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miss jodi
12-08-2004, 06:56 PM
Hi there! I have only written a few times, but I am on the site often. I really appreciate all the info you guys give.

I have been on the SBD for a few months. I have lost 13 pounds total. Before Thanksgiving I went on vacation and did not stay on program. I continued to stay off program throughout Thanksgiving. I gained 1.5 lbs. The Monday after Thanksgiving I started Phase 1 again. This is my 10th day of Phase 1. Of the 13 lbs lost only 2 lbs were lost in the last 10 days. The first time I did Phase 1 I lost 6 pounds. Is it normal for me to lose less the second time on Phase 1? Is my weight loss going to be slowed for this whole second time around in Phase 2 as well?

Any advice or previous experience stories would be much appreciated!

sweet tooth
12-08-2004, 07:10 PM
Personally, I do Phase 1 every once in a while for at least a few days to give my body a kick. However, I do notice that if I do too frequently, or for too long a period, the weight loss slows. My body starts to sense that it is being too deprived and goes into a starvation mode...conserving some of the energy for a time of deprivation.

12-08-2004, 08:19 PM
Jodi, I think it's pretty common what you're experiencing. Initially, a fair bit of the weight loss on Phase I is water loss. So remember... this time around, you're probably REALLY losing fat!
Don't get discouraged. :grouphug:

12-08-2004, 08:47 PM
I had a similar experience, did phase 1 went on holiday.. gained some weight and am now back on Phase 1. I have found that my weight loss is definitely slower this time, but I agreee that initially it was mostly fluids that I lost.

Keep up the great work and I am sure that you will receive the results you need.

12-09-2004, 12:17 PM
Jodi, I think that's fairly common. Just stick with it! :cheer:

12-09-2004, 01:53 PM
I know for me I never have a big loss on phase one now. I would say your probably on the right track. Oh that first P-1 just spoils us I think! teehee But I love it! haha

12-11-2004, 05:38 PM
I started Phase I again on Monday. So far so good. I'm trying to remain very positive and remember that if the scale doesn't say what I want it to, not to be discouraged.