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11-26-2004, 10:23 AM
Welcome to the new home for Winter/Summer depending on where you are in this wide wonderful world.

A warm welcome awaits those who lurk but pluck up the courage to comment. We might be fairly nuts but we are really very nice.

11-26-2004, 11:47 AM
:tape: :ziplip: :sssh: If we are all very quiet, maybe we can decorate this place before Shad wakes up!!! I'll get the tree and be right back.

11-26-2004, 11:58 AM
What's a holiday without a few pointsettias?

11-26-2004, 12:01 PM
... and Santa at the gate peeking in to make sure we are more nice than naughty!

11-26-2004, 04:10 PM
You two are conniving to tart up the house already??? We only just shifted in during the last 6 hours. Still I guess we wouldn't be the women that we are if we didn't want to 'improve' things somewhat. Just don't run over the original inhabitants as you zoom past please Mel.

I just woke up with a raging thirst and a sinus headache so decided to do something about both those things and check out the garden while I was around. Then I checked to see if anyone had gone back to the old house and found you too decorating the new one!

Uneventful flight home - only 2 screaming kids, 1 drunk male and a petulant old 80 year old lady who couldn't understand why anyone would want to 'put her on a bus at this time of night.' Let's just hope it was the right bus!!!! and she wasn't supposed to be in Adelaide, Hobart or Perth. I had a spare seat beside me, so managed to curl up and doze a little, then had a longish wait for the DS. Because Queensland doesn't embrace daylight saving and Victoria does, the flight got to Brisbane at 10.00 and not 11.00. DS needs to sleep so I said that I would wait for him and not make him come in early. Interesting places, airports late at night. You get to meet and talk to a range of characters. The security guard who is more interested in the dog races than actual security etc. Oh and I must tell you a funny. The big red suitcase that I was using is fairly old - I took it with me to UK the first time I went there. Anyway nothing lasts forever and the wheel fell off my little red wagon as I left the office for the last time and I more or less had to drag it, trying to balance it on one little wheel. Can you guess how many people both in the office and in the street stopped me to tell me that my suitcase has only one wheel? It's even funnier when I think that I had the other wheel in my hand!!! :lol3:

There were plaudits aplenty when I left - made me quite sad I was leaving - they even bought afternoon tea for me. They thanked me for the hard work I had put in. I forebore to tell them that I could have done twice as much in half the time if only they had got their act together sooner. That sounds a bit arrogant but really it isn't. Even yesterday they were changing the standards and guidelines yet again, and everyone has to yet again re format their documentation.

Why am I whinging?? for heavens sake, I am out of there. The recruitment agent rung me yesterday to tell me that some bloke or other is delighted that I am coming to work on Monday and that they are waiting eagerly for my arrival. Hmmm wonder if they will feel like that on Monday afternoon. It would be so interesting to know exactly what it is that I am going to do for them. I'll cope, but am I prepared for the reality??

Well better go and track down the rose that I can smell from the computer. The roses are looking good, but the DS has been 'trimming' the lavender hedge. Hope it can survive his trimming! Weeds are proliferating and I will be out in the garden at some time today - so what's wrong with right now? It's cool, there's a slight breeze, the sun hasn't got up high enough to burn yet and it is only 0600 hours! :coffee: :coffee:

11-26-2004, 05:12 PM
i stay off for a couple of hours and you move and decorate :dizzy: so i thought ill be the angel :angel: {as long as no one looks for the halo its around the ankles} :angel:
im terrible with last postage dates so im posting everyones cards this week and if you get them to early DONT OPEN THEM or at least dont tell me :dance: just dont tell the family they are used to getting there cards very late i think the worse was giving my dad his birthday card in august which wouldnt be bad but his birthday is in june :rofl: :rofl: :censored: :eek: :foot:
so now let me see whats been happening talked to teel she had a run in with munglani and she wasnt very amused and personally i dont bloody blame her he told her that shes disabled so shell just have to expect to be in pain !!!!!! :mad: :bomb: :censored: :censored: :censored: the mans supposed to be a pain doctor obviously nobody told him hes not to cause the pain!!!! so it looks like shell not be home till monday now
getting a wee bit more organised took down all the pictures and the big mirror from the livingroom walls and washed all the nicotine off them and the throws and cushions and curtains and the vertical blinds so the place smells a wee bit better still not wanting to smoke but im not dwelling just going with the flow and take it one step at a time
we dont decorate the house till december and then kill each other arguing where everything goes dont know where the tree is going this year as my comp :comp: is now in the living room along with a very large desk and chair
so at the moment it seems like ill be sending you posts from the top of the tree wearing baubles and tinsel :stars: :crazy: :rofl: :rofl: :yikes: :yikes: the mind boggles isnt that a picture youd rather not see !!! right im goint to put away the ironing and take the last load of washing out the machine and get it hung up and then i think ill have a cup of coffee anyone want to join me???

11-26-2004, 05:16 PM
thought you all might like this just incase you dont like the idea of me on the xmas tree


11-26-2004, 06:02 PM
O goodo, the tree is here, Santa's at the gate, the kirsty kitten is on the top of tree and there are poinsettia all around the joint. Looks like I might have to get in the mood for Christmas!!!! Not pretty thought. :rofl: :cheers: :lol3:

Thanks Kirsty for the Teel info. I'm about to pick up the phone and dial until my fingers hurt - now let me think 001844.................... - it just goes on and on. I really will have to store these phone numbers on the phone and not in my head.
Aaah maybe I wont just ring, I best check time zones first. :idea: :dizzy: :o :devil:
I really can't imagine some of those nursing and medical types being over impressed with this brash colonial attempting to hijack a patient late at night. :nono: :stress: :nono: :chin: :gossip: :rollpin:

Lucky I did that, it is after 10 over there. Later, later, maybe around 7 or 8 tonight my time. Hang in there Teel the cavalry is coming. Interesting folk you have in medicine over there Linus. :yikes: Wonder what they say to people who are terminal. Just get over it????

While I think about it. Sounds like you are doing great on the smokes or rather no smokes - go for it girl. You sound a bit like the way I did it. Just decided to give up and got on with life. Can't say I ever craved much either. The only thing that really happened was that about six months after I gave up, I was helping my brother to shift. He opened a new pack of smokes and the smell was just wonderful. I still like the smell of a fresh pack of ciggies. I begged, finally stole one, lit up and spent the rest of the day on and over the loo. I was so sick. It cured me for once and for all I guess. I do not advocate this for everyone tho' It is up to the individual and I'm really proud of Happy and you for getting over the weed.

Anyway, I better go. Don't mean to spend all day on the computer.

11-26-2004, 07:45 PM
I'm happy to sit here with my 4 ounces of Aussie wine and enjoy the view. I don't plan to decorate our house for Christmas this year, but other family members may have other ideas. If any youngsters show up, you KNOW this house will be decorated in a flash!

I ran the 5K last Sunday evening and came in third in my age group - BRONZE medal! And really cool t-shirts. :dance: The Fast Old Ladies must have had other plans. We're planning another 5K tomorrow - called The Sister Run. The proceeds go to ovarian cancer research. Then Sunday we have an excused absence from church - we'll be volunteering at a local marathon. I'm looking forward to that. We're going to work the finish line together.

We went to our dear son's yesterday for the US Thanksgiving dinner. Our dear DIL is the one who got us started thinking about our weight and then actually doing something about it. The dinner was totally clean and yummy. I made an apple pie (surprised? ;) ) and used only minimal sugar so even dessert was 'clean.' She said she'd like to train for a 15K race and dearest Hubster said he would too and I said I'd love to watch the sweetie DGBoys. Our son can't be sure of his schedule so DDIL didn't want to commit to training with her YMCA group if she couldn't race. The race is in March.

I finished the apples today with 12 more quarts of applesauce!!!! We took applesauce and apple butter to our son's house yesterday and the DGBoys were thrilled. It's nice to enjoy enthusiastic, sincere appreciation.

How to make applesauce: First you buy the Ball's Blue Book aka The Canning Bible. :cool: I have been canning for years, so I have all kinds of equipment. All it really takes though is apples, sugar, cinnamon, canning jars, lids and bands and a canning kettle. And time and the willingness to have a warm kitchen.

Dearest Hubster is making his special chicken chili and jalapeno cornbread. YUMMMM!!!! The best part about going to other people's houses for holidays is No Leftovers! :D

11-27-2004, 02:09 AM
Excellent new digs, thanks Shad! Good to have you back where you belong :D Fingers crossed for Monday. ps. your suitcase has aquired a limp :devil: Hugs for your poor sinuses, Tylenol sinus meds are the only thing that ever kicked that pain away for me.
Your lovely elves have decorated it a treat, just one thing missing :) Antonio of course ;)

I spent all day organizing my daughters room. They share, so the mess is quite colossal. I put one of their dressers in the closet and moved their desks side by side and shifted the bookcase with the videos over closer to the bookcase with the books to create a little corner of entertainment :p Looks better than it was :dizzy:

Linus-looks like we were both in organizing moods today. Doesn't shifting stuff give you a good feeling? Accomplishing something concrete, so rewarding. I can smell the coffee :coffee:

Tig-yummy, cinnamon and apples, I bet your house smells divine. Sounds like the majority of your family is into making fitness a priority, lucky you to have so much support.

Mel and Happy, and all the rest of you adorable little elves, I am smiling right now at your decorating mischief, commando decking of the halls in our new abode, beauty!

11-27-2004, 03:07 AM
Hoo boy, seems Christmas mayhem is upon the thread. I'll go up into the roof tomorrow to see what I can dig up from the days I did celebrate, decorate, eat drink and merry.

Nice to hear from you Meadow. Thanks for the welcome home. Glad I'm here although the first day home always seems to be pretty dead for me. Always a sinus problem from the plane. Usually a headache and thirst too. I guess I will be better tomorrow.

Tig you little exerciser you. Way to go. I'm going to the gym tomorrow to get back into the swing of things. Then early mornings again for me. Two days of 5k in a row would be tiring for me still. Although I must admit I am getting better again. 4 days a week at the gym is the least I must do!
Have you built an extra closet for the T-shirts yet?

Been and done the shopping. Made a fresh fruit salad for my breakfasts and cut back the roses. Now I have 3 vases of roses giving the house a much nicer fragrance than the closed up smell it had when I got in last night. Had a siesta, sort of tidied the lavender hedge, (hope it recovers) and picked up Sunday the cat (who is being very loving right now. She must be hungry) and some of the plants. Womble will be pleased with me.

Better go feed the animal before she butts me into next week.

11-27-2004, 10:01 AM
Shad~ Hope no one puts speed bumps in the housse to slow me down! good luck on Monday and hope the appreciate you right away and not when leaving!!! congrats on the plaudits, you deserved them!the house must smeell lovely and I bet sunday follows you everywhere just in case you try and slip away again! :rofl: fingers crossed for the lavendar hedge!:lol3: although I know it's not funny when you grow something and then someone takes a machete and gives it a crew cut!!

Linus~ Thanks for the Teel story. maybe what the Dr is trying to say but isn't being very tactful about is that there is a certain amount of pain that must be tolerated because of all the problems. It seems to me that they have done to her what they did to the American footballers. Overdosed them in pain meds so that they have become not only addicted but pain-sensitive to the extreme. It's not an easy condition to treat. I feel so bad about all her mishaps. Send her my ((((HUGS)))). You sound like the busy elf this week too! The house must smell great and we should get you some of Shad's roses to sweeten it up even more!! Be careful of your BACK!! Especially if you need to climb the tree each day to post us notes!! :rofl: Best get a step stool for the job!! :lol3:

Tig~ A big congrats on the Bronze medal!!! Very nice job for an old lady! :rofl:Love the apple butter story! Love apple butter too! Just send some along with the chili and cornbread! :rofl: Maybe the husband should be a caterer to people who have no time to cook?!? Or one of those personnal shoppers?? i am drooling over here!! I'll be right over to decorate while you sip the Aussie wine!!

Meadow~ So good to see you again! And sooooo very nice of you to put Antonio under my tree!!! :rofl: Hope you are fine now and over the flu???? missed you and your pics! You certainly did a great job with furniture moving!! maybe you and Linus should go into the moving/rennovation business! My DD and I saw a closet made into a computer area and it was great. I keep thinking about it but I need the closet for my junk! LOL

Well Chickas, I should get a move on. Still sorting and decluttering. The story of my life. If it gets warm enough, I hope to get out even if it's only for 15 minutes. Hope the weekend is good to all of you and stay well.

11-27-2004, 01:49 PM
First time with a 'Cross Country' type of race with running a sandy utility road and still got a medal. Where ARE the Fast Old Ladies?? I was second in my age group and Dearest Hubster was third in his. We had our pictures taken together with our medals. :encore:

They had a very good Ovarian Cancer awareness program and there were about a dozen survivors. We became acquainted with Joe who is 60+ and teaches exercise and fitness to seniors. Fun morning!

The t-shirts are really cool. I've decided the only thing to do is to throw out work clothes to make room for my t-shirts! :dance:

Shad ~ I laughed at your big red suitcase story. I threw my poor trashed suitcase away after this last trip - evidently the airline employees are pretty mad at their employer and took it out on my suitcase. As far as w-o-r-k, when the powers that wanna-be start changing the documentation rules, it definitely is time to shake the dust off and leave. hmmmm...that's going on with my project at w*, too!

linus ~ wow! Congratulations on how well you are doing with the no smoking, and washing those blinds and curtains is definitely making it a no smoking zone. It is amazing how technically good some docs are with absolutely no people skills. I'm disabled and have pain, but if my doc told me that, HE'D be in pain! :dancer: :lol3:

meadow ~ NOW I recognize the place with AB here. I've missed the pix.

happy ~ nice job decorating! Evidently dearest Hubster was inspired by you. He decorated the dining and living rooms while I've been on the computer.

Mel ~ we've got plenty of decorations. I'd be happy to sit on the sidelines and watch the experts! :hat:

Kirsty, I need to get to my laundry and ironing, too. Keep that coffee pot going! :coffee2:

11-27-2004, 03:29 PM
evening all and how are we on this lovely freezing cold rainy pitch black november evening :wave: good i hope? now how are we all enjoying our new home ? MEADOW has brought antonio complete with santa hat how are the girls , are they starting to get excited? i didnt think mine would but they are well conner is craids got flu so hes a wee bit off and its definantly not cool to be excited about santa{but he is} but whats getting to them is i have presents for all the family but after they found most of the pressies last year this year we havent bought them yet :joker: :cb:
TIG you are way too energetic for me but good on ya girl keep running maybe one year you can do the london marathon and teel and i can take you for tea at the palace :queen: my son puts his old football shirts in frames and hangs them on the wall as i dont know about your football teams but ours change there strips every season and of course you must have the newest one :blah: :rofl:
SHAD is it good to be home you cant really tell from your posts??????? :dunno: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: bet you sunday s glad your home :dizzy: and your plants will soon be home what happened to the hedge ? my mum said they really do grow back :^: hope the job goes good and it lasts a long time and you can stay home good
MEL teel sends hugs back and says thanks for the thoughts and she says dont be too nice or shell keep crying hows the snowmen going??? they actually seel cupboards{closets}that are computer desks and storage you can see them on the website i use for all my houshold stuff as the superstore is just up the road its, and go to computer storage and youll see them
HAPPY thanks for the addie and your cards on the way so you will be able to hang it from the dashboard in the car if you end up sleeping in the car :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: teel had given me it before but i lost it or deleted it from my emails i think !!!
ROSE hows the neck of the woods you hail from ?? must be so lovely up there at this time of the year you really must ask santa for a digital camera and take some pics for us where are you going for xmas ? are you going away or staying and having guests ?? god i am being a nosy sod tonight
anyway i suppose id better go and take the washing out the machine and the load in the dryer should be dry ive been so busy today ive changed all the bedding in the room and the throws and bolsters and gave the place a good dusting as dh is at the pub and i showered the dogs and it took nearly three hours to blow dry benjy that dog really has far too much hair ?? and ive got loads of washing still to be done but in between times ive gave myself a manicure and pedicure {ouch id forgot the ingrown toenail}and plucked my eyebrows and as soon as ive had the dogs out at 10 im going in the shower as ive got that new perfume au de doggy and it pongs a bit and yes im watching my back ive got a walk in shower so no lifting dogs that weigh far more than they should so im off and ill speak to you all tomorrow

11-27-2004, 04:44 PM
Busy lot yesterday weren't we?
Yes Linus, I certainly am glad to be home for a while. They don't have smilies doing somersaults otherwise I would use them. I just need to get the *** into gear now and get cracking - not leave evertything until I have to think about going away again. I am going to work out a plan for getting things done regularly and not in my usual gangbuster style. What happened to the hedge? The DS thought he was doing me a favour and decided to 'trim' the lavendar hedge. The shears weren't too sharp and he never thought to get the power trimmer out and he just butchered it. Always in too much of a hurry that lad. Lavender doesn't grow well in Queensland and I had just got the thing to almost perfection. Aaah well, if it doesn't grow back, I will just have to think of something else. Sunday is following me around like a shadow. She has settled in quite well again, and shut up which she never did at DS's place. She was not impressed when I put her back in the carry cage. Arms and legs were all over the place trying to stay out of it. She sure hates small spaces.

So good to see that everyone has found their way over to the new pad. They are no speed humps in the house Mel, those were the 1st family that you just ran over. George will not be pleased as he and lil Johnny were great friends!!!!

The red suitcase has been round the world twice. It came to grief in the streets of Melbourne and will be trashed here. I couldn't believe it when so many people asked me if I knew one of the wheels had fallen off and how difficult it must be to pull. Airline employees are not known for their finesse with baggage. I can only presume that is why from inside so many airports you can't see the baggage handlers zooming around in their carts anymore. That way you don't get to see how badly they treat your luggage.

So todays plan is to get back to proper eating. To start cleaning and clearing around here and catch up with the housework. I also want to try setting myself a menu for the week. I know I have put on a kilo or so since the end of last month, drat it. It's time to get serious about the weight again. I was so close at one time a month or two back to being under 70K by Christmas. Now it is still possible but.................. might have to leave the wine tasting to Tig.

Been in touch with the family yesterday. They know I am home now. I should expect to see them knocking on my door today. :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3::rofl: :lol3::rofl: :lol3::rofl: :lol3::rofl: :lol3::rofl: :lol3::rofl: :lol3: Hey these are my brothers!!!! They forget me unless they want something. Well almost. I'd better go check out some friends if I want company.

Anyway out to work in the garden for an hour. Catch you later.

11-27-2004, 06:16 PM
just a quick pop in id hoped to catch you shad ive just been watching billy connolly on tv and he was new zealand i missed the first bit and all i know was he was in a national park that has beautiful mountains and absolutly stunning fjords could you please tell me the name if you know it it looks very like the postcard my freind sent me from newzealand treid to find it but cant have looked hard enough im sure it was mount rapheal but not sure at all thanks so much

11-27-2004, 07:01 PM
ps forgot to say part of it was called "dusky sound"
and it had dolpins

11-27-2004, 07:19 PM
I think you must be talking about either the Fiordland National Park, which has huge mountains and very deep fjords or the Marlborough Sounds where the mountains are not so high and the fjords not so deep. Either way, the scenery is beautiful and they are both in the South Island. Let me see if I can find some pics to jog the memory.

Here you go. Which one springs to mind??

11-27-2004, 07:22 PM
Aah well in that case, you were in Fjordland National Park. It's one of the beautiful places on this earth, mainly because very few people live there, and those that do, care passionately about their environment.

11-27-2004, 08:31 PM
I am soooooo tired! I have filled a box with clothes to give away on Monday. tomorrow I'll sort the Xmas stuff with Jen. She wants to see what's going in the trash room for others to pick over:rofl: I even hung the winter drapes. It took me 6 or 7 tries but I got them up there! :cb: tonite is a movie and some codeine with tylenol!! :lol3: No ride today, as the weather was cold and windy.
I fear my days around town maybe gone now. Oh well. almost time to start learning to draw and watercolor.:yikes: :faint:

Tig~ Congrats AGAIN!!! You are quite the winner in the "family"!!! gotta love all those t-shirts and medals!! Wear them proudly:D You're gonna need an addition to the house for all the goodies from these races! Get the decorations ready cause I'm on my way. maybe after you, I'll decorate Shad's pad! :rofl:

Shad~ Poor hedge. sending it good vibes. Can you hug a hedge? Have I hugged a hedge today?? Why not! (((((HUGS)))))
sunday was probably worried you were dropping her off at yet another house!!! :lol3: Hope the gardening is keeping you busy! LOL What, no hammock time?? or is it too cool yet? As your sister I would visit you every day and beat the brother's backsides for them! :rofl: Sounds like my brother!!! When he gets a guilty conscience, he calls for forgiveness. Now we probably won't talk for another 20 years! Enjoy the time at home. Thinking of you and the sun!!!

Linus~ We are just cleaning and sorting fools this weekend you and I! Tell Craig that aunt Fanny hopes he feels better soon. i think we all believe in Santa Claus a wee bit. jen and I do and wait for him every year. One day he'll come!!! I will go and look at your website for the pc stuff. Thanks. We may get more ideas! LOL More ((((((((Teel hugs)))))))))

I can hardly move . wonder what tomorrow will bring. One of the neighbors wants to go shopping at a BIG mall on Monday. I haven't decided. I do need ornament hangars or paper clips.Hmmmmm. Shopping!! Have a wonderful night and a great day for Shad and the garden saga.

11-27-2004, 08:34 PM
OH, I missed seeing these last few posts! I'm always on the wrong page!! LOL Lovely pics!

11-27-2004, 10:00 PM
thats the very place shad i just couldnt believe it was so beautiful dont know why i never associated new zealand with fjords and im definantly with billy connolly here if im lying on the floor being tortured with hot coals and threatened with castration then i might admit its more lovely than loch lomond but since im not i wont :cloud9:
yes ladies im sitting here at 1.51am ive just sponged down craig and given him more paracetemol given him a drink and i dont think he even came to full awakedness the whole time if hes still like this in the morning then im calling out the doc craigs never ill {apart from his asthma} hes only ever had antibiotics once in the whole of his life so this really is not like him hence me being the over protective mother :faint: :stress: :cry:
dh is flat on his back snoring like a train ,benjy is lying beside him snoring too conner fell asleep reading his book and cleo is guarding craig even the blooming fish are asleep talking of fish back in 5 sorry about that started talking about the fish and forgot i hadnt fed jaws ,jaws is a plecostomus or in plain terms a bloody big catfish all nine inches of him and hes also nocturnal and requires a different diet from the rest of the fish so i have to put the tank light off wait 15 minutes for the fish to settle and then feed jaws so he can have his algae wafers all for himself :mcd: for fish
good greif cant you just tell i cant sleep here i am talking about the diet of my fish boring you all to death so im going before i get kicked off and ill talk to you all tomorrow at some point

11-28-2004, 12:32 AM
Actually, Kirsty, parts of NZ are very like parts of Scotland especially the Western Highlands. I felt very at home in Scotland although your mountains are not as high as ours and we don't have castles.

Sorry you can't sleep and have to feed Jaws - it must be a big tank if you can have a fish 9 inches long in it. Nemo would manage to get lost in it several times.

Work to do.

11-28-2004, 10:23 AM
actually shad the tank is only 2 feet and everybody says the fish will only grow to fit the tank someone aught to tell my fish that as they bloody wont stop growing
so after the year hopefully with the money ill save with not smoking ill be able to buy a bigger one otherwise soon theyll not bw able to turn around and ill be able to buy more fish as the tank is very crowded and i only have jaws ,4 angels ,two silver sharks ,one female siamese fighter, three cherry barbs and five neons and the neons really need to be in a shoal but they start off {and stay really }small and the other fish would think they are lunch
craigs still really unwell having to wake him every hour to drink and make sure hes rousable spoke to the doc this morning ive just to keep an eye on him and if his temp goes above 40 {at the moment its 39.2} or if he cant be roused or if his breathing goes funny then ive to call him out immediatly so he has to be checked constantly and ive had no sleep so im going on the setee for an hour and dads taking over so ill speak to you all later

11-28-2004, 11:47 AM
Kirsty~ So sorry Craig is still so sick. I always worried about Jen like you too. They are extra special with their "differences". Sendin him good thoughts and hope you get some sleep too.

Shad~ Sweet Dreams.

Today I want to drag out some boxes of unused stuff. Yesterday I tackled the linen closet and got a box full of crap out of there!
Jen hasn't called so I will start and put things I think she will like aside. Feeling a wee bit draggy with the codeine from last night but it put my back to rights again. (actually I just can't feel it! :rofl:) Have a great day and see you all tomorrow!

Miss Nae~ Will you come out to play?!?!:bubbles:

11-28-2004, 01:35 PM
hi all i think im going to use up this new home all by myself !!!! spoke to teel the naughty gril is talking about signing herself out tomorrow if the specialist doesnt come but then again if hed come on friday then she wouldnt have had to stay in all weekend
craig was a wee bit better but now hes off again so well just see am going through the same gut things out phase dont know if its just because im bored and need stuff to do with my fingers? so ive just fed the tribe and now im going to put on another washing and do the dishes and maybe i might be hungry myself later speak to you all later

11-28-2004, 06:01 PM
I hope you are taking care of that back Linus. Racing around being so busy and all. I must have cought the no sleep thing from you as I couldn't sleep last night and played spider solitaire on the computer until well after midnight. Woke up at 4am and couldn't get back again.

So I thought I would get up and go do something while it was lovely and cool, and on that thought Sunday the cat decided cuddling was the best way to go and we went back to sleep until just after 5.00. Got up and got ready for the gym. So I've been up for 3 hours, done 40 minutes at the gym, had breakfast and just finished a Turkish apple tea with my brother who popped in on his way home from work. I think I will go out in the garden for a half hour or so before I get ready to go to work.
Speaking of which I need to check out the map to find out where I have to go. I know the general direction, but sometimes streets are hard to find in that area.

Hope everyone is well and happy and getting or keeping on plan. Christmas is around the corner and we all know we need to plan well ahead to prevent any substantial gain during that time. Gotta go. I'll let you know how the job goes tonight.

11-28-2004, 07:54 PM
Hey Linus,we used to have a sucker mouthed catfish like that, he was huge! We called him Zorro. I got a 70 gallon fish tank for him to swim in as he grew so large he couldn't move in the little 2 ft. tank. He lasted for about two months in the new tank as I couldn't get the ph balance right. His scales started falling off and he never recovered. He was about eight years old, and lasted longer than most of my fish. I am still not adept at balancing the tank water, I only have little albino catfish and some tetras now, they can take my lack of knowledge.

Shad-How was your first day at the new job? Are you smiling?

Mel-I thought of you as I made little ribbon bows for the small tree I have in a planter outside. I even took an old plastic Christmas table cloth and stapled it to the bench seat by the front door. It is the only part of our house that looks Christmas like, but I was briefly crafty :)

Hopefully Teel will be feeling centred and ready to come home soon. Doctors, hmph!

I just ate a box of Smarties chocolate candies and thought about how much I haven't exercised while I have been hacking and snuffling. Back to the drawing board. Chocolate is good for you, I believe that. Little diet motivation pills.

11-28-2004, 08:26 PM
well looks like another night of no sleep craig is really sick his temp is 41 and he just keeps throwing up so im sitting here playing settlers wondering if its worth going to bed before i have to get up and force feed him liquids and paracetemol at 2am ???
MEADOW ive never bothered with ph levels and such i just listen to the fish if they are going dull in colour time for a partial water change if the water is looking murky im leaving the light on too long if the fish are keeping to the top of the tank then the pump and filter need cleaning
ph balancing is worth doing if your keeping very expensive fish like discus and things apart from that just put lots and lots of plants make sure you have a good filter system and let nature do the rest
well ladies ive made it too the first week with no cigs and i do feel so proud of myself ive not killed anyone my kids and dh are still talking to me in fact dh keeps telling me how proud he is of me and keeps buying me little things like flowers and wee ceramic pigs and chocs but most of all im pleased with myself if i can do one week as well as having pmt,and pms then ill never smoke again {hopefully everything crossed} but even better still i DONT WANT A FAG hopefully it will stay that way but im not that niave but hopefully ill be strong enough to abstain anyway im off to finih playing my game and SHAD watch out for the solotaire im totally addicted and can play for hours and hours

11-29-2004, 05:07 AM
Hello, good evening to those still awake or just waking and :sssh: to those still in the land of nod.
Today was not a bad day at all. At least I felt that I had something to contribute to the cause - even if there does seem to be a bit of political undertones in the office. I can handle that. It happens in every office.
I am continually surprised at the lack of preparedness of some of the companies I go to. This one has some real funny ideas. Not to worry I will handle that too. I am quite happy in the job at this point of time. Hours are interesting, I can go to work as early as I like from 6.00am onwards and leave any time after 3.00 just as long as I put in 8 hours. I thought I might shift my gym again back to Carindale and go there at 5.30 when they open. Then I can go straight on to work after a shower at the gym and come home around 3.30 or 4.00. That gives me about three hours of daylight to do something around the house.

Linus I am so sorry to hear about Craigs illness. I hope that by the time you read this, his temperature will have come down and you will be able to grab some sleep at last.

Meadow, sounds like you are being very creative with the tree and the bench. At least the visitors will be getting a touch of the spirit. What happens inside?

Is Nae hiding from us by any chance. Hope she is okay and just busy.

Mel, hope this finds you okay as well. You busy little bee you, take it easy too please. Don't need you to wear yourself out over the holiday season.

Happy, packing, packing, packing. Poor thing. She'll never look at a box again without thinking of the awful job of packing and unpacking again.

Okay, best go put my journal entry in and start the dishes, fold up the washing and make my lunch for tomorrow. :yikes: :faint: I'm just getting too organised here. :nono: this can't happen. The new job has a big cafe with cheap, cheap lunches and dinners. However I don't think it is a good idea for me to eat there as the meals are huge and probably full fat. Or maybe I'll be full fat! See you :wave: :wave:

11-29-2004, 09:40 AM
Hello, I am back home now from a safe trip up North for Turkey Day! My cousin Lynny and I hosted it and it was a good time for her family and mine. I went into Kalispell and spend a day and night with my Mom so that was fun! Then I hit costco and Walmart on the way home for food and some fun things! GIRLS, I bought 3 Calla lillies for gifts that you grow yourself and got home 150 miles later....and someone had stolen the bulbs out of the pots. I call the store the manager was going to send me just the bulbs in the mail and he rang back and someone had stolen every single bulb from the remaining pots...... he was shocked..... he really did believe me that I was bulbless too!!!!!!! People are so horrid sometimes...... so I will have to come up with some other gifts for next week.
I don't have access to a computer sometimes on my trips away but have caught up with most everyone and am glad Shad gave us a new place to live for a while. I do hope that Teel gets to come home but that she is on the mend. Linus, sounds like the flu at your house do hope that he is getting better. So hard when your kids are sick....
I bought some stuff to do my tree outside but will wait til probably Thursday to tacke that on my day off...anyone have any suggestions. I think I will put the lights on it before I spray it.
Shad so nice to have you back home and safe....setting up your new routine. I am still tending my plants that I had out on my deck inside. I am enjoying keeping them alive and blooming.
MEl, you are so busy and I am sad you can't get out and cruise so you should take advantage of the outings to malls and things when you can....and I can hardly wait to see how the art projects are coming.
I am so thankful to have this place where we share and spend some time together..... I want to say thankyou to all of you who drop in here and give us a glimpse of yourself and your homes..... Many Blessings to Everyone!
Catch ya later,

11-29-2004, 03:46 PM
hi all had to sit down for ten minutes so i thought id pop in {again} craigs a wee bit better the doc came at 2pm and gave him co-codamol as the paracetemol wasnt strong enough and she gave him pennicillin hes got a very bad viral infection and as long as he shakes it off in the next two days shell be happy but if no improvement then off to hospital **** go and by then ill need committing :p
had a phone call from sheila shes home {no not signed herself out }but ill let her tell you herself when she gets on at the moment shes out hunting down tea :lol:
got the xmas box out to see if i had any leftover gift tags or cards in the box and was delighted to discover that NOTHING was broken at all i have some crystal and glass tree ornaments and worry about them every year didnt realise i had so much stuff ive still got ceiling decorations that are still in the packet !!!!!
Your xmas cards are on there way dont know how long theyll take but weighed them so there would be enough postage on them to get to you all but TIG and MEADOW still havent pm the addies so your cards are still in the drawer :^:
sorry back in 5
that was craigs girlfreind at the door to see if he was any better aaaaahhhhhh aint young love grand well i better go wash the bathroom floor the kitchen ones dry now speak to you all later

11-29-2004, 04:00 PM
:coffee: Hello all you Worldly and Beautiful Chicks!! I was a busy bee sorting things downstairs and now I am home again. i need to decorate the bulletin boards on the first floor. I used to love doing this but it's a lot of scissor work for these old arms so I am thinking the $1 store might have holly garland or something equally nice instead. if they want to decorate the office windows they can give me some $$ to go and get some!! LOLdid one load of wash and have MANY more to go. I think I need to bring Kirsty over here for a week to sort me out!
Linus~ I am glad Jen's fish all died and we got rid of the tank!! :rofl: they kept dying on us!! ((((((HUGS))))))for Craig. Hope they work this time. I hate to see keds sick and not up and running around. wishing he and Teel feel better soon.
I am so very proud of you with the ciggies! I am also glad it seems to be going so easy for you. So far so good!! Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Meadow~ I had a good giggle about the table cloth!!! :rofl: I have been known to do similar things. Nothing is safe when I started to decorate in the past. I have toned down quite a bit. Jen and I used to share this tiny apartment and one year we decided to use everything we had collected over the years all at once. That year there was a surprise inspection from the State Authorities for Housing. 2 young fellas. 1 came in, ran out and called to the other one....You gotta come in here and see this. It looks like F*cking Macy's in here. They should put up a rope and charge admission." The 2 of them were in such awe that the inspection came to an end and they stayed here till they left. We had a great time while they pointed out things to each other. I must admit it was a tad over the top:rofl: and we never did it again... but it was a great year to remember! Have fun with it. We only go through life once! :lol3:

Shad~ So glad the day was a good one. I am repeating myself here! :rofl: Sunday had a great idea. Cuddling and sleeping! Sounded good to me!As soon as they figure out how I can breathe with one in the house....I will go right out and buy another cat. Jen too! Hope the job stays good and you like it there! Have a great week! don't make any little blond haired girls cry either!!! :lol3:

I feel like a drained battery. Running out of steam. the offices were nutso and the funny thing is....I can sort it out in just minutes. I will never understand this place. Not in a million years!
I better put the wash away. Have some clean pants so I can go to the store! LOL Gotta make a food list for tomorrow's shop and maybe an afternoon of Abbott and Costello movies. I am especially fond of them when they Meet the Mummy, Babes in Toyland and Ghost Breakers. Have a great night/day and smile awhile!

11-29-2004, 04:04 PM
Miss Linus! We are again posting at the same time!! Glad Craig is a wee bit better!!! Hugs anyway! LOL So good to see you getting the boxes out and decorating as well!!! I am a nut for xmas!! I love all the commercialism of it too! I know I shouldn't say that but the glitzier the better. Have a great day!! Kiss the kid!!!

11-29-2004, 04:12 PM
Nae~ I didn't know we were already on p[age three! I just found your post too. so glad you got into my journal today!! Lovely surprise for me when I came up here!!! I won't ask how you finally got in! LOL I thought the outside tree was done already! :rofl: You could make popcornballs and peanutbutter ones and feed all the 4 legged "neighbors" who like to sleep and eat on your lawn :lol3: sounded like a great trip sans the bulbless pots!!! Hope he finds some to send you! People must be desperate to be stealing BULBS!!! :rofl: Hope the decorating gives you much happiness like the rest of us are finding.( or I think they are!! LOL) I know I am deliriously happy. have a nice week!

11-29-2004, 06:30 PM
evening all
just a wee blether while im waiting on my eggs to boil really want chocolate but im really trying to stick to some kind of diet so i dont put back on all the weight while im not smoking :angel: :angel:
craigs temp is normal now if he could just stop being sick hed feel much better :^: going to clean out the all in one cupboard tommorrow so as the rubbish can go out on wednesday the cupboard has everything in it the decorating stuff,the plant pots and compost,the ironing basket,{complete with ironing}all dh,s tools including his 4 foot long by two foot high carpentry tool box all the junk that i never have anywhere else to put and considering the cupboard is only 4.5 foot wide and three foot deep thats a lot of junk
well my eggs are ready so im going to eat and ill speak to you tomorrow

11-29-2004, 09:00 PM
I'm not sure I'm allowed to post. I haven't decorated a thing! The homestead, however, is okay because Dearest Hubster is a Christmas fan - he decorated (sort of) the living and dining room over the weekend and today put lights in the hibiscus bushes in the front yard.

Back to work today after the holiday. :mad: Enough about that.

shad ~ I know you're happy to be back home working. I get a lot of calls about contracting positions and they are very tempting, but I'll stick with the one that is fifteen minutes from home.

Mel ~ let me know when you are finished with your bustling about and sorting and cleaning. Every time I read what all you are doing I feel like a nap! ;)

linus ~ CEILING decorations?? No wonder they are still in the packet. Of course, this is from someone who was thinking that Christmas decorations can wait until Christmas. After all, I've got the Advent decorations out!

Meadow ~ it really is hard to exercise with the upper respiratory thing going. Hope you are better soon. And Yes...chocolate WILL make you better! :lol:

nae ~ that was a sad story about the calla lillies. Is there some type of alternate use for bulbs that we don't know about?

watching for teel....

11-30-2004, 03:35 AM
Evening all and what a beautiful evening it is too.

Glad to see 'Nae back and on the journals too. Good thing. What did you do to fix it? or did the upgrade fix itself?

Waiting for Teel,,,,,,,,,,,waiting,,,,,,,,,waiting,,,,,,,,,wai ting. Okay then I just be patient.

End of the month for me. Are we ready for these results.

Weight - 75/ 75/ 75/ 74.5/ 74/ 73/ 74/ 72/71.5/ 71/ 71.5 Up 1kg (2lb)
Upper Chest 40/39.5/39/39.5/39 /39.5/ 39.5/ 39/ 37.5/ 37.5/ 37.5 Same
Bust 44/43.5/42.5/43.5/43.25/42.5/ 42.5/ 41/ 41.5/ 40.5/ 41 Up .5Ē
Lower Chest 36/35.75/35.5/36/35/34/ 35.5/ 34/ 35.25/ 35/ 35 Same
Waist 36/36.5/35.5/35.75/35.5/34/ 34 5/ 33.25/ 34.25/ 34.5/ 34.5 Same
Upper Hips 42/41.5/41/42.25/41/40.5/ 40/ 39.75/ 40.25/ 39/ 40 Up 1Ē
Lower Hips 41/40.5/40/40.5/40/40/ 39.75/ 39/ 39/ 39/ 39 Same
Top of Leg 22.5/22/21.5/22/21.75/21.75/ 21.75/ 21.25/ 21/ 21/ 21 Same
Top of Arm 12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5/ 12.25/ 12.25/ 12/ 12.25/ 12.25 Same

There is now 11 months of data on this body of mine. Shortly I will take it away and stick it in a spreadsheet and see where the problems are and the results are. Then I will only publish the latest results on these pages. Iím a bit disappointed with these results, but the problems are mine, I did it. I was losing weight and inches well until I went to Melbourne and the food choices became too much and I got lazy because I didnít havenít any work to do around the house and yard. Just goes to show.

The job is still going okay. There have been some strange decisions taken (in my humble opinion), but there you go, you roll with the punches and play it their way. I now have to rack the brain about uploading data for training materials. The company idea is that the trainers put in the required data just before they do the training class, not my idea of fun whatsoever, so this creative brain is going to have to find someone whose brain I can pick about uploading data from spreadsheets to SAP. Hmmmm Thinking, thinking. Anyway enough about work.

Iím off out into the front yard for a spot of tidying once I have finished here. Then I am going to have a dinner of roasted veges with rosemary and some broccoli. Some relaxing time is scheduled either in front of the telly or with a book. Gotta go the dog from Outlook tells me my half hour is up.

11-30-2004, 06:02 AM
Thank you for all your kind messages and a BIG BIG BIGThank you to Linus for all the communication! I shall come back later and talk to you all properly but now I am off to the hairdressers! Lucky timing! Got out just in time!!! :o

:dance: :hat: :dancer: :flow2: :goodvibes :cloud9: :twirly: :smug: :balloons: :lucky: :sunny: :cheer:

11-30-2004, 04:47 PM
TEEL~ WELCOME BACK HOME WHERE YOU BELONG!!! It was so good to see you just now! Hope the day is a good one for you and TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF!!! We all missed you!

Shad~ having a wee sleep right about now?? Maybe not, it's morning now I guess. I get soooo confused! LOL good morning then!! I loved the graphic in the journal. That's how I used to feel when I touched anything on the keyboard!!! I kept waiting for the explosions!!! LOL As I said in the journal, I think your numbers aren't bad considering all that went on this past month or so. with the good weather and you're yard work it will all be put back to rights again! :D Have a great day at work.

Tig~ I am almost done! LOL I've over done my neck somehow and after a food shop today, had to take meds and rest. The decorating frenzy is over now! LOL You can breathe a sigh of relief! :rofl:

I think the neck had a draft last night. I woke up feeling cold and found the neck stiff. I do hate stiff necks!! but 1/2 a pill later it feels better and I need to box up a few things. Jen came today and helped sort the junk, took what she wanted and left! LOL
The rest is really garbage. Groceries got put away and I had a great fruit salad. Hope your day/night is a good one.

11-30-2004, 05:25 PM
linus~ I am sorry I just remembered Craig when I saw my e-mail notice!!! So glad he is feeling better and hope it stays that way!!!
Certainly was a toughie this virus. The poor GF is probably worried sick! LOL did you let her visit the patient??? Young love. Nothing like it!!! Take care

11-30-2004, 07:36 PM
yes mel i let her visit but craig insisted they talk in the stair so they did :lol: well very busy day today my door and phone has never stopped dh has had a few of those computer disasters to fix ,broken motherboard,dodgy memory ,knacked hard drive but at least it wasnt all in the same computer it was three seperate ones less to pay for the poor people but more work for andy considering he had to go and get the bits to fix them :dizzy: :censored: :censored: :tired: hes now retired to bed to watch a movie which is why im here our internet connection is bust very very low download speed and considering we pay £50 a month for a three meg connection dh is not amused
MEL me and you both kid my neck is killing me must have pulled something dont know how ???? but got physio next tuesday morning at 8.30am dh laughed and said "do they know what a grumpy cow you are in the mornings" i said no but they are about to find out :yikes: :rofl: :rofl:
craigs a wee bit brighter but still not eating hes lost nearly a stone already so i have to get him eating soon well ladies im going to go and join dh and ill speak to you all tomorrow

12-01-2004, 04:50 AM
Yeah g'day.

Teel it is so good to have to you back. I tried to ring you early this morning after I saw your post, but you must have still been at the hairdressers. Hope this means that you will be if not painfree, then at least have some sort of peace in the pain department. Do not vary the dosage given, even if the pain persists. That is a real :nono:

Linus, glad to hear that Craig is on the mend and that the g/f still loves him. Hope sitting on the stairs didn't make him cold and give him a relapse.

Job is still interesting. I'm working mostly with blokes in my area, so there is a lot of joking and poking the fun at each other. They actually think that you may require something from the stationery room or the canteen as well and ask!! Strewth, I may never leave.

Mel, I went back and looked at my journal and decided I was a prime candidate for creative accounting. I was 71.5 and now I am 72. So I state that I put on 1 kg. There's 3 types of people in this world, those that can count and those that can't! 1/2 a kilo (1lb) is better than what I said. No one has picked it up yet. :rofl: :lol3: Show how well we read things hey.

Now I think I have seen it all. There is now a patch out there that will cause you to leave weight. Stick on the patch, do moderate exercise, eat sensibly and you will lose weight. Hello, maybe do the last two without the first? and see what happens as well. It's on the tv right now. I may try to find the link shortly and show you all.
Weight Loss Patch ( Click on the Latest Weight Loss Fad. Hey, you could be having ciggie patches, contraceptive patches, weight loss patches, any other type of patch? The whole body could be made up of patches.

First day of summer and it's been a scorcher. We have 3 months of this in front of us, but at least the humidity has stayed away. Sunday the cat can't make up her mind whether to come inside or stay out. Now that it is cooling down, she is lying on the patio thinking about whether she should stay or get up. Such a big decision. Hope she doesn't have a brain fart trying to make it.

I'm sneezing here and the eyes are itching. I've been in DS old room, cleaning out the junk he left behind. Strewth, did he ever clean in there??? The things I do. I need scuba gear to go in there. Hope my tetanus jabs are up to date!!! :rofl: :lol3:

Okay, time to get off, go make my lunch for tomorrow and get the meat out of the freezer for Thursdays dinner. Good lord, I sound so organised. Forget it, I think I will laze on the couch and watch some mindless tv. No not really. It's just a thought.

12-01-2004, 07:44 AM
Hello Everyone,
Teel, it is so good to have you back home. We all have been worried about your health and how you are doing? Hope you are doing better and don't overdo now that you are up and about. Not the same without you chatting away.
Shad you sound so happy being at home and doing a new job..... life is good! Any thing new going in the garden this year? I am still so bummed about the calla lilly bulbs being gone I was so looking forward to giving them as gifts this year. I admire how you are so good at sticking to your exercise program.... I think you have done great~
Mel, you are so busy still. How is the neck? Did you make it to the mall the other day? How is the art work coming and what are you working on first? Watercolor?
We had a little skiff of snow yesterday so the first day of December can at least look a bit white outside. The deer tracks are everywhere around the house and I have a little mouse in my house I havent been able to capture yet.
I am looking forward to my day off the list is growing by the sleepless mornings I am beginning to have.... I hope everyone is well and enjoy a good cup of joe or tea today before rushing off.
Talk to you later,

12-01-2004, 01:11 PM
SCUBA GEAR!!! OMG!!! I almost peed my pants just now. It struck me so funny!!! Shad, I could just see you doing it toooooo! ROFLMAO:rofl: :lol3: :lol: I can hardly breathe!!! Good luck and hope your shots ARE up to date!! Check the passport tpo make sure!!! LOL I am glad it's only 1lb we're worried about here! LOL I thought I was seeing things as I am not familiar with kilos unless it has to do with drugs!:rofl: :lol3:
The heat and then the humidity will sweat that off soon enough!
Break ou the hammock, ice tea and a good book!! I am still laughing about all of it now!!! You never cease to amuse me! LOL
I recently saw on TV the new patch for having TOM only 5 x's a yeart now. You know it's not a good thing when they start screwing around with the hormones of young girls like this but who's gonna stop them?! We have become the patch-quilt society! We'll be recognizing each other by our patches. With adsverts urging us to "collect them all!" :rofl: Now if cures came in patches.........I might give it a shot! :lol3:

Linus~ Glad the GF got a visit in and had some much needed privacy! :rofl: AHHHHHH young love....i repeat! Very happy he is much improved. Jen always loses weight when sick too and she also cannot afford to!! I'll send him some of Aunt Fanny's fat!
I thought of you today when I got out of bed and 101 places on my body were screaming to go back to bed! LOL some days it's not easy being us!!?!! Is it good the DH is so busy? Hope it's for $$$$!!!! LOL Take care.

Nae~ I nevedr got to draw the other night. I fell asleep thinking about it! :rofl: I hope to give it a shot this weekend. When I am creative, I hate distractions and lately I can't get a break. I am trying not to do anything much this week cause we do the ornaments with the seniors next week. 100 photos made into 100 ornaments! Wanna help?!?!? LOL How goes the dead tree??? Any success in decorating it?? How is the Pooch too? Watching her deer friends in the yard? Send some snow here. It would help me keep the spirit going! LOL

WEll kids.....I did a load of wash and we all finished decorating the office doors, lobby and community room. jen will paint the lobby windows and earn extra cash. We have been very blessed this year with extra cash. I tried to spend it wisely too by spreading out extra payments. We're getting there despite ourselves! :rofl: Gonna lie down and watch some TV for now.
Friday I go to the sinus Dr and then to get my new glasses!! Maybe I can read the screen without squinting so much!
See ya tomorrow. Have a great day/night:)

overweight in mexico
12-01-2004, 02:00 PM
I am new to this. Just noticed that mexico was missing so would it be alright if I joined you all? Right know we have noche buenas(poinsettias)galore. The weather right know is 82 degrees. The posadas are going to start pretty soon and so the tequila is just going to pour. Well I have 75 lbs to lose and don't know where to start. Any pointers? hello to everyone and happy holidays where ever you are

12-01-2004, 02:21 PM
i point blank refuse to call you overweight so youll have to give us your name
arent you the l;ucky one im in scotland well edinburgh and its bloody freezing here and raining and to top it all weve got fog :cry: :censored: :censored: :censored: and everyone is allowed to join as long as your well prepared were all a bit nuts but we like a good blether and we all talk to much but the good thing is we get the different view from around the world,SHAD is in austraila MEL is in usa HAPPY is in usa ROSE is in usa as is TIG and MEADOW
so tell us something about yourself and welcome to the nuthouse :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
MEL how sre you today ?? hope your feeling a wee bit better and not in so much pain i finally forced craig to eat a bit toast im just waiting to see if it stays down :eating2: :halffull: :dizzy:
TIG your card was posted today so you should get it just after the rest of them dont know how long it takes to go transatlantic ??
MEADOW how are you feeling now??? surely if its not cleared by now you might need some antibiotics to shift it theres nothing worse than trying to look after wee ones while your not feeling your best
ROSE hi glad you enjoyed your turkey day with cousin were going to have to come up with a new name for your" dead tree" maybe the sculpture ???? people are going to think were mad if we keep talking about the dead tree
:yikes: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
SHAD men with manners !!!!!!!! where on earth did you find those ?? never heard of these strange beings and the bit that had me in fits was the brain fart id never heard that saying before and dont i know how you feel about the room ive still got two of them here and they do not know the word hygene some of the science projects{plates} is unbelievable
TEEL how goes the xmas shopping???? worked out the pressies yet?? im going to phone you anyway so ill ask you myself
well i started buying my kids xmas today so now ive had to start hiding things and trying to come up with good reasons for them not to go near them suits my kids to the ground as they are lazy buggers anyway well im going to go and do tomorrows shopping and ill speak to you all later on

12-01-2004, 03:02 PM
Dear Mexico~ Welcome and give us some kind of name!! :rofl:
We will all move in with you as your weather is soooo much nicer!
Glad to have you with us. Happy holidays to you also.
Any pointers?~ Well....drink water, exercise if you can and walk!
Watch portion sizes and hidden salts in foods already prepared or canned. Good luck. Are you doing any special diet? Are posadas HOLIDAYS?? I will have to get a dictionary! I live in a part of NJ that is predominately of Latin decent now. Maybe I can actually learn something. My neighbors and I use a lot of sign language and they are very patient with me! :rofl: Have a great day.

Linus~ Yes I had a quick lie down but couldn't sleep. The sun is now shining like nobody's business and drying up all the rain with the wind! We seem to be going through all the seasons in one days time!! maybe snow is next?!?!? :rofl:
good news with Craig, and hope it settles his stomach. Tea and soldiers to the rescue as my Gram would call them. Lovely toast strips slathered with deliciously fresh butter. YUM!
See you all later. Feeling a bit restless so I'll find something to do!

12-01-2004, 04:10 PM
Welcome Mexico - I'm going to have to call you Ms Mexico until we have a name. And good luck with your new weight loss journey. It will be interesting to find out all about your life in Mexico and you too. As Linus said, we are nutters but we are nice nutters. The girls here have kept me on the straight and narrow for many, many moons now and with their help, butt kicking, and enthusiasm, I have finally started to lose weight. It's been a long hard journey and doesn't get much easier either, but you too can make it. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Where is Guadalajara - eastern, western, northern, southern Mexico??? Married, single, kids, dogs, cats?????? Sorry I am getting nosey again.

Can't stop long - just wanted to welcome Ms Mexico - then I am off to shower and get ready for work. Gym will be tonight along with some shopping for fruit and veg.

Oh and I forgot, Linus you will be starting world war 111 if you are not careful. Meadow is Canadian. There is a large difference you know!!!! Whoops

Catch you all later. :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: Have a fun filled day.

12-01-2004, 04:31 PM
BIG BIG APOLOGIES MEADOW my only excuse is that i have no excuse my brain resembles a leaky bucket and even the family have started saying im going through premature senility and nobody ask me for dieting tips ive just had chocolate :^: :o spoke to teel shes wrapping pressies
craig will have to go back to the doctor tomorrow as he didnt keep the toast down{sorry your all probably getting fed up with me talking about being sick}so thats where were going in the morning by for now

12-01-2004, 05:00 PM
Hi girlies!
This is a mega mega quickie post as I am going nuts trying to get ready for the weekend visit to the parents. It is not filling me with joy I am sorry to say but I have bought their Christmas gifts and those for the brother and his family so this evening has been spent wrapping them up and writing the cards and labels. All done in that department at long last. I feel totally exhausted. Tomorrow I have to go shopping with my neighbour to the supermarket as we are "doing Christmas" over the weekend for the parents. I hate eating large meals at midday but the olds are out in the evening so we are having to eat mid day and not in the evening. Yuk. Double yuk. I feel very ungracious about it all. Apologies to one and all.
I have not seen my brother for over 13 years and we are not very close. Cannot wait until it is all over, actually.
Sorry I am a bit gloomy tonight. I am pleased to be out of hospital. It was on the news this evening. There are 5 wards shut because of the winter vomiting bug. Lucky escape, I think!!
Hello to Mexico! I shall cheer up soon I promise. I am not usually down in the grumps. 18days in hospital has not sorted anything out really. Just upped the medication. Still undiagnosed. Consultant arguing with consultant as to the diagnosis. One day one says it is that. The next day someone else says it is not that. Ye gads I give up.
Shad I tried to phone you yesterday but missed you too. I shall try again in a little while. I don't know your hours of work at the moment so it is rather hit and miss.
I thought this was going to be a short one!!
Anyway I am going now!! Be good. Take care.

12-01-2004, 07:41 PM
Welcome, Bonita!

I need some addies - PM, please. I promise I'll get cards out. Did you know that Christmastide season lasts until January 6?

We are going out to dinner tonight after Dearest Hubster gets back from a meeting with a Cub Scout troop. We are going to our favorite Thai restaurant - Thai for him and sushi for me. Yum. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on some cleaning.


12-01-2004, 09:33 PM
Teel~ Good to see you and I know exactly how you feel. got a note from SIL and she wants to come and see me without the brother. she'll be complaining about him the whole time and try and get me to agree! :rofl: I guess we just grin and bear it?!?!? :dizzy: don't make yourself sick over it. We don't want you back in that "you know where" place again! Be at peace my friend and have a good night.

Tig~ sent the addie and leave it to you to drag out the date till the 6th! :rofl: :rofl: I cracked up reading your post! Hope you and the DH enjoyed your dinners!

I gave jen the art supplies tonite and we had a good chat too. I wish life could be a little kinder to her. She's such a good kid and has a big heart. It always seems like she gets the short end of the stick. When she saw the box she asked if this was "therapy in a box?! :rofl: I said yes and we can both use it! To not be creative is to be dead. I think she was very pleased and we'll start soon as we get some things out of our way. I'm going shopping tomorrow and the drs on Friday so if I go AWOL for 2 days, you'll know where I went to!! LOL In the meantime, hold the fortress down and stay well and happy.

12-02-2004, 06:34 AM
Here we are again at end of another day. I should be writing Christmas cards and getting organised but hey what - it'll get done one day soon. Maybe even before Christmas if I am lucky. Or my friends are more to the point.
Just had a conversation with Teel. Good to talk to her - well giggle really. Managed to find her at home this time - sans dog of course.

How does Tig know Ms Mexico is Bonita??? Has she been sneakily peeking at bios or something or is pyschedelic or what!!

Another good day at work, I am beginning to quite like this job. However I left my phone there tonight so had to go back through the phone bills to find Teels number. One hopes the phone will still be there in the morning!

Went to the gym and did 4 rounds with the weight lifting stuff. I upped the weights a bit in Melbourne and am still finding 40k fairly tuff on the shoulders and neck and 80K nearly kills the legs for a while, but I will persevere. The more I do, the more the muscle burns the calories.

Mel take it easy will you. Don't want you flat on your back over the holiday period, especially as you have gone to so much trouble to decorate and get into the spirit.

Tig, I'll PM you immediately I finish here, which won't be long as the thunder is rumbling in the west and the humidity is climbing out there. I think we are in for a bit of a blow shortly.

So this will be a bit short and sweet tonight. I'd better get off here.

Catch you all tomorrow.

12-02-2004, 08:31 AM
Linus and Craig~ Craig, good luck at the doctors. I'm sure being sick is no fun for you so I hope you'll be feeling better soon. it's no fun for us either because when you're sick you aren't not up to your old tricks! :rofl:
linus~ couldn't get the kid off my mind. Fingers crossed for a good visit!
Gotta run or I'll miss the bus. Adios!

12-02-2004, 10:31 AM
Ola Chicas and welcome Ms. Mexico! :wave:

Well we bought a house last weekend. Its absolutely gorgerous. It's the house I fell in love with the minute I walked into it when we were down there 2 weeks ago. It's a bit more than we need but after looking at about 30 houses, DH decided that he was ok with it too. We have room for guests and it has a gorgeous built in pool out back. It's a half acre lot - 1/3 of the yard is the pool area with a fence dividing that from the rest of the yard. The left side of the yard has tall mature trees and is just screaming for someone like Shad to come and add some decorative landscaping. It's very shady right now, too shady in fact so some trees and overgrown bush will have to come out. The house has been vacant for 8 months so there's lots of yard work to be done - lucky that spring hits in early March down there. The sale is contingent on a home inspection being done today - we wanted to make sure there are no big ticket repairs that we are not aware of - a few things need to be done but we accept that we'll be putting some work into it. I'll get DH to post some pics once we know the deal is final. I think things are all settled with selling our current home too. We'll be packing up and moving right after Christmas and picking up the keys to the new house New Year's Eve.

So far we've had 2 good dumpings of snow here. A bit unusual this early in the season. As I tried to scrape the ice and snow off my car (can't use the garage as it's packed with boxes) - I can't tell you how much I won't MISS snow. :lol:

I have been perusing the threads here but I don't have much time to post. It's been a madhouse here and will continue until we get settled into the new house I'm sure. Yesterday the telephone rang over 25 times. By the time DH got home I was ready to toss the phone in the yard.

Gotta run now, doctor and dentist appointments this morning, then reading all the bank papers and getting them notorized this afternoon.

I'm sorry I can't quite respond to everyone individually right this minute, please don't kick me out of the group! :(

Catch you later... zoom, zoom, zoom

12-02-2004, 04:08 PM
evening kiddies
how are we all tonight ? have we scared mexico away ??? :fr: HAPPY :bravo: :hat: :dance: :flow1: :flow1: :goodvibes :goodvibes :cloud9: :grouphug: :dancer: :flow2: :high: :balloons: :encore: well done you must be so happy now you have somewhere to go{subject to inspection} and not living in the car although the downside is youll have to travel to work now and not just sleep in the car park :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: SHAD for the very first year im organised all my cards are written and most of them posted or delivered just some family ones that i like to hand over myself and not just pass to the nearest family member that might see them :crazy: but i have finally started the shopping for my kids today got craigs i-pod { :fr: £220 :fr: ) my mum just about had a bloody fit when she saw the size of it for how much we payed for it didnt have the heart to tell her that was £80 off MEL have i missed something with jen???? maybe because i dont read the journals is there something wrong that she needs therapy in a box??? or just life in general!!!! hope the eyeglasses are better than the last lot :mag: :mag: TIG i did send you my addie did i not ?? or has my brain went on holiday if not just give me a shout and ill give it to you {again???}MEADOW please dont stay away cause i got your country wrong :^: :^: :^: :^: ill grovel if it helps ?? :rofl: :crazy: hows the girls ?getting excited yet ? beleive it or not my two still wanted advent calenders this year and i thought theyd be too old and didnt buy them so had to go today and get them ROSE did you do the SCULPTURE :rofl: :rofl: had a thought about it when i was lying in bed at 4.15 am not sleeping why dont you try and persuade the wood pecker to move into the dead tree and maybe your walls would be safe :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i know im not funny but the things that pop into my head when i cant sleep is unbeleivable TEEL how did the food shopping go ?? did you bury your xmas spirit in the freezer only to be taken out when you come home again???
well ladie craig is still not very well the doctor had to come out to him this morning as he wasnt well enough to go there she suspects hes got glandular fever and had to send off a blood test i did warn her that craig did not like needles but she just about died off when the poor bugger fainted at her feet
and poor dh just about died of fright when i shouted him through to lift him to bed as hes never seen it before and didnt realise how bad he is he got a bigger fright than craig but the docs changed his anti-biotics and gave him an anesthetic spray for his throat so as hopefully he can eat again as hes lost a stone since friday and well get the blood test results tomorrow
right im going im in the middle of making lentil soup and the dogs are sitting drooling waiting to get the leftover ham hough so id better put them out of there misery
speak later

12-02-2004, 04:11 PM
ps forgot to say according to my quit counter ive saved £83.47 and ive been stopped for 10 days now the longest ive ever stopped smoking before

12-02-2004, 08:38 PM
Linus I forgive you :p We Canadians are an easy going bunch, we don't take offense often :) I forget where everyone is from all the time... in my mind you are all simply in my world and I think you are all great! :D I hope your Craig is on the mend and feeling like his old teenage self again. I've still got my cough but feeling more energetic, not exercising yet but I am thinking about it. I'll take a bowl of that lentil soup, slurp.

Hola chica nueva Mexico, hope you join in and tell us about what is happening on your journey to fitness. Mine is rather slow but I'm optimistic I am heading the right way :)

Happy! Hooray! You have a place, your own southern plantation by the sounds of the yard work necessary :p Picking up the keys New year's eve, how fitting, a new life for the new year :) I'm so excited for you, it is all coming together.

Shad-your new position sounds very thrilling. I love working surrounded by men, they have such a vibe! Always playing and flirting, such fun. I hope you are getting some work done, how many naughty jokes have you heard since Monday? Good energy though right? Nothing making you uncomfortable just relaxed and easy? You make me jealous with your talk of summer, it is frosty here and my girls are just itching for it to snow... they ask every morning if it snowed in the night :dizzy: Good going on the weight lifting my arms got a twinge just reading how strong you are.

Teel-glad you are out of the wards and getting into the Christmas swing of things. I haven't bought a thing but am plotting all sorts of decorating, presents I haven't a clue :lol: I know how you feel about the family gathering stuff, I had a reunion that I went to during the summer that was very odd and nerve racking. I just kept telling myself it was just a couple of days and pretended not to have any opposing opinions :p I was wallpaper.

Mel-How is your neck? Good luck tomorrow at the sinus and eye docs, fingers crossed that these new glasses give you a clear view of things :)
How yummy were your strawberries in your fruit mix? I am still drooling. Had to make do with an orange, not the same :p Hope you don't get waylaid again for a therapy session during your Christmas shopping this time. Just smile and enjoy the muzac being piped through the speakers in the mall... of course you know they are trying to lull you into a zombie spending spree, resist! Do you have a list, always the best plan during Christmas time. I have done no shopping, I just want to decorate this year. Sigh, I love the glitz of Christmas. I may take my kids with me to buy their presents, they haven't said what they want other than a horse for the backyard, which isn't possible. Maybe some more "My little Ponies" They will forget what we bought and be all surprised when they unwrap the gear on the day :pleased:

Tig-are you cleaning the entire house? Pre-Christmas dusting and decobwebbing? I keep looking at the chandeliers and wondering how I can get the clingons off the chain, I think a ladder and the vaccuum might be required. I washed the windows and glory be there was light. Oh the power!

Rose-have you tried using some lavender to help with the sleeping? I have probably asked you this before but the essential oil rubbed into your skin or used in a diffuser can really help with the relaxing, even if you don't actually sleep. My kids are just aching for some snow, they want it so bad. It is December you know, there has to be snow!!

Todays Answer to 'THAT' Question

Cyrus SAYS: Daddy, how was I born?

DAD SAYS: Ah, my son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway!

Well, you see your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on MSN.

Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe.

We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download

from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that

neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the

delete button, nine months later a blessed little Pop-Up appeared and said:

You've Got Male!

12-02-2004, 10:26 PM
Mel ~ I have been meaning to tell you that dear Jen was the first to send me an encouraging email - okay the ONLY email - from the times that I was posting in the journals. Give that dear kindhearted girl a big hug from me. She's the BEST!

Shad ~ um, yes, I do believe that I am psychedelic... specifically, a trifle color blind and occasionally psycho... by the way, good job on the weights. I've tried to keep up with weights and just don't. Not sure why. I know it would be good for me, particularly if I could build up the upper body strength. Anyway, I'm impressed with your work out.

Happy ~ congratulations on the house! I'm sure it will pass inspection. I loved reading your description of it. My dearest Hubster's hobby is cutting down trees...every time we move to a new house, I can count on a few trees going down. And then I have the excitement of hearing about the stumps and how to get rid of them.... :lol:

linus ~ YES, you did send me your addie. Thank you very muchly. I hope a Christmas card for May Day will be okay. :D I've added your Craig to my prayers. That poor boy has been sick long enough. Time for wellness.

Today was an exhausting day at work and tomorrow will be more of the same. Friday begins with a four-hour long Rip Tig's Project Plan Apart meeting. At least I don't have to sit down at the dinner table with them at night. Or take their temperature when they are sick. Or even remember a birthday or laugh at their jokes! :cool:

Saturday is a 5K race on the beach, but we won't be going. Dearest Hubster agreed to help the Flower Guild at church with their yard sale on Saturday. They are the Executive Board of his Fan Club. :love: I'm a little sorry about missing the race, but I can get my hair cut in the morning and then go to Toys R Us for the grandchildren Christmas gifts. If I can get the gifts bought this weekend, then Hunkster can mail them on Monday. Did I tell you the average age of the Flower Guild is likely 78? They do love their Younger Men! :lol3:

Bonita ~ I know my basic problem is portion control. I don't 'Diet'. I eat sensibly - chicken, fish, veggies, salad. I'm not a snacker, so no problem there; I just have to watch and track volume. I do like to run. It has taken me a year to get to the point where I can run for 20 minutes without stopping, so I don't trivialize the motivation to exercise.

that's it for now, chickies.

12-03-2004, 06:28 AM
Hello, Hello :wave: :wave: ond this delightful Friday evening. It's not too hot, there's a bit of a breeze and it's Friday. Could anything be better??

In answer to Ms Mexico's query, my main methods are as follows:
Portion control

Forget the D word. For me that never works. What I do is to limit the stuff that is not so good for me and each lots of the stuff that is good. Heaps of fruit and veg (although fruit is high in sugar) to fill up on.
My menu is something like - cereal and fruit (usually fresh), low fat, plain yoghurt for breakfast, a salad sandwich or wrap for lunch again with some fruit or chopped up vege, and dinner is meat (mostly chicken, but the odd bit of beef, lamb or pork and salad 3 nights a week. Fish at least once if not twice and veges, veges, veges.
I try to drink 1500ml of water per day at least. Sometimes I don't make it, but I try. One thing I have found is that without it, weight loss is really slow, and there are problems with elimination too - to put it politely
I go to the gym 5 times a week - 2 x 40 minutes of weights and resistance training, 2 x 40 minutes of cardio - usually running on the treadmill and 1 hour body balance class (Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi mix). In between times I work around the house and garden. (apart from the day job that is). One other thing I do or rather don't do is snack much. Sometimes I'll have some rice crackers but mostly if I am going to eat between meals it is extra fruit. I'm pretty lucky that I don't have a sweet tooth, but watch me chow down on cheese.

So I hope you have some hints and tips from that and from the other ladies on this thread. It's often a case of experiment until you find the right mix. But I'm sorry, I can guarantee that nothing will happen without control, exercise and water. Control and water will help you lose but not really quickly. Trick is to fill the day to keep your fingers out of the fridge.

I like my job!!!! Did I say that before. I really am happy there. They treat me like an adult and take advantage of any knowledge I may have. The 'boys' are fun, one is slow and pedantic, another a real live wire who doesn't explain anything in his doco - wonder if I can somehow merge the two and get reasonable doco at good speed??? The other two are more or less self sufficient - one is super efficient, so my job although very busy is relatively easy and entertaining. There is always someone taking the mickey. It probably won't always be that way - there will be days where I will complain about things, but it has to be a huge improvement on the other. I can stop coming here and whingeing. :rofl: We don't have flirty jokes over here much any more, Meadow. The do-gooders have taken a lot of fun from the workplace and made us all into perfect little do gooders who won't or can't harass the neighbours or workmates and who can be warned or fired for being a bit free. While I think things are much better than they were, a lot of the fun and banter has now gone from the office. We seem to have swung too far the other way - many men don't know how to speak to women for fear it will land them in hot water. Mostly they won't even say you look good incase you get up and chastise them for thinking you looked bad yesterday. As I said it's hard. Fortunately being a bit older does allow me to crack the odd funny or two and get away with it. The guys seem to feel fairly relaxed with me so we all get on reasonably well. We had a conference call today where one of the guys was asked if he was looking after me. His reply was that Joy and I work together well - I co-operate and do it her way.

I'm on my way happy!!! Shovel and spade in hand - aaaah no! shovel and spade in hold - otherwise I'll get done going through the xray machine. One piece of advice I will give though is not to get rid of anything or move anything until you have been in the place 1 year! Reason? You are shifting in to the house in the winter. How do you know or not know that those trees provide desparately needed shade in the summer? Or that they don't have beautiful flowers or foliage? Another reason is that there may be bulbs or seeds in the ground which will appear in the spring. Nothing worse than getting a spade depth down and digging up all these bulbs and tubers which you have happily managed to slice in half with the spade. By all means get rid of the known weeds and surface garbage, get it all ready for my next visit.

Yikes Linus, what a price to pay for the IPOD. It must be a good one. Good to hear he is on the mend or nearly on the mend. The poor kid must be thinking this is retribution for the booze bouts. Perhaps you can give a hint about this is what life will be like when you drink. Hey that is some savings you have made with giving up the dreaded weed! Wonder how much Happy has saved in the last 8 months or so.

Tig - why are they ripping your project plan to pieces. Is it a practical one - is that why? Is it logical and budgeted and all those things?

And it is Friday night. So in a few minutes I am about to clear the kitchen and since there is nothing on TV worth watching, I may just have an early night. Get up early in the morning and get cracking on the DS's room. I have a dust mask, I have a neck to ankle caftan, I have steel cap boots and a hard hat. I'm in there. I'm up to the wardrobe/ closet! - it has remnants of both DS's since DS1 left things in there too when he left home. Is life meant to be sneezy???? :lol3::lol3::lol3::lol3::lol3::lol3::lol3::lol3:

12-03-2004, 02:59 PM
back in later have read have laughed and im now going in the middle of decorating the livingroom and theres tinsel everywhere and conner wants to play soma

12-03-2004, 06:33 PM
sorry kids just too bloody sore and tired to write loads so the livingroom is decorated so is the tree craig and conner are watching dvds andy is doing his web site and me and cleo are going to sit and watch animal precinct so ill bid you all goodnight and speak to you tomorrow

12-03-2004, 10:24 PM
We went to Target after I finally got away from work and fought the traffic to get home. Whew. We got ALL of the grandkiddos' presents and several boxes of Christmas cards - a MOST successful shopping. I am SOOO glad I don't have to deal with the frantic shoppers anymore. The traffic was horrible. You'da thought there was a hurricane coming - almost felt like we should get some plywood. And I'm sure it will get worse...last time I checked the calendar it was ONLY December 3. Now whassup with THAT?!?! :dizzy:

After shopping, to reward our weary feet, we went out to dinner. I got portabello ravioli and Dearest Hubster ordered a veggie marinera spaghetti that smelled WONDERFUL. My ravioli was remarkably magnificent with a roasted garlic sauce (can you smell it?) ahhhhh. okay. You did. We got carbed up! :lol3: I told Hubster that if a vampire came close to him, I'd throw a kiss and he'd be saved by my garlic breath. :rofl:

Hubster helped the Flower House Guild Ladies with a yard sale today and was granted an excused absence for tomorrow morning so we're going to Cocoa Beach for the 5K, Don't Stop to Pick Up the Seashells. A beach run at low tide. :dance:

After the run the Darling of the Flower House Ladies (did I tell you their average is approximately 78? They are his Fan Club) will go back to church and I have a haircut appointment at 2:00. Our other task tomorrow is to pull together a Welcome basket for our new rector and his family. They are in their new house but are still waiting for their furniture to show up. I'll stop at The Cake Store next to the haircut place tomorrow. We'll put together a bottle of wine, wine glasses, corkscrew, cheese and root beer and something from the bakery for the teenagers. Treats like that will definitely compensate for no furniture. If nothing else, they'll know they have weirdos at church. :lol:

Just one extremely enjoyable evening can wipe out the most remarkably obnoxious workweek. Tig

12-04-2004, 06:09 AM
Weirdo's at the Church???? I think it is very generous of you to put all that together for them. Remind me to lose my furniture when I shift into your neighbourhood Tig.

We seem to have worried Ms Mexico, she's not been back since.

I've had a good day. Busy this morning and winding down towards bedtime again. I went to the Body Balance class and worked out that my balance is still terrible. I really will have to work on that. One side is not as bad as the other, but it is a real problem. Seems I have to have at least two extremities on the ground at one time or disaster is likely to occur. :lol3: I swept, dusted and cleaned, shopped and cooked. It's not been a good food day though. Not all that bad, but definitely not on plan. I've cooked up a pot of sushi rice to make sushi rolls for lunches next week. Bet the 'boys' will have something to say about that, but not to worry. Tomorrow morning is sushi rolling. Anyone want to join in? I've got some smoked salmon, egg, lettuce and some pickles stuff to go in them. I'll have to sort out some more veges as well.
I didn't get into the DS room today either, owing to the sweeping, cleaning and shopping described above. That will now be on the list for tomorrow. I can just about taste the dust now. YUK. Got to be done.

Okay, well clean up the kitchen and indulge in some belly up TV time. See you all tomorrow.

12-04-2004, 10:57 AM
Hello, Yeah it is Saturday and will try to make a big dent in my list...... and yes the dead tree is getting addressed today! I hope it turns out....I will let you girls know.... then I have to transport it so I can always blame the look and the ride to its final destination, RIGHT!!!
Welcome, to our neighbor to the south....MS. Mexico.... yes the decision to lose weight and make it a daily process is difficult but the great part about finding this place is the journal is way more bearable. Please come and visit with us again.
Shad I want tocome and help you make rolls.....I am a nut for them and would love to know your rice recipe for making the rice stick together and how you roll them....I have dried seaweed in my cupboard just waiting for me to get the courage up to do just that!!! You sound so much better being in a place where things are more comfortable..... a job with good people around makes the world of difference...well for me right now it is my world in many ways!
Tig, loved the church lady story and how they adore your hubby...that is precious and probably so very true. Good luck with the run and I am so envious of your determination.... my running partner is doing great.... so is tracking about 35 miles a week on her treadmill. While I sit and watch the dust settle to cement around my running shoes.....
Meadow thanks for the kind words and info on the lavendar.... I usually sleep like a log but some days I have just had enough and I love my early mornings to sit and drink coffee and read the news online. Hope all is well at your house.
Happy so glad about the house it sounds so exciting and a chance to throw out old things and to have a new look at life. The weather should be better and I hear it is lovely out there. best of luck to you and try not to stress out too much! Keep us posted on your journey!
Teel, It was so great to know you were home but dear we are still wondering how you are doing? Have you been able to resume your normal activities...any playing on the violin going on???? Teel, I have a great story or maybe you have heard about it in the Classical world ..... let me know if you have heard about the find of Kapell's lost works.
Linus, sooooooo proud of you...... it is fabulous the days you now have behind you and girl the money you have saved.... absolutely great! Thanks for sharing with us in the way that you do. I do hope that Craig is on the mend and that he is able to be up and about. How are you feeling these days are you taking care of yourself not to overdo? You are the best so glad you are there for Teel. Keep up the good work!
Miss Mel, you have outdone yourself once again out facing the maddening crowds and getting through it all...... now if you ever go you can just sit and enjoy watching the people in their plight rushing around to get their shopping done. Sort of sad in some ways that people think obtaining some material gift for those they love will provide happiness or love..... they miss that it is the gentle kindness in each day that provides each of us the riches of our life.
The Three Wise Women
would have
Asked directions,
Arrived on Time,
Helped deliver the baby,
Cleaned the stable,
Made a casserole,
Brought practical gifts and

Peace to all my wordly friends...... make it a great day and only do today what needs to be done...tomorrow can wait and you don't have to cook everyday!!!!

12-04-2004, 05:04 PM
Nae, sushi is easy as long as you have the right type of rice. I use one called Koshihikari which is although Australian grown supposed to be the Japanese style of rice and it is very sticky. You need to be prepared before you start, otherwise the kitchen will be a sticky mess when you finish. Not to mention yourself.
To cook the rice, I put one cup of rice into a saucepan, making sure the rice covers the bottom of the pot. Add enough water so that if you stick your bent thumb into it, the water just covers the joint of the thumb to the hand when you rest the bent part on the rice in the bottom. Add a bit of salt and a bit of mirin or rice wine vinegar. Cover and bring the whole lot to the boil and then turn it off and leave to cool in the pot. Now I am not Japanese, so I put all sorts of things into my sushi, but what I have learned is that you don't put a thick layer of rice over the nori (seaweed sheets) otherwise the sushi ends up huge. These days I only just cover about 1/2 to 2/3 of the sheet with a very thin layer. Todays sushi will be different combinations of smoked salmon, egg, lettuce, roasted pepper, pickles, olives, onion and whatever else I might lay my hands on in the fridge. I've even been known to have bacon and egg sushi. The Japanese might declare WW111 if they knew what I did to the sushi.
You don't really even need a rolling mat if you don't have one. Just plonk a piece of plastic wrap over a tea towel and use that to start the roll. Just don't roll it up into the sushi as well. Done that before now too. But it is fun and I make enough for about three days of lunches and snacks and nibbles to eat if someone drops in.

Anyway, that's on the plan for first up this morning - about half an hour away from now. Just knock on the door and walk in, I'll be the being in the kitchen covered in sticky rice.

So what's on the menu today. Well, thinking about it, here's the plan!
It's now 6.50am.
Get that load of washing on the line and put the last one in the machine.
Prepare the kitchen for sushi.
Make the sushi and put in the fridge.
Go to the plant/hardware shop and get some potting mix
Go to DS2's place and repot the last of my plants and bring them home
Repot some of the plants on my verandah
Gather all the gardening waste and put it in the big gardening sack. The green waste man comes tomorrow.
Finish the menu for the week and check that I've got all the bits I need. Shop if I have to. (Trying to keep out of the shopping centres - like Tig. (I enjoy my sanity))
Parcel up the pressies and post the cards and parcels.
Do the ironing before it turns into Mt Shad and erupts.

That should about do it.
No gym today - day off. Back into the weights tomorrow before work.

Okay, time to go get started. Doesn't look like it is going to get too hot today nice day to be out in the fresh air.

12-04-2004, 07:24 PM
evening all how are we tonight ??? good i hope
i phoned teel at her parents and she sounded not too bad but that might have been because mum was there but ill phone her monday night and make sure shes okay
MEL passed on your best wishes to craig hes getting better he actually ate home made soup and kept it down and he ate a pear :mcd: how long is jen and bf banned from the house ??? and are you enjoying seeing the world straight again :rofl: :rofl: your card should be there soon
SHAD arent you a busy bee bringing plants home repotting others your making me jealous i really miss my garden and am hoping to get one real soon and i dont blame you for not doing ds,s bedroom i avoid doing my brats room and there still in it :rofl: :rofl:
TIG know that shopping feeling i went and made a really big dent in our kids xmas shopping so they actually have presents to open on xmas morning :rofl: :rofl: i really hate shopping and avoid it like the plague
ROSE i know the secret to rice that sticks together mines does it everytime no matter what i try long grain rice,water,a wee bit salt ,and hey presto stuck rice hows the tree ?? is it painted yet?? hows the scenery bet its lovely im going to buy you a web cam so i can see :love: :love:
MEADOW thanks for forgiving me you can blame premature senility i blame my mother its all her fault she just agrees with me i think shes just humouring me
right ladies im talking to my freind on the phone and shes very drunk and has been talking my ear off for 4 hours now and shes gone from bad to worse and is now talking about what she can argue about with her boyfreind about when he comes home :nono: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i just dont understand how people can get into that state if i did i wouldnt drink but hey thats life so im going as im finding it really hard to type when shes moaning in my ear and if i say hmmhmm once more shes going to realise im not paying attention to her so ill be back tomorrow

12-05-2004, 10:56 AM
god afternoon just a wee quick post as im going back to bed craig took another turn for the worse last night {early hours of the morning}and i had to get the doc back out as he was sick as a dog and was in so much pain with his stomach so his painkillers have been upped so just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow with the blood test results and i will let you all know whats happening

12-05-2004, 11:56 AM
Linus~ So very sorry to hear about Craig sick still. Hope the dr finds something to ease all this. Jen and the BF are better. They're allowed in today! :rofl: I have been the only one not sick lately. Best not to brag huh? You must be worn out working and worrying? Take good care of yourself. I can't say that enough. I am learning this too! LOL

Shad~ already posted about the sushi so I won't have to hold my nose again here! :rofl: I am VERY HAPPY that you like this job. I also agree that offices have gone too far the other way now with etiquette(sp) The other day, John in maintenance said I looked very cute and pretty that day...then blushed and said not that I don't usually look nice and started fumbling for words. I had to tske him in the maint. room and calm him down. His first words were "you never know anymore how some one is gonna take what you say. I'm afraid to say anything anymore" Sad but true. This guy is really at a loss cause he's very "bawdy" and usually I have to shut him up before someone hears him!!! :rofl: I am sneezing just thinking about the DS room!!! LOL Good luck!

Happy~ Illinois is giving you a snowy farewell!! Enjoy it and how goes the packing????? Thinking of you.

Nae~ Hope the dead tree turns out grand. As I said I have seen a few that were very nice! Good luck with the transporting!!! :rofl: What an excuse!!! But very good thinking in your part! Have a fun time! I think we scared Miss Mexico away before we enven got to know her! :yike:

Tig~ Are we talking about Jen on 3fc or Jen my daughter??
I gave MY Jennifer her art supplies. Jennifer of 3fc calls me Mom2 and I adopted her so-to-speak and calls herself DD2. It's a joke cause my own DD has the same name. But I will tell you, she sent me a photo and she could well be Jen's sister. she would fit right in with the same colorings. :rofl: How was the Seashell race??? Did you push any old ladies into the gutter??? :lol3: I would like the basket of goodies if the new rector doesn't like it! I'll even share it with Shad! :rofl: Be careful of those seniors!! They can be feisty little things! They love a hard working man!!! Good for the DH! Nice to give help where it is usually so very needed. :D

Meadow~ Decorate away my friend!! Go Meadow!!! If I was close you could decorate for me and I would brave the crowds and do your shopping! :lol: Hope the shopping trip went well! LOL I asked Santa for Antonio Bandaras!

Hope Teel is OK and feeling better. I am going to try and take a ride in one of the old chairs. They called the company for the new chair and a rep is flying out to see what is wrong with mine! I miss it too. Hadn't really thought I would but my bloody arse does!! :rofl: Most of my list is finished but the general tidying up and some laundry still. Will catch up on that this week. This month I am going to try to not use phrases like "I am going to try"! :rofl: No more woulda, shoulda, coulda. Going to learn how to say will, shall, can! I have found myself making too many excuses for not doing things. So the theory here is...If I make time for Mel then I don't have to procrastinate and make excuses. I have told quite a few that "Sorry but I can't" this past week and directed them to someone who can. (chest all puffed out)
So today is for me and I will spend it with Xmas dvds and making more soup. NOT SUSHI!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday and good morning Sunshine! Try not to lose me again! :rofl: :rofl:

12-05-2004, 05:16 PM
evening chickies , how are we all tonight good i hope ??? me not so good im so worried about craig ,hes dropped so much weight and im getting scared i slept curled up at the bottom of his bed incase he was sick again and i never heard him so now i can be worried and bloody sore all at the same time
not done anything today but eat chocolate and crisps and drunk gallons of tea cause craig can drink tea so i keep making the bloody stuff i really dont like tea much at the moment plugged the mp3 player into my lugs and im pretending the rest of the planet doesnt exist right now for about 15 minutes S**T ive got to go conner hasnt had his bath the litle so and so is keeping out of sight incase i remember so ill go and surprise him

12-05-2004, 05:20 PM
Isn't it grand when ypou accomplish something for the first time???? and I did 3 things! Went out for a ride and took my first digital pictures, downloaded them to my PC and uploaded them to webshots!

They're not great but it's a start! a man scared the heck out of me. He was sitting on a porch in the shade and asked if I was playing tourist! I hadn't even seen him!! Told him I had gotten a new toy for early Xmas and he cheered me on with Good For You!! :rofl: OK I got a lot to do and haven't done it yet!!!

12-05-2004, 05:23 PM
Kirsty~ we posted almost together. Hope things go better. I feel so bad for him. What kind of virus is this?????:(
Has the dr thought of running some tests or is he sure it is a virus/flu? Sending prayers your way Mr. Craig! Hurry and get well soon!

12-06-2004, 05:22 AM
Evening all,
I have to type this with the keyboard on my lap, the cat has taken charge of the computer chair. I have a choice of 3 inches on the right hand front corner of the chair or standing up. Darned cat.

Speaking of cat, what a wimp. I was out fertilising the garden this afternoon. Repotted the standard rose as well and the fertiliser - well to put it mildly, it doesn't smell as good as the roses do. However the roses love it. Miss Sunday does not. She seriously expressed her displeasure. Now if the dog was still here, he would have been chasing it across the yard and rolling in it when it hit the ground, and even trying to eat it without my noticing. Anyway it is now on the ground waiting for the rain to come and it don't smell too great I must admit. Keep getting whiffs of it on the breeze.

Now Mel, who's the clever girl then? No flies on you is there. Give you something to play with and look out, you're on your way to obsession with a camera. Welcome to the club!!!! I've taken a quick look at them, and will go back later to ensure I put you into my favourites so I can get an e-mail when you update them.

Kirsty, I am so sorry to hear about Craig. Good heavens hasn't he suffered enough with this 'bug' now? Time to start beating the doctor up for some results from those tests I think.
Hope he gets well soon. Tell him to shift himself out of that bed and get back to being bad. We miss the daily updates.

Where is everyone else. Teel should be back by now regaling us of tales of the great journey. Tig, Meadow, Nae, Happy - hello!!!

Anyway, not much time for here today. I'm on a roll with the DS bedroom. The old heave ho. Great stuff hey. Flylady's 27 boogie fling or is that 27 fling boogie is alive and well in my place.

Yea it has started to rain, now the fertiliser will get washed into the roses and stop perfuming the air. Strange, I wonder why Miss Puss is still out there. Usually one hint of water and she's history - in bed and under the covers!!!!!

12-06-2004, 09:24 AM
Wow Mel, the pis were great for your first time out....I enjoyed seeing into your world, thanks so much for sharing. You are a very lovely woman who is such a good friend to many. I am so glad to know you even better now. can't wait for more glimspes into Mel's world.
Shad thanks for the hints on the sushi..... I need to put the rice on my list for when I travel out of town and pick some up.... do you use washabi when you eat them? The garden sounds so lovely. Hope the job isnt too hectic this week.
Linus, I am sure you are fearful for your son. I do hope that the proper medicine can be used to some it.... are they saying it is just the flu? Keeping you in my prayers.
Ok the dead tree..... yes I did it. I even took it over to the ladies house where I was to put it. The house is gorgeous and I didnt' have the heart to drag in my dead tree no matter how pretty it looked it is frocked glittery finery. So I hauled it home put it on my deck and now I have outside decorations. Instead I am taking over my woodland St. Nick that sits with me during the holiday season....he is my favortie decoration and is so handsome with his woodland creatures surrounding.
I had a somewhat busy weekend.... my list is a bit smaller but I don't feel very productive in other ways...DOes housecleaning count? I think I will do some internet ordering this week and do my shopping that way this year.
Hope this finds you all well....and you must be busy....
Merry Christmas,
Peace on Earth,

12-06-2004, 11:18 AM
:gift: And God said "Let there be Santa Smilies"!!!
Where are they!!! How can we be Xmassy without them?????
%Today must be laundry day as I passed on the mall. Took another look at the dear checkbook and found it empty!!! :rofl: So wash it is. Got it ready to go and so am I.
Nae~ What lovely sentiments and thanks so muc! Flattery will get you everything!!! :lol: Sorry I'm not closer or would have loved the tree. But it must look very nice on the deck too. She will never know what she missed!!! I am surprised you brought it home! Peace to you my friend also! Hope the shopping "trip" on the internet is a fun time! I love spending money! :rofl:
Shad~ PU!!!I can smell it from here. Best to send me Sunday till all the smells are out of the house! :rofl: Wait a she liked the raw fishy smell!!!! :lol3: Have a good week and don't take any (****) unless you have to!!!:rofl:

I must get out of here and get the cart rolling so to speak! On my way to the laundry singing Frosty the la la la la

12-06-2004, 05:41 PM
evening all there you go my impression of a policemen ,then again dont suppose they say evening all where you all are :lol: well the diagnosis is finally in and its glandular fever they wanted to admit him to the infectious diseases unit but my little angel :angel: :angel: told the doctor to go away very politely :censored: :censored: :rofl: so the doc called the registrar at the I.D.U. and she said fine but she had to do all the blood tests here so she took 3 tubes to do a full blood screen and two tubes of other bodily fluids his temp ,blood pressure,and he has to go for an ultrasound to make sure theres no liver damage or spleen damage as this is the areas that get affected the most but when i phoned for the appointment they told me they could do it but not until february so ive left a message for the doc she can argue with them as the ultrasound has to have been done before he goes up to the infectious disease unit in three weeks :^:
so ive not to worry too much about the fact that hes lost 19 pound since last friday :yikes: she says when he starts eating he wont stop and as long as he is being sick after he eats hes best not doing it so just let him eat when hes ready
MEL had a look at the photos wheres the one of the pink tootsies i thought we,d finally be able to see the famous toes kids had a peek craig said to stay away from the steps cause if your anything like me youll end up ar** first at the bottom :rofl: :rofl:
right ill mention you all later but now i just want to sleep so ill pop back later

12-06-2004, 07:49 PM
Kirsty~ You must not be napping yet as I see your little egg is lit! I got the card today and am in love with the xmas teddy bears fro, Across The Miles!! Thank you so much. It will have a place of honor on my 3FC shelf. I am reserving space on my PC center for 3fc pics and cards. We should have sent each other pictires like other forums did! What can I say about Craig?!?!?!? :( I am so very sorry to hear this and hope if he really should be in a hospital that he will be smart enough to go. For the fluids alone it would make him feel so much better and faster if it was in the IV in the arm. So he doesn't dehydrate as kids and skinny people do. Jen did and ended up with vomiting and kidney stones! :yikes: Feel better and hugs and kisses from your now Famous across the miles Aunt Fanny!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

I also realized when I saw Kirsty's card that I did not sign the back of any of my cards!!!! You'll understand how I could forget that when you see them....I hope. When I saw Kirsty's signature, I realized the mistake! :rofl:
Gotta love a wheelchair bound woman with only half a brain left!!! LOL

Have a great night and hope there is better news from Craig's way!!!

12-06-2004, 07:51 PM
PS~ I have no piocs of pink toes but will try and snap one!!! My Jen told me to stay away from the steps and Snake Hill altogether!!! She about had a fit! :rofl:
I told her reporters and camera men get into dangerous places to get their story!!!

12-07-2004, 04:16 AM
I've been certified, I've been certified. I am now competent to carry out mayhem!!!
Does that now mean I am qualified as completely crazy and have licence to commit crazy acts. I did qualify as the student from **** - too many questions, not enough answers. I didn't tell them what my real job is until the end. Naughty Shad!!! :rofl: :lol3:

It's been raining all day so the fertiliser is now watered in and the smell is gone. When the rain clears and the sun comes out again, the plants will leap out of the soil (I hope).

Went to the gym for the 2nd time this week this morning (05.30 would you believe) and ran 6K in 45 mins and burnt off 413 calories. Was quite pleased with myself. Didn't stop, just kept setting little mini goals for myself to get through the time. Self talk, it does it every time. Just that little bit more, just a little more. Anyway I got there and felt good about it in the end. Bit red in the face when I arrived at work. The blokes commented on it. I said I'd been to the gym. That Jim is a nice bloke said one of the joksters. Smart people. I'll fix them shortly.

Oh yes and I have just remembered something I meant to write about last weekend. I went to my friends place for a chat (well gossip) and a glass and we were sitting out on her patio - she lives on 5 acres of partially cleared bushland. Anyway, a wallaby (sort of small kangaroo) came hopping into the yard and started cropping the grass. It had a wee joey in the pouch. The wee one hopped out and started playing around. It was so cute. Then my friend feed the Kookaburras and a whole family of them came in for dinner. Magic.

Linus I am so pleased to hear that at last you have a name for Craigs illness. That at least is part way to get over it. I hope you get the ultrasound done shortly. Always best to know what you are dealing with. Give the lad my best wishes. I hope he feels better real soon.

Rose so good to hear from you too. I would have had the dead tree like a shot. I love different things like that. Anyway, it sounds like it is now in a good spot and will give pleasure to you and your guests. If your list seems a bit smaller, then you obviously have been working hard even if it doesn't seem like it.

Mel, you adventurer you - where are you going to pop up next I wonder. I'm so pleased that you are getting so much fun out of this camera. It's marvellous. I haven't been back to the pics yet. Will do that later tonight when I have finished with the housework for the day. Just take care and don't take any risks okay.

Okay, I can smell my baked veges for dinner, so it must be nearly ready. I've finished the sushi I made, so will have to think of some more shortly. Meantime tomorrows lunch will be made of rice paper wraps - sort of like a kebab without the calories.

12-07-2004, 01:05 PM
The veggies smell must be an improvement over the more recent odors!!! :rofl: Sorry, Shad, couldn't resist!!! I can just see the the leaping flowers and plants. But aren't they supposed to be Lords a Leaping at Xmas???? So glad you are certified and not certifiable!!! I am very happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS! DID YOU MAKE THE TEACHERS DAY??LOL rEADING YOUR POST THIS MORNING WAS THE HIGHLIGHT! Have a great day...
Shad i got a message to say there were 138 views of my pictures? Could that be right? If there wer a lot of disappointed people!:rofl:

With all the darkness and rain I am resting. Nothing to really report today. Wheelchair still being looked at, crafts for seniors tomorrow and a day just for me today. Have a great day yourselves.

12-07-2004, 05:48 PM
right i came and did a bloody huge post and its gone completely disappeared so im not doing it again have been writing for 15 minutes so ill just tell you that craigs diagnosis has changed again they think its some bacteria now listeria or the likes but will know for definite when the blood tests come back speak to you all later

12-07-2004, 06:47 PM
Linus and Craig~ Sending all available good thoughts your way. Hope Craig's tests are OK and he'll get better soon. I don't even know what to say. Just that I am thinking of you.

12-07-2004, 09:09 PM

ARGH! I have been munching Christmas chocolate smarties mindlessly. I thought I had given the rest of the bag to the kids but my husband took them away and put them beside the computer :?: :devil: They are following me :p My willpower is kaput. I am just a grinning Christmas sugar coated inside denial wielding glutton, but in a cheerful way :dizzy: Guilt for the new year, can't really wrap my head around it this month, I'm not going to lose any more weight this month, fingers crossed that I can balance the calories and take a multivitamin to keep my cells fueled as the sugar is just slug bait.

Linus, your son sounds like he is in a real fix. I hope the doctors and all the blood tests give him some relief, a teenager subject to so much bedrest is liable to explode :) I'm sure he is keeping his temper in check but it must be so frustrating to be ill and not be able to see the end. Big hug to you and all the worry, it can't be easy from your side either.

Mel-sorry you are suffering from rain and can't get out, it could be the white stuff :p Did you say whether your new glasses turned out? I hope you aren't getting any headaches from these fixed ones. Is your new chair on the fritz? Where is the phone, someone needs to be getting on that before Christmas, you need your best wheels for socializing :) We decorated the front of the house with lights and tinsel fluff boa type garlands and the front door is decked out in red ribbon and a big bow like a present :D Whee! I enjoyed seeing your neighbourhood and you in your pictures, thank you for sharing your travelling adventures with us!

Shad, cool, is your standard rose one of those pink ones? It is so exciting to think you are starting your Spring routines when we are frigid and waiting for the big dump of snow. Ah, the pervasive smell of manure on the garden. What is this naughty diploma you have? Did the guys you work with discover your frisky side? Did I miss a revealing post? More details please.

I have to go make dinner for the gang, Arctic char and peas. Big smile to all the chicks in their corners of the world. Hope you are optimistic and happily preparing for Christmas fun.

12-07-2004, 11:45 PM
Hi everyone.... Miss Mel, you are the best..... I got a card in the mail and I was so busy on my lunch hour taking soup to a sick friend, running home to let the dog out.... and on the way back to work I am thinking who is this letter from?????? It is such a pretty card Mel thank you so much for thinking of me..... I will enjoy that so much I left it at the office for now so people can admire it.
I have been doing good with my not eating crap for the last two days because of stress.... family stuff.... you all know the kind.... someone says something stupid and then all H*** breaks loose for no good reason. anyway, I am staying out of it and trying toremain neutral but that pit in my gut is great for the not eating.... for now.
I have so much to do the next two days so hope this finds everyone well and on the mend.... I will be back to chat on thursday....

12-08-2004, 04:21 AM
Hello, hello from a very soggy Shad. It has been pouring down for the last two days. Last night was a violent storm, lightning, thunder, noise the lot. Sunday and I sat in bed and watched nature giving it's all. She wasn't too impressed but I was. I hear there is flooding and accidents galore on the Gold Coast. One of the blokes at work was saying that he heard on the news this morning that someone got struck by lightning while doing the dishes at 2.00am this morning. There is a moral somewhere in that story I'm sure.

Kirsty, your card arrived this morning. Thank you so much. It will be 'interesting' to have Christmas with only the cat and not the dog. Dog used to distribute presents from the tree (mainly because his was on the bottom and he knew he couldn't have it until the others were gone. He wore a collar of tinsel and little balls. I haven't even got the decorations out this year, and probably won't - I know that collar is in there.

Anyway, on Friday I am going to dinner with the blokes!!! We are off to the Breakfast Creek Hotel but before eating we have to play a game of barefoot bowls. After this rain I think that may be cancelled but we will see. That should be fun. I am fairly useless at bowls of any sort and have great difficulty chucking rubbish into the bin while standing next it!

Mel, there certainly could be 138 views. First a lot of the chicks would have gone to look at least once. I've been twice but have yet to comment. I'm still looking. Then there would have been those who searched by the word 'ride' probably looking for motorbikes or cycling or whatever. So it is quite possible. You are quite popular on this site you know.

Linus, poor Craig - listeria??? :chin: I think I have heard of it, but know nothing about it. Poor kid. Hope something comes right for him soon. There may come a time when he is better off in hospital so the tests can be done asap.

Meadow, you naughty little girl. Get rid of the sweets. Try dried fruit and nuts if you want to nibble and then make sure you exercise. Don't worry about losing this month, try to maintain so you don't add too many # or inches.

Roseblush you are being good with the no crap. Keep it up girl. You can do this.

Okay, still no word from Teel or Happy. Guess they are frantically celebrating or commiserating or whatever. I'm posting early tonight because over the past couple of weeks I've been having trouble commenting in the journals and losing posts from time to time. Suzanne 3FC seems to think I may be posting at the time that the backup kicks off and she tells me it even gets very slow when she tries to get in if she is on the nightshift. So instead of trying to work out time and day differences, I'll just post earlier.

Better go, nachos are ready. That's my dinner tonight along with some lo fat icecream and fruit.

suzi in auz
12-08-2004, 06:39 AM
I finally found my way to the forums!!! Heellllo out there chickies!! Hi Shad, Hi mel. Thought I would gate crash for a bit, actually DH is away and I have time on my hands which could be seen as a "bad" thing. The house is so damn quiet. I chased the kids into their beds but now want them all to wake up and Play....LOL.
hmmm....I really will have to find something to do while he is away, TV is boring and I can't cook! My stove has been taken out for renovating so what is a girl to do? I have so much trouble negotiating my way around this place I doubt I am going to find my way back ....argh. I'm sure that is why i venture in journals, it's kinda hard to miss the button.
Just thought I would peek at what you all have been up too...peeking . Have great days , nights

12-08-2004, 06:48 AM
Hiya Suz - welcome to our world. I see your little egg is still alight, so I presume you are still working around the threads and forums.

It can be confusing, but you will get the hang of it. Glad to have you here. Mel and Linus will be in shortly. Expect questions!!!

12-08-2004, 10:09 AM
HI there,
I pop in to read here too because of dear Mel and Shad. I feel like I am getting to know the rest of you too. It is a great alternative to eating.
I am Hollyhock. I journal every day.I am a married SAHM with 2 kids, 6 year old son, 4 year old daughter. I caregive for 5 others. I am 39. I live 45 min northwest of London Ontario Canada, in a once neglected, slowly becoming beautiful ,big ,old house in the country.
Good morning. Hope everyone is having a great day.

12-08-2004, 03:28 PM
Great to see some new faces. Hope we don't scare these ones away as quick as we did Ms Mexico. Welcome Hollyhock.

12-08-2004, 05:15 PM
hello again
if i lose this post i might just resort to coming in to say hi and thats it :mad: so where to start well craigs eating{ :goodvibes :goodvibes :crossed: :crossed:}so hopefully it will stay down and he wont shout at mother for making him eat :burger: :burger: :yikes: mum went to stay with my sister in hull so she dropped off the pressies yesterday and i got a very strange present with a very fragile sticker on it so dh has put it on top of the wardrobe and wont let me open it :gift: :gift: :nono: :nono: the big spoilsport
MEL i got a very beautiful card this morning thankyou so much and my postman thanks you too :thanks: :thanks: he knocked on the door wetting himself with the "love aunt fanny" written on the envelope and conner was in hysterics too didnt think shad would get her card first hopefully yours will be there soon but its not as grand as yours
SHAD glad you got your card enjoy the barefoot bowling ????? enjot the meal listeria is a type of bacteria normally found with food poisoning :( hope you enjoyed the nachos our dog {cleo} has decieded that there might be cats under our tree and keeps trying to investigate :yikes: and the stupid bloody mare dived off the setee and landed full force on the edge of the coffee table and now has a huge bruise
ROSE thats the reason that we stick to just the four of us so we cant get involved with the family squabbles hope you can survive yours just do what i do tell them to naff off i loved my card from mel hopefully yours will be there soon but its not as nice as mels
MEADOW thanks for the thoughts for craig we stick him in front of his comp :comp: :comp: so he can at least keep in contact with his mates and the outside world but now we dont know what it is we cant let his mates in for there health sakes and im eating for scotland ,quality street,toffee,fudge my nice family keep buying me sweets so of course i eat them !!!! :crazy: :crazy: :hungry: :hungry: :rofl:
WELCOME TO HOLLYHOCK AND SUZI hope you can hang around we seem to scare off everyone :crazy: :yikes: :yikes:
TEEL says hi and she will got on when she can at the moment shes whacked
right im going to go and do something usefull and check on my son and chase them to bed

12-08-2004, 10:43 PM
Welcome Suzi and Holly!!! so good to see your bright smiling and shiny faces tonite!!! I am a tad late posting but the day was very busy and ended late!! Hope you both stay and chat awhile!! Sorry I wasn't here to greet you both sooner!!!:coffee: Pull up a chair and make yourself at home!!!

Linus~ Hope Craig is getting better this time. Any news yet???
Fingers crossed and sending good wishes still.

Shad~ I thought the counter was a mistake but then I went and looked a few times myself!! In disbelief mostly! LOL I am just so proud that I actually took them and in PUBLIC!!! And got them home safe and sound and uploaded!! More hugs ((((SHAD)))) just for the collar story. My heart is with you my dearest friend.
First times are always the hardest. But get those boxes out anyway I say!!!:D Hope the eats with the guys is a great one and what TF is barefoot bowls?!?!?!? :rofl: It sounds like the makings for a good Friday though!!!

Nae~ My heart is with you also my friend. Holidays and families can sometimes be the most stressful of all as you already know. Hope you get to stay in the middle ground biut I know what that must feel like! ((((HUGS)))) for you also!! Will be thinking of you too!!!
We are sensitive souls and keep it all inside. Best we should let some of them float up into the sky this time of year! Hope the weekend will bring peace of mind!

Meadow~ I loved the penguins!! My favorite!!! :rofl: so funny to watch. My glasses.....well kiddo I am not thrilled with them for the computer and that was the main reason I got them. So I took them off and went back to the giant print which shad had shown me last year how to get. I am disappointed but exopected this as the glass man told me not to have any expectations. Reading and distance are OK but the PC isn't. It's mid range and they don't cover it. So back to the drawing board! LOL Hope the vitamins work and don't go too overboard! :rofl: Holidays are toughies for goodies!!!

The senior craft day was a big hit. Everyone loved my idea and went busily to work. They are excited about decorating their own tree again! Smiling faces warm your heart. I am bushed and ready for bed. Just had a son make me go to his mom's apt and check on her! She was sleeping w/o the hearing aid and did not hear the phone!!!! I better do the same and UNPLUG mine!!!. Hope you all have a great day/night tomorrow! Love~ ME!

12-08-2004, 10:50 PM
Linus~ I thought I posted that I got your lovely card with the teddy bears!! One of my favorite thins to collect too!! It is on the shelf I reserve for cards and pics forom 3FC friends!!! I loved it all glittery and such. It also reminded me that I never signed the backs of any of my cards!!! I forgot to turn them over!!! When I went to send one to Happy, I found the space to write by sheer luck!!! I am such a nit at times!!! LOL Glad the mailman got a good goggle and the family too. Just couldn't resist! LOLOL
Thank God Craig is eating a bit and hope he gets well soon. Stay away from that wardrobe shelf!!!! Bad Kirsty!!! No peeking!!!!!!!

So Chicks, If you get a card with no signature and a return address of Melody, You know who it is! :rofl: :lol3: :lol: :cb:

12-09-2004, 05:03 AM
Right so I am supposed to get Christmassy. So from my friend Chris in Japan comes this wonderful poem describing a KIWI Christmas. Since there is a few of us around, I thought that I would share it. Dictionary is not provided, but I shall do my best to translate.

Twas the Night before Xmas and all through the bach
Not even a weta was making a scratch
Woolly socks were hung by the pot belly with care
In the hopes that Santa soon would be there
The children were snoozing in a light summer's breeze
Whilst dreaming of spongy pud and lime green cream freeze
And dad in his walk shorts and me in my jandals
Had just settled down for a couple of handles
When out on the lawn I heard such a ruckus
I sprang from my Lazy Boy to see what the fuss was
I ran to the sliding door, gasping and wheezing
Threw open the curtains and upped the venetians
The moon on the sand and the Trailer tarp
Lit the beach up just like Eden Park
But still when I saw, I thought I was asleep
A miniature Kingswood, pulled by eight tiny sheep
With a little old driver, sipping a Fanta
I knew in a moment, it had to be Santa
Faster than Phar Lap on steroids they came
And he coo-eed and shouted and called them by name
Now, Kevin! now, Sharlene! now, Rangi and Beck!
On, Darryl! On Shazza! on, Bilbo and Shrek!
To the top of the Pagoda, to the top of the wall
Get in behind, Get in behind, Get in behind, All!
As sandflies around a bar-b-que fly
When they sniff the sizzlers and take to the sky
So up to the top of the bach they flew
With a boot full of toys and Santa Claus too
With a handbrake stop, they arrived on the roof
Four Goodyear tyres and 32 hoofs
And as I quickly turned and ran to the lounge
Out from the chimney Santa came with a bound
He was wearing boardshorts, and gumboots on foot
And his Mambos were covered in six-month-old soot
A bundle of toys he had on his back
As if on OE with a brand new Macpac
He looked like he'd come from the beauty parlour
With rosy red cheeks like pohutakawa
A gorgeous big grin and white as white hair
With wee little tufts growing out of his ears
He had a broad chest and a round beer gut
That shook when he laughed like Jabba the Hutt
He was chubby and plump, a right jolly hobbit
And I laughed when I saw him, I couldn't stop it
He gave me a wink and a bonza thumbs up
And I quickly realised he wasn't a nut
He went straight to the socks without saying a thing
And filled them with barbies and Shrek 2 keyrings
Then giving his nose a jolly good scratch
He flew up the chimney with an almighty flash
He jumped in the Kingswood and cranked the ignition
And then they took off, like some NASA mission
But I think I could hear, as he drove out of sight
"Merry Christmas to all, have a bloody good night!"

Okay, to translate:
bach - holiday hut, (crib for the South Islanders) Sort of house by the beach or river or lake or whatever. Not a permanent home
weta - very large insect. Giant sort of native beetle
pot belly - free standing stove, usually has an exposed flue and is sort of round and portly.
spongy pud - cooked sponge pudding.
lime green cream freeze - not quite icecream or mousse
walk shorts - long shorts
jandals - to the Aussies, thongs. sort of sandals where the only thing that holds them on the foot is the piece that fits between the big toe and the next toe.
handles - glasses of beer. In Aussie, pots or schooners
ruckus - fuss, din, noise
Lazy Boy = reclining chair sometimes known as a Jason.
sliding door - glass door on tracks. Slide to open. Known also as ranchsliders
railer tarp = tarpaulin - plastic or oilcloth piece of material that protects the contents of the trailer. Not an American trailer which is a caravan here.
Eden Park - football stadium in Auckland
Kingswood - old breed of Holden car, made by General Motors.
Fanta - orange flavoured fizzy drink, some say better than coke.
Phar Lap - Legendary New Zealand bred racehorse (although the Aussies may dispute the facts) and who died while showing the Americans how a horse can run.
coo-eed - Cooee an Australianism that's crept into the language. A sort of cross between a yodel and a shout.
Get in behind, Get in behind, Get in behind - what the farmer yells at the sheepdog when he wants him to herd the flock from the rear and stop picking on the one in front.
sandflies - similar to the Aussie Mozzie and vicious.
sizzlers - sausages, otherwise known as mystery parcels and fat bags and in Australia as snags.
bach - see first definition in case you have forgotten.
handbrake stop - sort of like a christiana in skiing. Where you put the sleigh at 90 degrees to the way the sheep/reindeer/boomers are going.
Goodyear - brand of tyre, probably worldwide. Also known as doughnuts.
boardshorts - beach shorts, baggies
gumboots - calf length rain and mud boots known as Wellingtons in the UK
Mambos - brand of beach gear again.
OE - overseas experience. Many NZers take off on the great OE. They travel around the world.
Macpac - type of backpack. Top of the range gear, some of them.
pohutakawa - wonderful NZ tree with red bottlebrush type flowers. Known as the NZ Christmas tree as it flowers at that time of year. Grows best wild and on the coast.
round beer gut - male beer gut.
Jabba the Hutt - not sure of this one. Might have to get Suz or Kate5Kiwis to explain. Suspect he is a fictional character, possible from Middle Earth.
hobbit - definitely Middle Earth.
bonza - great, good, fantastic, better than great. actually another Australianism.
Kingswood - see earlier definition
NASA mission - aw now come on.
bloody good night - good kiwi colloquial slang.

Get it, got it, good.

Another wet day and it is supposed to last through the weekend. Better get some washing done tonight and try to dry it under the fan. No point in hanging it outside.

Job was a bit up and down today. Didn't feel that I achieved very much, but I did find out that the blokes think I am okay to stay. They apparently didn't like the person who was there before me. So I'm happy if they are. Tomorrow we go to lunch, however I suspect we won't be barefoot bowling because of the rain. Barefoot bowling is lawn bowls without shoes. Reason being you can't wear sneakers on the bowling green and have to have special shoes. No shoes is fine, but wrong shoes is not. Anyway I'll report all about it tomorrow, not that I think we will play.

Mel your card arrived today. Thank you so much. Thomas Kinkade huh? Happy's favourite painter. Don't see much of him over here, although once in a while a picture of one of his paintings may pop up. You will no doubt have noted the compete stuff up I made of the attachment of my Christmas message. I presume you did get one??

Linus, glad to hear Craig is at least eating again. Poor kid has had it rough. Fancy getting a card from Aunt Fanny!!! No wonder the postman was having a chuckle.

Okay, time to get off the computer and get to work on the house. I want to try to get some cards away this weekend. Yes cards. There are a few people I know who while delightful people are luddites when it comes to a computer.

Catch you

suzi in auz
12-09-2004, 06:19 AM
Oh Shad, I just realised what you mean about the alight thing, LOL. Slow I know. If the little egg is lit that means that the user is online right ? very cool. I learned something today

12-09-2004, 06:23 AM
That's it, so you can see that both you and I are online because our egg is lit.
I meant to say that I know how you feel about the homesickness from time to time. I felt that way for a very long time. Even now I feel te need to ring up someone once in a while just to hear the voices and catch up with the goss. If it gets too bad, I'm here and will listen, you'll find my e-mail beside my comments in your journal. I can let you have my mobile too if you need it, or if you come to the Gold Coast or Brisbane you can call to say kia ora.

suzi in auz
12-09-2004, 06:32 AM
awww now I have finally worked out the little light thing I wasn't here when they were turned on...never mind. I'll chat away anyway and pretend you can all hear me. It was really nice to see holly here too. I do find it amazing the whole virtual thing with people tapping away all over the world making connections. I love it. It doesn't matter whether they are in aus or us or london, the connections make it all seem closer.
Enough of those soppy ramblings.
Today. Well i had all intent and purposes to sit here with a glass of something...I'm celebrating. We have officially been in Aus one whole year! I can't beleive that. 1 year and the time in some ways has just flown and in others the year has been jammed. For those of you who don't know, I'm a Kiwi who moved to Auz with her family 2 boys 12, 11 and a girl 9 and a lovely DH . We came because of Dh's job. We live in Sydney.
It's been a year filled with change. DH is now doing a completely different role but loving it and the kids have settled into life here in Aussie beautifully. I'm enjoying myself making new friends , slowly but surely. I have a fab naighbour who really has devoted herself to getting to know me and it has been a blessing.
Life is pretty good all and all and we have plenty to be thankful for. The weight loss journey has been on going for years ...LOL but started again with a vengence in Aug of this year and so far so good. 27 lbs and a few flabby bits to go!

This has turned into a ramble...That's me anyway and there is something to celebrate!

suzi in auz
12-09-2004, 06:39 AM
Oh Shad you are a sweety! T.Y. I have a dear friend here Kate5kiwis ?? She is I have known each other for yonks. Our kids sort of grew up together and we grew up together having them. We "talk" quite a lot through email. She is such a wordy person too and loves the connection. I miss her and other friends very much ...sometimes you are right we just get off here and call, it's so nice having the voice on the other end.
I guess it's the Christmas thing too with everyone getting together for their get togethers! I had a funny thought today after work. I thought ...I am bored, what do I do ...ring phone, cooking , was weird. I suppose i do have to venture a little out of my comfort zone too.
Thank you so much for your offer about email and such, i've seen your email and others and have been so tempted but kinda get worried sometimes about the privacy of others. I suppose people wouldn't out it there if they weren't interested in being contacted. i know for myself I love it...after you have a connection of course.
We are going up to the Gold Coast for Chrissy ...well after New Year. Dh's fam has a unit in Broad beach. I would love to get in contact. Keep it in mind if you are there. it would be really is a small world. how cool!

12-09-2004, 12:34 PM
:p :D :smug: HELLO!!!! Sorry for the long time "no write!". I seem to have been very busy since I eventually got home from the hospital. I waited ALL bloomin weekend and all the Monday for the rheumatologist and then I was discharged at 18:00hrs to a freezing cold house with no food to be seen anywhere. Apparently there was a massive bed crisis 'cos 5 wards are closed with the Norovirus (winter vomiting bug) so I was discharged there and then. I think I got out unscathed! What a lucky escape!!! :smug: :smug:
At the end of 18 days all that had happened was a doubling up of my MST Continus tablets from 20 mg twice a day to 40mg. Yes the pain has dampened down quite a bit but I still don't have a diagnosis. One consultant says it is one thing and that is dismissed the next day by another consultant the next. Ho hum. All Munglani said was "....she is going to have pain and disability for the foreseeable future and therefore must plan accordingly. I think it would be extremely useful if counselling could be arranged in the community...."what for? I ask myself! To help me stop complaining that my pain is not controlled?

I went home to the parents house over the weekend. my brother and family are over for a few weeks from New Zealand. I am very sorry to say that my brother is now twice the size of his normal self. Obese to say the least. He is not overly tall and must weigh at least 20 stone. He looks terrible.Apparently he has been stressed out and comfort eating...not sleeping at night and coming to get a snack in the middle of the night...not eating three balanced meals a day but constantly picking and grazing.My parents did not say anthing to him, not wanting to hurt his feelings, but it didn't stop them having a go at me as usual...
The children are nice and kind and thoughtful...helped with my cooking spaghetti bolognaise for 7 for Saturday lunch. Paul helped cook Christmas lunch on Sunday.
The weekend was ok. Could have been worse! Didn't expect it to be any better!!

Sorry this is a short post! I will go back to page one now and read all the news! As you chatter boxes are already on page 7 it will take me some while!

Be back soon! Love from , me!!

12-09-2004, 05:01 PM
hi alll how are we all in our little but rapidly expanding circle??? things are not too bad here but i think conners thinking of leaving home before he gets ill too :rofl: :rofl: :crazy: craigs back to vomiting every hour my backs killing me along with the other limbs and hips :mad: and dh is getting the flu again{so is being doped up with paracetemol every 4 hours} :yikes: :halfempty
cleos got a massive bruise on her chest with her collision with the coffee table and has she learnt her lesson ?? no she blooming well did not i came into the livingroom and she was on my desk trying to get to the chewing gum on the shelf{substitute ciggies :smoking: }and she promptly jumped off and tryed to run away with the gum but landed on her backside she really is amazingly thick and clumsy just as well shes my baby girl
SHAD got my christmas message it was lovely and very personal craig thought it was a chain e-mail as it had all the e-mail addresses listed :lol: its raining here too but bloody freezing :faint: so ive stayed in today apart from taking the dogs for there walk
MEL you did thank me for the card glad the goldies{golden oldies} liked there xmas craft work and no wonder your knacked dont blame you ive just got three to look after and two dogs and one hamster that keeps escaping from its cage at 1.30 in the morning the only good thing is he comes straight to me so easy to recage him and im whacked so enjoy your rest
TEEL i tried to phone you at 8.15 but got no answer so ill speak to you later have fun catching up
SUZI i to look forward to talking to my global mates so if your soppy then so am i they have been a rock through some bloody awful times and have warented some good advice and some much needed T.L.C so with us all being in different time zones theres nearly always someone to talk to
HAPPY hows the house ? did it pass the inspection ? me being nosy again but i cant help it :rofl: so put me out of my misery
ROSE your a stronger person than i am at the moment with all the crap going on with craig and not smoking im eating everything in sight :mcd: :hungry: :hungry: so be strong enough for the two of us
TIG have you started running and forgot to stop?? :tread: :tread: :rofl: not like you to not be in so come and put my mind at ease
MEADOW how goes things at your end ? good i hope the girls must be getting very excited by now my conners beside himself hes at the cant sit still for a moment stage and is very attracted to underneath my bed :gift: :gift:
right ladies im going oh by the way forgot to say put in for an other house will find out on tuesday if i got it but its in a very good area so there will probably be about 400 people putting in for it aswell but theres also a house going on the list tomorrow that im interseted in so fingers crossed and ill speak to you all later

12-09-2004, 07:14 PM
Hey chickie babies.
I thought the peak of insanity was a few weeks ago but I was wrong. We have gone back and forth about this house in Memphis too many times. Basically I feel they want too much for a house that needs too many repairs and the seller is unwilling to ask a fair price so I say Hubbie, let's run in the other direction very very fast and not look back. He is still hesitating, hoping with more time the will rethink their stubborness. We thought everything was a go up to the home inspection so we started the process of closing on the loan, getting insurance, listing everything with the new address and making a list of tasks to be done. Now that all has to be undone and tossed to the wind. I must now rethink and separate the household goods into what we need short term for living in a flat vs the rest to longer term storage. And have to change everything for the new address and order cable and utilities and all that. Christmas is fast approaching and I find myself feeling more depressed than anything everytime I think about Christmas. That's because there's a sold sign on our house and we are moving December 27th. So Christmas this year means facing up to the fact that I AM moving away and soon someone else will be living in the place I know as home. :(

I do thank you for the cards and greetings you've sent and I will try to get my cards out this weekend but my heart is not in it. And... DH is pestering me to do a bunch of other things that need attending to. This week I am in an SAP BW class (something only Shad will understand) and I feel I'd learn more if she were teaching it. I also have to drive an hour each way in the rotten traffic with stupid drivers. I'm so happy to be commuting again! NOT.

Oh boy do I sound like the spoiled brat. Sorry ladies. I should count my blessings.

Linus, as I have much time on my hands in the car, have been saying a few prayers for Craig for a speedy recovery. Good going on staying away from the fags. Can understand you wanting to eat but be careful. I gained 30 pounds and feel like a stuffed balloon, sausage, whale - take your pick of choices.

Mel, loved your card AND your pictures. However looking across the river is it? to the NY skyline will forever remind me of September 11, 2001 as people were fleeing Manhattan. But it was good to see the places you walk on your treks. Keep up with the pics.

Shad you said you are certified? Certified as a trainer? I am so lost in SAP I don't know which way is up or down or round and round. I suppose I am mostly feeling insecure about being able to do my new job but it can't be that bad right? It sounds good that you are home and settled into things. Glad to hear you have a nice bunch of blokes to joke with. I'm sure they love you already! :love:

Teel I am glad to hear that you escaped the virus and are home at last safe and sound. Have you decorated the flat yet?

Welcome Suzi and Holly, I admit to following along with you on the journals. It's always good to meet new people. Just hope you hang around for more than one post. I'm not sure if we scare the new people or they can't find their way back!

Rose and Meadow and Tig, I can't scroll back to see what you've been up to so I apologize for not doing more than a drive by :wave: It's very hard to catch up when you miss a few days.

Well DH is yelling my name for some reason or another so I'd best find out what he wants. Thought I would just do a quick checkin.

For the time being, change my name to Grumpy... because that fits me to a T.

12-09-2004, 08:37 PM
good evening grumpy oh happy im so sorry i thought everything was a go for you stupid blooming greedy people !!!! i know the feeling of not belonging anymore i gave up on this house long ago and now my heart is just not in it anymore and if it hadnt been for the kids xmas would have been banned{we did try but the kids threatned to report us to child welfare} hope you get things worked out and keep your fingers crossed the stupid people will realise that they arent going to get what they are asking for and will lower the price accordingly GOOD LUCK

12-09-2004, 09:08 PM
Too pooped to pop over here in jersey!!! god is it the weekend yet?????
Happy~ I don't think anyone expected cards from you while all **** is breaking loose!! :rofl: Sorry about the house and hope you find something even better unless miracles happen and Mr and Mrs greedy let it go. Fingers crossed for you and DH and lots of ((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) to see you through the tough parts!
I almost didn't post the NY skyline and I wept a tear or two taking them. I look across the river and am still shocked and all I can think of is all the terror that must have been there. With some prayers I hope something like that never happens anywhere in this world but I just heard the news a little while ago. More violence! sigh

Linus~ I was so enjoying thinking Craig was over the worst..... so sorry to hear he's still sick and now DH too!! ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))and good wishes for all of you.....your boo boos too!

Teel~ I wish for you in 2005 that someone finally figures out WTF is wrong with you and a program of drugs and therapy to right this wrong!!! ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))for you also.

Shad~ Making anything smelly for Xmas dinner? :rofl: I am still laughing over this weeks postings!! Loved the above one too!! Thanks for the dictionary part also! ROFL Thought of you today.

Feeling a bit tired and worn out. another long day at the Funny Farm. @ more in the hosp within an hour of each other. Starting tomorrow I am putting all bad thoughts aside and not dwelling on them. I think cause I'm a bit weary that I get teary! What a poet I am! Cause my eyes are BLEARY!! :rofl: I am getting silly now so take care and have a great Friday!

12-09-2004, 10:29 PM
I am not afraid of much and you chicks are right up my alley. Not sure what that says about me.LOL! I was worried that Mel and Shad would get sick of me.
Canada needed to be represented I think.
I have had a great couple of days, weeks actually. I was down in the dumps for what seem like forever but it has turned around. Thanks to a lot of the chicks here.
I owe Meadow and big thanks. She commented in my journal about 3 weeks back and it really struck a chord and changed how I was perceiving myself.
I went yesterday evening for a nice dinner with my TOPS group. Had shrimp platter and glass o wine. I weighed in and was down 2.5 lbs. I have lost 1 lb a month since June.This is pretty exciting news!
Tonight I went to decorate the church for Christmas. I am sure Mel is just tickled.
DH went to bed a 8pm with the kids so I am enjoying the house by myself.

Teel, glad you are feeling better,are home and feel up to posting!
Mel, get some rest!!
Linus,hope everyone is on the mend.
Happy, nice to meet you then. I have been reading here a bit too.Best wishes on the house thing.
HI Suz!
Hi Shad!

Well wishes to everyone else.

12-09-2004, 10:51 PM
Holly~ was about to sign off after making thank you notes and saw the email with your post! sorry I forgot you in my last post. Not sure what alley we are all playing on but hope we all make some strikes if it's bowling alleys! :rofl: congrats on the steady weight loss and on the last one!! Very nice news!! I will try to be a good Mell in January. a bit distracted and not enough water right now! glad you and suzi feel at home! These girls have made me welcomed too and I am forever grateful and happy I came too!
enjoy the night and sweet dreams. I am falling into bed right now!!!

suzi in auz
12-10-2004, 12:07 AM
ooops I wasn't logged on and they wouldn't let me in :?: I am learning something every day..I can't see any eggs alight at the mo so you must all be working, sleeping ...Or DECORATING!!! :dizzy: Did you hear that Mel!!!
Yes I am well and truly Christmased! I love it, although braving the stores is a nightmare. I went into one of those little $2 shops to have a look for knic knacs and ...uggg. I felt clostrophobic! I couldn't move and I am so glad I don't have any toddles around my feet. I would be worried I might take the worn ones home. I am so glad I am organised here ;) gloating a little.
Shad: thank you for your kind direction last night. Shame i didn't work it out until you were lights out. I will get with the program one of these days. I'm afraid I have truly BLONDE blood
Mel: Hey there. Your oldies sound super and I'm sure they had a wonderful time. It's so nice to be able to be a part of that...they are truly seizing their days!
Holly...hi, yes we need Cannucks and Kiwis and yankie doodles and poms and all sorts it makes us interesting, funny how we found the thread on the same day...must be a hidden wave length somewhere. It's so good to see you UP these days.
Linus. "hi" it's so nice to meet you and I am so sorry about you sickies! Uggg. Poor little thing. Big thing I'm sure ...poor thing anyway. i wish him well thoughts.
Everyone else : Who i haven't had the pleasure of. I hope you are all well and happy and able to enter into those moments you all sound like special people. I'm looking forward to "meeting" you all.

Toodles for now, kids about to burst home from school. I can't wait until the sun goes down ....lights camera....action! :lol:

12-10-2004, 01:36 AM
I can't wait until the sun comes OUT We have had days of this rain. Days and days and days of it. Hey huey or whoever upstairs is in charge of the taps, a day or two to dry out a little would be NICE or is that too much to ask.

Little bro is in trouble again. He rung this morning to see if he could come and see me tonight. Wonder what he has done this time. Hope it's not money as there ain't that much floating around at the moment. He's got some of it, DS1 has some of it, DS2 has another hunk, I was off work for 3 months and the car is on loan. I can only do so much!!!!!
I can't work miracles or can I. Sometimes I am under the impression that for so long, I have done so much with so little that I am now qualifed to work miracles on nothing at all and it will be instant! 'snork'

I'll be back as big Arnie once said.

suzi in auz
12-10-2004, 06:40 AM
hmmm...I am in a quantry. I posted and it vanished ...very very strange.
Hope you all have lovely days , night and afternoons. I am so feeling like cheese and crackers right about NOW!

suzi in auz
12-10-2004, 06:41 AM
that's weird's there now

suzi in auz
12-10-2004, 06:43 AM
hello shad ...your little light is glowing ...ugg on the money probs...I hope it isn't money. It would be so nice if they just wanted to SEE you . Chin up and I will be thinking of you strong...I have a crazy cat not enjoying the rain, and a daughter who needs me :)

12-10-2004, 08:38 AM
Morning Chickies,
Hello to the new girls on the glad you joined us. This is a great group of gals and I hope you find inspiration for what ever your goals are here in this corner of the world. Welcome!
I can't sleep I don't know why exactly...too much good food ....went to my second Christmas dinner last night and had a lovely meal with the gals from my office. We weren't suppose to give gifts but I had to give each of them a video of Winged Migration. IT is an outstanding film.... I recommend it to all my friends.
Linus, I was thrilled to receive your card in the mail....thanks so much for thinking of me. It is so sweet to be remembered by my friends around the world..... I have something to send too....but it may take a while to get it in the mail. I do hope that the kids are feeling better and that no one else gets ill this holiday season.
Shad, I can so relate to the being able to live on so little and then even have some to lend...that has been my story since my divorce... I am so very very frugile but have to help my sons with school.... I am hope that everything works out. I do understand about dog not being there for this christmas and I am so sorry for your loss. I am trying to prepare myself for that day when Teeka is gone...she will be 10 next week on the 16th.... these animals that are in our lives are so wonderful. I am sure you are learning to live without him but never living without still loving him.
I find it so odd about my behavior and food.... in the winter I eat so much less that I can actually think I might try this dieting thing again.... I don't know if it is stress or what but even though I have been to two parties I have still been doing well.
It is going to be a long day since I have been awake since 2am..... now drinking :coffee: and waiting for the clock to tick away til I leave for work. At least it is friday and I can rest this weekend. I have an elderly friend who had surgery yesterday and the outcome is not hopeful for her future so that has been on my mind. I feel so badly for her.... no children and just cold relatives surround her.... I think they want her to die so they can divide up the goodies.... she has lots of friends here in our circle of ladies but it is still so difficult when we can be in the same town to support her right now. sometimes the circle of life sucks...ok..... I will stop now with the negative.
I caught my two little night time raiders who have been cleaning the traps clean and leaving little dropping beside the traps....I used sticky traps tonight and Tom and Jerry were both side by side in the trap when I got home tonight. I don't like those traps but the little devils were pretty good escape artists.
I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the peace of this season amongst the hussle and bustle of it all. I wish it would snow here and stay!

12-10-2004, 05:43 PM
Right okay, now for the not so good news.

My brother has a gambling addiction. My brother although he wont admit it is in the depths of depression. He has also given up his job and is now umemployed and has too much time to dwell upon lifes imperfections. He is not entirely without redemption though. He has had enough nous to invoke a self exclusion on himself from the local TAB which is a start. I have yet to persuade him to do the same at the local pubs, clubs and the Casino which is where he went when he could no longer go to the TAB. The TAB is the government run (more or less) betting shops around town.
The better news is that he has not run up huge debts - they are big enough, but at the moment he only owes on a credit card up to it's limit and the outstanding amount of the loan I gave him last year. He has nothing left to sell or pawn or gamble against.

So I am now organising or trying to organise help for him. I rang a help place yesterday and the counsellor gave me a few ideas of where to go and what to do and how long I have to look forward to having my little brother depending on me for help! Thanks bro. I feel angry too! I feel that I have put up with the family sh*t for a long time, I've been there through all the splits, divorces, kids trauma, housing crisis, death and depression (including my own sh*t)and now just when I thought it was all over, it starts again. So I am fighting on two fronts, his and mine. I have yet to persuade him that a trip to the doctor is necessary. He is very depressed but doesn't acknowledge it. He doesn't want to go to Centrelink to sign on for unemployment as that is degrading! I think I need to ask Linda for a loan of the cattle prod.
I'll keep you posted because sometimes you people are all I have between me and the rest of this world.

This week also marks the anniversary of the death of my godson, and the deaths of two school friends who overdosed on drugs in some sort of death pact. It was those two who launched me into my first battles with addictions and the aftermath. I learnt a lot from them and I daresay I will learn a lot more from my brother!! None of it is good or what I wanted to learn.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. I'll try to keep my ravings to a minimum, but I guess there will be times when I will just break out again, like now.

The last of my overseas cards and letters are ready to post. Will wonders ever cease? And on a brighter note, the sun is out and shining at least for the moment. I am off to a Pilates class this morning and will post the cards, do the shopping, pick up the dry-cleaning and come home and do some housework. I now feel in the mood to pick up and throw things out.

Right so I best go and get on with the day. The house looks like a bomb hit. There are cards and wrapping paper and envelopes all over the dining room table. The floor is overdue for a sweep, the kitchen thinks no one loves it, and the roses in vases are long overdue to be replaced. Work calls. Mind you, sometimes it is the best medicine. The panacea so to speak.

12-10-2004, 06:54 PM
Oh Shad, We have open ears and hearts. That just sucks.You are a good sister. I am assuming your brother is an adult.I am not sure my sib would bail me out.
Hope work lets you forget for a while. So sorry about your godson. I hope you are able to remember the good stuff.
HI Roseblush,nice to meet you. Hope you get some uninterupted sleep tonight.
Suzi~you Christmas angel you! How old are your kids?
Mel~ since you haven't been around today yet I am hoping you are relaxing!!

I have been sleepy all day. I am fighting a bit of a bug but it is not winning .
I had the 4 toddlers today which is nice because they all nap from 1-3. I love the quiet.
DD and I are going to a cookie swap tonight. I made peanut brittle.
It is an old friend from highschool and I that started it 5 years ago and the group changes a bit every year but there are few of us who only see each other there now. It will fun to catch up.
Tomorrow will be hockey and Santa parade. Sunday is a Sunday School party and skating. AND the never ending house work, of course.
I haven't done any cards yet. Gotta get my head around that one.
Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend!

12-10-2004, 06:59 PM
oh shad im so blooming sorry i live in a family full of addicts drug alcohol and gambling and until they want to do something they wont no matter how much begging ,making sense or shouting at you do :mad: most of the time its the complete lack of money or sellable goods that bring them to a temporary halt :?: heres hooping it diesnt take too much out of you as from experince of sitting crying to myself that i now try and stay far away from it all so good for you for trying to help i just couldnt handle it anymore
craigs ate today and its stayed down i think this is just going to take time and me making him everything he likes to eat beef olives tonight mince and tatties tomorrow the good thing is he just cant resist my cooking {dont know why}strange kid but hey if it works :T :cp: :crossed: :crossed: :corn: going to dads tomorrow to pick up the xmas cards he always puts money in them and the kids know this so even they want to go :lol: adding to the temptation aunty kim has left there money envelopes there as well right ladies im off and ill speak to you all later

12-10-2004, 07:02 PM
Race Results: The 5K last week on the beach was a difficult run for me. They advertised low tide, but it actually was rising tide. I stayed as close to the water as I dared but once I dared too much and drenched by a wave from the knees down. Of course this, was the first time that I've gone to a race and didn't take a change of shoes!! :o Beach runs are there weren't many people there. I came in second in my age group and received a hand-made plaque from the school that the race was supporting. The proceeds from the race will go towards playground equipment.

Another 5K tomorrow: The Reindeer Run at Cape Canaveral. This may be another beach run. :faint: But THIS time I'll take spare shoes.

Mel ~ the Christmas card is beautiful! I've put it on my mantle. I really enjoyed your pictures. Can I tell you a New Jersey story? The Dearest Hubster was in the local grocery store and he passed a man talking on a cell phone saying in his very New Jersey accent, You won't believe it, Ethel, I'm standing here in SHORTS! :rofl:

kirsty ~ loved your card! It's on the mantle next to Mel's. Craig has been in my prayers. Have they decided the diagnosis is listeria?

nae ~ I wish we had a picture of your dead tree decoration... somehow that doesn't read right. :lol: I'll bet it really is pretty - it sounded very creative. This is definitely the time of year that somehow seems to bring the worst out in some people, particularly families! :yikes:

shad ~ sushi - yummm. Hurray for Certified Shad! I loved your wildlife story. Now THAT would be the life - sitting on the patio and watching the REAL world hop by! The Santa poem was marvelous - truly bonza. Jabba the Hutt is from the Star Wars movies. Sad news about your brother. Having a place to blow off steam is always comforting, though, I know.

Meadow ~ I always love your pictures, they really brighten my day. I can't even have chocolate in the house because I would just gobble it up. That was very scarey to read about it chasing you around the house!

teel ~ I hope you are mending rapidly!

Happy ~ moving over Christmas has got to be very difficult. I can't help but think that an even better house is waiting for you in Tennessee. We have moved so much - I know how stressful it all is.

suzi and Holly ~ Hello and Welcome!!

Dearest Hubster and I are going to a party tonight. I'd better get moving because I said we'd leave in a half hour and I haven't even showered yet! We went out to breakfast this morning and then for a 55 minute walk on the beach so I NEED a shower!!! :rofl:

12-10-2004, 08:52 PM
Where are you Mel?????

12-10-2004, 09:09 PM
My Sister shad I send all my love and hugs and anything else you need.....just ask. we are all here to listen and now it's your turn to rant! Hope the situationd straightens out and the Bro realizes he's screwing others up as well as himself. Sending prayers, good thoughts and fingers are crossed. I'll stay in tele touch!

Nae~ Poor tom and Jerry! :rofl: I hat those traps too. but you gotta do what you gotta do. Wish we could all run away and meet at your house for Xmas in the snowy woods! What a treat that would be! ((((((HUGS))))))) for your friend and nice of you to be even better to her than the family. Sorry I forgot to sign or write on the card! :yikes: :rofl: Just never turned it over and see the space!!! LOL Glad you liked it.

linus~ Here is hoping Craig can hold down the food over the weekend. My jen does best when she eats what SHE thinks she can handle. Usually tunafish and frenchfries believe it or not. Strange kid. don't know who she takes after! (((((((HUGS)))))) for craig and hope you and the rest of the family are well.

Teel~ can you come out and play yet?????
Ditto for Meadow

Tig~ You little racing devil you!! Got your card today!! Thank you. all my chick cards are on my shelf with some chick pics still. Might need another shelf!!! LOL Good luck with the run!! congrats on the beach run! That has got to be a tough one. Have a great time at the party but you may already be there! Cheers!!

Suzi & Holly~ Funny how you both cvame here together! :rofl: Must have been fate!!! Just in time for the holidays too. You can celebrate with the "family" now! :D Please PM me your address if you want so I can send a card. Or not if you don't wish. No offense is ever taken on this forum We are all free to pick and chose what we want to do and feel.

I had another exhausting day and still need to do Clara's Xmas cards tomorrow! :faint: If I make it to the new year I'll be lucky. Rainy out so no rides and the temps are dropping too. I fear Winter may be here for real this time!:( :rofl: I can't complain as I had a good run with the good weather. I have been feeling the need to change decorations here.....I mean like furniture arrangements. But where TF do you put 3 wheelchairs?? Not exactly like a conversational grouping in the livingroom! :rofl: :rofl: I just have that "I need a change" feeling coming over me. Sunday I really need to take the phone off the hook and put the old feet up and watch some Xmas DVDs or Harry Potter!!! I even bought healthy microwave popcorn for the anticipated occasion! :lol: Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep well. Sweet dreams and good morning Sunshine.

suzi in auz
12-10-2004, 11:21 PM
Right here's my moan...I have to put it somewhere...someone somewhere is trying to nab my Christmas Spirit....well they copped an earful this morning !
It was all supposed to go to plan. I was supposed to get the jolly appliances delivered and there were supposed to be installed today ...Nope!
Truck man rings me ...coming at 3-5pm! Not what time would you like me madam, coming then! end of story, someone told you the wrong thing...blah blah blah...well Suzi became unglued! I growled and growled. This is the last of a list of reasons why we haven't seen hide nor hair of our stuff! I ordered it in Oct and it was to be delivered 1st Dec, still not here....grrr. So i called, growled , asked will be here 3..nope, 9...nope ...nope.
My sparky wasn't too unhappy and said he had loads to do but still...I'm not sure when it's going to be done. The delivery man is coming today....and I might see it in tomorrow ...who knows. grrr....
After a cup o tea the Christmas spirit is still intact ...just!
The kiddies did love the lights and they do twinkle beautifully. I think tonight I will take the kids and me out! Just feeling a little couped up!
yaaay for pools which keep them occupied for a bit.

so there's my rant.!!!

Now to all of you...
Mel ...Thank you so much for your offer...fate is a funny thing. i believe there are reasons for everything

Holly...I would love to think I was an angel, at least some of the time...not this morning maybe ...LOL. My kids are girl 9 boy 11 and boy 12. They are scrumptios and I love them to pieces. Your cookie swap sounds amazing I would love to do something like that , if i had an oven!:P

Rosebud ( pretty nic) Thank you for the welcome, I look forward to getting to know you too :)

Shad...many thoughts out your way you precious thing. It is so hard to know why our brothers and sisters act up like this but it is good that he can come to you. I've put a couple of suggestions up on your journal. If you need numbers I could get these for you. I work at a community centre and we deal with ER ( Emergency relief ) clients all the time. They are people who have been passed onto us by Centrelink. Your brother might be eligible even though he doesn't have a benefit. I'm sure they have this system in your area. The Wesley Gambling Counselling is a good resource too. This is so difficult and hard for you to take on board. It is something that will not go away in a hurry. i hope that you are able to help your brother get the necessary help he needs.
He is so fortunate to have you!...
Toodles for now folks .

12-11-2004, 01:25 AM
'Evening ladies,
Best to catch up now before I've got more pages to read than I can respond to.

Shad :grouphug: you are forever the rock that everyone depends on. Seems like you got the overabundance of sensibility genes in the family. I do hope that you will be supportive but not taken advantage of and that your brother gets the help that he needs. I also remembered from reading your post that the month of December is a difficult one for you and personal memories. Just remember that we are here for you whether it is to provide bats, cattle prods, big hugs or gentle nudges in a show of support. Both of us enjoyed speaking to you today, thanks so much for the call - it's always great to hear your voice. DH (and me too) are looking forward to your next visit (and landscaping advice ;) )

Tig, running on the beach. I mean not just running but running through WET SAND? I bow to your awesomeness! How fabulous! Congrats on a fine finish too.

Rose, sorry to hear about your friend and her surgery. It's a good thing she has a friend in you. Why do people have to be so cold and greedy?

Holly - hope you had fun with the cookie swap. It sounds like a lot of fun - the few people I know who are involved with them greatly enjoy them. It's always fun to get new recipes from people too.

Linus, glad to hear that Craig is on a bit of the mend there. Do you get one of those money stuffed cards for some fun bits for yourself too? :devil:

Mel, I think you do need a bit of some couch and movie time. Don't be letting everyone take advantage of you and give you the weepy peepers later on. There's far too much to do for you to let yourself get run down. So go kick the feet up and relax - then you can figure out some creative decorating of the wheelies in the room - a unique version of a Christmas train perhaps?

Suzi, good to hear that in spite of a valiant effort, you did not allow your Christmas spirit to be taken away. Often times I wish we could go back to a simpler time where we could enjoy the season for what it's worth instead of trying to be everything, do everything and getting totally stressed and overloaded at the same time. It's been a while since I really was able to enjoy Christmas. Next year for sure I promise myself. Will help I'm sure if I have a real fireplace to hang the stockings from.

Teel hope to hear from you soon along with Meadow's plans for an Antonio Banderas Christmas dream sequence :cloud9:

Time to run now (well not run quite like Tig and Shad but hurry along none the less). Catch you later chickies...

suzi in auz
12-11-2004, 07:12 AM
yes, well the day is redeemed. i didn't allow those nasty little people to steal it! :eek:
I got into a situation today which I don't like to be in ....conflict. :mad: I allowed it to grab hold of me for just a little while. Negativity does breed contempt. :headache: I felt cross, very cross and could have allowed it to really effect my mood for the rest of the day. The appliances are man is coming to install them tomorrow and I am a happy camper! :)
I have had some lovely quality time with the kids, we ate popcorn, watched Garfield and laughed our heads off. It was a good movie and it lifted the spirit. :hungry:
A good walk in the afternoon did wonders too :cb: and I realised I hadn't walked for a few days. i do miss it when I haven't. Tomorrow walking will be on the agenda too. Exercise helps me focus when things are getting too much
I do hope you all had fab days. is very nice to meet you! thank you for the kind words ..I have refocussed :lol:
Have wonderful days today, and tomorow! :wave:

12-11-2004, 12:26 PM
Suzi~ glad the day is redeemed and time has been put to much better use with the kids and such!!! Good for you. I hate conflict and will go miles out of my way to avoid it...... but sometimes life is life! :rofl:

Miss Happy~ A Christmas train!!! Now why didn't I think of that :rofl: I am only doing for me and clara today so it should be better. You are right about the weepy peepers. Going this way much longer and I would be weepy with exhaustion. thanks for my "nudge" Please don't get the prod from Linda....I'll be good! ROFL I think of yiou and DH often and the move. sometimes I wish I was going too! :lol: Just so long as you keep in touch here when ypu settle in!! No wonder Shad's line was busy last night!! :rofl: But I was persistent!!! Is DH looking forward to new species of butterflies?? You should get more use out of the bikes with better weather down there too!!!

Shad~ Still thinking of you also!!!

i am posting early cause I have stuff to do before rest and relaxation time can occur. Cleaned all the birds and their spaces. Gonna throw a turkey loaf together and get it into the oven. Threw out the pasta I found with those dang bugs in it and trying hard not to think if I ate any of them last night! :faint: Guess they won't hurt me as they were boiled to death!!:yikes: At least they were sterile!! That will teach me for being in a hurry and not turning on a light!! Have a merry weekend and stay well my friends New and Old! Caio Chickies :cb:

12-11-2004, 02:27 PM
Nice to see you Mel....thanks for the thoughts, I appreciate it. Shad, I am so sorry of the brother situation..... I hope that you are able to be strong and say NO when it is necessary.... I am thinking of you. Families can be so inept sometimes.... you wonder sometimes who is there for YOU when you need it! Would love to see your garden.... I am off today to try to buy some gifts that actually contain the!
Well, I can see it happening I have had this same truck driving over my property and this morning I went out and asked them what they were doing? I can see the hill behind me attracting people to build...and they can not have access across my way..... and so I told him.... so.... it is my neighbors land and hoping to sell it I suppose. But I have to protect my land. this is all I have for my future. I too hate conflict...... but it serves no one to be a push over either....
I still doing good with my food choices...oh MEl I had to laugh about the bugs.... you know we are funny about insects but they are a source of protein and it might but the zip in your day!!!!!!LOL
So I am off to spend a little money...... christmas is slim this year and once again ladies I want you to all rent the DVD WInged Migration sometime this holiday season for your viewing pleasure.......OK????
Have a great day!
Love ya,

12-11-2004, 03:09 PM
Nae~ Guess people will try anything they can get away with if they are not confronted. good for you that you stuck up for yourself! Hope it's resolved peacefully. Don't be shooting any warning shots over thaeir heads now:rofl: I just went to Netflix and put an order in for the Winged Migration. Hop[e it's the right one...French?....With little narration???? It won't come till I get one of the others into the mailbox this weekend! LOL I have my limit out already with Frank from the office. We share an account and I am the bookkeeper! :lol: I hear you on the finances. I stretched the $$$ as far as it would go. I hope you are right about my bug in the tummy fiasco!!! Every now and then I think I feel one moving around! :cb: :dance: :rofl: Have yourself a great weekend. I am taking 15 minutes for a break! Adious Girlfriend!

12-11-2004, 03:25 PM
Good Morning all,
I didn't post last night, I was going to - with food etc in my journal, but I was just too darned mad and tired to do anything much after yesterday afternoon.
I had asked the DB to ring me yesterday and let me know how he was. No phone call. Each time I tried to call him, I got the message that the he wasn't available and to leave a message. By early afternoon, I was beginning to worry, knowing the state of mind he had been in when he left me on Friday. The eldest DB had the same sort of luck. So eventually I hopped in the car and drove over. His car was in the carport and no sign of life. When I knocked on the door and yelled, he came strolling out of his bedroom. Said he had turned his phone off and slept most of the day and apart from getting the paper to look for work hadn't done much else. Doesn't look much better for it I must say. Finally managed to prise a sort of apology out of him for giving me a fright. This could turn me old and grey before my time.

Suzi, thanks for that information. I will see what/ who I can find over the next couple of days. I'm still persuading him to go to the doctor. He's panicking about getting work at the moment, I'm far more concerned with his health and state of mind. It's an uphill battle, but we shall see who is the stubbornist of all!! I suspect it will be me. I forgot that the eldest DB was now working in one of the clubs and has access to information as well. So now I will be harassing him come Tuesday when he goes back to work to get help for us.
Lord, grant me the wisdom to know where to bury the bodies of those I have had to shoot because they really p*ssed me off!!!!

The rain cleared yesterday to a brilliant sunny day and the humidity climbed and climbed. By mid afternoon, I was in the shower and dressed in the old sarong. Not classy, and definitely not a front yard look, but a lot cooler than the shorts and teeshirt. Today we are back to cloud. Probably more rain on the way I should say.

DS2 rang to say he would be over with the lawnmower to mow the grass as soon as we dried out a bit. Guess we haven't done that as the grass is growing before the eyes at the moment. Since he has taken possession of the mower I can't do it myself any more, unless of course I go round there and get it myself. I sawed off some branches from the Poinciana tree yesterday as they were becoming rotten. There seems to be an ant or beetle in there and some of the wood is very brittle. The plants hanging from it's branches (the orchids and hoyas and nodding violets) all landed on the ground - splat - and had to be repotted and put up on living branches again. It's a glorious tree with it's bright red flowers covering the canopy in summer. Happy will probably be able to grow one in Tennessee. They are sub-tropical and tropical varieties. I'll see if I can find a pic in full bloom.

I want to thank you all for listening to my rant yesterday. Sometimes problems are just sent to give us one more test of our love, dedication, strength. We shall get over this, or to go back to the sixties - we shall overcome - the song that became the protest march.

Todays agenda - will finish the washing, finish the housework, just finish something.

Good onya Nae for standing up for your land. You can get the point across with firmness and non aggression, I hope you have put up some sort of sign as well to let them know there is an Annie Oakley on the premises.

Well :coffee: is finished and it is time to get on with the day. OOOh just looked out the door and the fog has come down. No wonder the parrots are squawking. They probably can't find the right tree!!! Dumb birds.

See you.

12-11-2004, 03:35 PM
Just realised that this is not a good photo of the typical poinciana. They usually spread a lot more and have a cool dense canopy. Just begging for one of those seats around the trunk, a mint julep or whatever and a good book.

Exit stage left - this time I am out of here.

12-11-2004, 04:58 PM
Shad~ I have seen these beautiful trees in Florida when visiting my aunt. they are absolutely magnificent in any shape or size. They had real beauties at a Gardens whose name I forget off hand. It is my turn to have a smelly house....parmigana cheese on top of my quiche and the whole house stinks!!
I am dreadfully sorry about the brother and hope the oldest gives you some support and help. It's never easy with family. Wishing you strength and patience not only for them but for yourself! Remember that anytime you want to rant you go right ahead. I read your posts after hanging up yesterday...wish there was more that I could do. Hang in there my Friend and we will be here when you need us. ((((((((HUGS))))))))))

Off to Clara's now. Her Xmas cars await!!

12-11-2004, 06:48 PM
good evening{?}
not quiet sure yet kids are calm craigs refusing to eat at all cause hes sick{pardon the pun} of vomiting conners getting xmas madness and is positive he can hear the xmas presents calling to him"OPEN ME ,OPEN ME" :censored: :yikes: :yikes: :crazy: :crazy: :rofl: he wont find the ones from us they are next door in the neighbours house :rofl: :rofl: :gift: :gift:
MEL what bugs?? is this something new at mcd,s :mcd: you lot keep forgetting that i dont read the journals so half the time i dont know what you are all talking about :dunno:
SHAD arent family the pits!!!! :rollpin: :blah: they dont even realise how worried you get or that you have a reason in the first place :rollpin: :rollpin: keep your chin up luv
ROSE a truck is a wee bit bigger than a woodpecker so you should at least make it a clean kill if you have to resort to violence :crazy: :rofl: :rofl:
SUZI dont i know the problems with logging in and posting and such i just asked the kids they seemed to know exactly what to do :comp: :yikes:
TIG just had a thought do you actually walk at all??? :tired: or do you see each day as training for the next run?? i am totally in awe of you and shad i wish i could be even half that active :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
MEADOW have you asked santa for something tall dark and handsome and called antonio ?? :write: :write:
TEEL where are you girl have you got lost under all that wrapping paper and carrier bags?????? :stars: :faint: hope your back soon
right ladies im off to watch finding nemo and ill speak to you all tomorrow

12-11-2004, 08:20 PM
Linus~ from a previous post this morning~ "Threw out the pasta I found with those dang bugs in it and trying hard not to think if I ate any of them last night! Guess they won't hurt me as they were boiled to death!! At least they were sterile!! That will teach me for being in a hurry and not turning on a light!!"
I had opened a bag of pasta from a friend and threw it in a pot with hot water and ran to take my shower. Unbeknownst to me there were those pesky wheat bugs in the bag!!!! I saw them the next day in the daylight!!!
Sorry for poor Craig. Hope he can eat something soon. did I ask what about store bought eggnogs or custard? Hope you like your Nemo!!! :rofl: i have been watching xmas cartoons!!!

12-11-2004, 10:10 PM
Well, Santa arrived, his knee was sat on and now the kiddies are in bed sleeping! Big fat snow flakes fell during the parade.Everything was all lit up.Very nice.
I adore our family. My folks,hubby's folks, mu Aunt, Sister, her hubby and son all came to see my little guy play hockey!! It hasn't always been this way but I sure ain't complaining.
I needed to go into town to pick up a cheese order from the dance school so I decised to Christmas shop. I got everything done!!!!
The 8 dozen cookies aren't a problem for me but the 6 lbs of cheese are talking to me already. I bought it to support the school and to use on New Years Eve. I may take it to a friends.
Wow Nae~ good for you for standing up!!
Mel~ I baked fish sticks and turkey sausage in the oven at the same time. PU! I thought of you and the kitchen smells.
Linus~ Craig has been sick for along time.I really hope he will breeze through it soon.
Shad~ you sound better today. Glad you can find some peace with it.

12-12-2004, 12:27 AM
From the "almost too unbelieveable to be believed files..."

I've been in a class all week. The chairs weren't too comfortable. I woke up 2 nights ago in the middle of the night with blinding back pain. Sometimes I flip on my back at night and twist into uncomfortable contortions which are not too healthy for my well being. I got up to get a drink of water and dozed on and off for the next 90 minutes until it was time to get up for class. Once in the shower I was able to stretch and feel a bit better but for the next 2 days after a day in class and an hour's ride home stuffed in the car I was pretty achy. DH and I went out today to go look at some short term furniture rental for the flat we're renting. (We decided to rent furniture so that we don't have to go through the hassle of moving our own heavy stuff by ourselves once we find a house of our own). Walking back into the house I gently coughed. All at once my back siezed up and for the first time, I was able to understand what it's like not to be able to move. I tried stepping forward, leaning over, turning sideways, leaning on DH. Every little movement brought blinding pain, and I couldn't even breathe. After 15 minutes of standing in the garage, I told DH to go in the house and get his walker that we kept around after he had back surgery. I was able to barely get in the house by using it. He fixed the bed for me and gave me an ice pack and then a heating pad. I slept fitfully but was unable to roll over on the bed without assistance. After an hour I realized I could not go on like this but wasn't sure I could get out of bed, into the car and off to the hospital. DH said he'd call an ambulance but I didn't want to do that either. I was able to get to the emergency room but not too easily. They diagnosed it as strained muscles, gave me a shot of pain medication, some muscle relaxors and I was good to go. The pain medication gave me an incredible stomach ache which later caused me to vomit. Meanwhile poor DH was on a hunt to get my muscle relaxor prescription filled. It was 6pm on a Saturday night - hardly the middle of the night. He went to 2 pharmacies/chemists - both were closed for the evening. He called me at home, I looked up 24 hour chemists and gave him an address. 20 minutes later he called - they were closed. I gave him another pharmacy, he couldn't find that one. 3 was the charm and he finally hit the jackpot. Now we've been using this pharmacy group for years and years and years. All our records are in the computer (or so we thought). He calls back and said they technician said their computers are not linked together so since I had never been to this store, they had to add me as a new customer. 10 minutes later he calls back - they have me in the computer now but the prescription medication the hospital JUST assigned me is no longer made. :dizzy: The pharmacy has to call the emergency room to get a substitute. DH finally gets my medications and heads off to get a video. The only movie I really wanted to see came out 3 months ago - surely it would be in stock. No he said - the 3 copies they had were all rented out if you can believe it. Last stop was to pick up something for dinner - we had decided on fried chicken - not the best choice but quick. He calls me again. Apparently the store we always buy chicken at is closed and dark as the winter skies. At this point it's almost laughable. He did pick up salads which I suppose in the end was a much better choice anyway. Took him almost 3 hours for what should have been a 45 minute trip at best. :rolleyes: Then I'm reading the side effects from the medication and it's one of these things where you almost have to decide if the possible side effects are almost worse than the problem you're taking them for :yikes:

So here I sit (and at least I can sit a bit now, for that I'm grateful). All I can say is with 3 weeks before the move, I sure don't need this right now...

Holly, I can't think of a better time to appreciate big, fat snowflakes than while waiting the arrival of Santa. However, step away from the cheese now mam :nono:

Mel, I heard that keeping a bay leaf in the box helps keep away those wheat bugs. Ewwwwweeeee. I think it's more gross to us than harmful tho I'd rather get my protein in other ways thank you.

Linus, I LOVE the idea that you've hidden the boys pressies at the neighbors. Hahahahahahahahah. You are one crafty lady. I sure would enjoy you as my neighbor. :lol3: Why does that make me think that you were quite the teenager yourself? My sister says that it helps to outwit your kids if you've already tried to pull the same stunts with your own mum.

Shad, once again you live in the most awesome looking place on earth. That tree is gorgeous. Although I would hardly call Tennessee sub tropical temperatures. They are about 12 to 15 degrees warmer than we are up here in Chicago. But I will look forward to longer lasting and new and different plant types for the gardens. I must say, I'd be blowing steam out of my ears at the antics of little brother. Give him a good twist of the ear or does hem have one of those endearing Hugh Grant type "so sorry, didn't mean to give you a fright now" charming smiles that allows him to get away with more than he should? Ah, seeing as how he's the younger brother, I'd still give him a cuff on the head :rollpin: ;)

Guess I'd best go and get those Christmas cards taken care of.

12-12-2004, 05:53 AM
Happy, I am so sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations. This is not what you need! I trust you are finished with the course now - or do you have to go back this week to finish or whatever. Not that one is ever finished with SAP, always something to learn.
Such a good DH doing all that running around and not finding the the right place. What a muck up by the hospital. Ye gads - what do they do there. Not keep up with the current drug situation obviously. Don't they have a pharmacy in the hospital itself?

Holly, sounds perfectly good to me, going to see the fat man and the snow starts falling. Your jolly fat man is probably more comfortable than the jolly fat men we have here, sweltering in the heat.

Thanks for all the tea and sympathy over the DB. If I get through the next few weeks with my temper intact, it won't be because of the co-operation I am getting I can tell you. Still, what must be done, must be done. Grrrr

Had a bit of all seasons today, started off cool and foggy and moved into sunny and hot and then a storm went through so it was pouring down and then we got hot and humid. It cleared to a brilliant sunset but it is still sticky although not as bad as yesterday.

Iíve cleaned, swept, dusted, washed, wiped and polished. Itís been fairly busy and productive. Iíve even finished the bottom of the wardrobe in the DS room. You have no idea what has been lost in there for years! I still have to check the stuff at the top, but all the clothes are now in the laundry waiting to be washed. Itís slowly getting to a semi organised state. The DSís can decide what to do with the pictures, drawing boards, dive gear, old shoes and games and TAKE them away.

Rung the DB just now as it seems that he has no intention of letting me know how he is feeling or what he is doing, so I prise the information out of him bit by bit. Talk about pulling teeth!!!!! Still it is all part of it I suppose, the secrecy, the embarrassment, the denial. Patience Shad, patience. Grrrrrrrrr.

Sunday the cat has decided that the coolest place in the house is stretched out in front of the door. So every time I want to go out, I have to step over her.
Some photos attached.
As you can see, she did sit up, but it was only to change ends, so to speak and she is now stretched out again.

I think I might just go off to have a shower soon, and then mooch around watching something which I know nothing about. TV is pretty useless these days. Not at all sure why I bother with it at all. 30 something channels full of stuff I rarely watch.

Acchhhhhh I am sounding grumpy, time to go.

suzi in auz
12-12-2004, 08:07 AM
Pooh, I had this huge thing written and it's vanished. never mind. it's time for bed. I have been reading about all your days...lovely.
Mine was gross but tomorrow is nearly here.
hello to all and goodnight! :)

12-12-2004, 11:27 AM
Happy~ I have a lot of back problems too and sciatica. I take 2 aleve before bed every night when stressed out or over doing it(dr recommended it) and the problems are "tolerable" now. When they get stronger. I take one with every meal. I wonder if you need an anti-inflammatory on a more regular basis? Just nosy Mel butting in. I am sorry to hear the comedy or errors of the night for you and the DH!! Thank God he's got a cel phone! :rofl:
Hope you will be feeling much better soon. Meditate! :dance:

Holly~ Glad the day was so great and how wonderful of Mother Nature to cooperate with the parade!!! LOL

Suzi~ Forget that day and get on to the next with a smile and a song!!! LOL

Shad~ If all else fails with the DB we have very large hammers and mallets in the maintenance room that I am sure John would lend you as you are my friend! :rofl: Have a great day at work!!
Hope you got some down time for Joy on Sunday too!! Sunday is of course adorable as ever! How sweet of her to get up and pose for us!

I am tired. Cannot think of much more to say. This week we MUST finish the senior's ornaments! I will delegate some glue and gems to the office staff for pasting. I am NOT doing this all alone!

delivered clara's cards in the bldg. forgot she cannot see the apt #'s! :faint: We have some more to write out next week as well. does it never end?!?!:rofl: Today will be my down time for Mel day. Cooked and sorted and cleaned all day yesterday till 10pm but you would never know it by the looks of the place!!:yikes:
Hope your week will be filled with good health, peace of mind and Holiday Spirit!!!!(((((((((((HUGS))))))))) for everyone! We may well need them by weeks end! I also think we better take up a collection for Shad just in case she ends up committing acts of violence and we need to get her out of the Old Bailey!!!

12-12-2004, 12:14 PM
hey does auz have an old bailey????? happy dont i just know how you feel hurray for STRONG painkillers and anti-inflamitories also being a contortionist really does help a tip from the best damn physio i ever had {shes retired} do not sit you put thousands of pounds of pressure on your spine man was not made to sit back later the films starting

12-12-2004, 02:44 PM

Good gravy! I go away to visit the inlaws for a few days and you all have posted pages and pages. Big HELLO to Holly and Suzi :wave: Glad you have joined the gang, good vibes to you both.

Congratulations Shad, you are the strong one :strong: You are the person other people turn to to help them through, it is a beautiful character trait, smile :D Feel your power and focus on what you can do and delegate the rest. Your brother's issues are very disturbing, I hope he snaps out of his downward spiral and sees how better his life could be if he could let go of the gambling habit. ps. install a punching bag to the rafters in your garage, get that frustration and anger out of your body, pilates is only good for stretching, you need to exert your internal force and beat the daylights out of an inanimate object :smug: or rent Shirley Valentine, always makes me feel good about looking after me and being a woman :cool:

Happy-you need to get rid of this stress that is surrounding you, before you are in hospital long term. You know that is why your back went. I recommend a nightly warm bubble bath, candles and deep breathes. This house situation, I am so sorry those people messed you up. Perhaps a better home is in your future, fingers crossed :)

Mel-don't you feel wonderful? All these people you are assisting in getting into the hoho mood? Writing cards, making crafts, it all sounds such a beautiful gift of love. You really know what Christmas is about. I wish you lots of hugs for your kindness. These people would be lost without your presence in their lives. I have been watching "The Apprentice" show on tv and Mr. Trump has said many times that this show is a love letter to New York, I have see so much of the city since this show came on the air and it deserves its reputation for being one of the best places on Earth to be. The terrorists will never dampen the spirit of New Yorkers or the desire for freedom. "Christmas is the shining festival of the unselfish. It is the homecoming of the spirit...the glorification of all that is good"*unknown

Tig-sandy, wet footed, sleek marathon contender you, well done! I would have sat down the minute my foot got soggy, I can't imagine how disconcerting that must have been for you trying to put distance behind you while feeling that slosh in your runners. You are a marvel!

Linus-I'm not sure what it is about your posts, maybe you speak to the blood of my Scotish ancestors or something but you always make me grin. Even when it is such dire news like Craig not eating (I hope he is drinking, might need some of that pedialite or your equivalent of the stuff that replaces the electrolites in the system stuff so he doesn't start feeling lightheaded on top of the yucky other)

Rose-good luck with the shopping, it is mad out there this month, scares me witless. I just want to decorate and make bows, why can't Christmas just be about ornamentation :rofl: The truck trespassers... sounds like a "No Trespassing" sign should be hammered onto a post, on both sides of the road so there will be no more grey area on that subject.

Teel-how are you feeling? Are you getting back to good? Have they got your medication working for you? Are you healing? What are you up to?

Suzi-good to hear your Christmas spirit has been jump started by the arrival of your appliances and that the bad energy didn't make you subject your body to bad food choices abuse (I am a serious abuser) Glad you have chosen to join us here, it is a great place to be :)

Holly-I'm from BC, so we are the Canadian voices here :) Hope you are full of energy to face the snow in your part of the country. There is only frosty ground in the morning here. Remember to moisterize, this dry air is murder on the hands, wear your gloves when you are outside. I dug my mittens out of storage. Congratulations on your weight lose, I am in a holding pattern until after Christmas I think, I am trying to balance the calorie load but my hand is quicker than my brain :lol:

Here is one of my Antonio Banderas wallpapers :) and a little poem by Longfellow.

Peace, peace on Earth;
for men shall love each other.
Hosts shall go forth to bless and not destroy.
For man shall see in man a brother,
And peace on earth fulfill the angel's joy.

12-12-2004, 02:59 PM
Ah Meadow, I love the idea of a punching bag! Back when I was working out with a personal trainer, we did a few sets of boxing. I had no idea the strength it takes to go a few rounds with the kicks and punches. I can just see Shad knocking the bag down off the rafters :lol:

Today I am teaching DH how to do laundry. It's funny. And I do admire his trooper spirit.

Oh and Shad, we went to lunch yesterday and I decided to try the pumpkin soup after hearing you talk about it. It was soooooo very delicious. It's a shame we can only get fresh pumpkins around Halloween - I will have to remember for next year. I searched a few recipes on the internet and found you can substitute other types of squash like butternut. I think that will be on the menu this week...

suzi in auz
12-12-2004, 05:08 PM
Good morning ladies...amazing what a good sleep can do..
The day is starting better...weigh and measure today and just maintaining and for this time of year is a good thing. I leapt out of bed this morning and thought new day.
The house will be twinkling inside and out soon.
Now...Hello everyone.
I am loving reading your ramblings. wishing you all an extra dose of patience and Christmas hugs today. This time of year can be so stressful
Happy...I hope your back is better soon. Have you got a good massage therapist close? Perhaps this might help. I think it's worse when it's muscular. I did this when I used to run and there were honestly times when I couldn't move! I so empithize with you.
Meadow thanks for the's such a nice place to come and be. I'm sure it will be a common visit. I am enjoying "getting to know you all"
The punching bag sounds such a great idea! I used to do Tai bo at the gym and it really felt good afterwards, plus excellent work out. You really don't realise how many muscles you are using ...until the next day.
Holly i loved your day. It sounded so nice. How wonderfully festive with all the snow!
Oh i love Christmas. Santas's knee, yes we have to do the photo...but it's scary. I am scared of all the traffic. a 6o yr old man was killed yesterday because of road rage! ug!
Kirsty, I hope your DS is feeling better, EAT young man! And stay away from the tree!!
Shad. YOur DB is so lucky to have you. Lovely that you care this much. The phone is a hard thing to pick up when you are feeling depressed. I hope you find an excellent Dr who can help you. *hugs* still as you start your week.
Mel What's on te agenda for today? I love hearing your stories, you always seem in the midst of everything .

Well today I have plumbers to get, walks to do, bits and pieces to get for stockings, letters to send , teachers pressies to purchase, house to clean, shopping to be done, Hampers to fill,oh boy what a list! I better write it down on paper or this dizzy blonde will forget it.
Have great days, nights and afternoons! Suzi

12-12-2004, 06:49 PM
evening all and what a wonderfull day it has been :) :wave: :bravo: :gift: :dancer: :grouphug: me and my family or should i say my family and i have had one of those rare peaceful ,funny delightful ,warm ,loving sundays that make all the crap ones worth while :goodvibes :goodvibes :cloud9: craig is eating {and keeping it down}and i swear theres a wee bit pink in his cheeks mind you that could be because the central heating has been on all day :rofl: :rofl: or it could be that hes sick of his mother force feeding him and mollycoddeling him and decieded that its either get better or kill his doting parent :rofl: :rofl: :crazy: :crazy: dh has had a god awfull hangover all day so has stayed in his room most of the day and just come out occasionally for a hug and to see what all the hilarity was
conner and i have sat all day and watched films, cracked jokes ,ate lots of stuff that isnt good for you palyed with the dogs just about wet ourselves with laughter that we just couldnt explain to anyone else you know the sort you start laughing at something that leads to you laughing about something that leads to you being unable to stop laughing at all :rofl: :rofl: :crazy:
SHAD somehow i dont think you got to the stage of your life your at by letting things getting you down and staying down youll find the answer it may not be what you where expecting it to be but youll find it :crossed: :wizard: and if you dont come and live with me for a week and youll soon find out your life is normal sedate and managable but boy will you enjoy that week :high:
MEL do you have any time for yourself??? /i do a lot for my neighbours when im able but when im not they do for me i hope theres someone there looking out for you if not when shad comes you come too and well have a ball edinburgh wont know whats hit them
HAPPY hows the pain ?? remember the secret is to let dh think hes doing it right even if hes not that way even if your in agony they think they are doing there bit to help just watch what hes doing as when i first took ill dh washed my new jacket for me which i add was nice of him the only problem was it was a suede jacket :censored: :censored: for dry cleaning only he never did ask what happened to it and i told him i gave it away when i lost weight so as not too hurt his feelings
ROSE get someone to print you a large notice that says "MERCENARY WEEKEND RETREAT NO ADMITTANCE OR THOURAGHFARE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BECOME TARGET PRACTICE"" hopefully that will put them off or at least have them laughing untill they miss the opening
TEEL are you still lost under all that wrapping paper well send out the search party if you dont come soon :callme: :callme:
SUZI good luck with the workmen and while your in this state of limbo sod the plan you can catch up later why be thin and miserable if your done making your house shine you can come and do mine :cheer: :cheer:
MEADOW its not your inner scotsman i appeal to its your inner child i never grew up being an adult is boring your supposed to know better and wheres the fun in that :rofl: and i think mels missed the daily antonio
hollyhock they stopped letting me sit on santas knee years ago im hoping now iv lost three stone theyll let me try again ill let you know
:love: :eek:
right ladies im going now before my inner idiot gets to you all and ill speak to you tomorrow

12-12-2004, 06:50 PM
Yesterday's 5K was a good run - my fastest time yet. The run was on the road, not on the beach. :dance: I came in second in my age group. (If I tell you there were only two of us in my age group could that be our little secret?) ;)

We had a marvelous day today. Sunday school, church in the morning. This afternoon we went to a blue grass concert at a park, walked down to the water and watched manatees - we counted at least 8 - then went for a walk through a nature sanctuary. I thought about linus when we saw a sign on the trail that said No Jogging. :rofl:

shad ~ I keep thinking that the only reason DB called you was to play the Poor Pitiful Me.

Mel ~ I have my treadmill in the living room and just pretend it's another piece of furniture. You know you could drape the wheelchairs tastefully with garland and pretend they are trees. More places for Santa to put those gifts! :gift:

Suzi ~ were the appliances ever delivered? :snail:

happy ~ back spasms on top of everything else - OUCH! Dearest Hubster does the laundry at our house and does a fine job of it. He draws the line at folding, though, ever since I told him he was folding the towels wrong when we were first married. (DUMB Tig!! :rollpin: )

Holly ~ hurray for hockey! We loved watching our boys when they were younger and we lived in northern Minnesota.

linus ~ I do hope Craig is finally on the road to recovery. You definitely deserve a NORMAL Christmas at your house this year!!

nae ~ remember the old saying that a really good friend will help you bury the body? I think it will take ALL of us if you take out a truck! :lol3:

12-12-2004, 07:54 PM
had to pop in and share an e-mail that my chum just sent me
"some days your the dog some days your the hydrant" think that applys to all of us just now
sleep well chickies im off to watch harry potter

suzi in auz
12-12-2004, 07:56 PM
I have good news :lol: ...oh good news.. :lol: ."I feel good!!!" my little scratched door is going to be remedied from the lovely lady on recpetion at Kleenmaid. :cp: She is going to get a replacement door because of my inconvenience...oh yaaay joy joy! Some people do know about service, so when the door comes, I'm sending flowers to her!
:flow1: you are inspiring. I wish I could run again. My dear back says no. I might try working up towards it though. Right I really must grab the rest of my day.
Kirsty..I am so glad to hear that DS is feeling better. Your day sounds devine. I love it when Sundays are as they should be! ;)

Oh I just had the funniest thing happen. My phtographer called and my photos are ready. I called him back and he said that he would deliver them for me at 10am, he called me Shona though, which I thought was strangee...well he didn't come. I just called him back and he took other photos to another person...LOL. Not mind thankfully
so it appears to one of those weeks...still i am smiling and will see my photos at 4 :)
Off to continue that list!

12-13-2004, 05:34 AM
Forgetful Monday:
Hello, from someone who would be forgetting what day of the week it is if anyone would let her!
I got my breakfast and lunch ready for today last night, put it in a plastic bag along with a fork and spoon and rushed out this morning minus the food.
Then I got to the gym and did the weight bit and rushed into the shower only to find I had left the shampoo out in the car. And worse, I had left my work shoes at home.
Fortunately I had some walking shoes in the car, which although old and a bit grotty at least looked (and probably smelt) better than the workout shoes. They went with the outfit as well, at least they were navy blue as compared to the bright blue and pink sneakers!!!
I forgot about the meeting I had set up this morning and the blokes had to come get me. Talk about thick. Wonder where I left the brain.

The news from the bro is encouraging. He has signed up for some temp work five days a week until some other thing he has his eye on comes up in January. And he has decided to go to a Gambling Anonymous meeting on Sunday night. I said I would go with him for the first night at least. I still have to talk him into going to the Doctor but at least it sounds brighter for the time being. Now there's a bit of relief.

Work went well again. My immediate boss has decided I am brilliant. Can't think why as I have done nothing out of the unusual. But I have a problem with SAP - my system is not showing the same version as at least one of the other blokes. I go to QA his doco and we can't even get the same screens. Something is fishy somewhere. We have tried to figure it out, but it seems we are both set up the same, but we just don't get to see the same things. Weird, weird, weird. See what you have to look forward to Happy???? :crazy: :kickcan:

Another big thunderstorm today - unfortunately I had sheets on the line and they got nicely wet again. I guess they will be well rinsed hey? :chin: Still wading through all the clothes in the DS's wardrobe - just done half a dozen shirts and hung them out, the shorts and jackets are in now. I reckon another 4 loads and I should be done! :rofl: :rofl: :lol3: :lol3: What a stupid thing to say Shad, you are never through with the washing.

Linus - no we don't have an Old Bailey. Nothing so grand. We have the law courts - each shire seems to have its own - although I can't remember where Logans are. I think we have to go down to Beenleigh for the nearest. And of course the land courts, the high courts, the court of appeal, the family court et al. Great to hear that Craig is at last holding on to things and it is so good to hear that you and Connor have had such a good mum/son day. They are few and far between. Treasure them. Oh dear, DH has been playing up again has he???

Meadow, the punch bag sounds a good idea. I could use one from time to time. However if I hung one from the rafters in this place, one good punch and the ceiling or rafter would probably come down. Apart from the bathroom walls, I have little faith in the strength in my house or car port. I meant to say to Holly that you were Canadian, however if the Canadians are much like the Aussies, that would be like standing in the Northern Territories and saying that Sydneysiders are Australian. Could be cause for a lynching party since the NT natives tend to think that anyone who lives in a big city comes from outer space, has inner space between the ears, and is a drag on the hardworking, free spending, hard living man of the land!!! (verbatim description from a bloke who came from 1200Km south of Katherine in the NT. I might add it took 1/2hour for him to say that. They speak kinda slow and deliberate out west!

Happy, so glad that you liked the pumpkin soup. I must admit it is one of my favourites. Since we call butternut a pumpkin here, it is still pumpkin soup. We have pumpkins all year round. It has to be one of my favourite veges. I'm not sure whether the Brits amoung us would agree. I like roast pumpkin, boiled pumpkin, mashed pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin salad, pumpkin and sage risotto, pumpkin and most things really - except I'm not that fond of pumpkin pie. Hope you are feeling better than you were.

Suzi - glad that the appliances came and that you got a replacement for the scratch. Sometimes you just have to ask and you get others they think they are doing you a favour by just answering the phone. Bah humbug. Australians (& NZers too often) do not know much about service. It is not something that comes naturally to us. We are getting better but not quickly.

Tig - you are doing so well. I think you are wonderful to enter so many of these runs. Do you run them all or do you sneak in a fast walk once in a while - you can tell me, I wont tell anyone. Glad to hear that your weekend is a good one. Who knows with DB, sure he hasn't had a good time over the past 5 or so years, but some people can rise above it and some let it get them. Both my brothers are of the second variety. Much as I love them, the inner strength in the family came in spade loads to my Sister and myself as it is in many more women than men although sometimes it takes years and tough times to bring the strength to the surface.

Mel my American fellow smeller of the roses and sister act, I hope you are getting enough rest and renewal. You give so much, and sometimes the tank simply becomes dry and one has to stop. Please do not let it get to that stage. If the rosacia is beginning to erupt, stop, smell the roses, get the rest, have a laugh with some dvds or videos. Just rest - there is always tomorrow.

Okay, I had better get off here, there is a travel program coming on the telly and I best not watch it or the itchy feet might start.

Have a good night all.

suzi in auz
12-13-2004, 08:14 AM
It must be one of those weeks. :?: I read your post Shad and giggled! :D Not at you of course, but are you sure we are not related??? It so sounds like me and my days at the moment. :lol:
How resourceful of you to have two pairs of shoes on hand. :bravo: If it had been me I would have been stumped!. That's so good that DB is wanting to help himself, It's a huge step for him and it will be so nice for you to go with him.
We had a thunderstorm here hailed big time. I always freak when I see those hail stones, they are huge.
I had another moment after the hail house went very dark. The Circuit breaker went and kept going over and over again. I asked my naighbour ( who happens to be a sparky) to come and look and he thought there must be water somewhere. Yes DS son he saw watr pouring out of the light outside, so we checked the gutters and they were full of muck! The down pour had no where to go. We cleared it and I will have to get up there this weekend and really clear it out.
...phew....LOL so house is alight, esp the coputer room as it's attched to the circuit we had to turn off until it dries, so i am desperately trying to ype here in the dark and not doing too well.
I better go to bed and try this in the morning.
well i did feel as though I had made a dent into the list as long as my arm today....and the photos from the photgrapher look FAB!!! They are framed and I have a CD to run off some smaller cool.

Toodles for now ladies , can't see

12-13-2004, 09:35 AM
WEll the weekend was was like springtime outside ...way too warm and sunny. But I will take it for now. I had a good weekend not as productive on my list as Suzi, But I made myself go be a wee bit more social on the weekend instead of holding up all weekend. So yesterday I went down and watched some the mites play hockey with my morning coffee, then I had a breadfast invite on my recorder when I got home. So I had breakfast with Denise and her hubby. I watched her stamp and make my chrissy pressie while I knitted and we gabbed. Then I took Teeka to a new groomer for her cut. It is Teeka's 10th bday on Thursday. While she was being trimmed I met my former running partner and we hiked up part of a mountain. On the way down she suggested we go cross country and when we got on the hillside the grass was taller than the two of us. Geez, shad there is hope for me yet with this eating right and exercisering :dizzy: .
It is so nice to have such a chatty group here I enjoy coming in and catching up with everyone!
Hope you are all well today and enjoying some holiday Cheer!
See Ya,

12-13-2004, 11:12 AM
What a prolific bunch. I popped in last night but was too tired to type.
Meadow~ I have dear friends and cousins in Vacouver,Chiliwack, Coquitlam and Abbotsford. I was out there in 95. Just before I met DH. Thank you for your comment a few weeks ago. It was a lightbulb for me!
Happy~ every time I write your name I sing the song "Happy" by the Rolling Stones in my head.Hope your back is feeling better and DH didn't turn the whole wash pink!
Linus~ glad Craig is eating and that you had such a good aft with Conner!
Tig~ I was not a hockey type person till about 2 months ago. it is very excitng to watch these 6 year olds play! Who knew. DH and I had terrible fights over how much hockey he watched on tv, LOL.
Suzi~fantastic about the new door and getting through the list!!
Shad~very nice thta DB has made some effort to deal wiht things. It is astep in the right direction. Nice for you to be appreciated at work!!!
Nae~what a lovely day.

Yesterday was delightful except for wet slushy snow that made the roads treacherous.ARG! The Sunday School party and skating was great.DH did a bunch of housework and tiling!!!!
Just made some cornflake wreaths with the kids.Busy day with 6 here.
They want to go out and make snow angels.6 snow suits to put on. ACK.
Better start zipping them in!

12-13-2004, 07:27 PM
my goodness chickies we where nearly over the page cant have that :nono: :nono: now where to start well great news the docs have finally found out whats wrong with craig and it looks like he had salmonella food poisoning :eek: but because hes not infectious he can go back to school tomorrow craig was acting like he had been let out of jail i asked him if i was that bad he said "i will decline to answer on grounds that it might incriminate me"cheeky bugger well seen hes feeling better :angel: :love: :censored: :rofl: conner said he was glad he was going back as he is sick of being his messenger boy :callme: :gossip: well i have to stay in tomorrow just incase by some miracle i get the house but hey i wont hold my breath :crossed: right ill answer everyone tomorrow right now im just too tired
speak to you all later

12-14-2004, 02:20 AM
I had intended to make pumpkin soup this week. One snag was that I had to rely on DH to take me to the grocery store - can't risk having a back spasm just as I put my foot on the gas pedal of the car :yikes:

I don't think DH appreciated quite how organized I was. From the place he parked at we wound up going from the far end of the store with the produce being the last place we hit. I had my nice neat list of things and was tooling along quickly for his sake. We got to the produce and I was working my way to the squash he started to ask the 3 year old's national anthem of "Are We DONE yet?". Almost I said. ARE WE DONE YET. Almost. ARE WE DONE YET??????? So I didn't get over to the squash after all. I am sad. :( was really looking forward to that darn soup :( :( I just can't wait until I can drive on my own again. I really make a horrid patient and I don't tolerate being incapacitated too well. I felt good in the shower today but as soon as I stepped out, my back seized up so badly that all I could do was stand there dripping on the carpet and whimpering in pain. I couldn't even reach out to get a towel to dry myself off. I've had some back issues before but never this bad. I'm doing better this evening - upped my dosage of pain and muscle relaxors and I tried to stretch and move about along with periods of laying while using ice packs and heating pads. DH said this won't go away in 2 days and I'm starting to believe him much as I don't want to. A friend sent me a little prayer in an email tonight and the words were inspirational. Sometimes you do get exactly what you need right when you need it. :angel:

Good to hear Linus that Craig is FINALLY on the mend. I had hear samonella was nasty but never realized it took that long to get over. Probably a good lesson to the rest of us at this festive time to be careful with the foodies. Am crossing fingers and toes that your house comes through for you. :crossed:

Holly, I had never thought much about the Rolling Stones "Happy" but now that you've mentioned it, I can't get it out of my head all night. :lol: I am in awe of any woman who can get 6 small children into snowsuits. Brings back a huge smile to my face remembering how mum bundled us up to go out in the snow. Heaven help us if we fell down as we surely couldn't get back up again. And it was a sauna in that snowsuit too! Thanks for bringing back a very funny memory! Years later she was yelling out the door to us as we went out in our navy pea coats and mini skirts "you'll be getting arthritis soon going out half naked like that". And we laughed because we thought she was crazy. Now we have arthrititis and I just have to wonder.... :dizzy:

Happy birthday Teeka and I'll send some flashlights over to you Suzi.

Shad, I think you have too much on the brain lately. This isn't the first time you've run off without your shoes and food. Sometimes I leave a post-it note on the door at eye level as I'm walking out so that I don't forget the important things! :lol:

It's a frosty clear but very cold night out. I think I'll put on a parka and take a peek out - it's the Perseids meteor shower peaking tonight. Perfect for sky watching as long as we don't have any humidty clouds that sometime obsure my observing. Neither of us have done much astronomy this year - it's just too darn cold - but a quick peek before I crawl into bed with my nice warm heating pad. G'night ladies...

suzi in auz
12-14-2004, 06:07 AM
Hi ladies, What a nice place to visit at the end of the night :D . u are a busy bunch and with all the Christmassy stuff too ...wonder women! :grouphug:
No dramas today, except for a migraine with forced me to make a quick exit from the shops where I couldn't think, and go to bed for a few hours. i haven't felt like that for a while! I wonder what triggered it? :stars:
Great news DH is back in an hour and I can't wait to see him. it's been a strange time with him being away. I still have to get through the weekend but then we have a whole 4 weeks together and I can't wait! :cheers:

Linus; it's so good that you know what's wrong with Craig now. i giggled at his comment. He will be feeling like a caged lion. They like the attention and wonot for a little while but you sure know when they are getting better. Good thoughts to you about the house puchase. How exciting.!! :cheer:
Happy, I have this really nice recipe for pumpkin soup that i make with roasted butternut squash, it has bacon in it too and it's so yummy. It would be perfect for winter nights and I think quite diet friendly! :hungry:
I hope all of you had amazing ...I better have a quick overview of the house the little nap put me behind.

toodles :wave:

12-14-2004, 06:15 AM
Howdy all,
Linus so pleased to hear that Craig is finally, finally on the mend and is going back to school. You must be so thankful (not to mention worn out).

Suzi, I hope you have come out of the dark and into the light now. I have some solar lights that will at least allow you to see down the hall or the garden path - whatever you need leading up.........

Hey there Nae, you will be getting into the swing of exercise if you are not careful. Happy birthday to Teeka. Such a precious little creature. Have you shot any trespassers yet?

Happy, will you be still and rest. Pumpkins will wait a few days or so. You don't have to do it all at once you know. Be careful how you go watching those stars. You can't just dump down on the damp cold ground, you will be doing yourself a big disfavour. You can't go stretching your neck out and back either. I know, I know, I'll send over the hammock. You can rock yourself while dreaming about the stars.

Mel is obviously having a mini break - a Meliday. No wonder it is quiet around here!!! Just kidding Mel.

We have had a real heatwave today. It was 27.5 degrees this morning when I left home at 5.00am to go to the gym. It managed 37.5 and climbing at lunch time and is still into the 30's at 8.00pm. The washing on the line has been baked dry. It crackled as I went to fold it up.

Haven't rung DB tonight, I don't know whether he is starting work tonight or tomorrow night. I'll give him a ring during the day and catch up on the doings. Now elder DB has not rung me back about things I asked him to check for me. It seems that some others may get to hear me roar soon. Is it impossible for a male to do as he is asked and get back with the appropriate info? I wouldn't even mind if he got back to say he hasn't got the info I wanted. At least then I would know he hasn't forgotten. Pssssshaw.

I've been planting out some petunias in the big pots with the standard roses in. Should look good when they all grow - if they all grow. They are red white and blue petunias - no Mel not all on the same flower. After all the rain we had last week, I still had to water the poor old pots today. And I see the bugs are out in full force again. Bah - still, patience, this bit only lasts a couple of months.

All my blokes are going on holiday at the end of the week until after Christmas. There will be just me in the office. And I am having the 21st off because Chris is coming down from Japan to go to NZ for Christmas with the family. (She will meet up with her new grandchild for the first time) Anyway we will spend most of the day together and do some shopping or go someplace nice and enjoy ourselves. I was only going to take half a day, but have decided on the full day. It will make a nice change anyway, although if the heat continues we will be in the shopping centres keeping cool.

I think that's about it for today. I best go and try to work out what we might have for Chrissy dinner. Better go work out how many will be here as well I suppose. See you all tomorrow.

12-14-2004, 08:50 AM
I cant catch up with you lot lately!
I have finally come up for air after posting over a dozen cards and three large parcels earlier this morning so now I feel I can take a break and maybe put up the Christmas tree although really this year I seem to have lost all the enthusiasm for anything Christmassy. I still don't know where I will be on Christmas day as I haven't yet been invited anywhere for the day.
Holly and I are off to the vets later today for her annual vaccinations...and no! I haven't told her yet!!
Happy I do hope and pray that your back pain has diminished down to a mere dull ache by now. As I think Shad said, that is something you do not need right at tis moment, what with moving and Christmastide and all the rushing about that goes with this time of year.
Linus I am relieved to hear of Craig's recovery from salmonella. Phew what a relief it was not something even more sinister to have to deal with.I am sorry this is again a short post. Hellos to everyone mad enough (or is that game enough?) to be on our thread! Hopefully now some of the rush has passed I will get back to my normal self and write lots more!!
Ta ta for now!

12-14-2004, 09:55 AM
Where is our Mel?????
Linus are you waiting to hear on a house in a different district or the new ones you told us about before? So glad the lads are feeling two boys will be here this weekend to play some hockey.... so I am looking forward to it.
You girls are busy on here...Teel so nice to see you here and you sound better too! Have you been able to play your violin lately? Anything scheduled for the near future?
Shad so glad you are taking a day off with a friend... I had made like that for this weekend and then found out my two sons are going to be here for the weekend.
Hope everyone is fine and enjoying the day.
Merry Christmas all,

12-14-2004, 02:33 PM
Wet day here in the rainforest :spin: :rain: Could be the white stuff and I would have to shovel it, don't want all snow can stay over the mountains and over there where Holly lives :p I like the smell of rain, it is a warm fragrant sweet smell now in the winter days. Very different than on the summer rain days. I made ginger chicken and rice last night for dinner, kicked it up with some cayenne pepper. Did you know ginger is supposed to be good for your immune system and for joint pain? Dr. Weil newsletter told me so. Tumeric is supposed to be a very good spice for that too. Did you know you can get capsules to take with them in it? Spice pills. That would make me a Spice Girl, now what would my name be... Fluffy spice, squishy spice, free to be me spice? I have not much to say today, can you tell? No exercise, not good on the water, portions bigger than sustaining needs. My highly effective storage unit is busy packing its larder.

Shad-whatever are you going to do at work without the guys? If they aren't around for distraction you will be forced to keep your head down and work, work, work :lol: Your garden plans sound great, petunias are such happy flowers. I want a yellow and white garden someday. Lots of little daisies.

Happy- Big hug for your pain. It sounds not nice at all. Stay warm and relaxed as possible.

Suzi-Gosh, do you think it was the lack of oxygen in the mall that gave you a migraine? They are terrible. Enjoy seeing your dear husband :) Hope your head feels better by then or he might feel offended.

Linus-YEAH! you have your son on the road to recovery and out of the house for a few hours. What did you do first? Have a cup of tea and a cookie on me.

Teel-good to see you here. I'm sorry you aren't feeling Christmassy. My favorite part is the decorating. My daughter even started making paper ornaments for our tree that we don't have yet. She is gearing up too.

Holly-how sticky did you get making the wreaths? Do you have to put on a snowsuit too? Do the kids want hot chocolate when they come in? Don't forget the marshmallows :) Send your man my way, I have some tiling that needs doing and as he has had experience :p

Rose-you social butterfly! I would be down for the count with all that networking you are doing. One phone conversation and I need to hole up to recharge. Happy birthday to your little Teeka! Will she get a new chewie bone for the day?

Tig-wow, watching manatees. I think they are the most interesting looking animals. I have only ever seen them on tv. When I was in Florida they were all hiding, I guess the word went out in the waterways that I was around and intending to bother them :dizzy: I was even on a boat in the St. John (not sure if that is the name) where all the manatees supposedly are and was told not to drive too fast as they might be injured. Watch out for Manatees!

Mel-hope you are feeling content and smiling somewhere :)

12-14-2004, 03:12 PM
Meadow~ Antonio is adorable but he ain't no Brad Pitt!!!!! LOL !!!!!
I had just started dating DH when Interview with a Vampire came out.Lets just say it was better than porn.Antonio,Brad,Tom all with long hair !!!! Yowza!!!!! Every so often DH rents it!!! Hmmmmmm
Yes I got sticky and so did most of the kitchen.No hot chocolate.My dh had been tiling for over a year, ack.You dont have enough time to wait for him!

The dance recital last night was beyond adorable. it was DD's first time ever on a stage. She was so confident and CUTE!
DS made his whole lunch by himself this morning. He was soo proud. The kitchen on the other hand was very sad.
I just finished washing the floor.
I shovelled for a hour 15 min this morning. Whew , it is a great workout.Only 3 kids to bundle up today.
Life is feeling pretty good right now!!!!!
Christmas concert at the school tonight.DD is an angel(of course) and DS is an elf ( of course).Total type casting!!!

Hellooooooo and hugs to everyone. Have a merry day!!!!!!!

12-14-2004, 03:48 PM
right i have given up trying to work out what the time differences are but i was very pleased to see holly on at the same time as me :wave: craig survived the day and seemed really glad to be there and not here :rofl: conner was glad that he was in school to take his own messages :crazy:
HOLLY what ages are your wee ones??? and how many ?please tell me you havent got 6 or was that just the snowsuits ?? my kids where never in the nativity plays craig would never sit still enough or do as he was told and conner just couldnt hear them to follow orders :yikes: they must have took after there mother i was nearly expelled for kissing the inn keeper when i should have been on the stage :yikes: :censored: :nono: :love:
TEEL where the packages as expensive to post as you thought they where going to be??? im going to phone to find out how holly is after her shots
SHAD at the moment the only things left standing in the gardens here are very large trees we have gales and torrential rain so everythinghas been laid out flat and i hope you have a lovely day with your freind when she gets there gives you something to look forward too
MEADOW personally i prefer jon bon jovi but if its a choice between brad pitt and antonio ill have antonio i lke them dark and broody and the first thing i did when craig left this morning was phone the school and told them to look after my son and to send him home if he ran out of puff :callme: and then i had a coffee and a mars bar :rofl: :coffee2:
ROSE this is a different house well actually ive put in for three which will come up in the next four weeks {one at a time}so hopefully ill get at least one of them :goodvibes :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: ill let you know if i hear anything and enjoy the weekend with the boys{men}
MEL you do realise if you stay away much longer its gonna take you weeks to catch up hope everythings allright and your just kicking back speak soon
TIG where are you off running to next we have to buy you a digital camera so you can take lots of photos for us manatees im so jealous id love to see all the wildlife that all of you must take for granted {not the scary reptiles}
SUZI well not expect you for a few days enjoy your dh i hate being away from mine weve been married nearly 16 years and apart from the two seperate weeks i was in hospital having the boys and one weekend i was away at my mothers and the fortnight i was in hospital for my spinal weve never been apart long and when we are i hate it its as if apart of me is missing so enjoy having him there :love: :love:
right ladies im going to go and harass my kids because they are so peacefull at the moment and we cant have that at all

12-14-2004, 04:11 PM
Linus~you are still lit so I think you are here??! I had to go change a diaper.
I have 2 kids, DD age 4 and DS age 6. I babysit 5 others ages 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2,and 4.
My DD and the 4 year old are in school every other day for a full day.DS is in grade one.Every day another 6 year old gets off the bus here. So, from 3:35 -4:15 I have 8 kids here. All hungry and thirsty. It is nutty.
I usually love it. Some days I could scream. Well, I do scream.I get over it fast.
Never a dull moment!

12-14-2004, 05:10 PM
Why do I have such crappy peepers! Went to the eye dr yesterday and got home very late and blurry eyed. today is not much better but maybe I caught it in time. I just wonít comment for a few days till the meds take effect. Back to the old drops! They donít hurt like the last time though Thank God! Hope you are all well and keep smiling!
Maybe Jen can read to me tomorrow! Went food shopping and had a terrible time. Then the bus broke down. Then my Cair broke down. After much screaming and yelling through tears the boss came to my house and found a plug undone that should have been checked before they returned this chair to me a few weeks ago! The new chair is awaiting a part, then will come home and in February the manufacturer will replace the entire motor unit with the newest model coming out for 2005. so we all made a deal to this agreement for the time being. If I am not satisfied then???????? So this week is a real test of my patience and itís not going well. ďtheyĒ are trying to take the HO out of my HO HO HO"S!!!!! I refuse to let them!!! Gotta go and rest. Spent all my energy for the day screaming and getting action! ROFL Adios Chicks!

Nae~ thanks for the pm....will talk to you soon!!

12-15-2004, 01:05 AM
right i have given up trying to work out what the time differences are ...kirsty

Perhaps if you're bored you can look us up here The World Time Clock for 80 chickies around the world (
Shad's in Brisbane
Linus is in Edinburgh
I'm assuming that Teel goes by the strike of Big Ben's Clock
Mel goes by New York City time
I'm in Chicago now and will continue in that same time zone even when I move south
Nae - I'm guessing we'd pick Boise for your time?
I need some help with our Canadian friends Holly and Meadow - close as I can guess it's Ottawa for Holly and Vancouver for Meadow?
And I think Suzi said she's in Sydney at the moment.
I do believe we have lost poor Ms. Mexico

I think that's it. Let me check to see if I'm missing anyone. :mag: Oops, Tig must have been out running - I thought I saw an empty seat. :o

Tig - I guess we have to go with Miami for her, even tho she's quite a run from there.

If we each put the time we posted into our note like so "at the tone the time will be 11:05pm" BEEEEEEEEpppppp. If your clock is updated correctly in your profile, my post of 11pm will actually reflect what time it is by you when it's 11:05pm by me. Hope that didn't confuse you...

12-15-2004, 01:24 AM
Mel, you go and rest those eyes of yours and stop trying to be every single one of Santa's helpers. I'm sure he appreciates you trying to be a friend to everyone, but this is no time of year to be feeling poorly. I've got the dibbies on that one anyway :lol:

12-15-2004, 03:33 AM
Darn sight easier to go to the site, click on world time. Enter your place of abode (as in Scotland and Edinburgh) and then each of the others (as in Australia and Sydney or Brisbane). Mel I know is 15 hours behind me, Teel and linus are 9 hours behind, my friend in Arizona is 17 hours behind as is Roseblush so Happy must be in the middle at 16 hours behind. Hollyhock and Mel are on the same time zone. Florida appears to have 2 time zones??? Tig why do you need 2???? One the same as Mel and the other the same as Happy. Don't know which one Tig is on. Meadow is 18 hours behind me. Suzi is 1 hour in front at the moment.

Who's left out??

No one I think.

Back later - after my steak and salad.

12-15-2004, 06:39 AM
Well that was a yummy tea even if I do say so myself.

Been a bit warm again today, although the wind came up this afternoon and blew everything inside out and blew the hot temps away I think. It's quite pleasant at the moment which is 20.05 on Tuesday 15.12.2004.

I've washed and washed and washed this week. Where are all the clothes coming from? Well, I am still clearing up the DS's stuff. One would think that they haven't left home, and now that most of it is clean, it all needs ironing. Haven't I got anything else to do???

DB is coping quite well at the moment. I ring him every day, cos I know he won't ring me. DB the elder still hasn't come through with any of his good intentions. Good thing I wasn't relying on him too much wasn't it? Bah humbug. I am now trying to encourage DB the younger to think of something to fill the void. He needs to get a hobby or interest and I still haven't persuaded him to go to the doc. I'll keep at it!!!

I must go for a walk down to the next street sometime this week to see the Christmas lights in the houses down there. We are obviously not Christmas folk in this street, can see much in the way of decoration anywhere, however the next street has lots of houses which are all lit up and sparkling. I have to admire the generosity of these people. They do it all every year and have lots of things going on. The Christmas lights competition last year voted the street as highly commended which was good for them. Some people really go to town on it. Every night the TV news has a couple of entries from the competition and they talk about the time it has taken to plan, organise and set up the lights. Some sparkle with more than 50000 lights. Holy smoke!.

Teel, you can come to my place for lunch and dinner, breakfast too if you get here in time. I have some space at my table. I think there will only be DS2, DB2 and DB's children (maybe) so we will have some to spare. I have been invited to my friends down the roads place (the one with the kangaroos in the backyard) but I have already made arrangements with the family. So maybe in the evening or something. I really am not that enthused, not because I don't like going out there, they are real foodies and one never starves going out there, but like Teel, I am feeling fairly unenthusiastic about the season. But enough of that.

Holly, I really admire you for looking after all those children. You must enjoy it our you wouldn't do it, but I would go aroun the twist with all that lot I am afraid. I had enough trouble keeping up with two.

Linus, glad to hear that Craig is off to school and getting better and better.

Mel, keep those eyes lubricated and just do nothing for a while to let them get back to normal. It's not fair that you have to put up with this as well. Get better soon. You need some talking books to keep you occupied.

Meadow, you sure do get some great pictures up on this site.

Happy, I didn't read your post properly and see that you did put a website addythere for Linus to look at. I did the same. Anyway, at least we are trying to educate Linus on the ways and times of the world.

Time to make some more fresh fruit salad for breakfasts and puddings, so I best get off here and go do it. Have a good one. Happy and Mel take it easy on the back and eyes respectively, Teel look after yourself and the hound - how did she go at the vet by the way? Oh yes and while I think about it, Sunday the cat got a Christmas card from the vet today. She wasn't overly impressed!! I think that cartoon cats surfing the waves are not her cup of tea! And for the others of us, Linus, Holly, Suzi, Meadow and Tig stay safe and well. No more Christmas mishaps please.

12-15-2004, 07:03 AM
Can a Texan join in with you all? You are hilarious. I am just an average 52 yr. old Texan, Grandmother of 3 boys and one due in June, hopefully a girl. I quit working over 2 yrs. ago to stay home and keep Dgs, and I haven't regretted a minute of it. My other boys are 9 and 14, they all are sweet as sugar. My Dhb is retired so he is home alot, which at times drives me nuts. He has a hunting lease so he goes there quite often for several days. :) We have been married for 35 yrs. :D

Have a wonderful Wed., I will bbl.

12-15-2004, 07:10 AM
Off course Texas can join in with our strange chatter from around the world. Are you up late or is my timekeeping from around the globe a bit off. Umm, you are going to get a lot of questions on this site. Here's the first of them. What are the Dgs that your keep at home? and what is bbl??? I'm dumb on acronyms.

12-15-2004, 07:31 AM
Good morning Shad, :coffee: I am up early woke up at 3 am. :yawn: and couldn't sleep so here I am. Dgs is dear Grandson and bbl is be back later. I always wake up so early, but by noon I am ready for a nap. :)

12-15-2004, 07:37 AM
Aha, a lady after my own heart. I am an early bird who loves siesta. Pity I have to work for a living. I could become a real sloth if I didn't.

Nice to meet you. However I am off to bed now (it's 9.30 my time) as I will be up at 4.00 to get ready for gym and yet another day at the job with my four 'boys' - it's supposed to be my job to keep them in order. However I'm never quite sure who is the biggest clown. We start work early and are finished mid afternoon. It suits me just fine as I am never at my best late in the afternoon without having a snooze.

Good to meet you Candlelady. We will speak again.

12-15-2004, 07:52 AM
Goodnight Shad. I am off of here now to get ready for the Grandson to arrive. :)

12-15-2004, 12:12 PM
thanks ladies now i have no exscuse for getting it wrong but of course you all know i will anyway :rofl: ive had a lovely queit day dh has been building a pc and the kids got a half day from schoo; but conner has the room all to himself as craig has gone out with his freinds for the first time in three weeks so i take it conner will be dancing with his cordless headphones on :cheer: :rofl: :rofl: i catch him as he cant hear me come in but ill leave him for now
SHAD right now im really confused your post that you timed for me {20.05pm tuesday 15/12/04}showed here at 11.39 today which is wednesday?????? help i cant work this out at all i thought we where behind you not in front!!!! :dizzy: :comp: i know youll explain it better than i can work it out dinner sounds good im having baked fish for tea with some italian flaovoured pasta and tomorrow im making chicken and pepper risotto the kids have never had it so this should be an experience they are very much in the "if i havent tasted it i wont like it school" :hun:
CANDLELADY welcome to our madhouse the girls on this site are wonderfull they have taken me under there wing and made me so welcome and usually have the best advise when i run into some kind of problem and happy even gave me the courage to stop smoking {three weeks and £185.98 saved} they are the best and dont wish too hard for a grand daughter my mum has 4 daughters and three step-daughters and when i was pregnant she begged and prayed for a grandson now she has 7 and has given up on getting a grand daughter :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: we keep telling her she prayed too hard
HAPPY hows the back ?? i was looking for the piles of bumph that i got from the hospital after i had my lamenectomy so i could scan them and e-mail them too you for some hints and tips on the pain controp and how to put your own socks on without screaming the house down {still cant do that one and as for the bra froget it}but as usual i cant find them right at this moment but if i do find them ill let you know
MEL your not supposed to be replying to pm,s your only supposed to be letting jen read them to you :nono: :nono: and craig said is that what they mean by wearing rose coloured spectacles {cheeky bugger} :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
TEEL i enjoyed our wee blether on the phone last night and enjoy your meal and i will talk to you soon
right ladies ill be back in later id better go and start making the three seperate meals for tonights tea just as well conner and dh are having pizza back later

12-15-2004, 12:18 PM
SHAD right just had a thought did you mean wednesday 15/12/04 instead of tuesday 15/12/04?????

12-15-2004, 12:33 PM
Love the world clock....I am the same as Ottawa. way cool.

12-15-2004, 01:14 PM
Way to go on the smoking Linus, I quit 4 yrs. ago this Christmas and it was the best decision I have ever made. Good luck....

12-15-2004, 02:15 PM
Welcome Candlelady :wave: a bit of Texas style banter will be a grand addition to our mix of chatters :)

Shad-Wow, there is an 18 hour difference between us, that is almost an entire day! Golly, makes you think doesn't it, one world but BIG! So you are not in a Christmas frame of mind? I'll fix you :p Snap out of it :dizzy:
Dashing through the bush,
in a rusty Holden Ute,
Kicking up the dust,
esky in the boot,
Kelpie by my side,
singing Christmas songs,
It's Summer time and I am in
my singlet, shorts and thongs

Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Christmas in Australia on a scorching summers day, Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut !,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute.

Engine's getting hot;
we dodge the kangaroos,
The swaggie climbs aboard,
he is welcome too.
All the family's there,
sitting by the pool,
Christmas Day the Aussie way,
by the barbecue.

Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Christmas in Australia on a scorching summers day, Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut!,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute.

Come the afternoon,
Grandpa has a doze,
The kids and Uncle Bruce,
are swimming in their clothes.
The time comes 'round to go,
we take the family snap,
Pack the car and all shoot through,
before the washing up.

Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Christmas in Australia on a scorching summers day, Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut!,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute.

Mel-rest and get better. We miss you but look after yourself, you are important.

Linus-Congratulations! Three weeks now, you are doing fabulous! How is your nose? Can you smell things better now? I've heard that about folks when they stop smoking all of a sudden they can smell and taste things that had disappeared for them during the foggy days :)

Happy-did you have a good long soak in some bubbles? Do you have one of those microwave paks that you can heat up to sooth the ache? They work great. I have one that I got from Regal that fits into the tummy of a teddy bear (he is a flat tummy bear so it works )

Holly-our kids are about the same age. My girls are 5 and 6. Both in school, my youngest in kindergarten for half days. I'm a stay at home mom. You sound very organized to have all those kids in your place, well done. I only have the two and my house looks like a bomb hit :rofl:

Big Hugs to Teel, Tig and Suzi! What mischief are you three up to?

I at a plethera of chocolate chip cookies for dinner last night. Sugar craving needed a fix. I took a multivitamin to help the body ease back into gear. I drank one glass of water yesterday and many cups of tea and one cup of coffee as a morning starter. I had honeynut cheerios for breakfast and some tuna leftovers from my kids sandwich. Shameful lapse in care of this mobile unit of mine, no excuses, just not the top priority this month :devil:

suzi in auz
12-15-2004, 05:52 PM
A quick welcome to Candlelady then off to work :coffee: ....enjoy your days chickie poos :lol:

12-15-2004, 06:40 PM
pray for me chickies i have to go SHOPPING tomorrow i really really hate shopping and worse i have to go up town and fight with the tourists and the shops :mad: if i survive ill be in tomorrow to let you know im safe
:lol: :lol: kirsty

12-16-2004, 05:47 AM
Well, we must all be getting very busy - I haven't had a lot to catch up on today.

Linus of course you are right, yesterday was Wednesday. Don't worry about it, I am having a few senior moments this week.

Meadow, I haven't heard the Australian Jingle Bells for ages - probably since last Christmas - all I need now is the Family photograph song and I would fair be screaming up the wall. Did everyone understand the lingo or does Meadow need to translate???

My tip for the shopping Linus is to go as early as possible. Most people seem to get there around 10 or 11, but 8.30 is very quiet. Some of the shops aren't open then but I do the bits I can and have a coffee while I wait for the others. Mind you, I shall be not be going at all if it is at all humanly possible, but I will have to get something for Christmas. I may well get it online from Woolies or Coles and have it delivered Saturday morning yet. Depends on how organised I can get.

Hello to Teel and Tig - come on in, the waters fine at the moment. Happy, I hope that back is coming round and you are resting and gently exercising it. Roseblush - Nae how's the NO Trespassing signs coming along? Holly must be busy too although she has been in today.
Candlelady, hello again. Time to come in and tell us how you are going, whether you are losing weight, planning to lose, dreaming about losing or whatever. I will have to think of a challenge for me for January. Too late to try for December now. I'd probably not stick to it anyway.
DB sounds brighter again today. I am not thinking that the end is anywhere near in sight but at least we are all trying very hard. We have a lot of hard thinking to do yet as well. But at least the worst is out in the open. We can talk about it.

DS2 rang last night to chat. He's been working on my Christmas present and I gave him a few hints and tips. He tells me he is coming to a crossroads with his job(s) as well. There may well be change around the traps next year. I won't hold my breath but he needs a change as well. Everyone needs a change at some stage.

My journal entry today is a challenge for good news. I'm hacked off with the constant bad news, political situations, murders, mayhem, ram raids, robbery with violence etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. So my challenge (and my contribution to Christmas spirit) is to find a good news story every day for the next week or so. Today I've put pictures of Christmas lights up and also a story of a girl who has given another person a brand new computer after they got ripped off in ebay. Not necessarily by ebay in case anyone thinks about lynching me!!! Anyway - away you go and think up a good news story and post it in the journals. Whats keeping you???

Time to go and sort out this pile of ironing. Otherwise I'll be looking at it for another week or so.

Catch you all.

12-16-2004, 07:18 AM
Good morning everybody. I hope you made out ok with you shopping yesterday Linus, I am like you I hate shopping. I have to go today and try to finish up my Christmas shopping. :mad: I don't have the Grandson today so it will be a perfect day to go.

Shag here are my goals, which I reset all the time. :o I have been low carbing since May and lost 13 lbs. and quite a few inches partly due to going to Curve's which is a type of weight resistant exercise. I have gone there for over a year and a half and I just love it. Now here comes the bad part, since Thanksgiving I have been eating everything I can get my hands on, including tons of sweets and have gained several lbs. :mad: So my goal is to start in Jan. AGAIN and get serious and get these big hips and this big bottom off.

suzi and meadow thanks for the nice welcome, love that Texas ornament. :D

Direct me to the place I can go to learn how to put those cute graphics in my messages, I just love looking at yours.

Well I am off here to drink another cup of coffee and get my work done so I can head to the Mall. :(

Have a wonderful day everybody.

12-16-2004, 10:32 AM
Thurs Dec 16 9:24 am.
I was soooo tired yesterday I just couldn't type. I popped in to read though.It was a busy,busy day in the kitchen.Ginerbread, peanut brittle ......
The teacher's gifts are all put together. DD's class party is today. DS's is tomorrow.
I am much more rested today.
I have the toddlers. I am going out to get my hair done this morning. Darn greys.
Tonight i go into London to do my Grandma's hair.She is 94(95 in JAn) ,lives in her own home and is quite healthy. She has been my best friend all of my life. I go every other week and do her hair, feet, laundry and I make frozen dinners for her every day when I cook our dinner.I was thinking this morning about just how blessed I am that my kids know her!!!!

I weighed in last night and was the same. I feel like I should be down. The roll on my back under my bra is almost gone!! It just disappeared this week.

HUGS dear chicks. I will pop in and chat more this aft!!!

12-16-2004, 10:36 AM
Welcome Candlelady, It is nice youfound a place to come and chat and stay with us! This is a terrific group of woman and I hope you enjoy making new friendships here! Shad I have a great story about an australian..... a while back I sort of mentioned it to Teel about a pianst William Kappel who was killed in 1953 after having played in australia for his last concerts and was killed on approach to San Francisco...if you want the story let me know.... it is sort of complicated so I won't test everyones patiences here! I think it should be written into a screen play and made into a movie..... great stuff!
I had a get to together with some girlfriends last night a late shower for a gal who finally agreed to marry her man..... we had so much fun and so many laughs. What would we do in this world if we didn't have our Girlfriends!!!!
Happy Birthday to Teeka.... my friend Robin stayed with me last night for the party and she works here sometime and she insisted Teeka go to the party last night too to celebrate her bday, that yorkie had so much fun.
The sky is beckoning a lovely shade of pink this morning and the :coffee: seems especially good. I have a list a mile long to get done today and so shall try to make a dent in it..... It is great to come here and read about everyones day.... so everyone come out and play so we know the chicks around the world are ok!!!!!!
Many Blessings to all of you,
Nae and Tiny Teeka Tiger she is the big 10 today........

12-16-2004, 04:24 PM
good evening i survived the shopping just :lol: got everything i went for and more dh bought me a new top and skirt and i bought a new pair of boots from the money dad got me i ended up in town then into leith and got whacked and took a taxi home just in time for my neice to come and get changed for her xmas party :cb: the perils of living just outside the school ive deciede that im going to get the digital camera out and take some photos for you all the town is so lovely even nicer than usual so i will endevour to get some pics for you {they will probably end up being pictures of cleo demolishing my xmas tree}right im knacked been delivering xmas pressies to dh,s little cousins and they live three flights up so i hurt BIG TIME so im off to hug my heat pad and take some painkillers

12-16-2004, 06:13 PM
I replyed to everyone and chit chatted earlier this aft, then our power went out. ACK! Anyhow, I figured out how to run the generator to power the sump pump so the basement didn't flood.
DH will be surprised although I dont know why. I lived on my own for 17 years before I met him.
Hope everyone is having a great day!!!
I really miss you Mel!! Hope you are feeling rested and the eyes are better.

12-16-2004, 06:31 PM
dont you know that us weak and weary woman are expected to faint and swoon and call for A MAN to do things like that :dizzy: :faint: :faint: :censored: :rofl: nobody ever believes that i do all the decorating in this house they just smile and say "of course you did dear" maybe if i made a mess of it then theyd beleive me some people have never heard of the emancipation

12-17-2004, 05:16 AM
Joy~ A quick note to say my eyes are the pits and I have bad headaches. They think it's a sinus infection and upped the drugs. Will see everyone soon I hope .....maybe by Monday. Could you pass this on? Thanks My Southern Sister. Hope you are well and happy and will write more over the weekend. Just need a few days on the stronger meds and I will be back to my old Carol Singing Self!!! Feel free to cut and paste this. So much easier! The pc lights hurt the eyes right now and Jen is soooo busy that I hate to ask her to post again this time! LOL Love to all the Chicks and to you Miss Sunshine~ Mel

So I hope we see Mel back again very soon. Meantime, I will just pass on any messages she sends me.

Not feeling so bright myself right now either. All I want to do is sleep. Which is what I think I might do.

Catch you all tomorrow.

12-17-2004, 06:57 AM
I am just sitting here huddled in a blanket freezing . :coffee: thinking of all the things I need to get done today.

I went to the Mall yesterday with a dear friend and did not accomplish a thing. I couldn't find what my 14 yr. old Grandson wanted. :mad: So came back to town and looked everywhere here to no avail. So now I have to think of something else, which is so hard when the kids has too much as it is. I did have fun with my girlfriend except we were very bad and went and ate Mexican Food. :ink:

Mel hope you feel better soon, my husband has sinus problems so bad so I know how bad you feel. :grouphug:

Roseblush thanks for the welcome.

((hugs)) to everyone else and I hope you all have a great day. I will check back later.

12-17-2004, 01:55 PM
Hello! Hopefully the power will stay on today, lol.

Candlelady~ I said welcome and hello yesterday and I will say it again!! Good luck wiht the shopping.

Shad~ thanks so much for passing along the message from Mel. There is definitely a sparkle missing wihtout her here. Hope you nights sleep caught you up and you are feeling chipper today.

meadow~ my house always looks like a bomb went off. It doesn't look any worse with 2 or 6 so I figure I might as well earn some income at the same time.

I had an awful drive home through rain,ice and a blizzard last night. I am not going too far all weekend. Opting out of hockey to bake and do cards!

Hello to everyone else.
Big, giant squishy, hugs to Mel!!!!!

12-17-2004, 02:56 PM
Shad, thanks for the note about Mel - hope you are both feeling better soon.

I see Suzanne has provided some Santa smileys for Mel and Teel and all you smilin' peoples :) :D :o :cry: :eek: :rolleyes:

My cards are almost DONE! Except that DH seems to have confiscated my last international air mail stamp. :rollpin: I'm sure he didn't realize what it was and what I was saving it for. You may just get my holiday letter in an email Shad if I can't find it soon.

I am trying to keep my sanity and wits about me but it's not easy these days...

Holly, your weather sounds horrible. Smart thinking to hide out at home. Candlelady is is cold down your way or have you caught a bug from one of the ladies here?

Must run off now and practice my swooning... Linus will you teach me the proper way? :rofl: :rofl:

12-17-2004, 08:04 PM
good vening chickies well at least i hope your all having a good evening !!!! dh and craig are arguing again well seing craigs better and i want to run away :mad: :mad: conner has had enough too he is fast asleep and i dont think ill be going out tomorrow night if anyone speaks to mel tell her to but a screen filter they are so good at cutting down glare and arent expensive right im sick of playing referee im going into the shower for half an hour {god i miss my bath}

12-17-2004, 10:19 PM
Good evening girls, I am so ready to hit the sack. I had all three Grandsons today and I am worn out.I have got to get busy tomorrow and try to finish up all this Christmas stuff.

Hi Holly thanks for the double welcome. I am still trying to learn who everybody is, this old brain doesn't always work too good. :(

happy the weather is pretty mild at the moment, but heard on the weather tonight about Wed. things are going to change drastically. Makes me happy :lol: I want some cold weather for Christmas.

Hi Linus, :wave: your family sounds like my daughters, her 14 yr. old is causing quite a ruckus at her house every night. I would go nuts if I had to raise a teenager again. :crazy:

Sleep tight girls, see you in the morning.

12-17-2004, 10:55 PM
Oh we are fairly easy to sort out Candlelady, we're nutters anonymous but in a nice way.
Let me clarify it:
Teel is single, just turned 40 and lives in Suffolk in England.
Linus/ Kirsty lives in Edinburgh in Scotland with 3 squabbling blokes, 2 dogs and some fish. Bedlam appears to live in her place, but she is lots of fun.
Mel lives in NJ - she is in a wheelchair but no one actually seems to notice that bit. She's the blonde one singing Christmas carols in October. She's single too and has a daughter - Jen or Jennifer depending on whether she (jen) is good or bad.
Happy2bme or happy lives for the time being in Illinois with her DH - she's recovering from back spasms and is moving to Tennessee hence she is practicing swooning and other southern belle mannerisms. She's bright too, she works with computer systems - web design stuff and SAP (gotta be nuts)
Then there is Tig - who lives in Florida and who's DH is the darling of the ladies from the local old folks home. Tig runs in 5 miles races.
Holly is in deepest darkest Ontario, Canada. She's the one who is crafty, into renovations and deals with 6 kids at a time - should be called wonderwoman!!
Roseblush/ Nae is in Idaho in the woods. She has woodpeckers trying to get in the house along with raccoons and deer and other wildlife inhabiting the lawn. She's single has 2 sons and works somewhere in phsio I think. Better correct me 'Nae.
Meadow is in Vancouver with 2 children about the same age as Holly's - not sure but I think she is in the woods as well.
Then there is Suzi in Aus - like me she is a Kiwi who lives over here. She's in Sydney which makes her nuts by choice (according to the gospel of St Shad) She has DH and a couple of young kiwis (boys I think)
Then there is me. I'm 55, single, have 2 boys aged 30 and 28 (soon to be 31 and 29) DS1 works in IT and lives in Adelaide. DS2 works as a truckie and a panelbeater and lives here in Logan City (about 1/2way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast of Queensland). He's just bought a house about 3km down the road from my place. I work as a workplace trainer/ tech writer/ IT person and general all round administrator of training packages mostly computers, but I have been known to fumble my way through OHS from time to time. I too work with SAP which explains why I am the way that I am!!! just ask Happy.
So between us we span the globe and now we can add Texas to that. We have had others here from time to time over the couple of years or so, but people come, move along and then on. Once finished with us, maybe they consider they are fit for the rest of the world??!!! :crazy:
Happy, Teel and I have been around this thread for quite some time. Mel and Linus arrived a bit later, then Roseblush. Tig and Meadow came around the same time I think and Holly and Suzi arrived on the same day. And now you have joined us. Such fun to have so many people on the thread just now. Have I forgotten anyone? Have this horrible feeling that I have.

Anyway I am feeling much better today. I hope Mel is feeling that way too. Poor soul she needs a bit of a break from her health - well so does Linus and Teel for that matter - not to mention happy.

I went to the Doctor this morning to get a repeat of the diuretics. This time I got Dr Ian and not Dr Kim, so it was a case of quick in - you only come to see me for a repeat, blood pressure, check legs, in ears and out clutching paper and bill. Blood pressure is 'bloody good' (his words not mine), legs are fine even if they are still somewhat painful to the touch - it's genetic dear lady!*&^%$ and I will probably expire at sometime in the future through lack of breath. Thank you Doc. I don't need 7 years in med school to diagnose that one!!!

So I have bought a bit of pork for Christmas dinner which we will have along with a chicken and fish. Lots of salad veges and some fresh fruits and cheese. I want to try to make some interesting stuffings this year and see how much I can do on a lo fat basis.

Any way that' s it from me for this morning - well afternoon actually. May be back tonight to check up on you all - I'm off to report the pot plants. 10 down 15 to go.

suzi in auz
12-18-2004, 06:15 AM
Hi everyone. For some reason I am having major problems with my internet. I'm not sure why. i can't seem to open a 2nd window.
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to MEL for the beautiful card...Thank you. it's lovely...very special place on my piano. I'm sitting here listening to "Santa Claus is coming ..." It's on the TV on a Carols in the Domain special which is happening now in the sity.
It's been a crystal clear lovely day and we are counting down.
It's my anniversary number 16 so happy Anniversary to me!
My Hubby is NZ for the weekend and so it's just me celebrating.
I hope you all have had wonderful days.
I better jet or my browser might go on me...

12-18-2004, 07:57 AM
Hello all! We're getting ready to leave for a day trip to visit DS#1, DDIL and the most darling grandsons. They live in Jacksonville, which is about 3 hours north of us.

MEL REPORT: I talked to Mel last night and I think she finally has the right meds for her eyes. She's hoping to be on herself or at least through Jen in a day or so.

Have a great weekend! We're off to play :)

12-18-2004, 09:48 AM
That is good news about Mel!!!!!
Shad that was a great summary of all the Gals here. I needed it too.
Thank you for thinking I am wonderwoman,LOL. My Mom tells people stuff like that ,then I run into them and get all embarrassed.I just do what feels right to me.As long as I am happy so is everyone else around me.
Tig~ have a wonderful time!!! Enjoy those Grandsons!!
Suzi~I missed you the last couple of days. Hope you and DH had a good time this week.No swinging from chandeliers by yourself.
Linus~ I suppose it is a good sign Craig is well enough to argue. Hope you enjoyed the shower.I take a bath and plug my ears and sink under the water.
Happy~ I need a love to keep me happy, baby.......let me know if the swooning is effective...I may take it up.My MIL think I am far too capable for DH.

I am blessedly home alone for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was very helpful getting DH and both kids ready and out the door for hockey. chuckle
A long bath and some serious housework,baking and card writing are on the agenda for the day.
I refuse to leave the house until tomorrow for Sunday School.
Christmas vacation has started for the kids. This is new to them so they dont really get it. DD asked if she had school today.
I will just have 2 babysitting kids for the next 2 weeks. I will be able to take them skating etc. It will be fun.
Oh happy sigh, it is very quiet here all the lights,tv,radios are OFF.
Best go enjoy it. Have a glorious day.

12-18-2004, 06:57 PM
Holly aaahhhh two hours alone. Isn't it nice? My hb and Grandson14 are leaving tomorrow to go hunting and it will just be me and my little 2yr. old around here until Thursday. I don't have to cook if I don't want to and it is amazing how clean the house stays when he is gone. :D

Tig enjoy those grandsons, I have the 3 and they are so sweet, (most of the time).

Happy Anniversary suzi :cheers:

Thanks Shag that helped alot.

I hope everyone is having a great day. We have been really busy today trying to finish up Christmas shopping etc. I still have one more run to WalMart next week, I will get up early and go early before the crowds. :)

Time to go and fix supper, I really am not in the mood but we do have to eat.

I just find it so neat that we are able to talk to people from other countries. I would love to know a little about your countries, it is fascinating. :merry: :sman:

12-18-2004, 08:45 PM
There are a cavalcade of things I should be doing but am playing with my paintshop program instead. Antonio is my favorite toy but I only get to fiddle with him in picture form :dizzy:

12-18-2004, 10:31 PM
It seems like lots of us have got into the new tickers for our signatures. Thanks Suzanne3FC and Jennifer3FC. The things you do for us.

Had a long chat with Mel this morning (my time). She is perilously close to having the rosacea back in the eyes again. It seems that there is something that happens around this time of year every year. The doctor she saw has made that connection. It may be something to do with the changing seasons and allergies or it could be sinus' and she has been banned from books and computer for some time. Hopefully she will be back before Christmas, but we won't hold our breath and will relay messages as they come to hand.

Glad you enjoyed the run down on the worldwide chicks - Candlelady. It's always good to know who you are talking to. By the way I am Shad and not Shag - over here shag has some very strange meanings. It's a long time since I was in that position! I'm not grumping and it is probably a typo anyway. Shad was the name of my dog. Our adventures of Shad the dog and Shad the human used to be spread over this site until last May when unfortunately Shad the dog came to the end of the rainbow.

I'm waiting for DS2 to turn up with the bl**dy lawnmower. He has promised today definitely, definitely. I'm still waiting. I'd go and get it myself except I'm not that sure I could lift it out of the back of my car without scratching it's (the car not the mower) paintwork. The car only had it's first birthday on Friday.

Meadow, good to see your creativity on the site. Have fun playing in Paint shop.

Holly, treasure those couple of hours. You really, really, really deserve them.

Um Teel, are you coming out to play again? Where are yooooooooouuuuuuuuu??????? :wave: :wave:

I've finished the mountain of ironing which was there this morning. I'm now away out to tackle the last of the pot plants that are here (still some on holiday round at DS's) and then wash and vaccuum the car. So I guess I better go do just that. I've sat around for long enough today.

12-19-2004, 05:20 AM
Sorry Shad, our eyes are the first to go.

12-19-2004, 06:12 AM
No problem Candlelady, as I said it was probably a typo. Hope you are having a good day and life is interesting - mind you with the little ones around I daresay you have fun everyday and especially at Christmas.

12-19-2004, 11:20 AM
whoa... even MORE Christmas smilies!
:) :D :o :cry: :eek: :rolleyes: :sball2: :sball: :sman: :snf: :merry:

I basically have one week left because after Christmas it's a blur of packing and then we are out of the house and on our way to moving. So I'll probably be doing more lurking than posting. I made a list last night with all the days of the week and everything that has to be done and attended to.

We have gotten our traditional blast of frigid air from our Canadian friends and as I sit her it's 4 degrees outside. That's 4 Farenheit - I'd welcome 4 celcius at this moment. Brrrrrrrrr and I HAVE to go out and finish shopping - Christmas shopping and groceries. Right now I'm really envying you Shad even if you are sweating :lol:

Hope you all take care of yourselves as we slide down the last few days to the holiday and STAY OUT OF THE CHRISTMAS COOKIES :rofl:

Sending healing thoughts to you Mel! Have a safe trip Tig. Happy Anniversary Suzi - sorry you and the anniversary guy are not in the same place :(. Teel it's time to report in - don't make us pound your house with snowballs :snf: I think we all might enjoy that a little too much. Meadow - very creative Photoshopping there - I know what you mean about getting caught up with the artistic "playing around" when you should be doing more ahem "productive" things :devil: but hey, sometime's you just have to play - honing my skills I called it.

Time for a second cup of hot coffee and then I'm out of here. Enjoy your day...

12-19-2004, 12:08 PM
Happy you had better bundle up girl, 4 degrees brrrrrrr. You had better come and visit me for the next few days weather is going to be in 60's, but then the cold blast is going to hit.

Meadow nice favorite toy. I like to fool around with that sort of thing to, if I worked around the house as much as I play on the computer I would have everything caught up.

I woke up early again so am going to go take a nap, have to go to Christmas program tonight to see Grandson perform.

All of the sweets are out of the house!!! Now maybe I can get back into the swing of things..

12-19-2004, 02:27 PM
Afternoon chicks!

The sun just popped out.It is -16 C today. WE got a foot of snow last night.The bush is twinkling.It is beautiful.
Just got home from church. There is so much to do I dont know where to start.Clutter every where. What I would really like to do is drink tea and watch a movie.
DH went out yesterday to have some tile cut at Home Depot. I sent him with cash. He came home with a tile cutter and a remote airplane from "Santa". Note to self. Dont give the man cash or let him shop alone. :dizzy:

Well, I suppose I should go unbury the kitchen and diningroom tables.(for starters)

Hope everyone is well and having a good day.

12-19-2004, 02:56 PM
Sorry to do this to you all at this hour of the morning, but a message from Mel.

Joy~ woke up in the middle of the night with a fever over 100, sore throat and swollen glands. We won't go into the amount of pain everywhere. Before I get too sick to sit up, I wanted you and the others to know. Didn't just want to fall off the face of the earth without any warning. Merriest of Holidays to everyone and stay well. This may take some time to bounce back. It's a respiratory thing. BUT~ I started the meds already, so we'll see. . Love to you all~ Mel

Okay, off to the gym. Stay warm you lot. Me. I'm finding ways to keep cool.

12-19-2004, 03:59 PM
Shad you are very coherent for 5am your time. I am certain I couldn't type. Hope it was a great workout.Enjoy the warm weather.

Hugs and prayers going out to Mel. For those who chat on the phone with her give her my love.

12-19-2004, 06:41 PM
having a very lazy day body did not like dancing and is paying me back BIG TIME im sending mel an email or might just give her a phone tomorrow will come in tomorrow for a proper blether

12-19-2004, 11:31 PM
Candlelady - oooooohhhhh :love: 60 degrees? I'll be right there! Gosh do you know how WOOOONNNNDERFUL 60 degrees would be feeling right about now. I am so jealous. Cold wave is reaching way down the south, all the way through the middle part of the country. Well, at least it's not snow. :crossed:

Holly, you should know better than to send a man to Home Depot with cash. What were you thinking! giggle giggle.

Shad thanks for the update on Mel. Her problems may be seasonal but I think it's really compounded by everyone expecting her help which only wears her down. And so close to Christmas - she should be singing now wheezing. I will have to bundle her up some of the many teas I have. Rest well Miss Mel. Thanks for the update Shad. Hope you had a good gym workout. Kudos to you for tossing the extra cheesecake out the door.

Linus, love your new avatar. Don't mess with the panther! Now what's this about dancing?

Today was my unintended yet seems to be traditional day of marathon get it all done in one day Christmas shopping. Actually I started yesterday but only had a wee bit of time as DH had to go help my cousin with her computer and I went along to chat with my aunt a bit - trying to see as many people as we can before we leave. I wore boots because it's a bit icy out but they don't have good arch supports in them and I was gone for 5 hours when I only planned on being gone maybe 2 or 3. My feet are killing me. But the shopping's out of the way. Had intended mostly to do gift cards but I really hate doing that unless I'm really stuck. Hope people like what I gave them because I won't be here to take it back for them if they don't :lol: Besides, not nice to refuse Santa's gifts is it?

DH found a really nice looking house while I was out. I can't wait to see it. He also said he would have done the laundry had I sorted it out into piles. I will have to remember that. He's becoming quite the helper. Santa will have to be especially good to him ;) :devil:

Made dinner and then sat for a bit watching a movie. Now I'm rested, should got get an hour's worth of stuff done at least. Or maybe finish the wrapping. Will be odd to have presents but no Christmas tree to put them under. I have a pretty bow on the outside lamp and 2 cute Santa placemats and that's it for my decorations. I don't like missing Christmas like this.

12-20-2004, 05:04 AM
At least it sounds like you are coming right happy. Can't you get arch supports or something that fits into the boot or shoe. I seem to remember them from when I was a kid. Maybe they worked and were cheap so they aren't around any more!!! Whoops that was a bit cynical wasn't it.
Had the office to myself today. Was very interesting to hear all the banging and crashing going outside which I don't normally hear with all the goings on in the office. One of the guys from Sydney rang to ask if he could dump some of his priorities on my guys. I took great delight in telling him they had gone on leave - having finished all of their priority stuff. He sounded very down. He has 279 priority documents and has done only 59 of them. His guys are obviously not working like mine are!!! I have offered to do some for him in the 3 days between Christmas and New Year provided he gives me a list of company codes and whatsits to use. I'm a sucker for punishment.

I'll pass any messages from here onto Mel as requested. Just let me know what you want to say. However if you want to write or ring, I'm sure she will be delighted, although she may have taken the phone off the hook and is just snoring away. Best maybe to PM or email her. Poor thing - she could hardly see the other day, now she is having a respiratory problem.

Gym went fine this morning. I was doing weights and sit ups. I have actually dropped most of the weights from 40kg upper body to 35 and from 80kg to 75 lower body because I wasn't having a good time with the increase. It was painful to say the least. Now I do an extra repetition instead and the sweat just pours off me. Tomorrow is running on the treadie. Hope it feels better than last time when it took all the self talk I could muster to just stay on it for the full length of time.
Tomorrow also I'm off work to meet up with Chris from Japan. We are going to spend the day together before I stick her on a plane to NZ. I must (MUST) remember to take her parcels for Christmas with me when I go to pick her up. I have her present and one for daughter Jenny who has had a baby in October. One for the baby too!

I think that's about it for now. Looks like the storm that was here when I got home, has turned around and come back again, so it must be time I was off the computer.

See ya all.

12-20-2004, 06:34 AM
Good Monday morning girls. :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Sending hugs and well wishes to Mel, bless her heart.

Shad sounds like you are doing great workouts. I have got to get back to doing mine, I have been a bad slacker the last month. Enjoy your day with Chris. :D

happy I know you are glad to get the shopping out of the way. I think sometime it is better to do the shopping like that then pick up a present here and there. Just do it and be finished sounds like the way to go, I may do that next year.

linus everyone deserves a lazy day, sounds good to me.

holly hi

(((hugs))) to everyone else out there fighting the crowds trying to get ready for the big day, which is only 5 days away. I can't believe it got here so fast. :)

12-20-2004, 09:53 AM
It is -28C.....-43C windchill. That so cold!!!!

It is definitely winter here!!!!
DS came down with a fever,sore throat and rash yesterday aft. It looks like scarlett fever. I called a health line and they agree. I need to get him to the Doc ASAP.
DD is likely to get it too. The other kids are staying home today. Poor little man is weak and miserable. I was up a lot in the night checking on him. I ate a whole whack of cheese and crackers too. There is a relationship between worry and that!!!

I hope the van will start. The roads are plowed and sanded, thankfully. I will be wearing long johns.
Cards are in the mail! Gingerbread men left to bake. I got a bunch of tidying done. Cleaning comes next.
I am waitng to call the Doc at 9. We've been up since 6. Oh, the anxiety.

Hope everyones day is warmer and less worrisome than mine!!!
5 more sleeps..........

Love to Mel again!!!!
Hugs to everyone!

12-20-2004, 09:55 AM
Hi all, it has been a busy weekend with my boys being home playing hockey. It was a lot of fun and I am still tired. The weather here was so warm but with our rink having its first year of refrigeration it was like a dream come true. Sitting there in the sun watching hockey....THanks to the Canadians for all their help.........THe Bitteroots mountains surrounding us in snow... the visiting teams are just blown away by our little piece of hockey heaven.
One night chad was in charge of the steaks on the grill while Jesse was preparing the shrimp in the kitchen and I did the salad and was totally in my mommy space again... I miss them but life goes on! It did sort of help me to decide that I will make the journey down to boise to spend a few days with them for christmas.
Shad you did a great job with the low down of the chicks for the are so awesome. Our Mel, that makes me so sad to know she is under the weather right now. Prayers to you Mel, I miss you as does everyone else here on our little chatty corner of the world!
Happy you do sound better and I hope that a house does come your way. You know the old saying when one door closes there is a good reason for it so follow your gut with things like that. I can't wait to have you off a new adventure that you can share here with us.
Teel, what is up? How are you and what are you doing? Please come share with us.
I enjoy the pics from you meadow and candle lady and holly.... it is fun to have you here visiting and sharing..... Tig, when is the next race? Do you usually try to do benefit races?
Still no snow here it is the oddest year! My friend I mentioned is home from the hospital and is so far doing fairly well.
My gift giving is very limited this year but I am doing some cheesecakes for gifts this year and of course that video I told you about..... I showedit to my boys and they liked too. So tonight I bake....I hope they turn out as well as some of them have in the past.
Take Good Care Everyone and Many Blessings, :o
Love ya,

12-20-2004, 02:55 PM
Dr. Weil's Tip for today was about sinus problems, so I know it was a sign I needed to pass it on to Mel. Hope you are getting better, have you had your yogurt today to help build up the friendly bacteria? Got to get your internals clicking away in tip top form :)

Today's Tip
Is Your Diet Causing Sinus Problems?

Chronic sinus problems aren't necessarily just in your head - diet and lifestyle can play important roles. Besides generally avoiding polluted, dusty, and smoky environments (and second-hand smoke), try the following to help reduce the symptoms of chronic sinus problems:
Eliminate milk and all milk products from your diet. This includes prepared foods that list milk as an ingredient. Do this for about two months and see how you feel.
Include a probiotic in your diet, especially if you take an antibiotic. It can help to restore the friendly bacteria that inhabit the digestive tract and that may be wiped out by antibiotics. I recommend the strain known as Lactobacillus GG, which survives passage through the strong acid of the stomach and actually makes it into the intestinal tract where it's needed. (One brand of Lactobacillus GG is Culturelle, sold on the Internet or in health-food stores.)
Visit the Q&A Library for more information on sinus and allergy issues.

:wave: No exercise, little water and I'm stressed to the max with Christmas to do list. Major cleaning necessary of the livingroom, move the couch and chairs, vaccuum, dust, rearrange to make room for the tree and then the decorating of the little green puff ball, that is the fun part :)

12-20-2004, 03:47 PM
Morning all, and a dull grey dreary morning it is too, with predictions for heavy rain, thunderstorms, high winds and hail. Not that any of it will probably happen, the weathermen always predict them, and we never seem to get much other than the rain. Still thats a tropical summer. Rain, rain and usually a bit more rain followed by bright sunshine and high humidity and mosquitos. Ruth, Mel if you are swimming over, suggest you time the arrival for mid to late Feb when the worst of it is over - mind you we may be swinging into the cyclone season (hurricane) by that stage. At least it is not 40 below - more like 40 above.
So I am off to the gym in a short while, then a bit of housework before I go to pick up Chris from the airport, she should be down in about an hour and a half and she is going to the flight lounge to shower and breakfast before I pick her up at 9.00am. I have no idea what we will do. I don't think the weather is conducive to river cruises, swimming, or sightseeing picnicking. I would have liked to do a trip on one of the river cats from Bretts Wharf - near the river mouth to the University about 12/13 k up river and then go to the Southbank Parklands for a wander and lunch. We shall see. I thought she wanted to shop but apparently not. Aaaah well.
So at 5.30am, I'd best get ready to go to gym and then clean up so we can come back here if nothing else appeals.
Meadow, sit down, calm down and have a think about what Christmas actually is. We all seem to have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas which is about birth, family, peace and love. Nothing at all about dust under the sofa or plastic melt down on credit cards. Keep it simple.
Holly, I'm so sorry to hear about your wee lad. Such a hard time to have sickness in the house. Tell him, his cyber great aunty Shad from NZ is thinking about him and sending him sunshiney hugs. Take it easy and don't stress out over the little details with him being so sick. Like Meadow, keep it simple.
'Nae, sounds like the boys are well skilled in the kitchen - good job you've done there. Glad to hear you enjoyed the run down on the good folk of this thread. It's so nice to have the new ones on. Now if I can only track down Teel, I'd be happy. Maybe Linus has the latest on her.

Right, this time I am gone. Otherwise, I'll be running late all day.

12-20-2004, 06:25 PM
hello, ladies im reporting in TEEL is fine just sooooo busy at the moment what with carolling and crafting and having meals with freinds and shopping and carollling by moonlight ive let her know about mel and she is going to get on as soon as she can
im having a reallly crappy day have had so much trouble from my family today its not worth mentioning but needless to say the first thing i reached for was a fag :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: so now im fed up with myself as well as the family and i feel so down im thinking about banning xmas and shooting the sodding reindeer
HOLLYHOCK so sorry to hear about the wee one and i know exactlly what your going through im afraid it doesnt get any easier as they get older :^: hope hes better soon and its just an allergic reaction to something and not scarlet fever so hopefully **** be better before santa comes
MEADOW does this guy have any tips on how to make my dh and ds,s be more human and not take it for granted that i actually like running aftyer them picking things up and cleanoing and finding things they cant be botherd to look for but NEED if so ill kiss his feet as im at the end of my tether
SHAD enjoy your day with chris whatever you end up doing and i passed on the messages to teel for you so hopefully shell check in i tempted her with santa smileys
HAPPY everything crossed for the new house and hopefully it will be as good as dh thinks it is will pass its inspection and be decently priced and then what you do is wait until you have it lovely and invite the greedy homeowner over for tea and expalin to her why her house is still on the market and will be as long as she is wearing her dollar sign glasses
MEL if you can get this read for you we are all thinking about you and hope you are feeling better soon as we dont want to have xmas without your ray of sunshine about the place and i need your words of wisdom before i end up putting my dh and sons up for adoption :lol: :mad:
TIG are you still glorying in grandparenthood ??? mum swears buy it she says you get all the fun without the reprimanding :lol: at least youll be fit enough to chase them :cb: :dancer: :barbell:
CANDLELADY i hear you on the shopping i hate shopping i dont even like food shopping and do it online next year im doing it all online :comp: :comp:
TEEL thanks for calming me down or i would have been in the old bailey :mad: and i dont think they would let the dogs in corton vale womans correctional institute
SUZI where are you luv???? still celebrating ill be 16 years in march as i always say i could have murdered him his mum and his siter and been out by now :rofl: :rofl: :crazy:
right im off to go and try and drown my sorrows in the shower :rain: and ill speak to you all tomorrow
night night

12-20-2004, 06:26 PM
you know one of these days i reallly will forget my head
ROSE as long as you give love they wont care if it tastes good !!!!!!!! AND PS I LOVE CHEESECAKE

12-20-2004, 07:18 PM
Well, DS does have scarlet fever. He started antibiotics. He seemed much less weak and ill today but the rash is all over his little body. I am beyond exhausted. I think I held my breath and every muscle without moving all day.Apparently I was really worried.
He will be out of the woods for Christmas but if DD comes down with it she will be contagious at Christmas. How do you explain that one to a 4 year old. Maybe I wont have too. Fingers crossed.

Linus~ it is often the same deal around here then I blow my stack and it goes well for a while and then back to slavery for me.I was hoping as they got a little older and well trained it would be better.

Shad~ thanks for caring. I really do try to keep it simple.

Happy~hope the house works out this time.

Meadow~ deep breath, enjoy your little angels.( where are you in BC,Shad said in the woods, now I am curious).

Take care everyone!!

12-20-2004, 07:59 PM
Hi there, Shad, Happy and Teel I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Xmas, there is something to be said of returning to a place and been able to see the same folks in there.. you girls rock.. :D I see you have more friends, must be the fantastic people that you are.. !!! I will be popping in for some chats and :coffee: every now and again so I won't be that stranger I was!!.. The kids are fine and got so much bigger!!!... the hubby still has the harley and driving me nuts, happy did your DH manage to sell his?.. Kiwi Annie is still around lurks every now and again.. Have a great holiday everyone, is very bad weather here, summer has not arrived, rain, thunder, hail.. WOT THE!!!!!!!! talk soon..

12-20-2004, 08:04 PM
Holly-Holy mackeral, Scarlet Fever! Hugs for that worry. I am so sorry he is so ill. Well Burnaby isn't exactly the woods, just another city next to Vancouver :p One day maybe we will go more rural but so far we are staying citified :D

Linus-I wish I had a remote for the guys and their dropsy ways, sure would be useful to just be able to make them do it without having to use any words, just push the round up your stuff button :lol: I'm sorry all the hassles made you reach for the ciggy, go for a brandy next time :)

Shad-Have a lovely visit with your friend. I'm sure the best part will be shooting the breeze and enjoying each other's smiles, regardless of the location :) You make me hang my head in shame for my lack of exercise, if I could get myself lifting weights I'm sure some of this poundage would shift down and away from me. The cleaning is necessary, I have three cats, a dog and two kids and with visitors expected I need to dehair, declutter and try and make the house "seem" sanitary :rofl:
Even with that though, the people who have the misfortune of wearing black pants to sit in my house, leave with a mohair finish on their trousers from all the hair :lol:

Candlelady-warm in Texas is it? We are chilly here but sunny. Someone will probably be offering you chocolate or cookies this week, don't think you are off the hook just because there aren't any sugar goodies in your house :p

Rose-so you have been hanging out at the ice rink. My girls want to learn how to skate so bad but I am being the mommy from dullsville and won't allow it till they get a helmet. *which is what they are both getting for a Christmas present, helmet, knee pads and elbox pads, good for biking and skating :)

Happy-Woah! an all day shopathon! I hope you had a long soak in the tub and downed a shot or two of the good stuff. We went looking for a Christmas tree today but all the trees were over $50. so we might be taking the axe to one of the ones down the back of the yard. Outrageous charging that kind of money for a cut tree! Hubby is going out on his own to prowl around a bit tomorrow but I think it is curtains for the one in the yard :(

Suzi and Tig must be cleaning their houses :p and can't find their computers.

((((MEL)))) here is another AB wallpaper to cheer you up :)

12-21-2004, 02:25 AM
Evening chickies,

Thanks for all the updates on everyone - good to know that everyone's accounted for even if not exactly up to par right now.

Linus :grouphug: you had a slip. A SLIP. It happens. Hope you borrowed someone's fag instead of buying a whole pack. Don't get down on yourself. Don't sell DH and the kids. Instead give them pictures of all the things you WOULD have bought them had they BEHAVED themselves :rofl: There's a TV show here - Wife Swap where 2 mums and the occasional dads from totally opposite backgrounds and interests switch homes for 2 weeks. Many say afterwards that they appreciate their spouses and mums more afterwards but I have cause to wonder about how long THAT lasts. I think being taken for granted is just one of those things we have to deal with in life - like having to shave our armpits when the DH's get to walk around with this mass of ugly clumpy fuzz under theirs. :( Hang in there girl and don't lose your wits.

Shaker :grouphug: :grouphug: So nice to hear from you again. Was just thinking about you the other day. Do stop by a bit more often. No we haven't sold the Harley, DH tried but no serious offers. We're moving to another part of the country and the bike is coming with us - remains to be seen if it will be put up for sale or if he renews and interest in it again.

Holly - Scarlet Fever :yikes: and right before the holidays??? You poor woman. My mom had that - one of those things you have to be careful with. Is it the kind of thing that once you get it, you are immune again or might you also come down with it?

Shad, I'm surprised that you and Chris don't just settle for a cool drink and a swing on the porch. I know she's a travelling maven like you but I'd think for such a short visit it would just be good to have some quiet chat time. Especially since it seems the weather won't co-operate. Hope you had a good time.

Meadow, I heard that Christmas trees were very very expensive for some reason this year. Hope you found something affordable. I love the smell of a real tree. :cloud9:

Nae is it a long trip down to visit your sons? I can't believe you haven't had snow yet. Seems like you're in an area that would get wintered in quickly - goes to show you I'm no geography buff. :o

The presents are mostly all wrapped. One of those days when I started to do things to clean up and I seem to have made more of a mess instead. Tomorrow I am going for my LAST dentist appointment for the new bridge he's making me. They told me the final cost of it and I daresay I could buy a REAL bridge for what this costs - more than my first car - a 1977 Pontiac Firebird. It better be worth it is all I can say. And I'm sure the next few days will be nothing more than a blur. I'm already behind and I just got started.

Hellos to those I've missed and healing graces to all who could use an extra bit of comfort :wizard:

12-21-2004, 05:19 AM
Shaker, so good to see you again. Yep we are still here - keeping the home fires burning so to speak. Nice to know Kiwi Annie still sneaks in once in a while - Is she still in Wollongong? Hope to see you back occasionally - let us know what gives. Mel was just asking about you the other day.

Holly - scarlet fever??? I thought that was dead and buried. Strewth. Hope the wee one is okay. I hate to see them sick, they look so little and scared lying there.

Linus so you slipped up once. It's a shame but not the end. I think you have been doing so well that it won't make much difference to you. Just jump back on the wagon and go around again. Families have the habit of making you go off the deep end from time to time.

Happy, the weather co-operated. We had a lovely time. See below. I hope you did not harm the back with that shopping marathon the other day. Look after yourself now. I don't want to hear any more nasty stories about your back. When you shift, are you going to drive down to Tennessee or are you having the cars shipped and flying down yourselves? Hope this house works out for you.

I took Chris on the ferry cats and we went up the river and back. It was nice, not too hot and it didnít rain. We chit chatted all the way about kids, travel, things that we do, jobs etc.
We stopped off at the Southbank Parklands for a walk and lunch on the way back. I found one of those IPOD things in the ladies loo. I took it to the lost and found office - my good deed for the day.
For lunch we went to the Crepe Cafe and I had a Florentine Crepe - spinach, cheese, muchrooms, bechamel sauce. Chris had a Farmhouse crepe - chicken, cheese, mushrooms, bechamel sauce. When they arrived we couldnít tell the difference - but figured that one was a bit greener than the other so that was mine.
Then we walked throught the Parklands, checked out the markets, and sat and yakked for an hour or so before catching the ferry back to the car. Then I took her to Newstead House which is the local National Trust mansion. A glorious old house with great gardens and a magnificent view up the river. From there I took her back to the Airport - still talking and put her on the plane. A lovely day was had by all.

Another message from Mel

Joy~ Not me on the pc till now. Jen came for a visit and Richie was bored! LOL They love pogo games. Temp is down to a little less than 101. Still weak. Havenít been sick like this in ages! Thanks for relaying the messages. (sniff, sniff)With all the love and chicken soup, how could I not get well.
I am going to save the messages and read them again tomorrow
Watching a LOT of TV! Never slept so much either. Yesterday I was asleep more than I was awake! OK time for the loo and some fluids. Thatís my life...drink, sleep and piss! ROFLMAO Love to all the Chicks~ Mel

Breakfast - banana and coffee
Lunch - florentine crepe and orange juice
Dinner - Chicken Salad (I think - havenít had it yet.)
Water - no where near enough
One glass of Rose wine
Snack - ham sandwich on wholemeal with cheese and avocado.

49 minutes of treadmill - 15 walking, rest at the run. 6.2Km and 300Cal. Seems to depend on the treadmill as to how many calories you burn. Normally for 6K I do over 400.

Time to go and think about dinner. Not sure that I really want any, but I still have to get some lunch ready for tomorrow. See you all later.

12-21-2004, 07:49 AM
Meadow I got my wish for cold weather, not going to get above freezing tomorrow. Now that is cold for Texas. :) I know, I know the minute anyone offers me sugar I practically inhale it, I am such a sugar addict. :o

shad what a perfect day you had. :) :)

Holly hope the little one is feeling better, I had scarlet fever as a child but haven't heard of it in years.

Linus it is amazing how much our families can stress us, but they are ours to keep. There are many times I would like to trade mine in for new models, but I would probably get worse ones. :lol:

happy I know you are glad to be finished at the dentist. I have such bad teeth I have to go every 3 months for cleaning. It is a very expensive place to visit. :mad:

Have a wonderful day and I hope you get done with all you Christmas activity.Enjoy the wonderful time with your families, after all that is what life is all about. :)

I will see you all later, have to go to town this morning before the Arctic blast hits this afternoon.

12-21-2004, 09:51 AM
It was the attack of the killer cookies yesterday.
I scarfed down 6 shortbreads.I was out of control. I am not really a sweets person but it was anxiety. I have been feeling so well lately and have not binged. It is blazingly apparent how obsessive I am with food when anxious.Then I get disappointed with myself and then I eat some more.Vicious cycle. I dont want to gian these 5 lbs I have lost. I am my lowest weight in a year, STILL.
Today I will eat with awareness.
DS was up a LOT in the night. He is very itchy and MISERABLE. He is intense on a good day. Add illness and wham.It is soooooooo hard not to lose your cool. I am trying so hard to take care of him and he fights me every step of the way but then gets hysterical when I am not right with him.Help???!!!
DD tends to bug him when he gets like this. Not pretty.They are on separate chairs watching a show right now. I have about 20 min of peace.

My SIL is stopping in today. Her son is at a hockey camp in the nest town. She lives an hour away so will hang here. It will be a good visit.
The babysitting kids will be back tomorrow. So far no one else has come down with scarlet fever.We will know by Saturday. 7 day incubation.DS will not be contagious tomorrow.

I will take a bath, plug my ears and tidy the kitchen.I will bake gingerbread this aft and then make up plates for gifts tonight.
4 more sleeps......... ( it is a delight to experience Christmas through the eyes of a 4 and 6 year old)

Mel~ happy to see you got on the PC yourself. Keep resting, drinking and peeing!!!!
Shad~your day sounds lovely.It is so wonderful to catch up with dear friends.
Happy~I love that show. It amazes me how diverse we all are and how we all have something to learn from each other. We have the familes we do because they are just right for us!!!

HUGS to everyone and thank you so much for your well wishes!!!!
You chicks are an amazing and appreciated part of my life.__________________

12-21-2004, 02:43 PM
Hello my long lost friend it was SO great to read a post from your good self! :eek: :eek: Last thing we heard from you was when you went to the wedding in the blue dress and disappeared into the sunset! How goes life? Well and health I trust!! Now do not go disappearing on us again, d'you hear, Missie??!!

:sball2: :snf: :sman: As for me...I do apologise for my absences from the site of late. I just don't seem to have any time to sit down and have a long blether...especially this weekend which has been non-stop running around.
Saturday: our church was playing and singing Christmas carols outside the local shops and like a fool I said if it was not precipitating I would play the violin. It was so darn cold!. Then I came home via the supermarket for an hour before going back to church again to help with the primary school craft, games and so on afternoon from 14:00hrs till 16:00hrs, got home at 16:30 to find Edwina sitting waiting on the doorstep. Silly woman cannot find my doorkey and didn't want to disturb the neighbours! :rollpin: :no: We then went back into town to the Cathedral Carols by Candlelight service which I have been to lots of times and she never had...the other person cried off during the afternoon.Got home just after 20:30hrs
Sunday: we had a lay in! And then about lunch time we went to a local craft fair where we had lunch and spent a SMALL amount of money in the decorations and the crafts. Then we went back to my church (where I seem to have spent most of the weekend!) where I had to be at 15:00hrs for an instrumental run-through for the carol service which began at 16:00hrs. After the carol service Edwna went home and I went back to my home to let Holly out before going out AGAIN to a pub 20 minutes drive away for a lovely evening spent with friends.
So you see by yesterday I wanted to simply stop and do nothing but I decided to drive into Bury St Edmunds and deliver the cards and the Poinsettia I had for someone. Any longer in my house and I couldn't guarantee its longevity!!
And today the gardener arrived at 09:00hrs and then at 10:30 someone else arrived for coffee and so its been rather :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
LINUS I do hope your family have settled down somewhat today!
SHAD thank you SO much for my lovely pressie which arrived in perfect condition and needs a good place to hang. I was very impressed that not even one corner was bent!
HAPPY I hope you have found another house? I think I read somewhere that the last one fell through? And how is your back now? Take care of it, my friend!
MEL A big hug for you and your poor eyes again causing trouble.

In the New Year once again I have to address this weight problem. I seem to have slipped rather a long way of recent months. I also don't seem to have the enthusiasm to get on he computer and have got out of the habit of rising in the morning, getting a mug of coffee and sitting in the study and writing to you all. So sorry. I expect once the new year is here and everything is back to normal I shall be here most days as usual. :coffee: :coffee:
My brain is a bit sad at the moment. I don't do "well" at this time of year. Everybody is rushing around preparing and getting excited with the youngsters in tow, or going to office parties or eating and drinking too much and spending all the year's hard earned cash on frivolities that last the season and no longer. Yes there is of course the Christian element to it all but it is hard to see it sometimes buried deep amongst the hype. And as for New Year... :^:
I think I had better go before I depress you all any further!

And yes of course... :merry:

12-21-2004, 04:40 PM
good evening chickies
SHAKER my god how are you ????? we thought that blue dress had taken you away :lol: :wave: this lot really missed you and where so worried and we kept hoping youd be back in i think shad had said that you used to use the comp at work ? so do you have more secure access now did :) bring you one :comp: glad your back
HOLLYHOCK im so sorry about the wee man and im afraid they are still like that {clinging to mum then hasseling her for the sake of it}even when they are 15 and in my dh,s case 35 but then its harassing the wife not mother :crazy: :crazy: :rofl:
MEADOW due to my hubby and kids hayfever weve never been able to have a real tree but the good thing about an artificial one is that you bung it in a cupboard or loft and use it year after year and no needles to worry about adding to the fact that that bloody idiot of a dog of mine wont walk past a tree without trying to bite the thing so just aswell weve got an artificial one really
MEL i will get to you eventually just didnt want to depress you too much and im not good conversation at the mo still growling when anybody talks to me hope your feeling a wee bit better :sball: :snf:
SHAD so glad you had a nice visit with chris and that the weather held out for you hows your bro ?{or is that a bad subject} glad to see old freinds are homing in for you again
HAPPY maybe dh wont want to sell the harley once you get to sunnier climes oops didnt you say that it wasnt much of a temp difference youll have to forgive me brain doesnt function well at the moment only had one cig was as sick as a dog and wont be doing it again
:^: :dizzy:
ROSE pity your acess guys didnt show up while the boys where there you could have showed them how to handle people that dont listen to good{or read}how did the cheesecake turn out??? i can practically smell it from here
TIG you must still be away unless youve decieded to run and visit mel???? :cool: or maybe the church ladies have kidnapped your dh and you are negotiating his release :rofl: :rofl:
TEEL i knew you couldnt resist those santa smileys
CANDLELADY ill have to bring you over here and satnd you on the castle parapet with a kilt on and then youd know cold :rofl: :rofl: weve got threatened snow hopefully it will cause for some strange reason it doesnt feel so cold after it actually snows
right im off and ill speak to you all later

12-21-2004, 07:16 PM
Hi Ladies, well thanks for the welcomes, and nice to see the new faces as well.. Linus I did forget a ;) to you as well!!! Well haven't really heard from the bride since the wedding except an email to say thanks for all the help so I am pleased that we have this distance between us.. was to nightmarish for me.

Annie is in Sydney now she moved bout 6mths ago and is working and doing OK.. I have a :comp: at home now, how flash is that :yikes: .. not that I am on it as I am at work. Lots of changes at work and now a Project Manager and still doing bits of my old job, you know the same old merging of two jobs, just makes you more busy and a bit resentful at times!!

It is still raining here, I tell you Shad what the heck has happened to us, we have not seen summer at all and normally we are at least in 3/4 pants, I go home and put on trackies and socks and slippers it is cold!!! Very disappointing for everyone makes the xmas spirit a bit harder to find!!

What sort of trees do you have for Xmas happy?.. we have pine trees here and got a big one for $30, but then NZ is a bit of a forest country so you could probably go out in the bush and cut yourself one anyway.. the one I got the money goes to help out one of the kids charities so thought that was a nice idea.

I have not heard of scarlett fever, is that like the chicken pox? sounds nasty anyway and hope it goes away before xmas. Only one more day at work and then i have 5 off and back for the days inbetween.

Teel the carols sounded good lovely, even if you don't seem to have time to catch your breath of late.. perhaps that is why the puter eludes you!!!.. I hope :) is good to you all.. bye for now..

12-22-2004, 05:05 AM
Evening all,
Here's a very sick joke for you Linus:
Where do all the policeman live? Letsby Avenue. :lol3:

Shaker we are having a reasonable summer - for us that is. Not too humid as yet and sort of 3 days on and 3 days off as far as the heat goes. Today was very warm. Tomorrow we are supposed to have thunder and lightning. Christmas day is predicted as wet. Still they only get it right about 29% of the time so we'll continue to schedule the barbeque. :cheers: Which reminds me to go get some heat beads and starters on Friday, along with the veges. I did hear that the weather in NZ is fairly lousy this year, but I have seen snow in Wellington on Christmas day. It seems that the seasons are changing.

Teel, I am so pleased that you are so busy. Sometimes it takes a really busy week to make us just forget about our personal troubles. We simply have no time to think about them, but we just keep taking the medicine and getting on with life. I wish I could have been there to see you all carolling away in the cold, ice and snow!!!

Shaker, my tree, if I could find it, is artificial. I have actually been looking for it to put up outside on the deck. Figure we might as well do something with it. However, it is either in the roof or in the spare room packed at the back of all the junk. Time I got in there and did something about tidying up. :devil: :devil: :mad: :mad: :?: :?: Yeah well one day. I'll check the roof tomorrow after work - or at least after the haircut!

Holly, hope the little one is behaving himself. Poor wee chap. So awful to be so sick at this time of the year. Mind you with the awful cold you lot are having, bed is probably the best place to be. Don't eat those biscuits. It's not worth it. Might taste good for the moment, but won't look good in the future. Cool them, wrap them, put them out of sight - better still deliver them.

My brother?? - oh yes. He is doing very well at the moment. So well in fact that I rung the counsellor to see what I was doing wrong! I can expect regression (sp) at some stage. Mind you he has no money until tomorrow so that makes it all a bit difficult. :D After tomorrow, we shall see. I still give him the daily phone call. Biggest problem is, he only has a mobile phone. Therefore it is difficult to figure out exactly where he is when he answers the phone. If I hear birds in the background and/ or a dog then I know he is at home. (he rents a cottage out in the bush. The owners live in the big house and they have the dog). I am trying to pin him down to a budget, but he is difficult and stubborn and morose and recalcitrant, and a sometimes pain in the neck - he is also my brother.

Work finishes on Friday midday. Then it will be a free for all on the freeways until I get home. The idiots will be out in force. Still we will be off for 4 days - go back Wednesday - so that will be a peaceful time. I may actually get something done around here.

I have a boarder for a few weeks in January. The daughter of a friend of a friend of mine. She is coming up here from Melbourne to work and is having trouble finding a place to rent. I haven't got the time to hunt one out for her, so she will have to do it on her own. Having just said that, there is a friend of mine who owns a block of flats who may have a place. Just thought of that. Phone call may be necessary.

Day of gym today. Back to the weights tomorrow. I was going to go today as Saturday will be no gym so I wont get 5 days in, but quite frankly the body needs a rest every couple of days, so I decided against it. I got plenty of walking in as the diuretic has decided to work today and I have been doing a Mel, drinking and p*ddling all day long.

Okay, well I better go do some tidying and cleaning or I will have it all to do on the weekend and that's not how I want to spend Christmas. So I best get off here and do it.

12-22-2004, 10:33 AM
I just got a 1/2 hour of yoga in and I am chugging water to flush toxins as I type.I have terrible tension/pain in my neck. It feels a bit better. I will try for another 1/2 hour this aft. It has felt like 4 days of Sunday with just my 2 kids here lounging around. I have 2 babysitting kids today. It is back to normal chaos. DS is feeling much better today!! Thankfully.
DD has a runny nose and is crabby. I am hoping that is all it is. It is not a symptom of scarlet fever.
I did NOT eat after supper or have cookies yesterday!!!!!!
I weigh in tonight.
It is a balmy -3C today but they are calling for more snow tonight.
I will deliver some cookie plates tonight. HO HO HO.
Shad~ it will be nice for you to have 4 days off! Glad DB is feeling better. Enjoy your day!!
Teel~ the caroling does sound nice, even if it was chilly.Your festivities sound fun.
Linus~hope your crew are behaving!!!

Hello to everyone!!

12-22-2004, 03:16 PM
hi just a wee quicky to check if i can get on as teel cant

12-22-2004, 05:46 PM
testing testing

12-22-2004, 06:09 PM
hello I am having such trouble posting on the site this evening but that seems to be ok at this moment. Fingers crossed! But I cannot insert a signature ticker and Linus and I have tried and tried and retried to no avail. I just hope this posts or that bottle of Charddonay will get even lower than it is already.
Anyway I will try and ring Shad and Mel and Linus over the weekend
I will leave this short just in case.....

12-22-2004, 06:17 PM
right im going on strike teel and i are having so many problems my page sizes are wrong my signature keeps going whack and sheila and i have spent two hours trying to get the problems sorted and have now gave up and contacted 3fc everything is good here i got two wonderful e-mails from mel {one was a wee elf flashing his bum}and the man next door gave me a lovely bunch of flowers for being a wonderfull neighbour{his words not mine} and now ive had a wonderful talk with sheila so im off night night

12-22-2004, 07:33 PM
Site's been slow loading for the last few days now. It's those blasted Ticker things. Honestly they were cute when they first started and now it's like hearing the song from the movie Titanic over and over and over and over and OVER again. I've seen people who've had as many as 3 tickers in their signature.... "It's been 3 (THREE) days since I cut my toenails... "Only 16 more days until the end of the year..." "232 more days until my next birthday... blah blah blah. "2 pounds down and 400 to go :D Can you tell that 1) I don't follow the crowd and 2) I don't think it's too swift when people take up half the page with all sorts of unnecessary stuff like extra large and colored fonts and wild and crazy signatures that are 15 lines long. Ok, ok so instead of calling me Missus Crabby, just chalk it up to my web background of not wasting bandwidth and causing the whole site to slow down and have problems.

Suzanne 3FC
12-22-2004, 07:38 PM
The tickers that we have shouldn't cause any lag at all because they are on the same server. The ones from Tickerfactory were causing lags, which is why we hired a programmer to write a version for us. Also, the images that people link to from other sites cause lags, and this includes anything in signatures or photos in posts. We try to keep everything here, so it loads quick.

We might change the rules to ask people not to link to external images, that might help :)

12-22-2004, 10:11 PM
No WAY could I ever repeat all the comments I made whilst reading since the last time I posted. Note to self: Turn the telepathy ON before reading.

Grandkids were great. The youngest one selected a kid-sized guitar for his birthday present from us and I spent Saturday afternoon being serandaded by a composer. Very relaxing. Very talented (of course). I would have picked something more active - a soccer ball, for example - so I was very surprised. Actually, he wanted the Stink Blaster but his Grandma of No Guts said no.

I FINALLY got all of my Christmas cards out. The International Set will most likely receive theirs by Easter, as promised.

The next 5K is January 15, so I need to keep up the training. If the weather cooperates, dearest Hubster and I will run outside on Christmas Eve for training. He'll run 10K and I'll run 5. I can't run the entire 5K yet. The last race I ran over a mile and then walked and ran the rest. Ran more than walked - I'm working on it! I can run 30 minutes on the treadmill, but outside is different.

One more day of work and then I'm home until Jan 3! :cool:

I can't find the elf showing his bum, so I'll just say :merry:

p.s. I tried to find the Three Days Since I Shaved My Legs ticker just for Happy but didn't have any luck. I'll keep trying.

12-23-2004, 01:47 AM
Actually Tig, a ticker of "it's been xxxx number of days since I last shaved my legs would be pretty funny..." I was just trying to say that some people do overkill. What do you expect from someone who's favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla? Well except at Christmas. I do like a good peppermint once in a while. :T

I am trying to toss more out in the trash and get things in some semblance of order for packing next week. It does seem like more and more the impossible task.

Teel and Linus - can I listen in on your instructions to one another - I'm more intested in joining in after the wine bottle has reached the half way mark. :rofl: :cheers:

Tig good job on the training for the race. How's the weather down by you these days?

Holly, hope your neck feels better. A bit of yoga sounds like exactly what you need right now - a break from the chaos.

Shad enjoy your days off. You're doing great at the gym, will you be renewing your membership - can't remember I thought that was a pressie from the DS last year or am I confusing it with the spoiler for your car?

Shaker, congrats on the promotion. I know what you mean, sometimes you wonder if it's worth all the extra work and stress. We have I think 3 different kinds of real Christmas trees here - firs, pines and spruce trees. Some are heartier than others, some have a better scent. I like the scrawny ones that smell pretty. I have a huge 30 foot pine tree outside my bedroom that I got for Earth Day back in 1990. It's my baby that I've lovingly cared for since it was a 2 foot seedling. We used to decorate it for Christmas until it got too big. Now I step under the bottom branches, admire the birds who perch there and get a whiff of that lovely pine smell. I do hope the new owners take care of it - it needs a spraying in the spring so the red saw fly larvae don't destroy all the new needle growth. I would be so sad if we came back later next year and it was gone. :cry: Anyway we have a very pretty artificial tree but some years I just want a real one so I go make DH get me one. They can range from $30 to $60 for a 6 foot tree.

Candlelady I hear you on the dentist. I was telling my sister tonight that I am starting to regret my lost youth. When things on the old body "break or break down" recently it sure is getting might expensive to fix.

Hugs and kisses to Mel - rest easy girlfriend.

12-23-2004, 06:00 AM
Linus and Teel, do not adjust or try to adjust your page. The reason the page is so big or at least was so big on the last page was the big wallpaper size piccy that Meadow put there. It pushed the boundaries so to speak. But we are back to normal now. We forgive Meadow because she is so fond of her AB but maybe she might make them a little smaller (bigger but fewer pics of the bloke maybe) Anyway not to worry. I had some problems a few weeks back and Suzanne said it was because I was trying to post when the backup was going on. Apparently the time I was trying to post and comment was after midnight the day before - if you know what I mean and she talked about when the backups were, which made me reach for the world clock again to find out when not to try to get on the site. If you want the days and times go have a gander at the Journal FAQ forum. Look for the famous photo!!!!

Happy I have now taken down my tickers for the hours till the next shower and the time to kill until I have to drive back to the gym again and the one which took a bet on whether HM Sunday the Cat will eat all her tea tonight. Can I come back to play???? Actually though I have to agree with you in a lot of respects. Some of the tickers were very elaborate and the new ones are just fine.
Mel tells me she hopes to be back tomorrow sometime. She's still feeling a bit weak and washed out but is better than she was. The bare assed elf we are all talking about features below Tig. No maybe not. It won't upload. If you want I will put it in an e-mail for you. Speaking of Mel reminded me of the elf as she sent it to me. Umm do I have your e-mail addy??? It must be here somewhere.

Well the brother has been and gone. Come round with the latest hard luck story. Mind you, it appears that his pay has not yet gone into the bank, so I have given him some food so that he can pay the rent with what money he has left. Okay, enough of that.

Time to go get on with planning Saturdays menu so I don't forget what I am doing or having or being or whatever. See you tomorrow.

12-23-2004, 06:23 AM
Just peeked in this morning to see what everybody was up to. There is not much to report from Texas except we got a 2 inch snowfall yesterday. :D It was so beautiful, they are very few and far between in Texas that we get really excited.

I am not sure but the problem with the forum could have been that worm that infected several message boards. It completely wiped out another one that I visit but they got it back up yesterday late.

Just want to say hello to everybody and hope you have a wonderful day. I have tons of stuff to get done and am feeling pretty poorly the last few days, just call me the Christmas scrooge. :o

12-23-2004, 08:48 AM
Good afternoon to all from a beautiful sunny blue sky day here in England. Sorry for lack of smilies as the link still isn't playing the game today.
You are right, Shad, the page is correct again on this page. Thank goodness for that although I still cannot access the ticker page properly. Please, please Meadow , can you downsize AB in future pictures as it is causing tremendous problems for me at least! Sorry to be a kill-joy.
CANDLE I hope you are feeling better now. You are not allowed to be ill over Christmastide...
HAPPY my good friend how are you? Frazzled I expect with the house move and starting a new job and trying to keep body and soul in one piece. Take it easy. Love and best wishes to you esoecally during this difficult time.
SHAD I hope you have a good time over the next few days. I bet Sunday is pleased to have you home where you belong and not camping out on ds's knee.
MEL the same for you. I hope your eyes are sorting themselves out and you are fit and ready to go over the Christmas season.
SHAKER good wishes to you and a big welcome home to the site! Well done on the job promotion.
LINUS I hope all is well up in Scotland for you and DH and C and C.Hope your back is feeling a lot easier today. NO MORE crawling around on the floor!!!

I see our esteemed leader Suzanne has been on our thread...I hope she left with a good impression of us all...she must think we are all mad! She came up with a good thought though about not letting people use external links as they slow down the site quite considerably. Suzanne, if you pop back in, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you and all the family! And thank you for all your hard work on the site!

Ok that's all from me. I have now noticed that the blue sky has gone completely and it is all grey out there. Ho hum.Still quite mild though.
Love to you all. Bye for now.
Teel xxx

12-23-2004, 09:44 AM
Our sky is a blur of white.Blizzard here. Only -4 C though. My kids were out before 8am running through snow drifts up to their arm pits. It looks like fun.
Every one is healthy here today.Hope it stays that way!!! I still have atense neck. More yoga. I doubt I will have extra kids today. They will be snowed in.
I delivered all my baking yesterday. It was fun to play Santa.

Tig~I guess there is no snow in Fla! You are dedicated to run Christmas eve.
Candlelady~are you out making snowmen??
Shad~sorry about the Bro.One step forward 2 back....Hopefully he will keep going forward.
Happy~purging the house is good therapy,LOL. I went a little bonkers here in the fall.DH and DS were rumaging through bags looking for "good stuff".DH has a 1500 sq ft shed FULL of important bits of things.
SHaker~ Hi, nice to meet you.

Kids are back in and staving must go feed them.

12-23-2004, 10:49 PM
Shad, I know you are a bit aways from Tasmania but did you or Shaker feel the quake? :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

Holly - don't get lost in the blizzard. Can't say I'd love to switch places with you. Perhaps you can build a snowman like DH and I did last month.

Teel, glad you figured out your problem accessing the site. Are you going to lead us in song?

12-23-2004, 11:35 PM
It is interesting to note that Happy gets the Tassie news before me. I know nothing about an earthquake down there, but will be watching the news with interest tonight. Places here are not built to withstand earthquakes.
Didn't feel a thing.

12-23-2004, 11:47 PM
Here's the news story from Yahoo. 8.1 is nothing to sneeze at...

World's Biggest Earthquake in 4 years registered off coast of Australia (

Perhaps my map was rather small but DH said something about Canberra and it didn't look like Brissy was all that far from Canberra - about the difference between Memphis and Chicago. Of course we would not feel one in Memphis if we were here. And oh, found out that Memphis lies on a MAJOR fault line so we will be having to get earthquake insurance when we move...

12-24-2004, 12:48 AM
Hum, geography lesson coming up. I went to the site to see what was going on as my friend in Az thought it was in the South Island of NZ.

Appears the earthquake was some 1500km southeast of Tasmania and south of NZ's South Island by about the same amount. It hit McQuarie Island archipelago which is Australian governed territory. About the only things that live on McQuarie are the seabirds (they would just pick up their nests and go elsewhere) seals, (don't feel that much under the water - oooooh that was a big wave dear!!!!) and a few mad scientists who went mad because they live there. The quake was 33km deep. There may be a few large swells developing out of this and the quake was felt in Southland, Westland and Te Anau regions of the South Island of New Zealand. If you read the article from nzoom you will find the archipelago is made of deep earth crust, magma and very old rock. It's interesting to read what the seismologists from Aus say compared to the NZ seismologists as an earth tremor in Aus happens once in a blue moon and almost every week in NZ most are not small enough to feel. The Aussies have to go offshore to study earthquakes since they don't have enough of them here.
Don't get me wrong 8.1 is a bloody big earthquake but they are few and far between. Start to feel sorrier for the people in Hokkaido in Japan who had a big one some weeks back (after all the typhoons they had suffered during the summer) and who are praying for a mild winter because they are living in school gymnasiums and classrooms until they can get new accommodation because everything fell down flat during the earthquakes and after shocks.

Gotta go. There is two more shops to visit. Bread and biscuits. Last things on the list and I forgot them while there earlier today. Have a good night.

12-24-2004, 05:42 AM
This is the Christmas spirit that isn't and this is as good as it gets. So Merry Christmas to you all. The fat man cometh tonight (my time) the rest of you will have to wait, and wait and in Meadows case wait some more.

Have a good one.

12-24-2004, 11:57 AM
Shad, thanks for the geography lesson!

I just finished my run. The weather was perfect - cool (well, cool for Florida- 62*F) and overcast. I ran 4.8 miles in an hour and 5 minutes. I ran 2 miles straight then short walk and more running. I ran most of the time with very little walking. Really felt great! Dearest Hubster ran a 10K (6.2 miles) while I was running my 4.8 loop. I think if I stick with my 4.8 mile loop at least once a week, the 5K (3.1 miles) race in January will be easier. My goal is to run a 5K without any walking. :dance:

The plans for this evening are the children's church service at 7:00 (just because I love to watch kids at Christmas) and then we'll go back to church for the 11:30 PM service because Dearest Hubster is serving as lay reader and chalice bearer.

I like these little elves! :merry: Everyone!

12-24-2004, 12:20 PM

1 more sleep!!! The kids are excited. Okay I am excited!! Last year I was so exhausted it was all a blur. I am thankful to be feeling so much better now!!!

DH is off today so the kids didn't wake me. I woke to the voice of a Mom in the hallway. OOPS! She got to see the frightening just rolled out of bed me.

I went to bed at 9:30pm to read. Nothing on the tube. I was restless.I got up at 11, wandered around the house,admired the beautiful tree shadows on the snow, played on the computer, went back to bed ,read for a while and then had glorious dreams of a red headed,kilted Scot tearing around the Highlands with me in tow. Yum!
I am not as tough and hearty as I think. My back muscles are seriously aching after 2 hours of snow shovelling yesterday.
I got tons of housework done.It looked lovely for about 2O min, LOL!
Coffee is done, kiddies fed, some dishes done. I really want to clear off the diningroom table before the day is done.
I need to get a few groceries this aft.

Tig~ you are inspiring!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

CHEERS!!! :cheers:

12-24-2004, 02:18 PM
Hello everyone :)

We finally got a Christmas tree yesterday, hubby drove up into the mountains and liberated a tree from his parents property :p My girls are very excited, saying Merry Christmas instead of good morning to everyone. Hope you all have a beautiful day with lots of good company!

12-24-2004, 04:02 PM
this 33 year old jumped ut of bed at 5.50 am and couldnt get back to bed cause i was so excited :dizzy: :eek: :cb: :cb: :gift: :crazy: :crazy: :rofl: :yikes: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: yes i know im really stupid but somebody needs to be excited in this house
well i ended up town today because craig left it till 8.00pm last night to tell me that he didnt have a present for ashliegh his girlfreind so we ended up in the disney shop buying a simba cushion and finding nemo wrapping paper :lol: and a lovely bunch of flowers so shes bought for and craigs happy
SHAD thankyou for the lovely card and bookmark it was so lovely and such a nice surprise and conner loves koalas so he was tickled pink :encore: :cheer: :cheer:
MEL how are you ? are you feeling better ? no more naked elfs ??? have a nice xmas and enjoy yourself you deserve it soo much
HAPPY meant to ask you yesterday did you get your xmas card ? never thought of asking you before are you all organised for your move ??
ROSE how are you ? did you get your cheescakes done? what are you doing for new year ? have a nice time whatever you are doing :)
TIG your going to forget to stop one day and youll fall right off the end of the earth :rofl: :rofl: have a great time too
HOLLYHOCK how are your wee mini - snowmen /women :o have a great time with the wee ones
MEADOW glad you got your tree and for not much money either have a great time
CANDLELADY have a great time with the family and enjoy yourself
SUZI where are you luv ????? everything ok ?? hope its just cause your enjoying yourself too much to get in speak soon
TEEL phone you tonight after you come in from your meal
SHAKER have a great xmas and enjoy yourself with your family
right ladies ive got to go and finish gutting out this house and making the trifle and doing the ironing and chucking the brats in the shower and then throwing myself in after them so everybody have a brilliant xmas no matter what time it gets to you

12-24-2004, 04:07 PM
Itís here and the day has dawned not quite bright and clear, but overcast and warm. With a bit of luck the summer storm predicted for this afternoon will not arrive and we will be able to eat outside. Thereís not much life around the street yet but then there are not as many kids around the place as there used to be.
Iíve a lot to do today, so Iím only going to be here while I drink my coffee. Then after 10 or so when the barbeque is hissing and spitting, Iíll be back to check. I have to come back to log the food and exercise later tonight. That could be a telling entry!

Confession time here. The weber bbq is home. I rung DS to moan about my weberless state and he said to look out the back - he had dropped it off earlier when he had come around to check on my wellbeing and whether I wanted anything! Sort of makes me feel a bit mean for grumping - but darnit Iím the MUM, itís my job to grump.
Anyway he will be back around ten to help me light the bbq and ensure the place is reasonably tidy. Donít expect elegance from this chick. Tidy will do me fine.

Last night I made the stuffings for the chicken and fish, cleaned the fish (canít believe the darned thing wasnít cleaned and scaled - lucky I am not squeamish) and I made some apple sauce for the pork and some red onion jam. Today I have to make the fresh fruit salad, the salad, prepare the veges and sort out the dips and chips etc. Best put some wine on ice too, although there wonít be a lot of drinking done. My SIL doesnít, the kids are too young to have more than a glass, DBís 1&2 are driving and DS doesnít drink that much except on the odd occasion where he goes over the top. Itís only happened twice that I know about.

So coffees gone, time to get on with it. First job - sweep the patio and get the umbrella out and sort out the tables.

From my place to yours - hereís to us on Christmas Day 2004. :sball2: :merry: :sball:

12-24-2004, 05:41 PM
I made it to Boise the weather is divine 44 and sunny...... I had a book on tape for the first time and made that perilous drive doable for the first time. So that is the way for me.....
I love being in my MOmmy space again...I had promised one of my former amputee patients we would help him unload a moving van on the morning of christmas eve and we did it in an hour....then went to the mall... and we wer home baking more cheesecake by 11am..... my boys are so funny...... they have the best way about them with their friends..... Ladies I was in heaven walking through the mall with my soon to be 21 year old holding my hand.....
that is the best gift of all.... my boys!!!!!!!!!
My son's girlfriend was deathly illl but my knowledge saved us a trip to the emergency room last night... so that was good..... I so debated with myself about even coming down glad I did.
I want you all to have a fabulous Christmas....enjoy your family and friends.... and even say a prayer for those who are difficult in your life.... LOve shared and given with unconditional Love is the reason for the season.
Blessings to all of you,
I will let you know when I make it home on Sunday.... that drive is so difficult for me and I love to drive........ if only I could show all of you the amazing passes I have to go over........

12-24-2004, 06:25 PM
Merry Christmas Chickies one and all :) :) :)

Yes Linus, I did get your card about 2 weeks ago. Sorry, I thought I had mentioned it as yours was one of the first cards I sent out. Obviously my cards to you folks are somewhere on the back of the 3 kings camels or something :o as they have apparently not arrived yet. I am glad you have bounded out of bed - someone in the house should be cheery I say - just don't go hurting yourself a leaping and dancing.

Shad, I am impressed - scaling your own fish. You are a woman of many talents and if I was to be stranded on a island - yours is the first name I'd call out. The Christmas dinner sounds deee-lish. :T

Rose - your day sounds absolutely heavenly and you sound like you on on cloud 9. Glad you are really enjoying your trip. Safe journey home - I can only imagine the beauty of the mountain passes and the bit of lip biting as you are by yourself. Eeekkk.

Way to go on the run Tig :cp:

Meadow, loved the sleepy kitty picture. How wonderful a fresh cut tree must smell. Please take a deep breath and a long look of admiration for me. Maybe a pic too or don't you have have a digital camera?

Traditionally DH and I would have a lovely candelight dinner tonight but this year is not traditional for us. We are going out to dinner to our favorite seafood restaurant (for probably the last time). And when I come back home I have to make an apple cake with the most heavenly butter sauce for dessert for the family dinner and get together tomorrow.

It is bitterly cold here - in the single digits but thank goodness no snow. That means we'll have an intensely clear night - with an amazing blue black sky and the stars twinkling ever so pretty - a perfect Christmas night. Listen in the distance I think I can hear the far away sounds of faint jingle bells and if I take a good whiff I can smell the reindeer (pooooey). :rofl:

Wishing blessings, peace, happiness and love to you all this Christmas (eve) night and throughout the season. Hope Santa is good to you and if you are the religious type, Happy Birthday dear little Jesus.

12-24-2004, 08:42 PM
I have been under the weather but wanted to take just a minute and wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful time with your families, and whatever you do be safe. :) :)

Hugs, Diane

12-24-2004, 09:37 PM
:merry: Hello Worldly Chicklettes! Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend! I will try and catch up reading over the weekend. Not feeling 100% yet and tire easily. Hate this weakness! :o Sending all of you good wishes and hope Santa is good to all of you. I missed the office party and spend an hour with them all yesterday opening my gifts. I cried a LOT! :rofl: Very weepy these days! :faint: Think it's the meds, the generosity of the Staff and the Season :dizzy: :eek: :cry: :rolleyes: :merry: :sman: :sball2: :sball: :snf: :D
Santa is due here soon so I want to be asleep when he comes. I don't want him to see me peeking! Take care and see you tomorrow. Jen and Rich are having dinner here with me. They bought everything already cooked! It was HIS idea! Gotta love him! :love:
Thanks for all the well wishes. I needed them! :D I missed you all too. It was very hard to stay away so long!
Sleep well and sweet dreams and Good Morning Again Sunshine! :rofl: :merry:

12-25-2004, 01:57 AM
Welcome back Mel - we missed you :grouphug: Hope you and Diane are on the mend. Rest up and don't overdo it.

Merry Christmas to all you fine chickies...

12-25-2004, 04:22 AM
I tidied and cleaned and chopped and prepared this morning. 10 oclock came and no DS - Should I ring him??? - No let him sleep all is under control. Lit the barbie, finished the sweeping, answered phone calls from some lovely friends across the world. So good to hear their voices.

DS car drives up the drive and into the carport. I hear him talking. Hello the monster is on the phone AGAIN and two bodies walk through the door. Hello! Two DS's together - what a wonderful surprise. It seems DS1 has been in Brisbane for 3 days and has been hiding out at some mates places in case I went to DS2's place for any reason. So we unwrapped gifts and had hugs and chats and put the pork on the barbeque and then DS2's best mate Robbie (of the computer guru fame) walked in with wife Trudy and son Robert junior. They stayed and chatted for an hour or so and had a drink. Then in went the chicken. DB1 and SIL arrived and chatted and in went the fish. More pressies to open. DB2 arrived with kids. In went the veges. More pressies and I had said no pressies because of the DB2 situation. I then felt a bit guilty. But I had given the kids some money in a card. And the fish went on the barbie. We had planned to eat outside but the flies dissuaded us so we came in and put the food on the table and ate on our laps. It was yummy. DB1 (ex chef) was very impressed with the weber barbie. He was amazed at how beautifully it does bit cuts of meat. The pork had great crackling if I do say so myself. We did the dishes and veged out. Oh yes the family photos. Well I'll attach them. They do not contain DB1 and SIL as they had to go early because SIL was not well. She doesn't look it either.

So who is who in these pics. Well the photo with six in it from the top left and missing part of his head is DB2, next to him is DS1 and then DS2. In front from left is DN daughter of DB2 and DN son of DB2 and me. The second photo is the younger generation having a conversation about the nephews hairdo.

Hope you all have as good a day as I have had.

12-25-2004, 11:14 AM
:D Happy~ Glad to be back and had mucho time to think about "life" in general! Learned a lot about myself in 2 weeks! You will be flying away soon and I hope the trip is a great new life waiting for you at the end!! wishing you lots of love and happiness in your new place. Home is where the heart is and computer access!! :rofl: :) :merry:

Shad~ What a great surprise and I was almost crying when I read the journal. Wonderful of the sons to get together and bowl over the Mum!!! :D Good for them. I am so glad you and Mooz posted pics. My family "album" is growing by leaps and bounds!!! Have a wonderful Sunday Thinking of all the Christmas surprises. Nice to know that Christmas still has it's share of Miracles!!! :)

Linus~ It was so good of you to call and nice to listen to you! :rofl: Gotta love the accent! The Scottish Burr(sp)My neighbor Mary is from Scotland and we had a tough time talking with her in the beginning. Especially when she had a ciggie hanging out of her mouth!!! :rofl: Hope the family has a great Christmas :merry:

:snf: :sball2: :sman: :) :D :rolleyes: :o :o :D :) :merry:
Today I am going to back track and read some posts. I hate to think how many pages there are! LOL :sball2: I love these new smiles for the Holidays!!! Took a shower in all my new lavendar scrubbing system from a friend. I smell delightful. Good thing it's winter so no bees come chasing after me! :df: Watching A Christmas Story. It's a marathon! :cb: Have a wonderful day and enjoy. Sweet dreams Miss Shad.