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12-09-2004, 07:19 PM
Ho Ho Ho!! (Photobucket time expired on this clip art and it was automatically deleted by them)

Welcome to the Jaded Ladies. :wave: We are a warm group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us! :gossip:

12-09-2004, 08:10 PM
Good evening, ladies!

Julie - thank you so much for the card and the photo! Your babies are just precious! Hope you do take a day off - you need it!

Katy - glad you enjoyed your vespers ceremony. Our church has advent Wednesdays services, too, but I haven't gone yet. Maybe next week! I'll be sure and give Neal a big ol' wet one from the Jaded Ladies, lol. YAY for your classes being done!!!!!

Cristi - oh, I know what you mean about snotty kids in church! Like Marti, I'm glad the parents are taking them, but pul-eaze!! I had one behind me, kicking the seat every few seconds, and the parents didn't do a thing about it, until I turned around and gave the kid, then the mom a dirty look. Would you want to go ahead and start a new Holiday talk thread since some of us can't load the present one? I just know we aren't even close to being done with holiday chitter chatter, lol.

Ellen - now don't worry about the photos, ok? We love them, and are very, very glad you shared them! It's like getting another peek at who you are, you know? I think 1 or 2 wouldn't have dragged the system - but what do I know?? Another little hint for you is, if you want to post a note, and no-one has posted since your last one, you can hit the "edit" button on your last post, and add stuff to that one.... just a thought. I do it all the time, lol. Takes us longer to get to 50 that way, lol. Yes ma'am, I DO have saggy boohbahs!! But at least mine don't fart. :lol: Other body parts do, though!! Cristi mentioned a loss - I am so very sorry I missed that!!!!! How much did you lose? Whatever it was, congratulations!! I know first hand how diffucult that is during the holidays!

Susan - well, I'm glad the class made an impression on you! I can't even think of a JL out there w/no seat belt. Do that again, and you're grounded, young lady!! ;) I love to watch little kids do the eensie weensie spider song.... they are so cute with their fingers all tripping over each other, lol. So, is my newsletter in the mail?

Marti - don't like to think of a JL w/bad tires, either! Glad you're getting new ones. Don'tcha just hate to spend money on stuff like that??? That's as bad as.... furance filters.... no fun at all!! Hope you do get some good shots of our Jhanai to share... get on your tippy-toes, ok?

Hi to anyone else reading this. :wave:

I got the cake baked and frosted, and made a lite version of Cherry Delight. I scraped out the leftovers in the pan of the chocolate glaze I made and ate that, and licked both lids from the cherry pie filling cans. Darn near cut my tongue off, lol. I have been told to be careful of BLTs - bites, licks and tastes... now I know why, lol.

On the up side - I have been doing 40 minutes at a time on the treadmill, so I'm happy about that. I never do count my activity points.

Be good, see you later!

12-09-2004, 10:10 PM
katy - I saw you leaving chat just as I was getting in, lol - you couldn't have seen me, tho. I'll head back over and hope some JLs can join me.....

12-09-2004, 10:28 PM
Wow- 40 minutes is really good - Jane. How long have you been using the treadmill???

Beautiful pictures of your home Ellen , very impressed. Gaby would love to

I am still inserting the newsletter Jane,I will get it out tomorrow . PRONTO!! :)


:hb: :hb: :gift: :dance: :cb:

12-10-2004, 01:03 AM
Ellen~yeppers, not in such a great mood-TOM, nuff said. Hey, where did all your clip art go? I was enjoying it, and your pics. :(

Julie~wow, you are definitely a better person than I am because with friends like that who needs 'em?! Sounds like they are using you and everyone else. Kind of sad they need everyone's help for their own wedding. and they have been living together for how long and have how many kids? I think that right there tells ya something.

Jane~i went on over to start a new thread but all the pics were gone. :(

Marti~hope Jhanais program was wonderful for ya. Can't wait to see pics of that.

Susan~sounds like you and lil miss Gaby have so much fun together.

Katy~I forgot about the link but did check it out-so cute. Yeppers that blue one was the one on Ellen yesterday. :lol:

Okay, can't remember what else was said on the other thread so please forgive me ladies if I left someone out. And it's late and I feel horrible, and I am tired and, and, and...:lol: See ya tomorrow sometime ladies-have a good night.

12-10-2004, 01:30 AM
Hello ladies....just dropping in to say hi!

Brandon is being a stinker and doesn't want to go to bed, so it is off to get him to sleep.

I hope you ladies are all doing great!

Julie~ I sent you a PM.

12-10-2004, 09:44 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti - I'll be thinking of you and James today. :grouphug:

Susan - Neal just saw the bd stuff for him, and thought it was cute! I got the treadmill on Father's Day, June 20th. I remember the day well because I hit a puppy on the way home, and cried my eyes out. Not sure if I mentioned it at the time, because it was too hard to talk about. Still gives me a lump in my throat. :( Before you go getting too proud of my 40 minutes, though, let me tell you I don't go very fast. Even if I wanted to run on it, (which I do not!) my foot doctor said NO because of my past plantars faciitis. For sure don't want that to come back. Owwww! Anyway, I started out at 25 minutes, moved up to 30 and stayed there for a long time, then 35, now 40. Not going to win any medals, tho, lol.

Cristi - I felt like crap last night, too, and went to bed early. Hope you're feeling better today.

Mindee - does Brandon let you rock him to sleep? I love to rock the DGDs and sing to them. Awww.. makes me want to go get one of them right now!! My own kids were rocked, too. Terry every night until he was past 4! But I loved it....

Katy - sorry I pooped out in chat, but I was so tired, and could hardly type. I am freshest in the am, lol. Wednesday mornings are so much better! Did you get your decorations brought down from the attic?

Ellen - you sure didn't have to delete all your photos! We enjoyed it.... Now I feel bad for even mentioning anything. I'm sorry. The others mentioned the link info just so you'd know in the future. About the clip art - I think they all expired just like the one in the opening post, right? Photobucket only gives so many "hits" on each one, unless you have an account. I do, but copied the opening one off you, lol.

Well, Katie and I ate breakfast with Mr. Birthday Boy. The kids will be here for dessert tonight. We recently stopped having the whole meal together on someone's bd, because it was too hard for Terry and Gina to make it with their schedules. But we sure do have fun when everyone shows up for dessert. We "pull ears" of the bd person - mine have been pulled every year of my life. A designated puller stands behind, and gives one very gentle pull of your ear lobes for each year of your age, then a couple more for blessings, followed by a kiss on your cheek from the puller. They count by 5's for Neal and me. :lol:

I've got to send out a couple of Christmas cards to some distant family and church members who sent to us, but weren't on my list. I hate when that happens!

I'll be back in a little while,

12-10-2004, 11:11 AM
((((HUGS)))) Marti & James, will be thinking of you all today.

Not much to say this morning but wanted to drop in and say Hi. Have some errands to run a little bit later and that is about it for my day.

Take care everyone and have a great day and weekend!

Tea Rose
12-10-2004, 12:54 PM
Good Morning Everyone
Just popping in to say hi ((((HUGS TO JAMES & MARTI)))) I am also thinking of you today.Jane and Cristi I hope your feeling better today, the weather is certainly glum here,dark cold and rainy. I should get somethings done today ,not much to say ,so everyone have a nice day ,

12-10-2004, 03:05 PM
Hi everyone...

You are all so sweet. Thank you for thinking of us. I don't have much time today since the funeral is in two hours and I still need to go from looking like Medusa to Marti......that's a big challenge for me! :D

Anyway, tomorrow will be a better time for me to post. Just wanted to pop in and say hello and thank you!

12-10-2004, 07:30 PM
Thoughts with you and James- Marti.

ummm, Happy Pull Neal's Earlobe Day!!
:hat: :hat: :gift: :idea: :dance: :fr: Very odd custom Jane lol Cute how you count in 5's. Hope he is having a wonderful day.

Thanks Jane & Cristi for the cards!! Katie is a beauty Jane. It was nice to get something besides legal stuff in my mailbox.

Suppose to be getting a card from Rocky- he mailed it last Monday. I received cards for the girls. He said it was probably because it was a big went by way of New York..... :lucky:

Ellen- How are you??? Where is Angie??? Where is Shanna???

Still think you are doing wonderful on the treadmill Jane. I sent that article to you beofore saying this but I had to work up from 5-- 10 minutes at a time. That was 6 years ago now......I just sit on my butt these

Hug lil Brandon Mindee........he sounds so sweet.

I better get.......

ta ta

12-10-2004, 08:01 PM
Popping in for a min. before I have to get ready for work. The service was very nice. I learned a lot about his grandfather!

He was born in 1905 here in Oregon, his father is from Italy,,,,,and when he was little his father wanted to go back to Italy...but only made it to England, after a few years, decided it was too expensive to live there and wanted to come back to the US. He heard of a ship going out heading to America and was going to get on w/his family, but something prevented him from going at the time (expenses or something like that) and so he had to wait for a later time.

Found out this ship was the Titanic!!!! I was in aww when I heard that! I had no idea! I know I'm missing most of the story here, and I'm not telling it right, but I did tell James to get a copy of the Eulogy(sp?) from his relative that tells of his life. They will send it in the mail in a week or so. Isn't that amazing?? Imagine if his family had gotten on that ship!

Had to stop in and share...gotta get ready for work.

da fat n da furious
12-10-2004, 10:55 PM
OMG Ladies, Im so far behind,,,,,lol I am only now starting the last chit chat....but once Im caught up I will be back....(best terminator voice)

12-10-2004, 11:37 PM
Oh, gosh Angie. I don't think you will be back for days :callme: :callme: :cheer: :write: :hungry: :goodluck: :goodluck: :goodluck:

Just ate a Ding Dong....need I say more???

ok- it was calling my name and it was in celebration of Neal's birthday.

Chow!!! Gotta Go.....

12-11-2004, 09:02 AM
It's Saturday!!

Cristi - hope you're feeling better today.

Ellen - sounds like you had the same weather yesterday as I did - thankfully, it's supposed to be much nicer today. YAY!! Hope that goes for you, too.

Marti - OMG, that Titanic story is so awesome! Fate intervenes, right? Old people really do have a lot of interesting things to tell. When I worked at the nursing home, I heard cool stories. Out there, though, you never knew which were real and which were imaginary, lol.

Susan - oh how sweet of you to have a Ding Dong in Neal's honor, lol. Not sure how the ear pulling got started. That's one more thing I wished I'd asked my mom before she passed away. YW for the card and photo. Hope you get the card from Rocky soon. Maybe he's tucked inside, lol.

Angie - missed you, girl!! Have you been incognito on a case, lol?

Hi to Katy, Julie, Mindee Sue, Shanna, Katiecat, Kathy and anyone else reading this....

Lost 1 1/2 pounds this week. We have a family party tonight with my sisters and their kids and grandkids. I'm taking some WW stuff, and also the bbq smokies. The recipe I use calls for a little bourbon, and it's really good!

Uh... Mary is taking Dale to the er in a few minutes - just got the call. He is having prostate trouble still, and now he can't pee. Yikes! Gotta get off here and watch the little ones.

I'll try to bbl.... have a good day, ladies!

12-11-2004, 10:07 AM
Good Morning!

Jane and Cristi - thank you for the cards...they are so sweet - gonna get off my butt and send some back....I got a card from Shanna! Thank you Shanna if you are lurking...hope you have some time to post soon.
Jane - hope Dale is ok...keep us posted
Oh - can't forget - congrats on your loss!

Susan- betcha Rocky sends more airline tickets ;) sweet man, probably want to sweep you off yor feet and take you away from it all. Yay on the news about the amended peeing in cups any time soon, lol! :crossed: for your change of venue.....

Marti - I hope you can get a copy of the eulogy. That Titanic story is great! OMSI had a Titanic exhibit here a few months ago with real artifacts. It was very good. when you went into the exhibit, you received a ticket resembling a real ticket from the Titanic with a name of a real passenger. At the end of the exhibit you could check the passenger list for survivors to see if "you" lived or not. It made a big impression on my son. The first time we all received third class tickets - and all perished. James said "I need to come back again and try to live this time!" :p
OT - I found this website focused on women and weight training. Has a kind of "in your face" attitude, but the info is good and I thought of you 'cause you said you were going to start going to the gym.. I work out with handweights at home and I got some good information here.

Angie - WB - don't try to do indivduals - we "talk" too fast around here. lol just glad to see you hope you haven't been too swamped with work

Ellen - hope the gloomy weather isn't bringing you down. My Gma tells me to go through the house and turn on all the lights when the weather gets wet and gloomy. That tends to happen in Oregon. the weather, I mean. About the light, tho', I do think Grandma is onto something

Time to get moving. I think I may have mentioned that we are having two big poplar trees removed. Well, phase one happened this week and now i have a driveway full of chips. We asked to keep what they shredded because it makes for wonderful mulch in the yard. We are going to have enough to mulch the entire neighborhood I think. The driveway is full and the trees aren't even half done. We'll see what it looks like next week when they finish the job :dizzy: DH is going to be workng on spreading what we have.. and I've lined up some neighbors who would like the excess. If all else fails, the grade school has several gardens that need mulch, so I could alway donate the rest.

The kids have rehearsal for the Christmas program this morning then it's hanging out at home for today. I hope to work on some cards and my holiday website. My DD woke up at 5 am, so she will be napping at some point and I'll be able to get on the stepper without her "helping" me.

DH and I started watching The Fog of War last night. It is a documentary that is mostly an interview with Robert MacNamara, the part I saw was mainly about the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is really good, but I fell asleep :( just past my sad.... can't stay up late like I used to... Now I get up about the time I used to go to bed ;) Like they say, youth is wasted on the young!

Have a great day everyone

12-11-2004, 01:10 PM
Jane~hoping Dale is fine. As Katy said, keep us posted. And CONGRAT'S on another loss. Getting closer and closer to that goal lady. :bravo:

Katy~you are very welcome for the card. I almost said "What card?" Busy week what can I say? I forgot I mailed them already. :doh: That would have been so cool to see. I am fascinated by the Titanic.

Just to let you know there was to be a little something added in the cards but what I ordered didn't come in in time and I am still waiting. Hoping to get them next and mailed.

Marti~isn't it cool to learn about your relatives? DS#1 got into geneaology a few years ago and found all kinds of cool stuff about our family. Mostly on my mothers side. Came from Germany, England & Ireland (what a mix) and apparently were wealthy people. Once over here they distinguished how wealthy you were by how many slaves you owned. Isn't that terrible? Supposedly we are related to George Washington. Fascinating stuff. Anywho...would love to hear the story. I have always been fascinated by the Titanic and watch everything about it, also have read a lot of books about it. It's terrible that so many had to die.

Ellen~hope you are feeling fine and the weather is better for ya today.

Angie~girly, take a breather when you can. We'll be here waiting.

Susan~hmmmm, :chin: a big card huh? I bet it is something good.

I was up bright and early this morning for some reason. Decided to run to Wal-Mart and pick up a few things before it got crowded. Figure this weekend will be a busy shopping one for everyone. Going to straighten the house a little and get some laundry done. Did get the pics back yesterday and already have them scanned and in a yahoo album. So I am headed on over to the Christmas thread to put a link so you ladies can take a look. Hope everyone has a wonderful day today. See ya :wave:

12-11-2004, 03:17 PM
Hello everyone!!

Today is my "catch up on everything" day. I have to head up to Eugene and get some kind of Christmas gift for James. I've bought him nothing yet and that just isn't settling w/me very well, especially since the tree is full of gifts for me and Jhanai right now. Then....I need to come home do some laundry, clean my kitchen, and possibly make some cookies. Maybe I should make cookies first then clean the kitchen and do the laundry..... :lol:

Oh...and I can't forget, I need to send out my cards. Just so you all know, yuou may receive my card closer to Christmas than I had wanted...but it will be there!

Jane, Congrats on more weightloss!! What an accomplishment. I really need to get my butt in gear this next year. (so lazy that I can't start now.) Hope Dale starts feeling better! Does he have a kidney stone maybe? Or is it just prostate problems? I hope he feels better.

Katy, Jhanai went to OMSI for a school field trip and she was first class. I think that is such a neat idea to have! We plan on taking Jhanai there for her birthday next year. Such a fun place and you learn so much!

Cristi, I would love to find out more on my family history on both my dad's and my mom's side. What little I know about my mom is that she lived in the Phillipines and was on the poverty side of the island. I wish I had pictures or something of my grandparents and Uncles. I guess I had some Uncles (no Aunts) and a God Mother over there. It would be very interesting to learn more.

Susan, Sure hope you get the card from Rocky today! I was thinking the same as Katy...plane tickets to "home"!

Ellen, Our weather here, which is typical for Oregon, is wet and gloomy also. Such nasty stuff to drive in when it's just pouring out! Come back and share with us your wonderful humor when you have time!

Angie, Well there you are!! Hurry and catch up and then chat a little bit. Hope things start to slow down for you soon!!

Morning (or afternoon by the time I finish this!) to everyone!!! to try and tackle some of the things on my to do list.

Take Care!!

12-11-2004, 03:51 PM
Just a quick note -

Shanna - thanks for the card! Hope you can pop in and post some while you're on vacation.

Cristi - was Walmart a mad house when you were there? We need pop for the party tonight, and I hope to get in and back out quickly. Yeah, right!!

Katy - I was a 9 y/o kid when the Cuban missile crisis was going on, and after overhearing the grown-ups talk, I was very, very scared about what would happen to the US! Btw, I'll take some of that mulch, lol!

Marti - do you have something in mind for James? Guys are so much harder to buy for than women, imho! What kind of cookies are you making?

Thanks also for the bravos on the weight loss! Makes me feel good. Regarding Dale, he does have some problems w/his prostate. They sent him home from the ER with a catheter, and an appt. with a urologist for Wednesday. Seems he needs reamed out, which they said is very unusual in a man his age.

Running out of time.... see you tomorrow!

12-11-2004, 04:12 PM
Hello everyoneÖ are you all doing?

Well, we are starting to get the snow. It isnít that much, but we are getting it.

Last night, as well as the nights to come, were eventful. Brandon went to bed last night at 2am, and got back up at about 3:30am. I brought him into our bed, and I woke up at 6:56am to switch arms because my one went to sleep. We fell back asleep and got up at 11am. At that time, I noticed that Brandon was sounding like a barking seal. Tommy woke up at the same time, and heard it as well. We gave him some saline drops in his nose, that seemed to help. We also gave him some Tylenol for his cough.

Fast forward to some hours later, and we have given him some Little Noses cold medicine. We talked to our buddy Joe, who is an EMT, and he told us to watch him and call his pediatrician. Brandon fell asleep earlier and sounded like a coffee pot percolating, so we elevated his head and he was fine, but then woke up with that nasty old cough still. Joe told us to like I mentioned, call his pediatrician and see what they say. Brandonís pediatricianís office is closed already, so we are keeping an eye on him. I am going to set up his humidifier in his room in a couple minutes and get that thing started.

Jane~ Yup he lets me rock him. Well, he lets me hold him until he falls asleep. He is out in no time if his Eagles DVD is on or country music. I hope Dale is okay. WTG on the weight loss!

Marti~ That is a cool story. (((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))

Jane & Cristi~ Thanks ladies for the Christmas cards!

12-11-2004, 04:24 PM
I thought I would pop back on while my curling iron is warming up.

Jane, Really hope Dale starts feeling better and that getting reamed out helps! (poor guy!)

Let's see...there was something that I wanted to say earlier and now I have forgotten! Why does that happen??

Gifts for James......that's hard because he has all that he wants really. If something catches his eye, he'll get it. And if something catches my eye....he'll get it for me later! (that man, needs to learn self control!) :)

But I'm thinking of getting some stuff for Sushi making. We went to World Market the other day and he pointed out some stuff he would like to have. I'm just not really in the mood to go to Eugene...but if I don't, I'll never get anything done!

Oh here is what I wanted to say earlier. During the Eulogy, they had a time when people can say a few words about James grandpa and they passed around the microphone (most of the guest were elderly and couldn't hear) and one of James' brother stood up and started telling the story of when his grandpa slipped on the sidewalk and fell. Talking away like it was a memory he'll never forget, saying he just drove up as he had fallen and then took him to the hospital. Later on, we were sitting at the Church having coffee and cookies talking to James Uncle when a sweet little old lady sat down with us and started chatting. James Uncle looked at her and said "I thought you were w/Mac when he fell, wasn't it you who took him to the hospital?" She said "Yes, (while she had this look on her face) he was getting out of my car when it happened and we just put him back in" That's when James piped in and said how his brother likes to tell stories (saying w/this disgusted look on his face)

Now......why on earth would his brother stand there and tell a bold face lie to all these people?! I knew he wasn't telling the truth as he was telling can just tell when someone is making it up as they go along you know. Very irritating. This is the same brother I went to school with and last year he was trying to tell me how he remembers in Jr. High we (me & him) made out in class. Excuse me?! I had to remind him that, for one, we had no classes together in Jr. High, and....I didn't have my first kiss until I was a freshman, and I would never have kissed him if my life depended on it. (ok, so I was rude, but I was mad)

That's one reason why I don't like James' brothers company. James has ONE brother I like and he lives in California!!

Ok....enough venting on all that. Just makes me mad.

I'll be back later on.

12-11-2004, 07:16 PM
Hi, it's me again!

Just got back home from my trip to Eugene. Traffic is crazy and I thought I would head home before it got dark. (which it has been getting dark around 4:30-5:00)

Got James his Sushi stuff. Now, to figure out how to wrap it!! I need to find some boxes to put them in so it's not so obvious. That man is hard to buy for! Things are just too expensive now a days and I need to try and find things that he'll want w/out hurting the checkbook. (oh...too late for that!)

Anyway, I'll come back later and see if anyone has popped in.

Oh...Mindee, sure hope little Brandon starts to feeling better! Poor baby. Keep him warm and snug and give him plenty of hugs from us all here!

12-11-2004, 08:39 PM
back for a quick hi!

Marti - your post about J's brother really brought back some memories for me, as something similar happened to me 15 years ago. I had lost a dear dear friend in a car accident, and of course we all were in shock. Our mutual friend ( and maid of honor at my wedding, I might add) was her roommate at the time and took charge of many funeral arrangements. Well, she was asked by the sister of the deceased to ask me and the deceased's former fiance to give eulogies at the funeral. My MOH blew it off and wrote the eulogy herself, and gave it. The sister came up to me later and said, " I just wanted you and -----, but I understand that it's just too hard right now" Can you imagine what I felt? Needless to say, the MOH is a FORMER friend and I learned a lesson about toxic people who have to be the center of attention at all times. Your BIL reminded of this person. Hard to believe that someone would take such an occasion to bolster their lack of self-esteem.... some people are really sick.

Mindee - that barking cough could mean croup. Croup can be helped by getting him out breathing the cold night air... Also can be helped by going into the bathroom and turning on a hot shower full blast. Check out this is the best pediatric web site and I used it all the time when my kids were babies. If it's severe - he'll need to go to the emergency room, so watch his symptoms and take care! Hope you all can get some sleep tonight...

Tea Rose
12-11-2004, 11:31 PM
Hi Everyone
I feel like Angie , so much is going on, what has happened in the last few days, how did everyone get so sick? I have a kidney infection ,to add to the list.
Hi Jane:wave:
Sorry to hear about Dales problem ,how is everything ,I sure hope he's feeling a whole lot better,I know that can be very painful,I don't know what the extent of his problems are but I had a kidney stone once and it was once to many times for me. hey he didn't swallow that rock he bought Mary did he ,cause thats a bad place to hide it ,sorry I should'nt joke about it , Give him my best ((((HUGS))))
Hi Mindee:wave:
I hear little Brandon is sick as well, poor little guy I think Katy's right about it sounding like croup and her advise is excellent as always , she's one smart cookie ,I wonder of she is peanut butter or chocolate chip :lol: I really hope the little sweetie is feeling better soon give him hugs and kisses ,to help him feel better , and I hope you and
Tommy are getting rest to, and put on his favorite cd, hey I fall asleep with country music to,:lol: (((Hugs)))
Hi Cristi:wave:
I really enjoyed your pictures , your home is beautiful inside and out ,I am still going to try and post some of my outside pictures if you girls can stand one more picture from me , I didn't get to take them the same time because we had such high winds that day,it blew everything over even though the trees were secured in the pots with rocks ,but they went anyways,so I had to set everything back up ,so maybe in a couple of days I will have them.I hope your feeling better than you were ,and thanks again for sharing your wonderful pictures. Have a nice night((HUGS)))
Hi Katy:wave:
I think Grandma is right , thats what I do ,I don't take gloomy weather to well it does affect me in a negative way unfortunatley, but the decorations help ,I think thats why I start early,gets me over the hump .Sounds like your going to be a popular neighbour with all that free mulch .Nice to be able to use it in your gardens, I guess hubby will be pretty busy spreading that out hopefully it doesn't snow:lol:Its late now get to bed :lol:
Hi Marti:wave:
So Glad you got home from Eugene Safely the roads are crazy with traffic everywhere , better to be home if you don't have to be out , but I know thats not possible when things need to get done.Sorry about your BIL I think I will come up there and smack him, although I'm not a violent person I still want to.:lol: You know I have never tried sushi , never had the nerve is it good ? maybe someday I will , maybe!!!:lol:I hope Jhanai and James are well ,thats so interesting about the Titanic connection , Life is full of surprises isn't it.I hope your having a good night((((HUGS))))
Hi Angie:wave:
I have searched the country for you, where was you hiding ? Glad your back ,now give us all the details of where you've been, what you been doing and who you saw and just why you were hiding from us ,missy:lol: Hope your having a great night.Thankyou for the card Angie, Tanner is so cute.tell him I said handsome though:lol:
Hi Susan:wave:
ummmm you ate a ding dong little miss:nono:, I hope it was good :lol::yes: I hope your card comes from Rocky ,maybe it has airline tickets in it:shrug:, maybe he's in it thats whats taking so long :crossed: :lol: wow wouldn't that be nice .How is little Gaby feeling I hope she's all better by now give her hugs and kisses ,I hope your having a great night I bet your on the phone talking to that fella of yours:love: isn't love wonderful te he he.
Hi Sue:wave: I hope everything is going better with your family, are you home yet ?? Hope your doing well .
Hi Kathy:wave:
How are you doing ? Have you been able to finish moving yet ,I sure hope so,hitch them horses up please I'm coming for a sleigh ride, you do have a sleigh don't you? , if not I will bring one :lol: Hope your having a great night.
Hi to Everyone all the rest of you girls:wave:
Hope your having a great night and weekend and your all well.

Well I left out something very important ,IT SNOWED TODAY YAY!!!!!!!!

da fat n da furious
12-12-2004, 12:06 AM
Ok 24 hours later here I am back,,,it took me that long to read all the posts!

First off Ellen you have a kidney infection? Should be drinking some cranberry juice...
Thank you I will tell him his auntie Ellen thinks hes hot stuff.. Wasn't really hiding out just so busy. Hate when I don't get my JL fix.
Jane, hope Dale gets help...that can't be a comfortable way for him right now,,,I guess its better then not but still...owey! Tell Terry I like his plan.

Marti, I never got to say how sorry I am about James grandpa...
His life story sounds so interesting....

Susan,,,,,arghhh I just don't know how you can put up with the EXs... Glad to know your mom is backing you up. You need that.
So Rocky said he was sending an evelope or a package? Ring?

Mindee,,,both boys have had croup and exactly as Katy said you can help relieve that horrible sound with a cool walk out doors or the hot shower steam.

Katy, no these are mostly not paying gigs...I get a small cheque which pays for my gas to and fro...not much else.

Julie, man do I need my hair done,,,reading about you getting yours done made me think of making an appointment,,,but I don't want to go back to my old stylist, she keeps chopping too much off. I do like my style right now,,,the blood red has faded,,,now its a copperish color,,,with the black and light red...weird I know.

KAthy, Congrats on the new place! Remember to email me if you are ever this way.

Haven't been doing much,,,decorating most of the tree,,,not sure why my fake tree is missing lil parts that keep the branches on it,,,but it is so I have so bare spots,,,grrr
Have started working on Steel Magnolia's so far so good
Will be starting the new play Iolanthe in a couple of weeks.
Tanner has a call back from another play, school play.
Ive gotten a call from my PI boss but to be honest I don't want to do that work anymore. So as bad as this sounds Im avoiding her...*sigh I hate that she guilts me into working,,,shes worse then my mom!

Tanner has a buddy sleeping over,,,they just finished distroying the kitchen with a gingerbread

Brandon is bored out of his tree,,,he fell yesterday and almost gave me a heart attack,,,but he is ok.
My friend Lori and I went to Moxie's for Bellinis yes those slurping yummy drinks. I also had a salad...that is to die for,,,it has jimaca, J sounds like a H.... so anyways Lori and I bounded, she lost her mom last month and needed to talk.
There are times when I feel Christmas is a time of sadness, when family members lose loved ones. Our zoo had a baby elephant die,,,I cried,,,it was on tv and so sad. Im a sucker for animals,,,I think thats why I don't enjoy the zoo,,,hate seeing animals in captivity,,,even thou I know for some its for the best...
Jane, I ran over a gopher once,,,cried. Monte once ran over a big duck,,,not sure if it was the mom or dad,,,but it had babies with them... I to the store and had to stay in the van till my eyes weren't so red. I know Monte felt bad,,,and couldn't avoid it.
anyways Im going to go up and watch some movie,,,I bought some previously seen movies form Blockbusters for like 7 bucks and haven't had time till today to watch.


12-12-2004, 12:15 AM
Took you 24 hours to catch up Angie??? lol

I watched this show on gingerbread houses, it was a contest thing and it was rather interesting. These ladies spent hours and hours on these master pieces......made you almost wanna move in , they looked so real.
Anyway, I have dibs on the bedroom made out of Hershey kisses!

argh........I am sick tonight. I am going to go to bed,.

CONGRATS Jane on your continued weight loss!!

I still don't have that card from Rocky yet. I did get my packages of Mac Nuts.......we already have Gaby's and mine one way tickets to Hawaii taken care of.......aiming for April. Hope this legal junk is taken care of :?:

best get-

Tea Rose
12-12-2004, 12:35 AM
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs To Susan Get Well ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

da fat n da furious
12-12-2004, 12:51 AM
Ok ladies figured you could all use this...enjoy!

Tea Rose
12-12-2004, 12:59 AM
tHANKS Angie I need that right about now:lol:

12-12-2004, 02:02 AM
Angie--Loved that! I put it on manic mode!! :D As for the PI boss.....tell her your schedule is too darned busy to add that to your plate. Plus, w/Brandon needing his mom and Tanner being busy w/ just don't have the time. need to have your JL fixes, and we just can't have Ellen doing a search everyday looking for you. Hmmm....hey, maybe Ellen can take over??? :p Got your Card in the mail! Thank you!! Hung up my little Magnetic on the fridge.

Ellen--You're not feeling good either? Oh I hope you start feeling better soon. But you know, your house is the perfect place for's so magical that I would think being sick wouldn't be so bad. (of coarse that's not true, being sick is terrible no matter where you're at) Feel free to come on down here and smack some of these brothers for me. I'll let you!

Katy--People amaze me when they're needy for attention. The ones that get me the most are the ones who are always "sick" with something. They try to make you feel sorry for them. Hypercondriacs (sp?) always need the attention in the worst way. My step-mom is terrible! She's had everything!! And my ex MIL (one in Illinois, not here in Oregon) was even worse than that. Sheesh!!

Susan--I saw that show w/the gingerbread house competition. Amazing wasn't it? That takes so much time and patience. I don't think I could ever do that. But they are beautiful to look at. It's very much an artist who creates the beautiful houses!

Jane & Cristi--I got your cards in the mail today too!! Love getting Christmas cards in the mail from you girls!! Monday I will be mailing mine out. I'm so bad at getting things going this year! Wanted to decorate more but too much has been going on. Next year I'll be on top of things.

Got my gifts for James all wrapped up and under the tree. Still need to do some stocking stuffer shopping and then for my parents gifts since we got their names in the family drawing. Not sure what to get my mom. Getting my dad the Star Wars trilogy on DVD. The orignal movies. Told my mom not to go out and buy it for him since we were getting it for him and she said that we were spending too much on him. I don't think so.

Anyway...going to browse.

I'll check in again tomorrow.

da fat n da furious
12-12-2004, 02:48 AM
I have yet to wrap one gift so far,,,I am more or less done,,,just Montes birthday gift. I have everything else...I don't do any baking so other then my tree and wrapping Im good to go.
I love the bubble wrap sheets,,,normally I squeeze then twist but with this you can't so I have to follow their system,,,but I did do the manic type too..
Ive been listening to some christmas music,,,I find I like the bluesy type,,,mariah carey's silent night,,,toni Braxton snowflakes of love is my favorite,,,Cristi, have you heard that song? I keep playing it over and trying to sing like her,,,,Im gonna ask Santa to give me a voice like her's.
I have already told my partner in SM that I won't be doing Evita in the fall/winter next year. That Im going to take it to join a choir. And one charity,,,possibly the Heron Christmas. But will be there for the spring show of HAIR...

I took my fake nails off,,,well I have 3 more to out grow,,,and all I can say is man it hurts! My natural nails are so sharp...I keep scratching myself and leaving marks. And they are so tender.

I went out with Lori as I was saying last night,,,we stopped at a couple of stores along the way,,,I bought the coolest jammies. They look like a pair of jeans but they are flannel Saw a t-shirt that said,,,step away from my coffee and no one gets hurt.... I loved it but didn't buy. Another t-shirt which I think I may go back and get,,,by any chance are your parents siblings?
Ellen, the weather here has like been close to tropical. We had horrible cold rain, snow, ice,,,then a warm wind came and its t-shirt weather...gotta love that.
Well better get to bed,,,night all
Susan I hope you feel better soon

12-12-2004, 03:20 AM
We know now that he has croup. So it is going to be a mix between stepping outside for a couple minutes, standing in the bathroom with the hot steam, and the vaporizer. But the vaporizer is going constantly so that part is being dealt with. To top it all off, he decided to head butt the computer monitor so he has a red mark on his forehead. As for his croup, he is fine unless he cries, then he gets all barky again.

Marti~ All I can say is UGH to Jamesí brother for telling that lie. We are most definitely keeping him snug and warm.

Katy~ Thanks for that website. I already picture it being a long night, so that will give me something to read. Tommy is sleeping out in the living room since I will be up and down all night with Brandon. And we barely got any sleep last night, so this should hopefully all be uphill from here on out.

Ellen~ So you like Country music too, huh? Who is your favorite artist? Brandon has tons! He likes Tim McGraw, Rascal Flats, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker to name a few. I wonder what kind of cookie she is as well. Right now we are listening to Christmas music.

Angie~ It is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so right now we are going out for a couple minutes at a time. We are waiting for the hot water tank to heat up. Then we will return to the bathroom for a sauna treatment and hopefully he will fall asleep.

I loved the bubble wrap!

12-12-2004, 09:20 AM
Good Sunday morning to you!

Mindee - hope your little guy is better today. When my DGDs have this, the parents don't give milk or formula for awhile since it seems to make more phlegm. Just a thought.... Anyway, hope he's up and at 'em today.

Marti - I had a bil who told the biggest whoppers you ever heard! It would be hard to keep a straight face sometimes while listening to him. And, depending on my mood, once in awhile I would tell him that he was full of shinola! He passed away a few years ago, and now my sister is dating a real sweetie. Speaking of the Star Wars trilogy, Mary bought that last year for Neal for Christmas, in the VHS form. I have never seen any of those movies... probably the only person in the USA who hasn't, lol.

Katie - OMG, what a back-stabber your MOH was! And at a funeral, for goodness sakes! Like you, I don't keep toxic people in my life. It's too darn short to be shared with that kind of people, right?

Ellen - YOU GOT SNOW???? YAY!!! :cp: Ok, now it's MY turn for snow!!! Hope your kidney infection is better - put down the coffee right now, missy, and get a glass (several glasses full) of water. Or, as Angie said, cranberry juice.

Angie - my stylist-who-I-don't-go-to-anymore used to start talking fast and cutting just as fast! Yikes! Hate when they do that.... Of all the cyberfriends I have, I'd vote you most likely to not have a problem telling the PI boss NO, lol. Like Marti said, you could just tell her there's too much going on. I also did the manic mode on the bubble wrap, lol. It was almost as good as the real thing. Why oh why are we all so facinated w/that? Gotta say I love it and will fight the kids for it, lol.

Susan - hope you're feeling better today. Wow, how cool is it to know your 1 way ticket to Hawaii is taken care of????? Remember the song Two Tickets to Paradise? That's yours and Gaby's new theme song, lol.

Cristi - hope your weekend is going well, and that you're having lots of fun, whatever it is you're doing.

Sue - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the JLs tell all... so please tell us how you're doing!

Ho ho ho to anyone else reading this.

Well, the party last night was so much fun! I stayed OP and still had plenty to eat. It was good to see the relatives.. some I hadn't seen since the family party last June.

No special plans for today. We want to go see Ocean's 12, but will probably wait til a less busy day for that.

Have a good one, and I'll bbl,

12-12-2004, 10:24 AM
Hey gals

trying to figure out what kind of cookie I am...nothing with peanuts, DS is allergic, lol! How 'bout a snickerdoodle? They are sweet, with a little bite thrown in....

Mindee - hope last night went better with Bdo, how's he doing today?

Marti - As you can tell, I don't stick around people who are attention-hogs. That friendship was a long one and I learned the hard way that life is just too short to spend with toxic people. Trying to remember the last time I dealt with hypochondriacs----and I can't, but i certainly sympathize! Funerals seem to bring out the best and unfortunately the worst in people...and you are stuck there with them out of respect for the departed. I guess you just focus on the well-behaved as much as possible and just try not to drink too much ( that goes for MY family, anyway)

Angie - Since I have a persistent 8 y/o, I am quite skilled in the art of saying NO. (and "well, ok"....but not THAT often :dizzy: ) I bet you can tell your PI boss what you need to to get yourself some time... its the holidays and your son just had major are only human after all. Love the bubble wrap - sent it to a bunch of friends who have some OCD issues - should keep them busy for awhile :lol:

Jane - the party sounded like fun - and congrats for staying OP to boot! Yeah, the MOH was a big loser, I tell you. She had some big problems, use to come on to all her friend's SOs ( except mine, thank goodness) I'm just glad I shed her along time time ago.....

Susan - hope you and the girls are having a fun Sunday...can't wait to hear what Rocky gets you for Christmas - bet it will be so romantic

Ellen - hope you feel better soon, drink lots of water ya hear. I would love to see pictures of the outside of your house - MY Dh and I were ooohing and aaahing over your pictures last night...
an Cristi's, too I might add - your house is awesome! I am living vicariously through you gals this year as we just have not done much decorating. All the shopping is done, yay! gonna do some cards today, yay! but the house, boo.....oh well, no one seems to mind. We are all so busy with other stuff.... guess we'll get to it this week sometime.

Kids are performing in the holiday program at church today - James is a shepherd - very cute! has a line and everything. Leigh, OTOH, won't sing "Away in the Manger" if her life depended on it and froze during rehearsal yesterday. Oh well, I told her SS teacher " I have a darling little dress for her - at least she'll look cute!" She's only 3, she's only 3....

Then its home and hopefully to get some cards done and start putting together the family website...

DH is running this morning - the road race is called the "Run-nosed Reindeer", then he's rushing to church to meet up with us.

Then we'll just see what the day brings - maybe a tree?


12-12-2004, 10:56 AM
Hi ladies...remember me? ;)

It's been a lonnnng time since I've posted here -- Susan was on pins and needles about her trip to Hawaii last I read...sounds like it went well?

I have been really, really down -- I'm not one to get depressed at Christmas, in fact I usually thrive on the holidays. But between some things going on at work, and some family stuff, and now my husband just had to leave suddenly on a business trip for a week -- I realized this morning that I am profoundly depressed. I cried myself to sleep last night, and had to drive Tim to the airport at 4 am this morning and cried all the way there, and all the way home, and jeez, I'm crying again now. I need to get a grip. And probably some more sleep, since I only got about 2 hours last night.

Thank you to those who sent Christmas cards. I will try to get my act together and get some cards mailed -- if nothing else I will email cards to everyone I have an email address for.

I read through this thread, and will try to go back through at least the last few to catch up on everything. Right now, I need to go back to bed for a bit, though, I think.

Tea Rose
12-12-2004, 12:01 PM
Hi there Katiecat:wave:
I don't think we've met, so sorry that you are feeling down , it happens to a lot of us,I am so sorry that you are having such a difficult time , the feelings are always intensified at this time of year , I know, if it wasn't for the medication I'd probably have drowned in my tears long ago,My suggestion is to go to bed and get some sleep hopefully a whole week of it and when you wake up Tim will be home and things will seem brighter, at least I hope so, not to make light of your situation . I hope that your work and family issues are not extremely serious ,but I do hope you can resolve then soon,Please don't cry because then I will cry and Jane will cry then Angie ,Mindee Susan, Kathy, Katy ,Cristi ,and all the girls will cry and it will be a big mess to clean up and we don't want any more work do we :lol: I do hope your feeling better , I wish I had a picture of me to post that surely would cause you some belly busting laughter, but I don't . sorry ,but if you like kitty cats I posted all my kitties on the Christmas thread, most of them are rescued kitties and I love them dearly. I hope you feel better when you wake up ,((((HUGS))))) Pleaaaaaaaaaase don't cry anymore your eyes are all red and swollen.*ELLEN*

Oh Girls I will be back , I need some cof!! anberry juice , I know put down the coffee ,but just one pleaase ,Ok I'LL BE BACK (in Angies best Arnold Voice):lol:

12-12-2004, 01:59 PM
Good Morning ladies--

I got up at 9:00 this's been awhile since I've been up this early!

Angie--So when is your hubby's birthday? What do you have planned for him? I hope you spoil him rotten (or he spoils you...who cares whose birthday it is) and you two have a wonderful time. I sent the bubble wrap to a lot of e-mail rumage through my house and find some real stuff!

Mindee--Poor baby. With everyone crowding around in all the public places, it's hard to keep the babies from getting sick. I hope he starts to feeling better soon. How is Tommy liking his job?

Jane--So, why haven't you seen any of the Star Wars movies? Now for me, movies I have never seen are the James Bond movies. James always thinks that's crazy for some reason and says "Everybody has seen Bond Movies"....not me. Don't know why, just never interested me. Maybe someday though.

Katy--I don't tend to enjoy the company of attention makers either. I usually let them do all the talking and let them have their say. And then, if they realize that I'm just sitting there maybe they'll have a clue. (I don't think so) But w/family it's hard to just not see them any more, you know? With James' brother and my stepmom.......eventually we have to see them. (maybe next time I'll have my glasses of wine) notice I said glasses!

Katie--I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. I wish I could come right over, give you a big hug, sit down with you and chat about anything and everything to let it all out. Since I can't come right over, know that I'm sending you a great big hug your way!! ((((((HUGS)))))) and that you are in my thoughts.

Ellen--Did you enjoy that cup of cofberry juice??? :D I'm no good at taking directions either. If it's coffee I'm wanting, then it's coffee I'm having! But seriously, do try and drink some cranberry juice......I've even heard that a beer can help who in the world told me that???

Not much on the agenda today....or maybe I do. I need to finish laundry. Head to the grocery store, my fridge is making rude comments about not keeping it full, and I need to go to walmart here in town to find some stocking stuffer idea's. Then.....make some cookies. Not sure what kind though.

Later on I will take some better pictures and I'll be back to post them. I go for a little bit anyway.

12-12-2004, 03:04 PM
Hello again...

I was straightening up my dining room area when I realized I had a bag burried underneath my coat hanging on one of the chairs. It's a bag that we bought gifts for the "Santa for Seniors" program. Have any of you heard of that? We thought that the seniors would be more appreciative (not that the little ones wouldn't be, but it would last longer) and so we chose two names from the tree. Both women. Not sure how old they are. One wanted a Teddybear (James' choice) the other wanted a sweater and a stuffed animal (my choice)
It was so cute watching James pick out this teddy bear. A large (but not too big) very soft and squeezable bear. He carried it carefully and wouldn't put it on the counter at the registar so it wouldn't get dirty. He didn't want to give a dirty gift. I just smiled at him and said "you're just too sweet"
Then he started telling me that when we go back to put the gift under the tree, that there will be lots of names still hanging up. And that made him sad. I told him that we can't afford to buy everyone a gift, but if he wanted we could choose a couple more.
Where did I meat this sweet and caring man????? Just gotta love him.

I had to share......when I saw that bag, it just brought a smile to my face!!


Tea Rose
12-12-2004, 04:14 PM
Hi everyone:wave:
Hope this day finds everyone better,Yes I did enjoy the cofberry juice ,I know I shouln't drink coffee but if I don't have at least one cup by seven o'clock I will be going through withdrawl symptoms and I will feel even worse than I do now:lol: But I will try and be good now that I have had my fix of coffee.
Hi Marti:wave:
Sounds like you have a busy day planned .don't overdo now, except maybe at walmart, and the cookies:lol: mmmmmmm I can almost smell them ,what kind are we having ????? Me thinks you will be pooped by the days end ,so get plenty of rest and cookies I hear that they help almost everything.:lol:Have a great day Marti.
Hi Dr.Katy:wave:
So your a snickerdoodle huh sweet with a bite sounds kind of naughty :lol: I hope the little ones made out well at the Christmas play did James remember his lines and did Leigh sing like the angel she is, I remember the Christmas pagent I was in when I was five which is funny since I don't remember any childhood memories, must have been a good one ,anyway I remember I was the angel and I helped to make my wings with angel hair cotton batting and sparkles ,I thought they were so beautiful and I was so proud of them,I wonder now ,what they really looked like:lol:I hope you get your cards all done and get that Christmas tree and get that Christmas tree ,sorry I already said that didn't I must have been a hiccup,Hint Hint:lol: Have a great day decorating the tree and thanks for the advise is the bill in the mail :lol:
Hi Jane :wave:
I'm still getting a little snow but not much is accumulating yet ,but its supposed to snow all week so surely some of it has to stay :crossed:have you any yet, shall I put in an extra order for you How is everyone in your family doing is Dale feeling better ,are the little ones alright and how the heck are you? I see I missed Neal's birthday so I wrote him a poem:

Happy Birthday Janes, Neal
What is there to say
I did not know ,I promise you
About your special day
I have no excuses , so I feel really bad
I'd send you a kiss ,but Jane might get mad
So I guess I'll just wish you ,a wonderful year
And take Janes word for it, you are a dear
I saw you reading . grandchildren aglow
Its easy to see that they Love Grandpa so
So have a 100 more years of memories to build
And may everyone of them be, lovingly filled

Have a great day Jane

Hi Mindee:wave:
How are you all doing ,How is little Brandon today? Hope he is feeling a little better.Glad to hear your taking Dr.Katy's advise:lol: Its so hard on little ones being sick ,actually its hard on anyone,Yes I do love country music I love all kinds of music,and I mean all kinds.Tim McGraw is good to listen to and better to look at :T :lol: I love Faith Hill ,Vince Gill ,Keith Urban,Lonestar ,Diamond Rio, Martina McBride, Garth Brooks, and the list goes on,Vince Gills Christmas Album is one of my favourites,Ihope you are having a good day and I hope the little sweetie is better soon ((((((Hugs to all))))

Hi Angie:wave:
Hey I want to go to Moxies for Bellini's I remember how good those sounded when you mentioned them before mmmmmmmm.Sorry to hear Brandon had a fall so happy to hear he's ok,that must have scared the jeepers out of you.I do hope he's feeling better now, It must be hard on him being so limited in his activities or lack of.Hows that cutie Tanner ? Your Jammies sound so cute.I need some of those actually I need a lot of a lot of things,clothes wise hair wise ,I love the T-shirt step away from my coffee thats too cute:lol: and perfect for me to. I had artificial nails years ago ,not to long ,but I Love the way they look ,make you feel so feminine, my nails are a mess, as is the rest of me right now ,I want a makeover,and I want it now:lol: Are you trying to grow your own nails out ,do you not like the other nails, or are you tired of the upkeep and cost?Have you heard of the nail product TIPS its an amazing product,you should give it a try if you want to grow out your nails and keep them beautiful. I also love Toni Braxton's snowflakes of love , I hope your having a wonderful day ,but its gloomy and cold here again today, now that the snow has stopped falling, time to turn of the Christmas lights in and out,

Hi Susan:wave:
Are you in Hawaii yet:lol: can I come with you do you think Rocky would spring for another ticket or at least some Mac nuts:lol: I'm easy to please.I hope your feeling better today and little Gaby is to (((HUGS TO YOU GIRLS))))
I want to make a gingerbread house theres something I haven't done gingerbread cookies I have I want to do that for sure, I forgot to string my popcorn this year I always do it for the kitchen decorations , maybe I will still get to it .but I'm not sure ,I hope your having a great day Susan and let me know if I have to pack,:lol:
Hi Julie:wave:
How are you doing,have I just been missing you here I hope not ,how did your Wedding go .was it this weekend oh I forget , I hope your feeling well ,did you get your decorating and your Christmas Shopping done yet ,I do hope that work is going well and your having a wonderful day Julie
Hi Sue :wave:
How are you doing ,Hows the weather where ever you are ?where are you anyways, I hope that your feeling well and not have come down with any of these miserable viruses that everyone seens to be getting ,Stay well and I hope that everything is turning around for the better familly wise and your having a wonderful day.
I hope I didn't miss anyone but Hi to Everyone else is I did :wave: Hope this message finds you well and having a great day.

Well I must get back to cleaning my chandeleirs I had to take a break, its hard on the legs, arms, neck and back and that already aches, I should have cleaned the lighting fixtures before I decorated but I wasn't in the mood since it takes the better part of two days to hand polish all the crystals, so now I have to do it since they don't sparkle so good right now ,so I will be back probably when my next break comes probably sooner than later ,:lol:

Hi Kathy:wave:
How are you doing , are you settled in yet,your running out of time ,Christmas is coming ,get them horses hitched I will be there soon ,well it may take a while this darn sleigh is heavy, so I have to stop to rest my legs every few minutes.I hope your having a great day although I'm sure its busy at your house.
Hi Marti:wave:
I Have not heard of Santa's for Seniors ,but I would love to contribute to something like that,so I am going to look into it here and see if we have a program like that, thanks for sharing , thats so nice

12-12-2004, 05:07 PM
Hi again!

Ok, I'm often do roses bloom??? This rose bush in my backyard is budding and some are opening. They had already bloomed during the summer/fall time.

What is really that last week I didn't see any signs of blooming or here they are. AND....this was my grandma's favorite rose bush, we were going to pull it and plant it in her yard before she got ill.

Think it's grandma saying "Merry Christmas"? I think so.


Tea Rose
12-12-2004, 05:22 PM
Hi Marti
I think you could be right, thoughts like that can really make your heart feel warm.One day a few months after my Grandma died I was feeling blue , I was sitting on my bed and suddenly what felt like someones breath gently passed across my face, with her scent ,it was undeniably her gentle touch to say I'm here, I have never for a minute doubted it was her .I often think of that moment one I will cherish always.

da fat n da furious
12-12-2004, 10:00 PM
Katie, Christmas time isn'ta lways about happy fun filled times,,,I know I feel emotional during this time of year,,,I hate knowing all the people who are feeling blue cause of loved ones not with them right now. Big hugs to you...get some rest and keep coming here,,,,
Ellen,,,how the infection? I love that poem you wrote for Neal,,,you are so talented. And btw,,,I didn't get to see your pictures...hint hint
Marti,,,James is definitely a sweet he is. I had a lump in my throat reading about you both buying for the seniors,,,I know many who are alone or worse forgotten at this time of year. Monte wouldn't let me go to pick Grandma up at the seniors home on holidays cause it took be forever to leave,,,I would talk to everyone,,,so many were lonely.
I would have to agree that the roses blooming is your grandma saying hello,,,cherish that.
Katy,,,snickerdoodle? I know Im something like a Snickers,,,sweet and nutty.

I know its not TOM, but omg I am so emotional right now,,,,not really sad but just teary over everything. I did rehearsal tonight and I was debating leaving the room when it came to the one sad part but I hung in there and then had to almost use my sleeve to wipe my eyes and nose. I can't listen to the radio cause I bawled the other day when listening to Christmas stories...
Well I should try to finish that darn

da fat n da furious
12-12-2004, 10:11 PM
OMG I finally actually went looking for thise pictures you all are talking about...Ellen why are you not a house decorator? I know companies that would pay big bucks for you to make their place look like that...your house is beautiful.

12-13-2004, 12:04 AM
Too many posts to try to catch up on. Miss a day posting and everyone posts thru-out the day. I did catch up reading the posts last night but didn't have time to post.


Katie~I am sorry to hear you are feeling a little depressed. Hope that passes soon. And yes, of course we remember you. We miss seeing ya here.

Ellen~hope you are feeling better. Used to love Vince Gill, till the Amy Grant thing. I still listen to both their music tho. Love his and her Christmas tape, a few years old, the ones I have but love them.

Mindee~hope little Brandon is better. There is a small town here that basically almost shut the town down last week because the croup was going around. They were interviewing people who had businesses and while they had lost a lot they said they would rather lose it than see the whole town get sick. Is Uncle Kracker considered country music? I didn't realize that. I have the one CD and love it, the one with Drift Away on it.

Katy~thank you, you are too kind. Snickerdoodle huh? Well, I must say they are my favorite cookie.

Marti~when we lived in Joplin, MO the kids and I picked five seniors from the electric company. They did the senior thing just the one year. But it amazed me the little things that they wanted, some wanted food, can goods, one lady wanted just a blanket, and a few other simple things. But even tho they only wanted one or two little things we made it good for them. I had called to volunteer with helping deliver the gifts but they had been over run with volunteers and didn't need anymore. I just would have loved to see their faces. That's cool that you and James are doing that this year. And they really do appreciate it because a lot of them are alone and have no one so to know that someone out there cares is just great to them, it makes their Christmas.

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

Wanted to thank you ladies (Jane, Julie, Angie, & Shanna) for the beautiful cards I received yesterday. Angie, silly girl, you put Christine in the card. DH asked if I am going by a different name on 3fc. Told him only one else calls me that. Anyway :thanks: And Angie :thanks: for the magnet calendar, so cute, Jane for the pic of Katie-such a beauty and Julie the pic of the doggies-so cute!

V and I went running around yesterday when he got home. he worked 1/2 a day. Well, it was actually a full 8 hours, just seemed like a 1/2 day because he got home at 1:45-works 5-1:30 on the weekends. We went to some antique malls. I just love looking at all the old stuff. Haven't really seen anything yet that I can't live without but one day would like to fill my house with antiques. Today we went to Mass, more bratty kids. You know, if I had to fight as much as these people do with their kids to try and keep them quiet and to sit still for 2 seconds I wouldn't even bother going. I would get a babysitter or not go at all. One thing about the other church they had a quiet room to take your kids to if they start. Plus 1/4 of the way thru the service the older kids went somewhere else to color etc. this church doesn't do that. Anyway, makes me not want to go. Anyway, have been lazy today. Watched Christmas movies all day and took a nap at 4 pm. couldn't stay awake for some reason.

That's about all I have ladies. Gonna try and find some more Christmas movies to watch. Loving the Family channel and Hallmark channel-lots of Christmas movies I have never seen.

Tea Rose
12-13-2004, 12:13 AM
Hi Angie
So glad you enjoyed the pictures and thankyou so much, did you get your Christmas tree decorated at last, I had never heard of a Seniors program do you know if we that anywhere here in Canada , I sure would like to be a part of that , I agree with you Angie they are so lonley. I have an aunt in a nursing home and its so sad to see them all just sitting there alone , always giving a smile to anyone who will acknowledge them , makes you want to cry . They require so little and a gesture like that would be so appreciated . Oh Oh you sound like me ,getting all teary eyed, sometimes I will feel fine and a song plays and the tears well up, I don't know ,maybe we should ask Dr. Katy:lol: Sounds like you have been extremely busy , but thats not unusual for you now is it..I swear I don't know where your energy comes from,must be those Bellini's:lol:Well if you can believe it I haven't got much to say,still waiting to see if the snow falls like its supposed to, I only finished cleaning one lighting fixture so tomorrow I hopefully will do better,they look nice but they are a pain to clean. I hope you have a good night ,but I guess its getting close to bedtime isn't it. So I suggest for you to hop into those new jammies and get some rest,night Angie
and good night to everyone else ,I guess maybe I will make this an early night tonight once I check to see if my kitty is at the door , I will fix him some vittles and his ((Pablum)) yes he loves pablum, before he came indoors he had trouble eating so I used to make him warm pablum to make sure he got some nutrients ,I know what your thinking and dog gone it your right,:lol: but I am a softee ,even the possums and raccoons dine here :lol: whats a girl to do.Well night all

Well Hi there Mrs Cristi
you popped in as I was popping out just wanted to say Hi ,I thought I might make it an early night ,maybe I will finish my book depends how the eyes hold up:lol: I do Love the Vince Gill Christmas cd its one of my favorites,I listen to it all the time.I am feeling a bit better thankyou, Well have a good night Cristi

12-13-2004, 01:42 AM
Popping in once more before I go to bed. Going to make it an early night. I was thinking that I wanted to stay up since tomorrow I go to work, and getting in a nap is difficult sometimes.....but...I'm tired.

I made some chocolate chip cookies. I also made these cookies I make every year for Christmas. I don't know if you would call it a cookie, it's Peanut Butter sandwhiched between two Ritz Crackers then dipped in chocolate. I store them in the freezer to keep them from melting. Always a treat for the holidays and very easy to make. My family has been making them for years. And that is about it for my baking talents! :lol:

Angie--I'm going to have to agree w/you that James is a keeper! :) He doesn't look like the man he really is, if that makes sense. He has this rough exterior, which most people take as him being an angry mean man, but he's really a softy who loves the littlest things. (I'm sure he'll appreciate me sharing that!) I remember this guy we worked w/at Sony.....told me that James is a big softy. I asked why. And he said.."Well, here is this huge muscled guy, who scares people but when you talk to him, he'll talk about his tiny chihuahua babies and his baby." (that baby being me) Anyway, I think picking from the Senior tree was a good choice this year. With his grandfather passing away and my grandma in the Spring. We just wanted to give back and it felt good.

Ellen--I loved the poem you wrote for Neil!! You have great talent!! My birthday is next something for me?? :) Your story of your grandmother was nice. I love hearing things that people have to say about their loved ones when they pass away. I remember smelling bread after she passed away...she was always making homemade bread. It was a good feeling in the air also when I smelt it. (that word doesn't look right...smelt?) anyway, I really do think the roses blooming is a sign. I told James about it and he was saying "Wow...really? They didn't have anything on them last week!" I'm taking a picture of it once it's fulling bloomed!

Cristi--The seniors we looked at wanted exactly what you said. Little things. One wanted a food box. Another wanted a certificate to a grocery store. Another wanted socks. So simple. And I told James we can afford to get some more....just not all like he would want. Now, if we didn't have our family to buy for, we probably could. I told him that I wanted to set up a senior fund for next year. That way we can pick a lot more than just two (or four if we get a couple more) next year. Jhanai can pick one out too. (I may have her pick one this weekend) Oh, been meaning to mentioned that you like some Country music. Did you happen to watch the episode of Oprah when she threw a baby shower for the wifes of men in the military? There was a woman who sang a song that I loved. I want to say the name was "Daughter" or something like that, but I don't know. I don't even know the singers name. Would love to have that song.

Well I suppose I've yapped enough for the night. Been on a roll this weekend. Jhanai was w/her dad and James was at I suppose I was trying to make up for all the time I'm at work! Actually I miss popping in all the time. As long as you all don't mind me just talking away! :blah: :blah: :blah:

Take Care girls and have a good night!

12-13-2004, 02:06 AM
Cristi--I found the song.
"In my daughters eyes" by Martina McBride.

I had to find it, went searching, and found it!!

Now I can go to bed! :)

12-13-2004, 09:12 AM
In honor of Monday, hop on over to the new thread, lol - #96!!