South Beach Diet - Cramp in My Foot While Exercising! Help

anchor weight
11-30-2004, 08:05 PM
Help fellow chickies,

I started exercising this month. I went back to an exercise program that I started this summer called "Escape your Shape". I really like these guys and anytime I have a question they email me back in 24 hours with an answer. Like they recommend jumping rope for the cardio but I'm too heavy and have a bum knee so they recommended the recumbent bike instead. This is my breakdown.

15 minutes of treadmill walking at 2.7 or above

30 seconds of stretching each muscle group which is about 11 different stretches for 30 - 60 seconds each

30 minutes of cardio on my recumbent bike at 15.5 MPH or above

Anaerobic (sp) exercises with a 4 lb toning bar 15 - 30 reps each

Cool down (I use my ab lounger)

Anyhow, I'm getting a cramp in my foot during my 30 minutes of cardio on the bike. Like - a really painful cramp - I tried taking my shoes off today when the cramp started but it didn't help. I thought it might be my mind playing tricks on me to get me to quit exercising and maybe I would work through it at some point. I only get it in one foot - not the other. Is there something I can do? Toe streches or something?

11-30-2004, 08:52 PM
Amy, one of my feet used to fall asleep when I was on the bike. It was annoying and sometimes painful.
I bought new running shoes recently, and I think I may be healed. :lol:
It's just a thought. Even if you have an old pair of runners, you could try switching to see if it makes a difference.