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11-16-2004, 07:46 AM
Good morning, Chickies~~ :coffee:

I'll get us started.

Be back in a min...just want to get a cup of something warm to's frigid outside. Brrr....

little chick
11-16-2004, 08:01 AM
Morning Mama and the rest of you chicks to come. It is not to cold here this morning but the snow we got on sat is sticking around. Wonder if that means we are going to have lots this year??? I don't mind the snow as long as the roads are alright for driving. I have my supper started and I am going to try to get some cleaning done today. This working at night thing puts me behind, now that I don't have the eveings to finish anything that I don't get done during the day and I can't seem to get into cleaning once I get home at 10:30. So that is my boring day planned. How bout you chicks anyone doing anything more interesting than cleaning??

Beachgal- I am in New Brunswick which is the same time zone as Nova Scotia and PEI. I am so green that you are going to Europe that is my dream vacation some day.

Well chick I must get going to many things to do not enough hours in the day. Check in later if I get the chance. Hope you all have a wonderful day. :D

11-16-2004, 08:21 AM
Hey Mama can you bring me a cup also? lol I can't believe I sat down without a cup!
Little Chick... I hope you get done all you want to for right now! Here's cleaning vibes coming your way! lol
I need to be cleaning today myself! Instead I'm off on a shopping trip with my MIL. So much more fun! lol Nuttin' much happenin' in my neck of the woods just tryin to stay OP! Well to all you chicks yet to check in Good Morning and have a wonderful OP day! I'll check back this afternoon and see what y'all got into today! lol

11-16-2004, 08:30 AM
I'm back. I brought oatmeal with raisins instead of a drink, but I'll share. :D Tonight is knitting. I'm having a sock crisis...again. Back in August I thought a sock exchange would be so much fun. The next time I think something would be "so much fun" someone just kick me upside the head, please? The fiber I chose is soft but not long-wearing ~~sigh~~ So looks like I have to restart from scratch. I'll ask Janice's advice tonight. She's always a huge help. I DO have almost a foot knitted on a scarf for my niece's Christmas gift.

Oh, and I'm stopping in at Contours Express tonight to meet with the owner and to try the workout. I know she's going to try and high pressure me into a contract. But the most I will do will be to try it for a month. If I like it, then we'll see.

Hope everyone has a great day on the Beach!!


11-16-2004, 08:43 AM
Morning ladies

:coffee: Got my coffee - but I am at work already :(

There must be a technical problem with my digital scale because it says I am up almost a pound - I haven't cheated nope nope nope! I did eat a few too many roasted chickpeas on Sunday maybe that is it. Oh well.

Picked up the Pilates for Dummies video on Sat but haven't had time to do any yet - watched ten mins of it this morn - doesn't look too hard *says the ultimate couch potato* no no potatoes are bad...Hmmmm

I'll have to figure out when I can work that into my routine - the pilates not the potato, I get up at 5am and leave at 6am so I'd really hate to have to get up earlier URG :yawn:

On a good note - I found a place not too far away that sells those tofu noodles - will prob go after work on Thurs to get some.

Little Chick - No snow here yet - TG. Now that I am back to work - I can't seem to get anything done until the weekends - I do dinner, dishes and lunches each night then I want to sleep - cleaning and laundry gets left till Sat - doesn't make for fun weekends - I'l have to work on that.

I have wanted for years to have someone come in once a week and do the big things like washrooms (hate toilets! we have 3) and floors and windows - but DH doesn't like the idea of someone else picking up after him ???? Hello?? What do you think I am doing?? Sheesh Men! He also has a big blond dog and we have hunter green carpets ACK! Ok rant over - sorry got side tracked there :dizzy:

Have a good one all.


11-16-2004, 08:52 AM
Good morning, chickies.

Things are back to normal around here with two spoiled dogs loafing on the couch beside the woodstove. Hersh has re-established herself as Lucy's boss and has been doing lots of ear-washing. Lucy just lies there and enjoys it!

We are going to the vet this morning for Hersh's post natal check-up. She seems to be having a problem with her hips which Morna's vet says is from being overweight. Morna's vet thinks everything is from being overweight! Anyhow, I'll check with my vet and perhaps get something like Advil for Hersh as she gives a little whimper when she leaps up on the couch. Her fur is also in terrible shape so it's back to the flax seed and salmon oil.

My car now has safe and functioning heated seats. When there is a recall on my cars, my dealer always calls me before I get the notice in the mail. I like that kind of care! They always give me a loaner and always have the car ready when promised. Sounds like a commercial, doesn't it. They are just a tiny Ford dealership out here in the boonies but really seem to care for their customers. Of course it helps that we have bought four cars and a truck from them over the years and have sent John and Rob there for their cars!

Today I must make a start at Christmas planning and get some shopping lists made. I go for my boob squish early tomorrow morning and may be able to do a little shop when I'm in town. After the vet, I have to get dinner started - boeuf bourguignon (sp?) which takes ages in the crockpot. That may be tomorrow's dinner if I don't get it on early enough. I cut up a very lean eye of the round and hope it cooks OK. I find that very lean meat is sometimes not great in stew dishes.

Happy Tuesday on The Beach!

11-16-2004, 09:00 AM
Hello, everyone!

I cheated a bit at the end of Phase 1 and am up a pound today. :(
I worked out yesterday, though, and plan to work out 6 days this week. Spinning mostly!

I am also extending Phase 1 another week so I can lose that pound and hopefully 1 or 2 more. That's my goal for this week. 2-3 lbs. Sound realistic?

Kind of blah's amazing how a 1 lb gain can really make you feel like crap!


11-16-2004, 09:07 AM
cheez, you're all up early!! Hi, girls! :wave:

I'll be back later... just heading out to the gym... love you all! :grouphug:

Under a Palm Tree
11-16-2004, 09:12 AM
Morning chickies I'm back from CA. I wish I could say I was OP but I wasn't. I was up quite a bit on the scale too. Irregardless I'm back to the drawing board for PH1 today. I had a good visit with DB. His girlfriend was ironically ill again. She was during last years visit too.

I hope to catch up later. Hope you're all well!

11-16-2004, 09:45 AM
Good morning all,

I have not been real bad with SB but not great and have been mentally degrading myself over this. I realized today I am only up .5 lbs. When I input EVERYTHING into fitday I am not eating that many calories over my range of 1900-2000 and I am exersizing regularly so i am goign to stop the mental $%^@#$. I feel calm now. This is a good feeling.


11-16-2004, 10:19 AM
Good morning ladies:wave:
Yesterday was a little difficult for me food-wise. DH and I spent the day visiting the granite warehouse trying to find something that we both like. Then we did some price comparisons on the dishwasher drawers (BTW, Lowes did a price match of an online store and I saved $300!), then grocerie shopping. DH hates to shop and always is in a rush. We were going to stop somewhere to eat lunch and I really wanted something that was OP but he kept suggesting places that were not.
Then I realized that this is supposed to be a life-style change for me and I need to be able to find something at any restraunt (healthy choices) so I told him "OK, then you just pick a place to eat." He drives up to "A&J's Tastey Pig BBQ". I thought "Oh My-lanta" but didn't want to start an argument~I knew he was hungry from shopping and I did have a protein shake before we left home. There was not one damn thing that was OP. I opted for some green beans (that I know were probably cooked with fat-back) and some Brunswick stew. Not too happy!

Then this morning I told DH that Thanksgiving will be next Thursday and the first thing out of his mouth is "Good, then I need to go get some pies for us." I don't want pies in the house for days in front of me and it's just the two of us this time. My gosh, he knows that I'm trying to lose weight and he has made comments in the recent past regarding my weight gain. How do I find the willpower to get through this with a DH who is home all day (off work for awhile) and still maintain being OP , yet not take away his enjoyment of food. This is MY issue , not HIS. I should be able to be strong enough without my dieting affecting him. Without a functioning kitcken it will be a challange to find some healthy substitutes for me through out the holidays.
Sorry for the ranting-I don't even know if any of it made sense.

11-16-2004, 10:56 AM
Good morning ladies!! Thankfully I had an OP day yesterday AND I went to Curves!! YIPPPPEEEEEE~ it feels good to be back in the game.

I hope everyone is having a good week -- I am super-busy today. :) So, it's off to get some work done. I might even go to Curves again today -- 2 days in a row!! Oh my!!

:) Lauren

11-16-2004, 10:59 AM
Well, I just had a chat with DH and he agrees that he will try not to sabbatage my dieting and will make an extra effort to be more supportive. He also addmitted that he could stand to lose a few pounds and doesn't need those pies either. Progress!

11-16-2004, 11:10 AM
Hi, ladies! I have read all of the posts today, and you all sound like you are doing well despite bouts with hubbies wanting pies. =) I am finally back 100% on the beach and I am so so so excited! It is so hard to stay OP without having the time to cook for it, and unfortunately, in the North End, there is no such thing as OP. The veggies for meal time are the tomatoes in the pasta, the protein is the pepperoni on the pizza. Even salads are coated in super fatty caesar salad dressing. So I am finally having a little extra time to cook for myself, and have an excellent salad for lunch, and making spinach and chicken for dinner. I am so excited! And kind of a dork for being so excited. =)

Also, hopefully going to my first stitch n' ***** tonight. I know how to cast on, and that is it. Isn't that sad? Hopefully I will know more by tomorrow. YAy!

Hope you all have a great day!

11-16-2004, 11:12 AM
Work has been so busy this morning that I still don't have my tea! I wonder if anyone would notice if I left the conference call for a few minutes?

Tonight is a den meeting so it will be a quick supper. If we have a little time before the meeting we need to deliver popcorn. I labeled each item last night and sorted them into crates by the street so they will be easier to deliver. 60 items is a LOT of popcorn!

I'm up a little today but I think it was the sodium in the soy sauce. The dinner was worth it though so I need to drink lots of water today.

anchor weight
11-16-2004, 11:21 AM
Morning Chickies,

Everyone is up and busy this am. Maybe it's because I'm an hour behind you all. :lol:

Little chick- I had to overhaul DS's room while he was gone last weekend. It needed a serious cleaning.

Bami - Hi girl! :wave: I still think doing SBD is easier than sticking to my Dave Ramsey budget! :lol:

Mama - Knitting socks is hard - I really hope that you don't have to start over!

Bups - Let me know how the pilates goes. I'm doing the "escape your shape" workout and I need something to do on my off days! I was motivated last night that I was going to get up at 5 and do my hour workout. I was all jazzed up about it. Then the alarm went off and I shut it off and went back to sleep. :lol: I'll have to make time for it tomorrow.

Ruth - Glad your babies are home again. Becareful with the Advil - it made my dog throw up. I used the aspirin that had a maalox coating on it. Ascriptin I think it was called.

Laur Laur & Under a Palm Tree - Climb back on the beach - theres room for all!

Cac - I read a story last night about a lady who had a five month plateau - she said she stayed OP and motivated because this was how she was going to eat for the rest of her life. Then she woke up one morning and had dropped a ton! Hang in there.

2BFit1 - Husbands don't like a lot of change in their lives. If he thinks it is important to you and is something that he can help you with - he will come on board and be a problem solver! :lol:

Lauren - Yipeee! Your excitement makes me motivated to exercise! Keep up the good work!

Have an OP kind of day chickies!

anchor weight
11-16-2004, 11:25 AM
Hi Kelly & Barb! :wave: you guys posted while I was writing my novel!

11-16-2004, 11:54 AM
It's simple, Sil. Either he's supportive, or there's no sex. :rofl:

a broad abroad
11-16-2004, 12:02 PM
hello beach babes,
Sounds like you are all doing well and staying OP.

Laurie, you probably have already heard about this while researching your trip to Europe, but just in case I'll mention it. If you are planning on visiting many museums in Amsterdam you can get a personal museum pass at Centraal Station. It is a plastic ID card with your picture - you pay one price and it gets you into the museums with no waiting in line or more $$. It's a good thing. ;)

As we all know planning your food is key. I had a mini-marathon SB cooking session yesterday. I made the spinach casserole recipe from here. It turned out tasty, but very watery. Spinach always seems to be watery, even if you cook it until its mush. Plus I used egg white sub instead of egg sub, canned mushies, and a silicone baking pan. Oh well, a little water can always be drained off I guess.

I also made the roasted chickpeas and they didn't turn out right. 2 cans in the trash. They were still too moist after the alloted cooking time, so I cooked them longer, then they were like rocks. Anyone have any tips for that recipe?

Lastly I made some cabbage, nothing fancy, just sauteed. When DH got home he complained about the smell, lit a scented candle, then hid in the computer room for an hour. :lol:

Here's a couple chuckles for you. Lately I've been seeing some funny commercials (British) on the TV advertising food, of course. One is about this couple watching what they eat. First they are at home and the guy is poking around the kitchen cabinets and the girl comes over and shuts them in his face. Next, they are with some friends watching sports on tv and he starts to reach for the chips, and she strategically *coughs* so he passes. Then they are at the grocery store and he wants to taste a free sample, so she pushes the buggy into him. Finally they are in the car and he wants to get lunch, so she agrees. And they go to McDonald's.

Another funny one is a woman at home alone. She is watching the weather on tv and the weatherman says "...and today will be choc chip with a chance of cheesecake in the afternoon and scattered strawberries..." then the doorbell rings and she answers and a man says "...Hi I'm Marvin Crumble your candidate for the choc chip party. Can I count on your cheesecake?" and she runs back in to the house and the cuckoo clock is screaming a choc chip choc chip so she finally breaks down and has a yogurt.

see you chickies later.

11-16-2004, 01:29 PM
Well, it's still morning for me. I got side tracked to the computer instead of cleaning bathrooms..............tough choice.

It's cold in the house this AM. I came late last night from sewing downstairs (have to go outside to go into my craft/sewing room) I didn't shut the door tight I guess......this morning my dh gets up at 0500 to begin his day and the back door is wide open. We have these two cats that push against it, they don't like being outside at night. Anyway, I have a fire in the fireplace to try and thaw out the air.

I behaved yesterday and feel better today because of it. Still stressing about Thanksgiving (which we're celebrating on Sunday because I'm in the ER on Thanksgiving). I want to enjoy the whole thing, but I'm bad about getting back on the beach so I'm still in a quandry. (I love that word :D )

Well, you all have a great day, enjoy your knitting, doggie walks, hot coffee and remodeling projects!

11-16-2004, 04:26 PM
Lauren~Congrats on your progress!!

Beachgal~No, I'm not a doctor. I'm a charge nurse on a 41 bed cardiac unit~just work weekends, off M-F. Thanks for the cut & paste help!

Ellis~Don't think that I haven't thought of that :lol3: :rofl:

Broad~Thanks for the laughs! I just noticed that you are almost to your goal. You have done a fantastic job :cp:

I spent the afternoon in the yard raking leaves and mowing the lawn for the last time this year, I hope. It's grilled steak, veggies and salad for dinner tonight. So far it's been an OP day.

11-16-2004, 05:36 PM
I'm just hanging on until dinner...that'll be the end of my calories for the day. :mad: I'm going to take a sleeping pill right after dinner. :D

sweet tooth
11-16-2004, 06:05 PM
Hi everyone. You have all been such busy bodies today. I can't catch up with you all. My boss is away this week - his son is graduating as an RCMP officer this week, so he went to the grad. Soooo, I get to play at being boss and it is blinkety-blank busy. But, I have things under control for today.

Mama - Good luck on the socks. Once you get the first one finished, the rest will be much easier. I struggled with the first one that I knit, then zipped through a bunch in no time.

lc - Great that you are back posting again. Missed you while you were away. Hope everything is going well for you. I missed the job that you finally settled on. What are you doing...especially that it takes you away during the evenings? Are you still looking after the little ones?

Bamie - How's the shopping? Did you get lots of neat stuff?

Bups - Me, too! I want someone to come in and clean. I grew up with a weekly cleaning lady but it was always a mad scramble the night before to clean before she came. :rolleyes: Buuut, I would like to have one come and do the corners for me...I can whip through the surface cleaning, but hate cleaning out the grunge from the corners. I say that even more forcefully after cleaning out the apartment that we just bought...I don't think the people living there ever cleaned anything. There were bugs in every light fixture, a layer of grease on all the tiles/walls/cupboards in the kitchen and general filth every where. Compounding that, the ceilings are 12 feet, so cleaning everything meant up and down the ladder all day. I was soooooo tired by the end of the day. Oh well, I can still dream of the day that someone will clean my dirt away.

Ruth - Good to hear that Hersh has settled back in so quickly. Hope everything goes well at the vet. Yes, yes, you must get this Christmas stuff under control. I can gloat because I am finished the shopping and just about finished the wrapping. :lol: Just need to start decorating and baking, hoping to be finished by the end of the month. Then I can sit and enjoy the season for a change - I really shouldn't say that too loud. That's when disaster strikes.

Lauren - I think you are smart to extend Phase 1, especially with the cheat. This is partly a mental game, not just a physical program and I have always found that I don't beat myself up so much if I do phase 1 when I know I will be including an off program choice in the eating plan. I usually try to do the phase 1 prior to the cheat, then I don't harbour the guilt feelings afterward...I guess I feel like I have done the pennance for the behaviour.

Under a Palm - Welcome back. Good to hear that you had a great visit with DB. Have you ever met his girlfriend? Seems funny that she is ill again when you visit...

cac - Don't be mean to yourself. It isn't worth it. Just acknowledge the problems, make a plan to correct it if you want, or revise if that's your choice too. If you are still losing weight and eating more healthy than before, you are a success.

2Bfit - I think you hit the nail on the head with this want this to be a way of life for your eating plan. I have the same problem with my DH-he does not follow SBD, but I do-and I also don't want to deprive him of the foods that he enjoys. When I cook, I make sure that there is enough food that I can (and want) to eat, but there are also things that he likes to eat. When I make desserts, I make things that I can eat, plus a choice that is not SBD friendly. That way, noone is denied and I can eat OP as well. Eating out, as you mentioned, is always a concern, especially if you eat somewhere that does not serve food that is OP. I generally make sure that I have a snack either in my purse or somewhere in the vehicle when we go out, so that if I am cornered into eating at a place like that, I can still at least have a snack along with a diet drink or water to carry me over until I can eat properly. DH has been good about not wanting to eat like that usually, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Good for you to make an agreement with will make the eating program so much easier to follow as a lifestyle. By the way, have you tried making off program food for him, then serving them to him as leftovers for days and days and days and days :lol:

Lauren - Congrats on the OP day and the exercise - a double whammy. WTG. Keep it up.

kvixen - You are not a dork for getting excited about being healthy. You keep it up. Good luck on the knitting.

Barb - Don't worry about being up a bit. You will lose that quickly. You need to treat yourself once in a while and not feel like it is destroying your life. WTG, but get back on the wagon today. Take care.

anchor - I agree with you on the time difference. I am waaaay behind everyone, so you are all talking about supper and I am just beginning to think that it is time for morning coffee. :lol: Then I get in to post after there are a kazillion postings... :D

ellis - You are so funny...who would have thought that would come from you!!! I'm shocked. Whatever happened to the conventional headache?

a broad - Love the commercials. Thanks for sharing. Hope the workout goes better tomorrow than can do it, although, I know how you were feeling this morning. I have a 6 am workout with my trainer tomorrow. I would tend to skip more often if she wasn't here waiting for me, tapping her toe... I guess tomorrow I will need to do it.

RNMOM - You made a fine choice this morning. The bathrooms can wait, they'll still be here tomorrow. Now, today's chat on the beach will be on to Wednesday tomorrow, so you will miss today. AAANNNND, if you can follow that logic, you are better than I.

Me - I'm trying to get everything into today that needs to get in. My DM called this morning to tell me that her cat died last night. Soooo, it is off to her home tonight to deal with that situation. The cat was 19 and had not been feeling very well for a couple of days, but she said that it was doing better and not to worry. However, we will take it home and bury on the acreage this weekend. DM will miss her a lot. The sad part is that mom is in the first stages of dimentia, so this will be a blow that I am hoping does not affect her too badly.

We are also having a furnace installed in the garage this year...we booked an appointment to have them come out this evening, however, have to rebook yet again to have it done. Hopefully, it will be completed before the spring. :lol:

Well, must go. Coffe is calling and so is one of the directors. Must go. Keep with the program and BE GOOD!!!

anchor weight
11-16-2004, 07:56 PM
Evening all!

I just finished my second 70 minute exercise session. :D I knew once I got going it would be easier.

Barb - thanks for the advice on reading the book while biking. I rode longer and at a faster pace for my 30 minutes. Except I think I need large print! :lol:

Listen up everyone! I bought 3 low carb magazines that are chocked full of recipes for the holidays. Let me know what items you are looking for and I'll share it. They have absolutely everything for a low carb thanksgiving dinner! Even Pecan pie! Don't fret chickies we'll make it.

I need to learn how to exchange RPM's for MPH's when biking does anyone know how? I'm having an amazing OP day. I may be under a little bit on the carbs but I had a protein shake for breakfast with some ricotta, celery and laughing cow for snack, carb minders soup for lunch and another shake for a snack and I'll have taco salad for dinner. Plus I burned about 450 calories on the bike and rode 8 miles.