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12-04-2004, 07:08 AM
Never let it be said I didn't follow rules so here you go to #48! :lol: :lol:

Jean: Isn't it funny how the "race card" is only pulled when someone is caught doing something they shouldn't? We have that all the time here. Funny but the three white cops that just got arrested for money laundering, prostitution and a couple other things here, didn't pull it and though most others don't think so, we are a race too! :lol: I am fed up with that bologna as an excuse for committing crime. It is all crap to me. Obey the laws or the rules and people will leave you alone and those who don't THEN think about using that word!

Maggie: Good to see you again. I will certainly send Alicia your address. She did love the houses. Even Jay loved his (but whined he had no light in his, sighhhhh!) She took a tiny votive container and put a candle in it and put it on the roof of his to make him happy! :lol:

We are going to see Christmas with the Kranks today. I always enjoy our Saturday outings together, though it is quite chilly here now and walking around Beale street not as comfortable as summertime.

I need to finish cleaning house (the upstairs) today before we go as I did the downstairs yesterday. My pets are still really clingy since coming back from Indiana and I can barely move without them at my feet or in my lap. I watched a movie yesterday and they both sat in my lap so it was pretty crowded even with my substantial girth! :lol: Ah well, I love them anyway.

I guess I am goiing to go downstairs and watch the rest of a movie I started yesterday before Jack got home.



12-04-2004, 11:58 AM
Good Morning, Flowers!
I'm on my way to start the laundry and just couldn't resist peeking in here first. I need to make a grocery list, go do cat chores for the last time this week, and vacuum the fur hunks.

Michelle -- I like your weight loss chart!

Maggie -- It was nice to see you again! Maybe the 3FC gremlin is gone and you will be able to get in here on a regular basis.

"Gma" -- Thanks for starting the new thread. This kid tells everyone they are racist whenever he gets a chance. I just ignore him and sometimes think that makes it worse. I refuse to have any discussions, of any kind, with him! I'm afraid if I would say anything back to him, once I start I'll not be smart enough to quit and will tell him what I really think of him! :o That probably wouldn't go over very well with my supervisor! He has 10 day absenced himself out of all of his regular classes so he spends most of the day just taking up space, thanks to the court system. :mad: Since DH has moved furniture around, to tear out the rest of the carpet and tile, one of our cats has gotten very clingy too. I don't know if she thinks she is going to get left behind, we are moving, or what but she is right there beside me or on my lap. She is a "whiner" and wants to be outside -- I finally booted her out the door and when she discovered it was cold outside, she wanted right back in! :lol:

I hope you all have a great day today! I need to get moving and show that I've accomplished something today!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

12-05-2004, 03:15 AM

I am happy that I got in again. Guess the gremlins are leaving me alone now. We will see. I am making some neat momento's for the bride to give to her mother and mother-in-law. I took the pictures at their wedding last month and am making little wall hangings with some pressed flowers from her bouquet, a picture of the their hands over the marriage certificate and some of the ribbon from the bouquet. All placed between two pieces of glass with scallopped foil and a copper chain for haning. I think they will be about 3 inches square. Anyway it is to be a surprise to all of them including the bride.

FAYE isn't that funny that he wanted a light in it when you thought he wouldn't want one. What I should have done was gone ahead and put one in and then he could have removed it if he didn't want it but who would have thought.... Tell him if he wants to send it back I will rework it and put a light in it for him. I sure will.

JEAN isn't it funny how cats act when things are being moved around. Turn has to inspect everything that comes into this house ~ including people. Little scudder has almost gotten all the dye off him and isn't mustard colored anymore. He got into it on Cowboy's work bench ~ he didn't know he had spilled some brown dye and Turn found it. His whole white underbelly was bright orange from it. All his paws and the tip top of his head were also orange. I can imagine you are ready for your winter break from school.

Take care everyone and I will type at you when I can.

12-05-2004, 09:10 PM

It is a beautiful sunny day in my neck of the woods. Nice day for kicking back and enjoying life. Life is good. I have done some work on my glass project between services this day. I am through till we get home this evening ~ or may just leave it for tomorrow and Tuesday. I want to have them done so she can present them on the 11th at the big dinner.

Seems quiet around the flower patch this day ~ now that I can get on I hear an echo. Hope every one is having a lovely day which the Lord hath made.

Type at ya'all later.

12-05-2004, 11:07 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I'm just peeking in before I set off to figure out what I'm going to wear to school tomorrow and then head for bed. It has been a dark and gloomy day; the rain started around suppertime and has been steady all evening.

Jason, Ian, Beth, and Maddy were all here for dinner and the afternoon today. I am tired! I didn't realize how much stuff I have left to put away before the floor project on Thursday. I thought I was doing "good" until I sat down and looked around. I have way too much "stuff!"

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday! Enjoy your day!

Jean -- :wave: :rain: in Iowa

12-06-2004, 07:38 AM
:rain: :rain: :rain: :rain: Here in Memphis too and will continue through tomorrow!

We put up the decorations (inside only) and the house looks nice. I dreaded how the cat would react, but he is doing fine except for chewing on the tree a little. They both got in the way a lot as were were putting up the tree but settled down once everything was up and put into place.

Maggie: Don't worry about Jay's dojo, he likes it fine as it is, just complained to his mama because it was even steven, sort of in a kidding way. You will have to post pics of what you are doing now. I am still going to have you make one for my dd, but have to find time to get over to her house when she isn't home so I can take a pic of it.

We went Saturday and was Christmas with the Cranks and it was a cute movie. Jack liked it less than I did and he is the one that wanted to see it. I wanted to go see National Treasure. There are a lot of movies I want to see and of course, most I will have to wait until video, like Ocean's Twelve. Jack doesn't like going to the movies but goes to please me so I try not to drag him to something only I wish to see. I guess dd and T and I are going to see Lemony Snicket when it comes out in a week or so. She and I have read all the books so far. Personally, I think they are a LITTLE strange, but hey reading is reading!

Well, chores time and downstairs to visit with Jack before he leaves for work.


12-06-2004, 06:54 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!

It has been a "warm" 40 degree and foggy day in my neighborhood. Strange weather for December, that is for sure.

We need to pack up as much of the livingroom "extras" and move the small stuff out tonight. The floor is here and is to be delivered tomorrow . . . it has to acclimate itself to the house before it is installed on Thursday and Friday. I'm getting nervous -- what if I don't like it?

"Gma" -- Beth was here yesterday and said Maddy had either chewed on or unwrapped every present she had put under the tree! :lol: The cats haven't paid any attention to the tree and she was worried about them. BTW . . . what is a dojo?

Not much exciting is going on except that I am feeling frazzled in all areas of my life right now. Jason asked if we would babysit Ian this weekend, we have a concert to go to in Sioux City, I haven't started my cards let alone finished my shopping, and my house will be a mess! I need to get busy on Christmas or it will be here and gone before I know what happened.

I need to get moving! Hope you all have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-07-2004, 07:26 AM
Morning ladies! It is rainy and warm (62 degrees) in my part of the world this AM.

Jean: Oh, that is funny about Maddie. One of the funniest holiday stories was about our dd. She was about 7 or so and for some reason I was out of the house, probably at the neighbor's next door. She took all her presents and unwrapped each one to see what it was then couldn't find cellophane tape and used masking tape to tape them all back together figuring I wouldn't notice I guess. As for a dojo, it is the building martial arts are done in.

Well, Jack is out of the shower and I want to get an early start on exercise and such this morning. I have let things go for several weeks now and need to jump start myself again!


12-07-2004, 06:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's been a gloomy day in my corner of the world -- I'm ready for some sunshine! I stopped after school to donate blood and have WW in an hour. I need to move some more small stuff out of the living area -- they brought the floor today and I like it in the box. I don't know why but it has to sit in the house for a couple days before they install it. I really need to sort through catalogs and magazines. . .maybe later tonight.

"Gma" -- That is too funny about your daughter using masking tape! :lol: I remember opening a few gifts when I was a kid -- my mom wrapped an empty box one time!

I have to call my "mom" at 5:00 and then head out for WW. I hope you have a relaxing evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! Do something nice for yourself!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-08-2004, 08:03 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
DH is at a dinner meeting so I am home alone! I have bell choir practice a half hour earlier than usual tonight. We play on Sunday and were short four of our regular ringers at the last practice so guess the director thought we needed some extra time tonight. :dizzy:

I ended up subbing today and of course no one did my job so I will have a pile of papers waiting for me tomorrow morning when I get there. I did get to sit in on another algebra class to take notes during my so called prep period. It's a good thing because we are starting a new chapter and I would have had "no clue" otherwise! I can't believe I have lived 59 years and never missed knowing some of this stuff! :lol:

Not much else is newsy -- it was another "warm" day at 45 degrees this afternoon. Now if we could just get some sunshine I would really be happy!

I hope you have a relaxing evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow. I don't even want to think about how many days until Christmas!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-08-2004, 08:15 PM
Evening ladies! Been busy today with errands and such.

I am about ready to strangle the cat. My tree looks awful. I have had to repair it over and over so not to me at least it doesn't look nice any longer as I have had to replace ornaments etc. I am beside myself as to what to do about him. I even went to a pet advice website and signed up and posted hoping someone would have a genius idea. I once heard that cats don't like the smell of a certain spice, but I will be darned if I can remember which one!

Jean: Don't you just love doing someone elses job but still having yours to contend with too?

I was at the library today and have about 10 one week books I have to plow through so I should be able to keep my hands off food for a week! :lol: I did do very well today, though I feel hungry now. I am keeping my behind upstairs so I can't eat.

Just wanted to check in with everyone and see how everyone is doing. I will check in tomorrow morning.


12-08-2004, 11:28 PM
I just had to chuckle at your tree dilemma! :lol3: Does he climb it or just rearrange it for you? When Maggie was a kitten DH used fishing line and a tiny hook to tie our tree to the wall because she kept climbing up the trunk. Then she would snuggle back in the branches and peek out at us. I don't know what to tell you -- I've used a water bottle when the cats would get on the kitchen counter. Now all I have to do is get it out and they run. I'm sure they sit on the counter when we are gone. :(

12-10-2004, 12:05 AM
Good Evening!
I am late getting in here tonight because I've been snoozing in front of the TV. I didn't realize I was even tired until I woke up. It was a hectic day at school for some reason and I am heading off to bed shortly. My floor is in for the most part; they have to put on the molding (?) where it meets the ceramic tile and then nail the mop boards on. I think I am going to like it once the furniture is back and an area rug or two. Everything has a fine layer of dust on it -- I was under the impression that DH was going to cover everything with plastic and he did . . . out in the garage!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! Even though the weekend will be a busy one, I plan to find time to take a nice long bubble bath!

Hope you have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-10-2004, 09:52 AM
Morning girls!

Jean: B is becoming pretty defiant. I have half drowned him with a water bottle and he intentionally goes back and looks right at me to see what I am going to do. It is an ongoing thing. He has climbed the trunk but mostly chews on the tree and the garland and knocks off ornaments. Because it is an artificial tree he has also rearranged it so it now has gaping holes so I have to go back and fix it. It is ok right now, but you never know what you will find each morning.

I decided to stay in today and do weights. I can only do them for about 10 minutes but thought I would try and do them three times today. I use 5 lb weights and toning cords too and a couple squating exercises, but have to be real careful because of knee.

I get to finish up Christmas stuff next week then I am through, yipee. I hate to wrap presents so much, I can't even tell you. I think because to me it is busy work and that has always irritated me. I have to wait until dd can go with me to help me pick out games for T's video system we are getting him. They have vacillated between yes and no, mainly because Kel doesn't want Thomas to have a tv in his room, but his other grandparents bought him a flat screen tv for his room! Cost them about $800 have you ever heard such a stupid thing for a 4 year old? I know he is the only grandchild and they seem to have money to burn but he has a tv downstairs apart from the living room one that is perfectly fine and about 20 inches or so and why not a plain ole tv? Besides, they constantly go behind her back and buy things she tells everyone she doesn't want him to have and then her dh doesn't support her when his parents go ahead and get the stuff anyway. Oh well, not my problem.

Someone must be burning in their fireplace. There is this peculiar odor sitting here in the computer room and no where else in the house. It smells, God help me, like someone bbqing human flesh. It is that disgusting sweet sour smell. I need to go and see if I can smell it outside. Hope it doesn't permeate the whole house. You never know around here...

Oh, one last thing. This old lady got hit on (not hit physically, like flirt kind of thing) the other day. I stopped at a convenience store after having gone to our bank across town and went in to get a couple Powerball tickets. There was a guy about 33 not much older than that, who had a middle eastern accent (more Arabic less Indian like) He wasn't bad looking but not someone if I was young and single I would think about hooking up with. Anyway, told him I wanted 5 tickets and he told me to go to the other window, which I did. I stood and stood while he waited on other customers then he came to the window and ask if I wanted powerplay. Had no clue so he told me if I did it would be $10 and I smiled and said, no that the regular would be ok. He chuckled and I said, I thought quite clearly, I didn't know what I was doing that my husband usually bought them. He gave them to me, took my money then strangely asked if I lived in Memphis. I said yes, that I lived in Fox Meadows and he wrinkled his brow and I said Hickory Hill area and he smiled and said, oh yes, then kind of leered a little and asked if I was married. Well, I kind of was shocked at that as I have a big ole wedding ring on, but smiled and said, yes, that I have been married 32 years. He reeled like I had hit him and said, oh, that's a big... I kind of cut off the rest of whatever he was going to say, said yes, thanks and walked out. I wish you could have seen his face when he realized I was an old coot who had been married a longgggggg time! It was priceless, but still ended my day nicely! :lol:

Hope you get a good laugh from that one!


12-10-2004, 11:28 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers!
If I weren't so tired I would be doing a happy dance because the weekend is here! I was in hopes my floor would be done when I got home after school but they have to come back next week :( and put the trim in/on between the laminate and the ceramic tile in the kitchen. I'm not sure why they didn't do it today . . . something about not knowing how high it would be until it was installed and the height determines what size thing they install, which they have to order.

Tomorrow we will move the small stuff back in and maybe put up the Christmas tree. For some reason, I'm not in the mood but I know that Beth would be disappointed if we didn't have a tree.

"Gma" -- We switched to a skinny tree a couple years ago and the cats don't pay any attention to it now. Maybe that is also because they are "old" at 13 and 14. Butterscotch probably thinks you two are playing a game . . . you arrange and he rearranges! :lol: I agree with you that a flat screen tv for T's room is a bit much! Our poor kids didn't have a tv nor a computer in their rooms. Beth finally talked her dad into running a phone line for her room when she was a senior in high school. I don't think they have any lasting effects from being deprived. :shrug:

I am heading for a hot bath and then to bed! :yawn: Have a nice weekend doing something that you enjoy!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!