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11-11-2004, 03:26 PM
.. and I just can't hide it.. :lol: Oh the pointer sisters...

Anyways!! I changed my ticker.. and I can't believe it.. it says I've lost 17 pounds, thats almost 20! Thats more than I've ever lost in my whole life! My body prefers to put on the weight.. ;) I've already reached my November weight loss goal, and it's only the 11th. I'm completely thrilled, and all it took was about 5 days of complete pain.. but the withdrawl was worth it for me :) Excuse me while I do a little happy dance.. :dance:

11-11-2004, 03:32 PM
Way to go Aimee ~ I'm happy for you!! You're doing great!!

11-11-2004, 03:33 PM
Well I'm so excited for you I'm just going to join you!!!!!!!!!!!!
:dance: :dance:
love Annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-11-2004, 04:27 PM
Aimee - that is awesome!!!

11-11-2004, 05:11 PM
Rock ON, Aimee!!!! A little success goes a long way toward inspiration, doesn't it? :D

11-11-2004, 06:02 PM
Aimee--how exciting for you. WTG on all that hard work. So what's your next goal now that you've reached your first one?

11-11-2004, 08:06 PM
That is so great!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Goddess Jessica
11-11-2004, 08:17 PM
Way to go chica!

11-11-2004, 08:25 PM
How cool is that!! Wow! And happy dancing burns calories, too! :)

11-11-2004, 08:52 PM
Great news Aimee. You are doing awsome. Keep up the good work.

11-11-2004, 09:25 PM
OMG, I feel so loved :) As for my next goal? It's to get to 250, 7 pounds away, I'm starting with mini goals. It feels easier that way, yah know? Also, I'd like to get into my black pants from Old Navy... very sleek sexy pants :) It was unbelievably hard work to quit sugar cold turkey, but I encourage anyone who has issues with it to do it, it's well worth it :) Thanks everyone !! :)


11-11-2004, 09:34 PM
you go girlie!!! what an awesome milestone!

11-11-2004, 09:54 PM
I hear ya on going for small goals Aimee. That is what works best for me also. Kind of hard for me to look at the big picture and keep motivated sometimes so having a smaller goal keeps me on track better.

Withdrawl is always worth it once you have gotten through it. Great job!! You accoplished a really challenging task and succeeded!!

11-11-2004, 10:38 PM
Yay! Yay! Yay! Way to go Aimee! :cheer:

11-12-2004, 05:23 AM
YAY Aimee!!!!

11-12-2004, 01:39 PM
Nice going girl - keep it up!!

11-12-2004, 01:42 PM
Congrats Aimee! Keeping on going!!! :dance: :balloons:

11-12-2004, 06:16 PM
Congratulations. :bravo:

11-13-2004, 12:56 AM
Oh man, I don't know that I can keep this up.. I went christmas shopping after work, and am STARVED, but have no energy to eat. I want everything in sight. And this is only Day 6, 8 days to go.. and it kinda sucks. I need to remind myself how well I am doing, but wowsers, I wish my cravings weren't so damn strong! Okay, done complaining.. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. :)


11-13-2004, 01:20 AM