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12-03-2004, 08:58 PM
Ho Ho Ho
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies. We are a warm group that provides support not just in weight loss but in daily joys and struggles.

Pull up a chair :cofdate: :cofdate: and join us !!!

12-03-2004, 09:08 PM
On the phone with Rocky. He is so sweet. He offered to visit this Christmas. Which took my by surprise.
We are thinking about April now...........Christmas seemed so soon,,,,,,wait, it is right

Just thinking so much about legal stuff.

Anyway- HUGS Mindee.....and hi Ellen :)

Tea Rose
12-03-2004, 09:45 PM
Hey I wanted hugs to :lol:
Susan does Rocky have a brother :yes: :no: :lol:

12-03-2004, 10:00 PM

lol........sorry HUGS for Ellen.

Rocky has 2 brothers , both on the same island and both married. He has 3 brother in laws and they are all married. He has friends
His best friend is in south California.

He really is sweet. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

Tea Rose
12-03-2004, 10:16 PM
Hi Everyone :balloons:
I am sitting here watching Frosty the Snowman , its so cute and the colours are beautiful,I wish I could be soft round and be happy like he is,:lol: I have the soft and round down but not the happy part. So whats everyone doing tonight ,I'm sad Susan gave Mindee hugs but none for me, :lol: Angie where is you I have looked everywhere ,inside out :mag: but you are nowhere to be found, I saw Jane all cuddled up with Mackenzie watching movies boy was I relieved you just don't know what she might be up to:fr: but she didn't see me so I didn't disturb her ,Susan is on the phone again with her sweetie pie :love:,so I didn't disturb her either ,I didn't see Cristi or Kathy but I did get a glimpse of Katy or was it really Katy ,hmmm.Marti was to busy to see me so I left her to her business ,so I guess I should go watch a movie or read or something since everyone is so busy for the time being , I will check in later to see if any one is around and left me hugs or something . :grouphug: so I will go away now , make some tea , don't suppose anyone wants any ,I will call when its ready just in case.

Tea Rose
12-03-2004, 10:20 PM
AHHHH Gee thanks Susan so nice :lol: (((((((((((HUGS To You and Rocky)))))))))))))) HMMMM and his best friend :lol:

12-03-2004, 10:59 PM
I so love Frosty the Snowman , Ellen!!!

Ain't he a HOTTIE??

See, I gave you a hug. lol

Rocky is off with Kris practicing baseball.

Need an attitude adjustment. He is spending $300 on one present alone for Kris.
Mine will be lucky to get a $20 dollar gift. They need clothes and simple things like that.

Just kind of annoys me. Am I wrong???? I love Rocky, I don't want this to fister......

Please...........Dr. me!!!! lol

Tea Rose
12-04-2004, 12:00 AM
Hi Susan :wave:
I will fill in for Dr. Phil , yes thats extravigant :gift:,I understand how you feel completely ,When your kids need the basics it seems a little much,I think though your kids will probably appreciate your gifts more than the one with the 300.00 gifts especially if this is something he's used to.Don't let it fister if you can't change the mister :rofl:,My jokes get worse and worse don't tell Dr Phil please:lol: No I don't think your wrong ,but there is really not much you can say , I do think. its kinda a tricky situation . You do the best you can with what you have and thats all you can do ,so don't worry about it. No need for any Rocky Roads :lol3: Sorry :sorry:.Thanks for the big hug I needed that :lol:

Tea Rose
12-04-2004, 12:43 AM
:shrug: Has Anyone Seen Angie :shrug:

12-04-2004, 01:10 AM
I just think $300 is silly.
Just blows me away in the fact that I personally think Christmas is way too commercialized and would advoid the stores if I could.
Turns me off, I say!! :mad: :mad:
But, I will keep my cool :cool: :cool:

and it really burns my butt that Rocky means that as just one gift, I mean there will be others......

mmmm, also Kris "seems" to be rather spoiled by nana and Dad. Whatever he wants, he gets.

That is one reason why I kind of skirted the thought of him visiting Christmas. I mean ..........I have nothing.

I just have a really hard time letting others help me. Asking Mike's mom for a loan took a lot but I had to do something.

Also..........I know Rocky would do anything for me. I know he adores me and loves me.

My mom said "don't tell your troubles to him" and it is like.................geez, he is going to be my husband!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

Is he not the person I want to tell everything to????

Hey Ellen!!! You wanna be my husband????? lol.......

anyway- just venting. Trust you all to give me the best advice.

ta ta

12-04-2004, 02:01 AM
Hiya ladies :wave:

Aaaahhh Susan~hugs to you. You are going to find a lot of stuff like that will come up and I think if Rocky is set in his ways with his son on certain things it could be a rocky road ahead. I know V and I have had a few disagreements over the kids because he thinks I spoil them, and maybe I do I don't know, I don't really see it as being spoiled. He was raised different from me and he is not used to living with kids, or I should say wasn't. That was in the beginning. Not to be mean but I think you should let it go. I know it is hard to think about all the money he is spending on Kris but to be honest I don't think there is anything you can say. It does seem extravagant but at the same time he may be spoiled and they give him everything because he lost his mom. You know trying to make up for her not being there. I know because the first Christmas after the kids dad was killed I was fortunate enough that I could do the same. Of course I would never spend $300 on a glove. :yikes: I would be thinking about how many other gifts I could buy with that much. But I was trying to make up for their dad being gone, not so much make up for him being gone as much as making the day a happy day. And I did that for a few years after. I just wanted to make sure they were happy. I know that buying gifts can't make a person happy but if they can feel good for a little while, for one day it was well worth it. Also, we bought them a lot because they had no one else to buy for them. So we always made sure their birthdays, and Christmas was nice. However, we did set a limit because it is too easy to go overboard. Although, I must say it is hard to stick to but I do pretty good and if I do go over it is only $20 or $30. Maybe, once you guys are married you can sit down and discuss things like that and you can let him know what you think etc. I have to say I definitely don't agree with your mother. I too think you should discuss everything with him because you are getting married and everything should be out in the open. Okay, I just contradicted myself there. You could talk with him about the extravagant gifts before marriage but I do think that will be a touchy subject. Who knows though, if he knows it makes you uncomfortable he may try to change that a little. But too if Kris is used to all that I don't think he would take kindly to things changing. I just think there are certain things though that you don't really need to talk about before marriage, but that is me. And I am meaning things like that. V didn't really agree with what I spent ont he kids but that is how I did it for years and it wasn't a big deal. See, I wouldn't have stopped the limit thing had he asked, again that is me and everyone is different. Oooo, so many isssues when kids are involved. But I know that love can overcome any and all problems. Sorry for babbling, just wanted to offer my 2cents worth even if it didn't help. Shuting up now. :tape: :ziplip:

Ellen~you are so silly. :lol: :D You do have quite the sense of humor and I think you could give Ellen a run for her money. You guys can have a laugh-off. How about that? I will e-mail :comp: her and tell her. :lol: Anyway...I love her sense of humor and her dancing. :lol: She is too funny. And I love that her mom sits in on every show.

Katy~yeah, Adidas is a fav around here also. Although...I did break down and buy a pair of skechers not too long ago. They are so comfy.

Julie~so did ya rent any good movies? I haven't been to BlockBuster in ages, I don't even know what is out there to rent. Can't remember the last time I rented a movie. Well, hope you got your tree decorated, or get it done tomorrow.

Mindee~had to go to your site and take a gander at the new pics. They are great. The family one is really nice and the one with Brandon and the reindeet is adorable. I have to say though the duck one is my fav! He is just so darn cute! And he is definitely growing. It totally amazes me how fast kids grow. Still seems like yesterday that they were that small. I miss it. :(

Anyway ladies. I should probably get going as I feel like I am doing nothing but putting my big foot in my mouth. :foot: Will possibly check in in the morning if Susan doesn't hate me. :^: Don't have any plans tomorrow except to sleep in, hopefully. I say hopefully because I am going thru this where I keep waking up at the same time, too early. So hopefully staying up later I will sleep later. Just going to straighten the house some and finish laundry. Didn't get mine done because had to do DD two comforters because the doggy got mud or something on them, so that added to the pile. She needed those tonight. And then DS wanted to do a load so he would have a wokr shirt to wear. He lets it pile up till he has 3 or 4 loads and then wants to do them all at one time, usually on the day I plan on doing laundry. Of course he doens't know that it is planned. Okay, going to go because it is terrible when one starts babbling about dirty laundry. :blah: :blah: :blah: See ya :wave:

Tea Rose
12-04-2004, 02:10 AM
Poor Susan (((((((HUGS)))))))) Vent away,thats what we are here for , to listen and help it we can and if we can't well as you know I tell stupid jokes to fill in for my inadequacies:lol: I think that if you and Rocky are going to be husband and wife you need to share your problems, and you need to accept help if he is in a position to do ,and it would appear that he is ,don't be embarrassed or ashamed everyone needs help at sometime or another and its not like the mans a stranger to think about accepting some help, the outcome will be a better life for you and your girls and thats whats really important here,getting you on your way to a better life.I admire you I have said this before ,taking a chance to find happiness ,is courages ,I don't think I will ever find that kind of courage again ,I know I won't and I think coming to that realization a few years ago was when I began to gain weight and give up on myself.Everytime I try to get going I tell myself ,what difference does it make, what I look like,and I fail again ,I know its fear but I can't get past it .I know I have to change thisway of thinking for my children as well as myself to stay healthy, but knowing that my future is a lonely one its hard to stay focused. Whatever you have to do , if this is the right man for you, is to be honest with him and with yourself ,if this is what you want and you are completely sure in your heart ,accept his help and his heart and go find your happiness
you deserve it , and your girls deserve it.I feel like I'm giving a sermon here , All I was trying to say was BE HAPPY GIRL I always take the long route, :rolleyes: :lol: and if all else fails I will be your husband :lol: :lol3: :rofl: I can only imagine what the other ladies are thinking when they read this ,can't you ,I can see them now talking amongst themselves :gossip: :lol: hopefully they read your post first so they will understand:lol:Oh I hope you get this all worked out ,I sense you are a little scared , are you ? Take all the time you need , and please if your not tired of hearing me say this ,accept his offer to help. :yes: :goodluck: now go to bed you are worn out from all this stress :lol:

Tea Rose
12-04-2004, 02:13 AM
Hey Cristi
You and I were writing at the same time and wrote the same things how scary is that .:lol:
Is that silly good or silly bad :?:
I don't get out much I'm sorry :sorry:

12-04-2004, 02:40 AM
Aaaahhh Ellen~hugs to you also. Don't be thinking that you are going to be alone the rest of your life. I know that is easier said than done because I too was in a position that I felt I was never going to find someone. And when I least expected it it happened. But I have always felt that there is more than one person out there for everyone. If you had asked me 6 or 7 years ago if I thought I would have remarried I would have said no way! I totally didn't see it ever happening. But it did. So DON'T ever, ever give up on yourself, you hear that?? :nono:

And Susan~as Ellen said, if Rocky is offering to help take it. He only offers because he loves you and he wants to take care of you and the girls. I know how hard it is to ask for help or accent help but sometimes we need to reach out and let someone. He is such a terrific guy and you are a very lucky woman to have found each other. So don't worry over silly things. *insert music to Don't worry be happy* In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double so don't worry, be happy...cause when you worry your face will frown and that will bring everyone down so don't worry be do do do do do do do do do do do, don't worry, be happy...can I sing or what? Or what! :lol:

Okay I think I am sleep deprived and I am getting goofy. Ellen I think you are rubbing off on me lady. :D

Tea Rose
12-04-2004, 03:13 AM
:rolleyes: UMM should I be offended now ,first I'm Silly, now I'm Goofy ,Me thinks Cristi no like :lol: Angie Help the girls are ganging up on me,I need a disguise :fr: ,Ah come on I have a serious side ,somewhere :crazy: I do really Ok I'M GOING TO BED i KNOW WHEN i'M NOT WANTED , :bb: GOOD NIGHT :lol:

Tea Rose
12-04-2004, 03:49 AM
:mag: Angie

12-04-2004, 07:45 AM
Good Saturday morning! :wave:

Katy - the jogging stroller sounds like a good investment to me, and as you said, a lot cheaper than a gym membership. Maybe you can use the JLs as a topic on brain disfunction, lol.

Cristi - glad your DS is leaving that job! He has been taken advantage of! DS and DD met yesterday and picked out the ring. Mary tried to describe it, and says it is BEE-U-TI-FUL! Yellow gold, with a square diamond, and small diamonds cascading down somehow. Can't wait to see it!!

Ellen - glad at least one of us got snow, even if it was fleeting. So happy about your DD findind Mr. Right. Don't give up, sweetie, there is a partner out there for you, too.

Marti - Terry and Gina have been living together since April, but have been seeing each other for a couple of years. They have known each other since high school, but he never dated her then. She clipped all of his football pictures from the paper and saved them.. and has always cared about him. He will propose privately, he said. Mary and I both agree we wish we could be a couple of flies on the wall for that. Gina will be stunned. Btw, I am 3 hours ahead of you until March, or whenever the time changes back again.

Julie - hope you had a relaxing evening. Katy has a good idea about the fertility monitor thingy - look at her 2 adorable kids!!

Susan - thanks for starting the new thread! No, my finger isn't really in a splint, that's a joke between Ellen and me, lol. (You had to be there.) I agree with the others that you need to speak up about your troubles to Rocky. And no, as Cristi said, I wouldn't say a word about how much he spends on his son. That's his prerogative, and even when you get married, unless his doing so would take food off your table, I'd be very careful about criticizing him for that. Cristi explained it well. I'm sure he will keep it even with what your kids get, too. Btw, yay for your continued weight loss/maintenance. You have always been an inspiration to me.

Mindee - good to see you again! Cajun chicken alfredo sounds good!

Angie - I guess when the aliens returned Katy, they must have taken you?? We miss you!

Hi also to Sue, Kathy, Katiecat and anyone else reading this. :wave:

I'm down another pound today, and feeling good about that. Neal and I are meeting Gina and Terry tonight at the Eagles. (the club, not the group, lol) We're going to play Blitz - a fun card game. And maybe some pool. I'm having Lean Cuisine for dinner so I can use a few points on a couple of lite beers.

Have a great day!

12-04-2004, 09:28 AM
:coffee: drinking lots o' this :coffee: don't look at the time....waay too early!

Jane - WTG girl! you are the energizer bunny of weight loss!. I was reading an interview with Geroge Clooney in this week's Entertainment Weekly, where he was talking about gaining and losing 30 lbs for a movie. Apparently he lost the weight very quickly. When asked how he said, "You stop eating and work out twice a day" He needs a Jaded Lady smack-upside-the-head! A metabolism being destroyed.... slow and steady wins the race, right Jane?
BTW - I think it was Mindee who mentioned the fertility monitor, but her comment did spark a memory of our experience worth sharing.....

Julie - our infertility sounds kind of like what you and DF are experiencing. Every test we took came out great, and there really was no reason to pinpoint why were having problems. Later, I had a laparascopy which determined I had a little endometriosis which was dealt with as soon as they found it. It wasn't serious, but enough to make it very difficult to tell when I was ovulating. We used a fertility awareness method that proved successful for us. Didn't involve any monitors - basal thermometers didn't work too well for me as I didn't have much in the way of temp spikes. The FAM involves checking your cervix for changes... won't get into the gory details, but I read about it on an ivillage infertility website - so maybe checking that out will help you two.

Susan - Rocky is such a great guy and I know you two can talk through this. I guess my advice might be a little different in that I think these issues should be discussed before getting married. I don't get the feeling it's so much that he's spoiling his son, it's more than you sense that you two might have different values toward consumption and materials possessions or maybe just even some differences on the role of the holidays in your lives. I think they can be discussed openly..... I read a great book called Unplug the Christmas Machine.. all about trying to focus on the traditions that bring us the most pleasure and minimizing the stress of trying to create the perfect holiday. BTW... $300 is my entire Christmas budget and we are all happy campers.... I guess it's all relative, but I kind of with you on your feelings that it's a tad much. Buit like I said, it's just the starting point, the real discussion is about how you two are going to be partners, and that includes money as well as in love. Glad you got the response filed - hope your change of venue goes through and you can move on - love all that legal jargon :?:

Ellen - you crack me up - I have two words for you, missy -! Now that you are up and running on the information superhighway, you can find Mr. Right out there, hee hee! I have a friend who met her most recent DH, and the subsequent BF, and, well, maybe she's not the best example, :lol: I kid her about how she "keeps finding the love of her life" on! That being said, I do know several people (some of them on this board, even ;) ) who have found lasting love with someone they met on the know- you just never know when your life is gonna change!

Cristi - Your post had such great advice - you and your family have had such a journey and are so strong....I have such admiration for you. Your DS is leaving that awful job? That's great news! Maybe now he'll file something with OSHA - oooh the boss of his got me worked up, I tell you! I hate it when people get away with unethical behavior :mad: What's your weekend like? I am working out ( overindulged a little last night :o ), delivering a wreath to my MIL, working out some more ;) maybe take the kids to Borders. DS got a gift cert. for his bday, so it's burning a hole in his pocket, you know. Just wanted to let you know that I went out and bought some Tylenol arthritis after reading your post. I have been on naproxen for this dang shoulder, but nothing's really working becaue I can't effectively stop using my left arm. The only time I feel there's improvement is when I do absolutely nothing, and that means drive, knit, read a book, anything that involves lifting my arm. The Tylenol has helped tke the edge off. Think I'm off to a chiropractor next... would just love to be pain free at some point.

Mindee - so glad to see you checked in... and it sound like thinks are looking up! The new year will brings lots of good things to your life, I bet.
I need to get over to your site and check out the new pics. I remember when my kids discovered their vocal chords, each at around 5 months, yikes! Now, of course, they won't shut up. So prepare yourself......

so.. the weekend is off and running, even at 5am. I kind of blew out my points last night, so I have no flex and I need to get some extra exercise in today and tomorrow. Wish I could just be like George, but I keep reminding myself that it took a long time to put this weight on, so it's gonna take a long time to take it off. My past experience with losing ( b4 I got pregnant w/ Leigh) I found that when I lost slowly, it was easy to keep it off. So I just remind myself that slow and steady is going to win this race!

Hope all of you have a great weekend!


PS _ I did take a pic of my mantel, just need to get the roll developed, I dont have a digital, so it takes me longer...will get it posted soon

12-04-2004, 11:45 AM
Cristi~ I have to agree….the duck one is my favorite as well! We are waiting right now for my sister and her family, we are all going to venture out and walk the mall for a couple of hours.

Jane~ Surprisingly the Cajun chicken alfredo was really good. I am not one for spicy things, but that was really good! Good job on the WL. I am holding steady right where I am, but I have finally gotten back on the wagon for not eating after 9pm, and I am going to really be hard on myself about the pop issue again. I have slipped on it again!

Katy~ We have already prepared ourselves for a little talker. He talks all the time, even when he is suppose to be sleeping!

12-04-2004, 02:06 PM
Good Morning Ladies, or should I say good afternoon as it will probably be by the time I finish this post. :)

Ellen~no girly, I didn't mean you are goofy. I get goofy when I get tired or hungry, really goofy. Still feeling a little goofy this morning.

Jane~:bravo: on yet another loss! You are getting so close to goal, WTG. :cp: Ooooo, the ring does sound beautiful! Hope you guys have a great time tonight at the Eagles (the club , not the band) :lol:

Katy~DS boss is so horrible! She has actually had death threats and has had to change her phone number about 20 times. The woman is hard because it doesn't even phase her. :yikes: The deal now is he was supposed to get a bonus in Oct. and she is playing her little games. he is getting all his paper work together and taking it to someone else because he is also due one when he quits, both about $500. My weekend is going to be pretty easy. Today I have laundry to do and that is about it. Tomorrow Mass and take a bunch of pics. DH will have the day off so we are going to set the camera up and start clicking. Want to get that taken care of so I can send a pic with the Christmas cards. I too am off to the chiro (next week), man I tell ya it definitely makes a difference for me, as does the tylenol arthritis. That is some good advice to Susan you gave there. And I agree that anything can be worked through.

Mindee~good luck at the mall today. You are a brave woman to venture to the mall on a Saturday.

Marti~hope you guys have a fun decorating weekend together.

Hi to everyone else, Shanna, Kathy, Sue, Susan, Katie, Julie and Angie! Yes Angie where are you girly? :wave:

Well, as I told Katy, today is being lazy somewhat and getting laundry done. I may try and get some much needed reading done. Never did finish the book (Four Blind Mice) I was reading and then went to the library and got more. Those two are on Arthritis and what works so need to see if there is anything good in them as they are due back Tuesday. Tomorrow, since we will be getting a little dressed up for Mass once we get back V will set up his camera (has a timer on it and is a little better than my little one) and get a bunch of pics taken. Walgreens does have the overnight on the picture/Christmas cards so will get them back in plenty of time to stuff one in the Christmas cards. And yes Jane you will get one. I forgot to answer you on that when you mentioned it. I start typing and going back and forth to the different posts and sometimes miss a few things so sorry ladies if I miss a question or something, it is not intentional. That's about all I have for now ladies.

Hope everyone has a nice day and weekend! :wave:

Tea Rose
12-04-2004, 03:02 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies
And it is a a good afternoon , it is very cold outside ,but the sun is shining and its windy as the wind. I got up early ,or maybe I never went to bed,not sure ,took my medication before I went to bed last night and it made me so sick , so I won't do that again ,until I see my doctor, I thinks its time for a change ,anyway to make a long story longer I did find myself out of bed at some point and I got all my housework done, so I think I will wash my bedding and make some soup and then I think I will lay down tummy's still unhappy.Did you notice how late some of us were up chatting back and forth, we are mighty gaby.
Hi Jane :wave: a square diamond oh that sounds absolutely gorgeous,take a picture of her hand with the ring on and let us see pleaaaaaaaaase.How exciting for her and all of you ,You didn't spill the beans to anyone have you Mom??? This is going to be an extra special holiday for you all, I am so happy for your family.Wow down another pound ,so proud of you congratulations,it is exciting when you see them coming off,Yeah more new clothes. Sounds like you have a fun evening planned ,I love pool although its been years since I have had a chance to play.Well you all enjoy yourselves tonight and have a great day

Hi Cristi.
I really did enjoy your song ,:lol: Your fun when your goofy ,not that your not fun when your not goofy ,your fun all the time goofy or not. did that make sense ???:lol: I figure I would rather laugh than cry I've certainley done enough of that ,so laugh I will try. Have you seen Susan today ?Wow did you see what Katy said to Susan that was darn good advise I think she's a smart lady must be all those brain classes shes taking , I think I should get me some of those, :lol: do you think Susan's mad at us both, nah!!!!!!! she can't be we gave her good advise didn't we. Hey maybe she's on a beach in Hawaii soaking up the sun ,probably not, but we can wish and hope. So your doing some laundry today ,me to, I really want to lay down, I don't feel so good, maybe the laundry can wait a while not like its going anywhere without me.Yes I think I have to go now,Have a Great day Cristi

I am not leaving anyone out,I will be back later girls , just a tad under the weather right now'

12-04-2004, 08:23 PM
Posting real quick while I have a little time. I sent James & Jhanai off to get a tree. We like the Nobel Firs so, we'll see what they come home with. I usually go so I can give the ok....but I needed to clear some furniture out of the way and get all the stuff out of the closet to decorate.......should have went w/them, tiring job! :D

Went over to grandpa's this afternoon. Spent a couple hours over there getting stuff out of the attic. I guess that's my job today, retrieving all the stuff from their hiding spots! Then realized it was getting late and said I had to go do my house.

Anyway, that is what I'm doing right now. Who remembered that this decorating was so much work?!

Didn't WI today, TOM is here so I hate to WI. But I did start drinking Green Tea, NOT a big tea drinker but it's suppose to be good for you and I thought I would try it. Anyone have thoughs on that?

Better get going. More cleaning and rearranging to do.

Talk to you all later!

12-04-2004, 10:42 PM
Hiya Ladies :wave:

Just checking in for a few to see how everyone is. Everyone must have a busy weekend.

Marti~glad you guys made it to grandpas and hope you have fun with the tree tonight. Know what ya mean about decorating being a job. So glad I finished, and it only took me about a week. I jumped in all gung ho and grew tired of it real fast so would do a little, take a break, do a little, take a break...anyway a week later it is finally done and I can sit back and enjoy. I heard the green tea is good for you also. Off hand can't remember what it is supposed to do but when I did the Herbalife we drank a lot of the tea. I love tea, hot and cold so it wasn't a problem for me, except a little too much caffeine. :crazy:

Ellen~who wouldn't want to be on the beach in Hawaii right now? Or at least Southern CA. Just would love some of their warm weather. Although it has been nice today. Got my laundry done for the day, thank goodness. Sometimes I just hate doing it. Hope you get to feeling better.

Been watching the family channel and Hallmark channel, all the Christmas specials on. Don't think I ever saw the one where Frosty the Snowman got married. Anyway, taking a break from it to look up a few things online and thought I would check in here to see if anyone had posted since I last posted. Probably won't be on tomorrow at all so hoping everyone has a great Sunday if I don't. Take care ladies :wave:

da fat n da furious
12-04-2004, 11:09 PM
Sorry ladies, had to work on that same case I worked on this past summer.

Jane, Congrats! I can just imagine if we all could be there when Terry asks all leaning in...not obvious at
Susan, its not necessarily that Kris is spoiled,,,its just that hes an only child and Rocky is able to afford to give him big presents. When Monte and I were first together we couldnt' afford anything,,,,so we never bought presents for christmas or birthdays.
Ellen, you are wonderfully funny, and you warm the hearts of the Jaded Ladies....(hows that?) if you call you goofy or funny we do it with a smile of gratitude for your humour.
Kathy, did you ever make it to Calgary? I hope that if you ever come down south by all means email be first and we can get a coffee.

Cristi, I want to be as organized as you. My house is not decorated yet, I did get the cards out,,,but I had great plans of a letter in each. Half way through the cards I was thinking of a stamp of my signature...arghhh

I worked early early Friday, came home slept for a bit. Went over to Angelika's for her birthday,,,bought her a fondue pot and a blow up instant husband...she really appreciates my We watched Along Came Polly,,,oh how funny that was. Then off to work I went. It was a boring night, the guy didn't go out so I sat outside and watched it snow till 2:15 am, when the signal light went out. Roads were/are icy. Got up and went to help Becky out with her van, she needed new tires and was stranded for a few hours. Came home slept a bit more, had a bad headache,,,must be the weather change or TOM coming. Tanner Monte and I went and saw Friday Night Lights,,,I cried. hmmm must be TOM coming Came home to icy icy roads so Im home for the night and plan to snuggle under my blankets with my book.
I will start decorating soon,,,,Just so many boxes to lug up and down,,,have to take all the ornaments that I have now and put away,,,Going to put the tree up this year,,,Skittles and I had a talk. I have to go get my pictures done tomorrow for the newest least they are giving me notice to look my best.
Hello to everyone else,,,Katy, Marti, Mindee, Julie,

12-05-2004, 02:41 AM
Hello once again ladies...

Popping in for a bit.

Angie--Glad to "see" you. You must have had a busy case to work on! I didn't realize you were still working on the same one from over the summer. Sounds like you had a great time celebrating your friends Birthday, love your gifts to her!

Cristi--I should do the same...picture wise that is. I really want to get photos taken of James, me & Jhanai...then some of me and James and some of just me and Jhanai....someday. I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Ellen--I so enjoy reading your post. Always perks up my day BEFORE the cup of coffee!! I hope you're feeling better now, never good to feel miserable when you need rest.

Jane--I would love to see the ring too! Sounds very pretty. I bet your son is just nervous about the proposal....has he said anything about how he plans on doing it? Something unique and romantic?! Congratulations on another pound down!

Hello to the rest....sorry for cutting this short, I will get the rest of you girls tomorrow. Gotta run!

Take care

12-05-2004, 08:30 AM
Good Sunday morning!

Katy - yep, George Clooney needs a smack, lol. I'll volunteer for that job, lol. Have you noticed just how good he looks with the gray intermingled with the dark hair? It just isn't fair, lol. Remember when he was on Facts of Life, and then later, Roseanne? What a hottie!! Can't wait to see your mantel photo - I know it will be just beautiful.

Mindee - well, at least you're holding steady with your weight! A few years ago, my sister gave up pop and lost about 12 pounds pretty quick. I hope you do get the weight off that you want off while you are still young, and then you won't have the saggy face (and other body parts, lol) issues that I have now.

Cristi - I just finished reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It was really good, and there is a movie on about it tonight. Since Neal wants to read the book, too, we're going to record the movie and watch it after he finishes the book. So glad you'll be doing a Christmas photo - can't wait to see it! I wish we had done that! Have a good Sunday.

Ellen - nope, I haven't said a word about the ring to anyone, other than Katie and Neal. I'm about to burst, too, lol!! Hope your tummy is better today, and I'm glad you're going to the doctor soon about this. Maybe she/he can prescibe something more gentle. Glad you got your house cleaned. I did too, yesterday, except for the floors. Mary did them for me, for $$. That works out well for us both. I'd rather do anything than sweep floors.

Marti - oh, I bet your house is looking festive now. Did they do a good job picking out a tree? Hope you share a picture with us! Glad you got to see your Grandpa, too, and that you were able to get out of there before the aunts started in, lol.

Angie - there you are!! I'm sure my son would welcome all the Jaded Ladies and me to be right there while he pops the question, lol. We could take pics, and start a new thread with them, lol. Do you have another one of those Instant Husbands? If so, send it to Ellen! Hear that, Ellen? The guy wouldn't give her any trouble - wouldn't leave the seat up, no dirty socks on the floor, low maintenance, lol. Wouldn't leave his stuff in her basement for 4 years, lol...... Btw, what is Friday Night Lights? A movie or a drive around to see all the Christmas decorations?

Hi to everyone else reading this.

Thank you all for your congrats on my weight loss. Every little pound counts, right? Neal and I had fun at the Eagles last night. One of my nephews showed up, with his wife, and we all played Blitz and had a good time. Katie made it home before we did, lol, which seemed weird!

Not much planned for today. Gotta go get bread and fruit at some point.


12-05-2004, 01:20 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Oh I'm not wanting to be awake at the moment...still sleepy! But I promised Jhanai that we'd be up early so we could get up and go shopping today. :)

Oh, I also forgot to mention, that I won't be able to get to chat this week. I have three days of training on the early shift (8:30-4:00) and then Thursday night it's back to nights......Plus, Jhanai has her Choir program on Thursday.....

My house is semi-decorated I suppose. It seems like it's missing something, like greenery, which I don't have, may have to pick some up today. I will take a picture of the tree later on. My house is NO WHERE compared to the what I have envisioned Ellens house to be!

Ok, I need to grab a cup of green tea (more likely I'll have a cup of coffee) and then hit the showers and then go shopping....and to think, I'm more in the mood for laying around today!!!!

I'll check in later on,

12-05-2004, 02:12 PM

I ain't mad Ellen!! lol.

Gaby was sick yesterday and I spent 3 hours at Kaiser. Most of that time was just to get checked in...

She has an ear infection and a sore in her mouth.

Came into the office to do some work.

Personally , I think Kris is spoiled and I agree it is mainly to do with trying to ease the pain of not having a mother.

Nana is going to be like an ex I was there Rocky bought him a new rod. $60.
He had reels at home (( to go with the new rod))but Kris wanted a new one.

Rocky said no....

So, Kris had a fit and stormed to Nana's thing you know she is buying him a new reel.

Personally, Rocky admits he is spoiled..........but what can he do with Nana always offering to buy him things??

I think the problem is between Nana and Rocky. I don't think he has had a say in how his own son has been raised. Also, I don't blame Kris- this is what he has learned. I think Rocky and Nana are the responsible adults.......

To me you get things for helping around the house, for good grades and for minding.......not because you are throwing a fit long enough.

Rocky and I have discussed this before. I am not moving Gaby over there for her to be listening to Kris complain all the time - he basically rules that house.
If he wants a mother - I will be a mother. It will start with boundries and some respect on who is the parent.

I am not going over there to completely change his life- but he will show respect to his father and me.......if nana wants to continue buying him everything - fine......but I have to feel that it is my home & Gaby's too.

blah- blah......and I do think you should be talking about this stuff before a marriage......because I ain't going to be miserable with no say in how my home is been there- done that..... :dizzy: :dizzy:

best get!!

12-05-2004, 03:41 PM
Hiya ladies and happy Sunday :wave:

Susan~I think you should invest in some step-parenting books. One reason I never got involved with someone who had kids because I figured it would be hard enough with mine and then throw some more in the mix, ummm no. My friend said I was selfish...I really didn't see it as being selfish but knowing what I wanted and didn't want. I didn't want the hassle of an ex-wife or step-kids. I do love kids, don't get me wrong. I have just seen all the crap that goes along with it and it wasn't for me. The friend that actually told me I was selfish is now divorced and involved with a guy that has a teenage DD and a 10 year-old DD and now she knows exactly what I meant. he doesn't like her kids either. It can work though I'm not saying it can't because I know a lot of blended families who are thriving it. Now if I had actually met someone that I liked a lot I wouldn't have let it get in the way-I would have dealt with it. Too I always heard that the step-parent should never discipline the step-child that the actual parent should do it. I know there was a book out not to long ago about blended families that was really good, you might want to try it, Rocky too. A lot of good things on what to do and what not to do as a step-parent and I believe it was written by a DR. That's good that you and Rocky are discussing all these issues before marriage because you both need to know where the other stands on these sort of issues. I agree that it will also be you and Gabys home and you should feel like it is. Sounds like Rocky also needs to put his foot down and have a good long talk with Nana. I guess we are all different too because I do give my kids things just because, you know for no special reason. When they were younger they got allowance for doing chores but I never paid them for good grades. Always felt like they should do good in school because they want to and because they can, not for things or money if they get an A. I did praise them-ALWAYS. more from me on this. :ziplip: :tape: Hope Gaby is feeling better-3 hours in Kaiser?! Almost as bad as the emergency room. I have to say though I loved Kaiser when we were in CA. I loved how everything was under one roof.

Jane~glad you and Neal had a nice time at the Eagle. I saw that bookand was tempted to get it and did see that the movie is on tonight. I will be watching and will probably get the book later. It seems the book is always better than the movie.

Marti~when will your training be over, or is it a continuous thing? You know like teachers, trying to stay on top of all the changes and such. Well, have fun shopping today with Jhanai. Don't the weekends pass by too fast?

Angie~I too am curious, what is Friday Night Lights??? Oh please, I am not organized girly. There was a time I would have had the house decorated in one day, on December 1. The cards would have been mailed with pictures and the shopping done by the end of November. Now I am lucky to get anything done early. It took me a week to decorate the inside and believe me it isn't that much. The only thing we did early were the lights outside because if Vince and Josh wouldn't have done them Thanksgiving day it who knows when it would have been done. He was actually off this weekend but it is raining today and after I just got my car all clean. :( So how does Becky like her blow up man??? I have seen those and they are cute!

Mindee~how was shopping at the mall yesterday?

Mass was nice this morning. They are in between Fathers as the old one was assigned somewhere else and we met the new guy today. I like him. we didn't get to the picture taking and probably won't today. I am rethinking and instead of doing them for Christmas, since I always send New Years cards doing a 2005 picture card. I really am liking that idea better. Don't fret ladies, you will get one before the first of January, that I promise. I know, like that is what you all really want! ;) :lol: Anywhoo...catch ya later chickies. :wave:

12-05-2004, 04:38 PM

Thanks Cristi!!! You can open your mouth anytime!!

It would seem simple. Man meets woman and they fall in love and all is well.

Until you meet the Naw- jk.

Though we were having this romantic thing in Kona. We were watching the sunset and Kris was yelling from the pool.,........" so don't pay attention to me!!! "

He had a fit because he wanted to go to the arcade and I didn't mind but Rocky said no.....

Though after the "fit" from Kris - Rocky asked me........" did I lose points with what just happened??" and he looked so sweet and my heart melted.......

I said no.....I loved him no matter what. :love: :love:

That is why I wrote the being a safe harbor in the storm......cause it isn't going to be easy meshing 2 families.....
Anyway- his 2 lady friends that were trying to have a relationship with him didn't like Kris's behavior either.......

Sometimes I think it might be a behavioral mean beyond a spoiled child thing....where something is quite not kind of mean but in all seriousness. I have seen a child wanting their way with my own and this is different.

Loving him is one thing and showing a united front with our kids is a must :nono: :nono: :love: :love: :nono: :love: :eek: :bravo: :cp: :cb: :jig: I just also want some peace in my life. lol

geez.........what happened to Brady Bunch :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

No, I agree. ..... I give my children things too for nor reason. Though if they aren't minding I don't -

Though I will say about Kris,...........he can be really very sweet and you just want to hug him when you don't wanna strangle He made me coffee without asking and served me - that was sweet.

1 hour JUST to get to the front of the line!! Kaiser..........gotta hate

back to my newsletter- 2 more pages!!!

12-05-2004, 05:35 PM
Happy Sunday All!!

Thank you all for the fertility advice, I was thinking about looking into one of those ovulation kits....I need to understand how that all works!!! I think we are deperate at this point....Im very upset today, Im weighing in at 197lbs......HORRIBLE... I thought I didn so good this week, and it says I gained>????? I was shocked??? All I can say is that tomorrow, Im counting every calorie this next week...Im getting KFC to pig out tonight, and then tomorrow, its back on track!!! Ive gotta lose like at least 2 lbs this week> I have the wedding on saturday and I feel like so bloated and crappy again!!

CRISTI: We ended up renting Spiderman 2 this weekend, it was alright!!
We enjoy renting movies on friday nights!!

I had my friends two kids overnight for their sleepover last night!! Took them home around lunch time, and went back to walmart for some more xmas stuff!! Im hoping to start a few xmas cards tonight, and maybe send out a few every couple of days as I do them!!

MINDEE: May take you up on that email offer..Id like to get some info on that Clear Blue test you were referring too!! We' ve been together almost 6 years now and never a sign of Pregnancy.....we may call our family doc to see what step he feels we should take now....because a fertility specialist is not cheap and I dont want to waste money down the drain at this moment!!

Well off to finish some laundry and go get dinner!!
Hello to JANE, MARTI, KATY,KATHY,SUE,SUSAN,ANGIE,ELLEN, and anyone else I left out....


da fat n da furious
12-05-2004, 08:38 PM
Friday Night Lights is a football movie with Billy Bob Thorton, a true story...the kind of movies I like. Its about a team of players and all their personal problems and how the whole town is more or less pressuring them to win state. Odessa Texas, in 1988, and its gone bust after the oil drop.
So Monte and I went shopping groceries but before we went we went to a huge craft show,,,wow some of the stuff is just gorgeous. We bought Brandon his birthday present, a sign that says performers to enter by back
Bought Tanner a touque that has a
Cristi, just sounds like your so organized,,,I feel like Im flying by the seat of my pants most days,,,my agenda book is filled too much and yet I am still writing in little letters for more stuff to do. Ill rest when Im dead would be my motto I
IVe got 2 cantainers of decorations done,,,just another 9 to go. Plus the two tree boxes.
ITs sooooo cold here,,,brrrr snowy and icy...yuck!
Well I should finish dinner prep.

12-05-2004, 09:21 PM
Hello everyone...

We took Jhanai up to Eugene and we had a fun time shopping.....tried to stay within a budget. Did pretty good I suppose. (everything cost so darned much!)

Came home and James got a call from his brother. Now, here is the history.....James' father died on Christmas in 2000, his mother passed away four days before Christmas two years ago and today we get a call that his grandfather passed away last night. Why is it always around the holiday? I felt terrible for him! I asked him if he needed anything and he said he was ok. He told me that he was much closer to my grandparents than his own, but I think it must be still hard! So right now he's headed over to the senior housing that he lived at to talk to someone about whatever it is that he went over there for. This is the grandfather who celebrated his 99th birthday last January.


Then I heard (from Jhanai) that my ex IL's close friends (who are also neighbors of mine, they just live down the street) the husband passed away from cancer on Thursday.

Makes one feel guilty for being in the spirit of the holidays.

Not trying to come on here to bring everyone down, just felt I needed to talk and let you know what's going on.

I will be back tomorrow. I'm going to talk to the management tomorrow at OML about taking a couple days off for bereivement to be w/James. Seems like he's the only one in the family who tends to all the arrangements. I hate to see him to it all on his own.

Take Care

12-06-2004, 09:26 AM
Again, I am up way too early....but, hey, it gives me time to post here! :coffee: :coffee:
Marti, please pass on my condolences to James. It is hard to lose a family member, and James is so strong to take on all the arrangements. Hope you can swing some bereavement leave.

On another note, I've been drinking more green tea as well. It's an anti-oxidant, which is always good, I you ask me. I have a favorite called Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea, by Celestial Seasonings.

Angie - I thought that was what Friday Night Lights was. Glad to hear it was a good movie - seems like Billy Bob's been in a few stinkers lately. We're going to watch Bad Santa pretty soon. MIL hated it, but DH and I have pretty twisted senses of humor, so we may like it! LOVE Brandon's sign! When I was in HS, I lettered in drama; costumed all the shows, and whatnot. My Mom gave me a tshirt that said " Life is not a dress rehearsal". I helped a friend of mine works on costumes for Hedda Gabler last year, and I kind of got the bug again.....may need to look into volunteering with some of the community theatres when the kids are older.

Julie - hope the fertility info helps....hard to believe,but it is true that stress makes it worse. So relax, and enjoy your wonderful fiance.... you all are young'uns, you know.... there's plenty of time to figure out this stuff. I can understand that if you have wanted a baby for 6 years and it hasn't happened, that would be stressful. When we first started seeing the doc, he gave us a basal thermometer and we had to chart my temp ( like in the ovulation kits) so maybe you guys just do that on your own for awhile before spending the $$ on a doc. My aunt and uncle tried for 7 years to get pregnant with no success, so they gave up and went on a vacation to Europe. Well guess what ;) So tell your fiance you just need to go to Europe! lol I'm with you on the need to get back on track. I kind of blew it over the last few days, so I need to face the week with renewed committment to eating well.

Susan - big (((((hugs))))) for dealing with Kaiser over the weekend! Ugh. We've had Kaiser for years and most of the time I absolutely love them, but urgent care on a weekend is the pits :mad: Glad Gaby is ok... those pesky ear infections... My son used to get those on a pretty regular basis, so I braced myself for DD to get them, too, but she hasn't to my amazement. I've been told it's partly because I nursed her for two years. But, she's been around way more cooties, being a younger sib and all that... guess we just got lucky there.... for now..... Cristi gave some good advice about the step-parenting books. It really is just a whole different ballgame when kids are involved. I've watched some of my long time girlfriends struggle with this one... just don't realize the extent to which kids have to have a huge priority in their parents' lives. But you and Rocky both have kids, so you do know. Sounds like Nana may have some issues - probably just they way she's managed her grief all these years.

Jane - I DO remember George Clooney from Roseanne! Makes me feel old! Had to be 15-16years ago. He was Boomer and he dated Jackie. Oh, this is getting bad. I can remember this, but can I remember to pay my gas bill? Nooooo. I agree that giving up pop is a good diet move. I gave it up in 1988 - it really does help keep junk food cravings in check. Speaking of giving things up.....I came to the realization this weekend that I can no longer enjoy a glass of wine with dinner anymore. It's wierd, it feels relaxing, but for some reason it keep me awake at night. I also tend to get very munchy if I drink wine or beer, and that happened to me this weekend, so I'm going on the wagon so I can get myself back on track.

Ok- onto the rest of the day!
Have great one gals

12-06-2004, 09:54 AM
It's Monday!

Marti - so sorry about James' grandfather and also your friend/neighbor. :grouphug: Yes, that does put a damper on the holiday spirit, but you can and should enjoy the holidays in spite of it. I'm sure the grandfather would want you to carry on with the spirit of Christmas. KWIM? Hopefully you will get a few days off to spend with James - he'll need you by his side. Wish there was something I could do....

Susan - hope Gaby is better today. I think you should be an authority figure in Kris' life just like Rocky is, once you are married. Neal and I would discuss things in private and decide what to do about a certain situation, then present a united front to Terry and Mary. They knew that what Neal said was as "official" as what I said. You and Rocky will have to talk that out and do what is right for you guys. It sounds like the Nana is going to be a big problem at first, but keep in mind that it can all be worked out. She may have some resentment for you since you will be replacing her as the "main woman" in Rocky and Kris' lives. You might want to find a common bond with her (other than Rocky and Kris) and nurture that.

Cristi - most of the time a book is way better than the movie, imho. I don't like it when the movie is a lot different than the book. We had to use two tapes to record the one last night - it was 3 hours long! Did you get to see it?

Julie - STEP AWAY FROM THE KFC, lol. Actually, I still eat it once in a while. An extra-crispy leg is 5 points, and the mashed potatoes and gravy is 3. Add on a double order of green beans (0 points), and it's real do-able. I never liked the biscuits and slaw that much anyway. Hope you get the fertility monitor thing going.

Angie - oic about the Friday Night Lights. I love craft shows. Especially liked to go to them when I had my own craft shop.

Katy - glad you have time to post before your day officially begins. I would have thought wine would help a person sleep. But since I don't drink it, I wouldn't have a clue, lol. Have a good day!

We're going to a Christmas Gala at the university tonight, and I always love those! There are a lot of talented performers and the music is just beautiful. Best of all - it's free!

Gotta go sort laundry! Bbl,

12-06-2004, 01:23 PM
I swear for this being a cul-de-sac there sure is a lot of traffic and noise at 7 am! The garbage man had to get the big bins across the street and change them out even though they weren't full. Then the kids were up getting their day started. Sometimes it just seems like the noise is magnified a 100 times over. I gave up on trying to sleep in so got up and got an early start on the day. Just need to get some vacuuming done and I am all done. Anyway...

Hi Ladies and good morning :)

Susan~I'm wondering if Kris acts the way he does because of his mother. I mean, has his Nana or Rocky talked to him about her? Does he know anything about her? Can't remember the story of how she died or how old Kris was when it happened but that could have a big impact on his life. Josh, DS#2 was acting out after his dad died. He took it hard, we all did but he was having a hard time dealing with it and I did seek counseling for him. He went for a little while, maybe 6 months and just from talking to someone other than us about his dad helped tremendously. So I am wondering if there are some deeper issues with Kris. One year his class had to make Fathers Day cards and he didn't want to. This kid sitting next to him said why aren't you making a card? He told him he didn't have a dad, his dad is dead. The boy didn't believe him and told the teacher. The kids also had mean things said to them like "Well, at least I have a dad, you don't" you wouldn't believe how mean kids are. So you never know. DS#1 always had ear infections when he was young. I was worried the other two woulda also but they were fine. I swear if someone sneezed near Jason he would get an ear infection. Hope Gaby is feeling better today.

Marti~so sorry to hear about James' grandpa and the neighbor/friend. Why is it sometimes tragedy strikes at the holidays? Or sometimes on or before a special day? Lost my grandpa a week before Christmas, then my dads dad. DH#1 we lost just after my birthday and before Fathers Day, Nathan we lost the day before V's BD. Spent his BD at the funeral home. Anyway...getting side tracked. (((((HUGS))))) to you and James. :grouphug: Hope you get some time off to spend with him so he doesn't have to do everything his self. I do think most companies offer bereavement time and some offer pay as well. It does seem odd to be in the holiday spirit with such tragedies but like Jana said, they would want you to be happy, as hard as it may be.

Jane~I didn't watch the movie-I did try. I watched about 40 mns. of it before turning it on I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-very cute. Was going to flip back and forth but got into the other movie I forgot about it. I didn't like the way they kept jumping all over the place, going back and forth from the time he was young. If it just started out when he was young it would have been fine. I am hoping the book is better-I heard it was, I still want to read it. Enjoy the Christmas Gala tonight.

Angie~aaahhh so that's why that sounded so familiar. :chin: I think I saw it but for some reason was thinking it was a Christmas light show-ya never know. Girly, you have so much going on in your life I am surprised you have time to sleep. I definitely couldn't keep up with you and I wouldn't be this little bit of organized if I had your life. I can barely keep up with my little boring life and you tire me out reading your posts with all you do. Like I said before...the energizer keep going and going and going...

Julie~I am sorry to hear about the baby issue. Maybe if you guys take some time off from thinking about it (I know easier said than done) and relax maybe it will happen then. You are so young and still have lots of time. I know that is no consolation since you are wanting a baby now.

Not sure what I will do today. I still have a load of laundry to get done and vacuuming and I am done for the day. Probably spend a lot of time on the 'puter. :comp: See if I can find some gifts. Done with DD and DS#2 and now know what I will get V, just have to finish DS#1 and don't have a clue what he needs. He says he doesn't want or need anything. Of course not, he keeps buying stuff! :lol: Think I will pull out the WATP video and see how far I get on that. Haven't done much walking lately, unless you count the mall. I am going to start with that and then work my way to the treadmill and more time. We finally got the Atkins Diet books and need to get those read. Think we are starting those after Christmas afterall. We'll see how that goes. It has to because I refuse to be fat another year!

Have a good day ladies :wave:

12-06-2004, 03:50 PM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Well, things are starting to look and feel more like they should be. The weather is getting chillier, so that means more time inside when we don’t have to go outside. Plus, it is the holiday season, so that means time to listen to some holiday music! Brandon is doing great! He is loving everything about Christmas, and for that he takes after his daddy. Tommy loves Christmas time!

Tommy gets his license back next Monday, so that means no more walking to the grocery store when we don’t have to! He says that with the car in the driveway it is just teasing him, but he only has a week to go and then we will be off to do some shopping!

I think we are also coming to a near end for TTC #2. Everybody has been asking us when we are going to have the next one. I kept saying “ask him.” And then they would ask Tommy, and he would say “I don’t know. But I have been hit with the baby bug really bad.” He keeps saying that he wants to wait a little while longer, but as of right now, I think we are more or less open to life!

Cristi~ Well, the way that the mall is set up, it is in a circle. So you don’t really notice any congestion or anything. Shopping at the mall was fun! Brandon got to sit on Santa’s lap. He didn’t cry at all, he smiled at him. I have a picture of Brandon, and his two cousins and my sister with Santa. He fell asleep while we were eating, so then we went to the toy store and bought him three presents while he was sleeping. Those are now under the tree, and he knows that they are his because I had to already retape one because the tape came loose and he was trying to steal it from me.

Marti~ The green tea is good for you. That is how we got Brandon. LOL I loved the Arizona Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng.

Jane~ I am working myself up to giving up pop again. I did it before, but then I fell off the wagon for some reason. Now when I eat, I eat just enough to where I feel full, but not to the point where I stuff myself. It seems to be working that way, so I am keeping up with it. Once I had Brandon, I was cracking jokes because my boobs were saggy. Now, they do whatever they want to.

We picked up our own poker set yesterday. It isn’t like the one that my sister Katy and her husband have. But it is a start and we were already testing them out yesterday.

Julie~ Feel free to email me! The ovulation predictor kits that you can get at any store, are very helpful. If you can tell when you are ovulating then they help even more. I have done charting since we decided to get pregnant, and the ovulation predictor kits go hand in hand with charting.

I remember George Clooney on Roseanne. Do you remember him when he was on the show "Sisters" and he played Teddy's boyfriend Falconer, I think that was his last name.

12-06-2004, 06:35 PM
Wow, Mindee. I remember George Clooney when he was on Facts of Life. .....does that date me or what??


I just had a second. So, to Marti - hugs and prayers for James and yourself.

On Kris..........

He was 23 days old when his mother died. I believe he has heard many stories about his mother from Rocky. There are pictures in the living room of her and the only picture of the 3 hangs in Kris's bedroom.
Nana seems to have a huge part in how he is raised. I have heard several times Rocky saying "Nana just called scolded me on ......blah-blah"....

I go........"are you allowed to be scolded at 48?'

Just a guess but when she died I think Rocky leaned heavy on the support that Nana gave him. I know he took off time from work and when he had to go back he felt a lot of guilt. That this baby lost a mother and was now going to lose being with his father. Even if it was just 8 hours a day.

Also, there had been talk of Nana adopting Kris when he was a baby and Rocky never agreed. Kris got wind of this somewhere and when him and his father argue he will say "I will just go live with Nana."

Nana has other grandkids but Kris is the one she indulges the most. I go "just take his phone ( ya, he has a cell and don't let him talk to Nana until you resolve whatever issues...."

Rocky said no........because if Nana doesn't hear from Kris she would think something was the matter.

So, I guess my only thought is bunker down!! lol

I did tell Rocky that Kris is part of a family. He can't come and go as he pleases. He is at nana's most night until 9/10 o'clock , I said ,........"be nice to have him there for dinner and settled in by 8ish.......can't be upseting the whole household....." at school have teased him about not having a mother. Him and Gabrielle spoke last night on the phone for the first time. Course Gaby is gibberish but she was so cute, nasal sounding - Kris seemed to enjoy her and said "hi auntie" to me....calls me auntie.

Anyway, I will RUN to the library and get some books on step parenting. I did read several when I was married to Doug. Though my step kids were older then, and I did have Mike's daughter.......

Gabrielle is better. Another spoiled She hates taking her medicine and I put it in some diet sprite but she spots the red tint and says "YUCK!!!!!" and won't touch it......

Anyway, talked with Mike last night and we went around and around. He recieved my response and I told him I was putting down 1,200 on a lawyer. Said ....."too bad that can't be going towards Garielle" and he said "that is not my problem"

He also agreed to give me sole custody if I agreed about the 60 mile notice and agree never to

I just told him that I was going to get Sole Custody, that is a given and the judge can decide about the other stuff.......he called my ex this morning... *roll eyes*..........I swear......I am going to become a nun!!! lol

best get.......

12-06-2004, 09:39 PM
Hi everyone

Just popping in on my mom's computer. My address is still the same, as we are not totally out of our house yet, and when we are all moved out we are renting the house out to my brother and his wife. We now have a country address, but I have to find out how that works. We stop at the old house every day to pick up the mail.

So I do need some snail mail addresses from some of you, so please pm me with addresses. THanks.

Must run.
Marti we moved to an acreage 12 miles out of town. Not really far away. Only really takes 12 minutes to get to town.

Hope to get our computer set up shortly at home.

:grouphug: to you all.

da fat n da furious
12-06-2004, 09:50 PM
I don't like being outside! its cold outside...brrrr minus 20.
Susan, I would think with the three of you sitting down adn tlaking with Nana you would be able to go over some ground rules. This is after you and Rocky have had tiem to talk about keeping a united front....
Katy, you probably could go to any theatre company and say you would be willing to help out with costumes from home,,,just easy stuff hemming and such. Enough to get you in but not to keep you stuck. Specially if you don't like that group and can check out another theatre company. I work with 3 right now,,,have worked with 3 others.
One I refuse to ever work with again. One I miss terribly in Red Deer, and another that only does one show a year.
Jane, did Terry say how he was going to propose? Geesh I feel so excited about
Marti, I am so sorry about James is grandfather....99 yrs old? What a wonderful full life he must of lead.
Cristi, I don't normally feel stress over my stuff, there are times when Ive double booked myself and wow that makes Monte freak...he just hates when I do that.
Mindee, I take it you don't drive too? So 6 more days till James gets his license back.

Well my big plans for tonight is relaxing with my book and watching some tv,,,,
went to the school for the poinsetta sales and helped out with that...sold over 180,,,at 23 bucks a pop thats great for the band. Brandon ventured out to his guitar lessons today,,,I drove him and with all the ice I must of looked like a freak walking with him,,,,lol
I have 4 more boxes of decorations to do...YAY!
Im more done now,,,I picked up Skittles present today...a couple of babies and chew rings. Shouldn't get her anymore babies since she always destroys them then we have dead baby everywhere...*sigh Ive had to pull her babies from the toilets, and garbage cans...inside the blankets,,,she just isn't that maternal I guess. Its so cold I put her hoody on her,,,so cute.
Ellen where are you? Please tell me you didn't stick your tongue to something metal....

12-06-2004, 10:26 PM
hmmmm, kind of scared of nana. :fr: :fr: :fr: Angie.

I am joking,she don't scare me. Though I like the idea of getting close with her in a shared interest. I asked Rocky about her before and she use to do a lot of ceramic's but not anymore.
Her and her daughter use to be best friends and that was her only daughter.

His real mother and sisters sound great. I asked him what they thought of what was going on and he said they felt he needed to stand up to her.........and

TV sounds great . Gaby and I watch Lawerence Welk the other night we danced around and Gaby boogied........ :cb:

Your new home sounds super Kathy! Take Care-

best get -

12-07-2004, 09:55 AM
Good morning to you!

Marti - you and James are in my thoughts today, sweetie. :grouphug:

Cristi - your story about Josh and the mean kids at school is so sad! Why do kids have to be so damned mean?? Little snots!! (calm down, Jane!) Anyway, regarding the book, it sort of reminded me of A Christmas Carol, the way the "ghosts" had a message to tell Eddie. They helped explain some things in his life. And yes, the book goes back and forth, too, but it wasn't as bad as some. Mostly flashed back on his birthdays. Btw - you didn't mention that you've lost 4 pounds, but I noticed it in your ticker. YAY for you!! :cp: I guess you replaced the scale that weighed you in at 97 pounds, lol. What kind did you get? I am wondering if mine needs calibrated.

Mindee - don't you drive? Or did you mean the license (plate) on the car? I had forgotten about Falconer! Used to love the show "Sisters" and never missed it. Being the youngest of 7 sisters, that show captured my interest right off. But none of us would have ever dated another's ex, lol.

Susan - Kris is going to be a challenge, but you can get through it. Sounds like you will have some allies on his side of the family. Yay for that!!

Kathy - oh, you're going to love country life! Except for the fact that I can't get a DSL, and have to use a dial-up internet service, lol, I can't imagine ever moving back to town. The air is so fresh, and no noisy neighbors. My dogs are free to roam, and the grandkids have alll this room to play. Of course, can't forget about all the fresh fruits and vegetables right outside the door. Literally, lol. I think you have my snail mail addy, but will PM it to you anyway.

Angie - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rofl: You totally cracked me UP with your message to Ellen!!!!!! I can just see her now!! Anyway, about Terry, he said he thought what Neal said to me was how he felt, too, and he'll do his own version of that. Which is basically, that she, the kids, and he make a good family, and that he is hoping she'll agree to marry him, yada yada yada. I'm going out and buying several Brides-type magazines to give her on Christmas day. Even though I had a very small wedding (both times ;) ) I still liked looking through them.

Ellen - come out, come out, wherever you are!!! Olly Olly oxen free!! (the young ones here won't have a clue what THAT is, lol!!)

The Christmas Gala last night was beautiful!! The orchestra did a rendition of Greensleeves/What Child Is This that truly made me cry. I had tears streaming down my face, so Neal gave me his hankie. That's one thing I love about Neal - he always has a hankie in his back pocket when you need it. Before Mary and Dale got married, I bought him some, and told him to keep them close-by, lol. Better make sure my son has some, too!

Gotta do laundry. It's gonna rain most of the day, I think, so I'm going to just stay home and putter.


12-07-2004, 11:52 AM
A quick hi from me today....
Jane - I almost cried just reading your description of the gala, lol - I love that song and can just imagine it being sung.

Cristi - I, too , noticed the change on your ticker - great job! Are you and Vince starting Atkins in '05?

Angie - thanks for the tip on theatre companies - I may pursue this when my kids are older... are you a volunteer or is this a paid gig for you? Do you think volunteering would lead to a job at some point? Could be fun....

Marti - hope you got the bereavement leave and that you and James are holding up ok today...

Hi to everyone else!

I am off shortly to go parent teach in my DD's preschool. I love going to school with her! While I am gone the electric company will be removing parts of my huge poplars on the side of the property... then the arborist I hired will come by and chip what he can. That's Phase One. Next Wed. he comes back to finish removing and chipping the trees as the electric company will only do part of it ( just the parts that could damage power lines) The whole thing is providing us with a very messy yard, and a lot of entertainment - DD likes the cherry picker in particular.

I am very tired, hopefully Leigh and I can take a snooze today....


Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 03:28 PM
Good Morning Everyone :yes:
Sorry I haven't posted ,funny story ,well maybe not,I got my tongue stuck to um something metal, you gals are so funny :rofl: I started posting yesterday at 11:55 explained where I was the day before got halfway through my posts ,stopped to make lunch for my daughter who popped in from work, sent her on her way then son came home fed him ,and then I came back to finish ,I spent another hour making up for the day before responding to everyones posts,and I was just putting on the finishing touches and my finger hit something and it was gone ,gone like Janes weight.I sat there in dumbfounded which is a normal state for me but a little more more so at this moment .I said to myself . Self , lets go do some cleaning and we will try this again later, which is exactly what I did ,So I wrote and wrote make my usual silly quips and finally I was done just as I went to post, the batteries in the mouse died ,and that was it all over my posting day was done, this one never to return again,So this brings me to today and here I am ,desperatley trying to keep my gimpy arthritic finger under control .

Hi Jane:wave:
Your right about that the younger ones,they probably think it a salt free boullion(oxo) :lol: Wow what a day ,Now there is so much chatting don't know if my brain has absorbed it all.So your Gala was beautiful, were you the Belle of the Ball I bet you were , what did you wear ,was it new,did you get your hair all done pretty,did you wear high heels.did you wear your emeralds and diamonds ,what did hubby say, do tell all the details pleaaaaase.and he gave you a hanky for your tears oh now I'm crying and all I got is paper towel. :lol: Its gloomy here to all wet not surprising since its raining. I will putter to ,as long as my putter still works.laundry sounds good,never a shortage of that is there.I was reading somewhere yesterday about your heartfelt suggestion for Angie to send me one of those instant husbands.I thought for a while about it and then realized that I would only have to waste more energy and oxygen just to bring him to life , then I thought if the darn thing doesn't do anything but sit there ,it wouldn't be any different than what I had ,so having put all these thoughts together I will opt for the much needed space that he would take up ,but I did appreciate the thought :lol3: You gals are so funny, and are a bright spot in my day .
Well I had better get going with my posts ,just in case something else happens.:lol:I hope you find some sunshine in this otherwise dreary day .PS Jane I just received your card ,thankyou so much for thinking of my Snookie and me , you are such a sweet kind thoughtful lady.((((((((HUGS)))))))))

Hi Angie:wave:
Wow you are to funny ,taking your friend a blowup husband,I bet that was a fun moment.Many years ago I came across blowup boobies at one of those gimic stores, I always wanted to buy a pair and wear them to my inlaws at Christmas because it never seemed to fail that the discussions always included the size of peoples noses in the family and how big grandma's boobs were ,I don't know ,you had to be there, I wanter to start dinner small and gradually pump them up till they were huge just to see it anyone noticed, but I never did get the chance to live out that fantasy :lol:great minds , huh, .I hope that she had a great birthday .Your Christmas decoration quantity sounds like mine ,I hope you get it all done soon, I'm so glad you and Skittles had that talk about putting up the tree I'm sure he was thinking how conveinient it would be to have a tree close by on those cold winter nights,:rofl: Is it still cold and yucky there , we had snow yesterday and it was cold today rain and plus 7 go figure I wish it would settle into some Christmas like weather ,its hard to feel christmassy with all this rain and mild weather,although a lot of peole would prefer it Oh I just saw the forcast snow on sat, mon ,tues ,Yeay sorry girls.Well I hope you are having a great day Angie.

Hi Marti:wave:
I would like to send my condolences to James, so sorry to hear about his Grandfathers passing,I hope that making all the arrangements wasn't to stressful or painful for him .((((HUGS TO JAMES AND YOU)))) So happy You James and Jhanai had a wonderful day shopping in Eugene and managed to get your shopping done on budget , it is hard isn't it .I was also happy to hear that you got your decorating done ,I bet it looks beautiful. Everyones decorations are beautiful no matter how little or how much,because they are done with the love in your family and home, so please don't compare yours to what you imagine mine to be , Just remember I compensate for what I lack with Christmas decorations:yes::lol: I am embarrassed to post mine now:o,did I create all this fuss about them:shrug: :lol: I really must learn not to talk so much. Have a wonderful day Marti.

Hi Susan :wave:
Do you feel like this will never end, I think Angie may have the answer to all are Male problems.:lol: they just sit there and and make no waves,and if they do nothing a pin can't take care of :lol: if they were all that easy to fix.I feel so bad that this has become such a fiasco for you ,but it will work itself out I'm sure.Love will conquer all ,if theres a will theres a way don't worry be happy and no I'm not doing Cristi's rendition of do do do do she does it so well:lol: she really did turn into a goofy girl ,I think its me,:lol: anyway I know that your Rocky love life ,I just can't pass those up :lol3: will all work out and the brady bunch did have there moments , you just need to get yourself a maid like Alice she was the best. So hows that for cheap advise,:lol:Have a great day Susan and stay out of the rain.

Hi Cristi:wave:
I know what you mean about the noise early in the morning ,always seems to echo .If only those garbage men could start at a reasonable hour lets say after coffee or even lunch :lol:I think they have an obligation to check and see if we are up yet after all we give them the privilidge of picking up our garbage ,I don't know what the worlds coming to:lol: I have the same problem the house a few doors down was owned by a police officer and his wife and small son for the last 3 years previously if was rented to students, it was such a nice feeling having him there,as always when a house sells you always are concerned about the new neighbours . We were very happy to find out that an older couple had purchased it in the spring , but low and behold didn't they rent it out to students.I have nothing against them ,except that they have have no respect for anyone ,they are loud and obnoxious when they come home at 3 in the morning ,they fight and yell and it wakes everyone up,the police are frequent visitors but it doesn't seen to have any effect on them. I am worried that my neighbour will sell because of it ,and they are such good neighbours I would miss them greatly .We used to have a law that you couldn't rent to students in a residential neighbourhood , but I don't know if it still exists . We have lost now 3 sets of families because of these students ,so I am worried.Isn't that a sad story.:lol: I hope you got your puter shopping done , did you find some gifts? I sure hope so,might have made up for your lack of sleep. Whats on your agenda today , I hope you have a wonderful day.

Hi Kathy:wave:
I am so happy to see you back. I know its stressful moving ,so much to do ,but it will be so wonderful living in the country, Did you get the horses moved alright?I hoped you are settled in time for the holidays,Do you go on sleigh rides , or am I living through the movies,and dreaming of a White Christmas:lol: I hope you are having a wonderful day and your moving is going smoothly, I would come and help , but I'm afraid by the time I got there you could possibly be planting your annuals :lol:

Hi Mindee:wave:
Did you get all your shopping finished yet,I'm happy to hear that Tommy is getting his licence back so you don't have to walk to the grocery store in this weather, Isn't it wonderful watching the holidays through a childs eyes ,big or small:lol: I'm the biggest kid of all at Christmas,and my birthday is one week before ,although I don't think I can claim to be 39 again I think someone might figure out I haven't aged in numbers for some years,:lol: physically might give it away.:lol: I hope that you are having a great day and give Bradon Christmas Hugs and Kisses for me.

Hi Katy:wave:
Or is this really Katy ,ok enough of the swan Jokes, we all know that you already are , no need for changes on you.I am so sorry that you can no longer enjoy that glass of wine ,its a sad sad day I hang my head in sorrow:lol: I think wine and beer are munchie stimulators and thats not good for the pound conscious, Green tea has many wonderful benifits ,but I don't think its comparable to wine ,but Iam all for you being healthy so out with the wine ,no time for wineing and throw out the beer ,you'll be skinny next year. Sorry:sorry: that wasn't one of my better ones:lol: Have a great day if its at all possible after that ,again My Sincere apologies :cry:

Hi Julie:wave:
That has to be a classic dieters statement, I will pig out tonight and start a new tomorrow have heard it a thousand times and said it as many :lol: How was the KFC did you kick yourself after you ate it,I always do.I hope you are back on track although its so hard this time of year ,especially when you are already struggling with it .Do you think if we ask Santa , we will all wake up thin and buff on Christmas morn,now that would be a Merry Christmas . I would celebrate with Turkey dinner and pumpkin cheesecake smothered in whipped cream,forever hopeless when it comes to Christmas dinner. Oh well I am being good till the CD day and I will be good after but I will not be good on Christmas day ,I just can't :lol: Sorry Jane :hungry::shrug::lol:I hope you are already for Christmas . and I,m sorry I guess I wasn' to helpful with the weightloss support ,I hope Jane doesn't kick me off of here:eek::sorry:

Ok you gals I have one small beef, I am hearing all this talk about the benifits of green tea, I must say that if you recall book club 11-10-2004 7:42 pm followed by 11-11-2004 6:03 and finally 11-13-6:14 I tried to inform you gals of a book called the perricone promise, something about taking years off your face and bod and green tea a weight loss stimulator lowers sugar levels , but did anyone listen to my exciting veiwing of Ophra and Dr. Perricone and his most exciting discoveries noooooooo! I'm truly offended :lol: nough said

Hello to Everyone Else :wave: I hope that you are all having a wonderful day I really do, really.

12-07-2004, 04:16 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone~

Had some errands to run this morning and get some books back to the library. Went with DS to the mall to see if anyone is doing any hiring and guess who is hiring for just about everything? Yankee Candle Company. :lol: he said the bad thing about that is he would spend half his paycheck! Him and me both. He went ahead and quit his job as the scrooge is on a rampage and playing her little games again. He thought she was going to fire him because talk of moving managers around. he got wind of it and since everyone else already received their bonuses he thought the reason she was holding on to his was to give them to him in person to let him go before his month is over. Too much stress for this young lad to be handling. I told him he needs to decide what to do his self but if it is causing that much stress to just quit, so he did. I think he wanted to hear it was okay with me. Poor kid was all upset yesterday when he called me. I don't know what is wrong with this woman that she treats people this way. Oh well, he is done with them thank goodness, well, after he gets his bonuses. Told him to file a complaint with the labor board, I am sure he could get a long list of people to do the same. She just can't keep going around treating the employees like she does. Anyway...

Thanks ladies :thanks: yeppers. I lost four lbs. last month and not following any diet or program. There is a site that I frequent called (LOVE that site!) and this guy (Norris Chumley) has a 30 day Spiritual Lifestyle Plan. I want to get the book but for now what is on the site has helped. Now just imagine how much I would or could have lost had I been following a plan? But I am happy with the 4 lb. loss for the month. I am hoping to continue with it, and get his book and also start Atkins.

Jane~yeah, you wouldn't believe how mean kids were, it just seems unreal that they can be so cruel. Have to check to see what the scales are, not even sure, DUH! I still want to read the book. I put the ticker thingy back up 'cause I saw on the announcement thread that it wasn't such a problem now, may have been a temporary thing. Also, saw that they are getting ready for their own and I can't wait. I still love looking at the Bridal magazines. Seriously, once in a while I will buy one or two. V asks if I am getting married again. :lol: Just love looking at them and hoping one day I get to help with DD. :crossed: Glad you guys had a nice time at the gala. That (Greensleeves/What Child is This) is also one of my favs. John Berry (wonder what happened to him) a country singer sang that and oh my gosh! I could feel something inside of me when he sang it. That one and O Holy Night. All I can say is WOW! I have the cassette and should get the CD if I can find it. Loved his songs, both the regular ones and the Christmas.

Katy~yeah, we decided we will just wait till after Christmas to get it together to do Atkins. Finally received the books but haven't had a chance to read them yet and make a plan. Right now I am trying to buy groceries as we need them, not too much extra stuff as I don't know what we can eat yet. Hope you have a nice time with DD at her preschool.

Mindee~glad you guys had a nice time at the mall. I remember Sisters also-loved that show! Do remember Clooney on that also, would have never thought about it had you not mentioned it though.

Susan~so Nana is the mom Kris never had. Yeppers, I think Rocky to needs to take control and put his foot down. Now refresh my memory, how old is Kris again? And he has a cell phone? Now did you meet Nana or any of his family while there? Sorry if you mentioned it before-it's hard to keep track of everything sometimes. Oh my goodness, I remember Clooney on The Facts of Life also! How funny! Used to watch that show too, loved Tootie and her roller skates. :lol:

Kathy~CONGRAT'S on your house! Hope you guys are getting all settled and loving it. We plan on staying here for a few years and then maybe moving back to the country, but on a paved road or a very short dirt road! :lol: Love the country but no the roads. Of course we didn't know all the plans the city has for building up and I don't care for it. If I wanted to live in a bigger city I would have moved to Wichita.

Ellen~girly where are ya? We are missing ya. :mag: Hope you are feeling fine.

Marti~hope you and James are fine and you got some time off to be there with and for him.

Angie~I am picturing Skittles in her hoodie, aaahhh, so cute! Can't get our little (old) Ernie dog to wear anything. He hates the sweater we put on him sometimes but when he goes out he gets to shivering. But if there is snow on the ground you can't keep him out of it. He loves the snow, weird, but cute. Last year he was almost covered fromt he drifts. He walked out and was gone.

Well, guess I best get off. DS is waiting to get on to update his resume, print some out to drop off a few places tomorrow. He is bored out of his mind. I think I will go take a gander at the Atkins books since I have nothing else to do today.

Hi to everyone else! Take care everyone and have a wonderful day!

12-07-2004, 04:21 PM
There you are Ms Ellen! We must have been typing away at the same time, only you beat me to the submit button! :) Don't have much more time to chat but will respond to your post later. Had to say hi though. HI! :D

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 04:25 PM
Cristi its me, I'm here didn't you see me up there :dancer:

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 04:53 PM
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas
Just like the one's I used to know
Where the winters snowy
And the wind does blowy
and the dog can't find a place to go
Yes I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
To build a snowman out of snow
where the snow does glisten
Glad I wore my mittens
cause the dog buried something Ho Ho Ho :lol:

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 04:55 PM
Sorry :sorry:
I don't get much fresh air

12-07-2004, 06:03 PM
Someone let Ellen out to get some fresh air!!! lol

Nice to have you back- must be maddening about writing a long post and losing it!! UGH.......

I purchased a bubble machine. Gaby and I hooked it up this morning. Since I live a soap opera might as well have the bubbles...... :bravo:

I recieved an "AMENDED" petition today. I took it from the mail man and he said "you don't have to take it" lol.

I said no, I better. Need to know what "he " is up to.

So, I opened it and he is now asking for drug testing for both of us....*roll eyes*.,........I have never done drugs. I guess this works to my favor because he is the one with a drug history.
That borrowing $$$$$$ from his mother has his brain (what there is) working over time.
The other one is now he wants 365 day notice ( aka 1 YEAR!!!! ) if I want to move so he can have time to look for

He is going to following me around the world , I guess. Gives no thought he is leaving another daughter behind........and what is this fantasy about working?? lol - UGH!!

Anyway, now I have to resond to this........doesn't cost, thank- goodness.

My mom is going to foot the lawyer bill. I need one,,,,,,,,Perry Mason, I ain't.

Though I am hoping for my change of venue to be granted.

PLEASE LORD!!! I need some good news.

Kris is 11 in March- Cristi...........yep has a cell phone. *ROLL EYES* His father and I went out and Kris abused his phone by calling us over and over,,,,,his father turned his phone off.....

I have my own opinion on how this child is being raised - going to need to pick my battles never met Nana or Papa, though I saw them in the yard working. Didn't put pressure on Rocky or them to meet them .
Though later she was asking why I wasn't introduced and Rocky said that was his fault because I had voiced interest in meeting her - just thought there would be time for that at the - jk.

Kris seems to like me though. He seems to be wanting attention from a parent. Maybe Rocky has been lazy and sitting back letting nana raise him....

anyway, blah- my world turns.

ta ta

12-07-2004, 06:17 PM
Hold it! Hop on over to chit chat #94... see ya there!

Tea Rose
12-07-2004, 06:44 PM
Yes it was frustrating ,but I'm used to it, living with me and all :lol: When does your misery end ,I think I will stay by my lonesome or if I get really desperate I could get me one of them blow up husbands or a teddy bear , yeah I'd rather have the teddy.I don't even know what to say to you ,not really understanding this part of the law,anything I would say would be empty words heartfelt but empty.I wouldn't want to go through what you are right now, although I have had my share of difficulties,It doesn't seem right that you find happiness and someone wants to destroy .I think I should come up there and knock a few heads together. Its really good you have your Mom to help you out,and support you,cause I think you need Perry Mason ,I wish I could help but all I got is cheesy jokes now if I could sell them NAH!!!!. that would never happen :lol:sorry Maybe I can come up with something new. Well I'm going to go brainstorm ,and see what I can do. I will keep you posted ,posted funny huh :lol: