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11-12-2004, 07:15 AM
Morning ladies!

Jean: I guess I am part of the fat fannies gang! :) Our kids wear uniforms here so it cuts down on that. They still try it though and we do have a big gang problem here. I actually love my handbag. I don't think I have ever seen this color of pink (more fucshia) leather before! I got my new shoes and they match great and fit and are comfortable. Well, they fit as well as they can considering I am flat footed and "flats" tend to buckle on the side for me. That is why I wear a lot of open toed mules and backless shoes even though they are hard on my heels. I guess it wouldn't be wise to wear that stuff up north though. Freeze my tooties off! :lol:

Just about time for Jack to get up for work. It was supposed to get cold last night, but it didn't seem to. I as usual, had to turn on the fan and we had to put an extra blanket on the bed so dh could keep warm!

Have a great day ladies and a great weekend.


11-12-2004, 07:19 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers!
I am so ready for the weekend! There are no special plans except possibly attending a funeral in DH's hometown tomorrow morning and a church supper tomorrow night with our son's in-laws. The cat fur will need to be vacuumed and the laundry done -- no wonder the weekends fly by.

I need to start packing the "stuff" that is loose in the livingroom, tv area, and eating area. We decided to put in the wood look laminate floor and the installation date is Dec. 9th and 10th. :crazy: Am I nuts or what? (Maybe I said this in a previous post but I am too lazy to go back and check.) Maybe this will be the year we have a treeless Christmas! We will wait to carpet the bedrooms after the holidays. Moving all the BR furniture will be a major pain in the patute!

"Gma" -- Thanks for starting the new thread! I just tried the "go advanced" button and got nowhere fast. :( I wish we would have uniforms at our school! Some of the young girls don't leave much to the imagination and many are way too heavy to let it all hang out. Sometimes I wonder if they are still trying to wear clothes that they wore in the elementary grades. You will have to post a picture of you in your new outfit! We've had such mild weather that maybe it will hold until you have been up north and gone again. I'm in no hurry for winter weather, that's for sure.

I hope you all have had a good day today! Enjoy your weekend and do something special for somebody you love.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-13-2004, 02:02 PM

Well, we are the first of the Magnolias to have measurable snow! Now, why do I not think that is so great!!!! :p Woke us to 6" of that white stuff....much too early in the season, in my humble opinion. Not only that we had the Christmas Bazaar at church at 9 AM. DH just drove the car out and we went on our merry way....he believes nature brought it and nature should take it away. Actually, it has stopped snowing now and the streets are getting dryer, but not the side streets which haven't been plowed at all. The Bazaar was nice, and I did get a gift for Kerri, 11. I had got her a chef's hat last Summer and just picked up Emeril's children's cookbook....I found a beautiful white apron with cut out decoration on the bib and around the hem. $2....not bad I thought. Have begun shopping and have found a few great items. An Art Kit for Kevin, 11; a Detective Kit, for Ryan, 8; a skirt/tutu and turtle neck top for Stephanie, 5; a Magnet Kit for Nick, 8; Jumper and Puzzle for Cataline, 3. Still looking for my hardest 3...Sean 13 likes sports and I may get him a team jersey, Cam, 11 has everything and I am stumped. Last is Mike, 20 who I think is getting a gift certificate to his favorite music store.

Jean: Good luck with the floor. I am sure when it is done you will be thrilled and won't even mind all the chaos. I'm betting that the tree will go up anyway with your 2 little GKs. The best part is to watch the enchantment in their eyes when they see the lights.

Faye: You sound like you have Christmas well in hand. I would like to see a photo of you in your new duds...they sound grand.

Gloria in MA....staying warm and dry. Have a great weekend all!

11-13-2004, 03:35 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is a nice sunny day but COOL at 30 degrees! At least it is not snowing in my corner of the world. :D

I have laundry going and have been to the paint store to pick up some samples. The color we have now is called spaghetti and I think I would like to go just a shade lighter even though the "in" thing is to go darker according to the TV makeovers. I like the light and airy look! A friend painted her bedroom a dark red and I do like it but I'm not so sure about it at my house. :rolleyes: I'm not very adventuresome, I guess.

We are leaving in a bit to visit with Jason's in-laws and go to the Thanksgiving supper at their local small town church. We opted not to go to the funeral as DH wanted to get some things done outside. Our leaves are all pretty much down so he's been rounding them up. A big yard is nice . . . sometimes.

Gloria -- I wish I had more of my shopping done! I really wanted to get Ian a wagon but he'd have to play with it in the basement until spring. They live on a hill and DH was saying we needed to find one with brakes! :lol: He definitely doesn't like his stroller any more. I'm sure he will be a challenge when #2 arrives and Amanda wants to take both of them shopping. Hopefully your snow will be gone before more arrives. I'm just not ready for winter yet and there have been many times when we've had snow in October so I mustn't complain.

I need to keep moving! I hope you all have a nice "rest of the day" and a relaxing weekend!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

11-14-2004, 08:48 AM
Happy Sunday Magnolias! :)

Snow...Gloria...ohmygosh...don't even want to think about that yet! Thankfully I don't worrying about snow until January; however, some years we have gotten a dusting between Thanksgiving and Christmas but that is unusual. Sounds like your Christmas shopping is well underway! :)

Jean, when I 16 1/2 months...we're going to have hardwood floors installed throughout the whole house to match the wood in our foyer. We wanted to do that when we built the house but we just couldn't afford to pay for one more thing upfront! Good luck to your sanity when your flooring is going to be put in!!! Bless your heart. NO TREE?! You've gotta have a Christmas tree--what will the grandkids think?! Perhaps a table top tree? And lots of poinsettas or is that dangerous with a cat in the house?

Faye, you are going to be lovely in your outfit! I have a new outfit for Thanksgiving but it doesn't sound anywhere as festive as your's! I just bought a nice pair of cordouroy slacks and a fuscia turtleneck top to go with it. :)

Well. Tonight Wayne and I are going to a viewing/wake. The husband of a dear friend's passed away suddenly. It took everyone by surprise. His funeral is tomorrow. :(

11-14-2004, 05:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
My day started with a phone call at 5:10 AM this morning! :mad: I thought it was the alarm going off so fumbled around in the dark for a bit. It was a "Chinaman Charlie" talking Chinese . . . obviously a wrong number! When I went downstairs and checked the ID the Asian person lives in MN -- probably trying to make some sort of drug deal and I hung up on him. Oh well! I had to be at church by 7:30 so I just stayed up and even had time to read the paper with my coffee.

We took a road trip this afternoon. There is a variety type store, about an hour away, that I like to shop in on my way to my hometown. DH offered to take me shopping there but come to find out he really wanted to look at a tractor that was advertised in the same town. :s: He got to look at the tractor and I got to shop but didn't find much except some food items I can wrap up for the kids under the tree. It was a nice ride in the country though.

Gail -- We had new oak stair and railing put in a year ago. I wasn't happy with the way the steps coming in from the garage were wearing -- mainly lots of scratches from our shoes -- but the floor guy said that whomever installed them didn't put the right kind of finish on them. He is going to lightly sand them and put a gym floor finish on them. I still think I may carpet the stairs going on up to the bedrooms. When we were looking at flooring, the salesman said that wood will take much more work to keep looking nice than the laminate. I don't want any more work than I already have plus the wood is much more expensive. Our area is pretty large and open with a definite traffic pattern -- I hope I like it although DH says I can cover it with carpet any time if I don't like it. You are right in that poinsettias are poison for cats. Two of them probably wouldn't pay any attention to one but the 3rd one is a plant eater! :( I'm sure we will have a tree of some sort -- I'd like to buy a small one with the lights already on it!

Not much else is newsy. I'm washing farm clothes and need to regroup for next week. It's hard to believe that November is half over for all practical purposes.

Have a nice evening and a good week! Don't forget to smile and be happy -- the choice is yours!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-15-2004, 09:40 AM
Morning girls! Busy weekend again, sort of....

Gloria: ALLLLLL the Magnolias can get their snow before me! In fact, don't even want any. I am hoping for a mild winter this year with nice temps so I don't even have to put up the patio furniture and the BBQ grill ! :lol:

Jean: We somehow have our name somewhere on the county jail route! We get calls from time to time from the jail. We have caller ID and screen calls, since we still get a lot of nusiance stuff and people who can't seem to dial the number right. We also have someone who calls from an apartment complex all the time and one of these times I am going to pick it up and tell them they have a wrong number and quit calling.

Gail: I keep hoping I can make tons of money from my candles and then put new flooring in the whole house. It sure needs it. We have old linoleum and carpeting and it is all ruined. The condo is about 25 years old and has some seriously ugly flooring and worn carpet, but when we moved in, we ran out of money before we could start flooring. For 2 years, it had basically been used as a warehouse for Ebay stuff so the bathrooms alone were a nightmare to clean. I still have one toilet that has a permanent ring I have done everything in my power to get rid of but I think it is etched into the porcelain now. Since I am not bringing in an income, that is not an option so I do the best I can for right now. I would like ceramic tile and hardwood in the whole house.

I guess I need to get going and get chores done and then get out and walk. I usually clean house today and tomorrow, but my brother and the troop is coming this Sunday so I am going to wait until Saturday and clean and shampoo carpets. I think I am going to clean the deck and patio stuff today if the weather stays good. I don't know why I worry about it, from what my one sister says their house is so filthy you literally can't walk around in it and she allows no one at the house anymore. Now, excuse me, I know I am a clean freak, but when you don't have a job and all of your kids are in school, is there a reason you can't clean your house????? If it is that horrible, and she feels overwhelmed, the best thing to do is start with one room, clean for 2 hours then that is it for the day, then continue the next day, etc and everyday commit 2 hours to cleaning and that is it then stop. Sooner or later she will get it cleaned up and then she could do like I do (they have a tri level) and clean one floor a day instead of all of it at once. I know she doesn't cook and my brother does all the cooking. Oh well, to each his own I guess!

Have a great day gals!


11-15-2004, 07:27 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
I'm peeking in to say "hello" and be on my way. I have groceries to put away and card club tonight. DH is at practice and will be home in an hour.

I have a friend in need of many prayers; I will know more after card club tonight. Her name is Sue -- a week ago she went to her local doctor with a cold and now she is in an Omaha hosptial with cancer spots in her lungs, on her liver, on a vertebrae, and the doctors are thinking it is possibly ovarian cancer because of a mass in her stomach. :cry: They were going to do more tests today and get her started on chemo in a day or two. The doctors say it is a fast growing kind but are optimistic they can get it stopped. She had a lung xray in April for knee surgery and everything was fine then. She had no symptoms other than having a cold. She is a 59 year old widow with two grown sons -- one lives in Kansas and the other one lives about an hour away from us but has his own health issues with marfan (?) disease. Sue is one of the sweetest people I know and would never say a bad word about anyone.

"Gma" -- It's been a nice day here with a high of 57 degrees. Ian's birthday is the 21st and two years ago, the temperature was hovering around zero and we had quite a bit of snow on the ground. I guess the weatherman will keep us guessing as to when it will snow. It's supposed to rain later in the week but the temperatures are to be around 55 - 60 all week. I'll take it, I'll take it! :yes: :yes: :yes: I figure every day without snow puts us one day closer to spring. ;) If you run out of cleaning to do, you can always make a road trip to Iowa! I'm never caught up!

I hope you've all had a really GOOD day! Have a terrific Tuesday and be thankful for who and what you have in your life.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-16-2004, 12:43 PM
morning girls!

Jean: I prayed before I starting posting for your friend. How terrible it must be for her to be ok a few months ago and now in this position. Hopefully, all will work out well with her.

Well I had a meltdown yesterday I decided since my brother and the gang are going to be here Sunday I would get out and clean the deck up of leaves etc and wash my patio table etc. The stupid neighbors had thrown lit ciggie butts onto my deck and one of them had burned a hole in my patio chair cushion. Freaked me totally out and of course made me madder than a wet hen. No one was home so I left a note telling them not to throw their butts onto my deck from now on. She doesn't allow people to smoke inside I guess because there always seems to be someone on their back porch smoking. It scared me more than anything to think about what could have happened if it had smoldered then set on fire while we were asleep or gone or something. I hate both the neighbors so much. They are trash. You have to be so careful what you say to them though, you don't want to end up with something destroyed while you are gone or something and believe me they would do it here. It is just common courtesy to throw your butts in a can or something, but not on someone elses property. We seem to be the ones to get this treatment. I have already gone round and round with the parking in front of our garage, the one neighbor's kids throwing bottles, wrappers, and cans onto our patio, the idiot letting her washer overflow into our bathroom and now this. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done, but I am telling you, if it keeps up, I am going to demand to get the address of the landlord's of these people and contact them directly and tell them I will sue their behinds if they don't do something. I haven't heard a word from them and don't expect to. The thing that gets my goat is that Jack and I are good neighbors. I clean up the areas between our garages of dirt, leaves and stuff all the time, once when the one neighbor sounded like their was abuse going on, I got ahold of her and made sure she was ok, one Saturday when it was really hot and the little kids on the other side weren't allowed inside to get anything to eat or drink, I brought them all snacks outside (course now they are always asking for them), if you remember over a year ago for a whole year, the dumb woman would leave her little kids unable to get in after school and they would come to my house and stay for hours. Just shows you who respects whom around here!

Dh and I are getting excited about leaving next Tue and go to Indiana to see the family for the holiday. I know my dd is miffed because we won't be here, but she hates all family gatherings that are more than just her immediate family so I can't help that and I refuse to always give in to her needs. We already bend when it comes to her in-laws over us and we should have some leeway with our life! :lol:

Well, I need to get downstairs and start shampooing carpets I guess. I went out and did a mile this morning, but my right hip is killing me and I suspect it is a combo of needing a new mattress and the animals pinning me in a position all night my leg didn't like.



11-16-2004, 10:59 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I am yawning and feel like I should be heading for bed pretty soon! I wasn't out late last night but didn't go right to bed when I got home which was dumb on my part.

"Gma" -- It is the pits having neighbors who aren't good neighbors! We have cat haters on one side of us -- DH was so in hopes all of our leaves would blow into their yard but the guy came and vacuumed them up yesterday. :o I've gotten to the point where I think smokers are oblivious to any damage they might cause to others. I'm sure you are getting anxious for your trip! The doctors are still running tests on my friend to decide what kind of chemo to use, I guess. One kind will treat multiple sites and they are trying to determine where the cancer originated from. Sue will have her first round in Omaha and then will be able to have the rest in our local hospital. At least she will be able to be in her own home and around her own things.

Nothing new or exciting in my corner of the world today. . .same old thing on a different day.

I hope you all have had a good day. Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow. The week will be on the downside this time tomorrow night. The days are whizzing right along!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-18-2004, 06:54 AM
Morning girls!

Hope everyone is doing well heading into the upcoming holiday week. We are getting excited about going to our son and dil's. We may regret it though! My dd says they have a shower for midgets and on top of that her mom and sisters are going to be staying too so it will be quite the houseful. We probably should have stuck with the hotel or our friends, but I didn't want to hurt my son's feelings. We shall see. We will give it a try and if we are too uncomfortable will make excuses the next time about staying (like taking our dog with us because they have 3 cats)

I have the dgs today while mom goes to a meeting at work so it ought to be fun. We always have a good time. I think he sees me as just a big fat kid to play with! He is always rubbing my tummy or whatever cause he likes the flubber and his mom is always getting on him about it but she doesn't remember when she was little that she used to come up and sit on my lap and want to "lay on your big fluffy pillows." :lol:

With my brother not coming down here it takes the pressure off somewhat. I have a bunch of baking to do (I always make a dessert and all the yeast rolls for the whole bunch, which means about 65 rolls,) and with them being here on Monday, I didn't see how I could get it all done and get the car packed Monday to leave Tues morning.

Today is my 32nd wedding anniversary. DH and I laid in bed last night and talked about our dating faux pas and stuff for probably an hour, just laughing at how young and stupid we were. He is going to take me out to dinner someplace, probably either Olive Garden or this other pasta restaurant.

Be good to yourselves today and have a great day!


11-18-2004, 09:52 AM
Good Morning!

I just stopped by to catch up on what's happening and FAYE I saw that it is your Anniversary!!! Congratulations!!!! It is great to see people who have been married for so many years as you usually only hear about those marriages that break up after only a short time. Hope you have a great holiday at DS and have lots of fun with T today.

JEAN: Happy Birthday to Ian....its the 21st, if I remember correctly. Wow, has that time gone by fast....2yrs isn't it?

Went to the Commissary yesterday and it was sooo crowded. Had not been in a while so got a lot of 'stuff' and it took a long time to get it all put away. I was pooped!

Gloria in MA....need to get moving on the dust that is calling my name. Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't get back here before then. I won't have to cook again this year as we are going to DD#2. Lots of fun.

11-18-2004, 02:12 PM

What a lovely day in the neighborhood. After a bit we are taking our motor home out to a friends place so he and Cowboy can take a look at the brakes. We want everything tip top as can be before we take a vacation with it. What they want to do would cost upwards over $500 at the shop. Yikes they do charge a bunch. Anyway I will not be going to WW this day. It seems funny to talk about upcoming Thanksgiving because we had our annual Harvest Dinner which is just like a thanksgiving meal last Saturday at the church. I am not sure just what we will be doing on Thanksgiving day ~ we have choices. Food. Just too much food. Speaking of which ~ I am sitting here munching on a 2 point bag of Cheetos for breakfast. How nutritious is that. :D

FAYE have a good time in spite of the others ~ sounds like a house full for sure. When we go we go visiting we always stay at a motel so every one is used to us doing that and they don't cop an attitude. That way we can come and go when we want and visit all the relatives and friends without hurting feelings. You have a good time.

GLORIA sounds like you have gotten your cupboards all stocked up and are ready. I would rather shop than put the stuff up also.

Hello also to GAIL and JEAN. Type at you when I can come back.

11-18-2004, 10:59 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It is hard to believe how fast November is flying by. I truly believe that the older we get, the faster time slips by. It has been a rainy, gloomy day in my corner of the world.

Today was pretty much a regular day at school. Nothing exciting happened, that I know about anyhow, which is good.

"Gma" -- Happy Anniversary to you and Jack! :balloons: May you enjoy many, many more happy years together. I hope you enjoyed your dinner out wherever you went. I'm with Maggie and vote for staying at a motel/hotel. I guess I just like the idea of my own space and not feeling like I am imposing on others. I remember as a kid giving up my bedroom for guests. :(

Gloria -- Yes, Ian will be 2 on the 21st; you have a good memory. I think children of today are much "smarter" and more advanced for their age, than our children were. My kids were still babies at 2! :yes: I don't have to cook on Thanksgiving either and I like it like that! :cp: We are going to my "sister's" but I do have to take a salad. I will have everyone here for Christmas which is right around the corner and coming up fast.

Maggie -- It's good to see you here again! I sure wish someone could figure out why sometimes you can get in and other times not. :twirly: I hope your friend can fix your brakes cheaper than the shop. :^: DH has a client who had to spend $10,000 to have his tractor repaired. I'm glad I don't have to pay that bill! The sad part is, he could have saved about half if he would have had it fixed when he first noticed the problem instead of letting it go. Now he has more extensive repairs to make.

I hope today has been a good one for all of you. Have a fantastic Friday and do something nice for yourself!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-19-2004, 12:05 PM
Morning girls! HAHA I got the last post on this one so whomever is next has to start a new one!

I kept Thomas yesterday and the kid is a checkers shark! lol I mean, I do let him win, but he cheats and it is sneaky stuff like "Don't jump me, don't jump me this checker is a bomb and will kill both our men." You go along with his game and then he jumps you! lol We played with his tinker toys and I made this spikey thing and he looked at it and said, "Hmmm, that's a pretty good satellite!" I almost fell off the chair. He then proceeded to make "rays" with his tinker toys. At first I didn't understand what he meant with rays, but discovered he was making rays as in raygun rays. Each ray was a different animal or something and then there was a Nonny ray and a Thomas ray. When he pointed one at you and said what it was, you had to turn into that until he pointed your own ray back at you. He had a letter ray and a spelling ray and pointed the spelling ray at himself and said, "Spelling ray." He then started spelling, but not real words except his name and did it a couple times then said, "Thomas ray and said, whew glad I am back to normal. I am only 4 and don't know how to spell that many words." :lol: :lol: He is one quick minded kid. He has this huge vocabulary and sometimes says stuff you have no idea what the word means, but come on, how stupid do you feel asking a 4 1/2 year old what a word means????? :lol: :lol:

Jack bought me beautiful red roses and the most wonderful card and took me out to one of our favorite Italian restaurants and we pigged out, but it was special. We had a lovely time, but my tummy told me, "You ate too much."

Maggie: Hope the brakes are reasonable. I know we are to the point where we have to buy rotars next time. I guess they are made to wear out about ever 75,000 miles or so and need replacing, but they are cheaper than they used to be to replace.

Jean: We had some creep yesterday get into a middle school here into a gym and drag off a girl and start to rape her. Thankfully, she got away, but why the doors weren't locked is a question I would like answered. Than we have a new principal of a middle shool that suspended the WHOLE 8th grade class for having this huge food fight in the cafeteria and refusing to apologize or clean it up. The parents didn't like it when they showed up last night at the school and the principal refused to discuss it with them in the meeting. She did say they wouldn't have it put on their records, but of course they are still fuming. I'd be kicking my kids behind for something like that not trying to make excuses and get him out of it. Most of them no one pays attention to until they get into trouble and parents are forced to involve themselves than it is, "My johnny is not in a gang." (as he stands next to her with gang colors on!)

Gloria: Make sure to take time out for you in the cooking process. We tend to overwork and then don't enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Eveyrone have a great weekend!