100 lb. Club - 20 ways to win at losing weight (#8)

12-14-2004, 05:00 PM
8. Outsmart your exercise excuse. A routine you'll actually stick with has to have elements that appeal to you. If you love being outdoors, try hiking or walking somewhere inspiring - a beach, a park, a historic neighborhood. You also need to assess what motivates you. If you get competitive and push yourself more when you're around others, join a gym, take a class, or play a sport like tennis or softball. If you're good at finding reasons to skip a session, make a commitment to do something with friends, so you can't back out without letting everyone down.

My thoughts: I do enjoy exercise, but I will bail every chance I get. I do much better at a gym than at home. I have also started taking my gym clothes with me and changing at work and going straight to the gym even though I pass my house on the way. If I walk through that front door, it is not likely that I will walk back out. I also enrolled Jacob in swimming, so at least twice a week I am there with 40 minutes to kill.

Your thoughts??

12-14-2004, 05:13 PM
so true, so true. I could probably fill up my allotted amount of characters typing in the excuses I tell myself why I can't exercise at such and such time. My biggest excuse is that I'm too tired. In my mind I know that if I give it just 5 minutes I'll have much more energy and want to exercise more. but, that couch, bed, chair whatever has my butt glued to it and I just can't get up :LoL:
By me walking while watching TV, that has helped tremendously. I get in my exercise and still get to enjoy my nightly programs. I wish I had an affordable gym near me. There is one in the town where I work and it is open 24 hours (they give you an access code to go in with) but it's like 45-50 a month, something we just can't afford right now.

12-14-2004, 06:24 PM
Making a habit of exercise is what worked for me. I set my alarm clock every morning and just did it no matter what. It got to where I started feeling good about doing it, and missing it when I couldn't go. Even when I'd like to just stay in bed, when that alarm clock rings, my body just automatically jumps out of bed and gets into my swimsuit or workout clothes. I love that it's become a habit.