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12-05-2004, 08:37 PM
Okay, as promised, here's the new thread!

So, SunnyD, did you find the perfect new tree? If so, tell us where! I'm thinking more and more about getting an artificial one. It certainly will pay for itself after a couple of years given the price of real trees (and especially if you figure in the clean-up time!).

Charlotte--busy this weekend? What about resting and recuperating? Harumph! :)

Bluet, those kids sure suck us into doing a lot more than we want to do. If I had my way, we wouldn't have a turkey at Christmas, but my daughter really wants one and its traditional. At least she said she'd make the garlic potatoes because she likes them a certain way. Three trees, though, wow! And you have to decorate all three, I assume.

So we had a wonderful time in our mini-vacation. The hotel room was small, but comfortable, and quite near every place we wanted to be. We shopped until we dropped, which for us only meant about three hours. :D I wore my new long skirt with black boots to dinner, and looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Ate way too much, but we did do our water aerobics on Saturday morning before we left.

We better have enjoyed it because it may be the last place we ever go together. We got home and my Dad didn't have breakfast until 10:30 am, there was a big almost dry puddle outside my dog's crate, and the door to the cupboard with the cat food had been left open and the cats had been at the food, although it's in a container that they can't reach into very well so they didn't get much. Anyway, it's obvious I can't trust the 26 year old kid to do a decent job.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

12-06-2004, 06:35 AM

Good Mornin' Gals,

YES, Sheila & Bonnie! We found our tree!!! :D This Saturday Joe & I went from one store to another just checking out all the holiday things & tree's... so much fun! We found an artificial tree we liked at the very first store we went to, *Litehouse* for $199.00. My mom thought it to be a bit pricey, but when you look at all the trees today and see what we got - it was well worth the $$. It will pay for it'self in just a few years. We paid about $40 - $45.00 each year for a real one and then tossed it out. Even though we bought one right away we continued to check out the other stores and their tree's just to be sure we got the one we wanted... and we did :smug: It's our first artificial tree, we've always gotten real until this year and these look so real now. We got ours without the lights and will put on the ones we have. It's a 7 1/2 foot Blue Spruce I haven't been home much to decorate it over the weekend, so that is my plan today. To finish setting the branches (spreading them and shaping them) and then get the lights and ornaments on it... I have gotten most of the house done and Joe finished the outdoor lights yesterday. We are a couple weeks behind because of being gone for Thanksgiving. It thew our whole system off, but we are getting there. I still have cards to do yet too and I seem to be running out of time quickly :spin:

How are all of you doing with your Holiday Shopping and Decorating? Oh, I still have to shop for my Joe & some of his family... I know what I am getting him & the others, I just have to take a day and get everything bought :dizzy:

Sounds like you are doing well with your shopping & decorating, Bonnie! :cp:

How are you feeling Charlotte? Are you able to get your home decorated at all?

Sheila, You little weekend trip sounded nice, but I am so sorry :sorry: to hear that your DS did not come through for your DD or with the care of your pets. I am glad that they are all okay... good thing you weren't gone too long :o

Well, my hubby will be up soon... I hear his alarm going. I was up at 4 am this morning, just couldn't sleep. Excited about getting the tree done I guess. Have a Great Day Ladies!!!! I will take pictures as soon as I finsih decorating and cleaning, okay ;) :smug:

*Jesus is the Reason for the Seaon* ;)
*God Bless!*
:sunny: SunnyD


12-06-2004, 11:18 PM
Cool house, SunnyD! I love that graphic. I'm on a board where the owner puts up new winter graphics every day, usually photos, and she gets quite a few with old houses in the snow. They're my favorites.

I'm so glad you found your tree. Sounds really pretty--Blue Spruce are the best. Um, I didn't know they were THAT expensive, though. Maybe we'll wait until after Christmas and see what's out there, or save a bit more and get one next year. Paying for three airplane tickets this year kind of wrecked our budget. Can't wait to see photos of your new tree and your decorations.

Up at 4:00 am. I don't think much of anything would get me up at 4:00 am! Now, I'm often awake at 4:00 am, but I never get up, and usually try to go back to sleep. Of course, we turn the light out at 11:30 pm.

Had a wonderful workout today at water aerobics. We had a new substitute who was excellent. I felt like a limp dishrag afterwards, which actually is a good thing. I wish she'd be our sub until our regular instructor gets back, but she was just subbing for our sub, who isn't as good. When we went on Saturday, the lifeguard ended up giving us instruction for about 1/2 hour because the regular instructor forgot. The lifeguard was actually pretty good, better than some.

Well, it was kind of rainy here today. Nothing unusual about that in Seattle in December. Hope everyone had a good day!

Oh, had to come back and tell you that I'm probably going to start volunteering to test preschooler's eyes (for the beginning signs of lazy eye) starting in January. A woman from water aerobics whose locker is across from mine asked me if I'd like to. I've been itching to volunteer somewhere, but I hadn't found anyplace that didn't require that I drive. This job is done in teams of three, and so only one person drives, and usually it's in our area or not too far out. So I'm pretty excited about getting out and doing something for the community.

12-07-2004, 07:54 AM

Good Morning Sheila,
Glad you enjoyed the HOUSE graphic ;) Here's another for you :D

Wonder where the other gals have gone? Bet that they haven't gotten a notice because they haven't posted here yet and don't know that we are here :lol: That has happened to me, they'll catch it soon. I hope it's not because they aren't feeling well... if that's the case my prayers are with them!

Getting to the tree, it's taking longer then I thought - not done yet but hope to be by this evening with the tree not the house... that I should be finished with by Wed. or Thursday (I hope!). There are cheaper tree's out there at Wal-Mart and K-Mart... K-Mart advertised a Martha Stewart Tree for only $80.00. I just wanted a real looking tree that will last us (this has a 15 yr warranty with it).

Sounds like you had a nice workout yesterday --- I really need one like that too! I haven't walked in the last few days because my T-Mill had to be moved for the tree and I have to empty out the spare-room of the huge box of donations before I can put it in there and plug it in again. I remembered yesterday that I have the DvD's of Walking Away the Pounds, but never took the time for myself to do it. I haven't gained any weight back, but I don't feel as good as I do when I exercise, you know what I mean, don't you. I hope to have it up and running again by Thursday. Even though it's fairly warm outdoors for walking it's been raining like the dickens out...

Our weather is really strange here in Ohio! We'll be getting temps in the highs of 60* today with very high winds!! Possibly up to 58 - 60mph. The 50ft. tree in Cleveland blew down last week from winds and they were going to replace it today I think --- if I were them I would wait a day or so to do that, they may lose another tree. What is your weather doing, Sheila? Just rainy or are your temps colder too? Seems that the West Coast has been colder this year. My folks are getting allot of SNOW in Maine! Lots!! I am so glad to be home again, although... I wouldn't mind some snow now that we have all our Christmas Decorations out. They look so beautiful with snow.

What a great idea to volunteer for Sheila! I have a lazy eye that wasn't really taken care of when I was young and find it difficult to control when I am tired! Especially now that I am getting older... it seems to be worse. I easily lose focus in that eye. Hope you do it - I wish I had that kind of test when I was younger ---- what do you do to help them, once it's found?

Gotta get going... hubby is due home soon from his breakfast outing and I have to get his lunch ready. Hope you have a great day today Sheila...

Wishing the same for Bonnie & Charlotte too!! If you are not well, my *Prayers* are with you both!

God Bless!
:sunny: SunnyD


12-07-2004, 11:29 AM

Good morning everyone. Such beautiful graphics! I haven't had much time for searching.
We've really been having the rain. DH & I were up all night watching the weather. Very severe storms were going through all night, with high winds. It blew some of the plastic off of DS's room. :( I stayed in the bedroom most of the time praying. Our insurance wouldn't pay for damages to furniture, because they paid on it before. It's what few things we had in the apartment & camper. He answered prayer :) all is well. Still windy, though. You'd be surprised how noisy it can be with the tarp & plastic blowing! Last night the winds were up to 60 miles per hr! Then, DH & DS are both hard of hearing, so the TV is really loud to hear above it all! :dizzy:

SunnyD...I know your house is beautiful! Wish I could just walk through it. You ask about our decorations. Mine were all stolen, so I don't want to buy anymore until the house is finished, & I know how I want to decorate it. I bought a small Fiberoptic tree last year, & that's what we have this year. I really like it. Anymore might be ruined, anyway & would be in the way, if we had to run from rain! :^:
DH bought me a 31" TV for Christmas. The one in our bedroom was old fashion....people were green! I'd gotten to where I didn't even turn it on. My concious bothered me too bad to put it in the bedroom, though. I had him put it in the living room, & put the 27" in the bedroom. It's mine, too, from another Christmas....before the fire. Our 36" we had in the living room was ruined by water the night of the fire & I had missed it terribly. So, I'm happy now! :D He can't decide what he wants for Christmas. He needs to make up his mind, soon.

Sheila...I'm so glad you got a volunteer job. There's nothing more rewarding to me, than the job I volunteer at. You will be so helpful!

Hi Bluet!

Hope all have a good day.

12-07-2004, 02:33 PM
Hi Guys,

I am ok. Thanks for concern. Having a real bummer day at work. Have to go do the invoicing right now, I'll be back later, hopefully this afternoon when things quite down, but for sure this evening.



12-07-2004, 10:53 PM
Great house, SunnyD--thanks! I love dormers. Dormers and porches. Someday. . .

So did any of the other trees look real? Or does the "realness" factor increase with the cost? Yeah, besides weight loss, exercise is great at making you feel better, which is important when the weather is crummy and you're missing sunshine. In 1993, I had a bad bout with depression following my mother's cancer surgery, our move to another state, and my friend's death. Making myself exercise and volunteer helped a great deal in getting me back to normal. No cold temps here, by the way. Just a lot of rain and we're expected to get a huge windstorm sometime this evening. So if the power goes out, the only thing it will affect will be our clocks. You're welcome to the snow! :)

Charlotte, maybe your storm is what's headed our way. It sounds so scary to be where you only have a tarp for protection. So glad your prayers were answered! Aww, don't you miss those green people, though?? :lol: Love the cabin in the wood graphic. Don't think I'd want to be there, well, maybe for a weekend, but they're sure pretty to look at. I went tent camping in the snow once, and froze my little tushie off. It also happened to be the time when bears were coming out of hibernation. Never again!

Bluet, sorry about your bad day at work. I hope it got better later in the day.

Today I got a massage from the guy who lives relatively close (about a 15 min. drive). After the massage, I drove home and passed a bank on the corner that had about five police cars outside of it. The officers were just standing around (with no handcuffed people in sight this time) so I didn't think anything about it. Then I saw the news at 5:00 pm, and it appears the bank was robbed at the very time I was driving by on my way to the massage therapist. The robber took off when he heard a siren, and I had pulled over for that siren about a block from the bank. If he'd only known it was a fire vehicle, not the police, he could have gotten some more money! Life in the big city. Now I know why I only use the drive-through teller.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

12-08-2004, 01:16 AM
Good Evening,

Well, I have been up to no good. Watching too much TV on that hard chair in the kitchen. Last night I watched a Christmas movie on Lifetime, which was just too sappy, but I made it to the end. During that movie, commercials were advertising that new show on Lifetime called "How Clean Is Your House?" So, I decided to watch it. OH MY GOSH, yuck, if you haven't watched it yet, pleeeze don't waste your time. First of all I don't think filth is funny, but these two English ladies are taaackyyyy, and make jokes about the filth, and I mean awful yucky filth, through the whole show. Then they put on the ridiculous rubber gloves in animal prints with pink fur on the cuffs. The blonde lady showed the homeowner, who by the way had not cleaned his house in four years how to clean that "I can hardly say it" toilet, Oh my gosh. Then she showed him how to clean dishes correctly. I was terrified she had the same gloves on that she cleaned the toilet with, Oh my gosh. She asked the guy if he had something wrong with his bum, because she did not like the color of the four year old feces on the toilet. CAN YOU IMAGINE? and I thought Survivor and CSI was rough. I wanted to catch this program because the girls at work were talking about the ladies being on Ophra (?) (spelling) and the clips they showed on her show and how awful they were. I didn't believe them, but I do now. I know, I know, I have to get a life, this TV watching is just not normal. I think I am trying to blot out my work day, with mundane stuff, so I don't have to think about it.

Well, as if that isn't enough, tonight I watched "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" for three hours on that same dang hard kitchen chair. A very good movie, I think, sad and moving, I cried a lot. And now I am up very late. :(

I love those homes too that are in the graphics, and have always dreamed about owning one with the dormers and lead glass doors and open staircases, but I think I will be here forever now, and our home is a victorian, but does not have dormers or lead glass, and a remolded job in the fortys by DH's parents enclosed the staircase :( .

We had snow Monday night, yuck (again). It didn't last more than a day, just made for hazardous driving in the morning on the way to work. I was so disappointed, I always hope we can get through the holidays at least without the cold and snow. Today it rained all day and is suppose to rain for the rest of the week. I don't want to wish that wind on anyone, but it can stay away from here, I don't like wind either, especially when it comes off of Lake Michigan, like it did on Sunday when we were desperately trying to put up our outside Christmas lights and decorations and an icy cold wind was whipping in towards us off the lake.

I bought our big Christmas tree about four years ago, it doesn't look as real as the brand new ones, but it does fine. It comes in three (3) easy fold out pieces and the lights are wound around all the branches, and it is up in about five minutes, after some straightening and fluffing it is ready to decorate. Oh yeah, my kind of tree. ;) It took me at least three years of begging to convince DH that we needed an artificial tree. He was really adamant that we should have a real tree every year. Finally he broke down. :)

I still have decorations on the dinning room table and on the sofa in the family room and on the sofa in the living room. I NEED to get done, but am not feeling motivated yet. I'll get there, gotta stop watching that TV.

Charlotte, hope you are taking good care of yourself. I don't know what to say about that roof anymore, I just wish it were done.

Sheila, what a wonderful thing to volunteer to help children. That will be a good thing. :)

Sunny, can't wait to see those pictures, I know they are going to be even better than the fall ones.

Gotta get to bed, it is after 11:00 pm already. I have to keep up my stamina for my day job. :^:

Have a good Wednesday everyone, now if I can just remember it is Wednesday and not Thursday. :?:


12-08-2004, 10:01 AM

Good morning friends,
It's a beautiful, sunshiny day here in North Alabama! :) Had a good day yesterday. Went to get my nails done, & shopped a little. (not much luck there) I only have a few presents left that are hard to choose for....that's why they're last. :lol:

Sheila....Goodness! That bankrobber could have jumped in your car! I hope you drive with your doors locked. It isn't a lot different in the country. Just mostly different kinds of crimes. Drugs, a few breakins, etc. It used to be that people could leave home & not lock their doors. Sadly, it's not that way anymore.
I'm/we're ok with the tarp for now...& warm enough. At least, there's not any bears. :o

Ok Bluet...if you're determined to watch TV in the least put a soft chair in there. I think if you don't, you'll go to the living room. Looks like that plan isn't working, though, does it. :lol: WOW! What a program. Sounds like it's in very bad taste. I don't think I'd want to watch it, either. I wonder what those ladies would say about my dirt, right now. :lol: At least, most of mine is falling from above. ;) Don't worry about the roof....we're fine. It'll get done eventually.

Hi SunnyD....hope you're doing well today. Thanks for the prayers.

Well, I'm feeling better, my cough is getting better, & my thumb (although not healed) is looking better. So, maybe I'm on the mend.
Everyone have a good Wednesday.

12-08-2004, 09:49 PM
A windy evening to you all! We got downpours followed by sunshine followed by downpours, and a lot of wind all day.

Bluet, I like Charlotte's idea of putting a more comfortable chair in the kitchen, but, like her, I'm betting the reason you have the hard chair in there is so you won't watch the TV. :) I watched the five people show, and really enjoyed it. Am glad I was watching it from the comfortable bed, however. I saw that Oprah show with those two women on it. They were horrible! But you should have seen the woman's house--it was totally disgusting. And the woman looked so elegant. People who let their houses get into that state usually have a depression problem, IMHO. We helped this woman we know clean her house one time--it was the worst thing I've ever seen. She had 30 cats, and there was a two-foot high pile of cat dung in her second bedroom (along with feces in every other place), and everything had been peed on. We had to wear chemical masks because the smell of ammonia and cat feces was so bad.

Charlotte, so happy to hear that you had a good day. Lucky you with the sunshine! That's wonderful news that your cough is getting better, and your thumb looks better. We can all breathe a collective "whew!" Although maybe we should save that until your thumb is totally healed.

Well, today I rearranged the two freezer compartments (ours and Dad's). Can you guess why? Yup, another white styrofoam box arrived on our doorstep filled with 9 boxes of stuff. So now we have about 20 hot dogs, 24 hamburger patties, 12 steaks, 8 pork chops, 4 salmon steaks, 4 chicken breasts, 2 stuffed sole, a lasagna (that I already cooked and he's eating it every day for lunch and to heck with his blood sugar!), and potatos au gratin that should be called white balls of fat (had to cook those, too. I'm banning him for ordering for at least two months! I'll probably have to put a block on our phone so it can't dial Omaha Steaks anymore.

Hope you all have a great evening!

12-09-2004, 09:55 AM

:wave: Morning Everyone!

It's been a very busy few days and I expect more *busy* to come! I spent the last three days decorating our home (it's still not finished yet) and also trying to play catch up with chores. I still haven't even begun my Christmas Cards yet :dizzy: I also had to be at church the other night and we all had a meeting as to what we will be singing for Christmas... I so look forward to Christmas - I just love to sing with our little group and bring *Hope & Promise* of the Season to others with our music. I am actually looking forward to Christmas DAY Church & after church... because Joe & I will have some *quiet time* together to exchange gifts and I am making our dinner here AT HOME together this year instead of going to someone else's home - yeah :cp: We may go later to Joe's sister's for a Dessert gathering, but I love the idea of staying home together this year. We both need it - always on the run somewhere. Besides... we never get to have left-over turkey, but we will this year :D

Yesterday I made the attempt to get laundry done but didn't get far, I'll finish today. I got all caught up in making copies of Christmas music for my family to send off. I made 12 different CD's of music we had and they wanted and will get them all sent off sometime today. Also my sister wanted our CD's to sell at her church, so I sent her 5 of them. Joe was home by 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday and we both went for hair cuts @ 4:00 and dinner at my Sis-in-laws (she's a cosmetologist)... it was a really nice evening! So relaxing...

Hi Angel, Good to see you & to hear that you are feeling better as each day passes :D Oh I haven't been searching at all for graphics --- I have tons in files on my hard drive that I am just uploading to the Photobucket. Glad that you all are enjoying them :)

I don't have pictures for everyone as I hoped to today, but I should by the weekend, okay. I really decorated this year because we'll be having our Couples Bible Study Group here the 14th of Jan. and I am thrilled that I will be able to keep it all up to share with them... especially thrilled we have an artificial tree this year, no clean up after leaving the tree up long past it's time to take it down. I pray that by next Christmas, Charlotte, you will be able to decorate your home again like you have in the past. I remembered that you lost your ornament collection with theft this year, but I also recall that you had gifts from your friends & family of new ones :) Have you put those out? What ever you do it will be festive, because Christmas is *of the Heart* and not the decorations... with that in mind I know that you will have a Beautiful Christmas!

Cool Beans! A new TV and a very nice one at that! Our new one is a 27" so I can imagine how nice your 31" one is! What is the brand? Enjoy!

Hi Sheila, ChristmasTree's: Yes, the others looked pretty real when you compared them to what they use to look like years ago, but I think that the realness factor did increase a bit with the price. I just know that we'll be enjoying this tree for years to come and I want to look forward to putting it up & will... we are so happy with it. I will take a daytime and a nighttime picture of it soon so you can get an idea of how the tree itself looks.

I got my T-Mill connected yesterday :cp: I had to clear out the huge box of give-aways before I could put it in there --- Joe will take that box out tomorrow and bring it to the Goodwill. But I WILL get in some time today on it --- I really do miss it and the good feeling afterwards of a workout. Yes, I too feel so much better working out! I get the blues or just feel more sensitive when I go too long without it. It really helps me to stay balanced in every way. That's why I worked so hard to get my T-mill up and running again :D

Snow :?: Nothing here yet :( I think we may get some by Saturday, but I hope it's not too much & all at once... we have another very FULL day planned with our friends.

WoW! Nothing like going from one experience to another :o Feeling all relaxed from your massage and then the robbery getting you all wound up again! You sure do experience allot with crime where you live... you are blessed to not have accidently gotten caught in any of it! Sheila, you have to be careful at the drive-up tellers too! People have gotten robbed from the passenger side and from people coming from the rear of the cars from shrubs and such. That's why most banks now have tree's and not shrubs around them if they have anything at all. You can never be too careful ;)

So... what are your plans for today? You getting all your Christmas Shopping done? I still have so much to do, but try to take it a moment at a time so I don't feel overwhelmed... easier said then done, but I will try.

Hi Bluet, I am so glad to hear that you are okay... I was concerned about you :^: Is the workplace still hard on you? I wish you didn't have to work in a place that makes you so unhappy! No one should be subjected to that on a daily basis - it is so unhealthy for you. I will pray that there will be some changes in the new year making it much easier on you there, okay ;)

I saw both shows on Oprah with those ladies!!!! I am with you, Bonnie! I cannot watch it --- it is beyond gross! I just saw what was on Oprah and it was enough for me!! Did you see how they TOUCH everything with their bare hands first!!! Ewwwwwe!!!!!!!! And these people living in those conditions --- how terrible. What is happening in this world that we cannot keep a clean home???? It doesn't have to be perfect by any means, just liveable and these places are not liveable at all! The one family on Oprah was a family with 5 kids! Just Awful! :no:

Our tree goes up in three sections too, (we bought it without lights, I like adding mine)... real nice, no separate branches to put in like the old ones... I use to put up *my family's tree* when I was young and it was done a branch at a time. Much harder then these new ones today. But they do take time to set up when you first get them and I was hurting so much the other day (Tuesday) that I couldn't tell what area of my body hurt more :o !! It was from all the work of decorating and moving boxes and such. I even got the chills from being so tired and had a difficult time warming myself up when it came time for bed & Joe said I was dreaming allot (I do that when I get over tired). Thank goodness for warming blankets! I am glad I went to bed as soon as I got home from church at 9:30 that night... I feel pretty good today :) I sure don't want to be sick for Christmas! Believe me - it has happened to me more then once where I wear myself out to where I don't feel well on Christmas. But I think I will be able to stave of illness this year :crossed:

Tonight is Survivor night: Who do you think is going tonight??? The previews make it look as if it could be Chris? BUT (!) I wonder if Chris, Twilla & Scout will hold true to their vow & it will be Eliza voted off tonight? Hmmmm :chin:

Well ladies... I really want to get an early start to the day... so I'm off and running. I hope that you all have a really good day doing all you need to for the holiday with a Smile :) on your face and Joy in your Hearts :goodvibes

Take Care Everyone!


12-09-2004, 03:19 PM
Good Afternoon,

I'll bet you think I was watching another program on TV last night. ;) No, no TV, I was next door babysitting the grandkids, while their parents went to a home builders Christmas party. SIL is on the board, so they had to go. DD wasn't keen on going, but she went anyway. Grans were really good and everyone was in bed by 8:00 p.m. :) I didn't watch TV after they were in bed, instead, I started reading The Five People book and was surprised that the dialog in the book pretty much matches that in the movie so far. The movie, has me dwelling on the theory, that you will meet people you didn't even know you had touched on earth when you die and I am getting all wrapped up in thoughts about people I wasn't so nice to in the past and wish I had been nicer, cause I really don't want to me meet them in heaven and have to deal with the past. Do you know what I am talking about?

Sunny, I think it will be Eliza, who goes tonight, because usually when a Survivor wins a car, they are voted off. Also, she was very close to Amy, and I am sure she will hear about it tonight. Of course, something could happen to really change everything at the last minute. Tonight is the last show on the island and Sunday is the finale. DH told me that he had heard that and he also heard that CSI is not a rerun tonight, so we will get to see the new alignment. You sound like you are really into Christmas, just don't over do and make yourself sick, rest every once in awhile. It is an exciting time of the year isn't it. I am anxious to see your home all decorated though. DH and I don't exchange gifts at Christmas anymore, but we have decided to get a digital camera for Christmas, so we will see what happens with that. :)

Charlotte, it is so nice that your cough is improving and your thumb is looking better. Take at easy though so it doesn't make a return visit. What a relief, I was really concerned about you. :o Your TV sounds very nice. You can just imagine why I would not be getting a new TV for Christmas ;) Perhaps a comfy padded cushion for my chair in the kitchen would be appropriate. I usually don't want to move from the kitchen to the family room, because DH usually comes in from outside chores just when I am comfortable, and I know he isn't going to watch Christmas chick flicks, so I just watch my movie in the kitchen. What I need is not get involved in any of those movies, and just move on and get my work done in the evening :^: Christmas is pretty much what is in a person's heart Charlotte, it is so fleeting, so much work for one day and then it is over. Next year you will have all your angels up and be decorating to beat the band. :) . You are lucky you are just about done with your shopping, I still have some to do yet. For as long as I can remember I have been telling myself, get it done early, get it done early, but alas, I never do.

Sheila, I always wonder when I see the make over shows, do the people really keep their homes clean and in order, or do they just revert back to the way it was before. I think I know my answer. I guess it is a form of depression and not being motivated. You are a very brave lady to help that gal clean up her house. I am not sure my stomach could handle something like that. Perhaps, Sheila, you should just break down and buy a larger freezer. ;) No, I am just being silly, you do have a problem on your hands. It will be interesting to see how you resolve it. Do you ever get snow during the winter Sheila? We are suppose to get some more snow on the weekend. The Packer game is at home, in Green Bay, should make for an interesting ball game. Kids next door, grandson and DH have tickets, so they are probably going. There's no way, I am going to sit on a cold aluminum bench out in the cold to watch a football game, family room recliner, here I come.

Well, I cheated some on lunch break today, and went a little over :o I had better get back to work. Sunny, thank you for your prayers, that is so sweet of you. Thank you, Thank you!!!!

It is Thursday isn't it? :p

Puss, please let us know how you are doing. It would be a nice Christmas present for us. *#:c)>


12-09-2004, 10:19 PM
Hello, all!

Fatpuss, what we all want for Christmas is to see your lovely posts again!!

SunnyD, you've been working so hard! I can hardly wait to see the photos of your decorated house. The singing sounds like so much fun. Today I was wishing I knew where there was some good Christmas music going on. When I lived in Boise, we attended a church that had a whole singing (audience participation) service plus a kid's pageant. And the dessert party afterwards was fun, too! :) Staying home at Christmas is the best. When I was growing up, we didn't go anyplace on Christmas, and when I had kids, we always had Christmas at home. Made my parents drive down to us, and my MIL fly out. To be fair, except for the year when our car gave out, we always went up to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. However, the scads of leftover turkey are another story. A little is okay, but we seem to end up with enough turkey to last a week and that's only from a 10 lb. turkey.

Oh, I mentioned artificial tree to my DH, and he was adamantly against it. How did you guys get your husbands to go for it? Oh, and SunnyD, love the graphic! When I first saw it, I was reminded of the houses bordering Alamo Square in San Francisco. Have you ever been to SF?

Bluet, you were so virtuous! :) Hey, you're supposed to think of all the people that you touched in your life who were thankful that you did so. A comfy chair sounds like a good idea. You might as well relax and watch those chick flicks once in a while. You deserve it!

My Dad and DH got lasagna for lunch, and they'll be getting the fat potatoes (potatoes au gratin) tonight and tomorrow until they're gone. Then I guess we'll start in on the meats. *Sigh* My kids better be prepared to eat hot dogs and hamburgers while they're here because there sure are enough of 'em. We've been throwing out the catalogs that come for Dad, but the Omaha Steaks people are clever and disguise their ads as letters so I think they're bills for the stuff he's already bought. I am, however, looking forward to the fruitcake he ordered, but that's a once a year thing. Except for last year when he ordered one in July. Oh, my.

Heavy rains today so no walk for my dog. And I got lazy and didn't do my Walk Away the Pounds tape, but I did do 45 min. of weight lifting at the gym and 20 min. of stretching. I'm addicted to Weight Watcher Smoothies, and because my WW center has been out, I actually drove to another center to buy them. The person behind me in line asked me if they were good, and I said that I liked them so much I drove out of my way to get them!

Hope you all are having a great Thursday! Nice to know that CSI is new.

12-10-2004, 10:14 AM
Christmas Anticipation

Good Morning! :flow1:

Hi Bluet, What a cute Santa smilie at the end of your post ;)

Sounds like you had a nice time babysitting... I don't think there's anything wrong with TV at all, don't feel bad about watching it. I must agree with Sheila though, you should have a comfy chair in your kitchen to watch your shows if that's where you must go to watch them. My MIL use to go to her bedroom to watch her fav. shows & I use to join her :) I watch TV too! I think it's a great way to forget your world for awhile. I usually have it on through the day (especially during the holiday's) but I'm not actually SITTING in front of it --- I am usually doing something or another. But I enjoy the programming on HGTV and FOOD channels as well as the Fox Family Movie Channel & the Classic Movie channels, they play allot of Christmas Shows. So don't feel bad or guilty... I'm with ya ;) I actually rented a movie yesterday on PayPerView --- an updated version of *Cinderella* it was cute! A feel good film... I started the day feeling just fine, but for some odd reason by afternoon I got pretty sick in the gut, so I just rented the movie and took a 90 min. rest, glad I did too - I feel so much better today :goodvibes Now I have to make up for what I didn't do yesterday, today! :dizzy:

I do know what you are saying about past mistakes with others, Bonnie... I have been there too (more then I care to say :sorry: ). But we must remember that when we ask for the Lord's forgiveness and really mean it - it has been forgotten, never to be brought up again :) God is just so good! I know I truly feel sorry for the times I have let others down or have not been as kind as I could have been and often wish we could go back and redo... but I am afraid that I would make the mistake all over again if I was in the same frame of mind I was in then - people are funny that way. That's all the more reason I am *Thankful to our Lord in His Forgiveness* :yes: Jesus won't remind you of your past - the devil does that! I have a T-shirt that states on it, "The next time the devil :devil: reminds you of your past, remind him of his future" ;) Rev 20:10 and the devil was cast into the lake of fire...

Joe & I still exchange gifts :D I do know that Joe is buying me a new Digital Camera this year - he knows how much I love my camera (but mine is so old now) and I do know about it because I ordered it off the net for him --- It's the Olympus Waterproof Digital Camera - I love it! It has everything on it I want and it's small & very easy to use! Here is a LINK to see it yourself and all that it does --> He will take the old one for himself - he wants to have it with him at work. I think it's because he will be retiring in a few years, so he wants to get pictures of his buddies when they are together.

So... what did you think of last nights Survivor? I totally forgot about Julie!!! Duhhh :shrug: But I really thought that Eliza would have gone last night too... but now we know where Chirs' alliance is for sure --- it's with Twilla & Scout --- & he's staying true to it. It will be important for Chris to keep those two gals now, because allot of those voted off and are now on the jury do not like Scout or Twilla & just may still vote him in for the win. What do you & Sheila think?. I am looking forward to Sunday's program.

Hi Sheila, I am so looking forward to spending Christmas AT HOME! My hubby is from a very large family and often wants to be with all of them on the holiday's, but this year he too wants to spend it at home --- I was sooo pleased to hear that! He said he is very tired too and really just wants to help me with the cooking (he loves to cook!) & snuggle up with me for the day... did I say that "I am so looking forward to it" :D

As for the tree: my hubby was the one to suggest it! We always got real tree's... but he got tired of lugging a live tree up onto the roof of the jeep & into our home every year, not to mention the mess afterwards! We like to leave our tree up till the 14th of January, so it was very dead by the time we'd take it down - now there's no worry as to how long we leave it up. When everyone else is feeling a let-down from the holiday --- we are still enjoying it. By the 14th I am ready to clean it all up and do not feel sad about it - I know... I'm strange :p I really think that if your hubby saw how beautiful these tree's are now, he'd go for it too.

Yes! We have been to SF, many years ago :) And know of the homes you mentioned... cool!

You are just too funny with all that your father has ordered! At least you are cooking it up for them (your hubby & DF) --- and they are enjoying it. Are you able to block him from calling on a whim? Might be a good idea to do.

Here too! Allot of rain!!!!!!!!!! We are still in the high 40's this morning, so much for the snow they predicted :shrug: Watch! It will hit tomorrow when we have so much to do!

CSI was good, but I miss Grissom in it more... you don't think they will be getting rid of him or that he is leaving the show, do you??? :( I love his character!!

Hi Angel! :wave:

Do you all have Christmas Traditions in your families?
I often wish I had set one up for Joe & I from the beginning, but with no children we never really did.

Well, I must be going... I have so much to get done today and we have a Christmas Party to go tonight at 7:00.

Love you gals!


12-10-2004, 03:03 PM

Oh my goodness, has been a week of feces....yuck! I wonder myself if Ghrisom is leaving the show. Well, at least they have us quessing and watching, and wondering and that is the name of the game right? It makes me so sad when they have child abuse in these programs. :( I think Eliza would have gone if she had not won immunity. I hope Twilla doesn't do her in before the show ends. That Chris is quite the shister, he better watch out or he will be gone, too late though, Eliza has made too many enemies. If Chris would get voted off though, then there would be Sarge, Chad, Chris and Scout to vote for Twilla to receive the million against Amy, LeeAnn and Julie who do not like Twilla. Just a thought. It depends on where Eliza falls in all of this.

Sunny, after I calmed down and re-thought what I know, yes God does forgive. That has been ingrained in my head forever, so I am ok now. I went to your camera sight. That is a dandy camera that you are getting for Christmas. You must have been very, very good this year. ;) I don't think I need one of that caliber, you on the other hand are the photographer, I am just a picture taker. :) Traditions when the kids were little........well, we always did St. Nick on the 5th, we always opened the presents Christmas eve, after everyone returned from the barn and showered and got dressed up for pictures with the tree. Christmas Day we always went to DH's parents house after church. (The house we live in now) and when it got to be too much work for my MIL, the Sis-IL's took turns having it at our homes.

Sheila, I can understand why you are punishing Dad with the lasagna and potatoes, but what did DH do to deserve fat potatoes? ;) It is really gloomy here today, started raining again last night and has been raining ever since. Better than snow though, acutually the rain is a good thing for us, because the ground isn't frozen yet and the rain is soaking into the ground and we need the moisture. I think the reason I have three artificial trees is because I started with smaller ones in different rooms, so DH could convince himself, that artificial trees really are ok. I think he is happy too, now that there are no more falling needles, remembering to water the tree and sticky sap to deal with. Also there is the clean-up after dragging the tree into the house and dragging it back out again. Perhaps, you could just happen to pass some artificial trees next time you are shopping with DH and let him see how real they actually do look. What the heck anyway, whose idea was it to stick a live tree up in your house and deal with it during one of the most stressful times of the year anyway? :dizzy: I never did understand that concept. Then when the kids were little and everytime they went to get something from under the tree, tons of needles would fall on them and get in their hair and in the carpet.

Hi Charlotte, hope you ae feeling ok, and just busy with Christmas busy work!

Puss, we are still waiting. An email in our stocking on Christmas morning would be super terrific!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday.


12-11-2004, 12:47 AM
SunnyD, that graphic of the kid is so darn cute! Makes me remember my little tow-headed kids in footie pajamas.

Oh, you guys, that CSI was so hard to watch. :( I had to close my eyes even more than usual. I couldn't stand to look at that little boy all scrunched up in that tub. Just recently an 18 month old and a 6 week old died of starvation and dehydration here with their mother drunk in the next room with the food in cupboards. The 2 1/2 year old managed to make it. It's hard enough to read stories like that, but to see it on TV was just too awful. And the feces thing--how gross! I love Catherine, though, and it's nice seeing her going through the trials and tribulations of being a supervisor.

I don't watch Survivor, but I caught The Biggest Loser the other day. That was kind of interesting--kind of an urban survivor with overweight people. Don't think I'll watch it on a regular basis, but it was interesting to see how much weight they'd lost.

Bluet, my DH and I had quite a laugh about "punishing Dad with lasagna." How true! And my DH wanted to let you know that the fat potatoes are really good so he doesn't mind them at all. :lol:

What a hard workout we had this morning! We were exhausted afterwards, but it was a good exhausted. We were invited to have coffee after class so we went to the nearby espresso place (there's one on every corner in Seattle) and met with five ladies ranging in age from 60s to 80s. Nothing like hanging out with the elderly to make a 50 something feel young! I think this was the first time we've ever socialized with people as a couple since we moved here so it was fun.

SunnyD, your talk of Christmas music got me so wanting to hear some that I decided I want to go to church on Christmas Eve. So you all don't think we're heathens, we did attend church when we lived in Boise until it got hard for me to sit. I still have a hard time sitting for long periods of time (which is why we don't go to church here), but I think an hour of singing Christmas carols and watching a children's pageant will be well worth the pain.

My DH was off most of the day so we went to a neighborhood retail area to the used bookstore, a CD place to get a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD, and Ben and Jerry's (yum!), then we went to two grocery stores. I didn't feel like cooking so we decided to go out and went home to pick my Dad up and go to an Italian place that was supposed to be pretty good. I must say the chocolate mousse was excellent! But I like our old standby Italian place (which is about four doors down from this new place) better, and it's less expensive. My Dad was born in that particular neighborhood so he has a great time reminiscing about it as we ate.

When we got home I stopped my Dad from sending a birthday card and a check to my cousin whose birthday he thought was Monday. He hasn't heard from my cousin for years, probably decades, but my Mom had written his first name and his birthdate on the birthday list in their address book. The only thing is that my oldest son has the same first name, and it's actually his birthday that's on Monday. I ended up going through the birthday list and culling names and writing down the relationship of the remaining names so my Dad would know who they were. I'm betting if my cousin had received the check he would have cashed it, too. I asked Dad who he was sending Christmas cards to and in listing the people, he said Sheila and Jim so I think he sent us a card at our old address in Boise just because our names were in his address book. He knows who we are when he sees us, so there's no problem with that, but I think he forgets who we are when he sees our name in print--am I making sense?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! We're in for a wet one, but that's pretty normal for us.

12-11-2004, 08:29 AM

I can't believe I just spent over an hour reading & posting a VERY loooong post...just to lose it! :(

Well....a shorter version...
My step-dad is in ICU. They say he is dying. It happened very fast. Started out with kidney infection, Wednesday. The next morning's visit...they told us he was in renal failure & dying. Last night, he was worse. So, I'm pretty busy. Please keep him in your prayers.

Sheila...praying for you. I know we enjoy the stories of your dad, but realize it isn't easy for you.
Don't worry about not being able to sit in church long at a time. The Lord knows what we're capable of doing. Only WE know our true feelings....not other people. We don't always look sick.'re NOT a heathen!! :)
You did make me think of the Christmas plays I'm going to get to see with my grands in them!! Also, I'm in another Christmas parade Monday night! It's suppose to be really cold, too!

Bluet...I agree 100% with SunnyD. You're not going to be reminded of any short comings or failures in Heaven. (It wouldn't be Heaven. :) ) You need to forgive yourself & just look to the future. You're one of the most kind, & encouraging people I've ever known. I'm glad to call you my friend. Like SunnyD said....we've ALL been there, at one time, or another. I hope I've never offended any of you....please forgive me, if I have. :)
Put that TV in the bedroom. :D

SunnyD....a new camera!! Great!! I know you're excited. What're you going to get Joe? Have the "kitties" gotten into the new tree, yet?

Well..gotta go....had a longer post...sorry. I'll learn to copy them, I guess.
Have a great Saturday..........miss you Fatpuss.

12-12-2004, 05:35 PM
Oh, no, Charlotte, I'm so sorry. It's hard to believe someone could get that bad so darn fast. Is your Mom able to understand what's happening? I'm sure it will be hard on her, too.

So what kind of Christmas parade are you in on Monday? Are you riding or walking? When we first moved to Colorado, we drove up to a town in the Rockies and watched a Christmas parade. It was 13 degrees out--brrrr!

SunnyD, I thought you'd especially enjoy this URL:

We put up our tree last night, but left it undecorated so that the cats could get used to it before we put the decorations on. Of course, our calico ate some of the needles and promptly vomited them up. Of course, I didn't notice until this morning after it had dried a bit. Yuck. :( She's the reason we can't have houseplants or flowers. She'll knock them over, then chew on them. I made sure to only decorate the top 2/3 of the tree, and even then I put the breakable stuff on the top. Got my village up, too. I just love unpacking my village and setting it up. I've run out of room on the top of the entertainment center, which is the highest place to put something like that. If I put it on the coffee table, which has more room, I'm sure I'll have three little investigators in the middle of the set-up, probably batting all the little people around.

Also found the new candles for my candlesticks. They look like tree ornaments--kinda cool. And we hung the Christmas banner outside along with a wreath that we got years ago. That's pretty much the extent of my decorating. When we get our own house, I'd like to do a lot more. Oh, I hung two stockings, although we aren't going to fill them. With four kids coming, plus my Dad, filling all those stockings and our own would just be too expensive. I think my daughter is kind of disappointed, but she can start the tradition up when she has children.

Well, time to go clean my Dad's room and change his bed. He used to go out and about for a couple of hours every day, but now he's only been going for about an hour. Doesn't give me much time to clean.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Survivor tonight for you Survivor fans--I know where you'll be this evening. :)

12-13-2004, 11:35 AM

Good Morning!
Thank goodness it's Monday! I wasn't feeling very well (again) up till Friday evening last week --- Joe went to a Christmas Party without me on Friday evening (I just didn't want to see him miss out because I wasn't feeling well) and he had a great time. By Saturday morning I was doing better and we still went out to breakfast even though I was weepy from not feeling well, Peggy (my best friend) understood and was very compassionate (I miss my family in Maine so much at Christmas!). We finished shopping after breakfast and then went for lunch on our way out to Christmas shop (Peggy, Joe & myself). Mike (Peg's hubby) had to work so it was Peggy, Lisa (Peg's youngest), Joe & myself for Christmas shopping... then Mike joined us at the movie theatre for the 3:20pm viewing of *The Polar Express* movie with Tom Hanks. What a GREAT FILM !!!! I'd go see that one in the theatre again! I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride the whole movie - awesome. My favorite part was when the main character lost a ticket that belonged to the little girl --- that ticket took off into the wind and you went with it - awesome! And the characters seemed so real...

After the movies, we all went out for dinner and then we walked off dinner shopping at Wal-Mart and we laughed allot (it felt so good after not feeling well to laugh so much!) --- it was a fun day, but boy were we tuckered out by that evening! We left the house at 8:00am that morning and got home at 9:30pm! (whew!)

Sunday - After church & breakfast we came home and just vegged all day inside putting up the garland and finished some decorating...we were going to do some more shopping but were so tired and the weather wasn't so good, so we opted not to go anywhere. I still have a bit more to finish up with today and then I will be all done & just have to clean the house. I'll get some pics when I'm all done. I am tired today, but at least I'm feeling better *gut-wise*. I was pretty laid up from Wednesday thru Friday last week. This time is wasn't food that brought it on - it was the stress in trying to get so much done in a short amount of time. I always think I can do more...

We are getting snow storms today... remember I was longing for snow --- we got it :o !! Gotta be careful with what I wish for ;) We are expecting 6" by Tuesday morning and already have 2" on the ground. Joe is taking the day off on Wednesday and we have another full day! So we hope the weather will ease up some by then. We are going to visit his sister, RoseMary & her hubby Ray, who is moving back to California and will be leaving this Friday. And then when we leave them we'll go finish up some more Christmas shopping. Wednesday evening... Joe & Mike are getting together to shop for us ladies :) Also... we have Joe's Family Christmas Party this coming Saturday (12-18) to go to and Joe's work party to go to that day too. Another *Whew* day!

About Survivor: I KNEW all along that Chris would win it!!! I told Joe as it was happening that if Twila, Scout & Chris got to the final 3 & then Chris voted off Scout that the others would vote for Chris and not Twila --- Twila ticked off allot of people! And women never forget what other women do or say to ticked them off. I was glad to see He won! He played a good game! And really worked those ladies!! Impressive! He's from Ohio you know - works for ODOT... and is a biker (note the pony-tail --- yuk!). He said the first thing he was going to purchase was a new motorcycle (duh) and then donate $$ to kids in need & then help out his family financially and he & his girl are planning for their wedding. Always a good show...


Thanks for the Kitty Tree Link, Sheila!!! Joe & I loved it!!! :lol: Although, there is NO WAY :no: that my boys would climb our tree like that! So far so good!!!! They just sleep under it. I sent the link to my sister too... she'll get a kick out of it!

By-the-way, they were talking about Omaha Steaks being a great gift this morning on Regis :lol: :lol3: I thought of you and couldn't help but laugh!

Angel, I am so very sorry to hear of the tragic news with your Step-Dad! You have my *Prayers* for you and your Step-Dad and family!!!! :grouphug:

Where are you Bluet? Hope you are well! Did you see Survivor?


Okay... I really must be going now - I have lots to get done today... and so little time.

*God Bless!*
:sunny: SunnyD


12-13-2004, 04:36 PM
Hello Everyone,

I had a busy weekend and am having an equally busy day. The accountant is coming on Wednesday. I am getting close to being ready, but not quite there yet. Tonight we have the gran kids next door Christmas play at 7:00 pm, so if I am not too tired I will post tonight when we get home.

Not feeling par, am getting a sore throat on the same side as last time I was sick. I have no time for being sick, this is making me super crabby today.

Talk to you all later.



P.S. Sunny, I just love that house, I could go live there, in a New York minute. :)

12-13-2004, 11:04 PM
SunnyD, it sounds like you had a busy, but fun, weekend. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Are you the kind of person who wants to go, go, go when you're feeling good and to heck with the consequences? I can certainly relate to that.

So do you think the Polar Express would scare some kids? I've heard that it might because the "animated" faces look a little strange. I saw a little bit about the making of it, and it was pretty interesting. We're going to go see a movie on Christmas, and it's tough to pick one that we all like. I think we'll probably go with Oceans 12 because it's not a "chick flick," which the 20-something guys wouldn't like, and not a gory action flick, which Mom and Dad don't like.

Did you say that Joe would be retiring after this year? Are you guys planning on staying put after he retires? How long have you been where you are? Sorry--probably more questions than I should ask. Inquiring minds and all that. I'm always curious about people's retirement plans. My sister is retiring next year at 55, and her DH is semi-retired, although he's in his 60s, I believe.

What good kitties you have! Except for the vomiting incident, we've had no problems so far, but then it's only been up a couple days.

I would have laughed, too, if I had heard that comment about Omaha Steaks. Hey, my Dad got a postcard from them advertising a great deal plus free cheesecake. I tossed that thing right in the recycle bin! Been there, done that, and the cheesecake wasn't that good.

Bluet, step away from my house! I'm coveting that house, too. You know, after I put my snow village up, I sometimes sit and look at it and think about living there in those houses. I've really got a major case of house envy, I think! :lol: I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Take some vitamin C and zinc, drink some hot tea, and squirt some Zicam up your nose. And keep telling yourself that getting sick is not an option. I do hope that things settle down for you soon.

The rain broke long enough for me to take the dog on a short walk. My DH went to the doctor and his blood pressure is doing well after the doc cut down on the blood pressure medication. Plus all the exercise I make him do probably helps. Last week we went to water aerobics four times. I also weight lifted twice, but his back has been hurting him so he skipped that. Hopefully he can start again soon.

Have a good evening, everyone! Charlotte, hope you're doing okay, and feeling well.

12-14-2004, 01:04 AM

It is really late. After the Christmas play we came home and I finished writing the Christmas cards and then my sister called to disuss what everyone was doing for Christmas and how our Mom would fit into the picture so she would not be alone on Christmas day and now it is late, but I would feel remiss if I would not check in a little bit.

Now, now Sheila, I am older than you and I have had my eye on that house for as long as I can remember. I can even imagine how the inside would look. One year we went to Mall of America in Minneapolis and Good Housekeeping had built a home that looked just like that in the middle of the mall. I just loved that house. There was a contest and if they drew your name they would bring that house to your location and build it on your property. I so wanted that house, but I didn't win it. :( Even my daughters, who were along threw my name in hoping, Mom would win her dream house. I guess we could share, we could build twin houses next door to one another and be very happy. Just so we didn't get into an argument about which state to live in. Poor Dh you are such a slave driver Sheila, now you have the poor guy throwing weights around and injuring his back. Gosh only knows what you will think up next. ;) Hey, take a picture of that village and share. I still haven't developed those pictures of my shades I made for the family room that I promised to share. :o

Sunny, I do the same darn thing, go like a bandit, regardless of how I feel and just wear myself out. I get an idea into my head and I can't rest until it is done. So, I know how you feel. We know better, but our minds are going way too fast. I did that on Saturday, but everything is decorated pretty much and I have to stop sometime. I still have cleaning to do too. I also finished the laundry on Saturday and then Grandson came over to see what we were up to and he stayed for supper and then we watched Christmas Story on TCM and then he went home and I started the Christmas cards. I was seeing double by the time I went to bed. Then on Sunday we went to church and then went out for breakfast with DH's brother and his wife, then DH and DD and SIL and Grandson went to the Packer game in that awful cold windy weather and I babysat for the two grandaughters next door. The game lasted really late and I didn't get any reprieve until 9:00 Sunday evening. I was tired today, but had to keep going to get my work done. That's what I mean, why is it we feel so quilty if we take some down time just for us? I get the feeling all four of us are like that. Family first, keep a stiff upper lip and all that stuff.

As remarkable as it seems, I did not get to watch Survivor last night. Grandaughter Leah who is 5 wasn't having any of that, there was much more important things to watch like Kimpossible and etc. I really didn't care who won, I think they were all pretty ratty behaving. There sure was a heck of a lot of lying going on at the end there.

Charlotte :) How are you doin? Has it stopped snow/raining there yet? Today the sun came out for the first time in the longest time here, although it is really, really cold, it is suppose to get down to 10 degrees tonight. I am really sorry about your Step-Dad, not the best time of the year for this either. Another Christmas parade, I think you are a celebrity. What do you wear when you are in the parades? I bet you really look fashionable. Stay warm, don't get a chill. Did you ever get those scrap books done. I have some really old pictures of this house and DH's dad with one of his horses and a few other old pictures, I want to scan them and put them in special frames and give each of the kids those pictures as a Christmas gift. Time is running out on me though. We will see if I can sneak it in.

The Christmas play was terrific, nothing lifts the spirits like a bunch of grade schoolers dressed in red singing and acting in a Christmas play. Warms your heart. I stood with Grandbaby in the back of the auditorium and she fell asleep on my shoulder. Another warm fuzzy feeling.

My throat is still the same, I had a refill on the antibotic from last time, so I had it refilled before I came home from work and have taken two capsules this evening, hopefully I will feel some improvement by morning. It usually always takes an antibotic for me to get over it, no matter what the doctor say about over doing antibotics.

Gotta get to bed.



12-14-2004, 09:12 AM
Let it snow...
Let it snow...

Pictures I just took this morning :)
Joe & Snow:

Snow & more snow... we are expecting another 3" today have 12 now :^:

I'll be back later...


12-14-2004, 12:10 PM

Good morning everyone.
Thanks for the well wishes & prayers for my step-dad. He is still just hanging on to life. The lab work will improve slightly, then get bad again. My mother is worrying. She doesn't know much of anything, anymore, but he was always there with her (they now share a room in the nursing home.), so she knew him. We're trying to keep her spirits up.

SunnyD...LOVE that snow!! We haven't gotten any, yet. :( Throw us a snowball in one of your pics! :D Sorry you miss your family.

Ok...Sheila & Bluet....that's my house!! ;) I need it worse than either of you..........hey, you can have mine! :lol:

Well Bluet....In the Christmas parade, I wore:A thick sweater, a thick coat, a neck scarf, thick gloves, & a Santa hat. We rode in a new PT Cruiser. :D Sorry to disappoint you.....but, we didn't ride on a float. Doubt if I could climb up on one, anyway. :^: Had the car decorated with "TV 44" "Merry Christmas from Unity Broadcasting Network", etc. With Christmas music playing & throwing out candy to the kids. It was VERRRRRYY COLD!!
I hope your throat gets better, soon, my friend. I think the kids will enjoy the pics you have planned.
I received a beautiful angel ornament from a very special friend, yesterday. :) Made a great ending to a long day.

Sheila...I keep imagining your snow villages. I'm sure they're beautiful. Would like to see a pic! Yes, I think about the little houses & villages. I live in a small town in the country, & love it. When I got back from the parade last night, I found a chocolate cake on the table wrapped in foil & a large bow. My neighbor baked it from scratch and brought it down here. She is so nice. We bought our house from her & her DH. He passed away a couple of yrs ago. We try to watch out for her in bad weather, etc. That's how our little town is. We like living here better than anywhere else we've ever been. Not a little snow village, but close to it! :)

Well, I've got to go finish up those albums. Got a few more pics to add to the "Extended Family" album. You all have a great day.

12-15-2004, 12:12 AM
Did you post after 11:00 pm, Bluet? After such a full day, I bet you were exhausted. Okay, it sounds like you've been coveting that house longer than I have so I'll let you have it. Ha! Can you imagine winning a whole house? I'd be happy with just a room makeover, but I certainly wouldn't turn a house down, especially that one.

Oh, I can just imagine you there with the baby asleep on your shoulder. True confessions here--when my kids were little and I went to their pageants, I would always have to stand at the very back of the room because I get so choked up when a bunch of little kids sing or act. It was always kind of embarassing so I never wanted anyone to try to talk to me when I was trying to hold back tears. I'm so looking forward to someday watching my grandkids in school productions. I hope those antibiotics start doing the trick for you.

Look at all that horrible white stuff! It looks so pretty, but better there than here, SunnyD. I told my DH that if we ever have to go back to Boise, we're going to get a snow blower. The shoveling is good exercise, but it's such a pain, sometimes literally a pain for my poor DH.

Hey, Charlotte, riding in a PT Cruiser is better than riding on a bicycle, or walking behind the horses, that's for sure. So did you wave like all the parade princesses do? With all those clothes on, you probably couldn't raise your arm to wave! At least you could move enough to throw candy to the kids (which you cannot do in larger cities, by the way--it's a lawsuit waiting to happen). When I lived in Oregon, we used to go to a parade in June in this rural town called Scio, when they had their sheep shearing festival. I think everyone in town was in the parade, which consisted mostly of people riding on their decorated farm machinery. They'd have a longest beard contest, a sheep shearing contest, and instead of hamburgers, they'd sell lamburgers. I really enjoyed the whole small town spirit of it.

So, we're not all that lacking in small town spirit here in Seattle. I was in the post office mailing packages when a guy comes in and asks, "Is Erica Bennett here?" Nobody answered, and it turns out Erica Bennett dropped her unstamped mail out in the lobby, and the man was looking for her. The man who found the mail (it appeared to be bills) bought some stamps and mailed the bills for her. Wasn't that a nice thing to do? Now, in a small town, you'd probably know who Erica Bennett was so you could let her know where her bills were, but this was the next best thing.

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

12-15-2004, 06:34 AM
Good morning girls. I am a 52 yr. old from Texas just like the rest of you needing to lose weight and needing some friends to do it with. I go to Curve's 4 times a wk. when I can. :( I keep my 2 yr. old DGS everyday so if Dhb isn't here I am unable to go.

The only thing I ask is please send us some snow.... :lol:

I have done Atkin's since May, then around Thanksgiving I blew it and gained 7 lbs in a hurry. I have a uncontrollable sweet tooth. :rolleyes:

I am also a insominac, always wake up around 3 am and it drives me crazy. When I worked I worked 6am-3pm, so was in the habit of getting up early. I am very lucky Dgs loves his naps and so does Nanny.

165-152-135 I tried to put up the ticker but it didn't work, will try later. :?:

12-15-2004, 07:47 AM

Hello friends.
My step-dad passed away at 1:17 am this morning. It's now 5:38 am. I'm very tired & have a lot to do. I probably won't get a chance to post for a couple of days. Please pray for my mother. She's missing him terribly, & doesn't understand why he's not there. One day at a time.................

Love you all,

12-15-2004, 08:10 AM
Charlotte I am so very sorry about your step Dad. My prayers go out to your family for comfort and understanding. It is never a good time to lose anyone we love but during the holidays makes it a little tougher. I lost my only sibling, my Sister 4 yrs. ago on Dec. 9, and it puts a damper on Christmas for me.

Thanks for the cute welcome, now you go and get some rest.

12-15-2004, 08:53 PM
Hi, all!

Charlotte, I'm so sorry. Even thought it was expected, it's still a shock, and so hard for your dear mother. I'll be praying for her. Please take care of yourself, too, and don't take on too much, if possible.

Welcome, Candlelady4! Glad you joined us! So tell us how you come by your screen name. Mine's pretty self explanatory. :) That darn sweet tooth! I have more than one, unfortunately, and they love this time of year. Sorry about the insomnia--have you tried any herbal remedies? My DH sometimes takes valerian root when he can't sleep.

A little about myself. I'm 51, live with my DH and my elderly father, have a blended family of four adult children, and one four-year old GD (she's my avatar). I have three, sweet cats, and one ill-tempered, but cute, dog. In the past two years, I've lost 80 lbs., and have more to lose, and it's coming off slowly, very slowly. My DH and I do water aerobics three to four times a week, and I lift weights twice a week plus I try to walk outside (gotta take that bratty dog out) or do a Walk Away The Pounds tape in my living room.

It was a beautiful day here. So nice that I was able to take the dog for a longer walk, and I let him pee three times. I'm just way too nice to him! :devil: My DD called twice from O'Hare airport where her MIL had dropped her off about four hours before her plane left. So DD was bored and wanted to chat. Then the plane was delayed. I haven't heard from her since, though, so she should be reaching Norfolk soon. Then Friday comes the reunion with her DH after being apart since the middle of August. Oh, they did spend one weekend together. With his upcoming schedule at sea (one month at sea, one month on shore), by the time they celebrate their one-year anniversary in July, they'll have been together a total of maybe five months? She's on shore duty for the next three years because I guess one spouse is always on shore duty, and she's it until (or if) she re-enlists, then he'll be on shore duty.

Hope you're feeling better, Bluet, and life has calmed down (not likely, right?). SunnyD, how are you doing? Hope everyone has a great evening!

Came back on to tell you that I just got an e-mail from DD's MIL, who said she made it to DD's graduation ceremony. Huh? We didn't even know there was a graduation ceremony! *Sigh* What these kids don't tell us. . .

12-15-2004, 11:35 PM
Good Evening,

Hey Sunny keep that snow on the other side of the Great Lakes. There's no way we want 12 inches of that stuff over here. It is cold and windy here and combined with twelve inches of snow would really bury us under some drifts. No Thank You! Wondering if you are ok, the pictures are wonderful of Joe and your snow drifted yard, but you haven't been back since. Hope you are just way too busy to post, and not for any other reason.

Charlotte, my deepest sympathy for the loss of your Step-Dad. Praying for you and your dear Mother. So sad right before Christmas. :( Will be keeping you in my thoughts and come back and post when you can, please.

Sheila, I loved that last paragraph about DD. It is strange she didn't tell you about a graduation ceremony. Couldn't have been a big deal if she neglected to tell you. I am feeling better today than I did yesterday. My sore throat is gone, but still have a cough. Another good thing is the accountant has come and gone, and it wasn't too painful this month, everything ran quite smoothly and we finished in record time. :smug:

Well, no Survivor tomorrow night, but CSI should be on. I wonder what we will be closing our eyes about tomorrow night?

Welcome to our group Candlelady4. Be careful what you ask for, some of us are more than willing to send all of the snow we get your way. I am not fond of winter, but my roots are too deep to move. You will enjoy our little group, the ladies are kind and special and very supportive whether, it be about weight or any of life's curve balls that come our way.

Have a good Thursday everyone.


12-16-2004, 07:35 AM
Good morning girls and thank you for the sweet welcome.

Sheila I got my screen name because I am a candle maker. I had a candle business back in the 90's with my dear Sister and we had a ball making candles. Then in 2000 she got cancer and passed away four yrs. ago on Dec. 9, so I closed the business it was too hard to go on without her there. I still make them for myself though. So that is the story behind it. You sure have a beautiful little Grandaughter, I have my fingers crossed new baby due in June is a little girl.

Bluet I don't want all the snow, just a little dusting. ;) We usually have one or two episodes of ice usually every winter, now last Winter we had a beautiful snowfall on Valentine's which was very unusual. We are having very cold temps now though but no snow. :mad:

I am off to Ft. Worth this morning to finish my Christmas shopping since I don't have Grandson to take care of today.

Have a great day...Diane

12-16-2004, 10:15 AM

Goooooood Morning!

Okay, so I'm away for a couple days and look what I find... someone new :smug: has joined us.

*Welcome to our humble thread Candlelady/Diane!* It's always wonderful to see someone new join in. My name is SunnyD also known as Donna ~ I am the baby here ;) I am 47 (soon to be 48 in Feb) & have been married 29 yrs and we haven't any children (not by choice :( ), but do have 3 boys: Domino (8), Guido & Zeppe (2 & brothers --- our kitties)... I happened to stumble onto this thread when Bluet lost her way one day & I helped her. These wonderful ladies have asked me to stay and I have truly been blessed by knowing them since. It will be great getting to know you as well... I use to make candles years ago! I even got a candle making kit from Santa when I was a child :goodvibes and continued making them into my teens, but haven't since I married in 1975. I love candles!! That is so cool that you make them... what a wonderful craft. I use to go to Curves and did enjoy it, but I have severe IBS and Colon problems and would find myself becoming ill each time I went, so I had to give it up for now. They put me on hold, so that if I want to come back next year I can at the same locked in price of $30 a month. Hope you are enjoying it there. I sure miss the people I grew to enjoy... I walk now on my T-Mill and also do the Walk Away the Pounds DVD's... although I must admit, that the last two months have been difficult for me to stay on a reg. routine... I have been getting some walking in, but haven't logged it or been regular. I hope to get back into the swing of things again right after Christmas.

I'd be glad to send some snow your way :D I am originally from 29 Palms, Ca and they got snow a few weeks back! 2-3"!! So it's not impossible. But believe me... after you had to go out a few times to shovel it or snow blow it you may think twice about wanting it around. My Joe's back really hurt him after he finished that morning... it was very wet and heavy! Good snowman packing snow... the kids loved it!!! You should see all the snowmen in the front yards here :) Again *Welcome!*


I am feeling much better --- *Thank you all* so much for caring!!! I am still feeling very tired & just a little sore, but otherwise better... and still have so much to get done. Just gotta love all us Type A's, huh... work till we finish & do it well... We have a Family Christmas Party this Saturday and I still have so much to finish up before we go!! I'm not even close to being finished... all I can do is my best. We also have Joe's work Christmas Party this Saturday too... that's at 11am and then we go to the family one at 3pm.

Now, now... ... you girls must stop your fighting about the houses :nono: :lol: You are all just too funny!!!! :lol3: I love the last home I posted too --- it's my favorite. I told my hubby that I hope to have a home just like that in heaven, cuz I know I will not have one here on earth ;) Here is where we will stay... I have a few pictures I think all you gals will enjoy of my Guido sitting in my humble little Christmas village setting... as soon as Photobucket comes up again I will post them.


Okay Bluet, I will do my best to keep the snow this side of the lakes ;) :lol: I checked the thread last night before I went to bed, but was wayyyy too tired to post... don't know how you posted after midnight!! I am a no good to anyone after 10pm & last night I was barely up till 11:00 (!) - I got involved in a *Law & Order* show.

Me too.... I have cleaning still to do! Joe had the day off yesterday and we left the house at 10:00am and didn't get home till 5:00pm. Our first stop was to visit Joe's sister & her hubby... they are moving back to Fresno, Ca. (they don't like the cold & snow here) and we wanted to stop by for some last minute hugs and to give them a Christmas gift. After our visit with them (now 12:30pm) we left for the first of five stores... whew (!) was I ever tired when we got home. While out shopping Joe bought me a DVD to watch while he and his buddy, Mike, went Christmas shopping for us ladies... wasn't that sweet of him! He knows I enjoy classic movies and this one was made in the 1940's titled *Beyond Christmas* --- it was pretty good. It wasn't the best I have seen, but I loved the thought that Joe got it for me :goodvibes

Isn't that movie *Christmas Story* the best!!! Joe & I just love to laugh together watching it! We also really enjoy *The Santa Clause* (with Tim Allen) & *The Santa Clause 2* We own them all on DVD and enjoy them every year. Sounds like you had a wonderful day on Sunday - don't you just love going out to breakfast after church? Fun, fun, fun! At least you have begun your cards --- :o not me :o I hope to get them started today! Did you get yours all done?? And the Christmas Play sounded super, it's been years since Joe & I have gone to one. When the nieces and nephews were young we went all the time... now we wait for their children to be old enough to go see them. So adorable... gives you warm fuzzes to watch them, doesn't it :)

Survivor: you are right there... allot of lying, but that seems to be encouraged lately in the shows... sad but true. Do anything to win! :(

Hi Angel, I am so very sorry to hear that your DStep-Father has passed on!!! How very sad :cry: My heart, love and hugs go out to you, your Dear mother and your family! How sad that it happened so close to Christmas... again, I am so very sorry! *Prayers*

I am glad you enjoyed the snow pictures... we got 19" all together!!! Allot!!!! Yesterday it was sunny but cold (20*) and it looks like we have another sunny day today too (now 23*). I will see what I can do in getting a pic of me throwing a snowball your way ;)

Hi Sheila, you asked about the movie *The Polar Express* --- yes, there are a couple spots I thought may frighten children. One that comes to mind right off is the scene in the train car where there are puppets hanging and I felt that the Scrooge puppet (among others) was scary... there were children of all ages in the theatre and all seem to enjoy it and none cried or left the theatre. I hope I have helped... sorry I took so long in replying. I hear that *Oceans 12* is great!!

As for Joe retiring... not till he's 53 will he be up for retirement, he's 51 now... so June of 2006 he will be up for it. But I think he may stay on with the company for another 2 years to make a better retirement wage, but Joe is still thinking about it. Someday's he wants to be done now (when he hurts), but then most days he loves his work. Yep, so far we do not plan on moving away... we love it here. Although, Joe has mentioned having somewhere else to go for a couple months of winter, but that's yet to come... we have lived here in Ohio for 29 of our almost 30 years. We live our first 6 months of marriage oversea's (Joe was in the Navy still). Then came here to live. Joe was born here. Other then the winters being hard on him, we really do love it here. Once Joe cannot keep up the outdoors (hope many years ahead yet) what we hope to do is is to hire the kids that work in the park to do the jobs of mowing or snow blowing... I don't mind the questions at all!!!! Thanks for the interest in us ;) !!! Joe wants to keep working after he retires, he loves to install surround sound systems (very popular right now with all the big TV's) and he loves his music --- so I am sure he will fill his time. He already sings for Weddings and Funerals allot now and it's good supplemental income for us.

Speaking of Joe... I haven't done any Christmas Shopping for him yet! I have never been this late in all the years we have been together - I am usually done by now. I am a little freaked out about not getting what I want to for him yet... wish me well.


Well gals, I really must be going. I am going to check and see if the Photobucket is up and running, so I can post those pictures I mentioned earlier... then I am off to get things done! I HOPE! :crossed:



12-16-2004, 10:24 AM

He is such a good boy... so far they all have left my tree & village alone - yeah :cp:



12-16-2004, 09:32 PM
Hi, ladies!

Candlelady, working with your sister sounds like it was a lot of fun. I bet you miss her something awful. You'll have to show us a photo of some of your candles if you can. I'd love to see some. Are you going to find out soon if the new baby is a girl or boy, or do your kids like to be surprised? There don't seem to be too many people who want to wait to find out anymore. I kind of liked the surprise element. I think my GD is gorgeous, too, but then I'm biased. She's having a hard time gaining weight these days, and still isn't up to 25 lbs. yet, although she's getting so darn tall. My son said that after Christmas he's taking her to the pediatric GI doctor to find out about supplements. She's fed by G-tube, but her teachers are working on getting her to take stuff by mouth. She really hates it, though, even ice cream. Hope you had a good time shopping and didn't get caught in any traffic jams.

Glad you're feeling a bit better, Bluet. I looked at the TV paper, and the CSIs appear to be reruns. The TV paper has been wrong before, though. Of course, this is the time of year for reruns. Hope that SunnyD kept that snow to herself, and you haven't had to deal with any storms yet!

Oh, SunnyD, Guido looks so cute sitting in your village. He made himself quite a comfortable spot. My DH called me in the living room this morning to look at our big calico girl who was curled up with the presents under the Christmas tree. Thankfully, she hasn't eaten anymore of the needles, or if she has, she hasn't spit them back up! My oldest cat, who is 7, got into the toilet paper again. I can't wait until our covered toilet paper holder gets here. Short of closing the bathroom door, which I don't like to do because of air circulation, we've tried a lot of different things with her. Her TP fixation just started a couple of months ago. She doesn't shred it like the other cat, but she yowls at it, picks it up in her mouth and then drops it on the floor and picks it up again. She's very strange! I love the church in your village. I don't have a church yet, but I'm going to have to check them out.

Thanks for the recommendations for Christmas movies. I'll have to get some of those at the video store. I'm sorry poor Joe had to shovel and snowblow so much snow--what an incredible amount! I don't think we ever got that much when I lived in Colorado. From what I remember, at least in Colorado, the spring snows were the really, wet heavy ones, but it sounds like you must get a lot more moisture than we did in Colorado. Good luck on getting your gift to Joe--I'm sure you'll find exactly what you want.

Today I did my 45 min. of weight lifting and was totally alone in the gym until the very end. I do wish they'd fix the music, though. I enjoy lifting weights, but it's always easier with some music playing. When I was doing one of the machines, I forgot to check the weights, and it was harder, but doable. I usually lift 80 lbs. on that machine, but it was set at 100, and I was pleased that I could lift that much. I AM getting stronger!

So I haven't been doing that well with eating lately, and I noticed that I'm doing a lot of eating at places other than my table. I decided that I needed to quit that so I'm only eating at the table. Except then I noticed how many bites, licks and tastes (BLTs) I take when I'm cooking or fixing stuff. Now that can really put on the pounds, so I've got to wean myself off doing that. Usually it's not bad stuff (e.g., I ate half a pickle while I was cutting the pickle to put on my veggie burger), but I really need to stop that behavior. I'm rereading Dr. Phil's book, which is helpful in pointing out emotional eating and other sabotaging behaviors. I'm really hoping to make goal by spring.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!

12-17-2004, 06:37 AM
:coffee2: Good Friday morning girls. I am ready for the week-end so hopefully I can get completely finished with wrapping and Christmas shopping. I didn't do well yesterday at all, of course when you are looking for one particular item they never seem to have it. :mad: It was nice though to spend time with my friend, since I babysit with Bradley I don't have much of a social life. :)

sunny thanks for the welcome. I do enjoy Curve's alot and also the people I have met there. I wish they would open earlier than 8 though, for I am such an early riser I would love to go at 6am and get through. :cb: Loved the pics, what a sweetie you have there.

sheila :D 45 min. of weight lifting, wow!! That is great. I only make jar candles Sheila, I will have to admit though they sure do smell wonderful, I have got a vanilla scent to die for.

I didn't get hardly anything done yesterday around here so hopefully I will stay busy today and away from food. I have all the sweet stuff gone from the house. :cp: I sure will be glad when the holidays are over so maybe I can get back on track.

Have a great day....Diane

12-17-2004, 10:35 AM
Can someone help me find a forum? I am looking for basically, a No Diet Approach forum. I was told the 3FatChicks had one? But, I can't seem to find it. I want to learn to eat less, drink more water, and move more............HOWEVER, I am not going to be on a DIET! DIETS have made me FAT through the past 25 years! So, if someone can direct me to which forum or thread that I should use, please let me know. My e-mail is:

12-17-2004, 06:32 PM
Good Evening,

I won't be home this evening ladies, I am babysitting next door. DD and SIL are hosting their company Christmas Party. I hope it doesn't run too late I really want to get a lot of things done tomorrow. The guy on the radio just said it is the last weekend to shop before Christmas folks. Well, I hope this folks has her shopping done. :D

Sorry I didn't post last night, I am working on those pictures I spoke about for the kids for Christmas. DH and I estimate the picture of the house is about 100 years old and the picture of DH's Dad with his horse is about 80 years old. I found frames that are about 12" x 14" that have 4 individual frames inside of it that swivel on pivots, you can put a picture on the front side and the back side of the smaller frames, and then swing the individual frames around to see the pictures on either side. Did you get that? I don't blame you if you didn't. :o

I will check in with you all tomorrow, it is time to head home from work. And I am not stopping at any stores on the way home. I stopped at Wal-Mart and Shopko, last night. Oh what a mad house, I can't believe so many people are still shopping as if they just started their Christmas buying. I don't like stores and shopping to begin with, everytime I turned the cart around I was in someone's way or someone was in my way.

Have a good evening ladies. Charlotte, thinking about you. Sunny and Sheila, hope all is ok with you. Diane, I tried to send some snow your way, but it wouldn't budge. :D


12-18-2004, 12:17 AM

Charlotte, hope you're doing okay, and that you're taking good care of yourself during this stressful time.

Candlelady, what other scents did you make? Right now I'd love for my house to smell like gingerbread, but I really don't want to make any. On TV, the other night I saw on ad for a candle that changed color--was kind of strange, but pretty. That's too bad that your shopping trip didn't go as well as expected. I guess tomorrow is supposed to be a huge shopping day. I'm glad you got to spend time with your friend, though.

Bluet, do your kids own the company? If so, what kind of company? I can sort of visualize those frames, but I've never seen anything like them. Where did you find them? That's going to be such a special gift. All right, you have a Shopko store--I love Shopko! We had one in Boise, but I've never seen one here. I like Shopko so much better than Target, which is the closest store to my house. When my grandmother was alive, we used to take her to Wal-Mart when we visited. One time we went to Wal-Mart three times in one day, and once a day all the other days we were there. My grandmother loved to shop, but she didn't pass the shopping gene onto me. Because of my neck problem, I have a hard time with the cart, too, and either run it into people or displays--it's truly embarrassing. Luckily, my DH does the weekly grocery shopping so I seldom go into stores anymore. The other patrons are happy about that! :)

SunnyD, hope you had a good Friday!

After water aerobics, I went to see the instructor's new house, along with about six other ladies from class. It's a 40s brick bungalow and the perfect size for a single mom with kids who are about ready to leave the nest. I also got my hair cut today. I told my stylist that I wanted something different so she chopped it all off. I love it! You'd think I'd do that in the summer, but the urge just struck today. On the drive there, I saw four cherry trees starting to bloom. I think the warmer weather last week fooled 'em. Boy, are they in for a surprise when January rolls around! I do hope they'll bloom again in the spring.

Have a good weekend everyone! We've got a bunch of errands to run tomorrow, but since we're not going to a mall, I hope the traffic is okay and the places we're going not too crowded.

12-18-2004, 06:23 AM
I am up and at them early this morning, got alot to do today. Speaking of WalMart that is where I am headed just as soon as I get off of here and get ready. I hope to be there before 6am, the crowds will get there early today and I want to beat them. I used to work in the Pharmacy at Wally World for 9 yrs. so I know all about that mad house. :)

Sheila I made several scents, some of my favorites were: Apple Pie, Nanny's Kitchen which smelled like I was baking something really good, Honeysuckle, and several wonderful Christmas scents. Christmas was our busy was fun and I have such wonderful memories of Sister. :)

Bluet pictures and frames sound really nice. That is ok about the snow. I did hear on weather major front is coming Wed. with possibility of flurries. :cp: :dance: I doubt very seriously we will get any but at least it is going to be cold on through Christmas. I just hate it when we have Christmas Day in the 70's and that has happened alot. :mad:

Have a good Saturday girls and I hope you do better with your eating then I have. :cry:


12-19-2004, 08:42 PM

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the kind words. It's been a long, rough, few days. I'm so glad they're over. I'm mentally & physically tired. I get Remicade treatment tomorrow, so I'll sleep for a couple of days! ;)

I'm so far behind, that I won't try to catch up...but, I did read the posts. Sunnyd....loved the pics. Everyone else...loved the graphics. I'll try to stop in tomorrow night, after a little sleep.

Again, thanks. Love you all.

12-19-2004, 09:38 PM
Here are the pictures you all asked to see --- sorry there are so many,
but I wanted to show you as much as I could... :smug:

Pics: *Our Tree * Domino with Christmas Mouse *
More decorations * Our front door* Tree at night*

12-19-2004, 09:50 PM
*Our Livingroom* Our Dining-room Table * Our Boys: Domino - Zeppe & Guido * Holy Family * Looking out our Porch Door - see the ice and snow? * Side Table & Teddies * More decorations - Sofa table * Our Decorated Entertainment Cabinet * Last one for now :^: --- my Joe --- putting up decorations --- such a cutie, if I may say so myself ;)

12-19-2004, 10:17 PM

:wave: Hi! :wave:
I see that you all are very busy with the Christmas doings too ;) It's been a whirlwind here --- but fun. We went to a few Christmas parties on Friday & Saturday, but all our plans for today were stalled out with another SNOW storm! We have over 2 FEET of SNOW in our yard!! Today after we got home from church we just ran an errand our elderly neighbors for groceries they needed and couldn't go out to get because of the weather... and then we parked ourselves at home. We spent the day together reading the Sunday paper and watching some Christmas movies --- nice :goodvibes. That's why I thought I would post the pictures tonight because I will be gone all day tomorrow (weather pending) and all day Tuesday & I will be gift-wrapping for Joe on Wednesday; then Joe will be off on Thursday and Friday & we'll be baking bread for our neighbors and all our friends at church... we usually bake off about 12 to 14 loaves of home-style bread as gifts.


Forgive me if I do not touch base on every point to each of you, but Charlotte, I just wanted you to know that you have been on my mind and very much in *our* prayers! :grouphug:

Diane, How did your Wal-Mart shopping go? :D

Bonnie, How are you fairing up? Have all your shopping done? I still have to shop for my Joe (I did get a few things) & finish my cards :dizzy: Hope that you are feeling better!

And Sheila, last... but never least... how did it go for you at the Mall? Did you make it though the traffic and crowds okay? I had a great few days, just so very fast-paced! But at least I am well :D


Well gals, I will touch base again as soon as I am able to, okay --- know that I am thinking of you even though I am not able to always post. My boys are pestering me to death right now - they want to be fed, so off I go.

*God Bless you all very much!*
SunnyD / Donna :merry:


12-19-2004, 11:21 PM
Hi, everyone!

Those scents sounds wonderful, Candlelady. So how did shopping go for you?

Charlotte, sleeping for a couple of days probably sounds pretty good to you. I hope it's a restful sleep. How's your mother doing? Does she understand yet what happened? How was the service?

SunnyD, love the decorations! That angel on the top of your tree is beautiful, and I particularly love the other angel decorations, too. So where are the boys going to hang out once the holidays are over? A relaxing Sunday sounds like just what the doctor ordered after all the hard work you've been doing. So what kind of bread are you baking? Yeasted breads or quick breads (not sure what those are called, but I'm thinking pumpkin bread, stuff like that)?

Oh, I never go to the mall after Thanksgiving, and seldom during the rest of the year. We went to one of the neighborhood retail areas. I made a list of all the places we had to go and what we had to get, and checked them off as we completed the errand. All in all, we ended up going to 11 different places, and we were gone from about 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Not a very long time for some of you all day shoppers, but it was a LOT for me. Driving in the car is hard for me anymore. We did get a sandwich at a deli and then went down to the beach to eat it. However, the fog had rolled in so you could only see about two feet of water. We decided to go to an overlook, but we couldn't even see anything except fog. Every once in a while, the top of the Space Needle was visible, then it would get lost in the fog again. A seagull noticed us eating so he hung around outside our car looking pathetic until we threw him some food. Seagulls are really quite smart--they knew we were good marks for begging! After we got home from shopping, we watched a DVD, then wrapped presents for a while and managed to get everything wrapped. Wouldn't you know it that after we got home and were tired, the fog disappeared and the sun came out? We were too tired to go wander around outside, but enjoyed looking at it from the windows.

Today I made our usual Sunday morning omelet, and we read the Sunday paper. Then, after washing my Dad's feet and changing his bed, my DH and I got to work on the house. We spent the whole day cleaning, and we're still not done. Going to be tired tonight! I made a Weight Watcher version of General Tso's Chicken tonight, which was really good.

Hi, Bluet! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Sounds like at least one of us will have snow for Christmas.

12-20-2004, 06:13 AM
SunnyD thanks for sending the pics of your beautifully decorated home. I enjoyed looking at them so much, you have been really busy getting all of that done. The snow outside just topped them off. My shopping went well at WM, got there before the crack of dawn. :D I have to return today to pick up a few more groceries I forgot. :o

Sheila sounds like you had a peaceful day of shopping, but that was way too long for me. I just can't shop like I used to. I wonder if it could be age?? :D

Charlotte rest well, I know you need it badly..

Have a wonderful Monday.

12-20-2004, 11:14 PM
Good evening, ladies!

Is everyone succumbing to the last days of Christmas rush? Hopefully your treatment went well, Charlotte, and you'll be in fighting form at the end of the week. Get lots of good sleep until then. SunnyD, be sure to get some rest while you finish getting ready for Christmas. Bluet, how was your weekend?

Candlelady, so you're one of those early morning shoppers. I remember you said you don't sleep well, so all these early store hours must sound pretty good. When I lived in Boise about 1/2 mile from a Shopko store, I'd roll out of bed the day after Christmas and catch all the after Christmas stuff. Around here it's a little harder because it's a lot more crowded, and I hate crowds. Is your grandson all wound up about Christmas, or is he still too young for that?

Well, tomorrow my daughter and SIL arrive from Norfolk tomorrow via Chicago where they are spending tonight with his folks and celebrating an early Christmas. Today was another busy day for me. After getting up and fixing breakfast for my Dad, I did my stretching exercises, then it was off to the gym for 45 min. worth of weight lifting. After that, I stopped off to the store on the way to the other gym where I got a 15 min. chair massage, home by 10:30, in and out of the shower in record time, ate a little breakfast, and then made it to my 11:00 am appointment. Dropped off a video on the way home, got my Dad's socks, shoes, and watch on him, then I spent some quality time with All My Children. The afternoon was spent doing laundry, mopping floors, and washing windows. I'm beat.

My oldest son called, and is worried because he thinks his ex might try for sole custody. She now has a sugar daddy, and my son is worried the guy might fund a custody battle. This from a woman who wanted less time with the kid and more time for herself just a few months ago. My poor son is really worried. I told him not to borrow trouble, but it's stressing me out, too. I don't know why a judge would want to change a perfectly good joint custody arrangement, though. I think the ex is just stirring up trouble because she enjoys the drama.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful Monday!

12-21-2004, 12:28 AM
Good Evening,

Well, we are getting socked in with snow and cold temps all day today and the snow picked up tonight. DH was going to plow the yard out tonight, but decided he might as well wait until morning, hopefully it will stop by then. I guess I can put up with the cold, but the snow I can't stand. A truck pulled out in front of the car in front of me on the way to work this morning, and the gal in the car had no place to go, it was a minor bump, but it look like there was going to be real damage the way they were sliding around. I was so frustrated I was almost crying.

I have my Christmas project done for the kids and all my Christmas shopping done, I just have a few things to wrap and I am done. I will finish wrapping tomorrow night. Then all I have to do is grocery shop for the weekend and I don't plan to do the store scene for awhile. It's been fun, but I wouldn't want to make a career out of it. ;)

Wow, Sunny, you house is just lovely. Looks so Christmas, puts a person in the right spirit . I can see why it takes you a while to get every thing done.
What happen to the 3fatchicks sight? The format has changed and I have to use the horizontal bar to able to read the posts. I thought it was something I did to my computer, but it is the same on my computer at home too. Take some time to rest Sunny, between all those Christmas parties you are attending. Bet you are not having any fun. ;)

Sheila, How exciting your daughter and SIL are finally going to be home. You will have a lot of catching up to do. Will your Grandaughter be able to travel from Boise to spend Christmas with you? That is probably a dumb question, I suppose her Mother wants her with her at Christmas. Things will work out with your son and his ex. Your son hasn't done anything to have the judge change the custody, he will just have to have faith in himself that he is a good Daddy. I hope you have the best time ever with your children all home with you and DH and Dad. I wonder, what Dad will be calling your sons and SIL when he wants to refer to them? :) There is going to be more than that guy and the other guy at your house for a few days ;)

Oh Charlotte, it seems as though you just had a treatment and it is time for another. This really puts a dent in your Christmas preparations, your treatment and the funeral. All will turn out though. Hope your feeling better by tomorrow, we miss you.

Diane, you made me chuckle when you were talking about Christmas in the seventy degree weather. That would be cool with me, that's for sure. You must be all ready for Christmas now. Are your children coming to your house for Christmas? Are you making a big meal for Christmas Day?

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful snow free Tuesday, That won't be the case for us, but then so be it. Sheila, really, I didn't want to hear that it was mild enough for Cherry blossoms to be out. :o

Good night everyone.

12-21-2004, 08:12 AM
Good morning dear friends. I am so sorry the weather if not cooperating with you, some very bad snowstorms I saw last night on tv.

Bluet my children are coming over Christmas morning for our Christmas. :) We are having Mexican food for Christmas, not very low cal but good. There is always the new year to get back on track, huh? :o You be very careful out on those slick roads. What are your plans for Christmas?

Hi Sheila, I am a early morning person but after noon I am not worth anything.
Bradley (grandson 21/2) if excited about Christmas. My daughters husband comes from a large Chec sp? family, there last name is Slovak and they have already had 2 Christmas get togethers so he is getting into the swing of opening presents. How about your little one?

:coffee: time for more. Everyone have a wonderful and productive day. I am off of here to go get makeup on etc. and head out one more time to the grocery store. After I get home I am settling in this house until after Christmas, so I will quit spending money. :mad:

Enjoy the season ladies, Diane :D

12-21-2004, 09:32 PM
Good evening friends...
I was planning to stop talking bad news so much, & post uplifting messages, for a change. Please don't think these are lies. I'm not going to blame anyone for getting suspicious. I hardly even believe it myself. But, I AM going to vent one more time. Seems like I have to get the frustration out somewhere. I can't believe so much is going on, & wondering what I've done?!

Our beautiful horse, Molly, that belonged to all of our grandchildren, got out of the pasture yesterday morning & was struck by a truck, going very fast. A police officer woke us up knocking on the door. Both of her back legs were cut off, & numerous other injuries. She was still very much alive & suffering. My DH couldn't bare to shoot her, so our DS (bless his heart) did it, to spare his dad. He came into the house trying to hide his tears from me. The driver didn't even apologize. He just drove off as soon as the officer said he could. He told the officer that Molly & Milly (Molly's filly) ran out in front of him. Well, Molly had arthritis pretty bad, & no longer RAN anywhere. She wouldn't have gotten out if her filly wasn't out. She was just a pet. She was also going to have another baby in a couple of months.

I had to go on to get my treatment. My daughter, Trina, took me. We stopped to get our nails done, & going out of the parking lot of Wal-Mart, she pulled out in front of a car! She said she didn't see it behind a van. They missed each other, but with him trying to miss us, he hit a pole & tore his car up! No one was hurt, & thank the Lord, he was very kind. I'm glad my daughter has good insurance. Well, that made me 30 minutes late for my treatment. My blood pressure was 150/100.....but, don't know if it's from the day, or if it would be anyway. It's been running high. The Dr told me if I didn't stop being stressed so much, I was going to be in real trouble. Well.............HOW DO I DO THAT???? :^: Anyway, he's sending me to my Neurologist to have some tests run on my thumb. He disagrees with my other Dr's diagnoses. (so do I) We just don't think it's a viral infection. He thinks it's nerve, or blood vessel problems. He said I may have Raynaud's Disease.
At least, for now, I'm off steroids. Maybe I'll lose a little of this mess I've put on. sounds like you're going to have a wonderful Christmas. I hope so. I hope all of my Kids & grands are here Thursday. (that's when we get together.) I had a SIL in, now that he's home, we're really looking forward to Christmas together. Maybe, at least, that day will go well. :D

Bluet....please be careful out driving. We're suppose to get a little snow Thursday & Friday. I hope so. That would be just in time. You've got to remember, we don't see much here.

Sheila...I'll be praying about your son's situation. We've been through that with our son. It is working out fairly well, so far. Only thing, she decided she wanted him back. He didn't want her, though, because she hasn't stopped her drugs.

SunnyD...Your house is gorgeous!!!!

Gotta go..........don't worry, I'm still looking for a rainbow!

12-22-2004, 12:21 AM
Just stopping in for a few minutes. The kids came, and my DH and SIL went out, and my DD and I are going to watch a movie.

Charlotte, I am so sorry about your beautiful horse. What a horrible tragedy! I'm betting that you can't wait for what hopefully will be the start of a much better year.

Bluet, SunnyD, and Diane--hello! Will talk to everyone later when the kids go out tomorrow.

12-22-2004, 12:49 AM
Good Evening,

Just a few lines, I stayed up too late wrapping presents and doing Christmas things. I'll be beat tomorrow if I don't get to bed. I had ordered two Nascar ornaments from ebay and they were shipped priorty mail, I wondered where they were? They should be here by now, so I went and looked on the front porch, which we hardly ever use in the winter, and there was a little priorty box covered in snow. :o So I have all the grandkids ornaments now and can finish wrapping their presents. We buy them each a savings bond every year, but I always have an ornament that I date and a little book or something for them to open. :)

Sheila, I am glad the kids made it home safely. I know you are going to have a delightful Christmas. :)

Charlotte, sorry about Molly, and the near car accident. Yes, it is pretty hard to calm down and not be stressed when there seems to be a surprise around every corner. Hopefully things will calm down soon.

SunnyD, miss your posts, but know you will be back soon, after the Christmas rush probably.

Diane, the children, we have four, three girls and a boy, are all coming home for Christmas on the 26th and we will have ham and things that go with it, everyone will bring a dish to pass. We will start with our meal at 1:00 and then open presents. Should be a great time. Looking forward to it.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.


12-22-2004, 11:25 PM

Hi! :wave:
It is snowing like crazy here!!! I will post some outdoor pictures tomorrow when I have more time --- I just wanted to pop in while I had a moment before bedtime, so you don't think I have left you gals :)

My goodness... I have some catching up to do here and I think I will be able to tomorrow for sure. Joe is off and we'll be home *all day* baking bread and staying warm inside. Can you just imagine the smell in our home tomorrow --- awwwwww :smug: I feel great knowing that my Joe is home and not out on the roads in this storm the next two days! God is so good! We have well over 24" of snow and it's still snowing!!!!!

Okay... I'll be seeing you all tomorrow...
Good-night and sleep well my Dear Friends.

12-23-2004, 12:23 AM
Wow, SunnyD--two feet of snow and still snowing! Someone must have been dreaming of a white Christmas! Hope you'll be able to get to your Christmas programs. I imagine you're all used to driving in deep snow. Ooohh, I can imagine all those lovely smells coming from your home tomorrow.

Diane, it sounds like Bradley must be having a ball with all those pre-Christmas celebrations. My GD likes the lights--her parents lay her under the lights, and she loves to watch them and smile. She sometimes crinkles the tissue paper up, too. She can't open her own presents so she doesn't really get the excitement of it. I buy her lots of clothes, which her Dad appreciates, and books, too. She only likes a couple of toys, one especially that better never wear out! Mexican food for Christmas sounds really good to me. Do you make it or does someone else? What are you having? Being in Texas, I bet you all like it very hot. As I've gotten older, I've had to go easier on the jalapenos.

Charlotte, hope you're doing better today, and that your blood pressure is back to normal. With all that stressful stuff happening, it's no wonder your blood pressure is high. I hope you can have a relaxing weekend, and that your stress level diminishes.

Bluet, the UPS guy is always sticking our packages in strange places, too. Have to admit we confuse the poor guy by having three visible doors. A savings bond every year is an incredible gift. We can't do that for Khaile because of Medicaid restrictions, but when we have other grandkids, we're going to have to do that. I love the ornament idea, too--it's something they'll be able to put on their own trees someday (far, far in the future!).

My daughter went with us to water aerobics today, then she and I went to my hairdresser's so she could get her hair cut and colored. Tell me if your hairdressers do this: she read us a Christmas story, said we were dehydrated and gave us a special drink, and had us participate in a solstice ritual (a day late). Plus I got to read "O" magazine in between all the other stuff, which I've been wanting to check out.

My sister ended up not coming to visit this year. She thought her fibroids were acting up and had to have some tests, but it appears there is a chance of uterine cancer. She's going to have a biopsy sometime during her vacation (she runs a computer lab at a community college so she has winter break) to find out what's happening. As you can imagine, I'm praying hard, particularly since our cousin died of uterine cancer last year right around this time.

My eating plan has gone right out the window, and my pants feel tight. The one good thing is that I've been exercising daily, but I'll be happy to go back on my plan. I WILL make goal next year! Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

12-23-2004, 05:59 AM
:merry: So sorry to hear about your horse Charlotte. Bless you heart enough is enough, I hope the New Year brings you less stress. You both were very lucky you weren't hurt, that Walmart parking lot is a dangerous place to be especially this time of the year. Enjoy your family and take care of yourself.

Sheila hope everything works out for you son. We just went through that with my oldest Grandson. You had better find another one of those toys she love in case it wears out. :) We are having Chicken Enchiladas, tamales and taquitos. I make the enchiladas, daughters hubby makes tamales and I buy the taquitos at Walmart, then all the trimmings chips etc. My prayers go out for you Sister, I hope it all goes well.

I have been so stressed the last couple of day I just don't know what is wrong. I had a hysterectomy when I was 21, ( Sheila I had uterine cancer)but still have my ovaries and I am figuring it is a severe case of PMS. I am one mean woman let me tell ya, my poor family. I hope today is better, I can't even stand myself.

Sunny we got 2 inches of snow yesterday here in Texas, it was so pretty. I just can't imagine 24 inches.
Hugs to everybody else, have a wonderful day.

12-24-2004, 11:10 AM

Good morning on this cold Christmas Eve! :)

We had a great "Family Christmas" last night! All of our kids & grandkids were here at the same time for the first time in several years. :D Of course, I took a pic........ok.......if you insist.......I'll post it as soon as I downsize it. :D

I cooked potato soup & ham. So we had soup & sanwiches. I made crockpot candy (mmmm...delicous ;)) My MIL sent over a cake & 2 pies. My daughter brought her famous pecan pie. We all ate sooooo much!

Did I tell you all that I'm going to be a great-grand mother?! I'm so excited. Our (step) grandson, Jake & wife, Jenny are expecting their first. I only tell he's a step because I'm too young to be a great- grandmother. :lol: Well...I DO have 2 grands that are 15........but, they BETTER NOT!!!

Thanks for the kind words about our horse. It's been a bad few days. The grands didn't know last night, & it was dark & cold out. I'm going to take their pics off, so the thread will load faster. Just wanted you all to see her again.

Candlelady...what part of Texas are you from? My DH's family is from Dallas. He has an aunt that still lives in Telephone Texas. We got a dusting of snow yesterday, & lightly snowed all day. It was beautiful. It was like the Lord was trying to "destress" me. :lol:
Sorry you feel bad. You know, for several yrs after my hysterectomy (I had one ovary left), seemed like I had PMS around the same time each month. Do you take hormones? If not, you may need to consider it.

Sheila...your little granddaughter sounds like such a joy! She is so beautiful. :) Mother's birthday was yesterday, & we all, (a few at a time) went to see her. She was in a good mood. The nurses there have really petted her, since my step-dad passed away. We had a care plan meeting. She's eating better. How's your dad doing?
The Dr is sending me to my Neurologist to check on my thumb (getting worse, again. :^: ) So, for now, I'm off the steroids. It's so upsetting. My weight is back up to almost where I started summer before last. Maybe, I can start losing it, if he doesn't put me back on them.

Bluet...I started the tradition of ornaments with my grands when I first became a grandmother, (with Jake). Somehow, it faded out. For one thing, some of the parents didn't take it serious enough to take care of them. I get urped easily over things like that. Oh well......... & my daughter was in the "near" accident. But, that poor man has a car almost totalled. Trina's insurance is going to have to pay for it. I hope her insurance doesn't go up because of it. I AM so thankful no one was hurt.

Hi SunnyD & Jacqie, & Fatpuss.........
Gotta go get ready for work.

12-24-2004, 12:07 PM
Hello Friends!
I just had to stop in and say Merry Christmas to you all.

Sheila, sounds as though you're as busy at the exercise as ever. Good for you! Enjoy that little Angel this weekend! Hope your time with family is a joyous time.

Bluet, I bet your having a wonderful time with those grands with all the gift opening etc. Have a wonderful Holiday.

Charlotte, I just wish the good luck fairy would look your way for a change. What a tragedy! Maybe 2005 will bring all good things to you. I'll pray for it.

Sunny, the pics are beautiful. I see you and your Joe are as busy as ever.
We've had some winter weather here too. 20 below zero this morning.

I'm cooking today. But not tomorrow.

Have a wonderful, merry Christmas everyone. Love you all.

12-24-2004, 04:19 PM
Hello, everyone!!

Willow, it's so good to "see" you. Will Santa be able to fly in subzero weather? Hope so. Thanks for the Christmas wishes, and right back at you! :)

Candlelady, your dinner sounds so yummy, and so southwestern. I love hearing what people in different parts of the country eat. Living in a seafood area, we have a clam dip tradition. And you've got snow--that's great (only since you like it, of course)!

Charlotte, darn those steroids. I've heard so many people complain about weight gain on them. So why a neurologist for your thumb? I'd so hoped it would be better by now. Pecan pie sounds heavenly--wish I'd made one. I've never heard of crockpot candy. You'll have to share that recipe, please! I'm glad your Mom is eating better, and that the staff is spoiling her. My Dad is doing okay. He's enjoying having company because he gets to tell all his stories to a new audience. With all that Omaha Steak ordering, he forgot to order the one thing I really want him to order, which is fruitcake from Collins Street Bakery. Remember how he called my son "the other guy?" Well, he's taken to calling him Frank now. Dad sent him a Christmas card, which was returned because the address was incorrect, and the card was addressed to "Frank Schmitz," and had a dollar in it. My son's name is Dave, and he does have a Sch last name, but it's not Schmitz. At least Dad tries, and sometimes that's all you can hope for, right?

SunnyD, hope the bread making was a huge success, which I'm sure it was.

My oldest son arrived yesterday afternoon, and it's wonderful having all the kids sitting around the dinner table. Although I wanted to play Outburst last night, I was outvoted and we ended up playing poker using the money from my change jar (which they had to give back!). My daughter, her DH, and I quit around 10:00 pm, but my three "boys" were still hard at it when I went to bed. We also had the photographer there last night, and I'm ordering $200 worth of photos. I had a $300 deposit from my DD's wedding that I had to use, so this was a good way to do it. The kids were in rare form and goosing each other, bunny ears, etc., but the photographer managed to get several good shots.

Oh, I have to tell you about a great present I got from my Secret Pal on a private board that I'm on. She got a star registered in my granddaughter's name, and I got a certificate of registry and a map to where the star is located. Isn't that cool?

I hope everyone has a spectacular Christmas!

12-24-2004, 04:22 PM
*MeRrY ChRiStMaS EvE!*

Hi Sheila, Bluet, Angel, Candlelady and WILLOW (!) :wave:

So sorry I didn't get back yesterday as promised, but we lost our electricity for the better part of the day yesterday! Joe & I had three batches of bread dough made up and 4 of them were in loaf pans rising when it went out :o Anyway, after putting the loaves and bowls out in the cold (on our porch) we lit the kerosine heater to keep warm. The day began cold and then it got warmer and so it began with snow; then went to rain and then to sleet back to snow again! Today we have aprox 28" of snow and it's in the single digits as far as the temp (8* last I checked). Buuurrrrr is all I gotta say! We did get all our bread baked off without a hitch - all 14 loaves! I have pictures that I will post when I finish catching up with you all.

We make *Homestyle bread*, Sheila, Ingred. are: Yeast with a bit of sugar, Unbleached Flour, Honey, Whole Milk, Olive Oil & a bit of salt... yummy is all I gotta say. But when Joe makes bread for me/us he does it with Soy Milk instead of Whole Milk. Our neighbors and our friends at church always look forward to it, especially since they get so many sweets this time of year. I pack it up with a small jar of preserves... a hit at Christmas and Easter.

I am so glad you all liked the pictures of our decorations - I do have so many more decorations around the house, but I am afraid I'd take up the whole forum to post them all!!! :lol: I do enjoy decorating... when my friend came over today to exchange gifts she was standing in the livingroom with her daughter just oooo'ing and awwww'ing over all that I did --- she loves the lights on the ceiling (we do too :yes: especially at night!) and all our pictures wrapped up as gifts on the wall. Fun!

I got *ALL MY SHOPPING* done on Tuesday without a hitch!! I was sooooo happy!! I saw that Tuesday would be the better day so after I finished up my (130+) homemade Christmas cards and got them all sent off on Monday (& some on Wednesday), I left the house at 7:30AM Tuesday and got all I wanted to for Joe and then some by NOON! I even got some stocking stuffers at the Wal-Mart on the way home. Mrs. Santa always leaves goodies in the stocking on Christmas Eve :D Joe's buddy, Mike, stopped in to help me lift his *Santa* gift out of the jeep and into our porch and there is where it will stay! I wrapped it that day so Joe wouldn't see it and posted a "Do Not enter till after Christmas" sign on the door. And to top it all off --- everything I ordered from the Internet for Joe came in all on Wednesday :D :smug: I was soooo HAPPY!!!! Because the weather was so bad Wednesday, I stayed in and spent the whole day just gift-wrapping --- Joe's gifts as well as the gifts for our friends. I just put on Christmas music & went to it --- it really was such a nice day...

You know something... ... ...Just as I was typing to you all telling you what I did - I remembered a gift for Joe that I forgot to wrap!!! :^: !!! It's still in my closet!!! :lol: :lol: Good thing I remembered NOW! It's the Jerry Baker Books he wanted for his lawn and gardening --- too funny... guess I am not all done :lol:

That is so cool that you got some snow in Texas, Diane... I saw it all on the weather channel --- but seems the snow posed some problems on the roads there... being that you are not accustomed to having snow in TX. Is it still on the ground?

Wasn't it cool shopping early??!! I loved it myself - no one was there except the people that worked there! I got all their attention - so cool! I went to Sears and thought it was closed because it was so quiet, but I got what I wanted for Joe & at a super price! They had just lowered prices again - I may wait it out next year again, it really paid off for me this year. Saved allot of $$$ !!!

Oh Bluet, the reason that you get that horizontal bar is because I posted pictures side-by-side... sorry if it bothered you. It's not your computer --- it's just little o' me causing problems ;) Thank you so much for the adorable Christmas Card! It is so cool getting cards in the mail :) I love this time of year when I get tons of mail. I mailed out 100 cards this year and handed out 30 of them to family and friends.

How are you feeling lately? I got a bit of a head cold myself, but not as bad as I have had them in the past. I have been taking that AIRBORN and it really has helped. We have to be at church at 7AM on Christmas morning and we begin singing at 7:30AM... I love Christmas Morning!!!! Then after church we are going to come home and I will make us a nice brunch and after brunch we'll have OUR gift exchange with each other and then open all the gifts from family and friends. Then at around 4PM Joe & I will head over to his brother's --- Joe accepted their dinner invite, so we aren't having Christmas at Home as I hoped for this year :( I cried real hard when I first found out, but am okay now. I'll just take the Turkey I bought & make it up on New Years Day instead... it'll taste just as good then too :D

Angel, I am soooooo deeply sorry to hear of your horse, Molly!!!!!! :cry: How very, very sad!!! So you actually lost two because she was pregnant? I cried when I read your post!! How brave of your son to have to put her down... I would have found that so difficult too, but know that someone had to do it to put her out of her misery. God Bless your heart!! I so wish at times when you and the other gals really need a good hug I were close enough to stop in and give you one - just know that I would if I could! I got your Christmas Card, thank you so much!

Your gathering with your family sounded so wonderful!!!! I cannot WAIT to see your picture!!!!! And CONGRATS to you and yours in being a Great-grandmother!!!! It is so great to hear you share some Joyful news - you have been through so much lately! Lets hope that 2005 will be a better year! *Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you Dear Mother*

Diane, Mexican food for Christmas... yummy!!!! I love Mexican Food, but sad to say am not able to eat it any longer with my bad insides. Sounds so delish!! I too am an early riser!! I am up at 5AM usually and am dog tired by 8:30 PM --- sometimes I even grab a 20 min. nap at around 2PM so I can get through the rest of my day! I love early mornings before the day has begun - it's so peaceful. When I lived in the desert (I was born in 29 Palms, California) I would go for early morning walks and watch all the critters skutter-but around as I walked... I miss the desert sometimes. I too have had a TOTAL Hysterectomy --- I had four surgeries when I was in my early 20's (after a car accident I had when I was 19 and lost our baby and any chance of having children)... but I was put on estrogen (1.25MG then and as of 2002 I am now on .9MG) and have been on it since - it really helps me. I don't have anything left - no ovaries, tubes or uterus. I also take SAM-E to keep my spirits up and my joints in better health --- it really does work! So if you are having a hard time take 3 SAM-E a day, it will really help you... it's costly - I pay $40.00 a package at the wholesale club, but the $$ so worth it for me to stay feeling positive about life. We sure do have allot in common ;)

Willow, it is really good to see you back... I do hope that life has been treating you well.

Tonight Joe & I leave ALL our Christmas lights on ALL night!!!! A symbol ~ "Lights of Christmas being the Light of Christ born that night for all to see" Not to mention.... it's so Santa can see our home from wayyyyy up in the sky :D Teeheehee ;) - sorry, the kid in me crept out for a moment. It has been a tradition for Joe & I to leave them on all night since we married... we always leave all the lights on Christmas Eve.

Well gals, it's time for me to go and get the rest of my laundry finished up - I cleaned this morning so that's all done. Joe has been such a big help too. I love it when he's home :smug:

You all have a very *Merry Christmas!!!*
May the *JOY* of Christmas just FILL your hearts enough to last the whole New Year!!
*God Bless* and Loves,
SunnyD / Donna


12-24-2004, 04:47 PM
Front of our home:

Looking down the street:

Side of our home:

More pics to come...

12-24-2004, 04:50 PM
Joe did all the ourdoor lights:

Bread pics next :D

12-24-2004, 04:57 PM
Joe making Homemade *Homestyle Bread* taken this morning:

All done for now... :smug:



12-25-2004, 04:23 AM
I have one more picture I'd like to share with you all...

It's been a busy day... I was writing to you all and posting pictures thinking that Joe was watching his favorite Christmas program on DvD and when I came into the room this is what I found. So adorable! He was plum tuckered out!

*Merry Christmas with Love*
:sunny: SunnyD


12-25-2004, 07:28 AM
Merry Christmas my new and dear friends. :merry: :snf:

Thanks for all those wonderful pictures Sunny. I must say you are one busy lady, sure could use some of your energy.
So sorry to hear about your car accident. I don't take hormones any more, Dr. took me off, but I still had this problem when I took them. :( I am on an antidepressant, but may consider that SamE one day. I do feel better today got a good nights sleep which helps tremendously. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and yes we still have a little snow left on the ground. :D

Sheila I know you are enjoying having your family there with you, enjoy your day. I love the idea of a photographer, what really wonderful memories you will have of the season.

Charlotte how nice to have all your family there for Christmas, I know it was a true blessing for you. You dinner sounded yummy, crockpot candy sounds interesting. We live in Weatherford about 60 miles W. of Dallas. Congratulations on being a great grandmother. :)

:merry: to all you other great girls, enjoy your families and treasure the memories.

12-25-2004, 11:18 AM

Merry Christmas, my friends! I hope you all have a beautiful day!!!

Thanks for the pics, SunnyD. I love home made bread. But, I like that pillow even better! :D

12-26-2004, 07:09 PM
Whew..........I am so tired, how about you all? You must be since it has been so quiet on here today. Where is everybody?

I hope everyones Christmas was a wonderful as our was. It is such a blessing to be with family and take the time to enjoy each other without having to rush around. I really enjoyed the Grandsons ages 2,9 and 14. The sparkle in their eyes when I said they could open their presents was heartwarming. The sweet kisses of appreciation were the best!! :D :D

Our Mexican meal went off without a hitch and was delicious. As usual I ate way too much, but the New Year is nearly here and I have got to make some major adjustments here. :lol: :lol:

I will check back later to see if anyone has peeped in here.

12-27-2004, 01:17 AM
Happy Boxing Day!

Sounds like those grandsons had a great time, Candlelady. Right with you on the overeating! :)

SunnyD, love the photo of your two "boys" asleep on the couch. You should frame that--it's priceless.

We had a wonderful Christmas, too. We actually had a Christmas miracle because Santa, who was not expected to visit our house this year, showed up unexpectedly. My DH and I had told the kids that we just couldn't afford to fill 7 stockings. On Christmas morning, my daughter woke us up and said that Santa had come, and we were totally shocked when we saw plastic bags with each name on them filled with small gifts, tangerines and nuts. My kids really stepped up, and I was so proud of them. I think my DD had been really bummed by the fact that we weren't doing stocking presents, and decided to enlist the help of her brothers. It was so wonderful!

I was hoping that the sun would come out while my new SIL was here because I'm hoping to persuade him to transfer to the nearby naval base after his tour is up in VA (in 3 years). Although the sun didn't cooperate, he still fell in love with the area. I'm afraid my DD and I cried at the airport today. She starts her new job on Thursday so hopefully she won't have too much time to be homesick. They have a new apartment, too, that they need to furnish before her DH leaves again on January 14 for a month.

We also have a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas day, and it appears that others do, too, because we ended up sitting in the second row. Never again! We saw "Meet the Fockers," not a movie I would have chosen, but it had some funny moments. My oldest son and I stayed up until after midnight talking. He's leaving tomorrow, and it's going to be so darn quiet around here.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and that the rest of the weekend was great, too!

12-27-2004, 09:15 AM
My name is JoAnn. :D I am 58 and was wondering if you guys are following any different plans to lose weight for 2005? :?:

After reading your posts, I didn't seem to find anything much about any weight loss plans? :?:

I need to lose 30 pounds, and my plan is to do my best to eat Less, move more, and drink more water.

Do ANY OF YOU, have plans to be ACCOUNTABLE for 2005, and try to lose weight?

What are your goals for 2005 concerning your weight? :?:

12-27-2004, 10:58 AM
Hi Sheila, Bluet, Charlotte, Sunny, .....
You know, I don't think Fat Puss is coming back. Do you sometimes think she was pulling our leg all along?

Anyway, I see you all survived the holiday.

Sheila, that was so sad when your daughter had to leave.

I hadn't planned on having Christmas this year, but my 20-year old granddaughter wanted to come over, and her Dad came down from the Twin Cities and then my two sons and their families who live nearby came and before I knew it I had a housefull on Christmas Eve. I made a shrimp pasta salad, sloppy joes, chips, lots of sweets, deviled eggs, soda and coffee. Not a lot of work, and it was nice and relaxing.

I have this next week off work so I'll get started exercising again. I've gained eight pounds in the last week, and I know a lot of it is water in my tissues. I need to start drinking my water more faithfully.

The weather here has been nice and wintery. Ha! I know you don't like that Bluet, but i like my snow in the winter.
I went out for a while yesterday and returned some videos, filled my gas tank and bought some groceries. It was nice to get out in the clean crisp air for a while. It put me in a better mood.
A girl on my board put a recipe for some soup on there and it reminded me of that WW recipe soup so I got the ingredients and I'm going to make it today.
There are hundreds of variations, but the main point of
the soup is to be full and to get lots of natural fiber.
Almost anything can be added or removed to your sense of
taste - bell peppers, corn, tomato juice ..... Try
substituting chicken soup mix for the onion soup mix. Prep Time:
approx. 20 Minutes. Cook Time: approx. 30 Minutes. Ready in:
approx. 50 Minutes. Makes 8 servings.
1 medium head cabbage, chopped
1 onion, chopped
3 large carrots, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
3 tomatoes, chopped
16 ounces frozen green beans
2 (1 ounce) packages dry
onion soup mix
6 cups water

1 Combine water, soup mix, and vegetables in a large
stock pot. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer until
the vegetables are tender.

So, I guess I'll sign off and get busy here.

Don't know when I'll get back in here, but I think of you gals a lot. Take care and please stay well.

12-27-2004, 12:41 PM
Hello Everyone,

Guess what? I have the day off from work! How sweet is that. You can actually hear a pin drop in our house today! The silence is so welcoming. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas, I cleaned most of Christmas Eve day and then we went to my Mother's for Christmas Eve, all my sisters and my brother go there every year on Christmas Eve and our children. Mom has a very tiny house, but we all pile in and have a good time . Christmas day DH and I went to church and took care of our sacristan duties and then took my Mom out to eat for dinner, then we stopped in to see my sister and her family for a while, we took my Mom home and shoveled her drive way and her sidewalks, because it was snowing again all day. DH and I had a relaxing evening preparing food and getting ready for all the kids and grandkids coming the next day. By noon everyone was here, plus DH's Mom and brother and my Mom. We had a wonderful time. Lots and lots of noise and fun. So that is why the quite is so welcome today. Back to work tomorrow though.

Sheila, so happy to hear that you had a great time with your children. Even though it was sad to see them go, how marvelous it is that SIL likes the Seattle area. I am glad to hear that you got to spend a quite time with your oldest son too. I can tell you are a good listener, gosh knows you always have time to listen to me and my troubles. ;)

Sunny, how cute, your boys sound asleep on the couch. Bread making is a hard job, I know, because I have made plenty in my life time. :) My cousin who lives in Tell City Indiana call my Mom yesterday, and told here they have over two feet of snow. They never get a lot of snow, she isn't too happy with it. The problem is when one gets this much snow so early in the season, one runs out of places to push it to before winter is over. I remember when I was young, most of our snow got hauled and dumped into Lake Michigan, but I doubt that can be done anymore with all the environmental codes and regulations. Your home is so bright and Christmas looking, how long do keep you things up before the big job of packing them away again? I usually keep things up until the end of January or until it starts to bug me. It will take about three weekends to pack everything and store it away again.

Charlotte, glad to hear your Christmas was wonderful. Did you have that Christmas party at the station too? I remember all the nice pictures you shared last year of your Station Christmas Party. I am wondering how your thumb is doing. When I finish here, I am going to go back through the last posts, I remember you put a name to what another doctor thought you really have, and then I want to go on the internet to read about it, so I understand what you are talking about. It snowed all day yesterday again , but today is sunny and bright, I will post a picture of the farm covered in snow taken with my new camera, if I can figure it all out, later today.

Candlelady, yes those grandchildren are wonderful people in our lives, aren't they. They always seem to love their grandma's. It must be all that spoiling that goes on. ;) We usually are pretty quite on the weekend. But during the week we all check in daily, uh, just about daily :o

Joanne, it sounds like you are looking for a good support group to belong to. Well, this is a good supportive close knit group. I believe, everyone of us is on some sort of diet, but we got away from talking about it on an everyday basis. We could start again though, if the other ladies want to, and it would help you.

Willow, amazing, how you can whip up a party just like that, I probably would have been a nervous wreck. You are right, I still don't like winter and snow, but there must be some hope for me, because I still live here after all these years. I would hope that Fatpuss, was not "pulling our leg" so to speak. I liked her posts very much, enjoyed reading them everyday, and she seemed genuine to me. We also sent personal messages back and forth from time to time. I just never got the idea that she wasn't for real and said who she said she was. It is sure nice hearing from you. :) check in more often! I remeber my sister being on that Weight Watches cabbage diet, she lost a lot of weight eating that soup and going to Weight Watchers.

Well, I am going to go put all my dishes away and finish cleaing up the kitchen check with your all later.


12-27-2004, 11:05 PM
Hi, all!

Willow, how great that you stopped by! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with everyone stopping by. The soup sounds pretty darn good, too. You know, I really don't think Fatpuss was pulling our leg. I still hold out hope that she'll come back.

JoAnn, you have a great plan, and I wish you much success. I've lost a bit over 80 lbs. on Weight Watchers, and plan to make it to goal this year.

Yippee, Bluet--a day away from OB! What a fun time you had over Christmas. How many people did you end up having at your Mom's house, and then your house? You know, I should tell my DH that if we had an artificial tree, we wouldn't have to take anything down until later. It's so warm and cozy with all the stuff up, isn't it? I hate to see that go, but a dead tree in the middle of my living room dropping needles isn't that aesthetically pleasing. Plus the cat eats the dropped needles, then throws them up in other parts of the house (yet another good reason to have an artificial tree!). Hope you got to have a wonderfully relaxing day!

My oldest son left today so we're "childless" again. I started to cry at the airport with him, too, although I know I'll see him sometime this year. Today was that perfect Seattle day with sun, bright blue skies, and all the snow-covered mountains visible. It's the kind of day I'd been hoping for when my SIL was here. Oh, well! We slept in today, and puttered around the house, then went out to lunch at a place on one of the Seattle lakes, then to the locks (like a mini-Panama canal locks) to watch the boats go through, and back home via the waterfront and along the beach, which is our favorite drive. We watched a bit of the news on our new 27" TV that my son bought us. My DH and I had discussed getting a larger TV sometime this year, but we'd never mentioned it to anyone else. It was a total surprise when he brought it down the hall! He also hooked up our surround sound (something he'd given us several years ago). It's so nice to have a techie for a son.

I ordered photos from the kids' photo session. It was hard to choose them, but I got one of all the different combinations, and I bought extra to give to the kids. Ended up spending only $10.88 more than the deposit (this was the photographer for the December wedding that we had to cancel so I'd already made the deposit and had to use it or lose it!).

Hope everyone had a relaxing Monday!

12-28-2004, 02:56 AM


Yes, we are all serious about our weight. We just get involved talking about other things. :D I haven't talked much about mine, because I was just maintaining, until lately. I had lost almost 50 lbs....then, this summer I gained back around 10 lbs. Lately, I've been on steroids because of my stupid thumb, so, as you can see at the bottom of my post.....I'm back to losing. As for a diet, I didn't really go on any special diet. I ate mostly fruit in the mornings, & drunk a lot of water. For supper, I ate a regular meal...only out of a saucer! Remember, lots of water! I can't exercise, so it left slowly. About 1-2 lbs a week. I hate going through that again...but, going to try.

Hi Bluet....well, one Dr called it Herpes Whitlow (kind of like shingles)...but, my Rheumy is disagreeing with him. So am I. He thinks there is nerve damage, or blood vessel problems. Says I may have Raynaud's Disease. He's sending me to my Neurologist Thursday for tests. I really like my Neurologist. He's more like a friend. I trust he'll find what's going on. I just hope steroids aren't part of the treatment! I'm afraid it IS getting worse. :^:
Yes, we had a party at the station, also. It was a lot of fun. I may post pics later. I haven't even sent them to Connie, yet, to put on the TV Station website.
I'm so glad you had a good Christmas. Also, glad you have the day off!! You deserve it. :coffee:

Hi is soooo hard to say good bye to our kids after visits. My daughter asked me to please not cry, when she started to hug me. Well.....I think I was going to be alright until she said that. :( The water works started.

SunnyD...the card was absolutely beautiful. Thank you soooo much. I'm going to keep it & others close by.

Hello sound so tired. Get some well-deserved rest.

Hi nice to get a post from you! I know.....I'm bad......just can't seem to get the time to post anymore. Maybe since I'm through with the albums (which were a great success!) I'll have more time. I AM with my mother a lot, though, since my step-dad passed away.

Well, it's 1 am, maybe I can sleep now. Everyone have a great day!

12-28-2004, 03:51 AM
Ok.....from left to right......back row....

Our son, David. Kevin & Paula. DH, Paul David. Grandson, Jake & Jenny. Gina & Chris. Trina & John.

Front rows...Carly, Jessica, Tori, Nicole, Kelley, Tasha, Tasha's boyfriend, Matt, Brooke, Jamie, Amber.

Down front...Jeremy & Charlotte

12-28-2004, 06:38 AM
Welcome JoAnn. :) I too am serious about losing weight, I blew it over the holidays so I have to get back on track now before I have gained too much. I had been on semi low carb :o since last May and did pretty good along with exercise at least 3 times a week at Curve's. I have been unable to go for the last 2 wks. :devil: and my body sure can feel the difference.

Charlotte good luck with your Dr. visit, sure hope they can figure out exactly what is wrong. Your pics were great, such a nice looking family and so many of them.

Hi Sheila so sorry for you sadness when the children had to leave. I am so lucky to have mine living in the same town. :) That was a wonderful present from you son, we could use a larger one ourselves.

Bluet I am sure you enjoyed your day off. What a wonderful sounding Christmas you had.

Hi Willow thanks for reminding me about that soup, I had forgotten all about it and I love it. I am heading to the grocery today so might just pick up the stuff to fix it for supper.

Have a good day girls...

12-28-2004, 10:28 PM
Hi, everyone!

Look at that incredible family, Charlotte! What a fantastic photo! Dang--I was so hoping your thumb was better. I hope the neurologist can figure out what the problem is and fix the darn thing. And without steroids!

Candlelady, I blew it pretty badly over the holidays, too. I threw out 1/3 of a chocolate mousse cake last night, some leftover fruitcake today (that was easy--it wasn't very good fruitcake), and I'd given a bag of chips, a huge tin of cookies (why would my half-sister give cookies to our diabetic father??), and some homemade cookies to my son so I wouldn't have them around the house.

I just couldn't get myself going this morning to get up in time for water aerobics. We plan to go tomorrow and Friday, though, and my step-daughter usually gets up really late so I'll probably be able to go to lift weights on Thursday. Once I get back in the exercise routine, the good eating follows. I WILL reach my goal this year, even if it takes all year to lose those last 10 lbs.

Very foggy here today, but we did go for a walk with the dog. Hope everyone had a good Tuesday! Our local TV station is having a one-hour special called "55 Ways to Stay Young" and I'm gonna be watching. :)

12-29-2004, 12:32 AM
Good Evening,

Just a few lines, I had a hair cut appointment after work tonight and then I stopped in to see our son and grandaughter for awhile. DIL was still working at the clinic. Then I had to stop at my Mother's to drop off some presents she forgot at my house on Sunday. Mom was in a talking mood, and I just listened to her until she was done. :) She talked about a lot of different things and then I came home and it was 8:00 before I ate any supper.

Sheila, aren't you the reader that loves mystery novels? Well, I have seen Hallmark Channel advertising a series that is starting in January on Friday evenings. Every Friday they are having a mystery story and I think this is right what I am telling you, watchers get to guess who the quilty party is in the mystery by following clues or something and then call in who they think it is then they have a chance to win $10,000.00. All of us could start watching the series (if they like mysteries) and have our little chats about the show, like we did with Survivor. Is that too outrageous? I am sorry if someone thinks so, but it might be fun for us. January is usually a longggggg month for us, in Wisconsin anyway.

Charlotte, I looked up both things that have been diagnosed for your thumb, and I don't care for either of them. I am praying that you have good news from your doctor on Thursday, and no steriods. Lovely picture of your family. I love that when you girls share photos. I am sorry you couldn't sleep last night 3:00 a.m. is a lonely time of the night. :(

Candlelady, It was pretty mild here today and it didn't snow. Twenty-five degrees above 0. We have some friends that live in the Forth Worth area, we visited them many years ago and really enjoyed Texas, we drove down from Wisconsin it was a long drive, but then we were young and up to the challenge.

Jo Ann, we are willing and ready to discuss diets, whenever you are ready to start a roundtable.

Sunny, miss your posts, but know you will be back soon. You are such a busy little lady. :)

Fatpuss, we miss you very much, hope your Christmas was very special.

Good night everyone, have a wonderful Wednesday.


12-29-2004, 09:52 AM
I wouldn't want to have interrupted this thread. I started a new thread for Over 55 and needing to lose weight. ;-)) But, I thank you guys anyway. :D

12-29-2004, 09:46 PM

Bluet, I am the mystery buff, and I absolutely love the idea. I'm going to check out the Hallmark site and see what it's all about. Maybe like the video version of Clue? Nobody in my family will play Clue with me because I always win. I can't help it--I just love a good mystery.

Pretty mild at 25 degrees!! :lol: What's the lowest temperature you've ever been in? When we lived in Colorado, it got down to 20 below zero for a couple of days. I think they even cancelled school then because they didn't want the kids to be outside at all. I usually walked to work, but for those few days, I caught a ride with another guy.

A typical rainy northwest day here. My stepdaughter drove up from Oregon, and got stuck in heavy traffic that made the three hour trip almost five. She brought homemade cookies--yum! I've simply got to quit eating sweets. After she leaves, any leftover sweets are in the garbage, and I'm getting back to eating better. I haven't stepped on a scale yet, and I'm waiting until my pants don't feel so tight before I do. :(

The tsunami footage on the news has been so heartwrenching, hasn't it? It's almost unbelievable. When we were at the Oregon coast last year, we saw the tsunami warning system they've installed there, and there is a warning system on the Washington coast, too. The news story said that if there's a large quake in Japan, the tsunami would take 9 hours before it hit the coast, 3 hours if there was an earthquake in Alaska, and if the quake was off the coast here, then people would have 20-30 minutes to evacuate. I hope that the world community will help the countries that got hit (and any other potential problem areas) install warning systems so this won't happen again.

Hope everyone is having a warm and cozy evening!

12-29-2004, 10:56 PM
Good Evening Everyone,

Sheila, I checked out the site this morning, and the series looks pretty interesting, and I think it is something that DH and I can watch together, so I don't have to sit on the hard kitchen chair. ;) The first show is on January 7 at 8:00 pm central time. Also you can sign up for emails that give you clues before the program even begins. Since you are so good at Clue, perhaps you have a chance to win $10,000.00 dollars a time or two. :) Not me, I usually have to bump into something before I realize my nose is on my face. :dizzy:

I asked DH about the temperature question Sheila, because he is the family weather buff. He said in 1983, we had a really cold January and every weekend the temperature was 20 to 25 degrees below zero with wind chills at 70 to 80 degrees below zero. Thank goodness I was a stay at home Mom then and didn't have to go out of the house, on second thought I did have to go out of the house and run to the barn twice a day for milking the cows. Oh, don't even remind me. :(

It was so slow at work today, I think a lot of places are closed this week, even the phone hardly rang. I guess I should have been cleaning out filing cabinets and organizing, but I was too lazy today, I better get motivated pretty soon though and get those things done. Our office is closed on Friday and Monday so we get another four day weekend with pay. Pretty sweet huh? :D

I don't know what my problem was this evening, but I just kept eating and eating. We have so many leftovers from the holidays. I think I am eating out of boredom, after so much rushing around before and during the holidays. I have one thing to my benefit though, this is the second Christmas in a row that I have not eaten any sugar or had any alcohol. February 6 will be my two year anniversary of being sugar, white flour and alcohol free. I have to wait until next September to be two years that I have lost 30 pounds and kept it off, I hope I make it, cause I sure don't want that 30 pounds back again. :( DH was eating the cookies, but yesterday morning, he threw the rest away. We still have candy, but I hid it, because all of our company hasn't come yet and I want to have it for when DH's family comes for their Christmas visit.

Well, I guess I have rambled on enough for one evening. Hope everyone is doing fine and staying warm. Charlotte good luck at the doctors tomorrow. Hello to Sunny, Candlelady, Willow and Fatpuss.


12-30-2004, 10:21 PM
It's the eve of New Year's Eve!

So anything that keeps you off that hard kitchen chair is a good thing, Bluet! Those wind chills that you get up your way really drive that temperature down. And I bet that milking was done early in the morning, and then again after it was dark, right? How many cows did you have to milk? Are we talking hand milking or hooking those babies up to a machine? Either way, it looks like a tough job.

Four days off--sounds great! My Dad was asking my DH this morning how much he would get docked for starting work so late. My DH has the week off because of holiday shutdown (they have to take vacation for the days that aren't considered holidays) so we got up 1/2 hour later than normal, but he also never has to punch a time clock so there's no pay docking ever involved, a concept my Dad just can't quite grasp. Despite the extra eating, you're doing so well with no sugar or alcohol. Almost two years of no sugar is so awesome!

We went downtown today and I spent the $50 my Dad gave me at the mystery bookshop. Then we went to another bookshop, and my DH spent the $50 he got from Dad. After that we went out to lunch at the seafood place my DH likes, and we ate way too much. No dinner for us tonight! We then went to Pike Place Market and picked up a few things in that area. By that time, it was after 4:00 pm, and time to get home so my stepdaughter could rest up a bit before starting the four-hour journey home. She's trying to leave after the traffic dies down a bit.

Charlotte, how did it go at the doctor's office? I'm praying that he told you that everything was okay, and that your thumb would heal soon. SunnyD, hope you're getting over the creeping crud! And, Candlelady, how are things going with you? What are everyone's plans for New Year's Eve? One of these days, I actually may have some, but I really don't mind hanging around the house and watching the ball drop.

12-31-2004, 12:37 AM
Good Evening,

Sheila, it looks like it is just you and me kid. I'll bet Sunny ended up with that crappy flu that is going around, otherwise she would be showing up. I hope that Charlotte isn't ill, just busy and running to the doctor with her poor thumb. I hope we didn't scare Candlelady off and that she comes back and posts too.

Tonight I sat in my recliner and watched Terminal with Tom Hanks. DH picked it up at Blockbuster today. DH only fell asleep during one little part of it. It is a little bit unbelieveable and outrageous, but Tom does a good job and it was worth my time to watch it. We never ever go out or do anything but stay around home for New Years, sometimes I babysit. I don't like loud bars and the smoke in those places is way too much for me. I am just happier to stay home. Usually it is so dang cold on New Years Eve you could freeze your butt off, but this year it is mild and foggy and raining. Last week on Christmas Eve it was so unbeliveably cold. DH also rented Kill Bill Volume II, I am not watching that! I started watching Kill Bill Volume I with DH one evening a while back, but when that volumptous nurse started walking through the hospital halls whistling, I was out of there. It was all too strange for me, and scarey too.

I have to have my car at the garage tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., I am having it winterized (yeah, I know a little late). I must have been dreaming when I made that appointment, I hate getting up early in the morning. Taking the car to the garage and waiting for it has got to be just about the most boring thing to do, but it has to be done. DH will bug the heck out of me if I don't get it done soon. He always starts in when he is driving my car by saying, "I would tell you how many miles you have put on since your last oil change, but the sticker is so faded I can't read the numbers." A real cut-up isn't he?

Charlotte, I hope you let us know what the doctor said today. Had you on my mind off and on today, come back and post soon.

Sunny, Hope you feel better soon, I am sure Joe is taking good care of you.

Candlelady, miss your posts, how is everything in Texas?

Good night Everyone.


12-31-2004, 08:10 PM
Good afternoon--

Did you make it to the garage, Bluet?

It's New Year's Eve, gateway to a brand new year! No resolutions for me, but I do have some goals, the first of which is to finally reach my weight loss goal. You know, it's kind of scary thinking about doing that because then I'll have to maintain it. Maintaining sounds much harder than losing.

We saw Terminal in the theater when it first came out, which is kind of unusual for us. I liked it quite a bit. Did you know that it's based on a true story, Bluet? The guy lived in a French airport, I believe, for a long time. I remember seeing the article about him in a newspaper, and after the movie came out, there were a couple of other articles. Of course "based on" is pretty subjective, and who knows which parts really happened. I've never had the desire to see the Kill Bill movies--I don't like violence. If I have to make a choice, it's always sex over violence, but I prefer my movies more PG than R.

So my Dad is driving me insane, and my DH is trying to gaslight me. Don't know if I'll make it to 2005 with my sanity intact. Ok, my DH really isn't trying to gaslight me, but when we were in the video store, I said I wanted to see The Hours because we had rented it a couple of weeks ago and had to return it (late) without watching it. My DH said that we'd rented it in the summer, and he said it wasn't in the group of videos that he returned last week. So I'm wondering what's wrong with my mind because I was sure I remembered getting it a couple of weeks ago. When we got to the counter, I asked the clerk if he could check our rental history. Whew! I was right, but now my DH is wondering if he's lost his mind!

My Dad truly is making me crazy--no joke there. He's gotten all paranoid again, and wants to argue about the neighbor's tree and shed being on his property. We've been writing down when this occurs and reminded him that in October my DH had driven him up the neighbor's driveway to see that the tree wasn't on his property (and last spring we took a photo of it to show that it wasn't on his property, but he cleaned his desk and got rid of the photo). Of course, he doesn't remember that happening. He had a horrendous hissy fit two days ago. He apologized for his outburst and said it wouldn't happen again, mainly because I called his bluff and took him up on his offer to go to assisted living and said I'd call the realtor to sell his house. But today he started in again, and my DH couldn't take it and walked out. Then Dad starts grilling me about the property, and I hit the roof. I finally said that if he couldn't sit down and eat meals with us without having a hissy fit about his property, then we'd eat somewhere else or he would. At least we had all of November free of paranoia.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's! See you in 2005!

12-31-2004, 09:07 PM

Aww Sheila, you really had a rough day didn't you? Sometimes, it is best just to vent and get it out of your system. My DH would have done the same, just walk out. Poor Dad, I wonder if that is a symptom that comes with age. My Mom is 83, and she argues with the neighbors all the time, about putting things under the cedar trees behind her house and, the neighbor parking on her little bit of property behind the cedar trees that she pays taxes on. And the people next door pushing snow onto her property, which she looked into and "it is illegal you know!" I was there on Tuesday and she had this little sign written up that she was going to put on a stick and pound into the ground that said NO SNOW DUMPING HERE! Now mind you she is little I don't think she is all of five feet tall and white hair, toddling up the alley to go argue with the neigbors about her property boundries. Jeez, it scares the bejeebies out of me. She used to be very shy and timid. :?:
So, you are not alone Sheila, I have compassion for you, and respect you very much for helping your Dad the way you do.

Yes, I got to the garage on time, got my car winterized, had the oil changed and they replaced a spring on the left front rocker panel that had broken on Christmas Day. Cost me a whole $302.00 :( , but at least I don't have to listen to that harassing about my faded oil change sticker, well not until the next time. :D

No, I didn't know that about Terminal, and I don't know how I missed the articles about the real Terminal guy. The movie is good though. We are watching another one tonight, I don't know the name of it, but DH said it has Meryl Streep and James Caan in it and it is about a son that finds a picture of his Mother and another man of years ago, and the man isn't his Father and he goes to Ireland to discover who the man is. There's got to be more to that story than that. Anyway, I love to watch movies made in Ireland.

It is suppose to get up to 51 degrees again tomorrow, all our snow I was whinning about has left us. I am sure all this weird weather has something to do with the Tsunami. What a horrible thing to happen to all those people, the count is up to 150,000 tonight, it absolutely incredible to even imagine. I have never ever remember anything this like this happening in my lifetime.

Well, I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. I feel absolutely blessed that I have met all of you through this forum. Thank you for being my friend, Sheila, Charlotte, Sunny, Fatpuss, Willow and Candlelady. May all your wishes come true in the new year.


01-01-2005, 06:32 AM
Hey Bluet you can't scare me off that easy. :D I have been really busy, hubby got home from hunting yesterday so I spent sometime visiting with him. My daughter and 2 grandsons came over last night so I cooked supper for them, they left about 8 so I laid down to rest and was asleep by 9, I am such a party animal. ;) ;) I can just see you Mom now hammering in that sign, little fiesty lady sounds like. I think I will go rent some dvd's today, has been years since I have watched any movies, but sounds good.

I feel for you Sheila but I certainly admire you for what you do. I hope the new year is calmer around your house. :) :) We had to put my blind mil in a nursing home last year and it was the hardest thing we ever had to do but it was the best. Her hb just wasn't able to take care of her and we went for a visit one day and she stunk she was so filthy, he had gotten where he didn't do what needed to be done for her. The house was unimaginable, we had cleaned several times but he let it get right back in that horrible condition. She was 84 when we put her in and she died 2 1/2 months after she went in, broke my heart but in my heart I know we did what was best for her. She prayed everynight that the Lord would take her because her blindness was driving her crazy, she got blind when she was 73 with maculardegeneration.

I am starting today on low carb, went to grocery yesterday and got tons of chicken and veggies. I can't believe how I binged during the holidays. :mad:

Happy New Year and hugs to all, I hope this new year brings you and yours health and happiness.

01-01-2005, 10:53 AM

Good morning, friends. Happy New Year to you all!

Sorry I've been missing. It's been a very busy time for me. I've been on the go, taking care of my mother's affairs. I finally got Power of Attorney, so my sister & I could find out how much insurance she has & get the beneficiaries changed to me. (I consider it us, reallly.) It has really been a job, as mother was supposed to be competent for this. I had a lawyer that was a friend in the family to help. We knew mother would lose a lot of what my step-dad left her in insurance, if we didn't do something. We have enough secured, now, if something happens to her.

Sheila....I'm so sorry for all the problems you're having with your dad. I know it gets so frustrating. My FIL is keeping my MIL & others up at night a lot. He keeps wanting to go home, or imagines other things are going on. They usually have to drive him around & go back home to satisfy him. Bless his heart....we all love him so much. It's hard to see the Alziemer's work on him.

Bluet...Good luck with your mom. I think the only symptom your mom is probably showing is that when people get older they DO get braver. If she's right about the law....her mind is very good. You know, if neighbor's are on her property (even a little) & know it irritates her like that, I wonder if it's on purpose. :^: I don't know a lot about it...but, sounds like they like to keep her stirred up. :( Oh well.......maybe I'm turning into a little old lady, myself. :lol: Or rather, a big old lady. I'm starting a diet Monday.

Candlelady....we probably all binged during the holidays. I know I did! Along with the steroids I was on....I'm "fluffy" :lol:

SunnyD...I know you're probably sick. Praying you feel better real soon!

Well.....I had the test run on my thumb. A nerve conduction test & Electromyogram. A lot of people think they are painful....but, didn't bother me that bad. I suppose it depends on the Dr that's doing it, & everyone is different.
I won't know for a few days what the results are. I found that I wasn't referred to him, just to have the test. If I read the charts right (& I'm fairly good at it) I DO have a nerve problem of some kind. I just don't know how bad. My thumb is so swollen & blue, I can't use it. I believe I have a nerve compression somewhere in my spine. I had it a few years ago & had a Laminectomy done. I had 3 disks removed, & replaced with donor bones, & a plate with pins in my neck. Anyway, my hand keeps going numb, as it did, then.

Gotta go get dressed. It's almost 9 am, & I'm still in my pj's. Hope all of you have a good day.


01-01-2005, 11:49 AM

:wave: *HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!* :wave:

Hi Charlotte, Diane, Bonnie, Sheila & Willow...

Actually, other then a *Food Hang-over* :dizzy: :faint: I am feeling so much better! Joe & I got in from the New Years Eve Party at our best buds home this morning at 2:30 and were in bed by 3am. What I am wondering right now is --- "where is the Mac Truck that hit me!!??!!" :faint: I don't drink, but the foods I ate last night sure caught up with me this morning! :dizzy: :lol: I look like a blowfish!! :bubbles:

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers... I did check in a couple times just to try to keep informed, but I got hit really hard with a head cold that lead to an ear infection and a chest cold. All better now :smug:

I will be back to post more just as soon as I get a moment to myself again, okay. Joe is off till TUESDAY (Jan 4th) and I never know what he has planned ;) All I know for sure is that I sure do MISS YOU GALS!!!

Catch you later... time for me to call my parents to wish them a Happy New year.

*God Bless!!*
Much Love,

01-02-2005, 06:29 AM
I just wanted to stop in and let you know I may absent for a few days. My nephew (my sister's that passed away only child) is not expected to live. He was in a oil field accident 4 yrs. ago and perforated his colon and nearly died then. Well it has happened again except no accident, it had something with the way they sewed it up last time. He has pneumonia also on top of everything else. He went to the ER a wk. ago and they didn't find anything and sent him home. :mad: Then the silly boy spent the whole week in pain without seeking anymore medical attention. Please pray for our family, that is the only thing that may save him. I will let you know what is going on when I hear something, they said it could be 3-4 days before we know if he is going to pull through, too many complications can happen.

Love ya girls, Diane

01-02-2005, 05:19 PM
Diane, I'm so sorry about your nephew! I'll be praying for him and your family.

Oh, no, a food hangover! They feel just as bad as the other ones, although I've only had minimal experience with an alcohol hangover. Way too much experience (especially recently) with food hangovers. After eating too much, do you ever get really hot at night after you go to bed? I've discovered that when I overeat, my body wants to burn it off at night. Not a hot flash, for those of you who are thinking that, :) because it only occurs after I've overeaten. Glad you've recovered from your illness.

Charlotte, glad the nerve conduction test wasn't too bad. I, too, have heard that those were painful. I do hope that you get some good news next week, and that they can fix you right up. With no steroids! I'm curious how you activated your Power of Attorney? My Dad signed the Power of Attorney form, but I've been wondering how it's determined that he can no longer manage his affairs.

Well, Bluet, you're not going to respect me for much longer. After this weekend, I just cannot take anymore. My Dad is so verbally abusive to my DH, and it's getting so hard for us to sit down and have a meal together without him having outbursts that I think it's time that we move on. Now he's telling me that he won't go to assisted living, and he wants to stay in the house. I can't let him do that, but I don't know what I can do to force him to move. My stomach is in such a knot (and my neck is so painful from the stress) wondering what he's going to say when we sit down to eat that I told him we can no longer eat with him. I don't feel good about that, but I don't know what else to do. Every time I go into his room to help him, he gets terribly obnoxious, and pushes all my buttons. And my DH is so excited about moving away, but I can't blame him because he's taken so much crap from my Dad and it appears to be escalating. This certainly wasn't the way I wanted to start 2005. :(

Anyway, hope you all are having a peaceful weekend.

01-02-2005, 07:34 PM
Good Evening,

I posted twice last night and lost both posts, gave up and went to bed. Back for more punishment.

Yesterday I had a very quiet leisurely day, did all the laundry and folded everything and hung up what needed to be hung up and did not iron anything ;) :D Today we went to church, came home and worked on the farm records, and watched the Packer game and washed the walls and ceiling in the laundry room. (expecting a lot of company next weekend.)

Diane, I am very sorry to hear about your nephew, will keep your family in my prayers and that your nephew will heal and recover. Please come back when you can.

SunnyD, a hang over? I didn't even think that word was in your vocabulary. ;) Just teasing you a little. You are too sweet.

Charlotte, well, I guess that is good news about your thumb. My sister-in-law had that same back surgery this fall, only they grafted bone from her hip. She was down a long time recovering and still wears a brace on her back. I sure hope you don't have to go through that again. :(

Sheila, this is not good. You certainly don't need this stress in your life. I would imagine Dad doesn't even know he is being abusive, it is just the process of the brain ageing. You are in quite a bind, I wish there was some way I could help you. I am sure your Dad is as unhappy with himself as you are with him, only he is expressing it in the wrong way. This is not an easy time in your life, we went through this with my Dad too. :( Just keep posting to us, so we can be here for you. o.k.?

Last night I tried to post a few pictures of the farm when we had all that snow last week. Mind you it is not the amount of snow Sunny and Joe got, but then even a little snow is monumental to me. :p We had an ice storm last night, everything was covered in ice this morning. The sanders were out in full force, so we were able to drive the eight miles to church, but everybody seemed to be late this morning.

Have a good evening everybody.


01-02-2005, 11:28 PM

Oh Bluet!! What beautiful pictures! I love your farm & house. It reminds me of our house, only larger. Well, ours will be that large when it's finished. It looks like scenes from postcards. :D
My surgery was in the neck area. They went in from the front. I wore a neck brace for awhile. I'm not sure that's what it is, but, I suspicion it. I don't know if I could take back surgery lower than the neck. Then, again, we do what we have to, I guess. I also took a few pics, just haven't resized them yet. Maybe in a couple of days.

Diane, You're nephew is in my prayers. So are you. If you get a chance to post, let us know how everything is going. Take care of yourself.

Sheila.....I know I've said it before, but, I'm so sorry you're going through so much with your dad. My pastor's dad is the same way. He gets calls all through the night from people, because his dad is stirring up trouble. They finally run some tests & found he isn't getting enough oxygen to the brain. That is the reason he's talking & acting so mean to everyone. What do you & your DH plan to do? I'm sure you've looked at every possibility.
About the Power of Attorney...the person signing is supposed to be competent. The attorney I went to is a friend of the family, however, & understood the circumstance. He drew up the papers for a very small fee. I took them to the Nursing Home, & the lady in the office is a Notary Public (& also understands the circumstances.) So, she helped mother make her mark with 2 witnesses. Without our step-dad, no one was able to cash in the small, but needed, insurance policies he had left her. Also, someone needed to be able to make medical decisions for her. Sometimes we just do what we have to. It was filed at the courthouse, & made legal immediately. If your dad signed the Power of Attorney form, all you have to do is take it to the courthouse & file cost was $14.00. No one has to determine he can't handle his affairs. He turned it over to you when he signed...making you the one to make decisions for him. See, they are supposed to be competent....just wanting someone else to take care of their business. Then, if they become incompetent, it's still binding.

SunnyD....get better over your "food hangover"! I'm starting a diet tomorrow. I just made M&M cookies. :lol: Gotta go eat'em. :D

01-03-2005, 09:04 PM
Hi, all!

A quiet, leisurely day sounds wonderful, Bluet! Okay, I just have to ask this. Why would you wash the ceiling and walls in the laundry room because company is coming? I usually shut the door to mine--the work-free method of housekeeping! :) I love, love, love your house! It looks like one of the ones that SunnyD posted in her Christmas graphics. I would love to have your house. The silos you could keep, however. And most definitely all that snow. :lol:

Charlotte, those kittens are so cute. They look so sweet and innocent. Luckily I know what kittens are really like because that graphics could fool someone into thinking that kittens really would stay in a basket and look cute. Instead, they'd claw the basket to shreds, eat the roses, and throw up half-digested rose petals in the middle of your freshly shampooed rug.

Thanks for telling me about what you did with the POA. I checked out the POA that my Dad signed, and it was active from the moment he signed it, which was about 2.5 years ago. It was notarized, but I don't know if it's been filed. I probably need to ask the guy who set up the trust. I called the neurologist today to get a letter stating my Dad's diagnosis, which I will keep in case anyone calls me on using the POA. I also called the senior resources group and should be getting a call from a caregiver advocate and the legal department.

While my DH and I were gone to Borders (we bought a calendar and a CD with a gift card we got for Christmas), my Dad actually climbed the stairs in the backyard and went to look at the pile of wood in the backyard. He's been staring at it for 18 months now, but asked me yesterday what it was. I told him it was a pile of wood. He's so disbelieving of everything I say that he went into the yard, where he could have hurt himself badly (there are a lot of holes in the yard where I yanked out roses), to look at the pile. He then informed me that it wasn't a pile of wood. I couldn't understand what he meant because it is a pile of wood, but I guess because it's small and neatly stacked that I lied to him. He also was upset about two "boulders" back there. I have no idea what he's talking about, but we certainly didn't put two boulders in the yard. Then he accused my DH of shipping my mother's ashes off to a storage shed in Boise (we have a storage shed in Boise for our extra stuff that we didn't take when we moved). I said that they've been in the closet for over two years. He demanded I bring them to him, which I did, and he then said that wasn't the container he picked out (of course it was). So, that's just a little sample of what I've been dealing with. My poor DH is accused of all sorts of things, but he said he's happy to be the lightening rod.

Sorry--I know I'm venting. I'm just kind of depressed and upset about the whole thing, and wish it were all over. What the heck was I thinking when I moved here? I was prepared for physical infirmities, but had no idea about this mental stuff. Oy!

Hope everyone had a good Monday! My DD said it was 66 degrees where she is in Virginia. Our heat went on early this morning for the first time this winter. We set it to 50 degrees at night.

01-03-2005, 09:56 PM

Hi Sheila.
Sheila...If the probate Judge hasn't signed the papers, they're not filed yet. You need to take them to the courthouse. I had to take them, myself. They have a new machine, now. The judge doesn't even have to be there. Cool! Be sure to get his Dr. to document that he shouldn't be handling his own affairs........but, AFTER the papers are filed. See, he has to be competent to give you Power of Attorney. Maybe they were already filed, but you need to find out ASAP. This could be the most important move you make for the future. You may need to get an attorney to look at them, before you do anything, & let him/her advise you.
I know you're going through a lot. Wish I could take some pressure off. Just don't make the mistake of those papers not being filed. If he decides to change POA, he can. Unless, he's incompetent, (but, only after the filing) I hope I haven't mixed you up. I learned a lot this past week, & it wasn't easy to learn.
I hope you get some peace of mind, soon. Your husband sounds like a saint!
Thinking of you,

01-04-2005, 12:11 AM
Good Evening,

I washed the walls and the ceiling in the laundry room because.....that is where the backdoor is, by the garage and that is where people come into our house. We don't use the front door very much, except in the summer, to go out and swing in the porch swing. In the country with these old homes it is a custom to come in the back door, around here anyway.

You don't want any of that snow Sheila? :D It is all melted right now anyway, Wednesday a big snow storm is suppose to move through southern Wisconsin, and the weather guy said we would be right on the northern edge of it, so I guess we will get more whether we want it or not. The weather map looked like Sunny was going to get more too.

I tried to do too many tasks today and wore myself out. Since I have to go back to my real job tomorrow, I had better get some rest. I was at work for a little while today, had to do some computer clean up so we can do business as usual tomorrow.

Charlotte and Sheila, I am glad you like my house, that made me smile, but I think it has a long way to go before it looks like one of Sunny's posts. Sheila, my heart is aching for you, hope you can find a solution soon. You did the right thing, and you won't have any regrets down the road someday. Sunny hope your are doing ok, get ready for more snow. :) Diane, hope you are ok and your nephew is recovering.

Good night everyone.


01-04-2005, 12:15 AM
P.S. I agree with Charlotte, your husband is a saint.


01-04-2005, 11:16 PM
This place is sure hopping! I found us on the second page.

Thanks for the info, Charlotte. I called the estate planner and asked him about filing and other stuff. Luckily, where I live the POA doesn't need to be filed with the court. It is notarized, and doesn't include a competency clause so, although he had to be competent to sign it, I don't have to get a doctor's certification. I had already asked for one prior to getting the information from the estate planner, though. Might as well have too much information rather than not enough. I also started keeping a journal of what's been going on with him. I won't bore you with today's incident, but I lost my cool, yelled "stop it!" and left the room.

Now it makes sense to me, Bluet. I'd heard about the back door custom, too. When I was a kid, we always went around to the back door of my aunt's house. You know, they really don't make back doors much anymore. None of the houses we ever bought had a back door, although they all had sliders. And they all had fenced yards so people wouldn't come that way anyway. In some areas, there are new developments that are trying to get people to use their front porches more and be more neighborly. Works well if you like your neighbors! It's sad to say, but after two years here, I know the first names of the people on the west side of us, the full name of the people on the northeast side (although I've never actually seen their now 18 month old baby), and the first name of the person on the east side who has lived in that house for probably 20 years now. I don't know the names of the people across the street except for the older couple who have lived their since I was in grade school, and who babysat me in third grade.

I'm glad that at least a few of your days off were spent relaxing, Bluet. You certainly needed some relaxing time. How was your first day back at work after four days off?

Tomorrow the realtor comes. I've already prepped her. She helped us with the sale of my Dad's property up north. Then my Dad asked me to visit the assisted living place tomorrow afternoon. He sounded pretty upbeat about it after visiting there today. While I'm glad, it kind of made me sad. I hate thinking of him there alone, but we can't afford to stay here if we don't stay in this house. Seattle is expensive! All I can do is write letters, which I actually enjoy doing. It's a lost art, I think.

Diane, thinking of you and hoping that your nephew is doing better. SunnyD, hope to see you here soon!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

01-05-2005, 12:01 AM

Sheila this all happening so fast, I am surprised you even got your Dad to agree to an assisted living place. Will you move again? Where will you go? I was reading an article this evening, that talked about behavior changes in the elderly, one thing the article mentioned was a thyroid deficiency and/or small strokes, causing memory lose and confusion. I am glad you got the POA figured out. My first day back to work was ok, I was tired, and really wanted to be at home, but I got the payroll done and the payables entered and solved a general ledger problem, so I feel successful.

We are in for several days of snow and snow showers, up to two or three inches. South of us is really going to get hit hard according to the weather guy. I hope it doesn't decide to swing higher and sock us in. This storm is coming all the way from California. The news is so grimm out of India and Iraq, I shouldn't be complaining about a little old snow storm. :o

Well, Sunny and Diane, we miss you and looking forward to when you will be back and posting again. Charlotte, hope you are feeling well and things are working out with your thumb. Fatpuss, miss you very much.

Good night everyone and have a good Wednesday. :)


01-05-2005, 03:37 AM

Hello ladies.
I've been kind of lazy the last couple of days. I think when I slowed down, I realized I was tired. :^: My thumb is actually doing better. I haven't heard from the tests yet. Wish they would call. I hate waiting. I'm an impatient person.

Sheila....don't start feeling bad about what you're doing. Heaven knows, you've done your very best. I don't think I would have lasted this long. Those assisted living facilities are very nice. At least, the ones we have here, are. I go to one on the first Thursday night of each month to sing. They have a little chapel there, & we all just enjoy ourselves. I like the way that it's not a nursing home, but there is help, if needed. I'm glad you've got all the papers taken care of. It sounds like the same as here. I guess I just twisted everything a lot trying to explain it. :lol: Only difference I see...mine had to be notarized & filed at the courthouse, also.
I yelled at my son & granddaughters tonight, also, Sheila. He loves to pick at them. They scream & yell, & wrestle, until the 3 yr old gets to crying. (what a set of lungs!) DH was trying to watch tv, after working all day. I was on the pc. I got so nervous I couldn't take it any longer. I went in the living room & yelled at them to "shut up!" I guess they thought I'd gone crazy...they got very least, for awhile. :^: This arrangement of him & the girls living with us (the girls are here every other week) is more than I'm able to handle, lately. DH is afraid to say anything. He's afraid our son will do something unwise. He HAS come a long way. We're proud of him. He just needs his own place. I hope I'm not sounding selfish. You have to doors on any of the rooms...I can't even get to myself.
Sorry...this wasn't suppose to be about me.

Hi Bluet...You're getting snow...I'm getting rain. Probably for the next several days. I took pics of the house. Will post them soon. Just to keep you all updated. :D
I'm sure that first day back at work was rough. I remember those days. Seems like a life time ago. Sometimes it doesn't even seem like it was my life. A friend found an old newspaper clipping of me, when I got Instructor of the Month! I was working at the Lee Co. The glasses I wore were almost larger than my face! :lol: Take care of yourself. I've got a little angel by my pc. ;)

Hope everyone is feeling well & happy. Have a great day.

*Sheila....if you don't start another thread, we're going to fall off the end of this one!!!!!! :lol:

01-05-2005, 08:56 PM

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