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12-17-2004, 04:57 AM

It is FRIDAY ~ the beginning of the last weekend of shopping before Christmas. WOW time sure flys. I am making a huge pot of chili beans to take to our annual party tonight. A white elephant gift exchange that is so fun. I already have the gifts for me and Cowboy wrapped and in his office at the church so I don't have to deal with that today. I also have the numbers printed out and folded in a box ready to take over. The numbers are for the drawing to see what order the folks get to pick which present they want to open. The ones I made this year have Christmas lights on the tops. Cute.

One elderly lady has already asked me for any left overs to take home like I gave her last year. If all is eaten then I will make her a special pot. She is such a dear woman and loves my chili. Since we aren't holding the party here at the house this year I am not making so much chili. There will also be a finger food pot-luck. We figured there were just too many that want to attend this year to hold it here at the house. I am sure glad that I got all 85 Christmas cards that I wanted to send out this year on their way so I don't have that to do now. Monday I will put in the mail any remaining packages to be mailed and be done with Christmas shopping and mailing.

Everyone have a wonderful Friday and get things done that you plan. Make a list and check it twice.

12-17-2004, 09:22 PM

I can't believe it is me here back to back. Anyway ~ Cowboy talked to my furture puppie's owner and all 6 of the pups are doing fine. They are two weeks old now and since the mother always slept in the masters bedroom ~ get this ~ she rolls, yes rolls all 6 pups into that room for the night. Can you just see her rolling those tiny little fur balls down the hall and around. They will be hardy and strong or limp as noodles ~ I don't have a clue what it will do ~ but she insists and who wants to argue with a mother.

I am taking a bit of a rest from cooking my "famous" chili and here I am. All I have left to do now is shower and get my self spiffed up. LIFE IS GOOD

Everyone have a nice evening and enjoy this last weekend to shop before Christmas.

12-18-2004, 12:37 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! :)
This has been a busy day as it was the last official day of classes for the semester. Now we have 3 days of final exams next week and we are done until January 4th.

I am feeling sad tonight. :cry: My friend, whom I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that has cancer, was brought back to the Hospice room in our local hospital today. She went to the doctor on Nov. 10th with a cold and being short of breath. The cancer spread so rapidly that they couldn't get it under control. Here is a person who was widowed when she was 23 and pregnant with her second child, raised two boys alone, went to church every Sunday, never said unkind things about anyone, and was always there for her friends in their time of need. Life is just not fair sometimes. :no:

Maggie -- I take it that mother dogs do not move their offspring like mother cats do, by the scruff of their neck? I guess I never thought about that. :o Since we've never had a dog it never occurred to me. Your party sounds like a good time will be had by all. What were your white elephant gifts and what did you get in return?

I have a busy day tomorrow. I have got to wrap gifts and take inventory, finish my cards, get groceries, and dust my new floor. :(

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :D from Iowa!

12-18-2004, 04:17 AM

The party was very fun tonight. Lots of great finger foods were brought in and some it was yummy fresh fruit and veggies so a person could have a nice OP plate of good things. I am so glad I am through with my Christmas shopping. All now I have to do is brine the turkey breast and make the Christmas dinner for the two of us. That is the plan as it stands as of yet.

JEAN that is sad about your friends illness. To the party I took two soup muggs and a packet of soup mix all wrapped up neatly with a gorgeous bow. The present I ended up with is a country style wooden kleenix holder. The opening for the tissues is heart shaped ~ real cute. Some of the things that showed up were a hoot. I am sure they will be back again next year. Dogs don't carry their pups around like cats do ~ they more or less nudge them around. I hope Turn doesn't decide to carry around that little pup when I get it. He carries around his stuffed toys....I could just see him plopping the puppy on my foot to be tossed and he could retrieve it. AH but surely he won't do that because he will know it is alive. Surely he won't. Surely not. NOT.

12-18-2004, 07:49 AM
Morning ladies. Sorry I didn't get to peek in yesterday but all I did was run here and there. Thomas's Christmas program was yesterday than I had some stuff to finish up for him and the stocking stuffers. WHOOPPPEEEEEE I AM DONE SHOPPING AND EVERYTHING IS WRAPPED!

Maggie: I used to love the White Elephant parties. Rarely did anything get brought that was "good." We had a very conservative church and one of the elderly ladies brought a talking beer stein. I thought that might make people uncomfortable, but everyone clamored for it! Never know, huh? I miss my friends at that church so very much but can't say I miss the church and what the current pastor did to it. We went from a church of about 200 in worship to about 35 because of him and he is still there. I believe though that God has kind of special rules for pastors and he will have to answer for what he did to a church that flourished for almost a 100 years.

Jean: I am so very very sorry about your friend. I will pray for her healing or at least God providing comfort to her in her last days and if he chooses to take her, he will end her suffering soon. I think so many times, we humans struggle with what is right when it comes to situations like this. We know that what is best for the person is a quiet death as what they must have to manage every day must be quite horrible, but yet our selfish side does not want them to go from this earth. I told my hair dresser just yesterday that there are only 2 people that I think I would grieve an overly long time for, my spouse and my grandson. I love my children, but I learned to let them go when they became adults and know I would eventually be able to get over their deaths, but Jack and Thomas would be another story. I just have to accept that God is omnipotent and omniscient and as he created us, what he does with us and when is up to him. I will keep you both in my thoughts this week!

Well, I have cookies to start today, ugh. In fact, today AND tomorrow so I am going to go back to bed for just a little while then get started.

Have a great weekend. :) :) :)


12-18-2004, 01:11 PM

Just have a moment and wanted to say Hi to all! Hope you all have a very Happy Holiday and a very Happy & Healthy New Year.

Finished everything yesterday! Feel good about that. Now, tomorrow, we will go to DD#2's Christmas party. It is a much scaled down event, from over 100 to just both sides of her family about 26. We will see DD#3 and her family and will bring the Christmas gifts for her kids as she will be celebrating Christmas with her FIL who is a widower and lives alone in NH. Should be a fun day. The only one missing is DS & family from NC.

Talking about the Southern contingent I must pass along a cute story from them. I sent their Christmas gifts and also some Reindeer Dust (Oats & Glitter in a glasine bag) this is to be spread on the lawn Christmas Eve so that Santa's Reindeer can find the house (Glitter) and will have something to eat (Oats) while he is delivering the gifts. Little Catalina is 3 and her mother was explaining the story to her just before Cat's other Grandmother dropped by.
Well, Cat began telling her Grandmother the story of how the oats were for the Christmas GOATS and that she would throw them and they could CATCH them! I wish they had been able to capture that on video! Well DIL sent me the story and DS added his 2 cents worth with the bottom line.
And a new Cassidy Family Tradition is born...Catching the Christmas GOAT!

JEAN: So sorry to hear about your friend....she will certainly be remembered in our prayers. Boy, it won't be long before your Holiday Vacation! Enjoy it and your grandkids...this is when they are especially precious.

MAGGIE: It is so good to see that you are able to get here on a more regular basis. That party sounds like fun and the gifts were something anyone would enjoy. That turkey breast sounds good....maybe you have given me the best idea for us for Christmas...since it will be only 2 for dinner, then of to visit the local kids.

FAYE: I know what you mean about who you would miss most. I, too, have let the kids go when they grew up and married. They have their own lives to live and their own Holiday traditions to build. We are close and visit but unlike some people we do not try to put ourselves into their everday lives. I remember when we were young and had a young family I loved the space our families gave us.

Gloria in to pick up the house and maybe even make some cookies for tomorrows party.

12-18-2004, 03:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is cold and windy again today. It's supposed to get down to 8 degrees tonight. We've been spoiled by our mild temperatures and lack of snow, that's for sure. I just figure each day w/o snow puts us one day closer to spring and green grass again.

I made a new casserole this morning -- "Mexican something or other"; Jason, Amanda, and Ian are coming later this afternoon so will try it on them. It it is a keeper I will share the recipe.

The dishwasher, washer, and dryer are all humming away. I need to get the NEW floor mop out and wipe up the footprints. I'm thinking this floor is going to be a whole lot more work than my painted plywood was. :(

Maggie -- Sounds like your party was a huge success! :D I doubt that Turn would try to carry the puppy around . . . guy cats don't do those things! :lol:

"Gma" -- I wish I could say I was done shopping but I'm not. :( I hope to finish either tomorrow or Monday. I'm to the point what doesn't get done, doesn't get done. I was asked to make a breakfast casserole for school on Tuesday -- hope I don't forget!

Gloria -- Nice to see you! I've never heard of the glitter and oats -- is that just a family tradition or your part of the U.S.? I had to laugh at the goat story. :lol: Enjoy your Christmas party -- family get togethers get to be more precious as we get older.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my friend. She will be greatly missed.

I need to get busy so had better get moving. I hope you all have a super weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-18-2004, 04:23 PM

We are on the chilly side here in the mountains this day but I have work to do inside where it is cozy. I have some typing to do for Cowboy for one of his counseling sessions with a couple. And nothing else planned.

FAYE sounds like that preacher is either good or really bad. Sometimes the dead wood is removed from a congregation for they leave when they no longer can stand to hear the truth. On the other hand there are some real scoundrals out there for sure that tear up a place. We have a little rule about our White Elephant parties ~ you are to bring something that you have that someone else would want that still has use left in it. Not something that you would throw away. There was a tool box full of tools there last night, a beautiful glass domed flower arrangement, a couple of very ugly statues which a guy really wanted so to give to his brohter in law for a present. There was a phone, a beautiful tree orniment in a royal blue velvet case, and lots of other stuff that was fun and possibly useable to someone. There was one very ugly necklace and earring set that got passed around a lot. A large plastic gas can and thermous bottle that were desireable to some of the men. A couple video's of the best sports bloopers. And so on, and on.

GLORIA I loved the goat story. Kids are so precious and do start some of the best Christmas traditions. I wonder do the deer that eat those oats also eat the glitter or just get it stuck on their noses and then reflect the light. Our yard has about 5 in it any given evening. Got to see the babies grown up and lose their spots.

JEAN OH I bet your new floor is nice looking and you are happy to have it in now. What a great change from that painted plywood. I'll let you know if Turn tries to transport the puppy. He carries his stuffed animals around like a mama cat carries her babies. Since he doesn't have claws front or back he has learned to use his mouth. I love breakfast casserole. I have a recipe for a nice one that I should dig out and make.

Have a lovely day folks. :D :o :) We just have too much fun don't we.

12-18-2004, 08:43 PM
Hi, again! To answer you question JEAN...The idea of glitter & oats is something I picked up a few years back at a craft exhibit. Don't know where it orginated. I put a couple of teaspoons of oats and a sprinkling of glitter ( any color) in a small glasine bag and staple a little card that says

On Christmas Eve sprinkle this Magic
Reindeer Food on your lawn.
The Magic glitter and the smell of oats
will guide Rudolph to your house.

I also have a small picture of a reindeer that I add to the card.

The kids love it and I have to make about 25 extra for neighborhood kids that DH knows from his dog walk route.

MAGGIE...don't know if they eat the glitter but I like to think it sticks to their noses and, when they get home, their moms wonder where they have been all night.

Take care and have a great Holiday.

12-18-2004, 09:24 PM
GLORIA Just though I would add my two cents: I use quick cooking oats and instead of glitter I use red sugar. That way if a kid wants to eat it ~ well you know the rest ~ living out here in CA you just have to be soooooo careful.

12-18-2004, 11:00 PM
Gloria -- What is a glasine bag???? I copied your "recipe" and poem . . . if I can keep track of it until next year, I will make some for my grandkids. :D

Maggie -- Good idea to use the colored sugar! :)


12-18-2004, 11:07 PM
JEAN I will tell you what kind of bags I use. I bought a little box that contained 200 little "Bagettes" which is the brand (look like little baggies) that measure 2"x3" that I use. Got them at a craft store and use them for lots of little things including the Raindeer Food. Hope that helps answer your question to Gloria.

12-19-2004, 09:20 AM
Morning ladies. Never heard so much discossion over "goat food" in my life! :lol: :lol:

Gloria: I absolutely love the idea and think it sounds like a fun thing to do for Thomas. Granddad plays Santa Claus (though a skinnier behinded Santa you will never see :lol: ) and this would be great to add to that.

Maggie: The current preacher is what our former preacher called a 5 point Calvanist when I asked him why he was teaching the way he did. Besides preaching for at least an hour and dull dull dull, he bagan teaching errant stuff to what our church beliefs were ie that you couldn't have eternal security for the afterlife, he believed in total separation from other churches and that included ones with the same beliefs, he was very power hungry and rewrote the constitution of the church, called an emergency business meeting on a night something was going in that most of the congregation was involved in elsewhere so he could shoved it through a vote then had the power to have a board of his choosing (we have three boards that work as one, deacons, which minister to the people, elders which minister to the financial and spiritual part, and trustees to are responsible for the building and grounds etc) that served indefinitely instead of our 4 year sit out one year style that had worked since the churches beginning. Add to that the fact that he was teaching erroneous Biblically and we LEFT! We were HIGHLY involved, Jack was a deacon, the SS superintendent, the adult SS teacher that the adults loved so much they left their other classes to join his (it tripled in size in less than a year from word of mouth). I was the junior church teacher for 4-5 year olds, the missions secretary and the ss attendence secretary. We hung in there for 18 months after our other pastor left for the mission field and even then, Jack asked for a meeting with the board and Biblically explained our problems with the church with scripture and he came home, said it was no use, that the board wasn't going to listen and we were leaving. It killed us to leave, but we just had to. As for your party, I remember a couple other things, a tricycle and a kid's old fashioned potty chair at ours. I can't remember what I ended up with, but Jack ended up with a suede sport coat that was too small and looked like it was worn during the disco era! :lol:

Jean: We must remember that beauty takes work! :lol:

Everyone have a great Sunday. I have cookies I have to finish today and I am still pooped from yesterday!


12-19-2004, 09:49 AM
Jean: I get my Glassine bags at Michaels Craft Store. I don't know if they have them where you are. That idea of using red sugar is terrific and I will adopt it for next year. Thanks Maggie.

Got to run.....lots to do before DD#2's party. Have a great last Sunday before Christmas

Gloria in MA

12-19-2004, 12:42 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
You gals are all up bright and early this morning! Thanks for the "baggie" info.

DH had to sing at church so I'm waiting for him to come home from second service. The children's program is being presented at both services today -- the little kids are cute but the older ones "didn't wanna do it" and one could tell by just looking at them that they weren't real happy.

It's a sunny and cold day in my corner of the world. It was -4 on my way to church and warmed up to -2 on my way home. The lake has finally iced over but no snow yet.

I'm hoping to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon. We have an open house later this afternoon/early evening. Tomorrow is Monday and a three day week at school.

DH just pulled in the driveway so I'm off to finish my shopping. I hope you all are having a great day!

Jean -- :) from Iowa!