Support Groups - Amazing Royal Adventure III--YEAR End! All Welcome!

12-12-2004, 08:19 AM
Welcome all from every kingdom, province, monarchy, duchy, federation, or ------------------( please fill in the blank)......


This adventure promises to lead us to places we've never been but have longed to see ... this adventure promises to teach things we thought we knew ... this adventure will be amazing!!

So, call your coachman, the adventure awaits!!

And as most adventures are written by the adventurer....

YOU decide ( and who better??) what direction you shall fly your colors!!

This adventure is a shared adventure... with other royals who will share and support ....

Open the blinds! Let down the drawbridge! Sound the trumpets!


The Amazing Adventure Continues!!!

12-12-2004, 08:35 AM
Hello all!

Yes, its true... I am guilty as charged, could probably keep up my end of marathon gabfest even after my voice may give out...
:gossip: :gossip:

We imagined how much it would if somehow we could create a "conference call " of all of us Royals and then realized, we'd not be able to get a word in edgewise for all the laughter.... But pehaps we can figure something out....

The Viscountess is just as I imagined, very funny and quick witted .... In fact, she even spoke w/ DH for a moment or two and had him laughing out loud ....She in fact, is quite the charmer and its very easy to see why the band was so taken with her.... although I had NO idea this was a FREE job!
Sometimes folks just have to realize that sometimes it IS what you pay for!
And btw, Cerise, don't know why I didnt say this yesterday ( not enough time?? :lol: )
Those No Guilt cards ?? Just aren't about Food Guilt.... nope... you can use them for ANY guilt whatsoever...

Just a sec, need to start a load of wash so I can post more w/o guilt myself ( gets a flight of stairs in at the same time!)....

12-12-2004, 09:23 AM
Thanks for starting the new thread, Kaylets! I like the idea of us sprinting gracefully toward the end of this year. Anybody still do new year's resolutions? Got any to share? I know mant people who simply don't believe in making them, but I love the idea of a fresh new year and another chance to get it right!

Cerise, sounds like you handled things beautifully and your brother-in-law is wise indeed. Not to mention it's nice to know that Queen Kaylets is so wise,[as if there were a speack of doubt!] so don't be surprised, K., if you start getting calls at all hours from Queens in Crisis.
Interesting idea about the difference between being professionally involved and personally involved, huh? And I didn't know you going to do it for free either. I know it'd be sooo hard to tell someone that I simply don't care for the kind of music that they love---to me that'd be the very hardest part. Frustrating to keep voice-mailing back and forth. I'd say to not feel obligated to call back since you've already voiced your reasons in your message---be assured that he's going to try to talk you into it. Not because he's a jerk or anything, that's just what humans do. ;)

Speaking of doing what human beings do, I'm going to have breakfast! We really try to ramp it up on Sunday mornings, so we're having sweet potato pancakes with sauteed apples and date butter, some veggie sausages, and maple coffee..... :coffee: What are you having?

12-12-2004, 10:47 AM
Ok, Timer's set again....

Now you've gone and done it Q Eydie! Sweet Potato pancakes like Latkes???
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you grate them by hand?? OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I ever mention those kinds of foods are part of DH's heritage???

I too need to have breakfast but you've made me think a baked sweet potato would be delish... and yes, maybe I'll add some apple too.....

Oh my.....

Q Eydie-- You speak in jest but perhaps a phone in show like Frazer but w/ all the Q's offering advice and answers to questions would be a good royal enterprise?? Very royal!

Well, inbtwn my back and forth to this post, I emptied a box I thought was one thing and was happy to find some pieces I think will find buyers on Ebay... and then in a forgotten bag, found a couple of th ings DH and I have been looking for....

Just goes to show you....right in your own backyard sometimes!


there goes the timer again..

12-12-2004, 01:20 PM
Well, my NY's resolution is the same as always, REACH 135 POUNDS!

Got to do better this week ... Foodwatchers, you will see much better food logs from me this week.

Yea, :queen: E, I need to get into that exercise groove also.

:queen: K, thanks for the new thread.

I am working (e.g., writing up everything I didn't get done last week) ... this is the thing I really don't want to do anymore, so I'm also proposing a NY's resolution for ALL of us that we don't do cr*p we don't wanna do in 2005.

Anyone with me on this?

Also I'm resolving to stop procrasting so much ... that probably won't work, but I'll resolve it anyhow.

I'm resolving to help keep the foodwatch thread going (along with the other posters there) ALL YEAR LONG!!! No one is allowed to drop out ... lifetime membership is mandatory!!!!

Back to work now.

12-12-2004, 01:24 PM
Hmmm. Don't know about a conference call ... some guy asked me to do that for a story yesterday and I said no I don't do that ... what about sharing voice mail messages now and then?

Sorry I didn't respond on the address list ... a few :queen: s have my addy but with key loggers everywhere, I'm afraid to even type it on my computer ... I think we should update the email list, though ... whenever someone doesn't have anything else to do! :s

12-12-2004, 01:27 PM
Hmmm. Speaking of keyloggers ... this morning I received a spam email with the word "Crump" in the address ... remember how last night I was going on about Andy of Mayberry and Miss Crump?

Sheesh ... there's no way to get these out of my particular operating system.

Doesn't matter, though.

I need to stop typing and type for work.

12-12-2004, 01:29 PM
Well, ps again ... hope no one thought it strange about the Andy ramblings ... not sure what was going through my head ... I'm getting very wierd.

12-12-2004, 02:05 PM
No Kaylets, my pancakes were'nt like latkes, more of a traditional flapjack just with some well-cooked sweet potato added, and man, were they good! :eating2: No reason you couldn't do sweetpotato latkes though. I made latkes with grated zucchini this summer and they were good.

I'm with you, Empress, with a resolution to be more real with my dealings with myself and others, and to get back into my exercise groove. It's curious to me that since I cut back on sugar that I don't exercise as much anymore. Maybe the sugar was making me all compulsive about it---because many days I'd exercise for 2 hours or more. Still, I want to break a sweat every day. I walked 3 miles on the treadmill so far today, at a very spritely pace I might add!
I don't think it's odd at all that you mentioned the denizens of Mayberry. Hey, I'm the one that went to Mayberry Days this past September!

Cerise, check in. Hope you're feeling strong today! :)

12-12-2004, 03:46 PM
Hello all!

Did a some c*** stuff too... took a nap...
Dh is still at work-- he's hoping to be done shortly and I could tell he was sounding weary... We bowl tonight which might be just what he needs...

I need to run out and pick up a perscription and dash into the grocery store..
It is very raw outside... forecast says snow possible in the Poconos, but sure feels like it could be here too...


12-12-2004, 05:46 PM
Thank you, Your Majesty, for leading us through vale and glen (on our spirited horses) to our new dwellings. It's lovely and new here.

Breakfast: Eggs over-medium and yummy baking-soda drop biscuits. Ramon also had a cup of hot chocolate and I had a nice cup of Tazo chai.

I'll be back to respond and update, but I'm feeling really OK today. How could I not, when I had Ramon, Nathan, Kaylets and the rest of my friends telling me I was not fiend yesterday? The Viscountess is at peace...

12-13-2004, 01:11 AM
I've just come home a from grocery/cat supplies/video/thrift store errands run. Ramon's at work kind of late tonight, but he's got music to play and two of his favorite employees are there with him for the duration, so I think he'll be OK.

He's trying to cut down on white foods and amp up (UP, see, Kaylets? :D ) his proteins, so I got him some different organic yogurts to sample, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese sticks for him (oops - bought some ciabatta bread to eat with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, too, which he can't resist. Sh*t.). I also found some Silk brand soy yogurt - can't wait to see what that tastes like.

I go to this local little pet supplies store for litter and food. I love living someplace where you can frequent these teeny stores and actually get to know the people there - if only there were someplace I could find a bloody dishpan around here. I melted our old one... :rolleyes: I also went to a local little thrift store to find a new dishpan and came out with no dishpan but some "new" pants. Hurrah! I needed casual pants so badly. One's a pair of Levi's 560s with a 42" waist (men's). :yikes: Ooch. At least I have a pair of jeans again. The other pair are these cool dark gray tyvek cargo pants with red accents - lots of zips and pockets and little elastic pull-tight thingys. They've got room to shrink (my belly needs to shrink, I mean) up top but both pairs are baggy in the leg, which I love. I have new pants!!! I'm lucky - there's never anything in the women's section for a big girl, but since my torso's so short I prefer to wear men's casual pants. Lucky, lucky Cerise! :smug:

Now it's time to do the dishes and change the sheets, then it'll be time for Monchis to come home.

Um, Kaylets, stow the chatterbox thing. You'll have these fine ladies thinking that I couldn't get a word in edgewise during our conversation, and nothing could be further from the truth. God's teeth, woman! It was almost quite the reverse. I'm just glad you got a chance to talky, knowing my mouth. And no one on the face of the earth - not even my Mother - has ever called me "quite the charmer". Help me, god. There's no popping my ego now... :encore:

Eydie...thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. What a wonderful paragraph you gave me to chew on. Thank you. You're such a steadfast, loyal friend. You've almost singlehandedly restored my sanity and my faith in myself again. You and the royals and my brother and husband and those new pants... :lol:

Amarantha, no worries on that address thing. Your computer has impressed me over the long months with its seemingly diabolical nature. I think it stays up nights thinking of ways to get your goat.

Now, look, people. I'm glad that that silly holiday thread of mine is an occasional visit thing for everybody since that's all I wanted it to be. I just wanted it to be a pop-in place in case you're feeling all smushy about the holidays and want a place to unload - no pressure. But you have to go over quickly and see the pictures of my tree! They came out a bit blurry, I fear, or maybe it's the lights that just make everything look fuzzy, but they're still beautiful, I say with all due modesty.

Alrighty. Time to hit the kitchen with my pot of that french-press coffee I like so much (decaf, Kaylets!! :p ). Love to you all.

Waitwaitwait...I wanted to laud Eydie and Amarantha for their NY's resolutions. Good ones, esp. the one about "keeping it real" with ourselves. I'm going to shamelessly adopt the resolution my therapist, Maria, told me of that changed her life. I will spend this year never letting fear keep me from trying/doing anything I want to do. Fear of embarrassment, awkwardness, whatever. If I want to do something (even something like going into a hip thrift store full of thin people) or try something I think I might be interested in or want to connect with someone, I won't let my myriad litany of fears of what might happen stop me from doing it. Like calling bands, learning to dance, trying yoga again. Things like that. It's a bit ironic in light of my recent musical imbroglio, but I'm determined to give it a try. Avanti! Kettle is ON.

12-13-2004, 01:58 AM
I HAD to take a picture of these bloody pants and send it on. This is me in no makeup, mind you. You can hardly even see pants, too dark. Oh, well. Here I am, warts and all.

No, I'm not posing, and NO, I'm not holding my stomach in. :mad:

Don't I look KEWL?

12-13-2004, 08:01 AM
Hello all!

Yes! We are the best Royals I know! Best by far! And just think, we have so many other fine Royals yet to meet on our Amazing Journey! We are the brink!
Of what, Kaylets...of what....?? Aren't the possibilites tanatalizing???

Been noticing something very interesting....

DH's extra hours at his job are partly becuase he has the certification for the task BUT so do a few others.... The gentleman who pushed DH to the front of the list is really responsible. Dh has known him for nearly 12 yrs and the two often hangout at the coffee pot, do lunch but the lifestyles are completely opposite.
When the extra hours opportunity presented itself, DH felt he owed his friend a real Thank You. Accidentaly, we found a gift the friend could use many times a day .... the gift also had his favorite team logo on it... the gift was less than $30 but actually a very nice piece w/ a life time warranty and even collectible in some quarters... DH gave it to the friend yesterday as a thankyou--- and the friend couldnt believe his eyes as the logo is not the usual logo, its an alternate that the friend must really like... because he lifted his pant leg to show DH a TATOO of the same logo !! What are the odds of us making such a bullesye!!??!!
Immeadiately, the friend shared w/ DH an opportunity the friend had been keeping to himself for a few months.... w/ a verbal promise of sharing the same w/ DH........

Then last night, DH and I finished bowling early. ( other team was a no show)... we had
said hello to a DF earlier in the evening but at the last minute decided to stop and say goodnight too.....
In conversation, DH told the DF that we had decided that since Ebay was so glutted this year w/ sellers, we were bringing back some merchandise so that the bowling shop might not miss out on sales.... Seems as though our honesty was rewarded as the DF shared his plan for a dream opportunity that literally had DH speechless... as the DF included DH in the opporunity.....

Now what I find most interesting is that in both situations, DH and I were only doing what our natural instinct suggested... in the first situation.. that a physical gift expressed better our appreciation than just the words.... and in the 2nd case, that since we couldn't make any sales for the DF, that to admit now and return the items rather than wait till after the holiday .....

Deepak Chopra talks about how a study was done to see the effects of fatty foods and heart disease on rabbits... All the rabbits were fed enormously high fat content diets. All but one group immeadiately showed the expected heart related issues.... everything was exactly the same except that one group in question were picked up and held for a few seconds by the research assistant in charge of that group of rabbits....
No one else was picking up or showing any type of kindness to the other rabbits.....

I could go on but the clock says time to go....

Have a great Monday all....
I've made your favorite!

PS.. Cerise! You do look KEWL!


Thought of the day :

"If you follow the herd, you are going to step in sh**"

Question of the day :

"Pick two people, past or present, fictional or real that you'd like to spend some time."



12-13-2004, 09:12 AM
Brevity mode.

Your tree is beautiful Cerise! Mine just got finished last dear friend came for dinner and helped me with it...I have trouble with the ribbons...and she is good at it. Follow your instincts with the've gotten lots of good advice on this one. The pants look great too!

Thanks for the new thread :queen: K!

I still need to look at those house picts...I'm gonna do that right now!

:queen: A...I've begun previewing my email online...through my servers' web mail. I can blacklist addresses from there and that is what I've been doing...I'm getting way fewer spam all the time! Then I chose which emails I bring into the drive....mayhaps this is an option for you?

:wave: to all! Wsw, how thee'd be?


12-13-2004, 09:28 AM
Wildfire.....very nice...classy. I like it!

The baby is cute too....I just picked up all the links I'd not gonna read the skinny post from Arabella now.

Ceara :wave:

12-13-2004, 10:13 AM
Super brevity mode as I still need to write a major story before going to gym and then working in mountains until late in evening ... just wanted to say HI to all ...

Cerise, you look smashing in your jeans!!!! Huzzah!

Ceara, I try to do the email online as much as possible ... it's just that it's a lot slower and I still see so much of the spam with words that echo what I've typed ... here especially ... but online I can do a one-click reporting of the spam and that's satisfying ... the known spam folder also stops hundreds of things before it reaches my inbox ...

But yea, I am frustrated with not so much my computer as the ISP ... oh well, gotta go.

Hi to WSW!!! :wave:

12-13-2004, 01:51 PM
What a lovely new thread. It is amazing how fast it got to page two. At any rate I have had the martian death flu since friday night. today i am back at work but feeling decidedly wonky. I made the mistake of eating some food of the nonliquid variety last night and it was not a very good idea. Now that I have mememed for a bit I am going to go back to wallowing in my disease induced misery.


12-13-2004, 02:29 PM
Ew, me too. Still sick and editor's having a crisis so I've still got double-loads of work this week. Am feeling zenish, though. I can do what I can do and won't stress over what gets left by the wayside. Having a dinner party for DH's 56th on Thursday and will get ready for that over the next few days, in between times. Responding to you all in silently! Pls. imagine me saying extremely witty and/or wise as suits the case in question. Oh -- lost 1 more pound at WI, which means that next week when I lose again I can actually change my sig (which wasn't adjusted for the 3 pounds gained in the fall --- why are they so much easier to put on than take off, I ask?)

Love to all, mentioned or un-, lurking or present.

12-13-2004, 08:06 PM
Who is that chic chick in the FAB pants?? Of course it's Cerise...the coolest Viscountess in in the royal glen! Excellent find on the pants, my dear! I like to shop in the little stores, too. Try to help out people trying to squeeze a living out of their own business with places like Wal-Mart down the road...but we won't go to WallyWorld in this post. :) You and Ramon have me thinking about smuggling a smallish tree into my apartment. So when I get taken away I'm going to tell them, "It's Ramon's doing! He HAD to have a real tree and influenced me to do wrong!!" :D

Kaylets, can you tell us more about these opportunities that have presented themselves? It all sounds rather intriguing.

ceara, I'm sure the house looks much better to me than it actually is because it's MINE. I've been waiting many years for own my house. You have a tree up too? I'm starting to think I'm the only scrooge in the palace....

SeeCat, I hope you get over that Martian Death Flu quickly. I hear it's nasty this millenium. :stars:

Arabella, congrats on the loss! Every bit counts! :goodscale

Eydie, the pancakes sound yummy! :eating2:

Amarantha, it's really a shame that you have such problems with this site. Not fair! :rollpin:

wsw, hope you're doing okay! :wave:

Where is anagram? Did we lose her in the move? :mag:

12-14-2004, 01:45 AM
Hello, dah-links.

I've got the lights on (especially the colorful, twinkly kind on the tree) the KETTLE IS ON and Her Majesty Barbra belting holiday songs on the cd player. Ramon and I just watched an intriguing movie about two married/best friend couples - one breaks up rather horribly and they go their separate ways, leaving the other couple wondering what the **** will happen to the foursome. It's called "Dinner With Friends" with Toni Collette, Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear and Andie MacDowell. Great cast. We liked it a lot, though the parts where the husbands are complaining about infurating things their wives do to make them feel about an inch tall landed a little too close to home - made me squirm a bit, especially when Ramon would grunt in sympathy. Oh, dear. Now the viscount is in the shower, his cocoa water heating up, and his wife is wondering how one goes about loving your spouse better.

Tonight's kind of nice because I've decided to take a mental health day tomorrow. Sort of a post-weekend, pick-up-the-house, get your brain in order kind of day. Fortunately at the company I work for people take their time off and sick time very seriously, and no one raises a ruckus if you call in sick, even if it's not a convenient time. Nothing's happening tomorrow, so I'm out of there. And I'll have a chance to watch a matinee of Blade III - a guilty pleasure of mine, gory vampire movies. :^:

Wildfire, Ramon would be delighted to find that he had influenced someone beyond the bounds of propriety or practicality. Damn the torpedoes, GET THAT TREE!!! :hyper: So, when you're all settled in you'll invite us to the housewarming party, right?

Arabella, imagine you being witty and/or funny isn't a hard thing to do, trust me. So, the hubby's going to have a birthday, huh? And you're zen-ish, doing what you can do and no more. Wish I could take a page out of your book, luv. I guess meditation would be a place to start... :D

My dear SeeCat, at least you get on this thread, however briefly, when you're in the throes of the Martian Death Flu, poor thing. When I'm sick you don't see me for dust around here. Get well, dear old thing, and for God's sake try to get at least a raw egg or two to stay down. Oops, just kidding. OK, that wasn't funny. Eh, hope I didn't set her off again. :foot:

Hi, Amarantha! Om Shanti. :wave: Yes, I do look nice, don't I? Except that the pants are just a wee bit small, so the men's waist keeps hiking up. Ramon came home, admired them, then flatly told me that he might have seen camel toes for moment there. So the pants are a five-pound reward away. Sorry for the overshare. :rolleyes: SOs keeping it real...

Ceara, I hear you on the ribbons thing. I'm the bow-maker at work, since it got out that I used to work in the floral department of a crafts store. I'm OK at them, but only because I actually like to fuss and pluck and poke and munch at them until they look lovely. Most people, just as capable as me, have much better things to do, I think. :dz:

Kaylets, there you have it! Synchronicity, serendipity, plain old good friendship and well-loved rabbits! It all falls into place. Of course you're the kind of people whom the cosmos would reward richly, because you and Dear Heart are lovely, lovely people who give heartfelt gifts out of love to unsuspecting friends. I could tell by talking to you and him. Yes, your mysterious opportunities do sound most intriguing. You haven't been invited to join the Moonies, have you? :tired:

QOD: Let's see, Robin McKinley, my favorite author (a kind but acidic and very gruff, down-to-earth sort of antiheroine woman), and Lisa Gerrard, a composer and singer that I'd give anything to emulate even a little, in voice and in creative ability. She composed and performed the soundtrack to "Whale Rider". I think we'd be an interesting threesome, though sadly I've picked companions where I'd be the least smart and least creative of the bunch. Still, stimulating. :^:

Eydie, my dear, how was your Monday? And how are you two, wsw and Punkin?

Love to all,

12-14-2004, 07:39 AM
OK, you lost me...
I have no idea what camel toes refer to... Generation gap type of thing? I betcha...but then maybe not....

And hee-hee... didn't mean to sound so mysterious... employment opportunities.... enticing possibilities....

Cold weather came screaming in w/ strong winds.... I really can envision doing the layered thing all winter.... Not sure if the weight loss, age, hormones or what .... Its amazing to me how much I feel the cold this year....
In fact, right now, I have 2 tshirts w/ sweats on ....


Hoping that our quiet Royals are ok and know they are in our thoughts. I am sending positive energies to all directions. Your spots near the fire are waiting for you, the butler just did the white glove test for dust and all is ready !

and just for fun, I have finally begun a new experiment .... and luckily all my energy thinking about it seems to be remembered....I am experimenting w/ growing my own bean sprouts...
Its satisfying a couple basic needs of mine... another "thing" I don't have to buy....and the instant gratification is very exciting....

Oh, and btw, becuase of the live phone call this weekend, I found out DH had no idea what the posting shorthand was about... I explnd the most common defnition for DH but that I always think in my mind "Dear Heart".... and his repsonse was ... "Oh, how do folks know you don't mean "Di** He**" ?? Which of course, never occured to me until he said it.... and I guess sometimes that's what I will now think....!!! :lol: :lol:

Today's thought of the day:

"It's not the distance, but the direction you travel that makes the difference."

Question of the day:

"What is the longest you've ever gone w/o bathing and why?"

Must be off!

Oh, and ps, scale showed exactly last week's loss as a gain this week....

HEEE HEE HEE........universe is having fun w/ me....


12-14-2004, 07:43 AM
Amarantha, we'd love to see your artwork! Any chance of that? :^: What's happening with your journal in the other kingdom? I checked for it yesterday.

Cerise, very kewl indeed! I want to see the cargo pants too. Everytime I see cargo pants in the store, I always pat them but never buy them---something about them just doesn't look right on my frame. A shame, because I love all those pockets and zippers!

SeeCat and Arabella, feel better soon. Drink lots of water!

I'm taking the day off too. My best friend's coming over and we're going to spend the day together. It'll be our last window of oppotunity before her kids and stepkids get out of school for Christmas--so the filth will fly today!

12-14-2004, 04:55 PM
Still sick, still working anyway. I am so tired of crackers and gingerale. At least starting tomorow things will slow down.

cerise - the pants look awsome in the pic. I suppose it is better to know that you might have some ct action than to not know. too bad there is no such thing as reverse suspenders than kept pants from creeping up.

arabella - I hope you are feeling a bit better.

kaylets - i grow my own sprouts sometimes and really like it. they end up so much fresher.

Wildfire - I laughed pretty hard at the wallmart thing becuase i was just on another site and there was a popup that just said WALLMART on a blue background and nothing else. it was just so vaguely creepy.

QOD: rather longer than I care to admit. I have done some traveling and camping type stuff that made bathing impossible, or at least very difficult, for longish periods of time.

12-15-2004, 07:48 AM
Hello all!

Still windy and cold.... In fact, by 7:30 pm last night, all thoughts were only how fast could I get under the covers and close my eyes... Dh too, so we called it a night and both played catchup this morning....

Well, here it is the 15th-- time for really bearing down and multitasking the gift/mailing list.....

Still cannot find a big box of gifts.... this year I was doing unisex for many and do have an alternate but the question still is.... WHERE IS THE BOX!!!

SeeCat-- which beans/seeds have you spouted?? I have a little brochure that mentions a few I knew about but also lentils... Never occurred to me but now I think, why not??

Ok, I've run out of time....

Take care all...


Thought of the day :

"You can easily judge the character of a man
by how he treats those who can do nothing for him."
--- Malcom Forbes

Question of the day :

"What is a good question for today?"



12-15-2004, 08:23 AM
dazed and confused from too much time in the land of Christmas. Am having an absolute ball this year and loving it all. Partly I think because #1 I don't have walking pneumonia as last year #2 dh isn't just out of the hospital as the year before and #3 I'm not getting ready to go to Florida for two months. Again so many posts - I must have been gone for a good while and I usually can't tolerate not being in the palace.

Cerise, dolly, so much good advice from our royal personages. Glad you're sorting it all out. LOVE your darling tree and your ornament. And your pants!

Eydie, how was that wonderful day off and time w/friend? Lunched w/friend of 42 years yesterday (first since March) and enjoyed as usual. Lunch w/friends again today, Friday to DDs to celebrate her b.d., two parties Sunday, etc. BTW, Eydie, you'll probably appreciate that tomorrow is DDs 42ND b.d. Close enough.

Ummm - I don't know what camel toes refers to either, Kaylets. But that's probably small consolation if it's a generational thing. Yes, this change in weather has been disconcering. I thought it was going to stay so nice all the way through until April.

Wood Nymph, See Cat - hope you're working your way to recovery. NOT a time to be under the weather. Hope the dinner party goes well, Arabella. And hope the Martian Death Flu is one my flu shot will protect against.

On the health scene, had strung together a few good days and liked yeterday's wt though it was not lowest ever. So of course, I blew it yesterday. Am aiming only not to gain until we enter the new land of 2005.

Feels good to be back in the Land of the Royals again. All warm and cozy and I hear my brekkie tea being made in the Royal kitchen by the Consort so off I trot into the merry land of Yule. (Sorry, Empress, I just love the holiday season! And let us know bro's reaction when he receives your great gift.)

12-15-2004, 08:47 AM
Good morning, Darlings! Just popping in to say :wave: I think I may be on the road to recovery. Seem to be able to breathe a bit better this morning. Will gradually do all the birthday party preparations over today and tomorrow. I think my best bet is to work a little/prepare a little throughout. Sometimes I actually get quite a lot done that way. Had a slight mishap with a couple of health-food rice crispy squares yesterday. They seemed much too sweet to me, but I persevered :rolleyes: Must keep wits, such as they are, about me. Love to all, and apologies for no personal responses.

12-15-2004, 10:11 AM
Hmmmm. Are camel toes the same as plumbers' crack? Just tryin' to visualize camels' feet....and certainly no harm intended to the Vicountesses' personage or image. You are beautiful. It just occurred to me that Ramon would see the side of the royal person that we didn't.

On the home still popping a lot of supplements.....when I remember. Trying to make this a daily routine. :s: Some days it is a dismal failure! Have negotiations starting tomorrow....contract...CUPE vs the Management. I have a head ache.

Many seasonal obligations...but fewer than there used to be...I'm less social I guess. Curmugeon...that's me.

Glad you are on the road to recovery Arabella.....nothing worse than being sick and not doing the stuff you want to.
You too Seecat....
Empress A, yesterday looked like a good one for you!
:wave: wsw!
Jeez Kaylets...a whole box!?! I hope you find them before husband got one of last years' present (that I'd hidden so carefully and forgotten) this October...I told him if I waited 'til this Christmas I might forget again!
Anagram...glad you've toddled out from under the mistletoe and checked in. It sounds like this is a good season this year for you. I think we need to nurture old friendships...when I look back and take stock...I don't have a great number of life-time friendships...always flux and change.

OH! Just got Di** He**. HUH. At least I think I got and ad....right? I always think Dear Husband...or Son or Daughter...Di**He** would be the CEO I'm negoitiating with tomorrow. Mr. suck and blow at the same time.

I've gotta go and make biscuits for the carol sing tomorrow night...we are having chili...after we would make things a mite difficult if we ate it before...might add more harmony..missed glottal episodes.

Twinkly lights sound good...I think that will be on my agenda for tonight after I finish work. Sit with a cup of tea and gaze at the tree.

Gotta run! Kudos to the sugar-free Eydie. What a woman!

Avanti! :wave:


12-15-2004, 11:28 AM
Yo, total brevity mode ... I want to go to gym and then shopping as am taking two days off ... consumed with art these days and finishing a portrait of ... somebody ... I don't know ... it's a man with a red tie ... he's supposed to be singing ... Eydie, I haven't been taking pics of my paintings ... may start and then will post some ... never like messing with photos on home computer as I do it for a living ... also I have to pay bills today ... something's wrong when paying bills counts as recreation one does on days off ...

The journal in the land far far away has been vacated by the Chief Diet Faerie in favor of the food watch thread here ... thanks, E and others who are continuing to post there ... I think it's a good idea to keep it going ... when we get enough pages we can do Foodwatch #2 just like a real 3FC club!!!! So let's keep going ....

Weight was up a bit in my weigh-in, but that's ok ... it's not as high as it was Dec 5 ... I'll do another weigh-in Sunday ... in meantime am sticking with the foodwatch thread ... it's a big help ... I am not trying to limit my consumption of anything right now ... just focusing on posting it ... not sure why that helps, but it does ... a lot!

Later ...

12-15-2004, 04:19 PM
Just a quick postie. I am feeling much improved. I now get ready to face holdiay temptations with my apetite intact, but somehow it seems like it will not be too bad. I just keep telling myself that I am too punkrock for (insert candy name here), and so far it is working. Plus work is so #*^$$%@# busy that I do not have time to snack. Speaking of which...back to it I guess.

12-15-2004, 06:40 PM
Quick postie also ... here I am enjoying my day off in solitude and just heard gunshots ... I need to move outta here in 2005!

Ok, bye!

12-15-2004, 09:17 PM
Hello all!

This sudden deep freeze has me weary...... :faint:
Watched folks on the ride home on the bus tonight and 98% were riding w/ their eyes closed..... we're all wiped....

Empress! Gunshots! yikes!
I know, I know, I am remiss on the food watch...

which, although I am still resisting all choc, baked goods, etc... it is starting to wear on me... everytime I go back to fill up my cup, there is something new to resist... yesterday a very large tin of Scottish shortbread, today, biscotti adn Guilyan chocolates w/ some assorted other temptations.. I went back b/4 lucnh and two of the very largest size Hershey Bars available for sale were added to the pile... And tomorrow is the cookie swap which I hear is turning out that very few are participating .... (yea!)...

But it is getting harder... especially since I forgot a big piece of my meals today...

BUT... I got thru it... just have to be aware that my quick-as-ligthening grabbing hand is still at the ready....
Amazing how the eye catches just a glimpse and the brain immeadiately envisions a laser aim, grab and eat....

The only thing to do is take a hot shower, and call it a night...

Take care all!

12-15-2004, 11:03 PM
I like the really good Scottish shortbread, also, :queen: K!

I don't think it was gunshots ... think it may have been an accident ... police and fire helicopters all over ... I'm going to attempt to post one of my paintings ... remember, I'm just doing this for fun and relaxation ... no pretensions to art!

12-16-2004, 07:27 AM
I like it, Empress! Is she the Blue Goddess?

Yesterday we had our staff/volunteer potluck at work. I had a piece of quiche just before it started so I didn't go into the fray ravenous. Did pretty well, I stuck to whole foods. And I didn't have any desserts, and no one noticed that I didn't eat much so that was good. All my co-workers have been very supportive of my having no sugar, so nobody's pushing it on me. Yesterday's party was really different 'cause I remember last year that I ate nothing but desserts. Of course it helps to pack along my own acceptable sweet treat too! You can bet I had that on the way home.

I have one more small luncheon to prepare today for a local group, then.....I'm done for the year!!!! :D Yep, this is my last day of work in 2004! I need a plan, I don't want to completely squander my time.

12-16-2004, 10:20 AM
Thanks, E! She started out as the Blue Goddess but became someone I know, it's called "Stella" ... I will be deleting the pic now in the interest of not using too much space and slowing things down on the thread! Hope I know how to do that ... remove it! :)

12-16-2004, 10:23 AM
Removed ... that was easy! :)

12-16-2004, 06:01 PM
Darn, I missed the picture.

Shortbread is one of those things that I love to excess if I even think about starting. All of the other baked goods sound marvelous as well.

Well, today has been a pretty low key work day for once. This means that I have not gotten nearly as much doen as I should have. In retrospect I probably should have taken one of my vacation days or something, but I tend to horde them so much (my own my precious) so that I can use them for an actual (though to this point purely theoretical) vacation.

I have been so well behaved recently that I think I can afford to have a little happy hour drink tonight. I am right now just one pound away from half way to goal, which is really as far as I expect to get before the end of the year, and actually far better than the mini goals that I set out for myself back in September when I started :)

I cannot believe that it is the middle of december already. I have to buy gifts still and there are so few days left. At least I have ideas for most of my list.


12-16-2004, 06:16 PM
Sorry, Seecat ... not meaning to leave anyone out ... just felt weird taking up so much space ... CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING HALFWAY TO GOAL!!!! Have a banana :cb: ... no shortbread!!! :nono:

Working tonight, I bought the only two gifts I need to give on Saturday and bought myself another book about painting ... finished what I was working on ... portrait of man with red Christmas tie ... he looks verra angry ... I don't know who he's supposed to be ... I'm going to try a still life next ... just copying a study of glass that's in the book I bought ...

Will be back later to post on Foodwatch. Very tired today, not making any sense ... didn't get laundry done and have no time now to do it ... maybe will buy new clothes and throw the old ones away ...

One of my birds died yesterday ... not sure if I posted about it ... the remaining little one has been sad and upset ... calling out for her buddy ... I went all over this a.m. looking for a mock plastic bird such as they used to make for parakeets (birds bond with them as if they are real ... I don't think they can really tell the difference) ... couldn't find anything but newfangled toys and a piece of cloth sold as a "bird buddie" for big bucks ... it was the wrong color ... so I got a small squeaky dog toy that looks a little like the bird that died ... it's a hedgehog but the right color ... hung it in little one's cage close to the favorite perch and squeaked it a few times ... went away and just checked ... little one looks lots happier and is sitting close to the buddy stand-in and chirping ... thank goodness ... made me sad to look at her before ...

Later, :queen: s!

12-17-2004, 08:02 AM
Hello all!

Glad to see you are doing so well Seecat! I am impressed!

Empress! I never saw the pic of your painting! Wahhhhh!!
I don't remember, do you have finches?? I only ask as I did at one time and know they are very social and do not do well alone... I had to get another pair to have in the cage next door so the 'widow' didnt feel too left out...
Don't remember if I had any luck w/ a 2nd "marriage"....

short story is the food is just a flood now at work-- we were getting emails every 30 minutes or so... "come check out the bagels..
icecream !!!
cookie exchange....

I actually ate nearly a pound of radishes I brought w/ me just to keep my mouth busy!


Thought of the day:

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."

---Dale Carnegie

Question of the day :

"What is the longest length of time you've been asleep?"


To everyone, I know you must be thinking like me, time to PRIORITIZE and triage the chores....

Here we go Friday, here we go!


12-17-2004, 08:13 AM
So sorry to hear that you lost one of your birds, Amarantha. I agree, it would be heartbreaking to see the other one pining away. How are the other critters?

SeeCat [or Molly!], that's great that you're going to be meeting this year's goal. That must feel really good!

Yesterday was strange. I was in a bad mood all day, kind of one of those "don't mess with me" things. Of course I couldn't show it though. For the first time in 3 months I wanted to eat sugar and a lot of it! I can't really put my finger on what was going on with me; just felt 'put upon' even though there's no truth to it. It'll pass, just a fluke in my brain chemistry, and it is that time of the month. Even had some negative self-talk going on in my head and that hasn't happened in a while. I feel better today. :coffee:

Shortbread.....I dearly love it too. I may try to make some today, sweetened with date sugar. I have a recipe for sesame shorbread that's really good. Mmmm.

12-17-2004, 08:25 AM
Kaylets, we posted at the same time. Great minds and all that! :) So, how are you feeling after your radish binge? Good luck running the gauntlet again today. What's your emergency food?

The fudge that's lingering at work was really getting to me yesterday. I may have shared this already, but every time I see anyone eat a chumk of that fudge, I watch them. I can't help it! I watch their teeth sink into it, it looks so creamy. I'm happy to say that I haven't had any, but it's been difficult.

12-17-2004, 08:55 AM
Hang in there Eydie! A moment on the lips! (yeah I know) We had our Christmas Carolling thing last night...we go around to some of the senior people of the congregations' houses and sing to them....then go back to the church for chili. It was quite fun. Amd congenial.
A welcome break after the negotiations...which did not go well.

Think I might do some christmas shopping today....have another function tonight and tomorrow night...jeez.

So gonna run and organize my brain for the easy task!

:wave: to all....and have a great day!


12-17-2004, 08:58 AM
Oh yes, the picture was rather ethereal I thought...Unusual. I thumb nailed it but it was still a little little for details....Such talent in our midst!

12-17-2004, 09:40 AM
Hello, hello, and apologies in advance! Me-me-me-me (sung in croaky voice). DH's birthday gala went very well last night although I didn't manage to get everything ready in advance as I like to do and somehow usually seem to pull off for that one party. Oh well, I'm sure nobody but me cared much. Still recovering, and have a less hectic day today, just work (but no crushing deadlines!). Yesterday I had my monthly artist profile to write as well as the party to prepare for (ahhhh... that could be what caused the problem) and the day before had a funeral thrown into the middle of it. And two days of stress eating, I must confess. Back on plan today, though and will persevere.

The artist I spoke to was interesting. Very religious woman who believes we're in the last days and paints the most extraordinary, exquisite paintings inspired by apocalyptic visions. I could look at her paintings endlessly, and would love to have a chance to do so. She did give me two little books of her paintings and musings and I find myself looking at the images over and over. Hey, I just realized I can share! Here's an example (although the images here don't have quite the impact that they do in real life):

Speaking of art, AMARANTHA!!! What a talent -- I loved the blue godess painting -- so much personality. I really think you ought to try to make your living from your art :yes:

Eydie, let us think of that fudge as granular, over-sweet and under-flavored! I ate one of those huge chocolate almond bars yesterday and it was... all those things -- I am not the happier girl for it today and resolve to do better! I was cranky yesterday too, but I think that was mostly because I had all those preparations to do and was under the weather. Which meant that I didn't get started early enough and was behind.

Ick. Still very tired. Going to take it as easy as possible today. Maybe get a haircut -- the mop's starting to look a little shaggy and dorky. Not the look I aim for. :rolleyes:

Darlings, have a wonderful day! Love to all!!!

12-17-2004, 10:02 AM
Yowza guys!!! Super brevity mode ... horribly late ... sorry I deleted the pic ... will post it again sometime ... having so much fun with painting ... yea, it was a bit on the thumbnailish side ... thinking it might make a good avatar later ... but I like my diet faerie ... tried the ticker thing today ... 3FC now has it's own version that I gather is to make the threads move more quickly as we can do it here and it doesn't link to another site ... I had a neat one but my computer won't open it so deleted it ... a shame ... the instructions are on the "edit signature" pages ... it's nice of the sisters to create that for us ...

Re my cortisol connectivity management quest ... please see my postie today in the Foodwatch Club for details of yet another example ... this foodwatch thread is invaluable to me ... hope those who posted in the beginning will come back and join :queen: E and me ... whee! :yes:

QOD: I slept for more than 24 hours once ... but was in the hospital at the time! :cb:

Gotta go ... sorry for lack of responses and the me-meish ... oh, :queen: K, I have a parakeet ... one now ... have raised them all my life and me mommy before me! But determined not to do so anymore (tired of burying them) so poor little one now has to content herself with a plastic hedgehog for a friend ... which she's perfectly willing to do ... she's been cuddling with it and chirping at it ... every now and then I go in and squeak it and she gets all misty-eyed ... she's forgotten all about her buddy, I think ... budgies are fickle, but that's to the good as I don't want her to feel sad ...

12-17-2004, 10:04 AM
P.S., Arabella, I'd love to make my living from art ... lately it's consumed me ... thanks for your comments and thanks to all who commented on the painting ... I really appreciate it!

12-17-2004, 01:32 PM
Have y'all checked out the new 3FC tickers? Way easier to use than the tickerfactory ones (which I also liked but I am a sucker for the graphic representation of data). Plus it makes the board run faster to use the in-house ticker :)

I am tired today. Far more thired than I should be. O well.

Not much to say today, excpet hi.



12-17-2004, 02:05 PM
Hey, ladies.

Sorry I've been gone for a while. I have been home sick with the Martian Death Flu (dangit, Molly and Arabella, you gave it to me!!) for the last couple of days, and our home internet just doesn't work right now. It has the flu, too, I think, or some sort of virus.

I've missed you guys, of course, and perhaps I'll feel up to doing posties a little later.

Poor Sugar Busters out there, you're not going to like this...but I've discovered the healing power of sugar when I'm feeling ill. Honey and lemon tea soothes my coughing and sore throat so much - I drank large quantities of that and the spiced cider packets from the store yesterday, and kept a cup by my bedside last night - really helped! Why does sugar make us feel so crappy normally but fix our woes when we're sick?


Love to all - see you later.

P.S. Amarantha, I'm so sorry about your dear birdie. You've had them for a long time! Your news made me feel so bad for you as a former bird-co-habitor myself. It was so sweet of you to go get your remaining critter a friend. I'll be thinking of you and your animals today.

12-17-2004, 05:54 PM
Hoorah! The long-awaited holiday smilies are here! :D

My first day at "home for the holidays". It's been very pleasant---I wanted to make this a really stellar food day and so far, so good. And I got in a good workout too. I really want to get back into exercising first thing in the morning and will be working on that for the rest of the month. When I work out in the morning, it seems to set me up for the day, you know?
Nice to be away from work and the lingering fudge too!

Arabella, I need a haircut too. It's more than an inch long now and is getting unruly. Did I ever tell you that we actually use one of those Flowbee vacuum things to cut our hair? Works like a dream---really! I'm always getting compliements on my hair. Not to mention it's saved us thousands of dollars over the years. Yep, maybe I'll get Garry to vacuum my head when he gets home! :lol:

Off to the Foodwatch Thread!!! :D

12-18-2004, 06:53 AM
Yikes!!! Must get a grip, here. Three days in a row off plan. This cannot continue. I do hereby commit myself to Day 1, TODAY, of staying Core -- no divergences allowed. I'll only eat at the table when alone (that rule alone often keeps me on the straight and -- heh -- narrow, since I want to cozy up on the couch with my snack and watch TV or read), will stick to core foods, drink the water, get the exercise. Will report back, too. :yes:

Ah, Eydie, what a nice marriage you have! I could never get DH to vacuum my head in a million years. Oh well... I did run out and get a haircut yesterday and it's not bad, although reaaaallly short. Mmmm... probably two inches, though....

Cerise, sorry about that death flu thingy! Hope you're feeling better! Take care of yourself and tell The Ramon to cater to your every whim.

Amarantha, methinks you're on the road to making that change -- after having interviewed artists for a few years now, the common denominator seems to be that they are all consumed by it. I have impulses but I just plod along until they go away. Would give my eye-teeth to be consumed by the need to create art, rather than the stupid stuff I end up being consumed with. Have you been painting right along, unbeknownst to us, or is this something you used to do and recently restarted?

Kaylets, kudos to you, kiddo, on those radishes!!! Radishes are v. good for giving your system a spring clean, too. I resolve to follow your good example today. Raw veggies are a wonderful snack. I do know the need to keep the mouth busy -- before I dived off plan, I had a stressful day where I was alternatively chewing gum or drinking tea with a vengeance. Maybe I should try to avoid getting that stressed... :chin:

Ceara, your carolling sounds lovely! I intend to do that every year, maybe through the nursing homes with my sisters. Maybe next year I'll actually make it. This year one suspects that they wouldn't be keen on having me distribute the Martian Death Flu through the establishments, anyway.

Methinks I doth hear DH stir. Off to get tea... Love to all, mentioned or un-. thinking of each of you fondly. Let us take this day and do our level best with it!

12-18-2004, 09:44 AM
Ho, ho, ho and ho! Brevity mode as am finishing a painting to take to give to a friend this a.m. ...

Cerise, sorry thou be under the weather ... and yea honey be the best for a sore throat ... and it DOES have healing properties other than just the soothing texture and taste ... it's anti-inflammatory or something, methinks. Om shanti!! Thanks for the kind words about my late bird friend ... his name was Watson! :)

Arabella, thinking of thee as I am so much behind on writing for pay ... although thou seemingly never gets into that condition anymore ... I'll catch up tomorrow, hopefully. Re painting, I've done it on and off for years but only recently discovered acrylics, which revolutionized my feeling about the art and made me realize I really have talent (at least I think so ... doesn't much matter whether anyone agrees).

SeeCat ... I did try the 3FC tickers ... had a really neat one but it wouldn't open in my computer so I deleted it ... wish we could see the tickers in posts rather than a link, though.

Ceara ... caroling is such a lovey tradition ... I wish I could sing ...

:queen: K ... have a great day (that rhymes)

Wsw, wherever thou be, be well, good friend!

:queen: E, I posted my SOTUC Christmas challenge on the foodwatch thread because I'll report it there with my daily log if it's ok, please join me in creating a challenge there if thou pleaseth ... and anyone else, too!

12-18-2004, 04:29 PM
Hello all!

Although I thought twice about it, I did get up at 5 and was in the grocery store by 6-- had lots of ground to cover as I needed to get things wrapped, packed and to the PostOffice by noon....
Although I resisted for years, becuase of a tremendous find this summer, I am using paper gift bags... and was amazed at how much simpler.. and if you are gift wrap impaired as I am, a real boon. Every bag used looked just as nice full... not much I could do to spoil them...

Did also take advantage of those bags that you can log in their serial # and then hope the next person who receives it does the same and so on and so on... you can then "watch" how the bag is being recycled.....Too bad they don't offer a wider range of sizes and were some cheaper too... but I guess considering how they have the possibility of being used zillions of times.....

Flow bee maybe the answer for me too... I wonder... hmmmmmmm......

I too have been lusting after sugar....
and instead am overeating fruit....
should be more raw veggies...

so... I am off for a nap ....
just seems like the thing to do...


12-19-2004, 11:05 AM
Flyby, as working! Gained a pound but will lose it by Wednesday! Not surprising with the high cal count I've been getting recently ... lots o' cortisol floating around! :)

12-19-2004, 11:32 AM
OK, which of you :D s generously passed the Martian Death Flu to my dear DH? He's quite miserable at the moment and I've talked to dr. for prescription for him which I'll be heading out to get soon. We had quite an irritating discussion about whether or not I should go on alone to the two partis we had planned for today. I stood my ground and cancelled the second but may try the first for a short time. I HATE when we've planned to take guests and then have to back out but I do not want to go and leave him alone all day. Of course, he prefers to be alone when he's ill but there's just too much wrong w/him right now for me to do that. And I don't mind missing the parties at all - I've been signing us up for a good bit as I know he likes to do things even when not up to it. I like to do some, esp during holidays, but don't mind not doing either.

Were off playing with the princesses the last few days and am way behind on personal replies at the moment. Must take time to read/catchup. Later.

Came home to a message from doctor that his bloodwork not so hot again and they want to do more. Will find out more details tomorrow. So also makes today's symptoms even more distressing.

More anon.

12-19-2004, 11:58 AM
Hello all!

Stayed in bed a till almost 6:30 watching the biography channel... never got my nap yesterday so I felt justified this morning.

Then, DH had some small issues including he needed new pillows and he meant now! So... off to the other big store as the Big W would be just too crowded... and now I am back...

Fog and damp this am... possible storm moving in this evening... we have our bowling league holiday potluck.. DH's 'baked ' crockpot beans have been cooking since noon yesterday and I promised an apple dessert... luckily, the veggie store had macs cheap, cheap , cheap... I am just going to throw together an apple/cranberry something w/ an oatmeal topping and be done...

Have about 3 more packages to get out for DH to take the postoffice tomorrow... still loving the gift bags...

Holiday cards just don't seem to be getting done this year... ah well... maybe late ..

Time to set the timer for a few more chores...
Got some nice looking escarole yesterday so I just put on white beans for a quick soak to make white bean and escarole soup... ....

Anagram-- Hope dh recovers quickly... and you're right... sometimes its nice to stay home ....

Ok all.... take care...

Ready ... set...


12-20-2004, 01:26 PM
Only two more gift to buy and I am done with the christmas shopping.

Wow, I never realized that the flu could be transmitted via the internet, but the number of sick folks just could not be a coincidence.

Hmmm. The tickers show up on the message board for me and not as links at all. I wonder if it is your settings Amarantha?

I am eating marginally better than I want to and marginally worse than I should. Just trying to maintain through the holidays now. The big news is that I am actually going to start to get some real exercise. Shocking, but true.

We had an ice storm last night. I slid my way to work and was the only person here for the first half hour becuase everyone else lives farther away. In the summer I can even walk to work (although it takes about an hour and a half), but in the winter I drive becuase I am a wimp and it gets cold. The rest of the week it is supposed to be below zero (farenheight) so nasty stuff out there.

I also haev not sent holiday cards. I was supposed to do them with my sister, but she jumped the gun and sent her cards out early andI just lost steam.

Back to the grind.

12-20-2004, 01:39 PM
Good Monday, my dears.

Ugh. First day back at work after having gone through the Martian Death Flu and survived. God - I'm better for the most part - have the lingering snot thing and all that, but I sort of feel like I've been beaten with a stick. I think it's because when I'm recovering I get into this proactive thing where I run around and clean things. Very weird. I actually cooked a good dinner Saturday and Sunday night for Ramon and cleaned up after myself both nights - dishes and everything! Cooking dinner is uncommon for us, but cleaning up afterward is unheard-of. And the fact that we ate it at the table both times instead of in front of a movie is a miracle. I'm trying not to anxiously hope that this little two-day trend will go on, but it was so GOOD for us (Ramon's had stressful days at work - good old retail at holiday time). Maybe it'll stick.

Phew. I'll be back later, I think, but I'm going to get up and run around the office for awhile to wake up.

Anagram, anxiously thinking about your DH today... :^:

12-20-2004, 09:15 PM
hello to all royal ones! i have missed you all very much, and have been thinking about you. i have had a bunch of ms technical difficulties, plus lingering flu and bronchitis which have kept me away for too long. i have lurked when possible, but am not anywhere near caught up on how everyone is doing. i definitely have not been doing well with food lately, and am taking a fresh start card. i just wanted to check in and say how much i have missed you all! take good care.

12-21-2004, 04:28 AM
So here it is, the middle of the night, and I'm wide awake. The last few days have been so busy that I crashed in my recliner from about 8 last night until after eleven, went to bed at midnight and finally got up about 2:30. However, it's given me time to read and post so I guess it's not all bad. Hope to get a few more winks in before daylight.

DH is feeling better a bit after two days of antibiotics and practically non-stop sleeping. My diet is a NON-DIET at the moment.

So good to hear from you, wsw, and hope you continue to feel better bit by bit. I'm sure the bronchitis and all have also taken a tollbut hopefully that'll be it for this winter.

Glad you'e coming out of the woods too, Cerise. And you, too, dear Wood nymph. Nasty stuff.

Empress, there's a fudge recipe made w/splenda running around on the Dieting with Health problems thread. Looks good but not as tempting to me as if it were PB. Cream cheese based.

Eydie, so wonderful you get two weeks to luxuriate and refresh and renew. Hope you're enjoying.

And hail, Ceara, Queen of Calligraphy! Delighted in the title!

Well, I think I'm done except for cooking, etc. Baked two batches of cookies. First almost gone (dh but I did help). DH wouldn't eat veggie lasagna either, SeeCat but the two visitors love it so I'll do double cooking as necessary. Plus I have it ready ahead of time and they just eat as suits them and their crazy schedule as DS tries to squeeze in time w/everyone he ever met since kindergarten. Formal meals don't work very well here any more (if indeed they ever did).

I must clean up the "wrapping room" which is its usual disaster. Also do a few errands tomorrow - non holiday related - and pick up a few more groceries. Wednesday - cook/bake. Thursday - lunch w/friends. Friday - off to DDs and Christmas w/the princesses. Home Sunday probably.

Did get to the pool today despite our frigid weather. Wouldn't have taken much to talk me out of it. Planning to go Wednesday as well but not today. So all is not a total loss.

I really am so into Christmas spirit this year.

Did have some bad news today. Friends lost their only child, an adopted fellow only 20 years old. Another friend lost her bladder to cancer. Seems always someone in more pain and it always seems exacerbated at this time of year. DH says I'm no longer allowed to read obits.

Think I'll go find some puttering to do as I'm still not at all sleepy. Maybe I'll have an early breakfast. But then of course, I'd need a second one (and maybe a third).

12-21-2004, 10:26 AM
Oh, good morning, all you best and brightest of :queen:s! Not feeling well AT ALL this morning. After two days of being almost recovered, yesterday evening and last night I suffered from what must surely be: a. The Martian Death flu; b: food poisoning; or c. way too many raw veggies yesterday. Still feeling queasy this a.m. so thinking it's more apt to be either a. or b. Thought it was just too many carrot sticks, but I've never had ill effects. However may have consumed more than was wise. The good news is, don't want to eat anything at all. Will attempt some plain yogurt when able. Another holiday party tomorrow night and I'm thinking I'll have dinner before I go and just not bother to eat there. Or drink. Although I may feel differently tomorrow and I certainly hope so.

Cards finally got mailed yesterday, so I'm thinking they'll likely get where they're going within "the holiday season." It's been lovely to receive them!

Amarantha -- fear not: it isn't that I never get behind on my writing for pay, simply that I've completely given up the idea that I'll ever get caught up. :rolleyes:

K, must go. Will limp through today, resting when I can and hope to be totally back in the land of the living tomorrow.

wsw, so glad you stopped in. And so happy that you're starting to feel better again :grouphug:

Kaylets, I know you've mentioned having ill effects from too many raw veggies -- have you ever had symptoms that lasted into the next day?

Anagram, also v. glad that your DH is responding well to treatment. And who cares about the diet at this point? Enjoy your Christmas!

12-21-2004, 12:22 PM
Managed another hour or so of sleep in the recliner and so far, feeling ok. But tonight will probably be another lost evening. Must get dh to keep me awake until 9 or so and then go to bed early and try to get a good night in.

Wood Nymph, so sorry to hear you're not feeling good again! 'Tisn't fair.

Demon Scale must be being good for Santa because, despite all, I haven't gained. Never understand this weight thing. Still not at "lowest" but at same point I was several weeks ago. However, the big FRESH START time is coming up and I'm committed to being at the starting gate, hopefully not too much heavier than now.

Got the wrapping room cleaned up. Think I'm going to take it easy for a while (nap???). Esp. since next thing to do besides errands and watering plants is doing the sympathy notes. I need to be clearheaded.

12-21-2004, 06:09 PM
O my, we all need to get healthy again right soon. You would think this cold weather would kill off some of the germs. Speaking of whihc, we are at a balmy 6 degrees right now, and it looks like we will be in sub zero land for the next three days. My DH is a bus commuter, but I am giving him a ride these next couple of days so he does not lose important apendeges.

There has been some yelling at work. Not at me or buy me, but at people on the phone by a coworker. Kind of scary. I am more an avoid conflict type of person.

Well, back to the exciting world of work. Work fact of the day: Arizona has lost 2138 units of governmnet subsidized affordable housing in the past five years.

12-21-2004, 10:29 PM
HEllo all!

Just seems like I've been WAYYYYY off kilter... the past 2 mornings have been starting off ok and then, b/4 you know it, I'm late and that's that...

This Martian Flu has got to be the worst... folks are beginning to cough and look bleary at work.
I am trying to avoid as much human contact as possible... of course, you then have to wonder how far can you really take that route... So, I guess it makes more sense to double the garlic in all the recipes and Vit C too....

Its a shame really, but I am looking forward to the holidays finished so I can relax a bit .... I am grateful I don't have any parties...

WSW!!! Hey lady! Glad to see you !! Hope you are feeling more like yourself very quickly....

In fact, that's for all of us...
Let's do that....lets all feel better in short order..

and no, Woodnymph....Ordinarily there is only one carryover the next day from too many vegetables... and that invariably happens first thing in the morning....

Cerise! You cooked and arent sharing what you made???
C'mon, royal minds need to know!

I need to call it a night....

take care all...

12-22-2004, 07:33 AM
AAAhhh! Much better. I did go to bed a few minutes before nine last night and it's amazing what a full night's sleep can do for one.

Today's scheduled to be a mostly cooking/baking day but I do plan to go to pool - then it will be almost a week until I expect to get there again so I'll have to work in some other kinds of exercising. Yesterday I mostly did stretches besides a walk around a dept store. I was sort of just looking but dh did some serious shopping as there's now a gift wrapped item under the tree.

Yelling, Seecat? I'd be cowering - not necessarily from fear but from embarrassment for that person. I too hate conflict - not disagreement but the noisy, irrational kind of stuff. And waiting for a bus in that kind of weather would be horrid. We're warming up a bit today and maybe back into the 50s tomorrow.

Rise and shine, Queenlings!!!

12-22-2004, 01:57 PM
Hello, Queens etc.

Sorry for my sporadic attendance of late. The Martian Death Flu has passed on to other victims but I'm left with lingering tiredness and a lot of snot.

Kaylets, you really want the recipe for Kale and Potato Soup? Why then I'll post it for you, naturally. It really is lovely.

Tonight is our last evening in Seattle for awhile. We'll be in Spokane (E. Washington) until Sunday evening, but my parentals have internet, so if I don't come in and say Merry Christmas you'll all know that I have no excuse. Lots to do tonight, including going over to an acquaintance's house (she was hit by a car and broke three bones in her hand) and making a batch of my famous spaghetti, eating with her and cleaning her kitchen. She lives alone and can't even open a can of soup right now, though I'm enough of a prig to wonder why anyone would eat soup out of a can anyway...

Then I'll rush home and do all of those little nasty things you feel you must do before you travel, including petting our poor cats a great deal (this is city living - we actually hired and are paying a cat-sitter to come over and play with and feed them) and doing last-minute finance worrying.

I will be back later (I mean it this time) to do posties. In the meantime, it's wonderful to see you, wsw, how's DH, Anagram, and how is your birdie doing, Empress?

Love to all - going to drink chai in an effort to wipe this frown off my face. :)

12-22-2004, 05:38 PM
Well, the holiday has settled in on the office and it is really quiet. The boss has left and will not be back till Tuesday, so the mice are all playing so to speak. Therre were vague rumors that the office would be closed next week, but it is not, which means that for the most part there will be a couple people sitting arround doing not too much. O well, at least I get paid.

Kaylets and Cerise - I hope you recover in time for Christmas. I think I have gotten through the worst, but now DH is getting sick.

anagram - yes, it is embarassing when the yelling occurs, but at this stage i am used to it. at first it was shocking, but now it is a little bit funny. the person in question has a reputation for being brilliant but more than a little nutty.

Well back to work. Work Fact: In order to afford a market rate two bedroom apartment in the Twin Cities a person must make over $17 a hour working full time. Can you tell that I am working on housing policy issues right now? Very depressing.

12-22-2004, 11:09 PM
Well, it's been a great day in every way but foodwise. Less said. Made veggie lasagna this a.m. for DS&DDIL when they arrive tomorrow. Went to pool. Made nut roll. Just feeling so full of that Christmas spirit. Going to head to bed and try for another good night's sleep.

12-23-2004, 07:59 AM
Hello all.

Very quick this am as just got a Fatal error message and who knows how much time b/4 my slow system shuts me down...

Will be sending positive vibes to all corners of the realm.... Thanks for the cards ! Really makes me misty to think that its only by posting and sharing we have become so close....

I WILL get my cards done ... hmmm, think I have a day off soon.... ! : )!

Have a good day all!

Thought of the day :

"Don't let life discourage you;
everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was."
--Richard L. Evans, American author and priest, 1906-1974

Question of the day :

"Will you leave your house in the morning w/o combing your hair? Brushing your teeth? bathing?
What if you were late?"



12-23-2004, 11:49 PM
Ho, ho, ho and ho! Been playing majong solataire for the past two hours to keep myself from either working or eating! ... Why can't I spell solataire? Oh well.

Very tired. This has been my Christmas day ... I need to do the paying writing for the next three days to get ready for Monday. Went shopping, finished another painting ... this one looks like Dick Van Dyke ... ate a lot (see foodwatch thread), went to gym (I always do now because I like their showers better than mine).

Sorry for the lack of individual responses ... braindead ... someone asked about my widowed birdie girl and she's doing fine ... I'm giving her lots of extra attention and she seems happy now ... likes her squeaky toy a lot ... has likely forgotten her poor buddy ... birds are somewhat fickle ...

SeeCat, even worse for Arizona, IMO, is all the desert it loses at an astonishing rate ... there's a great deal of housing going up, accompanied by bucketloads of Wal-Marts, identical drugstores on every block, etc., etc., etc. ... seems odd that affordable housing is down, but I guess it's because the houses going in are expensive ones ... dunno ...

Yes, I am braindead, so ...

12-24-2004, 06:22 AM
Ah, am loving the season. DH & DDIL here, leaving this a.m. and then we're heading to DDs. Probably coming home Sunday. Expecting ears to be worn out from happy shrieking tomorrow morning. DS et ux having a New Year's Day open house; already committed at sister's but (if weather's ok) I think she'll ok my going to VA instead.

So I'm sending merry vibes to all and wishing you all peace and joy. Back in a few days.

WOD - that would happen in only the most dire of medical emergencies.

12-24-2004, 08:47 AM
Happy Christmas Eve, friends! :D Wish I could catch a little of your holiday spirit, Anagram. I've been a bit depressed these last few days because I seem to have suddenly developed this raging case of TMJ. My right jaw feels like it's out of alignment and I don't know why. Sometimes when I chew, it makes a horrible popping/grinding sound. Makes my skin crawl! And it actually hurts most of the time. I know, a trip to the doctor is in my very near future. The only good news is I've dropped a couple of pounds because I'm not eating as much! Not very satisfying though, when you lose weight just because you're starving yourself. Maybe it's stress---but I didn't think I had anything that stressful going on in my life. Maybe it'll go away as quickly as it came on.

Speaking of that, I'm hoping that everyone with the Martian Death Flu had a miraculous yuletide recovery, and everyone that's traveling is cuddled in a bubble of safety and have plenty of healthy food available to them! And I hope that we all have a merry, stress-free Christmas! :D :D :D :D

12-24-2004, 02:36 PM
Hello all!

Hello all!
Well, it happened.Yesterday, one of the supervisor's brought in her annual gift... I've been hearing about these cookies since I came to work in June.She makes aprx 2000. She learned from her mom who was the first woman Head Chef at the state university here.
At first, the box she gave me sat quietly on my desk as I grappled with what to do with them.Then they took on a life of their own;no matter where I put the box, I would see them out of the corner of my eye.The 3rd or 4th time I noticed a choc chip cookie.You know what happened next.When it looked like the 3rd choc chip was the last choc chip in the box, I knew I had to do what I should have done at the beginning.
I closed the box and handed it to a coworker and said "Please, give these to your kid brother".She looked at me and said, " You arent even going to have one?" and I said," I've had 3 and need NOT to have any more.'
So all in all, I did ok;but wondered what the rammifications would be.

promptly became hungry,for everything but my lunch.So I ate all the fruit I brought w/ me and hoped the rest of the day would go by quickly.
Luckily, the office closed at 1 so I felt more in control knowing I was on my way home.As I pullied into my driveway, I noticed a box the mailman had left near the front door.It was marked "fragile".DH has a running gag w/ his sister w/ funny cards, pull my finger jokes, etc, etc.BUT when I opened the box, I realized DSIL had taken her Blue Ribbon mixing bowl out of the vault and sent us about 4 dozen gorgeous, homemade,still smelling fresh from the oven cookies(at least 6 kinds if not more).
DH had 3 or 4 and then told DS to enjoy and share w/ his date. And it was a relief knowing the cookies were gone....
But then, last night, the 'more, MOre, MORE !!!' kicked in.....
and I overdid the SF non dairy topping....
woke up at 5am to let the dogs out and the 'MORE!!!' machine was still on. I grabbed an apple and went back to bed & slept till after 9. Feel better now but a little thick tongued.
Do feel a little like almost being in a car accident.... that " what if..??" feeling of
screeching brakes stopping inches away from
the edge of a cliff.
I'm being a little dramatic, of course, but
have to admit this was an eyeopening experience about how much food affects me.
even when I DON'T eat it.

Eydie-- I hope you feel some relief soon... in fact, am hoping you were able to see a doctor today... sounds like sheer misery...

Empress-- I have lots to do as well... you aren't alone my lovely....

Ceara, Wildfire, Anagram, WSW, ( Cerise ?) -- You're cards have been recvd and are very much appreciated... Mine are late not only for the Royals but for nearly everyone... the Royal Mum and a few royal princesses were early but eveyone else's are in the works!

Need to run a few errands....


12-24-2004, 05:28 PM
Merry Christmas, :queen:s!

Having our turkey dinner tonight as DH is leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow morning to visit his parents in NC.

Looking forward to the new year and a fresh start in many ways.

Thank you for the cards - they are proudly displayed!

12-24-2004, 10:14 PM
Thanks, :queen: K, thou be right, I'm never alone because I have you and all the royals to turn to ... even though I've been quite remiss in not really doing a lot of responses lately ... just overwhelmed a lot and it's all I can do to simply post on the food thread (I have a very good day to post tonight) ...

Am just thrilled with my Magic Bullet set ... I posted about it a bit on the foodwatch (it's a blender with lots of cups) ... made one serving of soup for myself this a.m. with it ... frozen vege and a half can of lf & low sodium mushroom soup ... micro and drink with the same cup I blended in ... much better than the high sodium soup-to-go things I've been having ... made a smoothie last night ...

Eydie, sorry thou be plagued by TMJ ... mayhap it's an infection of some kind ... which would be easier to get rid of than TMJ ... hope thou (and all ailing royals feel better soon)

I can spell solitaire tonight ... how odd that I couldn't last night.

Didn't get as much work done today as I meant to ... did finish one story that's been blocking me so mayhap tomorrow and Sunday will be better.

Feliz Navidad, compadres! Not sure if that's spelled right either ... having enough problems with English.

12-25-2004, 10:24 AM
Hello all!

Hope everyone is having a good day...

Spent some time looking for a very special thought for today but it wasn't meant to be.....

I have some cooking to do... we are having an eggplant parmesean/lasagna w/ lots of vegetables on the side ...

I'm also going to make the apple/cranberry crumble I made last Sunday for the Bowling Pot Luck... it came out so wonderful last week I can't wait to repeat it!!

Here's today's thought:

Thought of the day:

Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for
then the journey is over and it is too late. Today, this hour, this
minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact
that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more
interesting because of them."

Robert R. Updegraff
Author of "Be Grateful for Your Troubles"

Question of the day :

"How many miles would you guess you've traveled this year?"


I'm making your favorite cup of tea, pull up a chair and let me know how your day is going!

12-25-2004, 03:14 PM
Hope all :queen:s are merry today! We had a lovely Christmas morning, although earlier than nec. I think. We'd been with my fam last night, singing carols until everyone was hoarse and then came home for special cheeses, crackers and port. DH and I woke up at about 6:30 after going to bed at midnight. I was going to suggest we go back to sleep but he was up and making tea and DS got up at the same time, uncharacteristically early too -- ordinarily he has trouble getting himself out of bed an hour later to get to work :rolleyes:. So we started with the stockings and gifts. Then had chocolate-walnut cinnamon rolls and lattes with Bailey's -- mmmmmm! Evil, but good! We went for a 6-mile walk, though ([i]where[i/] is that "patting self on back smiley?") We're just off to DSiL's for the major celebration now, dinner followed by games and more carols and etc.

Eydie, about your sore jaw -- don't know if this is a possibility or not, but I had a chronically sore jaw that felt slightly dislocated a few years ago, and realized that I was sleeping with one hand beneath my jaw, putting it out of whack. I managed to change how I slept and the pain went away. Also, a friend had the same experience... just thought I'd mention, in case.

Love to all, mentioned or un-

12-25-2004, 08:51 PM
Hmmm, you could also be clenching your jaw in your sleep, :queen: E!

Thought I'd mention that also.

I've made an executive decision to not work anymore until Monday, which will put me behind but I'd be left with no day off at all if I don't, which is not healthy.

So Feliz Navidad. Going to post on foodwatch now!

12-26-2004, 09:41 AM
Thanks for all the advice! Still uncomfortable, but okay. Haven't made it to see a doc yet, maybe next week.
Well here we are, December 26. Once again, it stuns me how Christams feels over. There's a radio station that i like that started playing holiday music before Thanksgiving, and I loved that, but by noon yesterday they were back to their regular programming, the holiday music suddenly gone! What's up with that? I mean, on Christmas Day----if there's ever a time for Xmas music, isn't it Dec. 25?! :dizzy:
So my project for this week is to somehow keep it going in my heart. The rest of the world may be ready to let it go, but I'm not! :D

No exercise for me the last 3 days---gotta get back into it today. Pilates and weights planned.
Food has been okay. Maybe a little wobbly. Let's just say that nutrition hasn't been at the top of my list, so gotta get that together today too---plus I haven't been able to eat that well.
On to breakfast. We got a waffle iron for Christmas and we want to try it out this morning! :hun:

12-26-2004, 12:32 PM
Was noticing this a.m. that the Winter Solstice really did come ... the sun was up noticeably earlier ... that's my holiday, right there!

Lost .2 and hope my foodwatch buddies will forgive me for crowing on that thread also ... am sticking with the under 1550 and AT LEAST 30 min of exercise ... have set new goals and plan to be at my final goal of 135 by June 18 ... or thereabouts! :)

I posted my breakfast drink recipe (with Magic Bullet) on the foodwatch and will be in and out of there sometimes to edit my report ... please be advised that I do NOT sell the Magic Bullet and am not advocating its purchase by any persons living or dead, nor am I spamming or otherwise doing any tacky internet thingies re that machine ... it's just my latest smoothie toy and I love it! :)

Henceforth, I shall refrain from uttering its magickal name and just post recipes! I've actually thought of running out and buying a second set to take on day trips for work, but must control myself ... it's kind of a pricey little guy ...

:queen: E, hope you get to the doc soon and get to the bottom of what's causing the pain ... [/color]

12-27-2004, 08:09 AM
Hello all!

Windchill has the temps just a little above 0 degrees-- have a dusting of snow but underneath in places, patches of ice.. wind is blowing hard... sure am glad the heavy grey sox are clean and dry.....

Forecast is predicting another storm too so it looks in the wings so ....


Q Eydie-- I sure was hoping you wouldnt have to but..... think its time to call the doctor/dentist...... sorry... I prefer not seeing anyone in the medical profession but only can tolerate so much face/mouth pain... just make sure they understand they are dealing w/ royalty!!! ;)

Must be off...

Good vibes to all points in all realms!!

Thought for today :

"This too will pass."

Question of the day :

" Is it true that laughter is the best medicine?"



12-27-2004, 08:44 AM
Wonder of wonders! I was able to get thru Christmas without indulging in sugar. Sidestepped cookies and chocolates and cakes, avoided it all! Of course it helped to have my own fruit-sweetened stuff closeby, but I didn't overindulge in that either. This Christmas has been very different for me. :)

12-27-2004, 12:52 PM
Oh, would I have had your perseverance, Eydie. Congratulations. Hope your pain has subsided.

I liked the advice of the Wood Nymph but carried even that too far. However, I'm back on track as of this morning (slimfast) and am going to brave this bitter weather and head off to the pool.

Christmas Eve, Christmas and St. Stephen's were really great days for me (Other than foodwise) and I'm still in a very content spell. Going to try to keep that going for a while and just improve it by harnessing me into the wagon and going at a slow enough pace this week so I don't fall off again (or at least not as hard).

12-27-2004, 04:54 PM
Hello, darlings.

So much for coming in and wishing my beloved royals a happy Christmas...and you know that I had no excuse! Humph.

I'm bleary, dehydrated and very homesick today. I'm consuming large amounts of Earl Grey tea to offset the tiredness and resulting grouchiness, large amounts of water to offset the tea and dehydration (it's from being off my water schedule for the weekend and also spending 4 days in arid Eastern WA), and going to have a hot bowl of pho and read my book for an hour in an attempt to keep homesickness at bay.

We had such a great weekend. We went into the mountains and cut firewood on Friday with Dad (Ramon and I) and his best friend, a log truck driver. I suffered sleep deprivation, sore muscles, fatigue, smashed fingers (no real injury but much squealing) and a respiratory setback from recovering from the MDF (Martian Death Flu) because of the heavy breathing in freezing temperatures, but I'm so glad I did it. Not only did I find out that I'm a born log-splitter (you should see me with an axe. Wish I had a picture), but Dad felt so...special that R. and I spent good time with him gathering his beloved tamarack to burn. We had a great XMas day with Dad, Mom, Ramon and my brother and dear SIL, opening presents, crying and laughing until I had to be patted on the back and given sips of water. Damn the coughing! Damn the Death Flu!

To be honest, I think most women can be good splitters - it takes a great deal of effort, of course (for those of you who haven't split wood), but it can be done. Oh, you have to be able to aim an axe (or maul, or whatever. There's lingo to learn) while bringing it down on a hapless log with all your strength and speed behind it, but even that's a learned skill. Dad and Ramon and Dad's friend were careful not to laugh at my first efforts.

So, we're back and I miss my parentals. My relationship with them, so stormy in my pre-21-years, has gotten better and better, and I love being around them, and I'm also a Mama's girl, so I miss my Momlies today. :^:

Onward! Anyone want to "Go There" and post NY resolutions? I can't help it - I believe in them no matter how it irritates people. Fresh start and all that. It's a good tradition, even if the whole thing makes us a bit world-weary and only a few ever keep them.

I kept one once. I stayed away from anything resembling fast food for a year. I helped that I also became a vegetarian that year...

Anyway, I'm resolving to not let fear stand in my way this year. If I want to try something, learn something new, sign up for anything, I won't let fear of what might happen, what people might think, what awkwardness might arise stand in my way. Is there a more succinct way of saying that? I want to get started on my list of things to do before I die, and my fears of the possible have been so far keeping me back.

And Ramon and I are resolving to save 5% of our net earnings. Got to start somewhere...


12-28-2004, 07:07 AM
aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Was at the end of a long post, backspaced to correct spelling and somehow managed to lose it all. I guess I was too wordy. I sometimes think I deserve some of these "edits". Can't go through it all again now. Sob!

12-28-2004, 07:44 AM
HEllo all!

Still very frigid but not as brutal as yesterday... in a few moments I have to get the car running ....

Short staffed at the office so also want to slide in early just to get the 'cushion" under me to calm the nerves....

Interesting weighin last night.... up nearly 5 lbs.... the immediate assumption was that I had "eaten holiday foods"... well, those 3 choc chip cookies I mentioned but I guess overeating fruits can really go in the same category...
I overate them in response to stressing about holiday food...But honestly, am really suprised at 5 lbs in one week.... it is full moon, it is the end of month, soon to be the first.... Somehow the explanation of "when you get this to close to goal and start to overeat, your body just GRABS " doesnt make sense to me... but either does gaining 5 lbs in one week....

And gosh darn it! If I had known I was going to have a 5lb gain I would have eaten a big pile of that homemade fudge!!

Ah well... enough... its water, its milk, its GOING to be gone!

Realized yesterday that its time to draw a fresh line regarding a relationship. I've suspected the road was leading this way but resisted.....But a few remarks "slipped" out yesterday that made me realize that my choice has been made for me. Its a DF who has become very unhappy for many valid reasons....
Interesting how chopping wood is a great analogy for the relief I feel in "mentally" relieving myself of this relationship....

Time to get the car warmed up!

And thanks Cerise for the question of the day!

Thought of the day :

"There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
--Edith Wharton

Question of the day :

"Do you make resolutions for the New Year?"



12-28-2004, 09:13 AM
Interesting question that...what are your New Year's Resolutions? On the radio this morning they put a twist on one good thing about yourself...and people seemed to be hard pressed. It is easy to be critical of oneself, and hard to be approving...I wonder why. I think I want to be gentler on myself in my self talk, and clean the house!

Kudos to Cerise and Ramon...the master wood choppers! Sounds like you had fun.

On the home front here all was as usual...we had the brunch at my parents..which was good. Gotta get that quiche recipe. And then dinner at the DH's family...I have to say that something I read somewhere on one of these boards struck a chord in me and I find myself repeating it often...Christmas and Thanksgiving are each only one day...not a six week eating excuse. Now for me that would be many more weeks, since our T-day is much earlier and therefore more perilous and fraught with danger. :D So I've caught myself thinking that as I reached for something and then stopped....

I've also gained a few pounds...notice it in the granny drawers first...but in the last couple days I've been getting myself back on the wagon...anticipate a gain this week at WI but then...hopefully it's a downhill trend!

Am going to work on some of the clutter areas in the house...did one yesterday and am planning the next attack!

Hi ho...back to work today too! Thank goodness I'm done at 5!

:wave: Take care happier with your selves.


12-28-2004, 11:49 AM
I totally agree, wood chopping is great and women can be very good at it. We heated with wood when I was a kid and so I had to do a ton of wood splitting when I was in highschool. Now I have a woodstove, but I am city-folk, so it is all pre-split. I have to get out to my parents house and do some wood for them. It will be good for me and save my father's back a bit.

That five pounds has to be some sort of anomoly, Kaylets. Now, I gained two but I ate like someone who is trying to gain two pounds. I ate the fudge. I am hoping that I shed one by new year.

Resolutions, hmmm. I guess I do not make resolutions really. I keep thinking that I should this year, but I never think of one thing that I want to resolve.

Amarantha: I totally agree about the AZ development issue. My degree is in urban planning, so I have a bias against sprawl, especially in water sensetive areas. The housing problem for affordable stuff is not a lack of production, but a loss of the affordability of existing units, which is this strange intersection of government funding cuts and a gap in nonprofit ability to fill the gap. But that was last week's task adn this week I am working on consumer protection stuff.

I just saw "the life aquatic" and I loved it, although there were people in the theater who appeared to hate it also. I think that if you liked "the royal tennanbaums" that is a good test. We tried to see it at two theaters, neither of which had recieved their copy of the film due to shipping errors before we found a place that had it. I also finally got to see the extended edition of Return of the King. Loved it. I am a really big geek.

At any rate, back to working. sigh.

12-29-2004, 06:21 AM
Hello all!

Wednesday already! Heading out extra early to attack some things on my desk that must go ....

Interesting yesterday afternoon when all my " approved snacks" were gone...
the thought kept coming back to me" Well, since the scale already shows an increase....what would another few pounds matter?"

Sugar demon? Fat cells fighting for survival?

I perservered but do wonder .....


Thought of the day :

"It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny."
--Jean Nidetch

Question of the day :

"Name 3 things you do well."


Thanks for question inspiration Ceara!!


12-29-2004, 02:13 PM
Hey, ladies.

Sorry I didn't show up yesterday. I was on the news websites grieving for the people in SE Asia. I was also up last night with the pictures running through my head.

Those poor people - why do cataclysms like this have to happen? What's the point, you know? Nature blows sometimes. You want to say, "All things happen for a reason" but today I'm saying Screw That.

Be back later...

12-30-2004, 07:51 PM
HEllo all!

Yes, Cerise, the news is just awful.... awful... Again, we are in the midst of history....

Empress-- Is it true?? We hear there has been so much rain your way that there is flooding??

Well.... if you were looked up about 1 pm yesterday and said "What the heck was that loud sound?" it was just me... no, I didnt really hurt myself... just my pride.... I fell SPLAT off the wagon... lots of choc chip cookies... homemade at least but still..... and now, my brain is still saying... "Ok, now lets go and get some... and then ... and how about???"

I need a hand climbing back up... and need to buckle up!!

Buckle up for safety indeed!!

Good news is that I have done the stairs two days in a row...


Thought of the day :

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but braver five minutes longer."

Question of the day :

"No telephone or no internet? which would you choose ?"


need to get some water.....and try and throw some clutter away...

Guess I might as well put some tea on too



12-30-2004, 10:58 PM
Hi, all! :wave: Got on here for awhile ... the site doesn't work for me sometimes, as thou knowest, so I moved my journaling activities to the diet land far far away ... really committed to posting food and exercise each day. Hope everyone has a happy new year's eve if I don't "see" thee all (in the virtual sense) ... would write more but have headache ... lots of stuff bothering me at the moment ... :queen: K, sorry for the loss of a DF relationship (hmmm, I think that means 'dear friend')... know that feeling all too well but the relief also ... sometimes I believe friendship with people isn't meant to last for me ... luckily I have the love of a good dog to see me through ... the cat is fickle, though ... :)

I could do without a phone forever but not the internet ... of course, since I still have dial-up ...

12-31-2004, 09:43 AM
Kaylets, I've not fallen off the wagon, but am hanging by a gossamer thread. No sugar, but simple overeating. Don't know what's up with that---must've gotten into the grazing habit over the holidays. Also, too many restaurant meals.

My TMJ thing seems to be working itself out. Tuesday morning before I got out of bed I swear I felt my jaw shift back into it's proper place. Freaky. No more hideous popping and cracking, and no more pain. :)

Kaylets, like Amarantha, I know what it's like to have to let a friend go. Have you resolved anything there?

Anybody have big fabulous New Year's Eve plans? We're staying home, as usual. :D

This morning we're going to the health food store where I used to work in a nearby town. I love the store, love the people there--don't know why I haven't gone back in nearly 3 years. I'm curious to see if anybody will notice I've dropped a few pounds!

12-31-2004, 04:30 PM
Hello, darlings.

I'm at Uncle Elizabeth's, an internet cafe about a block away from our back door (have I mentioned lately how much I love this city?). Our internet is still screwed. Damn the viruses! :mad:

Sorry for the cosmic *****ing yesterday - or the day before. I've heard so many things from people; the end times are coming, it's nature finally fighting back at humanity's abuses, God's judgement on Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists, effective population control and we should rejoice, etc. Making me kind of sensitive, actually. And we sponsor a kid in Sri Lanka, Sunanda, and we can't figure out where his (remote) village is, so I'm worried. A bit. There's plenty of coastline-less Sri Lanka, right?

My dear Kaylets. You have been doing brilliantly for so long, and still are. Just the cleverness of how you portray what's going on, the slippery slope our appetites lead us down when they get half a chance...means to me that your awareness of what's going on is your best tool for fighting it. I believe you're already recovering from your (very pleasant-sounding) slip. I do love reading about your struggles - I point at the screen and shout: "Eureka! That's exactly how I've felt so many times!"

I too have let friends go. I felt so callous, so selfish, so...faithless. Discarding people on the road of life - who was I to think that I could just cast off a friend when a friend by (my) definition is someone with whom you stick through thick and thin? But it's impossible to retain and maintain and sustain (I should be a rapper) all friendships that blossom and even do well for a time. It's outside human capacity, in my opinion. You did right and so did the rest of us, for that matter. I even dreamed about one of my old friends that I purposely drifted away from last night - my subconscious (sp? I've suddenly forgotten how to spell subconscious. Is that right???) gave me a sweet affirmation of the decision I made years ago.

Eydie, I smiled at the thought of you clinging to a gossamer thread...chin up, love. You and Kaylets are way too advanced in dealing with dieting mind games your body throws at you to lose much ground now. I'm glad your TMJ (whatever that means) seems to be sorting itself out.

Amarantha, thinking of you today. I'm thrilled to hear tidbits about your dog and cat...and what are you talking about relationships not lasting? I've known you for at least a year and a half and love you more now than ever. I know we're just on the internet, but still.

QOD: I honestly have no idea. Cannot possible do without either anymore. I'm officially plugged in for life.

Love to all, and Happy New Year! I'll spending tonight with people I love a lot - what better way, right?

12-31-2004, 05:01 PM
Aaah - the witching time approaches. That splendid moment when slates are washed clean and all can be begun anew.

My thud, dear Kaylets, was a seismic boom. I've had some good efforts over the past week plus but they were dulled by all the failures. I'm not going to dwell on those however as they'll be wiped out in a few hours.

Eydie, I was wondering about your jaw pain and very happy it's working it's way out. A most unpleasant situation. Let us know how your former coworkers react. Will they recognize you?

Cerise, sensitive one, it is indeed a horrid situation and I'm certain your young fellow was not along the coast. I can't wrap my silly head around the enormity of 125,000 people (plus, probably) being gone. And you will hear all sorts of things as people try to work it into something they can understand. And/or feel comfortable (if you can) with. I'm not trying to understand it - I'd get hung up on all that innocent life - but just accepting it with awe.

Empress, glad you got on. Assume you're working the festivities but try to enjoy anyway.

No plans here for tonight. We're going to church, coming home to hot turkey sandwiches and sundry veggies and probably going to fall asleep waiting for things to drop. Don't know how popular "dropping" is around the country (besides New York, of course) but it seems to be growing around here. Closest city will drop a strawberry, other localities will be dropping a pickle, a bologna, a goat (no longer a live one but a stuffed effigy) and on and on. I guess it's fun for some but is beginning to be a mite trite since there are so many.

Tomorrow I do the pork and sauer kraut thing at my sisters with her clan and my other brother and sister who still live in PA. Should be fun. Had an invite to open house at DS place as well and it was a tough call but dh not recovered fully from the Martian flu and seemed prudent to travel less.

My approach to the new year is going to be in the positive vein. I've already given up the time-stealing solitaire game and am poised to resume the good habits I left behing when Demon Sweets dragged me into his lair and FORCED me to do things no longer in keeping with my royal character. Made it to the pool twice this week - good under the gala circumstances. I have so enjoyed the holiday season this year - and while it's not over yet, the errant behaviors soon will be.

So glad to see the palace filling up again. Happy New Year!!!!

12-31-2004, 09:30 PM
No, not working, Anagramatic! Taking a few days off. Will work Sunday, though.

Just wanted to say HNY! :)

01-01-2005, 07:37 AM
Happy New Year All Royals! And all others.

Wood Nymph (and others who have had the Martian Death Flu recently), do I recall correctly that you said it seemed to be getting better and then recurred, sort of? I'm asking because DH seems to be worsening after having done somewhat better. It's two weeks now and counting and the effects of same are making it hard for me to assess his general situation (he's currently very anemic as well which is also making it hard for him to get it together and get up and go so with flu on top, neither of us can tell which is which).

Brand New Year, Brand New Effort. I may not be exactly succeeding at this but I'm not exactly failing either. Do we get a new wagon for the New Year? Perhaps one with a bars/cage effect to keep us from falling off?

01-01-2005, 12:38 PM
Happy New Year!!! :D And yes, Anagram, let's get a shiny new wagon! I have big plans for this year, big plans indeed. This is the year I want to start meditating on a consistant basis, get firmly back into my exercise groove, and be an all-around good citizen!

Woke up at 11:45 last night, just in time to welcome 2005. I know, I'm a wild woman. :lol:

Anagram, is pork and saurkraut a traditional Pennsylvania New Years's tradition? I love hearing about those things. I have my black-eyed peas soaking as we speak!

Where's Punkinseed? It's been a while now, hasn't it? :?: And Wildfire too. Wildfire, have you started to pack yet? Almost moving time!!!
wsw, hope all's well with you too!

Cerise, it's all so overwhelming, isn't it? We'll never understand it in a million years--as out Wise Anagram says, 'Just accept with awe.'

Must go, I've set all sorts of tasks for myself today and have to get started!

01-01-2005, 01:11 PM
HEllo all!

C'mon over to the Part IV Thread! Its nice and fresh for 05~! ;)