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11-11-2004, 01:34 PM
YAY!!!!! I lost 2 more pounds this week, totalling in a 5lb weight loss this week!!! YAY!!!!!! I am SoOOOOO excited! This was the boost I needed. I am certain that I'll have the old body back (or somewhere near it) by the spring time! YAY!! **Happy Dance!**

11-11-2004, 10:56 PM
Congratulations, Carrie!!! That's terrific!!!! Wow, you're SOOO close to ONEderland! You'll be there before you know it! :cheer: :dancer: :cb: :cp:

11-12-2004, 12:12 AM
YAY!! thanks skinny!! I'll be happier when I get to 195, then I'll feel safer from the zero's!! AAAHHHHH! I don't EVER want to be here again!

11-14-2004, 01:53 PM
Congrats, Carrie. Your success and formidable goal make me want to get strict and do the same. My buddy, Rebecca, identified the bad pattern I fall into, which is 3 days angel, followed by relapse. It is called Bingeing. Now that I can say it, I can fight it. I bought a scale, will weigh for the first time in a year tomorrow, and will begin Scarsdale Diet just to jump start things. I did well last week, felt "lighter" by doing modified SBeach, and fit into my size 16 linen dress. Okay, it has no definable waist, it is a shift/tent and it was a little snug, but hey...I did not implode when I sat down. Sooo...you have inspired me to do better, along with Buddy & Sargeant Master Rebecca, who keeps me from beating up on myself for crimes. (Sample crime: 1/2 ham & swiss sandwich on sesame bun, followed by cream cheese danish and coffee with white (uughh) sugar. Avocado and Butter bread for lunch, ice cream for dessert, and a full East Indian meal cooked from scratch, including flat bread (roti) coconut-pear chutney, and curried chicken--in normal-people portions---all of this was Saturday's binge!)

So thanks for the inspiration...wish me luck for next week when I start the Scarsdale. The 1st 3 days are hunger-city. I'll do it! Bye and good luck.


11-14-2004, 03:24 PM
Raindancer- You rock!! I can't help but giggle to see that. I do that too! I am having a hard time keeping to one particular thing. We are going through a financially rough time, (everyone goes through this at one point or another. There are times of bounty, and times of no bounty. No biggie) so I'll go out and buy all low carb food, but when that runs out there is low fat food left in the house, so I'll have to switch to that. I just had some bread with cream cheese, I'm sure that was around 350 calories, and some ff hot cocoa. That's 50 calories. I want to NOT gain weight. But the food in our house doesn't currently support a completely low fat, or a low carb "diet". So I am just going to really watch my calorie intake, and not go above 1400 calories. I am noticing that if I am going to have any breads, I have to have a higher fat/protien food with it, so I'm not hungry 30 min. later.

Raindancer, we've got to do this!! I know what you mean about the clothes. Right now it isn't so much about the style as it is, the GETTING into it! We can be hot at any size, but still..... I say that you should have the foods you enjoy, but cut the portions of the naughty foods way back. For every half cup of naughty food, eat 1-2 cups of greens (low carb veggies, not the carrots mixed in stuff.. but GREENS, and GREENS only)BEFORE you eat the naughty food. That way you get full, and satisfied on what you need to have, and don't feel deprived either.

This time of year is HARD!!! The weather is colder, its gloomier outside, and chocolate is calllllling our names! (or breads, fatty carb, all naughty comfort foods known to man/woman)

We should VOW to eat greens always, before naughty foods!

WE WILL DO THIS! Thanks for your support!!