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11-09-2004, 07:53 AM
Good morning, girls! :wave:

WHERE is Mamacita? How are your eyes, hon? :grouphug:

I know where Ruth is... cozied up in front of the woodstove with Lucy, studying her lines. :wave:

Back shortly... must get coffee...

11-09-2004, 08:22 AM
Good Morning Chickies! I hope we all have a wonderful OP day on the beach! Not much happenin around here. Just getting ready for my show on Thursday night and my sale on Saturday. Ellis thanks for startin us up this morning. Things must be goin pretty well in the kitchen. I have not heard you screamin! haha Have a great day all! I'll check on y'all chicks later!

11-09-2004, 08:39 AM
Good morning all,

How is everyone? for the second day in a row I got up at 5:00 and did my yoga dvd. The stretching feels so good! The scale still has not budged but my clothes fit better and I have arm muscles. At lunch todya upperbody.

Have a nice day,


Under a Palm Tree
11-09-2004, 09:06 AM
Morning Ladies

Cac - do you do the am yoga video? You've been so busy working out, very inspiring!

Ellis - How is the kitchen coming?

Bamie - Sounds like your keeping busy

Me - I'm good. Had a wonderful birthday. Did have four bites of dessert, but don't feel bad about it at all. Back to Phase 1.5 today. I'm not going to weigh in until I come back Monday. I just realized I'll need to get up at 3am on Thursday morning to catch my flight. Nothing much new otherwise. Tons of work to do and tonight I need to clean the house at home.

Have a great OP day!

11-09-2004, 09:17 AM
Good morning, Chickies! I slept until 7 this morning after a late rehearsal - and a crappy one too as somebody did not know her lines very well!

The darn woodstove went out when I was at rehearsal and H. left it and went to bed so it's darn cold down in the back room this morning! Be damned if I'm going out to the barn in my robe and slippers when the temp is well below freezing! I am going to lie in a hot bubbling tub and study lines - WITHOUT Lucy, although she sometimes puts her paws on the edge and looks like she's ready to join me.

Not much happening around here except me trying to learn those lines. The leading man is still relying on his script. It makes the action scenes kind of tricky! I feel like saying "Give me that damned thing!" but am being my usual ladylike self about it all. Last night went very slowly as I had to ask for prompts several times but I would not let myself carry the script!

The knee is killing me for some reason. I am considering going to the doc for a cortisone shot but my doc is such a meticulous guy, he'd probably order a battery of tests first. Anybody know a good quack in eastern Ontario? Dr. Bob is off on a trip or I'd lean on him. I guess I'm stuck with Advil and Scotch - not together!

I hope everyone has a super day. :grouphug:

11-09-2004, 09:50 AM
Since I am not loosing weight I am wonder if I am eating enough. I eat between 1600-2000 cal a day (fit day). I run 12-15 miles per week, do yoga about twice a week, and upperbody 3 times a week. Is this enough calories?


anchor weight
11-09-2004, 10:28 AM
Morning Chickies!

I'm down another two pounds this week! yeah! I was nervous after the 3 glasses of merlot and the snack size bag of pistachios but I seem to be ok. I'm in the crash down to onederland! :lol: Now if I can just get exercising that may push it along. I made a commitment on the exercise challenge so I better get moving. :p This weighing in once a week is working very well for me - I used to get absolutely nuts :bomb: when the scale wouldn't move every day but this keeps me motivated and on the straight and narrow. :lol:

Ellis and Bamie - Morning :coffee:

Cac - you may be at a point where you're exercising and building muscle and your not going to lose pounds. Do you measure your body fat? That will help keep you motivated. Eventually it all catches up with you and you will drop a ton a one time but until that happens you may want to measure body fat % to stay motivated. As long as body fat % is going down - you're doing well.

Ruth - Stay warm! It could be the weather and those 60's pump's for the play that are getting your knee!

Under a Palm Tree - Happy birthday! Don't fret about the cheat - just jump right back on the beach and you will be ok!

The weather man is using that four letter s word for this weekend. SNOW!!! I'm not ready! Glad I got the 4 X 4 to drive around.

Have a OP kind of day!

11-09-2004, 11:31 AM
Morning, all!

Ellis, I'm with you...where did Mama go? I hope she's okay! :(

Bamie, good luck with everything going on this week and weekend!

cac, you are a workout machine! :yikes: Good for you! I've never been a fan of yoga, but I love how Pilates makes me feel. That stretching is fabulous! :D I don't know about the calories...might want to check it out online. I've heard that an easy (but not as accurate) way is to multiply your weight by 10 to get the amount of calories you'd need to maintain that weight. Does that make sense? The thing is, with all that exercise, you'd need a lot more! So check things out online, or maybe in the Exercise forum here?

Palm, I'm so glad that you had a good birthday, that you enjoyed your dessert and are back on track today. Good for you!!! :hat: And congrats on the 40 pounds...WOW! :D

Ruth, so sorry about the woodstove. Sometimes, our DHs are just not doing what we want. They take endless training. ;) Seriously, that bath sounds lovely...enjoy it, and know that we're rooting for you to learn those lines! :cheer: I hope your knee feels much better soon! I'm worried about you! Double that scotch! :cheers:

Anchor, congrats on the 2 pounds! :hat: And great advice about body fat. I wish I knew a cheap, but accurate, way to measure it. I may just have to get some darn callipers! :P

Oy, stress building up here again. Lots of homework, DH is heading out of town this weekend, so that means double duty with pets. The house is a mess, and I feel compelled to clean (or is that compelled to procrastinate about homework? :lol: ). Lots of work at work, too.

And we leave for Europe in 9 days. EEK! :yikes: So much to do!

The darn scale is bouncing around. I can deal with plateaus, but right now I'm going up and down by about 2 pounds a day. What the heck is that about? I would love to at least be at one secure weight before we go to Europe and I cheat! :( (I have a planned cheat when we go to tea at the Savoy in London).

Have a great day, all!!!

11-09-2004, 12:01 PM
Morning Ladies

Sorry I am so late today.

My DS has a bad cough and of course he gave it to me - so we are both home today and I got to crawl back into bed once DH left for work - man is that nice :D

I haven't strayed off program at all. Scale says 8 lbs down this morn but I will wait untill my officaial weigh in day since I bounce up and down a few pounds daily (what's up with that anyway?)

Rediscovered an allowable comfort food this morning.
I had preboiled eggs in the fridge - took 2 out - shelled them, chopped them, nuked them on low for a min - then added about 1/2 tsp of becel margerine - mixed it up, salt & pepper and Yummy!

I grew up on this stuff but haven't had it in years.

Wow bad thing about staying home - 11am and I haven't had any water yet EEEk - ok downstairs to guzzle now.


11-09-2004, 12:23 PM
hello ladies!

just dropping in to say hello...not much is going on...we have a freeze warning in our area tonight it's gonna get down to 26 degrees....but no has been mom planted some bulbs the other day and moved some plants around...I can't believe it's november!! i hope you all are doing well!!!

11-09-2004, 12:31 PM
Hello all!

I'm back. I had a couple of off program days :mad: but think I have gotten myself under control again. I did start exercising yesterday though so at least I had that!

I am going to drink my water today! Darn it!!!

Have a good one!

11-09-2004, 03:55 PM
HI, girls! Sorry I haven't been around but things sound great with everyone mostly!

I just wanted to pop in and tell Laurie about tea at the Savoy. First of all, it is sooooo worth it. Secondly, they have dark bread, so maybe you can ask for most of your sandwiches that way. And the atmosphere is so beautiful that the treats are truly secondary to the actual experience. And go to the ladies room to refresh your lipgloss, it is gorgeous!

I am going to be lurking for a couple of more weeks, going crazy with law school apps. But I think of you all often!


Oh, and I forgot to remind you, Laurie, go to the church, St. Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square to the right of the art museum to do brass rubbings in the basement. Sooooo fun!

anchor weight
11-09-2004, 04:27 PM
Hey all!

Beach gal - I posted a while back an inexpensive way to measure body fat. I'm going to up load it again because I went back into the archives and downloaded it. (because I forgot how to do it) it is not "perfect" but if you are consistently - inconsistent :lol: it should give you a good estimation of body fat % - I wanted the big expensive scale but my budget doesn't allow it right now.

Here is the body fat estimation formula. Write the answer to each question down (in each section) so you don't forget while going through the formula. I tried to put lines in for your answers but they wouldn't show up. You'll need to weigh yourself prior to doing this.

a. Measure your waist with a tape measure around your belly button area. I use a full length mirror to make sure I have it pretty straight.

b. Multiply your waist measurement by 4.15

c. From this figure if you are male subtract 98.42, If you are female, subtract 76.76

d. Multiply your body weight by .082

e. Subtract answer d from answer c

f. Divide answer e by your body weight. Your body fat % is the first two numbers after the decimal point.

Let me know if this doesn't work for you. This isn't perfect but sometimes when you don't lose pounds it is nice to see the body fat % go down.

Hope this helps everyone!

11-09-2004, 05:45 PM
I'm gonna try that one day soon! I have never measured myself but always said I should! It is Nov. right? I have an Azealia(sp?) bush blooming and a rose bush blooming! Hello! What are they thinking! I don't know if it's cause a lot of leaves have fallen off the trees and they are getting more sun or what but they are crazy! Oh well y'all have snow up north and I'm having spring down south! hahaha

11-09-2004, 06:56 PM
Kelly, I was wondering who had originally mentioned the Savoy (which I am still learning to pronounce properly...I kept calling it the SAH-voy, and my very British neighbor lady has informed me that it's "suh-VOY" :lol: ). Thank you so much for your recommend!!! It really helped me decide! I read tons of reviews, but this really sounds like the place for us. I know we don't have to dress up, but I'm going to'll be fun! :) And thanks for the tip about the brown bread. I'll have to try that. Then I can just cheat with scones and pastries instead! :faint: I'm not looking forward to the headache I'll have afterward :mad:, which is why I never cheat...but I can't imagine going to London and not having a real tea. Wonder if they have Splenda in Europe? I may have to bring some with me! ;)

Thank you, Amy, for the formula! I did try it, and though the results were marvelous, and I'd like to keep them, they were about 18% less than I had gotten with an electric machine at the doctors just three weeks before, so I don't think the formula works for me. :( Wish it did! Thanks for posting it, though...may work well for other SBDers. :yes:

11-09-2004, 07:14 PM
This is just a quick hello for the evening but I wanted to sayI'm back !!!
Hello to all my old friends and I'm looking forward to getting to know the others. I've been gone for awhile and gained 15 pounds in the process :p . I'm finally getting to a place of motivation and will need lots of support.
Tomorrow starts day 1 :yes:
(by the way~I'm having trouble getting the ticker to copy, cut and paste here)

sweet tooth
11-09-2004, 07:56 PM
Hi to everyone. Just a quick jump in today. It has been hectic and I just can't seem to get ahead of anything. The hurrier I go the behinder I get. My boss has been asking me to do all kinds of things for his boss (the Director of the Dept)...including writing reports and such. This would be on top of my own work. I just smile and say yes...but there's no ulterior motive here. My boss is retiring soon and guess who is in line to get the job - and which Director makes the decision?

When my boss was hired, the Director at the time made it very well known that he would never have a female manager in his department. Well, with a new Director and one that actually trusts me to complete his reports for the President, it bodes well. I am just wanting to kick my salary up for a few years to pad the pension a bit. :lol:

This morning started off just horribly, and really doesn't feel much better as the day goes on. I heard the pipes in the house gurgling about 4 am, but didn't think too much about it. When DH and I got up at 5:30, I went to turn on the tap and - NO WATER!!! DH called the county and discovered that the power to the pumping station went out and the power company had not yet responded to the emergency. Soooo, we ate breakfast and finally had to get dressed for work. No water to brush teeth - oh yeah, remembered that in Asia we had to brush teeth with mouthwash. The mouthwash didn't taste all that hot with cinnamon toothpaste, but at least there weren't "things" in my teeth. Showed up to work with bedhead :yikes: Could have knocked me over when someone that I saw in the hall told me they liked my new do. (Makes me think that I should forego the hair thing everymorning and spend the extra time working on it - in bed sleeping). :lol: Right now I am smelling a bit on the ripe side, you might say.

Must run. DH said that he is going to be late picking me up from work, so I told him I'm off to shop. That should hurry the poor dear along, don't you think?

Have a great day. Talk tomorrow.

11-09-2004, 08:47 PM
Sil.. It is so good to have you back with us! I know Ruth saved your spot in the sand! teehee
Sweet Tooth ... It always seems when I think my hair looks it's worse people say oh I love your hair! I am rotflm*o! I needed a good laugh!

anchor weight
11-09-2004, 09:56 PM
Beachgal - thanks for letting me know! 18% less? No wonder why I liked it so much! :lol: I'm going to have to go get pinched now to see where I'm at! At Curves they put a little clamp on your finger and it can tell in a snap - not sure how it does that. The formula came out of the "Starch Blocker Diet book" by Dr. Stephen Rosenblatt. I tried that before switching to South Beach Diet. South Beach Diet works much better for me.

Bamie - maybe you should look up on-line about your bushes. Sometimes you're supposed to clip them in the fall so you have an extra big spring bloom. Too bad Martha is in the pokey - she would know what to do. :lol: Remember me telling about starting the extra strict Dave Ramsey budget in November? It is harder to stick to than the diet. I'm not lying! Everytime I think I have it all added up - I remember a haircut or this or that. It is honestly easier to diet then control my money. :devil:

I've had a very SBD preparation evening. I made more overnight slaw - seems to be working well. I finally made the Chayote salad. The X was dropping off DS after Cub Scouts and he thought the Chayote's were a bowl of apples. He took a bite of one and said it tasted like what a leaf falling off the tree would taste like :lol: Not sure how he knows about that - and I didn't want to ask - but it was good for a laugh. It is supposed to marinate overnight and I'll test it tomorrow. I also made Salmon dip (listed as a Salmon ball) for the celery sticks. That is a recipe out of the cookbook too. Actually all three are recipes out of the cookbook. I'm not sure who was asking if it was worth the money to buy the cookbook. So far I have to say it is. The only dud was the roasted chickpeas (maybe I made them wrong :lol: ) Otherwise it has given me new ways to eat veggies. And veggies seem to be fueling my weight loss.

You know we haven't heard from a few of the newbies lately? Hope they are doing okay! If you're lurking and you've fallen off the beach - come back and join us soon! OK! ;)