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12-02-2004, 04:36 PM
Hi all,

I'm not new to the boards but would like somewhere lively and a bit sometimes frivolous to post, so thought I'd drop in here and introduce myself.

I've been SBD'ing since May and have lost 24 lbs. DH has lost 40+. I'm needing extra supportive energy these days, as the dreaded Christmas goodies have begun to arrive at work (I'm a nurse manager in a long term care facility - everybody brings chocolate to us at this time of year!)

Looking forward to talking with you all...


12-02-2004, 04:38 PM
Hi, Karen! Welcome to the Beach! You will find this a warm and inviting place to hang out - all the folks here are pretty awesome!

Jump on in! The water feels great!

12-02-2004, 05:00 PM
Welcome, Karen! :wave:

My grandmother is in a home, and loves to hand out chocolate to the nurses. I was just about to send her three large bags for Hannukah...maybe I shouldn't? ;)

12-02-2004, 05:18 PM
Welcome Karen! Congratulations on you and your DHs weight loss. The Holidays aren't easy, but you can do it.


12-02-2004, 05:31 PM
Welcome to The Beach. I'm glad you found your way over here!

12-02-2004, 06:31 PM
Huh! :snooty: Alternachicks not frivolous enough for you, darling! :lol3:
Nice to have you here, Karen!

12-02-2004, 06:45 PM
Hi nice to meet you - I'm always up for a bit of silliness - looking forward to it :)

anchor weight
12-02-2004, 07:08 PM

Welcome to the beach! You will find the support you need here - you just have to seek it out when you need it!

Hey - I own a school with my mom and we teach Certified Nurse Aides in Michigan. I'm very well versed in Long Term Care. And candy during the holidays :lol:

Hang in there.

sweet tooth
12-02-2004, 07:34 PM
Welcome to SBD. Glad to have you join in our fun.

12-02-2004, 11:03 PM
Hey Hey welcome to the best sand around!

12-03-2004, 07:03 AM
Hi Karen...I don't know about silly...a little odd, a little strange maybe...but silly...what do you all think Beach Babes? But you're welcome to join us. :)

It's funny, all summer long I kept hinting at my patients, (mostly rural, all southern and quite a few gardeners) that I'd LOVE to have some of their garden overflow and do you think one lone zucchini made its way to my door...NOPE. Not a one!

But I wonder...will any of them bring me holiday goodies? Something to ponder in idle moments when I'm not tying myself up in knots trying to get these socks knitted.


12-03-2004, 08:50 AM
Hey Karen

Welcome to another Canadian!

You have done well on the weight loss so far!

Luckily I work with a bunch of IT guys who never think to bring in chocolates! ;)

But I have recently discovered sugarfree chocolates at the Bulk Barn - I'm not a huge chocolate fan (but I do like the stuff) and I gotta say these are really good - maybe get some of those to keep in your desk and have one each time the real stuff is being passed around - not great but better then really cheating big time.

Now if I could only find sugarfree Turtles - my BIG Christmas downfall :(


12-03-2004, 10:53 AM
Oh, the holidays are so hard. My mom made bags and bags of cookies for Thanksgiving and tried to make me take a bag home, but I refused. Almost broke my heart though.

12-03-2004, 11:24 AM

Sugar is out... Great taste is in!
Nestle is proud to offer you the unmatched quality, and creamy crunchy goodness of Nestlé TURTLES, in Sugar Free !!!
Try Nestlé Sugar Free TURTLES available in both Pecan and Peanut!

Dang, I've gone and made myself hungry looking for you some sugar free turtles. Did you know that Godiva has a sugar free dark chocolate bar? And it's only $84 for a box of 24. :lol: It's a good thing I don't have any cash in my purse today or I'd be heading down to the gift shop about now. No, I think a nice snack would be better, well, off to eat some very good for me lf cottage cheese with Uncle Sam cereal sprinkles and I won't be dreaming of godiva chocolates, no no I won't. :lol3:

12-03-2004, 12:44 PM
WOW Sarahyu thank you!

Now I have to find out if I can get these here in Ontario - maybe Walmart - they seem to have a lot of sugarfree stuff.

Thanks again! :D