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11-19-2004, 04:12 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

11-19-2004, 04:28 PM
A quick post this morning...I'm disoriented with all the sleep I got.....first it's not enough, now it's TOO much....I went to bed at 11:30 last night and got up at noon. But----I had a restless night. I'm not sure what was keeping me up tossing and turning.

Angie--Oh Angie...I'm so sorry that you had to wait for so long! Sending you big Hugs your way!! ((((((HUGS)))))) I do hope that Brandon gets to feeling better and is able to get around soon. And Tanner, I sure hope he gets over the flu quick. I've had it once in my life time and don't ever want it again.......Prayers are being sent your way!

To everyone else, HELLO!!

I'm not doing individuals again today (sorry) I have a couple loads of laundry to do today before I get to work and I have some leaves to rake while the sun is out. Jhanai is coming over today......James told me this morning on his way to work that he'll pick her up if he gets off at 5:00. So I was happy about that.

Ok ladies....I need to start cleaning up and then wake up some. You all have a great afternoon and I promise to catch up individually next time! (If I have time I'll pop in later before work.....)

11-19-2004, 04:43 PM

I can't remember just what everyone said... but here goes!

Angie - OMG, hon! ((((HUGS)))) to you!! At least the worst is over now. I wish I was there to bring a casserole over, or something.

Marti and Cristi - a day chat would be fine with me, too. How about if we add one, instead of taking away the other. Some of the ones who work during the day, like Julie, who may want to pop in at some point to the night time one, which we could move to a different day, like Wednesday. So, how about we say Thursdays, 8:00AM Indiana time, which is 9 for Cristi and 11 for Marti and the bunch in the west? Cristi, thanks for the card!

Sue - glad you're having fun in the sun. It is cloudy here in Indiana, but at least the rain has stopped.

Ellen - I, too, want snow! I want to walk in it, and smell it, and throw a snowball at somebody! Remind me of all this enthusiasm next February when I'm all crabby about it, ok, lol.

To all the Jaded Ladies - read about the chat in the above note to Marti and Cristi, and please let me know what you think of the revision, ok? If you'd rather PM me, please feel free!

Well, I have a date with Neal tonight. We're going to the Christmas Parade of Lights downtown, and then for a Christmas Stroll. Yes, it's being held too early to suit me, but they didn't ask my opinion, lol. (imagine that! sniff!) I am going to wear a new Christmas vest w/santas on it, and am already in a festive mood. It will be hard to backtrack to Thanksgiving after this, lol.


11-19-2004, 04:58 PM
for a few minutes anyway. Did ya miss me? :D Didn't think so :lol:

Jane~you crack me up. :lol: Hope you and Neal have a fabulous time at the parade-sounds fun. I haven't been to a parade in ages.

Okay have to cut this short. DD decided she needs to go to the emergency room-explain later.

11-19-2004, 05:03 PM
Marti - I got distracted by the phone while I was typing that post, and didn't see yours. Have fun with Jhanai, ok?

Cristi - I missed you!!!! It's my job to keep you amused, lol. Edited to add - holy smoke, just caught the part about the ER!! Hope DD is ok - we want details!

11-19-2004, 07:11 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

We did find out though, that he can’t have applesauce anymore. At least not when his plumbing is fine. When he is all backed up (which is never with him) then he can have it…cause applesauce works just like prunes on him! We also tried him last night to see if he has outgrown his milk allergy and it is looking like he has. We gave him a little bit of ice cream and a little bit of yogurt and no reaction like before. I am still waiting for him to give me a big diaper explosion from it. He loved the yogurt, and got mad when his Auntie Anna stopped feeding it to him.

Oh, and we are debating if we are going to take Brandon to the Thanksgiving parade next Thursday. We were going to go last year, but since we went to bed at like 2:30am, then got up at 5:30am to go to Meijer’s because they were having a sale on a jump box that my hubby wanted, we just decided to come back home and got back to sleep. And we ended up sleeping right through watching the parade on tv. The best part with the parade is that where we sit, by the time Santa makes it past us, and we head for him, we get home just in time to watch Santa hit the end of the parade route and get the key to the city.

Well our luck is finally changing for the good!!! Tommy went job hunting last night, and sent his resume to a local advertising agency. Well, they emailed him back and they were so impressed with his resume that they want to set up a preliminary interview with him! So he is going to set it up for hopefully Tuesday and we will go from there! He asked me last night while he was filling out the application online, that if we would relocate for the job. I said to where, thinking somewhere else in MI, and he said “I don’t know, maybe another state.” I said “no” and he started on his “you don’t want to see me succeed do you” and all that crap. It isn’t that I don’t want to see him succeed because I do, it’s just that me and my older sisters all made a pact that what ever happened we would NOT move out of state. And I plan on keeping that pact!

Jane~ Yup he did work for a union. But they had just gotten the union into his work right before they fired him. And he has tried and tried to get the union to help him, but he keeps getting the run around. He will get checks because he signed up for unemployment right after they fired him, like the next day, and so we are waiting on all that. He is already growing so quickly! He is going to be 7 months old on Tuesday! And he just started stage 2 foods….before we know it, he will be onto stage 3 foods and then eating table foods.

Angie~ I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Gosh girl, how do you do it? You go through **** and back, and still manage to be super mom.

Cristi~ My sister actually only made I think just Brandon’s costume before giving in. Oh wait, I think she was able to get Brandon’s, and her two daughters’ costumes done. She was trying to rush and get my sister Katy’s two kids costumes done, and instead burned her own arm with the iron, so she gave up. Mind you she did all this while being pregnant!

Marti~ You sure do have a full plate! Have fun with Jhanai!

You know, I put the list to send me a daily email about the posts on here, and I get these more then I did when I had it set to individual posts or whatever it was.

11-19-2004, 08:42 PM
{{{{{Angie}}}}}} Hope you all are doing better today??

awwww..........I wanted to be Perry Mason!! I guess I will need a lawyer. lol
I did get my change of venue papers in the mail. Can't hand them in til my response is ready.
My lawyer thing with my employer kicks in on Tuesday, so I am waiting.Though I signed up for a low income attorney progeam. Scale fee...go in on 12/1 to pay a 25 least that way I would have an attorney with me in court on what I can pay.
Can't really pay this 115 an hour thing .....which would happen with my employer benefit.
Though they will advise me and write letters for me......blah-blah

Getting soooooooo sick of this.!!!!!!

They are SOOOOO mean on the lawyer board. lol.............omg- think they are about to hang gull of me to take his child away from him- who the *&^% do I think I

It was both our idea to do counseling. I just said I would need that in order for him to see her.
So, he agreed and it does show good on both our I think we have worked hard on trying to get along.
Just can't ...............he is a jerk, that is

sooooooooooo hungry!!!!!

best go

oh,,,,,,,,happy news I got my cell phone from Rocky.....

11-20-2004, 08:35 AM
Good morning ladies!!

Mindee - wow, Brandon is lucky to be getting those checks. In Indiana, he wouldn't get them, unless he was fired unfairly and could prove it. I used to deal with that a lot when I was a personnel director. So happy for you that it's different in your state. I don't blame you for not moving. If a man wants to be a success, he can surely do that in any state of the union.

Susan - Mike can't fight you unless he also has money for a lawyer.... or uses a court-appointed one. Are you sure he is even going to take this the whole way? As a last resort, would Rocky ever consider moving to Portland?

Hi to the rest of the bunch.. :wave:

Well, ladies, the parade was so nice! We got there early, and sat on a tall ledge, under a tree. It began to sprinkle a little, but the branches protected us. There are no headlights allowed on the vehiclesin the parade, and all the twinkle lights on the floats are powered by generators. It was so beautiful. Except this one float, lol - they had an angel that was supposed to be suspended over the manger scene, and we could see the cord that held her up. Straight from the neck, and she just hung there. The cord holding up her feet must have broken. Anyway, it looked more like a hanging at Dodge City instead, lol. I can't wait to talk to all the DGDs today and ask them about Santa. He was at the very end of the parade, and looked like the real deal. I told Neal I'd better start being good, since Santa is in town, and he said he thinks it's too late for me, lol. Wise guy!!

I am very upset at my weigh-in today. I was hoping since I've had the flu, I'd show an even better loss than usual, but the scales say I gained 4 pounds. This is not possible! I have done everything the same with the food, water and the exercise. I got off the scale and got back on, and it said the same thing. I'm not holding water. It would break my heart to change my signature, so I think I'll just leave it. What do you think?

Gotta go call Maggie, I'm already about 5 minutes late... bbl,

11-20-2004, 11:36 AM
awwwww Ma Jane!!!

Miss you!! :) Mike has no money and if he DOES child support might want to hear about

He is always paranoid that his ex and I are talking. Tells me not to get involved with their court stuff and told her last week not to get involved with this one.

She told him she would if I asked which set him off in a

I think if I bluff him enough he will back down.....hmmm, Perry Mason I ain'

Was feeling real good til I realized there are silly laws to follow, what a bother....haha.

Rocky would move here, I think.
I said he really almost has to come here and meet Mike and the Ex husband....and be there at the court thing. Has to show he ain't some internet sex perv ax murder kind of
Just that his son might not come, might want to stay with his Nana, she is so close to him. She is like his mother......

Just if he comes he will come by himself. If we were going to get married while he was here he would bring Kris......cause he promised him to be best man,....

anyway, that is kind of fun to think about.Almost had me forgeting legal hassles........:)

best get. Volleyball all day with Becky and she had an awesome report card!!! 3 - A's and 4- B's.....
Rach did great too! Need to do something special for them.

ta ta

11-20-2004, 01:25 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Geez, what a night...didn't think we would ever get out of the ER that place was so busy. Didn't get home till a little after 9 pm. DD has reflux and hasn't had an attack in years, anyway thought this was the same thing but not sure. The pain was about the same but she started throwing up at noon and it continued till we got to the ER-she threw up three times while there. She wasn't even wanting to go to the doc or ER but she saw a little blood when she threw up. Before they thought it may have been her heart and did all kinds of tests which they did the same last night. Chest x-rays, checked her heart, did urine and blood tests and gave her an IV while we were there waiting on the test results. Made her dizzy and sleepy. But she is fine, didn't find anything wrong-gave her some prescriptions. She came home and slept the rest of the night and is feeling better this morning. That was my drama yesterday-scary.


Jane~ sorry to hear about the gain. I don't see how it is possible though if you did nothing different. I had that happen to me once also, don't know if you remember...but just knew there was no way I gained 4 lbs. Of course the next WI proved it so it will probably show that plus more gone on your next WI. Glad you and Neal enjoyed the parade. Bet DGD's really loved seeing Santa. I love to see the little ones all excited over Christmas and Santa, so sweet.

Susan~I think if Mike sees you have a lawyer, I bet anything he backs down. If he can't pay child support how the heck is he going to drag this thing out in court? I just think he is trying to make waves for you because you are happy and he needs to deal with it and get over it. WTG Becky and Rach on the good grades. Have fun at volleyball today.

Mindee~again, love your avatar! I guess with the job thing I am a little different in that I would move wherever DH had to go to get a job. Being as he is the provider of the family if he had to take a job in another state I would follow. I know I would rather be close to family but I think you gotta do what ya gotta do and for me that would be to follow him wherever-but that's me and I can totally understand your pact with your sisters. Hopefully, Tommy doesn't hold this against you later on. Anyway, I do hope everything works out for the best for your family.

Marti~hope you enjoy your weekend with Jhanai and James.

Angie~thank you for the card and pics of Tanner, what a sweetheart he is. I will PM you my address as we are closing the PO box the end of this month. Hope Brandon and Tanner are feeling better today.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not sure what I am doing today, oh wait, that's right-laundry! Always doing laundry. Vince is going to put in a new microwave over the stove later when he gets home. Now I can get the old one off the counter and have lots more space. I needed someplace to put my crockpot instead of having to go out in the garage to get it every time I need it. Really need to get things organized more in the cupboards. Then he's putting together the 60 in. wreath we found at Lowes. Kind of weird that it is in 4 pieces, at least we only have to put it together once and then it can hang on the garage wall after Christmas. It will be better to put that together than to try and put 300+ lights on the 48 in. one. Of course I have to take the 48 in. one back to Wal-Mart. Had to run a couple of errands this morning and saw a couple of people decorating for Christmas. Aslo, last night on the way home from the ER saw three houses with their lights on. Really makes me want to get to work. Going to get all the boxes down out of the garage and go through the lights and untangle I think. Vince has to work next weekend so he's going to do a little through-out the week and on Thanksgiving. Anyway, not sure what else I will do today. Think that will keep me busy enough.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend!

Tea Rose
11-20-2004, 01:47 PM
Good Morning Everyone
How is everyone enjoying they're day so far, mine has had a slow start all those early morns and late nights are catching up with me,
Hi Angie:wave:
How is Brandon doing today,I know that its to soon for him to be feeling better but I hope he's at least comfortable ,I'm sending him lots and lots of hugs.How are you doing ,I know this is hard on you as well ,Its hard not to worry I know ,I hope also that Tanner is feeling better today , wow your poor family ,Its been a rough week hasn't it.I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your familyand lots of hugs.
Hi Marti:wave:
I hope that your feeling more rested ,you have had a busy week ,so how was orientation?Did you get your leaves raked? thats something I haven't gotten to yet .My property is surrounded by huge trees and the leaves cover the ground like snow. as soon as you rake them more fall ,so I have waited probably to long this year,but maybe I can get some help today and get it done although its a damp cold day here.I hope that you and Jhanai have a nice time today.Did you finish your cards yet?
Hi Jane:wave:
How are you feeling,and little Madison, I hope that no one else in your family has come down with the flu there is so much of it going around. I 'm so tired of these dark gloomy days ,snow would make just a nice difference right now,I know it would change my mood and get the season going.How was your date,Parade of lights and a Christmas stroll that sounds so romatic,, I hope that you and Neal had a really nice time it sure makes the season come alive dosen't it. What are your plans for today ,resting after your big date.LOL Have a great day.
Hi Sue:wave:
I 'm happy you are having a good time and enjoying that warm and sunny weather,I haven't seen any on that for a long time now. Have a great day
Hi Susan:wave:
Sorry things are hard right now, seems like you have a( Rocky )road ahead sorry I couldn't resist.LOL I know this is a serious situation and I am not making light of it but thought a little and I mean little humor might lighten the moment ,but I promise no more Rocky puns. I wouldn't go on those boards I think they will just upset you, to many uneduacated opinions, stick to the advice of your lawyer ,otherwise you will go crazy with worry,Enjoy talking on your new cell phone, and have a great day.
Hi Cristi:wave:
Hows your day going so far , did you get your wreath decorated yet ,I hope your having a great day .
Hi Mindee:wave:
I hope that Tommy finds work soon ,and this job works out for your family ,I know how stressful that is for a young family, I will say a little prayer for you, Have a nice day
Hi to everyone else :wave: Sorry I have to go ,my son needs the computer , but I will be back later Have a great day,girls *ELLEN*

da fat n da furious
11-20-2004, 02:35 PM
Good morning Ladies,
Susan, question would be why Mike doesn't want you to know anything about the ex and she about you. About the other site,,,do their comments matter? no they don't. They don't know the full story or are too closed minded...possibly they are*mikes* themselves.
Cristi, hope DD is feeling better...that would be quite scary to find blood while being sick. You are welcome about the pictures.

Jane, congrats on hitting 80 lb loss! And thats sweet about you and Neal having a date.....

Marti, hope you enjoy your weekend with DD and James

Ellen, how is the weather over there? Its warm over here, no snow.

Mindee, I don't think your sister would really hold you to a pact if it means it would be better for you and your family. You do need to take care of yourselves over a pact.
Tell she had to move to the same state,,,if James does get a job out of state.

Well yesterday was a good day and bad day. Tanner is feeling a while bunch better. Will do the matinee and show tonight.
Brandon thou had a rough night and day. Found out his cast was on too tight,,,his BP went way up , causing headaches,,,causing nausea. So they cracked it on either side. The morphine makes him so relaxed he forgets to breath so he has to stay on oxygen. The epidural wasn't in right and not doing anything but discomfort so they removed that. And so they upped his other meds,,,antibiotics and pain relievers. Which made him sick to his stomache and so his heart rate went from 60-65 to 125-130 which made his nurse jumpy. But last night he slept from midnight right through till I left at 10:30 am. He did pull his oxygen off a couple of times and got the bells and whistles going. That place was a horror place to try and get some sleep.
Anyways I need to shower,,,and some coffee...found out the hospital makes the worst coffee ever. Even worse then me...and thats saying alot!
thanks for all the well wishes,,,I have told Brandon hes got alot of people thinking about him.

11-20-2004, 02:54 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Mindee--That would be hard to move, but I'm with Cristi, I would move if James had to move, which is a possibility in our future. At one time we had thought about moving to Florida so he could work with my BIL.....As difficult as that will be. We have to think of our future and how to support it, and if it means moving, then I guess I'll have to move. I hope Tommy finds a job that he DOESN'T have to move so you don't have to break some pact you have w/your sisters.

Susan--Oh dear, it sure sounds like you're having to deal with such stressful things right now! As for that board thats telling you, "how dare you take that child" should have responded by saying "Well, he took himself away from her when he chose drugs over being a father" And as for you deciding if he should pay child support or long as it's an ok agreement between you and Mike (and why would he object to that?!) than there is nothing that can stop you from changing that. According to the judge who gave me and my ex the divorce. I hope it all works out for you Susan!!

Jane--The parade sounds like it was fun! I have no idea if we have parade around here....I may have to check up on that! As for the 4lbs. Our bodies are strange creatures, you could be retaining water w/out realizing it. It may be that you're starting to gain more muscle mass since you're working out more....who knows what it could be. But I wouldn't worry about changing your siggy.....I'm sure next week you'll see the 4lbs gone and plus some. You've done so well over this last year and you're still doing a wonderful job. So don't worry, I'm sure you won't see those 4 pounds next WI.

Cristi--Oh what a scare w/DD!! I'm glad it's nothing serious w/her heart or anything else for that matter and that she is now home relaxing. Your wreath sounds beatiful. I am wanting to buy a big wreath to put on the side of our house, but I'm not sure how that would look. I am planning to buy one to put either on our front door or on the front of our deck.....just haven't made up my mind yet. I suppose I can figure it out once I buy one! :lol: oh....while you're doing laundry, feel free to come over and do some of mine!

Ellen--I did get my leaves raked but looking out there you wouldn't have guessed I raked anything! What was nice is that an hour after I had raked, the city came by and picked up our leaves. So at least I don't have this huge pile sitting in the road. I haven't even messed with my cards in about a week! I better get something done with them soon. I have about 15 of them to do....and I'm deciding who the 15 are going to get them this year while the rest get store bought. I'm not so sure I'll make Christmas cards next year...unless I start them in January! :lol:

Angie--How are your boys feeling? Wish I was there to help you out so you can get some rest. Let us know how they're doing.

Hello to all the other Jaded Ladies!

Well Jhanai and I decided that we want to start some Christmas decorating this weekend. We'll put on some Christmas music or have a Christmas movie on, make some popcorn and just have fun today. But right now, since I"m having a hard time getting up (I'm still waking up after getting up at 9:30) we're lounging around relaxing.

Time for me to make some late breakfast! You all have a great weekend..I will check in later on.

Tea Rose
11-20-2004, 03:42 PM
HI LADIES :wave:
I started to PM my address to you girls but I don't know who or how many of you exchange cards ,so if you could PM me your addresses if you would like to , I would so greatley appreciate it, and I would be happy to send mine if you would like that to. Thanks everyone *ELLEN*

11-20-2004, 06:28 PM
Angie--You posted before I did and I didn't even notice it!! Sorry! I'm glad that Tanner is feeling better. I received your card and pictures yesterday....very handsome young man! You should be proud. I'm sorry that Brandon is having a time with his injury and hope that he heals soon! Sending him lots of get well hugs to him! ((((((HUGS BRANDON)))))) It is times like these that I wish we all lived closer so we could be there in person to support each other. I'm really looking forward to someday meeting all you fine ladies!

Ellen--I'm getting ready to PM you my address. I would love to add you to my list.

Just wanted to check in real quick before I cleaned up a bit before Jhanai and I start decorating. I may check in a bit later.

Take care

11-20-2004, 09:49 PM
I'm back..

Susan - remind me... how old is Kris? YAY to your girls for their good grades.

Cristi - so glad your DD is ok. Bet that was scary, though. Did V get the microwave put in? I think it sounds very handy above the stove.

Ellen - I know all about late nights and early mornings. I also know about naps, lol. Since it began misting, Neal and I didn't get to do the stroll last night, but had lots of fun in spite of that. Yes, the DGDs were especially excited about Santa and a horse they saw, lol.

Angie - hope Brandon is more stable, and having less pain. How'd the play go?

Marti - bet you had lots of fun with Jhanai today. Mary is just itching to put up her decorations, too. I told her that it's her house, go ahead, lol. Won't be long til everything around is just beautiful.

Neal and I are going to my ex-in-law's tomorrow to visit. Yes, my ex's parents, lol. They are really nice people and we have stayed in contact over the years because of my DS and, although it didn't work out between their son and me, I still love his family and they love me, lol. And they have said over and over how glad they are I found a guy like Neal. Isn't that sweet? Both of them are in bad health, so I thought I should pay a visit soon.

Well, gotta go do my nails. See you tomorrow!

11-20-2004, 11:38 PM
Poppin in for a bit.

Jane--I'm friends with my ex in-laws also. In fact, when I left, my ex MIL said "Well it's about time Marti" And then proceeded to tell me that I will always be a part of their family and that James is too. It's strange but it's nice. We (James & I ) have taken Jhanai over there (her dad was there too) to visit while James and Thom worked on a car with the help of my ex-FIL...... I'm glad it was never a nasty thing.

Well, Jhanai got involved with a computer game today while I was cleaning and mopping my floors so we postponed the decorating until tomorrow. which if fine with me. I'm having pain in my hamstring on my right leg and I have no idea what I did to pull that muscle. It feels like I worked out to the max but didn't. The most I've done is roll off the couch! :lol: (ok...I do more) I've been taking ALL the stairs at work and walk during all my breaks so that may be part of it...but it hurts like !@#$

Got a message from Shanna....says to tell you all "HI" and that she hopes to join us sometime soon. Maybe during her winter break from school. She misses popping in and talking with us all.

Ok...I'm going to browse a bit and then clean up my kitchen. It's a mess after dinner and I can't stand leaving the kitchen messy after we eat...I always do the dishes and clean up soon afterwards!

Talk to you all later

11-20-2004, 11:39 PM
Hi Ladies~

Just checking in for a few minutes. Nothing on tv and Vince fell asleep in the chair so I thought I would get on here for a few and let him have some quiet time.

Angie~sending (((((HUGS))))) to Brandon. Poor guys seems to be going through a lot with his foot. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. And I hope you are holding up as well.

Jane~I agree, it is Mary's house and if she wants to decorate she should do it, I bet it will look nice. Does she do the outside too? It seems a lot of people are getting in the mood early-I too am dying to get started! V did get the microwave in, now I have more counter space and it looks a little weird, empty. Also, got the wreath put together, it looks nice with all the white lights. can't wait to get it up. I don't see anything wrong with keeping in touch with the in-laws, especially when there are grandkids. I always did with my FIL. The others didn't really care except the SIL but with her it was just to be nosey. But I always sent pictures and cards to him. He also did the same and even called. I am glad that we kept in touch after DH#1 passed as FIL passed away about 4 years ago. At least the kids knew him. They don't really know the others, just from pictures and what I have told them.

Marti~so did you and Jhanai decorate some afterall? I came so close to starting but didn't. Need to do some kind of something on the mantel to take some pictures, or at least on the porch. I think though we will still have time to get some taken and developed before I send out cards. :crossed: I am still doing laundry! DS decided to do his after I got a load done this morning.

Hi Ellen :wave: I got your address and forgot to send mine. :dizzy:

Well, ladies thank you for asking, DD is better. The meds have helped and she is up and around and eating. The scary thing about those attacks is they are so bad you think she is dying, having a heart attack. She takes pain pretty well and won't go to the doc unless she feels it is absolutely necessary, but this is scary because it affects her breathing and she clutches her chest because it hurts so bad. Wouldn't think something like reflux would do that but it does. Almost as bad as gallstones. Anyway, I better get going, I had a diet coke in the freezer and there is probably a mess in there now. :o

Bye for now :wave:

11-20-2004, 11:45 PM
Just getting ready to log out when I saw your post Marti. I think it is cool when people stay in touch with the in-laws. There are too many people who get involved in messy divorces (my friend) and they want nothing to do with the in-laws. But when kids are involved I think it is good to show them that you all can get along, at least for their sake. And that's cool that your ex-in-laws welcomed James! Okay just wanted to say Hi Marti-HI! :D

11-21-2004, 02:41 AM

Just peeking in.Need to go home in a second and grrrrrrrr again...

Just was paged at Freddies and answered a lock out call-- this was at 9:45 and I finished my shopping real quick and headed over.
Got up to the 2nd floor and no one around was paged again on the way down and stopped in the office to call.
Said 209 was tired of I said it was only a few minutes.
They said they started paging me at 9:15 and paged me 3 times..........bull shingles , they did not. I am ALWAYS promt in my response time!!!! I have a quick dial
Actually my record would prove that - I respond within the first 2 minutes to a page....even my co worker sayd " fast!!"

psssst, Ellen -- thanks. Humor always helps!! :)
Love my cell - we have talked 2 hours so far today....just everyday stuff- take him in the store with me and he can hear me with the girls.
Rachel had me calll him and ask if we could down load ringer theme things,,,music.....whatever it is and he laughed and said yes.....
So, we made my ringer the theme from that was cute.

I agree Marti!! I believe the only way state child support gets involved is if the child is on state medical . Gaby isn't..... if I said it was fine between us they couldn't inforce anything. I could say his past due to Gaby was satisfied they would have to erase that debt......pretty sure that is right.......just call me Perry

I talked with Mike tonight and he came unglued. lol...........sorry....not funny. I do care for the man.......*cough *cough.....
I called him and said that I would like to compromise on issues........blah, we talked and veered into other areas.
I finally asked where Lauren was because he was suppose to have her. He said he was having a problem with his ex and that was between them.....
and finally said the ex asked him for proof of car insurance and he wasn't going to take it any more and so he left without Lauren yesterday......
Geez, Mike I said..........what is the big deal suppose to have proof in your car anyway. You would never take Gaby if you didn't show me either.

blah- blah............gets to where I finally blurt out that I told her to ask him because I knew he wouldn't have it and he starts yelling " I am not going to be F*&^ed by you and her!!'.......

lol........whatever,,,,,,,,,finally he said that when he was talking to my ex ( I know,............what a friggin soap opera )) he learned that his mother loaned me money......

Yes, she did...........she was so sweet and they gave me what I needed to get out of a hole. I had gotten behind on somethings before I went full time an dwas working to catch up this whole time - finally I asked them for help to get out from the interest I was paying and they agreed...and it is a loan and I am paying them back at 150 a month............blah- blah.....

So.............what I thought was funny was he said " you borrowed (Blah-Blah Amount) do you realize how much drugs that can buy??"...........ummm, not really you??? lol

Duh........he thinks I am doing drugs, silly. I smoked 5 cigs in my whole entire life. Gimme a break..............

anyway, he hung up on me, I think we are headed for mediation.

anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Beck won 4 games to 2 but that didn't get them in the final round.

better get.............exhausted......

11-21-2004, 09:12 AM
Good Sunday morning to you,

Katy - come out, come out wherever you are!

Marti - hope your leg is better today. Good for you, taking the stairs at work so often when it's so much easier to take the elevator. Little things like really help, don't they? Tell Shanna we miss her, too, and hope she checks in over Christmas break. Btw, you must have been right about the water retention, because 3 of the 4 pounds are already gone!! Only water, not fat, could leave as quickly as it came, lol. I did drink some sports drinks after I had the flu and they are loaded in sodium... maybe that was it?

Cristi - Glad you got your wreath done - I bet it's gorgeous. Did you get everything you wanted for the pink tree? No, Mary doesn't decorate outside because she barely has enough for the indoors. All the twins can talk about is putting up the Christmas tree, lol. Last year, Madison was scared silly by my big, hard plastic snowman that lights up, so I had to send him to the shed. I'm hoping she will have outgrown that by now, lol.

Susan - I'm glad Mike's parents think enough of you to loan you money, and Mike should be glad of it, too. Tell him he has to go through me if he wants to send any messages your way, lol, cause mama Jane doesn't like the way he talks to you!! Just a thought - you might want to be sure you're documenting EVERYTHING he says that could be used against him. That may sound callous, but you may need it later.

Ellen - ok, your decorations are up and now you're sitting there, enjoying them, with a cup of coffee, dreaming about Santa, right? Ahhhhh. Btw, I LOVED your "Rocky road" pun, lol. You already know I've got your address, and I think I gave you mine before I even went to Disney World. But if you don't have it, let me know, ok? Are you going to see your DD this weekend? Hope so.

Angie - I thought about sending a get well card to Brandon, but at his age, he would probably think that's hokey, so just tell him I'm thinking of him, ok? How long will he be in the hospital?

Hi to Mindee, Sue, and anyone else reading this.

Mary and Dale are letting us take the twins with us today to the xil's. They love seeing little children and have already met, so the kids won't be afraid or anything.

As I told Marti, 3 of the 4 pounds are back off already, so it had to be water! :cp: Since I don't wear rings (they're all too big), and my clothes are all a little big, it's hard to tell when I'm retaining.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday.... bbl,

Tea Rose
11-21-2004, 12:17 PM
Good Morning Ladies
The end of another week can you believe it and almost the end of the month ,the rush begins. I remember saying I can't believe the summers over , this is all going so fast. I think today I will finish raking the leaves, I did some yesterday ,but you can hardly tell theres so many of them.They should make one of those vacumns that travels around by itself for the leaves . they have one for pools and for floors ( none of which I have,well I have floors LOL, but not a fancy vac). why not one of them for leaves and it could mulch them at the same time , wouldn't that be great.Actually I like raking the leaves but its fun to complain,I also like cutting the grass LOL .All this activity of the past week has taken a toll , by six o`clock pm last night I couldn't keep my eyes open, I was so exhausted,I think I need some wheaties or something.

Hi Jane:wave:
Your right, the decorating inside is done I was sitting with a cup of coffee, Christmas music softly playing ,looking at the decorations, dreaming of Santa the other night and fell sound asleep,woke up about 3:45 am with a stiff neck and a kitty cat sound asleep on top of me,LOL I guess he was tired to,but he didn't have any coffee.Its a good thing you girls get my humor or I might be in trouble LOL but that Rocky pun was to hard for me to pass up.I think that its wonderful that you still have a relationship with your ex inlaws , most often they suffer the consequenses of anothers actions and for them its a loss as well ,you are a special Lady for them to want to continue a relationship with you,and the same for them .did that make any sense? Sorry you and Neal didn't get your moonlight stroll ,but you had fun and thats the main thing isn't it.My daughter has had a busy weekend. between work and her sweetie
so I have only seen her breifly,but I am happy that she is,its amazing the changes brought about by a new face,I am so happy this young man came along he is a blessing in her life and mine as well .I hope you and your sweet little grandchildren have a wonderful day.Ps: Jane thats so funny about the snowman,hopefully he can make an appearance this year, I hate to think of the poor guy locked up in the shed with his smile turned upside down and congrats on your weight loss ,so proud of you.

Hi Angie:wave:
How are you doing today, I can't believe all that has happened with Brandon ,poor little guy, don't tell him I called him a little guy though,give him HUGS and HUGS and when he's had enough give him some more. I really hope that he has begun feeling a little bit better , he certainly has had a rough time, although you may be more aware of it than he is right now,hopefully this will soon be over and he is home healing with the family.I'm sure you will be relieved when that happens to. Hopefully everthing else is going well ,I know you must be exhausted,so take care of you to ,Have a great day.

Hi Marti:wave:
I hope your feeling better today , between your lack of sleep, to much sleep and your sore hamstring , I think you should be lying on a nice warm sunny beach somewhere LOL.Are you and Jhania decorating today? , does she get really excited at the prospect.I hope you all have a fun day , doing whatever you decide to do .

Hi Susan:wave:
I'm glad you didn't mind the Rocky pun as I told Jane I couldn't pass it up,I thought it might make you laugh ,but at the same time didn't want you to think I was making light of difficult situation,so I'm happy you didn't mind.Wow you really have your hands full I don't envy you any of that, I think I would just crawl under the covers and stay there,although I know that wouldn't accomplish much.I liked the ringer with the Rocky theme,have you told him about it yet.I hope you have a great day .

Hi Katy:wave:
I was wondering where you went to,as well ,I bet your at a fancy spa getting pampered ,hair done,nails,facial pedicure new clothes ,at least I hope so, anyway I hope everything is alright and if your not being pampered hopefully just busy with the day to day craziness. Have a great day and come back soon.

Hi Cristi:wave:
My daughter put up a little pink tree in her room , we decorated with pink and cream poinsettias with little pink birds crystal ballet slippers and ballerinas and white mini lights , it looks so pretty. I can hardly wait to see pictures of yours, how big is your tree, do you do real or artificial, either way I know it will be beautiful..Have a great day

Hi Mindee:wave: Julie:wave: Sue:wave: Kathy:wave: and everyone else:wave: I hope you are all having a great day , I really do, honest.:lol:

11-21-2004, 12:36 PM
To the top of the morning to you all.........

Didn't know I could speak Irish didja??? :D

Ma Jane!! Ok, I will tell him - though he probably won't take any phone calls from me again.
He really wants joint custody and that is the only thing I am sure on- he can't have it!! lol....I also need to get a will written up because I don't think Gaby would be at all safe in his hands.

He has a very sweet mother. He kept saying ......"you had no right to go to me mom- how would you like it if I went to yours?? I said go ahead.........couldn't hurt to ask.
I can very will ask anyone I want, she is Gaby's grandma. He comes up with this honor mumbo jumbo and I go " excuse me.....she sent a check for Gaby when she was a new born and I never saw used it for drugs",,,,,,,,and he wants joint.... :lol:

I am going to hand over my pager to the next

I had 3 lock outs and building with no hot water and I just sucked water up from an apt that has a leak somewhere,,,,,,,,going to church.

Hi Ellen :)......

best get.....

11-21-2004, 01:59 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Hope all is well w/you all this morning.

Cristi--Today our intentions are to decorate the house.....hopefully some of it this afternoon. Do you take photos as a card for Christmas? Or is that something that you add to your cards? I have yet to send photos in any of my cards. I really would like to take a family photo sometime. I think I'm going to mention to my family this next weekend about Katy's idea of bringing our camera's and doing a photo shoot at my grandparents. Sounds like a fun (and Hectic) idea!

Susan--I'm w/Jane on documenting all that is said over the phone (and in person for that matter). Obviously he has something to hide about you not wanting to get in touch w/his ex should get a notepad and everytime you get in touch w/Mike, jot down how the entire conversation went. It may be the biggest help you're going to get. And about his comment on his mother loaning money and imagining how much drugs that will cost....sounds more like a little jealousy rousing up in his head! I hope all goes in your favor.....joint custody....what is he thinking?!

Jane--Any type of sodium product will raise your water retention. And you may never even notice it w/out stepping onto a scale. I've tried in the past to really keep my sodium intake's everywhere! I stopped buying those premade dinners to take to work for lunches years ago because they are high in sodium. I'm sure you're going to see a loss by next Saturday!! As for my's not hurting as bad today. Yesterday was terrible, but the day before was agony!

Ellen--Did you get my PM? If so, I would love to get your information also. As I read your post, I could actually picture you sitting in your magical home of Christmas w/a cup of coffee......sounds so wonderful and relaxing! I'm hopoing Jhanai is in the mood to decorate....if not I'm not going to push it. 10yr old sure have a way to changing their moods!! She gets real excited about doing things, but she's easily distracted to doing other things. I will keep you all posted on what we ended up doing.

Hello to all my other Jaded Friends!!

Well it's Sunday already! Boy...where did the time go? Weekends are much to short. And Thanksgiving is only a few days away and I have NO items for my feast! :lol:

Next weekend James is taking a couple days off so we can get some shopping done for christmas.....our annual Crafts Fair Expo we go to every year is the weekend after Thanksgiving....we plan on going. Did you hear that Portland girls??? We'll be up there either Sat or Sun. We spend our whole day in there! Amazing that James can handle that! :lol:

Othere than that, not a whole lot going on, on my agenda besides go to work. There is a new girl who started Friday who is from Sony.......wonder how she'll do. Probably get a hang of it better than I did! :dizzy:

Ok...I better get some breakfast on the table for Jhanai. I will pop in later on when I get a chance.

Take Care

11-21-2004, 03:41 PM
Afternoon ladies~

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.

Ellen~my little pink tree is for the bedroom. I just wanted something in there this year and thought since one of my walls is pink and there is pink in my quilt and border that a small little pink tree would be cute. Plus I have a window seat that is the perfect place for it. It is just a 3-4 ft. tree, nothing big at all. I bet your DD's tree is purdy! I would love to do the poinsettias but the tree is so small I just bought some mini pale pink and white bulbs, some light pink ones, a little different from the pale pink, some tiny white angels with white lights. The tree in the living room I am doing in the traditional red and green stuff, not so many bulbs but more homemade decorations, stuff the kids made. The one in the family room will be pastel blue, white, and glass with a lot of angels. Did I mention I love angels?! They are all artificial trees. I haven't had a real tree in ages, since DH#1 passed. It was something we always did and was just weird to go get a real tree without him. We did it the year after he passed and never did again. Have had an artficial one since.

Jane~aaahhh poor Madison, hope she likes Frosty this year. I remember when the kids were little and two of them were scared to death of Santa. Not sure what it was about the jolly old man that scared them but they did not like Santa. I did get all I wanted for the pink tree plus I will go through the white stuff I have to see if there's anything I want to add. Of course I need to get the bulbs on there first to see how much room I have left for anything. I am ready to go and during the week next week will have DS or DH take the stuff down and put on the garage floor so I can go through it to see what I need and want. Can't wait...

Marti~hope you and Jhanai have fun decorating today. The pictures we normally have taken are the picture cards but I have always included them in our cards. Of course since we didn't have them taken at Penneys we are going to take some at home and have them developed them pick out one and have the cards made. Don't know if they can do that in the one hour thing or not but I think it will take about a week, so if we do that this week we have time. Just gotta pick a day that Vince is home and get him dressed up. Of course I have never done these before so don't know how they will turn out but we will see.

Susan~I'm with the others on the Mike thing. I know you don't want to stoop to his level but when it comes to your children you gotta do what has to be done. To be honest though, I don't see a judge giving him any kind of anything given his past with drugs and with the ex and of course with you. The judge would have to be out of his/her mind. I could see supervised visitation and that's about it. Anyway, I know things will work out for the best.

I too heard from Shanna and she said to say HI! :wave: She is such a sweetie and I know she is swamped with school. But I can't wait to hear from her, you hear that Miss Shanna? We are missing you girly. :grouphug:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much going on here, Nursing a sick child again. Poor girl I feel for her and it kills me that there is nothing I can do for her. Stinking reflux wrecks havoc on her poor body. She did this the last time she had an attack she hurt for about a week before finally feeling completely better and ended up at the ER three or four times but because we didn't know what it was. Now we know what it is and there is nothing to do except wait for the meds to kick in. I did give her a pain pill so hopefully she can sleep. Also, went to meet Vince for lunch since he is working the whole day, till 7:30 or 8. Did I mention that we will be trying the Atkins diet? He had a physical last week and the doc told him he should probably lose 40-50 pounds :yikes: seems like a lot to me but he's the doc. He recommended Atkins or South Beach only because he has several patients who had very good results on both. He said he was leary about Atkins but after seeing the patients results and their chlosterol (sp?)actually lowering he thinks it is fine. I told V I would do it with him, moral support and all. Plus I need to lose too of course! LOL So we will see what it is all about in a week or so when I ge tthe books-ordered them through the bookclub, a lot cheaper and minus the S&H this month. Okay, I probably should go find something to do. I've got two books I need to finish. :lol: I think DD has finally calmed down and went to sleep. :sssh: :crossed:

Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a nice Sunday!

11-21-2004, 04:32 PM
well, call me a clutz! we went up to our mom and dad's house today. I went to see a couple of the puppies....dummy me didn't realize that the deck was wet, and slipped and fell on my booty. I am sore and it hurts to breathe, but I am managing. A friend of ours gave me a muscle relaxer and that is not helping at all. Tommy has vicodins that he said he would give me. The weird part is that when I went down the first time, to when I got up, I think I might have blacked out. Cause I remember slipping, and landing on my back, and then I leaned forward and got up. I am sore all over the place, but hopefully it will go away soon.

Susan~ How are things going on your end? Those are some great report cards!!!

Jane~ Thanks for the encouragement to stick my ground. Tommy hasn’t received a check yet, we are still waiting on everything. But hopefully we will find out really soon about them!

I signed up for some emails from Denise Austin’s website, and I have to say, that reading those in my email box, have gotten me motivated again. And since I became a clutz yesterday, I really haven’t felt like doing much of anything because it hurt to do it. So hopefully when I get courageous enough to jump back on the scales it will show me something good!

Cristi~ Oh my goodness girl! I hope things are going better for you today! Thanks for the nice comments about my new avatar! Yeah, as for now, he hasn’t said anything more about the whole job and moving out of state. I think it is more so because he doesn’t like the state of Michigan and he wants to leave for a new start, but he is using the job asking him if he would be okay with moving out of state as a cover up.

Ellen~ Thanks for saying a prayer for us. Things haven’t been easy for us that is for sure. But somehow we always seem to triumph over it all. And we are hoping that this will be yet another thing that we are to triumph over.

Angie~ I am one of five daughters, and then there are about 11 or more after us. We had made the pact because my parents were planning on moving out of state, and we wanted to make sure that we were all in the same state for family purposes. Granted we are all over the state, but at least we know that if we wanted to see them, we didn’t have to go and plan for a week long vacation just to see each other. I will continue to keep you, Brandon, and the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers. I know about the whole bells and whistles. When our Brandon was in the hospital in June, he would forget to breathe also, so it took me getting up and going to his bedside to kind of rub him a little and tell him to breath again. I think he was just doing it to see if I was paying attention.

Marti~ I am sure when the time comes and something is offered where we would possibly have to move, I am sure that we would sit down and have a long discussion about it. But like you guys have said, if it would mean a better job then it is a possibility.

11-21-2004, 05:02 PM
Ok Ok out from under the rock I've been hiding under.....
Marti - do you have my info? If not, PM me....I am busy on Thanksgiving and Friday, but Sat and Sun are pretty open, with the exception of church on Sunday...should be free after 1 pm or so. Susan...are you listening? we should try to get together after you and James get a chance to shop 'til you drop. I would like to.... I have so much to do and the weekend will be a great time to get away for a bit. My James' birthday is Wednesday, then there's thanksgiving, then we all do a family get together around the downtown holiday parade on Friday, whew! lots to do, fortunately, all of it fun.

Susan- Definitely, you should be writing everything down, recording phone calls, getting affidavits from his mom and the ex....the friend that I mentioned in earlier posts had a heck of a time. Turns out in Oregon everyone pretty much gets visitation, takes a ton of work to even get it supervised, so cross your t's, for sure! A judge is not going to see his past drug problems unless they are presented to him/her... anyway enough Judge Judy here... love the bit about the Rocky theme on the phone - so cute!

Jane - I knew that fluctuation was going to correct itself - happens to me all the time! Just can't let it get to you...and you didn't. Yay! Sorry I haven't been around much...this was conference week, so I had my son's parent-teacher conference, then of course, he was out of school while all this was going on. He was also in the church musical today, so there have been rehearsal and performances.....but all done now.

Ok - and now I have to go again... the guys are getting ready to take my FIL out for his birthday, then we have a family dinner at their house tonight. I'll try to get back to do more individual later this afternoon.

CHAT! I'd love to chat during the day, but 11 PST on Thursday is a little late for me - I have to leave to pick my DD up from preschool by 11:30, so I'd have to go for 10 to have any reasonable amount of time to get into it. But do what works for most - I'll try to drop in on the 6pm PST time.....

Later -

11-21-2004, 06:49 PM
Hey I'm back!

DS and DH went off to take FIL to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for his birthday (which is today!) Then DD decided to take a nap. So I should be cleaning my house, it's a real mess...but here I am. I've been reading all the wonderful decorating that's going on, then I look around at my house and I feel lucky just to get the counters cleaned off in the kitchen :dizzy: My holiday decorating will come after Thanksgiving. I pick up our greenery that we ordered from the preschool on Dec.2, then we'll get going on all the rest that weekend, I'm sure. We usually don't get a tree until we are closer to Christmas, just 'cause it's nice to keep it through new year's. I just don't go all out on this stuff. I'm not much of a shopper, though I can be creative when the mood strikes me, so I just work with what I have.

Mindee - Ouch! Hope you feel better soon! I like your new avatar - Brandon is sure a cutie...I need to go check out his new photos.

Cristi- your trees sound so lovely - particularly the ones with the angels. You know, I would go for an artificial tree if I could. Just seems a waste sometimes to cut one every year, but DH will not hear of it. I must say I do enjoy the smell of a fresh one. I think it's great that you and Vince are going to support each other on your new food plans. Just getting a spouse to go along with the program can be half the battle, but now you two are doing it together - you can really help each other out.

Ellen - I laughed when I read your post. Yeah, I lead such a pampered life - NOT! I'm a SAHM with two small children - my life is all about cleaning up body fluids and keeping up with the laundry, lol! Sometimes I fantasize that I'm like one of those wives you see on Wife the one with the "Whacker" - "The rules are not meant to be BROKEN!" Or maybe the one who gets to stay in bed until 3 and her DH fixes her breakfast in bed every day before he goes to work....what a life. Seriously, tho', I do feel blessed to have the life I have, even when it's not so glamorous.

Angie - hope things are settling down at your house....

Now, I know I left something or someone out - so apologies all around...I can't keep up :p

Back to cleaning....tonight is a family dinner at the IL's to celebrate the FIL's birthday..yay don't have to cook. Need to try to work ahead on my remaining class so I can set it aside by Tues. and focus on the holiday. I need to try to get away to see Grandma in Salem on Thursday sometime - haven't figured that one out yet. It's about a 45 minute drive one way - not too bad. I'll turn turkey duty over to DH and maybe take only one kid with me instead on both....I'll work it out - I 'm the queen of multi-tasking. Aren't we all?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ladies

11-21-2004, 07:11 PM
Hello again ladies--

I'm back for a few minutes....well, the news about the decorating is that we plan on doing next weekend. Why....I'm not sure, we both wanted to relax and Jhanai didn't want me to hurt my leg isn't that sweet? (more like an excuse to me! :lol: )

Katy--I was talking to James about going up to Portland and how I should try and visit a bit w/you girls and he told me that he has no idea what day we would be up there (either Sat. or Sun.) and then he has plans for dinner and all this.....hmmm....who knew. I am definately going to have to make plans w/you girls soon....possibly after the holidays! (Everyone may be having calmer days w/the holidays being out of the way) But....if either of you plan on going to the could always find me there!! :D

Mindee--Sounds like you had a terrilbe fall. Hope you're ok. Blacking out and all is a scary thing to happen. I passed out on a bike ride about disoriented once I realized what happened! Take it easy and just take some vitamins and stuff. Maybe a nice long soak in the tub will help you feel better.

Cristi--How old is your DD? I sure hope she starts to feeling better. About Atkins...that's funny you mentioned doing that. James was talking to me about us trying again after Thanksgiving. I told him that I really didn't want to because I feel deprived and I'm selfish....he told me to really take a look at what I eat golly I don't eat a lot of carbs as it is, and when I do, it's really not a good food choice. So I told him that I will consider it after BOTH holidays......may look into South Beach.....or just forget either one and go back to what I did before, just figure out how.
(That's was a bunch a babble towards the end wasn't it? sorry) I hope it works for you two and let me know how you like it. Have you tried it before?

Well, I finally got Jhanai into the shower. Now, I remember being 10 and always wanting to take a shower. I felt like I smelled all the time! :lol: I am trying to convince her to let me put her hair in rollers...but she doesn't like me doing that anymore since one of the last times I did, one of the hot rollers were to close to her neck and she got a little burn. (I said I was so sorry!) She has such long thick beautiful hair and I'm always wanting to do something with it.

Ok...I need to touch up my face and do something with my hair...I swear that it's looking more and more dry as I get older. I really need to start taking vitamins again and drink much more water than I have been. ***sigh****

You all have a great day....may check in later!

11-21-2004, 08:44 PM
Hi all, :wave:

Angie - thinking of you...

Ellen - I like to rake leaves, too, but don't bother out here in the country. The fence we have is way out on the outter edge of the property line, which is almost 60 acres. So the wind can and does blow them out of the yard, for the most part. We rake around the house in the Spring, but let the leaves stay on the plants over the winter. Your DD tree sounds so very pretty! I'd love to see a picture of that, if you can post one.

Susan - good evenin' mauvoreen, lol. Say a prayer for me while you're at church tonight because I skipped services today.

Marti - I'm usually careful (but not obsessed) about watching my sodium. I buy the 1/2 salt and use salt-free cooking stuff like Mrs. Dash. But when I had the flu, or I should say right after, I thought the sports drinks would help my electrolytes. Glad you and Jhanai are having fun. Did she let you roll her hair? In the 60's, I used orange juice cans on my hair, lol.

Cristi - your trees sound beautiful, too. I know how it is to feel helpless to your child when there's nothing more you can do to make them feel better. Hope this passes quickly for her!! Does this make her miss school, or work? No, you hadn't mentioned Atkins.... you mentioned you were doing something that you would tell us about later. I think it's wonderful that you and Vince will be partners in this. Not sure what I would have done w/o Neal's help. Will this be something you start as soon as you get the books, or after the new year? I'm excited for you!!

Mindee - so sorry you hurt yourself. If you have pain when you breathe, could it be possible you have broken a rib? If it keeps up, you might want to go for an x-ray, ok? Just a thought....

Katy - I think I got all confused about the chat times!! 10AM for you would be 1PM here, which is fine, but will Marti be up and ready by then? I'll leave that up to you girls to work out, ok? Just let the mod know, lol. Yep, I knew the weight gain was not at all justified, but I sure didn't like it, anyway, lol. Was the musical a Christmas one?

We had fun with the twins today visiting the xils. They were so glad to see us that it made me feel guilty for not going more often. Mary and her family were planning to put up their decorations right after supper, so I think right about now they're having a pretty good time over there.

I can't seem to finish my Christmas cards! If only it would snow, I could get in the mood again, lol. Not too many left to go....

See you tomorrow!

da fat n da furious
11-22-2004, 12:35 AM
Good evening ladies,
Susan, yes record everything do what Katy says....

Marti, yes your DD does sound like a sweety...and there is no rush on decorating right? Infact if you wait till next weekend it will be after thanksgiving...

Mindee, owwiieee I once fell while holding Tanner when he was about 4 months old...landed on my butt and actually cracked my about taking my breath away...just thinking about it makes me cringe. Do the ice pack to take swelling down.

Hello to all......

All is going well here, Tanner is healthy again, Brandon is sitting up, no morphine, or oxygen helping him breath. He even did 2 physio sessions today. He will be coming home tomorrow. I didn't like his nurse,,,yesterday and she was the same one today so I spent alot more time there today,,,gave him a sponge bath, and washed his hair, since she couldn't find the time....hmmmmm He smelled like baby after I Its been alot of years since I powdered him with baby
He is right now all alone in his room tonight. One boy had apendicitis,,,he went home tonight,,,the other went into cardia arrest at his basketball game,,,and the other was in a car accident and hurt his internal organs. Had to have his sleen out and such. Didn't like that boy, very rude. A child died in the room next to us...very sad.
My mom came and helped me clean my house and visit with Brandon,,,I am so glad everything is back to normal almost.
The show last night went well. I was brutally honest with that rude Diva lead guy. He asked if I forgave him for his rude behavior,,,I told sure, but I do know I will never ever work with you again. He was shocked,,,couldn't believe someone would say that to him? He avoided me after that which was fine. We as in Tanner and I didn't get home till 1:30 am last night, this I wanted to come right home,,,he wanted to hang with the cast at Brewsters,,,a pub/restaurant. So we sat around eaching nachos and cokes...I couldn't drink anything,,,knew I could easily be impaired.

Well off to bed I go,,,I get the next week off to spend time with Brandon...

da fat n da furious
11-22-2004, 12:48 AM
before I get busy,,,want to wish a


11-22-2004, 08:45 AM
Good morning ladies,

It's Monday again - how did that happen??

Mindee - about relocating for your husband, here's what I meant. If he was working with some company that approached him and said, "Tommy, we're promoting you, & giving you a big raise, but you have to move to a different state", then, YES, I'd go with him! Stand by your man, and all that.... If you didn't, he most likely wouldn't get any more promotions with that company, and then would be justified in resenting you. But, since he isn't working at all, it seems to me he should find work nearby and get your finances on solid footing before you should make a move. Especially if the move is just a whim of his. If your town is too small for much job opportunity, he could always drive to the nearest big town in your own state and look there. That could be a compromise... And I do admire you for sticking with your pact with your sisters. Seems like they've stuck with it, too.

Angie - I'm so glad to hear that you'll be off this week! Not that you'll rest much, but still. Bless your mother - I'm so glad she's been there for you. Also VERY glad Brandon is getting released today. He'll recupe a lot better at home especially since you will be there. Funny how you shot down the Diva!! :lol:

Julie - I think your birthday is tomorrow... but, hey I'll join in early, too!

:gift: :cp: :balloons:Happy Birthday, Julie!! :balloons: :cp: :gift:

Hi again to the others.. :wave:

Gonna clean the house today. Oh joy.


11-22-2004, 02:35 PM
Hi Everyone~

I have to have my computer time but am trying to limit it because of my wrist-it is killing me and has been for a few days, and of course getting on here is not helping at all!

Jane~I am still following the other thing, it's not really a diet but more a spiritual thing. DH and I will start Atkins as soon as we get the books and read them. He just asked me yesterday when the books will be here. It takes about 1 1/2 weeks to get them and I ordered them last week but with the holidays it could be longer :dunno: hope not. Yeah, DD is missing work over this. She is better today after finally going to sleep yesterday and sleeping most of the afternoon into the early morning. It really drains her.

Marti~I was always doing something to DD's hair when she was younger. I loved braiding it and curling it, putting ribbons in it etc. I quit curling it so much though because she got to where she hated it-she would hate standing there. DD is 20, soon to be 21 in Jan. Haven't tried Atkins or South Beach although I did have the South Beach book-didn't care for it for some reason. I will let ya know how it goes once we start, which I am hoping is in a week or two.

Katy~I would love to get a real tree but it has been so long and I am used to the artificial ones now. Just seems easier for me, don't have to go hunt down the perfect tree and I can put it up early and it stays green! Plus I put the lights on a timer to where they stay on most of the night, with a real tree I wouldn't do that. I think the main thing is, I will put water in the tree, cut it like they say and I swear by the second week of having it it is so dry, needles all in the floor and I am afraid to leave the lights on for long. To get the smell in the house I buy potpourri and candles and it smells just like Christmas.

Angie~glad you are getting some time off this week, now to get some rest girly. And glad to hear the boys are feeling much better.

Mindee~jeez girly, hope you are feeling better. Has Tommy lived in MI all his life or is he not from there, the reason he wants to get out? Well, hopefully everything works out for you guys and he finds a job there.

Well, I have taken too long typing this and still need to check my email and a couple of other things. Take care ladies and have a nice Monday. :wave:

11-22-2004, 03:57 PM
Hello girls!!

It's so pretty outside right now! A beautiful fall day.......with clouds in the background! :lol:

Angie--What great news that you get the week off to take care of Brandon! I'm also happy to hear that Tanner is feeling much better. AND--Way to go on telling the Diva "star" how it is! He deserves the cold shoulder for being difficult. I don't understand the drama queens and the attention they think they deserve...what about the rest of the cast? Enjoy your week off being a mom and get Brandons spirits up so he'll heal faster!

Jane--I used to be obsessed with my sodium intake.....Never used salt if I didn't have to, didn't eat ham or any pork product and if I did, it was in such small amounts and stopped eating processed foods. Well that didn't last too long. But once I started eating the stuff again, I could really tell how much salt was added! I'm still not much into eating the frozen dinners. And I still don't add much salt while cooking....(no wonder James took over the cooking!) I figured, the more water I drink the better. And if I start getting all bloaty (and you can really tell with me.....may look about 7mos. pregnant) then I know I've had too much.

Cristi--I miss doing Jhanai's hair!! I tell her all the time. Her response is "I'll let you do something to it SOMEDAY" sheesh....when is that someday going to get here? :lol: I wish I would have known you wanted the Atkins book, I would have sent it to you. James informed me that he ordered the Atkins cookbook. That might help with trying to prepare meals better. I think Atkins would do wonders for a "quick fix", for me anyways. I don't think it could be a life changing way of eating. That is why I'm so hesistant to do it again. We have a friend who has been on it for a few months. He didn't lose anything the first month and a half then he started losing and has lost 20lbs so far. I'll have to really think about it after the new year. I'm definately getting a gym membership then. Even spoke to James about it. He has free access to gyms through UP, but at the moment he's using the gym here in town. I will just take over his membership.

Hello to everyone out there!! Hope all is well with you.

Today James and I are heading to the grocery store to get our Thanksgiving dinner supplies. We said we didn't want to be buying the week before.....we're doing it anyway!! Such procrastinators.....or maybe I should say, our schedules are so busy that having time off the same time is difficult. So after he gets back from the gym we'll shop before we both go to work.
Tomorrow the third Harry Potter movie comes out and I must get that. Jhanai & I missed seeing it in the theatres! So we want to watch it on Thanksgiving day....or try to anyways.

Well I better clean up to go to the store....I could just go as is, but.....that would mean people would see the little boy in me since I have no make up on. :dizzy: So, I'm going to put my "I'm really a woman" face on and get cleaned up.

May check in later!

11-22-2004, 07:41 PM

Hi Girls!!!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, yes tomorrow I will be 23, another year older......oh well!!!!! Thanks for the singing email MARTI!!!!!

I had a hectic weekend, and didnt get anywhere near the computer til, I got in from work tonight, so Im trying to catch up on whats going on with the posts, but Im noticing Im a bit bear with me here!!!!
By the way JANE: I know the feeling to do so well and gain, believe me it's just fluctuation.....those lbs will come back off again...just give it time!!!!

Nothing much new with me....Ive been eating like a pig though!!! Gotta get back on track, my mother bought me a huge apple pie and Ive been eating pie for just about every meal......Im trying to get back on the diet though!!!

Anxious for the holidays to come and for those who want to trade cards, same as Ellen said, just PM me, and I'll do the same back

HI TO Jane, Marti, Ellen, Sue, Susan, Mindee, Cristi, Angie, Kathy, and anyone else I may have forgotten!!!!
Talk to you guys later

11-22-2004, 08:33 PM
Our luck is definitely changing for the good!!! There will be a Christmas at our house!!!! Tommy called MARVIN, and just to check and see where things stand at on that, and they told him that his last check was sent out on November 19th and what the amount was. So, there will be a Christmas for us here!!

And on another note, Tommy has his job interview tomorrow at 2:30pm!! He also put up his garage stereo and his pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans for sale, and there are people both interested in those, so things are definitely looking up on this end!!!

Katy~ Yeah, it was a big ouch. I am still sore. Tommy checked and I have a big bruise right in between my butt cheeks. (don’t ask me how I managed that one) my right arm and neck are still sore, my back is a little better, but I am managing to get through the day.

Marti~ I am thinking of taking a bath now. I will wait until Brandon gets done with his bath for today. I don’t recall being this clumsy before. I know I was clumsy as heck when I was pregnant with Brandon. Right before I found out I was pregnant with him, me and Tommy went on a bike ride, and I fell off the bike.

Jane~ Thanks for the advice. I am feeling better as for the breathing part. I don’t know why it was hurting to breathe. I had our buddy, who is an EMT, (he came with us) check me out when we got back home. And he said that he didn’t see any real cause for concern. The breathing part went away a day later. I know what you meant about the whole moving thing.

Angie~ Thankfully Brandon was in the house when I fell. Cause I would have felt 1,000 times worse if I had been holding him. I think I did land on my tailbone though, cause my left butt cheek hurts, and then it sometimes hurts to sit directly on my butt. I have been doing the lean and sit like I did after I had Brandon. (I even slept one night with a pillow under my left butt cheek)

Happy birthday Julie!

Cristi~ Yes, Tommy has lived here all his life. He says he wants to move out of state because he had an opportunity to go to college in Tennessee, but had to give it up because his dad’s company closed and he stayed to help with the money situations.

da fat n da furious
11-22-2004, 10:09 PM
Cristi, when Ive been working too much on the computer my wrist kills me,,,doesnt' help that Im addicted to cubis on yahoo games...*sigh you and I have the same pain I would say,,,wrist and shoulder.
Julie, Im going to pm you my address....
Mindee, the best thing to do is rest your specially if you have cracked your tail bone...ok have to admit I found a funny in this,,,lol I won't say what but its gotta be I guess Im feeling better when my sense of humour is back.
It was an adventure getting Brandon home,,,he is too big to sit in the front seat with his cast and hip. So I had to literally take my van apart and move the middle seat sideways so he could sit in the back and have his leg up. Monte called just as I was leaving,,,we joke around alot and talk in code,,,like we are doing a mission I said to him,,,Baby Bird is in the nest,,,repeat Baby Bird is in the nest...back of the nest but still
We had snow and ice last night, causing me stress in how to get him into the house...poor kid,,,he has to use his right foot for everything and hes in so much pain with that foot too. And to think we will be doing all this again in 6 months...*shudder
I promised him a road trip on Thursday,,,noticed that Wally's have wheel we can do a bit of shopping.
So thats about all thats happening here,,,nice and boring,,,gotta love boring!

11-22-2004, 10:35 PM
Mama Bird is on are funny Angie. You always amaze me in all that you do. Exhausted just reading it all and it kills me when you say...."I guess I will go read some out of "blah- blah" book...."

I never, ever catch up!! I haven't read a book in years!!! lol
The 3 books that I took on the plane I left at Rockys. I just couldn't focus with all the clouds floating down below and the ocean..........omg , and I am sure I saw a whale waaaaaay down there. Cause there was this huge shadow moving,,,,,,,sure it was a whale.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy JuLie!!!!!

:hb: :hb: :hb: :cp: :hb: :jig: :cb: :hat: :dance: :gift: :gift:

Sorry about your wrist Cristi-- psssst , what happned?? I have been really self centered for a few I don't know what is going on with anyone but me,me,me,me, is all about me!!! :D
You have a pink tree for your bedroom??

{{{Mindee & Tommy}}} Happy you are going to have a Christmas!!!! Yay,,,,,

Jane, Kris is 10 , 11 in April. I sent him some pictures that he took with my camera. He is a sweet kid but very spoiled by grandma.I usually get along with my ex's parents. Don't know if Angie remembers Kevin but I liked him a lot and his step mother and I still write years later. Close with Mike's mother.....though my first husbands mother wrote him after our seperation and said "she has such a pretty face to be burning in ****" :devil: I don't think she meant it in the heat of the moment.

I better go. No heat in this building and the ringer is going non stop!

ta ta

11-22-2004, 11:21 PM
Good evening ladies~

Angie~glad you got baby bird home nice and safe. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow that is supposed to turn into snow later on-I will believe it when I see it. Not ready for snow at all and definitely don't want any ice. Yeah, I do think you and I have the same shoulder/arm/wrist pain and it really is a pain sometimes. I am supposed to do exercises but was told if it hurts don't do it-ummmm, it is always going to hurt to do it so should I never do them??? Just not supposed to push myself.

Julie~I guess I will jump on the bandwagon and wish you a very :hb: :gift:HAPPY BIRTHDAY :gift: :hb: too! Hope your day is fun and special for you tomorrow.

Mindee~so glad to hear you guys will have Christmas at your house. And keeping my fingers crossed for Tommy's interview, hope all goes well. :crossed: Also, glad to hear your booty is better.

Susan~what isn't wrong with my right arm? I didn't hurt it. First the doc thought it was carpel tunnel in the wrist, and a touch of bursitis and tendonitis in the shoulder but after the MRI they determined it was arthritis. Whatever it is it hurts sometimes and it is hard to use my right arm, especially writing or typing.

Marti~good for you for going to join the gym. I would love to do that but feel awkward going by myself. I flipped throught the Atkins cookbook in the store one day and didn't really see much that appealed to me. Don't worry about the book, I ordered the Atkins Diet book and the shopping guide book for $20 through the bookclub. They have a deal right now where there is no S&H so that saved a few dollars. I went online to see about what the are going for first and it was cheaper through them. The cheapest I saw it for was $14.95. Anyway, I can't wait to see what it is all about and try it. My cousin lost 30 lbs. doing it and also recommended it so we will see.

Well, hi to everyone else. :wave:

Thought I would check in for a few minutes before folding laundry and working on my nails, need to polish them tomorrow some time. My nails grow so fast and I hate it because I hate having to do a manicure. I like them at a shorter, more square look now and I think it takes more work than just letting them grow. Of course I don't polish them as often as I used to, got tired of it since I have been doing it since I was 15. I love the french manicures and would have that done if my nails didn't grow. Oh well...have a good evening ladies. See ya tomorrow sometime :wave:

da fat n da furious
11-22-2004, 11:34 PM
your first MIL wrote what?
Well I can read at work,,,cause in between calls there really isn't much to do. Sometimes they have a bit of paper work for us, and I usually get more then double then everyone,,,its like a compitition for me to do as much as I can in a short period of time...I know how weird is that? But work can be boring some days....I sometimes write you guys cards,,,,am almost done my Christmas cards,,,and would of done it all if I hadn't left them at work. May stop on my way home from dropping Tanner at band tomorrow,,,7 am,,,arghhh Which reminds me to getting back to making like over 30 calls to all these parents who check off they want to help volunteer then when I call they say no.
I made dinner for the first time in over a week,,,all our stomaches must of shrunken, we barely ate half.
well off to finish my book...

11-23-2004, 12:17 AM

I don't want to know about your Christmas cards getting done Angie!! lol.

I don't even know what I am doing for Thanksgiving.

Yes, my first MIL wrote that in a letter. I have had some horrible things said to me thinking about it.

Just the other day Doug was saying I was a terrible mother- blah- blah.

He is on my mothers "He better watch his step list" She called him today after I told her that he felt sorry for Mike. She was going to tell him "she is the mother of your children" speech but I told her not too.

Just makes matters worse. .....besides it is his birthday.......

Gaby went to her new sitter. An elderly grandma type with a dog and a husband. They have taken exchange students in from Mexico in the past and work with the youth in their church.
My mother has been friends for years with them so I trust that ..... I guess.
Gaby didn't bat an eye when I left, she adapts so well.

Anyway, can't wait to get her at 10pm.

Sorry about the wrist Cristi :) Thank you for the cards!! You are so sweet and thoughtful.

Heat is back on need to start thinking of the news letter.

night :)

11-23-2004, 02:28 AM
I keep meaning to put this on here. We weighed Brandon last week, and he is roughly 20lbs and about 27 inches long.

Angie~ Rest my cheeks you say? I think I can do that! LOL It sounds like you did have an adventure getting Brandon home. I hope he is feeling better now…..I hope he isn’t in too much pain. We are suppose to get snow Wednesday night and into Thursday. So we will get a white Thanksgiving, not sure how it is looking as of yet for a white Christmas. You want a laugh? You should have been here right after I took the muscle relaxer. The only thing that got relaxed was my brain and my fingers! I was trying to spell blessed, and it came out bleesed. I tried to spell be and that came out as bee. I was checking our buddy’s email and was seeing words that weren’t even there!

Susan~ Thanks for the hugs. Tommy said “I feel so much better now. I felt really bad before because it was looking like Brandon wasn’t going to be getting anything from us for his first Christmas.” When he got off the phone earlier, the first thing he said was to Brandon. He goes “now you are going to have a BIG Christmas.”

Cristi~ thanks for the good luck on his interview. I will be sure to post how it goes when he comes home from it. thanks for the card!

11-23-2004, 09:49 AM
It's Tuesday!

Julie - happy Official Birthday to you, lol. I think you have my snail mail addy, but if not, let me know, ok? I'll be sending Christmas cards to the Jaded Ladies, but didn't send any Thanksgiving ones. How's the new puppy doing?

Ellen - how are you doing today?

Angie - thanks so much for the card and pictures of Tanner. Like I said before, the kid's a heartbreaker!! Glad Brandon is home. Neal and I used to use code in front of the kids, too... we would refer to "working on the budget" that had nothing to do with a budget, lol!

Cristi - sorry about your wrist! Hope it starts feeling better soon. We use an artificial tree, too. For one thing, Mary is allergic to real ones, and the other reason is because they get so dry, just like you said. Have you tried the Yankee "Christmas Tree" candle - it smells just like one. I make sure I buy a new one each year, early, because they sell out of them. We're supposed to get snow here on Thanksgiving Day... oh, I hope we do! I like polish on my nails, too, and also keep mine fairly short. They grow like crazy, but my fingers are too long to have very long nails. I usually use clear polish unless I'm going somewhere special, since doing housework chips the polish so soon. I wear rubber gloves when I think about it, but being the Doofus I am, it's usually too late.

Mindee - hope your butt is better today. Tell Tommy he oughta kiss it and make it better, lol. Good luck to him today on the interview. Mary and Dale also had some money come in yesterday that they've been waiting for. $3063.00 workman's comp from when he was injured at work. They are a couple of happy campers, let me tell you! He should get more later, because the specialist said he'll never be able to work as a carpenter again.

Marti - Campbell's soups are the worst for saltiness, don't you think? I dump out the juice when I can, and add water, lol. Also buy the low sodium soups when I can. So Jhania will be with you for Thanksgiving? That's nice. Btw, sil Dale is driving train engineers to and from the trains... too bad he can't meet James!

Susan - probably what you saw on the water was a shadow of a cloud, at an angle. They look so cool from above, don't they? I love how a cloud can shade a whole neighborhood, and from the plane you can see where it begins and ends. What you saw could've been a whale, though... what do I know? Hope the Gabster did ok with the new babysitters. Let us know, ok? Your mom is funny - I'll have to remember the "he better watch his step" list, lol.

Oh I'm going to have fun today! I'll be picking up DGD Mackenzie-the-5-year-old to spend the night. We're going to watch Samantha - An American Girl movie on TV. Hopefully some of you have heard of the American Girl Dolls? Katie still has her Kirsten one. ... Anyway, I am planning great fun for Mackenzie and me. She's going to help me in the kitchen tomorrow while I get some things ready for Thanksgiving. It will take me twice as long to get things done, but will be 10 times the fun!!

Hello also to Katy, Sue, Shanna, Kathy, Katiecat and anyone else reading this.

What are your plans for the day?

11-23-2004, 11:25 AM
Good Morning Ladies~

Susan~forgot, I don't have a pink tree, some of the ornaments are pink. I haven't decorated any yet, but am getting anxious. I have never had a tree in my bedroom but thought it would be nice, it's just a small one. Why in the world would Doug say you are not a good mother? Sounds like him and Mike need to quit talking.

Jane~hope you have a fabulous time with Mckenzie. I saw the preview for the movie-Samantha and want to see it. Better check the time. I do know those dolls and love them. Glad to hear about Dale and Mary getting the moola. I haven't tried the Christmas tree candles but like you I buy a new one every year, last year it was cranberry chutney. I am going to have to go to the Yankee store in the mall as Hallamrk only had a couple of different scents and I didn't like them at all. I really don't like the strong smell of cinnamon, gags me.

Marti~did you and James get your Thanksgiving supplies? I actually got everything early last week. Almost bought the turkey 2 weeks ago and thought nah, too soon. Tomorrow I am going to get a lot of stuff done to make it easy on Thursday, like the deserts and cutting the celery, onion stuff like that. I probably should take the turkey out of the freezer. LOL

Mindee~hoping you are feeling better today.

Angie~got my cards done also, except for sealing 3/4 of them. I am wanting to enclose a photo but am afraid we may never get around to it. :( Should have just done the Penneys thing and be done with it already. I was hoping Wednesday evening since I will be dressing up somewhat to go to Thanksgiving Eve Mass but V has to work late that night, UGH! Well, maybe Thrusday we can get some photos taken. I did find out that Walgreens does the one day thing for the christmas card photos instead of the one hour thing so that's good.

Julie~again have a wonderful time on your special day-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :gift: :hb:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Getting ready to head out to the library in a few minutes. Want to check out a couple of things and get on the internet. For some reason I have not been able to access Hotmail to check my mail there since last week. Not sure if it is hotmail or what. Then home to do some cleaning, need to mop the bathrooms and kitchen floors. Washed the rugs a few days ago but didn't want to put them down til the floors were cleaned. Gotta love those swiffers-have the mop and the duster, plus the thing to do the ceiling fans which is a life saver. Saves me from having to get a step ladder or a chair and dragging it around. It is such an ugly day today, I am hoping it doesn't rain or snow like they have been saying. V is going to do some lights and I need to help him witht he wreath. He's going to hang it to see where we want it and then put an outlet inside the garage to plug it in there instead of having a big long extension cord hanging down from it. We won't put it up today except to get things fixed. Won't turn the lights on either, of course if he gets some done he won't be able to finish it all. Makes me think about all those people who really go all out with their decorations and how long it takes. Was watching a shoe on HGTV and saw some of these houses and man, what a job. They start getting things together almost a year in advance. I like the house to look decent but one day working on it is enough for us. Of course this time it will take a couple of days because of time, not an actual full day. :blah: :blah: :blah: Okay starting to ramble. Anyway, glad the man does electrical has saved us some bucks doing a lot of stuff like that around the house without having to call an electrician. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day :wave:

11-23-2004, 05:19 PM
Afternoon ladies!!

I ended up staying a half hour later at work last night....they were swamped and people called in! Amazing how much work there can be! I left with only 2 girls working (usually there is at least 4) When I got home I check the site and my e-mail....then got to bed around 4 and tossed and turned.....finally went to sleep. I got up at 12:30 and that bothered me so much! It was about 8hours but it just threw me off my schedule! I wanted to get some pie crust made today so James can fill them and I wanted to get to Walmart......I may still do some of the things on my list............... how do any of you multi task??? :lol:

Cristi--We got almost everything....there are a few items I forgot but I can get that tomorrow. I'm planning on cutting things up tomorrow before work, so I can get up at a decent hour the next morning and not have to worry about time. We bought our turkey yesterday and it was thawed out already.....I was hoping so! Now...if I can convince James to get a SMALLER turkey next year! Every year he gets a 20lb.'s only the three of us!! :lol: (and who ever stops by)

Jane--Jhanai has a subscription to the American Girl Magazine. I think I may record that movie for her if it's on while I'm at work. I had bought her a doll that was close to the actual American Girl dolls and she loved it. I bought it the year she got her glasses and so the doll also has glasses. She loves the magazine so maybe I will have to have her choose which doll she likes from the cataloug and buy her one.

Mindee--I'm happy that your family is going to have a Christmas. I remember struggling when Jhanai was a baby.....but we always managed something. Keeping my fingers crossed that Tommy's interview goes well!

Angie--So how is Baby Bird doing today? Poor thing...I didn't realize that Brandon would have to do this again in 6 months! Is it for the other foot? Oh my! I wish I could give him a give him a big one for me ok!

Susan--I was in shock to hear what your ex Doug had to say!! Do you think he resents the fact that you found someone and want to start a life with him? Birthday or not, the man should not have said anything bad about you. For shame!

Julie-- :hb: Happy Birthday!! :hb: I hope you get what you want!!

Ok, a few more things before I rush myself to get some things done. I got my December Schedule at work and I was so happy. I got my every other friday off early!! I got my three hours off for Jhanai's Christmas Choir program AND...they gave me Christmas Eve off!! I was extremely happy!!

And I talked to Jhanai last night before I left for work to see how her day in school went...and she told me that no body got A-pluses in her Math class and only 2 got an A. (we have this agreement for every A+ she makes I put a quarter in a container for her....her idea) I told her that it was ok if she didn't get the A as long as she did her best....then she said. "Mom...I was one of the two who got the A!" I am so proud!!! :smug: So I went to work pretty happy and proud and after seeing my schedule, it made the night even better! to get some stuff done before I have to leave.

Hello to everyone who has been MIA....we miss come back and talk a little bit.

Take Care

11-23-2004, 05:35 PM
Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes on the OFFICIAL DAY( as JANE would say) lollol The ladies I work with had a cake for me and I got some nice candles and lotions. All in all it's been a nice day so far!!! Totally blew the diet though this week, Guess I'll have to wait til after thanksgiving!!!

JANE: the puppy is doing very well thanks, he and max have become best buds in crime together...they do really well alone surprisingly!!!

Cristi: Thanks for the card!!!

Has anyone see Harry Potter 3>?>>> I was going to buy it this week!! We have been collecting them and I was wondering how good it is compared to the others??? :?:

ANGIE: Check your pm, I will send my address to you, Ill be starting xmas cards soon and I'd like to send them to all my 3FC buddies!!!

Hope everyone elses days is going well, and I'll check back later!!

11-24-2004, 03:00 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

I keep meaning to put this on here. We weighed Brandon last week, and he is roughly 20lbs and about 27 inches long.

Tommy got his first check from unemployment today! It was for four weeks, so we have some put aside and some for my sister for rent!

As for his job interview, well, that went great! He goes back Monday morning at 9:15am, and will be gone the whole day until about 5:30pm. He is going to be going around to all the clients of the company that would be hiring him in. So he will know by Monday night if he has gotten the job or not. The advertising agency does a lot of advertising for the different sports teams around here. The new clients won’t actually start until January. If he makes it past this coming Monday, then they will send him to either 1 to 6 weeks of training, depending on how fast he picks up on things. Then they will start him out, as I think an assistant manager, with 10 people under him. If everything goes well with that, then he will be promoted up to a manager, and he will have 20 – 30 people under him, and his own office. So things are looking well with that and I will keep you all updated on anything else that comes around!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we got a letter in the mail from FIA. And for the month of November, which is pretty much over, we are getting $275 in food stamps. We have to fill out some papers and send them back in order to get it because they have to do their whole budgeting thing so we can see from there how much we will get. But that is another weight lifted off our shoulders.

Jane~ It is good to hear that there are others out there who were able to receive what they have been waiting for as well!

Cristi~ I am feeling better today. Although I am very moody and pissy. Just ask Tommy, so I don’t know what is going on. I am either going to start TOM or I am indeed pregnant. (I remember being very moody when I was pregnant with Brandon as well.)

Marti~ Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed! They really did the trick!

Julie~ Now I am late on this, but I did say it the day before. But happy belated birthday!

11-24-2004, 08:22 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Cristi - I love my Swiffer, too. Mackenzie is going to dust in the living room while I clean the main bathroom today. I use the Clorox wet mop, and like it a lot, too. Since you can get on the internet, it must be a problem with Hotmail. It's a pain when things like that happen, though. Hope it is corrected soon. Did you get everything all set up for the wreath? I'd like to put one up on the side of the house that people can see when they're coming down the road.

Marti - yay for a great December schedule!! And double yay for Jhanai's A - smart girl! Btw, I was recording the "Samantha" movie last night, and they had commercials about every 10 minutes it seemed, lol. Then they said it would be available to buy on Nov. 30, so I stopped recording it, lol. I just hate how the networks run all this other info on the bottom of the screen, right during a show... telling what's on next, blah, blah, blah!!! Mackenzie absolutely loved the movie, though, and I am sure the twins would, too. Jhanai would probably like it even better, since the girls are closer to her age.

Julie - glad you had a good birthday! For years and years we've had 2 (or more!) dogs at one time. They like a buddy, lol. Cloe, our beagle, sniffs out the rabbits, and Molly, with her long legs, tries to catch them, and once in a while she actually does. :( As a transplanted city girl, it's hard on me when that happens. I'm always cheering for the rabbits!!

Mindee - yay for you guys getting the check!!! And double good luck on Tommy's interview! Things are looking up, aren't they, hon? Mary and Dale went Christmas shopping yesterday, and had so much fun. Then she went to Old Navy with Gina to get some more clothes for the kids. The little one, Caylin, has lots of hand-me-downs, but gets new things, too.

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

Well, as I told Marti, we watched the movie and then Grandpa read stories to Mackenzie. Today she is going to help me clean and cook. I'm getting ready all the things that can be done a day ahead, such as peeling the potatoes, making deviled eggs, getting the ham and turkey trimmed and ready, and making the dishes to take to my sister's for tomorrow evening. Gina is making a WW crustless pumpkin pie, and Mary is doing a regular one. They are bringing other stuff, too, thankfully.

Is anyone going to be here to chat later this morning? If Mackenzie takes a nap, I'll be here, too.


Tea Rose
11-24-2004, 12:59 PM
Good Morning Everyone:wave:
Sorry I haven't been chatting, but my son had a couple of free days and we have been busy busy busy, we started on Monday doing a complete cleanup of the yard , pruning raking, cutting grass ,putting up some of the Christmas garlands , the yard is almost 400 ft long by 40 ft wide surrounded by huge oak trees,on one side and around the back ,my neighbour who was the original owner of the house attatched to me cleared the land when he built his ,fortuantley for me that the builder didn't clear the land on my side . now I have a new neighbour for the past two years and he has replanted pine trees in his yard, The trees are a lot of work but they are beautiful , some are 80 to 100 ft tall. It was a busy day I was still mulching leaves ,when it got dark out, so it was an incredibly long day.So tuesday comes and we decide to clean out the basement , still filled with x's junk that ended up here after the move 4 years ago,which he never took , so it has been cluttering my basement and my mind for as long , so my son and I started bright and early with the birds and sorted and boxed and organized till midnight if you can imagine this.Right now all the boxes and garbage are sitting outside inside my fenced nice clean and manicured yard LOL waiting for him to come and get it cleaned out ,I think 4 years was a reasonable wait . hopefully it dosen't take another 4 for him to pick it up out of the yard .LOL Any way thats what I have been doing and where I have been , so today its cleaning the cupboards , cleaning the floors ,windows dusting and polishing till everything out shines the Christmas lights LOL . Oh while I was cleaning I dropped a 75 steel pole they use for leverage on my right foot so I limped all day in pain, wasn't sure if I had cracked a bone , but I was determined ,pain and all to get the basement cleaned out regardless so , I have to thank advil for its pain relief in my time of need. Well enough about the saga of Ellen , I see I missed Julie's Birthday:wave: so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE :wave::wave:wave::wave: :lol: thats all I know how to do Julie I don't know how to do all the fancy stuff the other girls do.I hope you had a nice day ,and I hope today is to.Hi Angie:wave: so happy to hear your familys healing , and Brandon is coming home , I can only imagine the joy and relief you feel ,hugs to you all. Have a great day . Hi Mindee:wave: Good news about Tommy I will say another little prayer that he gets the job. and I am so happy that you are having Christmas ,I remember times when my children were little like Brandon and we had nothing for Christmas except a small gift under a small tree,all that really mattered was being together.I hope you have a great day. Hi Martie :wave : so happy you get Christmas Eve and Jhanai's Christmas Choir program off , and you must be so proud of her getting an A, I hope you have a great day. Hi Jane:wave:I see you are busy getting ready for your Thanksgiving Dinner It all sounds so wonderful maybe I will pop by for some of that pumkin pie.LOL if you don't mind of course. if I leave now and I walk really fast I might make it in time maybe LOL.anyway have a great day. Hi Christi :wave: I hope that your wrist is feeling better , hard to do anything with a wrist out of commission,I wish I could get my nails to grow , as soon as they start to get nice ,they break, do you have a secret remedy or are you just one of the lucky ones. Have a great day .Hi Susan:wave:sorry to hear that your happiness is still being overshadowed by all this backbiting , I hope that everthing gets staightend out soon for everyones sake ,especially the girls.I hope you are having a great day. Hi Sue:wave: are you still soaking up the warm sunny air ,or are you homesick ,yet,LOL probably not huh. Have a great day SORRY for this condensed version but to tell you the truth I'm exhausted and have so much still to do. I just looked out the window and its raining that ought to be really good for the carboard boxes everything is packed in,now I want to just cry . I think I should just go back to bed and pull the covers over my head .argggggggg .Enough of my whining I have work to do , so I must find coffee lots and lots of coffee , and maybe some advil might help about now , for the foot pain ,Oh well I will survive and conquer I hope LOL so you Ladies all have a wonder day doing what your doing , I can smell all those good smells from here , gosh I have to wait till Christmas for mine now. So I will try and get back to see how your all doing ,later but for now I'm off to find my coffee. :lol: *ELLEN*

11-24-2004, 01:38 PM
Happy Thanksgiving Eve Ladies!

Jane~oooopsie! :o Sorry I missed Chat, wasn't sure if anyone had agreed on an actually doing it or not. Had to go do my weekly grocery shopping this morning. Decided to do it early to miss the crowds, figured it would be bad later on. We didn't get the wreath up, bummer. I was hoping the rain would wait till the late evening but nooooooo, it started when I was coming back fromt he library yesterday and continued through the night eventually turning to snow. Yes, we finally got some snow. But...not enough to do anything, just a little dusting. By 8 this morning what little bit there was was gone. So instead he put up the tree for me. I won't get to decorating it till Friday but that is one less thing he will have to do tomorrow. It was hotmail I guess :dunno:didn't get on the internet at the library but came home and went to yahoo and put in hotmail clicked on it and it came right up, so don't know what is up with that.I know sometimes if something won't come up I will sign off one email and sign on to another and it will come up on that one. Sounds like little Mckenzie is having fun at grandmas.

Mindee~so very glad to hear the interview went well with Tommy. Will be keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well Monday. :crossed:

Marti~hooray for Miss Jhanai making the A. :cp: Glad you got your schedule the way you want for December. Sounds like you are working for a great company. So do you make the crust and James makes the filling in your pies? What kind of pies are you guys making? Nosey aren't I? :lol:

Julie~glad you had a nice birthday. And glad the puppy dogs are getting along, they really are so cute! Haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies, not really a fan of them. DS has read the books and loves them and watched them on cable and liked them.

Hi to everyone else!
Well, ladies I have a busy day ahead. Did manage to get my weekly grocery shopping done early this morning, thank goodness. Did Thanksgiving shopping last week so got that out of the way but was just about out of everything. Then had to run over to Hobby Lobby and get a small tree. We seem to be missing a box of Christmas stuff which just so happens that the tree was in that box. I am thinking it may have gotten tossed in the move. Glad they had them on sale, not bad $6 for a 3 ft. tree. If I had needed any ornaments at all I would have gotten some as they had them 1/2 price-already! Anyway, now to get two loads of laundry done, do some baking, get some stuff prepared for tomorrow, vacuum, decorate the small tree and I think that it is. Like that isn't enough. I want to take it easy for the most part tomorrow and possibly help Vince and Josh. Josh usually pitches in if needed and of course I have to supervise! :lol: Guess I better get going or nothing is going to get done today. Going to have an early dinner so DS and I can go to Thanksgiving Mass tonight and then I will be turning in early. Be back later since tomorrow I will be too busy.

Take care ladies and have a nice day! :sunny:

EDITED: to say Hi to Ellen~HI Ellen! :lol: I guess I am just one of the lucky ones as my finger nails just grow and grow and grow and DD hates it. It takes hers so long to grow and I can cut mine this week and they have grown out again in two weeks, which actually is a pain to me now since I have been manicuring them and polishing them since I was a teen. Funny thing though I was a nail biter till I was 15 and I wanted long nails and decided I was going to have them, and did. Now if losing weight were that easy for me. :lol: Hey, when you are finished with your house come on over and do mine, my yard while your at it too! :D We didn't get our yard mowed before the rain and it is needing it one last time. Ugh, yeah, I think 4 years is long enough for the ex to pick up his stuff. You should give him a bill for storing it! Anyway, take care and have a good day. :wave:

11-24-2004, 02:06 PM
See you at Chit Chat # 91!!