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11-09-2004, 12:34 PM
I am still here. I think I am getting stuck on deciding the "right" way for me to lose weight. I have tried so many things in the past and go back and forth between doing some sort of plan (old WW??) and just making small changes (afraid it won't work). The "plan" idea would give me results I could count on, but is very stressful for me. The "small changes" is more comfortable, but I am afraid I won't get where I want to be. :shrug: I have been trying that for the last several months, but have lost 5 or 6 pounds and am just basically maintaining---which is good, I mean better than gaining, but I want to lose....I seem to just adjust enough to maintain...so though I am eating healthier---:)---I am not making progress as far as losing and getting to my goal.

How did you finally decide on what you were going to do to lose weight and be successful this time? I have such a long history with eating and weight issues, it is challenging to overcome all that and decide what to do now that won't overly stress me, but will get me where I need to be. Thank you so much. I am enjoying reading everyone's posts here, and starting to feel like I can belong, too. ;)


11-09-2004, 12:56 PM
Hello, Kathy! :wave: For me it was important to select a way that I knew I'd get used to living with for the rest of my life -- as opposed to getting the weight off in one way and then struggling to maintain the loss afterwards because that means of loss was unsustainable over the longterm. I also considered my overall goals of improving all facets of my health: I wanted to avoid diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, etc. So I just really took the high road. I count calories, fat, and fiber, eating mostly whole foods. I spread out my calories throughout the day as opposed to loading in one or two meals, and I make sure to cover ALL nutritional bases. I also knew that exercise was non-negotiable, so I incorporated that, and increased it as I grew more physically able (and motivated!) As a result, my blood pressure is down, my bad cholesterol is down, my blood sugar is down, my cardiovascular health is increased, my energy is up, my skin is great, and I'm down 72 pounds since March.......and counting.

I understand your difficulty in deciding an approach. My advice is to listen to Stephen Covey, and "begin with the end in mind." That is, establish all of your ultimate goals more clearly than just, "I Want to Lose Weight." Then decide, based on those larger goals, which approach is going to ensure you reach them. For instance, if heart health is a concern, then it's likely you're not going to do Atkins -- but South Beach might still be a good one.

Or you can just do what a lot of us do, and make the changes that you KNOW are healthy, and not follow a commercial plan. The important thing is that you're not paralyzed by indecision because you're afraid of starting the "wrong" plan, getting disappointed or demotivated, and then falling off entirely. Just make up your mind that failure is simply NOT an option, and that you're going to succeed in sticking to your plan. THen give it a chance to work for you. But right now, NOTHING is working for you, because you haven't committed to an actual start. I suspect that you know in your heart what the appropriate changes are. Now it's time to act. If you have to switch plans after a month, so be it. But start. Make an educated decision with your ultimate goals in mind, and then stick with it for at least a month before assessing it's efficacy and longterm sustainability.

You can do this Kathy.......the key is in the doing, though. :grouphug:

11-09-2004, 01:39 PM
Sarah you say things so well. You have really thought out your plan. I am so proud of you. You really are an inspiration. I am trying to copy you now.

At first I just did what I knew would get the weight off. So I just started counting calories. Now like Sarah I am trying to incorporate better things into my diet. Things that I can live with for life. So I have been reading up on the American Heart Associations site and trying to introduce those things into my diet. Such as watching the fat and adding fruits and vegetables. I did not realize how much fat I was eating. I got into the mind set that 1800 calories a day I would not get that much fat. Well yesterday I added it up and I had 70 grams for the day. I think the recommendation is 55 or 60 not sure but I know I would like to stay around 35 or 40. I also really need to start adding in exercise.

Adding these things I think will not only help in maintaining but also losing. I really do think cutting back counting calories and just eating right is the best way to go. You have the variety of everything out there. I know some don't like to do that but that's what works for me.

Kathy no diet will help you until you make the decision in your own heart to really do it. So I hope this thread will give you that determination you need. We are all pulling for you and we know you can do it.

11-09-2004, 01:49 PM

Thank you so much! And congratulations on your weight loss! You are truly an inspiration. I hadn't thought of actually looking at my goals in a more specific way---and you are totally right---I need to START or I will get discouraged. Thank you so much.

11-09-2004, 01:53 PM

Thank you. I know I need to make up my mind that I can do this and I WILL do this. You have some excellent ideas. It is very inspiring to hear from people who are actually doing this. I am going to seriously look at my goals, and just try something---maybe one day at a time, knowing I can adapt when I need to. I guess it truly is a process, a journey...Today I will drink lots of water---100 ounces, eat my three healthy meals and minimize the junk. Thanks, again. (You know, I actually am constantly working towards my goal, just need to keep trying :).)

11-09-2004, 03:26 PM
Your on the right track Kathy. I know you can do it.

11-09-2004, 04:34 PM
Well said Sarah and Howie,

kathy, I am like you I think.. back in August, I finally just decided to pick a few things each week to change,..

First week I cut out soda, switched to wheat bread, ate 2 extra fruit servings,..the next week I added more fruit and then veggies,.. just pick a few things to do and keep building on those.

Try to incorparate a bit of exercise too,.. it doesnt have to be a huge amount at first. Look at me,.. I only get in a mile workout a day, but I can tell the difference. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so keep trying, even if you can only do a small amount of exercise. It is a lifelong journey, so try to think in the long term. Pick something that you know you can live with. If you fall off the plan (like me with all this halloween candy :devil:) just dust yourself off and keep at it:-)

I know you can do it!

11-09-2004, 07:17 PM

I had been on so many diets off and on over the years, that I got majorly confused and didn't know what to do. I wanted to lose weight and also become healthier so I initially started doing small things like I cut out sugar and refined carbs out of my diet. Then I added more veggies and then I added more lean meats. Then I decided that I was going to do South Beach Diet because it went along with my goals of losing weight, dealing with my PCOS and also eating healthy. I of course added in exercise as well and that has changed/grown over the past few months.

So, I know it can be confusing but find something that you think you can do over a long period of time and work towards it. If it doesn't work for you, then you can always change/develop your eating strategy.

Good luck

11-09-2004, 08:23 PM
When I knew I couldn't fool around anymore and HAD to lose weight I gravitated to Weight Watchers because I'd gone there in 1979 after having my daughter and liked how I lost the "baby weight" quickly. Of course, this time I had much more to lose and the program had altered drastically. Still, I liked the social aspect and the idea of deriving support from meeting with others and sharing ideas (much like this place). Also, although I know its most important that I'm accountable to myself, being accountable to WW and the "group" is incentive also. Okay, I like to collect 5lb. stars and 10lb. ribbons as a hobby too. :lol:

There's so many plans out there, but I feel ANY plan that has lots of variety, covers all nutritional bases, provides enough food energy that you're burning fat instead of muscle, includes water consumption and an exercise program, is going to work for weight loss. As Sarah says, you have to be careful that you choose something you feel comfortable with so you can stick with it long term and successfuly adapt it for long-term maintenance.

I've known people who went with a fad diet for initial loss, with the idea that they'd go the "sensible" route once they were at goal. However, the vast majority of fad diets are designed to lose a quick 20-30 lbs. and not significant loss, so its almost impossible to even get to goal. Why not go the sensible route from the very beginning? :D

11-10-2004, 11:06 AM
The biggest thing for me was when I realized my meth addicted sister and I had more things incommon then not. I was dumb-founded to realize I had a food addiction. I abhore that meth has complete control of her life and I resolved to not let food control mine.If I had to choose I'd say attitude is the most important motivator this time for me.I now see food much differantly which has helped to keep me on track. Also I am keeping a food diary. A count of cals eaten at every meal.

11-10-2004, 01:13 PM
Thank you, everyone. I am so grateful just for the support and the belief that I can do it. I am definitely looking at making a life change---not going on something I cannot live with over the long haul. I am an awe of all of you for what you have achieved. It gives me great hope for me. I look forward to getting to know you all. Today I am eating three healthy meals, drinking lots of water, and minimizing the junk. I am starting to see I need to see this as a way to take care of me. Not just a way to lose weight. Does that make sense? Have a great day, everyone. :)

11-10-2004, 04:18 PM
Kathy, I'm liking what you are saying. I think that you are really on the right track. It's not easy and there are up's and down's. It's realizing all this that gives you the success that you are seeking. Make it a way of life and you won't go wrong.