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11-11-2004, 10:40 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

11-11-2004, 11:02 PM
Hiya ladies,

Ellen - did you have fun in chat - see, someone finally showed up, lol. To answer your question from the other thread, you'll find that most of us can post only once (maybe twice) a day... some not even that often. As moderator, I do try to check in morning and night, even if I don't post both times. The JL chat room isn't usually well attended. No matter which day we tried to choose, someone couldn't be there. Any of you are welcome to add chat days... just let me know, and I'll put it on the schedule thread.

Katy - yep, save your $$... we invested quite a bit in both DDs orthodontia. Luckily, DS didn't need it. Were you able to finish your internet class? Hope so!!

Angie - I've gone down 5 sizes... about 15 pounds per size, lol. It feels wonderful!! But as I mentioned, I don't have many clothes right now. But just wait til Spring!! Did you like the chicken and taters? I like the fact that it is so simple to make!

Cristi - hope your DS gets his starter fixed. How's your shoulder?

Julie - sorry about the no news thing! A puppy... how fun!! How's he doing so far?

Marti - yep, lots and lots of chatting... too hard to keep up!! About your weight, when you think of the 10 pounds in terms of percentage, you've done very well!! Try to think of it that way, ok?

Hi also to anyone else reading this!

Did I mention that Katie did get a new cell phone? I feel so much better about it now! She got onto my Verizon family plan, so the charges won't be too bad.

Gotta go... see you tomorrow. :)

Tea Rose
11-12-2004, 12:44 PM
Morning Ladies
How is everyone today, I must admit I am tired, hopefully I can muster up some energy for my outing tonight shopping with my daughter, I have to clean and decorate 3 cakes this afternoon as well ,so not a good day to lack energy.I had my first experience of chat , it was fun,but hard talking to more than one person at a time,but everyone seems nice and it sounds like we are, although different , all in the same boat,some just have more oars to paddle with. Its funny how you can be in different places with different circumstances yet everyone shares the same experiences.lWell its finally sunny here today , but cold ,sure beats the last 3 gloomy days we have had here.I hope that everyone is having a great day ,and has plans for a fun weekend, "its FRIDAY" girls. I need some caffine and I need it now,:LOL:

11-12-2004, 02:08 PM
Good morning JL's. Just popping in to say hello. It is sunny and warm here today. When it is in the mid 60's here it feels warmer than the same temp. in I nuts? Ellen....we will be here until mid Dec. and go home for the holidays. Then we come back here until April. So we miss most of the nasty midwest winter. I just made hubby pancakes and an omelet for brunch. I had cereal. We go to a seafood meal on Fri. night's so I eat pretty light all day. (although I do not eat seafood, I can find nice salads and soups) So far I ate too much only one day...I will get back in the swing of things. Have to get back to walking as we did it only one day, but the cleaning I have done has sweated off more than walking. lol.. Today I am scrubing floors, and I do mean scrubbing. Then one day soon we have windows to wash. After that I can finally relax and take it easy.
I did hit a nice jackpot the second day we were here...woo hoo.

11-12-2004, 06:35 PM
Good Afternoon!!

I don't worry about the girls wanting to live with their dad. I think he provides a good place for them.

I worry about if they will feel if I am abandoning them......because that would be horrible - I couldn't bear that. Just when I tell them I want to do it the right way........I guess I haven't figured out how yet.

Rebecca is all for visiting though. Because I said by summer I would like her to take a look at Hawaii and I tell her about the black sand beaches and the turtles laying their eggs...........about it always being summer, is all for that.....

Also, taking Gaby from them is going to be hard......

but I do want to make my life with Rocky.......I think he will make a loving husband and a wonderful father to Gaby.......and we even talked about having another baby that is still being discussed.....and he has twins on his, we will really have to talk about that.......haha........

anyway - at 146.5......feel so figgin bloated!!!

k- have I vented enough?? lol

da fat n da furious
11-12-2004, 09:35 PM
Ellen you just made my day,,,sorry but I was still chatting up with the other chat, and read about you and your jammies and cold I said I will be there in about 3 weeks,,,unless you want to chat some other night,,,and well the only night I have is Monday. Ellen can you send me your address via private messege?
Jane, I do remember going down is sizes and freaking about having nothing to wear. I worked in the public as a manager and needed clothes. I went from a 22 to a 12. ahhh to be 12 again...*sigh

Susan,,,well good chance you would get your boy...of course it could be twin boys...wooo hooo the fun you guys would have!

Well today was productive,,,and it started last night. I got 14 masks painted and wrinkled up for the dream scene. Needed another 6 which did get today from this awesome hobby shop. Have been up since 4:30 am. My cousin Tanyia did show up last night for me to drive her to the airport this morning. Lucky girl went off to Mexico for a week. Didn't need to be up till 5:30 but you know when you worry about sleeping through the alarm? ya well I finally gave up and got up. Did laundry, showered. Drove her, and then called Monte since hes been up for like 4 hours already. He was delivering at the airport so we got to have a coffee date at 6:30 am. In an Ah well doesn't matter where or when...
Went to Didsbury to visit a good friend...and then the madness began, had to shop for soap, laundry and shower, Skittles's baby needed to be replaced. Picked up the football coaches gifts, just need gift bags and I am almost done. Need to make a dessert for the banquet. Then Im done.
We have a football game to go watch tonight, Becky's oldest is the captain of the high school team.
Tomorrow I have a tech. meeting at 9. Who makes those decisions to have meetings at 9 am on a Saturday? They should be flogged!
Well thats about all thats happening with me.....
could use a coffee right now,,,can feel my eyes getting heavy. its only 6:30, and we need to leave for the game right away.

11-13-2004, 07:30 AM
Good morning ladies--

I just got home and thought I would stop in and catch up a little before I head off to bed....not much going on today I see. Hope everyone is had a marvelous Friday!

Angie--Last year in one of my classes....I made gift bags for the girls in my Team Building group. There were 6 of us. I gave them each some bath oil beads, some REALLY good chocolates and then put them in cute little gift bags and tied them together w/a tiny Christmas Ornament that they sell at Walmart. It was so fun! Jhanai is wanting to make gift bags this year so we may do something similar to that! I think that your morning coffee date is sweet. As long as it's with your sweety who cares where you're at right?

Susan--You are such a good mother. I don't think your girls would ever think that you're abondoning them, but I can understand the feeling anyway.(that is just part of being a mother) They are probably real excited with the idea of spending thier school breaks in Hawaii!! They'll love it. And you have to know that those girls want you to be happy....and Rocky is the one to give you that happiness. Twins!? Wouldn't that be fun?! I wish you two all the happiness in the world!!

Sue--You're sure doing a lot of cleaning since you've arrived there haven't you? So how big was your jackpot? That sounds so exciting. I alway get nervous when I'm in a Casino....just knowing that I'm just giving my money away! (I'm not real big winner---in fact I don't think I've ever won money!) Hope you get a chance to relax soon.

Ellen--Glad you got to chat! Who all showed up? I'm sorry I can't make it since I'm at work. Sometime we'll all have to make it a weekend morning! Oh..I too would like to have your address (PM'd to me) if you wouldn't mind sharing. I must add you to my list of JL's. This is only if you're comfortable with that.

Jane--Is there a certain outfit that you're waiting to buy? Reason I ask is because when I was losing weight (when I was doing so well) I bought myself a black dress. I always wanted a little black dress and when I reached a certain weight I finally got it! Now....for me to get back into that dress!! I think it's just great how much you lost so far....are you getting tired of me saying that?? I just have to keep saying how proud I am of you!! I can't wait to feel the same happiness you are with the success!

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Well it's now 3:30 and I really need to get to bed. So I'm heading out...but I will be back to check on you all tomorrow......Hurray! It's Saturday!!!!!!!!!

Night girls!

11-13-2004, 03:19 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Susan~is there any way that Rocky would/could move to Portland? Maybe that is an alternative. What does your ex think about you moving to HI? Have you talked with him about it yet? Maybe he can help you figure things out. I can only imagine how you are feeling and not knowing what to do. I wouldn't be able to be that far away from my kids, it's one thing to jump in yor car and drive around the block to see them but...okay sorry that is probably not helping you at all. I know you guys will get it worked out. Oh and also, the later you have a baby the chances of having a multiple birth goes up a little higher. And because of your age the chances of getting pregnant are lower so you guys better hurry!

Angie~I agree with Marti, hey a date is a date no matter where it is. All that matters is spending time together. It's great that he could meet you to have coffee.

Sue~glad to hear you made it safely to Vegas. Wishing I was there with you! :)

Marti~I went to Vegas with my friend and took only $200 to blow. Well, I got there and ended up only spending $60 gambling because I would win a little and then lose a little-kept that up for hours. We went around and watched everyone else lose their money. This one guy in less than 5 mintues put 5 $100 bills down and lost it and then went to the ATM to get more. I just keep telling Lourdes that is crazy. I would never blow more than $200 because I always think about what all I could buy with that. But it is fun to go.

Ellen~you had mentioned Michaels and if I liked it-I like it fine. It's not really big but it is close to where I live so I go there instead of Hobby Lobby which I prefer. Hobby Lobby is so much bigger and they have lots of different stuff from Michaels. Oh and yes, sorry but I have to watch my shows on Thursday night, there is nothing that would keep me away. I too like Frasier, Will & Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond and used to watch Will & Grace & Frasier late at night, the reruns. But I had never seen the reruns so they were all new to me. Anyway, I grew tired of Grace-don't think she is that funny, like Karen better.

Anyway, Hi to everyone else :wave:

Trying to hurry and finish this post as Vince will be home in a few minutes and we are off to Lowes-want to look at their Christmas stuff. Not sure why because we don't need anything. Have everything for decorating outdoors except a 60 in. lighted wreath we are going to get at SAMS Monday. We have enough space above the garage where it will be perfect! Already know what we are going to do outdoors, should be nice. Yesterday, DS and I went running around. Had to take him to work and his car wouldn't start Thursday so had to have it towed Friday morning. It was the starter and it is all fixed. V would have done it but it would have taken too long because of time-just not enough. He could have only worked on it a hour here and there so would have been a few days before it would have actually been done. Ran out this morning for a little shopping and a couple of errands. Found some pastel pink and white glass balls at Michaels for my tree I am going to put in my bedroom and then will add white lights, not sure about anything else. We have a window seat and it is the perfect place for a small tree, just a 3-4 ft. one. Just happens our bedroom is in the front of the house, not that it matters.

Anywho...hope everyone is having a great day and has a wonderful weekend. It is supposed to start raining here again, tonight and on thru tomorrow-glad I didn't wash my car. Have a good one ladies :wave:

11-13-2004, 05:05 PM
Good Afternoon ladies--

Well Cristi looks like you were the only one checking in since I last visited. It sounds like your house is going to be so pretty once it's all decorated. I was talking to James about adding more to our outdoor decorating......he said we'll have to see what they have on sale since we'd have to start from scratch! We only have the outdoor lights...but we want a little more. We have a cute front porch area that I would love to decorate with some kind of greenery and bows. (I'm at a loss at what it's called that I want!) I may go out to my grandpa's and just cut some limbs from his trees and save money that way. Will be fun.
With the casinos...James and I try not to spend more than a $100. He always wins. I never do. One weekend we walked around one of the casinos and he kept saying "I gotta feeling about this one" and stop and play it a little and win a little....but this one in particular....he wouldn't leave and our money was just going away! I had kept telling him that it's time to leave....then he said...ok, one more time....and what do you know? He hit the $500 jackpot. So I was pretty happy that he played "one more time"! Would really like to go to a "real" Casino. These in Oregon are ok, but NOTHING like Reno or Vegas. (I've never been to Vegas but have gone to Reno) I like the sound of money tinkling down rather than a receipt!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Not sure what I'm up to today. May go to Walmart for some magical hair dye and a magazine. Other than that, I'm going to try and clean up my office room (again) to make room for a scrapbook area. I go to browse some and then take a shower.

11-13-2004, 06:39 PM
Hi gals - have a little chance to post - don't want Marti to get lonely.....

Just got off the phone with my mother. A conversation that started off perfectly fine, but then got off onto a political tangent, which is also fine because we are pretty much on the same page politically-speaking, but then the conversation took a turn toward the religious, where we definitely have some different beliefs. Y'all would be so proud of me! Usually I would have just smiled and nodded and said,"Yes, Mother" through clenched teeth, then run to raid the fridge after I got off the phone. This time, I said, " I can accept that you and I will not agree on this issue and I really don't want to get into it with you" and no binge :) Is this a NSV or what?

Been an exercising fool this week...Got on the stepper three days in a row, and took a one hour walk around Gabriel Park today. Feels really good.

All this Christmas talk is getting me in the mood to decorate....hmmm. Leigh's preschool has a wreath sale fundraiser and I must say the greens are really gorgeous - and they do UPS! JK, that's not a hint, really :) Anyway, I'm going to order a big, beautiful wreath for my beautiful red front door. I am also going to get enough garland to put on my mantle. I may even splurge for a poinsettia this year. We haven't discussed lights, tho' I know my son wishes we did more outdoor lights.. maybe this year, you never know.

Back later

11-14-2004, 04:19 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Well, nothing really new here today. Things are the same as they were yesterday….so now real change there.

Right now, I am looking at taking a test sometime this weekend. I am not sure when I will take one….just have to keep you all on your toes for now! I took two on Saturday morning, and they both came back negative. So I am going to say screw it and not think about it until I am/would be due for my next AF. I just went and read the instructions for the tests that I received, and I think I put too much pee on them, or I went too high up on the sticks.

Jane~ My parents are helping us out here and there when they can. I just wish my in-law’s were the same way. Brandon isn’t work since he is almost 7 months old. LOL I knew what you meant though! LOL Tommy is not working right now. He has been looking for jobs and asking if anyone he knows is hiring, but hasn’t been getting anywhere. The place that he was going to apply at a couple months back, well they got robbed Friday night, so thankfully he forgot the website for that place. We have gone into the Family Independence Agency to sign up to get some help, so now we are just waiting for a check list of some sort from either my worker or the lady that we talked to when we were there.

Katy~ When the lady told us about the program she told us both of us would have to take it, and then go on out to get jobs. Sure no problem, since there are some people out there that only go through it just for the money and then stop. I am sure that things will get better around here, and we have looked into getting jobs with opposite shifts and everything. Maybe we will look more into that option.

Ellen~ Thanks for your nice kind words. Things seem to be trucking along on this end.

Julie~ How did your appointment go? I am hoping it went well!

Marti~ Thanks for thinking of us. My parents live 2 ½ to 3 hours away from us. So it would be hard for them to watch Brandon instead of day care. My in-laws would be an option, except my MIL is pretty much retired, and since my FIL already is, they have been out gallivanting around since she was put on permanent lay off a couple months ago.

11-14-2004, 04:05 PM
Good Sunday afternoon to you!

Susan - thank you for the postcard! Hawaii looks so beautiful! Whatever you decide to do with your girls, it will turn out ok. I know they would love to vacation in Hawaii - who wouldn't, lol. Now, is the wedding going to be big or small, or in-between? Marti is the one who is up on on this kind of stuff!

Ellen - hope you got your cakes done. I tried to get into cake decorating a few years ago, and wasn't very good at it. I could make leaves and 4-petaled flowers, and that was just about it, lol. You do this professionally, right? Maybe you could make Susan's wedding cake, lol!!

Sue - glad you got your place all spiffied up. It was 36 degrees when we left for church this morning - aren't you sorry you left Indiana, lol.

Angie - I wore 12's back in my 20's (which are like 10s now!!) but I don't see that happening now. At 5'9", and 51 years old, I have to be realistic - something I can keep up with for the rest of my life. Like Marti said, I think you meeting Monte in the airport was sweet! Hope you get to relax a little this weekend!

Marti - no, I don't have a certain outfit picked out. (yet) I wore my wrap skirt, sweater and boots to church today, and got a lot of compliments on it. When the spring and summer catalogs come out, I'll have a better idea of what's going to be available in the stores. You'll get into that little black dress one of these days, sweetie! And no, I don't ever get tired of your encouraging kudos!

Cristi - the pink and white balls sound so pretty! Maybe you could add some sparkly white snowflakes?

Katy - YAY for your NSV!! That's really something to be proud of, Katy!!

Mindee - well, hey, get that baby boy a paper route or something, lol. So sorry, I DID mean Tommy, of course! Stress may be making you late for your period. Although stress used to make me go more, it can have the opposite effect too, I think.

Hi to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Well, I have been without the internet since Friday night, and it's about to kill me, lol. I am sitting at the university library right now, and Katie is at the computer right next to me, lol. We both were about to have withdrawal!! The IPS says there is something wrong with the phone line, and the phone company says, nuh-uh, it's the IPS!!!! Neal's gonna handle it tomorrow, hopefully.

I'm down 1 1/2 pounds more for an even 80 pounds!!! I'm afraid I'm gonna wake up, and this will have only been a dream....

Not sure when I'll be back, but hopefully some time tomorrow.


11-14-2004, 05:50 PM

Good news!! Back down to 144.5 this morning - feel better and not as bloated.

Mike served me with visitation papers yesterday. Made me upset but have calmed down now.
In his parenting plan he was asking for 180 day notice if I want to move???? Seems kind of unreasonable. I found my divorce papers from Doug and it just says " a reasonable amount of time".....6 months is not aceptable!!
The thought of not being able to move was making me stir crazy!!

Wedding maybe in July. He has a family reunion at that time with his mother and sisters in from California.....if we want a big wedding. It doesn't matter to me....he is a doll.
We figured out our 1 way tickets for 2 and we are set to go there!!

Need to get the visitation with Gaby taken care of tomorrow, need to get a lawyer.....he was asking for joint custody.......grrrrrrrrrr, what a nut!!! lol

gotta go......sorry

11-15-2004, 02:15 AM
I had posted this afternoon and I must have just logged off the computer rather than that's unusual for me! (I was in a hurry to get to Eugene to do some Christmas shopping)

Well that's what I did today. James & I ran around town find sales. Shopko had some items that I wanted to get for Jhanai. Saved some money on a Retractor tracer...or something along those lines. And a knitting machine. Looks cheap but she wanted it and I figured it would be fun to try. Bought some movies, and then headed to Costco and spend too much we always do at Costco. Seems like we can always go in there for one item and come out w/much more than that!

James made chili tonight. And I didn't even tell him how you all were talking about it the last couple days. Just must be a chili time of year! :lol:

Katy--I think that Definately is considered a NSV! Anything like that! You did great and you should feel proud.

Mindee--Sorry that your test are negative....maybe that's a good thing right now until the two of you get things situated and you're not under a lot of stress. Two babies would just add to it all.

Jane--You WON'T be waking up from a dream....your success is REAL and we are all so PROUD of you!!! 80lbs. is absolutely wonderful! Good for you. Hope you get your computer fixed soon.....if not, go visit the Library often!

Susan--Sure hope that Gaby's dad doesn't cause any issues. He should know better. July wedding sounds great! Especially with all his family going to be there. How about your family? Would they be coming too?

Hello everyone else I missed! Hope you all had a great weekend. Well I need to get myself going. I'm getting tired from all the walking around we did. Who knew that shopping can wear a gal out??? :lol:

You all have great night and I will check in tomorrow.


11-15-2004, 03:22 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Well, nothing really new here today. Things are the same as they were yesterday….so now real change there.

I am thinking that Brandon’s teeth are going to be coming in fully in the next day or so. Since putting him down at 11pm, he has already been down and back up about 3 or 4 times. And as soon as I would get him to lay across me, he would be back out asleep. The last time I laid him in there, I just let him go. He cried a couple seconds, and was then stomping his feet on the mattress. Now, all is quiet and I am hoping that he is sleeping.

But I do have to add one thing. He now knows how to clap! It is so cute! He turns his right hand sideways at about throat level, and then uses his left hand to hit the right one.

Jane~ LOL Me and Tommy were playing some blackjack at our kitchen table, and Brandon was trying to play for me! I guess we shouldn’t of let him play with the jokers for that deck. We still have the anti-stress soap, so I am using that any chance I can. Well, that and hitting Tommy up for massages! I am just not going to think about it and see where things go. Congratulations on the weight loss!!

Susan~ Congratulations on the weight loss!!! That reminds me, I need to get my big booty back on the exercise bike and back on the wagon!

Marti~ That is exactly my thinking. So I have decided to put that on the back burner for now, and to concentrate on some other things. Like getting back on the exercising band wagon!

da fat n da furious
11-15-2004, 10:16 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
Mindee I know that stress does play havic (sp) on the periods. I remember all the first for Brandon and Tanner,,,so long ago.

Marti, I have a love hate relationship with Costco. I love the place, but the money I spend I hate. I did buy one gift this past weekedn,,looked for another gift. Didn't think buying it would be a good idea. Tanner keeps flip flopping on wanting a guitar or violin. Make up your mind !

Jane, relaxing weekend? Anything Had a 6 hour Q to Q on Saturday, went shopping with Monte, then came home and made the dessert and did the gifts up for the coaches. Went to bed, slept in a bit then went to rehearsal. Got there at 12: 05 left at 8. Tanner left at 5:30 to to his Football Banquet. I couldn't go... When I finally got there they were mostly leaving. Looked across the room and saw Tanner with this huge trophy. He had won best improved player. Considering the kid didn't know how to play at the beginning to being one of the best defensemen...thats pretty good. And I didn't get to see it. I could of cried,,,, Monte was mad at me cause I wasn't there and made him take in the gifts and dessert alone....*sigh What would happen if I died? geesh Anyways he was mad cause the whole giving the coaches the gifts didn't go over very well. I asked him if any other parent came up to help you...nope. I needed to be there to do that. Told him and thats why people keep coming up to me for help....
I hope you get your computer soon, I know how it feels to go without one....*shudder I only found the library computer when our computer was almost fixed...duh Can Katie come over and make dinner for us? I had left over chinese,,,that had too much curry.
Susan,,,you mentioned awhile ago about him possibly going back on the drugs...did he? Can you prove it? Visitation I can see as a good thing,,,under supervision but joint custody? Get a lawyer and explain the situation of his past and your future.
Good mornings to the rest of the Ladies, Cristi, Katie, Ellen..

11-15-2004, 12:15 PM
Morning ladies and a HAPPY Monday to all~

Not much going on here in my neck of the woods, same old, same old-just a different day. Just wanted to check in and say HI :wave: Won't be checking in tomorrow as V and I have the whole day to ourselves. Of course he has a drs appt. first thing in the morning then we have an appt with Direct Buy. Has anyone heard of this? We talked to some guys at the Log Cabin/Home show and you have to make an appt. to go see the warehouse and to even join. But you can buy stuff for the house for super cheap-supposedly. We will find out what it is all about tomorrow. Then off to the Zoo or Cow Town (a western town downtown that is cool, haven't been there in a while-they even did some scenes for some movies there a while back), that is if is doesn't rain and it is supposed to. If so will probably go to see a movie.

Susan~hope everything goes well for ya with Mike and all. I know he could possibly make it very difficult for you with this custody stuff, and is he willing to pay for Gaby to visit him when you move? Wonder if he thought of that? My friend is going through some of this stuff because her ex, well, not ex yet, moved from CA to AR to be with his girlfriend. But instead of flying them to AR he drives to CA to get them and drives them home. I am surprised he isn't tired of it by now. He's been doing it for almost a year now. Cheryl will not let the kids fly alone and it costs to much for the three so...anyway. I hope an attorney can do something for ya-would hate to see it get all messy.

Marti~chili sounds sooooo good! :T Of course I just had it last week so will wait a week. Glad you and James had a nice time shopping.

Angie~yay for Tanner! :cp: I bet he is loving the trophy.

Mindee~Brandon is such a doll! Loved the duck costume!

Jana~was actually going to add some white angels and some glass icicles. It is not a big tree and don't want to put too much on it, just a simple little tree. I do have some white snowflakes that we got in a Swedish town but they are too big for a 3-4 ft. tree, would look silly. :bravo: on your loss!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

That's about all I have. Take care ladies and have a good day!

11-15-2004, 02:06 PM
Hi Gals,
Sorry I didnt post over the weekend, it was somewhat of a hectic one.. We did go back to the doc's on friday and he ordered more bloodwork, so we have to wait 10 days for those results to come back, so nothing new in that department.....
We did get the puppy on friday night, I have a pic of them to post for you all after, Max is a bit jealous, but hes learning to cope with having a little brother. On saturday we got 4 inches of snow here, which was a shocker for us, cause we dont usually get snow this early!!! DBF hurt himself shoveling, so we ended up at the ER for 5 hours...apparently he twisted a muscle which wrapped around his sciatic nerve, causing horrific pain. So most of the weekend got shot!!! Did go to Walmart yesterday and ran a few errands, but that was about it and now it's back to work already!!!
I was so nervous leaving the pups alone when we went to the hosp saturday, because I didnt know how they would get along being left alone, but they did really well, so I was relieved!!!
Hope all is well with you girls, catch up with you later

11-15-2004, 03:17 PM

Cristi- Mike doesn't have money for gas for his car. I am not going to think about airfare. lol........

He is unemployed. He pays rent though and managed a filing fee and 5 for certified mail. So, how is he getting his money??

I don't know if he is back on drugs or not. When he lied about sending $$$ the last time after counseling that was the last straw. We were suppose to be building trust .......haha......I don't regret it. I tried everything with him in hopes Gaby would have a daddy in her life.

His ex wife has sole custody of their daughter and they were married. Mike and I never were.............he isn't getting joint custody!! lol
He isn't getting a 180 notice if I want to move either.

Good news is I don't have to call a long distance number for answers. I do have to respond in his county though. Waiting for a lawyer to call me back.

Anyway- was up at 3am....way too much to think about. The ex wants more $$$$ for babysitting Gaby.....I have no more to give!! I was better off working part time.....geesh,,,,,,

better get.......venting, sorry :(

11-15-2004, 04:02 PM
Hello Ladies--

Mindee--Poor baby and having his teeth bothering him. Jhanai would always get two teeth at a time. And she really did well, not so much crying during the nights like I thought. Hope he gets them in soon!

Angie--My thoughts exactly on Costco! I really like the stuff I can get and the amount, but the checkbook is always hurtin' after we leave! :dizzy: Congratulations to Tanner for getting a trophy! Sorry you missed it........such a busy woman. When is your next vacation???? You deserve another already!

Julie--Looking forward to seeing a pic of your puppy!! What color is he? Male I take it. Sorry to hear about DBF!! That's must have been painful. Hope he recovers soon.

Susan--I hope you don't get over stressed with all that is going on right now! I'm surprised your ex wants more money for Gaby......why? Does he know of your plans to move to Hawaii? I hope he isn't doing it in spite. My thoughts are with you!!

Hello to everyone else.

This week is going to be a messed up week schedule wise. I have a 2nd. orientation day on Thursday so on Wednesday they had to schedule me early so I would get some sleep since the orientation is at 8:00 in the mon & tues will be 6-2:30, Wed. will be 11:30 -8:00 and Thurs. will be 8-6. And Friday I will be back to 6-2:30, but if everything works right I should be able to get off at 12:30 to go get Jhanai. Whew! That was a lot to babble out! I'm going to be losing sleep somewhere in there! but oh well.

I better hit the shower and grab something to eat. You all have a great day and if I have time before work I will check in.

Take Care

11-15-2004, 05:34 PM
hmmm, willl I was kicking closet doors yesterday. I am calm in comparison today

I had some chili and a pumpkin spice latte from Freddies - so good.

One good thing is joint custody won't be granted without both parents approval, so that isn't going to happen.

I don't know why he wants more sitting pay. I have to take care of my own household though. I can find someone who will take what I can afford, it is stressful though!! Can never seem to dance fast enough......

One lawyer wants 2,500 down and 200 an hour *cough * I can afford that.

better get,......

11-15-2004, 07:36 PM
Better late than never, I guess.. :)

Marti - Christmas sales are everywhere! I just love that, lol. Your schedule will just be wacky for this week during more training? Glad you'll be off early Friday to get Jhanai.

Mindee - Neal and I used to play blackjack with a group of friends, but don't anymore. We play Yahtzee and 500 rummy once in awhile. For Brandon's teeth, give him a cold, whole, cleaned carrot to bite around on - the teeth will come through quicker and the cold carrot will feel good to his little gums.

Angie - aww, doggone it, I'm sorry you had to miss the football banquet! Bet you're all proud of that trophy! Where you gonna put it? Tell him somebody in Indiana is proud of him, and that I said Way To Go, TAN!!!

Cristi - have fun with Vince tomorrow. OIC about the tree. Sounds like it's going to be very pretty!

Julie, Susan, Katy, Ellen, Sue, and anyone else reading this - hello!!

Well, the ISP finally said they had a cut line somewhere, and it didn't get fixed til a little while ago. But at least it's ok now.

Katie stayed home from school today with the flu - poor kid! She tossed her cookies all day. I felt so sorry for her! Finally she kept down some fluids, and is resting now.

Have a good evening, and I'll see you tomorrow!

11-15-2004, 08:56 PM
my little boys, max and scruffy

By the way, a quick hello to all and Cristi, thanks for the card!!!!


11-16-2004, 02:53 AM
Angie~ I am putting all that on the back burner for now. Cause we have job/insurance issues to deal with first.

Jane~ I hope you get your computer back soon! My sister and her husband just bought a Texas Hold’em poker chip set. We will have to pick up some carrots. He has the baby food carrots, but those won’t help him any. I hope Katy feels better soon!

Cristi~ My favorite pic that my sister took of him in his costume was the one with the ducky background! I will have to get those posted on his page, cause the ducky background really makes his costume and him just pop out of the picture! Thanks for the card!

Julie~ Sorry to hear about your weekend. I hope your week has started out better. Yeah I saw on the news that the west coast and the east coast had gotten the snow that was supposed to be dumped here in MI.

Susan~ I hope things get settled soon for your sanities sake.

Marti~ He is doing better tonight. He went right to sleep and hasn’t woken up since 11:40ish. He has been acting silly lately. He will play with his mouth now. He looks like an older person who doesn’t have any teeth, I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying that. He just loves playing with his mouth now. And when you tell him “shhhh! Be quiet” he will yell or scream as loud as he can. And the more you tell him to be quiet, the louder he gets.

11-16-2004, 09:33 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Ellen - missed you in the chat room. Not sure you even got my PM in time to go there. Hope you're having a good day!

Julie - love the photos of your babies! They are so cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Mindee - funny you should mention Texas Hold 'Em... I just bought the video game for my son for Christmas. It hooks up to the TV and is displayed on the screen. He loves Texas Hold Em, so I'm hoping he will really like this. It looks fun!

Hi to all my Jaded buddies!

Katie is better today, but since she hasn't held down much food, I kept her home again today.

I'm going shopping with Mary later today. Dale is home because he has an appointment this morning, and so he's going to watch the kids. Rarely do Mary and I get out together w/o at least 1 rugrat, lol.

What's on your agenda for the day?

11-16-2004, 11:28 AM
Just checking in with a quick Hi. Didn't make it to the doc with V-kids jumped in the shower first big deal though. I would have just sat in the waiting room for about an hour waiting. But do need to jump in the shower and get ready to go when he gets back. Since it is raining no zoo or cow town. :( And of course the earliest movie is at 1 pm which is when we are supposed to be at Direct Buy, maybe after :dunno: Anyway...going to do a little shopping.

Julie your puppy dogs are sooooo very cute!

Susan, do they have some kind of legal aid thing that could help you out. Didn't realize that you and Mike had never married. Sounds like he is just wanting to upset you. Anyway, hope things go well with that. :crossed:

Jane, glad to hear Katie is feeling better today.

Mindee, I do enjoy looking at the photos of Brandon, and that duck outfit is just adorable.

Anyway, gotta go ladies. Take care and have a good day. :wave:

da fat n da furious
11-16-2004, 11:29 AM
Oh Julie,,,,a new puppy! And you named him scruffy? How adorable!

Jane, poor Katie,,,I hate feeling like that. I don't toss my cookies well...I once popped all the blood vessels in my face,,,and eyes. Nota pretty sight...arghhh
Have fun shopping!

Susan, is Mike's mom possibly helping him out? Can relate to the can't dance fast enough,,,swear a polka is playing and I want a slow song...

Called my mom the other day to tell her about Tanner's trophy,,,and we got into talking about shopping. She asked what I wanted and I told her this makeup case from Costco...she told me she would send money so I can go pick up myself. Was it rude of me to tell her no that I wouldn't go and do that? I teased a bit about her doing her own shopping and stop asking me to do that. Which she has done in the past.

well not much else happening,,,theatre dress rehearsal tonight...preview tomorrow and opening night Thursday. Which is the day of Brandon's surgery....which have to say we are all not looking forward to. Very painful...

Tea Rose
11-16-2004, 11:49 AM
Good Morning Ladies :wave:
How is everyone , sorry I haven't had a chance to Post , it seems things got really busy all at once.My Daughter and I went to the Christmas store , we ended up at a garden gallery ,it was amazing , everthing Chrismas, in every color and style,imaginable there was so many things its hard to know where to look first, it was like, oh ,oh or look at this ,wow ,oh look at that ohhhhhh! it was a lot of fun, after we spent our hard earned money we went for dinner , it was really nice. I did get my cakes decorated, and I began Christmas decorating, my kitchen which took the better part of two days ,every nook and cranny is Christmas,and the kids are happy to see this finally getting started, they still get as excited as they did when they were little.So I have been busy busy busy and today I start the living room , which will take another few days for sure , The fireplace mantle takes quite a while arranging everything.then the tree ,and staircase.I must admit I am extemely tired ,I make a lot of work for myself doing this , you have no idea how much stuff we have collected,and still we went shopping for more ,LOL Crazy girls we are. I see every one has much going on since last I was here,I haven't had a chance to read everything in depth but I will, Hi Jane:wave: I'm sorry I missed you this morning, My kitty cat Kobi woke me up out of a deep sleep ,having a seizure ,so I spent a good part of the early morning with him, I hope Katie is feeling better,and have fun shopping today . Hi Julie,:wave: I see puppies, and they are so cute, sounds like you had a stressful weekend ,I hope everything is better,Hi Susan :wave: I"m really sorry to hear that things are ,getting tense for you I hope that it gets all worked out for the best ,try not to worry to much ,and don't kick the doors or you will have to stress some more about fixing them LOL Hi Mindee:wave: I hope Brandons little toothies come through soon ,so he feels better,Hi Marti :wave: sounds like you are going to be busy, did you get a chance to have your ME time this past weekend I sure hope so.Hi Sue :wave: I hope your having a great time Hi Angie:wave: Hows rehearsals going ,it sounds like you never sit down , I bet you are so proud of Tanner ,I know all about the costco scenario they have great stuff I haven't been there for a long time , but I used to buy these huge orange cranberry muffins there, and they were so good ,its so easy to spend a lot of money in a short period of time .LOL Hi Cristi :wave: I guess its today your off shopping ,I love stores where you can buy nice house stuff cheap be interested hearing more about it,have a great day. Well girls I have so much to do today I wish I could chat more but I don't want to stop , if I do I might fall asleep and not wake up for days. I hope that everyone is having a great day , now I must go find my coffee.


11-16-2004, 12:06 PM
Hi all!
Susan - what Cristi said... legal aid may be the way to go. BTW, I have a friend who went through this with a very well financed former SO and their agreement called for 3 months notice with the courts to move anywhere. This is a guy who had the $$ to challenge absolutely everything...that's a whole other very long story.....Anyway I do have a friend in Portland who is a family law attorney.. call me if you want her #. Her main office is in Astoria, but she lives in Portland and may be expanding her practice to include both towns..may be helpful for you? Don't know if her rates are that much cheaper than the one you mentioned, but I think she does have a system for charging by the item, and not asking for retainers on all cases... at least she used to, I haven't hired her to do anything for me since we had wills drawn up. Good luck....

Jane - sorry Katie is ill - no fun! Have fun with Mary

Ellen - find your coffee yet? Here, have some of mine, lol! Your house sounds lovely... it's getting me in the spirit, that's for sure.

Cristi - I have seen commercials for Direct Buy...definitely would be interested in your opinion of them... they sounded a little too good to be true, but then I again I can be too skeptical at times

Hi to everyone else - sorry I don't have more time to post. I'm off to a meeting for the preschool...then J has a playdate, then I'm off to a preschool potluck....just found out I've been selected to be on the TAG parent advisory council for my son's school district. I'm kind of nervous about it, but also excited that maybe it can be a force for good, you know, hopefully not something for appearances. We'll see.. it's a new group, so that's good at any rate - no inherited garbage. Anyway, that's tomorrow, plus there's a prschool general meeting tomorrow night - whew! So I'll try to get back when I can - will be thinking of you all

11-16-2004, 02:04 PM
Good Morning-

No, Cristi- we were never married. thank goodness!!!! lol
Though he asked many times - just always knew it wouldn't work out.
We moved in together when I relocated to Portland.
He was already here, we had broken up- I was still on the coast when I found out I was pregnant.
This was in September 2001 - by the time Gaby was born in Feb 2002 he was using drugs pretty heavy and took a month off from his trucking job to "help" me......
He stressed me out though!! lol
He called and asked if I would meet him at the entry to the hospital- he didn't want to come all the way up to help me out with Gaby.
I said no - he needed to help with with all the he finally did but that really told me what kind of person he was....
He took me home and left to do his drugs.....he was wasted the whole month.
I was so stressed I couldn't nurse Gaby- she was losing weight.
FINALLY had to move, he was being really weird and scaring me...
hooked up with a community agency who offered to help with housing if I agreed to be "case managed" .......which I jumped at because the only money I was getting was from Doug.
So, the first thing they had me do was go to AFS and describe what was happneing and I was given a grant for $2000 to move based on an abusive situation.

Anyway, I called legal aid yesteray and there is a 24/48 response time, so am waiting to hear back from them.

The thing is......and this happened with Doug....if Mike has been there first regarding this issue they won't help me.....which will really PISS me off!! lol

His mother won't help him, I did kind of mention it to her in an email- though I need to apologize to her because it isn't right to put her in the middle. I do like her and she has helped me with $$$$ in the past.

Mike asked his ex wife not to get He asked me the same thing when they were going to court....she will come with me though when we have to go to court......

I will take a 90 day notice!!! 180 is sooooooo silly. I have to be out of here by

Anyway, I have stress with Gaby - need to find her daycare now......

I will take the info on the lawyer Katy! Thanks :)

best get

11-16-2004, 05:52 PM
Hey Susan - just pm'ed you

back for a bit

Angie - you have alot on your plate this week - will be sending good thoughts your way, particularly for B's surgery.

Marti - hope you can get some sleep this week - I was tired just reading about your schedule. That is so sweet of your coworkers to try to swing it to help you out so you can spend more time with your daughter -

Julie - your puppies are cute - makes us want to get a dog, but we want to wait until we are done with some remodeling and our kids are a little older.

Mindee - sounds like B is coping pretty well with his teething. My kids were a bit fussy until the teeth broke through the gum, then they were fine. They drooled an awful lot, I must say!

Hope everyone's day is going well

11-17-2004, 09:17 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Cristi - how'd things go at Direct Buy? Bet you had fun spending time with Vince. Did you get any Christmas shopping done? I have already started getting the ads for the day after Thanksgiving, and there are some darn good bargains out there!

Angie - yes, I think you did the right thing, being honest with your mom. No reason you should have to go get your own present, unless it has to be an exact item. Even then, as long as you describe it well, she should be able to find it. How'd dress rehearsal go last night? Bet Brandon (and his mama) is getting a little nervous about the surgery.

Ellen - sounds like your house is going to be a Christmas fairyland! Can you share with some photos? Glad your daughter is close and can help. Btw, I love reading your "what I'm thankful for today" lists... it's very sweet that you include us in them!!

Katy - good luck at the TAG meeting today. Being a charter member will have its advantages, that's for sure. Like you said, no baggage, lol. What are the specific objectives, or are they yet to be defined?

Susan - so sorry you have all this stress going on right now!! Did you find a new sitter for Gaby? Hope Katy's friend will be able to help you. Just keep focused on next Spring, ok? I know that's easier said than done right now.

Marti - miss you!!

Hi to anyone else reading this.

Gotta tackle Mount Washmore today... how do we get so much, so soon????? It's a gloomy day here, so I may just put on some Christmas music and finish addressing the Christmas cards in between the loads of laundry.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

da fat n da furious
11-17-2004, 10:49 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Ellen, as what Jane said your house will be like a Christmas fairly land....

Susan, Thank you for the card...I can't wait to buy my own one day...meaning I wanna go there!

Jane, so what did you buy? You must be done or close to it....

The dress rehearsal went well last night other then some of my light cues didn't happen...there is no ghosts there so not sure why. Didn't get home till midnight...arghhh the morning came too early.
Brandon went off to school,,,his last day for the next 6 weeks...Im worried about the pain. And I have so much to do...
And on top of everything my van is acting up again so brought it in,,,36 hundred to fix it. The cams and a belt are the problem.
well need to get going to work...
have a great day ladies!

11-17-2004, 01:05 PM
Hey Ladies

Thanks for all the compliments on my two little angels....They are hysterical...I guess for now they're the only babies we have!! Oh well....
Nothing much else new here, just busy working away I guess, trying to stay caught up on my studies and stay well!!!
Jane" already working on xmas cards??? I wish I was so motivated!!
I do love xmas though, Ill be shopping pretty soon....
Susan: sorry to hear you're going through a rough time, hang in there

I guess theres nothing really much else going on here to update you on
Hi to Mindee, Cristi, Ellen, Angie, Marti, Sue, Rosie Kate, and all the other girls!!
Have a nice day

11-17-2004, 01:18 PM
Morning ladies--

Sorry I haven't posted earlier....only had time enough to read and then get going.

I have to say......I am SOOOO tired this morning! I got home a little after 3:00 since it was so foggy and I didn't want to risk an accident and drove 55 all the way home. (I hate it when it's so thick you can't see two feet in front of you!) I did't get to bed until 4:00 and had such a time getting to sleep because my back was aching (it's ok at the moment) and then my alarm decides to go off at 8:45! This morning shift is for the birds! I like waking up on my own and not to an alarm clock! Tomorrow I have to get up even earlier.....must be there for orientation by 8:00.....UGH!!!!

Angie--Brandon will be in my thoughts tomorrow while he's in is he feeling? I sure hope surgery makes him feel much better!! Give him a hug from Cyber "Aunt Marti"!

Jane--I've been wanting to put on some Christmas music myself! And I still need to tackle my Christmas cards or I won't EVER get them done! This week sure has me thrown off!

Katy--I'm really hoping that Friday I'm able to get off early. It all depends on how the work load looks. Maybe if I shed a tear they'll let me go......

Susan--Keeping you in my prayers that everything turns out ok for you and that the stress level calms down a little. Spring will be here soon and we'll all be celebrating your wedding!!

Ellen--Your house sounds so magical!! I would love to see photos too if you'd like to share! Jhanai is wanting to get some decorating done this weekend....we'll see how it goes.

Cristi--So which movie did you end up seeing? Or did you go? Your "Cow Town" Sounds very interesting.....tell me more about it. I may have to go visit your town now!!

Julie--Adorable puppies!! So glad you shared those photos with us!! Cute, cute, cute!!

Mindee--Glad to hear that Brandon is doing better w/his teething.....every age has something amazing! Keep on sharing with us!

Good Morning to everyone else!!

Ok girls...I'm procrastinating what I need to get done....getting ready for work!...I have to leave here in an hour so I better get ready. You all have a wonderful day and I will try to pop in sometime after work....if I don't collapse!

Take Care!

11-17-2004, 01:37 PM
Hi Ladies~

Katy~I too was skeptical. Well after sitting there listening to their speech and seeing the showroom etc. we turned it down. Okay, it is a great deal if you plan on doing a lot of remodeling, buying a lot of furntiture and such as you can buy wholesale through them, everything from clothes to appliances big and small, furniture, siding for the house, drapes, shoes, just about anything. But the initial sign up fee is a whopping $3400+ for the first two years and then each year after the 2nd there is a $149 membership fee if you wish to stay. Of course they don't give you any time to think about it, you have to decide then and if you decline you will not be invited back for 7 years. Oh well...

Susan~I truly am sorry that what should be a very happy time for you is turning out to be stressful. And that's not right that if Mike has talked to them that they can't help you-not fair at all. Just don't understand him thinking he can waltz in and start demanding this and that especially since he has been carrying on as he has. Well, I know things will work out for the best in the end and you and Rocky will live happily ever after. Hope you find daycare for lil' miss Gaby.

Ellen~oooohhhhh, I bet your house is going to be BEAUTIFUL! I am getting in the Christmas spirit and am wanting to decorate but will wait till Thanksgiving weekend. But then I do this every year. I get jazzed and excited in the beginning and then want it to be over, get a little sad. Would love to see photos of our house all done up, that goes for everyone else too. Maybe we should do a thread to share Christmas photos.

Jane~I had the best time with Vince yesterday even though we didn't go to the zoo or the movie. We don't get to spend too many full days together and the rest of the week he is working till 10 pm. Did some shopping, went to Direct Buy, then to lunch, actually a late lunch, early dinner-it was 3 pm when we got there, then did a little more shopping. Found a 48 in. wreath at Wal-mart so went ahead and got that, will have to put lights on it though. We went to SAMS last week to see if they had the 60 in. ones but they were out, told us we could order one online because they only order so many and that's it, well they showed them online but it said it is an in-store item. So went to the west side store, they had none. We did find one at Hobby Lobby but was $80 without the lights! :yikes: The one at SAMS was $53 or $58 with the lights. Anyway, the 48 in. one will do just fine once I get some lights and a ribbon on it. Spent about 2 1/2 hours at Direct Buy, man was I ready to leave after 30 mns. Vince wanted to see what it was all about so I went. I was pooped when we got home. Went to bed at 10 and I was out in five minutes-didn't even hear Vince leave this morning and he alwasy kisses me on the cheek.

Angie~I don't think you were rude with your mom. My mother would buy everyone else's gifts and by the time she got to us she didn't want to shop anymore so would give us a check. Which I actually wouldn't have minded had she not told me that she bought gifts for the others. I sent a couple back and she would keep sending them so I just tore them up. I just think it is impersonal and felt like I wasn't worth her time.

Well, today is another ugly day. :rain: It is supposed to be this way the rest of the week. But then I guess I better get used to it because for the most part that's the way it is here in the winter time-how easily I forget. Of course what I didn't forget is how when the weather changes the pain I get in my right arm. OUCH! I bought some tylenol arthritis and it actually does help-thank goodness. Going to have to get to doing my exercises again. Did my grocery shopping last night so really nothing to do today except clean the house and do laundry. Man you miss a day of laundry and it piles up. Anyway, that's about all I have. Take care ladies and have a good one! :wave:

11-17-2004, 01:52 PM
Hi Julie and Marti, you ladies snuck in there while I was posting. Sometimes I go down and it will show a new post before I hit submit, I always check. But didn't see any till after.

Julie~I had to show DD and DH your little angels, they really are adorable and making me want another!

Marti~Cow Town is cool, we almost were going to get married there because I thought that old little country church is so cool. But I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a dress to fit the whole country, cowboy era. Anyway, it's alittle western town that has a lot of different buildings decorated with the authentic furniture from the western days. There's a grocery store. the church, a dentist office, a jail, school, saloon, train station, houses, etc. Most of the people who work there are volunteers and they dress in the clothes from back then. This week topped off their holiday season so they had things going on but with the rain, it's not a good place to be going. They have shoot-outs, and do other stuff on the streets, I'm drawing a blank here, duh! It's just a cool place to go visit. I wish I could remember the movies they shot down there.

Angie~how did I miss that Brandon was having surgery tomorrow??? :dunno: You all will be in my thoughts.

Goofy me just noticed that my ticker is gone. Guess I was messing with my signature the other day and not sure why but must have deleted it. Definitely need to get that back up there.

Okay, take care ladies and HI to everyone else. :wave:

11-17-2004, 06:26 PM
I love your new tickerfactory thing Cristi!! Very pretty. I tried to do one for myself but is too much to digest,.....can't figure it out.

Hope Brandon is doing well today Angie :)

I haven't called Katy's friend yet but I will......

I am applying for our pre paid lawyer thing through my employer, $15 a month to see someone but if it goes to court it would be a 25% discount.
I did talk with legal aid and she gave me some advice.
I went and mailed off my waiver fee application and hope to get some good news on that. I need to come up with a visitation plan for Gaby like I am already in Hawaii........

Would I really send a 3 year old on a plane over to Oregon to spend 2 weeks or a month with this man???
I think not....
Would I send her over to my mothers or even Gaby's half sister mother?? You know..............I would consider that..............when she is like

So, he can visit in Hawaii!!! wooooo hoooo.,.....what are the chances he could afford airfare and lodging???
He CAN'T bunk at my house!!!! lol..........

anyway..........I am working on day care between my mom and sister now...but there was that lady that I interviewed in May that I am trying to track least to get me by til April....

Rocky is a doll!!!! He bought me a cell phone so we can talk for free........he might come in January......maybe, we will see.......

lost down to 143!!!! stress............does wonders, lets bottle it and make a million!! lol

gotta go......boss is coming!!

11-17-2004, 10:11 PM
Had a few minutes and thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing.

Susan~yeah, Mike can't or doesn't want to pay child support so how in the world does he think he is going to have joint custody??? I too wouldn't send a three-year-old on a plane alone either, I would even be leary when she is ten but then I am a worry wart really bad. So cool Rocky got you a phone, what a sweetie. I will keep my fingers crossed and send a little luck your way that he does visit you in January. :crossed: :lucky: I am going to have to keep checking back with ticker factory as that is a new one and they had a couple other new ones. Hoping they have a Christmas one soon. :) Also, can't wait to finally weigh in at the end of the month to see that thing changed!

Well, guess I will go finish my cards. I had finished my christmas cards to family and friends but then bought some really cute snoopy ones to send to the kids from MACS ( there some that I send to on a regular basis. Need to get my dining room table clear of that stuff.

Anyway, have a good night ladies. :wave:

11-18-2004, 01:24 AM
Hey Cristi,

He really does have a sweet spirit. He said no way was Gaby coming to Oregon by herself. I would have to go with her- he would pay for my airfare but Mike would have to come up with Gaby's.

I would even offer to waive child support for ( it isn't like I am getting it geesh- though I did get a 3.96 check today!!!)) Mike to have a chance to come up with the airfare.
Course I would put in a 2 year evaluation and room for modifications along the way.

Anyway, just trying to be fair and get my butt to Hawaii!!! lol.....Rocky said I could just come in late December. I have to do a seat belt class on the 8th and after that I am free!! I just need to respond to court issues....if I had a lawyer here though I could just do phone in's????

I did call Mike and offered mediation- get a chance to resolve this before going to court.

omg......rocky is on the phone!!!! Gotta go....

11-18-2004, 10:20 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Angie - I'm thinking of you and Brandon today - and you're in my prayers, too, that all goes well. Mary and I weren't Christmas shopping, just regular old grocery shopping. Except for Katie's, I am just about done with Christmas shopping.

Julie - I usually have my Christmas cards done before this, except for the ones I write a long note with. Glad your classes are going well.

Marti - how's the training going? Is this your last week for that? Bet Jhanai is getting excited about the holidays, isn't she? Has she said what she wants for Christmas?

Cristi - I think you were smart to not sign up with Direct Buy!! Any company that wants you to sign right now gives something to worry about. Your wreath will be beautiful when you're done!

Susan - stress is not a healthy way to lose weight, missy!! But still, yay to you for your loss, lol!! I, too, would never put a 3 year old on a plane. It would depend on the child as to when she would go by herself. Some kids could do it w/o batting an eye at 7, others, like Mary, couldn't do it at 23, lol. Sounds like you're getting some good advice, setting things up as though you are already in Hawaii. Maybe Rocky could come visit you over Christmas?

Shanna - wish you could find time to post!!

Hi to Ellen, Katy, Sue, Mindee, and the others!

Well, since I was here yesterday, I got a touch of the flu! Felt terrible, and couldn't keep anything down. Finally kept down some toast last night. I just hate being nauseated!! This morning, I am still a little woozy and unstable, but wanted to check in with my buddies... The worst part is, little Madison has it, too. :( Hope the other DGDs escape it!

BBL, (I hope)

11-18-2004, 11:59 AM
Susan~sounds like you are getting things taken care of, good for you. So what are you going to do with that big check?! :) You mentioned the stress diet, my cousin went on the stress diet going through their divorce. She was so shocked that he wanted one and she tried everything to work it out because she didn't want one. But he was through. He had lost a lot of weight before that and I think it went to his head and he didn't want her anymore, of course he was a snotty jerk from the beginning. She lost a lot of weight and told everyone she does not recommend it. Of course not, stress takes it's toll on ones body but I think sometimes it can't be avoided, as in her case-she was a basket case, upset all the time over that. But good for you for the loss, just be careful and take care of yourself.

Angie~special thoughts to your family today. :grouphug:

Jane~hope you get to feeling better. I am hoping I don't get the flu this year, knock on wood. I think I can deal with just about anything except a stopped up nose and nausea-don't like that at all. Yeah, I agree about Direct Buy. I asked the woman even though it said it on their video, if we could have a day to think things over and she said they can't do that that they need an answer before we leave. It's something that needs to be discussed more than just a couple of hours in their store. She didn't try to pressure us but still...

Hi to everyone else, Jen, Mindee, Julie, Katy, Marti, Shanna, Sue, Ellen, Kathy, Katie and anyone I may have missed.

That's about all I have. Getting ready to head out to Hobby Lobby to see if I can find a ribbon for the wreath. Wal-mart had plenty but they had a big one and a smaller one and I need one in between of course. Going to look at all their Christmas stuff also. Went this past Saturday but there were so many people I really didn't look at everything good, couldn't get through the isles. Hoping there's not a lot of people today. Need to make a grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner. Bought a few groceries Tuesday evening and did get the turkey but nothing else so need to get that done tomorrow. That's about all I have to do today. Got the house cleaned yesterday and laundry done, so kind of a lazy day for me. Anyway, hope everyone has a nice Thursday. Take care ladies. :wave:

11-18-2004, 02:34 PM
AAAaaaarrrrrrrGGGgggggHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awwwwww. feel so much better! lol

Ticked, royal.

I joined this lawyer site. Talk legal stuff and all. Thought to ask for thoughts on a parenting plan.

So...........I have heard a lot of " he has his rights", "you are taking her 5000 miles away(actually only 2000) what kind of parenting can he do??", "you will be paying for the airfare!!!!" " who are you to say for him not to pay child support, you don't have that right"......."oh, can't move"


Mean people!!!! Geesh...........he is a ding bat!! What kind of parent HAS he been??? whatEVER......


Oh,..........and the "ex" took it on himself to call Mike and assure him that Gbay is fine *roll eyes*.....and they talked and male bonded and ................aaaaaaaaaAAAAaaarrrRRgGGGHHHhhh...

Mike goes " Is she doing drugs?? Is she sleeping around having sex????"

I am sooooooooooooooooooo ...................just pissed.

Gaby is really great though, so sweet.

ta ta

11-18-2004, 03:40 PM
(((((HUGS))))) to you Susan. Sounds like someone is trying to dig up some dirt on you Susan. Hope the ex didn't say much to him. About him having rights, yeah, hate to say it but he does and apparently he knows he can make it bad on you. I have even heard of cases where the judge wouldn't let the person take the child that far-totally depends on the judge. Things could be a little different since you guys were never married. :dunno: All I know is from hearing things from my cousin and two of my friends who are going through and/or went through a divorce. Of course theirs was more about child support and dividing stuff. But I know my friend in CA whose ex has been carrying this thing on for three years now does pay child support and he pays for the kids to go see him in AR. I would think that if Mike is the one starting this that he would have to pay to see Gaby and I really don't think any court would expect you to send her on a plane by herself, not at that age. I mean he wasn't seeing her on a regular basis or paying child support so...he hasn't been the best at being a father to her surely the courts would take that into account among other things, ie doing drugs. At least this is happening now instead of a month before you leave, so it is taken care of before then. What does Rocky think about all this? Want me to come up there and beat Mike up? LOL Just kidding..... :devil:

Bored so I thought I would see if anyone posted. Made it to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few things. I am amazed at all the stuff they have now, so much better than Michaels, or the one here anyway. Of course then I headed to Michaels, there is a swag I am debating on getting, just not sure and had to look at it again. They have it marked down 1/2 price, which is a good thing but still not sure. Anyway guess I will go find something to do. TaTa again ladies :D

11-18-2004, 03:40 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Well, nothing really new here today. Things are the same as they were yesterday….so now real change there.

Tommy’s mom stopped by here on Monday. Tommy was going to make it look like we weren’t here, but since he split one of the two pairs of jeans he had, he answered it because his dad sent over some of his old pants. Well, she knows that Tommy doesn’t have a job, and she said that when you get fired from your job, that it takes 6 to 13 weeks before you get a check. And from the looks of it, we are about 4 weeks into it. So hopefully we can get this all settled soon! And to top it all off, I got a letter in the mail from FIA telling me that me and Brandon no longer have Medicaid. So Tommy called the worker yesterday and she called us back before we headed out the door to look for some more pants for him at the thrift stores. She left a message and said that she wasn’t the one that had closed the account, it was the other lady that we had talked to last week. So now we are going to call her and find out why in the heck she is doing that.

Brandon has always been our little nature boy. My grandpa who passed away a week exactly before our wedding, was a nature guy. So we are thinking that that is his great grandpa coming out in him. Well, that and Tommy likes nature as well. Brandon has also been playing with his mouth lately. He has been moving his mouth like an old person who forgot to put in their dentures. Then he will give me a BIG gummy smile. He also likes to be a little goofy boy. When we tell him “shhhhhh be quiet” then he will scream or yell. The more you tell him to “shhhhh be quiet” the louder he will get, and then he will start to laugh because of it.

Jane~ My hubby has seen commercials for that and has said that he wants to get one! I am sure that your son will like it! I hope you feel better soon!!!!

Cristi~ That duck costume, is actually a half size of the smallest size the pattern made. So as long as Brandon doesn’t grow too much, that will be his costume again next year!

Angie~ I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers during the day of Brandon’s surgery.

Ellen~ His teeth still haven’t come through yet, but he is feeling better. He isn’t as grumpy as he has been. He is sitting on daddy’s lap right now drinking some juice out of his sippy cup.

Susan~ I hope things get a little less stressful with you soon! YAY on the WL!

Katy~ He really hasn’t been that fussy with his teeth. He has been a drool bug since he was about 2 ½ months old. Now you can see the whites as they are just under the skin of the gums.

We did find out though, that he can’t have applesauce anymore. At least not when his plumbing is fine. When he is all backed up (which is never with him) then he can have it…cause applesauce works just like prunes on him! We also tried him last night to see if he has outgrown his milk allergy and it is looking like he has. We gave him a little bit of ice cream and a little bit of yogurt and no reaction like before. I am still waiting for him to give me a big diaper explosion from it. He loved the yogurt, and got mad when his Auntie Anna stopped feeding it to him.

Marti~ I will be sure to do that. As long as you ladies don’t get over whelmed with me sharing! LOL

Oh, and we are debating if we are going to take Brandon to the Thanksgiving parade next Thursday. We were going to go last year, but since we went to bed at like 2:30am, then got up at 5:30am to go to Meijer’s because they were having a sale on a jump box that my hubby wanted, we just decided to come back home and got back to sleep. And we ended up sleeping right through watching the parade on tv. The best part with the parade is that where we sit, by the time Santa makes it past us, and we head for him, we get home just in time to watch Santa hit the end of the parade route and get the key to the city.

11-18-2004, 05:37 PM
hmmmm, Rocky is waaaaaay too
He said that Mike needs to prove he isn't doing drugs and he wants him to be in Gaby's life if he can clean up his act.
He said "he can come see her in Hawaii and if he is real nice I will even take him fishing"
I think we both agree that Gaby is the main focus. I am not against her knowing her dad but I want her safe and he can't be doing drugs......geez.....

I am SOOOO tired of hearing about his rights. -lol

Rocky thinks Gaby needs to be escorted to Oregon and he is willing for me to come with her.........or he will.

He is so sweet and easy going.

My mom said "make your wishbone your backbone"

Listen to people that support you and I am not out to "trash" Mike......I just really want to go to Hawaii..........haha...........jk.

Trying to laugh today!! :)

11-18-2004, 09:53 PM
Evening ladies--

Well I'm home for this evening since I've had my orientation day. I'm glad I get to sleep in tomorrow! James called me this morning at 6:00 from work and woke me up....thank god he did, because I had my alarm set for almost 7:00 and I had to be there by 8:00!! (he must have sensed something was up)

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I didn't get to bed until 1:30 last night and then I tossed and turned......I am so not a morning person! I really prefer the 6-2:30. And once they get it settled that I want to have every other friday off will be perfect.

I hope you all had a great day. I'm really sleepy at the moment so I'm going to wait to do individuals for another time. I spent some time writing in the proposal thread. I may check in later to see if anyone is in chat....that's if I'm awake! :D

Take Care!

11-19-2004, 12:10 AM
I'm back, :)

Angie - hope everything went alright with Brandon, and with the play, too. Let us know, ok?

Cristi - Hobby Lobby is a dream come true! Anytime I've gone there, I don't want to leave. But I've made myself stay away from there recently, though, until I use up some of the stuff I've already got, lol.

Susan - oh, I just love your mama's saying about the wishbone! Never heard that one before, but you oughta use it in your signature. How clever of her! So have you talked to an actual lawyer or not? I wouldn't take the word of some doofus in a chat room. Is Mike listed as Gaby's father, legally? If not, he may not want to go to the expense of proving that he is. I do think, though, that he could really make trouble for you, and that's why you need a good lawyer. What about the paternal grandparents? Will they try to stop you? Also, if he's the one who asked for the recent counselling you had, that could work in his favor, unfortunately. But what do I know? Don't listen to doofus moderators, either, lol!! I truly do think it will all work out in the end one way or another.

Mindee - so was Tommy working in a union job? Is that why he will get checks? Your little sweetie will be all grown up before you know it - time flies!

Marti - so sorry I missed you! I read your post about how James really wanted to propose, and it was so sweet. Now you just never know when he'll do something like that. Liked your families stories, too.

Well, ladies, I feel a lot better now. I got some extra sleep in today, and now here it is, past 11PM and I'm wide awake. Neal and Katie are in bed, and the house is so quiet. Guess I'll go read for awhile....

11-19-2004, 01:26 AM
Hello again gals.....

Just wanted to pop in and say "OMG----I mentioned I would come in to see if anyone would chat and I didn't pop in!" so I'm sorry if I missed it again tonight. What do you girls say to an afternoon chat? Same day but much earlier? I usually get up around 10:30-11:00 Oregon I'm not sure what time that would be for all of you......

Just a suggestion. I figured it "might" be easier to chat with some since it's not during the night when we're all ready to settle down and relax or someone (that would be me :lol: ) is out working.

Lets throw in some idea's......I miss the chatting....get's fun AND confusing!! And we all need a little confusion in our lives! :D

Well, I have a headache due to too much coffee and not enough sleep. So I'm going to join my hubby and get some shut eye.

Night all!

Tea Rose
11-19-2004, 01:46 AM
Hi Ladies
how is everyone , sorry I haven't been here for a few days but I didn't want to stop the decorating process for fear I wouldn't get restarted ,I feel lost now so much chatting has gone on here in the last few days .I haven't had a chance to read everything yet but I wanted to say hi .I didn't want you to forget about me . Angie I wanted to say that Brandon is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope everything went well and he isn't in to much pain. Jane sorry to hear that you and Madison aren't feeling well , hopefully you will soon ,so take care of yourself, I will catch up with the rest of you girls tomorrow I am just to tired right now to focus , I hope everyone is well and I will talk to tomorrow ,night everyone *ELLEN*

da fat n da furious
11-19-2004, 03:28 AM
Just a quick note, got home from the hospital a few minutes ago, am eating dinner,,,its past midnight.
I came home so someone will be home with Tanner during the night since Monte works at 2 am.
I have to say this day was one of the worst Ive had. Woke up to Tanner sick with the flu,,,vomitting, and all.
We got to the hospital an 1/2 hour biggy..
he went in at 10:15 ,,,was to be a 2 hour surgery she booked off 2.5 hours but said she wouldn't need all that time. Well 5 hours later she comes out! I was freaking,,,paralized in fear. I couldn't talk to anyone cause I knew I would break down...even now thinking about is bringing me to tears.
I knew something was up accidently...teach me for eaves dropping. A woman next to me was upset that her daughters surgery was put off a few hours...she went and asked why,,,and the nurse came back and informed them that the surgeon had an emergency and would be with them after that. Like a fool I asked who their surgeon was...and then found out that it was our surgeon and the emergency was Brandon.
What the surgeon told me when she finally came out was,,,they had just finished and closed him up when they realized through the camera it was working,,,,insert medical jargon here,,,, so she had to redo the who thing over again,,,unscrewing the hip bone piece off his foot...
So finally at 5, I got to see him....he left me at 10:15 thats alot of hours inbetween
plus Tanner being sick...Im exhausted
This parenting business is brutal
I will post again soon...need sleep

11-19-2004, 04:45 AM
Hello. Sorry I haven't had time to stop in. We have been really busy and running around. It is sunny and warm so we are walking and enjoying! I do think of you all, especially Brandon with his surgery, Susan with her "love life" j/k and all the ones who have the flu bug. (Keep it at your houses please...don't want it.) I hope things get better for all who are ailing.
I will pop in again soon.

Tea Rose
11-19-2004, 11:31 AM
Hi Angie
I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time, parenting is
brutal isn't it, I am so releived to hear that Brandon's surgery is over,now the healing begins.I hope he isn't in a lot of pain I know even with the medication there are difficult times and he is so young to be going through this .I'm sending Brandon and you hugs and prayers.How is Tanner feeling today, there is no escaping it seems ,when your handed one full plate thats hard to finish , they fill it up again, I hope your doing Ok Angie , take care of you to . I hope your day is calm

11-19-2004, 12:48 PM
(((((HUGS))))) Angie :grouphug: I worked in the hospital surgery waiting and anything that can go wrong will. Seen it to many times where the surgery started late because another went longer than anticipated etc. for the most part the people waiting on the family member having the surgery were pretty good about it but then would get some that couldn't take the dr starting late and not understanding that once in there that other things can arise. Of course when you are on the other end it is hard. I know when DD had her gallbladder taken out it seemed like it took forever and me being the worry wart that I am, well... when DS had it done it took only two hours. Anyway, I am glad that it is over for you and now you can breath. Hope Tanner gets to feeling better. You know they never tell us how stressful it is being a mother do they? I wouldn't trade it for anything though.

Susan~I too love what your mom said, sounds like a very smart woman. You do need to get an attorney for sure girly. We are here for you just remember that. :grouphug:

Marti~a daytime chat would be good for me. 10:30-11 your time is 8:30-9 my time and 9 am would be good for me on a Thursday or Friday. Usually go to the show on thursday but not till about 12:30 or 1 so that still gives me time to chat. I really would prefer a day time chat.

Hi Sue~know you are enjoying the beautiful sunny weather! :sunny:

Ellen~you're killing me lady, already have your house decorated for Christmas! You want to come and do mine? Pleeeeaaaasssee! LOL We are going to do ours next weekend. Of course DH just informed me that he will be working next weekend. I told him then I guess you will have to do the outside on Thanksgiving day! So do ya want to share some pics? Would love to see all your hard work.

Jane~glad to hear you are feeling better. Yeppers, gotta love Hobby Lobby. I am just amazed at all the new stuff they had, more furniture and accessories for the house now.

Mindee~hugs to you and yours, hoping everything works out for the best. When the kids were small we did that with costumes. My mom had made a couple clown costumes that were really cute and one was big so Jason wore it twice and then they were passed on to Josh and Carrie. She is actually very good at sewing and it lasted well beyond Carrie using them. I always liked the clown costumes when the kids were little, they were so cute.

Well, ladies I am headed to the grocery store in a little while to get stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. Still can't believe it is almost here already and that we have been in our house for 9 months-geez, where does the time go? Will be our first holidays here so it makes it a little more special. Anyway, other than that not much else to do but clean, clean, clean. There is always something to clean isn't there, or wash?

Have a good day ladies! :wave:

Tea Rose
11-19-2004, 01:05 PM
Good Morning Ladies
I just popped in to say hi during a break in the process, now that the decorating is for the most part finished , now I have to clean up the mess. you know all those little green peices that fall of the garlands and wreaths, and there all the sparkes that land everywhere I 'm glad my living room floor is brick,so much easier to clean than carpet .I don't know if its just me that makes such a mess or if everyone does ,maybe its just part of the process ,well thats my story anyway,Now I must stack all the bins and take then back to the basement for 7 weeks or so,and then do it all over in reverse. oh I shivered just now at the thought , so I will let that thought go for now and enjoy the present. I have one task to do though it never fails when you get it all done and everything in place the darn mini lights blow out ,I don't know yet if a bulb fell out, but it means back up on the ladder on top of the cupboards I have to poke all through the garland and decorations to find out , you ever notice it only happens in the most difficult places to get to LOL Oh well the joys of holiday decor.I see everyone is busy Christmas shopping and such although I think some of you girls need a special shopper to help you have so much to do and to deal with, thats why I am thankful for the calm when it presents itself to me.I know there are a lot of flu's going around in your families, so I hope that everyone is feeling better soon and that the rest stay well .
Its kind of a dull day here ,still some leaves hanging on to the trees,some a lot some a little.I don't like the drabness right now I'd much rather have the soft white glisten of the snow everywhere (except on the roads)Is everyone getting excited now for the holidays ,I know that some of you ladies still have Thanksgiving to celebrate ,and then begins the Christmas season. Well you girls must get tired of listening to me go on and on about Christmas and decorating when you are all dealing with so many day to day issues ,that make all this decorating stuff seem trivial I'm sure.I am just thankful for this being the most stressful thing at this moment in a day in my life, for sure the rest will come soon enough as it always does.I hope that you wonderful ladies are having a great day,inspite of the day to day stresses , I will do individuals when I have more time,I really need to clean up this mess I have made ,and find me some coffee,and clariton not necessarily in that order though,my allergies have been really acting up the last few weeks maybe its all this activity .Again Everyone have a wonderful day and I will try and pop in later to see how everyone is doing. *ELLEN*

11-19-2004, 04:09 PM
Step on into the 90's... Chit chat # 90, that is!! See you there!