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12-08-2004, 08:52 AM
Welcome everyone to our new thread. Anyone is welcome at any time to join us. We are here for you as you would be here for us.

Well, I just realized what time it is and have to drive my son to school, but as soon as I get back I will write more. I have a few ideas to pass along to you all. Be back in a few.

TTFN, Lori

12-08-2004, 09:52 AM
Ok so I am back and full of ideas. Not really, just have a couple. I am part of another thread that keeps me motivated by making weekly goals. The thread is becoming a bit slow though so I came here and found you. If you would like, on the day that you weigh in, make a non weight related goal for yourself for the week and really try to stick with it. Start slow at first, and work your way up if you have to. I personally weigh in on Monday nights so on that day I will post how I did with my weigh in and how I did with my goal for the past week, and then I will pick a new goal (or the same goal) for my upcomming week. This week my goal is to get 3 workouts in, eat all my points (sometimes I have a problem with that) and make healthier choises with my food.
There is also another thread out there that I enjoy reading and have daily and weekly topics of discusion. I think it is a great idea (and hope they don't mind me useing it) to keep everyone interested in comming to the boards and posting. It also has a way of connecting people a bit more so its easier to post so you don't feel like your posting to complete strangers.
So let me know what you think and I will start the first topic as soon as I hear from you if you like the idea. Maybe we will change the topic every other day or so.
I am on this computer more then I would like to admit to. So I am almost always here. If you ever have a question or would just like to talk, just PM me or go to my profile and you can IM me. The only definite times I am not here are wednesday, thursday, and friday nights.
Well, I guess I have rambled enough for now. Let me know what you think.

TTFN, Lori

12-08-2004, 10:47 AM
Good morning! :coffee: Lori I had to laugh when I read about the amount of time you spend on the pc--me too! lol!! There are days when it seems like that is all I do! I guess it is a better habit than watching tv and munching on unhealthy food-which is an old habit of mine.
New Creations is a gret name-a way for all of us to start over and begin again being healthy and fit. I am all for that. Being new to this group I am not sure of everyones name but I will get to know each of you soon I hope. Just a bit about myself - I am a work from home Mom which allows for me to be online alot during the day. I babysit my great niece during the week and she is getting to be a handful so if I am ever offline I must be chasing the baby! I have 2 boys of my own one is 12 and in 7th grade the oldest is 23. My dh is a very wonderful guy who loves me thick or thin. I have a very good life with a loving family. We are not rich but we are blessed in many other ways. When I lose this weight I am really going to be able to enjoy the wonderful life I have instead of being a bystander and watching it from the sidelines. I cant wait!!
As far as my daily goals-
1. get close to points range by making healthy food choices
2. drink 100oz water daily
3. do some sort of exercise daily-even if it is a small amount
4. get/give inspiration and support daily to New Creations
I think that is a good start! I will check back in soon- I am off to do dishes and WATP while the baby is being so good. Have a great day everyone!

12-08-2004, 11:04 AM
The only other thing I was wondering is what days everyone weighs in on? This way maybe I can keep track and post updates for everyone every so often. My weigh in day is Monday (evening)

cyn-- glad to hear your goals. Eating all your points is a very important thing. They give you that amount so it can increase your motabilism. Really, really try to get in all your points. Every once in a while its ok to be aliitle off but thats it. Sorry don't mean to sound as if I am scolding you but I was eating less of my points alot during the week and would only lose like .6 and now that I am eating all my points (plus getting the water, fruits and veggies and the healthy oils in) I am losing like 2 pounds a week. Thats what it has been for the last 2 weeks anyway.

Ok, now I am going to do my workout and clean up. I will be back later.

TTFN, Lori

12-08-2004, 05:05 PM
Lori I had been weighing just hit and miss whenever I felt like doing it since I am not actually going to the meeting. And I planned on really starting when I found a good support group. Now that I have found this one I am official starting my trip to the healthy new me. So far today I havent done very well with my workout or eating. I am having sinus trouble and during WATP my nose began to drip, drip, drip! My eating is bad for the same reason--It is hard to eat with sinus drainage! I did try a WW chocolate smoothie and it was really good. I used my blender and it was almost like chocolate pudding. I am thinking about having soup for supper. A nice hot bowl of soup will help my sinus problem.
I was hoping more of our group would have posted by now. Hopefully they will check in soon. I would really love to have this thread become a very active one. Now I am headed to look at some recipies and other great tips that are posted on this site. The better informed I am the more enthused I become!

12-08-2004, 05:21 PM
Cyn-- I am sorry to hear that your not feeling very well. Hopefully you will feel better soon. As for weighing in, you should pick a day to weigh and then stay off the scale for the rest of the week. I do that too. I made my husband hide the scale because everytime I went to the bathroom I was stepping on it and it was not a good thing.

I did get a workout in today which added 6 activity points for me. Plus I carried all the Christmas suff in the house. I live upstairs (14 steps one way) and it took me 8 trips to get it all in the house. I guess I could consider that a workout as well, but I won't.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello. I have to go get ready for work. I will probably stop by again when I get home to see if our other "New Creations" have checked in. I will type to you all later. Have a wonderful and healthy night.

TTFN, Lori

12-08-2004, 09:00 PM
How is everyone?
I weighed in this morning and had a 3.8 loss :dance: :dance:
I do question their calculations..by my calculations I've lost 9.8 and they put me at 10. I'm not that worried about it but I can be a little anal at times :dz:
I usually weigh in on Monday mornings but that's not set in stone. I had to work one Monday and had jury duty on the next Monday..so I went to one of the other morning meetings. I found some point recipes at the smart ones website if anyone is interested.
I took my last final today and I am so glad that classes are over till Janurary :cp: . Next semester will invlove Intro to Algebra :yikes: , Music Fundamentals :shrug:, and Lifetime Fitness :tread:
My goals for this week.
1. Try to use some allowance points
2. Work on the inside instead of my outward appearance
3. Workout on my stairmaster at least 4 times this week.
I will check back later..take care

12-08-2004, 10:46 PM
Christalynn Congrats on the loss! That is great!! your classes would kill me! It has been many years since I have stepped foot in a classroom.
I didnt have enough points today but I am taking sinus medicine and having Nyquil before bed so hopefully I will feel more like eating and working out tomorrow. I dont even feel bad I just have the drippy nose and nothing tastes good. I had well over 100oz of water so that is a plus. I may even have some hot tea before bed. Well for now I am off to load the dishwasher before I relax in my chair for Wife Swap. It is one of my guilty pleasures. Have a great evening everyone!

12-09-2004, 12:55 AM
:D I am so happy you guys liked my recommendation! How cool! :grouphug:
I wasn't very good yesterday with my points. I used about 10 from flex :o . But that is ok. I went and spent time with some good friends. One of which is starting to count points as well! ;) Now if I can get her to go to the meetings with me..... :jig: But it is funny...I have become an "inspirtation"! That is new to me. I have at least two other people counting points and wanting the books! I was naughty and chose to come home and spend some time with my guy tonight instead of going to weigh in. :p But I will either tomorrow or Friday. So I did really well today on my points and think I will have lost another pound at least.
We sure are getting to be a cool group! :cool: There must be 5 of us. :grouphug: That is great! You all sound terrific. I certainly understand about the working out thing! I am so out of shape I can only do about 20 minutes on the cross trainer and then I just pray for it to end! :lol: But I feel so much better when I do something. I would like to eventually run a mile without walking at all. I guess that is a silly goal to some who have done it but I don't think I ever have. So for me it is something I have wanted to accomplish for a couple years but never have had the insentive. Now I think it is possible and I will do it by this time next year! What do you think? Anyone a runner? Since I am so out of shape and never been very active I don't know. :dunno:
I too like quick, easy recipes. I cook for three. My Sweetie and his mom and me! :) Mom is diabetic so..... :?: I have never really done anything "special" for her. Just try to make sure she eats healthy meals. Watch the sugar stuff.
Well, I seem to be running on so I will go for now. I will check back later!

12-09-2004, 10:31 AM
Is it morning already :coffee:

Shawn- Running would be great. I've always wanted to do that myself. I may make that a goal for myself. Start out slow and then work up. maybe I can do it. I never gave it enough thought. I know that when I did someting as simple as a 1 mile-1 minute walking test, my teacher had to keep me from falling over after I was done 20 minutes later :dizzy:
It is a great feeling finding out you are a inspiriation isn't it? that's great.
I'm gonna go and find some breakfast....by the way does any know how to make biscuts and gravy???..how about the points???

I'll check in later..take care

12-09-2004, 01:01 PM
Good morning! I am feeling a bit better today-still have alot of drainage but I am hanging in there! I am so glad to have things in common with you guys. Walking for example-something most people take for granted-is hard for me-not only am I out of shape because of my weight I also have trouble waking because my tendons are too short. Add that to the fact that I have no sense of balance and any exercise becomes a challenge! I do try though and I will continue to try! I may not lift my legs as high as Leslie Sansone or finish the entire walk but I do try! Also I have been doing some basic yoga. I figure anything I do will help. The only exercise I have had in the past 15 years is running to the fridge! :lol:
Well, my plan for the day is to make a big pot of veggie soup for supper which is very low point and for now I am off to tackle a mountain of laundry. I havent decided on lunch yet. I will check in later and let you know how the day is going for me. I hope each one of you has a wonderful day. Just keep in mind we can meet out goals and we have each other to help along the way!

12-09-2004, 03:31 PM
Godd afternoon to all you wonderful ladies. I have been so completly lazy today. Sat on the couch and watched cartoons with my daughter most of the morning. Haven't done any cleaning yet (which I have to do on a daily basis latly). Oh well, I have to work tonight for 6 hours so I will be on my feet alking about 5 1/2 of those hours. Thats enough of a workout, right?

Christalynn-- :bravo: on your loss. Thats a great Number for one week. :cp:
Please don't worry about the .2 difference. Just walking into the WW building could have burned that. ;) You must really be happy to have a break from school. Enjoy your time off. Oh and I love your goals. I know I have to work on the inside too. As for bisquits and gravy, it sounds good but unfortunatly I can't help you with the points. Sorry.

Cyn-- Glad your feeling somewhat better. Any workout is good to start with. Don't push your self to hard to begin just do it little by little till you get used to it and then add a bit more. Your doing great, keep up the good work.

Shawn-- Being an inspiration to other people is a great feeling isn't it? I'm proud of you for it. Your friends will be happy too and you all can stick together and work on it all as a team. Thats great. I might even be alittle jealous (only kidding). Let us know how you did for your WI. And as far as useing your flex points, thats what thye are there for. as long as you don't go over the 35 your fine. Enjoy yourself.

OK so I said I was going to start a topic.....I would like to know how all of you found the 3FC site? I will respond after I get back from picking my son up.

TYpe to you later, Lori

12-09-2004, 04:20 PM
I am ready to answer my own question.

See, in January of this year I decided I was going to try a low fat/no fat diet. It worked when I had gallbadder problems so I figured, why not? I was great for about hte first week, then I started getting "fat" cravings. So instead of giving up on my "diet" I decided to start looking for different low fat foods. So thats what I typed into Google. It brought me to ALOT of different pages and one of them was this one. I came here, roamed around a little, got some encouragement, posted a message, and didn't get the responce I wanted. So my "diet" lasted all of another week. I disappeared from this site till I desided that I was going to do this again and do it the right way. So I joined WW and came back to this site. I get great support here and give it right back. I am glad I have now found you ladies that knows exactly how I feel, and what I am going through with WW. You ladies are great.
So, thats my story. (and I'm sticking to it) ;)

I have to work tonight but, will be back on here before bed. I swear I think its an addiction. lol

Have a great and healthy night,

12-09-2004, 05:59 PM
I heard about this site about 3 or 4 years ago at a WW meeting. Since begining this new journey, I thought I would come back and see what has changed. I didn't orginally plan on staying around here but I'm glad I did. I've received alot of good responses that I wasn't expecting.
Thanks everyone..group hug :grouphug:
Does anyone have a reward planned for when you reach your goal?
I have small rewards like a gift certificate for new clothes at every 10 pounds etc...I wan't to reward myself BIG when I reach my weight goal. :gift:

bye for now :wave:

12-09-2004, 09:15 PM
I read about this site on another forum that I was lurking on. At first all the threads seemed overwhelming but now that I have found you guys I am happy! I love all the information I find here. I have also been checking out the recipies. I love all the knowledge I am finding about WW since I know I miss alot by not being able to go to meetings.
I did manage to eat better today and even did WATP and some yoga. Also my water intake was great--the dry air makes it easy for me to drink more than enough water these days.
One question I have for everyone are you eating your own special meals or does everyone in your family eat the same since you are doing WW? With my family it all depends-like last night I didnt feel well so my family ate pizza and I had some soup. Most nights I try to make low point meals that we all can eat. I just believe that it is a good thing for my family to eat healthy too and to learn to make good food choices even though they dont have weight issues. I wish I would have been given better choices when I was younger. But I came from a large family and you ate cheap-fried everything and lots of macaroni!! lol!! I just have never made smart choices with food until now. Better late than never I guess!
Well that is enough rambling for me. Have a good night all!

12-10-2004, 01:10 AM
Well, I heard about 3FC from my sister that lives in WI. She started WW the same time I did this time! I love this site and am glad to have met you all! :grouphug:
Now for the WI......I lost another 2.2 lbs! :dancer: I know it won't always be like this but for now I will just be happy and Thank God! Makes a total of 11 lbs gone!
As for meals I eat whatever I cook for the family. Just make sure to count my points and stick to portion sizes. Try to stay at my Target Points but like Lori says there are the flex when you need them. ;) For lunch I work at a hotel and we get free lunches in the cafe. Hot and cold stuff. We can even order hamburgers or grilled sandwiches! However good the food is it isn't good for my waist or my health. So I take Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine meals and have a salad with Fat Free Zesty Italian dressing! My favorite! :p I am a salt freak so it helps with the cravings. For a snack I eat a piece of fruit, apple, orange or banana. I try to drink lots of water as Lori said. I don't think I always get enough. So I should work on that. Biscuits and Gravy! :T I bet there isn't much you can do to cut the points much. But I don't know. Sorry, Christalynn.
Goals or rewards? hummmm. I guess I would like to get some new clothes. I got so tired of going to buy new jeans in larger sizes I stopped and went to wearing sweat pants and athletic pants (you know the kind that you wear to work out, even though I don't do much of that) :lol: Anyway, I would like to buy some jeans that fit and some cute, sexy clothes! :o How about you Lori and Cyn? Anything you are going to do to reward yourselves?
Cyn, I wanted to know how the yoga is working for you? I was thinking about taking some classes or getting a dvd. What do you think?
Yes, starting slow is the best. I would like to lose at least 5 more lbs before I really start working out regularly. At the hotel we have a fitness center I can use so it should be easy. However, I can come up with lots of "reasons" not to go in there. :dizzy:
Anyway, How many kids do you have Lori? I have two but they are grown. Daughter (25) and son (23). Anyone else?
I would like to start trying some new recipes. Maybe I will make that a New Year Resolution! :chin:
Well, Now that I have put you all to sleep, I should go myself. Take care and talk to you soon!
Shawn :blah:

12-10-2004, 01:49 AM
Just a quick note to say hello. I just got home from work and sad as it is, I changed and then came onto the computer. I know I have no life. lol

Shawn-- :bravo: on the weight loss. :cb: :cp: :cp: :cb: Keep up the great work.
By the way I have 2 kids. My son, David is 11 and my daughter, Mandi is 3. They have 7 1/2 years between them.

So lets see........a reward......well, when I hit my 10% I was thinkning about getting my hair cut but I have changed my mind. I only have .2 to go to get to my 10%. I would love to say that I would by myself clothes for it but that would probably not happen. I don't think I want to buy something that I will only be wearing for a few months. (I am very ummmmmm cheap, but only when it comes to me) Besides I wear stretch clothes now and they still fit fine. I am really not sure what I will do for my 10%. But when I get down to my ultimate goal, now thats another story. I am definitly going shopping then. I will get cute tank tops for the summer, some really nice fitting jeans, and that little black dress that everyone dreams of owning. I will definitly get one of those.
Anyway ladies it is late and I must get some sleep. I will be back on in the morning. Have a great day tomorrow and be healthy.

TTFN, Lori

12-10-2004, 01:55 AM
Cyn-- I am so sorry I forgot to answer your question. Usually when I cook it is lower point foods that we all eat but on occation I will make them something that is just for them and I will cook something totally different for me. That happens usually when I have to work. My husband is not a fan of cooking so I will make them a meal before I go to work. This way I don't have to see them eating it and then end up wanting it too. Tonight I made them Hamburger Helper (I know.....YUCK) but they love it. Not something I like though so it didn't bother me to make it. lol

:cb: :dancer: :cb:
Glad to hear your feeling better Cyn. Also that you got your exercise in. Keep it up.

Ok really going to bed now, goodnight.


12-10-2004, 11:37 AM
Good morning everyone :coffee: I am enjoying reading these post so much. it really does help me to stay in focus- so thanks everyine! :grouphug:
Lori- my family also likes Hamburger Helper and my son likes to make it so that works out great when I want a night off from kitchen duty! I usually opt for a salad on those nights or soup if it is cold out.
Shawn-congrats! Keep up the good work! As far as the yoga-it is a beginners tape and I bought it from ebay. I am not one for much exercise but this I can do-well most of it lol! I am thinking about a beginner pilates workout as well so I dont get in a rut. Like I said earlier, most workouts are too much for me-I am worn out before the warm up is done :lol: -so I have been searching for easier options. WATP is one of my faves.
Christalynn-rewards? I think I will wait until I get futher down the trail before I do any big rewards like new clothes. Most of the stuff I have now is stretchy and will be good until I have lost quite a bit and then we will see about new clothes. I am way to cheap to buy new stuff very often. At least for myself anyways! I have been spurging a bit on myself to help me along my journey but not much-like exercise tapes, WW bars and smoothies, WW calculator and the program- but I bought all of it from ebay so I havent spent alot. I even got a body glide (which is like the total gym) from ebay for $15 shipping was $20 but that was still good I thought.
Have you guys bought things to help you that you wouldnt have normally bought? I too am buying more fresh fruits and veggies and healthier choices. I occassional buy lean cuisines for myself and have them for lunch when I am the only one home. A can of soup is also a good low point food when you need a quick lunch.
Well Have a great Friday everyone. I will check in with everyone later for now I am off to clean house.

12-10-2004, 12:18 PM
Shawn- Congrats on the 2.2 loss that is wonderful :cp: :cheer:

I am widely known as a spoiled brat and always have been. I'm the youngest of four and was brought up under special circumstances. I believe that is what developed into bad eating habbits. To keep me quiet and calm they would give me whatever I wanted ie. food. I think I'm doing very well at breaking old habbits. I don't have to cook for anyone..no children..no husband anymore. I'm no longer getting bored with foods like all my previous attempts at WW. I'm always finding more foods to try and that helps me from falling into my old ways.
My reward for when I reach my ultimate weight will be a trip to glamour shots and a new wardrobe to go with it. I think that is a reasonable reward.
In regards to drinking water. The final calculations are in. I drink a gallon of water per day :faint: no wonder I make 5 trips to the bathroom a hour :^:

I'll check in later..take care ladeis

12-11-2004, 02:03 AM
It is so cool to get on line and see responces to our conversations! :D I truly enjoy talking with you all. :goodvibes
I wanted to tell you all about my day. Really nothing exciting. Just went to work and (not sure if this is alright or not but I bought my two friends points books from my WW group) took L her set of books. She has lost 6 lbs in 4 days even without the books! She is also only 30 years old and has three children. So she probably has pretty good metablolism. :lucky: I am 44 and not very active as I have told you before. :o But anyway it is so cool to watch L and K checking out what they can eat to stay within their points! They ask me questions and I try to help them. K has started bringing Smart Ones for lunch as well and eats a salad like me! :smug: I am not really bragging but am very excited that they have joined me in my efforts. Not that either of them need it. But it is so nice to have support at work! They get so excited checking out how many points certain foods are. K said it was like she got a new toy when I took a points slide to her today! :lol:
Well, not much else here.
Going on the Jingle Bell run this Sunday! I will walk but it is for the Arthritis foundation and is 3 miles. I am actually looking forward to it and telling you all how it was. I just pray the weather is nice!
I had better get to bed. Talk to you tomorrow. :D
Good night!

12-11-2004, 01:30 PM
Hello my fellow WW buddies,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Its very unusual for me. I was just in a blah mood all day and didn't feel like doing much. I did stick to my points and water and even did 50 crunches, and 30 leg lift thingys on each leg. I also went to work last night which meant 6 hours of walking around and being on my feet. Although I didn't clean up the house and am paying for it today. Sometimes I swear if I didn't do it we would live in a pig sty. ;)

Cyn--What a great buy....a total gym for a total price of $35.00??!!! Thats great. How do you like it? I am looking into buying a Tony Little Gazelle after Christmas. I am really excited about getting it too. I also put alot of workout stuff (ab thingy, weights, workout tapes) on my Christmas list. My husband didn't want to get that kind of stuff for me for Christmas but I told him it was ok, and thats all I really wanted. Of course the fruits and veggies are also on my shopping list everytime. I like getting the canned pineapple chunks. Its 2 servings (and 2 points) of a fruit and pineapples are a fat blocker. I also just really enjoy them. So does my kids so I end up buying alot of them. I also buy the WW bars every week I go to weigh in. I feel like I am eating a candy bar which in my case is a good thing because I think I have the sweet tooth from **** :lol: . Not sure if you all know this but alot of the WW bars are also considered a milk product for the day. Just read the box and if it says that it has 25% calcium then it counts. Thats a huge plus in my eyes. I also bought the WW shakes and am not to fond of them :?: I think I may be the only one.
Just one more thing.....try to be carefull on the amount of frozen meals and soup you eat. They have alot of sodium in them and can reduce your weight loss because of retaining water.

Christalynn-- Sounds like you know what your doing this time. Keep up the possitive thinking and you will do just fine with WW this time. You are going to succeed!!!! I had Glamour Shots done about 5 years ago. Got a gift card for my birhtday. I had such a good time with them. It is soooo much fun to go in there and have them do your hair and makeup and then take pictures of you like your a model. You will enjoy the experience. Oh and a gallon of water a day?!!! Thats great. Keep up the great work. I drink about 10 to 12 glasses a day. Any more then that and I think I would have to were diapers ;) .

Shawn-- I also really enjoy comming here and reading what everyone has posted. I know this sounds terrible but this site is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last one at night. It keeps me motivated. Talking to you all helps me want to succeed. ( does that make you all feel as if the pressure is on you? :D ) As far as buying the books for your friends....I asked the leader at my meeting if I could buy extras for a Christmas gift for my sister even though she has not joined and she said yes. They don't care how many we books and stuff we buy, so don't worry about it. It is really exciting to have your friends/coworkers doing this with you. I thik you should be proud of yourself for setting an example for them and having them follow in your footsteps to a better life. :bravo: to you. Besides thats added support for you as well. Enjoy your walk on Sunday. I hope the weather is good for you. Let us know how you did. By the way, where in Colorado are you? My brother lives out there, about 30 to 40 minutes away from Bennett.

Well, ladies I feel as though I have typed a book. Sorry for going on and on. I think I am making up for not posting yesterday. So now that you all probably have to take a break from reading, I will stop. Hope you all have a great and healthy day.

TTFN, Lori

12-11-2004, 02:18 PM
I hope everyone is have a positive day :cloud9: I admit it..I also look forward to checking in and reading about everyone here thanks for letting me into this social circle :grouphug:
In what stage of weight loss should I really concentrate on toning :?:
I thought I read this somewhere in the threads but I don't remember where. One of my concerns is looking older after weight loss. I know someone who just lost about 90 pounds but she looks about 10 years older. Aging was never something I would think about but I'm only 30..Any advice would be appreciated :thanks:
I'm in the process of recruiting 3 people I work with to WW. They are watching my success and really want the same for themselves. I am very excited for them :cb:

Bye for now

12-11-2004, 09:03 PM
Hello gang! Sorry I didnt post before now but by the time I bought groceries and went to my parents for a visit the day got away from me. I think I did ok today so far on my goals. The only exercise I did was walking in the store and getting wood for my parents-but atleast it is something. Lori-I appreciate your tips on sodium-I know that stuff is way up there! I try to becareful fo that sorta thing and I never add salt to anything. Most of the soup I get is low sodium or my own homemade. And the frozen dinners are only a once in a blue moon thing. For one thing I am too cheap to buy ready to eat. As for having an addiction to this site-I can relate. I barely hung up my coat tonight and I was logging on! lol! Well that is about all I have to say about my day-just a typical Saturday-now my family is going to veg out and watch a movie or two-so I will see ya all tomorrow! :)

12-12-2004, 01:39 AM
Hi everyone! May I join in?

New Creations is such a *great* name! That's what I want to be!

Anyway, I'm Kae or Berry...whichever is fine. *G* I even answer to Hey you. *G*

I need to get back into losing weight. I have been stalled for over a year now and just see my weight inching back up. *sigh* The regular WW 100+ board is not motivating me, but when I came back out here and saw you guys...wow! I'm pretty motivated! Everyone seems so nice and it just makes me want to be able to offer my support as well! :goodvibes:

Just a little 'bout me. I'm single, 35 and have a dbf named Michael. I have 4 furbabies, Oscar, Emmy, Clio and Aggie (Agatha) who are beautiful kitties. I love music and can play almost anything I put my hands on...except for stringed instruments...grr! I want to learn to play the guitar so badly but my brain just won't accept it! :D I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read and will read anything from Plato to the back of the shampoo bottle. I love making friends and can't wait to get to know you all better. I've been on WW for what seems like forever. Off again, on again. I lost the most weight back in '96 when I was doing the old Fat and Fiber program. (boy do I miss that!) I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance so losing weight is sometimes like beating my head against a wall. I'm getting anxious to lose weight again...I just feel better about myself when I'm active and eating healthy. I know the tips and "tricks"...it's just applying them that's the hard work! (that and sticking with them!)

I'd better hop off of here for now. I have Bell Choir in the morning (I play for my church) and have to be there at 7:30 in the morning! Yikes! :coffee: going to need a LOT of tea to wake me!

Have a great Sunday everyone and I'll see you back here soon!



12-12-2004, 02:10 AM
Well, silly me fell asleep at about 8:30 and woke up at 11:30 and can not go back to sleep. So where did I come? ;) I love this place :D .

Christalynn-- YIKES :eek: I never thought about aging. Does that really happen? I hope not. I hope its not a typical thing for everyone. I am only 31 and don't want to look old yet. But htats not going to stop me from losing weight either. As for toning.....I started excersizing after my third week at WW. Not a whole bunch but enough to get my motabilizim going. I think I am going to really start toning after the new year. ( I have to wait to get my stuff from Christmas)

Cyn-- How was the movies? Watch anything good?

Kae-- Welcome Welcome Welcome
We have to let YOU join ;) , your the one who started the thread in the first place. We all found each other and kept it going for you ;) .
We have a great group here.
So, what day do you weigh in? Can't wait to get to know you better. Post often, we like to read. :D

So, I think besides stocking stuffers I finished my Christmas shopping. I drug my poor kids through about 6 stores today. I definitly wore myself out. I think thats why I fell asleep at 8:30. Of course the kids were still up. Now I just have to wrap everything. Thats a big chore. The one good thing about shopping today was all the walking. I didn't get a workout tape int oday but I don't think it matters since I did walk so much.

Well, time to go and try to lay down again. Have to get up kinda early and clean, so we can finally get that damn tree up. The kids are driving me crazy about, but I understand why.

Ok I have another question for you all.....If you could pick one place in the world to live (no money issues) where would it be and why?

I would pick Texas. I know sounds silly right? But my Mother in law lives there and I love her like my own. She moved out there about 5 years ago and we miss her terribly. Of course with no money issues I would also try to get everyone else to move there. ;)

Now I am really going to bed. If not you all are going to hate me for typing way to much. Good night and have a great, restful, and healthy Sunday.

TTFN, Lori

12-12-2004, 05:35 AM
Kae-- Welcome Welcome Welcome
We have to let YOU join ;) , your the one who started the thread in the first place. We all found each other and kept it going for you ;) .
We have a great group here.
So, what day do you weigh in? Can't wait to get to know you better. Post often, we like to read. :D

Yay! I get to join! :D

I promise to try and post very very often. I'm working on making myself more organized. *sigh* I'm terminally messy. :( But my goal for this year, besides weight loss, is to turn around my messy self. I have 365 days to create 18 new habits (a habit is formed after 21 days of continuously doing the same thing!) that will help me keep my life running more organized.

I'm scared of the scale :yikes:...well, not really. I just haven't been weighing in. I'm hoping to set Wed as my weigh in day...if I can ever make it to a meeting! (I know! procrastination is a habit I need to beat!)

Well, this group looks like it's fabu! Looking forward to knowing all of you better!

Berry Kae

12-12-2004, 12:32 PM
Hello everyone,
I hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday. As for me I am just checking in before I start putting my tree up. We are going to get ot all done today. Put it up and decorate it.

Kae--I never knew about the habit thing. There is something learned for today. ;) I think you have a great outlook when you put it that way. Just keep remembering that it would only take 21 days to form a new habit. Does that work for breaking habits too? As far as getting to a meeting.....what are you waiting for? They aren't going to come to you. :p I really enjoy going to the meetings. Not only is it my time out with others that know what I am going through, but it really does help me. Very much like comming here.

Well, I must go now that kids are going to tie me up soon and put the tree up themselves if I don't get moving. :lol: I will check back after it is all done.
Enjoy your Sunday, relax and eat well (healthy).


12-12-2004, 12:36 PM
Hello everyone! Welcome Kae! So glad to see your posts. The more the merrier to keep this thread alive and positive so we can all achieve the success we are striving for.
Hey gang I got a bargain on ebay yesterday. I won a beginners pilates video for $.50!! Thats right fifty cents!! Shipping is $2.50 but that still is only $3.00 total! :cb: I dont know much about pilates but I figure it was worth a try. I just dont want to get burned out on the yoga and WATP that I am using now- this way I can switch it up and have a variety to chose from.
Lori~ I actually almost moved to TX years ago but chose to stay in good old KS. Truthfully I am very happy here and wouldnt want to be anywhere else. All of my family is within 30 minutes drive. Except my sil who lives in Cali. And my oldest son lives in S.C. My inlaws live next door! I come from a family of 10 and we are very close and I cant imagine being away from them. It is very hard having my son so far away~but he is happy and doing well so that makes me happy.
Well I have to head to my inlaws for lunch in awhile so I better get off here and get some work done! Have a great day everyone! I will be back later!

12-12-2004, 01:05 PM
Welcome Kae :) glad to see you here. We are very active and that is one of the main reasons I'm here. I need constant support and I know I can get it here because we all have the same goal. The scale can be your best friend or your worst enemy :goodscale
I have a question..Why are the sheep scared in OH?
Where is Savin? :( have I overlooked her posts by accident or has she really not been here for the past few days :?:
Lori-thanks for answering my question about toning. I really don't know how true the aging thing is. I'm just going by what I see happening to other people who have lost a large amount of weight and by my mom telling me to start using more beauty lotions.
If I could live anywhere without restrictions it would be Tuscany. If you've every seen Under The Tuscan Sun you would know why. I love the Italian language. I listen to alot of Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, and Josh Groban. I plan on taking Italian in August, I love the beauty and antiquity of the villas, The scenery alone takes my breath away...Someday I may even make there for a visit and I hear that the men there love American women :o :chin:

bye for now :wave:

12-12-2004, 05:51 PM
Well, I am happy to report that my Christmas tree is up with the lights on it and the garlin on. Still waiting for my husband to get home so that we can put the decorations on. But it will definitly be done tonight :D .

Cyn--another great buy for you :cp: :cb: I have never bid for anythingon E-bay. I might have to try that one of these days.

Christalynn--Savin has been missing. I was actually thinking the same thing today. I hope she is ok and comes back soon.

Well, Just wanted to pop in and say hello while I took a break from decorating and waiting for my hubby to get home.
I will probably come back yet again later. Have a great night.

TTFN, Lori

12-12-2004, 09:25 PM
Hello Ladies :)
FYI- I will be weighing in tomorrow..I have talked to my employer into giving me Monday mornings off so I can go to my normal weekley meeting.
I found this on a weight loss website and thought you would find it entertaining

You know You're a Weight Watcher member when...
. You accidentally swallow toothpaste and wonder how many POINTS it had in it.
You stand in the aisles at the grocery store with your WW PointsFinder figuring POINTS before you buy.
You feel your collar bone/ribs/hip bones and think you need to call 911 because something must be broken.
Everyone at your lunch table is asking you to figure the POINTS on their lunch.
You threaten to put your cat on WW.
You figure the POINTS on cough syrup.
. Your child says there are too many POINTS in something s/he doesn't want to eat!
You don't want to share ANY of your food with anyone because you've measured it and know exactly how many POINTS are in it.
You know where every public restroom is wherever you go . . . you need it after drinking all that water!
You realize "gram" is a four letter word.
You weigh yourself before and after the bathroom just to see how much of a difference it makes.
You don't mind "seeing stars."
You ask your WW leader to bring in a curtain so you can weigh-in naked.
Your child gets an "A" in English for turning your journal in as a book report.
You convince the grocery store owner to organize the food aisles according to POINTS values.
You hang your 5 pound book markers from your car antenna.
You replace your college diploma with your 50 lb. magnet (now which one is actually tougher to achieve?).
You Calculate Activity points for Sex!
You not only weigh food on your food scale, but your clothes, keys, HAIR, socks, etc
People at work know when your weigh in day is because you have the same outfit on that day EVERY WEEK
you call your family to the dinner table and instead of "what's for dinner?" they ask "how many points are we having for dinner?"
you take a bite and then spit it out because you realize it wasn't worth the points!
you mark all the food boxes in the house with points per serving
you carry your journal with you wherever you go
you take Molly McCheese with you to the restaurant so you don't waste your points on butter
you ask your family to hide the cookies and chips so you won't be tempted
Kashi becomes your favorite snack food
"On The Side" become the 3 most uttered words in your vocabulary
you start parking in the back of the parking lot for the extra exercise
you start wondering why restaurant servings of any meal are large enough to feed 3 grown me
you start wondering how many points are in bubble gum
you look down at the backs of your hands and get freaked out by how skinny they look
you weigh every pair of shoes you own
you spend 10 minutes in Staples looking for the prettiest paperclips for your paperclip chain
you want to drive to Ben & Jerry's individual houses and drown them in a vat of Chunky Monkey
you take up knitting/crocheting/tatting/rughooking/paintbynumbers to keep your mind off food
the thought of having a bran muffin for breakfst gets you so excited you can't fall asleep.
you dance a little jig in front of the frozen foods case in the grocery store because you finally found Skinny Cows!
You stop licking postage stamps when you realize they are 1 tenth of a calorie each.
know in advance, by heart, what you can eat at each and every resturaunt that DH may want to go to.
instead of carrying an armful of things thru the house, you intentionally made several trips to get in that extra 20 steps of walking.
you smile and gaze adoringly at the produce aisle.
your junk drawer at work has been revamped to include Milky Way Lites, LF granola bars, FF Pringles and lite peach cups instead of Cheetos and snickers bars.
you take a big black permanent marker and not only mark the points but also write your name and "DO NOT TOUCH OR ELSE".
everywhere you go, you take along two 'purses'. Your regular purse, and your Weight Watcher's Black Bag, with the point guides, Slider, and all other 'stuff' in there!
you dont wear any makeup to get weighed in , fearing it will weigh too much
you see really overweight people and want to tell them they can do something to change their lives!
You hold up your snacks next to your kids' and warn them that eating the wrong ones will result in their demise.
the jeans that you would have never dared to put in the dryer for fear that they would not make it back over your hips... are in there right now, as you hope to shrink them enough that they won't fall straight off! :lol:

Have a good night

12-12-2004, 09:51 PM
That was great Christalynn! I can relate to alot of those! :lol: I had a good day today and Iwas thinking I might weigh in tomorrow as well since Monday is weigh in day for most of you guys. I didnt do much exercise today-except decorate like Lori. My water intake was more than enough and my points intake was just a little under what I am allowed so I feel good about that. Most of the week I have fallen short because of my sinus problems. Hopefully I will have better luck eating tomorrow. I found an interesting buy on a discount shelf while buying groceries-crystal light daquiri mix. You blend with water and ice. I thought it was worth $.99 to try a box. I like the crystal light drinks so I am sure this will be good. Also there was some high fiber cereal marked down to $1.00 so I snatched it up as well. I did really well buying groceries-bought alot of veggies and fruits and healthy stuff. I thought my family would complain about me switching to fat free milk but I dont even think they have noticed and I am not going to tell them.
Have a good night everyone! I am off to grab a cup of tea and get ready for Desperate Housewives. :goodluck: with :goodscale tomorrow!

12-13-2004, 02:15 AM
:cool: Hi all! This is great! :cb: Having 4 new friends! :D
First let me welcome Kae :wave: I remember talking with you as well. It took me a while to find the same thread agian but now that we have a preminate name it is much easier! :dizzy: I have two cats myself and two dogs!
I think that is great that you play so many instuments! I wish I had taken something in HS so I had musical background. :( But a las I didn't so......
Stuff about me. Don't fall asleep now... ;) I am 44 live in Littleton, CO. Have two grown childern.... and three grandchildren (ok not counting my sons two cats) :lol3: I have a wonderful sweetie and I am active in the church as well. I love to read (when I can get time) and do lots of different crafts. I have been on WW this time for just a month or so. Last time I think I went 3 months but didn't feel the desire or have you guys for support! Besides my friends at work, you guys and my sweetie are my best support system! Sure the meetings are great and I like to go but nothing beats people that know you saying "GREAT JOB"! Besides I feel much better about myself and I have only lost 10/11 lbs!
Lori- I haven't even started decorating yet :rofl: I do have most of my cards sent out though and I have one decoration up. :o
Cyn- That is really cool that you got the video for only $3! Let me know how it is.
I also had a question about working out. I felt it didn't really help me to lose the weight....I know I need to do it for cardio and for toning. What kind of exersises should I try, guys?
Like I said walking and running were what I was going for. Running is hard on the knees though. I will keep walking and maybe jogging a little. But then what? Aerobics, yoga, pilates? Another question.....what is WATP?

So wher do you live Cyn?

I also have reconsidered my 'reward' when I reach goal....my friends at work would like to learn to Salsa! I am not very coordinated but hey why not? It is better than going out and eating a big meal. Plus ....exersise! :lol: Oh I still want the clothes however!
Where would I live....hum.....I was going to say Austrailia...however not having been there yet...I can't say I would want to "live" there. So I guess I would choose Littleton, CO! :D I love the mountains and summer is the most beautiful here. The winters are really not very bad either. We get lots and lots of sunshine year around. :cool: Yep! Colorado is home for me, though I am originally from WI.
There was another question...oh yeah...I have a set of ladies dumb bells my ex bought for me a while back. Haven't used them much. I should start. I have a few clothes to exersise in. Though I usually just wear them all the time. I use to have one of those personal cd players. But it doesn't work anymore. So I would have to say...the program and the books that go with it. Some food items from WW. And the meals I get for lunch. I will have to check out the sodium on there. Thanks for the tip Lori.
Ok. I don't know much about the aging thing. I would guess that if you didn't lose the weight right like too fast with out any exersising and of course moisturising is a BIG MUST! I think too that when people (ok women) start to lose the weight they start to tan in salons or where ever and I don't think that is good. Plus you have to have some fat in the diet I believe to keep elastisity (maybe I am :crazy: )
Anyway, I will go for now. It is getting late. Talk with you all tomorrow.
I am OFF! :cheer: :dancer:

12-13-2004, 02:22 AM
Forgot to tell you about the walk. :o
It was fun! My Sweetie use to live around the area where the walk was held. Washington Park. So he showed me all the stuff and told me some of the fun times he had there. We weren't into competeing so we just walked at a decent pace around the park. We got tee-shirts out of it! The weather was just fine. Brisk but not too cold.
sorry my posts are so long I guess I tend to ramble and I don't want to forget anyone. I think I still do. Just know that I think of all of you even though I don't address you personally. :o
You know what they say the memory is the first thing to go...I think :lol:
Anyway, as I said before no work for me tomorrow so I sure hope to talk earlier!

12-13-2004, 07:30 AM
Hi everyone! :wave:

First, thanks everyone for the warm warm welcome! I'm happy to be here and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts!

Lori, the habit thing is something I use with my SS kids (7th and 8th graders!) to help them learn good Bible reading habits. I challenge them to read for 21 days straight, just 5 minutes a day. I get all the usual excuses "I have too much homework" and "I don't have any time!" but I've learned to counter these with "but how much tv do you watch?" and "how many video games did you play this week?" :D The kids have a great time talking about what they've read too so it all works out. But good habits are EASY to break, unfortunatly. I've read that it takes only 7 days to break a habit but 21 days to make one. *sigh*

I'm not doing any decorations this year. Last year my boy cat, Oscar, ate part of the artificial tree so we had to take it back down after only 3 days. *sigh* He's very persistant and no ammount of water guns, rattle cans (where you get a soda can and put pennies in it and tape over the hole and toss it towards the cat to "scare" them away from the :nono: area) or apple bitters would keep him from it. So I'll enjoy a Christmas tree at my folks house and burn my Holiday Wreath candle. (gold canyon candles) I have almost all of my shopping done. I still have to get gift certificates for my brothers and sister and their spouses (they're so hard to buy for!) and a couple of toys for my younger nephew.

Cyn your pilates tape seems like a steal! Yay! I've gotten tapes from the library but never actually do them. *snort* I like my WATP tapes...I know I'd like yoga and pilates but just haven't tried them...yet! That daiquiri mix sounds great! I'll have to look for it!

Christalynn The sheep are scared thing is from an old Robin Williams stand up where he was talking about the Faulkland Islands...Where men are men and sheep are scared! (I need a 'naughy' smiley here where the eyebrows are doing that "suggestive" up and down movement" You know *wink wink nudge nudge*) Anyway, it's just a way of saying that I live WAAAAAAY out in the boondocks. Italian sounds like fun to learn. I love languages but don't speak anything other than French, and it's high school French at that. I read it much better than I speak it.

Good for you for getting your Monday mornings off for meetings! Yay! :lucky: to you for this morning! Can't wait to hear your results and :dance: with you!

Oh yeah...the aging thing. I think I look OLDER fat. I look much younger when I'm thin...always have. I agree with the moisturizing tip...but I'd also do it from the inside out. :D drink your water and your wrinkles will plump out. My mom is 58 and looks 40 because she drinks TONS of water and decaf tea and moisturizes outside as well.

guerita it sounds like your walk went great! And long posts are fun! (can you tell *I* like to write?) Don't stop writing your long posts! please??? :)

Hmmm. where would I want to live? I like it here in SW Ohio (near Cincy) so I wouldn't really want to move. But I've also dreamed of living in Maine and Vermont...out in a cabin deep in the woods. Where I could garden and keep animals and sell honey and herbs and veggies in a little roadside stand...cold winters spent by the fire knitting (which I don't know how to do...yet) and reading and planning the garden for the next year. Of course, I could do that here in Ohio as well...it's my dream.

Well, I'm off for now. Gonna go read some before I start my day. I'll check back laters!


12-13-2004, 11:02 AM
Hello everyone! I just did my weigh in and I am down 4.2lbs! :dancer: I am sure alot of this is do to being sick and not eating well last week. I dont care how or why I am just glad I lost! I plan on sticking to my program this week though and working out more and eating healthier than I did last week. I know starvation is a bad thing. Been there-done that! And look Im still fat! lol!!
Shawn WATP is Walk Away the Pounds workouts by Leslie Sansone. I love it because it is one workout I can actually do! And for your other question I live right smack dab in the middle of KS. Flat land with lots of wheat! I am like Dorothy-Theres no place like home. I am so glad you enjoyed your walk. That is the kind of fitness I like - the kind that is enjoyable and doesnt seem like a chore.
KaeI love long post too-although I do tend to ramble at times! I have been thinking alot about what you said about habit making and breaking and I am definately going to try to break a few of mine. Also a great reminder about the importance of water. I think that is key to a healthy diet. I know I do much better when I have plenty of water.
sorry you dont get to decorate. Your cat sounds like quite a handful!! I have a new rat terrier in our family and she thinks she is in charge most of the time. I love pets.
Well have a great morning everyone-I am talking advantage of this time to go do a quick workout while my niece takes her morning nap. I will be back as soon as I can with an update on my day.


12-13-2004, 12:29 PM
Wow! Everyone is up early! Well, I think I must be the farthest west here? It is only 9 a.m. here :coffee: I slept in since it is my day off :cb:
:cheer: :bravo: Cyn! That is wonderful!
Besides the walk yesterday at the park my Sweetie and I went to the Broncos game! Now that is some walking too! :lol: Up in the high seats! Plus we take the lite rail and then walk from the stop (called the Sports Walk) to the stadium. (sometimes I wish I could find the spell check on here, is there one? :) ) So I would say I got lots of walking in. Felt GREAT! And the Broncos won! :cheer: By the skin of their teeth but they did. :lol: Anyway I will have to check that tape out. Walk Away The Pounds? Did you get it from WW or can I check it out at the library. I know what you mean by getting them and not doing them. I have a low impact aerobics tape that I just "had to have" and all I have done is watch it. :lol: :o Oh well. Soon I won't have an excuse not to work out!
Well, I know I need more water. Hey do the crystal lite drinks constitute as water? I really like the tea one especially.
I have to get busy. Since I am not at work I still have laundry and house cleaning!
Oh yeah, I can understand the decorating thing Kae. My cats never have done that but my sons cat likes to climb in their tree. What ya gonna do? :lol:
Take care all and I will check back later.

12-13-2004, 01:25 PM
I hope everyone is doing good. I weighed in today two days short from last week but I wanted to be on the same schedual every week. They did adjust the .2 difference which gives me a grand total of 11.4 with a loss of 1.6 today. :dance: I expected that becuase of the short. week
Cyn- Congrats on your loss..no matter how you did it ;) I am also from Kansas lived here all my life.
Kae- I also have a cat that keeps me from decorating. I call her the spawn of the :devil: I have a chihuahua/terrier that is an :angel: . It's strange my dog thinks he's a cat and my cat thinks she's a dog :?: go figure :shrug:

I have to check out the tape Walk Away the Pounds workouts by Leslie Sansone...sounds interesting

Bye..I'll check in later

12-13-2004, 11:20 PM
I just thought I would pop in before going to bed and make a final post for today. I managed to do the WATP workout and my little niece woke up from her nap and tried to do it with me. She has just learned to walk. She was really swinging her arms! It was so precious! I think that might become a regular routine for the two of us to do together since she is here every weekday. I also did good with my eating and water. I need to start the habit of having breakfast--that is a tough one for me. Maybe I should have a WW smoothie in the mornings since I hate to eat that early.
Well I am going to bed early tonight-I am still low on energy from being sick all last week I guess. Hope everyone had a great day! :)

12-14-2004, 12:50 AM
Just wanted to let you all know that I made my 10% tonight at WW. I got my keychain. I lost another 2.4 pounds and am now down 27.2 pounds. I know its a great thing and I should share more but I have a spliting headache so I am going to bed and will type more tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.

TTFN, Lori

12-14-2004, 06:34 AM
LORI!!! Hooray for your 10% :dance: Yahoo!

Cyn!!! Hooray for being down 4+!!! :dance:

Christalyn!!! Hooray for your 1.6! :dance:

Yay to everyone!

guerita yes the crystal light drinks can be used as water. But you HAVE to make sure you drink at least 4 regular glasses of water BEFORE you start changing things. You can have decaf tea and coffee, diet decaf soda, crystal light, skim milk (but count the points!) and pretty much anything that is sugar/caf free.

And do try the WATP tapes. They're really fun and super easy. None of this jumping round trying to keep the beat stuff like Richard, Jane or the newer tapes! As a musician, you'd think I'd be able to keep the beat easier right? Heh. Not at ALL!!! :p I'm rather clumsy. :D

If I don't get back later today...have a great one everyone!

Kae (who has a :headache: from being up so early. so NOT used to this!)

12-14-2004, 11:29 AM
:coffee: Morning everyone! According to our local weatherman last night was the coldest night of the year for us so far. It was really hard to drag myself out of bed just knowing that!
Lori congrats on your weight loss! :cp: you are doing great!! Hope your headache is gone today.
Kae Why on earth were you up at 4:30AM? :eek: I havent been up that early since I quit working! Although I would problably do better if I got up early and did my workout first thing.
Christalynn Hey fellow Kansan! I saw you posted about your pets. I have a rat terrier-she is just a pup and I love her to pieces. Lizzie is her name short for Leapin' Lizzards because she is so hyper and energetic! We also have an 18 year old cat Zippy who is also very evil :devil:at times! and an outdoor dog Cisco that is 1/2 chow 1/2 sheppard. We got Lizzie because we had to find new homes for 2 of our cats because of my nieces allergies. Zippy prefers to stay in the bedroom during the day so she isnt a problem for my niece. I love my pets! They are a big part of our family.
Shawn My sister lived in Colorado for a few years. Castle Rock area. It was very beautiful when we went for a visit. I saw you post about the Broncos-my Mom is a big fan. Hubby and I are die hard Chiefs fans - unfortunately they arent worth bragging about this year :( But they did win last night :cheer:
Well gang I better get away from this keyboard or I will find myself here all day and not meeting any of my daily goals! Have a great day and remember that we can do this!!! And dont forget your water! Lots and lots of water! :coffee2: Now I am off to :tread: WATP!

12-14-2004, 03:08 PM
Lori and Cyn - This dance is for you :dance: :dance: Congratulations on your loss!

I hope everyone is feeling well and having a good day :)

CYN- I absolutely love animals. If I lived on a farm or large land, I would have all the animals I could. I always wanted to work with animals either by volunteering to raise orphaned animals or by working with Marine animals.

I thought I would share a stragety of mine that keeps me from trouble :devil:. Since I am a professional snacker :eating2: I keep a basket in my cubbard full of snacks and when the urge hits me I know I can snack, stay in my points, and remain in control. I don't allow any foods over 2 points in my basket.
I got a pilates dvd from the Library. I'm gonna try it and if I like it I may look for it in the store. I really need more activity in my daily schedual.

Here is a quick and easy recipe that I've had for several years. It makes about 15 cups-2points per cup and freezes well ..enjoy

Fiesta Chicken Soup
3 Smart Ones Fiesta Chicken (follow heating instructions on the box)
3 16oz cans FF chicken broth
1 16oz can black beans
1 16oz can yellow corn
1 16oz can diced tomatoes
1 16oz can rotel tomates and chillies
1 16oz can FF refried beans.
**Mix all ingredients in a large pot and cook tiill throughly heated.

Check in later..I'm off to burn a Elvis cd.

12-14-2004, 11:23 PM
Well gang this was a very uneventful day for me! Quite mundane! I just did a little laundry and some light housework, spent alot of time at the computer and watched way too much tv! The upside is I stayed on track with my points and did do WATP and drank 120 oz of water. I guess it wasnt such a bad day but I just feel as if I could have been more productive. I should be happy at least I wasnt :eating2: all day and making a :ink:of myself!:ink:
I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful day and that you stayed focused on your goals. Have a good night!

12-15-2004, 10:36 AM
Hello ladies, :wave:
Sorry I have been missing for a few days or so but I am back and ready to kick some butt. Yesterday was so busy for me. I finished my shopping and then came home and wrapped 95% of all the gifts. My decorating is also done. I think I am ready for Christmas now. :D Unfortunalty my back is killing me now form sitting on the floor doing all that wrapping but I will be fine.
So I know I missed alot of posts and want to try to just get alittle something to everyone so here goes.

Christalynn-- I really loved the WW list you posted. So many of them apply to me. Also :cb: WTG on your loss. Keep up the great work.

Shawn-- Learning how to Slasa sounds like fun. I always wanted to learn how to country line dance. Maybe I will do that when I get to goal. Thanks for the idea. I am also really happy to hear that you had a good time with your sweetie and the walk. Its always better that way.

Cyn-- :bravo: on your weight loss. Thats great. Keep up the great work. Your niece sounds precious. My 3 1/2 year old daughter always trys to do my workouts with me, but usually ends up sitting on the couch or playing on the computer. Also sounds like you had a great day yesterday with staying on program. Its always nice to hear.

Kae-- It usually takes me about 5 times of doing a workout before I can actually do it properly. Just stick with it and you will be fine.
I actually need to get more workout tapes. The ones I am doing are getting a bit to repititious (sp) and I don't want to do them as much. I know that I am getting tapes for Christmas though so I will wait till afterwards to go out shopping.

You all keep talking about animals. I want a little lap dog so bad but we live in an appartment and can't have animals like that here. When I eventually get a house of my own I will get a dog. Can't have cats cause my daughter is allergic to them.

Someone was talking about snacks. (sorry I can't think of who right now) But I think its a great idea, and have something similar. I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know so what I do is keep after dinner mints in a container in the kitchen (20 pieces is 1 point) I also have tootsie rolls (2 small is 1 point) and little peppermint patties (one for 1 point) in a cabnet in the kitchen. When I need something sweet I grab something from there. Does anyone else have any good sweet low point ideas. Glad to hear them.

Well, time to get my day started. I will be back on here before work. I plan on being on here more often. I really am sorry I disappeared for a few days, but I am back. I will type to you all soon.

TTFN, Lori

12-15-2004, 06:49 PM
Is everyone sleeping? Well, I said I would check back and I am but now I must go to work. I will be back around midnight and check in again. Have a great night.

TTFN, Lori

12-15-2004, 07:57 PM
Hello Ladies :wave:

I hope everyone is well and having a good day. I haven't seen some of you much the past day or two. I've become dependent and don't know what to do if I have no one to :comp: type at :kickcan:
I have a few things to ramble about :blah: I put in the pilates dvd tonight and did what I could. I 'm glad that they showed modified poses and movements. I'm not the best at balancing on one foot while I hold my arms out and do what seems to be the hokie pokie :lol:. I did like it and believe that once I have more strength and flexibility...I will be more successful at doing the moves correctly. I need to find a pilates for dummies dvd :^:
I did build up my time on the stairmaster to 5 minutes :cheer:
Remember me telling you all about the guy I work with?? Well.. A mutual friend is trying to make our interest in one another bloom :cofdate: and I've been noticing more looks from him :o I found out through the grapevine that he his having a biopsy done tomorrow :( I've had on done it wasn't a fun time.
Well enough of my babble I'll get off my :soap: now.
I'll check in later..bye for now

12-15-2004, 09:44 PM
Hello everyone! I had another day of being good! :dancer: I hope I can keep going this way without messing up. Actually I dont find this hard at all because nothing is off limits. Just knowing that makes me feel better and not as tempted to go on a big binge of eating all the foods forbidden to me. I have had other diet failures that ended with my face in a gallon of rocky road!!
I did my yoga tape this morning and then spent about 20 minutes on my gym doing leg presses and chest presses.
Chrystalynn Sounds like you are doing great!! I know exactly what you and Lori mean about being addicted to this site--I catch myself popping in all thru the day when I can to see if there are any new posts! Best of luck to your friend.
Lori Have a great night at work. I hate wrapping gifts! Mine always look like the dog chewed them--I am so sloppy at it. Thank goodness for gift bags and boxes! I plan on finishing my gift buying this Friday. Ugh! I hate shopping!
Shawn & kae Hope you are having a good day as well!
I will be back tomorrow! Night everyone!

12-15-2004, 10:33 PM
Hi all! :wave: Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. I had to work and then make dinner and then we went shopping.
Great News on the weight loss! :cp: :cb: :dancer: I will go on Friday to weigh in. Hope I do as well. Somehow I don't think so..... :stress:
:cry: Well, if I don't I will just keep on going and figure some new strategies. With the help of my new friends! :D

I had an uneventful day as well. Just working and made dinner. :)

I still have to decorate. No news on that front. As well as finish my shopping. But I will not stress about that. It will get done. ;)

Thanks for all the tips. I try not to snack too much though. I like to use my points on filling stuff. Although I did eat a tootie pop yesterday for 1 pt. :o

I REALLY need to make more effort in drinking water. I do drink it at night but that is probably not the best time to drink it. :eek: :doh: :lol3:

I think it will be my resolution to make a point of walking/ working out at least 2x's a week.

I asked our HR director about starting a WW meeting at work. We will see how much interest and go from there. I would still go to my own center though.

As for pets....I am there with you! I say the more the merrier! I have two cats and two dogs and would love another cat, though Sweetie says nope! :( He love pets too but is very practical about these things and wishes to travel. I keep telling him "What is one more kitty?" :D

Sounds like you had fun with your niece, Cyn. They are so cute when they are little (ok they never really stop being cute).

Well, I am going to check on that tape. Walk Away The Pounds by...Leslie Sansone? I will check it out.

Yes, Colorado is beautiful. I live not far from Castle Rock.

I had better go. Folding laundry.
Have a good night everyone and I look forward to talking more later. :wave:

12-16-2004, 08:46 AM
Hi everyone...

Just a quickie...been sick, *sigh* I just wanted to say hey and I'll be back soon.

Now I'm going back to snuggle under my blankies and read.


12-16-2004, 12:42 PM
Hello everyone! I didnt post early today because I decided to exercise first thing this morning so I got up and did WATP and my yoga video then I tackled my dishes-that I left from last night :( and had a small bowl of cereal. Normally I dont eat breakfast so now I more than likely will not want any lunch--but I am trying to get into the habit of eating regular meals. We will see how I feel later but I am just happy the I did my exercise and who knows maybe I will feel like doing more later. Well that is about it for me so far!
Kae I hope you feel better soon!
Have a super day everyone! Dont forget your water!!! ;)

12-16-2004, 04:20 PM
Okay gang I had to come confess. I have been on ebay again :faint:I just bought a load of WW fruities and bars. I gotta stay off thee or I will be bankrupt! :lol: Actually there is no available place to buy the WW products for me except ebay that I know of. There are no WW centers in my area and I dont think you can buy them at WW.com. Anyone have another solution for me? The best part was all the stuff I got was from the same seller so she combined shipping and saved me alot! :) Do you guys use the bars, smoothies, fruities, or any other WW product? I just figure buying this is an investment into my good health and if I wasnt trying to get healthy I would spend that much or more on junk food. This is kind of a Merry Christmas to the New Creations me. Also while I am on the subject of purchasing~what are some of the products you buy now for your diet. Have you changed your shopping habits alot or do you basically use the same stuff just smaller portions? I buy healthy now-lots of fresh fruits and veggies, almost everything in my cart is low/light/reduced but sometimes you have to be careful because the points values arent always very different. Splenda is something I buy now~but I wish the price was cheaper! Also diet jello and diet pudding~great snack or dessert. One thing I do enjoy since I have given up the fattening ice cream novelties is a graham cracker sandwhich with light cool whip wrapped in saran wrap and frozen~yummy! Like an ice cream sandwhich :) Also while we are on the subject yesterday on the food channel during calorie commando the cook said in place of hashbrowns as a side dish try slicing cauliflower very thin and putting it into a very hot lightly oiled(he used olive oil) skillet and let it carmelize before you stir and flip it. It looked pretty interesting and I may give that a try. Normally I love veggies so I am sure I would like this. If any of you have recipies or snack tips or shopping ideas I would love to hear them. I dont want to get into a rut and get tired of having the same things day after day.
Now I am off to grab another glass of water and tackle the laundry monster lurking in the other room :fr: I will be back later tonight with a recap of my day and to catch up with everyone! :write:

12-16-2004, 09:08 PM
Well, I am sorry to hear that you are sick Kae. :( I hope you feel better soon.
Cyn: :cheer:
I think it is great that you are getting up and exersicing right away! I wish I could do that. Sometimes I have to be in to work at 6 a.m. So....I usually do mine after work (when I do them at all :o )
I wanted to tell you that I also hear that cauliflower can be substituted for mashed potatoes as well. Not sure of the recipe but I will get it if you are interested.
I go for my weigh in tomorrow. :eek: So please pray that it is good.
I buy the Smart Ones meals and the ice cream sandwiches. I think there are a couple brands of the sandwiches though. Yes, I have tried the bars and smoothies. They are quite good. Expensive but good. I found WW muffins for 3 pts at Wal- Mart the other day. They also had carrot cake things for 1 pt. :hun:
I check the labels and take my WW books to the store with me along with my slide guide. That way I can check stuff out! :) I also do smaller portions and get baked chips when I can. Me without my salsa and chips! :crazy: But I check out the recipes and I am making healthier choices. Now I just need to incorperate a work out plan and I think I will be good to go. I am so lucky to have the support of family and friends! :flow2:
I know there is something more to tell you just can't think of it right now.....I will be back later.
Hope you are all doing well,
Get better fast Kae. Miss you!
I think it is cool how you get such good deals on eBay, Cyn. I will have to check it out.
How far is the nearest WW center from you?
Talk later.

12-16-2004, 11:40 PM
Hey gang I just discovered this site has its own tickers for your sig line. I love them! I dont know about anyone else but it just makes me happy to look at them. Here is the link http://www.3fatchicks.com/weight-tracker/ I catch myself going thru threads just looking at ppls progress on their tickers. Ok so it doesnt take make to amuse me. ;)
Shawn the nearest WW center is 90 miles. They do have a WW meeting 10 miles from here but on Monday and I cant go then. :( So I guess I will continue with ebay. I wish Wal-mart sold the bars and smoothies. I do buy the meals on occassion and also lean cuisine-which has the points value listed. I also buy the budget gormet once in a while and they are usually low points. I have those meals when I am home alone or when my family is eating something that I hate or that I know better than to eat or when I am flat too lazy to fix anything else! :lol:
I had another good day today and had lots of water and exercise but I still dont use all my points. I do try though! Good night everyone! I will be back in the morning! Hope all of you had a great day!!

12-16-2004, 11:49 PM

Everyone doing good?

I have to add a lot of variety to keep me from being bored with food. I keep some Smart Ones and Lean Gourmets on hand. I do almost all of my Shopping at Wal Mart because they carry WW foods cheaper than regular grocery stores. I eat a lot of Veggies made different ways like cardamom carrots and southwestern veggies. I buy WW snack cakes that are 1 point and taste just like zingers. I like to take a FF tortilla and 5 slices of Pepper Steak from Land O' Frost and make a rollup for only two points and they are very good :hun: . Has anyone tried the WW foods at Applebee's??
As part of the New Creation taking place with me..I've began to write poetry again :write: I am a published poet and it has been about two years since the last poem.

Well gonna go for the night..take care

12-17-2004, 09:44 AM
Good morning ladies! :coffee: I am going this morning to find out if the scale has been :goodscale . I know it isn't the scale it is me. But then I can blame it on the scale at times.
I am going to check out the site for the tickers! I tried the other one but it wouldn't work. Probably my fault. But if this one does, GREAT! Thanks Cyn!
I haven't tried the snack cakes that taste like zingers yet but have heard about them. And I totally agree about Wal-Mart!
Christalynn---how did your friend do with his biopsy? I hope well. I have a question.......may be kind of forward but.....why don't you just ask him out? I mean for :cofdate: or something like that? I bet he'd go.
Yes 90 miles is a long way to go for a meeting. Wish I could help you out on the stuff. Maybe we should all send you some smoothies and bars for Christmas! :D
I am betting Lori is a busy gal these days. Haven't seen her much.
Well, I am going to go have :cofdate: with my Sweetie. Talk to you later with the good news on the scale! Keeping a possitive attitude! ;)

12-17-2004, 11:20 AM
:coffee: Morning! Happy Friday everyone! I have done my workout and now I am taking a break to post and catch my breathe! :lol: I think I will continue with this morning routine~seems to work out pretty well for me and then I cant say I had too much going on to do any exercise. I have been reading articles about workouts of various sorts and all of the information confuses me~some say a workout doesnt count if you dont do atleast 30 minutes at your proper heart rate others say every little bit helps. Whats true, whats not??? I dont know but I just do what I can when I can for as long as I can!
I have to agree with Wal-mart. We dont have one here but it is worth the half hour to go there! I am going to check on the WW cakes too-I have never seen them but I will be sure to look. Are they frozen or in the regular isle like where the little debbies are? Believe me I have no trouble finding little debbie :lol: I am actually going to Wal-mart tonite to finish holiday shopping so maybe I can find me some healthy bargains. I hate shopping but I have to get it finished! Ugh!
Shawn hope you had a wonderful time with your sweetie! Best of luck to you with your weigh in. I am sure you will have great results. I also take my WW to the store! lol! my family just walks away while I am standing there figuring points before anything goes into the cart!
Chrystalynn Great food tips~thanks! I am so glad to hear you are :write: poetry again! That is wonderful! I would love to see your work if you would care to share. I loved Shawns idea about asking out your new friend~what can I say I am a romantic fool!!
I have tried the WW at Applebees but just because it sounded so good not because I was dieting then. It was a chicken skillet or something like chicken fajitas. I dont exactly remember the name but I know I couldnt eat it all. Of course we did have nachos before or meal! :eating2: Gotta have the nachos!
Lori & Kae I hope all is well with you!
Ok gang one question~ do you guys always get in enough points? And do you use your activity points? I havent been :( I am not really worried about the activity points but what about not reaching my allowed points for the day? I do try but I just dont want to eat without being hungry. Advice please :)
Have a wonderful day everyone. :grouphug:

12-17-2004, 11:56 AM
I'm with you Cyn, Gotta have those nachos... :eating2: When we go to the Bronoc games I have to have nachos with lots of jalopenos! YUMMY! Yes I forgot, I have eaten at Applebees the new WW stuff. I have had the Tango Chicken sandwich, good, the grilled shrimp salad, ok, and the Chicken fajita skillet, YUMMY!!!
Well, I will go for now. Time to get moving. Eyes checked and WW! Talk with you all soon!

12-17-2004, 02:49 PM
Hi everyone,
I am still here. It is just a bit hard for me to post on Thursdays, and Fridays. I work on Wed, Thurs, and Fridays and I am there till anywhere between 12 midnight and 2 AM. By the time I get home, I don't get to sleep till anywhere between 2 and 4 AM and have to get up at 7 to get my son up and ready for school. Needless to say I basically sit and vegitate on the couch most of the day, untill I have to get up and start cleaning and dinner before I go to work again. What I am trying to say is thats why I didn't post yesterday. Today my daughter fell asleep with me after driving my son to school so I got a nap and am ready to go. I only have another 2 weeks of this though because I am going to take a break from working for a little bit. My husbands job schedule has changed and he has to get up at 1:30 in the morning to go to work, and the kids don't exactly let him go to bed at 7 at night to get the sleep he needs so if I stop working he can get some sleep. Well, thats enough :blah: about this one subject as I see I have sooooo many other topics to talk about.

Christina-- I think I must agree with everyone else and say.....ask the man out for coffee. I think he would say yes, especially since there has been more looks in your direction. Any news about his biopsy? Poetry is great!! I used to write poems but that was many years ago. I am glad your back into it. You said that you were a published poet? Can we find your writings anywhere impiticular? Let us know.

Cyn-- I completly understand failing at all other diets. I think I tried most of them. Since I started WW and my lifestyle change I dont think I could ever go back to the way I was eating before. I enjoy eating healthier. Besides this is the only thing that has worked for me. How are you doing on your breakfasts? They do say it is the most important meal of the day. Oh and I think we might have to get you into an E-bay annonimous :lol: ;) . Only kidding. I say if you can find the deals, then get them. As far as working out, I think you should just do as much as you can and you can build from there. I don't think I have ever worked out first thing in the morning. I am just not a morning person. I am glad you are and its working for you though.

Shawn--I hope your director agrees to start a WW group at your work. It would be nice and easy for you.Those cakes that you are talking about form Walmart sounds good. We have a Walmart by us but it doesn't sell that stuff there. I did hear though that they only sell it at the Super Walmarts and thats not what we have. Is your a Super Walmart? If not then maybe I am not looking in the right spot for them. I will ask next time I go. Oh and good luck with your weigh in today. :D

Kae-- I hope you feel better soon. Snuggling under the covers is always the thing to do when your not feeling well.

Ok, so now for all the other topics thats I have missed.
1. I do use the WW products from the meetings but only the fruities and the bars. I am really not fond of the shakes. Maybe you all have different ideas for me on how to make them. Oh and I think I said this before but in case you missed it....Some of the WW bars count towards a milk product. Check out the calcium in them, if they say 25% then they count.
2. I do have frozen meals on hand. I buy the Smart Ones. I just try not to et them close to weigh in day because of the sodium in them and don't want to be retaining water for weigh in.
3. My shopping habits have changed alot but I still do buy alot of the "normal" stuff for the rest of the family. I think I changed most of my shopping needs. My family is a bunch of skinny people, they don't really need to much of a change. I also bring my slider into the store with me. I actually have an extra one that stays in my purse.
4. Sugar Free, Fat Free Jello........do I need to say more? Its the best!!! and there are no points for it. Where do you go wrong with that?
5. I also enjoy the graham crackers and coolwhip treats. Low in points and just like an ice cream sandwich.
6. I have gone to Apllebees and had their WW food. I love it. When I first went I thought the portions were so small compared to the other food but everytime I go I end up being very full. I have had the Tango Chicken sandwich, the fajitas, and the oniopn soup. Plus the desserts. :smug: They are aweome.

Now a talk to Cyn......How many points are you haveing left over at the end of the day? They told me at my meeting that if you have to many points left over during the day then just add some things to your meals. If your haveing eggs make it a cheese omelet. This way you get more points for the cheese. Just spice up your meals. They also told me that not eating your points could make you gain. Please figure out a way to eat your points. It really is important.

Well ladies, have I typed enough? ;) I had to make up for yesterday didn't I? So, now it is time for me to do my daily cleaning and dishes. I also have to go get my son soon. Oh and by the way, just because I am not posting doesn't mean I'm not reading ;) . I will talk to you all soon. Hvae a great and healthy day.

TTFN, Lori

12-18-2004, 02:06 AM
Hello everyone! Well I finally got home from shopping and the place was packed!! I was so ready to leave~it was so crowded I never made it to the food section but I did manage to pick up a multi vitamin for myself and some calcium. I figure I might as well really get some good health habits started along with my eating and exercise. So anyhow I didnt see any WW products in the diet section. The good news is I think I am done shopping for :) ~I hope so ! I am not a shopper and when the store is so crowded and hot I usually cant even think ~ let alone look and browse for the perfect gifts. I did find some stuff for me though :lol: I got a hand blender/mixer for my WW smoothies. I told hubby it could be my :D gift. Usually we dont buy much for each other. I would much rather see my kids have a good Christmas and that is enough for me. I think people get way to carried away this time of year with the extravagance. :o Being together with family means more than anything I could unwrap.
Lori I know I should do better with my points and I have decided I need to plan what I am going to eat ahead of time and then I should get in my points. I think I have just been too nervous about eating too much. I think if I made myself a meal plan a day or even week ahead I would be better off. Thanks for your concern and all your support. It really means alot.
Since I am mentally and physically exhausted from my adventures at Wal-mart I am headed to bed. Hope you all had a wonderful evening and I will catch up with you tomorrow.

12-18-2004, 02:23 AM
Hello all of the New Creations,

I just got home from work and I think I walked about 10 miles at work tonight. We had a person call out so we were short handed and that meant that I had alot of extras to do. At the time it bothered me a bit but now that I think about it, it wasn't to bad.....I got a good workout ;) :D .

Cyn, I think planning meals ahead is a great idea. I usually plan my meals for the day first thing in the morning. This way I can defrost what I want for dinner that night. It will most likly help you get your points in as well. I always try to save 2 points for a dessert, but thats only because I have such a sweet tooth.

Well, It is late and I must go try to get some rest. I will check back on here tomorrow. I hope you all have a great Saturday......make a healthy one too. ;)

TTFN, Lori

12-18-2004, 02:47 AM
Well, I am still losing so I guess it is alright. :D I was afraid I had gained. But thank God I didn't. I figure even if I stay the same sometimes that it is alright, as long as I don't gain! :goodvibes
Lori:I have heard the same thing about not using all your points. But good advice on how to use them without feeling over full! :) You have really been busy! What is it that you do at your job outside the home? I really believe that a stay at home mom works just as hard! :yes:
And yes the Wal- Mart is a Super Wal-Mart. :sorry:
I still have shopping and decorating to do. But it will be done by Sunday night, at least the decorating. :p
My day was boring. Went and got my eyes checked. Spent way too much on eye glasses. Am getting old, have to have progressive lenses. Anyone have those? :shrug:
Went to my meeting. That was great news! :cb: :goodscale Then I did a little shopping. Got my Sweetie his bronco shirt! He will be happy! And that is good for me :p if you know what I mean ;)
Can you tell I like the smiley faces? LOL :D
I was a little depressed cause I spent too much for my glasses but oh well. Next time I will go to Wal- Mart for those as well! :lol: I think I should get stock in Wal-Mart, I shop there sooooooooo much!
ok so i got a couple other gifts bought. I will be glad when I am done.
Well, I am getting tired so I think it's off to bed with me.
Talk to you all tomorrow. Night!

12-18-2004, 11:01 AM
Hello everyone :D
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I worked eight hours and then went out with a friend...something I haven't done in a long time. I have to work eoght hours most of this week because of Christmas. I work at a grocery store and people need their food.
Shawn Congrats on your loss :cb: that's great.
I love to read about everyone's weigh in.It keeps me determined to keep going..thanks for the inspiration.
I would love to share my poetry.I may post one later tonight. I'm only in one book but I feel that was one of my greatest accomplishments this far. I am also a romatic :love: Romance is one of the best things in the world :flow2: We are planning a group thing and the guy is going with us but it probably won't happen till after Christmas. Considering we are both not that aggressive, we are making good progress. He is beginning to ask about me when I'm not there and of course you know about the glances. This is going to take time and I'm fine with that...don't want to rush things. I will know something today about the biopsy and let you know later.
I am going to plan my meals for next week since I will be working full days. I'm usually good about going meal to meal but I need to be really good this week because of Christmas. I already have my plans set for eating this holiday :hun: I am taking my own food to Christams.. that way I am still in control of my points and I may spare a few just in case there is something there I can't live without.
I've started exercising more :strong: :tread: I can feel the difference when I wake up sore the next morning :dz: I'm still waiting for the WATP. I have one on hold at the library..gotta try it for myself.

Gonna go for now..Be back later tonight
Have a good day

12-19-2004, 02:26 AM
I just got home form visiting a freind of mine that I haven't seen in a while. It was a long drive and we had alot of fun. Ready for the confession???
Her husband is like a chef with out the title. He made homemade pizza for dinner. I wasn't planning on staying that long, but I did. Ok so you say thats not that bad, right? Well he was baking cookies all night long. and YES you guessed it.......I ate and ate and ate. It think I had about 14 different cookies through the night. How many points did I use? I have no bleeping idea. So now I feel sick, and I am sure tomorrow I am not going to fell much better. I will however forgive myself and start brand new tomorrow. I say forgive because I feel guilty as heck right now, and a bit ashamed. THis is the firs ttime in 14 weeks that I have lost total control of myself. But tomorrow is a new day, right? Hopefully I didn't do to much damage for the scale on Monday. Anyway, there is my confession. Any kind words would help. You could even yell at me and get me back on track in the morning. I maight just help. Ok so I am going to bed now so I don't eat the cookies that he sent home for the kids to have. ;)

Goodnight, Lori

12-19-2004, 02:04 PM
Hi everyone :wave:

I am new to the boards and was directed to this great group!! My name is Missy and I was on WW before and lost 54 pounds then went off and gained it all back and then some. I am 365 and my goal is to get to 300. To look at the big number is overwhelming. I can't wait to get to know everyone and make new support buddies and friends. I am starting back on program officially the 1st. Right now I am working on the little changes, like getting all my water and weining myself off of the soda. I will start back on points officially the 1st. I am really excited that I found this group!


12-19-2004, 02:12 PM
Hello everyone!
Lori Ok girl stop beating yourself up. So you splurged a little and got a bit off track~ it happens! Just regain focus and dont punish yourself. You have made awesome progress and should be very proud of your accomplishments. I am very proud and inspired by you. :sman:
I was MIA yesterday because I spent the day helping my parents. My dad suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and has lost his sight and my mothers health is not great either~I wont ramble with alot of details, but I did get a good workout stacking wood, cleaning, and making Christmas goodies. I was very tired by the time we came home and slept in this morning. As for today I am going to my in laws for lunch and then just relaxing. I will check in later to update and see how everyone is doing. :)

12-19-2004, 11:59 PM
I am back. Sorry been sick and work had a bunch of changes all at once. I am not going to even try and read all the back posts. I hope you are all doing well on your weight loss plans.

I love the new name. But a suggestion is can we start a new thread every week. 5 pages is really long and some computers are not going to want to load them very fast.

12-20-2004, 12:16 AM
Hello Everyone :D

Cyn-Sorry to hear about your parents health. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and we have to wait till Feburary to find out if the chemo and radiation got all of it.
Well since Lori confessed I thought I would also. The other night I went out with a friend to Applebee's and had a Mudslide and buffalo wings and I ate every bite :hun: I don't feel that guilty. I just hope that it doesn't affect tomorrows weigh in that much :goodscale
Missy- :wave: Welcome to New Creations So glad you could join us. We are a very active and happy as you can see. This group is very supportive.Make yourself at home :grouphug:
Savin-Welcome back..Missed your posts :mag:

Till Tomorrow..

12-20-2004, 12:32 AM
Hello all! I am just getting ready for bed but thought I would make a final post before heading off. I am so glad I did!
Savin It is so gret to see you again!
Chrystalynn Ohhhh Mudslide yummy!! You shouldnt feel guilty. I think we all need to treat ourselves every now and then. I think if a person gives up everything then they more ddomed to fail because when they do get a taste of something that had been forbidden they usually overdo and lose all control~well at least I do :lol: I am glad you enjoyed yourself.
Missy Welcome!! I am very glad to see you joined us. The one thing that I love about this group is that we are all planning on losing a large amount of weight and so we all seem to have a lot in common. I am so proud of you for jumping back on the wagon. I know all to well how it feels to have lost and then gained back~but that is ok there is no shame in that because here we are determined and ready to go. I believe with the great support we have on this thread that we can all reach our goals. So welcome and good luck to you!
Good luck to everyone who will weigh in tomorrow! I will be checking in tomorrow morning. :)

12-20-2004, 10:46 AM
Sorry I was missing yesterday, but I didn't feel very well. I bet it was those cookies :yes: . Anyway, I am back and ready to take control again. I just hope the scale is nice to me tonight when I get weighed in :crossed: .

Shawn-- :bravo: :cb: :cp: WTG on your loss. It is such a hard time to lose and your doing great. Keep up the great work. Did you finish your decorating yet? Oh and my job is a shift manager at a convience store.

Christina--being published in a book is a great accompishment. You should be VERY proud of yourself :cp: . Keep up the great work woth your exercise. I am sorry to hear about you mom with the cancer. I hope all goes well in Feb, and she will be in my prayers. By the way that mudslide and wings sounds sooooo yummy :T . But remember to forgive yourself and move on. I did :D .

Cyn--Thank you for the encourageing words. I am now refocused and ready to fight off anymore cookies or anything else that may be out there calling my name ;) . I am so sorry to hear about your parents. You are all in my prayers. I hope things get better quickly for you and them.

Missy-- Welcome to the group. Make yourself at home and post often. You sound like you are refocused and ready as well. You have done it before and can do it again. Keep on working on getting your water in and you will be fine. We are here to listen and give support. These ladies are really a great bunch :grouphug: .

Savin-- Welcome back. I hope you are feeling better and things at work are calming down a bit for you. You were missed. :flow2:

Ok ladies I am going to take Savins' idea and start a new thread on Monday nights after my weigh ins. It will be the same name just a different number after it. So every Monday evening look for the new thread.
I must go and start my day and I will post again later. Hope you all have a great and healthy day.

TTFN, Lori

12-20-2004, 11:42 AM
Morning all! I just finished some yoga and WATP. I am really hoping my pilates video will come today so I can try it. I did weigh in this morning and the numbers keep going down! That is such a good thing to see!! I am so happy I found you guys to keep me in line and to keep me motivated to do well. :grouphug: I still am not very good at the yoga but I keep trying. I cant say that I like it but I know that I have to do something to get the pounds off so I muddle thru! I doubt if I will ever be the kind of person who says they like to work out! Well, I am off to pull some chicken from the freezer for tonights supper and then I have to finish laundry. I dont have alot of housework today because my son ran the vacuum last night and cleaned. You can sure tell Christmas is right around the corner-someone is being a very good boy! :D Of course there is always work for me to do if I want to find some ;) Seems like housework is a never ending chore. I guess I would rather stay busy than to sit around thinking about munching on somethng. I tend to do better keeping on track when I have something going on and dont have alot of idle time on my hands. I also plan on making some Christmas goodies for Christmas Eve at my in laws and my parents. Maybe I should :tape:! I promise I will do my best to be good. I think I will mix up a WW chocolate smoothie to have on hand just in case the urge for chocolate is too unbearable! I keep saying to myself chocolate is the :devil:!! Have a great morning everyone! Stay focused on your goals and drink your water!!

12-20-2004, 07:27 PM
Hi everyone!
Just have a minute right now, but wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome. I didn't do so hot today with my water. I had an appointment in the middle of the day and it just kind of screwed my whole day up.....I am going to go to the gym tomorrow morning and try to get back in the groove. It was freezing here today!! I would have loved to stay in bed!! Well see ya for now.....


12-20-2004, 11:58 PM
Hey everyone,
I am starting a new thread....go there and post your hearts out ;) . Just look for New Creations #2. See you there.

TTFN, Lori