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11-30-2004, 11:20 AM
Hi all

Ive been reading here alot lately and Ive noticed many of you talking about different books. Just in todays read Ive learned about "The 9 truths about weight loss", "Thin for life", and "Fit from within".

Ive also discovered, that Im very good at loosing weight. Ive done it many times. Its keeping it off where Im having alot of trouble. Ive managed to keep 100lbs off, simply because I dont ever want to go back to 5x clothing. But Im still stuck in a size 18 that I ate my way back into recently. So......this is obviously where I need help.

Which book have you found most helpful in your maintaining? Im not looking for a diet book, but a motivational one. This is something Ive never thought to look for before until I started coming here.

Your help and wisdom is very greatly appreciated!!


11-30-2004, 01:08 PM
My favs of the moment are: "Thin for Life", "Win the Fat War" "Dr. Phil 7 Keys to Success"...

Not only books motivate me, coming here does too...I do that regularly... Reading other fitness sites.... KristaSmash for instance ... We mention it here a lot too... Anything I can get my grubby little hands on...:devil:

11-30-2004, 10:17 PM
Hi Robin:

One book I really like for motivation and support - not nutrition or exercise - is "The Thin Book" by Jeane Eddy Westin, sub-titled 365 Daily aids for fat-free, guilt-free, binge-free living.

It's a page a day book with lots of weight loss wisdom and support. I have 2 copies I've read thru and underlined. I have 3-4 copies that I haven't read thru yet. It seems I keep buying it at the thrift store cuz I like it so much. I have given several copies to friends thru the years. It was published in 1978. I remember buying it new at that time. Then it found it's way into the closet. I found several copies when I was loosing weight last year, and found the info still helpful.

Another book for support I found recently is put out by Weight Watchers, it's a page a day type book also called "Success Every Day" subtitled 365 meditations for your weight loss journey.

There are also some page a day books put out by Hazelden that are the daily mediation type also. One comes to mind is "Food for Thought" (Meditations for Overeaters - (I have it in audio book form) and "Each Day a New Beginning" Meditations for Women (audio book). I used to have the books.

I like to take a quiet time to read thru a page with a cup of coffee or soda. Just sit for a bit and think about what the topic of the day is. It's a nice way to think out of my normal thoughts.... just like reading on the forum does some days. I like the books because the folks took lots of time to work out their phrasings to make the most impact for the short pages.


"Sometimes we want to fold up our dreams and put them away.
Then from somewhere deep inside, comes a song of courage and we know we can never give up."

From a calendar page.

11-30-2004, 11:02 PM
Thanks so much Ilene and Allie! Im going to look into these books and get reading.

12-01-2004, 08:39 AM
Another book I like a lot that I haven't heard mentioned here is Strong Women Stay Slim by Miriam E. Nelson. It talks a lot about the value of strength training in losing weight and maintaining weight loss. Also has sections on food, cardio, goal setting, etc to help pull it together. Note that this is a rather gentle introduction to the concept of strength training--no advanced body building here. She has a website,, that has some example articles, if you'd like a preview. I liked this book so much I got my mother another book of hers, Strong Women Stay Young, for Christmas last year.

I also enthusiastically second Ilene's recommendation of the Krista's Women's Weight Training website.

Of course, you only have to look at the 'Our Photos' and 'Introduce yourself' thread here on the Maintainers forum to see the value of strength training. Or go read some of the LWL forum. Really spectacular results!

Well, now that I'm pumped up, I'm off to lift. :D


12-04-2004, 10:19 AM
I'm a seconder for 'Thin Within'. I'm trying not to hurry through it because there's so much good and I need to peruse and learn.
Probably the notion that is smacking me most often is the one about 'observation and correction' .... that we need to observe a mistake and decide how to handle it instead of beating ourselves up because we are BAD. quote .... food does not touch the heart and therefore cannot defile it ..... Hmmmm

12-06-2004, 12:27 AM
Of the books recommended above, I have only read Thin for Life. Lately I have been reading some from it almost daily and it really motivates me. In the back of the revised Thin for Life, there is a list of books that her weight loss 'Masters' recommend. There are books about weight loss, motivation, and food/cooking.