body makes them into fat:eek: Too many might make it hard to loose weight. I also love pretzles and ocasionally eat them but make sure you know just what you are taking in.

05-25-2001, 11:36 AM
hi all!

i started on 3 shakes&a meal yesterday, and am down 3 pounds!

if you want to participate in the weightloss challenge, you have til 6/1 to sign up. it runs 5-25-7-25.

05-25-2001, 12:35 PM
Hey SlimFasters -

I'm going to close out this thread to keep you all from getting confused...right now you have SF #5 and all new posts should be made to that thread (until #6 starts of course!)

Take care!