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da fat n da furious
11-09-2004, 12:06 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

da fat n da furious
11-09-2004, 12:14 AM
Wahoo on the sale...I don't have any small kids to buy for anymore but I would still go hog wild at that sale.

Ellen, I hate to tell you but we are having fabulous weather right now,,,warm,,,t-shirt weather. Going to be plus 14 this week...ahhhh almost tropical. Not as hot as Sue's and Susan's weather.

Sue hope you made it safe and sound....

Susan,,,can't wait to hear all the details.

Cristi, I admit I don't like seeing Christmas ornaments and such untill after Halloween at the earliest. Wouldn't mind it being half way between Mid Nov and End Nov. I remember as a kid,,,putting up the decorations and then wamo it was christmas with in a couple of weeks,,,now you have to literally wait months.

I had a good laugh a friend of mine is turning 60 in Feb and already planning a party. And would you believe she has come up with an old fashion tea party? We are all theatre people so I am thinking wild tea party,, She has 3 men already signed up to play hosts...and serve the water crest sandwiches
And she has informed me its formal...full gown gloves and hat. *giggle Im so excited! Im thinking the year 1880 ish. square neckline,,high empire waist line. And lots of lace... My hat, well Im thinking I should start working on it now. Lots of tulle, and flowers,,,big BIG hat. Doesn't this sound like fun?

Well off to bed I go....

Tea Rose
11-09-2004, 01:30 AM
Hi Angie
I have been talking away to myself on chit chat 87 wondering where the heck everyone was and you were hiding over here , now that I found you , your in bed LOL WeLL I will catch up with you tomorrow, Ahh!!! everyone is becoming a Christmas party pooper , now what will I do LOL that Tea Party sounds like so much fun ,I would have loved to live in Victorian times I love the dresses and fussiness of it all ,well maybe not all the time,but that sounds like something wonderful to look forward to ,your so lucky.Well Its time to go but I said that already on 87 but no one was there. So I will talk to you all tomorrow so goodnight girls.*ELLEN*

11-09-2004, 09:49 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Angie - thanks for starting the new thread. We are a chatty bunch, aren't we, lol. I wanna come to the tea party, too!!! In town, there is a woman who organizes tea parties for little girls' birthdays, and it's formal, and all the rage!

Ellen - glad you are feeling better and have the holiday spirit. Jaded Ladies chat is Thurday nights and 8 Eastern time.... or anytime if you're online and PM someone else who is online to join you there. Marti may suggest an additional time, during the day, since she works evenings.

Mindee - hey girl, hope everything is ok with the baby - haven't heard from you for awhile! Pop in and let us know everything is ok when you have a minute.

Hello to everyone else - I don't know who said what from the other thread...

Gotta go to town again today and run errands and to visit m BIL in the hospital. He is the one with terminal cancer and is dehydrated and has an infection. My sister, Maggie, is trying to be brave for his sake, but I know she's afraid this is the beginning of the end. Too sad!


Tea Rose
11-09-2004, 10:54 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Morning Jane
Thankyou I am feeling a bit better, I am working at it very hard,although I feel a lot of pressure now that I have set my mind to do what I need to do. Talking to the ladies here has helped me a lot.I can't beleive the change in the weather here in the last few days, a dusting of snow last night and I can see some snowflakes falling ,from my window right now. It sure helps with the Christmas Spitit,but its cold today.I hope you get all your errands done ,and your hospital visit isn't to difficult, it always hard to watch someone suffer it is so sad. I hope you have a great day Jane

Morning Angie
Do you still have nice weather there, are you swimming LOL Its cold here today,and its trying to snow, I can't believe its already the 9th of Nov where did that week go.I have a lot to do this week ,starting today,well as soon as I have some coffee and then some more ,I did read about 4 chapters when I went to bed ,trouble with that is you don't want to stop ,so you read one more , and before you know it the birds are singing well not quite but it has happended .LOL So what are your plans for the day ,if you haven't any, I'm cleaning ,and since your house sparkles already ,come on over.LOL I heard that !!!!! since you don't want to help ,I had better get started, but coffee first,so Have a great day Angie
Hi :wave: Cristi ,Marti, Sue ,Susan ,Julie, Mindee,Kathy ,Katy and everyone else I missed Have a great days girls ,I don't know what your weather is like, but its cold here today ,and somewhat gloomy out, so far any way.Well I'm off to make some coffee to get my day started and its already 10 so I had better stop talking for now anyways , I will be back sometime later,after I have hopefully accomplished much , Have a great day everyone:wave:

da fat n da furious
11-09-2004, 11:07 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Jane, could you give Maggie a hug and tell her strength comes from all over.

Ellen, I used to be bad for staying up all night reading, I don't do that as much since most mornings I have to get up and go to work. I have the late shift today, meaning 10 am to 6, then off to theatre. Well my house was sparkling last week,,,looking like its been to a war zone now. Ive been able to almost keep up with laundry,,,I swear those boys stock pile their dirties till Im done then shoot down a couple of loads...grrr

I thought I could sleep in a bit today but Tanner reminded me he has to be at school at 7:15am so much for sleeping in. arghhhh so off I go, drop him off stop at Tim Horton's for a coffee, and come home, just as Brandon is trying to run out the door,,,ok Ill drive you to the bus stop,,,its a bit far. So I do that and you know what he does? Steels my coffee! He thinks a cute smile and thanks mom will be enough? ya it So here I sit with no coffee,, I can't make coffee if my life depended on it. ITs enough to turn me off coffee when I make it.

Well got an email from the agent telling me my guys are doing great. Thing is they had to start work at 3 am,,,,ok so now Im not complaining about not getting sleep in.

Im going to go shower and possibly leave for work early so I can make my second trip to Tim Horton's,,,which in reality isn't all that different from most days,,,its just not an hour later.
Our Tim Horton's is like your Crispy Creme, with donuts and such but I go there for the coffee,,,we have starbucks literally almost at each corner but I am a strictly Timmy's adict.

da fat n da furious
11-09-2004, 11:10 AM
ps, our weather was like plus 17 yesterday,,,listening to the radio, it says rain or flurries later today....hmmmm
but tomorrow is suppose to be nice again....gotta love them southern winds.

11-09-2004, 12:18 PM
Good morning ladies~

Susan~where are you girly? Can't remember when you said you were coming home bu thought I read somewhere it was yesterday. :dunno: Hope all is well with you.

Sue~sorry I forgot to wish you a say trip to Vegas. Hopefully you can check in with us.

Ellen~you sound like me and I even did that last night. Got in a reading mood and am wanting to finish The Guardian so was reading in bed and kept telling myself, okay I will stop after this Chapter. Of course something happens and I need to read yet another Chapter and another. Before you knew it it was 1 am and I just closed the book. :lol: It's a good book, just haven't been in a reading mood. Of course it was just getting really good and when a book gets like that I hate to put it down. Just love reading. Not sure what my next read will be after this. Oh I too love victorian, when I married I tried to find a victorian dress but didn't. Got frustrated and ended up with something I really didn't like or I should say want.

Angie~I've never been a coffee drinker but I think it smells delicious! :T My friend thought if I tried the flavored coffees I would like it or learn to like it, eeewww! Still didn't like it. Your tea party sounds like so much fun-that would be so cool to dress up and you must take a picture to share when you do.

Julie~wow, what a deal! I wish we had a place like that. I don't have small kids to buy for but we buy a few toys for either Toys for Tots or the Salvation Army during Christmas.

Jane~hugs and well wishes to you and your sister and family.

Hi to everyone else! :wave: Hope all is fine in your neck of the woods.

Not much on the agenda today, going to polish my nails, something I should have done last night-thank goodness for quick dry, straightening of the house and laundry. I think that is a given on most days though. LOL And I want to get back to my book. DH and I are going to dinner tonight and then afterwards to have our annual Christmas photo taken finally. We usually do it earlier than this but oh well, as long as it gets done and they are back before I mail cards which they will be. It is supposed to be nice here today but windy-hate the wind. Then tomorrow comes the rain and cold, they said by Thursday the high will be 44-brrrr. It's (44) not really that cold but when you throw in the gets a little chilly. Anyway, take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

Edited: thought I would just edit this rather than post again since no one has posted since I did. Was just checking back to see how everyone is doing before getting off the computer. Did get my nails polished while on here thank goodness for LOREAL Jet-Set-put two coats of that and then a top coat, takes about an hour to dry and did a load of laundry. Also getting a work out running up and down those stairs. Anyway, on with the rest of the day. Have a good one ladies! Later...:wave:

Tea Rose
11-09-2004, 03:52 PM
That Magic Blanket That Wraps Itself About Us,that Something So Intangible That It Is Like A Fragrance.
It May Weave A Spell Of Nostalgia
Christmas May Be A Day Of Feasting Or Of Prayer, But Always It Will Be Day Of Rememberance
A Day In Which We Think Of Everything We Have Ever Loved.

11-09-2004, 07:49 PM
Good Day Ladies--

I don't have much time today......seems that I'm always running out of time.

I have to get some errands done before work and I've been cleaning up my house. Hoping to get some "me" time this weekend!! :D

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I will catch up w/you all later on!

Have a great day!

11-09-2004, 07:52 PM
Oh yes....I had to update my ticker....It went up 2lbs!! :( :( Oh well, not too bad as it could have been. I've MUST work on it soon!

11-10-2004, 12:26 AM


I went up too Marti - from 143 to 149. :dizzy: Loved every minute of it - lol. Though I will crack back down this week.

I am just stepping in for a second.My password expired and waited all day for computer services to get me back on line. I am behind now ...

I got in last night from Hilo at 10:15pm Portland time. Left Hilo at 11:30 am- delays and lay overs made it for a long day!
Though the flight wasn't too bad and I watched a movie and listened to music this flight. Made the time go by faster.

Rocky and I went for one last Pocho Loco....yummy!!!Steamed rice with brown gravy, Portuguese sausage, and scrambled egg.......soooooo good. I ate 3 while there- it comes with mac salad- odd combo....but I loved it.

Got to the airport and he took my bags. We walked and I sniffed...missed him already.
We checked the suitcase in and walked towards security. It is a small airport and kind of an outdoor feel.....he couldn't go past security so we stayed for a time on a bench and talked. Finally it was time to say good bye and I cried......he didn'
I punched him in the arm and said " you aren't going to cry??" lol
He goes "don't cry Susan. You are coming back happy."

So, I cried I walked in and I checked my carry on through the security and they made me take off my shoes. I slipped them off and looked up and he was looking through the window at me - giving a small smile. I just looked away and walked........I couldn't look.
Really hard...

Got to Honolulu and boarded for Portland at 11:30- I called him and he was sad...
Said he went to the park and walked around. The park that we had went to the first day I was there,.........and he teared up.

So, I was happy he was crying

He called my mother and said I was on my way back to Portland.I arrived at 10:15 and took the MAX was easy and beats $27 for a taxi and this was only $1.65..

Saw the girls this morning and they were happy. Gaby was a doll, cute in her trimmed bangs,,,,,,

No, he didn't give me a ring yet. He proposed several times and several times I said........"ummmm, you have asked me this before"

He asked me the second night and he asked me as we watched the Kona sunset. He started to ask me in an arcade while we watched Kris play. He stopped himself though and said an arcade wasn't romantic.
I said.........."but I hear bells and sirens and see lights flashing...must be true love"....he laughed.

We laughed all the time.....share the same sense of humor....

Hope to be back by April - if not sooner. Need to decide a lot of stuff.....and I really just need peace of mind about the older girls....I love them so much.
I love him too.......and my heart is with him *sniff*......

anyway- better get!!

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 01:00 AM
Hi Susan
Welcome home , it sounds like you had a wonderful all sounds so romantic, I'm so very happy for you both. I hope everything will work out with your girls, its so hard to be torn between two loves,Don't worry about anything instead pray about everthing
He would not have brought you this far to take it all away. I am glad to hear you laughed alot , sharing the same sense of humor ,is good thing. I just wanted to say glad your home safely and to send my heartfelt congratulations on your much deserved happiness. *ELLEN*

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 01:30 AM
Where is Everyone tonight ,Its been really quiet here today,what are you girls up to. Cristi how was you night out ,did you have a nice dinner, and photo shoot. I would think considering all those stairs we climb we would be in tip top shape I have two sets to the laundry room so thats 2 down and two up x however many loads we do , and the majority of the laundry goes to the top floor so that is a work out isn't it.Did you get anymore reading done ,I read another four chapters tonight, but I think thats it for today, I am pretty tired.
Well all you other ladies:wave: I hope you had a really nice day ,and Marti I hope you do get that" me " time at the end of the week ,sounds like you could use some.I think I have rattled on enough for one day , its tea time ,time to check on the kitties, kids are sleeping, all is quiet in my dwelling ,so I will say goodnight Ladies.:wave:

11-10-2004, 01:51 AM
Thank- you Ellen....

*sniff* , *sniff*.......on the phone with him right now.

He sent our picture that we took together to his sister - she thought we looked perfect together--- tomorrow she will show their mother when she comes over.

He says he can't wait til Gaby gets over there.......he wants to teach her how to fish- lol.........and get her in a hula.

Thank-you.......about God bringing us this far and all........

It's funny because we were attracted to each other 4 years ago.......but the timing wasn't right for either of us.So, we were just friends and now we know each other so well.

yikes..........time to go get Gaby!!!


da fat n da furious
11-10-2004, 01:54 AM
Good evening ladies,
Hey Susan welcome back! Good to know you had such a great time that you are sad to be home....meaning you weren't going omg I don't like this guy and blah blah blah ya know what I mean?

Ellen, I have rehearsals each Tuesday Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon. Show starts next week so I will be gone from Sunday to the 27th busy with the show and if I don't come in as often no worries...just insanely busy.
Our lead guy walked out tonight....*sigh part me is happy to see him go the other part is worried about the cast. This man was insufferable. His way or the highway...tonight he took the highway.
Well I need to get to bed,,,Skittles just came down the stairs with a look of *get to bed! on her face...I swear she has expressions... She likes to sleep between Monte and I, so if Im not there her sleep is interupted...gawd help us if Princess Skittles doesn't get her beauty sleep! geesh 11 1/2 lbs of fury....

night all

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 02:35 AM
OH Angie
What will I do without you here,sounds like you are having a lot of fun midst the hard work,sometimes its better when someone like that hits the highway they have a way of dragging everyones spirit down and who the heck needs that, Hopefully you find a replacement kinda short notice though isn't it, ahh!!! I have many princess Skittles in various shapes. sizes, colours and names,they all have their place on the big bed,when I stack my pillows on one side of the bed at night Princess Paris my 7 month old himalayan takes her place on the velvet pillow thats where she sleeps ,and even though she does it every night the kids still come in to give her kisses and tell her she's the cutest little sweetheart oh yes she's spoiled. but we tell all our kitties that.what a lonely place it would be without them.Well I have to go to bed and I said that more than an hour ago,so I will , good night *Ellen*

da fat n da furious
11-10-2004, 02:40 AM
good night John Boy

11-10-2004, 03:20 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Monday night was an adventurous one! Brandon should us that we are definitely in for some running around and baby proofing the rest of the way! We put him down on the floor for some play time, and he got up on his knees, with his arms still down, and was rocking back and forth! It won’t be much longer now until he gets everything up off the ground and he takes off.

Now onto another thing to wonder about. My boobs have been sore lately. I don’t know if it is because of a pending pregnancy or because Brandon won’t stop using them to calm himself down with. I have noticed that, TMI WARNING!, my areolas have gotten big again like when I was pg with Brandon. I am more gassier and haven’t really noticed a difference in my peeing yet.

Brandon has tooth #1 and tooth #2 coming through. They are hard and white, and you can see a little piece of each one. Now we just need them to come through all the way!

Ok….I highly recommend all women who are TTC to get the soap made by Softsoap. They make Aroma Therapy soaps, and I just LOVE the anti-stress soap! It is purple and smells great! Things have been chaotic around here lately, and since we have gotten it, I haven’t been as edgy as I used to be. We also picked some up just before I had Brandon and it came in great handy the first couple of weeks!

Brandon is definitely in a hurry to get somewhere! I put him down in front of me and I was holding onto his hands. He was trying to already take steps while I was holding his hands! He would take a step and then bounce like he was in his jolly jumper. Then he was sitting on my lap and going from a sitting position to a standing one, all on his own! Oy vey! We are going to have our hands full!!

Man, it has been a while since I have posted on here! For some reason, I haven’t been getting any emails from the group!

Katy~ Halloween was very special here. Next year it is going to be at my sister Katy’s house. We are planning on alternating every year. Our plans for Thanksgiving and for Christmas is right now, with my family and Brandon’s aunt Anna.

Gabrielle~ Hi and welcome to the group!!

Sue (talks)~ he already does keep us busy! He has been off his schedule for the past two to three weeks now. So last night we started him back on it. I am thinking of also introducing a veggie in the morning and then a fruit at night. How is a normal 6 month olds schedule suppose to be? Right now his schedule is: 7am~ bottle, 11am~ bottle, 3pm~ bottle, 7pm~ bottle, 9pm~solids, and 11pm~ last bottle. In between all that he takes naps and plays. And then in between the solids and the last bottle he gets a bath to calm him down.

Ellen~ Good to see that you are back. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Jane~ Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while. Things have been crazy around here! Brandon is getting on the go and so we have been playing with him and trying to get him back on his schedule.

11-10-2004, 09:30 AM
Happy Hump Day! :cool:

Ellen - oh I wish we were having snow here... I just love it, and don't get tired of it until about the end of February.

Angie - hope you got some more coffee yesterday, lol. I have to have my coffee in the mornings, too. Neal makes it, and it is so good.... just regular Columbian, no flavors for me. So do you have an understudy for the one who baled? Bet you're glad he's gone!! Thank you for your hugs for my sister....

Cristi - thanks to you for your thoughts, too. I think BIL will be ok this time, for awhile. They think they can get rid of the infection, although it is a severe one. Glad you got your nails done. I need to do mine.

Marti - you're a busy gal nowdays! So everything is going ok at work? Maybe you're holding water?

Susan - welcome home!! I can just picture your romantic proposal at the Kona sunset!! I'd bet anything you're back over there waaaaayyyy before April!!! What do the older girls think of this? I know they will be happy for you, Susan.

Mindee - glad to see your post. Your little guy will be a happy handful now that he's mobile, lol.

Hi also to Katy, Sue, Julie, Katie, Katiecat, Shanna, Sam, and anybody else reading this.

Not much on the agenda today, thankfully. I ran all day yesterday, and want to just stay home. Visited BIL in the hospital just for a minute - he was on some meds that made him very sleepy. Picked up Katie's Senior pictures, and they are so nice!! Got the 8x10 on the wall already, lol. Mailed off my eBay stuff - it all sold! Had a DVD, a CD and a vest. Next, Neal wants me to list some of his coins. Today I'm going to make a pot of chili for tomorrow and also get the crock pot going with chicken breasts and potato wedges sprinkled with Lite Italian dressing.

Have a great day!!

11-10-2004, 01:04 PM
Hi All
Had clinical late at the hospital last night, so I didnt get to post!! I am pretty upset today, still waiting on the doctor..They strung me along all day yesterday, I called three times, and the secretary totally assured me to wait for him, because he would call me by 2:30 yesterday, the results are in and he just had to look over them....WELL HE NEVER CALLED. I just called again and left a voice mail today for him to call me back....
Now, I work with docs at the hospital, and I know they are busy and have alot going on, but this is getting ridiculous, we've been waiting 2 weeks and Im getting really tired of being strung along here. Ive been more than patient about it, so looks like Im going to have to get mean about this, cause nice isnt working!! Anyhow, its freezing here today, dropped into low 30's, so the snow and sleet is just around the corner I guess!! I have asthma which flares with the cold weather, and Im noticing already my lungs are bothering me.. I always end up with pneumonia, I hope I beat it this year...
Oh well, gotta get back to work....if I hear anything I'll check back in
Have a nice day

11-10-2004, 01:46 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Ellen~last night was fine, dinner was great but we cancelled the photo session. I wasn't in the mood. They book like 3 or 4 people for one time and me thinking a late appt. would be good wasn't-you never really know. Just couldn't take all the confusion and noise. So we decided to set up DH camera in front of our house and take one and then order those Christmas card photos that say "From Our House To Yours" think that will suffice. I did get some reading done also. Stayed up till almost 1:30 because I couldn't put The Guradian down until I was done. Must say it was good!

Mindee~I was going to say about the tenderness maybe it is close to TOM but then I read on. I know mine get really bad if I have had too much caffeine the week before TOM.

Julie~I do hope you hear something from the doc soon. I agree about them being busy and all but come on, they do take time to return calls. Or what about a nurse? I know my doc usually had her nurse return the calls, sometime the secretary.

Jane~you mentioned chili, that is exactly what I am fixing for dinner tonight-soaking the beans right now. It is the perfect weather for it today. Your chicken dinner for tonight sounds delicious. :T

Susan~how romantic, the proposal at sunset. :love: Did he get down on one knee? And April will be here before you know it! I am picturing little Gaby in a hula, so cute! Anyway, I am so very happy for you. :grouphug:

Marti~your are just a busy little bee. Hope you get your "you" time soon.

Hi Angie and to everyone else! :wave:

Not much on the agenda for today. Was hoping to get to Wal-mart this morning before the rain started-didn't happen. I got there and it was just a light rain and boy it started pouring. Thinking I would be out before the downpour I didn't take an umbrella in so I was soaked. :rain: Anyway, perfect chili weather. And since it is pouring it kind of put a damper on me going to Michaels. I enjoy the rain if I am at home, I do not want to get out in it, same with snow. I actually like to get in the snow just not drive in it. Anyway, so I guess my plans are to get the chili cooked, finish my Christmas cards so I can get them off the table and start a new book. Will probably do a load of clothes also, just like staying on top of it. That's about all I have for now. Take care ladies and have a good day

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 02:33 PM
Im so mad right now, I was almost finished posting to all and I mean all and I deleted everything by one slip of the finger ,now I have to start all over again I need more coffee but I will be back to try this again I,m soooooooo mad .

11-10-2004, 02:45 PM
Good Morning!

Welcome Home, Susan! It must be so hard to have to go back to work after being in paradise for a week...good luck on all the big decisions coming up. Your girls are going to really dig going to Hawaii, or visiting, or however it works out. I know it is something you will pray about, and will do what in everyone's best interest. I am so happy for you and Rocky!

Cristi - I have a photo tip that was passed on to me by an alpha-mom at the preschool. She gets her digital and swaps holiday photo sessions with another family. She'll go over to her girlfriend's house where they are all dressed up and she'll just keep clicking and deleting until they get the photo just right then voila! a holiday photo already on digital. Then the girlfriend reciprocates for her. Could work for you and V. I wouldn't be going any where near portrait studios about now - talk about large numbers of screaming children!

Mindee - glad to see you checked in- I like keeping up on your little family - Brandon is a hoot! Now that my baby is off to preschool, I kind of miss having an infant around..... but then they start walking.... then talking...then they don't shut up.....whew! good thing I got those tubes tied. Prevents me from impulsive hormonal insanity! I have lots of friends w/ babies, so I'll just snuggle theirs once in a while for a little fix.

Julie - hope you hear from the doc today - I feel your frustration. Just keep yourself busy....I'm crossing my fingers for good news for you two.

Hello - to Ellen, Jane, Angie, Marti... hope you all are having a great day

Well, it is cold and rainy today. We had a nice stretch of gorgeous fall weather, now it's looking like more typical Oregon weather. I pulled out my stepper and did 30 minutes - It felt so good! I need to figure out a new exercise schedule - the weather's getting too yucky to walk outside regularly and DD is getting too big for the jogging stroller. So Plan B is in order. I'm thinking about getting up early and putting in 30 on the stepper most days. The stepper is a folding one I bought from GIJoes Online last year when we were snowed in ( kind of rare in OR). I must say, after I got used to the motion, it is a pretty good workout. I recommend it for anyone who wants indoor cardio at home, but doesn't have alot of space ( like us) I can leave it out, but if I have to get it out of the way I can fold it up and stash it in the garage.

Not much else happening here. I'm catching up our financial paperwork. I paid property taxes this month and am feeling a wee bit poor :( but also feeling blessed that we own property to pay taxes on....guess it's all how you look at things. Leigh has her first big-girl dentist appointment today, then its church night tonight - then it's a wrap, folks! I've been battling a little cold that has been sapping my energy, so by the time I get home from church I'll be ready for cold meds and nighty-night. It's hard to stay OP when I am sick - I just get so strung out trying to keep up with things that food takes a back seat. But I haven't gained, so I will just count my successes where I can find them, even if they are little ones.


11-10-2004, 03:25 PM
Take a deep breath Ellen- :)

Heading to the sitters ( aka ex)

I was rather happy to get back to work Katy -lol. I love my co workers, course they are alll I gave em cookies and mac nuts . I will miss them the most.

Girls don't know yet. I migh not say a word til January or so.......after I get some answers myself.

I can see Gabster in a hula too Cristi- lol.....Gaby is sooooooo cute - has been so good today and yesterday. Growing up and just a joy.

The tea party sounds like fun Angie :) Also, would love to get together and have a margarita Katy - lol.....Rocky doesn't drink - even we didn't do any mai tai's.......though it sounded good.....

better get- need to pick up pork chops at Freddies.

Goal is to be 145 by Saturday !! lol....we hope.....

11-10-2004, 03:57 PM
It's almost noon ladies and I have some time to post! :D

Susan--April is just around the corner!! I will be praying for you that everything goes the way it's meant to be (w/your girls) and that it will be alright. I can totally understand how you feel. Now, if the girls choose to move w/you to Hawaii, will their dad have a problem with that? Or will it make it easier for him? (hope I'm not prying!)

Katy--We don't have rain down here.....yet. But it has been getting cloudier. There is rain in the forecast. I sure miss the weather we had a couple days ago..everything was so BEAUTIFUL!

Ellen--I smiled when I read your post about "where is everyone?".....before I started working, I was always checking on here and wondering where everyone was at! And about your post being lost....I've done that too! And it takes time to get to everyone! So as Susan mentioned, breathe, take a sip of coffee, and start over.

Cristi--I'm w/you, I like snow and all, but driving in it is something else. I am not looking forward to driving in it IF we get any snow this year. I don't want to have to worry about getting into an accident!! Do you want to come over and finish my cards for me??? :lol: That will be my weekend project. Today I was planning on working on it some, but I have a few things I need to do in town today before work.

Julie--Oh my, I'm so sorry that they are making you wait!! Since I've started working, I've noticed every now and then that they get a call from a patient who wants to know the results of their test, but we can't give it to them, it's the doctors job to make that call! And I feel bad because we have the results, who knows when the doctor will ask for them. I hope you hear news soon!

Jane--Did I miss it? What did you sell on E-bay? Uh....just scrolled down and read it over.....never mind! I've never bought or sold on e-bay. Just never know! But James has bought stuff from e-bay and never had any problems. I had looked on there for Cuckoo clocks......GORGEOUS! Maybe sometime I will get adventerous and buy something...but for now...I'll let James do it.

Mindee--I'm not sure if you're wanting another baby right now, but if that is what you're wanting then I hope the signs are showing you the way! I will have to check out the photos of your baby....I have to keep going back and finding the link you post...maybe you can put it in your siggy?

Angie--Now, didn't you have a problem last year w/an actress who needed to have it her was Or was very "me, me, me"? And now you have this lead guy who just couldn't hack it? Poor Angie! The things you have to put up with! I hope you have a backup guy to take over the lead. Now, does your husband get involved in plays and stuff too? I hear about your boys acting, but what about Monte? And you, what is it that you do? Do you act at all or just help with everything else? (So many questions!)

I have some hours to get some stuff done before work today. I still need to head into the shower and find my face in the magical box of makeup! I really need to buy some hair coloring for my "I need a pick me up" hair! :lol:

Ok ladies, I better get a move on! You all have a great Wednesday!

11-10-2004, 06:33 PM
hmm, you aren't prying. Just have to take a minute to figure out what the answer

We have joint custody. I have had a harder time after our divorce - adjusting and all..........with Gaby coming along and having to get a job.It has been a really rocky road.
I think I have done pretty good though. It has been heartbreaking to see the girls want to live with their dad. Rebecca went first after Gaby was born and I didn't argue- she was upset not to be the baby.
Also , she was 3 miles away and I saw her every morning- took her to and fro to school.
Rachel has been gone a year and she basically hates where I live and it was hard to take her back and forth to school- though I was wanting to do it.....anyway, she moved out and that was another heartbreaker.

It is like feeling trapped because.......I have to work.Their dad is retired and can stay home and be their for them.

So, I am ok with thinking that is what is best........he does provide a good home and all that they would ever want.......
I do ask them if they think they would ever live with me again and they say yes.........if I didn't live where I do now.......

If I can offer a wonderful place like they would live with me. I just hate to take them from their dad.......he is 73 years old.

I don't is going to be really a hard either way but I knew that going in.....


11-10-2004, 07:56 PM
Brandon is definitely in a hurry to get somewhere! I put him down in front of me and I was holding onto his hands. He was trying to already take steps while I was holding his hands! He would take a step and then bounce like he was in his jolly jumper. Then he was sitting on my lap and going from a sitting position to a standing one, all on his own! Oy vey! We are going to have our hands full!!

Well, I official hate the state of Michigan! We went today to fill out the paper work to get assistance…..and got no where! My worker wasn’t there, so we had to talk with someone else. Well, she took down the information that was needed and basically said “well, if you want cash assistance, then you two (me and Tommy) will have to go to a workshop that will help both of us get a job. And for what…..a grand total of $495 A MONTH! So we withdrew from that and we are now waiting on the state to find out about the unemployment. The first lady I talked to said that it still could be another 13 weeks before we find out. We can’t wait another 13 weeks….we have bills to pay and rent to pay! I am so outraged that it isn’t even funny! There are people out there, who don’t even need the assistance that get it on the first shot, where as people that really need it have to wait forever just to find out the smallest details!

And I don't see both of us going into that stupid program because the money that we would get (the $495) wouldn't go to food/rent/bills, it would all end up going to fricken day care!

Jane~ He already is a happy handful, and he is just getting started! Your dinner menu sounds like ours! Yesterday we had Italian Chicken with Rice Pilaf, and today for dinner we are having chili!

Julie~ I hope you hear from the doctor soon. That is ridiculous that they are stringing you along.

Cristi~ Well, the wait will be over soon enough. A couple of my friends from another forum are sending me out some HPT’s. They are cheap and very sensitive, so I should be able to get my answer very quickly!

Is everybody just in a chili mood tonight or what?

Katy~ We already have a busy bee motor mouth! I guess that is what happens when you come from long lines of people that love to talk!

I need to get back on my exercise bike. I guess I should clean the dust off of it first, huh?

Marti~ I sure will put the link in my siggy. I will go and do that now! If you asked us a couple months ago if we were ready for number two, I am sure that both of us would have said not for a while. But we are both taking everything in stride, and we are not mad at the possibility of being pregnant. We are actually very happy about it.

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 08:25 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies
Ok I will try this again , I did take a deep breath Susan ,almost choked on it, but here I am ,well I don't even remember where I was .
Hi Jane:wave:
All my snow melted , and its windy ,but the temp isn't to bad right now. I don't like all this up and down temperatures. I like the snow , I could sit for hours and watch those big fluffy flakes fall , I think the snow is so comforting for me its like a big fluffy blanket
that brings calms after a hectic year maybe that sound corny, but I am usually pretty happy to have the this season come just to gather my thoughts and get ready for another year.I wish I had some outside activities to do , I don't thing my ankles would hold out for ice skating now ,I used to love it ,along with tobogganing and cross country skiing , but that was a long time ago it seems. Maybe I should take up snowshoeing and trek around by yard,sounds harmless and painless doesn't it LOL
It sounds like you were really busy yesterday no wonder you just want to stay home today. I love chili every time I make a huge pot in hopes of freezing some it never lasts long enough to pull out the tupperware. When we had changed our eating habits I started making it with chicken breasts , have you ever tried that, its really good.Well I hope that you have a nice day ,but I don't smell any apple crisp, Oh I almost forgot my chat is working yeah if you haven't had enough of me already.

Hi Mindee :wave:
It sounds like you have your hands full or soon will once the little guy gets up on those little feet,its amazing how fast something so small can travel . Get lots of rest now once he starts, you will be busy for the next 20 plus years LOL.This is such a wonderful age they are so cute and full of life, so much to explore ,so enjoy it all every second ,before you know they are grown . I miss having little ones around theres that waiting period between your kids and the grandkids,but I guess there is a reason for that, possibley to rest and to regain your sanity, till it starts all over with the grandbabies LOL. I hope Brandon is back on schedule and enjoy that aroma therapy it does make you feel good. Have a nice day.
Hi Julie:wave:
Sorry to hear that your getting such a run around . I know its frustrating but hang in there,It sounds petty cold ,the weather isn't so bad temperature wise today ,other
than being gloomy that is. Well make sure you bundle up when you go out you certainly don't want to end up with pneumonia,so take care Julie and have a nice day.

Hi Katy:wave:
Iwas wondering where you were,I thought maybe you were out getting your hair highlighted or do you do it at home. I tried that once can't use store bought highlights and dyes I swell up like a balloon , I don't know what the difference is ,but it dosen't happen when I go to the salon probably because I don't handle the dyes.I actually went to hairdressing school when I was young and apprenticed in a salon for a year but I had such an adverse reaction to the dyes I ended up with infection and needed a tetanus at the hospital, so that ended my hairdressing carreer ,sure would come in handy right now.Have whats left of a nice day.

Hi Cristi:wave:
Did your nails finally dry , does it really take an hour , I need to do my nails to ,I need
to get my hair done , actually,I need some new clothes ,I need to lose 30 lbs and
I need to get out more to , You know what I need, one of those bellini's after all this thinking about what I need to do. I am happy to hear you had a nice evening
I don't like getting my picture taken at any time,my son and daughter always kid around and say how will we have proof that you existed if we don't have any pictures, but I have always wanted to do those cards maybe with a fireplace picture or something,anything other than me, wouldn't want to spoil the picture.Whats your Michaels store like? I have been hearing for a couple of years how great they but the one I went to a while back was a dissappointment and expensive..I know there is one a bit further away so I might try that one on the weekend if my daughter wants to go with more chili is every one making chili, its good stuff we love it here, Have a great night .

Hi Susan:wave:
How are feeling tonight , hope your not to sad and lonely , it will probably be hard to leave the people you care about behind ,change has its good and bad points doesn't it.I bet Gaby was excited to see you , must be nice to be home with her.Have a nice night susan

Hi Sue :wave:
How are you feeling now,I forgot that your away ,I forget how long you were going for to, but I won't forget to wish you a great time or a good night do you think they would put that in a Hallmark card,LOL

Hi Angie :wave:
I know your at rehearsals probably , Are you the star , I think you must be. I think you should be LOL It must be really fun ,doing that,What happened with your lead man did he come back or do you have a replacement for him.Men ,what can you say about them, I thought woman were the tempermental ones that is according to men LOL I read something funny yesterday and since it seems to follow the theme~~Do you ever wonder why single women are skinnier than married women, well it seems that when single women come home from work they go the fridge , then they go to bed , married women come home go look in the bed and head for the fridge, no explanation needed.I hope rehearsal went well maybe you will update later. Have a great night.

Hi Marti :wave:
How are you ,I was thinking the same thing yesterday , about holding water ,do you drink lot and lots,sounds really strange that you must drink water to get it out but it works,I hope work is going well your halfway there till the weekend now,yeah. Have a good night .

Hi Kathy:wave:
Where are you ,I hope your not snowed in without a shovel, if you need help ,let me know LOL I hope everthing is well with you and I hope to hear from you soon

Hi to everyone else:wave: , I hope your having a good night ,take care all *ELLEN*

11-10-2004, 08:45 PM
Thanks Ellen-

Just super tired- otherwise I am fine. My assignement is to find out how much my car will cost to ship over. lol......
So, I will do that. I wanted to pay up 3 months on it so I don't have to scramble to get a job right away.
Though jobs over there are rare...........I will get a job at a Pocho Loco thinking about those :)

awww Mindee........I am sorry.

going for dinner.......

da fat n da furious
11-10-2004, 09:12 PM
Hello Ladies

Susan, well home does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii? Do you really think it would be safe you working at that stand? hmmm think not. But then again it does sound healthy....
Im thinking that with the girls you need to let them know your door is always open and you want them to come and live with you. But let them decide with them already wiving with their dad and his age to consider.

Jane, do you just put the chicken breasts and potatoe wedges all in then drizzle the dressing over it? Glad to know BIL is alright considering...

Cristi, Ive been thinking of getting Brandon's pictures done,,,its a matter of finding the time...his time that is. Im all set for getting going on Christmas, I think Im going to use a pic I took of the boys in the ocean in Cuba...
I bought these new tiles/cookies or whatever you call them,,,the thing that you use a tea light and let the thing melt and it smells wonderful??? anyways I normally buy Yankee too,,,like you. But one of the girls from work is having a party,,,Salt something,,,i smelled a few samples,,,mmmm wonderful so I bought a few and will check out how well the stand up. Nothing right now beats my fresh picked

Ellen, just heading out the door to rehearsal,,,Im not the star, I actually am a stage manager. This guy (the lead) is nitorious for being a diva, and I was against him being in it. The director now sees the error....and why I was right. The lead sent me this email this morning and I forwarded to the director, and waited hoping he would let me do my Donald Trump...but alas we are stuck with the doofus. Well I should get myself out the door,,,have a great night,,,
my friend Angelika stopped by earlier to borrow a cook book of mine and brought me 2 coolers and half bottle of wine,,now that is what friends are for! So tonight Im hoping to relax a bit and read, drink a glass of wine...ahhhh
night all

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 10:04 PM
Hey Angie
Thats some friend, you have there,sounds like a nice plan,What do you mean your not the star what would they do without a stage manager,there are STARS and there are stars,thats too bad you were denied your Trump moment ,It might have been difficult to replace him at this late date, do you think its better to have a doofus than a don'tfus . I know that was a bad joke,but you will hear them, from time to time, knowing me.Did you not like the joke about single and married women? Have some wine maybe they will be funnier then LOL hope you had a good night

11-10-2004, 10:14 PM
YOU are a star Angie :)

How much does a car cost to ship?? I have no idea ...yet. I have contacted several shipping places and have to wait for a call/email back.

Think like $800??? I dunno....need a car though.

Hawaii is carb city. Highly doubt anyone is on

There is a mango, banana, orange,and coconut tree out in his cool is that???

Anyway, need to get to work. Have tomorrow off , so am happy about that.

146.5 tonight!!! yay,,,,,,

11-10-2004, 10:37 PM
Ellen~ I am enjoying the time now. Cause I know once he gets fully mobile, there will no longer be any time for me or Tommy to get on here until he is sleeping!

Susan~ Welcome back! How was it? From the sounds of it, things went well? I see that you are planning on moving out there. (Sorry I was half asleep when I read through this morning.)

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 10:41 PM
Hi Mindee
He really is a sweetheart, I wish I could go back to that time ,it really was a wonderful experience as is all stages of there lives, but there is something about babies that is theirs alone.

11-10-2004, 10:41 PM
I forgot to respond to the girls.......

Angie- I was going to tell them with enough time to get use to the idea. I know they will miss Gabrielle - especially Rachel.
Who.......was crying when Gaby stayed at grandma's for those few days, Rachel missed her so ......

The best I can do is offer an open door to where I am going to be living. Hope they will come for summer and vacations. Maybe they will fall in love with the place.

Though I want them to be with their father too........ *sigh*......answers will come in time. I miss him though...... :(,,,,,,,,feel selfish .......bad, bad, bad,,,,,,,

love ya :)

11-10-2004, 10:46 PM
we have noticed that Ellen. we could be walking down the street, and then all of a sudden just about get bombarded by all these people that want to see him.

Tea Rose
11-10-2004, 10:59 PM
I found a nice Thanksgiving Quote for the upcoming Holiday:

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize
May your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off of your thighs

Tea Rose
11-11-2004, 01:12 AM
Hi Everyone
If anyone has a minute could you explain the ticker thing to me I got it all set up I cut I paste and it doesn't work for me HELP

11-11-2004, 02:05 AM
Hello from sunny Las Vegas. We had an uneventful flight on Monday. Our house was in good shape and everything here is great. Of course, there was an inch of dust on everything so we spent lots of time cleaning. The desert is so dusty and there is a grime from the streets that you have to be careful not to track in. As of tonight I am still on midwest time with my body..can not get acclaimated to a 3 hour difference for some reason. I keep waking at 4 a.m. Not fun! Hopefully tonight will be different and I can get a good night sleep.

It is good to read all the posts and hear that everyone is doing great. SUSAN- Welcome back. Congrats!

Hi to everyone. I will get back here again soon.


Tea Rose
11-11-2004, 02:17 AM
Hi Sue :wave:
Glad to hear its sunny there, and everthing is great , hope your body catches up with the time change , and have a great time .*ELLEN*

Tea Rose
11-11-2004, 03:11 AM
Good Evening Ladies
I guess everyone is sleeping ,I think I should do that to , I'm tired ,so I will go check out the dwelling ,see if the out side kitty would like to come inside for the night , make some tea , read a little and lights out Night All

11-11-2004, 08:24 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Julie - doggone it! I so hope you hear something today! There's nothing worse than waiting for medical tests results. :crossed: Good luck!

Cristi - great minds think alike, lol. Although I have to admit, my beans come from a can. Hopefully I am on the list of people who will get one of the photo cards? Btw, I will be posting on your Christmas thread. Love the concept of that - just haven't had time, once I read and post here in chit chat, lol. Maybe this weekend...

Angie - Or should I call you The Angie? (Donald joke, lol) For the crock pot recipe, cut your potatoes into wedges and place them into the pot that has been sprayed with Pam. Sprinkle some FF Italian dressing. Next, place the chicken breasts on top of them, and sprinkle some more dressing. Cook on low for 5-6 hours. (I use Light Done Right dressings on salads, but use FF to cook with.) Angelika sounds like a real good buddy. Too bad she won't join us here. I know we'd like her!

Katy - Your photo tip was a good one! Yay for you, for using the stepper - sounds like a good idea for winter. The court house in our county always sends the tax statements out late. By about 2 months. The taxes have more than doubled in the past couple of years, and are supposed to double again. I told Neal it's time for us to sell out, lol. How'd Leigh's dental appointment go?

Susan - I bet you had little Gaby all squeezed real good when you saw her! I'm with the others about Rachel and Rebecca - I'd let them decide where they want to live. At their ages, they may feel more comfortable staying with their friends and school. But who knows? They could drop everything and say Aloha!! Just know that it will all be okay.... God has his watchful eye on you, my dear.

Marti - did you get your hair colored? Mary's doing my roots today. Yes, there are some nice things on eBay. I have bought several things in the past, but just recently began to sell stuff. I got $9.50 PLUS $3.95 S/H for a CD... can you believe someone would pay that for a used CD?? Bidding started at $4, with .25 cent increases. Two women kept bidding against each other, and right before the time ran out, a 3rd party got it, lol. Same thing happened with a DVD set I had...

Mindee - can your parents help you out a little until you get on your feet? Is Brandon not working at all right now? I know the welfare laws in Indiana are a lot tougher than they used to be. WIC sure can be a God-send, though... hope you are at least getting that.

Ellen - yay for you getting into chat! Tonight's the night, but I'm not sure I will be there. It's at 8PM where I am... not sure what time that is for you, lol. Just check in on the hour, lol. I don't mind driving in snow, since I've done it since I was 16. I can drive on ice, too, but would rather not. I use 92% lean ground beef in my chili. I have used chicken before, but feel I get enough of that in my diet, lol. With the ground beef, it is 5 WW points per 1 1/2 cup serving. Not bad. I like your T/G poem.

Sue - glad you made it to Vegas ok. My high-rollin' sister and her DH go out there every few months. They get their suite and meals comped, and are even met at the airport by a limo. What's the temp out there this time of year? It's rainy and cold in Indiana - aren't you sorry you left, lol.

Gotta run errands today. If it stops raining, I'll take a twin with me - it's Madison's turn. Also need to drop off the last of my Too Big clothes to a good friend. I'm glad to see them go! In another 2 months, though, I should have another pile, lol. As I told Cristi, though, I really don't have a whole lot of clothes at one time anymore. Can't afford it.

I'll try to make it to chat tonight... hope you can make it, too!!


11-11-2004, 11:29 AM
Good morning! :coffee: :coffee:

Time for Cawfee Tawk!

Ellen - I have never highlighted my hair... I just want to try something new, and I am paying a way am I going to try something like that on my own. Besides, I want to feel a little pampered :D

Jane - Leigh was so good at the dentist. She sat long enough to even get a little xray. Both kids have great teeth - no cavities. I have high expectations for their teeth as I have never had any cavities myself -wouldn't have a clue what to do if a dentist came at me with a drill, lol! However, signs are pointing to orthodontia for both, which I also have had. James looks like he is going to have some crowding and Leigh has a crossbite situation that we are watching. Fortunately we can't do anything now, so we have time to save $

Susan - could you sell your car and buy a cheap, interim-type car when you get to Hawaii? A friend of mine did this a few years ago when she moved to Hawaii. Then the $$ she would have had to spend on shipping was added to the proceeds from the car sale and put down on the Hawaii car.

Mindee - good luck with assistance. Couldn't you take the class even though you don't have job prospects? Maybe it something that could help you later when your kid(s?) are older. OR you and Tommy could get jobs at opposite shift times so you don't need child care.. 'Course you'd never see your husband, but it's something to think about to get through tough times. Jumping through hoops is never fun.... so you just hang in there. Jane is right - keep up the WIC at least... and you know, things usually have a way of working themselves out.

Angie - too bad about your diva problem - must be an occupational hazard :p Is this the person in the WWJLD thread? I called him the "affirmation-hogger" Can't stand people who have to have the spotlight ALL the time - yeesh

Sue - Glad you got to Vegas OK - don't lose your shirt, hee hee

Hi to everyone else

Everyone is off school today, so DH is taking the kids shopping this a.m. and I need to work on my classes. If I can get a good stretch of time, I think I can finish my internet class today - wahoo I wrote curriculum on researching dinosaurs on the internet for 4-5th graders - It looks like fun, if I do say so myself.

Ok - gotta go


da fat n da furious
11-11-2004, 11:32 AM
Good morning Ladies

Sue, good to have you back! YA know the funny thing about where you all are in the states, I feel like you are the closest, only because I have been to Vegas a few times,,,have even driven there. We live in a new development neighbour hood and have dust and dirt all the time. Love having my windows open but its just not worth it.

Jane, I think I will make that for dinner tonight. I remember when I lost alot of weight I was down to two pairs of pants and a few I lost weight I would buy one thing smaller sized and shopped at value villiage for the many dress sizes have you gone down?

Well off to work I go, only a short shift, was suppose to have this day off but because of Rememberance day some of the staff have to work. Since I have Thanksgiving off I work today.


11-11-2004, 12:05 PM
Happy Veteran's Day!

Was listening to the radio this morning and all the people calling in thanking a/their veteran, kind of cool. DH#1 was a veteran, served in the Army in Vietnam and was almost killed and DH#2 is also a veteran, served in the Air Force. Two of my brothers were also in the Army, two of my Uncles also served in the AirForce. Anyway, no point to that really except thanking my and all veterans.

Anyway, after reading all the posts since posting yesterday I don't really have time to do individuals so I will just say Hi to everyone. Will try to be back later in the day to post but not sure if that will happen or not, definitely won't be in chat. Thursday is my favorite show night, The O.C., CSI and Without A Trace.

Have to take DS#1 to take his car in, think the starter is bad then off to the movie and run a couple of errands.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

11-11-2004, 01:05 PM
WELLL......heard back from the doc last night!!He knew nothing more than when I met him two months ago....SICKENING I TELL YOU ALL....He says now that his thyroid is a bit underactive and he has a slightly abnormal pituitary, which basically has nothing to do with the whole sperm count deal, he said his testosterone is normal...So we have to go back to see him tomorrow, I dont know what for, but he wants to see us...So no news is good news, I dont know where we go from here!!!
Anyways we might have a new puppy to the family, my friend has a chihuaha and wants us to take him, hes 3lbs and hes 6months old..He wont get any bigger, his name is she brought him over last night to see if he gets along with max(my jack russell, whos 3 yrs old) and they really hit it off, so we might have the puppy spend the night tonight to see how it goes and then take it from there, he really is a cutie...
Oh well, I'll have to update you guys after tomorrows doc appt..other than that nothing much new here!! Hope all is well with the rest of you. talk to ya's later


11-11-2004, 04:30 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Oh you should see my hair! I had it in rollers yesterday so after I woke up this morning......... :fr: Funny sight I tell ya! :lol:

I didn't get a chance to get some coloring for the old rag on my head....ran out of time. :lol:

So much chatting since I last got on that I can't keep up with you all! So I will do individuals at another time. I do hope that you are all doing well and that you have great plans for the weekend. No plans here except do some work on my Christmas cards and do a little Shopping for Christmas. Maybe get a haircut.....not sure though.

I really need to head to the showers.....I will catch up with you all soon!

Tea Rose
11-11-2004, 05:18 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:
Its another gloomy looking day here, chilly too, I woke up with itchy itchy eyes so clariton to the resucue, My sweet daughter came home and had lunch with me today that was nice , she comes home as often as she can,but she has been so busy at work catching up on things after being home sick for a week she hasn't had much time .I hardly ever see her anymore she's so busy with two jobs soccer, and her new boyfreind, who has really brought new meaning to her life which I am so happy about .I was putting together my portfolio of my cake pictures this morning,My doctor wants me to put my cards and a picture book in her office , for her patients. so I am finally getting to it.I have made a few cakes for her and her office and everytime I go in there she reminds me, so I though it was time since I have another appointment coming up soon.I am doing some laundry today Kitty yacked on daughters blanket ,so since she won't get home till after ten thought I would get it done for her, and while I'm at it might as well do all the beds,not usually the day , but stuff happens ,and changes it all LOL

HI Jane:wave:
You still running errands ,you are a busy girl,its a good thing your a good friend to your good friend .giving her all your clothes ,I know the hardest thing is rebuilding your own wardrobe, but think how much fun it will be ,I really need some new clothes , I haven't been shopping for myself for years, when I moved here I concentrated all my time and what little funds on the house, now that I have for the most part, got this under control now, its seriously time to start thinking about myself.I have been joking a bout needing to get my hair and nails done but I do ,its been way to long now.I need a makeover ,I know that would give me and enormous boost .I hope that you and Madison had a really nice time ,enjoy the rest of your day hope to see you on chat.YEAH!!!!!!!!

Hi Julie :wave:

Sorry to hear about the dissappointing news,My son had some problems with his testosterone levels this past year and I know that isn't the problem with you guys but it took many many months to get all the testing done and it to was frustrating for him, I know thats not much concellation but sometimes these things are time consuming and its hard to be patient but don't let it upset you these things have a way of working themselves out.I just read an excellent heartwarming book called Mixed Blessings,by Danielle Steel in the story it follows a couple with this problem ,I don't know if you have much chance to read, or if you like to ,but if you do, give it a read. I think you will enjoy it especially the ending.Good Luck and I hope everything works out for your family.Ps I hope Scruffy makes a nice addition to your family.

Hi Cristi:wave:
Did I read right your passing up a chance to talk to the girls for CSI OC and
Without a Trace hmmh LOL I heard that there all good shows but I have yet to watch them, Has any one been watching Desperate Wives I have seen three episodes and really like it so far. I'm more of a Everybody loves Raymond ,Frasier ,Will and Grace veiwer along with home decorating shows only because a simple shootout in a western movie gives me nightmares,although having said that my Daughter has got me watching Soprano's with her ,girls night, and its no fairytale.Anyway Cristi enjoy your shows,and have a great day.

Hi Katy:wave:
I don't blame you for wanting to be pampered besides its a tricky process to do on your own if you have never done it before, My daughter does hers and it comes out beautiful , the only reason she won't do mine, is because the last time I did it my violent reaction to the dye scared the heck out of her ,it took three days for the swelling to subside and more than a week for the rash to clear. I was a mess to say the least ,so I don't blame her .I hope you had enough time to finish your class and how sweet for him to take the kids shopping, have a great day.

Hi Sue :wave:
Glad to hear your having a great time , enjoy the sun while you can , I don't think there will be any when you get back,how long are you staying anyway , I must have missed that part.Have a great day.

Hi Susan :wave:
I don't envy you with all the things you have to deal with ie: your girls ,your car and the move ,although, having said that I am so jealous, you had the courage to take a chance and find happiness and of all places in Hawaii ,you lucky girl .beauty and Love .Hmmm sounds wonderful. Have a great day .

Hi Mindee:wave:
Sorry to hear that your having some difficulties , I,m sure it will all work itself out , I know its hard being in that situation with a little one, keep your spirits up and think good thoughts.
Have a great day.

Hi Marti:wave:
I suppose your busy at work ,getting ready for the weekend , have you made any special plans or are you just looking forward to a quiet weekend with the family.Did you and Jhanai finish making your cards I bet she was so proud of hers. I hope you are not to worn our to enjoy your time off. LOL Have a great day Martie

Hi To Everyone else:wave: and have a wonderful day I can't believe how dark it has become since I started this , sure looks like snow, Yeah Take care all and bundle up it looks so cold out.

Maybe I will see you all on Chat tonight Its my first time I feel so vulnerable LOL be gentle till then *ELLEN* :o :o :lol:

11-11-2004, 06:30 PM
I'm back for a few minutes! (such lucky girls you all are......Just teasin')

Ellen--Once you get into chat you'll feel like you've known all these girls for years. It's so nice to have a live chat w/everyone! I'm at work during the time of chat, so I won't be in there...maybe we can do a morning (or afternoon) chat sometime in the near future.

Susan--Don't ever feel like you're a bad mother or that you're being are thinking of the girls and whats best for them AND their dad and that takes a lot of love. You deserve to be happy and you may be surprised and they may want a whole change of scenery and move w/you to Hawaii. How ever it turns out, it will be all good. Of coarse, when you move to know that the JL's are going to want to meet each other there right?! :D

Julie--I"m so sorry that you're having such a time w/the doctors and not knowing what's going to happen. I'll keep praying that everything turns out good! Chihuahua???? Oh how fun! James would love to have another one here at home, but I think two is enough!!

Cristi--Thats cool about the radio station. How nice is that? I would really like to get in touch w/my brother but I have no number to get in touch with him. What is with my family???? :lol: I hope you have a relaxing evening.

Angie--I agree w/ are a star! You do so much for everyone and you're always on the go! To me that qualifies as to being a star!! I think I would collapse if I were in your shoes! I hope you have a short day at work enough for you to be able to relax. you ever star in any of your plays?

Jane--I think it's absolutely wonderful that you're giving away your clothes to your friend. And being able to get rid of those must give you a sense of accomplishment...knowing that you're so close to goal. You're doing a wonderful job with your weight loss and I really am proud of you! I'm hoping to sometime get my act together, re-evaluate what it is that I need to do and start losing by next year. I do have to say that I am happy that I'm 10lbs less than I was last year at this time, but not to happy that I haven't done more....does that make sense?

Katy--I think getting pampered is something we should all go out to do if it's affordable. I really would like to get my hair done at a salon and have the works done! Hair cut, colored, high name it! I need to treat myself someday. Maybe on my 35th birthday I'll ask for a spa treatment! (that gives James a year to plan!)

Sue--Oh so glad you made it ok! I bet it must be nice to have a change of scenery for the winter time. Hope your body adjust to the time change soon so you can sleep well.

Mindee--Hope it all works out for you. I know how hard it must be. Maybe you can talk to your parents about helping you out with Brandon for daycare instead of taking him to one so you can get ahead a little. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

Hello to anyone I may have missed!! few minutes took much longer than I anticipated...but that's ok. I now need to find my face somewhere in the makeup box......and do something w/my sopping wet mop of hair!

take care ladies

Tea Rose
11-11-2004, 07:29 PM
Hi Girls
I was wondering how long you chat and if I should pack a lunch :lol:

Tea Rose
11-11-2004, 09:20 PM
Hey where are you guys

Tea Rose
11-11-2004, 09:59 PM
Hi Girls
Maybe I had the wrong time , Ive been waiting in chat for an hour with my jammies and fuzzy socks on, my coffees cold now, you guys trying to tell me something :LOL:

11-11-2004, 10:37 PM
Hold on a sec... hop on over to #89!!