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11-21-2004, 09:21 PM
Ok so today I made my lasagna with sliced tofu as noodles....


not horrible, but don't know if I will do it again.

I cut extra firm tofu into the thinest sheets I could, I patted them between two papertowels.

I then built my lasagna the way I normally would if I was using noodles.

I let it set-up in the fridge for about an hour before baking.

Once baked - it was very watery - not sure why, I use cottage cheese instead of ricotta, but I always do and it has never been watery before - so maybe because of the tofu.

I cut the lasagna and try to lift it out (TRY being the key word here), I think I cut the tofu noodles too thin - they are not firm enough. I only used half a brick of tofu. I scoop the lasgna out with a spoon.

Taste - not bad. My low fat mozzarella didn't melt very well, I bought the brick type, I think the ball type would have melted better.

My 7 yr old DS ate it with me - he picked out the mushrooms but had no complaints about anything else.

DH tastes a couple bites and said "not bad".

After an entire serving - I could definitely taste the tofu.

I've had no previous experience with tofu so didn't realize it had a taste. It does. A kind of earthy cardboard taste. :lol:

I only made a 8x8 sized pan since I didn't want to have to throw too much away if I didn't like it - I now have 3 lunch servings in the freezer.

And I still have the other half of the brick of tofu - any good recipes out there?

I'm now on phase 1.5/2 so the next time I want lasagna - I will just use whole wheat noodles.


11-21-2004, 10:20 PM
You are a lot braver than I my friend. The word tofu just gives me the chills. It's the consistency on my teeth -- bothers me I guess!

Goddess Jessica
11-22-2004, 02:27 AM
Tofu gives off a lot of water. I usually press my tofu for 24 hours before using it.

You may try eggplant next time. Thinly sliced eggplant makes wonderful lasagna noodles. I've also heard of people using eggs already cooked into noodle-shaped strips.... that sounds like way too much more for me.

Also, don't be quick to judge the tofu goodness. I love tofu but I'm not sure I would have liked it in this recipe. :) I have a excellent baked tofu recipe that I use as a party appetizer here:

But kudos for giving it a try!

11-22-2004, 09:59 AM
You can try slicing the tofu block, then freezing it. Thaw it before adding to the lassagna. It helps to push out the extra water. Pressing does help too.

I've also used sliced zucchini for the noodles in lassagna, and then used a mixture of soft tofu and cottage cheese or ricotta for the cheese filling.

11-22-2004, 10:07 AM
Oh, yeah.. gotta really press that stuff. :yes:
Thanks for the review, Kim! :)