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12-13-2004, 09:17 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Come on and join us! :cofdate:

12-13-2004, 09:41 AM
Good Monday morning, ladies!

Katy - how'd the program at church go last night? Bet the kids were just too cute. Did Miss Leigh break out in song after all? I'm so glad you've got this break from your classes and can be here more!!

Katie - awww, I hope you're feeling a little more cheerful today! Just keep coming here, and we'll make you feel better. At least one person a day will make you smile ! ((((HUGS)))) to you!

Marti - here's another thing you can do with Ritz crackers: Melt some mint chocolate chips, and coat Ritz crackers in that. Taste almost like the Girl Scout Thin Mints....yum!! I do think your rose bush is saying Merry Christmas from your Grandma! We have lilacs blooming - how bizzare is that? Our nursing homes always ask for the public's help with gifts for their residents, and we always help with that. When Fern was a patient in one, we went for the program, and it was so sad how many of them had no family members there!

Ellen - Neal and I LOVED your poem! He's giving finals this week, and doesn't have to go in as early as usual, so he was here to read it. How sweet of you! And no, I wouldn't mind if you gave him a birthday kiss. As long as that's ALL you gave him, lol. My state capitol is getting snow, but all that's expected down here is some puny flurries. Hrmph! When I do actually get any, I'm gonna have someone take my picture making a snow angel and post it!

Angie - you've been through so much in he past few weeks, no wonder you're emotional! Go ahead and get it out - you'll truly feel better. (here's Jane - passing a Kleenex and a shoulder to Angie) How is the patient doing, btw? It has to be nerve-wracking knowing that he has to go through all this again in a few weeks, on the other foot. ((((HUGS, Ang!))))

Cristi - It's a shame that you can't even enjoy your church service thanks to some ignorant parents! That would really honk me off, too! I've noticed that in most churches, people with kids don't go very far to the front of the church. Is it like that at yours, too? If so, maybe you could move up some? Or better yet, help organize a nursery or special quiet room.

The wind is about to blow us away! I think it's called a Yankee Clipper, since it's a Nor'Easter...

Not sure what's going on today, yet. Need to dust and sweep.. yada, yada, yada. Bought a new crock pot yesterday that, unlike my old one, has a warm setting that you can just turn to that. My new one last year, you had to wait for the cook cycle to be through. I want this for when I take stuff to potlucks, etc.


12-13-2004, 09:52 AM
Hey ya

The holiday program went well - James had a line and was a fine wise man/shepherd. Leigh got all flustered and clung to David, sobbing. sigh. She recovered when her SS teacher gave her a candy cane. She looked absolutely adorable -had her in a chic little holiday dress (no lace or ribbons please) and a red wool with black faux fur trim coat. the coat has a little capelet, also with fur trim - oh it is just too precious. Told her SS teacher" I can't get her to sing Away in a Manger to save her life, but she'll look fabuous!"

I attended grown up Sunday School that was supposed to be about alternatives to mass consumption for the holidays - centered around volunteer opportunities at our church and in the community to help the hungry. Our church is very involved in hunger advocacy and I was interested in it as I have taken my son to volunteer at our food bank on several occasions. There were a few people who basically hijacked the discussion by getting all political, which I just didn't appreciate - I just kept shaking my head - how does that help us right this minute!? Ugh. agitate on your own time --thanks for letting me vent ladies

I'm off to get my Monday going....will try to bbl to address individuals...stillhaven't done my cards - maybe today

12-13-2004, 11:06 AM
Good Morning ladies--

I'm up too early today. James got his call this morning (which I hope he gets one every morning so he can have the weekend off) and I just had to get up and spend time with him before he left. I will be off to work before he gets home.
I decided to stay up last night reading so I would sleep in. (hmmm, that didn't work now did it?) :)

Jane--MMM....minty crackers! Never thought of that! I may have to try that this coming weekend. I promised Jhanai's dad to make him a batch of fudge (something I wasn't going to make this year) Jhanai wanted him to have some this year and so.......nothing like keeping the ex happy! :lol: The winds have been strong over here on the west coast. I just read in the paper that Washinton had some really strong winds, 75mph winds, in their foothills which brought down a lot of trees and cut off power. I hope we don't get any of that. But if we do, at least we don't live in the woods like we did a couple years ago and got surrounded by fallen trees. But I do have to worry about the trees in our back yard. I would hate to see any homes destroyed by them!!

Katy--Sounds like your little one was dressed to the nines! How adorable. You must post a photo of them. Jhanai had her Winter Choir (I just hate how the schools can't sing actual Christmas songs anymore) on Thursday. She had a narrator part (I think all the kids did) and she did a great job. When I go there, I was wondering why everyone was wearing coats, gloves and scarves! Anyway, the songs they sang were cute. They used the tunes of Christmas songs such as "Let it snow" but changed the words, and made it "No snow" and so on. I will have to post what little photos I got.

Well, I'm up too early, if I were to stay up, I would have a hard time at work. So I think I'm going to attempt to go back to bed. I have cards to mail later on and I need to return Star Wars Trilogy to walmart. I had bought them in Eugene, yesterday here in town the price was even better. Up in Eugene it was $42, down here, $29. Must go save myself some money! Anyway, that is all have to do today before work.

I took some photos of the tree ornaments last night and some of my nutcrackers and stuff. I will post those later on this afternoon.

I'll be back later when I catch up on sleep!

12-13-2004, 12:32 PM
MartiI was just going to say I didn't see Oprah but thought of Martina McBrides song In My Daughters Eyes then moved to the next post and saw that you found it. That really is a pretty song. I love her music. She was just here doing her Christmas concert which we didn't go to. We went the year before and it was nice. She has another song, among many that I really like called Blessed and man can she sing that. In the video she has her hubby and kids and it is great-you can see the love in her eyes they way she looks at them. I have to agree about the roses and your grandma. I always feel that they are always with us, watching over us and showing us little signs. Like Ellen, when DH#1 was killed I always felt him with me and one day I was home alone and it felt like someone walked past me and I smelled the cologne he always wore, Paul Sebastion, aahhh, that smelled so good. Thought I was losing my mind. Anyway, that is quite a difference in prices for the DVDs, geez. I would take it back also.

Katy~Leigh sounded like such a cutie. What no lace or ribbons?? DD told me I scarred her for life because I dressed her up in dresses all the time and put ribbons in her hair when she was small. I just laugh, silly girl. Probably the reason she hates wearing dresses now.

Jane~thinking about going back to the other church but can't get DS to go back. He is actually thinking of becoming a member of this one, UGH. We are not catholic so there is really nothing I can do to change anything, except not go. Oh, and they just don't sit in the back. Funny how they are everywhere and I know the priest noticed it was a lot worse this time as he was talking louder, a lot louder. I swear when that one side got really noisy I saw him cringe, he was sitting in his chair.

Well, nothing much on the agenda for today. Need to get some laundry done and some cleaning on the basement. Did I mention that we have been waiting for new living room furniture for three weeks now? Well, we did get the ottoman and the coffee and end tables two weeks ago. Just waiting on the couch and chair. Supposed to be in on Wednesday and I need to clean the family room to move that furniture (couch & one chair) to the garage, LR to family room. I've got a load of stuff to donate to the Salvation Army but can't till we get the furniture. Probably should call and see if they can come Friday, :chin: maybe I will do that also.

Have a GREAT Monday ladies!

12-13-2004, 01:31 PM
Jane~ You know, my MIL mentioned that to us this morning when she came over. So Brandon was almost done with his bottle at that point, so I made him a juice bottle after that and he took two ounces out of it and is now sleeping. My MIL did buy him some more juice and some pedialyte.

Kate~ He is doing better today. Tommy heard him “bark” this morning and that was it. Now he just sounds like he has a cold. I gave him infant Tylenol at about 10:15 this morning.

Does anyone know why he would have a fever? Granted I know he is sick and all, but out of nowhere he got a fever.

KatieCat~ Welcome back!

Marti~ Actually, when we were at the place for our nieces birthday party. I was doing my best to try and keep him away from the other kids, but still in the same area for the party. It was all fun! He got his picture taken on one of the rides with Chuck E. Cheese. What a sweet guy you have! Tommy is the same way! I agree, that sounds like your grandma saying Merry Christmas to you!

Ellen~ Me and Tommy are more rested today. Brandon is getting better. He just sounds like he has a cold now, as oppose to barking. I was watching CMT with Brandon the other day, and they showed Tim McGraw. I didn’t even recognize him! He shaved off his goatee and his hair is short. My hubby didn’t believe me when I told him, but you could tell that it was Tim because of the voice. “Amazed” by Lonestar is our wedding song. And I absolutely LOVE “Mr. Mom” by them! I love their Christmas cd as well. I also love all the artists that you mentioned.

Cristi~ Gosh, I couldn’t see a whole city closing down because of croup! Eek! I am not really sure, but I know that he has some songs that the country stations play, as well as Kid Rock. My sister has a Blackwood, (it is a truck, can’t remember who makes it, I think Lincoln does) and Uncle Kracker drove it before she got it. (I know….off topic, but it is a little neat tidbit.)

12-13-2004, 01:50 PM
Hiya Mindee~was lurking for a bit and thought I would check and see if anyone posted before I log off. Yeah, I have heard some of Kid Rocks music played on country stations but he definitely isn't country! :lol: He cracks me up, never would have thought he came from a wealthy family or that he is wealthy hisself. Yeah, seems they cross over from country to pop and vice versa. Well, if Brandon has a cold now that would probably explain the fever. Don't really know much about croup so don't know if a fever would accompany it, just know about it being contagious and the horrible barking cough. They didn't clos the whole town and it was a small town, probably 1000 or so people. They closed some shops and the schools because too many kids had it-crazy! :crazy:

Anyway, need to get going so I can actually get something done today. :lol: See ya :wave:

Tea Rose
12-13-2004, 02:20 PM
Good Late Morning Everyone
Wow already so much chatting , I am so tired this morning ,Kitty Kobie had 3 seizures in the wee hours so not much sleep ,went back to bed at 6:30 but still feel exhausted.Kobie is the big grey tabby lying on the bricks in my pictures,he's the sweets boy you could find ,but has epilepsy,He takes two valium a day to control it but at least once a month he has multiple seizures ,which are usually bad ,The vet say's every day we have with him is a blessing,doesn't sound very positive.He's such a happy and good natured cat ,it just isn't fair .We Love him. Did anyone see all my brood of kitties:eek: ,no one said anything , do you not like my kitties ? were you overwhelmemed by my kitties,:yes:? were there to many kitties :yes::no::yes::no:? did you think they were duplicate pictures of the same Kitty?:no: did you count them oh maybe you should'nt :lol: Yes there are many ,and they all like each other except for the little chubby one lying on the matt in front of the door she's a people person and her arch enemy is Baggins he's the fluffy one on the ottomen ,his favourite spot,. Yes he's a toughy :lol: ( sucky) Ok enough about my kitty cats unless you ask, oh but did you see miss paris:queen: sleeping by the plate with the cookie,could'nt you just eat her up .shes so soft and sweet,Paris not the cookie. I missed the Martina McBride conversation, but In My Daughters Eyes is a beautiful song, She has an amazing voice that girl .

Good Munch Jane (combination between morn and lunch)
So glad you and Neal like the poem ,a Kiss is all I could muster anyways,so not to worry :lol:I woke up and the Snow was gone, I think the Snowman is toying with my emotions ,and I'm not amused .I see you have dusting to do ,never ends does it,I have to conquer the rest of my lights, I so wish I had done this before decorating ,I always make it hard than it already is.:lol: but I will scold myself later , no time for that now.How is Dale feeling today? My daughter told me yesterday she's experiencing some bladder problems to , makes you wonder what the hecks going on.Anyway I hope everyone feels better really soon.I have always wanted a crock pot and for the life of me I can't figure out why I don't have one, I know how handy they are and I love making stews and soups and sauce and we all know the longer they simmer the better they taste, so I'm gonna get me one soon and thats no crock
:rofl: Well I hope you have a nice day I best finish up here or I won't get anything done and its almost 1:00 but I will be back you know that.
Hi Katy:wave:
I'm happy to hear the program went well and James did well with his line, Poor Leigh, I think even the sobbing and clinging would be priceless to see, don't candy canes work wonders:lol: Her outfit sounds adorable I used to love dressing up my daughter, but she won't let me do it anymore:lol: I have always wanted to get involved in something like volunteering to feed the hungry at Christmas ,I guess its never to late is it.Yes politics spoil a lot of things and it seems all any of us can do is vent. I hope you have a great day Katy
Hi Marti:wave:
Sorry you didn't get to sleep in, I hope you did manage to get back to sleep though. I thought I would read to last night but I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, although it last long ,when Kitty had his seizure . It must be hard with James going to work early and by the time he gets home your gone.(((HUGS))) That would be nice taking a picture of the roses blooming , maybe you get one of the little Hallmark picture frames that say Grandma and hang it on the Christmas tree each year.Wow what a sweetie you are keeping the ex happy:lol: better to be friends than enemies when there are children involved .do you have a good relationship with him, if thats not to personal.We had really high winds last week took out a lot of trees dismantled my Christmas decorations but no reindeers were injured just shaken up :lol: Thats quite and unbelievable price difference isn't makes you wonder how they get away with it ,but they do don't they , except for smart shoppers like you.:lol: Hope you have a nice day Marti .

Hi Cristi:wave:
'NEW LIVING ROOM FURNITURE" are you excited ,I hate waiting for stuff to arrive I'm like a big kid at Christmas when I'm waiting for anything even the mail waiting for a book or something.Do we get pictures of the new furniture ,I hope so. I was reading about the extra stocking, that is so beautiful to honor his memory I do believe passed loved ones are with us and watch over us and if you are blessed with little acknowledgements of their presence its the best gift you can receive.Well Mrs.Cristi I don't know if you make good cookies or not, but I know Mr. Cristi does ,I hope you get all your furniture moved around in anticipation of the new, well I'm excited anyway. I hope you have a great day and please don't pull anything:lol:
I don't wear the rest of you gals is right now, but I will be back later to catch up with all of you , but in the meantime if your sleeping ,happy resting, if your baking happy baking,if your driving ,stay safe,if your crying "STOP IT" if your working blahhhhhhhhh, thats all I have to say.
Hi Mindee:wave:
so happy to hear Brandon is feeling a little better, now we need for the cold to go away,(((hugs to all))) I just wanted to pop in before I go and say Hi I didn't see you there, Amazed is a beautiful song.and Wedding song.So Tim is as smooth as Brandons bottom huh . I did like the facial hair I must admit , but really can you spoil that face, I think not, and there is so much more to look at :hot::lol: I hope you guys have a great day and I will be back later

Ok Stop poopin in ,I am getting nothing done :lol:
actually that was poppin in :lol::lol3::rofl: sorry

Hi Julie:wave:
Glad the wedding went well .short and sweet is good hopefully the marriage lasts longer, oh that wasn't nice I'm sorry,( Hence the term Jaded Lady) :lol: I hope that you guys can plan a nice wedding even its small ,do it at home with the people that do care and are involved in your lives ,sometimes and I hate to say it families don't pull together for you and you must move on .You two deserve to have a memorable wedding regardless, so do what makes you happy no matter the family situation as heartbreaking as it is,and unfair.This is for you two , and the people who share in your life , and you want something to look back on .I hope everything works out for you wedding and Baby ,I will keep you in my prayers.Have a nice day Julie :cheer: Yay:cheer: on YWL

12-13-2004, 02:24 PM
Hey girls.....
Sorry I didnt check in over the weekend, but I was too lazy!!!
Went to the wedding on saturday, it ended up being very nice...It was short and sweet....Just glad its all over with now!!!! DBF and I had a hard time with it because we too need to get going on planning some sort of wedding, but its hard cause he has no interaction with his family....long story.... so he feels uncomfortable having a wedding and no one there for him...We'll probably end up at a justice of the peace somewhere....we're not big party people and I think we'd just rather have some small and quiet so we're thinking about planning a little something, we need to make it official!! We have an appt with this PCP on wednesday to discuss what the status is on our BABY issue.....we dont really know which road to take next so he told us to come talk with we'll see!!! Well gotta get back to work, on a good note I am back down to Im trying to conquer my bad eating habits so that I can get back on track again!!!!

Will check back with you all later

12-13-2004, 03:53 PM
Good morning.....again!

I went back to bed for a couple hours. That's enough for me. I could've have stayed in bed all day and forget about work......but then I would've felt bad! :dizzy:

Julie--Glad to hear from you. I was also wondering how your weekend wedding was going. James doesn't have much family, and the family he does have he didn't want at our wedding. We had wanted a small ceremony at my grandparents but things change and we ended up going to the Court house. It was STILL special to us. And our family gave us a wonderful reception a week later. So however you two decide to get's going to be wonderful.
Good luck w/the new doctor!! Still keeping my fingers crossed!

Ellen--I would have to say that my ex and I have a better relationship apart than we ever did together. I mean, it was all bad, but most of it was. Controlling was the biggest thing. After I finally left (after being married almost 8yrs) he opened his eyes and realize what he had done. He knew how he acted. And he apologized. I was w/James (yes, I fell in love w/James while I was still bad) and my ex told me that he was happy to see that I was finally happy. And after that, we've remained friends.
(bet you didn't realize how much info I was going to give now did ya? :D ) didn't mention anything about getting new furniture! How great is that?!! Maybe the reason you don't have it yet is because they took a detour to Oregon.......I should wait by my door to see! :lol: No really, that is great. I would love to get some new furniture. You know, I really like our Futon, it isn't a cheap one, but it's just not the same as a cozy comfy couch!! Some day. Does delivering furniture usually take three weeks?? That does seem like a long time. I hope you get it soon!

Mindee--Jhanai was sick as a baby all the time. She seemed to get everything. I remember her taking a nap one time while her dad and I went bowling w/some friends (she was w/us) and she was asleep in her stroller. She had been sick a week before but was getting better so we thought she was ok. Well she woke up and started coughing....and couldn't stop. Then she started coughing brown stuff. So we immediately took her to the ER and found out that she had coughed so much the previous week that she tore a small hole in the lining of her stomach. They told us, if the blood is red, it's from the throat...if the blood is a coffee color, it's from the stomach. I felt like the worst mother ever.
So I hope little Brandon starts to feeling better soon. As for the fever....just keep him cool. Give him a cool (not cold) bath, give him some pedialite to keep him hydrated, and just keep your eye on him.

Ok...time for me to get dressed, head over to the post office and to walmart. It's just now noon so I have plenty of time to get things done before I go to work.

Talk to you all later!

12-13-2004, 04:12 PM
I'mmmmm baaaaaack, again! Just can't stay away :lol:

That's the bad thing about working in the basement...the computer is downe here and it lures me to it! :lol: And I am supposed to be working!

Anywho...Ellen, sure if you want to see pics of the new furniture I will share. It is different so I will show a before with the old and then after with the new because we did different stuff on the wall also. I am loving the new picture DS bought us for Christmas, it is kind of like a Thomas Kinkaid picture, so pretty. Oh, I did see your kitties and they are adorable! Didn't think to mentione them, sorry. Sorry to hear about Kobie having seizures. Our little Ernie had seizures a few years ago and they were horrible. It was awful to see him go thru that and not be able to do anything. The vet thought it was because the kids were feeding him table food so we stopped and he hasn't had a seizure since. That was three years ago. :crossed: Of course DS#2 has started feeding him his food again and I have told him to stop it and to remember what he went thru before. I don't want to see that ever again!

Julie~I am with Ellen about your wedding. We wanted a church wedding but DH family were being idiots and my family lives out of state so we invited who we wanted to be there, although none of my family showed which was sad. But we planned a small wedding at home with just us and the kids, his dad and step-mom, the preacher and his DD who happened to be DD friend. I fixed everything up like we were having a few people because I wanted it special and wasn't going to let anyone ruin our special day. Just what ever you do remember it is YOUR special day and you can make it special no matter where you go. Sending some good vibes and luck your way. I know when the time is right you guys will have a baby. :goodvibes: :lucky:

Marti~when we bought the furniture they had to make a new couch, chair and ottoman and it is coming from Denver so the shipping doesn't take that long just the making. But not sure why they would make the ottoman first and ship that so that was kind of weird. Was told it should be ready first week of December and we are still waiting. It may show up on your doorstep!

Geez, I went and hit submit before I finished my post-what a dingbat! :lol: That just goes to show ya I need to get off this thing and finish up with my mess! :lol:

Have a great day ladies!

12-13-2004, 05:37 PM
Cristi--I'll keep my eye out for you stuff! :D

Just popping in again before I stay off for good. Must get some kind of lunch or dinner before work. Nothing like spending my hard earned money on the cafe there! (they make GOOD sandwhiches!)

Went to walmart and saved myself some money. Here James was thinking that it's a gift for my's for him. Now to get it wrapped and under the tree before he see's TWO movies sets sitting around.

Have a wonderful day ladies and if I have more time before work, I will pop in again.

Tea Rose
12-13-2004, 06:08 PM
Hi Cristi
I would love to see the pictures, Kobie has been like this for almost his whole life, when he was little he went missing for a few months and the vet thinks someone may have abused him,Hate to think about that, thats why all my kitties stay in and if they do go out its in the back yard on a leed,can't bear for anything like that to happen again or anything else ,the only one that goes out is the stray he is the black one lying by the red pillow , you can see he is blind in one eye and had unfortunately been in a fight the night before, poor little guy , but he won't stay in all the time.Just after I left today I was cleaning the chandeleir and Kobie was on the opposite loveseat and he went flying of it into the table on the side of the room and I caught the lamp in mid air , he's hard to catch when this happens I have to wrap him in a blanket and hold him with all my strength no its hard to go through no matter how many times. I will be back later , still cleaning lights, your picture sounds beautiful I love Thomas Kincade so anything like it would be wonderful to look at.

da fat n da furious
12-13-2004, 08:50 PM
OO new furniture! I love new furniture....what color Cristi? Material?

Ellen, Ok I may of thought all those cats were the same of a couple of cats,,,cause ya I did notice a couple looked different,,,they don't call me ol eagle eye for I offered Monte for him to get a cat but he said no,,,I know he loves cats but he said our lil Skittles is enough for us.

Jane, got your card today thank you! btw, I showed Brandon Katy's picture,,,and he said shes cute...but shhh you didn't hear it from me!

Mindee, fevers are a indicator that there is an infection being fought by the immune system,,,could be his ears or his possibly tonsils...

Ah man Marti I needed to go back to bed today...was told by my boss not to eat anything before coming to work cause she had this fancy thing being catered for all of us,,,so off to work i went,,,no cheerioes. 1:15 the food was finally ready,,,I was almost sick. But ohhh my it was worth it,,,chinese food,,,and everything,,,wonton soup and all.
I needed a nap....
anyways I should get going, Tanner wants his hair streaked. Who needs girls? bah!

12-13-2004, 08:59 PM
Hi ladies, just checking in....

Bought an ornament for each of my sisters... it's a ceramic cardinal bird with a twig and pinecone. It's special because our oldest sister who died loved redbirds - so now when my other sisters see it, they will think of her and of me, too.

Cristi - CVS had a booklight so I bought it for you! That is, if you still need it. Mine is white, and this one is sort of blackish teal, but it's made the same way. You didn't already get one, did you? I'll be happy to send it to you. There was only one, so I snagged it right up! Wonder if they sell fast, or if the stocker only puts one out at a time, lol. If anyone else needs one, let me know, and I'll keep an eye out for them.

See you in the morning...

12-13-2004, 10:25 PM
Hiya ladies :wave:

Jane~that is so cool, I never did find a light and every where I go I look! Love the ornament-redbirds are so pretty! I have some on a couple of decorations and on the tree, not sure why I like the birds but I do.

Angie~not sure what kind of fabric it is, just know it is durable. The color is putty which sounds kind of ugh! I was looking for a green couch and all the green ones were not the style I wanted. We sat on this one and loved the way it felt. Didn't really want a brownish looking couch but I like it. Now if we ever get it!

Ellen~aaaahhh, poor Kobie. When Ernie had his we couldn't get near him, had to walk away until it was over and then baby him for days. Just killed me to see him like that and not be able to do anything. He didn't have them all the time, just once in a while that's why the vet didn't put him on any meds. he did all kinds of tests and found nothing wrong so wasn't so worried. He's being a turd today wanting all kinds of attention. He keeps going to everyone and wanting to be pet. :lol: He was on DH when he got home and climbed up his chest and then sat on his hind legs with his arms up inthe air begging. Did that three times and then the last time fell over backwards! :lol: he's being goofy. Maybe he senses he is going to the vet tomorrow. :sssh:

Marti~have a good evening at work.

Okay ladies was just checking in for a few minutes before heading up to watch a movie. Hope everyone has a good evening. :wave:

12-14-2004, 02:27 AM
Hello, J.L's. I am keeping up on your lives by reading, just not posting much. The weather here is lovely again, sunny and warm by day. Gets cool at night, but at least it doesn't snow. There is alot going on with my family, some not good. Then I am in a funk about Christmas. I decided I won't go into it right now. Just know that I am thinking of you and wish you all a happy holiday. We are alive and well if nothing else.

Where are you gals posting pictures? I have missed the new ones.

12-14-2004, 08:43 AM
Good morning ladies!

Katy - several years ago, some people at out church volunteered to take food baskets to the poor, and then got upset at some things they saw (newish cars, cell phones) and took it upon themselves to declare the people not needy at all. Who knows the real story in these situations? Anyway, like you, it makes me cringe when people forget the golden rule!

Marti - I get along a lot better w/my xdh now, too, lol. Not that I see him much. Like your xdh, mine also realized too late what a butthead he was, lol. Men! At least we got ourselves a couple of sweeties now, huh?

Cristi - I'll mail out the booklight soon. It takes 3 AAA batteries, and if I have those, I'll send them, too. I know there's a bunch of AA in there - not too sure of the AAA supply. My couch is sort of a putty color, too! I chose it on purpose so I can redecorate with just about any color scheme I want! You've seen in photos the border I have above the wainscoting? Couldn't have that with a printed-fabric couch, lol. I change drapes, throw pillows and border quite often, compared to "normal" people, lol.

Mindee - how's our little fella today? Better, I hope!

Ellen - I love your kitties, Ellen! Hey, we did get some snow flurries here, for about an hour or more. Thing is, when Mackenzie-the-5-year-old was here last week, we talked about snow. I told her that I'd call her when it started to snow, but if she was in school and saw it snow, to think of me, and I'd think of her, too. Well, of course I DID think of her when I saw the flakes! When she got home from school, she called me right away, all excited, and said she thought of me when it snowed, and did I see it and think of her? It was all too, too sweet! Ahhh.... anyway, how's your DD's bladder infection? Better, I hope!

Julie - YAY on the weight loss! :cp: Hope you hear something soon about the baby issue.

Angie - everytime I open the fridge, I see the magnet you sent and think of you! Katie blushed and smiled when I told her what you said about Brandon.

Sue - Aww, susie-q, I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Wish there was something I could do. The photos and photo links are at the Christmas/Holiday thread. Take a peek, it may cheer you up.

Katiecat - hope you are feeling cheerier today... please post often so we know how you are, ok? Ellen's kitty photos should do the trick.

Susan - hope your week is going well! Didya get my newsletter mailed out?

Kathy - did you get moved?

Shanna - where are you? I had a filling fall off my tooth and need you, lol.

Hi to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Today Mary and I are going to a Christmas luncheon. No clue about the menu - hope it's not too many points, lol. There will be a demonstration for decorating (Ellen, are you the instructor?) and also musical entertainment. I thought it would be a good idea for Mary to get dressed up and out of the house. Poor Derwood (my nickname for Dale - think of Endora, lol) has to watch all the kids, but he's much, much better.

Then, this evening, my sisters and their dhs will be joining Neal and me for dinner out. This is at a buffet restaurant w/lots of healthy choices. Best part is, I don't have to cook! :D Gonna have a fun day!

Hope yours is fun, too!

12-14-2004, 10:46 AM
...and this is really a fly-by, because I am filling in for someone at work and have to be there at 7:30 this morning, ugh! Definitely need more coffee... :coffee: I'll try to make it back later to do individuals...gotta start my baking tonight so I can get cookies mailed to my mom, my sister, and Tim's mom on Saturday.

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words and good wishes. You guys are the greatest. I'm still down, and a lot of things haven't changed, but I really do feel like I'm doing some better. I am truly, truly grateful to have friends like you.


12-14-2004, 11:58 AM
Katie~(((((HUGS))))) to you. I do hope you get to feeling better. I can smell the baking already, send some this way. :D

Sue~(((((HUGS))))) to you also. I am sorry that things aren't so great right now. We are here for you if and when you want to talk about it.

Jane~you are too kind and you don't have to send batteries Missy. It's sweet enough of you to think of me and send the light. I swear I have looked everywhere for one and found one that was kind of funky and too big so I passed on it, haven't seen one since. Hope you and Mary have a fun luncheon and then a nice dinner with your sisters and family. Sounds like you have a busy day planned. Yeah, I saw your border and loved it! You are right about decorating. I told V that I need to paint the LR green. For some reason I am on a green kick and think it will go better than the yellow. The plan was yellow walls and green furniture but that changed-I do like the putty color and think it will look a lot better. Wasn't thinking about the sunlight when we painted the yellow. I do like it but think I am wanting something a little darker, but not too dark, maybe a sage color. :dunno: We will see.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Getting ready to head to Target to pick up a game for the family. I used to buy a family gift (game) every year because we enjoy playing them but haven't done that in a few years. Saw this game called Scene It and thought it looked fun, especially since we seem to watch a lot of tv. Was up bright and early this morning, well early anyway! :lol: They have different times for the vet for walk-ins and didn't want to wait til 1 so took him this morning at 8. I still go to the one we started out with so it is a 20 mn. drive one way which is fine. Thinking when we eventually move it will be back there since it is still a little rural. Fearing this little town is going to grow so fast and soon be part of Wichita. They are building shopping centers everywhere which I don't think we need-too much traffic. And they are wanting to build a fancy hotel with lake and such about two miles from our house. It is on the busy highway and will probably do well but I didn't realize it was going to build up and so fast. a bit side tracked there. Ernie dog is fine, just a routine check-up and shots. Boy does he hate the vet especially when he starts feeling him up! Anywho..nothing really planned for the day except Target. Will probably work on cleaning the bathrooms later, need to mop the floors.

Well, take care ladies and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

12-14-2004, 01:47 PM
Morning ladies--

I didn't go to work last night. I had a terrible experience w/my car!
On my way to work, the engine seized up on me and I was stuck on the freeway for 2hrs.!!! Had some friends come over and help me out. They called AAA to tow my car home. I was driving then noticed lights coming on,,,,then realized I was just coasting on the freeway. Thank god I wasn't trying to pass anyone!

James is having a friend (mechanic) take a look at it before we take it to the Toyota place where we usually take it for all our oil changes and stuff. Two weeks ago, I had the oil changed. After they did that, they told me that they had to replace the plug to the oil tank (or whatever....remember I'm a mechanically challenge girl here) they replaced it w/a plug that doesn't fit our car but will work until my next oil change. So, we were going to make an appointment to get that fixed BEFORE the next oil change....maybe right after Christmas. But after two weeks.......I'm sitting on the side of the freeway!

So stressed. After James got home last night he checked the oil to see how much there was and it was dry. So we looked around the driveway to where I park to see if there was any oil....none.

But....this morning after they towed the car away to the mechanics, there was oil everywhere....but only from when it got towed back home because I don't park where they left the car last night. So I have no idea what's going on.

I'm needing to get ready to go to grandpa's....he's letting me borrow grandma's car until mine is fixed.

Sorry for no individuals today. I just needed to vent. This couldn't have happened at a worse time I tell you.....

I'll be back later when I get the car home and I've cleaned up. My stress level is on high today.

Take Care

12-14-2004, 03:12 PM
(((((HUGS))))) Marti~thank goodness you made it home safely, and there was no mishap on the freeway. Bet it is just something simple like replacing the plug and oil. :crossed: It may have fell out on your way to work. I am hoping it is something simple, nothing like having car problems at this time and thank goodness your grandpa has a car you can borrow. Try not to get too stressed sweetie-I know that is easier said than done.

Anyway...was just checking in for a few minutes since I already went to the vet and Target and now have nothing to do. Thought I would do a little surfing the net. :D

Tea Rose
12-14-2004, 03:44 PM
Happy Holidays Everyone
Can you beilieve how close its getting to Christmas , doesn't seen possible does it,but it is .I woke up with 4 kitties one of top of me and one beside and 2 at my feet,sure glad I have a big bed ,for them:lol: Today I jumped on the scale and I am down 2 more pounds ,I don't know what the heck is going on,but its good.Must be all the stress :lol: I finally finished my lights, so glad thats done with,now today its floors ,Kobi's having more seizures today ,doesn't usually happen two days in a row, but occassionally , so have to keep him close to me.

Hi Jane:wave:
Yes thats quite of collection of kitties isn't it ,I have a large family:lol: I love the story about the snowflakes It sounds like Grandma and Mackenzie have a wonderfully special relationship Ohh how I long for that, I can hardly wait to have a grandbaby of my own. I think at this point my only hope is Melissa ,so I will keep my fingers crossed that this relationship keeps blossoming .They seem so happy and pefectily matched , I know I have said this many times now ,but the changes in her are so wonderful to see, she is such a sweet kind hearted girl,and I have waited and prayed that she would find someone like this,She waited a year since ending her last relationship and I know she was lonely and tempted to go back to it , but I kept asking her to please be patient and not to do something she would regret,I told her their is someone for you, someone who will treat you with all the things you deserve, and now there is and I could'nt be happier.Anyway she went to the doctor yesterday and she gave her some antibiotics , so ,she should start feeling better in a couple of days.So happy to hear Dale is feeling so much better,Derwood thats to funny how does he feel about that,:lol: I just watched bewitched a little while ago , funny coincidence.I hope You and Mary have a nice time at the Christmas Luncheon ,that sounds like so much fun, I wish I could do something like that with my daughter but she's always so busy running from one job to the next and then soccer ,she really does to much,but she loves it,and she's a very responsible girl.I just worry about her getting sick,Mom stuff you know:lol: Well as usual its !:00 pm and I still have to get my engine going ,so have a wonderful time at lunch and a great day and wow then a dinner out with your sisters and husbands you lucky lady.

Hi Cristi:wave:
I guess your at Target shopping for the game, I hope you find it , I looked everywhere for a book light to can't find one anywhere I can't figure out why ,you would think that someone would carry them .All I could find was those big clip on ones and I didn't want that .SO your couch is putty I like that colour it easier to decorate around ,when I bought my couch I thought it would be easy, seeing it had many different shades in it, not so ,after trying numerous samples and much frustration I settled for a taupe shade which I find a little boring, the kids say I'm a tad anal hmmh imagine that :lol:I think I went into shock when I moved out of my other house, my tastes suddenly changed from peach's yellows wedgewood blues and sage greens to what I have now, a dramatic difference. Are you really thinking of moving , your house is so nice, I don't even think given the option , I would have the energy to do this again.I am happy to hear Ernie had a great checkup, and alls well, I don't blame him though, who wants to be invaded by a stranger:lol: Well I hope you found your game , and your having a great day .

Hi Katie :wave:
Sorry to hear your still feeling down I know things don't change overnight, but think as positive as you can, because things will surely turn around,I now its hard I have been there I am still there , but I try not to let things overtake me,thats one thing I have learned and it took a long time to do it. So your baking cookies ,what kind are you making , you know theres a lot of cookies on here some are sweet some are nutty , some nuttier than others:lol: , right girls ,no names:rofl: Glad to hear that you are able to do things to keep busy though that really does help.I hope your day at work is good well as good as it can be :lol: I know you don't know me yet ,but I am happy to help and listen just like the other gals, but medically speaking Dr. Katy has the best advise , right Katy:lol: Have a great day Katie.

Hi Marti:wave:
Thanks for sharing that , my ex still thinks he's a saint never did anything wrong , never ever acknowledged his actions and never will, he's the only one who doesn't think he made any mistakes, his family all still asks about me sends their best wishes and tell my kids how much they miss me,and they hope I'm doing well. Some people see the error of their ways and some refuse to. My Kids completely understand and support me,and unfortunaltely have no respect for their father, because of his actions
and his unwillingness to accept his responsibilites and mistakes they don't sympathize with him at all. What can you do , all I can say is that I feel safe ,at peace, and in a much happier enviroment now ,and thats better for my children and my kitties and me. I think its great though that you and Janes ex's actually realized their mistakes and took responsibiltiy even if it was to late, I am also happy you both have sweet wonderful men in your lives now to Love and to be loved by ahhhhhhh. How's that for more information :lol: anyways Marti you have a great day and thanks again for the extra pictures ,I love looking at them all.

Hi Sue:wave:
I wish you had better news , so sorry that things are still not going well for your family,I will keep you in my prayers ,that things soon turn for the better, I know its hard to think happy thoughts about Christmas ,but it is indeed a day to build change and happieness from,I really hope things get better ,I am happy at least your weather is warm and sunny,those day help the spirit ,I wish for you better days starting today.(((((HUGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY)))))

Hi Mindee:wave:
How are you guys doing today, Hows the sweetie doing I so hope he's feeling better just keep that country music playing,:lol: I bet you are all getting so excited to see his face on Christmas day when he gets to open gifts, hope your camera's loaded and ready to go. Did Tommy get his licence back ,so you can drive to get things now,I hope so , Well I have to really get doing something , it seems you get on here and before you know it an hour has you guys have a great day

Hi Julie:wave:
Thank you so much for the card , your puppies are so adorable ,I bet you squeeze the heck out of them , they are so sweet.I'm keeping you in my prayers for good Baby news ,and Wedding news.I hope things are going well otherwise and I hope you have a great day.

Hi kathy:wave:
I take it your not thrilled I'm coming with me sleigh,I understand your busy with the move and all so I turned aroung and headed for home I was getting tired anyways.:lol: maybe next year you could pick me up :rofl: I hope your all settled and things are great even without me there,but I know you will get over it :lol: have a great day .

Hi Angie:wave:
Whats going on out there,hows my cutie Tanner and his equally cutie brother Brandon doing , tell them Aunti Ellen says hi. :lol: What isn't on your agenda today I thought that might be a shorter list for you :lol: Its snowing here big white fluffy flakes , sooooo pretty ,I love the way it looks, I suppose your out sunning in 90 degree weather though :lol: Well I must cut this short I am getting nothing done , so many gals. I hope your having a wonderful day .

Hi Susan :wave:
Where is you, Get off the phone:lol: its lonely here without you, I'm not talking to you till you come back,I need to know if I should pack my hula skirt ,:lol: I will be here waiting for you , hope your having a nice day ((( Kisses and Hugs for Gaby )))) but none for you :lol:

Hi Shanna :wave:
I don't know you , but I hear your name often , so I think your out there somewhere :mag: can't you hear all the girls asking for you ,Jane needs you please come back.:lol:

Hello Dr.Katy :wave:
I suppose your busy today , but I don't know ,I haven't heard from you, but my uneducated guess is you are, might you be baking some cookies for me, might you be doing laundry, might you be helping the poor or sick ,what might you be doing miss Katy.Whatever it is you might be doing I hope your having a great day doing whatever it is you might be doing.

Well I must get a move on so if I have neglected anyone I am Humbly sorry but I must clean, because I've learned it won't do it if I don't , did that make sense, any ways have a wonderful take everyone.


Hi Marti
Just caught your post on the way out , sorry about your scare last night , I am so happy you got home safely .I hope that it is something easy to fix but mostly thats its safe for you to drive, I would have been scared to death out there on the freeway for 2 hours ,so happy your safe (((((HUGS))))

12-14-2004, 05:24 PM
Hiya ladies,

Katie - glad you're feeling a little better. Stop back by soon, ok?

Cristi - I mailed your package while I was in town. I checked for batteries, (it takes 2, not 3) and had 2 left in a pack, so I figured those were meant for you. So I sent them, too. The guy at the post office said you should get it in about 3 days. Hope you enjoy it at much as I do mine! I've seen the "Scene It" commercials and think the game looks like a lot of fun. Glad Ernie got a clean bill of health.

Marti - take a deep breath! Yikes, chicky, you are one lucky lady to get through that ordeal unscathed! Bless your friends for staying w/you all that time. Your grandma would be glad you're using her car.

Ellen - YAY for 2 more pounds down! :cp: Glad your DD is on antibiotics now. Dale didn't know how to take the "Derwood" stuff at first. But he has noticed that when I'm upset with him, I for sure call him Dale, so at least he knows I'm not mad when I call him Derwood, lol. Send snow!!! I want a lot of it!!!! Preferably enough to close the schools because I just love unexpected snow days. The kids and I used to always, and I do mean Always, play Monopoly on those days. Last year though, Katie didn't want to!!!!!! Didn't let her know it, but I was so disappointed! Will you come and play with me when it snows?

Hi to all who read this.....

Well, the lunch and program were nice, and I did very well with the food. They served big portions, but I only ate half, and skipped dessert. It looked de-lish, too - peppermint ice cream!

I'm looking forward to a nice evening w/my sisters. They're crazy - you guys would like them, lol.

Have a good one, and I'll see you tomorrow!

12-14-2004, 07:20 PM
Hello girls..

Well I have grandma's car. Nice little Toyota Camry. Grandpa wanted to make sure I'm careful with it. :) Told him that I'll drive just like grandma. We had a good afternoon together. He bought me lunch at Subway. Then we went through some old photo's of when he was a kid and a teenager. Handsome man!!

The car situation isn't good. The oil drainded out of the engine (which caused it to seize up on me) and when that happens, you either have to buy a new one or spend a lot of money repairing the old one. I'm not sure what we're going to do. The weird thing is....I got a call this afternoon from the Kendall Car dealership to tell me that the Chrysler 300 that we had order a few months ago came in last night. Now how strange is that?? So now James and I are debating on whether to go ahead and get the new car. Would be nice but the extra payments are going to be horrible. Putting money down on it will take up ALL our savings! :( (which isn't much) Oh what to do, what to do!

Tonight at work there is a department Christmas party. Sounds like fun. Not sure how it works since there has to always be someone on the floor to answer phones and tend to test that are emergencies. We'll see how it goes. I'm feeling really stressed about work and not having been a few days. I've ran out of PTO time so now the days that I'm taking off I'm not getting paid for. I have Christmas Eve off and I won't get paid for that......sheesh!

Well heck, I'm no fun today now am I? Just a bunch of "Boo Hoos" Well I'll try to be more cheerful.

I'm dying for some sleep here too, that may be an issue. I got up early because the tow truck came by around 8:00 or 8:30......they didn't call or verify who I was....hopefully I didn't hand my keys to someone who had access to a tow truck!! :) Oh man, wouldn't that be just the thing to top this week off? many post today so I'm going to hold off on the individuals. Thank you ladies for letting me vent and get my feelings out. Hopefully I'll have good news on the car getting fixed OR a new car. Either way...I'll try not to be so down next time.

Sending HUGS to you all!!! :grouphug:

Tea Rose
12-14-2004, 07:58 PM
Hi Marti
This is for you

12-14-2004, 08:07 PM
Thank you Ellen!!!!!

12-14-2004, 09:34 PM
I am here.

So sad and sick.

Just $$$$$ is owed to everyone. Babysitter,Mikes mother, Ortho.........just can never keep up.

Rocky is fine,sweet man.

Just popping in for a HUG........

Think I am mean?? This one group thinks I am.......yep. I can get sassy if need be - I learned that from Doug. lol

Just ain't taking crap from people through the net......I take it in real life.

Anyway- shake it off,.......

LaLaLa............I will get the newsletter mailed tomorrow jane :)

Tea Rose
12-14-2004, 10:58 PM
Hi Susan
This is for you

12-14-2004, 11:28 PM
hmmmm, a red box?? lol.

See, some might take that as sassy- just my humor.

No harm, right??? I didn't offend you did I Ellen?? It was probably a hug or something?? The numbers to your checking account??? lol


I feel better- talked with my sweetie and he is always calming. He said no, I am not mean, I just have a

ok,,,,,,,,,soooooooo much to do. I feel like crap still,,,,,,,,my head is all stuffy and I had a bugger cast on my nose this

ta ta

Tea Rose
12-14-2004, 11:31 PM
umm Susan

12-15-2004, 12:24 AM
lol...........Thank you!! Love the kitty,love the bear hug.....ahhhhhh- going to make me cry.
So, pmsing, so plugged, soooooooooo just pooped - thank you Ellen- you made me smile tonight :)

Below is a post that Rocky did at our parents group- thought it was sweet.

BTW I am a really lucky guy. I have been looking for a
soulmate for
5 1/2 years now. I know I know I have been a
Widower for 11
1/2 years but I was thinking I could wait till Kris
was 18 before I
got into a relationship. Well, I was wrong. I
have been so
lonely, felt like something was missing in my life.
Now that I have
found Susan I feel complete.

Like I have been saying all these years

Life is good,
How bad can it be?
I live in Hawaii

Well, Life is great now
How bad can it be?
I have found the love of my life.

Aloha Ke Akua, Rocky

12-15-2004, 12:37 AM
oh, I don't know if I said this........

Mediation is scheduled for 1/3 !! YAY......though no word on change of venue- though before that date the clerk said.....fingers crossed!!!

Judge hasn't come back on that yet.....

Gaby is feeling better and Rebecca keeps bringing in those A's :)

night- will try and cacth up tomorrow

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 01:23 AM
Hi Susan
Glad I could make you smile even if just for a minute , just keep in your sight the love and the life you have ahead of you, each day is one day closer to your dream

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 02:06 AM
Hi Everyone :grouphug:
I feel so bad there are so many of you feeling sad,:( I wish that there was something I could do,:shrug: I hope that tomorrow things look a little brighter:sunny: for you all ,and happier days are ahead. :)
Hi Jane
I would love to play in the:dance: snow:dance: with you :lol:
Well I guess its time for bed I'm a little tired :tired: so night all :wave:

12-15-2004, 04:27 AM
ohhhhhhhh, I am soooo tired...but finally done with my Christmas shopping, except for a few stocking stuffers. Was gonna make cookies tonight, but that will have to wait 'til tomorrow -- at least I don't have to go back to the stores. *whew* I will shanghai my 18 year old son into helping me bake tomorrow and Thursday night.

Tim sent me a very sweet, loving email. This is the longest we've ever been apart since he came to CA 6 years ago.

A supervisor at work literally begged me to fill in for her team senior Wed and Fri -- everyone is taking vacation and they are pretty short handed. I really don't want to, it's a lot more stress, and working a late shift, and I have to take the nasty escalated calls from angry customers -- but I couldn't say no without coming up with an excuse, and I am lousy at lying. Besides, she will be MY supervisor starting in January, so it's probably best not to start out on the wrong foot with her. *sigh*

Susan -- I'm so happy for you that Rocky is as wonderful as he sounded! What a fairytale. Bet you're glad he lives in Hawaii and not Alaska, huh? :D

Ellen -- thank you for all your positive, kind words. You really have a gift of encouragement :)

Cristi -- could you please PM your correct mailing address? The only one I can find is your PO Box, and I think you said you were closing that a while back...

Marti -- Glad you were safe! An engine seizing on the freeway can be very dangerous. If the shop replaced your oil plug with one that didn't fit but they told you would "work" temporarily, and it was their recommendation, and it caused you to lose all your oil and possibly ruin your engine, then it should be their responsibility to fix it. Was it a chain shop, or a smaller local place that did the work?

Jane -- just wanted to let you know, you are an inspiration :) Wish you were here in CA -- I'd take you out for coffee. :cofdate:

Mindee -- glad your baby is getting better! My youngest is 13, and I still worry like crazy when he is sick...

Hi to everyone's 12:22 and my 18 year old son just told me, "Mom, it's late and you need to go to sleep..." Oh, how the tables have turned :lol:

So, goodnight, ladies...

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 04:51 AM
Hey Katie I want to go with Jane for coffee to :lol:

12-15-2004, 07:21 AM
Good Morning ladies!
It's almost 3:30 here in Oregon and I just got home. Had to stop in and say that the day ended better than I expected.

James and I decided to get the car (Chrysler) and it's sitting in our driveway. It's so pretty I'm afraid to touch it!! I told James to drive it the rest of the week and then after that....all mine! :)

We discussed (over the phone mind you, I was at work) how we can cut expenses and how we can save money....because getting this car has finally wiped out our severence package savings we had left. But we both feel it's worth it to have a brand new car. Nothing used.....made just for us.
We figured out a lot of ways to save money and build our savings back up......and then started why weren't we doing this before??

We are still going to try and get the Toyota fixed. BTW, Katie, we get our oil changed at the Car dealership we bought the car from.....Kendall Toyota....which is why we were so surprised this happened. They've been very good to us the five years we've been going. The problem WILL be fixed.....just got to figure out how. that I'm really poor with a pretty car :D I'm going to go to bed.

You all have a great morning!

12-15-2004, 08:43 AM
Happy hump day!

Marti - OMG, I am so excited for you! Bet you're going to look nice driving that new car. Did you say previously that it's sandstone color? Yep, the dealership should agree to take care of the other car at absolutely no cost to you. I'm sure they will.

Susan - well, just stop going to websites where the people think you're mean, and stay here where we love you! Hope you're feeling much better by the time you read this.

Katie - coffee in California - I could go for that! Glad things are going a little better for you. Your supervisor will remember your dedication, hopefully. Thank you for your kind words.

Ellen - so do I get to be the shoe, the iron or the dog? Any one of those will do. And I'll wrestle you for the Get Out of Jail Free cards, lol.

Feliz Navidad to anyone else reading this.

Had fun with my sisters (and their dhs) last night. Need to go see Mary's girls today. Didn't see them yesterday at all, and for just a few minutes on Monday. Need some kisses and chubby-armed hugs. I'm having withdrawals, lol. It's 22 degrees and with the wind chill, it's in the teens. Brrrrrr......


12-15-2004, 09:36 AM
Good morning...
well, busy as the rest of the tree comes down, and not a moment too soon! we had some very strong winds over the weekend and another poplar in the neighborhood snapped in two! took out a power line - thankfully no one was hurt. Boy we were glad we had started taking down our poplars.

Started sending some cards...but not quite done yet..just not good at sitting down to do these things.... but i'll get there. PM me an address if you want one - I think I have most of your addresses.

Since the tree guys will be here for most of the day, I don't have much planned and should be around for hopefully I can chat with some of you today!

Jane - Sounds pretty cold...brrrr glad you had fun with your family. will you be chatting today?

Ellen - your pix are so warm and pleasant - just like you ! Where are you finding these pictures? I particularly liked the Eleanor Roosevelt quote. I had heard that saying before but never knew she was the person who said it.

Mindee - how's Brandon today - I sure hope he is feeling better andyou are able to catch up on your rest.

Marti - I am so glad you are ok and that the car situation turned out all right. I hate having car problems... they just take over everything until they are resolved......kind of like having sick kids, (right Mindee?) Congrats on the brand spanking new car!

Katiecat - Sorry work is so stressfull and you are apart from Tim - is he away for work? I am impressed that all your shopping is done - that has to take some of the stress off. My son already tells me what to so and he's only 8 :dizzy:

Susan- ((((HUGS)))) hope today is a better day. Rocky is a dreamboat.....hope you weren't hanging around that lawyer site again - they weren't very helpful last time..If anyone gives you cr** at another site, you just hop on over here for some hugs and encouragement :)

Found out skinheads are coming to our community to blanket the area with flyers - :mad: Fortunately the community is responding with a unity rally at the same time this group is planning on do their thing...( BTW Susan PM me if you want info) Emphasis on promoting tolerance and diversity and keeping everyone safe. I was tipped off early and was really hesitant to tell people as I felt any publicity or inadvertant attempt to spread fear would be playing right into this group's hands. Any attention makes them successful and I really struggled with whether I should tell people skinhead were coming to their town. Then the neighborhood associations and law enforcement got together to organize the rally and basically said I did the right thing. It was a wierd situation for me - of course I want to get all my friends together to stand up and say these values are not welcome in our neighborhood - and that can play right into the plans of a hate group that wants nothing more than attention and confrontation...Yikes - what a world.

Life is never boring -what can I say

Hope all is well where you are

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 10:42 AM Morning Everyone Happy Holidays
hi Jane :wave:Get ready I got my wrestling gear on , these tights aren't flattering though,:lol: so get yousr on , and get the mononpoly set ready.Oh my I was up to late last night,so so tired,my daughter woke me up because the little stray cat I feed was sleeping right in front of the door ,he doesn't come in , he only trusts me so far,so I had to fix his breakfast ,He has a little shelter outside to put his food and I put a blanket down so his little paws don't get cold while he eats,how that for service, I have'nt even had coffee yet:tired: not a pretty site.I have a little snow on the ground but its calling for snow/rain showers so that could mean I'll have more or none at all.I just want a christmasy blanket of snow is that to much to as for ,I ask you.:lol:l really think I should go and make some coffee,ohhhhh this is going to be a long day me thinks.I will be back later when I'm more lively.Have a great day Jane
Hi Katy:wave:
awhh gee thanks Katy ,I search around for pictures all the time. Skinheads huh , thats a fine line ,isn't it, bad situation to have to deal with, all I can say is be very careful of retaliation, although fear of that is what they count on , its a tough situation, well Katy I must get coffee or I will fall asleep right on the keyboard so have a great day and I will be back later to annoy everyone as usual:lol:

12-15-2004, 11:43 AM
Let's I work 9:45-7:15 today instead of I don't have to leave until 9:15, but I only get 1/2 hour lunch instead of my usual hour, so I'd better pack something this morning to take with me. Think I have a frozen entree or something...

I have two hours before I have to leave, and I really should make some cookie dough (and try not to eat it for breakfast). Maybe I'd better make something to eat for breakfast FIRST :lol:

Mike didn't pass his drive test :( The examiner was real cranky, and Mike was a nervous wreck -- oops, guess I shouldn't say "wreck"! Anyway, he is scheduled to retake at 3:55 12/23 -- hold good thoughts for him, please. At least this time he'll know what to expect. He's really counting on getting his license because he is registering for school at night this next semester and needs to be able to work during the day...

Marti, congrats on your new car! I bought my first brand new car in June, a Kia, and I am so glad I bought a brand new car with a warranty. The peace of mind is totally worth it, even if it does pinch our budget.

Ellen, we are supposed to wear wrestling tights when you, Jane and I are going out for coffee? Well, ok, but I warn ya I won't be a pretty sight. Will we be playing Monopoly at Starbuck's? :dizzy: I love hearing about your kitties. I have Chloe, a black-and-white tuxedo cat, and I am afraid she has multiple personalities. She can be so sweet and affectionate, purring and lovey, but she hates and is afraid of people she doesn't know, and she can be a total brat. And she isn't terribly smart -- we call her Princess Not-So-Bright. :lol: But I love her anyway. And we have an orange stripy cat named Leif that we found as a tiny feral kitten in the parking lot where I work. We tried to make him and indoor cat, but he just isn't suited to it at all, so he lives in our little backyard and guards our backdoor. He's a little skittish, but very sweet.

RosieKate -- Loved hearing about your kids' Christmas program :) Yeah, Tim suddenly had to go on a business trip to PA (we live in CA) to help with a training class, and we've never been apart since he moved out here, so I really miss him. Skinheads in your neighborhood? Ugh. I'm glad to hear there is an organized effort against them -- just be safe, and careful, and pray for peace in your community. Your 8 year old bosses you around already? Oh boy, just wait until he is 6'4" and 18 and thinks he knows everything ;) heeheehee... are things in the Great White North???

OK...time to eat some cookie mean breakfast...

12-15-2004, 12:51 PM

Good Morning!
I just wanted to pop in real quick to say that I will be gone during chat this morning...I have to go finish up some paperwork at the car place.

But I'll be back.

Color of the car is Blue....I will take a picture when I get back!

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 12:52 PM Katie mmmmm breakfast Jane's gonna kill us if she finds out so don't tell her ok:lol: oh and the tights are for monopoly it appears Jane is very competive but I'm not sure yet it its sumo or wwf were partaking in so thats where the tights come as far as going for coffee we will wear street clothes :lol:

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 01:00 PM
Yay Marti
a new car congratulations , so glad you will have a safe car to drive in

12-15-2004, 01:21 PM
Hey Girls.

Ellen: Hooray on the lbs down!!! I too have gotten back on track this week and Im trying to be good...wanna lose another 15 lbs myself!!

Marti:: Good Luck with the new car...its hard to sacrifice for expensive things, but it will denifitely be worth it for you!!

Hello to all my other JL'S Jane, Cristi, Rosie Kate, KatieCat, Susan!!!!

I have to go to the hosp this afternoon to have another transvaginal scope done...hopefully it comes out better than last time, they said if theres no improvements I'll have to have the laproscopic prodecure done!!! Then DBF has an appt at 4pm with his primary care doc to see what step we're taking next in our BABY dilemma!!! So hopefully it wont be a totally depressing afternoon....... Havent wrapped one darn present yet....Im gonna be so miserable next week doing all my wrapping last minute!!!!!!! Still have to finish getting all my gift certificates as well..... DBF and I have been watching xmas movies each night before bed to get into the holiday spirit, it's been good quality time for us !!!Hope all if well with all of you, and Ill check back later

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 01:48 PM Julie Thanks, I am being really good too, well for me that is:lol: Good luck we have about the same amount to lose so we can compare notes. I sure hope everthing goes well this afternoon I know it must be so frustrating for both of you to go through all of this ,I will keep you in my prayers Don't worry about the Christmas wrapping it will get done of that I'm sure. I hope your day goes well :sunny:

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 01:58 PM Holidays Everyone ,Jane, Angie, Julie, Cristi,Thankyou so much for the cards and for the pictures of daughters sons and puppies , Katie is beautiful Jane ,Tanner is a cutie (handsome) Angie, and the puppies are adorable Julie, and like Cristi said not a bad hunk of man either :lol: Cristi said it first , its her fault ,I just followed her lead I'm nieve :lol: but they all make me smile .Its the first time all the mail was for me :lol: The cards and wishes do really mean a lot Thankyou again

Funny thing I got a birthday card and a Christmas card hand written posted from Santa Claus,saying Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Ellen, but no signature on the cards, anyone get any I'm confused :?: I know there is a Santa Clause but he has never personally sent me cards before :lol: ahhhhhhhhhh I so believe in Santa :lol: Maybe I'm on the good list this year:rofl:
Oh , my cards are coming I had a little snag in the process ,but they should be mailed today. :yes:

12-15-2004, 03:17 PM
Hiya ladies :wave:

Okay, just spent almost an hour reading all the posts since I posted yesterday. You ladies are killing me...miss and a day and bam! I am lost. Okay, I am lost anyway but...

I will be back in a little while to do individuals. Crappy morning this morning...woke up with a terrible headache from sleeping the wrong way and can't seem to get rid of it. Also need to go get some lunch, could be part of the problem.

I'll be back...

12-15-2004, 03:49 PM
Hello I'm back....I got to drive the car for a little bit.....(James is feeling spoiled) anyway.....

OH MY GOSH it's a beautiful car! And so many nice features to go w/it! I found out that when you're backing up, the side mirrors will tilt down so you can see the road better and there is a sensor in the back window (which you can see from the rearview mirror) and if you're getting too close to something it will light up letting you know you're getting too close!

The seats are heated, the seats are electric and so on and so on! I'm liking it.
OH! and another cool thing...the pedals adjust for short little ol me so after James gets out and I want to drive.....I can adjust the pedals and reach! How cool is that?

I'm going to take a picture, then I'll be back to post it.

BB in a minute!

12-15-2004, 04:00 PM
Ok....Here are three photos of the w/me! :D I need to move the other cars so I can get a better shot.

Boy I hate my picture taken...but hey...what can a gal do? I had to pose w/the car!!

12-15-2004, 04:02 PM
If you have a hard time getting the photo because of the size...let me know and I will resize them. I just wanted to show a good photo!

Oh I'm all giddy! Too bad I promised James that he can have the car for the rest of the week!! :dizzy:

I'll be back in a little bit.

Tea Rose
12-15-2004, 04:18 PM
what a beautiful car, I want one of those,so happy for you, who's that gorgeous model standing by the car,?? I know you are having a great day :lol:

12-15-2004, 07:03 PM
Hold on....the party is at Chit Chat #97!! :D