100 lb. Club - 20 Ways to win at losing weight (#1)

12-09-2004, 02:09 PM
I read an article last night on the flight home from Florida in the December issue of O (oprah's magazine). It was Written by the trainers from the biggest loser; Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. It was titled "20 Ways to win at losing weight". I thought maybe I'd post them one by one and we could get some discussion going on how we felt about each "way" they suggest.

1. There's no one secret to being thin Losing weight and keeping it off, says Jillian Michaels, "requires a holistic approach that combines proper diet, good workouts, knowing why you overeat, and understanding how to push yourself towards change." The desire to change really has to come from inside. "Sometimes you've got to have hit rock bottom, like realizing you can't play tag with your kids without getting out of breath," Jillian says. "If you're not ready for something new, no matter what you try, it's not going to work."

My thoughts: I think pretty much says it all for me. I am always looking for a new "way" to lose this weight once and for all. Maybe it's because I just don't want to face the fact the fact that I haven't been successful in the 4 years that I have been here because I just don't want it bad enough and I am not willing to give it what it takes long term. In my mind I want it, but my actions speak volumes.

Your thoughts on way #1???

12-09-2004, 02:34 PM
I fully agree. I have never dieted/ exercised before (although I've always wanted/ needed to lose) but this time I am full blown into it. I am going to succeed.

"The desire to change really has to come from inside" Although I wanted to lose weight in the past- I guess I never wanted it bad enough to actually do something; until the dreaded "200s" started coming around. it's not gonna come off by itself! I've gotten enough of a "tease"-- 20 lbs that came off fairly easy- to make me want it that much more. (I would have been frustrated and probably quit if I didn't see a change)

You can only do it for yourself. if anyone tells you you need to lose weight- it's not going to work- you need to want to lose weight for yourself. I fully believe that. As an overweight child and teenager I had "friends" that told me I'd be so much prettier if I lost 20- 30 lbs. Did that help?! :lol: no way!

12-09-2004, 02:47 PM
Everyone easily understands the part about proper diet and good workouts, that's common sense, but its harder to come to grips with why you overeat and how to push yourself to change. Even when you've figured out what leads to overeating, its not always easy to tackle the problems and going from wanting to change to actually doing it isn't simple either - if it was so simple and easy everyone would always be thin and fit - who'd actually want to be otherwise?

We in the 100lb. club are different in that we're not talking about losing 10 or 15 pounds to fit back into a favourite outfit. We allowed (for lack of a better word) ourselves to get to a point where our weight compromised our health, happiness and quality of life. When you become overweight to that degree you can definitely feel overwhelmed and hopeless to change. When goal or tangible progress seems so distant its difficult to get momentum to start. I feel that's one of the wonderful things about our group here - constant support and encouragement from others who really understand goes such a long way in providing motivation. The amazing results attained by people such as Boiaby, Jiffypop and Dowsx4 inspire and convince us its possible.

I agree that desire to change must come from within - you cannot be coerced, nagged or forced into it. Its not enough to have desire, we all have the desire, something has to literally kick you in the gut and make you realise you MUST do this - whether it be a scary medical report, not being able to play with your kids, loss of enjoyment of life to the point of depression, or just waking up one day with the "click" that lets you know you can and will do it!

"No one secret" indeed - we know its not just about putting less food in your mouth!

12-09-2004, 03:00 PM
Yep.This one says it all.

12-09-2004, 05:49 PM
This is so true. I don't have anything else to add. I think it's been said well.

12-09-2004, 11:24 PM
:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

12-10-2004, 12:02 AM
I think the scariest and hardest thing is looking deep down inside our own selves and seeing why we "can't" do it. For my ownself it has been a lot of soul searching and seeing that I dont deserve to be in a better body. I have learned that simpy isnt true. Now I am fighting the "wanting" to eat badly. I think that sometimes I feel if life or my day has been cruel to me then I derverve to be coddled by food. Isnt that sick??? I have broken myself of that midset to some degree, but there are parts that still linger.

12-11-2004, 02:15 AM
"...knowing why you overeat, and understanding how to push yourself towards change."

Oh yeah. Perfectly stated.

12-11-2004, 02:22 PM
True, so true.