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11-17-2004, 08:35 AM
Welcome all to a thread full of wonderful women taking on the responsibilty of raising a family and trying to take care of themselves too. We look forward to a new day with members, new and old! Please feel free to jump right in and say hello Here is a little bit about who we are ...

MichelleRae: Michelle sahm to Taylor 8-25-01 & Teagan 10-13-03 Married 2 years to Zhaun. Plan I'm following is a combined WW and South Beach Diet.

Spryng: 24 y.o. married 6 years. Kids- Ava 4, Bubba (aka Joseph) 3 & Tanner 1. Currently on ww, hit goal in April.

Mompen: Penny 24 y.o. Happily Married & SAHM Momma to three active boys, Hunter 5, Nicholas 4 & Andrew 16 mo. Taking what I learned from WW & South Beach is my way of life.

Loveliam: Leigh SAHM to Liam 10.21.03 & happily married for 2 years. Doing the Weight Watchers thing.

Sydsmom: Kristin SAHM to Sydney 09-27-01, married almost 2 years to wonderful dh Began Weight watchers mid-July

Cheri: married to Donald for 8.5 years, SAHM/homeschooling momma to Nathan, 5 (9-11-98), Daniel, 3 (8-29-00) & Elijah, 1 (10-16-02) & doing the low carb thing kinda, lol

Cindi: Mom to 6 boys & 1 mean girl. Plan.. No diet for me! Portion control, exercise & lots of water (most days)

Chubba: Geri..Mom to two boys, Will (3) & Tony (1)..married for 4 years to a great guy..following Dr Phil most days!

Crystal: 27 yo sahm of 3 almost 4. Alisa 6, Ally 3, & Andrew 22 months. Due Feb 1st. Married 9 years, live in Texas & homeschool. My plan, when on it, counting calories & exercise.

Ricci sahm to two boys 4 and 5, married 7 years, doing ww

Jaymi: 2 kids, 20 mo Girl & 6 yo boy. Been married to DH for 2 years. WW Core Plan is my way of life.

Jill: SAHM of 1 daughter, Bayley, born 9/19/03. Currently trying to lose some of the baby weight I gained with her & need some extra support to help me do so.

Melissa: SAHM of 1 girl (4) and 1 boy (2). Currently watching what I eat and exercising 4-5days a week.

Deana: SAHM of 3 boys and 1 girl. Counting calories, exercising, and drinking lots of water.

Chris: SAHM of Tiana, Kayla and Nicole: ages 11, 5, and 2. Married for 5 years. I live in Billings, Montana. I'm a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and trying using WW Flexpoints to lose weight .

11-17-2004, 08:39 AM
Good Morning.....I think!

I've been up for over an hour and a half. Dh got up to go deer hunting and I got up to make coffee. With only an hour left to sleep didn't see much point in crawling back in bed.

Another busy day here! Dd has school, scouts after school, dh has to work.....again! But he's supposed to get a 4 day weekend, so we'll see. He will know tonight if he has to pull any OT over the weekend.

Hope everyone has a great OP day!!! ;) I'll check back later.


11-17-2004, 09:08 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Hi all. Hope you all slept well. I slept okay. Went to bed at 1100, Ally woke up to potty at 100, Andrew woke up at 230 and not long after that wanted me to lay with him. So I fell asleep in there and didn't wake up until about 630. So I didn't sleep comfortably. I'm staying home today, so hopefully I can work in a nap.

Deana, glad you had some nice quiet time this morning, that's why I like to get up early. Hope dh doesn't have to work OT this weekend.

Ginny, so glad you were able to pop in. I'm feeling fine. So far I'm still quite a bit under my weight gain from my previous pregnancies and that's my goal. I gained 40 with Alisa, 39 with Ally, and 50 with Andrew. So far I've gained 20 pounds.

Spryng, sorry you've been staying so tired. Do you think things will settle down after all this training? How long is the traning? Hope you get some time with us soon. And some for yourself, lol?

Morning to Mel, Michelle, Amy, Chris, Jill, Jaymi, Angel, Steph, Sherry, Jeniqua, Geri, Ricci, Penny and all you other Desperate Housewives. Hope you all have a great day.

Okay, I'm staying home today. Got some phone calls to make, school to do and I'll make dinner since these past few days it's been skimpy because I've been busy. And I almost forgot, today is my dad's Birthday. Yeah, he's 52. I'll have to call him later too.
I'll check back later and I hope you all have a great start to the day.

11-17-2004, 11:33 AM
Morning all !!!!! just checking in!

Crystal, I'm sure you are getting increasingly uncomfortable. I hope you get some better rest soon.

Deana, Hi there, I'm so happy you are seeing losses on your end. I can't wait for us all to be skinny, or at least healthy weight. We don't have to be model thin, only feel good right>>???

Anyway, no gym today. I know tomorrow's going to be tough getting back into it. I am on call to pick up a friend, so I can't go to the gym now. That's ok, I have to go, because I have training tomorrow. I'll try to check in later.

11-17-2004, 11:39 AM
Good Morning ladies!

My day starting a little later than usual. The school called and told us that school was an hour later because of the heavy fog. Last night at midnight when DH came home you couldn't see the garage (75ft away) it was so heavy he said it was like driving in a blizzard, he could only go 30 mph. Glad there weren't any deer in his path!

Deana- Wow! You shrinking woman! That is so great! :dancer: :dancer:
Are you going to put those inches lost on your siggy? You should, you've earn them my evil sister! Hope your DH gets a deer, one less on the road.
In MN we have 1.2 million in our state alone! There are so many all the time on the along side of the road.

Crystal- how's the house coming? Is it getting to the fun part yet? Picking out colors, fixtures, decorating? When do you guess it will be done? Before the baby comes (I hope). Hope you have a good school day and get your snoozer in.

Michelle- Are you feeling better today? Lungs still hurt? I'm glad you got your warrior, that is so awesome! All the comforting things you are planning already for the whole family. I already have my angel, Christopher Murtha, he
is my dear friend's little guy. He was diagnosed with non-hodgkins Lymphoma
(longer name I can't remember). They've been Chemo-meds-spinal chemo., all those good and bad days for two long years since he was sick at 2 yrs old.
He is in remission now, he is just off his meds I think last week and will have his port removed 11-28. :cheer: They are having a party! :cheer: He's a real cutie pie and runs and plays like all the other children now. BTW- the parents are incredible, I can't even imagine how they endured. I Like your siggy too. I hopeless about that kind of stuff. I think I'll see what my DS#1 can do for me and get me in the spirit of things!

Jill- Hope your appraisal went okay. Hey! Now you have a superclean house!
What are you going to do with all tha free time today? Oh I know, your paper! :lol:

Whoops! Can't finish yet, somethings going on upstairs!


11-17-2004, 12:40 PM
Good morning all you early risers...
I am here and feeling much better today. The cold isn't in my head so much today. More down in my chest, which I can handle alot better. I even got a 40 min. workout this morning. THAT makes me feel a whole lot more energetic. I might actually get the house done today. I've been messing around and not getting much done. It's so monotonous and it gets undone so quick...(absolutely depressing). I got alot to do though since we are having Thanksgiving at our house this year.

Deana-Don't you hunt too? I used to, but the ex got my gun in the divorce. I don't think I'd feel comfortable enough going alone anyhow. I hated the nasty job of doing the "deed" but I loved getting outside and the meat was alot cheaper than beef.

Roxy-Good morning! Your little "angels" are busy already? Mine is actually okay. I've only had to confiscate nail polish from her little grip. Nail polish is a bad thing in here. We have light beige carpet in the basement (bad color with kids) and on the first day of school Tiana knocked dark purple nail polish off her closet and it hit stuff on the way done and splattered the carpet and her clothes and the wall...I have no idea where Nicole found this bottle.

Crystal-I don't know how you do it. When I was that far along, I needed some room to roll when I was sleeping. I can just picture you all snuggled up with Andrew. Of course I could never get comfortable when I was pregnant. I hope you can. 11 weeks to go. You must be excited.

Mel-No gym? I'm so used to reading how your workouts went. I'l let it slide today. But I expect an exercise post tomorrow. Have a great day!

Guess its time to get cleaned up and get this house into shape. The flylady would have a cow! I'll be doing some flying today.


11-17-2004, 01:27 PM
Hi all, checking in while we're schooling.

Mel, sorry you don't get to go to the gym today. But a good hard, trained, workout tomorrow will make you feel better about not going today.

Roxy, the house progress is moving so slow. We just got our order placed for the framing materials. So hopefully they'll start this weekend. Probably will take them about two weeks. Then we'll have another slow step, waiting on the bank to release our draw and getting more materials ordered. The only fun thing we're working on are the windows. I've got to get them ordered by the end of this week. And NO the house will not be finished when I have the baby. We're hoping for March, so the baby will be several weeks old. And when the fun stuff starts, I won't get to do much of it, because I will either be about to have the baby or will have just had her. So I'll just get to supervise and hope everyone listens to me and does it the way I want it, lol. Thanks for asking.

Chris, so glad you are feeling better today. Yes, that workout will make you feel so much better. And I am uncomfortable, but the things we do for our kids. I can give up comfort to make them comfortable.

I haven't told y'all I don't think, that dh goes in for a stomach scope AND a colonoscopy on Friday. My mil and dh's grandma will watch the kids so I can take him. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Okay, we've got to get reading done, so I'll check back later.

11-17-2004, 01:36 PM
Good morning......actually afternoon!

Deanna- got a deer hunting hubby, huh? (mine usually does but will not be going out this year.....too busy). Hey, venison is low in fat! get some rest, ok?

Crystal, all the house plans sound have such a full plate these days.
BTW- the colonoscopy,is this routine or diagnostic? Hope all goes well.

Chris- glad you are feeling better!! And hope you got your house clean....mine is a never ending project. And I never really get it all done.

Mel- sorry no gym today....hopefully you can get a nice workout in tomorrow.

Roxy- you sound so busy......hope you can find a wee moment for yourself.

As for me, got a walk in (the only reason I am sane) and some cleaning. Tonite, I am enlisting Dd to help clean her room.........that ought to be an advernture.
Gotta go.......have a good one!

11-17-2004, 01:43 PM
Ginny, so glad to see you around more often. Dh's colonoscopy is diagnostic. Dh has stomach problems and always has. He thinks it's an ulcer, but we're not sure. Doc seems to think it IBS, but wants to run these tests first to rule out other things.

11-17-2004, 03:35 PM
Hey all, well, My friend didn't need me after all. I am waiting for my br to come and we are going to go to the gym together around 3:30ish or something. So, You can all take back your sorry's and I'll take back my no gym comment. Hope you are all having a good one. check back in later. I'm beat with dh away...:( I miss him soo much. My best bud ya know! OK, sob story, I'll get over it. I just move on with out him the way I always do. ttyl

11-17-2004, 03:39 PM
My dh had his stomach scoped and had a balloon inserted in his esophagus to widen it. He was having horrible stomach pains and after all that found out he has acid reflux. They had to widen his esophagus because he had a lot of scarring that really narrowed it. Hope all goes well with your dh. I am definitely not jealous of either procedure, esp. not the colonoscopy. I've heard about those and...I never want one. Did his doctor ever mention acide reflux? I know my dh has it really bad and if he misses his pills, he is miserable immediately. It causes horrible stomach pains too.

Ginny-Hey, I got my kitchen cleaned. :D Okay, so the rest of the house looks like a tornado went through it, but like you say-It's endless.

kind of a quiet day on here again. I guess I should quit flattening this chair out and get some laundry in and the rest of the house picked up. YUCK!


11-17-2004, 04:07 PM
Chris, it seems like the doc has said something about it in the past. But dh has a couple of different pains. And mostly his problems come with digestion, if you catch my drift. Therefore, the doc has said and I have also said after doing some research that it sounds like irritable bowel syndrome, but the doc said the only way to diagnose that is to rule out everything else. Dh has worried often that he may have an ulcer because it comes after eating certain foods. Let me tell you how hard he is to cook for...anything too spicy or garlicy bothers his stomach. Anything too greasy, pancakes, waffles and french toast all bother his stomach. I could go on and on, EVERYTHING bothers him. I will ask him later if the doc has said anything about acid reflux but like I said, it's a "deeper" problem. He's not looking forward to any of it either, but he's sick and tired of having problems as well. We'll hope all goes well.

11-17-2004, 04:16 PM
Hey everyone I think I will be able to get a real post in today!! Anyway I was up till 2 getting a paper done for tonight, it really wasn't that hard but I'm not one to sit and pound it out, I like to write a little, think, play slingo, write a little, check the posts, play with dd, write a little, watch get the picture right? LOL Anyway I tried to sleep in but the dogs were relentless with their barking this morning so oh well, I don't feel too bad.

As far as my house goes it's still pretty clean! The stinkin appraiser was only here for like 15 minutes and didn't even take inside pics! I was like dude you better notice my clean house! LOL but I did look at the appraisal they did a couple years ago and checked out the pics and we have done quite a bit of work, have gotten rid of a lot of the clutter. So anyway I hope I can keep it picked up since we have relatives coming up for Thanksgiving, I want to be able to have people "pop" by without feeling like I have to hide and pretend I'm not home LOL and yes I have really done that before, several times actually!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm you would think after 2 weeks of great losses I would be more OP than ever, not the case. Today has been good so far and yesterday was ok but Monday and the weekend were not. I think I would have been fine if it weren't for my dad's b-day, that kind of screwed me up. Oh well I am doing good today and will hopefully maintain. Gotta get back to drinking all that water, that really helped me. I lost my good water bottle though so I'll have to get a new one, for some reason it helps me drink more.

Hey Deana you were up early, did you go to curves today? Are you still liking it?

Hi Crystal, great about the doc's appt yesterday, 11 weeks? That's it? That's so close! I'm so excited for you! Hope you get a nap in today, I also hope your dh's appt goes well and it's something treatable.

Well Mel I was going to say sorry you didn't get to the gym but you are going to go so cool! This is week 3 of me not going and I hate it!! I am in a mode now of not going and I don't like it. Bayley is still sick though! I don't think she is contagious anymore but no one else knows if that's the truth or not so I just figure we won't go. I miss is though, can't believe I am still losing with not going and all, just hope it wasn't muscle that I lost!

Roxy we get heavy fog here too but I was never fortunate enough to get school postponed for an hour, we seem to always get just enough to hinder driving but not enough to call things off, same goes for snow. We get snow days in college too but we haven't had one for like 5 or 6 years, maybe this is the year! And yes I will be doing my paper after I get done with my reading, it's a never ending process around here. However there is light at the end of the tunnel so I will keep plugging away!

Hey Chris why not get someone to come appraise your house? It worked for me! LOL It's clean now! I already told my dh when I start teaching full time we are getting a part time house keeper, that's all there is to it! LOL we'll see if it really happens. I mean work full time and have all the household duties, I don't think so. I know women do it all the time and I know I could do it..........I just don't want to! I know how you feel though it's never ending. Just when it looks good here comes someone who first of all doesn't even notice it's clean then they proceed to mess it up!! Whenever I clean really good and dh comes home from work I don't even give him a chance to notice, I just say "isn't the house clean?" that way I know he knows I put some effort into it and he better keep it clean! Not that it works but hey it's worth a try. Oh and as far as the diet thing goes how much starches are you eating? Things like bread, pasta, potatos. I noticed a big difference in my weekly losses when I cut things like that to one meal. It sounds hard but after awhile you find other things to eat that don't include starches and it really helps with the cravings. I usually have a potato with dinner and that is my starch. Anyway that's what worked for me, just thought I would share, glad you are feeling better. Sorry about the book I just wrote! LOL

Ginny glad you got your walk in, funny how exercise makes us feel better. I always feel more motivated to get things done when I exercise. Good luck with dd and the room!

Ok enough from me, need to go read while baby is asleep then do some e-bay stuff and fax things to the bank. TTYL!!

11-17-2004, 04:52 PM
Hi all you busy ladies posting alot while I was gone!

I'm doin' a quick flyby before I go to pick up the school kidlets.

Crystal- when your husband eats these particular foods does he feel like he has a "painful-tight band" all around his mid section? Greasy foods, especially may be gallbladder, just a thought. My hubby had this for two years off and on, then steady, then just about everything set it off. One day ate a bowl of peanuts, vomited up blood. The fool still didn't want to go to the hospital. MEN! Ended up having to take out the gallbladder (waited too long). Glad yours is going now! Outta time-gotta fly!


11-17-2004, 05:03 PM
Chris, I've had my gallbladder out and I don't think his has anything to do with his gallbladder. I can't really explain the pain he gets, but he STAYS constipated all the time. A HUGE sympton of IBS.
Gotta go too, ttfn.

11-17-2004, 05:41 PM
All right..I'm back again. Still struggling to get some motiviation. I did get a load of laundry put away and another in the washer. I'm working on it. I got 3 hours until dh is home so, I'm taking my time.

Jill-I'm guilty. I hide from people and pretend I'm not home too when my house is a mess. Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one! :lol: We could be twins... :D I've also taken every last laundry basket we have and chucked everything I could find in them and slam in Tiana's bedroom so no one would see. I know, I know. Ingenious, huh? As far as the starches go, I don't think I eat too many of them. I am allergic to the yeast in bread so I can't eat that. I must confess a fondness for fat-free pringles. What else have you found to eat besides those good-tasting potatoes and pasta? I'm all for alternatives. Just show me the way.

Roxy-Hey! Haven't seen many posts from you today. Those kids must be keeping you busy. Mine are so mellow today. It's kind of scary. The calm before the storm, maybe.

Mel-Get that workout in! :drill: Where is the dh anyhow? (not trying to be too personal) Have a great workout!

Gotta get back to getting cleaning. TTFN. I'll check back later. I'm supposed to go to church with my mom tonight.

11-17-2004, 06:33 PM
Crystal- sure sounds like IBS to me, which I have also. Fortunately, I can keep it under control with diet and FiberCon (be in big trouble without it!!)
Gotta get dinner on.....see ya!

11-17-2004, 06:54 PM
Ginny, I didn't know you suffered from that. He tried years ago to take one of those fiber things, but it would only work some of the time. His diet is not great, but he has cut out ALL beer and ALL cokes for about 6 months now but still suffers. He eats ALOT of sweets and tried to cut that out, like I knew he couldn't do it. The doc called and said he can eat nothing but uncolored jello and chicken broth all day tomorrow. He's NOT going to be pleasant. He's also had a small issue lately where he had his vasectomy and has to go to the doc tomorrow for that. He's simply not going to be a happy camper.
Anyways, I'm getting dinner done. I hope everyone has been having a great day. It's been rainy here ALL day but since I didn't have to get out that was okay with me. I'll talk to you all later. Hope all is well.

11-17-2004, 07:21 PM
Crystal-talk about a tasteless menu. YUCK! Seems like the test prep is worse than the actual testing. They really want a person to suffer. :)

Ginny-In answer to your PM, dh is saved. Dinner? I haven't even figured out anything yet. I've tried to be a good girl today but just don't have the energy. I've got the chills now. Must have a fever I guess. I'll just go down some more tea and kick back in front of the tv and catch some cooking shows. Maybe I'll have the dh bring some chicken home for him and the kids. I'm just not hungry.

Where is Mrs. Michelle? Hummm...and Penny...Deana...Geri...Ricci...and all the rest of you gals? Hope you all are enjoying your day. I guess I better put in the phonecall to Mr. DH. Beg him to bring dinner home for his hungry children... :)


11-17-2004, 07:53 PM
Aw, Chris, I feel bad for you. Got the chills???????? Drink lots of tea (got a favorite?) and water too. I know with a cold I can down many cups , basically non stop tea all day (decaf once I have pretended to wake up). I Hope you feel better soon......and that Dh was a good boy and spared you from dinner! Hugs. Oh, and I also have crawled on the floor of my house to avoid being seen if I did not want to answer the door because it was a mess!!!!!!! Actually (and this is the first time I ever admitted this one!) did it to my MIL- who can be very argumentative, I knew she was in one of her was just me and Dd (an infant at the time, and I was nursing her) at home....and well, I chose not to answer the door. So now you know I get the creep of the year award.

Crystal- yes the normal pre colonoscopy flavorfull......don't have Dh watchany of those cooking shows that Chris is planning to veg out to. Is your Dh as crummy a patient as most?????? Hugs to you too! Can't imagine facing pg hormones and a Dh as a patient too.... As far as me and IBS, I am so thankful that the fibercon does its trick.....I must take it faithfully and still watch what I eat. Some foods are just not worth the upset for. And I know that I can slide a long as I start out my day with oatmeal (which thankfully I love) and keep lunch fairly sane. Then I can be much less strict with my eating later. But if we go on vacation and my normal eating habits are disrupted, I need some extra fibercon and some patience to keep from getting into trouble. As a word of encouragement, I've found that once I have gotten things under control, I can eat even the foods that irritate me- in moderation.
So, it is for me quite livable- and that is why you never heard me mention it.

Survived dinner, and now Dh is taking Ds to baseball tryouts. (lets hope they come home in better moods than when they came home!) Time to go clean up Dd's room. And I have babbled enough......have a great nite.

11-17-2004, 09:02 PM
I'm here!! Just lurking today! I was tired because Taylor the Terror was up very early and began to cause problems from the minute she opened he pretty little eyes. So its been an adventure. Teagan was sick today she threw up in her crib :( and was pretty fussy poor thing. Now her favorite stuffed animal and blanket are in the wash, which I'm sure she's not too happy about!!

Crystal I hope your DH feels better! I think I have IBS I always have a horrible stomach ache about 10 minutes after I eat its horrible. How are you feeling?

Jill so the paper you were working on...was that the one that you've been stressing over? I'd like to read it when its done if you don't mind :) Ha ha I pretend we're not home too!! How funny!!

Mel did you make it to the gym? How was your workout? are slackin girlfriend!! We miss you!! Where the heck have you been?

Chris, How have you been feeling? It's rained here the last 2 days now YUCK!!!

Well tomorrow my car is going in to get a new muffler Yayyy!! Right after I get it running after being parked for so long and after a week the muffler is roaring away lol. I was oo embarassed to drive it so we parked it again lol. But I miss my totally girly girl car.

Deana, how are you doing girl? You seem to be wicked busy lately.

Okay I better get ready for work!!
Love to all!

11-17-2004, 09:07 PM
Another day, another dollar!

Good day, but we had 19 kids! Talk about hectic...19 2 year olds, biting each other at every opportunity! I think we handled it well! We didn't quit or get fired, lol!!!

Dinner is served! I hope to come back, but we see how that's been going!

Oh yeah, Christian is much better! A day of meds made a huge difference!

Hope you are all big losers this week, my eating is not something I care to discuss these days.

Love ya chickies!

11-17-2004, 09:21 PM
Hello Ladies..Sorry I've been MIA but my family has been sick . My daughter was sick Sunday night with the flu and then Monday I got the same thing. Monday night my son had a fever of 104 drgrees(my kids have seizures with 104 fever) and was having a hard time breathing. At 2am I had to call my pastor's wife and ask her if she had any medicine(we're really close). She came over right away with medicine and even brought over a nebulizer treatment. The poor baby couldn't even talk without even gasping for air. I took him to the Dr. yesterday and found out he has an ear infection. He has been rubbing his ears alot lately and had a very strong odor in his right ear but my husband and I didn't think anything of it because he has tubes in his ears. His ears were draining before and the DR told me that's normal. No wonder he's been cranky the last couple of weeks. I feel so bad that I didn't take him to the Dr sooner. My son is very clingy and when he's sicks he's very overbearing. I am feeling better but still very tierd. I haven't been exercising yet this week. My appetite is still not back up to par either..

Mel~ Way to go on making it to the gym! I know what you mean about missing hubby..does he go away often?? My husband travels on the road all week and is only home on the weekends.

Deana~ My husband loves to hunt. When he catches a deer we have so much meat that it lasts for like 2-3 months!

Well I better go lay down my head is spinning..I'll try to get back here tomorrow and catch up. Have a great night!!

All you ladies I didn't get a chance to respond to and say HELLO to..I hope all is well. REMEMBER, WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER!!

11-17-2004, 10:43 PM
EVIL!!! EVIL!!! EVIL!!! I tell ya! (screams at Mother Nature) danged terrible, horrible tom showed its ugly self this morning....and right before a 4 day weekend....UGHHH!!!!

I've been in and out all day. Went to Curves, dd had school, scouts after school, rush home, fix supper (soup, get dh out the door, had to run a DVD to the movie store because I didn't check the case when I dropped them off earlier and low and behold, it was still in the DVD player. So while I was there, I got Man on Fire. I remembered Spryng saying it was really good, then I ran into a girl I know and she recommended it too. I have it til Monday, so I'll probably try to get dh to watch it with me this weekend, after kids go to bed (so we can hear it :dizzy: ).

Mel: Glad you got to the gym afterall.
No way do I want to me model thin....they look ill! :lol:

Roxy: Thank you! Yes I think I will put total inches lost in my siggy, right after I get done here. Hope you had a good, productive, non-nail polish day ;) . Still no deer, he slept to late today to go out. But he has the weekend and til Tuesday at sunset.

Chris: I have hunted in the past but didn't choose to this year. I have never killed one, finally saw two year before last but they ran past me so fast with dogs chasing them I couldn't get a shot off....grrrr! Hope you get rid of that cold soon!

Crystal: Hope all of dh's tests go well. Hope it's nothing serious.

Ginny: We love venison! I make my own sausage and jerky. Dh cuts it himself. 2 years ago we ended up doing 3 of them, 2 ours and one bil's. Glad you are able to keep your IBS under control for the most part! Rest?!? :rofl: What's that?

Jill: :bravo: on the clean house! :cheer: on the paper! Hope the appraisal comes out well in your favor. Yes, I'm still loving Curves! I'm really seeing the inches go away now. Even my 16 yo ds told me tonight that he can really see a difference :cry: :) .

Michelle: I'm always wicked busy it seems! But I still find time for my favorite women!!! Love you all! :love: Hope the car is better! ;)

Cindi: Worse yet would have been bitning them back :rofl:. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Let's talk about your eating lately....that's what we're here for ;)

Jeniqua: Gees, when it rains it pours! Hope everyone gets to feeling better there very soon. :grouphug:

Well, I'm gonna pogo for a while, then to bed early tonight. I waited up for dh last night and by the time he was settled down enough to go to bed it was almost 1 a.m.....ugghhhh! Then I was up at 5 to start coffee. I did get another hour in after kids got on the bus, but still not enough.

Talk to all in the morning!

Love ya!


11-18-2004, 03:43 AM
OMG ladies what a day! I thought it would be pretty non-productive since I got my paper done last night(and no Michelle this was a smaller paper that was due for yet another class! My rought draft of my huge paper is due Monday and final draft is due Dec. 7th.) turns out someone had a different plan! Anyway Hunter came over and he and Bayley were playing pretty good on the floor together so I propped him up against the couch to play better (he's 6 months and not sitting up too well on his own) and ran in the kitchen to take dinner out of the oven, then I hear crying. I run in and he has fallen forward and bonked his mouth and nose. It didn't look too bad and a rocked him a little and he stopped crying. So I decide this would be a good time for a bottle and a nap so I lay him down with his bottle and he drinks it but then starts crying when he is done. I let him cry for awhile since his mom is trying to get him to go to bed without it. Finally he won't stop crying and I go in there and his little nose is bleeding just a bit and his lip is starting to puff and he is bruising a little!! I felt so bad!!! I think he must have caught the corner of the Bayleys ball popper or something. It was near him when I ran into the living room to get him. I FEEL SO BAD!!!! I wanted to cry! I was supposed to leave for school tonight but called his mom to apologize and to tell her exactley what happend since dh probably wouldn't get it right. She's pretty easy going and said hey it's bound to happen sooner or later. I just wished it hadn't been me that it happened with. Bayley also fell today on the hard lenolium in the kitchen flat on her face and got a bloody nose and lip!! I felt so bad for her too! Has anyone else had a day like this recently? I just feel out of control sometimes!! Well needless to say Hunter will be on my hip the whole time he is here tomorrow and he is getting plenty of kisses and hugs from me, he'll probably never want to see me again! Anyway I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight because of this so I thought I would post the story to you all to get it off my chest a little. I think dh is sick of hearing about it! LOL

To top things off tonight in class we chose which days to do our presentations and I wanted the Wednesday after Thanksgiving but ended up getting this coming Wednesday!! So this weekend I have to put together a presentation with very strict guidelines and pump out a rough draft of my paper, hmmmmmmm can anyone say mental institution!! So anyway I am stressed!! Also when I got home my lovely daughter was still awake and dh was about ready to lock her out of the house. She just went to bed 15 minutes ago and is still screaming!!

Ok enough from me. Sorry I went on forever but sometimes you are the only ladies I feel can relate to what I am going through and it really helps to just know someone is out there reading this and understanding a little. Oh and any stories of mishaps with kids that aren't your own would be greatly appreciated!! I need to know I am human and it's ok to make mistakes!! Ok really need to go. Talk to you all later!!

11-18-2004, 08:09 AM
Well, the stupid cat decided at 4 am to wake me up by jumping on the piano......guess she thought her lazy mama had slept way too long and it WAS time to feed her, right?
So, here I am flying on caffiene......did get my WW video in too. Busy day, payday- then Walmart and WW meeting.......then off for my afternoon monsters.....hope everyone is doing fine. Have a great day!

11-18-2004, 08:41 AM
starting a new thread.