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11-25-2004, 05:02 PM
So who watched this past Tuesday? It was a good show though I thought they focused a bit too much on all the strategizing and alliances, it seemed more like watching Survivor. I guess with the # of contestents getting down they have to start thinking about staying in for the long haul. I was glad they got rid of Dave though. He was a bit too much of a manipulator. I don't doubt for a minute that it will get down to 4 girls unless there is a tie and the other team has to vote off someone, then that might break up all the women sticking together. I still can't get over Mo not losing weight. What is up with that? If they guy is eating like 1800 cals and even doing a minimum amount of exercise he's got to lose more than 1 lbs a week like he did last week. I seriously wonder how much exercise they do. I mean it looks like they do hours and hours but really is it that much? I'm going to e-mail in a question to the trainers and ask how much average they are doing. I would be sorry to see Ryan go because unless he's a supreme actor, I think he's a much better person than he lets on. Yes he says dumb things, but geez who doesn't? I'm sure he regrets it as soon as he says it but then he likes to go on and try and defend himself rather than just apologizing and saying 'oh that was a stupid thing to say'. Of course it doesn't help with cameras being all over the place. That has got to be tough sitting around just trying to chat with people with a camera crew all over. Anyway I'm really enjoying the show and have no idea at this point who might come away as the winner.