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12-07-2004, 06:21 PM
Ho Ho Ho!!

Welcome to the Jaded Ladies. :wave: We are a warm group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us! :)

12-07-2004, 06:48 PM
Hi ladies,

Just a quick note. I didn't do laundry and putter today after all. Instead, I got my hair trimmed, colored and styled. My style is the same... parted on the side, flipped, and with bangs. But the dye job sure makes a difference, lol.

Katie cooked while I visisted with Terrry who dropped by. He said that he, Gina and the kids will be on the floor opening gifts, and that he is going to be on one knee when he hands her the package. He wrapped it in a bigger box, then stuffed it w/paper so she can't tell there is a ring box in there. Anyway, he will be on one knee and then pop the question.

Forgive me for not doing individuals... I'll get to that tomorrow hopefully, if I can get out from under Mount Washmore, lol.

See you later,

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 07:17 PM
Hi Jane

:mag: You look so nice with all that cutting ,colouring, and such style , boy do I need that , look mighty fine . I can hardly wait to hear the proposal stories , its all so romantic , makes me want to get proposed to, not married just proposed to :lol: yes still Jaded.Well I hope you make it out alive from Mount Washmore as you can tell I havent done a whole heck of a lot today,shame on me.and I don't have a new do to show for it either. I should really work on that ,might help me get over my fear of mirrors :yikes: :lol: Have a great night and Thanks again for the thoughtful card it means so much to me.

And you are forgiven

12-07-2004, 07:28 PM
Hey Girls

Jane, got my hair done last week, and it makes you feel a bit better!!!
Went to Fashion Bug tonight to get an outfit for the wedding saturday, got a nice long black skirt with the ruffle at the bottom, and a black sheer top with pink glitter design....looks nice with my new shoes!!! Kinda looking forward to going!!
I asked for a bit of time off from clinical through the holidays because I have just too much going on right now!! I dont think they were happy about it, but I really need to get caught up mentally!!!
We had our department xmas party today, and thursday is our corporate xmas party, they have a restuarant come in and cater a candlelight lunch for my diet isnt going well with all the food around......
I did manage to send out some xmas cards today!! So those of you who I swapped addresses with should be getting it soon!! I enclosed a xmas photo of the puppies......If anyone still wants to swap addresses that hasnt yet, PM me......
Well gotta run to the pharmacy and then get my stuff ready for hump day at work!!!! See you all later

12-07-2004, 07:47 PM
Hello ladies....

Wanted to pop in for a minute to say hello and thank you. I was able to get two days off, but since I haven't worked for them for 6mos yet, I don't get the bereivement, I had to used my PTO (paid time off) hours......I had 20 hours to spare.

Well found out that James has an uncle who is coming from Seattle to deal with all the arrangements. So he won't have to be the one to deal with it all. The funeral is on Friday. I work that night so I will be able to be there w/him when he goes.

I have some things to catch up on, but I wanted to pop in and say hello. I will be back later on tonight or tomorrow evening and I will do individuals then....that's if I can keep up with you girls! :lol:

You all take care and thank you so much for thinking of us!

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 08:09 PM
Didn't anyone like my poem ,I may not send you any more of my masterpeices if thats the kind of response I get ,so much for all my hard work I'm offended hmmmph :lol:

12-07-2004, 08:37 PM
Wow- Ellen, I loved your poem!! You are a sweetie- will take your humor in support. Need to find that in this case- so thank you :)

Hope you get out from Mt Washmore Jane- lol. I have a garbage bag that is begging to be taken out, need to do that tonight.

My mom is being a doll...........which makes me wonder what is wrong with
Just silly stuff being thrown around. Doug did manage a call to Mike telling him not to call anymore and that he is just taking $$$$ away from Gaby.

Gaby has been a wonder! She is taking her medicine like a trooper. I don't know what the babysitter did but if we offer Gaby a reward she So, cute.
I gave her a bowl of Lucky Charms this morning for taking her dose...what a good girl.

Anywho- done with the newsletter and just cruising for the rest of the day.

What do you think of Hillsdale - Katy??? Drives me nutty trying to make my way through that area.......

best get :)

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 09:32 PM
Hi everyone :wave:
I just posted my pumpkin cheesecake recipe on the christmas thread so if you would like it try it and I hope you do you can jot it down. I did warn that this isn't weight friendly so eat at your own risk , but it is so worth taking. I hope you really do try it and enjoy it as much as we do, but its ok if you don't won't hurt my feelings :cry: :lol: Oh and Susan I didn't ask how Gaby was doing sorry, give the sweetie hugs and kisses to get well soon and Marti so happy James is getting help and you did manage some time off to be with him (((HUGS)))

12-07-2004, 09:42 PM
Going right over and snag that recipe, sounds so good.

Gabrielle is fine. She still has a cough, which was worrying me but she has her energy. :strong:
She will take her ear medicine for 10 days- 7 now

Last night we came home and she wanted pickeled beets - though I was trying to give her yogurt - this was at 10:30 at night. :hun: :hun:

She insisted on the beets so I opened the can and started putting the lid back on the yogurt.

She grabbed the can and dropped it :nono: pickeled beet juice went flying up and covered her in red juice,,,,,

She looked so ...........cute. :bb:

Kind of reminded me of that Carrie :yikes: movie with Sissy

Anyway- she ate her beets ,got a bath and to bed she went,,,,,

best get!!

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 10:00 PM
Hi Susan
thats so funny she likes beets, I bet that was quite a mess to clean up,ewww Carrie huh, thats a scary sight,:lol: I remember one time when my kids were small , my daughter 2 years and my son 3 1/2 they were happily playing on the floor with their toys ,and I went to make the beds, well somehow they managed to get hold of the morning breakfast supplies
I could hear them chattering and gigling and I walked into the room my son was just about to add the maple syrup which was going on top of the pancakemix which was on top of my daughter head, all you could see was her great big green eyes and all I could do was laugh at the site and hug them

12-07-2004, 10:32 PM
Susan - Hillsdale can be a bear to get through - especially when I need to go to the library after school....glad I live in Multnomah, personally. ( JLs - Hillsdale is the name of the community up the main drag from mine) Glad Gaby is taking her meds - it's amazing how fast they kick in, isn't it...

Ellen - I liked your poem... keep 'em coming!

Julie - you sound like one busy gal!

I should know. I had a great time at Leigh's school today - she' s becoming more outgoing around her peers which does me heart good to see. Now, I am off to a board meeting for said preschool - kind of a holiday gathering slash meeting...still need to get cracking on the final articles for my class, but the darn kid won't take naps....

Marti - glad you got some time off..and that James does not have to shoulder all the arrangements himself
I really gotta go...running late...

12-07-2004, 10:47 PM
Evening ladies~

Geez, a lot of catching up to do since my posting this afternoon. And of course I don't have much time after all that reading. I am having to schedule time on the 'puter, terrible. Need a sign up sheet.

Anyway, watched Charlie Brown this evening, love that cartoon. Now I need to find another Christmas special.

Ellen~sorry you lost your big long post. I hate when that happens, never remember what I typed. But can't tell ya how many times that has happened to me. Oh, the garbage men weren't the usual trash guys. They are building two homes across the street and have one of those huge bins in front of both houses. And I swear before they actually get it lifted they drop it because you hear a big bang! Of course we have three days a week for trash pick-up. Have three different trash people to choose from so...

Susan~Glad your ex isn't going to take anymore calls from Mike and he told him that. He really is taking away from Gaby and that is sad. And how the heck is he going to follow you to HI? Why would he follow you to HI? Geez, sounds like he needs to get a life and stay out of yours. I so agree with Ellen that it is sad that what should be a happy time for you is being messed up by him. Could it be he is still in love with you? Or thinks he is? How in the heck do you get Gaby to eat beets? She just sounds so adorable with all the little things she does. I really miss the kids being that age, they were so much fun.

Marti~glad you managed to get the two days off and can attend the funeral with James. Also, glad he doesn't have to deal with the arrangements. I think making arrangements for a funeral is actually worse than the actual funeral itself. More (((((HUGS))))) to you both and his family.

Jane~sounds like a nice proposal Terry has planned. Made me think of my neighbors, did I tell you guys that both the wife and husband are named Teri & Terry? Must get confusing on the phone. Anyway...hope you tackled Mt. Washmore.

Julie~your outfit sounds really nice. Speaking of Christmas cards...I meant to mail mine today but got busy with other things. Always tomorrow.

Well, just wanted to check in for a few. Need to be getting off for now and go see if I can find some Christmas show/movie on. Hallmark has been showing a lot and then USA has the 12 days of Christmas. Okay, I am headed on over to get that delicious sounding cheesecake recipe. :T

12-07-2004, 11:05 PM
Hey Cristi
Mike doesn't know where I am moving to - though the ex and him when "male bonding" mentioned that I had just gotten back from Hawaii.
Also the Ex mentioned that I had borrowed $$$ and thus the drug thing now....

EX hasn't exactly helped

I mentioned to Mike that IF I wanted to move say........Seattle, I should be able to...

So, now he thinks I am moving to Seattle or

Allllllllllllll my ex's still love me :love: :love: lol ding bats. They both need to get a life and grow up :bb: Mike is sick, drugs have stunted his growth , very his thinking - obsessive.....gooey....ick.... :doh:

Gaby has always eaten beets, so does Rebecca. Rachel

Hate Hillsdale !! Cute place but 3 lights - and I always have to stop at each of them......Multnomah is sooooooo cute. Miss my time there.

best get

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 01:19 AM
Where is everyone making cheesecake ?, its lonely here without you guys,what to do ,what to do , I might have to endulge you in another poem soon :lol:

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 01:24 AM
:mag: Angie
has anyone seen Angie

12-08-2004, 09:51 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Ellen - yw for the card! It's hard to lose a pet, I know. I copied your recipe for later. One good thing about WW is that no food is excluded.

Julie - a candlelight lunch sounds so nice! And so does your outfit for the wedding.

Marti - bet James is relieved that someone else is planning the funeral. We'll miss you in chat today.

Susan - is my name on the newsletter list? I like to get them - you do such good work on them! My kids were little extortion cons, too, at times. Bribery has it's place, lol.

Katy - how many more articles do you have to do?

Cristi - we watched The 12 Days of Christmas Eve last night. It was cute. At least it was something new!

Angie - thank you for the card and calendar! Gina is mailing my cards for me in town today.

A big hello to my other Jaded friends. :wave:

Mackenzie-the-5-year-old is "sick" today, so I'm watching her. I believe she is sick of school, lol. Terry said since she didn't go to school, she can't do anything "fun" today. But if I let her see the Charlie Brown Christmas tape, wouldn't you agree that is educational since it even has a bible passage in it? And a cd-rom I have of Boohbahs says "scholastic" on it, so how could he complain about that?

Anyway, I'll try to be here for the chat later....

12-08-2004, 12:14 PM
Jane - Our house rule is pretty much let the grandparents do whatever the heck they want! After all, that's what they are going to do anyway, lol! A caveat - I am blessed with ILs who don't go overboard too much and basically respect the way we are attempting to raise our kids - so they are never too egregious....

If DGD likes to play on the computer there is a cool Boohbah website ( It's NOT the PBS Site) I think an argument can be made for its educational value, though at first they look like a bunch of farting gumdrops, lol! I''l try to check in at chat, today....Leigh's speech was canceled 'cause the therapist called in sick, so I think we are going to do the remaining holiday shopping and should be home in time to chat.

Marti - Ok - are you still into AR? I watched it last night and I think Don and Mary Jean are just fabulous! I want to be that healthy and excited by life when I'm their age. Did you see them take on the ice wall? (a few episodes back) I'm really rooting for them next week. Gotta beat Team Botox......

Cristi - I was excited to read your plug for, as I am also a fan of the site. I like how they have every religion represented and work very hard to keep all the debates civil, kwim? The religion I grew up with did not encourage exploring other religions ( other than to point out why ours was better :p), so I am appreciative of their neutral editorial stance. Are you going to check out chat today? Maybe I'll "see" you there...

Need to get moving... Sleep was better last night, but need to still catch up some. I was talking to a massage therapist friend of mine who gave me the lowdown on her experience with her chiro, so I must say I am looking forward to trying it for my shoulder. She said chiro helped her with her insomnia as well, so I may get to snag two birds with one stone here!

As for my class, i have to review two more articles and 1 video. Not much, but I seem to be having difficulty with this last push. Maybe i'll get some done this afternoon....

I am reading Thin For Life, a recommendation from 3FC, and it is so good! I am feeling very encouraged by it - it focuses on the stories of people who have lost their weight and kept it off, so the main point is about behaviors that keep a person in maintenance. There's discussion of it here in the Maintainers Forum if anyone wants to know more about it.

To everyone I am neglecting to address this a.m. - Have a great day!


Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 12:27 PM
Hi everyone could anyone quickly tell me how to post my pictures on the christmas thread

12-08-2004, 12:38 PM
Katy - I have had the book Thin For Life (Anne M. Fletcher, MS RD) for quite awhile. The thing that stuck with me was how each person found their own niche for what works. That, and the fact that they dealt with external binging catalysts (emotions, boredom, stress, etc.) before a successful weight loss. Although it was printed in 2003, low-fat is still recommended by the author, and I think there are several specialists who would argue with that today. The need for Good Fats, and all that.....

Wonderful book, though, with lots of good concepts!

12-08-2004, 12:40 PM
Ellen, can you go to the chat room now, and I will try to tell you, ok? I can't see this thread from there, so I'll just see you there......

12-08-2004, 02:19 PM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Well, things are starting to look and feel more like they should be. The weather is getting chillier, so that means more time inside when we don’t have to go outside. Plus, it is the holiday season, so that means time to listen to some holiday music! Brandon is doing great! He is loving everything about Christmas, and for that he takes after his daddy. Tommy loves Christmas time!

Tommy gets his license back next Monday, so that means no more walking to the grocery store when we don’t have to! He says that with the car in the driveway it is just teasing him, but he only has a week to go and then we will be off to do some shopping!

I think we are also coming to a start for TTC #2. Everybody has been asking us when we are going to have the next one. I kept saying “ask him.” And then they would ask Tommy, and he would say “I don’t know. But I have been hit with the baby bug really bad.” He keeps saying that he wants to wait a little while longer, but as of right now, I think we are more or less open to life!

His schedule is working great. He is still for the most part keeping up with the schedule before, but now I am letting him tell me when he is hungry rather then force feeding him basically.

Susan~ I remember seeing him on Facts Of Life….in reruns.

Angie~ Nope, I don’t drive either. 5 more days now until Tommy gets his license back. Just in time to go and do some Christmas shopping.

Kathy~ I agree….your new home sounds awesome!

Jane~ Like I mentioned above, I don’t drive. I was in the class to get my license but then I had some issues with trying to make a 7-11 a drive thru (on accident, not on purpose) and it freaked me out. I am sure that in the future I will go back and get it. I am the youngest of 5 girls, so “Sisters” was a show that I always watched as well.

Ellen~ Nope we haven’t gotten all the shopping done yet. But we have made a dent in it. I will certainly give him and hug and a kiss for you! My sister’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve, so we always get together for her birthday at another sisters house.

Cristi~ I tend to remember things about tv shows more then my hubby. So sometimes we go back and forth on things until one of us gets on the computer to figure it out for real.

hello to everyone else....I will be back later for more personals.

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 04:31 PM
Hi Everyone
I have my pictures on photobucket but can't figure out what to do know please help

12-08-2004, 04:34 PM
Hi ladies and a very good afternoon :sunny:

Did the wally world thing this morning, grocery shopping and picked up a couple of things for Christmas. I am almost done thank goodness. It is nothing big that I need to get so no a big deal. I can relax...also went and got my car washed even tho it is cloudy, not supposed to rain tho.

Jane~I too mailed my cards this morning. I actually thought about sending them to Bethlehem, TN so they could be post marked from there. Saw on the news they put a pretty stamp on them but decided against it. So afraid the stuff would get lost or something. They were sitting on the coffee table and thought I should just do it, not sure what I was waiting for. Oh, I know a pic!

Katy~yeah, I like that about beliefnet-love the site and I get a few of their emails everyday and also visit the site. A day without it is like a day without you ladies, can't do it. :) It cracks me up that the chiro can help with all sorts of problems, things I would have never dreamed. I had headaches since I was a teenager and going to him was like a miracle. Plus it feels good to be popped. :lol:

Mindee~glad Tommy will be getting his license back. I couldn't imagine not driving. My niece is 25 and doesn't and DD is going to be 21 and just now got her license. She wasn't in a hurry at all. Of course when I was 15 I was in a hurry to drive. You sound like DD-she can watch a movie one time and notice and remember all kinds of things about it. I can watch one over and over and notice things that I hadn't noticed before butt don't really store it in my brain.

Susan~isn't is great to be loved by so many? :lol: I think both Mike and the ex need to grow up and get a life and stay out of yours. I know Mike is Gaby's father but he sure has a crappy way of showing it. I think he is just trying to make problems for you just to be an a$$ and that is sad. I wouldn't think he would have any say in where or when you move.

Ellen~missed you at chat today. Can you believe I actually made it?! Me either. :lol: I either get busy and forget or just forget. Of course I almost decided to shop later. Hopefully, you can make it next week, me too. Did you get your pics downloaded?

Marti~missed you at Chat today also. I do remember you said you wouldn't be there. Hope you and James are fine today.

Well, ladies must say it was nice to finally make it to chat and chat with you (Katy & Jane). Look forward to it next week.

Gotta go get a couple loads of laundry done. I had ordered some flannel sheets and got them yesterday so need to get them washed. Has anyone tried flannel sheets in the fall/winter? Wow, what a difference they make. But wouldn't you know that it is warm now, in the 50's so far this week and supposed to be the same the rest of the week. Sleeping with the ceiling fan on. Anyhoo...guess I best get going. See you ladies later. :wave:

Have a good day all! :sunny:

12-08-2004, 04:37 PM
Hiya Ellen~sorry don't know how to help you-never used Photobucket. I think Jane and Marti have, not sure. :dunno: Soooorrry :) I use yahoo and just add the link to the photo album. Don't even know how to add photos here.

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 04:38 PM
Thanks Cristi
This is all new to me Jane explained it this morning but I don't remember what it is I'm missing

12-08-2004, 05:04 PM
It is probably something simple too Ellen. I know on yahoo I would forget to click the make album public. Again, I have not idea about Photobucket.

Okay I am outta here see ya later gators. :wave:

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 05:42 PM
Hey Cristi
I figured it out but the pictures are way to big I don't know how to shrink them go have a look, I don't know if I should post anymore that big

12-08-2004, 06:51 PM
hmmm, I vote for a Judge Cristi :judge:

Thank -you!! The judgement is that the ex's get a life and let me live in a tropical paradise eating pickled beets and watching Gaby do the Hula -
Staying warm by a Sexy Hawaiian Man and having twins every odd

Hope you all are having a lovely day! I just mailed my amended response back- agreed with the drug thing. Can't hurt- right?? Certainly know I don't do drugs or drink.....course I do have my margarita shhhhh :sssh: :sssh: don't

Took a sick day to putter and care for Gaby. Going to my seat belt class tonight.

Back to work tomorrow. Rocky sent me mac nuts today - bless his heart.

best get

yessssss - you are on the list Jane :)...should get the new one tomorrow- hot off the press. lol

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 07:34 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:
So much chatting since I was stuck in photobucket ,never said I was smart ,hey but you already figured that out now didn't you :lol: I swear someday I might get the knack to all this computer jargin , but I doubt it somehow ,so much to know and learn. I haven't done a darn thing all day just sitting here at this box ,not good , but I did figure out the picture posting scenerio, although I didn't know how to make them smaller ,so forgive me.Thanks for the help Jane and for the chat sorry I'm not to spontaneous there,I do my best work behind the scences:lol: Hope you and Mackenzie had a nice day today. Hi Cristi:wave: It was something simple but I went to how to post pictures on photobucket :lol: and there it was, a no brainer even for me.Hi Mindee:wave: glad you made a dent in the shopping it takes a bite out of your energy and your wallet,ewww A massage therapist I could use one of those but I'm not talking to Katy since she neglected me today :rofl: Hi Susan :wave: Rocky sent you some nuts :T, why you lucky girl:lol: did you and Gaby have a nice putter day today hope she's feeling better.(((HUGS))) ummm seat belt class splain, Ricky :lol: I will be back I'm hungry:hungry: from all this work and I need some coffee:coffee2:, so never fear ,I'll be back here. I swear, I think they should medicate me for that :lol:

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 09:23 PM
Where are you guys hiding ,Susan you eating them nuts I love them:lol:
did you girls hear that Cristi was actually going to take her cards all the way to Bethlehem to to be postmarked wow thats Christmas Spirit :lol:

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 09:49 PM
ahh come on you guys its lonely here is anyone watching the Clay Aiken Christmas Special he just sang that song Mary did you know I love that song so beautiful

12-08-2004, 09:50 PM
Ellen -

lol. Cute about Cristi going to Bethlehem for the postmark - :) ;)

Seat belt class because a few weeks ago I was stopped and wasn't wearing one :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: I know........I hang my head in shame.

So, off I go in a second to attend the class. It reduces my fee and I am sure I will learn NEVER to do that again.

I told Becky and she just said "geez, mom.......can't you learn on your own??"...

Obviously not.

best get :)

12-08-2004, 10:01 PM
Oh- geez, you watchng Clay??? I am going to watch Barbara later on tonight, I hope.

gabrielle is doing great, forgot to say that. She is full of spirit and is a joy!!!!My lil angel..... :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
I cough and she pats me on the back - so cute.

Doug said Mike called him again,.....*roll eyes*.....this male bonding really has to stop.

D says he feels sorry for M and D has a big heart and , and, and, and.,......puke......going to be sick....... :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: .

M heard G in the background (( this was yesterday)) and M asked to say hi.......*sniff* and of course D couldn't say no ( but I could have - lol)) and M said hi to G.......

M* I * C* K *E*Y........M*0*U*S*E...........I smell a rat :mouse: :mouse:

PLEASE Lord........I really need to live in a Tropical Paradise>........ :D

Ya, he is sending me nuts,,,,,,,,lol

gotta go!!

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 10:04 PM
You making fun of Clay or me for watching Clay or both :lol: desperate times call for desperate measures.:nono: no seat belt for shame you should hang your head naughty girl .Could you pass me some of them nuts pleaaaaaase :lol: do you think photo bucket was a bad thing for me :lol:

12-08-2004, 10:24 PM
Good evening ladies--

I'm home for the evening. Today at work went by very fast. I didn't realize it was close to being time to go home! (my days should always be that way)

Ellen, I looked at your photos and they are just SO beautiful! I would love to have my house like that, but it's not. Now, if you want to shrink your photos, decrease the size by 50% before you post. It may help a little. I've posted large photos too, and have yet to try decreasing the size....but I did for my advatar, so maybe it will work. I'm going to take a couple photos here in a little bit to share.

Susan, Sounds like the male bonding going on is just a way to try and get to you. Just let the man do what he thinks is going to help him (I don't think anything will) and continue to do what you've been doing. And keep him thinking that you're going to Seattle!!

Cristi, I can't believe I missed you in chat!! Next week! My grandma used to have flannel sheets in the winter. And when I lived w/them for awhile, I loved them at first...then I just got too hot! I like that cool crisp feel I suppose. But on VERY cold nights, flannel is great.

Mindee, You should get your license sometime too. It truly helps when you have a baby at home. I didn't get my license until I was 28, but that was only because I had a husband who didn't want me to drive. His way of keeping control. And once I got my license...I couldn't believe I didn't get it sooner! Glad that Tommy is getting his.

Jane, I hope your DGD is feeling better soon. And I have to agree that Watching Charlie Brown is educational! :) Now, the Boobah's or whatever they're called.....oh my goodness.......those things look horrible. What exactly do they do that is entertaining??

Katy, Very much into AR....and I've been rootin for the older couple too. They had me all teary eyes last night when he cried while she was working and he said he was so proud of her. Such a sweet couple. I think the overbearing husband who yells at his wife all the time needs to go next...but you know that's not going to happen.....the obnoxious ones always make it pretty far!

Hope I'm not missing anyone! Hello to everyone else.

Tomorrow night I go see Jhanai sing in the Choir. Then I go to work and only work for 5hrs. Not bad! Then Friday I'm going w/James to the funeral. I almost had a chance to go to work early so I could get home early, but then I wouldn't be there for James and I couldn't do that.
Right now we are expecting his brothers (which I hope they decide not to) so I made a quick clean up of the kitchen and straightened up around the house. I wish his brothers would grow up and take more responsiblity in life and figure out what their priorities are. They're the same as they were in highschool...bumming off friends for a place to live. Thinking that drinking is the way of life. There is so much more. And appearance! My gosh......I'll shut up before I get into a rampage!

Well I'm going to take some pictures of my tree. My house isn't to extravagant but it's ok. I'll post them when I get them done. So I'll be back later.

Tea Rose
12-08-2004, 10:36 PM
Hi Marti I can hardly wait to see your photos to ,This is so much fun sharing a small peice of our lives although the extravagant decorations are a far cry from the life I lead,believe me .It will be so nice to watch Jhanai sing in the choir special moments they are. It will be better once the funeral is over so sad for you guys,especially this time of year , not that any time is good ,((((HUGS TO YOU BOTH ))))))

12-08-2004, 10:56 PM
Hiya ladies~

Just have a few minutes, turn into a pumpkin at 9. :lol:

Ellen~have no clue how to resize once you have posted them. There was a resizer thingy Jane posted not too long and I did get that on my computer and used it for an avatar once or twice. But I get pics developed, then scan them on my computer and upload to a yahoo photo album. Then just post the link here. For me it is so much easier. I did notice that those BIG photos slowed that thread down and it took forever to come up. But your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! All I can say is WOW!

Marti~I like the cool crisp feel in the summer and spring but winter I like to be warm and cozy. We usually sleep with the ceiling fan on even in the winter and I turn the heat down low so I like to be warm in bed. ;)

Susan~I think M & D should get a life, seperate lives at that. :lol: I am picturing you and Gaby in HI eating beats and doing hula dances on the beach, plus the twins of course, oh and your hunk of a man. :love: :lol: It will happen, may be a little bumpy because of Mikes little fiasco/tantrum but I see you guys together and living happily ever after.

Anyway ladies gotta go. Only had an hour to spend on the 'puter and boy it just wasn't enough time. I took too long admiring and being mezmerized by Ellens house and decorations!

See ya tomorrow sometime. :wave: Nighty night to all.

Tea Rose
12-09-2004, 12:51 AM
Hey Cristi do you think that resizer thingy would work on me,:lol: now that would be something I'd consider doing, what do you think? Sure would make life easier ,oh sometimes I wish I was Samantha Stevens ,actually all the time , life would be so easy unless I put my nose out of joint somehow :lol:

12-09-2004, 08:00 AM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Let's see.... who's been here since I last checked in....

Katy - Walmart marked down the Boohbahs from 30 bucks to 15. So I bought the hot pink one to keep here. They are disgusting, yet fascinating, lol. It was fun talking to you in chat yesterday. Hope sassypants doesn't try to lose all 30 pounds in 3 weeks, lol.

Mindee - glad things are going well for you. Like Marti, I think you would love the freedom of driving. I couldn't wait to get my license, and did at age 16 and 30 days, lol. That's the minimum age in Indiana, lol.

Cristi - we have a Santa Claus, Indiana, and lots of people send their cards there, from all over the US for that postmark. I'd personally prefer Bethleham over that, though. I tried flannel sheets before, and although I change my sheets weekly, the flannel or whatever stirred up my allergies like crazy. They were warm, though. Loved chatting with you yesterday!!

Ellen - you have to option of resizing your photos at photobucket. They would load a lot faster, but that would be an awful lot of trouble to redo them! My page never did load entirely, but what I saw was beautiful!

Susan - did somebody mention MICKEY MOUSE???? That got my attention! I wanna go back.... I'll be looking for my newletter, missy. Maybe I'll just come to HI and eat beets w/you.

Marti - loved your photos, too! Was Santa looking over the world, to plan his route? So cute!! Have fun at Jhanai's choir concert tonight. Wish I could see her, too. Sorry about your BILs - how long will they be staying? Are they spending the night? Tell them to call 1-800-HOLIDAY, lol. (that truly is the number for Holiday Inn Central Booking, lol)

Gotta go ring bells for the Salvation Army at 11 today, then do my grocery shopping. Also need to bake Neal's cake - his BD is tomorrow. He turns 61, 10 years older than me. But he's still got it, ladies! :o Anyway, he wants an angel food cake, baked in a 9x13 pan, with chocolate frosting. His requested birthday menu is: tossed salad, rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. I will also serve green beans, to help me fill up, since I will have to take small portions of the "good" stuff, lol.

Have a good day, and I'll try to bbl,

12-09-2004, 09:43 AM
Up early again....but I also went to bed early and slept pretty much straight through, so I'm feeling rested. Did I mention my friend said chiro helped her with insomnia? Well, I would be so glad if that proves to be true... My kaiser insurance has alternative medicine coverage and I was thrilled to find out yesterday that the chiro my friend recommended is in their network...and her office is in the Village, so I can walk there. The bummer is I have to wait until the 22nd for an appointment and my shoulder really hurts. It's better when I don't have to help my DD3 into her carseat much, but some days we are in and out of the car alot.

My family attended church night last night and Dh and I went to Vespers. It was so moving... all sung, only about 20 minutes long, but just filled us with peace and joy... the greatest gifts, you know. Completely forgot that I still haven't taken my decorations boxes down from the attic :dizzy:

Jane - Happy BD to Neal - give him a big smoochie from all the JLs! he's the same age as my dad seemed to get way more adventurous once he hit watch out girlie ;) I too hope sassypants felt some support coming her way...maybe she'll drop in on us here.

Ellen - I too have just a puny little dial-up, so I could only view a few pics, but what I saw were gorgeous. You have been very busy! I second the recommendation to use Yahoo photo albums. It doesn't slow down our thread and it we can see all of your lovely work. I found it pretty easy to figure out, you just need to remember to edit the settings so they can be viewed by the public. I'm not neglecting you...just can't get around to evryone like I'd like to everyday on chit chat. But I was in chat yesterday... and where were YOU missy? hehe

Cristi - early to bed, early to rise....I was in bed by 8:30 last pumpkins here, either... well, except for Leigh, you know. Enjoyed chatting with you yesterday.. that Wednesday time works well for me (as long as my DD continues to like Mr. Roger's neighborhood)

Marti - James' definitely sounds like the best of the bunch - hope the loser BIL's don't stress you out too much. Hope the next few days go smoothly for you. I'm with you about Jonathan and Victoria (on AR) I think he's an abuser, personally, did you catch how he almost backhanded her in the cab? Unfortunately these types of teams do seem to go far -yuck a million bucks isn't going make him stop smacking her around.

Well, believe it or not, Boohbahs are supposed to be promoting activity! The website I mentioned is wierdly cool - there's no writing and no instructions, just have to figure out all the puzzles though clicking. It's all geared for the 20-30 month range developmentally; my DD is already kind of outgrowing them. So if you find yoursleves scratching your heads while looking at the psychedellic gumdrops, that's a good thing!

Sorry I didn't make it to everyone today.. today I hope to drop Leigh of at school and then get cracking onthe rest of my class. Hopefully the next time I post I will be able to declare "I'm done!"

Happy day to all

Tea Rose
12-09-2004, 01:41 PM
HI Everyone well I tried to resize on photobucket it didn't work I tried Yahoo but said my cookie wasn't valid no one has ever told me that before:lol: whatever that means ,so sorry if I am holding up the thread ,a genious at this I am not ,So how is everyne doing today down another pound I am ,Katy you know I was kidding about you ignoring me don't you,:lol: although I would understand if everyone did.umm Katy what is a boobhah 20 to 30 monhs huh thats a little to advanced for me. Hey Jane dont you have saggy boobhahs :lol: :lol3::rofl: sorry,I don't know what got into me.:yikes: did I hear you right you haven't started decorating Oh MY! :nono: I am dumbfounded :lol: no comments Please. A few years ago my daughter and I bought these soft sheets from walmart I can't remember what they were called not flanelette,not fleece but they had the same softness as fleece they are so cozy and I don't find then to warm and for me thats a miracle. For the first time in my life I tried 400 thread count combed cotton sheets from the chatelaine collection from the shopping channel "easy pay" gotta love it.I love them they feel so wonderful .I am spoiling myself a little, now that I am on my own ,feels good,the spoiling part not the alone part :lol: Marti I hear the BIL dilema , my son had some old friends who refused to grow up ,so he made the decision to let them to what they wanted ,and moved on,they only brought him down as he was always trying to help them straighten out and they didn't want that.So I hope their visit is a short one.Cristi are you still sleeping I was so tired this morning ,you know doing all that hard computer work yesterday:lol:
I am waiting for your pictures girl hurry up:rollpin:Ok I will be back :hungry: again.

12-09-2004, 04:17 PM
Okay, you ladies have me curious, what the heck is a boobah? Anyway, HI and good afternoon to everyone.

Katy~I think you will like going to the chiro. In the beginning you may be a little sore but once you go regular it will feel so good to you. Sorry you have to wait so long to get in to see the chiro.

Ellen~you may just need to change your cookies setting on your computer. I'll be posting some pics on Saturday for sure. Going to finish off the roll of film I guess on the dog, not that he isn't worth it. Then will get them to Walgreens tomorrow or maybe even this evening and do the one hour thing. It is closer than Wal-Mart and not as busy.

Marti~I am with Jane, give them the 1-800-HOLIDAY number. I know it is hard to turn away family, well sometimes. :lol: But if you are not comfortable with them being there I definitely would suggest it to them, or someone else's place. Or are they there for the funeral, and will be gone after that?

Okay scratch the boohba thingy. I had to go and see what a boohba was and for some reason I kept thinking that is what Ellen had on her show yesterday. Sure enough it was. She was saying the thing dances and when she pushed it it went down and I swear it sounded like it farted. She cracked up laughing and said surely this is not what they are giving to Toys For Tots. Of course she had to do it again and got to laughing, as did I. Can't remember its name but it was blue-funny looking things. So they have a show about these too?

Went to 5:30 mass last night with DS, it was nice, well except for the little brat sitting in front of us having a tantrum every two minutes. When I go I like to see who is talking or singing and I like to hear what is being said. Kids like that make it so hard she just kept talking, and screaming and then crying, of course it was a fake cry to get attention. Wouldn't listen to the parents at all. Finally the mother took her out, of course it was almost over at that point.

Trying to get some laundry done today. Started yesterday but didn't get to far. Went to JC Penneys to get some jammies for Carrie. Then DS dropped off his resume. Since we were there we walked around in a few stores just looking. I have two things to get DS#1 and I am done. He wants shoes but can't find the adidas he wants so I will have to find something else for him-what??????? :dunno: Anway...

Hope everyone is having a nice day. Take care. :wave:

12-09-2004, 04:34 PM
Ellen~forgot to CONGRATULATE you on your loss! Geez, where is my head. I get a head of myself sometimes and go back and forth trying to see what everyone says and miss things sometimes. So WTG! :bravo: :cp:

Tea Rose
12-09-2004, 04:34 PM
Yes your right Cristi I did have them boohbahs on my show yesterday, I always try to bring educational toys to my veiwers,I did laugh , its just in my nature ,:lol: Whats wrong Cristi??? you sound none to cheery today ,you tired to?Sorry your experience at Mass wasn't pleasant ,she was probably restless ,its hard for little ones to sit still for that long ,but glad you went with DS that is nice.Now before I go bake what do I change my cookies to chocolate chip or oatmeal ? don't really see what difference it makes what kind of cookies I have , the wonders of modern technology.:lol:

Tea Rose
12-09-2004, 04:37 PM
] Why thankyou kind Mrs Cristi

12-09-2004, 05:43 PM

You are cracking me up with your clipart thingies, Ellen,,,,lol...

I wish I knew how to do that!

Got my newsletter back! YAY.......

VERY interesting class last night. It is a safety belt for one thing. Another sad fact is 110 teenagers die every WEEK from not wearing a belt.
Even showed a picture of someone who was in their driveway, not wearing a belt- 15 mph - hit be a neighbor's car .......and his forehead got cut open.....nasty -horrible picture.......course they could sew him up.....
Just amazing and the speaker was awesome- a trauma nurse from Emmanuel.

Anyway- even my cell is off now,.......too distracting.

Good news..........the amended petition was thrown out! So, everything I did yesterday was null....but the silly 365 day thing won't see the light of day, but neither will the drug thing.
Waiting still on the change of venue- no word yet. Need to know because if it stays down there - that is where I would get my lawyer.

Gabrielle is soooooo cute. We sang Itsy Bitsy Spider and she kept saying "Again!!!!" after I sang it for, encore.... :encore: :encore:

best get!

12-09-2004, 05:51 PM
:cb: :cb: :dance: :dance: :dancer:

My classes are done...time for happy dances!

Cristi - did you check out that boohbah link I posted to Jane a day or two back? That will tell you all you need to know...plenty o' Ellen fodder, for sure. I call them the farting gumdrops, but I've heard people call them psychedelic turds as well. Definitely not fit for grownups....There was, oddly enough, a story in today's paper on Boohbah and other kid shows that feature activity...kind of wierd, huh...since we've been chatting about the boohbahs. BTW, Boohbah was created by teh same person who created Teletubbies. At first, they seemed a pale comparison, but they kind of grow on you after while......either that, or I am jus spending too much time around short people

Ellen - not Boohbah Ellen, lol I did get your pics loaded and got a good look at them - absolutely wonderful! Don't know how you do it - I don't even have a tree yet :dizzy:

Marti - your decor looks beautiful, too. My mantle pics will definitely pale in comparison to you and Ellen's creativity.

12-09-2004, 05:52 PM
Hello ladies...........

The visit with BIL's was a short one. They live in town so it's not like they were coming from a distant place. They came to go through photos of thier grandpa w/James. James is the one who has all the photos of the family because he's the only one who takes care of things! They went through the photos while I was online and chatting on the phone w/a friend. By the time I was done, they were getting ready to leave. (boy they smelled horrible!) hope they clean up a bit for the funeral.

Ellen, Resizing in photobucket took me few times to figure it out. But you need to get in there, downsize to 50% and then submit it....what I've done is copy the link after that then come here and post, then preview my post before I submit it. That way I can see what it looks like. I had no problems seeing all the picture you posted. I love them. So pretty. Even w/out all the decorations your house is beautiful!

Cristi, Sometimes I wonder what the parents are thinking when they have little children in church who are unruly. James & I sat next to this couple once who had twin little girls and they were running up and down the aisle, kicking the bench in front (w/people sitting there!) and the parents just sat there! I finally looked over at them in a way that was all too obvious and the father took them to the back and out of the way. I mean, I love little children and I think that it's good to take them to church, but they also need to learn manners and be told how to behave.

Jane, I'm taking my camera w/me in hopes of getting some pictures of Jhanai (I'm usually too short to find her!) and I will post some this weekend. I agree with Katy....give Neil a big hug from his Jaded Sisters!! Hope he enjoys his day! His request for dinner sounds so good...I may have to make it this weekend. (in his honor of coarse!)

Katy, AR has me hooked. Isn't that terrible to be hooked to a show? I did see where that man looked like he was going to backhand her. And the last episode talked about him wanting children!! NOT a good idea. I'm not sure who I want to see win, but I do know that I want the older couple to get far in the game. I would love to see that.

Afternoon to all the rest of you gals.

James & I went to the bank today to put his name on the savings account we have. He was in Portland around the time I opened one up. Now he has access to our savings!!! :yikes: On our way out we stopped at the tree to see who they were needing gifts for. This one was set up for "Santa for Seniors". So we picked two seniors to buy for. We thought that the gift we give would be much more appreciated. I would have loved to have bought a gift for all of them!

Going up to Eugene before Jhanai's program to get my car some tires. It's needing some. James bought some nonstudded snow tires....good for the really rainy weather, but also good for the ice and snow w/o destroying the roads. That's going to cost a chunk! (which is why we went to the bank) And here I wanted to buy something I WANTED...not what I NEEDED! :lol:

I'm going to browse around here and then get myself ready to go. You all have a great day!

12-09-2004, 05:56 PM
Hi Susan & Katy...

You both snuck up on me!

Susan, I hope all works out for you Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Katy, My decor is nothing compared to Ellens! I still need to take better pictures so they can be seen with better lighting.

12-09-2004, 06:58 PM
Hello Ladies

Well not too much to report since my last post!!! Went to my friends to help with the wedding favors last night, pretty ornaments in a box with snow and a saying from them!! Cant wait til the wedding hoopla is over with saturday, they can be very needy people..It's like they're throwing the event and want to take charge, but need everyone else to help and loan them money....Sometimes I cant figure them they didnt ask DBF and I to be in the wedding , but they had no prob asking us for 300 to help fly in a relative from alaska to be in the wedding....I know how they are, but sometimes I like to think that we mean more to them,I guess not....They're kids who have kids now, they havent grown up themselves....Needless to say I'l be glad when its all done, then on to xmas!!!
May call out sick tomorrow, I havent had a day off in so long!!! I have so much work to finish, but at this point Im restless of it!! Might be able to get in some xmas shopping!!
Hello to all the gals,,,
ELLEN: love the little animated pics...
JANE: Happy birthday to Neal
KATY: Congrats on finishing up the class!!
MARTI: How did Jhanai do in the choir???
Well off to shower and throw together some dinner, has anyone got my xmas cards yet???

12-09-2004, 07:16 PM
Whoa!! Click on over to #95!