South Beach Diet - Thinking of going on The South beach

11-29-2004, 09:56 PM

Im only slightly overweight and would like to start the South Beach im just wanting to know what makes this different from everything out there?

Is this very different to the Gi Diet?

Im not looking for quick results any would be good.

Thanks :^:

11-29-2004, 10:14 PM
I'm not sure exactly what the gi diet is but I may have an idea if you are talking a diet based on foods that are low in the glycemic index. You can find out a lot about South Beach by reading the book and the Frequently Asked Questions but it really comes down to Good Fats and Good Carbs. On South Beach you reduce your trans fats and saturated fats and concentrate on olive oil and canola oil (some others are okay too). You stay away from most processed foods and eat whole grains rather than enriched grains. It is not considered a low carb diet although by comparison with most people it will be lower than most. I find it a very healthy way to eat.

11-30-2004, 04:24 AM
South Beach promotes healthy eating so it is a good lifestyle choice. I have personally found it beneficial in reducing cravings for starchy and sweet food and found it easier to lose weight and keep it off than when I did weight watchers and other diets. I personally feel more energised, probably because I am eating three small meals and 2-3 snacks a day so my blood sugar levels are more stable than if I eat 2-3 bigger meals a day. South Beach Diet also promotes exercise and drinking lots of water and these alone may be enough to help you tone up and shed a few pounds. If you feel sluggish mid afternoon, crave sweet foods or eat a lot of heavily processed foods or starchy foods it may be the eating plan for you.

11-30-2004, 01:50 PM
Yes, South Beach diet is very similiar to the GI diet.

11-30-2004, 03:21 PM
I would highly recommend the South Beach way of life (it is a lifestyle change, not a diet). Definitely read the book, as it helps you understand how your body processes foods. I've been doing it for almost a year and am very, very glad to have been educated about the South Beach diet, as there is diabetes in my family and I have seen how it ravages every system in the body. I would gladly trade all the white bread and sugar in the world for my health. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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11-30-2004, 09:10 PM

Welcome! No matter if you only have a little to lose or a lot I think you will like the way you feel on SBD. For me it works well - gone is the bloating, mood swings and headaches that sugar brings to me. I hope that you would buy the book and look it over. It is close to GI and Sugar Busters. Good Luck!

12-01-2004, 11:30 PM
ill give it a go guys! Thanks :D