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11-30-2004, 08:23 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

11-30-2004, 09:14 AM
Good morning, ladies, :)

Marti - since I only bought 1 present per person from Neal and me, I didn't want anyone to guess what it is, so I numbered the packages. LOL. They all will get an envelope with money also, but I sure like not having to buy all those presents, like last year! They will still get plenty of presents, because they all buy for each other, too. And of course, the little ones get from Santa. Your lunch sounds wonderful, and I bet you walked it all off. I just can't get in the mood to finish my Christmas cards, and may not, until it snows. I don't mail them out until about the 10th anyway, usually.

Cristi - yep, I wish I was getting your snow!! Usually your weather makes it over to Indiana, so maybe I'll get some soon! About the presents, being as anal as I am, I have a new yearly list of what I bought for whom. At the bottom of it, I wrote who has which number, lol. It has been fun seeing Mary and Katie check them all out, lol. I told the twins which was theirs, but not what's in it. (a big Dora the Explorer dollhouse to share, lol)

Julie - when Spring comes, we'll be so glad we stayed OP, right? Wow, you're doing great as usual. Yesterday, in Walmart, I was sliding down an aisle sideways, looking for brown sugar substitute (they don't have any, even with the diabetic stuff in pharmacy) and anyway, I kinda twisted my leg. Didn't think too much about it until I got on the treadmill, and it hurt like h#$%! I couldn't even do a few strides! It doesn't hurt to walk normally, tho...

Mindee - I hope Tommy got the job! If not, then he wasn't meant to. Your little sweetie will be rolling all over the place now - how fun!

Ellen - so glad to hear Snookie is better. She'll get stronger everyday, hopefully. Oh Ellen, you think you just couldn't love anyone as much as you love your own kids, but grandkids are even better! My heart literally feels like it could burst sometimes when I'm talking to them or watching them do things. They make up for all sorts of bad things in life, lol. One of mine calls me Wham-ma, lol. And they always ask for Tic-Tacs, cause they know I've always got them, lol. I even keep a "silkie" in my purse for Makenzie, in case she needs it while we're out somewhere. I'll hush about them for now, lol. Hey I just wish I had a basement! Do you have a TV down there to help pass the time while exercising? Yes, I heard Cristi, lol. Think I oughta wash her mouth out with soap, lol? JK, Cristi!!

Angie - yes, we are all animal lovers! I considered putting that in the description of What is a Jaded Lady. That, and Christian. Like you, I use other boxes than what the present came in, lol. And I've been known to add a couple of rocks to sound like game pieces or something when the box is shook, lol. I wrapped a CD for Gina in an Oven Fry box, lol. It's just different enough to throw her off, lol, and the CD doesn't move. When someone new joins the family, they get warned by the kids to not worry what the box says - it usually isn't the same as what's inside, lol.

Susan - hope you're feeling better today. Want me to make you some chicken soup, lol. Glad things are ok with Rachel and Rebecca - that's a relief, I bet.

Sue - good to hear from you, and glad you had a good time with the DSs. Enjoy your turkey veggie soup today. Sounds good!

Katy - I'm beginning to think you were kidnapped by aliens! Hope to hear from you soon, sweetie.

Shanna - don't you have a moment here and there to say hi? Hope all is going well for you!

Hi also to Sam, Kathy and Katiecat...

I was feeling sort of down when I got up, but after reading what you all wrote, it cheered me up. I just now asked Neal about the snow, and he says we may get some flurries tonight and/or tomorrow... hope so!

Gotta do the laundry and work on my Christmas menu. Also gonna read more of my new book - The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Very good book!!


da fat n da furious
11-30-2004, 11:08 AM
Good morning, a quick post before I race off to work.

Susan, I think that you need to make yourself happy, its not like your doing something bad. You are a good mother. The girls know that, and what the ex does is his own problem to bare. I have to say both boys used to do the going limp on me,,,just at the most worst time...arghhh arms full of groceries or whatever...glad they are over

Cristi, I like my GF, I bought it at Wally's for 35 bucks a couple of years ago, it was a discontinued style. Its one of the large ones, with no temp control but we use it probably 3-4 times a week. We buy chicken breasts from Costco and I just toss on there frozen and its great. We are thinking of buying a newer model with temp control.
Ellen never thought to make grill cheese! I will be doing that tonight for dinner,,,with tomato soup...mmmmm
Jane, its been so warm here its scary. No Snow so far....

Hello Sue! mmm turkey,,,I used to make bread dough and roll it out, and make pop overs with left over turkey. Its like a pizza pocket and sandwich rolled (pun intended) into one. I bought this pop over thingy from pampered chef years ago....

Well better get going to work,,,
have a great day ladies

11-30-2004, 11:19 AM
A very good morning ladies :wave:

Jane~it sounds like you guys have a lot of fun at Christmas, opening the gifts. I never thought to put rocks in anything but it is a good idea. ;) Why do kids think they need to shake the boxes? I too have put things in different boxes and if it is something small I have put it in a bigger box and then and even bigger box. Like last year...DD always wanted my star sapphire ring that her dad bought me years ago so I went and had it sized to fit her and gave it to her. She was happy but a bit irritated when she had to open three boxes to get to it. I would have kept it but it is white gold and I have gold now sooo...hope you are feeling better and glad everyone could cheer you up. I will be more than happy to send the snow your way. :wizard:

Susan~even though it was only a week as your step-mom said, you know in your heart when it is right. Besides you guys have been corresponding a lot longer and I feel you get to know a person through corresponding before ever meeting them. V and I corresponded for 7 months before meeting in person and then only spent 4 days together. I knew when I met him that we would get married. I didn't know when but I knew we would. Two months later I moved to where he lived and here we are 5 1/2 years later happily married. Anyway...hope you are feeling better today.

Ellen~I love you sense of humor, you always make me laugh. :lol: And I love all the Christmas quotes on the other thread, they are so nice. Yes, I said yuck to snow-only because I knew I would have to drive in it today. I love the snow and it is so pretty but when I have to drive in that slushy mess and then track home int he is yucky. And it is soooooo cold, brrrrrrr...I want to go to Hawaii. I will send some snow your way also, let me know if you get it. :wizard:

Sue~good to hear from you and to know all is fine with you. Also, glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mmmmmm, turkey soup sounds delicious. :T We had a lot of turkey left over but I didn't have time to do anything with it. DH and DS#1 took a lot of it to work for lunch for 2 days and then we had leftovers yesterday and it is all gone.

Well, I guess I better get a move on. I was up bright and early this morning trying to get some things done. I managed to get a pot of stew started, should be good this evening. Then I will make some cornbread muffins to have with it later. I cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor and the entry way floor. Plus got a couple loads of laundry done, still have two to do but it will get done later. Now gotta jump in the shower and head to the store to get a couple of things and DD and I are off to the movie. We had this planned before the snow otherwise I wouldn't be getting out in it. And that's about all I have for now. I will try to be back later this evening to see what's up with everyone.

Take care ladies and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

11-30-2004, 11:27 AM
Hi Angie~mmmmm, grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds good too. :T You ladies are making me hungry. :lol: I haven't looked at any of the GF grills yet but that was what I liked about the HB thingy-it would lay flat when you opened it and you could use it to cook pancakes, eggs, stuff like that, and also grilled cheese or other sandwiches. Don't know how to explain it but I liked it, just can't find it in any stores. Hey, send that warm weather this way, please! I am not liking the cold. Anyway, I gotta get going. Wanted to say HI since I saw you had posted while I was typing away. Take care and have a wonderful day. :wave:

11-30-2004, 12:16 PM
Hi y'all
Once again, I am MIA here, and will be for a little while longer. I HAVE to get my last class finished! But, I do check in daily to read what everyone is up to, and I do still feel connected to you all.... will be able to post more after holiday break begins....

Angie - you mentioned my new fave food , the salmon from Costco! We get the ocean-caught salmon burgers and they are SO good! No color added, yippee

Jane - thanks for reminding me about posting... like I said, I check in, but can't seem to find time to post as extensively as I like...never can seem to get to everyone like I'd like to. :(

Ellen - hope your precious kitty continues to improve...
Susan- Your ex may try to attempt sway the girls now, but, remember, you are going to outlive him,! (jk) Seriously, tho', I was in the middle of this kind of PR campaign when my folks split when I was 13. Everyone assumed that since my mom was the one who left, that it was all her fault and she was the big baddie. As I grew, I could see there were two sides to the story and I came to know both my parents for who they were both in the good and bad. I just think that kids have an ability to see through manipulation and they know you for the wonderful mom you are no matter what the ex says.

Mindee - did Tommy get the job?

Julie - sounds like you are doing well - how's the weather in RI

Sue - glad you are enjoying your trip

Marti - too bad we couldn't have met up in Portland... well maybe next time.

And...sigh.. I'm off yet again- have to get my little pumpkin off to preschool

11-30-2004, 12:19 PM
Oops! - Sorry Cristi! I am enjoying reading how your house is coming together for the are so much more on top of this than I am that's for sure! I did just buy some new stockings and brass holders from Cost Plus. They were a splurge, but they look so nice on my fireplace. Thursday I get my order of fresh greens: a big wreath for the door and a garland for the mantle. Haven't done anything else, yet. Yikes! A tree! Gotta do that at some point, right?

11-30-2004, 02:32 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Well, Tommy did get the job. The only thing is that the money sucks. He would be starting out at least $300 a week plus commissions. So if he didn’t make any sales, then we would only have $300 to work with to get groceries and what not. Plus, he would be walking all day, and he said that he wouldn’t be able to handle all the walking since his knees are bad. So, now he is back to looking again. He went yesterday, and waited for 2 hours for a bus to come home! He was completely frozen and drenched by the time he got home.

Brandon has been rolling over from his belly to his back, he has only done it a couple times, but hey it still counts. He is also getting up on his hands and knees and rocks. It is so cute though when he rocks, cause when he gets the burst of energy, he goes backwards, instead of forwards!

Marti~ I know what you mean! I cherish every day with Brandon! And I have already been thinking about how I will handle myself when he gets older, ie when he gets married, has his own family. From the way I pictured it, I would be able to handle myself, but we all know that it won’t happen that way!

Ellen~ Thanks for the happy thoughts. They worked, but Tommy pointed out that with the bad weather coming, and with it being MI, you can never predict what the weather would be like. He doesn’t want to run the risk of getting sick and then not being able to work productively because of being sick. And since he would be doing basically door to door sales, it would be tough on him.

Cristi~ Thanks for the card!!! Well, the snowball fight anyways! We are suppose to get flurries today, and then tomorrow we are suppose to get snow that will stick! I can’t wait because I want to see Brandon’s reaction to it all. He loves the Christmas tree….so that is something that we can breathe a sigh of relief about.

Sue~ It is so good to hear from you!

Funny story about Brandon. I sat on the floor in the living room yesterday to wrap the presents, and put him in the walker while I did it. He was pushing me out of the way so he could get near the Christmas tree. He has just started actually walking with the walker now. So we have been trying to limit his time in there, since they say that it can put a stop to the learning process.

Katy~ It is good to hear from you! Like I said above, he did get the job, but he turned it down. He has to get his license back first, and then he wants to try again.

11-30-2004, 03:02 PM
A quick note to Cristi - they have Hamilton Beach grills info at Click on the one you like and they will tell you the cheapest place to purchase it, and will give other people's opinions about the product. I did that before I bought my digital camera and a couple of other things, too. Just a thought...

11-30-2004, 03:28 PM
Good Day My Friends!!

I was just plain tired by the time I got home last night.

Ok.....let me see where shall I start? I'll start from the top to the bottom!

Mindee--It may not seem like much at first, but something is always better than nothing and $300 a week really isn't that bad. And if he's really good he'll get those commissions. After Sony closing, I never realized how much I took my job for granted....finding a job is tough! And now I'm very thankful to have the job that I do.

Katy--I mentioned to James while we were in Portland about you girls...he told me that I will have to get in touch with you two sometime soon. (by the time I do, Susan will be in Hawaii soaking up the sun!)

Cristi--Which movie are you going to see? I'm w/you, I don't want snow because I would have to drive in it and the last time I did that I went a sliding away!! I hate it. But to play in it isn't so bad. My grandma bought James a GF for his birthday one year...we really like it. We usually grill chicken breast on it or fish. I like how all the fat and juices slide right off!! I think I would have liked a bigger one, but since this one was a gift, we use it as we can. Enjoy your movie and be careful in the snow!

Angie--Is your week off over already?? Going to work? Time sure flys. How is Brandon doing? Is he recouping pretty well? I sure hope so. Nothing like being layed up while it's the holidays.

Jane--What a neat idea w/the numbers. I would have never thought of that. I do wrap in other boxes. There is one gift I bought for Jhanai that I'm looking at it am I going to wrap this?? It's a weird shape...kind of a hexagon....I think I'll have to find a bigger box to plop it into. I bought her the Bratz dolls Shushi bar that she was was on sale and I couldn't pass it up!!

Well today I'm going to get as much done as I possilby can. I have some laundry to do and straitening up of the house...I plan on getting some of my decorations out of my closet so I don't have to fight w/it this will be all ready. Then I'm going over to my grandpa's to help clean up his place. Hope he's there! I've seen him once since he got back!! That man is just too busy.

Got a message from my sister....this Saturday some family members are getting together to decorate my grandpa's house. Saturday was the day that James and I planned on spending it w/Jhanai decorating our house and then going shopping. So now I need to figure out a time that I can pop on over there.....not sure what to do. I'll figure it out.

I better hop into the shower and get myself moving.

When is chat?? I'm usually up by 10:30......on here by 11:00.......I'll just check every morning to see if anyone is in there.

Talk to you all later...I'll pop in again if I have time before work.

11-30-2004, 03:36 PM
Marti - since you are the only one who works evenings away from a computer, I'll go ahead and list chat at 11:00 AM, Wednesdays, Oregon time. I think that's 2 pm for me, which is fine. I won't always be here, as I also am not always at the Thursday evening one, either. Those who want to can hopefully make one or the other of the chat times.

11-30-2004, 03:41 PM
Sounds to make sure I actually get up!! :D

Tea Rose
11-30-2004, 05:54 PM
Hi Everyone
How are all you Ladies today , Guess what I did today? Give up , I did 1 1/2 hrs of exercise ,when I started I wanted to stop but I kept going and I did it, I have really not been doing so well weight wise haven't lost anything every stressful moment I go through I just gain back what I lost,so I made up my mind ,now that my stuff is set up I will do this .But it sure knocks the wind out of your sails dosen't it. It wasn't like I woke up bursting with energy far from it .I dragged my weary body out of bed gave Kobi his medication for epilepsy and Snookie her meds for hyperthyroidism I spoon fed
snookie and she at almost half a can of fancy feast ,you know how small those cans are,but she is eating a little more, I gave her a syringe of warm pablum and water,and put her back to bed ,I feel like I have a newborn again:lol: Then I scurried down stair followed by the rest of her syblings who were impatiently waiting wondering why they couldn't have any off of the spoon and fed the poor starving critters .Then It was my turn. Made some coffee drank some coffee and then decided to face the much dreaded exersize equipment. I heard a few chuckles and whispers:gossip: ,until I put them to work :tread: :strong: :tread: and showed them I meant business, some nerve I say.:snooty: Now I will load up the dishwasher and dust and vacumn ,since I haven't accomplished to much else so far, my kids are working and they won't be home till around 10 pm,so I am on my own ,its nice and quiet.good time for a snooze ,but no I have to much to do.Anyway enough about me,

Hi Jane:wave:
I have to tell you again how much I enjoyed you pictures,You can feel the warmth coming right through the screen,as does your warm personality so it doesn't surprise me , Them Girls Cristi and Marti are making me feel guilty about the snow situation:lol: Now I know they have to drive in it, and its messy and slippery on the roads,and the last thing I want is anything to cause them not to be safe ,so girls when your driving no snow:nono: I'm sorry ,but for the rest of the time I want snow:cb: big snow ,little snow, lots and lots of big white fluffy flakes, snowman building ,angel making ,snowball throwing (safely of course) snow.
And yes I even like shovelling snow:yes: ,but mostly watching it fall from the heavens so silently so beautifully so gently. Nothing is more fun than watching the little ones out playing in it and they rarely ever complain when their in it. Oh how I wish I could go ice skating , but it has been many years and I don't think my ankles would hold out or my sore hip, but you know I might try. Jane I can hardly wait to have grandchildren I just hope they don't make me wait to long.I have a tv but its not hooked up yet , hopefully this weekend ,but for now its Christmas music and it worked out pretty well.
Have a great day .

Hi Katy:wave:
I still think your off being pampered in some luxury spa possibly becoming THE SWAN ,we will find out you know ,:lol: I know your busy ,no time for yourself I'm sure ,but its nice to hear from you. hope you get your class finished up and maybe we can hear about and see some of your holiday traditions and decorating, that would be very nice , have a great day.

HI Mindee:wave:
It so good that Tommy got the job ,but am I hearing you say he isn't going to take it. I know that door to door is difficult ,but 300.00 plus commission isn't that bad at least until he finds something more suitable. I know you both know your own situation better than anyone but like Marti was saying Jobs are difficult to find.Good Luck and Have a great day

Hi Marti :wave:
It sure sounds like you are going to be busy with all that decorating,So nice of everyone to help decorate your Grandpa's house.I hope you James and Jhanai have a great day decorating your house and shopping ,and get some rest after your done tidying up and doing that laundry your making me tired just reading about it :lol:

Hi Cristi:wave:
MMMM stew and cornbread muffins sounds so rib sticking good, what time is dinner ,whats for desert or should I bring some, how about pumpkin cheesecake or chocolate truffle torte whats your pleasure.:lol;Gee everyones so busy doing housework ,thats what I'm supposed to be doing :sssh:

Hi Angie:wave:
Let me know how you like the grilled cheese on the grill , wow you really got a bargain on that grill,I would like the temperature control on mine to so I may look into a new model to.since its so frequently used Don't tell Jane or Cristi:sssh: but I think they have something against George Foreman they like some guy named Hamilton Beach if we split those name up we'd have George Hamilton he likes being golden brown to :lol: Sorry bad joke :o:

Hi Julie:wave: Hi Sue:wave: Hi Kathy:wave: Hi Susan :wave:
I hope you are all doing well ,I was thinking Sue could send some of that turkey soup over to Susan ,does it matter if its chicken or turkey,I think she needs some ,Hope your feeling better Susan, Glad your having a great time Sue, and Julies doing a great job ,and Kathy Where is you at girl?????
I hope you are all well and having a great day,
I should go and feed my little critters ,do some of that housework ;) but I think I need some coffee so I will talk to you girls sooner probably than later.

da fat n da furious
11-30-2004, 07:59 PM
Ellen you crack me up!
Well I got home and have chicken nuggest baking, and a salad, but still want me grilled cheese so Im going to make that too~!

Marti, how about you and DD decorating your home and once you are about 3/4 done head over to your grandpa's...maybe bring the makings for hot apple cidar? Maybe buy some cookies,,,hang out with the family a bit then go back and finish your decorating. I know there is no rule book on how and how long you need to work on decorating so,,,don't make yourself stressed.

I went to work and when I was off took Becky to emergency, she was complaing of chest pains,,,she had me worried,,,got to the Rockyview,,,5 hour wait. So took her to a walk in clinic and that Dr. thankgoodness was thinking fast,,,has a whole battery of tests scheduled. We have a pretty good health system here,,,if you can find a Dr.
Have a band meeting tonight,,,,*sigh
Well Im going to go and eat my GC.

11-30-2004, 08:04 PM
Ellen--Your posts always brings a have a great sense of humor! I'm glad that you got some exercise in! That's fantastic. I really need to move my butt more. My thighs have really gotten to know each other more over the years and I hate to do it, but I really need to seperate them and let them be alone!! January! That's when I get my gym membership!

Well ladies, I managed to actually SEE grandpa today. He was home! He told me that he was mad at me (as he was smiling at me) that I haven't been over. I gave him this stern look and said "Hmmm....I've come over many times and you're never home!" He just smiled and said "yea yea I know, I'm a busy old man" Love him!!

Not sure what I'm going to do Saturday. I may or may not go and help decorate.....decorating two houses in one day could be overwhelming....but it is two different houses and it could be lots of fun. We'll see. I'm going to talk it over with James and Jhanai and see what we decide.

I managed to clean up my house, get some laundry done (after I cleaned my grandpa's house) and swept the entire house up. Tomorrow is mop day! (weeeee...what fun!)

Ok, I need to get ready for work. I have an hour before I leave, I have to make a phone call to Jhanai and pack my purse w/things for TOM!! I have cramps from way down in the boiling caves...and if I sit too long they really bother me, so off I go!

Sorry for all my babbling......just wait until tomorrow...I have more! :D

I'll be checking the chat tomorrow at 11:00 my hope to see any or all of you there!


11-30-2004, 08:07 PM
Well Angie--When did you sneak in there? You have good idea about the decorating. I also have some shopping to do and getting a tree....since when have I been so busy?? I may collapse trying to keep up! I go, just wanted to say hello to Angie!! HELLO!!

12-01-2004, 12:24 AM
Hiya ladies~

Chatty bunch today aren't we? :)

Jane~thanks for the tip. I think you had mentioned epinions here once before and I forgot about it. I will definitely check it out. I am really wanting one of those because it opens up like a griddle (couldn't think what it was called earlier-DUH!) and I like that. Plus it is like the GF grill. So :thanks: for the tip.

Marti~what fun to decorate two houses. At least if you go to grandpas there will be a lot of help so you wouldn't be doing it all yourself. But I can totally understand the stress of decorating two houses. I agree with Angie, she has a good idea. Maybe you can drop in with an ornament for grandpa or some cookies and just visit with everyone for a few mintues and explain that you, James and Jhanai are decorating the house. I am sure they would understand. We went to see Christmas with The Kranks, there was nothing else on that we wanted to see, well maybe that movie with Nicholas Cage. I think it looks like it might be interesting. We did see some previews for some upcoming movies that look funny. Oh, the snow melted before 10:00 which I was glad for. They usually keep the streets cleaned pretty good but they can't get everything and I swear, it seems the worse the weather is, the worse the people drive.

Ellen, Ellen, Ellen~you are to funny lady and I appreciate that. Oooo, you can bring some pumpkin cheesecake over any time, that sounds so delicious and I have never had it. The stew was good, as was the cornbread. Unfortunately there was no dessert. We hardly ever have dessert unless it is a special occasion.

Katy~love the avatar, Leigh is such a cutie! I miss shopping at Cost Plus, haven't been to one since leaving CA. Sounds like you will be busy soon enough with the decorating yourself. I can smell the fresh greens now. I was thinking about going to a Christmas tree farm and see if I could get a few scraps to mix with a couple of things just to get that fresh smell.

Mindee~well, I too agree with the others, $300 a week is definitely better than nada, especially since jobs are so hard to come by. I have been looking for a job forever it seems. But I do wish you all well and hope that Tommy finds the perfect job for him.

Angie~I do hope your friend Becky is okay. Chest pains always scare me to death, you never really know what it is. Emergency rooms are the pits! When I took DD we were there five hours, but I don't know of any walk in clinics around here. I know they had them in CA all over and it was kind of nice. Can you tell I am missing CA?

Okay, I hope I didn't miss anyone-too many posts today. Hi to everyone else. :wave:

I will definitely try for Chat tomorrow ladies. I have a pretty easy day tomorrow since I bought some groceries today, no need to head to wally world. I am going to finish up with the mess I have in the living room. Been doing a little bit each day. Finished up the laundry today and just need to mop the bathrooms. The rest of the day is mine, all mine. :D Anyhoo, nighty night ladies.

12-01-2004, 01:36 AM
psssst , I am on the phone with Rocky. I will type real soft so he won't know I ain't listening to

I feel better. I think it was the turkey that I ate.

Love both Katy's and Mindee's picture thing. You guys are so smart- wish I could figure out how to do Gaby.

Thanks for the encouragement!!!!! I just feel so selfish sometimes.

Thanks Cristi :) - what you wrote was sweet.

hmmm, I better Sorry. I am going Thursday morning to the coast and file my response.

Really tired and a touch of depression- trying to perk up....

chat later ;0

Tea Rose
12-01-2004, 01:43 AM
Hi there Everyone
I thought I would pop in before I climb into bed ,and see what everyones doing:mag: hopefully everyone is having a great night ,but its late .so go to bed :rollpin: Actually I'm confused :?: about what time it is everywhere, I'm confused what time it is here to :lol: Hi Cristi :wave: I will send you the recipe for pumpkin cheesecake if you would like it ,I've been making it for years for Christmas Dessert and I have never had anyone turn it down.we love it and Christmas Dinner isn't complete without it. I sure hope you like it as much as we do.:yes: Angie Hi :wave: how was the grilled cheese ? I'm sorry to hear about Becky's chest pains I really hope it isn't anything serious,glad to know that she had the appropriate tests done immediately.How is Brandon doing .hopefully he is healing ,does he have a lot of pain still? Hi Marti :wave: my thighs have become a little too familiar with each other as well.just a little to close for comfort , you know what I mean,I liked the comment about separating them and letting them be alone too funny.:lol: Hi Ellen :wave: You really should go to bed , before you drive all of these girls crazy with your endless chattering .enough said good night everyone :yawn: till tomorrow

12-01-2004, 03:34 AM
Just a quick "hi" to all. It is cold here, and not at all good vacation weather.

Might I say something about the grills? I love my GF and it has the temp. control. BUT they now are making them with grills that pop off and go in the dishwasher. Wish I had waited, they are hard to clean sometimes. I also like the ides of the ones that lay open flat like a griddle. I just don;t need any more kitchen gadgets to try to store.

I am going to try to make one of the chats this week. I am thinking of you all. Have had a tough few days with family problems and need some good wishes!

12-01-2004, 07:29 AM
Stopping in before I head off to bed!

What a busy night tonight was!! They had e-mailed everyone asking for volunteers to stay over....I was to achy and whiney so I didn't. I pretty much pretended I never got the e-mail......(oooohhh so bad!)They were catching up though so I don't feel too bad.

Cristi--I think you're right (and so is Angie) about going to grandpa's to decorate. The thing is....there are some members of my family who take control of a whole situation (which takes the fun away)and that is what is bothering me. So I will figure it out as I get to that day. So what did you think of the movie you went and saw? Was it worth going to? Very happy to hear that the snow was not in your way of driving!! (must make sure my friends here are SAFE!)

Susan--You need to realize, that no matter what the situation is, when you have kids, you are always going to feel selfish or guilty be it something major happening or something very minor . It's just a motherly thing wanting to make sure everything is right. And you have to know that your feelings are just as important! When your happy, your children are happy. So my thoughts are w/you during this time and I'm sure everything will be alright. In fact I know it will. I'm so happy you found Rocky!! Give him a hug from us ok.....(even if it's just over the phone!)

Ellen--You are a funny lady!! Did you tuck yourself in tight? Give yourself a peck on the cheek? :) As for my thighs...I think a separation is a good move on my if only I can talk them into it. Also, I have to try and keep my behind from smiling so big!! The more weight I gain the bigger the smile! :D

Sue--How is the weather? Are you enjoying being in Cali? Is that where you're at? (My mind is wondering so much going on and I can't keep up!) Well I'm sending you some Good Wishes your way! I hope everything is alright. (((((((Good Wishes for Sue))))))) Pop in again soon when you have time.

Ok...I think I better get to bed before I collapse. I'm not that tired, just achy and that makes me whiney and cranky...and who wants to have that around for company? :p I'll check in for chat in the morning....the latest I'll check in should be 11:30.......but if I'm not on by then.....PLEASE! Come find me!! :D

Night girls

12-01-2004, 08:50 AM
Good morning, oh Chatty Ones,

Katy - love the idea of the fresh greenery. Like Cristi, I can smell it already... I'll be glad when you get your Christmas break and we can hear from you more often. Love your avatar!!!!!!!

Marti - oic about going to Grandpa's Sat. You're right to avoid that if it's going to put a damper on your day at all. You could go on Sunday when the others are all gone and let Jhanai and him have a nice visit then, lol. Hope the cramps are gone today.

Mindee - not to pick on Tommy, but, like the others have said, 300 bucks a week sure beat 0 dollars a week! Hopefully he has a lead on something else real soon. Didn't know he had trouble with his knees... is it something serious?

Ellen - wow, exercising for an hour and a half would kill me, lol. Hope you get your TV hooked up soon, although the Christmas music would be very uplifting, too. I don't mind driving in the snow since I've been doing it since I was 16. Most vehicles are 4WD now, which makes it so much safer. Ice... now that's another story. Thank you for all your kind words.

Angie - so is Becky ok?? Also, give us an update on your other patient too, ok?

Cristi - yep, I did mention epinions before. I love that place, and have looked up stuff I already own just for the fun of it, lol. Btw, how's your arm? Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to mention to you... remember when, awhile back, you asked about my skin sagging? I forgot to say what pitiful shape my boobs are in! They point south and are a fright! If I get the money I want to have them lifted. Wonder how much that costs?? Maybe epinions can look that up for me, lol. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sue - hope you make chat today! Hope I do, too, lol.

Susan - nothing wrong with multi-tasking, lol.

It has been rainy and very, very windy here. No snow yet. :( But at least the sun is going to shine today. One more thing to be thankful for. :)

See you later in chat.....

12-01-2004, 11:25 AM
:sunny:Happy Hump Day Ladies:sunny:

It's going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. Even after the very cold start this morning. Thinking I will go wash my car and get that icky sand/dirt/salt mixture off of it once it warms up. When we lived on the dirt road after a rain and the road was dry I went to the car wash to get the caked up dirt/mud off, in the cold and would be slipping and sliding because the water was freezing as I was washing. :lol: Only did that a few times, it was too cold. Just can't stand a dirty car.

Marti~I see...isn't it terrible how some people do that? Although, I think I probably wouldn't mind. That way I could just sit back and enjoy the others company. :lol: I'm glad to hear your grandpa is keeping hisself busy. When my grandma passed, my grandpa ran away from everything and everyone and when he came back and finally faced what happened it was hard on him and he gave up-didn't do anything and I thought that was so sad. The movie...I thought it was okay. I have to say though, Jamie Lee Curtis was driving me crazy with all her screaming. And I loved the N Reeky, that cracked me up, it was supposed to be Enrique. Not sure why that cracked me up when I saw it but it did.

Ellen~I would love your recipe. Pumpkin cheesecake sounds so good and I love cheesecake, just don't have it very often. May just turn into a new christmas dessert for us too. After Thanksgiving and all that cooking I am definitely going to cook less for Christmas, even though it didn't seem like I cooked much this time.

Jane~oh, I too would love to have the boobies lifted. I would love to not have to wear a bra but if I don't I swear by the time I am 50 they will be hanging down to my knees. Not a pretty sight. :yikes: Thanks for the heads up on epinions. I found the stinking thing and now know what it is called, HB Meal Maker Express. I kept seeing the commercial and looked in Target and Wal-Mart but didn't see any. Almost forgot, love your avatar also. How the heck do you keep the hat on Molly? We have done that to Ernie, put a santa hat and also the antlers and he goes nuts trying to get them off. He doesn't even like a sweater on when it's cold. Did I tell you guys how he loves playing in the snow? He's like a little kid, can't get enough of the white stuff.

Susan~ditto what Marti said. I can't tell you how many times I felt selfish and quilty and for no reason. When the kids dad passed I lived for them, I did everything for them for years. Two years after I tried dating and they were happy but I don't think I was ready. Of course it is different when there is an ex involved. Finally realized that I needed to do something for myself and I don't think anyone can be happy if The Mommy isn't happy. So put those thoughts out of your mind missy and be happy, that's an order! :drill: :lol:

Hi Sue~I like the idea of the removable grids, just seems easier to clean. And of course the lay flat griddle, that's what I like about the HB. Sorry the weather is not cooperating for ya. Does seem odd to have icky weather in Vegas, just seems like the sun should be shining all the time.

Well, gues I best get going. Going to finish up in the living room today, clean the bathrooms and run to Barnes and Noble and Michaels real fast. Oh, and go wash my filthy car. I will try and make chat, don't see anything keeping me from it.

:wave: Have a good day! :wave:

Tea Rose
12-01-2004, 11:49 AM
Morning Ladies
Today is a sad day my baby Snookie passed away here at home, I sat up with her early this morning ,she seemed to not be feeling well and before we could do anything she passed away.I'm so thankful that my son was here ,it would have been to hard to face this alone.I'm not feeling so well right now ,so I will try and talk later ,

12-01-2004, 12:26 PM
Hi Ladies -
It's Wednesday - I will try to remember to check in on chat today at 11 (Oregon time) The only thing that could interfere is if my DD is high-maintenance or I just plain ferget :?: I wish my brain could get a memory upgrade - too much data, not enough disk space.

Jana - I am with you, honey, on the plastic surgery. When I am at goal, should that day ever come, I want a tummy tuck. My girls are fine, not much there to be sagging. Check out this site ( for what you definitely want to avoid :lol:

Cristi - what Jana said about epinions - I have also used it when shopping around - that's where I went to research exercise equipment and ened up with my folding stepper. It's a great site - but don't think they do plastic surgeons...but you never know ;)

Sue - hope things are looking up in CA - when you mentioned a tough time, I immediately thought of your DD and her divorce - I am saying a little prayer and maybe I'll get to chat with you today

Susan - Yay - for getting response filed - that will be a huge relief. I imagine no one will have time to bug you again through the courts until January.... are you pushing for mediation? If you do, that will most likely unearth Mike's druggie problems.... I am so happy for you and Rocky.... Just remember..this time next year...this time next year

Marti - Hope to see you in chat today. Sorry about the toxic relatives... I have a little o'that in my family. I would wait and show up late after it's all done, then no one can put me to work, or criticize my contributions, or you name it. Usually I show up with alcohol of some kind, then everyone is happy ;) Don't know if that would work in your case.....I am generally of the opinion that the holidays should be fun and making time for people... so when stuff starts happening that interferes with my grand plan, I "Just Say NO"

Ellen- No - I'm not off turning into a Swan! that made me laugh... I think those gals end up looking like drag queens, but if that's what they want, then more power to them. My plastic surgery aspirations are very minimal...just want all this loose skin off my tummy. No point in doing it 'till the weight is off.

Hi to everyone else - I'm off to work on our budget and get some exercise...will do my darndest to get into chat at 11

12-01-2004, 12:29 PM
Ellen - missed your post before - I am so sorry about Snookie. My thoughts and prayers are with you on this sad day

12-01-2004, 01:39 PM
Hey Girls!!

Okay let me catch up..everyone has done so much chatted since I last checked in!!!

ROSIEKATE: What a cutie Leigh is!!!! You're so lucky!! The weather here is rainy and windy today....its that time of the year ya know!!!

JANE: I love the that your pup??? What a darling!!

MARTI: As far as xmas gifts for DBF, he wants a PDA $350.00, and a couple other things...He'll probably get the pda, new bath robe, some stocking stuff and some new tshirts!! He always has a big list, anytime of the year!!

MINDEE: Sorry to hear you and Tommy are having a rough time of it!! Hang in there, it will get better!!

Well I've been waiting 2 1/2 weeks for a response for the doc on the "BABY" issue!! He finally called back today and left a message at my house, but when I try to call back..busy!!! So maybe I'll have some info later on!!! Probably wants to see us for more blood work!!!! .....sigh Going to get my hair cut and highlighted this afternoon...I need a pick me up!



12-01-2004, 03:21 PM
((((((HUGS)))))) Ellen~I am so sorry to hear about Snookie. I hope that can be be some comfort in knowing that she is not suffering any more. I know it really never helps because we want them to still be with us. But she is now resting in peace with her sister. I am glad also that your son was with you, and you take all the time you need. We are here for you when you need us. :grouphug:

12-01-2004, 03:28 PM
Oooops! :o Forgot to say hi to Julie and Katy :doh: HI Julie and Katy :wave:

Julie~have a fun day being pampered. I so need a haircut.

Katy~darn, no plastic surgeons on epinions! What's a girl to do? :dunno:

Well, thought I would check and see if anyone was here to chat and don't see anyone online-thought I saw Marti on, I see how ya are-don't want to chat with me eh?? :lol: :joker: Oh well maybe next week. Now you ladies have made it to where I HAVE to go do something! :lol: I did go get my car washed. I tried this place I have passed a zillion times but never went to, a laserwash-GREAT! Didn't have to get out and get my hands cold. Just sat in the car while it did its thing. Not sure why I never tried it before. Anyway...also went to Michaels and Barnes and Noble and now to clean, ugh! See ya :wave:

12-01-2004, 06:52 PM
Ellen--So sorry to hear about your kitty!! Hugs to you!!!

Cristi--I was on chat this morning....around 11, we (me, Katy, Jane) chatted for an hour or so.....what time did you pop in? I would have loved to have chatted w/you too! Next time ok!

Julie--Hope you have good news about the baby issue. And I think going in to get a hair cut and color is a great way to get a pick me up!!

Jane--I'll have to check out epinions sometime. Never heard of it, only from here! Had a good chat this morning!

Katy--No alcohol at my grandpa's....would love to sometimes. But there are some family members who just don't know how to handle it so we don't bring it. Great chatting with you too!

Hello to everyone else.

I've been cleaning up my house (still) after chat. I've mopped my floors and then decided that I want my electric bill to not be so drastic and so I built a fire in the wood stove. Now my house is nice and cozy!! It is now time for me to get myself cleaned up and then relax before I go to work.

You all have a great Wednesday!!

12-01-2004, 07:36 PM
back for a minute - I changed my avatar ( again)

Had a great chat today - the Wednesday time seems to be good!
Sorry we missed you Cristi - maybe next time

12-01-2004, 08:05 PM

Hey all, well bad news!!! The doc washed his hands of our situation, said everything he can do checked out alright and that we should seek the help of a fertility specialist!!! VERY DISCOURAGED TONIGHT.... DBF's health coverage wont cover him to see a fertility doc!! So we're down in the dumps. Everything always has to be so tough for us, it could be the simplest thing, and it turns into a fiasco. They ruled out any hormone issues, and said the testosterone was now what???? I was just really hoping for a bit of good news..... My hair came out nice, but it doesnt even matter now after finding this out.......just really upset I guess.......

See yas later

da fat n da furious
12-02-2004, 01:24 AM
Ellen Oh if I was there I would be giving you a big hug...and sharing your tears.

12-02-2004, 02:28 AM
Sorry I missed chat. It is still a cold and windy day in Las Vegas. We will be here until the 18th and then will be back home for the holidays. Hope it is warmer here when we come back out on the 1st.
Yes, the family trouble does involve my divorced daughter in CA. She was let go from her job because of downsizing. Then DGS is having a bad time in school..not doing his work, etc. She doesn't know where to turn with him or finances. It is just frustrating. Would love for her/them to be able to move back home, but it isn't going to happen due to the divorce. Prices are so high where they are and would be so much lower at home. Plus having family to babysit would help her. I sure wonder about divorce laws that allow one spouse to be living high and the other to struggle with everything. The little one has adjusted really well, but the teen is having a bad time of it. Breaks my heart.

12-02-2004, 09:13 AM
Good morning ladies!!

To Ellen, Sue and Julie - I am so very sorry for your troubles, ladies!! And right before the holidays, too. :( If I could, I'd give each of you a big ol' hug, and a shoulder to cry on. :grouphug: I just hate to see a Jaded Lady in distress, and here there are 3 of you at once!! Once again, I'm so sorry...

Cristi - I'll have to check out the HB meal maker. Regarding Molly and the hat, she only left it on long enough for me to snap the photo. And that was with a promise of a cookie, lol. She was sitting up in my chair for the shot - a place she isn't normally allowed, so she was apprehensive about the whole thing, lol. Sorry you missed chat! We were in the chat room when you posted your 1:30 ish post (which is 2:30 my time) - don't know why you couldn't see us?? Then I PMed you to join me there later, but I guess you didn't get it in time. Btw, thanks for the ecard!

Katy - love the new avatar!! How sweet!!!! I checked out the PS site - :yikes:!!! At least my nipples aren't like Tara Reid's!! I have to say, I would still like to do it, though.

Marti - love your new avatar, too! It's strange after all this time to see you with a different one. Love it!! Yep, we had fun in chat - you girls are crazy, lol. That's why I love you guys, lol.

I'm doing my grocery shopping today and taking Madison with me. The girls are over their colds, and have cabin fever, lol. I sat and recorded Rudolph last night on TV, with my finger on the pause button, and for 1 hour, paused out the commercials, lol. The DGDs will love that!!

I finally finished my Christmas cards, but won't mail them for a week or so.

Not much else is new... bbl,

12-02-2004, 12:15 PM
Morning ladies~

Was going to say good morning but doesn't seem to fit today with so many having troubles, which I am very sorry to hear about (Sue, Ellen & Julie). HUGS to you all. :grouphug:

Jane~I was on at 1 but was playing with my signature, and then played around with it after I posted. Didn't get your PM till I checked in last night around 8'ish. I will try and make chat next week. Can't say for sure as I never know what's going on till the day before or day of so...Forgot to mention yesterday about my arm-it is fine. The thing with it, which is weird, is it can hurt for a few days and quit or it will hurt for weeks or months at a time straight and then nada. Of course there are a few okay days in between sometimes. The pain will still be there just not as strong. But for now, it is fine, knock on wood. I didn't record Rudolph last night but I did watch it-love the old classics. Saw Charlie Brown is coming on next Tuesday-love that one. Of course I have the video so can watch that one anytime. Need to find them as I am in the mood for A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

Anyhoo...getting ready to head to the mall and do a little bit of shopping. Will finish off DD and possibly DS#2. Have no clue what to get DS#1 as he went shopping for things not too long ago and doesn't need anything, silly boy. I will find something though. I told V I want nothing because we have gotten so much in the last two months and that is more than enough, especially with the car. Actually, we are going to decide on an (small) amount and buy each other one thing and I would like to make it a special gift for him, don't know what but figure if I keep looking I will find it. Well, gotta go...try to have a nice day everyone. :wave:

Tea Rose
12-02-2004, 02:16 PM
Good Morning Everyone

Thankyou once again for your kind words I so appreciated them all,I don't think we can ever be prepared but even though she was making small improvements I knew in my heart.I am happy that we brought her home and had some extra time with her ,but at least I know that she isn't suffering anymore. So happy the girls are over their colds ,and can enjoy the season,I suppose Madison is excited about spending the day with you .Rudolf is such a cute story one I still enjoy watching, but I really am a kid at heart.You are such a good Grandma pausing out all the comercials, did you need to put that finger on ice :lol: You are so productive ,with all your Christmas card done and ready to go,I had better get a move on .I hope I can join you girls in chat next time if you'd like me to .Have a wonderful time today and take care of that finger. PS: Whats all this Boobie talk ,what did I miss, do tell :lol:
Hi Angie:wave:
Thankyou so much ,Its amazing how much heartfelt words can help to heal the heart ,and I appreciate all of them. I am Happy to hear your boys are doing better,and you can enjoy your family now, and only worry about the usual things we all worry about as parents. Have You any snow up there ,whats going on it looks more like spring out , and that really puts a damper on the holiday decorations. Soon enough it will be all white and I suppose we will be complaining about that to eventually :lol: What are your plans for the day ,are you cutting down your Christmas tree single handed ,and chopping the firewood :strong:,You are such a busy lady I can only imagine whats next on your agenda:encore: :encore: Have a great day Angie..
Hi Cristi:wave:
Thankyou again for your warm and thoughtful words, they are greatly appreciated.I am relieved that she will not suffer anymore and she is now under the tree in the garden with her sister Nisa .On a happier note I hope , I will get my pumpkin cheesecake recipe to you and I really do hope you try it and like it.Sounds like you have a busy day planned ,shopping is for the most part is fun except that the malls are so crowded,I hope you find the gifts you are looking for ,some familys member are difficult to buy for aren't they.Its nice that you feel so blessed in your life,what more can you ask for than that.I hope you find a grill to your liking they sure are handy appliances.I am glad your arm is feeling better ,knock on wood , I have some of those lingering aches and pains to that are never ending. Have a great day Cristi.
Hi Katy:wave:
I think your looking mighty fine from here:queen: not so sure about your explanation with all this surgery talk I'm still thinking Swan or at least chickadee but I will believe you ,your children are so cute ,no wonder your MIA where else would you want to be with those faces to look at it, I'm sure they keep you mighty busy as little ones do ,I agree with you about then swans looking like drag queens ,don't you find they all look the same ewwwwww I think if you are going to do anything like that it should be to have a better looking YOU not someone else entirely it must be so weird for their family members don't you think. Any way I hope you get your tummy tuck, our bodies go through so much as woman we deserve to look good,
and it goes a long way to how we feel as well ,now I wish I could do something ,but theres just so much to do:yes: :lol:
Hi Sue:wave:
I am really sorry to hear about your families misfortunes right now ,Its hard as a parent to watch our children suffer,I pray that everything turns around for your family and that everyone is happy. I think its alway harder on the older children since they have a grasp on whats really happening,fortunately the little one can be spared the pain.((( Hugs to you all )))I don't think its appropriate to say have a great day ,under the circumstances but I do hope for happier days for you.
Hi Julie:wave:
Sorry to hear about your bad news,its even harder duriing the holidays when feelings are so magnified.I know that this might sound trivial to you ,but sometime when you least expect it and your stress levels are not so high amazing thing happen .If is meant to be, it will happen ,I know its hard waiting for something you want so bad,it will be all the more prescious when it happens,so keep your hope ups as hard as it seems right now (((HUGS)))
Hi Marti:wave:
ThankYou for your kind words and hugs,I appreciated them so much. Have you decided what you are going to do about going to your Grandpa's house yet. It was good that you finally tracked him down busy man that he is although thats probably really good that he his.Relatives what can you do ,some are just , well there , oh I know theres a word for it , but I can't ,oh maybe I will , no I had better not , lets just say irritating :lol: Don't let anyone put a damper on your day or your life ,do what you think is best for You Jhanai and James and the rest can fight it out among themselves ,decorate your house have a wonderful happy loving experience life is to short for anything less. (((HUGS and don't worry)))Jhanai is absolutely beautiful.
Hi Susan:wave:
Although I don't know much about filing response and all the court jargin I am glad for you that things are moving along on your behalf, there is nothing more prescious than love and happiness ,so do all you can to hold on to what you have found and make it happen .As Katy said this time next year, hopefull y the past will be gone and a new life will have begun . Have a great day.
Hi Mindee:wave:
How are you doing I hope you didn't think we were all ganging up on Tommy ,I think everyone realizes, although , it may not have been the ideal job ,none the less it is a job that could benifit your little family ,till the right one comes along,I hope that everything is going well for you guys , Brandon is such a sweet baby.did you get your Christmas tree up yet? I am anxious to hear about his response to the lights,I'm sure he will be mesmorized by them Have a wonderful day Mindee.:sunny:
Hi to Everyone Elses:wave:
I hope you are all having a wonderful day


12-02-2004, 03:29 PM
Hello everyone--

Ellen--I'm so glad that you got to take your kitty home and spend her last moments with her. Whether it be a relative or a loving pet, when it's time to go, being home and surrounded by loved ones is the best way. Sending more hugs your way!

Cristi--Hope to see you next week for chat. But I know what you're saying about not knowing what's going on. I hope you get all your shopping done today. I have yet to figure out what to get James!! That's starting to get to me. I think I better start picking his brain and seeing what he's wanting. I really need to get to town today and shop for necessities.....almost forgot that I needed stuff! :lol:

Jane--My advatar is too small. I need to play around with it more. Now tell me your you use the Photobucket when you do yours? Thats what I did and I edited it until it fit.....but I don't like the size.....It is different after having my mug shot on there this whole time isn't it?? :lol: But I have to say, I was tired of that picture!!

Sue--Oh my....I wish we could help. Sending you lots of hugs. Divorce is a hard thing to go through. My thoughts are with your family.

Julie--I'm so sorry you didn't get the news you were wanting! Make sure you get a second opinion from another doctor before you start spending money on fertility specialist. You never know, another doctor may find something the first didn't. Big hugs for you Julie!!! (((((HUGS)))))))

Not knowing what I'm doing today ladies......I need to take a shower. Get some bills paid, head over to walmart for some things I need and go to the grocery store for food. So much to do BEFORE work!! And tomorrow I go in early for work so I can get off early!! Yeah!!!

I better get myself going. Time flies when it's limited!! :D

Talk to you all later.

12-02-2004, 08:55 PM
Hi everyone

Just popping in to say that I miss you all, but we hope to be all moved and settled shortly. Trying to get all the fences fixed so that we can move the horses. Get the house all set up.

Well I also will try and get our computer set up this week also.


Tea Rose
12-02-2004, 10:24 PM
Hi Kathy:wave:
So Glad to hear from you.if you need help mending fences, that sounds funny ,call Angie shes like wonder woman:strong: ,most amazing gal:queen:I have ever heard of.She's multi talented:angel: and has amazing skills:mag:,and Angie of all trades if you will.:genie: I didn't know you were moving ,hope your settled soon ,and have your house all set up in time for Christmas .do you go on sleigh rides with your horses that would be so much fun . Its so good to know you are doing well. have a great night and hope to hear from you again soon *ELLEN*

Tea Rose
12-02-2004, 11:19 PM
Hi Everyone
Well remember all that exercizing I did the other day ,now all my joints hurt,now what the heck good does that do,might have overdone it just a tad even my wrists hurt and I couldn't even move ,my back hurt so much this morning ,but thats almost an everyday thing now.Oh no maybe I'mmmm getting :yikes:" OLD" :yikes: when did that happen must have snuk in there when I wasn't looking:lol: I think I need some of that sprucing up everyones talking about,maybe I will :write: one of those shows and see if they can help me :crossed:,oh who am I kidding they would probably go broke ,Whats everyone up to tonight did you notice that Kathy popped in, hmmm I was just thinking she left shortly after I came :chin: do you think , nah!! oh oh. could it be me,:lol: Did everyone have a nice day, ahh ,where is everybody ,no one to talk to ,come on you guys,stop hiding I know your in there somewhere:mag: Ok then, I guess I will go find some advil ,this exercizing is painful:tired:maybe a nice hot cup of tea would help ,would anyone like some :cofdate: I will call you when its ready OK

12-02-2004, 11:48 PM
Good Evening

Julie- Very sorry about your medical news. I am not sure who wrote it but I agree that when you least expect it - wonderful things happen. Take a deep breath and take the time to enjoy the holidays. HUGS

Ellen- Very sorry about Snookie - hugs to you as well. Always a tough thing to lose a "pet family member" . The Pumpkin cheesecake sounds yummy- someone send me the recipe! My email is the same BUT for the 39 has been changed to 40.
Does that make since???

Sue You are such a good mother. I am sad to hear about your daughter and her family- especially during the holidays. Prayers for you all.

Kathy- YAY- happy to see you posting. Hope you pop in more - not that I do Anyway- wonderful to see you :)

Mindee- Hey- hope you are in hanging in there!! Hugs to you and Tommy. My only thought is that it is better to look for a job when you have a job. Maybe let the $300 a week just be a stepping stone :) just a thought.....

Angie- Sorry about your friend Becky- praying that she ok. HUGS to Brandon- received his photo awhile back- what a cutie!! They grow up so fast.

Marti- Love the picture of Jhanai, what a beauty! Your grandpa is a sweetie, you are so lucky to have him in your life. Enjoy him :) I almost there???????


Katy- Hi!! Love your pciture too- you guys are so smart. I can never figure that dumb thing out. I want boobs and tummy tucks!! Think someone should write Oprah and ask her if she would foot the bill for the Jaded Ladies....

Cristi- Hi, how are you ?? How is the wrist?? I really do apreciate what you wrote about how you and Vince met. Means a lot to me :)

Jane- Ma Jane!! out. Hope I am not missing anyone (Shanna- miss you!!!) but I need to get back to work.

Had a great meeting with a lawyer last night and she gave me a lot of encouragement! Going in the morning to file.
Just was too tired this morning and I had to do laundry - so in the morning.
Rocky is a dream. It is going to cost $600 to start the process with a lawyer and he offered to send it. NOT going to let him but it was sooooooo sweet that he offered without even blinking an eye......

better get!!

ta ta

12-03-2004, 07:31 AM
Good morning ladies.....

I thought I would pop in and say hello before I go to bed. It's 3:30 and I'm not really tired, but I will be once my head hits the pillow.

Kathy--Glad you popped in! I didn't know you were moving either....did I miss that news? How far did you move? Hope to hear from you more! Come back when you have more time.

Ellen--I was hiding....behind a computer at work. :) Your muscles are sore today are they? Unless it's extremely painful, it's ok. You're body will love you later on when you're all trim and sleek!

Susan--Rocky is a sweetheart to offer you the money....wonder what he's going to give you for Christmas??? it's going to be something sweet and romantic! Glad you got some encouraging news! I know everything will work out wonderfully for you.

Well I really must get myself to bed. Wash my face first unless I want to see my face staring back at me when I wake up!! (too much makeup!) :D


12-03-2004, 08:03 AM
TGIF!! Not that I work outside the home, but Neal and Katie can sleep in tomorrow, lol.

Cristi - thank you for the angel card. How sweet! I think men are hard to buy for, too. Neal wanted an electric chain saw, so that was his big item from me. Of course, he can always use casual shirts/sweatshirts. He goes out to the shed in them, to just check on something, and the next thing you know, he has battery acid or something on them! I bought 5 Christmas movies last night. Well, Samantha was 1 - not really Christmas. It was the only one left! Comes with a treasure chest and a locket. Also bought Charlie Brown's Christmas, Dora's Christmas, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, and Eloise at Christmas. Gonna pick up Mackenzie-the-five-year-old after kindergarten to watch a couple of them.

Ellen - yep, my finger's in a splint, lol. JK! Missed you in chat Wednesday, and I didn't make it to chat last night. Wonder if anyone else did? Anytime you see that I am online here, if you PM me, I will join you in the chat room. That goes for any of the JLs. About the boobs - my are way too saggy after losing 82 1/2 pounds. Here's my theme song: "Do your boobs hang low, can you toss 'em to and fro? Can you tie 'em in a knot, can you tie 'em in a bow? Can you throw 'em over your shoulder like a Continental Soldier, do your boobs hang low? " ......LOL!! It's not like they were perky before, but now it's ridiculous!! I like the saggy better than the fat, though! However, I am still overweight - just not as much, lol. Hope your body is feeling better today!!

Marti - I use an avatar resizer that I copied to my desktop. Not sure where I got it. Even just asked Katie and she doesn't know, either. You might want to use your search engine for "free avatar resizer" and see what you get. I love the one you have now, and also liked the old one a lot. Glad you get off work early today to be with your DD.

Kathy - so glad to see you! Did you catch that we are now meeting in the Jaded Ladies chat room on Wednesdays at 11 your time? Hope you can join us! Btw, please send me a PM w/your new snail mail addy, ok... if you want to, that is.

Susan - glad you are feeling better and I didn't even send the chicken soup, lol. I think you should let Rocky help you when he offers. When Neal and I were engaged, he helped me quite a bit, and I was ever so thankful for that. He always paid my babysitter, and brought groceries in a lot, even though he very seldom ate at my house. He would take the kids and me out to eat a lot, and he paid for fun stuff like movies, bowling, etc. for my son to go with his friends when I didn't have the money. Mary was only 4-5 at the time, and he brought little gifts for them both. I got into trouble with my Sears bill, and he paid that off so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. Anyway, what I'm saying is, if he's to be your life's partner, I think you should let him help. You'd do the same for him if you could, right? Btw, I pampered Neal in non-monetary ways (no, not sexual!!) like giving him foot rubs, making oatmeal raisin cookies (his fave) using a gift card (that my boss gave me) to buy a sweater for him, stuff like that.

Hi to the others. :wave:

I have the most wonderful news today! My son (33 y/o) called yesterday, and he said, "I think I'm gonna do it, Mom" I was momentarily stunned, because I wasn't sure what he meant. Join the Navy? Shave his head? Pierce his nostril? WHAT??? He's giving Gina a diamond engagement ring for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! He had just called Mary and asked her to meet him in town tomorrow to help pick it out. Mary has excellent (but expensive, lol) taste. Gina will just be floored because she won't see this coming at all. Truly. I couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-law if I picked one myself! She is so good to my son, and treats him very well. He loves her girls like they are his own. I'm so happy I could burst, and can't even tell anyone in the family about it yet, 'cause it would surely get back to Gina. Oh, and get this: her family will be together on the 18th, so he's going to ask her dad for his blessing! How sweet is that????

Hope you have a good day, and I'll try to bbl,

12-03-2004, 11:54 AM
Mornin' all!
Just checking in for a short bit... I need to do some online shopping then off for a walk. My DD is rebelling against her jogging stroller - she's getting too big for it, so I found a good one online and should be getting it in a week or so. Like I told DH, it's cheaper than a gym membership! I've finished up Christmas shopping, so the budget is tight for the month, then I go and impulsively get this stroller, Ay yi yi

Better news - I only have to review a few more articles for my brain class, then I am DONE! Woo hoo will be nice to not have that on the "to do " list.

I will try to bbl for individuals....Oh, I am taking pics today of my mantel - hope to post them soon. The greens are lovely and smell so good!

12-03-2004, 12:12 PM
Just a quickie for now...but HI ladies and happy Friday!

Getting ready to head to the mall in a few mns. with DS. We had it planned Monday but his wicth of a boss messed things up which made him angry and he gave his notice. That was the last straw. Anyway, his boss is the real grinch 100 times over!

Okay, so I have to say I am so happy for your good news Jane. That is wonderful! She definitely will be floored and it will be a proposal she will never forget. Of course I don't think anyone ever forgets their proposal but I always thought holiday ones were extra special. Okay, blabbing...:blah: :blah: :blah: This was supposed to be a quickie. I will be back later to do individuals.

Take care ladies and have a nice day!

Tea Rose
12-03-2004, 03:10 PM
Hi Everyone
Didn't anyone want tea last night? I waited and waited but no one came . so I supped alone :shrug: I did shed a few tears but I'm over it now, I understand. :no: :lol: So how is everyone today , WE HAD SNOW LAST NIGHT:dance: GREAT BIG FLUFFY FLAKES IT DUSTED THE GROUND, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS WERE GLOWING , CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING, IT WAS WONDERFUL, THEN I WOKE UP THIS MORNING the sun was shining and my snow was GONE, but BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE (thats what Dean said anyway)

Hi Jane :wave:
Did you hear me((( WE HAD SNOW LAST NIGHT))) but its gone :cry: :dance: thats wonderful news about your son ,there is nothing more important than knowing that your sons future spouse is a wonderful caring loving person and one whom you love .I am so happy for you all, now you keep it a secret :sssh:there mom :lol: I bet your ready to bust with excitement. I think that my daughter has found that in her new relationship , although its fairly new I am convinced that he is the one , and I couldn't be happier , he has brought out so much happiness in her ,I can explain what a change he has made in her life,I hope that this is a long lasting relationship, although It saddens me that I may not have her here in a year or so , but she will always be close to me and close by.The most important thing is she is happy and it gets me one step closer to the grandchild I would love to have.
Although my Son has been in a relationship for a long time I can't really see anything happening for some time.But this was about your happy news I just go on and on.I am so happy for you.Tell Mary to pick out a really nice ring:lol:
I hope that your finger is better cause you will need tonight to load all them movies for Mackenzie I love their names so cute. I would have loved a name like that.I have never seen Mickeys twice upon a Christmas but I saw a commercial the other day and it looks so cute I would really like to see it. I love your Theme song you are indeed a funny gal :lol3: I don't have that particular problem ,but I'm sure I could apply that song to other areas.:lol:
I hope you enjoy your movies with the wee one, if your having hot chocolate I may drop by , I will bring the popcorn. ok Have a great day Jane .

Hi Cristi:wave:
Are you back at the mall again, :lol: Sorry to hear that your son was put in a position where he had to give notice,so unfair to be treated that way, that you have to leave your position, I hope he has something else lined up ,so its not to stressful.My sons best friend has just gone through a similar situation ,but is having a difficult time finding something else ,you would think with all that schooling it shouldn't be so hard on them,I don't know :shrug:I hope that you have a nice time with him at the mall , and will get that recipe out to you soon.:T

Hi Marti:wave:
Of course you were working, I get all confused about where everyone one is, and what time it is where you arebut I had my magnifying glass didn't you see me looking for you :lol: The body isn't as sore today its hard for me to even remember being sleek and trim even though I have only had this weight on for two years ,gained it all in 2002 lost it all in 2003 gained it all back in 2004. I am truly frustrated with myself ,but I am trying to get it under control would like to be all fixed up by spring for sure.To many ups and downs the last few years ,I have become an emotional eater and thats bad news for me. I hope that you James and Jhanai have a wonderful day ,Have you made a decision about Grandpa's yet?

Hi Susan:wave:
Thank you so much for your kind words about Snookie,and for the hugs can never get enough in times like these ,she was a precious pet , and she will be missed. As for the pumpkin cheesecake I would be happy to send the recipe to you as well, it has become a favourite in my family for years now , no Christmas without it would be complete.I am happy to hear your meeting with the lawyer went well ,it always helps to hear words of encouragement,I agree with Jane about letting Rocky help you out , no shame in that ,and if it helps you get one step closer to ending this fiasco and one step closer to Rocky and your new life take all the help you need ,that is what life partners do.

Hi Katy:wave:
I can smell the greens from here and they smell wonderful .I can hardly wait to see your pictures, hopefully I will have mine sometime during the week sweet son has promised to help me since I am computer illiterate,I am glad your class is almost finished I bet you will be relieved.Wow you have completed your Christmas shopping good for you. :cheer: not me :no: slow poke that I am. Well you have a great day Katy

Hi Angie:wave:
I sure hope you don't mind all the kidding I have been doing ,Yes I am a :joker: try to keep myself amused :lol: So whats on your agenda today , how is work going ?finished your Christmas shopping ,whats for dinner ,how Brandon and Tanner and the rest of the family? did you hear Janes news, can you believe that Cristi's at the mall again?Did you see Marti and katy's new aviators,did you know that Kathy popped in all the way from Canada and did you know that she moved and that she has horses and everthing? do you know if she goes on sleigh rides?Did you know that Jane pampered Neal in non-monetary ways :nono: just when you think you know someone:lol: Oh my gosh did you hear about her boobies ,so sad ,and she tries to make them perty by tying them in a bow :lol3:,Ok enough of the twenty questions ,How is Becky doing did they find anything out yet ,I hope all is well ,I hope your having a great day ,you probably were till you got to my post.:lol:

Hi Sue:wave:
How are you doing today ,I hope that your family is on the mend soon . (((HUGS))) Is the weather still cold and windy ,you might as well come home for that . I hope your day is going well.

Hi Mindee:wave:
How are you doing, Are you almost ready for Christmas, This will be so much fun sharing it with Brandon , such a different experience through a childs eyes.would really like to hear from you,and see how you are all doing(((HUGS))) hAVE A NICE DAY MINDEE

Hi Everyone else :wave:
I sure hope your all having a wonderful life te he I saw that on tv .ok another bad joke :sorry:

12-03-2004, 04:24 PM
Good Afternoon ladies!!

Didn't want to get out of bed today! I would have loved to have slept in a little longer but......had to get up. 11:30 just seemed to early! :D

Jane--What wonderful news!! How exciting is that? How long have they been together? And asking her father for his blessing!! SO SWEET!! You'll have to tell us more about it after he asks. Do you know if he plans on asking privately or w/all the family around? Sounds like you got a lot of great movies! I'm hoping to watch some Christmas movies this weekend w/Jhanai. Really looking forward to this weekend.

Katy--I'm glad your class is almost finished! Then you'll have time to relax that brain of yours! I informed James that in Janauary he needs to add me to his membership at the gym. I'm too lazy in December! :lol: Maybe I should buy a stroller for my dogs, then while I'm out walking they can bark at everyone we pass which will then have me walking faster.....may even break into a jog!! Hmmmm....may have to ponder that idea for awhile! :D

Ellen--I can understand the emotional eating. It's really hard to break that too.... Lately I've been doing well w/what I eat. I haven't really gone crazy on the holiday treats....YET! :lol: As for the time difference.....aren't you in Canada?.....I believe you're an hour ahead of me. So right now it's 12:20 so it would be 1:20 for you and Cristi & Jane are two hours ahead of me. Or is it three?? I get confused too! But I think that's pretty close.

Kathy--If you have moved and have a new address and all, I need your new address as well! (if you wouldn't mind sharing with me) I'm getting ready to get some cards and have them sent sometime next week......or the week after...... :dizzy:

Good afternoon to all the rest of you lovely ladies!!

I have to leave at 3:00 today for work. Trying to figure out where I'm going to park.....I may just park in the same place and not pay for bad! But the structure doesn't take the badges until 5:30........BUT---if you grab a ticket....after 12:30 they are closed so getting out is just simply driving out. (so why do I pay?) Because I would feel dishonest to take advantage so I pay my dollar every night. But today may be a different story. FORGIVE ME!

I better get some coffee in me, clean my face up.....look at my eyes and wonder why I've got HUGE puffy circles under them....get critical of my body, cry a little...... Oh wait....this is stuff I do in my own privacy....sorry!

You all take care and have a GREAT Friday!!

12-03-2004, 05:21 PM
and boy am I pooped. Didn't really do much shopping, was mainly going to Lenscrafters so DS could get his glasses fixed. Did end up looking a little bit though. He bought us a really nice picture for the living room for Christmas at Kirkland's-love that store. He was going to buy seperate gifts for both V and I but I liked this and was going to get it and he said let me get it for you and I will be done with my shopping, fine by me. Then went to shoe store for some Adidas shoes he wants but didn't see the ones he wanted and that is about it. No big shopping. I'm good one day a week, other than grocery shopping. More than that-it kills me. Sorry Ellen about Chat. I don't do the Thursday night Chat because of my shows (I know I mentioned this before so sorry for repeating myself), although it seems too Thursday is usually a busy day/evening. I missed The OC and unfortunately half of CSI which was fine as it was a rerun. Those are my fav shows and even if I could see the tv from the computer I wouldn't be able to concentrate on what I'm typing.

Ellen~I don't mind going to the mall at all because I always go during the week when they are not too busy. Shoot, even when it's not a holiday I still do my shopping during the week usually when they first open. Don't like crowds at all. I wish DS had a job lined up but he doesn't that's why he gave them a months notice. It will give him enough cash to last for a while, while he looks. Plus he can get his 401. It was wearing him down working 60-100 hours a week and only getting paid for 40, doesn't seem right but that's how it is when you are the manager. Then on top of it going to college, not really sure how he had time to sleep!Anyway, he doesn't really have any bills except for gas for his car, his cell phone, phone bill at home and his car insurance so he will be fine with what he has and what he will be getting. Just keeping my fingers crossed that he finds a job before the month is over. :crossed: Glad you finally got some sno, even if it was just a taste to tease you.

Hi Katy~can't wait to see pics of your mantel, bet it is gorgeous! James and Leigh are such cuties! I loved when the kids were small like that, so cute and nice to one another.

Jane~now if V needed any new tools that would be the perfect gift but he doesn't. How many tools does one man need? :dunno: Of course he says if it is something he hasn't used he will one day! :lol: Talking about the zillion that are hanging in the garage. Although, you did remind me of this saw he wants. DS#2 bought one for his job and V saw it and said that is what he was wanting, hmmmm :chin: thank you Jane. He doesn't need clothes or cologne so it makes it very difficult to buy for the man. Should be interesting to see what I come up with. Love the movies you bought, of course I am not up on Dora. I still have the old ones the kids used to watch, The Berestain Bears Christmas, Mickeys Christmas Sing-A-Long, can't remember what else except of course Charlie Brown. Have a lot of the Charlie Brown ones, but then I love those more than the kids did I think. :lol: I am truly so very happy for your family! Can't wait for the day that I get a DIL/SIL and grandbabies. I look so forward to being a grandma. Did Mary pick out a beautiful (expensive) ring yet? Is he going with a traditonal solitare or do you know? Well, I hope they find/found the perfect ring. I am excited just hearing about it.

Susan~It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks, what matters is that you and Rocky are happy and you both know in your hearts that you are meant for each other. I'm glad that my mentioning about me and Vince helped. That is so sweet that Rocky offered to help. :love: He is so sweet! And I am so very happy that you guys met and you are happy. You both deserve the best life has to offer, and to be happy and in love. My wrist is fine, for now. I never really know when it is going to hurt or for how long. I did discover Tylenol Arthritis and when it was hurting that and ice really helped a lot. Thanks for asking about it. I wish it were only the wrist though, but when it hurts it is from the right should all the way down to my wrist. I do wear one of those thingys for my wrist, can't for the life of me think what they are called-duh. Anyway, it helps tremendously keeping the wrist straight. I will usually wear it to bed which is when it hurts the worst.

Hi Kathy~I almost forgot you were moving. Question?? Are you guys still at the old place, or in between? Curious because I have the old address on your cards to be sent this month and am hoping you will get the mail. Or if ya want, you can pm me your new address, or email it. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the new place once you get all settled.

Marti~I think I just thought of what I am getting V for Christmas, see above. :lol: Not sure what he is going to do with it but he wants it and I know eventually it will be used. Hope you find the perfect gift(s) for James. Going to try and make it to chat next week. Yeppers Marti, I am two hours ahead of you. It is hard trying to figure all the different time zones everyone is in.:lol:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much going on today, well went to the mall and then DS and I had lunch. It was nice. Of course I had to come home to the dreaded chores. Not sure how this laundry piles up in a day. Did manage to get two loads washed before leaving this morning now I have 3 left. :yikes: So that is what I am doing the rest of the day. Will watch Ellen at 4, cook dinner and hope there are some Christmas specials on tonight. Anywho, almost time for Ellen so gotta get going.

Hope everyone had/is having a good day today. Take care. :grouphug:

Tea Rose
12-03-2004, 05:38 PM
Cristi do I have a show :?:,maybe thats why I am so darn tired all the time,am I funnier there than here :lol3: :no: , gee I hope so if they pay me to be.:lol:


12-03-2004, 05:42 PM
Good Evening girls!!!

Just got in from boss has really been giving me a hard time lately. She thinks Im a robot, and is expecting a lot more work from me than my co workers!! I know I have good work ethic and get things done much quicker than them, but shes putting way too much responsiblity in my lap and its stressing me out!!!
Tried to get out today and do a bit of xmas shopping!! A couple of things ended up turning into 140.00.....oh well!!!! Just decorated my lamp post with greenery and lights...Decorated my living room last night..Will hopefully get the tree up tonight or tomorrow!!! Would like to start my xmas cards as well!!!
The big wedding for our friend is next weekend, we werent going to go after the whole shower incident, but DBF said we should make an appearance..So thats next saturday night.
Well Im off to get a shower and go rent a couple movies, and get dinner!!

Hello to Ellen, Kathy, Katy, Jane, Marti, Susan, Angie, Cristi, and Mindee

Check in Later

Tea Rose
12-03-2004, 06:16 PM
Hi Marti :wave:
I swear I don't know where I am ,or what time it is :?:, apparently I have a show on tv I didn't know about either:shrug: , I'm really not sure what the heck is going on do you? I"m calling a national Marti day so you can have the day off what do you think:idea:I'm gonna go and call my bud George and see what I can do , I'll let you know what he says OK ;)

Hi Julie :wave:
it sounds like theres a lot of boss troubles going around , its a fact the more you do. the more they will expect of you, and its a tough spot to be in once your there.and even harder to get out of , I hope you can work it out ,its nice to be appreciated but theres a line between that and being taken advantage of, I know what you mean about the few things and the 140.00 its so easy to do isn't money sure dosen't go far these days.I bet your decorations look beautiful are you going to post some pictures I hope so,Well enjoy your movies and dinner and have a great night Julie

12-03-2004, 06:27 PM
I need a nap! I went walking with my neighbors this morning; the weather was cold and brisk - no rain. My neighbors are two new moms who are way more athletic than me. They were talking about marathons and mini-triathlons and cycling and I was just tired listening to it all! I'm glad I'm walking with them, because it is certainly motivating me to get more exercise. Don't think I'll ever be THAT athletic, but I could certainly be in better shape, that's for sure.

Jane - what wonderful news about your son - Santa is visiting you early this year. Did you mention your DGDs are into Dora the Explorer? My DD just loves Dora, even thoughwe don;t have cable and she doesn't watch the show. CBS has some Nick shows on Saturday morning and then she'll watch it and has has a CDROM she likes.

Ellen - Yay - snow - I'm sure more is coming. We don't get alot of snow here in Oregon, but we do get beautiful fall color. We also have lots of evergreen foliage, so we have green year-round. We can play in the snow, we just have to drive 1.5 hours to get to Mt. Hood. Hope you are having a good day.

Cristi - I highly recommend adidas. My DH does alot of track officiating and adidas was a sponsor of one of his meets - ergo we have lots of adidas shoes in our house. I just love them - they are a good fit and they work well with the orthotics I have to use for plantar fasciitis. Your house sounds lovely

Julie - BTDT with infertility and I am so glad you and your DF are getting to the root of the issue now while you are young. Don't know if your doc mentioned it or not, but sometimes consulting a reproductive endocrinologist can be helpful, but a fertility specialist should really get the ball rolling.... it did for us! Good luck to you both.

Mindee - Helloooo out there! Are you out there! We miss you - hope you are enjoying the holiday season with Tommy and your precious little Brandon

Marti - hope work went well today - enjoy your time with Jhanai! I LOVE your new avatar - she is so precious

Ohh geez - not enough time for everyone. Have a great afternoon folks - chat witcha later...

12-03-2004, 06:56 PM
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- tired.

What kind of class are you taking Katy?? I really thought you were tking a brain bout to call you Dr. Katy.

Congrats Jane. What a lucky gal Gina is to have you for a MIL. Very sweet how your son is thoughtful enough to ask her family for her hand in marriage. Sooooooo romantic :love:

psssst- how did your finger get in a splint??

wow, Ellen. Snow would be kind of pretty- you are so lucky. Rocky has 78 degree weather and he says he is

I need to get to work - just wanted to say hello.

Weighed in at 146 this morning.

Made it to Astoria and filed my response and motion for change odf venue. Looked stunned when she asked for the affidavit &
Made a quick call to legal aid and they faxed it over to me. Court was nice because they usually don't allow that.

Gaby went with and she made herself useful getting her finger stuck in the elevator..... :cry: :cry: She was ok though. Figure she only needs 4 fingers anyway..........hahaha,......I am joking. She is fine.

So it is DONE!!! .........can I go to Hawaii now??? :love: :smoking: :love: :smoking: :love: :smoking:

Actually he might be coming here with Kris in January when they have a break. We will see,....he wants me to come there with Gaby but I don't have any more vacation time.

Besides it seems like a lot of money. Just not use to being with someone with a ................job...... :rofl: :rofl: He is so sweet. He asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said just him and when I asked what he wanted he

anyway- best get ....

12-03-2004, 07:28 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Let’s see here…..nothing really new and exciting around here. Brandon is changing every day. He now likes to sit and scream at his toys if he throws them off his walker tray. He is stilling fighting going to bed at night, but I have found that if I put the Eagles in the DVD player, then he falls asleep faster. So we are using that as a secret weapon to get him to sleep at a decent hour.

Marti~ I agree that $300 is better then nothing at this point. Tommy gets his license back on the 13th, and he has already vowed to me and Brandon that he is going to be hitting the nearby cities and going on job hunts. He already has some jobs banked away in his “shopping cart” at one of his job search websites. They are farther from our house, so it only seemed right to hold off on inquiring until he gets his license back.

Ellen~ I agree with everything that you said. We finally got the car down here from my parents, so now when he gets his license back, all he has to do is get it reinstated, and then to get insurance on the vehicle. Then he will be off on his job hunts.

Cristi~ Thanks for the kind words. And we have both noticed that jobs are definitely hard to come by.

Jane~ He has numerous leads stashed away in his “shopping cart” like I mentioned to Marti. He hasn’t really seen a doctor yet about his knees. But his brother pinned him in between their dad’s workbench and a car when he was younger, and then he got hit by an elderly lady in her car when he was younger. He also has problems with his back as well. And being out in the cold for too long, it locks up on him. So that was another reason for passing on the job as well.

Julie~ I hope you get answers soon on the baby issue! I was told that since we had been trying for over a year to get pregnant with Brandon, that we were technically infertile because of the time frame. I was told in June of 2003, that we were infertile, and to stop trying by ourselves and get ready for some blood work for fertility. I told my doctor that there was no way either of us were infertile, and she argued with me. I never did get the blood work done because I knew that I didn’t need it. She had me schedule a follow up appointment for two months later, August 18th, the day after my birthday. I told my mom how the appointment went, and she got us a Clear Plan Easy Fertility Monitor. We used that for the first time in July, and we conceived Brandon that month. I went back to my doctor proving her wrong and that I knew my body better. So my synopsis of all that mumbo jumbo is, it could be something simple as mistimed love sessions or something like that. I am free if you would like to email me about anything. Go right ahead, and I will get back to you soon.

Ellen~ First off, I have been really busy, so I didn’t think that you all were ganging up on him. We both realize that granted it wasn’t the most perfect job, it was a job. But like I mentioned to Jane, he has knee problems and back problems. Yup we actually did get our tree up. In fact there are some Christmas pictures up on Brandon’s webpage from us putting up the tree. There is a picture of him sitting on the back of the couch (Tommy is holding him) just staring downwards. He is staring at the Christmas tree, with the lights on. We have a switch on it to where we can change the speed of the lights and he started bouncing and screaming at the Christmas tree when it was all lit up. We are almost ready for Christmas. All the decorating is done, now we just have to get the Christmas presents bought and wrapped and we will be done. We are planning on going around the different neighborhoods and seeing the lights.

Just coming on to catch up….I have blackened Cajun spiced chicken alfredo waiting for me. (at least that is what I think it was called)

Katy~ I am out here….I have been lurking and just now got a chance to come and post. I am also getting dragged away to come eat dinner as well.

Tea Rose
12-03-2004, 08:35 PM
Hi Mindee
Glad to see you back, and so happy to hear that things have improved so much in the last week, and you have all your decorating and Christmas shopping done .thats wonderful news .So glad things are going so well

12-03-2004, 09:03 PM
Stop typing!!!!

:comp: :comp: :comp: :comp:

Please go to Chit Chat #93