Support Groups - Do you have a non-weightloss goal for 2005?

12-12-2004, 09:57 PM
I was thinking of all the years of "New Years Resolutions" and it seems to me that losing weight or getting in shape are always the top of the list for people, myself included.

So I was wondering, do any of us have something we want to achieve that has NOTHING to do with weight? If so, would you like to share?

There are a few things I'd like to achieve, but on the top of my list is:

To get a family photo taken.

Simple, easy, yet I have not ever done I'm thinking it's time.

What would you like to share?

12-12-2004, 11:27 PM
Yeppers, get a job! I am hoping to find the (my) "perfect" job. Not sure what it is but will know it when I find it. Other than that nada. I don't make resolutions anymore because all I do is break them anyway so there's no point.

Marti~know what ya mean about the family photo. When DH#1 was alive we had it planned to do a family portrait but wanted to wait till the kids were a little older so planned to when DS#1 was 10 yrs. old. Well, that came and went and the month before his 11th BD DH#1 was killed. So I did it almost a year later. The one that is in one of the Christmas photos we had taken at Olan Mills in 1992. It is cool because it is like a painting but you can clean it with windex. I never have but I have cleaned it with a wet cloth, mostly just dust it. And I have had a family portrait/picture took every year after till two years ago when the kids decided they were too old to do so. I am hoping to get another before everyone goes their own way.

12-13-2004, 08:38 AM
Although weight loss/management is a very important goal, too, I have others.

I would like to start fixing up a courtyard. Haven't so far because of the expense and hard work! But, if we do it a little at a time, I think it will be managable. We have the perfect area, enclosed on one long side by a brick ledge, about 2 feet high. At my request, Neal has planted mimosa trees on the other long side, and a shed is on one end. On the other end, I though we could put lattice with ivy growing up it. I'm thinking keep one end sunny and the other end shady. I can just picture stone figurines, a fountain, a couple of stone benches, some comfortable lawn furniture, a meandering path, etc maybe even a gazebo on one end. Lush with flowering plants, hostas, and other greenery, wouldn't that be a fun place to take a glass of lemonade and a novel?

My other thing is that I want to get involved in a charity somehow, other than my church.

12-13-2004, 09:34 AM
Great thread -

This year my resolution was to keep track of every book I read and add up the pages at the end of the year - I am almost there and it is around 11,000 pages! I will know for sure in a few weeks. My goal for 2005 is to, again, keep a list, and then, to read more than in 2004, even if it is just one page.

We are also slated to remodel this year, so I want to get through that and stay pleasant.

My MIL has surprised us and bought our family a piano for Christmas - so I'll round out my list by resolving to brush up on my piano skills. I never learned that much, but always wanted to, so now is my chance.

12-13-2004, 12:48 PM
Jane & Katy you ladies made me think about the other goals, not really my goals per se but something we will do this next year.

Katy~that is a cool thing, to keep track of every book you read. Never thought about doing that. It seems a little different when you look at it as 11,000 pages rather than __ number of books.

Jane~your courtyard sounds beautiful and serene. Although, I couldn't sit there if there were bugs, especially bees. :lol: I love gardens but if it brings the bugs I am swatting and running.

We have the fence to do, which is our top priority in the spring, I want a pine tree in the front on the side and we have our patio to do along with some painting to get done in the basement and crown molding. Don't ask me why I want a pine tree because if you had asked me months ago I would have told you I don't like pine trees. :dunno: I have also been debating over taking piano lessons. My keyboard is under my bed right now because I have been keeping it on the window seat in my bedroom. Thus the reason I have yet to learn to play it. That is another goal I have because once I learn to play that then I get the real deal!

But me finding a job and working on the house are our number one goals.

12-13-2004, 03:59 PM
There is so much that I feel I need to do!! And when the year is over I'm looking back thinking...Now why didn't we do that???

But another thing I NEED to accomplish is going through James' mom's storage! It's been two years now and he says he is no longer emotional about going through it (most of it is papers) and it's time. Actually he said this last year and we haven't done anything. But $40 a month for storage for things that are not ours......time to save some money!

I have more I'm sure. As I think of them, I'll be back.