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11-04-2004, 10:14 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?

11-04-2004, 11:34 PM
Good evening Ladies. No one in chat tonight, or at least this late. Hope you are all okay.
I had another eventful day. :dizzy: I had to go in once again for my earaches. I had already had steroids and an antibiotic and thought I was getting better. Then at 4 a.m. I woke up with an excrutiating pain in my ear. Called the doc and he wanted me to come in. Okay, another office call. Yep, it is still infected and back I go on meds.
Got the house in tip top order for the realtor's visit. She was really complimentary about our property. Got all of our questions answered about condos. We go look at another condo complex tomorrow. Then have all winter to make our desicions.
I imagine we will have to go out to eat tomorrow. I have just about emptied the ref. and freezer. We actually only had leftovers tonight. Well, there is still soup and rolls.

Wishing a good Friday on you all. Hope it is warmer where you are...brrrrr.

11-05-2004, 12:14 AM
well I hope that you all don't mind if I join you. I am a SAHM mom of an 18 year old girl. I am 22 and don't have a career. When my daughter came 3 months early, it sort of put my plans off. Right now I am not sure if I can go back to working at fast food joints (no offense to those that may or have) because that just isn't for me. My husband is a Marine and I am thinking of going into the AF. That is one of the reasons why I am trying to lose weight and get into better shape. I want to be better financially and even though I don't agree with everything military, we can't afford for me to go to finish up college so I figure that that may be the easiest way of doing things. We want alot out of life and just don't see ourselves being able to do that how we are now. Besides, i do what another child once we get ourselves in better shape financially (and me physically since I don't want to have to go on bed rest half way through another pregnancy).

Besides that, high cholestoral runs in my family and my littel brother (he is going to be 20 in Jan) got news today that his is VERY high. He has never been overweight a day in his life and that sort of scares me being that I have and my father died young because of complications with it. I don't today was an eye opener. In Dec. or Jan I will get mine looked at though. He has a little one on the way and so that scared him too. Anyway, enough sharing for right now.

da fat n da furious
11-05-2004, 12:35 AM
Welcome Gabrielle,

Sue about 10 years ago I had cronic ear infections, some times so bad both ears I thought Iwas going nuts. And of course each time Im on antibiotics I get a yeast infection so I was not having any fun. Have you tried candling? you can get them at a health food store.

I had such a great day!

Cleaned the house till its sparkles, then went out for lunch with Becky she wasn't feeling all that great so she cut it short. Which was ok cause I did a couple of gift buying. One step closer.
Picked Monte up from work so he could pick up his car at the shop,,,oil change stuff. Went and picked up my Avon and wow the eyeshadow I got is great,,,,,
Had dinner which I had started at 11,,,crock pot. Then went shopping with Angelika and got another 2 presents! Wahoooo I am 2 steps closer to Christmas!
And now at 9:30 i can either watch a bit of tv or finish my book I started.....

I was suppose to get tomorrow off too but Im working for a woman in my office so she can go meet her daughter in the next province. She get this was told her daughter and 2 sons died in a car accident 14 yrs ago. So can you imagine her shock last Thursday when a social worker called to talk about her daughter wanting to meet her? So far thats all I know, and am the only one other then her husband that knows. And well now you all Ill keep you updated. Im thinking that as a goodwil thing Id like to throw a *BABY* shower for

anyways Bran needs the puter
night all

11-05-2004, 08:50 AM
Good Friday morning to you!!

Sue - hope your ear is better soon. The chat room was empty when I stopped by, too, but I think I may have been an hour off, lol. Good luck looking at condos today. That sounds like fun!!

Gabrielle - welcome to our little group! Your DD is 18 months? What a sweet age. I have 5 DGDs and love every little stage they go through, lol. If your DH is a Marine, and you join the Air Force, where would your DD live? Yep, I can understand your desire to lose weight now and get your health under control. Wish I'd kept it off when I was your age!! Hope to see more of you around here.

Angie - hope your buddy Becky is feeling better. (that's a tongue twister!!) I also am just about done with my Christmas shopping. Yesterday I picked up a Sponge Bob TV remote 5-game thingy for DGD who is 5. She'll love that, lol. It's sweet of you to go in today for your co-worker. How bizarre about her situation!! Where in the world has this girl been for the last 14 years??? Please keep us update on that! How about we call this saga "The Young and the Rest of Us" , lol.

Hi also to the other Jaded Ladies and anyone reading this. :wave:

The temp this morning is 39 degrees... brrrrrr!! Good sleeping weather, though. I have to finish laundry today and not sure what else I'll do.


da fat n da furious
11-05-2004, 11:25 AM
wwwwwwwwwwohhhhhh woke up to a major wind storm. Its not really cold its just really windy.
Jane, the girl Chantel has been in foster care, was told her mom died and of course Lori actually went to Chantel's funeral. Buried a coffin the whole bit. Ex Husband planned this hoax, thing is he didn't want the kids either. He hid them down in the states with his uncle, then after a few months brought them back up and then within two year they were in fostercare. sad.
well off to work I go,,,,

11-05-2004, 12:12 PM
Good Morning, All!

Angie - that's a heck of a story...that mom must be feeling like she won the lottery or something. Nothing short of a now does the XDH get sent to prison for kidnapping?

Jane - I enjoyed talking to you, too. Wish I had more time to chat..... You have reminded me that I need to shop for my kids. Need a bday present for my DS, then Christmas presents for both. I am walking distance from a great toy store called Thinker Toys and I found out they are having a big anniversary sale this weekend, so off I go! I love my neighborhood... if we ever have an Oregon JL get together, we should have it here and Susan and I can show off our wonderful Multnomah Village. Of course, she'll have hightailed it to Hawaii by then ;)

Mindee - your little Bdo is so cute - I bet Halloween was very special for your family. What are your plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Cristi - I'm looking forward to reading about your new plan...I like the walking stuff in your sig. As you know, I walk for exercise also. What's WATP? Is that a video or something?

Gabrielle - welcome - we all love to chat and share our ups and downs here. !8 months is such a fun age - does she toddle all over the house? I have friends who have been through the trauma of preemie births and I must say I have such admiration....that is such a scary time and the parents have to be so strong...thank goodness for modern medicine.

Well, I am off for my morning constitutional - we are having gorgeous fall weather today. A bit nippy, but the trees are turning, so it is lovely and the sun is shining. Today I have to track down our arborist as I have been told by our electric company that our poplars are going to have to come down... they are dying and are too close to the hot lines. Yay. These trees have been bleeding us since we moved into the house. If you ladies ever want to plant trees in your yard, do not plant poplars. They grow fast, have shallow roots systems and tend to drop branches...yuck.

I am also in the midst of redoing the framed pictures and artwork in my living room, so I'm off to Michaels today to get some supples. I'll be framing a series of B&W photos of my children to hang in my LR. I guess I am in "change" mode. Change my living room, got some new glasses, going to highlight my hair....I'm on the homestretch to turning 40 in June, so I am trying to convince myself that I am NOT in a rut, lol! I still have a sense of spontaneity..I DO! I KNOW IT! :)

Ha ha - Have a great day everyone!

Tea Rose
11-05-2004, 09:15 PM
Hi Everyone
I wanted to pop in and say hi,I am still feeling under the weather but I am slowly getting better .
Hi Susan
So happy to hear that you made it safely ,and that everything is working out so well I wish you much happiness and all your dreams come true,
Hi Sue,
Sorry to hear about your ear infection I know that they can be very painful , I hope this batch of medication clears it up real soon take care.
Hi Angie
I was wondering what that bright sparkling sensation was in the sky now I know it was your house good job I can see it from here. I was wondering if you had any extra snow up there you could send to me , I think it might help get me in the decorating spirit ,which seems to be lacking thus far. Which book are you reading if you don't mind me asking.
Hi katy
We contacted an arborist here to take care of some dead braches on some of the big trees that surround our property but they were so expensive I couldn't believe it. I think thats great that you are making changes no better way to feel better than to perk things up highlights are a nice touch, I wish I could get motivated to do something ,anything I am in a rut, no mistaking that ,although I did buy a new purse after 8 years. I knew it was time when the kids start asking if I might like a new one.LOL
Hi Jane
i am happy to hear that you weight loss is going so well , what is it that your doing that keeps you on track.I am truly frustrated with myself I have carried this extra thirty pounds off and on for almost 2 years. I have never been overweight before but this feels like something I just can't seem to get control of, its definitely an emotional thing with me. I was reading about your christmas traditions ,they sound very nice ,I think they are so important for families to have them, so many things have changed in my life I don't know how to go about making new traditions to replace the old ,I think that this year will be difficlut for me I have no desire to celebrate Christmas and this is my favorite season of all.I hope this is a temporary feeling, I would be saddened to miss something that means so much to my family .I hope that your family is well
, I suppose the little ones are already making their christmas lists.
Hi Cristi
What did you do ,get mad at yourself ,last I read you were disgusted LOL What did you decide to do ,let me know I'm always mad at myself lately I need a swift kick I think, let me know how and what you are doing to make changes because I need help getting motivated .
Hi Gabrielle
Welcome ,I know you have your hands full with an 18 month old .enjoy her for as long as you can ,if you can be home with her be thankful ,the rest will come you are very young, so enjoy your baby and take care of you both for now.
Hi Marti , Mindee , Julie , Kathy, Jen and sorry if I have forgotten anyone
I promise one day I will remember everyone , I hope all you girls are doing well and have so far avoided any of these miserable flu's going around , I hope you all have your flu shots, if not I hope you can, these viruses are getting worse and harder to shake. Jen did you find what was under your porch did it have legs or what,I have a raccoon family under my porch they stick around because I feed a little stray cat so they finish up what he dosen't and If there is no food they sit and look in my front door which is all glass ,its pretty funny to see.There is nothing stupid about these little critters. Are you girls all getting your Christmas shopping done, its hard to believe its here already.Does anyone follow the Peterson trial ,if so are you on pins and needles waiting for the verdict to.
anyway girls have a great night and bundle up its getting a bit chilly out there.*Ellen*

11-05-2004, 11:19 PM
Jane- yes my hubby is a marine. He has about a year and a half left with this enlistment. My dd would stay with him and then we would be stationed as close to each other as possible. Once she turns two she can go into daycare so that will help out a bit. I would really only be away from her for bootcamp and whatever schooling that I would need. Other then that we will both be able to see her regularly. We are trying to be able to get as close as an hour away from each others base. Don't know how that will turn out and that may have to wait even longer since we aren't sure if he will be leaving in Dec/Jan yet. Time will tell.

Katy- Jasmine does toddle everywhere she can go. And yes, it is scary to go through a premie birth. We were one of the lucky ones because since she got out of the hospital she hasn't had any problems. We had a friend that had hers just 2 months early and her little one has all sorts of breathing problems so I do consider us very fortunate.

11-05-2004, 11:41 PM
Wow..I had a productive afternoon. I made DGS his Thomas blanket, pillow and bag. It turned out so cute. He will love it. It is soft and cuddly flannel.
Went out this morning to look at the condo complex and it was beautiful, but way bigger and more expensive than we want. Did stop for lunch, so there was one meal I didn't have to scout for in the almost empty pantry.

Gabrielle- Welcome to you. I hope to get to know you better...even though I am an old grandma here.

Ellen- Thank you and yes, my ears are feeling some better tonight. I am glad you are starting to feel a bit more back to normal. Try to keep warm.

Katy- I hope your changes suit you when you are finished. I have often thought about framing some black and white photos. They always look so neat when I see them in other people's homes. I have one small collage frame of B&W pictures of DGS when he was a baby. It sits on a shelf that I did up in black and white in our Vegas home. I like it.

Angie- I just heard of candling. A girl at my hair salon has a booth where she does that. I didn't even know what it was before and I must admit I am a skeptic. Have you done it?

Jane- Hasn't it been brrrrrr? At least it looks like we will have a warmer week-end. We have pretty much talked ourselves into a condo but these today were not the ones for us. They were even in a section of town that we are not very comfortable with. We will stick to the area we know and hope that works out. If not we will just go back to plans for building a house.

Cristi- My DD and DGS went to see The Grudge today for his 15th birthday. They said it was the scariest movie they had seen. I just heard on t.v. that they have already planned a sequel. I am not a scary movie fan, but just thought I would relay that info.

Marti- Hope you had a good day and are not too tired. Have a nice week-end.

Mindee- Once Brandon gets out of "reverse" and into "drive" you will be in trouble. He will keep you busy!

Is anyone else a fan of the decorator shows on HGTV and TLC? Seems like every time I flip channels I get caught up in someone's re-model or yardwork.

Hello and have a good week-end to all the JL's.

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 12:00 AM
Hi Sue
My son tried candling once it was a strange thing to watch ,He said his ears felt better but he never did do it again so I'm not so sure he enjoyed the experience. I love decorating shows design rivals is a favorite I really like the new ones that dress a house to sell ,I love them all ,but I miss Martha Stewart. *Ellen*

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 12:12 AM
Hi Jane
I just wanted to tell you I just finished two new books,if you haven't read them you might enjoy Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel and The Perfect Summer by Luanne Rice I also have a new one from Luanne Rice called Silver Bells that I'm waiting to read a little closer to Christmas since thats the theme.The Barbara Taylor Bradford book Unexpected Blessings will be out around mid January its the latest book in the Emma Hart Series, just thought you might like to know.Hope to hear from you * Ellen*

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 02:04 AM
Hi Everyone , Anyone !!!!
Yes I'm still up ,can't get to sleep ,cough is keeping me up,I wish there was someone here to talk to, I guess I will go make a cup of tea , maybe read a little and hopefully fall asleep ,talk to you later ladies, good night or goodmorning is it.

da fat n da furious
11-06-2004, 03:01 AM
Hello everyone,
Ellen good to see your back! We have no snow here,,,the wind blew it all away. I think the candling is just hard to do,,,if your alone and or just takes the time...ask your son if he would do it again. I had heard that a tree person makes good money.

Sue I had never tried it but I was told by my aunt who like me had cronic ear infec tions to try it. Shes not had an ear infection since. She told me freaked out the Dr. He had checked her ears and said they were very infected,,,gross. Anyways she stopped to pick some juice up at the grocery and someone there she knew told her to try the candling...she went over,,,bought one from the health food store, and went and did it. She went back to the Dr. and he found no infection, and this was without antibotics. I will eventually try it, just clean my ears.

Katy, I am just not sure whats going to happen with my friend from work,,,just horrible that she was denied 14 years and well so were the kids. Life has dealt her a bad hand I would say but she always has a smile on her face and a cheery attitude. Her DH has cancer and its terminal,,,sad. Then with the 3 kids,,,her daughter who is 18-19 is 8 1/2 months pregnant with her second baby, one son is adrug and alcohal...and the other is just alcohal,,,can't spell ...booze.

Went to see the Borne Supremcy,,,enjoyed that, but not as good as the first one. Then we all went to Moxy's for a bellini,,,woweeee love that stuff.

well better get myself off to bed,,,,
night ladies...

11-06-2004, 05:35 AM
Hello everyone!

So sorry that I didn't post earlier....our computer went Ka-put!!! And that made me not to happy!

Just poppin in to say hello, and to let you know that we're back in business w/the computer and I will post individuals tomorrow when I have time!


BTW....I'm home early, they let me come early to spend time w/Jhanai!

11-06-2004, 10:56 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Angie - sounds like your friend is a survivor! I'm just so happy she got her dd back. What is a bellini? :?:

Katy - yep, poplars are a pain, for sure! I too love black and white photos, and had some in matching frames in my living room of candid shots. But the kids have replaced them with color professional ones, and I'm not allowed to copy those. Could do it on my scanner though, lol. Like you, I'm itching to rearrange or change something in my home. Must be in the air, lol. Have fun at Tinker Toys today. What a cute name for a toy store!

Ellen - I'm losing with Weight Watchers and determination, lol. I really, really like the freedom of WW since I can eat anything I want. Just have to practice portion control. Have to admit that I don't waste many points on junk, though. Hope you find the holiday spirit for yourself and for your family's sake. Maybe easier said than done, though. Thanks for the tip about Barbara Taylor Bradford's new book. Have you checked out the book thread we have?

Gabrielle - hope you can be stationed close to your family. Is that one of the conditions as to whether you sign up or not? My DD's twins were preemies, and that was scary! They were born at 35 weeks but had no severe problems.

Sue - wah! I want a soft blanket, pillow and bag, too! LOL. I have to tell you, I wouldn't feel comfortable in a real swanky neighborhood, either. One of my friends lives in the most elite sections of town and her house is like something you'd see on TV, and I am not comfortable at her house. It's just too darn perfect, ya know what I mean? We have a lot more fun at my house, lol.

Marti - so what was wrong with your puter?? Glad it's better now! Also glad your work supervisor let you off early to spend time with Jahnai!! What's going on this weekend for you?

Cristi - hope your weekend is going well.

Hi also to Susan, Shanna, Katiecat, Kathy, Julie, Mindee and Sam. :wave:

The scales showed a 1/2 pound loss this week. I'll take it!! I think I mentioned that one of my church friends wants my too-big clothes, and she's coming over today for them. I'll let her have the ones that fit her and give the smaller ones to a different buddy. It'll be good to get them gone.

Made an angel food cake for a funeral dinner for a member of my church and got that delivered.

What are your plans for the day?

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 11:03 AM
Good Morning Everyone:wave:
I can't believe I'm up , my focus is off ,I think I need more coffee ,one didn't quite do the trick .Where are you girls ,get up ,or I'm going back to bed.I think its cleaning day again.but then when isn.t it.Things sure get behind when your out of commission.It looks like a real pretty day outside the colors of the trees are so beautiful,but that will all change soon,Angie I'm so dissappointed , no snow up there, I was sure if anyone had some to spare it would be you. Hi Marti so happy you get to spend time with Jhanai. hope you have nice day.Well I'm going to make myself somemore coffee . I sure would like some of Janes apple crisp to go with it. Maybe when I come back some of you lovely ladies will be here,although I know how busy you all are,I'm off for coffee and something to munch on,be back later. *Ellen*

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 11:11 AM
Hi Jane:wave:
You popped in without me knowing, the program I'm following isn't working out I don't know if you have tried it , its called the seefood diet , I see food and I eat it LOL. all kidding aside I am at my wits end trying to get control of this, and it wears you down.I admire your determination hopefully I can work it out ,I wish my legs were long enough I could give myself a swift kick. I didn't know that there was a book thread I will look at it Thanks. Good morning to all you other ladies I didn't mean to exclude anyone I was popping out for coffee when Jane popped in but I will be back to see how everyone is doing today.but I need coffee

11-06-2004, 11:14 AM
Good morning everyone!

Marti - have fun with Jhanai...isn't our weather just gorgeous? I'm going to get a walk in today before DS' soccer game ( last one!) I am going to go through Gabriel Park and admire all the beautiful trees.

Ellen - So glad you are back! Yeah, our arborist is probably sending his kids to college on what we have had to pay him, lol. They make very good money. Fortunately PGE doesn't charge to cut down the lion's share because they feel it is in the interest of the neighborhood and cheaper in the long run to remove trees that threaten power lines. I need the arborist to chip the branches - PGE will just leave them in my yard :mad: PGE is also not one for aesthetics so the remains of the trees affected may need some shaping.

Sue - You know, I do like decorating shows, but we do not have cable by choice. I think we would be couch potatoes, and I don't want my kids to get in the habit at such young ages. But that's just us - most people can turn off the darn thing....for us too many choices is not a good thing. When I am at my mother's house we like to watch that show about dressing a house to sell. We also like the one that takes the designer room and re-does it on a budget. My mother and I both like interior decorating, but are both pretty frugal people, so we always like designing on a dime themes. I have cultivated a host of great tips and tricks over the years.

Gabrielle - glad to hear your DD is not experiencing bad effects from her early birth. Children really are a blessing - My DD just turned 3 on Halloween, my DS will be 8 on Thanksgiving. We joke that we gave birth to a pumpkin and a turkey. Hope your DH can put off any overseas deployment while DD is so young, but I know it is all out of your hands.

Angie - candling sounds interesting, not that I'm going to run out and try it anytime soon :p I have read of a technique called nasal irrigation that is supposed to work wonders in preventing nasal congestion, sinus and ear infections. You buy something called a Neti jar and make up a saline solution that you use to basically wash out your nasal passages. I rarely get sinus or ear infections, but it's something I have thought of trying when I get a head cold. Hate cold meds.

Jane - "The Young and the Rest of Us' :lol: :lol: Remember "As the Stomach Turns" ( Carol Burnett Show - now we REALLY feel old!) Congrats on yet another loss! Santa Claus should be bringing you a whole new wardrobe, lady! I keep repeating what you advised me in the holiday thread " Do I want the scale to go up or down?" I think I am going to print it out and put it on my fridge and in my car (the drive through was an issue yesterday)

I re-did my ticker as I have been shaving off little bits over the last month. Haven't been so good as posting progress due to lack of time. Also, I have a cheapie scale that makes it hard to note fractions of pounds, so I just hop on now and again and note what's going on. So I am just about 1/2 way to my goal! Lots of fluctuations to get to this point, I must say. I visualize that my weight loss is like I am bouncing a ball walking down a flight of stairs. The ball is my weight. It is going up and down alot in the short run, but ultimately, it IS going down....That is an image that brings me comfort when I feel things are not happening fast enough. I KNOW I am not going back up those stairs.

Cheers! Hope all is well where you are

da fat n da furious
11-06-2004, 01:35 PM
good morning everyone
Ellen you still have leaves? We don't over here its pretty barren ,,,don't like this look. I personally love all the colors that the leaves change to, but I hate that it means summer is over. We are having a rainy day...

Katy, I am so with you on the shows and budgets...friend call me to ask how they can work around the cost in decorating. I swear I can make copper wire out of pennies.
My friend Tarra and I talk decorating all the time,,,her and I are similar in cost but different in style which is I think fun.

Jane, a bellini is a BAAAAAAAD drink,,,like a slush, of peach shnapps and other things like rum mixed in it, with champagne poured over top and a bit of grenadine. Its totally girly drink.

Todays plans are a Costco run,,,hate the crowds,,,arghh then promised Tan we would look for a watch for him, then relax at home. Going to go look for things for Brandon while hes laid up, the DR said it would be a full 6 weeks. And after his last surgery he believes her. He thought he would be bouncing back without a problem and it was a rude awakening for him to be unable to do just that. So with this surgery being of course the major one hes not happy right now. Did I mention he cut his hair? He long beautiful curly hair? over 7 inches gone,,,poof!

Yesterday I had a moment at work that even now Im not sure if I would take it back or not. There is a woman who works right next to me, she has been there now over 2 months. I find her annoying, she talks so loud that I have one hand typing and the other plugging my ear that isn't covered by a headset. That I can almost live with, but well the things she says to the customers are so embarrassing,,,she flirts and that in itself is fine but she goes WAY over board. She asked this man for a job yesterday, he was calling in a beer order from a restaurant, and well she went on and on to him about how shes waitressed for years and is great,,,blah blah the kicker was her telling him he would have to pick her up cause she doesn't drive...I just had enough and told her to stop it. She looked at me blankly and was WHAT? I told her she was talking inapproperiately. She is so crass that I really am amazed she got this one else in the office is like her. I felt horrible the rest of the day having said that but I wasn't going to apologize.
Well better get ready for a shopping spree day

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 02:18 PM
Hi again everyone
Yes its safe to say not much is getting done today, no energy so far.Angie I do have leaves but at the rate the wind keeps blowing they won't last to much longer, I was wondering, if you can make copper wire out of pennies can you make pennies out of copper wire or possibly anything bigger LOL,wow that bellini sounds sooo good although the last drink I tried was a year ago and probably the only one in 5 years I don't get out much ,but if I happen to get out I sure would like to try that one.Last drink I tried was called a B52 shake ,it was yummy. Don't worry about your moment at work , you probably saved her from herself. I was wondering if you girls wanted to help me with my Christmas Spirit dilemma,what kind of christmas songs ,cds, movies are your favorites, and what do you all do for the holidays,decorationg what stye do you do , traditional ,red ,green and gold or theme.What are your traditions, do you have real or artificial trees big or small. do you go for sleigh rides or horse drawn carriage rides ,drive around the neighbourhoods looking at lights anything you would like to share.This is my favorite time of year I love to decorate I love Christmas music from november to end of January I love Christmas movies I love the feelings that the season brings, but this year I find myself lacking in spirit and I am desperate to dig deep and find it , so if anyone has the time I would love to hear everything you would like to share with me. I hope all of you girls are having a wonderful day and I hope to hear from you when you have the time. Sue I hope your feeling better

da fat n da furious
11-06-2004, 02:43 PM
I spent years in retail which can sap the christmas spirit out of anyone. But I used to do soem volunteering each year and that was what kept me going, I would find about 6-10 men each year to pose as santa over the phone. Then cause I would get the word out that santa would be making calls.... I would then charge each family either 3.50 or 5 for more then one child for Santa to call them. I made eleborate sign up sheets which would help my guys along to talking with each child. Then with all the money raised I would then adopt a family and make sure they had a christmas. Somehow I was able to keep this from Tanner,,,he was about 2 when I started and 8 when we moved to Calgary. This was a win win situation for everyone,,,,the kids were shocked...Santa calling them? Parents had fun sneaking one past the kids, I loved it cause it was just too much fun, and the guys would have a blast. I remember one of my guys stopping by one day to give me a gift and with tears in his eyes tell me how this brought back the joy in the season.
My house becomes totally gawdy at Christmas,,,i have boxes and boxes of decorations. I have a huge fake tree,,,and I decorate it all red and gold.
I listen to mostly the older stuff, Bing Crosby and such...but do love listening to Marah Cary and Brandy.
Something else I do,,,,I buy more then normal apples and oranges,,,and if they all don't get eaten its ok. I take my big pot and fill it with my bruised (no one wants to eat) apples and oranges...then add cinnamon sticks, cloves, and water I bring to a nice simmer you can keep the heat low but keep and eye on the water..which you can just keep adding more. Ahhh the smell is wonderful. Plus during the winter the air becomes so dry so this is a benefit also for moisture.
Another thing I used to do, is when the kids were small, invite all their friends over for cookie decorating. I would make about 4 batches of sugar cookies and would using all my christmas cutters would have trays and trays ready for my lil friends to paint on.
egg whites and a bit of water,,,with dropps of food coloring...I bought cheap paint brushes at the dollar store and there you go.
After all was baked, they would come out looking like stain glass...really nice. I would have the kids decorate paper gift bags, with stamps and paint. Fill them with their cookies and they would bring home their present to mom.
I miss small kids....
But that is what I still do or did....

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 09:01 PM
Thanks Angie
I have containers full of christmas decorations as well ,its amazing how much stuff we we collect over the years.When I lived in my other house it was larger than my house is now which I have been in now for four years, so this is our 4th Christmas here . Wow time flys.Things had to be changed around quite a bit because of the size I had to incorporate two different styles of decorations in one small house,so what I did was decorate the living room with cream and gold and red with white lights, more formal and my kitchen and combined dining area is decorated with the traditional red ,green and gold with coloured lights with gingerbread and nutcrackers and christmas bears and everthing christmas which sounds like what you do .I had to change the real tree for artificial there just wasn't the room to fuss with a real tree here , but no matter its just as nice and like you I fill the house with the smells of Christmas Fragrance
but I have my faithful pot pourri pot that I fill faithfully with the fragrances of the seasons. Walmart has some really nice liquid pot pourri's I have one called apples and cinnamon and it smells wonderful for this season. I'm a fragrance junkie thank goodness for walmart.For years we used to go to McDonalds and take two or three angels off the tree and give gifts for the little ones who needed them, I loved to do that it brought such a wonderful feeling to my family.The kids and I also baked shortbread and christmas cookies.When my kids were really small I would take some jingle bells and shake them outside there windows it was such a small thing but so rewarding to see the excitement on their faces in anticipation of Santa Claus. I do miss the little ones to,and it seems that I will be waiting a while for some usually takes me about three days to get it all done so I usually would have started by now ,its to much work for a couple of weeks of enjoyment, so I am really hoping that I can find some spark of something to get me going.I love Bing Crosby Vince Gill's Christmas , carpenters Christmas,Mantovani Christmas Andy Williams Dean Martin I love Christmas music .I love Christmas Movies white Christmas , Holiday Inn , Christmas in Conneticut , Meet me in St Louis , Its a wonderful life the grinch Jim Carey version ect. I am looking forward to seeing Christmas with the Kranks it looks really funny, I heard surviving Christmas got bad reveiws but I will rent it later anyway to judge for myself. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me about your holiday traditions , it does give a little spark of spirit in me Thank you. To bad your so far away , your home sounds like a warm and fun place to be. Maybe I will go down to the basement and start looking in some of those containers ,even my big kids are getting anxious for the decorating to start and I really would not want to let them down no matter what I'm feeling,so I will pull up my socks and do what I love to do and I'm sure the feelings will follow how could they not, it really is the most wonderful time of the year , no wonder they made a song out of that LOL. Thanks Again Angie

11-06-2004, 09:50 PM
Angie- The bellini sounds good. I have heard of a peach bellini in which you put peach nectar in a flute and slowly pour champagne in. Yum.

Ellen- Yes, thanks I am feeling better today. As far as Christmas, I have actually always had the tradition of having a big family Christmas Eve at my house. That way as the girls got married and had in-laws they could plan around my night. Now with my younguns scattered it is hard to carry on traditions, but wherever we spend the holiday I have Christmas Eve. I also have made stockings for every family member and they hang each year even if some can't come home. I don't decorate as much as I used to, but we still enjoy family time.

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 09:57 PM
Sorry Jane
I don't know a lot about computers but I will get my son to help me tommorrow and see if we can figure it out . have a great evening *ELLEN*

Tea Rose
11-06-2004, 10:20 PM
Hi Sue
So happy to hear your feeling better, I have always loved Christmas Eve , especially when it snows those beautiful large snowflakes, it has such a warm feeling for me even more so than Christmas Day , Its when I prepare the stuffing fixings and make the cranberry sauce and pumpkin cheesecake , the house is filled with wonderful aromas christmas music and beautiful decorations , I still have my Son and Daughter with me and they love being home at Christmas, its always been a special time for us .
That is nice that you hang the stockings even if they can't get home ,it keeps everyone close even if there far away.Everyone has stockings here to even the kitty cats and they out number us.I can almost smell the turkey and pumpkin cheesecake.Thankyou for sharing that with me Sue and I hope you are soon feeling completely well. *ELLEN*

da fat n da furious
11-07-2004, 12:51 AM
Ah Ellen, my favorite movies are Meet me in St. Louis, Christmas Lampoons...omg I still completely lose it when watching that show! And of course Santa Claus,

And I once heard Micheal Bolton sing a opera christmas song and since then I have been hunting down that cd. It gave me chills hearing it...
After writing the last post I ended up making my fragrance potion...The house smells wonderful....
When Brandon is home, I may pull out all the rubber maid containers and have him just help me go throu some things that he can do while lying on the couch. Untangle lights,,,cause no matter how good I am about putting them awau they always tangle.
I did go and do my shopping, Costco,,,picked up a cordless for my parents present at Best Buy. Its a new store have to say I didn't like it much. It was so loud in there I wanted out now...didn't help that I had a bit of headache,,,but that would of given me one even if I didn't have one.
its almost 10 and well I think Im going to head for bed...
night all

11-07-2004, 01:25 AM
hmmm, we are talking about Christmas???

I will try and get in the mood from
I laid on a chase lounge listening to the sound of the crashing ocean this morning - got a slight tan.

We went to Kona yesterday and stayed at a resort ( ) I haven't checked out the website but maybe it will give a picture of what I am talking about.
Kona is beautiful!!! The Kona Coffee Festival was going so fun.
The motel is right on the coastline- and you can sit at the pool and watch the waves crashing on the wall.....
We watched the luau from our balcony and he held my hand.
A turtle dove came by and kept us company..... He is very romantic. I asked him if he always stayed at that motel and he said no......but he said the sunsets were romantic and he wanted me to see one.
We drove the loop around the island today. Stopped at a black sand beach at the south end of the island -- saw turtles in the ocean, took pictures.

Yesterday we were packing to go and he grabs his guiter and starts playing the hand holding song,.........which had me crying and he started getting sweet.

I started crying on Thursday though about having to leave on Monday. Though I miss Gabrielle soooooooooooo much and I miss the older girls too......

He did ask me to marry him............and I said yes. I adore him . He has a huge heart and he loves me so much. He loves my kids without even meeting them ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,course once he does , he might

Anyway, we are just throwing around details on when and where- April is the soonest.
And........I probably would only bring Gaby with me.......and that is the hard part. Though the older girls could always live with me......I dont think they would come.......
I just,,,,,,,,,,,,,want some happiness. It has been really hard trying to be a mom to the older girls at a glimpse here and a glimpse there. I don't really get a say on what they do or in how they are being raised anyway.........

I guess the best I can hope for is if they would come for the 3 months at summer and during spring and winter break. I would probably even see them more that way anyway,,,,,,,,

Anyway, I am just thinking out loud.......

Happy weight loss Jane and...........welcome Gabrielle.......:)

best get!!!!!!

11-07-2004, 01:31 AM
ok- the web site

It was Royal Kona Resort- so beautiful.....

best get

da fat n da furious
11-07-2004, 01:55 AM
wow that is a beautiful place....I wanna go!

Glad to know you are enjoying yourself...
big hugs

11-07-2004, 04:09 AM
Oh I feel so bad....Here I promised to come in and post individuals, but I ran out of time, I had time to only read some today and off I was. I had went to my sisters to do some scrapbooking, which I didn't do, but helped my sister and my cousin. Jhanai did a page! It was fun.

Then we went to grandpa's to celebrate his birthday and him comiing back. I was surprised at who all showed up! Almost everybody! It was wonderful.

Anyway I should have more time tomorrow.

So sorry for not getting on here more over the weekend!

Talk to you all later!

11-07-2004, 10:14 AM
Good Sunday morning, ladies,

Susan - you first! OMG!!!!! I am so very happy for you - it's your turn, sweetie!! Will the wedding be in Hawaii or Portland? As long as the older girls know they have a choice of where to live, and can always visit on school breaks and summers, I truly think it will be all right. What has your family had to say about your news? I just know everyone will be so happy for you!! Details, hon, we want details... how did he propose? Is there a ring yet? Did you cry? Did he? Tell us all about it when you get home!

Ellen - maybe your son can figure out why you couldn't get into chat. If you haven't heard Martina McBride's Christmas CD, please do! Her rendition of "What Child is This" gives me a lump in my throat. And the whole CD is just great! Yes, I've been on the seefood diet many times in my life, lol, but thank goodness for WW!

Katy - YAY for the loss!! I really don't pay much attention to the tickers, so I'm glad you pointed it out. How was DS's soccer game? Are you glad or sad they're over? Yes, I remember As the Stomach Turns, lol. Carol was always dumping the poor baby into the umbrella stand, lol!!

Angie - oic about the bellini! Sounds like it would knock me on my butt, lol. The woman at your work was waaaaayyy out of line! Where the heck is the boss while all this is going on? Maybe she'll hush now that you've told her what's what. Btw, I LOVE your Christmas stories!! Gave me goosebumps!! Did you save any of Brandon's hair? Hope Tanner got a watch he likes.

Sue - Christmas Eve is our biggest day, too. I know the time will come that they won't all be her on Christmas Day, but I am prepared mentally for that. As long as Christmas Eve is still mine, it's ok, lol!!

Marti - don't feel bad, sweetie, I'm just glad you got to spend time with your family. We all know you love us.... I bet your grandpa was surprised! Enjoy your weekend!

Well, it's supposed to be a little warmer today, so we're planning another wiener roast this evening. For some reason, the twins think there will be fireworks, too, lol. Now why didn't I save some of those 4th of July sparklers??

Had a bad night, sleep-wise, and didn't go to church. I see a nap in my immediate future, lol.


Tea Rose
11-07-2004, 11:17 AM
Hi Susan
Sounds like you are having the time of your life , I am so happy for you ,everyone deserves happiness in there lives and I might even want some of that ,but I'm not so courages as you,but I admire that you are. It sounds absolutely beautiful there, but I must admit you did put a damper on the Christmas theme LOL. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip home and don't feel to sad when you leave you have him in your heart and its only a matter of time till you are together again *ELLEN*

11-07-2004, 12:25 PM
Good morning - I have time for a little post b4 I get ready for church. James is singing in two services today - should bring a tear to his proud mama's eye

Ellen - if you have a pop up blocker, you may have to turn it off before you can chat. I have to do that ...just a tip

Susan - a second OMG! Can hardly wait for details... hopefully we can finally get together for that margarita when you get back - I've been so slammed this fall, but when my classes are done in the next month I should have some more free time

Jane - The soccer game was great... James got a trophy of which he is very proud. He was very happy with soccer... his first season playing on a team. But we are all ready to move on to other things for awhile. The length of the season was perfect, about the time we were getting sick of all the practices and games - it was done

Marti - glad you are having a good weekend with your family that's the important thing - we'll all catch up later

Hi Angie - I read about your name in the other thread - I thinkit is a beautiful name and I had never heard of it before

OK gals - I'm off to hop in the shower......


Tea Rose
11-07-2004, 12:53 PM
Good Morning Everyone
It looks like another beautiful day here the sun is shining through the trees , from my sons room , which is where the computer lives, all I can see is the tops of the huge trees and the colourful foliage with the sun shining through its so pretty.It feels cooler today though, I know there won't be a lot of these left and they will turn to white ones ,but I will take those to.
Morning Angie :wave:
How could I have left out lampoons Christmas Vacation I can't tell you how many times I have seen that movie and it always breaks me up,It also reminds me to watch the kitties and the turkey a little closer.LOL So you got busy last night making the house smell good ,I cheat a little with my liquid fragrance , but I have been known to concoct my own from time to time ,desperate times call for desperate measures. I know exactly what you mean about the light story , It dosen't seem to matter how nicely or neatly you store them away they always manage to get themselves in a knot , hmmm makes you wonder what goes on in them there boxes. I'm afraid though the untangling is for my daughter and I, since my sweet son claims no patience for the light fiasco,but it does work in his favor. I know what you mean about costco we have one ,I have only been a few times years ago ,they are noisy busy and crowded and a sure recipe for a headache, all the things I do my best to avoid,.Well I hope you have a wonderful Angie maybe we will talk later
Morning Jane :wave:Sorry that didn't work out last night , my son promised to help me figure it out when he gets home from work, since I am computer illiterate. I love Martina McBride she has such a powerful voice,Garth Brooks, Reba ,Faith Hill, Celine Dion ,all do nice Christmas music proud ,Have you started to decorate yet do tell .Have a nice day Jane
HI Katy :wave:
I remember As the stomach turns Oh how I loved that show , I wish there were shows like Carol Brunette now I was just thinking of how I miss the old shows ,when I was young ( younger)LOL I remember every Christmas all the holiday shows I know I'm dating myself but Dean Martin ,Andy Williams, Bing Crosby,Bob Hope, their Christmas variety shows were wonderful and I must say I miss all of them. There dosen't seem to be anyone to follow these wonderful traditions. My Kids love all the oldies ,even though,its definitely a different world today.If you remember anything I have forgotten let me know although I know your younger than I. Have a nice day Katy
Hi Marti :wave:
I am so happy that your Grandpa's birthday celebration went so well , I know it must have meant so much to him to have so many people that love him there. So sorry to hear that your Grandma is not with him or you,how long has it been since she passed away. I t must be so hard on your Grandpa Give him lots of Hugs and Kisses ,I bet he adores Jhanai. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful weekend.
Morning Sue :wave:
How are you today,I hope that you are feeling better and better each day . What do you do on Christmas Eve do you have turkey dinner and open presents or do you do something different , inquiring mind (mine) would like to know. Have a nice day Sue
Hi To Everyone else :wave: :wave: I hope that you are all well and enjoying your weekend I suppose your all out Christmas shopping I would love to hear what the rest of you girls do for Christmas Eve ,Christmas ,decorating, music, and movies got a minute and would like to share , I would love to hear. Have a great day girls.

Tea Rose
11-07-2004, 12:57 PM
Hi Katy Thanks
I think You have hit on something there I do have a pop up blocker thanks for the tip. Angie I want to know about your name to, nosy aren't I. *ELLEN*

Tea Rose
11-07-2004, 02:34 PM
Hi Everyone
I should have never started thinking about Christmas movies
Miracle on 34th street
The Bishops wife
The Preachers wife Whitney Housten version
Christmas in Conneticut
Home for the Holidays
Bells of St. Marys
Home Alone 1 and 2
A christmas story
I Love Lucy Christmas Special
Flintstones Christmas
So Many movies did I forget any or am I driving you crazy by now.

11-07-2004, 03:37 PM
Hello hello!!

Susan-- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I'm w/Jane here, tell us how it all came about, we'd like details,,,,,,but only if you'd like to share. I am so happy for you! I checked out the website and the place looks beautiful! You must be in heaven right now! Will he be coming home w/you to spend more time together?

Angie--You have me wanting to fragrant my house now!! I'm ready to get out all my Christmas decor and start putting it up. I may do that soon....can't help it, I love the feeling of Christmas. The story of your friend was astonishing....I can't believe she thought they were gone all this time! I hope it turns out to be a wonderful reunion and that they can start getting to know each other.

Jane--My computer froze on us the other day and just would not work. I asked James what happened and he didn't know. We had nothing on the desktop! So we had to shut it down and he went through it and all. I believe when he burned a DVD it did something. I wish I could bring my family over today for your weiner roast! Sounds like so much fun! Must mention this to my family and see if we can come up w/something like that!

Ellen--I love Christmas movies! James made sure he bought me my favorites and Lampoons Christmas Vacation is one of them. I also love White Christmas....I sit and watch that all by myself and love it the whole time! And of coarse the Christmas story is another favorite, but that is on all day Christmas every year so I haven't bought it. Glad to see you back and posting!

Gabrielle--Welcome!! Sorry I haven't had the chance to welcome you earlier! We really enjoy having new people come and getting to know them! I hope you enjoy our forum!

Katy--Our weather is PERFECT! I'm loving this crisp chill in the air while the sun is shining! Jhanai and I may go for a walk later on. Not sure yet, we are wanting to make our Christmas cards. Tell us how James' singing went!

Morning to all the rest. I know that I have missed some, but there is just so much that has gone on since I last posted that it's hard to keep up. So please accept my apologies if I didn't post individually to you.

Funny thing yesterday, both my sister and my cousin are pregnant, my sis in Jan. and my cousin in April. Well my sister is looking all kinds of cute being pregnant and well my cousin....I had to ask..."Are you SURE you're pregnant?" :lol: She is so thin (but not anorexic thin)that she doesn't show until a couple weeks before she has her baby. She also has a long torso so she hides it well. Must be rough! :D

We had a great gathering last night. I talked to one of my cousins who works at the same company as my half sister. I asked about her to see if she still works there. (I haven't seen her in a year!) She still works there and is living in Eugene, but that's all she knows. She (my sister) keeps to herself. So I told my cousin to let her know that we are all thinking of her and to say hi.

I'm not sure why she went to do her own thing and drop all contact w/us. I figure she must have something in her life that is something that she wants to deal with on her own. She was at some point living w/friends, got rid of her cell phone and hunting for a second getting in touch w/her was hard and I didn't want to push since I've only known her for few years, I didn't want to be the overbearing older sister.

Anyway.....not too much going on today. Keeping around the house to do some card making and enjoy each others company. Clean up a little in between.

You all have a great Sunday.

11-07-2004, 04:12 PM
Hi All
Sorry I havent been around the last few days, its been hectic. They've given me more responsiblity at work, so Ive been putting in a lot more hours lately..Havent figured out if thats a good thing or a bad one!!! I stepped on the scale this morning and Im still in the 192 range, so at least Ihave nt let myself go that bad yet....But Im hoping to turn that around and work on getting serious about taking off another 10 pounds...
On the flip side, the friend of ours had her baby friday morning, Tyson Jeremy, 9.9lbs....So needless to say I had her 2 other kids over night and basically most of the weekend and they gave me a hard time because I think they're having trouble with the thought of a new baby!! The baby came home today, we just got back from dropping the kids home,and I must say the mood here is very depressing...Seeing their 3rd baby really took it's toll on DBF and I, given our situation right now as far as childbearing goes!! Still no word on the lab tests yet, they said maybe tuesday!!! It's just so hard, I feel bad cause I want to be happy for them , but going there and being around the baby is very tough on us!!

SUSAN : Congrats on the engagement...It was a long time coming!!

Gabrielle: Welcome to the group!!

Hi to Jane, Jen, Marti, Angie, Ellen, Sue, Cristina, Kathy, RosieKate, Shanna

Enjoy whats left of the weekend

11-07-2004, 09:30 PM
We went to a big family get together today and had a good time. Now I am all packed and ready to leave in the morning. Our flight is at 7:30 a.m. so we have to leave home at the crack of dawn. I will try to say "hi" from sunny Las Vegas as soon as I can.

da fat n da furious
11-08-2004, 12:46 AM
OMG Ellen, I totally forgot about ELF,,,Will Ferril,,,hes so cute! I loved that movie,,,laughed so much. Ive already asked for that for christmas....
I loved Carol Burnett show...Tim Conway was my favorite. I had to do an actresses makeup to look like Norma Desmond,,,that freakish looking woman with eyebrows way up in her hairline...that was a blast.

Marti, strange that your younger half sister would just drop all contact. One day she will come around.

Sue, have a safe trip....send warm vibes my way from sunny LV.

Katy, I used to get so choked up listening to Tanner's choir,,,I wish he would of stayed in it but he had the acting bug in him. I think once i am not so busy I will join a choir,,,,

Rehearsal went well today...I even ate clean all ASM and I made a pact about eating. I brought cut veggies and she brought hummus. I am like a huge hummus thing right now..trying out all the flavours...we had lemon hummus today.

Tanner's agent emailed me asking if I knew any shaggy haired I laughed, emailed her back and told her I was doing Fiddler,,,all my men were shaggy. Sent out and email to them and the 3 that responded that they could work, are working tomorrow on a film. In to the West, produced by Steven Spielburg. One of the guys told me I should become a casting agent I joked that I would call it The Tickletrunk Inc. If anyone here has watched Mr. Dressup you would understand.
Well Im going to get and relax a bit, Lord of the Rings is on tv tonight. and Im in the beginnings of a book by Jayne Castle aka Jayne Anne Krentz.
night all

11-08-2004, 08:27 AM
It's another manic Monday (whoooooa, whooooooa...) :coffee:

Katy - awww, I wish I could hear your James sing, too. Bet you got all choked up! Glad you had a good weekend.

Ellen - we decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. This will be our 5th Christmas in this house, and I just last year got the decorations the way I liked them. So I took pictures, lol. Yes, I'm anal! Btw, was your son able to help you get into the chat room?

Marti - hmmm, maybe when your cousin mentions you to your sister, she will initiate some sort of contact. Oh, I hope so! Glad you had such a good weekend.

Julie - they must think a lot of you at your job. Glad your friend and baby are both ok. Maybe you'll get good news tomorrow. Let us know, ok?

Sue - well, right about now you're Vegas-bound!! Be safe! When I'm out in the blustery Indiana wind today, I'll think of you, lol.

Angie - wow, Ang, you could make a fortune being an agent in Hollywood! Have you seen the agent on the show "Joey"? She's a hoot!!

A cheery Good Morning to anybody else reading this, too.

Does anyone watch Boston Legal? It is a spin-off of The Practice, and is very good, imho.

Gotta get cleaned up and go mail some eBay stuff and make a stop at Wally World.


11-08-2004, 12:28 PM
Happy Monday Morning All~

Don't really have much to say and not going to even try and catch up so I will just say Hi to everyone.

Susan~CONGRATULATION'S girly! I am so very happy for you. :) Have you told anyone else the good news? DD's, his son etc.

You guys are scaring me with all this talk about Christmas. Just starting to get a little shopping done and while I am excited about decorating for me it is too early. We too decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, inside and out. I must say Saturday evening when DH and I were coming home we saw a house with Christmas lights on. :yikes: I like to acknowledge Thanksgiving and think it deserves more time than most give instead of heading from Halloween right into christmas, but hey, to each his own right? About Christmas movies, have to throw in my favs, of course Christmas Vacation is the top of my list and #2 is A Christmas Story & Charlie Brown. Also like Home Alone 1 & 2 and since seeing Surviving Christmas it too will be added to my collection. For me Christmas is not Christmas without A Christmas Story. And the music, Michael Boltons This is The Time-the Christmas Album is a good one, but then I love anything Michael Bolton. Along with Home Alone 1 the CD-good music, Mariah Carey-Merry Christmas, Neil Diamond-the Christmas Album, and Elvis Presley-If Every Day Was Like Christmas, that one is really good. And of course Martina McBride among others. But those are my favs.

So much for not having much to say :lol: Have a good day!

Forgot to add: CONGRAT'S to those who had a loss this past week. :bravo: And someone had asked if I went to see Surviving Christmas, think it was Jane :dunno: Anyway, yes we did and we really liked it. I must say I am surprised at the ratings and comments about it not being so good. We liked it and it was funny. Of course I think they should have released it closer to Christmas. Once it comes out on DVD I will buy it. I love watching Christmas movies during Christmas time.

Tea Rose
11-08-2004, 04:13 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone :wave:
How are all you lovely ladies doing on this bleak cold day .I wish I could say my late start here was because of my energetic day, but not so ,I will not fib. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with it to ,so it did put a damper on the big cleaning job I thought would be well under way , but it will get under way,as sure as Christmas is coming.
Hi Cristi :wave:
Sorry if all this talk about Christmas has offended you ,it was not meant in any way to minimize the importance of Your Thanksgiving Day, which deserves ,to be acknowledged for the meaningful day that it is. Since I am Canadian, we have already celebrated ours , so moving on to Christmas is a natural progression but I certainly respect your feelings. I Love every holiday and every season, but this is definitely my favorite. Have a nice day
Hi Sue :wave:
Wow you girls are flying all over the place , a big family reunion sounds like so much fun ,especially if you like your family LOL just kidding of course.I don't know about the flying though, that is definitly a fear I have with no basis other than fear.I hope you have a wonderful time,there.
Hi Jane :wave:
I put Sue between you and Cristi because I'm afraid now to mention Christmas ,do you think she'll notice LOL Pictures huh,I thought I was the Queen of anal welcome to my kingdom LOL I do the same thing ,pictures help , next year you will have it down to a science,unless you add to this years display,then more pictures till next year and so on and so on.But its so much fun isn't it. My son was downloading something to fix my chat problem when our kitty baby baggins decided he needed attention and stepped on the keyboard and erased everything ,so as soon as he gets back from his appointment he will try again , so hopefully all will be fixed and I can talk even more than I aready do LOL ,no wonder nothing is getting done.I will be sure and let you know. Have a wonderful day
Hi Angie :wave:
Yes, Will is so cute he makes me laugh so much,and Tim Conway has brought me to tears on many occassions. I realized when my mind got going there was so many Christmas movies that slipped my mind, there is no shortage of them thats for sure.
I hope you are having a nice day and that your pot is full and filling your hourse with wonderful fragrances. When do you start your holiday baking, what else do you bake with your stained glass cookies. I think I gained a pound just thinking about all this baking.LOL Have a great day Angie.
Hi Marti :wave:
Sounds like you had a nice weekend , I 'm happy you got to spend a little extra time with your family, its really hard to do that when you work, I hope that something positive happens between you and your sister ,astrangements of any kind are unpleasant. What do you and Jhanai do to make your Christmas cards do you take pictures . Have a nice day Marti
Hi Julie:wave:
I 'm happy that part of the stressful situation with your friend is over, I hope that everything works out for your family, I know what you mean about not knowing whether more responsibilty , which adds up to more hours is a good or bad thing, although it means that they have faith in you and that has to be a good feeling.
Have a great day Julie
Wow!!!! didn't realize what time it is I had better get moving and do something, I will be back later so to all the ladies I missed Have a wonderful day .*ELLEN*

11-08-2004, 04:44 PM
Hello everyone--

Ellen--My DD & I are just making them by hand. I have her do the easy little parts like the stamping and chalking while I do the rest. It's more time consuming than we anticipated but it's fun. Didn't actually get to it the weekend....we ended up something else. I really ought to go and get pictures taken. I've talked about doing that for years now....should just go out and DO IT! (someday....)

Cristi--My reasonings for wanting to decorate a little early is for Jhanai. That way she is involved with it more and gets to see it more. We had decided that Thanksgiving weekend is when we're going to do it sounds like that's about the time everyone does it. You now have me wanting to go see Surviving Christmas.....I need to go see a movie!

Jane--I was hoping for some kind of thing w/talking to my cousin. It was in the back of my mind that maybe my sis will call or at least e-mail me. But I'm not going to push. I haven't seen Boston Legal....but I never watched The practice either. I've been watching the makeover know the ones...the reality shows. Crazy I am! I heard that Amazing Race 6 is coming soon! Love watching that.

Angie--Your life amazes me....I start to think of how I must not being doing enough or getting myself involved with much. I think you'd be a fantastic Agent! I'll send Jhanai your way when she gets older and she wants to get into acting more!

Julie--I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get some good news soon from the Drs. Even though it's hard for you and DBF, at least the stress of taking the kids while you're waiting has been cut down. Stress is hard on the body...time to go relax and enjoy each others company.

Hello to everyone else!!

Not wanting to go to work, but hey....thats a usual feeling isn't it? :D Weekends just don't seem long enough.

Last night taking Jhanai home was terrible...the fog was SO thick!! I kept praying to just let me get Jhanai home...if there has to be any kind of accident on the freeway I want her safe at home. It's been extremely foggy around here and it starts getting that way around 5:30. So driving to work can be stressful,....driving home is more so....I can't even tell where on the freeway I am until I get to a sign!

Well I hope you all have a great Monday, I need to get my hair dried and put on my face. :lol: I will chat w/ya all tomorrow.

11-08-2004, 05:04 PM
Ellen~that's one thing about boards, threads, email etc. you can't really tell a persons tone when they are posting and I was kidding about being scared, I was being silly. You didn't offend me at all by talking about Christmas and I LOVE to hear about everyone's traditions, likes, memories, decorations etc. So much so earlier when I was on I started a new thread to talk about it over there! :D So, talk away about Christmas all you want. :) And heading from Halloween to Christmas I was really meaning the stores, well and some people who really get a jump on it. Like the house we saw Saturday-I think that is reaaaaaalllly early. But they can put it up as early as they want-I love to look at all the lights. I normally get my Christmas cards in October, that is if I don't have any on hand. I get some after Christmas when they have the sales. This year though I had cards and bought some a few weeks ago and just started doing them this past weekend. Oh and before I forget we ladies share cards so if you want a card from us you can PM us your address if you like, don't want to leave you out.

Marti~that is cool you and Jhanai making your cards. I would love to do that but it is very time consuming and gets a little costly to begin. Yeah we have always decorated on Thanksgiving weekend. Of course years ago in my first marriage we would decorate but no lights went on till Dec. 1 when we would get the tree, always a noble fir. I loved how the ornaments hang from the branches on those trees. Be careful in that fog girly. Fog scares me because people don't slow down around here, just like with the rain and snow.

Anyway, was just checking back to see how everyone's day is going. Had to go to the book club online and decline the selection of the month. So much easier than wasting a stamp and mailing it in. And this way you can wait till the last minute in case you decide you want it. Of course you could always order it any time. Take care ladies. TaTa for now. :wave:

Tea Rose
11-08-2004, 06:51 PM
Hi Cristi
Guess what!!! its snowing here , is anyone else getting any , I was so surprised since the forcast wasn't calling for any till next Monday. Cristi , geez a loo as Frank Barone would say, I was glad to hear that , the last thing I wanted to do was offend anyone , I thought maybe all that jabbering I have been doing was getting annoying,LOL and thinking it was time for a vacation ,but I have no where to go. LOL I was actually thinking about sharing cards last night ,so yes I would be happy to give my address.I will cry if you leave me out LOL. Have a good night *ELLEN*

Tea Rose
11-08-2004, 07:00 PM
Hi Jane
Just a quick note to say that I will have to wait another day for my son to fix my chat problem, not that I have any problem chatting ,only limited by where I can do it. LOL He came home from one job and got called in for another, to fill in for someone sick, so he barely had time to eat and run so he promised tomorrow, so just wanted to let you know, talk to you later *ELLEN*

11-08-2004, 07:28 PM
Well I haven't posted over the weekend but that is alright. I don't have much time now.. waiting for dd to wake up so we can go in the garage and exercise. I have scanned over some of the posts but not many. Me and my husband are planning on getting stationed as close as possible but that may be difficult. It all depends on that as to whether I go into it or not. John has already been overseas. The week after we found out we were going to have a little one, he left and then got to come home for a month when she was born before having to leave again to go overseas. It was alot easier then we thought it would be. I am ready for the next time in a way but am not looking forward to how Jasmine will react tonot having her dad around. Well she is up so I will go. Sorry it is short.

11-08-2004, 07:46 PM
Hey Guys!!!

Had another busy day today, same old garbage just a different day of the week!!! Thanks for all the support on the "BABY" issue, we hope to hear something tomorrow or wednesday, so I'll definitely keep you all informed!!!
The weather is starting to get quite chilly here in Southern new England, in the 40's today!!! Christmas will be here before we know it, I plan to start my shopping in a few weeks, I like to get most of it done early!!! I do a couple people each week!! I already have most of my toys bought, the Hasbro outlet had a special sale for the employees where I work, because we are part of Hasbro Childrens Hospital!! So I bought about 15 toys for $40, I almost kicked myself that I didnt go last year..the toys were all new hip things that the kids will be into and they were soooo cheap. Tried to get back in the diet swing today, havent done bad yet!! Although the night is young, I find if I go to bed early that its stops me from binge eating, which is one of my biggest problems, I just eat for the heck of it, Im not even hungry. I try to subside it with fat free hot cocoa with a bit of whipped cream, but that doesnt always work...
Anyways, I have to go get my stuff packed for another, long fun day tomorrow....see you girls later


da fat n da furious
11-09-2004, 12:05 AM
Hey ladies go over to chit chat #88

Tea Rose
11-09-2004, 01:18 AM
Hi Ladies
Where is everyone tonight , its lonely here all by myself,I went over to the book club and spent a little time there , I listed all the books I've read came back and still there is no one here . I hope that your not stuck in a snow bank somewhere . We had a nice frosting of snow a few hours ago and now its all gone ,it was short lived. I think I have a plan , my daughter and I have decided to make an exercize room in the basement. Its not finished but I think it will be ok for now till it is. We have various types of equipment which has been for the most part put away since we moved here, we were talking about going back to the gym, but because of my daughters hours it would be difficult to get there. I suggested we dig out our stuff and set it up for the time being ,and see how it works out. We have a manual treadmill , a gazelle , pilates machine nitro flex weight machine and some free weights , and for stretching an inversion table, theres a tv my son dosn't use so we could hook that up for entertainment .I think that should give us a good workout ,if we can stay motivated.The problem with us is we laugh to much ,last year we went to a pilates class,with a lady from her work who had previously taken the class , the whole time we couldn't make eye contact because we would start to laugh uncontrollably ,it was fun but not to productive.I am going to make a serious challenge for myself to gain control again, I've had enough of feeling like this, and I'm the only one who can change it ,I don't want to wait to make another new years resolution that never materializes, besides that would waste another 7 weeks.Starting tomorrow a new eating and exercise plan. This should be a busy week for me I have to start cleaning the house,top to bottom inside out,so I can bring up the decorations make a mess and then start all over again ,Its a strange ritual but its how I do it .Maybe I should go to bed ,since I have so much to do ,I don't know if I should read tonight or not,I'd like to read a few chapters but I haven't decided yet and it will depend how tired I am by the time I get in bed. I figure by the beginning of next week I should have things under control with the cleaning the decorating and the diet and exercise programs.I hope this turns out not to be just wishful thinking .Hey Angie I was looking for you and I just saw you were in book club,
after I left ,you hiding from me LOL.I see you like to read a lot to. I looked up some of the books you were reading on the chapters indigo website and they sounded good,I've heard Nora Roberts is a good author she has a book that I would like to read called Northern Lights.One of he lastest books I read was called Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel I really loved that book,if you like heart tugging books you should read it. Well girls I guess I have rambled on once again ,and no one seems to be around so I guess I will go make some tea,read a little and get ready for a productive day tomorrow,so wherever you girls were hiding tonight I hope you had a great time . I will talk to you tomorrow,so bye for now *ELLEN*