Support Groups - Teachers Successfully Losing Weight/Holiday Edition

11-13-2004, 09:48 PM
It is getting to be that challenging time of year...when we all want to be thin...when we all want to indulge...when we want to have our cake and eat it too...

If you are involved in some way, shape, or form with educating children, join us. We also have in common the goal of becoming healthier and lighter along the way.

11-13-2004, 09:59 PM
Gosh, I'm so sorry I have been MIA. I ended up spending every spare moment at the chiropractor this week. I not only have a pinched nerve again, I have a new one to keep the old one company. By Tuesday night, I was in friggin' agony and dragged myself to the chiropractor at 5:45pm. He has helped me, but I have a long way to go this time around.

On Thursday, DD's actual birthday, I took her to "Build A Bear Workshop" to use the gift certificate she got. Well, I recommend you avoid going there unless the place is empty. We waited in line for an hour, and then the process took about another 30 minutes. With my backache and the crowd, it was like "**** on earth." If you have any enemies, take them there on a holiday or a weekend. It would be a great way to get revenge. :devil: She did enjoy herself in spite of the wait.

My aide managed to get her a** into school all four days, however she was either late or left early each and every one of them. :p I just want to see her make it through five (Monday-Friday) full (8:30-3pm) days...just once to see if she could do it.

Robyn, I'm so sorry about your friend. It is so difficult to lose someone you care about. I hope you are okay. Feel a hug.

Mouse, Sorry you don't have much energy. You may want to mention it to your doctor.

Kerry, I can't tell you how many workshops I've attended that were actually relevant...not many.

Ginny, Great idea for a birthday party...and reasonably priced too!

On Monday, yes, the famous "start a diet day," I am going on the South Beach Diet. Wish me luck!!!

11-13-2004, 10:12 PM
I have some ranting and raving to do. My DD's Brownie leader who I like to refer to as "Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker," is such a friggin' BIMBO. (I call her that because she likes to lord it over the working mothers in the troop that she is soooooo fortunate that she is able to be a "stay at home mom." Believe f*cking me, if I had the option of staying home, I would...however, I don't.) Anyway, Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker requires our daughters to wear their uniforms at every meeting, which is okay with me...most of the time. However, when they are going to get really filthy, I'd rather DD wore jeans. Last Tuesday, they worked with fabric paint, which by the way, is PERMANENT on fabric. DD got it all over her uniform including on one of the badges (try-its)!!! I didn't know it was fabric paint because Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker didn't tell me. I figured it was regular paint, and used shout on the stains. Well, those stains aren't budging. What kind of idiot gives 6 and 7 year olds free rein with PERMANENT FABRIC PAINT when they are wearing their special uniforms?! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The BIMBO suggested I try the dry cleaners. Sorry, no. I would rather buy her a new skort and rip every badge off of that sash and replace it as well. What I would like to do is ring her friggin' neck.

11-14-2004, 07:27 PM
Hey, Summer & all.
I think I survived the end of term grading mania. I'm not entirely certain, to be email has been down since last Thursday, so if the database witch has sent me any nastygrams, I haven't gotten them.
I totally agree with you, Summer: I used to steal my father's old Army uniform shirts because they made GREAT smocks for most of my kids! And there were always tons of them around. The dress greens were perfect, because they were long sleeved and all.
In fact, I don't even buy regular GLUE for my classroom. If it can't be done with a gluestick, we don't do it. ;) The kids don't get scissors either...
And... I forgot to buy the rulers at Staples today. Dang it. :dunno:
I got to swim the last two days, changed my closet over to winter stuff...thus seeing the incredible gap I have in clothing. I have bought bits and pieces in the last 2 years, but not a whole lot of stuff. I REALLY need pants, but I'm rebelling. I need 1X or 2X pants, but I have to buy most pants in 3X or larger because of the pannus. The 1X and 2X fit best at the waist... I have lots of turtlenecks, and some shaker sweaters and some fleece polo shirts (somehow they just look so much nicer than the other polo shirts I normally wear?)
I also now need a new winter jacket. Tried to buy that today and Lane Bryant kept kicking me out of the site. :mad: I did manage to buy the red turtleneck I need for Saturday and also a charcoal gray one... and a pair of jeans. I'm afraid the jeans will be massive around my legs and waist, but I can't do much about it. I can wear a 3X twill pant without problem across that lump, so I bought the largest size denim jeans. Which will be too big around the waist. Oh well. We'll see.
If they work, I may just buy twill pants in that size.
I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to print a banner for my TA's bulletin board... it kept crashing, and trying to burn a new CD because the one I made a few weeks ago has huge scratches across it from somewhere and wont' play on the CD player I use for the gym anymore.
This is the 12th time the CD burn has just quit and stopped responding completely. I'd love to know what its problem is today. It usually does it 4 or 5 times before it burns correctly, but this is just insane. Okay... so I told it to burn as a data CD instead of an audio CD. It worked. GRRRR. I hope my CD player will play it. The computer definitely does. My stereo does not. Its too bloody cold out for me to go try it in the car. The car and the Sony CD player out there are both newer as is the cheap-o gym CD player than my stereo though. I was going to try and burn some instrumental mood music for the kids... my TA asked about that the other day. I have Manhattan Steamroller, and some other instrumental stuff. But I don't want to take my originals to school because some of the kids will steal ANYTHING.


11-14-2004, 10:17 PM
Evening Ladies,
I actually had a good weekend. I was lazy yesterday for a change. I got up and fed the kids and then went to the gym. Came home and spent the day lounging around. I didn't get my shower for the day until 8 p.m. It felt great to be lazy for a change. My dh was surprised that I was still in my gym clothes at 7 p.m. last night. I said get over it this is my one day to be lazy. This morning we went to church with his mom and sister. They had a memerial service for loved ones who has passed away. It was a nice service then they had lunch afterwards. I just hope that I didn't eat too much. Came home and took a nap this afternoon. Have been working on getting the laundry done this evening. So that was my big exciting weekend. Oh no, I have to go back to school tomorrow and face the kids acting up because their routine has been off for four days. God help me come Jan. after Christmas break.
Summer I think you have every right to be mad a Girl Scout Bimbo. I can't believe she expects the girls to be dressed in their uniforms for every meeting. Who in their right mind lets 6 year olds use perm. fabric markers. Hope the rest of your weekend went okay.
Ginny and Robyn hope you enjoyed your weekends. Hope you were able to find some time to relax.
Well I have to make copies for my dh. He is the boys' basketball coach and my sdd's ball couch too. Things are going to be fun around our house for the next couple of months.
Have a great week!

11-14-2004, 11:12 PM
Hello people.

I've got soooo much to say...but no time to type it all out.
Spent most of this weekend (both days) either with Boy Scouts (who also are required to wear their uniforms to every function.... but who have two different uniforms...Class A's are their formal ones... Class B's are special Troop teees.... (that have stains from many a project and campout in various spots on them!)Perhaps you should suggest that to THE idiot in charge of your daughter's group... and I don't think dry cleaning will help fabric paint stains... those paints are MADE to stain fabric!) or at the funeral home for the wake and then again today for the actual funeral. My eyes are sore from wiping them.... My friend would have LOVED the gatherings that happened both nights after the formal services... Her husband gave the eulogy at the funeral. Her children's sobs and the noses of the rest of us were so painfully noticeable!

Kristie is at peace. She will be missed! Her determination, fight and wonderful positive outlook on life is to be admired! She was given less than 6 months 19 months ago! Don't take your life for granted!

Monday... Summer, sounds like a great day for beginnings for me as well! I'll let you know what and how I make the day a GREAT day!

Take care all of you.......

11-14-2004, 11:41 PM
Hello all,
My name is Kim and I am currently a substitute teacher/eled grad student. I will be student teaching next semester and I would be wonderful to have people to talk to who know just how tiring it is being in the classroom full time and trying to fit in workouts and not pig out on the comfort food after school. Currently, I am about 240 and I would like to get down to 230 by christmas, and since I have 9 family birthdays and three holidays between now and Jan 9 (not to mention a work schedule that varies as a sub) it's going to be pretty tough, but I think this time I have set a reasonable goal of 10 lbs in about 5 weeks. Since I am also a poor grad student, I am not joining ww this time or trying to follow any special diet, just trying to make healthier choices, starting with actually bringing my lunch to school along with a bottle of water instead of eating the pizza special with whatever. Anyway, tomorrow I am hoping to take a walk in the morning to start things off right. Good luck to all and have a great day!

11-15-2004, 07:48 AM
Happy Monday folks!

Welcome Kim! You'll discover that we come from many different areas of education! I have been a 1st grade teacher for the last 17 years...however, this year, I gave up all I ever knew and MOVED districts! So I'm a 39 year old beginning all over again! I LOVE me new school. BUT, I truly miss all my old school friends! Moving schools shut my weight loss efforts to the back of the bus while I let my emotionality lead me off the side of my path and into a BIG FATTTTT ditch! BUT... I'm trying to regain control! I was once a size 22. (With the boobs of a size 14...dont ask...) I *WAS* a 12 for a very brief time... (Long enough to get my courage up about changing jobs!) NOW I am facing life from 16's again.... BUT...I'm making progress! I know that the battle is ALL in my head... I just have to regain control of the head! (This weekend was tough as I had a very dear friend pass away.... )

Anywho...Welcome Kim...

AND I lost 1 pound!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo! Only 49 more! I'm back in the drivers seat! The bus is OUT of the ditch!

ya'll take care!
meeeee (oh...I'm Robyn, Kim!)

11-15-2004, 04:34 PM
Welcome Kim!
I am a special education teacher in a county school district in Southeastern Ohio. I deal with teenage boys all day long. Then work with the afterschool program four evenings a week. So I know what it is like to try and deal with everything, squeeze in workouts and not eat junk. Hope I can help inspire you to lose weight. Currently I am having a bad week. I must have sprained my ankle last week. But I overlooked the pain and kept working out. Well today, I have a very swollen ankle. So after school, it is off to Urgent Care to get it checked out. I hope it is just a sprain and not something else.
Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day! I will check back in with you all later.

11-15-2004, 05:28 PM
I have a quick question for you all. Can a swollen ankle make you heavier at your weigh-ins? I have TOPS tomorrow night and I am concerned that I might weigh in heavier with my swollen ankle. Thanks for you advice in advanced.

11-15-2004, 11:40 PM
Well the doctor seems to think that it is a sprain and I have to try to stay off my foot and keep it elvated. Plus I am not allowed to workout for a few days. That is going to kill me. I am also on medicine to take the swelling out of my ankle. So that is what is new with me.
Gotta go and get some sleep.
Take care,

11-16-2004, 12:30 PM
Gee, I am sorry to be MIA.........up to my eyeballs (this is new?????) and just too much to do. Welcome Kim! I am Ginny, the resident bus driver here (complete with a college education, but happy driving my critters around!) Sorry not to get more personal but the stupid phone has been ringing off the wall, and I have not had the chance to post as I thought I would. Congrats on the 1# Robyn!!! You trying any of those WW strategies? Kerry- sorry about the ankle. Mouse- I agree, I would mention the fatigue to the Dr..... Summer- oh, please tell Susie Homemaker to get out of the house and face reality......she must have only one child or her kids live in an aseptic bubble.....who would possibly think of allowing kids to paint w/o smocks?
Gotta go.....might be back later. See ya!

11-16-2004, 11:50 PM
Kerry- what a big bummer about the ankle......but the problem with soft tissue injury is that if you do not let it get better it will take so much longer to heal. Hang in there, hon, hugs.....I'll be praying for a speedy recovery. I doubt that the sprained ankle could impact your weight immediately, but then who knows? How did the WI go, anyway?

Robyn- ok now sweetie~ you are going to kick this fat off of your body- but you had to make a crack about your weight loss efforts going to the back of the bus???? (as if I need another bus joke?) FYI- I only put kids in the back of the bus that I can trust, and I mean that!!!!! So, on my route good kids get to sit in the back (can't be worrying about them giving cars behind them the middle finger now, can I?). Ok, nuff of the bus stuff...... How are you had such a tough week. Have you had any chance to share memories of your friend with another who knew her?

Kim- being that I did not do you any justice with my hello before, I will try again. It sure is tough trying to juggle school and eating healthy. I'm on WW- one of their BIG strategies is planning.....have that healthy snack (the one that replaces the junk you want to stuff in your face after a day of whining, out of control kids) cut up- packaged and ready for you when you get home. Make a note for yourself-post it on the fridge " My after school snack will be carrots" or whatever.......use that note as a reminder that you can and will overcome that unhealthy urge......and remember what worked for you to overcome the unhealthy eating habit. Also, don't think that a walk has to be a 3 hour marathon, 10-15 minutes is a great start.....a lot of times I do not get one big walk in, but 3 shorties (15 minutes each). That works too. In what part of our great country do you live???

Mouse- I hope you were able to get some shopping done.....I hate shopping, so I understand your frustration with it. Glad you got some pool time in.

Summer- the susie homemaker story makes me want to urp.........the more I read it the more I want to also.......hope your week started out well.

Gee, is tomorrow really Wednesday????? Payday is Thursday......and I have to do some major shopping, as we are having Turkey day here. Dh is taking off next week, which means good news that he will finish the painting ( I did get all but the hallway done- which is 80% of it) but also means he will probably mess up the house incredibly right before company. Thems the breaks, I guess. I hope to get to WW Thursday am, between my morning and afternoon. Might even get to stay for a few minutes of the meeting.....I need a break. KIddies on the bus are starting to whack out........they sense the holidays are not too far off. Where is the Advil when I need it??????
Better get some sleep. See ya tomorrow.

11-17-2004, 01:25 PM
:spin: "All by myself........don't want to be......all by myself, anymore......"
Hey, where is everyone!!!!!!! :lol: Hope Kim, Kerry, Summer, Mouse and Robyn you are doing fine.....just busy. See ya later!

11-17-2004, 10:12 PM
Sorry I've not been around much. This is quite a week. I am still suffering with my pinched in my upper back, and one in my lower back. I have terrible pain at the base of my skull, and I have been fighting a terrible headache all week. This week is parent/teacher conferences, and since I have 34 sets of extremely enthusiastic parents, I have to accomodate them in not only the scheduled time allotted, but also during prep periods, lunch periods, and after school. Meanwhile, the other teachers don't even have back-to-back appointments during the scheduled times. It is nice to have involved parents, but demanding and exhausting too. Unfortunately, during this BUSY week at school, DD's having "family week" at her school. I had wanted to attend "family night" last night, but I was not functioning last night. We even used the "homework coupon" her teacher had given her for her birthday so that we wouldn't have to deal with homework last night. I bit my poor sister's head off last night on the phone. I am generally a good-natured person, and my nasty mood seemed to really shock her. But, I couldn't answer questions...I had to just get off the phone. I will call and explain when I'm feeling more like me. I think what might be contributing to my discomfort and cranky mood might be my new diet. I started South Beach Diet on Monday. I have already lost 5 pounds...must be water weight. Anyway, the first two weeks of this diet is ****. Not only no carbs, but no fruit either. I've managed to survive 3 days of this, but God help me for the next 11. Actually, even though I know I shouldn't, I am going off it for Thanksgiving...just that one day, and then back on Friday. I have the choice dieting through the holidays and being pissed. I could not diet at all and gain even more weight. Or I could diet and go off for selected holiday events. I choose the last one, because I think I will still lose weight, just a little slower...better than gaining. In the meantime, I'M IN MAJOR CARBOHYDRATE WITHDRAWAL...AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Hi Kim! WELCOME! Now don't introduce yourself and disappear! We are a very supportive group. I teach public inner city preschool. I am a fourth year teacher. I am married and am the mother of a 7 year-old girl. I've been on Weight Watchers most of the time and did okay, but always put the weight back on. I tried Dr. Phil, and even though I liked his ideas, it didn't work for me. Now, I am on South Beach. The people that I know who have tried it have lost between 30-70 pounds and kept it off. Good luck to you, and please feel free to let it all hang out. We surely do!

Hey Mousie. I hate shopping for clothes these days. For a while I just kept on washing the same 4 pair of pants over and over, but eventually I broke down and bought a bunch of new stuff. I'm hoping that by the summer I will be forced to donate them to Goodwill and take the really nice things to a tailor for altering. What is the latest re: surgery?

Kerry, take care of that ankle...OUCH! I've sprained both ankles a couple of times, not to mention when I broke my left foot. Ibuprofen (Motrin) will help with the inflamation. But mostly, you need to elevate it and STAY OFF IT. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy.

Ginny, why are men such slobs? When mine was in the hospital, my house was pristine...and I have a kid! I provide him with baskets to keep bills, papers, catalogs, etc. and yet he still leaves piles of stuff on the floor including a pile of stuff that needs to be tossed. Why can't he get a garbage bag and toss the stuff on the floor? He can't answer that question. Good luck with your DH being home. At least the painting will get done.

Robyn, Don't feel bad about allowing your emotions to get you back in trouble. Ever since we got home from Disneyworld, and I found out how bad our money problems were, and then I had the breast cancer scare, I hadn't exercised or dieted. I gained 15 pounds!!! But since Monday, I've exercised daily for 30 minutes and have not cheated on the South Beach Diet. No looking back. Only looking forward at our fabulous and healthy future!!!

I'm dead on my feet. Tomorrow conferences aren't over till 7:30, so my brain will be fried by the time I get home. I'll catch up on Friday!

11-17-2004, 11:22 PM
I'm MIA again. Sorry. I haven't gotten home before 8:00 any night this week. Monday was the endocrinologist appointment: she wants me to see a nutrionist. Insurance doesn't typically cover it. The ones up here want $250+ for a first appointment. The one she's going to refer me to down there is like $150. So, another drive to Northern Virginia. :dunno: What is it with insurance companies? Why list nutrionists on the plan if you're not going to cover it... or better yet, tell me HOW to get one...????
No surgery. At all. Based on what I told my endocrinologist, who is really a reproductive endocrinologist, and a GYN specialist, she doesn't think the gallbladder surgery is a good idea. She's also a surgeon, so she clearly understood the issues. The surgeons I've seen don't want to do gallbladder surgery because the endocscopy and ultrasounds I've had done were negative. They show no gallbladder disease. Why remove something that isn't bad? The only symptoms I have are nausea and vomiting, and the hida scan I had done in June showed a 12% ejection factor which means my gallbladder only works 1/3 of the time its supposed to. But the test isn't that accurate, I'm told, and there are other symptoms of gallbladder disease that I don't have.
Tuesday was just normal stuff... the gym is doing a "swim around Key West" thing, and I'm sort of unofficially expected to participate since I teach swimming. So I ponied up: I have 26 days to swim 9.9 miles. Of those 26 days, there are 6 that I won't even be in town, and all laps have to be swum at the gym's pool. So even though I'll swim when I go to Philadelphia (in the hotel pool), I can't use those laps.
And tonight was my monthly Red Cross meeting. I'm bushed, its 10:30, and I haven't even eaten dinner yet!
More later.

11-18-2004, 12:00 AM thursday kristie died. tuesday vanessa's (she teaches at the old school with Kristie) son was killed in a motorcycle crash. wednesday a student(from my past) was in a rather serious housefire and was airlifted to a burn hospital. my throat and nose are making me insane. my neck has a "kink" in it and I can't turn my head to the left without serious pain. I feel like crap. my classroom kids are acting wild. my realkids are acting wild. my dh is acting not so DEAR.

tonight i ate Mac and cheese for dinner. i drank real coke.... medicinal of course...
and tomorrow i'm not watching the news or turning on my cell phone.

ya'll take care!

11-18-2004, 07:58 AM
I wanted to post before I spend a 12 hour day at school. Robyn, I'm so sorry about all the sadness and grief surrounding you. Please feel a hug.


11-18-2004, 08:08 AM
great to hear from you.....I was starting to worry a bit, but this time of year is so busy. I wish I could send you a hug and take those pinched nerves away...... have you tried massage (as with a chiropractor or massage therapist) for that? Must be so painful.....and with such a busy schedule. And even with feeling like garbage you are getting workouts in! Good for you!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of luck on South Beach. I know only a wee bit about it.....but I think your strategy for Thanksgiving is fine. Just be sure not to overdo it- portion control and only eat those foods that you really think are worth going off plan for. You should come out of the holiday just fine that way.

Well, the stupid cat decided at 4 am to wake me up by jumping on the piano......guess she thought her lazy mama had slept way too long and it WAS time to feed her, right?
So, here I am flying on caffiene......did get my WW video in too. Busy day, payday- then Walmart and WW meeting.......then off for my afternoon monsters.....hope everyone is doing fine. Have a great day!

11-18-2004, 09:09 PM
Oh, Robyn.... Your turn for brownies. :) In fact, in between all the other stuff I have to do this weekend, I somehow have to find time to make brownies. I'll explain as I go along:
Friday: Off-Campus trip to the movies; I'm using some comp time to leave early. I'm feeling guilty about leaving at 11:30, so if I remember, I'm going to grab the slip from my supervisor and change it to 1:30.
Saturday: Thanksgiving Parade. Minimum of 5 students, 4 staff. And then we have to take one of the kids back to respite, because the respite person won't come pick her up after the parade. It may be a case of "can't", I'm not really sure. I know the respite person because that used to be her regular foster mom, and she was always very involved with her foster daughter's life. So I got another staff member to agree to go with me to drop her off.
Then, off to swim lessons, and I think a friend's houseparty is this Saturday.
Sunday: Swimming. Grocery shopping, brownie baking.
Monday: My TA is gone with the Young Marines. Its 2.5 days before Thanksgiving. We're watching a freaking movie.
Tuesday: I'm off campus with FIFTEEN STUDENTS to help set up for our parent hospital's major fund-raising event. Its called the Festival of Trees, and various groups donate pre-decorated trees, wreathes, gingerbread houses, and other sundry holiday paraphenalia that are then sold. Items are themed. Our school tree last year had dog houses hanging off it, dog and cat treats, bird treats, and came with a "pet starter kit" of food dish (hand painted by a student), leash, collar, etc. We didn't do one this year. I was volunteered to take the kids for set-up, and since the Development/PR department gets us money, I wasn't allowed to say no. They told me at 11:30 today that I was going.
Tuesday is also the day of our annual Thanksgiving luncheon. This is why I'm baking brownies. My TA is assigned to help with that, so we don't know who is covering our classes that day. I'm scared. Another good reason for a movie on Monday.
Wednesday: Only 2 classes, thank goodness, and a half day... my TA is again reassigned to either Young Marines or the clean-up from the Thanksgiving lunch.
Wednesday evening: Swimming, corral cat into carry case and drive to Lancaster.
Thursday morning: Stop my cat and my mother's kitten from killing each other while we eat our traditional lox, bagels and cream-cheese breakfast and watch the Macy's Day Parade.
Friday: Drive back to Baltimore with the cat, because I have to teach swimming Saturday!?
Sunday: Collapse!
Oh yea, and if that weren't enough: my father called me last night with the news that he was back in the hospital because he fell. You may remember that he is incredibly overweight. A stupid surgeon did knee replacement surgery on him in September. Can any of you tell me WHY I can't get a surgeon to touch me, but they'll operate on him without any issues? He has high blood pressure, type II diabetes, wound issues extremely overweight, possible cardiac issues, etc. Anyway, he fell at home on Monday, and had to call 911. They operated on his knee again yesterday, and he called me last night. I'm hoping they discharge him to a nursing home/rehab hospital.
I certainly can't go to Lancaster to take care of him. Actually, as bad as this sounds, I don't think I would go take care of him. :( He & I haven't really gotten along very well the last 15 years.

11-18-2004, 09:36 PM
Oh man are in it up to your eyeballs. Glad you got a chance to stop in and say hello. You are one busy lady. There is probably a part of you somewhere that cannot wait until Sunday......the one after Thanksgiving, cause at least then it is all over!!! Sorry about your dad- did he actually break anything? Hugs to you.....and maybe I should bake you some cyber brownies! Hang in there.

Gotta go......Dd might be getting a stomach bug.......better go do the dishes.....have a good nite.

11-19-2004, 09:47 PM
Ok, someone please explain to parents/guardians etc......who like to pick up their kids in their personal vehicles that traffic rules/traffic flow patterns etc....are NOT designed to make them happy, or even be convienient all the time. They are designed for the safety of the that too much to ask!!!!!!! Had one chicken little who parked in such a way that she blocked my entrance into the designated bus pickup area...the numbskull would have had to back into oncoming automobile traffic to get out....she could not for all the tea in China, figure out why I might be upset- accused me of being inflexible. Perhaps Mrs Perfect wanted me to board my kids from where she obstructed my access- so that they could be runover by nut cases like her and the other traffic that was attempting to exit the school in a hurry, because it was, after all, Friday. Sorry for ranting and raving.....and without a schematic to show you how nasty this was it just sounds like I am a b****.
Is there a full moon or something? From the radio chatter on the bus, 2 other routes had their "reds run" by a car, we had one attempted abduction (golly, and I live in a rural town!). Thank goodness it is Friday!!!!!! And my luxury 65 passenger vehicle is locked up without me. (think they should lock me up and not the bus). My kids were pretty good, just all the other stuff that got to me today.
We made it to Friday, Kerry, Summer, Mouse, Robyn and Kim!!!! You mean we actually get 2 days off for good behavior??? For me, it is the beginning of set up for Thanksgiving- we will be feeding 12 here.
Sorry for being so flippant has been a long week.
Have a great weekend.

11-19-2004, 10:16 PM
Hi everyone,
Sorry I have been mia for the last week. It has been a long and rough one. My kids are driving me crazy. My ankle is better. It still hurts a little bit. But I haven't chanced it and went to Curves yet or did any of my walking videos. I will start back to working out on Monday. I am starting to stress out about going home next weekend for my grandma's 90th birthday party. This is the first time we have taken the kids on a major road trip. Even though it is only 4 hours to my parents, I am nervous of how they will handle the trip and then will they behave in front of all my family. Plus I have to get my van fixed before we go. So my dh's friend is going to fix it tomorrow and Sunday. So I am without a vechile for the weekend. Not a fun feeling. But I am not going to let myself get too stressed that I turn to food for comfort. Sorry to not get too personal tonight with anyone. I will check back tomorrow when I am not so tired and want to ripe people's heads off.
Take care,

11-19-2004, 11:02 PM
Well... The parade is tomorrow. Its supposed to RAIN! And a fellow staff member reminded me that I'd better leave earlier than I thought: I live, literally, 4 blocks from the start of the parade route. I've set my alarm for 6:10. Maybe I'll go out for breakfast. I don't need to be at the school until 8:00, but if I wait till 7:30, I might get caught by road closures? Ick.
My friend's party IS tomorrow, but I don't think he sent me directions or anything. I haven't checked my school email since I left this afternoon.
Ginny: I really don't understand people and what they do... I got honked at this afternoon because a lost driver asked for direcitons, and then eneded to make a right hand-turn. I let him go in front of me, and the 10-second delay between the light turning to green angered him. I'm sorry: there is veyr little in this world that would make me react in such a fashion.
My team-leader sent out a message to the whole high school yesterday about my winning this award from the Red Cross. A whole bunch of other Emergency Services volunteers got it too... :) So, and this is funny, one of the staff that was going to go with us to the parade found out she'd need to leave early so she was going to drive to the Red Cross on her own. So I gave her directions, and she says, "Wow! You must really go over there a lot to give directions that well!" ROFL! Uh, yea... I spend A LOT of time over there. ;)


11-20-2004, 01:37 AM
tomorrow is almost a mirror of last Saturday....
Boy Scouts(Service Project that begins at 7 a.m...)
and then a funeral...... ain't we got fun?!

will check in after .......

11-20-2004, 10:53 AM
Well, aren't we all busy and overwhelmed...definitely time for a break. I wish it was a week, but I will take what I can get.

Mousie, you've got quite a schedule to deal with. I hope things with your dad improve.

Robyn, I'm so sorry that the black cloud hanging over your head hasn't moved on yet. But, it will eventually...and the sun will shine again.

Ginny, there are a lot of wackos on the road, and unfortunately they have children and like to drive them to school. At DD's school, there is NO PARKING in front of the building. At normal arrival/dismissal times we are basically expected to park on a side street and walk since the parking spots are taken up by staff. When we pick up from the after school program, there are available parking spots in front of the building to use, but obviously we may not park in the fire lane. Everybody does it anyway, and last year there were a couple of car accidents because there isn't room to back out of a legal space if someone is parked in the fire lane. Cops gave out tickets last year, and a memo was sent out this year telling people to comply with the rules. I park in the legal spots. But there is always some a**hole who thinks they are above the law who park in the fire lane. I've almost run over or hit a car a few times, and I'm the one abiding with the law. Nobody is doing anything to stop them. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At my school, a**holes constantly park where the buses are supposed to drop off kids. It is a daily battle. I know how you feel.

Kerry, try not to let the long drive worry you. Provide the kids with activities to keep them busy, and offer a reward for good behavior during the visit. Positive reinforcement (bribery) can be very powerful at home as well as in the classroom!

Hi Kim. Let us know how you are doing.

Today is errand day and cleaning day. Tomorrow I am hosting a Longaberger party. I only have 5 people coming, but they are all people I like, so it should be fun no matter what.

It is nice to be almost completely finished with parent/teacher conferences. I wasn't given enough time on the half days to fit everyone in, so now I'm using free periods and after school time to get it all done.

I'm on the School Leadership Team, and was put on ALL of the committees for the holidays...decorating, ornament making, planning the pageant, and planning the visit from our corporate sponsor who provides gifts and a Santa. I love the holidays, so if I'm going to be assigned a major project, this is at least a fun one for me to do. So, basically, I AM THE HOLIDAYS at my school.

I am still down 7 pounds. I have lost 2 inches off of my waist!

I love the South Beach Diet!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

11-20-2004, 04:40 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
I am in a much better mood today. I got up this morning and was able to ride my excerise bike for 15 minutes and then used my gazelle for 15 minutes. So I was in a much better mood today and feel better. I went to a workshop today for TOPS. I bought a book there called The Choice is Yours, so I am hoping that it movitates me to start losing again.
Summer hope you can atleast try to enjoy the holidays. Knowing you, you and your friends will have a great time at your party tomorrow. Congrats on your weight loss and inches lost. Keep up the great work!!!
Ginny I hope your day is going better today. At my school people park in the fire lane and in the middle of the parking lot blocking people in. I got to the point were I back in my parking spots anymore so that I can get out. How did you do at your WW's meeting on Thursday? We are having my dh's family over for Thanksgiving. I don't plan on going out of my way to clean the house. Since they never seem to appreciate it. I will sweep the floor and dust but that is about it. I didn't want to have dinner at our house since we are going away the next day and have a big weekend planned. I wanted to be able to relax for a day because I knew the next three days are going to be busy. But no one seems to understand that in my dh's family. They don't know what all I have to do at school and think that I can just leave it at school and take care of my home responsibilites without a problem. Since they are allowed to do that with their jobs.
Mouse so how did the parade go today? Were you able to get directions to your friend's party? Sounds like you have a lot of stress in your life right now. Hugs to you. Hope your dad is feeling better. Don't let it get to you too much.
Robyn, I am soo sorry to hear that you have another funeral to attend. This black cloud that is hanging over you will lift soon. Then there will be lots of sunshine in your life again. Don't let it get you down. Keep your chin up!
Hi Kim. Hope all is going well with you. Please come back to chat with us soon.
Well I better go and get started on the laundry. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

11-20-2004, 06:19 PM
Sorry not to get personal- been one ofthose days. BTW- with regard to the bus incident, the moron was in a bus only area. Duh. Dd just got in a car accident, she is fine.....the car drivable but has a boo boo....she says it is her fault. And to top it off Dh got mouthy with me (he has been a crumb all day) so I bit his head off. Told him to shut up (he made fun of my salad for dinner.....told him that if he WANTS me to put back on the 30# I have kept off for over a year, then I can go ahead and eat like him). I never ever tell him off.......he deserved it......don't feel bad at all......ain't I a crumb. Thanks for letting me vent. Gotta go

11-20-2004, 07:59 PM
Way to go Ginny! Stand up for yourself! There was nothing wrong in what you said to your dh. Sorry to hear that your dd got in a car accident. Hope everything goes okay for you.
Check in with everyone later.

11-20-2004, 08:00 PM
Oh by the way, the real reason I came on to post was to tell everyone that I bought a pair of jeans and a sweater for my grandma's party next Saturday. The jeans are a size smaller than I current wear and they fit. Yeah! Now let's hope that I don't eat too much on Thanksgiving that they won't fit two days after Thanksgiving.

11-20-2004, 10:28 PM
GO GINNY GO GINNY GO GINNY!!! LET 'EM HAVE IT!!! Are we married to the same man?!


I'm so tired. I ran many errands and did some stuff around the house today. I can't get motivated to do more. I guess it will be a crazy rush tomorrow morning. I hope I'm not coming down with something. Maybe it is just the diet. I feel different without carbs and sugar...a little sluggish.

11-21-2004, 12:28 AM
:yawn: :blink:
The parade was a success, even though only 2 students showed up. I got some pictures. I was the person on the megaphone... well, the fancy one in our emergency vehicle. No rain.
I'm exhausted.... I left at 6:20 this morning, and didn't get home till 10:45. I had some time between end of parade, having eaten dinner and swim lessons... not enough time to go home... so I swam. 1.25 miles, 90 minutes. Then I did lessons.
I'm going to bed now.
I think I can find my way there: if not, I might just sleep on the floor with the cat. ;)
I didn't find my friend's party, he never called me and I didn't have an address or a phone number. We're work friends. I don't even know for sure it was tonight. Who knows with guys?

11-21-2004, 01:52 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Hope everyone's Sunday is going nice. I was able to get up this morning and ride the excerise bike for 20 minutes, do a 15 minute walking video and my ab excerises before getting ready for church. I am slowly easing myself back into working out after having to take a few days off due to my ankle. It doesn't hurt today. So that is a good thing.
Mouse sounds like you had a busy but nice day. Glad to hear that you got some extra swimming in before your swimming lessons. I bet that was a stress reliever. Sorry to hear that you were not able to go to the party. Hope you were able to get plenty of rest after your busy day.
Summer hope you are enjoying yourself at your Longerberger party. So what kinds of excerise are you doing along with your South Beach diet? Keep up the great work. It makes you feel good to be improving your health and self-esteem doesn't it. By the beginning of next year there is going to be a new Summer.
Ginny hope things have calmed down a little at your house. I think yesterday must of been the day for dh's to be crabby. My dh got that way last night. But I didn't let him drag me down into his bad mood. So how many days do you have to drive bus this week? Hope they are little angels for you and you don't have to put up with idiot drivers too.
Robyn I hope your day is going great for you. I hope you have found some time to pamper yourself. So what was the Boy Scout service project yesterday that it had to start at 7 a.m. on a Saturday? That is too early for me to be up functioning on a weekend.
Well today is my day to relax before my busy week starts. I only have to work Monday and Tuesday. Then I am off until the following Tuesday. But on Wednesday, I will be straightening up the house, dusting and sweeping. Then Thursday hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Then packing that evening. Friday morning leaving to go to my parents for the weekend. Friday night we are going to be setting up the hall where we are having my grandma's 90th birthday party. Then Saturday is her party in the afternoon. Sunday afternoon driving back home and spending Monday to relax and recuperate before going back to work on Tuesday. I am hoping to be able to squeeze in some workout time over the weekend to destress and relax. Plus this will help me not want to over eat this coming weekend. Well I best go and read for a little bit. The book next week and I haven't gotten very much of it read yet. So I will check back in with you all later.
Take care,

11-22-2004, 01:15 AM
hello all....
yep...waiting for my Sunday night laundry to finish ....
I have lots of homework left yet to do... but I wanted to check in and say thank you for being such a supportive gang! yesterday I typed in a whole big message to you that was lost.... I can't begin to type it but...just know...that for now... all seems calm ...and things are looking great for a short school week!

Thank you so much for the very sweet and supportive private messages! You gals are the best! :)

gotta get to the dryer... I hear it buzzing and I am NOT going to iron tonight! LOL
take care..

11-22-2004, 07:58 AM
Morning Ladies,
Glad to hear that all seems calm for you right now Robyn. Well here is to a short work week for us all. May it go by fast and without any or little problems. Then it is a long weekend that we can relax and count our many blessings. Well I best be off to work. I am going to attempt to go workout tonight at Curves. This will be my first time since I had sprained my ankle last week.
Have a great day!
Take care,

11-22-2004, 11:56 PM
good evening!
Thanks to all for your encouraging notes.......I surely did feel bad for the little boy look that I got from a very mature individual.......and ok a wee bit of me does care about hurting his feelings, but I must tell you he had it coming. Of course now I am paying- he has added a few things to the menu on Thursday....( just to keep me even more busy in my vintage 1974 kitchen) but I had my say. And I am making my chocolate mint pie for dessert.....4 points per serving and he can make fun of it all he wants. Oh, and I am going to WW tomorrow nite......might kill me to do so, but I will. I half expect a gain as I will be weighing in at nite instead of the am, but we will see.

Dd is fine. Shaken but fine. Her door is fairly badly dented and will most likely have to be replaced. Other than that the car is quite drivable and from the other side and front appears normal. Dh got on my case about that.....what kind of crummy insurance co do we have (gee, they did not send an adjuster out at 10 pm on Saturday?????? 5 hours after the accident?????!!!!!!!!). Well, I did get a screwy "800"# to call (the adjusters office) and called that after I had made the intial contact about the accident. I was stuck in a typical automated answering system maze and unable to get out of it. So I called my agents office (who BTW was knowledgable and polite). They informed me that I would be hearing from an adjuster within 8 hours. Meanwhile, Dh is ranting and raving that we should go back to NJ (45 minutes away) to get the car repaired at the dealership (like I needed my life to be more complicated!)....where the he** is the lazy no good adjuster anyway...... I called the repair shop in town (one mile from our house, heaven forbid) and the auto shop tells me that she is pretty sure that they are a priority repair service for my insurance.....which means that there is no need for the adjuster to see the car. The repair shop will see the car, make an estimate, electronically send the estimate to the insurance co, who because they have this special relationship automatically approve the estimate. So I wait. Within 30 minutes, the adjuster calls.....confirms the priority relationship and tells me to go ahead and have the car looked at downtown. Gee, I was even shut up you know who!!!! BTW, he accused me of being selfish for taking 35 minutes to do my WW tape this am ("you had plenty of time for yourself!". And my bus died this am......battery went dead at the elementary school.Thankfully, I was empty and ready to return to the garage for my few off hours.The mechanics (bless them!) got my luxury vehicle started and got me back to the garage. This afternoon, complete with 3 new batteries and a new alternator, I was happily back on the road. Ok, Dh was not such a total monster......and yes this accident has been stressful.....but golly, can I get a break???? Please.
Nuff of me bellyachin'!!!!!

Kerry, I hope you got to Curves and that ankle feels ok.

Robyn- our class clown here......we just love you lots and love to "see" you smiling! Big hugs.

Summer- how did the party go???? How is SB working out for feeling better?

Mouse-hope you had a nice rest with Imp.........well, hopefully on your bed! And this week is a nightmare for you, right? Things don't slow down until Sunday? Post when you can.....if you can't stop in, I hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one. Any news on your father?

Past my bedtime ladies....I just showed up here for a short hello. Have a great nite.

11-23-2004, 12:00 AM
Gee, am I a creep- just skimmed the other posts and saw two things, Kerry congrats on your new clothes. I am so happy for you. And Robyn- your week was torture....makes all my stuff look trivial. Love you lots.....glad to see that you are doing better.

11-23-2004, 10:50 AM
Morning Ladies,
Yesterday must have been the day for bad days. My students were hyper and out of control behavior wise. I had to call one parent on her son's behavior. Then one of my students wouldn't come in after it started to rain. I was so glad to see the equipment at Curves last night. Then I came home to my dh being in a bad mood over something his bil did to his sister. So there fore he tried to start in on me and my weight. I just walked away from him and went about doing my own stuff. Then he asked me right before I went to bed why I wasn't really talking to him or wanted to be around him. I said that I just needed to be alone and regroup after my day at school. Plus I didn't want to be around someone who wanted to point out my faults when I already had a rough day at school. He said that he was just picking on me.
Ginny hope your day goes better. You must feel very good about standing up for yourself. It kinds of feels empowering when I stand up for myself to certain people.
Sorry to hear about your bus problems yesterday. I hope that your day today goes better.
Summer, Mouse and Robyn I hope that your week is going well.
I best go. My break time is over here in a few minutes. Wish me luck tonight, I have to go to TOPS tonight. I am hoping that I have a loss. I have worked hard this week to watch my eating and working out w/o over doing it w/my ankle.
Take care,

11-23-2004, 01:23 PM
Well ladies I have been given the ulimate food challenge today. The kindergartne and 6th grades had lunch feasts here at school. So I got to see and smell all the good treats that goes along with Thanksgiving. Plus the cooks made Thanksgiving meals. I didn't eat any of it. I stuck with my lunch I brought to school today. I even have to sit through my students' party this afternoon. But I just keep looking at the food labels and that gets me in check with my weight loss goals.
Well I best go since my little angels will be back from recess soon.
Have a great day!

11-23-2004, 04:12 PM
I made it through my kids' party without eating any of their goods. Yeah for me!
Hope everyone's day is going great! I am offically on vacation at 4:30 this afternoon until next Tuesday morning. Yeah!!

11-23-2004, 09:09 PM
I've been gone again. On Sunday night, Gateway blew away my Windows configuration in their latest attempt to troubleshoot my laptop. His instructions to me were to use the hardware reset button on the back of the computer; bad idea. It corrupted my internet access (TCP/IP), and my USB ports. That meant I couldn't even back up my data because my external harddrive is a USB hook-up. So I yelled at him for a few minutes, he got his supervisor, and they FINALLY processed the request for the new case. So I spent last night with Tech Support, and we were able to reinstall the USB drivers, so I did a quickie back up then wiped the harddrive completely and had it back-up from the external last night, over night.
The result being I got up late yesterday and today because I stayed up so late.
I missed the gym both days because I really need my computer functional. The new case arrived today, but the box was all dented in... so I called Gateway to report that. The new laptop chassis was okay, though. Then they wanted me to pay for them to walk me through setting up the new system. I don't need them! For pity's sake, why does everybody think women are clueless about computers?
Today during school was the set-up for the Festival of Trees. On Monday, our school's brand-new lift van died, which meant that our two students who use wheelchairs couldn't go. And we had to run a shuttle service to and from the fairgrounds so all 15 kids plus all the staff we needed could go. One of the kids has to have a nurse with him off-campus because he is diabetic and never shows signs of high or low blood sugar till its too late.
We got out there, and they weren't ready to have use do half the jobs we'd signed up to do, so we had to scramble. Then some of the kids had little melt-downs because their structure had changed and the development group wasn't going to give them pizza for lunch. They did give them the pizza, but I don't think they should have, honestly... Things change, things happen. You know?
We only had one accident: one of the kids who uses a cane (as it happens, its our diabetic student), accidently leaned/sat on a table and two of the gingerbread houses went flying. He lost it completely, but did sort of get himself back together just before we left.
I also found out I'm getting a new student in my homeroom. Nobody ever told me until today, and he's starting on Monday! I'm also getting at least one other new student in my 3rd period class. The student in my homeroom will go into my 7th period class. Both classes are at 12 students or 13 students now. My lead teacher is going to try and shuffle some kids around so we can get the classes down to 8 or 9.
And you all know I was asked to present at the Council for Exceptional Children convention: my principal told me yesterday that my being accepted as a presenter does not obligate the school to pay for the conference fee. Its $250!
I so need a part-time job or more money from somewhere... between the medical bills (the nutrionist does not take insurance, although the insurance company may reimburse part of the fee after the fact), and things like the conference, I'm totally broke. The nutrionist is like $125, conference is $250... my student loan company has decided that I can resume making payments, too.
Ginny: Glad the DD car is getting fixed/better.
Kudos to all on the Thanksgiving dinner misses. Ours was today, but I was off-campus. I had pizza with the kids. Oh, and here's a funny. When the pizza arrived, the nurse said, "I'll go get X and Mark." Mark is my supervisor. But I looked at the other two staff with me and said, "Who's Mark? We didn't bring anybody named Mark with us, did we?" They both looked at me and just stared in amazement. I had completely forgotten my supervisor! :o
Yes, tomorrow is our last day. I'm off Thursday and Friday. I'm going to come back sometime Saturday afternoon/evening. My father was moved to the rehab floor, but I can't find the number for the hospital main switchboard again, so I'm not sure where he is. I think this time I want to talk to his social worker at rehab... I'm not entirely sure he should be released from the hospital rehab unit to home.

11-23-2004, 11:43 PM
Evening Ladies,
Drum roll please :) I lost 1 3/4 pounds last week. I was co-loser of the week for my TOPS group tonight. So I came home and celebrated by watching the Biggest Loser ( love that show) and then worked out for a half hour. 15 minutes on the gazelle and 15 on my bike. I am determined to lose again next week. I would like to reach the year 2005 as a lighter me.
Mouse, sounds like you had a busy,hetic day. Were you ready to pull out your hair by the end of your fieldtrip? I haven't taken my kids on a trip yet this year. I think we might go see the movie Polar Express in Dec. with the 5th grade classes. I hope you are able to catch up on your sleep over the next few days.
Ginny how is the car situation going? Is it on the way to being fixed? I hope your dh has stopped being a grump. Do you have to work tomorrow? I hope you are able to find the time to do your WW or walking tapes and don't let anyone talk you out of doing them.
Summer kuddos on your great success with SB. How are you feeling today? Are the feelings of edginess going away? Is that a result of reducing your carbs and shocking your body? Hope you are able to find time to relax.
Robyn, how are you holding up,sweetie? I hope this week has been going smoothier for you. So do you have big plans for your days off other than catching up on your sleep?
Well I best be off to check email before I head to dreamland.
Talk to you all later.
Take care,

11-24-2004, 08:20 PM
Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!!
I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families tomorrow. I am going to try very hard to not over eat tomorrow.
Take care,

11-24-2004, 08:42 PM
Okay, I need to vent, or somebody's gonna get hurt.

Let me begin with Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker (the Brownie leader from ****). Remember the uniform that got ruined by permanent fabric paint and how she tried to clean it with tar remover? Well, whatever the f*ck she did to get the paint off the skort, I can't get the cleaner stains or the strong odor out...not to mention the fact that the brown from the skort keeps on running. I gave up and tossed it. DD now has a new uniform. Screw it. Anyway, Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker had made a request for me to send a smock in. Being a busy WORKING MOTHER, I hadn't gotten around to sending one yesterday, and I wasn't really concerned since all they were supposed to be doing was eating a Thanksgiving feast. Anything from the feast would have been washed out by Shout. Well, when DD arrived in a new uniform, Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker was OFFENDED that DD wasn't wearing the old destroyed one that the GENEROUS MARTYR Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker herself had scrubbed with tar remover. And when she found out that I had not sent in the smock as she ordered me to, she flipped out on my friend who drops DD off for me. She asked my friend to change DD into her spare clothes that I keep in her backpack. My friend looked at Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker like she was nuts and told DD to change her shirt herself, since she is after all, 7 years old (and has been dressing herself for 4 years!). But my friend didn't make DD change her uniform pants, so I got a very nasty email about how the leaders don't want to be held responsible for ruining another uniform. FIRST OF ALL, IF I REALLY HELD THEM RESPONSIBLE, I WOULD HAVE DEMANDED THAT THEY PAY FOR THE REPLACEMENT OF THE UNIFORM. Did I do that? NO. Even the owner of the uniform shop I bought the new uniform in told me that the council should have paid for a new uniform. However, I hate to make waves, so I sucked it up. But now with this *****'s attitude, I wish I had. :mad: So I emailed her back that I was confident that Shout would remove food and that in the past, Shout has gotten out ALL of DD's school stains...basically because teachers know not to use any art supplies that are PERMANENT. God, I want to strangle Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker!!! :mad:


I have a student who is very intelligent and in the past has been very well behaved. However, lately he has become aggressive and his father laughs it off. I am dealing with it. Unfortunately, the boy slips up once in a while. When I was out for my biopsy, the substitute had trouble controlling the class, and the boy hit JJ. Well, JJ's parents FLIPPED. It was discussed at length at parent/teacher conferences. They totally overreacted. Then in line to come into school, the boy took JJ's hat and was teasing him. JJ's father FLIPPED again and almost got physical with the boy's father. Every time, the boy has been put in time-out and lost his chance of earning a prize. Yesterday, the boy hit JJ with a soft rubber block. I mean it was almost a light tap, but I put the boy in time-out right away to let him know that no matter what, he shouldn't hit...even if it doesn't hurt. I reported it to JJ's parents. This time JJ's father went to the principal and raised ****. The principal explained that they are just learning how to behave in preschool, and that I have been disciplining the boy effectively. Then the mom said that I should teach them how to behave. I explained that we spent an entire month on rules, routines, etc. She acted as if I am negligent. Thankfully, my principal was very supportive of me and thinks they are nuts. I just want to scream at them and tell them to get a grip and take a f*cking chill pill.

I'll be back in a sec.

11-24-2004, 08:48 PM
Hey ya'll! TGIW!!!! What a week! BUTTTT it is over! Hotdamnandhallelujuah!

Tomorrow when I list my blessings and all that I'm thankful for....
each of you will be on my list! :) Thanks for all of your support,
kindness and understanding! You guys are THE best! Thanks for
being a great cybergang!

Have a wonderful holiday. Don't eat tooooo much AND don't forget
to relax a bit too! When we return, we will be ready to plunge into
the December madness! Yahooo! (Oh and I nearly forgot.... I get to
do jury duty again! yehhhhawwww!)

take care!

11-24-2004, 08:57 PM
Okay, I just got a sweet little "loveletter" from Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker kissing up to me. I hate the passive/aggressive types!!! :mad:

So, chickies, I am sick. I lost my voice and am on my way to bronchitis. But, hey, I lasted until the end of November...this must be some kind of record.

Kerry, congrats on the weight loss! Keep ignoring DH when he gets negative. I know it is hard...I have to deal with the same bad attitude of my DH...but keep remembering how successful you are. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don't work yourself too hard. Enjoy the big birthday party over the weekend. Safe travel. ;)

Rob, you have my support whenever you need it. I miss your ranting and raving though. Please come and ***** a little with me!!! You must have something nasty to say about Little Mrs. Susie Homemaker...come on Robyn...give it your best shot!!! :lol:

Ginny, you haven't had it so easy either lately. I hope you try to relax over the next few days and give yourself a break. I'm glad DD is okay.

Mousie, enjoy your holiday and put school and all of the crazy stress behind you.

Take care one and all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. When I think of what I am thankful for, you four will definitely make the list. Thanks for all of your support and senses of humor!!!

11-24-2004, 09:20 PM
Well, I was already to do some major bellyaching about Dh and that gender in general.....and what a crummy day at work I had........but then I read Robyn's sweet message about being thankful for us (guess that includes even me, the resident low life bus driver) and it sure changed my tune. My day- while challenging- was not so bad, the people I work with are great, very family oriented. The head of transportation, (who keeps a keen interest in my oldest Dd, it is a long story why-) even let Dd ride with me this afternoon (this is the 18 yr old) because he has heard how homesick she has been and she did not want to be home alone this afternoon. So the sweetie let her ride with me.

Anyway, I would really love to push all this cooking and cleaning off on someone else......please.......but alas I am feeding a mob tomorrow. And really not in too bad shape to do so. But I am dog tired. Nuff bellyachin'

Mouse-golly, it rains and rains and rains on you. Hope your financial woes straighten out. And I hope you enjoy your time with your mom, and other friends/family members that you see on Turkey day. Safe travelling, hon!

Kerry- woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!COngrats on the being a big loser!!!!!!!! and with a crummy ankle too. And congrats on avoiding all the extra food at school. A big bravo to you.

Summer- this susie homemaker thing is so aggrivating for you. I can understand that....she sounds like such a ditz. Congrats on making it until almost December healthy. I hope you do not have to cook as you are not feeling well. Get some rest this weekend, if you can.......feel better!

Robyn-I have come to love your ranting and raving....... Yes, I too am so thankful that this week is we get to face the holiday hyper kiddies. Oh, joy!

Gotta go pull a pie out of the oven.....Happy Thanksgiving!

11-24-2004, 11:40 PM
Its over. I don't have to look at any students until Monday morning! And on Monday, we have yet another Field Trip! ARRRGH! ;) We have one Tuesday, also, if the lift van is functional.
I'm still in Baltimore because the cat refused to cooperate. He absolutely wouldn't come anywhere near me to get himself harnessed and stuffed in a carry-case. Then he absolutely fouled his litter box. I have no idea how he managed it. I had to throw the whole thing out, because I was NOT cleaning that up. I had a new one for him anyway, but its the electric one and I think I left the plug in the car again! :o

Oh well: My financial problems are directly related to the fact that I teach for a private school and 11 months. I can't pick up a more lucrative summer job, and the hospital running our school hasn't given us anything but step-increases in the last 3 years I've been there. So I'm making about the same as I was 3 years ago when I started there, but working more hours... and they've increased the cost of our health insurance.
If I went back to the district I left to come to my current school or had taken the job I was offered in August, I'd be just fine. The latter place offered me nearly $7000 more a year, the former is almost $10,000. But here's the rub: I hate the administration and dislike the attitude of a whole lot of the staff, but I love the kids. And I know that what I'm doing at the school now I wouldn't be able to do in most public school systems. I don't teach a core subject area, I teach life-skills and job-skills, which I think are some of the most important things to teach ANY child. But very few public school systems have these programs for children with a disability, let alone any other child. So, I don't know what to do. If I move, I also lose the gym I work for... though if I were close enough I could still teach swimming on Saturdays. The pay would make it worth up to an hour's drive.
I don't know which way to go, to be honest. I know that in most any public school, if I told my principal that I was selected to present at a major, international convention that I would have no problems getting at least PART of my conference fee paid for, and the district would be drooling all over themselves to talk about what I'd done. I didn't get any recognition for being asked to present.
I also know that in a public system, I'd work 9.75 months or 10 months, make more money, and could work during the summer for some "extras".
But I'm not sure those are good enough reasons to move back to Virginia. I really want to go back to PA, but I've had no luck getting even recognized by any school district in my hometown. They don't accept paper or phone inquiries for jobs, only on-line application... and I update that thing constantly with absolutely no bites.

Have a happy turkey day everybody... I'm going home as soon as I catch the silly cat-beast.

11-24-2004, 11:58 PM
Evening Ladies,
I too will add you four wonderful supportive friends to my list of blessings tomorrow. You have been there to see me through some tough times and have held my hand through those times when tempation was too great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I was able to go and run some errands this afternoon and shake the bad mood I was starting to get in thanks to my dh. He was just a grouch this morning when I told him my plans for the day. I wanted to workout for 30 minutes here at the house this morning, clean house, get a shower, go to the bank, card store, bookstore and then go workout at Curves this afternoon or evening. He threw a **** fit saying that there was no way in h*ll I could get all that accomplished today. That I needed to clean house first. So I cleaned the house this morning, did laundry, and got a shower. He did offer to go to the bank for me after he realized what an a** he was this morning. We had gotten our van fixed this past weekend so we could go home to see my family over this weekend. He discovered that it was leaking oil, so he changed the oil and took it for a drive. When he came back he told me that he had to take it out to his friend's to have him check to see why it was leaking oil. So he was gone for about 2 hours. He came back and said that the seal on the oil pan was worn and needed replaced. So I was free to go to the card store, bookstore and Curves. So I went and enjoyed myself. Plus it helped me regroup so I would not come home and have to urge to hurt someone. I come home and ask him if he wanted to eat dinner with me tonight. Yeah sure. But you will have to wait until after his dd's basketball practice. I said fine. So I ordered his sub from the pizza shop and went to Subway for one for me. I came home and he starts complaining about how it is too late for me to be eating and that I need to stop eating so late if I want to lose weight. Mind you I have usually eaten dinner by 5 or 6 every other night of the week. Tonight I ate at 8. So instead of eating with each other like I wanted to. We eat our subs in separate rooms. Then he must have realized that I was not in the same room and he came looking for me. But I kept busy so I would not go off on him or eat through my stress and angry feelings. Why is it that man don't thing we can get a long list of errands accomplished in one day? Today's list was light compared to a normal school day thrown in on top of it.
Summer, you hold your guns with little Miss Susie Homemaker. I can't believe what a b**th she is being towards you. Who in their right mind gives 6 and 7 year olds permanent fabric paint. I hope you feel better. It is always a bummer when you are sick around a holiday. When I was younger I remember a couple times where I was sick at Christmas time. It sucked. Enjoy your long weekend. Get better so you can duke it out with little Miss Susie Homemaker and your student's parents. That is so unreal what the mother said about you.
Robyn glad to hear that you made it through the week. Sorry to hear about jury duty again. When do you have to do it? and for how long? Hope you are able to find the time to relax over the long holiday weekend.
Ginny glad that you got to spend some time with your dd on your bus route today. So how many people are you cooking for tomorrow? I hope you are able to find the time for some Ginny time this weekend.
Mouse I hope you have a safe trip to see your family. Enjoy your few days off. You deserve a few days of uninterrupted relaxation. I hope you are able to squeeze some workout time in over your busy weekend.
Well I best be off of here and go get some sleep. My sister-in-law is coming over in the morning to start the turkey. I want to get a workout in and a shower before she gets here.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Take care,

11-25-2004, 11:44 AM
Happy Thanksgiving chickies! Hope you all have a wonderful time with your families today! I have already worked out this morning. I did the gazalle for 20 minutes and the bike for 20 minutes. I hope to do a 15 minute walking video this evening and my ab excerises. So I think I have the excerise plan covered for today and I won't overeat. Well I better go and get ready for my company today. Plus I need to pack my suitcase for this weekend.
Take care,

11-25-2004, 12:07 PM
Well, I've been doing one of my favorite holiday things...watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We went off South Beach just for today, so we had pancakes and bacon this morning. I don't have to deal with cleaning since (believe it or not) at 40, I am the "baby" of the family, and nobody will let me have a holiday! I have been wanting my brother or sister to relinquish a holiday ever since we bought our house and had the space to entertain, but they won't budge. I should be grateful that I don't have to do all of the work, but I want my turn. Someday when everyone is old I will end up having to do EVERY holiday!


11-25-2004, 10:52 PM
I'm at my mom's house. I brought the laptop with me so I could maybe do some schoolwork, but none of it has gotten done. ;)
I've been referring between my mom's kitten, Wiccan, and my own Imp. Imp is deadly serious, Wiccan thinks he is playing. We've been listening to assorted yowls and growls all day long. Its enough to make me pack it all up and go back to Baltimore so I can get some rest. :eek: This is the true meaning of CAT FIGHT!
They are fortunately both front declawed. Wiccan also likes ginger ale and keeps trying to DRINK mine!
I also did the good daughter act and went to visit my father in the hospital. Wound up arguing with him as I left the room over the old computer: my student's had fixed it so he wanted to know what was wrong. I told him, but he didn't like my answer because it makes him look less than competent.
No working out for me: I can't walk or ride a bike... I could go to one of the gyms here locally with the card from my gym, but the one that is the best is $20 for 1 visit. That's pretty pricey for a swim. I'll go back on Saturday, if I go early enough I'll go to the gym before they close, or else I'll start again on Sunday.
Hope everybody enjoyed their lunches/dinners/desserts: ours was pretty good. My mom had it ordered because she got a gift certificate to pay for it from a catering place. There was a little bit of all the favorite foods, and enough turkey for me to take home.

11-26-2004, 09:58 AM
Happy Friday Morning to you all! Wasn't nice to sleep in this morning? I got up and went to workout at Curves. I was the only person there so far for the day. No one else came in while I was there. So it might be a long day for the ladies working there today. Just wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you ladies this weekend. I leave with my family this morning to go visit my side of the family. So I probably won't be on line until Sunday evening or Monday. Have a great weekend!
Take care,

11-26-2004, 11:11 AM
WELL.... after being INVITED to rant and rave.... I was all gearing up...ESPECIALLY since my family was traveling (in town) to my bil and sil's house for dinner with my inlaws who have returned from FL for the ocassion as well as the sil's adult children. BUT, ahem... dinner was very nice. YEP. The stuff I took complimented the million dishes that she had made and dinner was very yummy! My inlaws brought a cooler full of sodas and bottled water ("We know that you don't drink we bought water for you!") The conversation was even good. Came home with a ton of left overs. I took a nap for 2 hours after coming home. Woke up in time to make turkey sandwiches and dish up a few of the other favorite leftovers. I went back to lounging about and watching television (something that I don't usually do!) The dh and the kiddos played video games, watched television and videos and generally stayed out of my way and hair!!!!

Soooooo..... sigh...... how do I rant about any of that?

Don't worry tho... I am within 2 weeks of going for Federal Jury duty. I am within 30 days of Christmas... My children seem to be BLIND to anything that needs to be done within the house....AND they keep score and whine when requested to pick up some of their junk or GAWD forbid they be asked to touch something that doesn't have THEIR name on it! OH and my new school friends EACH give *HOMEMADE* gifts to everyone on the gradelevel, all resource teachers, office staff, administration.... YEP.... that is over 15 gifts that I've been told by 2 teachers (who didn't hear each other tell me...) that "the tradition is to give handmade/homemade gifts.... They mean SO much more.") Don't give me wrong... I LOVE to give presents... 2 years ago I *EVEN* made 20+ gifts to give (at my old school) ... I DO appreciate knowing what the standards are... but I don't like being told WHO I'm supposed to give to... and WHAT it isn't supposed to be (from a store!) ........and my next question is... WHATINTHEWORLD am I gonna do?! ARGHH! .... yeah, I feel my Holiday Induced Tranquility disappearing very quickly! :) You won't have to wait very long before I'm back to my true form!

Wait... the 17 nearly 18 year old cat just used the floor instead of the litter box.... Yeahhhhhh, I am thinking that my TRANQUILITY is just about the **** over! GOTTA run... and try not to kill GrandmaKitty!

take care...

11-26-2004, 05:00 PM
Is it ok for me to stop the holiday over........ya mean I can get some rest????????????? (define rest for me please?)

Well, I do hope that everyone had a blessed and good Thanksgiving. It does sound that most of us did, short a few feline disasters.......poor Mouse and Robyn- hey, does a ranting and raving husband fit into the feline disaster category??? (sorry, Kerry, I just could not resist the urge!) Actually my Dh was no charmer yesterday......had to get the crow bar out to remove him from the football game on TV and get a minimum of help. Anyway, I worked my hoofies off....but yesterday went pretty well, and after my inlaws left (no pun intended, just at that point the cleanup was as good as it was gonna be for a while and I did get to sit down) I got a chance to relax a wee bit. A blessing in that everyone got along well.....and that most of us were here.....with FIL's health being very unstable that might not be the case next year (and who knows what can happen to any of us). My eating was pretty good- could have been worse.
No workout.......I will get a short walk in this afternoon.

Robyn- one bitty of advice with the kids.......I once read a book that actually had the kids paying for any item of theirs that mom had to put away. It started with a warning system(for about a week, you would go around the house and put a red sticker on each out of place item and then after a week pick up the item only to be returned to its owner after he/she bought it out of jail!) I never got Dh's buy in on the idea (him being the biggest piggie of them all!). But it sounded as though it had some potential. Take a deep breath.......hang in there! And I am glad you do not have to cook!!!!!!

Mouse- how are your referee skills doing???????? Sorry about the visit with your dad. One thing I can say about that kind of situation, is that you did the right thing- tried to visit with him and show concern. Feel no guilt! If he chose to react poorly, it is a shame but surely not your fault. We know that your intent was not to make him get upset (he is probably angry about his health concerns! and taking it out everyplace else)

Summer- I love the parade too!!!!! I am glad you went off the diet- total denial of stuff that you crave leads to disaster. I'm sure that you will be back on plan soon!

Kerry- you go woman!!!!!!! GLad you got to Curves!

Gotta go......Attila the Hun got up (aw, shut up Ginny he is in a good mood for now!).
See ya!

11-27-2004, 12:48 AM
My referee skills must suck. At 3:00 this morning I was up for most of the rest of the night keeping the two cats apart. Mine was in the window of the room where I sleep when I'm there (my old bedroom, my mother has turned it into an office), and her kitten was on the floor. He's only 6 months old, so he has trouble getting into the windows upstairs because the ledges are higher and narrow. He can almost get inot the one in my room because there is a small bookcase in front of that window. Anytime Imp saw or heard Wiccan, he'd start growling. Imp would come over to me and put his paws on my leg which is how he asks to be picked up, but I'd pick him up and he'd curl into a little ball and start growling and hissing. I finally gave up and had to leave this afternoon. My mom is insistant that I bring Imp for Hanukkah in a few weeks, though. I'll be there Thursday night for Hanukkah, but then I'm going to Philadelphia for the convention. I wasn't going to go because I need to buy clothes, and pay the medical bills... and my mom told me to go and worry about the money later. I didn't go to the one I typically go to in Baltimore over Memorial Day weekend, because I was sick (that was when I was seriously throwing up most of what I ate and I felt pretty bad). So Imp is going to stay with my mother.
Imp is glad to be back in Baltimore though, I think...he's been curled up on the bed most of the evening. I took a nap, and am going to go back to sleep in a little bit. I guess I'll get myself up tomorrow morning for water aerobics and swimming. I did all my grocery shopping with my mom today, mostly at the discount place near her house, and then at a butcher shop near her place that has the most awesome lunch meats. The only thing I still need is some miracle whip, and some Boca Burgers and Morningstar Farm's veggie chicken. Yes, all, I've discovered how to get the taste of chicken and not get sick: I'm buying the vegetarian style chicken that Morningstar Farms puts out. I usually buy the patties, but this week I had the nuggets. Very good. :)
The discount store even had lots and lots of Propel water. Its anywhere from $1.20 to $1.50 in the stores, but they had it for .69 cents a bottle. And now that its cold enough outside, I can drink half of one at the gym, and leave it in my gym bag in the car...
Thanks for the support on the father issues: he's always been like this though. I had a very difficult time forgiving him for losing our house when I was in high school, and then refusing to help pay for college. After we lost the house, we moved out of town, but none of us liked it, so we moved back to where I'd grown up a year later, and when we did that my first cat had to go live with him. He didn't take care of the cat. Long story short, my mom took him to court over Thanksgiving my freshman year of college: he said he wouldn't help pay for me to attend college, the judge agreed with him, I got mad at him and said he was a jerk and I wasn't going to talk to him again. So he got mad at my mother, and called us Thanksgiving night to say he'd killed the cat. The only problem was, I answered the phone. He swears he didn't REALLY kill the cat, but I'm not sure I believe him. It was 2 years before I talked to him again.
And my mother is the one who makes me do it: she drove me to the hospital yesterday because I wasn't going to go. I was just going to call him.
Anyway... I'm off to read a bit, and go to sleep. G'night all.

11-27-2004, 09:02 PM
Mouse, glad you and Imp arrived home safely. Enjoy your Sunday off... isn't it your only day off??? Ok, you are not asking for advice about your dad, but I hope that you do not mind if I offer a piece of it. And actually, I think you are there already, so this will just reinforce what you are doing. Forgive your dad. You do not have to agree with what he is/does/how he acts/his past......etc......but you will save yourself years of heartache if you can at least forgive him and accept his shortcomings. My sister is still fighting battles with our father, who btw died 20 years ago. A sad situation indeed.
Nuff from me. TOM I am droopy. We went to see the Incredibles which was great. Even Dh liked it.
Gotta go.
See ya!

11-27-2004, 10:05 PM
I'm not holding a grudge against him, I just don't choose to do very much with him if I can help it. He is typically rude to me, especially about the weight. He doesn't understand or believe that I have an actual medical condition. Even when he eats out with me, or I grocery shop with him (he, also, needs help shopping so I sometimes go with him to the commissary, like I help my mom... so he watches me read nutrition labels and such... it takes me FOREVER to grocery shop!) he still doesn't get it.
The Jewish religion requires that you forgive a person their mistakes before Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).
I didn't get to the gym today. I spent most of it asleep & sick. I'm not quite sure what happened... I did get some chinese take-out on my way home, but I was careful to avoid anything that had chicken. Maybe I got something by accident.
I wish we were off on Monday, too. I didn't do any of the work I said I was going to do.

11-28-2004, 04:53 PM
Mouse, sounds like you could be suffering from a wee bit of stress too..........can I take up the cyber brownies charge for you??? I am glad to hear that you have forgiven your dad, no matter how bad the memories. I can bore you with pages of stuff about my sister, who as I said is still fighting battles with someone who is unable to do a thing. Rather sad. I hope you are feeling better!!!!!!!!! Try to get some rest today, you had mentioned earlier that this week was going to be difficult at best. Major bummer that tomorrow is Monday, and we all return to work. I am not looking foward to it either.

We got to church this glad I went. The warring factions here are getting to me a bit (kids). I need a bit of quiet. And now, Dd is getting moody about returning to school, and (heaven forbid!) she has to help me complete some paperwork about her accident. Well, sweetie, if ya want the car fixed, the paperwork must be done. Facing up to adult life is tough.......too bad!
Guess I'd better go...hope everyone is doing ok out there. Can't we get another 4 days off??????

11-28-2004, 08:15 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well we survived the weekend. We got home about 30 minutes ago. Long enough to unload the car and check the mail and voice mail. Then I said that I had to check in with my friends. We had a nice time visiting with my family. I shocked a lot of people at my weight loss. Some of them hadn't seen me for a year or two and was surprised at my appearance. Plus some of them didn't recognize me because I look like a different person. That really made me feel good. Good enough to not feel guilty about eating birthday cake at my grandma's party yesterday. Also it gave me the strength to stand my ground when my dh and stepkids wanted to leave the party early. MInd you my dad, mom, 2 sisters, brother and myself were hosting it for my grandma. Plus I hadn't seen some of my family and close family friends for years. So I kept telling them no since we had my van with us. Finally I looked at my dh and told him here is the hotel key and the keys to the van leave and I will have someone drive me back to the hotel. He wouldn't go because he wasn't sure if he would be able to get to the hotel by himself. I was just sick and tired of them trying to control how our weekend in my hometown was going to be. I felt good to stand up for myself and not back down for a change. I did get my excerise in this weekend though. We stayed on the third floor and I took the steps several times. Plus went swimming on Friday and Saturday nights for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I also did the treadmill for 30 minutes yesterday morning. So I feel good about my excerise this weekend. Haven't done anything today yet. Don't know if I will or not. Glad to hear that everyone had a great holiday weekend. Chat with you all more tomorrow. Time to go unpack and start putting stuff away. Take care.

11-29-2004, 11:21 AM
Good morning!!!!
Kerry- being the newcomer to this much have you lost in the past year?
What a huge attagirl.... not being recognized because you look so darned good!!!!!! (keep that one in your memory bank!) And of course, go ahead and have that cake, one piece is not going to hurt you......and denial gets you nowhere. I am happy for you about standing up to your Dh too (glad one of us did this weekend!). Congrats on getting the excercise in too.....sounds as though you had an all around good weekend. What a great way to start out a new week.

Got the kiddies to school this am......oh, these next few weeks will be tough with the holidays approaching. Students are much harder to control/contain, daylight hours lessen.....road conditions go in the tank......bring out the advil please~!!!! Got a short walk in this am- today was a high family stress day, Dd returning to school (teary eyed, again), Dh worrying/stressing out over her (gee, Hon,it is time that she grew up!), youngest Dd not wanting to go to school (as if any of us did!).
OK- nuff blabbering from me!!!! Off to get some work done around here. See ya later!

11-29-2004, 12:29 PM
Since I met my dh 2 1/2 years ago, I have lost close to 70 pounds. In the last year or so, I have lost about 20 pounds. I slept in this morning, since we have today off too. So now I have to get my butt up and moving to get some errands done today before I have to start back to school tomorrow.
Ginny,Sounds like you had a stressful morning at home. How were the kids on your bus route this morning? Glad to hear that you got your walk in this morning. Hope your afternoon and evening is better.
Robyn, Summer and Mouse I hope your first day back to school after a long weekend is a great one. I will be to the trenches tomorrow. It is going to be a long day with my kids. Once they have their routine broken for a little while it is hard to wheel them back in.
Well I best go and get my stuff done today, since I wouldn't have another day off until Christmas time. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful week!

11-29-2004, 01:27 PM
Kerry, I had no idea that you were such a big loser!!!!!!!!That is so wonderful, and you have much to be proud of. A major accomplishment.

Thanks for asking about me......I am so stressed out. Filling out paperwork for Dd's accident- she is trying to run so far from the accident (admits to fault but will not talk about it!) oh where is the advil.....and dear ol' Mom (getting more and more old by the minute too!) is stuck filling out reports for DMV, insurance co.......etc.............. I am such a burnout.......did we really have 4 days off???????? For Christmas and my bday I want a week by myself in a rubber room........lots of books, tea and a nice place to walk and some walking shoes.....that is all....maybe a craft to do......
Gotta go- been online all am getting this darned accident report completed(Dd emailed me the accident report, which is printing horribly because she crumpled the darned thing so badly.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr r)
See ya and sorry for bellyachin'.

11-29-2004, 04:52 PM
I hope that your day got better. I think we all would like to have the pleasure of being in a rubber room with only a few items of comfort to us. Maybe that is what we need to tell people to give us for Christmas. LOL. Sorry to hear that your dd is not helping much with the paperwork. Wait until she gets older and has to handle the paperwork on her own. Then she won't be able to run away from it then. I am glad that you are helping her get it all straightened out.
I was able to get my 2 mile walking video in this morning. Then I walked to Subway to get a sub for lunch. I walked back home and then ate it. Now I am up to my eyeballs in laundry. I have already done two loads and I have about five to six more to do. I am hoping to get them done so that I can enjoy some of my day off. I was able to run to the post office to mail some stuff and then drop off my medical records from my old dr. to my new dr. office. Tonight I have a workout date with my one friend's daughter at Curves. She is a freshman in high school and just started getting serious in her weight and body appearance. Since her mom is not able to workout for a month or two due to some surgery she had, I have been taking her daughter with me when I go. It is fun to have someone to talk to while working out. Well the dryer shut off, got to go and fold those clothes and stick the current washer load in there and start another load in the washer. Fun, fun fun!
Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!

11-29-2004, 06:13 PM
Kerry, I hope you enjoyed your day off!!!!!!! Even with having mountains of laundry, just not having to face the daily runaround sounds wonderful. A 2 mile walk tape and visit to Curves?? You enjoy that! How nice that you can workout with some company times a workout buddy is nice.

I finished and mailed the dreaded some cookies to Dd as she is facing her first college finals. (otherwise known as a study in sleep depravation!). My afternoon was pretty good, many kids were not on this afternoon~ had one little boy with a headache who wanted to sit up front with me. Makes me feel good to know that I am a comfort to most of my students.......guess they trust me. (I needed a vote of confidence today......) Dh went to get Ds from bball practice,so I have a few minutes to myself before dinner.
Hope everyone made it thru today ok!!!!! See ya tomorrow.

11-30-2004, 10:58 AM
Just a short hello...........hope everyone is doing ok! Well, at least MOnday is over..........have a good day.'

11-30-2004, 07:58 PM
...and now TUESDAY is over!!! NOVEMBER is over too! :)
I'm nearly to my quota of water intake for the day! ...and I'm trying hard!

My middle school son is marching in a parade this weekend... he has brought MarchingTri's home.... and is playing and marching and trying to drive me insane!
He is so excited! Darn... I should have tried to convince him to play some nice SILENT musical instrument! ...actually....the more he marches and plays... the better he plays...AND the more my head pounds with a great beat! :)

I'm trying hard to change my mind. :) goes on...................
hope yours is okey!
take care,

11-30-2004, 09:37 PM
Today was just one of those days. You know? Nothing wrong, but a whole lot of funny stuff all piled up into one.
Some kids acted like twits on yet another field trip, and one of them asks the floral department at the grocery store we were at if they sell CANNIBIS! :eek:
Then I went along to the soccer game at the last minute because they were one staff member short, so I volunteered... I happened to be in the right place. So, more comp time for this mouse. We lost, but they played a darned good game. One of our kids lost it though and shoved another one on our team. He gets lunch detention, of course, and capped his evening with an inappropriate display of bodily parts. In the locker room, in front of the other boys. :rolleyes:
One of the other kids came out and told us, and so I went to the door of the locker room, and called him over. And the kid comes over NAKED! Pulling up his underwear!
For pete's sake, they just don't pay me enough to see that!
So that was my day. I, obviously, didn't make it to the gym. But they needed the extra staff member so they could get to the game.
Oh well.
Friday I go see the nutrionist, and I need to call the surgeon's office, because I've called the endocrinologist's office that she tried to refer me to twice, and they don't return phone calls.

12-01-2004, 07:59 AM
Morning Ladies,
Just a quick note from me this morning. I went to Tops last night and gained a pound and a half. So my eating out this weekend caught up to me. Oh well, I will just have to try harder next week. Check in with you all later today.
Have a good one!

12-01-2004, 01:21 PM
I have a massive headache........getting a cold.....want my thumband a blanket........

Glad to hear from everyone. Mouse- ok I am sending the flasher and his creepy little brother to you, sounds like handling naked kids is your forte! Robyn- get rid of your headache yet?
Kerry- don't sweat the 1#. How about we make a deal to make next weeks WI a really good one???? (mini challenge for one week)
Gotta go.....up to my eyeballs with stuff to do......see ya later.

12-01-2004, 02:36 PM
Hi Ladies,
Oh my god, I can sympathize with you,Ginny about the headache. I am starting to get a massive one from my students misbehavior. They are awful today. They won't listen and follow directions. They think it is funny. They won't be having the last laugh on the 22nd when everyone else goes on the fieldtrip and we are stuck here at school doing work.
Ginny I will take you on your mini challenge for the week. I know we can do this. We will both show a loss next week. I got up this morning and did my walking video, even though I felt like sleeping some more. So that is a great start to a new week.
Geez Mouse sounds like you had an interesting day yesterday with your students. I hope today was a little bit better. Hope you can get a hold of the nutritionist soon.
Robyn and Summer hope that your week is going good.
Talk to you all later. I had to come on here to calm down before I blew my stack for the second time today. I think I am calm enough to go back to my kids now.
Take care,

12-01-2004, 07:49 PM
Kerry, sorry that your kids were so miserable for you......oh, it can be so stressful, I hear ya. Good for you coming here to blow off some steam, it is safe here and we have nothing but sympathy and hugs for you. Good job getting the walking video in, I did my WATP tape this am too!

Mouse- I am anxious to hear about the visit to the nutritionist........
Summer and Robyn, hope life is treating you better than the rest of us!

So, this afternoon we had horrible winds (50 mph+)- they closed aftercare and sent everyone home. What a messy dismissal.......kind of chaotic, but thankfully we all got home ok. As far as the flasher and his brother (the flasher was a total nuisance this am) I put both in row 1 (across the aisle from each other)....and gently tried to explain (for the millionth time) how to get across the street without fighting....(this is the duo who fought all the way across their street so that the younger one fell in the road......) I was gentle, but firm........the older brother (aka flasher) is such a wise cracker, he is the brighter of the two, and the younger one falls for his pranks all the time and gets sucked into the nonsense. Well, they both heard it this afternoon, andthis was after I took tylenol for my head.
Nuff of me bellyachin........Dd wants to use the computer and show off what she learned today in school, so I'd better go. Have a great nite.

12-01-2004, 10:40 PM
Evening All,
I made it through my day without hurting anyone or anything. LOL. My afterschool kids are what put me in a better mood. I had to work with both the 2nd and 6th graders tonight, since we were short handed. So I had the 6th graders help the 2nd graders learn how to graph items and make graphs of their own. Then we played Brain Quest 2nd grade edtion. They had a lot of fun. So that made me feel better. My Special Ed. kids just didn't seem to care about their behavior today. I am hoping that it is a better day tomorrow. I did make it to the gym tonight and put in a good workout. So that helped. Now I am online playing for a while before I go to bed. Atleast I am up later than I was last night, I was in bed before 9 and fell asleep watching the Biggest Loser. So I was upset when I woke up this morning and realized I had missed the ending of the show. I had to ask my one coworker about what I missed today on bus duty. It was a windy and bitterly cold one at that.
Well ladies I best go and check some other stuff on line before I go to bed. So I will caht with you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful Thursday!
Take care,

12-01-2004, 11:11 PM
I REALLY hate where I work. People kept asking me stupid questions all damn day long, and then I was scheduled to attend FOUR (yes, FOUR) meetings at the exact same time. I was supposed to attend my department meeting, a behavioral planning meeting for one student, a department meeting for one group of students that I teach, and a department meeting for the program that my homeroom students are in.
I politely asked the person doing the single student meeting if I could catch her as soon as my department meeting was done, and instead of saying yes or no, she called my supervisor and told him that I needed to attend. I never told her I wasn't GOING to attend, just asked her if I could meet with her a little bit after. Then she emails me and says she's done this, meanwhile my department meeting has started, and they want me there. But one of my students in my homeroom is brought to school by cab because his local school system can't manage to get him on a bus route for some reason. The cab NEVER picks him up on time. And was late again today.
So, now my supervisor wants to discuss with me my "communication skills" with other students in the building. He also wants to discuss the behavior of the kids on the last field trip... We had ONE issue with ONE child out of more than 6 successful trips. I haven't heard word one about the SUCCESSFUL trips; but I'm getting a discussion about that one child who had issues. He's probably ticked off because when I asked him what to do, his advice was wrong, and another administrator told him that.
I'm also having serious issues keeping food down lately, and my TA isn't going to be here all next week because my idiot supervisor approved an entire week off (she has the time), but also told me I could be out next Friday and that Monday.
ARRRGH! I'm so pissed off! And I'm so seriously considering NOT going to work tomorrow, but its more of a pain to not go then it is to go.

12-02-2004, 12:23 AM
..... WELL.... it must be NATIONWIDE... cause today was NOT a good day...however, I had NO nekkkid children at school soooo my day wasn't as bad as some!

Hope tomorrow is better...or atleast DRESSED! ;) I'm more and more sure that only going on 2 field trips a year is NOT a bad thing! I have visions of floral arrangements with fern replacements...hehehehe.... sorry! Trust me... had *I* been there I would NOT be amused!

Ginny...hope your headache went away.... mine has sort of subsided... 100% sure that mine is weather related now... the thumb and blanket sound right yummy!

Have a Thrilling Thursday (puke) as my "OLD" school principal said EACH AND EVERY Thursday.... ... oy!

:) ......Obladi oblada life goes on....... hopefully fully dressed!

12-02-2004, 12:25 AM
Summer?! Summer?!!! WHERE ARE YOU, girl?

12-02-2004, 08:10 AM
Morning Ladies,
Hope everyone has a better day today. I made sure that I got enough sleep last night, so I wouldn't be so crabby with my kids today. I am hoping that they are better today. Atleast today is my short day at school, I can leave 2 hours earlier than I do on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Please the Lord for that one! Even though this is a short week for me, it seems the longest.
Ginny, I hope that your headache has went away. I also hope that your little flasher and his brother behave for you today and don't disagree with each other or show any skin. I keep telling myself when I think about going for food about our mini challenge. So far it is working.
Mouse, I am so sorry that you had such a horrible day. Sounds like they want you to clone yourself so you can be at all your meetings. People can be so stupid. Your supervisor sounds like he was placing a lot of unnecessary pressure on you after having his mistake pointed out to him. I hope you have a better day today. Do you think it is stress that is causing you to be sick and not keep any food down?
Robyn, glad to hear from you. Hope your headache is getting better. Sounds like the weather could have played a part in all of us having a crappy day yesterday. Hope your week is going smoothier for you than past weeks.
Summer where are you? Hope all is well with you.
Well I must be off to teach my little monsters how to be angels. LOL. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

12-02-2004, 08:26 PM
Well, I thought I was not having too bad a day until Dh came home........what a crab.
Oh, well.........
Kerry- I agree with you, every time I think about going for something I should not, I am reminded of our mini challenge....... It is working for me too!!! Hang in there.

Robyn- how you ok?
Summer, same for you!!!!
Mouse- can't wait to hear the results from your Dr/dietician/endocrinologist....keep us posted.
Gotta go- might be back later......see ya!

12-02-2004, 09:59 PM
I didn't go to work today. After I posted that message, I got a whole 2 hours of sleep before my body rebelled. I was then sick for the rest of the night. Around 1:00 a.m., I emailed all parties concerned and sent an emergency lesson plan to my TA.
I have a feeling she may not have been at school today, though, because somebody else did our breakfast/lunch lists for the cafeteria. Her name wasn't on the absentee listing though, if it had been I would've gone in.
My department chair is a twit: I have to meet tomorrow with my supervisor about my lack of communication skills, and I had a previously scheduled meeting. He won't change his meeting with me, and told her that. I guess she didn't realize that he told me. She emailed me a few hours later and said that she was too busy to meet tomorrow morning. Does she think I'm an idiot?
I am only there for a few hours tomorrow, though, and we have no kids. I had planned to make up some folder activities for our Construction unit, but I guess that won't get done. I'm doing less and less in terms of planning or prep work because whenever I do something *GOOD*, I get no appreciation or thanks or notice. But let somebody complain about how I worded an email, or make up some stupid story about me, and I'm in trouble again.
I have an appointment with the endocrinologist up here now, too. That should make me further popular with admin because nobody asked me when was convenient to have the appointment: they made it for Dec. 15, at 9 a.m. I'm out the 10th and the 13th, and now at least part of the day on the 15th. Since I already blew my perfect attendance for this quarter by staying home sick today, I can't really see the point of wasting comp time to go in for half a day. Especially since its a Wednesday and I'd get to the school just in time to watch my homeroom students go home. I'll miss a meeting or a stupid social activity... and Ir eally don't care.
I'm developing such a bad attitude.
But yes, it might be stress... If that is the case, then what do I do? I don't really want to go back to Virginia. I want to go to Pennsylvania, but I have no job nibbles from any districts in my home area.


12-02-2004, 10:44 PM
Mouse- I hope that your feeling crummy does not interfere with your appointments you think it was something that you ate or did you catch something from a student? Sounds as though you really need a break.....winter break to help you feel better about your work environment. I am sure that your health issues are not helping your mindset either. Things have to start looking up soon, right?

Nuff of me tonight, I am getting tired. See ya tomorrow.

12-03-2004, 07:21 AM
gooooooood friday morning to ya!

ds, 12 years 12 months has gone on a field trip to Washington, D.C. .......had to get him to his school by 5:30 this morning.... I've been worried sick about this trip! (Have you listened to Mouse and her trip troubles??) He is intelligent. He is also nearly 13. Anyway...I've eaten most of the kitchen and began on the living room walls.... AND I've grown a lovely THING on my lips for my worries! ARGHH! HE WILL BE FINE and I'm sure that he will EVEN have some fun! Letting the strings go is HARRRRRD!
(Gotta pick him up at 8 tonight and then he has his first parade with the marching band and those damn annoying drums tomorrow! He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips! :) )

Anywho.... Hope you're feeling better Mouse! The rest of you have a wonderful wonderful Friday! I'm going to try NOT to think about *MY* baby! LOL :)

take care,

12-03-2004, 02:13 PM
Robyn!!!!!! Get busy.....clean house.....Christmas something, but stay out of the kitchen!!!! (he will be just fine).

Kerry- I owe you a biggie......if I can keep this up thru the weekend, my scale should be down next week. Thanks for helping me to stay honest!

Mouse and ok?
Gotta go back for my afternoon..............what a busy day.
See ya !

12-03-2004, 08:26 PM
Blew it this evening....Attila the Hun came back to visit my house for the evening......oh, I should be used to this but some days it is tougher than others.
Oh well.
Got all the kiddies home fine, they were not even all that bad! What a busy day, between runs I got to both the Mall and Walmart.....not too bad an accomplishment, being as I have only 4 hours off.....the stores are a half an hour away, and I had almost an hour at home to put stuff away. I put 5 miles on my piggies today (wore the pedometer) and also did the 2 mile tape this am, so all is not lost.
Guess I'll head upstairs and sew some catnip mice for RC (neighbor grows catnip, and I have lots of spare fabric.....she has to have something under the tree too, right? Ok, can you tell I am losing it you are glad I am not driving your kids to school!).
Hope everyone is doing ok.......see ya!

12-04-2004, 12:08 AM

kid is home. sat and waited outside of the middle school for in excess of 1.5 hrs in the lovely cold dark. other 2 buses came in together, dumped kiddos and left... his bus was 35 minutes behind. story goes that their driver didn't think that he qualified for HOV lanes and so he took the normal lanes and enjoyed the rush hour creep. i've never heard a more silent group of 7th graders and various adults as they got off the last bus in. exhausted and frustrated. kiddo enjoyed the trip. came home with more than 1/2 his money! said the most interesting thing he saw was a homeless guy playing a great rhythm on various boxes, buckets, trashcans, etc... "mom, he was a very talented musician!" (I was touched that he saw the man's talents not appearance and whatnot) he came home and went right to bed!

i just erased a longggg rant about school.... i wish this was a private spot without so many people reading what the "whiney teachers" are complaining about.... so.....summer you are quite right about those "perfect mothers"..... and today... school was wonderful today. my cherubs were delightful. and i absolutely adore wonderful supportive concerned parents..(could you tell my teeth were clenched as I said it?!)

....stay out of the catnip, girl! Mousie, ??? dr???? Summer, we've missed you! Kerry, you are such a great inspiration to me! Keep going girl!

(((hugs))) and very SLOOOWWWW weekends to everyone!
parade and school Christmas party tomorrow... yippeee skippeee!
take care

12-04-2004, 10:18 AM
Morning Ladies,
Boy was yesterday a long day! We had a bomb threat at our school and had to evacate. That was a lot of fun! Telling your students to get their coats and get ready to take a little hike up to the church on the next street over from the school and not being able to tell them what was going on. Thank God our wonderful custordian brought her Explorer over to my building and told my kids to get in it and took them up to the church. I pushed my one student's wheelchair up there to meet them. So I had a nice chilly hike! I was so tired and worn out by the time I got home last night, I didn't make it in to Cuvres because I laid down and took a nap. So hopefully today I will be able to make it in there this morning.
Robyn, I am glad that your ds had a wonderful trip and could see the talents of the homeless man and not his outward appearance. I hope that you have a nice wonderful relaxing weekend too. Enjoy yourself today at the parade and school Christmas party. Our's is in two weeks on a Thursday night right afterschool.
Ginny, I caved today at lunch. One of the sub's had been with us for a long time and the teachers in her dept. got to gather and had a carry in lunch for her. One of the teachers made homemade chicken and noodles and homemade rolls. So I had a big bowl of that for lunch. But I plan to watch my diet closer this weekend and Monday and Tuesday. So hopefully I will have a loss. Glad to hear that you got some Christmas shopping done yesterday. I am going next Friday with my dh, since I took a personal day to do that.
Mouse, hope your day was better today. Sorry you seem to be getting dumped on at school with a lot of crap. Keep your chin up! Hope you can get some much needed Mouse time in this weekend.
Summer hope all is well with you! Miss you!!! Please come back and chat with us.
Well I better go and get ready for the trip to the gym.
Have a wonderful day!

12-04-2004, 02:07 PM
My morning just sucked yesterday. I really, really, really hate the people I work for. They aren't even human. They can't be human. They just can't be. The first thing out of my supervisor's mouth yesterday morning was that the kid that acted like a twit on the field trip on Tuesday is "having panic attacks and not coming to school/refusing school because of what you did to him". The phrase "I investigated this thoroughly, so I know its true" was in there somewhere too. The kid hasn't missed a day of school: he was here WEdnesday and Thursday. I have his classwork from Thursday and showed it to my supervisor. His mother is saying I'm not following/meeting his IEP, which is total BS. This is REALLY what happened: his mother called the case manager (a brandy-spanky new teacher who isn't certified yet, doesn't have any special ed background, and was a 1:1 assistant at our school until August when we were short teachers, so got a field promotion!) and complained about how I treated her darling. He didn't know what to do about it because mom was saying that I wasn't meeting his accommodations and services, so instead of coming to me (remember, brandy-new teacher...actually thinks department chairs and administrators are there to help him!), he goes to my department chair. Guess what? She is ALSO an uncertified special ed teacher, and has been teaching maybe 3-4 years. He told her that he didn't know how to approach me because he'd sent me emails telling me how to work with the kid (he didn't...there had been a discussion about the kid having pseudoseizures in GYM class, which I finally chimed in on in support of the kid maybe having REAL seizures and not faking them), and now he wasn't sure what to do. Okay. My department chair heard this, "I don't know how to approach Mousie, and I've sent her emails telling her what to do and she won't do it." Did she come to me? Nope! Where'd she go? Our administrator. What did he hear of the whole story, "This kid's mom is calling the county that is paying for his attendance because Mousie isn't following his IEP, the mom is also going to call one of the principals and complain about Mousie's class, and the case manager can't talk to Mouse about it because she won't listen."
:eek: :rolleyes: :mad: :mad: :cry:
There were some other things in there, including the lack of goals for my new student's point sheet and that I didn't take him by the hand and introduce him to his new teachers on Tuesday morning. Hello? YOU... yes, YOU, my supervisor, SCHEDULED ME OFF CAMPUS!!!! I can't be in TWO places at one time? Remember what happened on Tuesday? The lift-van debate? Having to completely change the field trip so that we could still go because YOU didn't do YOUR job this summer???? How many times did I report that I told them transportation was going to be an issue? I'm not doing anymore field trips. Not one. Ever. He wants the survey kids to go, HE needs to plan them.
And throughout all of this they kept telling me that I can't communicate. Part of this was that my department chair interrpreted the following statement, "I don't know if X will be permitted to go on anymore field trips with us because we'll need 3 staff if he goes." as me saying, "X can't go on anymore field trips with us."
Not what I said, is it? And she refused to admit that she might be wrong and kept insisting, "Do you want me to pull up that email?" YES! Pull it up! Print it out! READ IT! You certainly didn't read it the first time!
And if one more person tells me "its not about you, its about doing the best for the student", I'm absolutely going to wig out and scream. Throughout all of this, they kept saying, "Okay, now let it go... its not about you its about the kid and what is best for him." No, you've made it about me. ALL about me. You're thinking I'm going to take the fall for this and let you write me up or other stupid.... NO NO NO NO!
And then my supervisor finished it off by taking away my next Friday (Dec. 10) off. Its Hanukkah. I had plans to be with my family. I was also going to Philadelphia. I asked for the day off in October. He forgot I asked for it off, though... and allowed my TA to take the entire week next week off. So he yanked my Friday back when he realized what he had done and told me I had to find the coverage for the classes or I couldn't be off... or tell my TA that she had to come in.
I wound up not using any of my comp time yesterday: I was at that damn school dealing with this until 1:00 in the afternoon. I left at 1:15, and through some miracle made it to Northern VA for my nutrionists appointment by 2:30. She was very nice, and she agrees that there is probably something screwy metabolicly/hormonely... her advice was to eat 100 grams of protein per day, more fiber, any non-caffinated, no calorie liquid (way more than I have been drinking), and no fewer than 2000 calories per day.
Then I went to an awesome restaurant with my best friend and her husband... mediterrean/italian. They serve hummus with bread at the table, then I had sweet potato soup and eggplant with cheese and tomato sauce (it was pizza, but all I ate till I got home was the eggplant part). It was great. Then my friend and I went to Borders and talked for a couple of hours. I think I've decided that if I don't have a nibble for a job in a decent district in PA, then I'll do one of two things: buy a place in PA and rent it back to my mother and grandmother, or if I can work the numbers (she's going to help me out) buy a condo and go back to Northern VA. I can't take anymore of the crap at my school. I got treated this way in some aspects by other principals and supervisors, but some of the stuff they pull now would never ever happen in a public district because the union would sit on them.
I was hoping to hang on another year and do the whole grad school thing, but I'll find some other way to pay for it. I just can't do this anymore. I can't handle it. I'm tired of being told I don't go the extra mile, don't do this right or that right. I told my supervisor that was bull, because you can't have the comp time I have for NOT going the extra mile.
Sorry this is so long.....

12-04-2004, 08:36 PM
Hugs go out to you Mousie!! I can not believe the crap they are trying to pull on you. That is bullsh@#! I can't believe that they would even think that way about you when you go out of your way to help your students. They are the ones with the communication and listening problem. I feel so bad for you. I am glad that your nutritionist appointment went well and that you were able to go out with your best friend. Hope your weekend is a good one so far.
Robyn, Ginny and Summer how is your weekend going?
I made it to the gym this morning. I put in a good workout. Came home and jumped in the shower real quick. My dh asked me to go out to lunch with him. So I had to hurry up and get ready before he left for lunch. Came home and his niece came over with her newborn baby boy and 3 year-old daughter. So we had a nice visit with them. Her newborn is such a cutie pie. So that is how my Saturday went. I think here in a few minutes, I might go ride the excerise bike for a little bit and read a book while I am riding.
Talk to you all later.
Take care,

12-04-2004, 11:42 PM
I actually had a good Saturday night. I didn't do much today during the day because I was dispatcher (I filled in for the regular dispatcher because he had a wedding to go to), and then had swim lessons tonight.
I went to Target and bought some toys for the swim classes: Target has a whole $1.00 section at the front of the store with cheap trinkets. Some good stuff, too, though... I found cat toys (plastic balls with little jingly bells), and they FLOAT, so we used them for the little kids at swimming, also some squeezy toys (more pricey, so I bought way more balls in different colors than squeezy toys), and some plastic toddler spoons. They're advertised as "throw away plastic spoons for baby on the go", $2.49 for 12... so I'd never buy them to feed a kid, but they float and they're in rainbow colors so perfect for swimming!
The toddlers I had, and the 3-5 year olds LOVED going after them. Then I had the kid that always wigs out at lessons. He has private lessons and his usual instructor wasn't there tonight. He's seriously special needs, ADHD and very very smart. So they gave him to me. He's usually really bad for new instructors they said, but he was really good for me. I made up a point sheet that showed him what we were going to do, when we were going to do it, and what he needed to do to earn 10 minutes in the therapy pool.
Then I ran to the grocery store to pick up some more stuff with more protein in it... They had Edamame on sale for $1.00!!! :) Trader Joes has it too, but its more expensive. I have to shell this, but for $1? ;)
I wanted pork chops, but they only had itty bitty packages and they didn't look very good. Small ones, too. So, I bought boca burgers and moringstar farms chik patties instead.
I'm going to go eat my edamame now, and my egg whites. ;)

12-05-2004, 01:30 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,
Mouse sounds like you had a wonderful day with no or little stress. Good for you. I am glad to hear that your swimming lessons went so well last night. Sounds like you were a hit with the one boy who gets private lessons. I bet that made you feel good. Let's hope your week starts out like your Saturday was for you, great!
Ginny, hope the challenge is still working for you? Yesterday I drank tons of water and watched what I ate very carefully. Since I had that little slip on Friday. I also got a 1/2 hour in at Curves in the morning and in the evening rode my excerise bike for a 1/2 hour too. So I am really hoping to have a lose this coming Tuesday. Hope you have one too.
Robyn, how was your parade and Christmas party yesterday? We had the Christmas parade here in town yesterday. My niece and I took her 3 year-old daughter and newborn son down to see it. It is nice to live so close to the parade route.
Summer hope all is well with you. We have missed chatting with you. Come back so please.
Well I need to talk myself in to do a little school work this afternoon. Plus go to the grocery store. Maybe I should take a nap before I dig into my chores for the afternoon, since I am feeling a little tired right now.
Talk to you all later. Have a great Sunday!

12-05-2004, 02:26 PM
Okay, I know I have been MIA, and I am sorry. I have been so friggin busy and overwhelmed. I am the chairperson for the "Everything Christmas" committee, which includes the pageant, the decorating, ornament designs for the 8 ft. tree, the holiday party, yada yada yada. On top of it, I was asked by the director of early childhood to represent our city up in Hartford and be an assessor for the accreditation of one of the preschools. (It is a huge honor, and not something it is wise to say, "no" to, but a huge burden.) I will be in Hartford for three days next week, and my DD is freaking out. Because of this I am opting out of attending the staff party since I don't want to spend an unnecessary night out of my house while DD is feeling so needy for mommy. Also, my principal decided that she would conduct my biannual observation this coming week. If she would only wait till January, but she refuses. Okay, the director of early childhood is sending some consultant to my classroom tomorrow to photograph my room as well as the children and I in action. Again, this is a huge honor, but the timing sucks. We've just pulled down all of the autumn stuff and are in the process of putting up winter/holiday stuff, but are not anywhere near done. I have an empty bulletin board out in the hallway with no work to put on it. Thankfully, the classroom walls are mostly done. These are just the highlights. I have so much to do this month what with Sunday School teaching...a birthday party for baby Jesus...on and on and on. Let's not forget that I have two jobs and a family who all need me to do the normal stuff. Let's not forget that Christmas and all of its demands are around the corner. I have to write my Christmas letter. DD has to sell girl scout cookies. On and on and on.

You all won't be seeing much of me. Please understand that I don't have much choice now.

12-05-2004, 08:29 PM
Summer: Busy as it sounds, some of these are definite professional feathers for your cap! :) That is kinda nice, when you have time to breathe! I hope your aide is getting her rear to school to help you?

I am ready for the week, I think. The library didn't have any of the videos I wanted except Bob the Builder... so I'll show those to my first period class, and keep hammering on the safety. They're going to be upset because my TA is out all week.
She loves teaching them, so I give her a free hand with them, even if she does things very differently from me.

The rest of the groups are going to brainstorm safety slogans for construction, and then design/make the posters. I have card-stock, picked up pencil crayons at the store, so we should be good to go. I'm thinking about putting them in teams of 2, but I'm not sure about that yet. With luck, some of the videos will be in by Wednesday so I can preview and do questions for them on Friday when I'm not there.

I am still upset/ticked off about what happened on Friday; I'm actually wondering if staying in the classroom is worth it anymore.


12-06-2004, 09:05 PM
Sorry not to get personal at all.....and there is so much to read from each of you this weekend. I am a major league burnout this evening.......snow this afternoon made the pm trip a headache plus.
See ya tomorrow.

12-06-2004, 09:16 PM
Evening Ladies,
Oh my God I think it is going to be a long three weeks until Christmas break. Everyone's kids at school today was over the edge. My kids' were over the edge with no returning point. I am going to be a busy lady this week. I have three reeval Multi-factored Evaluation meetings tomorrow afternoon and a committee meeting right after school. Plus I am to work my 2 hours of intervention. Then leave there and go to TOPS and then go to my stepsons' ball game. So I don't know if I will be able to come on at all tomorrow or not. Wednesday I work from 7:45-6:15, go work out and then go to Wal-mart to get the stuff for our school's breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning. Thursday I only work until 4:30. But then I have to get ready for my sub on Friday and do my lesson plans and copies for the following week. Friday is my personal day, so I can go Christmas shopping with my dh. Saturday I have to be at school by 7 am and work until 11 or 11:30. Then go to my sdd's two ball games that day. Sunday is looking like a day of relax for sure for me. LOL. So if I don't check in much this week atleast you will know why.
So after all that, how was everyone's day today? Are we all ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?
Ginny, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a loss tomorrow night. I have been really careful of what I have eat this week so far and have worked out every day for a half hour or an hour. When is your WW meeting? I hope you do well also.
Mouse, I hope your day was a lot better than how you ended your week.
Robyn, did you survive your partying from this weekend?
Summer, sounds like you will really deserve your Christmas break this year. Remember to take time out for your self when you can. How is SB coming along?
Well I best sign off and get busy with my chores before crashing for the evening. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

12-06-2004, 11:02 PM
Wow! Everybody is sure busy!
Ginny: It may please (or scare you!) to know that one of my homeroom students walked in to the classroom today and said, "We're going to have a blizzard on December 15. I guarentee it!" I asked, but then I was sorry I had, because I couldn't make head or tail out of the answer.
Kerry: Busy!!!! I'm glad that I'm not so busy. I still need to get my mother's Hanukkah gift. I know what she wants, an iPod, but I can't afford that. She wants it for books on tape/CD, so there isn't much point in getting her a smaller on because that won't hold a whole book. So I'm clueless. I bought and mailed my grandmother's already: she loves Red Lobster and to eat out, so this year I gave her a gift certificate to Red Lobster. My father asked for an electronic organizer, but I can't find one that isn't a PDA like mine, and he doesn't want that. He just wants an address book thingy.
My friend David got a Build-A-Bear because he is SO hard to buy for that he didn't get anything last year or this year for his birthday... He's a computer programmer, and helps me out of all my really sticky issues, so the bear was named Fuzzy Logic. :)
I absolutely REFUSE to buy gifts for the people I work with except my TA (and she's easy too... she loves to shop, so a gift certificate to a department store usually pleases her).
HEY! You guys can help me out with this one... My Hanukkah Harry (errr, Secret Santa!) person wants a contempory Christian CD. Which one do I get him?! You can't return CDs usually, so I wasn't sure if I shouldn't just give him a gift certificate to a place with lots of choices. His other requests were diet coke and chocolate, so those are easy. My other friends and I seem not to exchange gifts... I'm never quite sure why, but we just don't.
Hanukkah starts this Wednesday at sundown. Really tough for me to get home by then unless I skip the gym, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. :(
My week didn't really start off better... I got accused of something again today, and had to go PROVE that I hadn't done what they said. Thank goodness it was pretty easy... I was accused of writing a kid up twice last week and not telling his team or his parent. But I didn't write any of the referrals I was accused of writing, and for one of them, I was off-campus! I am so glad our resource room logs all referrals and stuff by time and date! It was easy to prove I wasn't here the days this happened. But I still didn't get an apology!


12-06-2004, 11:06 PM
Oh... and for your laughing pleasure: my class's assignments today were to come up with "construction shop safety slogans" in teams. They're going to use their slogans to design 2 mini-posters on Tuesday and Thursday... Some of the slogans include:
1. Take off your rings, and protect your bling blings!
2. Hard head? No! Hard HAT! (one of the assistants accused a kid of having a hard head today and not listening...)
3. Its not hocus pocus: Keep your focus!
4. Don't you dare be unaware!
5. Wear the shoes, or you'll be singing the blues!
6. The mind boggles: Better wear your goggles

Those are the ones that stuck in my mind. There were many, many others.
I told them that the mini-posters that came out nicely would be laminated and we'd hang them in the construction shop for the teacher out there.

12-06-2004, 11:11 PM
Hey ya'll! I've just finished helping the oldest with his Civics test prep. He also had BoyScouts tonight (I help the leader with record keeping and have to stay for the duration of the meetings!) ....prefaced by the worlds most rapidly thrown together dinner... prefaced by the world's most speedy run through the grocery prefaced by the worlds S-L-O-W-E-S-T and LONGESSSTTT day at school!

Sounds like every one has recooperated from their weekends of "NO SCHOOL"! Isn't it amazing how quickly we get RIGHT back to crazy business of our "work life"???

Dear me, Summer, please don't burn your candle right down thru the middle! SuperWoman that I know you are deserves to take a breather every now and again! We miss you when you are MIA...but totally understand! Visit as you can!

Mousie, sometimes you've gotta change your location. After 17 years, I had to! I'm sorry that things are so crazy where you are currently! Emotional exhaustion is a horrible drain on your body and psyche! Can you widen your search area? You have to get out of where you are!

Kerry, WHAT kind of sports are your stepkids playing NOW?! Basketball?! Right now we only have Scouts and various Band practices to "enjoy"! We sit out of sports for the majority of the winter! Yahooo! You also need to take a breather every now and again!

Ginny, SNOW?! YUCK! I am sure that you deserve your downtime tonight! Altho I sure missed your mouth! :) Hope the white stuff disappears in time for your morning run tomorrow!

I'm heading off to redo my plans for the week. Not sure WHAT I did....but I printed out the first full week of November instead of the first full week of December! Wow! Very impressive! Glad I didn't have any visitiors in my room today snooping around my plan book! I realized that things weren't "right" just prior to the kidlests arrival! Good thing I've got my stuff "planned" in my head too!

Ya'll take care.......... hope your Tuesdays are calm, cool, collected and fully clothed! (Sorry...couldn't resist!)

12-06-2004, 11:19 PM
The slogans have me giggling! They are great! I bet the posters will be great!
:) I think my favorite is the one about taking off your ring to save your bling bling!
You can tell them THIS ring story....
My parents had been married for 20+ years. My father had never had his wedding band off. He worked at the local Shipyard. He was "grandfathered" about many of the "safety policies" as he had worked at the yard for so long. One afternoon, his ring got caught on a piece of equipment. His hand was pulled into the machine right by the ring. Had it not been for a fellow coworker, he would have lost more than the wedding ring and 4 weeks out of work as his hand healed! The ring cut his finger down to the bone. It was horrible looking AND he can no longer wear a wedding ring at all on that finger as he has horrible scars and extra tissue! YUMMY, huh?!

He also refused to wear the "modern" steel toed shoes! No one said he was a genius! Good news is ... He retired from the shipyard with his feet intact! Not because there weren't close calls tho!

Anyway..... maybe your kidlets will enjoy a true gore story!

enough of my mouth for now!
...and I've GOT to get the RIGHT pages printed for my plan book!

12-06-2004, 11:26 PM
Wow, thanks, Robyn... I'll have to share those stories with some of the boys. With one class, I kept pounding on, "If you aren't safe in here, you will NOT EVER get to the shop." because a whole bunch of them really, really want construction for their industry.

But you're right: I need to leave. They just blame me for stuff I didn't even have a part of. I can't figure out hwy that case manager told the parent I wrote her son up when I had nothing to do with either one. I was a witness to one incident, but my department chair said she'd handle it... she filled out the paperwork, and put my name on it. :rolleyes: And the other one, like I said, I was OFF CAMPUS. I knew my TA sent the kid to resource, and I knew it was because he was disruptive (we code our grading sheet because the kids get 10 points per day toward a "workplace/professional behavior" grade... that is 50% of their grade in my class because we're teaching work-skills), but I don't know anything else.

12-07-2004, 12:02 PM
Now howcome everyone is here on the week that I am so darned busy I can't see straight!!!! Good to skim the posts......that is aboat all I am up to now, with this collosal headache.
BTW, I have thursday am off.....have to take Ds to the Dr, you can bet I will go for a long walk......and enjoy a sane morning (if there is such a thing).
Wish I could get personal..gotta go with mini notes.......Mouse, as for your Christian friend, CBD (Christian book distributors is the company name) is a catalog/online place, they have everyone.......and also gift certificates. You could also try a CD called WOW2004 (I think) which is sort of a best of the year thing in contemporary music. Kerry- I kind of blew the challenge for 2 days.......hope to get to WW this evening......but have gotten lots of workouts in. Hope your WI goes great! (I am sure it will!) Robyn- sorry about your your comment about having a "clothed" doing ok?
Monsters were ok, or sort of today.....I am pooped. Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

12-07-2004, 05:35 PM
Well, I'm home and early too. The fog here is so thick and so bad they let us go before 3:30, and on a staff-meeting day, too. From my classroom, I could not see the building across the street, and the highways were already starting to pile up with accidents. I came home instead of the gym, which bites. I only have half a mile left to swim before I'm finished with going around Key West. I really wanted to be done today, but the fog is really bad. And, honestly, I needed to do laundry anyway since I put it off last weekend, and wasn't home the weekend before that. Its been almost a month!
The kids were absolute MONSTERS today. My 4th period class is the most severe kids anyway, but they were just insane. It was like they completely lost their minds. They had this thing going where one would say "balls" (and yes, they DID mean THAT kind!) and another would fill in a curse word. It took 25 minutes to get one of them out of the classroom to the resource room, and then resource sent him back in 10 minutes. He came back doing the same thing, too.
Another one tried to fake slap me and intimidate me into letting him do what he wanted. After he tried that slap I just looked at him, and he's shorter than me, and said, "Out. Get OUT. Go." Which is not normal... I try very hard to keep them in the classroom most of the time. While that was going on, two other kids decided now would be a good time to wrestle. I told resource that they should just move down to my classroom for that period.
Ginny: Thanks for the tip. I'm going to go check out the catalog. I'm thinking a gift certificate is the best route to go, because I don't have any idea what he has.


12-07-2004, 08:19 PM
Mouse.......guess this whole month the kids are going to be monsters.......they get so excited about the holidays (BTW, Happy Hanukkah!). Guess the fog helped you out, sent them home sooner!!!!! (ok, bad weather is murder for me, good for you!)
Good luck with CBD- I have dealt with them for years and they are good to do business with.
My brats were not too bad......but the same with the preholiday excitement. I live from tylenol to tylenol........did not get to WW, either tomorrow, Thursday or Friday...depends on how my other errands go. Have to get my BP checked bad do you think that is??????(I am on meds).
Gotta go help Dd study for Science. Sorry for being so terse.
Have a great nite!

12-07-2004, 10:57 PM
I spent 2.5 hours at the hairdressers my hair colored and cut and styled and spent the time "talking girl talk".... ohhhhh it was wonderful! I've been going to the same salon for about 8 years.....sooo when I walk in it is sorta like "Norrrrm!" It was JUST what I needed!

BUTTTTTTT....while I was enjoying myself.... the rest of the world went on with out me and NOW I'm behind!

Not enough time to get personal tonight....

Mouse....I'm with Gin....Get a WOW2004 CD and call it a gift!

gotta run
take care

12-08-2004, 12:14 AM
Hi Gals,
I am proud to say that I lost 1 1/2 pounds this week. So that takes care of the 1 1/2 pounds that I gained last week. LOL So Ginny thanks for the mini challenge. It really helped me. So I hope that it helps you as well. :)
My day went okay. My meetings went well all things considered. Our electric went out due to the high winds and rain we had. So we spent the last two hours of school without an electric. So that meant I was able to go home two hours earlier than normal since they cancelled the afterschool program. Came home to veg for a little bit and then went to TOPS for a few minutes of the meeting and than off to the boys' basketball game. Then I came home to watch the Biggest Loser. I love that show. Then I was motivated to workout afterwards. So I am hoping to have another loss next week.
Ginny I think we are all going to be very busy for the next few weeks. I know my kids are starting to drive me nuts. So I can just image how it must be trying to drive these little kiddos home all hyper. Hats off to you, sweetie! No wonder you have been having headaches lately. Hope you are able to find some time this week for you. Good luck with your weigh in.
Mouse,I agree with Robyn and Ginny about the gift certificate. It is always hard to buy gifts for co-workers when you really don't know their tastes that well. I have to buy two presents for two parties next week. One is for my TOPS gift exchange, were we are going to play The Right Family Christmas game. I have to come up with a $10.00 gift. It is hard when the majority of the group is older ladies in their late 50's to early 60's. They don't excerise that much so I can't buy a working out video or a set handheld weights. Any suggestions? I hope that your day goes more smoothly tomorrow. I loved the slogans your kids came up with yesterday. I bet their posters turned out great today. You will get to swim that 1/2 mile tomorrow. Enjoy your swim.
Robyn, glad that you got to pamper yourself tonight. It is always nice when I get to do something out of the ordinary for me. My stepkids are playing basketball this winter. My dh is the girls' coach for my sdd's team and the boy's coach for my 2 sds' teams. So it makes for an interesting next couple of months. I think the kids are going to play a sport for each season of the year from now until they are out of school in 9 years and 11 years. So I am going to have to get use to the constant running around from practices and games. But I still make time for my workouts in all this confusion.
Summer hope all is well with you. How did your visit and picture taking going? Well just think only 16 more days until Christmas. So your maddness will come to an end soon. But probably not soon enough for you.
Well I am off to bed for the evening. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Take care and have a great Wednesday!

12-08-2004, 08:07 PM
Ok, I am here to keep myself from devouring every piece of junk food I can possibly find, make, beg for or scrounge up........

Robyn- congrats on the hair cut! (doesn't it feel so good!!!!) I am jealous.......but happy for you. Sometimes that down time/girl talk is just what you need. And usually the humor at those places is pretty hysterical......what you get when you can let your hair down, literally!

Kerry- congrats on the 1.5#!!!!!!!That is wonderful, and I am so happy for you. Glad I could be a wee part of it.....even if just to provide some incentive. As far as your gift goes, how about a Healthy Exchanges cookbook (or WW or whatever.....). Also, there are some great videos for more mature individuals, but if this is a grab bag and you do not know who will get your gift that might not work. ( has tons of excercise videos, and many for the older ages). What about a gift package of herbal teas or flavored coffees??

Well, my day was ok.....the normal running around and I was actually looking foward to a sane nite (tomorrow I am supposed to take Ds to the Dr for his hand). Then at 5, Dh calls with the news that he had an accident and the truck is totalled. He is fine.....thank the Lord, so the rest is just fluff, really. But he is just such a regulation crab right now....I had to pick him up from where he was. And thought that in doing so it might make us late to get Ds from bball practice. So, I did what I thought was the right thing to do..called school to tell them that maybe we will be a few minutes late getting Ds and that everyone is ok.........(hey, to me that was the logical thing to do, right??) Well, he is proud....and upset that he had an accident (and the more I hear him talk about it some of it had to do with the way he drives, I find him a bit aggressive, but then with what I do all day, I cannot be aggressive at all, as a matter of fact, my family teases me constantly about how much of a non risk taker I am behind the wheel.......gee, I hope none of you are english teachers, this is the most awful runon sentence ever!) So ~ I got chewed out for even mentioning that he had an accident. Now he insists on going to get Ds and drive him to baseball tryouts (from basketball.........). I would rather have gone instead of him but he is so proud....ah, testosterone is a wonderful thing. So, here I sit a burnout......Dd's car gets out of the body shop either tomorrow or Friday. (ironic, right?)
Anyway, enough babbling from me........with the car situation now, I wonder if I will get to WW this week.....might have to skip again, which I have never done before. And now the major week I have an appointment to have a "Robyn" done for my hair- cut and colored.......have had the appointment for 4 weeks.....I am considering skipping the color part to save $$ (now that that is becoming an issue with all this car stuff!). What do you ladies think??
Off to take some tylenol........BTW, my blood pressure was great this am 112/74, resting pulse 62..........both are probably orbital now!
See ya later.

12-08-2004, 10:22 PM

Gin, here are some (((hugs))) for you! Sounds as if you could use a few tonight! I'm
sorry that the demolition derby is continuing for your family! Thank goodness that your dh was unhurt!
.....about your hair...... I say GO do it! Is the amount of $ that you would save REALLY going to make THAT much of a difference? I sound like a spoiled girl.... I went years without having my haircut in order to save money and time.... mmmm.... didn't save the world...the money saved was NOT noticed or appreciated by my own Attila...AND I felt horrid cause I looked so haggard.... And with your family wrecking cars.... well.... I know it sounds horrible....but I think it would do your blood pressure some good to go sit and be pampered for just a little while!

Kerry, Congrats on that loss! You are a true inspiration! Keep up the great work! Enjoy all those sports practices and games! :P

Mouse, congrats regarding your KeyWest swim! :) good for you! Hope today was idiot free at work! REALLY... you need to leave! I am LOVING my new job! :)

gotta run!
take care,

12-09-2004, 11:28 AM
God has a way of forcing us to slow down...forcing those around us to leave us alone...forcing us to breathe...this time it is my darling little girl getting a bad cold with a high fever that did it. Yesterday around 1130am, the nurse called my school and told me to come and get my very sick child. I was worried about her, but I actually felt a sense of relief because nothing else would have stopped this crazy pace I've been on. There is no such thing as a sick day or mental health day for teachers in my building...not when we have a principal who wins an annual award for "Perfect Attendance." Apparently she has never gotten sick; her children have never gotten sick; she has never needed to attend a funeral...yada yada yada.

So, I will proceed to tell you everything that has kept me from you, and then I will attempt to respond to what all of you have been going through.

On Monday the editor of the CEA Advisor (Connecticut Education Association), a professional periodical, came to photograph me interacting with my students. Then I was interviewed for an hour. I will be featured in their January issue in an article about funding for preschool! How cool is that?!

"Everything Christmas" has been launched. Teachers are going nuts with the door decorating contest...everyone is trying to one-up each other. The ornaments are almost all done. Everyone is practicing their songs for the pageant. The tree lights have been restrung to look better. The permission slips to see "The Polar Express" have been passed out. Santa hats are on hold since we haven't been able to find child sizes. Imagine sizes only!!! There is still much to do, but at least we are on our way. This is pretty fun except for the Scrooges and Grinches who can't quit complaining.

I was all ready for my observation which was supposed to take place today. Well who knows when it will occur now.

I have planned my Sunday School lesson for Sunday, but haven't done the involved prep work yet.

I need to read an extremely looooong document called a "Self Study" written by the school I will be assessing next week. The validation process has to be based on their "Self Study," so I practically have to memorize it. I hate boring paperwork like this. I would much rather be at school refereeing all of the bickering between those who are filled with the holiday spirit and those who want to ruin everyone's fun.

My Christmas letter has yet to be written.

My friend and her family are moving to England after Christmas. But, we won't have time for a proper "Goodbye" because the moving van is arriving on Monday and then they are off to be with extended family till they need to be at the airport. I am so sad that they are leaving. My friend and her husband are such nice, down-to-earth people. And their daughters are so sweet. Their oldest is a good friend of my DD's. The only thing that makes this bearable is that they deserve to have this utterly amazing experience, and I want them to enjoy every bit of it. In fact, I wish I was going along!

There is a lot of stuff at DD's school. The nutty Brownie leader, Little Mrs. Suzie Homemaker, continues to email me daily to try to add to the weight on my shoulders with miniscule crap. She can go take a flying leap.

My aide has been in school but constantly on the phone because of the latest family drama. Her boyfriend's grandmother died (you'd think her own mother died by her hysterical behavior) and she has been totally feeding into all of it. The funeral is tomorrow, so she gets a three-day weekend.

I know there is more, but you get the gist of it. I really needed today to catch my breath.

My eating? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! At this point, my only goal is to maintain through the holidays.

I'll be back to post my responses to your posts.

12-09-2004, 11:53 AM
Wow do I have a lot of catching up to do.

Mousie, the WOW CD sounds good. I like Amy Grant, in fact, her two Christmas CD's are outstanding. There is another CD called, "My Upmost For His Highest" which is excellent. I agree with Robyn's sentiment that you need to find a place where you will be happier. I know that you are there for the kids. But at some point you need to take care of yourself and do what is best for you. Those slogans gave me a great lol :lol: !

Kerry, you sound about as busy as me. Congratulations on the weight loss! You should be very proud because this has got to be the most difficult time of year to lose weight let alone not gain any. KEEP IT GOING!!!

Ginny, it appears that you have been almost as MIA as me these days. Just think, before we know it, we will get our much deserved break.

Robyn, your posts continue to be so entertaining. You are so cool. I'm glad you got some time at the salon. I'm in need of something, but I'm afraid to walk in there for fear that whatever they are going to do with my new darkish roots will cost me an arm and a leg. As if I actually had time to go anyway!!! Good thing I'm tall. I just can't let anybody see the top of my head!!!

I will be preparing for the next few days for my trip. Then on the 13th I will be leaving. So I am disappearing again. I will let you all know how it goes when I get back in the middle of the week. I am such a big baby. I have never driven alone in Hartford before, so I'm worried about that. I have never stayed in a hotel alone, so that is freaking me out. And the work I will be doing, I've never done before. Do you see the pattern? I have major fear of the unknown! Please say a prayer for me that I have safe travel and that I am able to handle this intimidating task they are giving me.

The next time I post, it will be all overwith.

12-09-2004, 12:10 PM
Summer, I am so glad to hear from you.......we all are! I was starting to get a wee bit worried and was considering sending something snail mail to let you know that we wer thinking of you and missing you. So good to hear that you have this in perspective with slowing down from a most hectic pace...... Try not to stress out about all that you must do...the Christmas letter, I am assuming that that goes in cards that you mail? You can either be brief......really brief......or send the cards out with a promise that the letter will arrive separately in January when things do slow down a wee bit.
Just an idea.... As far as weight loss goes, maintaining is not a bad goal at all! My WW leader last year told us that there are 3 options open.....letting the chips fall where they may (and probably gaining!), making an effort not to gain (which allows some slip ups and as long as you are honest with yourself is fine!) or trying to stay OP and lose. She recommended either of the last 2, and actually said that for her, maintaining her present weight was the how she was going to cope. That way she was not set up for failure,if she knew that holiday eating was going to be difficult. As far as Susie Homemaker goes, I think I would find great joy in deleting her emails....possibly before reading too! Who needs a creep like that. Your school sounds like such fun, with all the decorating. Enjoy it!

Robyn- thanks for the encouraging words, I needed them so badly. Felt a few tears well up when I read your understand, and that was all I needed. I have been unable to tell anyone much about these mother is up to her eyeballs with worry about my sister, whose husband lost his job- again. (about the 10th time). So she knows nothing about either Dd's or Dh's accident. And Dh being a very proud person, wants noone at work or around here to know (my work that is,guess cause we drive for a living). So I bear this alone. Thanks again.

Mouse- love those did all that go? And how did you fare with your shopping? And happy Hannukah. You getting any swimming time in?

Kerry- hope your day goes well. You must be so pleased with the weight loss, and have every reason to be! Keep up the good work.

Well, I have sunk a bit low this am, and am on the rebound now. My kids (who were expecting a sub driver this am, as I was to take Ds to the Dr) were happy to see me- and actually cheered for me at school while we were waiting for dismissal. That made me feel good.....I needed that. Dh took Ds to the Dr, and will be back soon. He is a bit sore, and achy from the accident, of course will not go to the Dr. Guess it is a guy thing. And I will be without a car today and tomorrow. Dd's car will not be ready until Friday afternoon. I just have to figure out how I am getting to work tomorow am, when Dd goes in with me. The rest of the time, I can walk or will have a vehicle available. (fortunately the bus garage is a wee bit over a mile from home). So I have belly ached....and it is not really worth bellyachin' over. We are all ok and that is all that matters. Funny, how yesterday, before the accident I read from Psalms a verse about trusting the Lord thru all our trials, and looking to him first to get us thru them. Did He have to test me on that reading so soon??????
Ok, nuff from me. Dh should be home soon. Thanks for listening to my babblings.
Hope everyone's Thursday is going well.

12-09-2004, 12:14 PM
OK Summer, you snuck in on me!! I will absolutely pray for you. There is nothing to be afraid of. Hartford is somewhat hectic (we looked at U Hartford last year for Dd) but not overwhelming. Bring lots of books or something that you like to read for the motel.
take advantage of the quiet time......see if the hotel has a nice pool /gym and take advantage of that too! Most of them have treadmills at the very least. Treat yourself well for those days you are gone, and it will go quickly. We will miss you.
See ya later.

12-09-2004, 07:02 PM
Ok, I made it thru today....and every nice thing I said about my kids earlier, well, it was a tough trip home. Had one little girl who brought her turtles on the bus (real live ones).....and no animals (other than the human ones) are allowed on the bus. So, even though they were contained in a plastic tank in a handled shopping bag, I radioed in to ask if I could bring the turtles home. I could hear them laughing in the office at my request and had to put up with all kinds of jabs from other drivers when I got back in. The kids themselves were loud....rowdy...the flashers little brother was obnoxious. A pity that he cannot sit with another student- he is such a show off/clown/ham that unless he sits with someone who he cannot impress or upstage he is a hazard. So the best situation I can come up with is that he sits with my daughter, who reads while on the bus or does her homework. I'd love to find a student for him to sit with, but no matter what he is a wacko. And if I was not sure that a wee bit of my irritation this afternoon had to do with Dh's accident and all the details of handling that, I would have written him up.
So now I have vented.......thanks for allowing me that. Better go be a mommy to my poor Dd who has been rather neglected the past 2 days.
See ya tomorrow. (when I should be able to post in the am.....I am carless until 5 pm)
Nighty, nite!

12-09-2004, 09:51 PM
Hi, all. I finished the Key West miles yesterday, but somebody snuck in ahead of my on the 7th and did like 7 miles in one day (according to the chart). So I am 5th. Big deal. I knew going in I wouldn't be in the top 3, because my friend and the supervisor for Saturday swimming was in it, and we're in the same age category. ;) I stayed at the gym longer than I should have, and had other running around to do so I didn't get home till 8.
It was nasty again today, raining and icky, but I'd promised my mom those ribs, so I braved the rush hour traffic and rain to drive to Columbia to get them for her. I came home intending to eat dinner, get the cat and go to her house, but I'm so tired... I decided to get up like my normal work time and hit the road then.
I'll be off-line from tomorrow morning, then, until I get back Sunday night. I was going to take the computer because my friend (the one who got the Build A Bear) gave me a wireless card for Hanukkah last year, so I have been looking forward to trying it out. But I still don't have a battery.
I'm worried about my Imp being with my mom's cat all weekend, but my mom insists that I bring him. Imp is going to have the den/basement to himself, since it has a door that closes... but that seems so unfair: to lock the poor thing in a room. But we'll see if that works. My mom doesn't want Imp here by himself in case anything happens, but reality is that if there were a fire or something in the building and we had to evacuate, Imp would run under the futon or on top of a bookcase at the first loud noise, and I'd never get him. :(
Summer: WOWOWOWOWOWOW! I don't know what else I can say. Good luck!!

We've had lots of kids sick. By a miracle, I've had none of it. I think its the nearly daily chlorine dip. There is some kind of highly contagious, quick moving GI thing going through the hospital that runs our program: so any staff that stay out sick for nausea/vomiting/diarrhea have to be cleared by the infection control people before returning, and have to stay home a minimum of 48 hours after it stops. And they've extended that to the school.
Anyway: ALL, enjoy the weekend. Get some rest.


12-09-2004, 10:08 PM
Hi Robyn, Mouse, Ginny, and Summer,
The countdown is on for Christmas break. We only have 9 more days to go! Atleast for my school that is the case. But atleast the 20th is a fieldtrip and so is the 22nd. So I am happy about that.
I will be so happy when Saturday morning is over and done with. That is the day of my school's Breakfast with Santa. Since I am the chairperson for the committee that is putting it on, I have been under a lot of stress this past week. I called to order the food and the lady from our county office asked how I planned on paying for it. I said that I was told she would. So I had to go ask/beg my Title One coordinator to help me out of that bind. Then I went to Wal-mart last night to the film, candy canes and snow. I spent an hour looking for decorative photo cards for the kids pictures with Santa. Didn't find any so I don't know what we are going to do about sending the kids pictures home once we get them developed. I had to make sure that before I left school today, I got everything arranged for my committee members to set up the Santa room tomorrow afterschool, since I took the day off to go Christmas shopping with my dh. Saturday morning I have to be up and out the door by 6:30, so I can be at school and starting the food by 7. Thank God one of my friends offered to meet there to get stuff started. Then I have to stay at school until 11. Rush off to the high school to see my sdd's basketball. Then home for a little bit before we go off to another game for her at 4. Thank God that one is just down the street from our house. So it looks like I am going to have to use Sunday to regroup and pull myself together to make it through the next week. Hopefully the pace of next week will be a slower one. I have two Christmas parties next week. So that is a nice thing. Well enough about me babbling about my busy life.
Ginny, hope things are slowing down a little bit for you. Sorry to hear about your dh's accident. Look on the bright side you are an old pro at filling out the paperwork to get it fixed. :) Since your life has been hetic this week and you won't able to make it to your WW meeting, how about we do the mini-challenge again for next week? I loved your advice you gave Summer about your WW leader and also about delating the emails from Little Miss Susie Homemaker. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!
Summer, you must be a bundle of nerves right now. Please don't let the fear of the unknown get to you. You will do just fine going to Hartford on your own. You should take some time and enjoy those few moments of Summer-time and relish them. Check out the hotel's gym and use the treadmill or take a swim. That is what I did when we went to see my family over Thanksgiving weekend. It helps you not feel so insecure and destress a little bit. I hope that your dd is feeling a little bit better. Glad that you were able to be there for her when she needed some TLC. Even though she is sick, atleast you had a day to relax and not be feeling so rushed by the holiday season. How is your SB going?
Mouse, hope your week is going better for you. Did you get your Key West miles in than? Here is a good story for you: You know that we are going on two fieldtrips the week of Christmas, right. Well I am only taking 6 of my 7 students. I have myself, my two TA's and a parent going as chaperones. Well one of my parents called me on Monday to ask if she could go along with us. I told her that I already had enough help. Well she got mad and hung up on me. I guess as soon as she hung up on me, she was calling the school back and talking with my principal. She said that her son gets sick when the lights go out and throws up. Mind you, when they have music class on the school stage and she shows them a movie and turns the lights out he is just fine. So my principal tells okay she can go. He never mentions anything to me about it. But I have two coworkers say something about it to me. I was upset because this lady can't come in for any meetings we have or request with her. The only time she comes in is for parties. I will have to be on my best behavior around her on the days of the fieldtrips. I though you would get a kick out that one! So how is your safety posters going?
Robyn, hope your week got better. I think I have had a few of those shortest, but longest days this week. I have worked on school stuff three nights this week at home until after 10. It was so nice to walk out the door tonight knowing that I had tomorrow off and just bring home my bookbag with the books I got from the bookmobile. I just hope that I can read them over the break. So what has your weather been like the last few days? We had some wicked winds on Tuesday. Knocked the power and phones out at school that afternoon.
Well I am better go and put my workout clothes on. I want to work out for a half hour. I think I am going to go read some of my trashy novel and ride my excerise bike for a few minutes and then tackle my dh's weight machine. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Friday!
Take care,

12-10-2004, 12:59 PM
Good morning!!!!
Here I am stressed out sally....ok, I am pretty much ok. Walked home from work this am, and played a CD that I knew would make me cry- just had to let it out. So I do feel better.

Mouse- hope all goes well this weekend for you and Imp. I personally can't imagine RC moving around from home to home like that, but I did have one cat that I did that with and he was fine. Congrats on finishing the Key West miles!!!!! (5 th place sounds good to me~ you finished, and that is an accomplishment!) Glad you are staying healthy, the same sort of illnesses are floating around here in NY too. And take your own advice, try to get some rest this have been stressed and up to your eyeballs too!!!!!!

Kerry- reading about your Saturday makes me out of breath! What a busy day. Sounds like fun too.....just so hectic. I hope that your afternoon games are enjoyable and that you can relax a wee bit while watching them. I enjoyed the story of the wacko mother who won't show up for conferences but insists on going on the field trip.
I have a good comrade for her......How about Summer's Suzy Homemaker......they would probably drive each other nuts! (I have a warped mind).:) Good for you with all the plans you have to work out today.....planning makes all the difference, taking the time out for you! You deserve it. Yup, I am up for a challenge for next week. Not sure which day I will get to WW next week. I decided to go ahead with getting my hair done (thanks Robyn!) and might scoot to WW right after I do that. I am rather close to the WW center then anyway.

Got my walk in this am....another on in an hour as I have to walk to work today. Its ok, I do love my walks, even if it is raining.
Gotta go, my time is cut a bit short today because I am hoofing it to and from work.
Dd's Christmas program is tonite......
Happy Friday Mouse, Summer, Kerry and Robyn!

12-10-2004, 04:26 PM
TGIF Greetings,
Well I got up this morning to beat it into the gym when they opened at 7. Put in a really good workout. Came home to get the banking stuff, ran to the bank and back home to get a shower and dressed for the day. Then it was off Christmas shopping. My dh drove me nuts today. He was very angry and moody for some reason. I wanted to clobber him several times in the stores. He rushed his mom and I through the stores and than would take his good old time at the sporting goods store. Mind you Christmas is only 14 days away and all we have for his kids is snow gloves, boots, 2 nerf footballs, a Wilson Pee Wee Football, and a soccer ball. We had to hurry home so that we could get the kids off the bus at 4. I wanted to go to Wal-mart and look at the Leap pad Cartridges and board games there but no we didn't have time. We got home at 2:30. Wal-mart is only 10-15 minutes from our house. It wouldn't have taken us that long to run in and look. But now we have to wait and go again next weekend when everyone will be out doing their last minute shopping. I can't handle alot of rude and stupid people when I am shopping. I wanted to get a couple gifts for other people besides the kids. But I was only able to get a fleece top for the one lady at school who I drew her name for the gift exchange. Now I just might sneak away on Sunday and go shopping by myself for a little while. I know that I really didn't waste a day off from work, but I just feel like I did. It must just be that it is that TOM and my emotions are screwed up right now. Well I better go, since my dh keeps coming over to the computer desk trying to read what I am typing. Talk to you all later when I have calmed down a little bit. Thanks for letting me vent.
By the way, Ginny thanks for the laugh about wacko mom meeting Susie Homemaker that would be a riot to watch.
Take care,

12-10-2004, 06:34 PM
Calm down Kerry.......and take solace in the fact that the same man lives in Southern Ohio and Orange County New York.....I think it is a first how one man can live in 2 states at exactly the same time and be a total crab in both places!!!!! (Lets lock them in a room with Susie Homemaker and the obesssive mom......who do you think would perish first???) Glad you got your work out in.......proud of you!!!!! I agree with you about the shopping, it is so much easier to do during the week. I wanted to do mine today and stuff prevented that.
Hang in there.......gotta go!!!!!!! Smile!

12-10-2004, 08:39 PM
Thank you for the laugh. You are so very right about what you are saying. Would the room you are talking about be a rubber room or what? I am much calmer now. I think I was starting to get stressed out about the big Breakfast with Santa at school tomorrow morning. Tonight I went to McDonald's to get the boys their dinner and stopped at Subway to get my sdd and myself a sandwich. She kept saying that she wanted a BLT for dinner. So when we get there I asked her if she wanted her BLT on a deli bun or a sub bun. She said that she wanted the deli bun with turkey, lettuce and tomato on it. I asked her if she really knew what a BLT was and she swore up and down that it was the type of bread they use. I said no sweetie it is bacon lettuce and tomato. Well she just thought that was gross. So she got her deli turkey sandwich. Now I think that I am going to go put on my workout clothes and ride my bike for a little bit and read my trashy novel at the same time. Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend.
Talk to you all later.

12-11-2004, 01:44 PM
Hi Kerry!
I know today is your busy day......Rubber room.......boxing ring.....whatever for our Dh's and the obsessive mom and Suzie! (too bad that Summer and Robyn are not here to add their comments ). Maybe Mouse also has a person to add to the ring.....
Anyway- glad you got your bike ride in. Wonderful way to get rid of the stress. Atilla here calmed down a bit, after a somewhat rocky start.
At least for now, things are quiet.
Better go......I hope to get a walk or something in. We are going to Inlaws today to celebrate FIL's bday later And that is a long story..........
See ya later....

12-11-2004, 08:38 PM
I made it through the day. The breakfast was nice and I was also able to do a little Christmas shopping at the craft show. The one lady there was selling Avon gift baskets for $5 or $6. They came with a shower gel, powder, lip balm and hand lotion or soap. So I didn't think that was a bad gift. So I bought four. One for my TOPS gift exchange, one to give along with the fleece sweatshirt to the lady at work, and one each to give to my wonderful aides in my room. I was able to come home and take a nap. But I woke up with a killer headache. It finally went away. Good thing since I had to go to my sdd's ball game. Which they got stomped on by the other team 40-1. The lost their morning game 33-3. So I think they still have a lot of practice time ahead of them. They seemed afaird of the ball, basically would throw the ball into the other team's hands, wouldn't pick a player and guard them. So they are going to have an interesting practice on Wednesday night.
Hope everyone else is having a great weekend. I think here in a little bit I am going to workout. I only got to ride the bike this morning for a half hour before I went to school. The road was awful lonely at 6:30 in the morning.
I will share a funny with you all before I go off line. My dh's one friend is the recreation board's director and he oversees the basketball games. After today's game he was picking on my dh about his ex-wife. Mind you the lady is very large person who seems to think she looks good in tight clothes. Then his friend made the comment that I looked totally different from my dh's first wife. My dh told him that I looked great and that here in a little bit I will looked even better when I reach my goal weight. It is kind of nice to be getting notice for the way my body is shaping up and curving out in all the right places. Instead of being looked at as a fat person. Mind you I am 31 and this guy is still a kid in my eyes, he is 23 or 24. So now I might know why I have noticed men checking me out more and staring. Silly me I thought I had a hole in my clothes,toliet paper sticking to my shoe or food sticking in my teeth. :)
Well I best be getting off here for now. Go get a workout in. Maybe that was why I felt crabby today and sounded like a b with my family.
Take care,

12-12-2004, 03:03 PM
Kerry- what a great boost to you with the comment Dh made!!!!! You have earned this...and have much, much to be proud of! Ok, and Dh gets the atta boy award for noticing how great his wife looks. Too bad about sdd's games- sounds as though they are in for some miserable practices. (been there done that with my Ds).
Other than that, it has been a bit quiet here for my WW tape in so I feel pretty good for now.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. See ya later!

12-12-2004, 10:47 PM
Evening Ladies,
Hope everyone had a wonderful day. I got up this morning and did 15 minutes on the gazelle and 15 minutes on the excerise bike. Then I got ready for and walked to church. Came home from church and spend the afternoon doing a couple loads of laundry, running to the store to get stuff for my lunches and dinners that I have to eat at school for the next 8 days. The countdown is on till Christmas break. Enjoyed a few small pieces with the kids and dh for dinner. Then went for a brisk two mile walk around town. Had to chuckle when I walked by the bank and saw that the temp. outside was 46 degrees. Then came home and done another 15 minutes on the gazelle. So I feel pretty good about my eating and excerise for the weekend. I am hoping to have a good loss on Tuesday night. I think since my dh's friend made that comment about me, that was just the boost I needed to keep pushing forward to reach my goal of being 200 or below by the end of the year.
Please say a prayer for the kids' stepdad. He is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart. Their mom called this afternoon to say that she was going to the hospital with her new hubby because something was wrong with his chest. So we are keeping the kids over night and getting them ready to go to school tomorow. This man is a very large man and he has never watched his weight or felt that there was anything wrong with him. When I talked to the kids mom this evening, she said that he was being starved to death because he has only had some water and is on a liquid diet. I just hope this is a wake up call for both them weight wise and health wise. Well I best be getting ready to go to bed. It has been a very long weekend. Talk to you all later.
Take care and have a great week!

12-13-2004, 08:05 AM
Kerry- how sad about the kids stepdad....I will remember him in prayer. And I am so happy for you staying on plan for the weekend.....want to come here and give me a swift kick in the can?????? I need it! Anyway, good for you getting the excercise in......hey walking in 46 degree weather is heaven for me, I love cold weather!

I was a good girl with respect to excercise, my eating yesterday was less than stellar.
Hopefully today willbe much better.......gotta go. I am walking to and from work this am just for the workout. See ya later!

12-13-2004, 11:49 AM
Hi, all. I'm back from Philadelphia. When I last talked to you... :grin:
I left the cat with my mom on Friday morning. Her cat and my cat were getting along okay, sniffing and hissing at each other, but not too bad. By last night, though, my mom had to put mine downstairs because her cat wouldn't leave mine alone. So I wound up driving back to Baltimore as soon as I got off the train, so my baby could relax. He came right to me when I got to her house and even LET me put on his car-harness, which is a first. I let my mom hold him when I took stuff out to the car, and my mom says that he was pitiful with his meowing when I left for those few minutes. I told her she needs to call the vet and ask what to do, because we've tried separating them and letting them do their own thing the way the books said, but it didn't work. I won't be able to go up there for more than 1 night if I can't bring Imp with me. My mom is really mad at her kitten, too, she was ready to give him to the humane society or the vet's office to find him a new home because he's being so rotten. Mine is under the quilts on my bed right now.
Philadelphia was fun: I was already asked to be staff next year and do registration. I don't get to see a whole lot of the convention panels, but I do get to see all my friends and go to parties on Saturday night. :) That's okay. I wound up having to deal with a drunk Saturday night. Turns out the guy is diabetic and either an alcoholic or stupid as anything, because he was so out of it we didn't even know his name. Fortunately, when I asked him for his room key, it turned out that he had an ID in his pocket! But at no point on his ID or anywhere did he have anything saying he was diabetic. We had to find the person he came with, who knew, but if we hadn't found him, the guy might have died... he wasn't even speaking English to us.
I'm so sorry to hear about your kid's step-dad, Kerry. I also found out similar news about a friend of mine's husband. I didn't know, even though they live here. Some of my friends I hardly ever see, because I just don't get over to the clubhouse for meetings or parties... they are always Saturdays, and since I've been teaching swimming or dispatching, I just don't get there! So another friend said she was going to pick me up for the next one so I can't wriggle out of going. And I feel a little guilty, because I really do only live about 4 miles from the meeting place. Its the Baltimore Science Fiction Society... I doubt I'll ever actually JOIN, because they have as many problems with politicking as everything else I do. I just don't get it: some people have WAY too much time on their hands!
Ginny: I do have some people I'd like to put in the ring. I think I'll start with the administrators at my school, then my department chair... Could I also occasionally put my TA in there?
The latest is that I should "check with my supervisor before I do any disability awareness" because "its being done in other programs and so might be curricular overlap." Hello? Do they think I came up with this on my own? It sure as heck doesn't FIT with my curriculum, but I was told to do it, and did... now that isn't good enough. ARRRGH! All I want to do, really, is show the Brooke Ellison movie that was on Arts and Entertainment's Cable in the Classroom. Its about Ellison, who has a severe car accident during junior high (she's hit by a car when she walks where she shouldn't have been walking) and winds up on a ventilator and quadriplegic. She still manages to graduate from Harvard, get a master's degree and is now a PhD candidate at SUNY Stonybrook. I can't show this movie, apparently, but I *can* show them Shrek, or take them to the Incredibles or Harry Potter, or Agent Cody Banks, etc, etc, etc. And the code phrase, "check with your supervisor" means that my supervisor has, once again, failed to back me up after I'm asked to do something. And so has my department chair.
NO... I REFUSE to buy ANY of them gifts!

12-13-2004, 06:23 PM
Mouse....glad you are with Imp. So sorry that Imp and Dm's kitten are not the best of buddies~ how old is the kitten???? Unfortunately that happens with felines, and with these two they most probably do not get a long enough time with each other to acclimate. I have done it with 3 cats.....but then I might have been really lucky too! Knowing the personalities of the 3 if they had appeared on the scene in any other order (the last 2 were easy going, the first was a neurotic wacko) it might not have worked. Well, at least you are home with your baby.....and life returns to normal. I cannot believe that your supervisor is so small minded that you are not able to show the Brooke Ellison movie....heaven forbid someone do something that is on target.....relevant and maybe a bit inspirational! Who was is (Kerry, Robyn or Summer) that said it might be time to move onward???? I know it is tough and you are limited with your options at the moment.....but I think you should get an award for making it thru with this person/administration. Small minded, to say the least. What did you end up doing with the gift for the coworker who likes contemporary Christian music???

Anyway....survived today....I am tired and feel so run down. Part of me feels as though the pukey bug is trying to invade me, some of me just feels beat up. Pretty good day on the bus, had to say good bye to 2 young students who are moving to Ohio. Sweet choked up saying good bye to them.....I will miss them. And I did get my walk in to and from work today, for a total of probably about 2.5-3 miles. (My pedometer needs to be reset, so I am not sure).
I have blabbered enough........see ya!

12-13-2004, 10:26 PM
Wiccan, my mother's kitten, is probably almost 8 months old. I think the issue is really with the kitten, because Imp has gottena long just fine with my best friend's husband's cats, and also the psycho lunatic roommate's cats. Imp did try to hurt the kitten, Sterling, but that was only AFTER Sterling kept eating Imp's food and sleeping in Imp's litterbox so that Imp couldn't use it. And it only happened once. And Imp got along just fine with my grandmother's dog, too.
Not sure what the issue is, and I don't have any idea how we're going to handle it. This weekend was the longest time that they've been together.
And I guess people are right about moving on, but I haven't really had a lot of luck finding a place that is a whole lot better. Of course, the two schools I taught in prior to the one suburban public school were inner city schools, so that probably has a lot to do with it. I really have to wonder why people have these issues with me: but I didn't have ANY of these issues this past weekend, and we registered at least 1000 people for the whole weekend if not more. And if I go next year, it'll be 3 years running that I've been asked to do registration. Of course, going back to the public schools means no comp time for all the extra stuff I do, and no time off during the year... my personal days would have to be used for the Jewish holidays because most other schools aren't closed for them.

12-13-2004, 10:53 PM
Just a quick note to update you on the kids' stepdad. He came home from the hospital this evening. He has to go back tomorrow to have a whole bunch of tests ran. But atleast the kids were able to go home tonight with their mommy. They really missed her.
Well I am tired this evening. So I think I am going to go to bed early. I will check back in with you all tomorrow evening. I have my TOPS meeting/Christmas party tomorrow night. So I am hoping to have a good weigh-in.
Take care and have a great day tomorrow. Only 7 more days to go until break!

12-14-2004, 01:58 PM
A short hello...what I thought my day was going to be like ended up very different. The catholic HS I pick up from (I drive for the public district, but the afternoon route includes a Catholic HS and a Christian elementary then my public elementary) called an emergency 10 am pick up. It seems as though the teachers had a walk out strike there, as the local diocese is not paying them enough. So, the minute I got my elementary kids in I drove up to the HS for the emergency dismissal. I guess only one or two teachers showed up. It is becomming curious how I am going to get my shopping done.......oh well.

Kerry- glad the kids stepdad situation is improving. Let us know how all the tests come out. Good luck tonite with your meeting!!!!!! I am sure this WI will be another winner.

Mouse- sounds as though Imp is pretty innocent in all this. I just read an article on pet behavior, Wicca is at a tough age....and you might just have to sit this one out until she is almost 2 or so. It took RC that long until we saw the beginnings of a good pet (as opposed to a hopeless wacko......which she still is at times). Wicca is still an adolescent in cat years...... I suspect that given more time together their relationship will improve. But that is just my opinion. too bad about the school you are with...sounds as though you are in a bit of a bind and the decisions are not always easy. Keep your eyes never know.

Gotta go back to I a burn out or what!!!!! Did get my ww tape in this am, it felt so good.
Summer and Robyn, how are you doing?
See ya tomorrow!

12-14-2004, 09:56 PM
Tonight it is all about me......

I've got a cold.
I've got a headache.
I've got an attitude.
I've got kids at home and at school with attitudes that cause my headaches!
I've got to keep sweets out of my arms reach.
I've got to call back for the 3rd night in a row to check on this dumb jury duty thing.
I've got no sub plans written just in case.
I've got to make nearly 20 Christmas presents on Saturday.
I've got a sick husband or should I say baby?!
I've got to go to school until NEXT Wednesday.
I've got an 18 year old cat eating the Christmast tree for the 18th year in a row.
I've got to remove the pine needles when they get stuck. yipee.
I've got to do the laundry so that I have something to wear tomorrow.
I've got to get some decent sleep before I go nuts!
I've got to finish my Christmas shopping.
I've got to get the Christmas decorations out of storage and on the tree..that the cat is eating, don't forget!
I've got chapped lips that are now hurting.
I've got hands and feet that I can't get and keep warm.
I've got to get my butt moving and exercising again!
I've got a great friend at my new school who is going to be a true friend for life!
I've got friends at my old school who I'm feeling sorta forgotten by. Sigh.
I've got great friends at 3FC who I've never met in person but who *KNOW* me! :)
I've got to get off the computer and get some of this crap done! :)
I've got to say this before I go! ----- Mouse...NOOOO WAYYYYY would I take a personal day for a religious holiday.... SUE THEM and demand your religious freedom!

Thank you for listening!
Take care,

12-15-2004, 12:16 AM
Evening Ladies,
Well I had a wonderful time tonight at my TOPS party. It could be the great weigh in I had. I lost another 1 3/4 pounds. So I am sitting pretty at 205 these days. So I only have 5 more pounds to lose and I will meet my goal of being 200 by Dec.31st. If I met the goal fine and if I don't that is fine too. I am just going to push myself harder to reach my goal weight by my birthday of this coming year. Well enough about me. My kids at school are driving me crazy. But what else is new this close to Christmas.
Ginny, what an interesting day you must have had. I hope it got better for you. When do you go to WW this week? Will you be able to go? Glad to hear that you have been able to get your walking in. I know what you mean about getting your shopping in. My dh and I have to go on Saturday and finish up. I think his one sister is mad at him. She asked him today if they could have a big family get together at our house on Saturday around two. She just asked him today. He told her no because we had to go shopping that day. She asked if we couldn't go some other time since their one sister is coming in town for a visit. Sorry but our schedule is tight for the next week or so. People kill me who just go to work and come home and sit all the time. That is what his sister does so she thinks everyone should have all the time in the world like she does. I am glad that he didn't give in and then strecth our shopping time even thinner. Hope you are able to get your shopping done soon.
Mouse Glad that you had a great time at the convention. Sorry to hear about your mom's kitten and IMP not getting along very well. I agree with Robyn about not taking personal days for your religious holidays. They should be a little more open and understanding. They can not punish you for your religious beliefs. You need to start looking for another position for next year. Your current school setting is making you very stressed out. No one deserves to have that much stress at school and not be backed up by the administation. You need to do what is best for you.
Robyn, sorry to hear that you have a cold. My dh had one or a sinsus infection over the weekend. You are so right about when men get sick they are huge babies. He whined and moaned all weekend long. But if you or I were sick, we would be told to suck it up and get our work done. Hope you were able to tackle some of your to do list these evening. Glad to hear bout your new friend for life. See you were all worried for nothing about making new friends.
Summer hope all is well with you. Do you have the countdown to Christmas break going on?
Time to hit the sheets. I am tired. I will check back in with you all tomorrow evening.
Take care,

12-15-2004, 12:28 AM
ROFL, Robyn! I so love your posts. I know you probably didn't meant it to be funny, but it just looks like something I'd think ... and only post on-line... and smile stupidly at the idiot administrator while imaging that they are... having Christmas tree needles in their, yea, stuck.
I sort of wind up taking the personal days for the religious holidays because the school doesn't get the concept, they always say, "But you're off on Christmas & Easter!". And I REALLY REALLY want to reply, "Fine. Give me the keys, and I'll come in on Christmas and Easter." But somehow, that probably would backfire.
I do volunteer for the REd Cross (I serve as dispatcher here on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day... and this year I said I'd do the whole week..through Thursday evening) on all the Christian holidays so my fellow volunteers can go to church and be with their families; and they do the same for me: they don't call me on the Jewish Holidays, and if our paid staff person schedules me, my fellow dispatches jump in to help because our paid staff doesn't understand the Jewish holiday concept.
Speaking of which, I think I've done all my shopping. I asked my TA what she wanted: I know she loves to shop, but I didn't know WHERE, and I got the feeling that the Nordstrom's gift certificate wasn't appreciated all that much this fall for her birthday. I guess she was annoyed that I asked, but what the heck.
I bought the WOW Blue (It hink?!) CD for my Hanukkah Harry from Amazon. Its a 2 CD set. I'll give him that, and if I find it on-sale, a 12-pack of diet coke. Though the CD was well over our $10 limit.
I went to the gym today and got to tell my friend there about the drunk: she was walking when I got there, so we walked together in the water instead of swimming laps... walked 3/4 of a mile, which is about what I can swim in an hour, so I know I moved! I really need to get back up on the weights, too, now that the KeyWest swim is over (I was doing more than a mile each day, mostly, so I didn't have time to do weights too).
As for other things, I REALLY need somebody to beat me over the head and ABSOLUTELY NOT ENCOURAGE THIS.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASe, I'm BEGGING you!!!!
I received an email from the National Red Cross that they'd be offering $500 scholarships to students so they can attend the annual National Convention. And I am actually considering seeing if I can give the application to some students and if our Development office would assist with costs... or find a way for us to get either plane tickets or hotel costs. The convention is in San Francisco. I've been there before, I went out to do some work with a friend of mine's son. He's multiply disabled, so I went out to help set up some communication activities and learning games for him.
But... geez... I'm truly insane. The convention in 2006 is in DC. Much, much better location for us, to be honest. No planes, we can avoid the hotel if necessary, easier to get another staff to go if necessary.
But if I do that, I am STUCK at the current job for another year. My initial thought was to have the kids (there are just 2 girls... I can't take any boys, because I can't share a room with a male teen... that I'd let apply) apply this year, and then not get it (because I imagine they won't), as a practice run for next year. Both girls would still be in the school as juniors. Both are diploma track students, and one is pretty heavily involved in the Young Marines already, so she would be a perfect choice.
But I can't do that if I won't be there. I won't do that to the kids, its not fair.
:rolleyes: :?
Okay... gotta go. Its 11:30, and although I'm not going to work tomorrow (I have yet another endocrinologists appointment, this time with the new doctor here in Baltimore; we'll see what happens!), I DO have to be at her office at 9 a.m.

12-15-2004, 07:32 PM
Gotta be short......I had a nice post going and then the darned internet acted up and it was lost!!!!!!! (I will catch up more later)

Mouse, I totally agree with you about our dear comrade, Robyn. there is just something about her post....their honesty and wit. Oh, gosh, I feel for you more decisions.....I will obstain from commenting for now, I am such a burnout that I might say something without fully thinking it thru. I admire your dedication. Just want what is best for you!

Summer- you big loser !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome, I think it has been a while since you had 2 weeks in a row like this! What an inspiration to us. Sorry your kids are are mine!

Robyn- sorry you are not feeling we.., and probably even worse is a sick husband! (what is it with the male gender and getting sick??????) Hope your attitude is more manageable for you, and that you are feeling better.

Summer.......Summer........hope you are doing fine! We miss you.

I have been busy up to my eyeballs, little time to think, just act. I hope things will slow down this weekend.....doubt it though!
WW meeting for me tomorrow. I think my WI should be good.
Gotta go........sorry for being so terse. Have a great nite!

12-15-2004, 10:54 PM
Evening Ladies,
Only 5 more days of school until break. I think they are going to be 5 very long days though. My kids are starting to slowly slip further and further out of the work routine. So it is a good thing we have two fieldtrips to go on next week. I am atleast planning a head for the first week in Jan. I started my lesson plans today. I am going to take my time over the next week and work on them.
Mouse, let me think about the convention and get back with you later. Hope your doctor's appointment went well today. I hope you find some needed answers and help soon. I hope this appointment wasn't other brickwall that you ran into.
Robyn, I hope you are feeling better. It sucks to be sick around the holidays. I should know I had chicken poxes for Christmas last year. We had to postpone our wedding a week because I was sick. So I am staying away from all the little sick kids at school. Hope you ere able to cross some items off your to do list. What homemade gift are you making for your co-workers? Hope you get them done in time.
Summer, hope all is going well with you. Are you ready to pull your hair out? When does your break start? I stopped at the library tonight to get a movie for my students to watch Friday afternoon and stocked up on some books for my break.
Ginny, hope your evening is going well. Your weigh in should be great with all the walking to and from work. Hope your life slows down this weekend. My dh and I have a ball game on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and then it is going to be off to Christmas shopping the day away. So I image on Sunday, we will be wrapping the gifts. Plus going to a basketball game in the afternoon.
Well I better go and get ready for bed. Our school Christmas party is tomorrow night. We are going to Damon's for dinner. But before our party can start we have to have a 45 minute staff meeting. The restaurant is about 45 minutes away from my house. So it is going to be a long day tomorrow. Need to get all the rest I can so I can party tomorrow evening. LOL.
Talk to you all tomorrow evening.

12-16-2004, 07:53 AM
Here is wishing you a awesome WI tonight at WW!! I am rooting for you to have lost some weight with all the walking you have done lately. :)
Hi to everyone else! Are you all on the countdown to break?
Have a wonderful day!

12-16-2004, 08:13 AM
Good morning!!!!!
Well, I could not sleep so I got up in the brisk 17 degree weather and walked to the post office to mail my Christmas cards. (Mind you I am a wee bit on the nuts side and I love walking in the refreshing!) So my cards are mailed.......and for me that is a bit of ahead of schedule. Last nite I ran out of cards too......and found some extra ones, not my usual taste the thought was there. (this is the first year I ran out of cards....what a dodo head I am!).

Mouse- good luck with the doctors appointment. Sooner or later there have to be some answers for you. Oh, and Kerry was much better at expressing what I meant last nite....I need time to think over this convention decision before I weigh in on it.
There is much that you have to consider with regards to this. (as if you need me to tell you that, duh) Hope your day goes well.

Kerry- so your kids are nuts too??? (yesterday I was ready to hand out the duct tape). I hope that today is at least managable. You have to love their exuberance (sp?), even if they are hard to control. I am off to WW this am, after I get my hair done. Hang in there with your 5 day countdown!!!!!!

We have 6 days left (including today) that is if Monday is not a snow day.....starting to look like that!!!!) Gotta go get ready for work. See ya later and have a great day!

12-16-2004, 08:31 PM
The appointment with the endocrinologist went pretty well. She wants all kinds of blood work, but she's also doing two new tests for Cushing's Syndrome because although I'd been tested for it, she wants to do two tests that are specific to that. One is a mouth swab: I'm supposed to do it after 11:00 pm, two nights running. I can't stay up that late! I'm going to go to sleep and set my alarm. :yawn:
She was pretty nice... I don't know what my reproductive endo/GYN thinks, though, because she never called me back. I'm not sure she is going to, actually. I called her office to find out if she wanted copies of the new blood tests/other tests. I guess any that I schedule myself I can have sent to her also, but it would've been nice to know.
We have 6 days until our break, and my students are also off the hook. I can't even begin to describe some of the stuff... Like, during 7th period, one of the kids insisted that Christmas Eve was a legal holiday, and most of them said they weren't going to come to school next Wednesday & Thursday because they should be off. They have this mistaken belief that their public schools would be closed, so because they attend the "****** school" (their words!), they don't get off. Not true...but you can't convince them of anything. They actually ARGUED with me trying to covince me that Christmas Eve was a legal religious holiday! It was SOOOO funny!
And communication skills haven't improved at all. People still don't come to ME and say anything... they bypass myself and my TA and go right to admin. They never bother to check if the story the kid told is true.
The convention plans are being presented to the educational administrative team next week by my supervisor. I was amazed that he even agreed to present it: I gave him what he asked for, which was a brief information sheet about the convention, and such, plus a copy of the scholarship application. We'll see.
I am absolutely FREEZING right now despite wearing a fleece robe, sweatshirt, pants and socks. GEEZ, this is insane.

12-16-2004, 10:35 PM
Hey ya'll! Tomorrow is Friday! Yahoooo! Tomorrow is also our 16th wedding anniversary. We are going out to dinner to a nicER restraunt without the boys! Yippeeee! Saturday will be THE day that I make all my Christmas goodies. I'm making cookies and peanut brittle for some. I make beaded jewelry. I've got 2 bracelets to finish to fulfill orders. (I sell them too!) AND I've got 3 that I need to make that I'm going to use as gifts. I also want to make a new pair of beaded earrings that will match one of my necklaces.... Oh geesh.... sorry....blah blah blah....

Yeah, my last entry was meant to be funny.... but it was truthful! I've done SOME of the junk on my list.... Glad I could make you giggle! LOL Glad to hear that everyone is moving and doing well! Ya'll keep up with the positive "stuff"! I am *SSSOOOO* ready for next WED. to arrive and get over with!

Gotta run....the story of my youth is on....Breakfast Club... I know it by heart! I'm gonna go get those bracelets done and recite the lines with the tv!! :)

take care.....
As Arnold said before he was in charge of California.... I'll be back!

12-16-2004, 10:45 PM
Evening Ladies,
Hope everything is going well with everyone. My Christmas party was very nice tonight. Now I am working up the nerve to work out. I got my workout clothes on. That is as far I as I have gotten. I plan on going to do a 15 minute walking video and maybe 15 minutes on the gazelle.
So Ginny did you go to WW tonight? How did you do? Duct tape would an added bonus. Some rope would help too. :) So far we are having a pretty good week. The kids got a little mouthy today and wanted to fight but I did some comic relief. Good thing I don't do that as a second job. I don't think I would make much money. :)
Mouse glad to hear that your supervisor was the one to get the ball rolling with the convention. Hope everything works out for you. Great news about your dr. appointment yesterday. It is about time that you get some help from an understanding doctor. I will say my prayers that she is able to find the necessary answers for you.
Robyn and Summer hope all is going well with you two! Only a few more days until a nice deserved break.
Well if I am going to go workout, I better get moving.
Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Friday!

12-17-2004, 08:10 AM
Good morning!
Mouse- some good news!!! Sounds as though this endocrinologist has her head screwed on the right way and is at least willing to look a little deeper and not always take someone elses opinion. (gotta look outside the box, right). I do sincerely hope that this works out for you......You so desparately need some answers. Keep us informed.....when are you going to do the mouth swabs??? SOOOO, you can tell your kiddies that I pick up students from 3 private schools (one Catholic and 2 Christian) and a public school and NONE of them consider Christmas Eve an religious/legal holiday. But I had to laugh at the are so interesting. Public and 2 of the 3 schools I drive for (the only one that is closed is the Catholic HS) will be open on Thursday.

Robyn- you crafty woman! I hope to also get some baking done Saturday. Are you feeling better?? What kind of beads do you work with?

As for me, I collapsed last nite......cold, TOM, stress and just too darned much going on to do otherwise! I am SO glad that we did DD's bday party a month ago, her bday is Saturday and Momma here is a burnout. Could not handle a party, I know that.
I did get to WW- drum roll........and lost .2#. Ok, no biggie, but I am really happy with that. I had had a cup of coffee just before the meeting, was wearing heavier clothes than last week (been cold here!) and TOM is due in about 5 days. So to me, it was like I lost a bit more...and I can see/feel the difference. I am a happy camper.
Guess I'd better gear up for another fun morning of student transportation.....whatever that is! Have a great day.

12-17-2004, 09:25 PM
Oooo, Robyn... got pictures of your jewelry? I'd love to surprise my TA with something! I bought her a gift card, but she's into pins...


12-17-2004, 09:35 PM
And for the rest of you... ;)

Kerry: Glad the party was fun. The hospital that runs my school had their annual fancy Gala tonight. I've managed to miss it 3 years running... the convention I went to last week is usually this weekend, so I'm never in town. This year, though, the Red Cross team I'm on was having their party tonight. But then the hostess' kids got chicken pox, so they moved the party to January. I'm not all that upset about missing the Gala. I don't dance, I don't have a date, and I don't have a formal dress to wear.
I could've bought one, I suppose, especially since Silohuettes had a gorgeous black and silver one I really, really liked... but ...
My real reason for not going? Every year I hear stories about how our administrators act at the party: and I don't like them sober, why would I like them drunk?! I don't find the stories hard to believe either, because I went to one end of the year party, and they were just weird. Most of our staff parties are held in bars, anyway. I never drank before the endocrine disorder, but I'm sure not going to drink now!

Oh, and I forgot the best part about the student's arguements yesterday: One of them INSISTED that the reaosn Christmas Eve was a holiday was because the Jews start Hanukkah early! I don't typically tell the kids I'm Jewish; I don't think a discussion of religious values has any place in a school setting (except a religious school)... and inevitably, with our kids, we wind up with black & white.
But this time, I just had to. I just looked at the student and said, "Hanukkah was over last night." And he says, "How do you know?!" He has to be right all the time for all reasons and situations. I just smiled and said, "I'm Jewish." I don't think I've ever had that particular child speechless before.
He could really be a nice child if he wasn't such a know-it-all.
And Ginny: The cotton swabs; I have to chew on them for 3-5 minutes and put them in a plastic tube. Then the 2 tubes get mailed to a lab in Wisconsin. Its hard to chew on the cotton for that long: not only was I sleepy because it was so late, but it dried out my mouth and made me want to throw-up... because you don't normally CHEW on cotton! I'll have the baseline bloodwork done next Friday morning before I hit the gym and then run back home. I'm dispatching from 2:00 pm (when the chapter closes for the day) until Monday, December 27th... straight through... and then again each evening until Thursday. Sometime that week I'll have the other blood tests done, including the one after I take the pills. I'm supposed to take 2 pills, then go have blood taken before 9:00 a.m.

12-18-2004, 01:22 AM
Somehow my computer was miserably messed up this am. First of all, I did not even have/see Kerry's post from Thursday pm, and then when I tried to submit my own post from Friday am, I was booted off. And all day I was thinking that my post never even got here.....big surprise to me to see that it actually went thru. But I have seen stranger things happen.

Kerry- glad that your Christmas party was fun. You are so inspired...going for a workout after that! Good for you. Pardon my ignorance, what is a gazelle ? Yes, I know you have mentioned it before, and I have not asked. Just curious. Hope you got your workout in both yesterday and today. Keep up the great work!

Mouse- well, I could make a ton of jokes about you being a cotton mouth.....but I think I will pass on that. You picked the absolute best reason for not going to the holiday party- I had a similar issue with my former job. (guess you do not fall into the category of being a brown noser......never ever thought that!). It is tough to socialize with people who love to kick you around, and most wise that you do not do so. I think you only stand to lose. Love your Hannukkah story......I enjoy watching the face of a person who is shut down in such a manner......guess I just find it interesting.

Today was long.....public dismissed at 11:45- which I knew was going to happen. At the end of my run, I had a 1rst grader who had noone at her she stayed on my bus, finished the run with me and I backtracked back to her house again. Still no mom......(mom must have been shopping and also had a Dr appt). So she came back to the office with me......fortunately she did not get upset, guess she trusts me.
We chatted about what Santa was going to bring her.....favorite holiday songs....light stuff like that. The school contacted her uncle, who picked her up at the office. But all that pretty much chewed up my time off for this afternoon- I had only a few minutes to throw lunch down my throat and head out again for the remainder of my afternoon.
Well, I am tired and better get some is Dd's is a what else is new!
Have a good day/ night/whatever.

12-18-2004, 01:24 AM
Oppssssssssss I forgot, a belated happy anniversary to you and Dh, Robyn!

12-18-2004, 12:15 PM
Good morning!
Got some sleep last nite, and I feel a bit more refreshed. Dd is in good spirits, being her birthday and all.....she LOVED the bed we got for Felicity (American Girl, I picked up the bed in perfect condition on ebay......could not see spending $120 for a doll bed!) and the other things she got. At least for now, she is a happy, easy to please child (please, Lord, let it stay that way!).

I won't bore you with my life......hope that everyone is having a good weekend. Try to find some time to yourselves....even just a 15 minute walk or to relax for a few minutes with a book. I know it is tough..... I managed to squeeze in a 15 minute walk, just parked the car and walked around town to finish my errands.
Gotta go make birthday cake!!! Have a great day.

12-18-2004, 02:29 PM
Hey ya'll! Had a wonderful time with my dh last night. We dropped the kids off at CampGrandma's, went to a restraunt that we had never been to, ate the wonderful seafood buffett like little piggies (I did drink water instead of something with an umbrella! hehe), found coconut cake (like from our wedding!) at the dessert buffett, drove around looking at Christmas lights, talking...TALKING (wow!) about stuff..nothing..everything.. just spending time together! Then we ended up three towns over at a bar playing pinball and drinking beer (sooo much for my no umbrella!) (My family will drive 100000 miles to play pinball.... we own several!). Then ended up at Barnes and Noble buying books and junk for stockings.... and then went and got the kids and drove home. Sent the kids to bed! ....and went to bed ourselves by midnight! WHAT A WONDEFUL anniversary! :)

Today I've made 4 batches of candy and am getting ready to go bake some of my world famous cookies! Tonight I have chocolate pretzels and raisins to mess with!

I work with glass beads mainly. (Some $$$, some cheeeeep! All depends!) Altho, for the boys I uses seashells and some bone. I do not do much with seedbeads and weaving at allllll! I am addicted to black and clear beads. I have 3 huge boxes of beads...all sorted by colors and shapes, of course! I also kinda love blues, purples and red..... oh shucks, I've got tons of beads in all sorts of colors! LOL See what happens when you get me talking about beading?!

I don't have a digital camera to show you any of my work right now... but I'm going to get one for Christmas! I tried to scan the two that I made on Thursday...If that works I'll post here.... I sent Summer an anklet a while back.... She said that she liked it! :) This fall I sold 60+ bracelets to a girl who runs a scrapbooking retreat company. I can NOT believe that I didn't complain about THAT here! 60 bracelets for the 1st of October....and a new job at a new school??? Dear MEEE... but I got it done, of course! Hehehee...

I've never made a pin Mouse..... but I bet I could.... LOL! Bracelets are my favorite...altho I have an order waiting for the first of the year for a 16 inch spiky coral choker. (NOT my style!) I have 1 bracelet that I've made for myself. BUT there are over 100 of my creations out there somewhere ...hehehehe. SEEEEE WHAT happens when you get me talking about beading!

I'm off to bake...the oven just "beeped" is preheated!
Have a productive, wonderful weekend!
They are calling for snow on Monday.... I'm getting up at 6 tomorrow to go grocery shopping! JUST IN case! ;)

take care,
Meeeee :D

12-18-2004, 08:38 PM
Robyn- sounds as though you had a wonderful anniversary! I am so happy for you.....a great day/evening for you and your Dh. The one thing I miss most in our marriage is talking too- really talking- the kind where you really get the feeling that your Dh really knows something about you on more than a survival mode. n Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!! Gee, guess we asked the wrong question about beading.....but it sure sounds as though you enjoy it! (a healthy diversion, in my book!) I would love to see some of your creations, when you get a digital camera up and running. What kind of cookies did you bake?

I got some baking done- had to make Dd's bday cake! And I made some cookies too.
SImply amazing, Dh went with me and both of our Dd's to a county run homestead built in the early 1800's that was decorated for Christmas. It is sort of a living museum- some kid crafts and kid geared activities. I am amazed that he went (we used to do this kind of stuff all the time B.K.) (before kids) But he went.....I am so glad he did......restored a bit of my faith in him as he has been so ornery recently and so much of the person I married is no longer there.
Nuff of that.......guess I'd better get myself moving- I want to take a short after dinner walk. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

12-19-2004, 12:56 AM
Wow... you were all so productive today. Want to guess what I did? I SLEPT. ALL DAY. Literally. And how very unusual for me unless I take medication that makes me sleepy... I feel like hibernating. I got up just in time to eat dinner and go to swim lessons. I will be very busy tomorrow to make up for my sloth today: have to bake for the school bake-sale, make a card, go swimming and grocery shopping; all before it snows! And then everybody went out for sushi afterward, and I like going out with them, they're fun people to be with. Yea... I get told that there is something wrong with me for not wanting to socialize with my co-workers at school, but its the PEOPLE. I *love* going out for Sushi or Pizza with the people I teach swimming with. The pool manager can be really funny, and some of the stories the other people tell are just as hilarious. I'm probably going to go to the after-holiday party the gym is having. They don't do it in December because the gym is pretty evenly split between people who are Jewish and those who are Christian, so there is no time during the month to have the party... so they do it on January, and its on a Sunday night too so that the Jews who celebrate Sabbath can attend. They have a funny set-up though: you have to pay a $10 deposit, which you get back if you go! I've never heard of such a thing before! :)
Ginny: That museum sounds neat... we have quite a few of those types of places in Lancaster, and nearby... I've been to a lot of them because my mom is a history buff. Whenever she had time off during the summer, we'd pack picnic lunches and off we'd go. I went to so many... but my all-time favorite is the Smithsonian. I can't wait for Spring, because I figured out how easy it was to take the Metro to the Smithsonian on the weekends! :)
If they can get me recertified as a life-guard soon, I'll be working Saturday mornings at the gym too as a guard. See, I just love my gym: how many FITNESS CLUBS would hire somebody who looks like me to be a life-guard?! I'm definitely not Bay Watch material!

12-19-2004, 03:34 AM
1/2 a tub of cool whip
1 egg
1 chocolate cake mix

Mix the 3 ingredients together well.... the dough is very stiff... roll into balls.... roll into 10x sugar, bake 12 minutes at 350. don't have clue what they are called but MANNNN they are tasty... NOT a diet food. moist and quite yummy. you can put any kind of cake mix in there and viola you have a new flavor. Not a gourmet recipie by a long shot!

It is 2:30.... in the morning.... I've just returned from a night of Holiday shopping. Kmart was having some amazing sales.... on everything from TBone steaks to boys pajamas! Got some of each!

Gotta get to bed. Will talk to you all tomorrow!
Sorry to go on and on about my beads! :^:

take care...
meee :p

12-19-2004, 12:53 PM
Never thought I would get here again this weekend, but then I did not know that Ds had another appointment with his pitching Dh and Dd are with them and all is peaceful here for now.

Robyn- you night owl! Glad you caught some great sales. Doesn't that make you feel good? We used to have a Kmart here, but with their downsizing a year or so ago the one closest to me closed and it is very inconvenient for me to get to the other one. I do miss the store, they carry lots of stuff that Walmart does not. Your cookies sound yummy......for the coolwhip did you use fat free or regular? THe other ingredients I almost always have here....never know when you need to make a cake in an emergency! Did you get any beading done, like you wanted to?

Mouse- I never thought that you were antisocial. I totally understand about not wanting to socialize with the particular individuals that you work with. They do not sound as the types that are really your friends, or would even be pleasant for you to be with. And in my book....and I am not known for being a diplomat....if it is not in your best interest, why bother? Sounds like you will be having fun with your swimming friends in January. I thought of you the other day.......a box arrived at my house (Wednesday afternoon, I think) and it was obviously a pie that had been shipped. It was addressed to Dh, and he does get all kinds of gifts from contractors that he does business with, so I brought it in the house and thought little of it. Well, when he got home, he laughed and said that my birthday present had arrived seems as though when he was cleaning out the truck (after totalling it 2 weeks ago) that he found an old ad (probably 10 years old, from one of our trips to Lancaster) that he had torn out for ShoeFly pie. I love the stuff, (he hates it) and he ended up taking a shot at that the company was still in business. They were and he had one shipped here for my birthday. Ok, it has to be a million points per slice......and I am allowing myself a tiny piece each day. But I know that you are familiar with the area......and might appreciate my silly tale. Onto another subject......sounds great that you can be hired as a life guard. Big so what that you do not look like Pamela Sue or any of those other silicone infested, collagen injected mutants! What it is all about is that you are capable, right??? And that your heart is in the right place......and I think you pass with flying colors in all of those categories. So, get recertified and congrats.
Ok, I have babbled enough. I am fighting the blues these days. PMS is here (tralalalala lalalala), I am stressed out...sick of crabby kids (two of my own!), this time of year tends to be rough for me (anniversary of my fathers death was 12/16 and while I do not dwell on it it tends to silently linger in my thoughts for a day or so) and money is so tight. We just bought another truck to replace the one that met its a great deal on a used vehicle (not enough time to explain now) but it really wiped out our savings at not the best time. And Dh seems to want to spend like it is growing on trees. Grrrrrrr.....nuff of me bellyaching.
Guess I'd better get off this computer and do something productive.
Have a good Sunday!

12-19-2004, 01:09 PM
Here is one of the bracelets I made on Thursday.... I used the scanner!

I'll be lots to do....

Ginny... I used the regular cool whip.... I'm not sure what it will do with the other IF anything....I just never have the time to want to SEE! :)

I didn't read the rest of your post! Read only the first little bit while I was waiting for the photo to load.... will be back!

Take care!

12-19-2004, 05:50 PM
Gee Robyn, the bracelet is so pretty!! A nice color combination, just enough to provide contrast but not enough to overwhelm. VERY pretty! And it looks like one of those projects that do not take too terribly long to, stupido meo, I go for the time consuming that I never get it done! Anyway, it is a beautiful and a great gift! I am going to try to make those cookies with the ff coolwhip and see how it goes. When I do I will let you know how it turns out.

We have some snow/ice due for tonite......can't decide if a delay tomorrow would make me happy or much to do!
Gotta go. have a great nite. (BTW, I did get that walk in, 2.5 miles)

12-19-2004, 07:58 PM
I somehow burned the corners of both pans of brownies. :mad: The others are okay, and its snowing and I don't have any more stuff to make them.... I use a mix for the base, but I don't put eggs or oil in them, I use plain yogurt (this time) or applesauce, egg whites, and then add peanut butter/chocolate chips in one, and white chip sand mint extra in the other. :rolleyes: Maybe if I cut them up and take them out of the pan nobody will notice??? The bake-sale is tomorrow!!!!

Your cookies sound good, Robyn... but my brownies really ARE healthy. :) And I love your bracelet. Its gorgeous. I taught my female students how to do beading my first year there for some reason, and we made some bracelets and other jewelry, but it was harder for some of them, and they prefered making the plastic beaded animals where you follow a pattern...

I did get my swim in, at least, and the grocery shopping done (mostly).


12-19-2004, 10:06 PM
Oh...darn.... were my Christmas present foods supposed to be healthy?! LOL
I've spent the day messing in my kitchen...yet again.... today I've made two different types of dipped pretzels (1 kind with toffee chunks!) and a big batch of some very tasty junk called "white trash" as it is made in a white trash bag... VERY unhealthy! So...
in the last two days, I've made nearly 5 pounds of peanut brittle, a batch of chocolate cookies, dipped pretzels and white trash. I've also made 3 more bracelets to add to my total AND I went shopping from 5pm until 2 am....

I'm exhausted.... and most definately SICK of the smell of chocolate! I haven't eaten too much... I can't get it to my lips as the smell is killing me right now! LOL I've got to get the stuff packaged to give and then I'm done!

Tomorrow I have to finish cleaning the living room once and for all until Christmas! I also have to wrap the gifts for my kiddos! (THAT will take a while...but not nearly as long as usual since I have nearly 10 kids less!) We also have BoyScouts tomorrow night. Yippeee... Tomorrow at school, my kiddos and I are making and baking Gingerbread men..thank gosh they don't contain chocolate! We will begin to package our gifts to our families. Other than that....a regular day at school.

I'm exhausted and the week hasn't started yet! :)

It is beginning to snow. Perhaps a 2 hour delay would be nice! EXCEPT...with this new district they expect teachers there on time.... no matter what the ice is like! Nice, compassionate, huh?! Save the kiddos...but teachers need to be there on time!

Enough babble from me for now.... laundry and all that junk in the kitchen need my attention.

Oh Ginny, the bigger beads in the bracelet are a marbled white and pinkish purple....they are some of my favorite beads! You bead as well? Big projects? What do you make?!

gotta run...........or iron..NOT! LOL
take care..

12-19-2004, 10:57 PM
Just time to drop in and say hi. Had a very busy weekend. Have to go back to work tomorrow just to rest. LOL Yesterday was up and out the door at 7:15 to go workout. Home long enough to get a shower and change clothes. Went to sdd's basketball. Then went Christmas shopping with my dh from 11 am until 11 pm. We got all the shopping done for the kids. Now all we have to do is get something for my parents, grandma, mil and my sister's birthday. Got home at 1:30 am and hid the stuff. Today got up at 8 since my dh was suppose to help his friend get the gym ready for today's games. Only to find out that his friend was going to the gym around 10:30. I was so mad since I had to get up to get him up and moving. I went to church and then it was off to the ball game. Then went grocery shopping. YIPPPPPEEEE!!! Decided that I didn't do enough this weekend so I did laundry this evening and wrapped Christmas presents. So I think I have done enough stuff this weekend to last me an entire week. Didn't get a lot of excerise like I had wanted to do this weekend. Oh well tomorrow is a new day.
I will read everyone's post tomorrow and reply. Take care and enjoy your last few days of school with your kiddos. Off on a fieldtrip tomorrow if we have school. IT is very cold here. It snowed a little bit this morning. We are to get more tonight.
Well I am off to bed. Talk to you all later.

12-20-2004, 09:07 AM
2 HOUR delay! Yahooooo! :)

12-20-2004, 05:18 PM
Glad that you got a 2 hour delay. I had to go and stay outside in 7 degree weather doing bus duty from 7:50 until 8:20. I was frozen even through my layered clothing.
Then we went on a cold bus to the movies to see Polar Express. That is an awesome movie. My kids were really great. Then we got back to school at 1:30. We ate lunch and then watched another movie. So today was a good day!
How was everyone else's days? Well I better go and get ready to take my kiddos to their next activities. Then I will be off to Curves around 6 to workout. Check in with you all later.
Take care,

12-20-2004, 06:25 PM
Well hello all! I find myself having a little time because we had a snow day today. I did try to post on Wednesday when I returned from my trip, but I kept getting kicked off by AOL, and after 45 minutes of fighting with my computer, I gave up.

What I wanted to tell you all was what an amazing experience I had. I was treated like a VIP. I was greeted with a gift basket and a table filled with food and a poinsettia. I did my interviews and observations, and wrote up my report of commendations and recommendations. I recommended the preschool for accreditation. In the process, I met some interesting administrators and teachers from Maine and Mass. We shared delicious food and stories in the elegant Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was great for my career and for my confidence.

While I was gone, I got two new students. Since I do all my own registrations, I was pretty pissed. I never would have let a new child start this week. I would have waited till January. But, since I wasn't there to stop it from happening, I had to deal with the new kids who weren't signed up for the field trip or on the list for gifts from Santa. Not to mention the fact that they couldn't possibly learn the songs for the pageant between now and Wednesday. Now when they miss out on what every other kid will enjoy, how will they feel? They shouldn't have started till January!!!

Saturday night, we saw the Boston Pops at the Bridgeport Arena. We had a table for 10. It was beautiful and really kicked off Christmas for me.

My asthmatic bronchitis is still bothering me. I am so tired of coughing and wheezing. I may need to get on a stronger asthma medication.

I lost the "decorate a door" contest at school to someone who no doubt out-did me. She did a gingerbread house on her door with REAL CANDY. I am happy for her. The competition made everyone work really hard to decorate resulting in a very Christmasy school. Today we were supposed to go on a field trip to see "The Polar Express." It looks like we may be going tomorrow instead, but I have no way of notifying my PM class. Tomorrow morning is going to be a crazy, hectic mess. The holiday pageant is Wednesday which I still have a lot to prepare for. Thursday is our Christmas party and the day Santa will come with presents for each child.

Now I will go back and read your posts. I'll be back.

12-20-2004, 06:50 PM
Ginny, thanks for the Christmas card! I'm sorry this is a blue time for you. Maybe you can make some happy Christmas memories to replace the painful one of your father's death. November used to be very difficult for me because of my mother's death. But, then my DD was born in November and made it the most joyful month of the year for me. Good luck with the new truck. I know how it feels for money to be tight...I'm living it too. And my DH seems to want to spend too. I'm trying really hard to focus on things that do not have anything to do with money.

Kerry, how funny that we had the same plans for today! Too bad that mine didn't happen. You sound very busy with everything. You also sound more organized for Christmas than me!

Robyn, A belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I spent the weekend and today baking as well. We made and decorated sugar cookies and chocolate chip. I had my DD's friend over today. Her mom drives DD to school, and I cover snow days. I had dreaded it because she is a high maintenance child, but she ended up keeping DD busy today. And, aside from decorating cookies with them and giving them lunch, they pretty much left me alone. I can't believe you don't get the two hour delay as well as the kids. Just wait till a teacher has a serious accident, then we will see what happens. Years ago, our music teacher was almost killed trying to get to work on time in icey conditions. He raised holy **** once he got out of the hospital.

Mousie, do you make No Pudge Brownies? Their recipe is with yogurt. I like to make them with Stoneyfield Farms chocolate yogurt and then mix in semi-sweet morsels. Congrats on being hired as a life guard!!!

In another week, I will be around all of the time, so I will try to be more in the loop!

I surely hope that January gives me more time.

12-20-2004, 09:11 PM
G'evening all. It was COLD COLD COLD COLD today! It was negative something this morning: weatherbug was going insane telling me the windchill was 65538 or something because it couldn't handle the temperatures! The actual temp was 8 degrees. And WE WERE ON TIME! The southern counties and lots of their government offices and such were delayed, eastern shore schools were closed because of high wind warnings.
So, I had parked in the garage last night... smart... and was able to get the car started without any problems and wrapped up like a snowperson to go to work. Our parking lot was so icey: I had to use my walking stick to get in the building safely.
Then the automatic door the kids come in for some buses got stuck OPEN... I had to muscle it shut, to many cheers from staff doing hall duty and students.
I gave over the brownies... No, Summer, they aren't No Pudge, they're ordinary Betty Crocker, low-fat mix. I just modify accordingly.
I'm sure there was something else that I was going to say, but I just can't remember what it was... I think it has something to do with your trip, Summer... glad it went so well. :) :)

12-20-2004, 11:19 PM
My hands are so cold I can barely type. This is evidently NOT Tahiti.

It certainly was good to hear from you Summer! Sounds like your time away was better than just OK! I would also be crazy over having not 1 but 2 new kiddos appear days away from the BIGGEST EVENT short of the last day of school.

So I've spent the day (minus 2 hours, of course!) baking gingerbread cookies with the a toaster oven. 2 at a time... oy! Anywhooo... so I've baked, dipped, wrapped, etc... now it is time for me to make sure that all gifts get where they are going tomorrow. 7th grade son pulls out (against his will) Civics and Biology ...both subjects have a test tomorrow. Review, review, review. Study, study, study. ARGH! as he is putting away that junk, he pulls out a math sheet that has a drawing of some very cute snowmen around it. He says, and I quote here...(.and PLEASE remember that his IEP is double digits thick!) "Mom, I know that you've got a lot to do, but if YOU would color this for me, I'll get extra credit." ( what do I do? He does NOT color...IEP.... he has not been offered any extra credit that HE can do....only this... he has an A in math....BUT banking extra credit is smart. SOOOO, I just finished my coloring homework...and I'm a bit ticked! 7th grade? coloring? anddddddddddd what about something that fits into the KIDs IEP for extra credit?! WHAT THE HECK Did he get out of my coloring other than the extra 10 points? didn't KILL me...but that isn't my point at all!) Fair, Equal, and appropriate! WHEN?

Well....all that being said.... I've been studying for Civics and Biology and freakin coloring since dinner.........I've got to get back to getting all the junk in the right spots for delivery tomorrow.

The kids are getting a tad CRAZYYYYY! And I'm not too far behind!
I'm FREEZING in case you missed that announcement!

(((hugs))) to all my friends!

12-20-2004, 11:55 PM
Glad to have you back Summer! I hope that you are able to go on your field trip tomorrow. The movie is wonderful. Sounds like you were treated like a queen on your trip. That is great that you had such a wonderful time. Hope all goes well with your Chirstmas program. By the way, we are not that organized for Chirstmas. We still don't have our tree up and decorated yet. My dh wanted to put it up last night and I told him that I didn't have time to do that. I wanted to do it when the kids were here and have them help. Maybe we can do it tomorrow evening before their ball game. I just got their gifts wrapped last night since they were not here lurking around.
Mouse I am with you about going to work today. A couple of the districts around us were on two hour delays, but not us. So what did you end up doing with the brownies? Did you cut them into squares and put them in baggies or cut off the dryed out edges? Those brownies sound good that way. I might have to try it sometime.
Ginny how are you doing gal? Did you have school today? Hope you were able to find a few minutes to relax and gear up for the coming days this week with all the little hyper kiddos. Congrats on your weight loss. I don't think I mentioned that to you in my previous posts. I have my WI tomorrow evening. We had eaten out 4 times this weekend and I am hoping that it doesn't catch up with me.
Robyn, sorry to hear that you are so cold. One of the janitior's at school turned off the heater on Friday and so it was not turned back on until 6 this morning when the head janitor came into work. I was so glad to go home at the end of the day to warm up You are a brave lady making gingerbread cookies in a toaster oven. How long did it take to bake? My kids would not be able to stand to wait so long. How many cookies did you bake with your kiddos?
I got some very sad news this evening. My mom told me that our next door neighbor found out that she has lung cancer and she is coming home from FLA. to die. That it probably will not be very long. This hurts so bad because she had fought and won brain cancer, a brain tumor, breast cancer and some other form of cancer. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
Well I think I am going to go to bed. It was a fun day, but very long. Talk to you all tomorrow. Only two more days until vacation.
Take care,

12-21-2004, 08:02 AM
Good morning!!!!!
Summer- great to hear from you, and it sounds as though your trip was a success.
I won't be able to get personal this am...just up to my eyeballs with stuff to do and have to get ready to take the hyper kiddies in. Kerry, hope your WI was ok, you have been working out a lot so maybe it will all balance out. My WI is tonite.....and TOM just showed up so who knows!
We went to Ds's Christmas concert last nite, a pleasant evening. What we did not know until we got home was that Dd's bfriend had broken up with her- (we did suspect something) and there were probably several parents there who knew that already (her friends parents and former Bf's family). Stinks for her.......why do guys have such miserable timing????? So, Dh and I discussed the situation to death- I am here on 4 hours of sleep and a long day ahead. Oh, bother!
Guess I'd better go. Did get my WW video in this am......better that than stuffing my face.
See ya later!

12-21-2004, 08:05 AM
Kerry, I will keep your neighbor in sad.

12-21-2004, 07:02 PM
Wow, Kerry, what timing for that kind of news. Not good.
Robyn: In a toaster? That sounds like what I used to do in the inner city! If it didn't fit in a microwave or couldn't be cooked on a single burner in a cast-iron skillet (that being the only skillet I'd let us use because it was too heavy to get knocked off the silly burner!), we didn't do it! Instead of cookies, we made rice pudding! ;) Or we did no-bake cookies.
Summer: I'd be (wait, this does happen to me!) livid over new kids starting at that point, but it happens to me all the time. I've gotten new kids just show up in my classroom with no warning at all.
Ginny: :( Guys do suck a lot of the time.
As for me? I took a co-worker/friend home, got lost trying to find my way out of his neighborhood (he lives in a bad one in the city, and I made several wrong turns because of creepy creatures on the corner), so it took me more than an hour to get home, and because Ig ot lost I missed the gym. Oh well.
I was good at the bake sale: 1 of my own brownies, and then the Hanukkah Harry/Secret Santa party: some chips and spinach dip, and 2 small oatmeal cookies. :) Of course, now I don't want dinner! I hope I ate enough at the party to cover the meds. We'll see. A co-worker that works with the guy I had saw me as she was leaving and said that he LOVES the CD... I was worried because Amazon didn't include a gift receipt like they were supposed to, so I told him if he didn't like it or if it was one he already had to let me know and I'd try and get the gift receipt from Amazon so he could exchange it. I apologized to him and said that I didn't know much about that kind of music, so I hoped it was okay. And thanks to all of you who suggested, since it seems he really likes it.
I don't know what I got, though it turns out that I was right about who my person was... Ultimately, I didn't guess her though because she's friends with my TA and I asked my TA, but my TA managed to pull the wool over my eyes!
Tomorrow is an on-campus fun-day, and I'm in charge of quiet games, with my TA... which is right up my alley. I love playing Uno or dominos with the kids. :)
And the kids get pizza for lunch, and muffins/juice/doughnuts for breakfast. I wish they'd give them bagels and some fruit, but... the kids probably wouldn't eat it!
G'night, all... since I missed the gym, I think I'm going to treat myself to a nice long bath and finish one of my books.
I hope somebody gives me a gift certificate for books or music... my wish list at Amazon is growing again! I hope that doesn't sound greedy... I found a new musician that I like, she played the song on the Brooke Ellison movie and its really nice.

12-21-2004, 07:53 PM
Mouse- yup guys do stink a lot of the time. I am glad that your gift worked out (the CD) and I do so hope that you got a gift card for Amazon,Barnes &Noble.....something like that. I am dangerous with books too! Sorry about missing the gym- this is going to be a tough week for all of us getting good eating in and workouts. Do the best you can!!!
As for me, I went to WW- and really blanked out with what I am wearing......the lady at the scale asked me (before I even got on!) if I had a t shirt under this heavy tunic sweater that I have on.....of course I do I weighed in at .8 heavier. When I got home, I jumped on our scale....sans the stupid sweater, and found that I had lost 1.5#. So, my true WI was crummy, but sort of a bogus reading.
Gotta go pick up Ds from practice, and then finish (PLEASE!) this darned shopping. I am so tired.........have a good nite

12-21-2004, 09:52 PM
Here I am, posting two days in a row...wooo hooo hooo!!!

The principal decided against us going to the movie today. Instead, we will go tomorrow. It worked out better that way for me except that we will only have one hour in between the movie and the pageant, and we have to fit in two lunch waves. Somehow, we have to clean the cafeteria, set up the benches, and put the red bows at the end of each row. Like an idiot, I decided at 1:30pm that the kids needed Santa hats for the pageant. Since my pockets are nearly empty, I started making them. I just finished, and I know they will be excited to have them tomorrow. It will be a whirlwind of a day.

The administration tried to stick me with another student today. For Pete's sake, can't these people wait until after the holidays?! I lied and told them that I was full. Technically I am, but I have a child leaving this week. I didn't tell them that I will have an opening within days. Why can't people start their children in August. What is it about the last week of December that makes them think it is time to start school?!

Robyn, it really is weird that the teacher can't find an extra credit project for your son relevant to his IEP. Oh, and I'm coooooold too!!! It got up to a whopping 9 degrees today. At least the winds died down. I can't believe we didn't have a delay. The roads were an icey mess.

Mousie, have fun playing games with the kids tomorrow. I'm glad the CD choice worked out. Which one did you end up going with?

Kerry, I'm really sorry about your neighbor. I will pray that God relieves her pain and gives her a feeling of peace.

Ginny, just think, when you go for your next weigh-in without the bulk, the scale will look really great! Sorry about your DD's broken heart. It looks like she will be needing some extra TLC.

Try to enjoy our last two days of school for 2004. Enjoy the sweets, the music, the spirit of the holidays in all of those excited little faces. Remember how fortunate we truly are, no matter how stressed out we are, there is always somebody who has it worse. Feel a hug my friends.

12-21-2004, 10:35 PM
Evening Ladies,
Sounds like we are all doing great. That must be because we see the end is in sight. I plan on not doing a whole lot over my break. Reading, catching up on my sleep, working out and visiting with family and friends.
We had our gift exchange in my room today. The kids loved the gifts they got. My Down syndrome little feller was so cute. He opened his present of puzzles and I told him to tell my only girl in my room thank you. He blew her two kisses. It was so cute. He then had me put his puzzles in his bookbag, so he wouldn't forget to take them home. Seeing the smiles of joy on their faces was the best gift I could have gotten this Christmas season.
I went to TOPS long enough to wi tonight and lost another 1 1/4. So I am now a whopping 203 3/4 pounds. I am getting closer to being 200 pounds. I know I can do it. I hope to reach that goal by the end of this year. Then I think my next goal will to be 175 by my birthday in May.
Summer, sounds like you are going to be very busy tomorrow. I hope all goes well for you. You will love Polar Express. We are going to the movies again tomorrow and to Pondersa with the 5th grade classes. So it is going to be a fun and easy day. Glad to hear that you got your hats made. How many did you have to make? So are you working you TA to death this holiday season?
Mouse, sounds like you had a wonderful day at school today. Bummer about not making it to the gym. I know how that feels. I love that me time and then feel guilty and lost without it. Glad to hear that your co-worker loved his CD. So what book did you finish? I have finally slowed down some with work and home life that I have been able to pick up a book and get interested in reading again. I hope to atleast finish one or two books over break. Enjoy your quiet games tomorrow.
Robyn, did you finally warm up any? I hope you were able to make it out of the house this morning with everybody taking the right stuff back to school. Sounds like it was a little hetic around your house last night. Just think that should being calming down here in a day or so.
Ginny, sorry to hear about your WI at WW. Too bad you didn't have a t-shirt on under your sweater. You will do better next week. Remember to wear that t-shirt. LOL Hope this didn't bum you out too much. Your next wi will be a bigger and better loss.
Well I better go and get ready for bed. My kids arrive in the morning at 8:15 and at 8:30 we are on the bus headed to the movies.
Talk to you all later.
Have a great Wednesday!!

12-21-2004, 11:49 PM
Nope, the WI did not bum me out at all......I was totally encouraged by my scale at home, and realized that the sweater was all of the extra weight.

Summer- thanks for the cyber hug.....I needed it badly. Emotions are high here, tempers short....Dh is a crab and Dd depressed(sobs on the phone constantly, and now wants me to call His mother to get the story straight, because obviously I am stupid and can't possibly figure all this out- in her mind!) Dh is angry/irritable and of course taking it all out on me. No, I do not wish this on anyone. BTW- congrats on finishing the santa hats. You are some lady!

Kerry- another big weight loss week for you !!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Wow!
I think your next goal sounds totally reasonable......especially with warmer weather in the spring to encourage activity. Hang in there, you will get to 175! Hope your trip to the movies is a good one......enjoy.

Well, I am physically and emotionally toasted.....tired of being Dh's verbal battering ram, tired of raw emotions. But as Summer so wisely put it.....we have much to be thankful for and I will reflect on that. Think I need some rest....see ya tomorrow.

12-22-2004, 09:41 PM
Evening Ladies,
I am free! I am free at last for 12 days. It was a very long day at school today. I am tired from my fieldtrip and then working the afterschool program until 6. I was able to go workout earlier tonight since I got to leave about 10 minutes earlier from school. So I was home at my house by 7:15. I tried to watch a movie and ended up falling asleep. So I just took it back to the video store and will have to get it another time. I am planning on going to bed early and sleeping in the morning.
I hope you all had a wonderful day at school today. Was today your last day or do you have to go on Thursday?
Well I will talk to you all tomorrow.
Take care,

12-23-2004, 12:20 AM
We had a pretty nice day at school today. The fun-day went over well, but we had a minor incident. My TA and I were re-assigned to support the Level 1 students. These are students who aren't progressing on the behavioral program for a variety of reasons, including attendance. They aren't permitted to attend the fun-days. They must do work provided by staff in their classrooms. I don't mind as long as I don't have to come up with the work at the last minute (I'm typically assigned last minute). My program that my homeroom is in only had 3 students out of 50+ students, so that's really good. The other diploma track program had 4 students, and so our program said that we'd put the 7 students together (knowing that most of them wouldn't show up!) and staff so we'd be good to go. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! The staff from the other program found out who our 1 student was (the other 2 didn't come to school today), and had a fit. She refused to take him. But before that, my TA went to her room and said that she was there to support her, and the woman refused her help! So my TA comes back, and we go to the cafeteria to get the scoop... and what a mess! We wound up taking our level 1 student in my classroom, and my TA stayed with him until he left early about 10:45. I gave her a break at 9:30. But the person who planned the fun-day for the other program tried to talk to this other staff member, and got the same attitude from her that my TA did. And somehow, I have no idea how, she told MY supervisor that I didn't communicate! I wasn't even THERE. I was the one who said, "fine, its not worth arguing over, we'll just take him to my rooom, and do things there." Oh, geez, I just don't understand some people! I don't get it!!!
The good parts of the day were getting to see part of Shrek 2 with some of my kids, and playing Trivial Pursuit (which another team beat mine, but it was because we got the weirdest questions!).
We still have tomorrow, which is a regular school day for some strange and silly reason... I have no idea how many kids will show up. My whole homeroom said that they weren't going to come to school, but I'm not sure if that is true.
I didn't get my gift certificate. Along with my not understanding people... the lady I had knows me. She knows how much I read. She knows that I drive my TA nuts listening to Broadway show tunes or other "strange" music. And she had to go in Barnes and Nobles to get one of the small gifts (a bookmark), and part of the final gift (a mini-cat calendar?). And what does she do? Goes ACROSS THE STREET (I know where she lives, so I'm pretty sure where she went) to the Pier One (a store I can't shop in because they perfume the air so badly now, shame, because I used to like their picture frames and baskets) and buys me a safflower colored mug (light yellow). The mug is huge... its one of those "Friends Style" huge coffee mugs. I love the mug, no doubt... but its not microwavable, so I can't use it... I always make my tea in the microwave. And, really, she WAS IN Barnes and Noble! Oh, don't I sound just awful? I sound unappreciative and greedy. But one reason (sad as this is) that I do the Secret Santa every year is because I'm pretty much guarenteed to get a gift certificate for a book. I always put that on my list, a gift certificate for software/book/music... I love my mother, but she doesn't ever get me a gift certificate for books. My father always does: I always get a gift certificate from Amazon from him. So, bad as it sounds, I returned the two gifts and picked out a book. The line at the store was too long though, so I'll go get my books tomorrow.
:blush: I really am embarassed, but I just don't understand!
I'd better go to bed. Its nearly midnight!

12-23-2004, 10:13 AM
Morning Ladies,
Boy do I feel better after getting some much needed sleep. Now I have the engery to tackle the accounts dept. at the local hospital. They turned into my insurance company, my dh's ex's cat scan and it is not covered under my insurance plan and I have this feeling that the hospital is going to try and make us pay the $700. Which we will not and I tried to talk to his ex and she was just like I don't know how that happened and I will take care of it. Knowing full well that she wouldn't take care of it. She has our insurance number because of the kids. IT was not given to her for her own personal use. Plus I have to get my mil something for Christmas. My dh is not any help on this matter. So I think I am going to be going out and braving the cold weather to get all this stuff taken care of.
Mouse, I don't blame you for feeling the way you did. I would have returned it too. I understand if you fill out the papers with your likes and dislikes then the person who got your name should get you something off your likes list. I got a gift the other night at my TOPS meeting and it is a big stuffed moose with a Christmas tress and a welcome sign. That is just not me. I might just save it and give back as a gift next year for our Christmas party. Hope you have another good day at school today.
Summer, Robyn, and Ginny I hope you are surving this little cold spell and crappy weather we seem to be having. I hope your kids are not driving you nuts yet.
Well time to go and get ready to go run my errands. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

12-23-2004, 11:01 PM
I'm glad you understand, Kerry. I was really feeling guilty!
But I am so glad the day is over. The kids were just absolutely off the hook. I was ready to kill my 4th period guys. They're typically horrible anyway, but today they were just REALLY REALLY bad. Nothing I did, nothing my TA did made a difference. We showed a video, and they acted horrible all the way through it. I had to get out something to fiddle with so I wouldn't even LOOK at one. As soon as I looked at the kid, he started acting like an absolute donkey. By the end of the period, he invited me to lick his youknowwhat! :P :rolleyes:
My other strange one, with the parent who swears she believes that her son is truthful when he says I locked him in a van and tortured him, gave me a gift today. Victoria's Secret body lotion. Uhm, is that what most teenage boys give their female teachers? Actually, he gave it to all of us, which struck me as incredibly odd. Oh well, at least it didn't blow up in my face! My TA gave me an Eeyore sweatshirt, which is a great gift for me, since I just love Eeyore. :)
I didn't get my swim though: I went to the gym, talked with the pool manager for a bit then started to swim and the biggest flash of lighting I think I've ever seen indoors. I thought a light had blown or a flash had gone off at first, but then I saw the lifeguard look around and up, and look at me. I asked if he'd seen it too, and he pulled everybody out of the pool. One of the other lifeguards/swim teachers was there too, she has a leg injury similar to my ankle injury, but far more extensive. She pulled herself up out of the pool and hit her leg, so I helped with that. I felt really bad for her, and am just thankful that I have never hurt myself that badly in public. I hate asking for or getting help.
Then when we got back in, I did 13 lengths, and we had to get out again for more lightening. I gave up and came home.
Going to go to sleep now, and get up tomorrow to swim, hit the grocery for some stuff I forgot to buy last week (really some stuff for the holiday weekend: some steamed shrimp, but also some miracle whip and I'd like some eggplant or squash to go with dinner, and probably something sweet), and get the baseline bloodwork the endocrinologist asked for last week. I did the first test (cotton chewing), now the bloodwork (fasting), then more bloodwork after I take some pills for her.

12-24-2004, 09:39 AM
Good morning!!!
I skimmed the posts......Mouse, I do not blame you one bit for returning the mug!
I would have done the same thing- as a matter of fact did already returned a gift from a student on my bus that is so not my taste- I have store credit now, and can deal with that.

Kerry- glad you got some rest and are attempting to relax a bit.....

I have survived the last day of school- the trip home had on the edge of my seat- it was so windy and torrential rain (the kind that makes you want to pull over because you can't see)- plus it was dark with all the clouds.......and the first part of my route is all "crossers".......I held my breath and prayed for each one as I sent each one across- hoping that any incoming traffic would stop ( the one road I take kids home on is rural- full of windey turns so that the road can look free of cars and then some moron in a high performance car flies around the bend slamming on the brakes... a bus drivers nightmare!) But, praise God, they are all home safely. Now I must deal with my own crew.....heartbroken Dd....oh well.....
My Bday was rather uneventful, Ds had a basketball game, and we went to that as a family. Lots of Dd's friends were there- we tried to encourage her to stay for the varsity game but she came home anyway. Oh well, at least a start for her. She got out without her ex bf.
Gotta go.......see ya later!

12-24-2004, 02:20 PM
Hey ya'll! :)

Been busy.... had a ball last night taking the kids with family and friends to see the Polar Express at the IMAX! I was worried that THEY had ruined one of my favorite books...but I'm soooo glad to report that I was nearly as thrilled by the movie as my youngest! My niece went as well...she is 3....had never been to a movie before and evidently her mother, my sister, and her father didn't tell her WHY she had on the funky glasses.... The poor child nearly jumped OUT of her skin right at the beginning! It was so cold outside that when we were all pushed out of the theater like cattle, she called me on my cell to tell me "Aunteeee, that was the most awsomest thing I've ever seen in my whole life!" (Not a bad review from a 3 year old, huh?!)

I came home, left the family and then went to THE only store open in my lil podunk town all night...WALLLLLmart! I was there for stocking stuffers....and bumped into my dearest NEW friend from my new school..... AND well........we played in Walmart for literally HOURS.... I got home at 4 a.m........ WHAT a great time we had! All the kids and husbands were asleep...the stockmen were very nice...we got the absolute LAST of our shopping done...and we laughed and giggled and had a WONDERFUL time.... the cashier told us that we were the "most fun customers" that she had checked out in nearly a month! You know...if you've gotta be out there doing least be out there doing THAT with a friend! hehehe....

I slept all morning and got up in time to put a roast in the crock pot and to bake another variety of cookie (for my daddy for Christmas!) I've got 1 more kind to bake...the kitchen floor to scrub and get everything under the tree... and viola..I'm done! (We don't use wrapping paper...we use cloth bags.....with ribbons...VERY easy to get stuff thrown into and UNDER the tree! AND there is no pile of trash on Christmas morning!)

Belated birthday wishes, Ginny! (and that guy who dumped your daughter right here near Xmas needs his butt kicked! What a jerk!)

Ya'll take care....I'll be back! Thanks for reading my babble!

12-24-2004, 06:30 PM

I will catch up with all of you on the 26th.

12-25-2004, 12:51 AM
Merry Christmas to all of you too........ok, Mouse, no I did not forget that you do not celebrate Christmas!
Still trying to get thru today.....just a wee bit of wrapping to do and I am done. Today I got some cleaning done and a whole lot of wrapping - straightening up. This week was difficult with 2 days of half days for some schools and not for others- so I drove a lot. This evening we went to my SIL/BIL's house to celebrate with Dh's family, which was strained (normal). But not awful. I got to sneak out early with both Dd's (who elected to come with me) to go to Christmas eve service, I was the preservice music (me on flute, accompanied by Dd's former piano teacher). I needed that.....have for many years found flute playing a wonderful way to burn off some emotions. And the service itself was exactly what we (older Dd) and I needed. Helped us get things in perspective after all that has happened this week. Plus, Pastors message was perfect- he is not known for great sermons (he is a very good shepherd, but his sermons can be weak......not tonight however!) and we finished singing Silent Night with candle light only. My weary soul needed that.......sorry to bore you with the details.

Anyway.....Robyn- your midnight shopping trip to Walmart sounded like a real hoot. Wish I could have shared it with you! Love your Polar Express IMAX yet!
Must have been something special. Thanks for the bday wishes, Dec 23 is the official non birthday......but I am rather used to it.

And as far as Dd's former bfriend.......well, ok I can't really attribute this to divine intervention...... but Mr Wonderful had his car smashed open by some thugs and everything of value stolen (yes, there is a big smile on my face!, not very Christian, I know). And if I ever bump into his mangey little personage these days........well, it will be hard to maintain some semblance of maturity and sanity. Hard to hear your daughter cry herself to sleep each night over some creep. And I guarantee that the creep already has another girl on the line- he has one of those sickola male ego's that need constant feeding.
Ok, I have crabbed enough.....thanks for listening.

Summer, Robyn and Kerry have a Merry Christmas. Mouse- wishing you a very well deserved week off and lots of time to recharge your batteries!

12-25-2004, 12:56 AM
Merry Christmas to all of you. :)

Ginny, thank-you for the card... I saw the envelope and I'm downstairs chatting with our front desk person going, "Gee, I wonder who this is from? I don't know anybody..." And then I opened it.


12-26-2004, 12:57 AM
:rolleyes: Hope your day was filled with fun and family! I'm exhausted! :) Will check in tomorrow! Right after I buy next years cards! take care, meeee

12-26-2004, 12:59 PM
Morning Ladies,
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I was fine until I got sick last night and threw up. So I am wondering if the food didn't agree with me. I feel fine today. Just really tired.
I hope to get some form of excerise in today sometime. I didn't get any in yesterday.
Well I better go and get my shower. Talk to you all later.

12-26-2004, 03:00 PM
Just a quick hello......have to clean up from the last tornado and get the house ready for this evening when BIL and SIL are coming over......maybe I will get to stop and relax sometime in the next decade.

Mouse- thanks for the Christmas wishes... glad the card got there (took a long time I think!) and sorry that the cards were not great....I somehow ran out of the cards I was using and had to go into some spare cards I had. Oh well, the thought was there.
Hope you are enjoying your time off.

Robyn- hey some cards for me!!!!!!! Are you one of those who get out the day after to shop the bargains?? (I am too much of a burnout to do so!). Hope you had a great day with your family!

Kerry- hugs! How are you feeling??? I hope that whatever made you ill is a fast mover and you are feeling better. Go easy on the excercise.....maybe a short walk or something like that until you feel stronger. How was your Christmas?

Summer- how did your Christmas go???? Hope to hear from you as soon as you can get to the computer.....but it can be tough to post with everyone home.

My Christmas was what else is new! The day went fairly well, but I am tired. Wish I did not have to do all that cooking.......but it went ok and is done. My mom came up, she is doing ok, but the years are really starting to take their toll. (she will be 80 next July). She has the next round of surgery for the basal cell on Jan 4 (I have the afternoon off, 1/2 personal day). Maybe once that is done she will get some of her energy back. And Dd is still moping around about her crummy former Bf.....may he stay away forever.......but he did call her yesterday....don't know if that was good or bad. She said she would have been even more upset if he had not called. What a creep......
Guess I'd better go clean....the house is quiet for the next 1 1/2 hours until they all get home, so I can straighten up a bit before the next onslaught. See ya!

12-26-2004, 03:19 PM
Hi Ginny,
I am feeling a little better. I did a 2 mile walking video and that seemed to help with my burst of engery. I am feeling alot better. I am wondering if it was something I eat yesterday that didn't agree with my stomach. Once I threw up last night and got some sleep, I felt better. I just think that I got too much sleep though. I went to bed at 11 last night and got up this morning at 11. Oh well that gives me an excuse to sit and read some this afternoon.
Talk to you all later.
Hope you are all relaxing after a day of family get togethers.

12-26-2004, 03:22 PM
Holey MOLEY....
Woke up to the whole place white with snow. First off.... I am in Virginia. Snow and Virginians does NOT mix. The weather people were calling for overnight "winter mix" with no accumulation....well... It is NOT accumulating STILL...... It is WELL over my ankles! Sunday is my usual grocery day....and well....GUESS WHERE I went earlier today?!

I started out by myself...slid sideways 3 times...came home and told my dh IF he wanted to eat..then he would have to drive me to the store. He lived in Maine for years, laughed at me and took me. The roads have not been touched. No plow, no salt, no nothing.... It is well beyond my ankles and heading towards my knee WITH nothing done to the roadways.... SEEEEEEE...... Virginia and snow just don't mix!

I came home and am spending my time wrapped in my new twin sized electric blanket (like I said he is a Mainiac and NEVER gets cold!) reading the newspaper and books. Now I'm wrapped in it at the computer! The boys have FINALLY gotten outside to fight in the snow! They will be good for about an hour before they will be back inside melting all over everything!

I'm eating my weight in crap on the hour....... soon the crap will be gone and I won't have a way to get more! This is THE only good thing about the snow that I can think of!

Gotta run.....I hear them on the steps! What was that?! 14 minutes????? Geesh!
will return!
take care,
....................did my new siggything work?.......................................

12-26-2004, 06:21 PM
Awww, Ginny! I didn't say the card wasn't appreciated! I hope you didn't think that! I just said I didn't know who it was from. The card itself was GREAT!!! I LOVE snowmen! You have no idea. I was just standing with our front desk lady (I had to take her the gift I'd gotten her... lots of little things because her birthday is next week too!), chatting when I was opening my mail and saw the card. I was surprised, because I couldn't figure out who it was from. I don't normally get anonymouse mail (yes, typo intended!); I'm usually really good at figuring out who everything is from!
This has been a BUSY, BUSY weekend for Red Cross. Unfortunately. :( :cry: What an absolutely horrible way to spend your Christmas weekend. We've had a lot of fires including one huge one today that burned a house to the ground. There isn't anything left. And if that weren't bad enough, we were told the house was unoccupied by all the officials in officialdom. And then I started getting calls from people who said they lived there! They're trying to straighten it out now. I need to go call the one person back, but I was hoping that one of the officials would call me first so I'd have some good news for her. Its bloody COLD out there; I hate the thought of some poor innocent having nowhere to go because we can't prove she lived in the house!
But we can't provide services to people in a fire situation without proof of address because we have so very many homeless people in the city illegally staying in abandoned buildings, and setting lots of them on fire. The majority of our fire calls are for occupied homes damaged because they were next to abandoned homes... During a natural disaster, we can and do provide services to everybody... but if we provided services without some type of verification... at least in a major urban city, we'd go bankrupt in hotel fees. :( :( The Philadelphia chapter bought, renovated and opened a shelter that they use for fire clients and then if they have space they let others stay there on a referral basis. But the Philly chapter is HUGE in terms of the number of little chapters that feed into them and in volunteers. We're just not that large.

12-27-2004, 10:27 AM
Morning Gals,
It is very cold here this morning. I didn't want to get out of bed. I could have snuggled with my dh a little more. But the stepkids are suppose to be here any minute now. We are watching them during the day this week, while their mom is at work. I hope she remembers to pick them up early tonight. My dh and I are celbrating our 1 year anniversary today. We will probably go out to dinner and then rent a couple movies to watch together tonight.
Mouse did your Red Cross work with the family from Hanover, Maryland whose house blew up on Christmas Eve? That is my best friend's uncle's family. I guess her uncle and aunt are still in critical condition with burns on 30% of their bodies. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend.
Robyn, are you surviving the snow storm? That is so weird that your area got dumped on with all that snow. Good for you for making your dh go with you to the grocery store.
Ginny how was your family get together last night? Hope everyone appreciated all your hard work. Today are you going to take a break and rest.
Summer I bet you are so glad that Christmas has come and gone. You were sure busy over the month of Dec. I hope you are now finding the time to rest.
Well the munchkins are here. Talk to you all later.

12-27-2004, 06:51 PM
Hey, Robyn, your snow storm is on our local news. You guys really got hammered!
Kerry: Probably. It would have been our Anne Arundel disaster team. I was with them when I first moved to Maryland (and then moved away and came back) in 1996. Good people. I'm currently with the Baltimore City/Baltimore County team, because you usually work with the chapter that serves the county where you live. I did see Anne Arundel was almost as busy as we were, but I don't know the zip code for the house you're talking about, so I can't be positive.
I am watching the local news, and see that there is a 2-alarm fire in a group of homes in the City. The news is saying they are vacant/abandoned, and I'm going to pray that they are. Not just so people don't lose their homes, but so I don't have to send any of the teams out in this cold weather. I feel for the firefighters as well. Its below freezing, and has been for 2 days, so it'll be really hard to keep the sidewalks and streets clear once they hit them with the hose. That makes fighting the fire much, much harder.
I changed the bed linens and flipped the futon mattress (that is a CHORE: the mattress is all dead weight and it doesn't slide the way a regular mattress does!), did one load of laundry and hit Trader Joes.
Got some nice stuff at TJ's: portable little cartons of soy milk, vegetable tempura, artichoke risotto, baked eggplant, lots of edamame, some of their roasted corn... some new burritos (red beans, rice, no fat). I started to buy some other stuff, too, but didn't. They've really raised the prices on their sushi, though. Which bites, because their low-fat sushi is awesome. I also bought some little kid drinks (white grape juice) for when my friend comes on Friday; she is going to bring her daughter with her. Oh, yea, some low-carb tortillas (which are really good!), and lots of my soda. Root beer, ginger ale, orange and black cherry! No calories, no aspartame.
:) Oh, and some sparkling apple cider for the new year! :) Yea, you all REALLY wanted to read my grocery list, didn't ya?

12-28-2004, 12:18 AM
Evenings ladies,
Mouse sounds like you had a busy but relaxing day. Did you get any swim time in? If you would like to read more information on my friend's uncle's house go to and click on the fire in Hanover, MD. Hope you are staying nice and warm.
Robyn, did you weather the storm okay? The news is all about the snow storm in the South now. So what books did you read so far on your vacation? I am reading one called Beachcomber by Karen Robards. It is really good so far. I hope you are keeping nice and warm.
Ginny so when do you go to WW this week? Do you think you will have a loss? I am hoping tomorrow night when I go to TOPS that I have a small loss. I have worked out a little more this weekend so I don't feel guilty about eating a few cookies and a pieces of pie on Christmas. Today I went to Curves with a friend and then came home and did 1/2 hour on my gazelle and a 1/2 hour on my excerise bike. I rewarded myself with a piece of sugar-free apple pie at dinner tonight. I was a good girl and got two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, a salad and a baked potato for dinner tonight. I only ate one of my chicken breasts and saved the other for tomorrow. Plus I didn't even touch the bread that came with my dinner. Here's hoping that we both have losses this week. Is your dd doing better without her boyfriend?
Summer, I bet you are just loving the free time you get to spend with your dd. What fun exciting things have you been doing with her?
My dh and I had a nice time at dinner. Then we stopped at the video store on the way home and got I, Robot. It was a good movie. Very interesting and ended differently than I would have thought. Did any of you see it? Now he is parked in front of the TV watching football. So I decided to play on the computer. Atleast we got to spend a couple hours together uninterupterd. (sorry about spelling).
Well I better go and see if my sister emailed me back yet. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful duty free Tuesday!

12-28-2004, 12:17 PM
Good morning!
Just a drive thru visit today.....Dh is basically standing over me and not much time for anything. We are trying to get some errands done today- as we did yesterday- stuff that takes up a lot of time during the week especially with work.
Great to hear from everyone......Mouse, sounds as though you have been one busy lady. (me and my big ideas for you getting some rest.)
Kerry- hope your WI is great! Glad you have been so busy and gettingyour workouts in.
Robyn- so it was you who ordered the snow!!!!! (had to get a jab in).
Summer- enjoy your down time.........!
Oh, brother......Dm is on the phone gotta go.....sorry for abeing terse.

12-28-2004, 01:15 PM
Snow. Snow! SNOW! UNCLE! I've had enough now! Enough slipping. Enough sliding. Enough wet clothes. Enough red faced wet / cold children! Enough time in this house!

For the last two days, I've written lenghty posts that I've not actually posted as they were NOT postable for various reasons.

Anyway. I'm reading _The Secret Life of Bees_ . I'm going to take down Christmas today. It is in my way...and no one is REALLY loving it this one will notice that it is gone. SAD.

enough...see why I haven't been posting?!
take care.


12-28-2004, 01:30 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
It must be the day for dh's to be a pain in the butt. I got up this morning and did a 2 mile walking video with my stepdd. My dh had to keep butting in on our time together and tell her to move faster. It really ticked me off. About an hour after doing my walking video, I called a friend and asked if she wanted to go to Curves with me today. After I got off the phone with her, my dh starts complaining about how the laundry needs to be done and a few other things before I can go workout with my friend. I called her back and told her that I would be going later in the day. I got the damn laundry started and then swept the kitchen floor. He came in and said that I didn't need to do that. All I needed to do was to do the laundry. I told him that I had planned on doing that after I got home and took a shower. But I guess that isn't good enough for him. I enjoy having time off from school, but I also hate it because it is not really not my time off. I have to do all the normal stuff that I can't get done during the work week and weekends. He threatened me again with not going home with me and I told him that at this point in the holidays I don't really care if he ever goes anywhere with me again. It is like I have to bend over backwards for everyone's needs and put my needs on hold until everyone else is happy. I am tired of putting myself last. I think that is how I got in the shape I am in now to begin with. But oh well, I only have 5 more days of vacation. Then it will be back to grind and I can be back in a normal scheduled routine. I got so pissed off that I ended up taking the Christmas tree down and have it all put up and back in the storage closet. With no help from anyone. It felt good taking the tree down and wiping away another crummy holiday without my family but with his. Then he tried being all lovely dovely with me when I was done with the tree and said that he didn't say to take the tree down. That he was just putting away the kids stuff so it was not laying around anymore. In family, when you put your stuff away, it means that it is time to take down the Christmas tree too. I am so upset right now that I don't think I can eat anything. But he made lunch for the family. So I guess I better go and get atleast something to eat. Maybe that will calm down my stomach. I am hoping that here in another hour or so I can go workout at Curves and burn off this feelings of anger. Thanks for letting my vent. I will check back with you all later. I will share my TOPS results with you tonight after I get home from my meeting.
Hope your day is going better than mine.
Take care,

12-28-2004, 08:06 PM
Ok, I am going to make some of Mouse's cyber brownies and send lots and lots of hugs to you Robyn and Kerry. SOOOOO sorry that the Attila the Hun virus has spread even more quickly than the flu. Gosh, men can be such creeps!!! I am glad you both vented, though (makes me feel better too, as you both know I have days just like yours!). And Robyn, unless you really went off the deep end, no worry that we will judge you have 3 solid shoulders to cry on here, as far as I am concerned.'s a story about the Atilla the Hun virus and a minor victory over it. Well, money is tight (gee, root canal, 2 car accidents, Christmas....can't figure out why?!). But the van really, really needed 4 tires. And the "new" truck (ok, it was a bargain!) needs at least 2 new tires too.
So Dh and I went to Sam's and got the tires for the van. It was supposed to be an we shopped in Sam's, got only what we needed, killed the hour and checked on the van. Not done we walked across the street to Lowes and got a few minor things we needed from there. Back toSam's......and the van is just being finished. Ok, Dh had to do his share of bellyachin about the extra time and what creeps (his language was a wee bit worse than that ;) ) they are. I went to get the keys, and the girl hands me the key, the paperwork and tells me to go to Customer Service for my refund.
REFUND???????? Huh??? Well, Sam's policy is if it is over an hour to install tires, the installation fee is refunded. So, I mention this to sceptical sam.....and he squawks about standing on line for the refund. That line was about 5 minutes, and yes I was not sure of this whole deal until I got there and they hand me a credit for $38! (hehehehehe :lol: ) To which Mr Humble (who wanted me to leave without getting the credit) says.....gee, that will pay for over half of a tire for the truck, guess I will go up tomorrow am and get the tires for it. So, I smiled......tried not to rub it in too much (it was hard!) and shut my big mouth. So there are good days...... Tomorrow will probably be awful!
Hang in there my friends.....try to find some special moments for yourself.....and at least you are not running around like a looney (as we all tend to do when school is in session!). Kerry hope the WI was good and you got your workout in......still trying to squeeze on in here.
See ya tomorrow.

12-28-2004, 08:43 PM
Evening Ladies,
My weigh in went great. I lost another 1 1/2 pound. So I am now 202 1/4. I only have 2 1/4 pounds to go before reaching my mini goal of being 200 pounds by the beginning of 2005. I was this week's biggest loser, so I got the weigh-in money. That is $3.00 I didn't have. So I put it in my little bank and I will use it to treat myself to something nice someday. Plus I was the monthly loser with 4 1/2 pounds lost. There was only 2 other people who lost weight tonight. One lady lost a pound and another one lost 1/2 pound. We had a gain of 21 pounds. So everyone seemed to enjoy their holiday treats. So for the year in TOPS, I lost 14 1/4 pounds. That makes it more than I lost my first year in the group which was last year 12 3/4 pounds for a total overall loss of 27 pounds. I think that is good for two years.
Well my dh has loosen up some. He was trying to be nice to me this afternoon and I blew him off. He couldn't say that he was sorry for me missing out on time with my friend. But I did ask if it was okay that I went tomorrow morning with her. He said that he didn't care what I did tomorrow. We shall see when tomorrow gets here.
Ginny sounds like Atilla the Hun is coming out in all males. Why is it when it gets cold out and the weather gets bad they have to be big pain's in the butt? Glad to hear that you stuck it out and got your refunded. It is kind of funny when us women can outsmart and get results in front of our men. Don't you just want to look at them and say I told you so? Hope you were able to get your workout in.
Mouse, Robyn and Summer how was your day? I hope it was a nice relaxing one.
Talk to you all later.

12-28-2004, 11:06 PM
Hi Gals,
Just testing out to see if I figured out how to put the signuature weight tracker correctly. Talk to you all tomorrow.

12-28-2004, 11:47 PM
Hey, Kerry... like your tracker. Looks vaguely familiar. ;)
And hi to everybody else. My father threw me into a panic tonight: they discharged him from the rehab part of the nursing home today and he went home. And has called 911 two times since he got home. He's scared and I understand that, but there isn't much I can for him 75 miles from his house. I can't sleep at his apartment, and I can't stay there very long because I can't bring my cat with me. He needed somebody to help him get around the house, which I can't do either. I can't move him on my own, he's pretty big. I'm not small myself, and I know that, but... I feel guilty for not going up there, but I can't DO anything for him. I can't even stay at his apartment, so I'd basically be staying at my mother's which is 10 miles from him.
I tried for a few hours to find somebody to go with me, even asking my friends in Virginia, and they were going to come with me, but its not fair for me to ask them to drop everything and go with me. I do still feel guilty... Like I should go up there.

12-29-2004, 11:10 AM
Well, my friends, I am taking my first breath (and only for a few seconds) since I came home from school at 5:45pm on December 23rd!

Christmas Eve day, DH took DD ice skating for the first time to get her out of the house so that I could wrap. We continued to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. Another first was to take DD to the 11:00pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. Amazingly enough, she stayed awake. All should have been well, however, a few annoying things kind of messed with my Christmas spirit. We got to church one hour early to get seats in the third row. Then a choir member layed her coats down to save seats for her family. No biggie, right? Well, they came a little after the service began, and they tried to stuff ten people in an area that would normally only accomodate six or seven. So, I had a smelly old lady practically sitting on my lap throughout the service. Then an old man who should probably have been on zithromax and in bed sat behind me hacking up his lung. I have long hair now, and I kept imagining his cooties and sputum on my back. And, the person who normally solos "Oh Holy Night" is now a paid performer, and our church apparently didn't want to shell out any cash. So instead, a horrible soloist destroyed one of my favorite Christmas songs. I don't mean to sound so negative, but I had everything in place, and a few strangers kind of f*cked it up. Before bed, DD and I sprinkled reindeer food on the front lawn to attract Rudolph!

Okay, Christmas morning was great. DD really believes, and she was soooooo excited. Our time at home was harmonious, but then we had to venture out to my DS house. She is an alcoholic and also dabbles in prescription drugs. So, her personality can go from fun and loving to cruel and depressed. Well, she decided that she was the Queen, and the family (peasants) were all there to do her bidding. Now her in-laws made light of it by calling her, "Principessa" and making jokes. Unfortunately, my DH has a bad history with DS, so he took her ordering around and criticizm to heart. He was miserable, and nearly bit his tongue right off! We were only there for four hours, but it seemed a lot longer and really put a damper on things. So, DH suggested the next day that we "get the h*ll out of here" next year. My in-laws live in Florida (near Orlando) during the school year, so I think we will end up spending Christmas with them next year. This gives him incentive to deal with our finances so we can afford to go.

On the 26th, we went to a party at a work friend's house. She lives in a magnificent "museum-like" home. She even has an English Pub-like game room in her home. The home is Victorian with the most intricately stunning architectural details. Nobody else from work was there, so I exercised my small-talk with strangers muscle. We ended up staying almost six hours, and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. That helped to make up for the lousy day at my DS's house.

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and grocery shopped on the 27th. Yesterday, we had a play-date all day with DD's and my best friends. DD's friend stayed for a sleepover. We took them to the movies to see "Christmas with the Kranks." It was good, but basically all the funny scenes are in the previews. We won't be buying the DVD. Then we asked the girls if they wanted Italian for dinner. They both said, "Yes." Both of them. Not just one of them. Well, we drove to a really yummy restaurant, and as I pictured the linguini with red clam sauce, DD's friend said, "I DON'T LIKE ITALIAN FOOD." I said, "Sure you do. We have pizza at your house all of the time." She said, "I only fake it that I like it, but I really hate it." So we sat there and tried to figure out where to go as the snow came down. Since the streets quickly became treacherous, we chose to go home and order Chinese delivery. Needless to say, DD's friend didn't actually like the food she asked us to order for her...the kind of Chinese food she always gets. This kid is soooooo high maintenance. I couldn't get her to agree with me on anything, and I was torn between being the mommy/teacher who doesn't take any crap and the friend of her mother who wants her to be happy sleeping over our house for the first time. So, I compromised and let her have her way when it was something small, and put my lead foot down when it really mattered. She is still here tearing up my house. I will be driving her home soon and then we will have a play date up at her house. I can't wait for tonight when I am free of her!!!

I will come back tomorrow to read all of your posts and catch up with everything. I am gonna start a new thread for the new year in a few days. P.S. I can't get any of the smilies to appear onto my post. I also can't get the font, color, or size to change. Is anyone else having a problem with that?

12-29-2004, 01:07 PM
Morning Ladies,
I am happy to say that I am having a great day so far. I was able to sleep in a little bit this morning and then go workout with my friend at Curves. So things are looking good for today. I plan on being lazy today. I think I will curl up with the book I am reading and try to put a major dent in it. Plus I have to go to the library to renew my books. So I think I might just check out a few movies to watch this evening while everyone else is busy watching football. I made a pact with my friend who doesn't really like to go shopping, that we would go shopping for a new outfit in smaller sizes around my birthday in May. She has fallen off the bandwagon and I am trying to help motiviate her again. She did really good losing some 40 pounds and then she had surgery and gained back 20 pounds. So she is feeling really low right now. Hope I can help spur her on to lose the weight and then some. Wish me luck!!
Summer sounds like you are still running and never really stopped. Sorry to hear that your Christmas Eve service was not a spiritual moving experience for you. Sounds like your whole Christmas was not a pleasant one. Hope you have a nice time with your friend today. Sorry to hear that your high maintance houseguest was a picky eater.
Ginny did your dh go and get his tires today? Are you going to be able to squeeze in a wi this week? Did you get your workout in last night?
Robyn, are things going better for you? Did you get your Christmas stuff put away?
Mouse, I didn't even realize that we had the same tracker until after I checked the posts. You know what they say about great minds think alike. That was the only slider that caught my eye. Sorry to hear that your dad is stressing you out. Isn't there any home health care agencies that your dad could contact to come in and help him until is well enough to be on his own?
Well I think I will go and ride my excerise bike for a while to get some me time. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful day!

12-29-2004, 04:24 PM
While I still have some sanity about me, I thought I would get a post in.

Summer- catch your breath Hon! Soo sorry about the Christmas Eve service, I too have had that happen. Several years ago, (our church has 2 services the "contemporary" music service and then one with mostly hymns) we went to the Easter Service. And that year the praise team did the whole thing.....they are pretty good if you like that kind of music, but I for one get sick of them (seem to play forever, and I am there not for the music but for Pastor's message) and did not really think their music was appropriate for Easter. Anyway.......we came out of church disgusted....totally. That is too bad about O Holy Night.....and I know how it hurts to have your favorite song butchered. Has the playdate of torture ended????? The party on the 26th sounds like it was fun.....glad you got out for something pleasurable! (and should you get to Orlando next December, sneak me with you!)

Mouse- please do not beat yourself up on this situation with your father. It is so sad.....and I know that this must be awfully hard for you. Perhaps there is some visiting nurse service that can check up on him- or a responsible neighbor...maybe even the local JCC (is there one where he lives?)- someone who might do that. I know here the local Temple has a few indivuduals who take that kind of volunteer work on. You have and are doing all that you can.
Try your local office of the aging too...or a senior center....keep calling, gosh there has to be some help somewhere!

Kerry- Woo hoo!!!!!!! :D Hats off to you you big loser!! Congrats on being the biggest loser of the month, in a month that is tough on many of us to lose! Keep up the good work! I am so happy for you. Glad that Attila has retreated a wee bit and is not giving you such a hard time. You are right, there is something about the male gender, cold weather (they can't be with their outside toys....whatever they are) and not being at work (noone to boss around or a way to burn off that testosterone). My Atilla has actually been pretty sane today.....I am thankful for that.

Robyn- you perking up?? I hope that you are having some fun this vacation....and enjoying your book.

Me? Well, I did not get my walk inlast nite (kids wanted to play Clue, so I did that....not too many years that I will be able to keep all 3 of them happy with a board game). I did get a walk in today (3 miles) and am going to grab the TV now (Ds finally gave it up!) to get a WATP tape in. Gotta get myself back on track. My eating has been not too good.......but today I am doing well. Probably no WW meeting for me, and if I do go, I will use the no WI coupon. Just a wee bit too much stress for me and I know I did not get many walks/workouts in.
Gotta go......see ya later!

12-29-2004, 04:26 PM
BTW, I love the trackers.....don't know if have the nerve to put one on for me though!
How do you add one (in case I get the nerve up!)

12-29-2004, 04:43 PM
Oh bother.....I figured out the tracker thing......lets see if this works......(why did I do this????)

12-29-2004, 04:43 PM
Figures, I would be the only moron to set up a tracker and it does not show up!!!! (keep smiling, Ginny) I will try again.

12-29-2004, 07:11 PM
On the last page of the tracker site, all I did was copy and paste my tracker to the signature page. After I copied it, then I went to edit signature and pasted it on there. Hope this helps. Getting ready to sneak out the house with my one stepson to get a slice a pizza. I have been craving pizza for a couple weeks and decided to give into the craving today. Before it really gets out of hand. Talk to you all later.

12-29-2004, 09:40 PM
I going to work backwards here:
Kerry: cheese pizza, with thin crust, is a healthy choice. One slice is between 140-160 calories. Some places do whole wheat crust, which is fantastic, and most places use part-skim mozzarella: it melts better.
Ginny & Robyn: Thanks for the support. I can't call any agencies: I don't have power of attorney nor do I want it. I think I've mentioned before that he and I don't get along very well. He won't listen to what I tell him to do, and has never listened to me before. He LOVES to brag about my degrees and that I'm working on my doctorate and that I work for a major hospital system at a rehabilitation hospital's school program (because that IS what I do, I just don't usually phrase it that way because it sounds egoist). But when it comes right down to it, he won't listen to me. Last night I told him he needed to call the following agencies this morning: Veteran's Administration (which he refused, saying they aren't accepting new patients, and I reminded him that he is an established patient because he gets his eyecare there! So then he said he couldn't drive there, and I reminded him that the local Red Cross chapter has drivers that drive people to the VA hospital!), Meals on Wheels (because he can't cook or grocery shop for himself, and there are no grocery delivery services in my hometown, because I think he could handle microwave meals), Office on Aging (to find a home health care aide), his primary care physician (why is he having all these issues suddenly? Is there something else wrong?), and perhaps a lawyer. He's going to let the surgeon who operated on his knee twice already do another one next Thursday. I don't think he was a good candidate for the procedure anyway: I do not at all believe that he has lost 50 pounds in 8 weeks (that is more than FIVE pounds per week??? If he HAS lost that much, I want his metabolism! Because he hasn't been exercising beyond ordinary PT!), and now weighs less than 300 pounds. NO WAY! And my understanding of the procedure is that it is proscribed in patients over a certain weight, and over a certain age. I also found out that they didn't do any type of physical therapy or exercise program prior to surgery. That would have been my FIRST stop: I would have started with aqua therapy with him given age and weight.
Okay, enough of that. I think I'm going to find somewhere to hide this weekend.

12-29-2004, 11:11 PM
Evening Ladies,
I got my slice of pizza and it did the trick. That should do me for a few months or more. I even went upstairs while my dh, his twin boys' and his brother were watching the Ohio State vs. Oklahama game and rode the excersise bike for a half hour. Got through a really good part in the book I read while riding the bike. I could have ridden a little longer if my butt was not getting sore and I wasn't so thirsty.
Mouse, I am so sorry that your dad doesn't seem to want to listen to any of your suggestions. It must be heartbreaking to offer advice and it go unwanted or used. But he sure seems to want to pull you into his life. Hope things tend to get easier for you. What are your plans for this weekend?
Ginny, I hope you can get the tracker to work for you. I had to mess around a few times before I got mine to work. Good for you to get your workouts in too. Sounds like your family had a fun time playing Clue last night.
Robyn, so have you warmed up from your winter weather? The winter weather has seem to skirt around my area of Ohio. It sure did hit the people in Columbus which is an 1 or 1 1/2 hour away from us depending on traffic. They are still without electric in some places a week later. It bad weather hit close to 25 miles from our house. We just had some ice on Thursday morning from the rain we got last Wednesday. That was it plus some really cold temps. over the weekend. It has been in the 40-50's here the last few days.
Summer, hope your playdate went well over at your friend's house today. So do you have big plans for the New Year's weekend? My dh and I are going to go visit my parents for the weekend. I am hoping to squeeze in a visit with my best friend. I don't know if my dh and I are going to go out Friday night or not. Or if we might just order take out and spend the evening at home with my parents. My dad has bronchitis really bad right now. So he really hasn't been out anywhere for a week. He did go to the lung specialist today and he upped his one med. and gave him another med. to break up the junk in his lungs.
Well I think I am going to go look up something for my TOPS group about Open House Ideas and then go to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Have a great Thursday!

12-30-2004, 01:31 PM
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............................Dd' s former bf just called to say that he is dating someone else......anyone got a baseball bat?????? Strangulation is not too good for him.
See ya later.

12-30-2004, 01:32 PM
Lookie, the tracker working! Thanks Kerry! (had it all done except pasting it onto my profile)

12-30-2004, 04:40 PM
I don't have big plans for the weekend, since I'm dispatching until 5:00 on Friday night. I thought about going to Virginia Friday night, and staying over, but then decided not to. I have a friend coming over tomorrow (though I think she's a little torqued at me because I talked to her about my issues with the father, and she apparantly talked to another friend that is my boss at the pool... and my boss said that I made her feel guilty. And that makes me feel bad, because I dind't want HER to go with me to his house, I wanted to know if she knew anybody that could. She has two little kids, so I'd never ask her!), while I'm dispatching. I still have to do one more load of laundry (sheets and blankets), and mop the kitchen floor. Also run the dishwasher. I want to vacuum one more time with my potpourri stuff so it smells good in here. I don't want anybody to ever say that my apartment smells like cat.
I went to the library, but all the books I wanted were checked out at the library near the gym. Its more convenient and easier for me to go to that one since its all on one-floor and there are no stairs into or out of the library. The big library has steps all over (to the most interesting parts!), and no elevators... Its also near the Trader Joes I go to, and you have to park in a garage because there is no lot and no street parking.

12-30-2004, 04:40 PM
So here I am again! MissCongeniality! Did I spell that correctly? I'm trying hard to FIX my head! Today I am EATING correctly! :) THAT is a beginning to fixing my "ISSUES"! LOL Snow is gone. Ground is soaking wet soggy! Today I worked on cleaning the house up! Actually found carpet in our bedroom! (THE last room to ever get any attention!)

Oldest DS is days away from being an official TEENager.... and I'm 16 weeks from turning 40. YIKES! :)

I'll be back......... to let you know that I stayed OP for the entire day!
1 day at a time!

take care.....

I updated the tracker....did it work?!

12-30-2004, 05:19 PM
Robyn- ok, you will get thru the teenage years.....although they ain't fun and they ain't pretty (and murder for Dd's former bf becomes a better option every passing moment!) My biggest advice to you (I have 2 teens.....)is take the best possible care of you that you can. Get some excercise, even 15minutes of walking each day can change your mood. It can be SO tough to stay upbeat with teens- they can mercilessly pick all over you......go right for the jugular.....and at times it seems so overwhelming. Great for you with one day of good eating.....that will help too! Smile, laugh......and vent here. And congrats on getting some cleaning done.

Mouse- I was looking for some resources to help Dd (who is presently lower than the bottom of the ocean) and wandered onto OK, it is a Christian web site, and I am not trying to convert you. BUT, there are some resources and articles on caring for one's parents.....I started to go into those articles(remember, my DM is going in for surgery next week and Dd and I will be running back and forth to care for her). Maybe there are some resources that can help you with your dad. Go into On the left side, click on Your Familys health (under parents). Then in the text, click on Troubled With. Then click on Caring for Elderly Parents. I went no further than there, as I do not have the time for much more than that. But I did get the impression that there were some valuable links and usually their articles are very helpful. Sorry you were not able to get the books you wanted......can you waiting list them?
Dd, Dh and I actually went for a walk together on the track....I did 2 miles, ran for about 2 laps. It was nice for Dh to join me, he usually makes fun of/won't join me in walking.
Gotta go.....might be back later as I think Dd, Dh and Ds are going to a college bball game tonite.
See ya!!!

12-30-2004, 06:11 PM
Hello fellow educators and others,

I'm new to the site and I think just may be where I need to "hang out". Your objective statement is positive "teachers successfully losing weight" so I want to be a part of that. This is my 23rd year of teaching and I currently teach a 3/4 split. I've had 2 weeks off to regroup, and have decided that I need to re-lose the extra weight in order to handle the stress of teaching. Those state tests loom on the horizon and it does add extra stress. My goal is to lose 60 lbs. (again) and I am going to make the eating changes that Bob Greene talks about in his Get With the Program. 1) stopping eating 3 hours before bedtime, 2) drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day - even if the teacher next door has to do some kid-watching while I go potty, 3) eat consciously, 4) no alcohol, and 5) perhaps the hardest for me - eat a good breakfast. I am hoping that this isn't an exclusive club and hope to be a part of your group.

12-30-2004, 08:51 PM
Welcome Sandi,
We are glad to have another person on board. We are a wonderful bunch of ladies who are very supportive. I think you will fit in just fine.
Your plan sounds like a good one. I just watch what I eat, limit my intake of food and drink lots of water, green tea, iced tea and milk. Plus I workout at Curves 3 to 4 days a week and do WATP tapes. I also use my gazelle and excerise bike too. It has helped me to lose 58 pounds since I started my change of lifestyle three years ago. Mind you I still have a long way to go but I will get there. I just take it one step at a time. You made a wise decision to come join us. So that is a wonderful start.
I am in the midst of doing laundry and packing to go visit my family for the weekend. I was up at 7:30 this morning to go workout with my friend. Then it was off to the county school's office to pick-up my paycheck. Home to pay bills and off to the bank. I tried to go to the post office to mail the bills and got feed up with no available parking spaces the three times I went around the block. So they are still laying on the counter. Maybe I will do that in the morning before hitting the highway. Then I took the stepmunchies out to lunch by myself. That was fun! They were very well-behaved until their food ran out. Then they started to get antsy and playful. Hurried them out the door before they embarassed me. Dropped the boys off with their daddy and then took my sdd with me and took my mil shopping. Ended up not buying anything. But we had fun looking at the clothes and shoes. Picking out clothes that neither three of us would be caught died in. So now it is down to getting things ready to go away for a few days. I can't believe that our week is almost over.
Well I better go and finish packing. I want to have an early start in the morning, but it all depends on if my dh gets up in time and gets moving around. It is a four hour drive up to the Northeastern part of Ohio.
If I don't talk to you at all over the weekend, have a safe and Happy New Year's!

12-30-2004, 11:37 PM
Hello Sandi!

Welcome! You've found a wonderful site AND you've wandered into a fun, supportive, varied group of gals! The people here keep my chin up ....even when it isn't! :)

After 17 years in one school (....heck in ONE classroom), I have left everything and everyone that I have ever known and changed schools AND school systems! (See what losing a few pounds will do to your courage?!) This fall found me being THE new teacher at a school that is in the same system that my children attend! I teach 1st grade...and have for nearly FOREVER! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVVVVEEEE my new school!
I'm working my fingers to the bone at school! What I did in MY SLEEP for the last decade must now be THOUGHT thru....and put on paper..... Stress and emotions...not a pretty combination for ME! Since I decided to INTERVIEW for the new job... (yes, I know it is an excuse....but it WAS extremely emotional after all that time!) ....

I've put BACK on 25 pounds that I had shed......and now have 45 in total to get off my hips. I've been sooooo off track this summer and fall..... but am working on getting my HEAD back in the game! I know from experience that I CAN and WILL shed this weight.....I just hope that once I get it off I can throw my YO-YO away!

I am the mother of two ds who keep me busy with all the usual stuff! (7th grade, 4th grade, baseball, various bands, scouts, etc...) I adore them! (Most days!) I'm married to the guy I went to prom with 100000 years ago! (1981...I was a sophmore! :) We just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary....but go back WAYYYY further than that! I adore him! (Most days!)

Your plan sounds like a good one! I'm getting the holiday food crap out of the house! (I swear the junk food calls my name!) I have a horrible sweet tooth! This butt didn't get this big from eating meats or fancy REAL food! I will be working on my plan and will post it here in the next few days! Water, exercise and THINKING before my mouth opens will be included! you can tell.... I am THE big mouth! But I am a friendly BIG mouth! :)
( the rest of YOU don't tell her ANYthing that will scare her away!)

Ginny, WHAT is up with the exbf? He seems to be a real creep! (Did I tell you thanks for the card?! It was a wonderful surprise!)

Kerry, have a wonderful trip! Happy NEW Year to you!

Mousie, I'm so sorry that your father is having such a hard time! (((hugs))) and positive thoughts for YOU!

Summer, hang in there! I'm sorry that your time off from school hasn't been as wonderful as could be! I miss talking with you! .....LOVED the card and note! :)

Okey my is my usual quote.........from one of my favorite songs...
"If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
If you want to be somebody else Change your mind..."

I've going to...... I've got to...... :) I did! :)

Oh did I mention my jury time has ended?! Yea, again! It is OVER! I called every night, holding my breath.... and was NEVER called to go all the way over there to the actual court! Yahooo! OVER! Citizen of the YEAR again for the month of December! Whooohooo! LOL

Ya'll take care! I'm off to read a REAL not school related book! WhoooHooo! :)


12-31-2004, 10:00 AM
Morning Ladies,
Just a quick drive by from me this morning. I am already to go to see my family for the weekend. I am just waiting on my dh to wake up. I think if he is not awake by 9:15. I am going to wake him up. I got up this morning and got in my excerise. I did 1/2 hour on the gazelle and 1/2 hour on the bike. I am hoping that while at home with my family, I can squeeze in sometime with their skier and bike even if it is 15 to 30 minutes.
Well I need to go and put my suitcase in the van. Talk to you all later. I might be able to visit you all if I can use my folks' computer. If not, I will check back with you all on Sunday night.
Have a wonderful weekend!

12-31-2004, 03:15 PM
Welcome Sandi!!!!! I think you will love it this is not an exclusive group at all, they have actually let me in and I am a lowly student transportation expert.....aka bus driver! I have a BS in chemical engineering, did that for 10 yrs, then retired to mommyhood - but also became a part time technical writer for 10 years. Then for a zillion reasons, and the lack of a student friendly schedule being one of the biggest (and a generally non supportive Dd and kids , as mom was burning the nite oil technical writing....taking stuff with me on vacation as I was self employed) decided to take myself out of the private sector and find something that was close to home. And I love kids....and I was always one of those safety nuts (safety commitee at work, wrote safety procedures etc....) so I thought that maybe I could handle driving a bus. The HR person in our district tried to offer me a substitute teaching job when I applied to be a driver....but I am way too much of a burnout to go back to college and I would have to commute at least an hour to get to the nearest state school. ends up I rather enjoy what I do behind the wheel.....but found I really needed the companionship of others who deal with students on a daily basis. This wonderful group has been kind enough to put up with me, and my ranting and raving. We do have a lot in common. So, lets see, I have 3 children Dd 18 (freshman in college), Ds 15 (sophmore in HS) and a Dd 9 (3rd grade) and their dad- not sure what grade he is in, but he is an engineer with a large corporation (pharmaceuticals, the same company I used to work for).
Your plan to lose sounds great.....the only thing I would suggest is some activity. Even a 15 minute walk once a day can make all the difference.
Good luck to you!!!!!! Can't wait to get to know you better!

Kerry- sounds like you have gotten a lot of workouts in.....good for you! I hope for your sake that you can get a wee bit of excercise in this weekend too, that really does seem to be boosting your weight loss these days.
Have a safe and fun trip!!! We'll miss you while you are gone.

Robyn- You are my favorite friendly big mouth!! Just had to tell you that. What book are you reading???? And how did your eating end up yesterday?
It sounded as though you were off to a good start! Stay out of the kitchen and chuck out the junk food! I am glad that the cards all got there.....(everyone here got one) I wanted to be a bit more personal than a web page can be and hopefully cheer up someone's day. There are days when this board is such a safe haven for me, and I am VERY thankful for each of you.
I do regret that I did not get personal in each card, but time was short and I thought it was better to send something than nothing. So that is what I did.
Well, Ms Jury Chairperson.....congrats on being free!!!!!!! I am sure that you too found the Peterson murder jury comments a bit more interesting, having just survived the jury process, as I did too. I know my family had a tough time understanding how you can isolate facts...trya case according to instructions given by a judge....and it can be done and is exhausting. I am so glad that you are relieved from that!

As for me, I actually got Dh and our 2 Dd's to walk to town and get some errands done with me. Last nite I did a pilates DVD that I have done- sort of interesting.....and I am not too sore today. Ok, my eating was horrible- stress eating with all this stuff that poor Dd is going thru with that miserable creep former BF pulled. I told her NOT to answer his cell calls (he likes to torment her at all kinds of stupid hours) and let his calls go to her voice mail.
And then take great joy in deleting his messages (you did know that I was a vendictive b**** didn't you?). She has to get out of the loop of him tormenting her. So last nite she left her cell here......which I hid in a linen drawer so we could not hear the ring. On our walk to town we bumped into a friend of hers (nice kid, also Christian, nice family....attractive.....outgoing personality, not Mr Clandestine, like miserable former Bf who deserves to be beheaded) who just happens to be doing nothing this evening. (they also saw each other at Ds's baskeball game a week ago, just after despicable former Bf dumped Dd......yes I am trying to find every rotten adjective I can find for the louse!) He says he will call Dd later. No, I do not want to marry my daughter off.....not the case at all, just have her have some fun and a life without her manipulative,selfish, slimy, former Bf. And because I do not want to get the thesaurus out.....guess I will end this post because I am running out of choice words for the jerk.
Going to sneak in a WATP tape. We are going out to Chilis for dinner tonite- and I have already picked out a nice low points entree (BTW, Sandi, I am on WW) that will be within the points range I have for the rest of my day.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!! :D

12-31-2004, 08:03 PM
I know that I'm the one who needs to read this the MOST..... but when I read made a I thought I should put it in I can REread it often! ...and thought that maybe some body else here would find it useful too! is somthing that I'm cutting and pasting into our thread..............

Ten Fitness Obstacles and Their Solutions
By Edel Jarboe

Obstacle #1: "I don't feel like working out today." Whenever you feel tempted to skip your exercise routine or to put starting one off altogether, remind yourself of the reasons why you want to exercise. Write it down on an index card and read it whenever you feel like blowing off your health. Why do you want to get fit? How will being in shape benefit your life?

Obstacle #2: "I'm just not motivated to exercise." Setting specific daily or weekly fitness goals helps you to focus on your performance and keeps you motivated. For example, committing to working out four days a week or walking five miles gives you a specific fitness target to aim for and makes it easier for you to make the time to exercise. It is also helpful to keep a record of your fitness performance so that you can up the stakes and stay challenged. Most importantly, you can provide ongoing motivation by rewarding yourself at the end of each week or month with a pedicure, massage, or new workout gear.

Obstacle #3: "I don't have time to exercise." Schedule your fitness workouts for the week with a specific time, location, and activity. When you do this, you eliminate the excuse of not having enough time to workout. Quite simply, you make the time and honor this appointment with yourself.

Obstacle #4: "I have a hard time staying motivated." Keep a workout journal. Tracking your progress helps you to see how far you've come. Record the date, activity, how long you worked out or how many reps you completed, and how you felt afterward. You could also keep track of your measurements and how you feel about your body as it becomes stronger and leaner.

Obstacle #5: "I'm too busy to exercise." On crazy-busy days, instead of skipping your workout, do a mini-version of it. For example, if you don't have time for your usual one-hour step video, scale it down to 30 minutes using just the of warm-up and the beginner's level. Not only will you feel good about yourself but you will also maintain your fitness schedule. Being too busy is no longer an excuse because you can also take a couple of 10 or 15-minute fitness breaks during the day. Even on our busiest days we can find at least this much time for ourselves. The point is to keep moving so that we don't start using this excuse all the time and sabotage our fitness plan.

Obstacle #6: "I got sick and haven't exercised in months." Always have a backup fitness plan. Be creative and come up with alternative fitness solutions for when you are out of town, bored, or in a time crunch. Planning for setbacks keeps you in control of your fitness. Working out before you go to work, at lunchtime, or adding a new activity to your fitness repertoire are all good solutions to the above fitness obstacles.

Obstacle #7: "I'm not a fitness buff. I don't really like to exercise." Develop a fitness mindset anyway. When you see yourself as a walker, runner, or a step video queen exercise becomes second nature. How can you identify yourself as a fitness buff? Keep a regular exercise schedule and make your workout time as important as the other areas of your life.

Obstacle #8: "I don't like working out alone." Find a workout buddy. Having someone else there on your road to fitness makes workouts more fun and adds the spirit of competition to your routine. You also keep each other motivated. Make sure your exercise partner has the same fitness goals and that you both commit to a regular workout schedule.

Obstacle #9: "I'm bored with my exercise routine." Okay, so you've gotten your exercise routine down. Four times a week you run the same five miles. Yawn. Suddenly you don't feel like going for your run anymore. Spice it up. Look for new ways to make your workout fun and exciting. Try a new route or cross train. Alternate your running days with spinning classes, hiking, or rock climbing.

Obstacle #10: "I'll always be out of shape." Acknowledge that your fitness is under your control and that you have the power to take charge of your health. Believe that you can make it happen.

01-01-2005, 12:33 PM
:balloons: Happy New Year! :balloons:

01-01-2005, 12:56 PM
I attempted for over an hour yesterday to post, but I kept getting kicked off by AOL. I am gonna attempt to make it through an entire post now. Wish me luck!

WELCOME SANDI!!! I hope you like it here and stick around.

Robyn, sorry I wasn't able to continue to IM you yesterday. This situation is ridiculous. Thanks for posting the "ten obstacles." I've been such a naughty girl during the past month. By the way, don't worry about turning 40. Once I got over the initial shock of it all, I went right back into denial where I choose to remain indefinitely.

Ginny, you know how much we love and respect you for everything you do on the front lines. Our thread wouldn't be the same without you. You are a great friend.

Mousie, I'm sorry that things with your father have become more complicated. I wish I could give you some useful advice, but I'm not sure what to tell you except to ask others around you for some help. Do you have any siblings? Is there anyone who knows your father that could provide some support? I hope things get better.

Kerry, have a great time with your family! You deserve some fun and relaxation before school starts up again. Safe travel.

Okay Sandi, I will give you a quick synopsis on me. My weight issues go all the way back to puberty. I began to get a little chubby and developed my fuller figure at 12. In spite of my mother and sister's negativity and teasing that I would fail, I lost the weight on Weight Watchers. I didn't have another problem with my weight until I was 22. My mother died of cancer, and I was devastated. I stopped eating. As people came to my home with food, and I didn't want it, someone finally made me eat something. Well, once I started eating, I couldn't stop. I put on 25 pounds. Over the years, I went back and forth between a size 10 and 14. When I got married at age 28, I was a comfortable 14. Then came the fertility treatments. I had endometriosis, and I needed hormone shots for a couple of years to conceive. I rapidly gained weight. By the time I conceived through IVF, I was between size 16 and 18. Following the birth of my daughter, I was a 22. I lost weight and became between an 18 and 20. That is where I remain. So, I'm not at my all time high, but I have a ways to go to be healthy again. Weight Watchers doesn't work for me anymore. I've done Dr. Phil. Heck, I've done them all. On Monday, my DH and I are going on South Beach Diet. In November, I lost 8 lbs. on it, but I quit when the holidays came around. But, like everyone else, I'm ready to begin again.

Teaching was a mid-life career change. I've been teaching for 4 year in kindergarten, and three in public preschool. I LOVE PRESCHOOL AND NEVER WANT TO TEACH ANOTHER GRADE.

Again, welcome!!!

I will be starting a new thread for the new year. Look out for it.

01-01-2005, 10:43 PM
Robyn- ok so every day we can now ask you if you have gotten any excercise or not...and drinking tea, while not a bad thing in itself does not count as a workout for your biceps! Loved the obstacles.......we all suffer from one or another from time to time. thanks for posting them. One thing I know about excercise, is that you have to schedule it in your day- plan on it- just like you would plan on taking that shower each day. You deserve to treat yourself to the stress relief of a workout! (how's that for a gentle kick in the a**)

Summer- you sweet friend you. Thanks for the kind words.....this has been a tough vacation. I needed them....
Well, brain dead me, just noticed that Summer most likely started a new thread.......see ya there! (I'lll copy and paste this over there too)