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11-17-2004, 07:46 AM
Good Morning, Chickies~~ :coffee:

Post and run this morning. I need to be at the gym at 7:30, in order to get my workout in and be at the lab by 8:15. There's a plumber coming at 9:00 to install an under the counter hot water heater for me. Can you imagine a commercial building without hot water??? :dizzy: One of these days the owner is going to get caught and I would NOT want to be in his shoes when the fit hits the shan with the Health Department. :lol:

Yesterday was a "Murphy" day. Ugh! 32 patients in 5 hours, the phone didn't stop ringing...blah, blah... by the end of the day I wanted to crawl into a bottle of Jose Cuervo...but instead, I ate a bowl of low carb mushroom soup and drank a bottle of water. :smug:

Okay, I'm outta here. You Chicks be good!

Ruth, glad Hershey's home and life is back to "normal".

Have a great day on the Beach everyone!!


11-17-2004, 08:27 AM
I'd forgotten it was Hump Day, Mamacita. Thanks for the reminder.

Lucy woofed at 5 to let me know Ralph had started his truck so we are now back in normal routine. Funny that she didn't do that when Hersh was away. Maybe it's her job and she was slacking off when the Boss was absent. :D The vet gave Hersh a non-steriod anti-inflammatory yesterday and we already see an improvement. He suspects arthritis and we will put her on something like baby aspirin after a week if this stuff does the trick. Anyhow she is now able to jump up on me with muddy paws so that's an improvement - I think! :(

Sarah and I worked three hours yesterday afternoon planting bulbs and still are just half done, if that. The front perennial bed is frozen but I hope the next few days will thaw it out so we can bung stuff in on Friday. I ordered way too much, of course. I'm a garden catalogue addict!

This morning I am due at the Breast Screening Clinic for 9 so must have a quick shower and decide what to wear. (Mammograms are such a bummer that I always try to put on something that makes me feel good.) After the squish, I may get a bit of shopping done - veggies for sure as our local market is in winter mode and things are not very fresh these days. This afternoon, we go to the Clinic for foot care and I'll take Hersh with us for an unofficial therapy dog visit. She is on maternity leave until the end of the month but.....

The crockpot is plugged in for tonight's dinner, Harry is up, dressed and fed and the Girls are outside chomping on 1000 year old bones they dug up. I'm outta here and into the shower.

Happy Wednesday!

11-17-2004, 08:42 AM
Good morning Ruth & Mama! Oh y'all busy chicks! Today is a home day for me. The guy is supposed to be comin to look at the drain pipe. Had a good day of shoppin yesterday and a great OP lunch at Long Horn. Well I gotta get these kids out the door. Be back later.

11-17-2004, 08:48 AM
Good morning ladies.

Got my coffee :coffee: so I assume I'll wake up eventually.

Still remaining on program - it is becoming habit. Did I actually say that?!

I brought taco soup for lunch yesterday but wanted something different so I went to the cafeteria - the only thing they had that I could eat was a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, cheese and tomato (I'd throw away the bun) and salad - was about to buy it but the bun looked too good and I didn't trust myself not to taste some so I went back to my desk and had my taco soup - saved myself a few bucks too :)

Got home last night at 6:30pm - DH had fed DS but not himself - so I stirfried some chicken breasts and made DH stirfried veggies of brussels sprouts, red & green peppers and mushrooms (I only like the mushrooms), once he was fed - I didn't feel like cooking anymore so made myself a romaine, cucumber, cottage cheese and chicken salad. I wish I had some of that stuff prechopped - anyone have experience with prechopping peppers - do they get slimey or are they ok for a couple days?

Scale hasn't budged anymore but that is ok - still feeling good.

Have a good day all.


Under a Palm Tree
11-17-2004, 09:03 AM
Morning chickies! Hope you're all well and happy. Had an argument with DH this am and am not in a good mood. Did lots of activity yesterday. Hoping tomorrows weigh in won't be bad. Have a great day!

little chick
11-17-2004, 09:14 AM
Morning chicks, I am sooooo tired this morning I can't even type, the store was pretty busy last night, I can't believe the people who are exchanging before xmas is even here. :dizzy: but I did have 2 seconds to find a shirt for my dad for christmas now I just have to find something else to go with it and then get it shipped off so he will have it for christmas morning. Thank goodness I don't have to work tonight but I am supossed to go to a meeting which I am going to skip as I have to bake many dozen cookies for my dd bake sale at school tommorow. Love it when the tell you the morning before you need it. Tonight I am going to go through all the recipies and try to find something good for snacks I find when I get out of work at 10 that I am starving and my girlfriend and I have decided that the mama bugers at the A&W make a great snack on the way home. :(

under a palm tree- sorry to hear you a dh and a argument not a good way to start the day. Hope your day gets better.

bups- good choice girl. wish I had some of your will power.

Ruth- hope the squishing is not to painfull. Glad Hersh is feeling better.

Mama- hope your day is better today. Amazing what bosses can get away with.

sweet tooth- It is great to be back, I am not really OP but being back is making me think more about what I put in my mouth. I decided to take a part time job at Marks Workware House. One the the mom's I babysit for is the district manger so me and my two other girlfriends got the job without an interview and we got to pick the shifts that we wanted. I am still babysitting and working there Mon, tue, thurs,fri nights from 6-10 and sundays 12-5. It is only til Jan 5th but so far I really like it. It gives me some adult time and has made me feel better about the babysitting thing. So we will see how it goes. I figure I will be so tired by xmas I will sleep through it but then I won't eat so I won't gain. :lol:

Well I need to run I have to get up before I fall asleep sitting here at the puter. Have a great day chicks.

11-17-2004, 09:55 AM
Good morning Chickies :wave:
Ruth~It sounds like things are finally back to normal in your house :yes: Have fun in the "smasher" !!

Bups~~Everybody is having that Taco soup. I'll have to locate the recipe and give it a try. Sounds good.

Bamie~Oh, I love The Longhorn but it is too tempting not to have the tonion-onions. We grilled steaks last night and I used some wonderful grilling spices and DH likes this better than in a restrauant.

Mama~Hope today is better for you :)

LC~It's always good to be able to balance adult and child time.

Me~Still working on the kitchen remodel. Yesterday we worked on some of the electrial in the walls. Today will probably be more of the same, maybe getting in the attic to find the placement for the ceiling lights. Last night at dinner, DH looks up at me and said"I suppose you really want those undercabinet lights, too, don't you??" Well, of course I do (more work for him :( ).

Everybody still to visit, have a great OP day.

11-17-2004, 10:22 AM
Morning, Chickies!

Good to see LC in the hump day chat, but you sound exhausted! :grouphug: Glad you like the job, though! And don't worry, you'll jump back into being OP when you are ready. :yes:

Ruth, sorry to hear about Hersh's joints...hope the shot helps. My mom and many other people I know give their pets a form of glucosamine and chondroitin (sp???) for you think that would help? Hope the squish goes that you wear a special outfit!!!

Mama, what a day! :rolleyes: SO proud of you for staying out of that bottle and having an OP night! :cp: But don't be afraid to do something nice for yourself that doesn't have to do with food...a hot bath, a massage, a pedicure, an extra 15 mins. of sleep, etc. :D Here's hoping today will be better!!! :crossed:

Bamie, hope the drain pipe work goes well!

Bups, good for you on setting yourself up for success by staying away from the sandwich! I would succumb to the bun too! :rolleyes: I think you are fabulous! :cheer: Yup, I cut up peppers and keep half a cut up pepper in a baggy for later in the week. It doesn't get slimy. Now if you forget it and leave it for a makes some kind of fermented peper slime. :tied: A couple days is no problem, though. ;)

Palm, sorry about the a.m. fight. That's an awful way to start your day! :grouphug: Good for you on all the activity yesterday!

Getting geared up to leave for Europe tomorrow. London calling! :D Still nervous about getting everything done for tomorrow, but starting to really get excited! Stayed up until 1:30 last night finishing homework, and starting to feel a bit better about doing what's left before class is over. I'll probably feel differently when we get there and I have to do Christmas stuff, Scarlett, I'll just say, "La-di-dah" and "Tomorrow's another day" and trounce off to Europe! :lol:

My weight will not budge. I'm a bit frustrated! I've been without the extra fruit I added the last couple days, just in case that was the culprit, and it didn't seem to have an impact. Oy! Let's hope that the planned cheat in Europe, plus just being away will help jump start it. Unfortunately, I can't trot of to Europe every time I hit a :lol:

Did measurements recently, and some of them have even gone up... :rolleyes: just must not be my month!

Hope everyone has a great day! :sunny:

11-17-2004, 10:24 AM
Sil, we posted at the same time! Your kitchen will be gorgeous, and I bet DH will be thrilled with the effects of all that hard work, though the prospect is daunting right now. Love the sound of your steaks! :T Yummm!

anchor weight
11-17-2004, 10:35 AM
Good Morning!

Believe it or not I'm eating a chef salad for breakfast. DM's cleaning lady comes today at 7 am so no breakfast for me. I went to the grocery store and bought a salad and that is my breakfast!

I'm not too sore after exercising. This guy really believes in stretching out so it has helped keep the pain down. In fact I have to exercise for 15 minutes before I can stretch out so the muscles are warmed up. Then 45 minutes of aerobic recumbant bike, 15 minutes of toning and 10 minutes of ab's. I still can't believe I'm not sore. :lol:

I purchased some South African red tea. It is supposed to have 50% more antioxidants than green tea. I already drink about 4 quarts of green tea a day. I think it is helping the weight loss.

Hope you chickies have a great day!

11-17-2004, 10:39 AM
Morning! It is a gloomy, rainy day in Dallas. Tomorrow we are having a potluck at work. I am signed up to bring a vegetable tray with dip and wheat bread (we are having sandwiches). At least this way I know I will have stuff I can eat. I haven't decided yet if I will make muffins or the Easy Cherry Cheesecake to bring as well. It will probably depend on how much time I have tonight. Dinner is a low fat Beef Stroganoff with whole wheat noodles which doesn't take too long to make (and uses lots of yummy mushrooms).

11-17-2004, 11:29 AM
Hi everyonne,

The holiday party scene is hear. I have 4 events before Thanskgiving. I paln to plan for them! The scal went from 214 to 210.5 in ten dyas. Maybe I am off my platue! Gotto go I have an apointment in the city.


11-17-2004, 02:15 PM
Beachgal~Have a fantastic time in London and don't forget your umbrella :rain: Enjoy the food and have a scone for me :hungry:

Cac~~It sounds like you are on the right track. :bravo:

Me~Quiet day here, sun is shinning and the sky is clear :sunny:
DH just went to Home Depot to get some plumbing supplies. I just received $200 in rebates (from a recent computer purchase) and coupons from Best Buy and I plan to use this toward the LG french door refridgerator that will go in the new kitchen.

This morning I cooked turkey bacon and eggs on my elect skillet (that is located in my laundry room :dizzy: ) and that w/ a glass of V8 has me feeling full :D So far, it's a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-17-2004, 02:43 PM
Just a quick note to say hi. You all sound enthused and busy.

My 18 year old son came home Monday night and said he had joined the Army Reserves!!!!!!! So he leaves this Monday. I'm still a bit surprised to say the least. So I'm having a big dinner and open house on Sunday. I was going to do a little family Thanksgiving that day because I'll be in the ER on Thanksgiving, but it's turned into a huge deal. Hopefully all the running around I'm doing for it will burn off bad calories!

Hope you all have a great day.

11-17-2004, 03:10 PM
I really goofed up this morning! I drove to town for 9 and discovered my boob squish appointment was for 8:10! Aaaarrrgggghhh! There were no cancellations so I'm re-booked for after Christmas. (I can't believe I did this! I wrote 8:10 on the calendar but put 9 in the computer so I figured 8:10 was my leaving time! Duh!)

All was not lost, however. I bought some bows and Christmas garlands for decorating the two Village gazebos and also bought fruit and veggies at A&P. We had sushi for lunch - not OP because of the rice but certainly low calorie.

11-17-2004, 03:58 PM
Well good afternoon chickies! Not much happenin here. I think I might have inhaled to much bleach cleanin the shower but other than that all is well! lol
Bups... I need to make some more soup for these chilly days!
Under a palm tree... Y'all can make up when he gets home! oolala teehee I am a grouch in the morning and hate it if I get aggrivated with DH before he leaves. He is so purky and I am so don't even look at me!

Little Chick... Stay away from the mama burgers unless your the Mama that fixed 'em! teehee I have to admit I stopped at Krystal's on my way home from my show the other night I was soooo hungry I thought I was gonna pass out at the wheel. Not to mention the headache I had! 2 Krystal burgers and nothing else! I love their fries! But I didn't have any I just got something to get me home. My show was an hour and 15 mins away.
2BFIT1... I love steaks on the grill. i spice mine up as well. DH is not a big meat eater so it's just as cheap for me to go out when I want one as it is to fix it. Not to mention the service! lol Are you getting one of those new LG with the tv in it? I think those are so cool!
Laurie... Well the drain guy had to postpone until Fri. Yea right! Whatever! lol I hope you have the best time of your life on your trip! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! Will you get online any while you are gone or will we have to wait for a full report when you get back? I'm with ya on the no budge on the pudge! I went for over 3 weeks then overnight dropped 4 but now I am stopped again! Paleaze!
Anchor... Maybe Dave should have a South Beach Budget! lol I still have not even made one out yet! We have no debt to get rid of but we have no money to spend either! lol It's goin in that big black hole somewhere!
Barb... You all time cookin up something good! And you work a full time job! I hate cooking! I would rather do anything else than cook.Well really I don't mind I think it's just that noone wants to eat what I cook and it is frustrating. I won't cook 4 meals anymore! It was like this before SBD. They want to eat frozen pizza's buritto's and all that junk and DH lets 'em so I just cook what I want and if they don't like it they can fix their own! Oh my goodness what a rant I just went on! lol
CAC... WooHoo for you! That should be enough to keep you on program!
RNMOM... Oh you must be so proud and sad at the same time! Tell your son I said THANK YOU! Have a good time and enjoy it all!
Ruth... Well it happens to the best of us! I missed my last appt. all together! I just plain flat out forgot! lol I have already seen people with their tree up here! For me I cannot do it until after Thanksgiving! Glad you were able to make use of the trip!
Me...Well I just noticed I got bleach on my sweatpants. Oh well they are so big on me know I probably would not wear them anywhere I had to get out anyway! I have a few of my favorite candles burning and just enjoying the peace and quiet. I need to get back to my cleaning but hey I can assure you that dirt is not goin anywhere! lol Have a great afternoon all!

11-17-2004, 07:01 PM
Bamie~No, I'm not getting the one with the TV in it. Somehow, I just can't picture sitting there staring at the refridgerator~~LOL. But we do have a TV in the kitchen. I love to watch Food TV network while I'm in the kitchen :D .