Support Groups - Desperate Housewives (Formerly SAHM's) #285 ~WEDNESDAY~

11-03-2004, 08:45 AM
Welcome all to a thread full of wonderful women taking on the responsibilty of raising a family and trying to take care of themselves too. We look forward to a new day with members, new and old! Please feel free to jump right in and say hello Here is a little bit about who we are ...

MichelleRae: Michelle sahm to Taylor 8-25-01 & Teagan 10-13-03 Married 2 years to Zhaun. Plan I'm following is a combined WW and South Beach Diet

Spryng: 24 y.o. married 6 years. Kids- Ava 4, Bubba (aka Joseph) 3 & Tanner 1. Currently on ww, hit goal in April.

Mompen: Penny 23 y.o. Happily Married & SAHM Momma to three active boys, Hunter 5, Nicholas 4 & Andrew 16 mo. Weight Watchers and a bit of South Beach is my way of life.

Loveliam: Leigh SAHM to Liam 10.21.03 & happily married for 2 years. Doing the Weight Watchers thing

Sydsmom: Kristin SAHM to Sydney 09-27-01, married almost 2 years to wonderful dh Began Weight watchers mid-July

Cheri: married to Donald for 8.5 years, SAHM/homeschooling momma to Nathan, 5 (9-11-98), Daniel, 3 (8-29-00) & Elijah, 1 (10-16-02) & doing the low carb thing kinda, lol

Cindi: Mom to 6 boys & 1 mean girl. Plan.. No diet for me! Portion control, exercise & lots of water (most days)

Chubba: Geri..Mom to two boys, Will (3) & Tony (1)..married for 4 years to a great guy..following Dr Phil most days!

Crystal: 27 yo sahm of 3 almost 4. Alisa 6, Ally 3, & Andrew 22 months. Due Feb 1st. Married 9 years, live in Texas & homeschool. My plan, when on it, counting calories & exercise.

Ricci sahm to two boys 4 and 5, married 7 years, doing ww

Jaymi: 2 kids, 20 mo Girl & 6 yo boy. Been married to DH for 2 years. WW Core Plan is my way of life.

Jill: SAHM of 1 daughter, Bayley, born 9/19/03. Currently trying to lose some of the baby weight I gained with her & need some extra support to help me do so.

Melissa: SAHM of 1 girl (4) and 1 boy (2). Currently watching what I eat and exercising 4-5days a week.

Deana: SAHM of 3 boys and 1 girl. Counting calories exercising, and drinking lots of water

Chris: SAHM of Tiana, Kayla and Nicole: ages 11, 5, and 2. Married for 5 years. I live in Billings, Montana. I'm a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and trying using WW Flexpoints to lose weight .

11-03-2004, 08:56 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Good morning ladies. Hope everyone slept well. I think I did for the most part.

Michelle, I absolutely loved that website you made. I went to the MSN site and added my bio and all my important dates. That was very neat. Maybe that's where we should guide people to learn all about us in one easy place. The MSN site they have to register and this and that, on that site they can just go from link to link easily and freely. Anyways, just a thought. Little Allison is doing great, moves ALL the time. Starting to get bigger and move up so it's harder for me to move around and breathe. Just so you'll remember that bad things too, lol.

Spryng, how is Bubba doing? Let us know.

Jill, I knew this would be one of those elections where no telling when we'll actually know who wins. I'd love to go ahead and say Bush but it's too close to call for me.

Deana, wtg on starting at curves. That is so good for you and I hope you enjoy every minute you get to do it.

Roxy, sorry you got some sick ones around there, but like my sis, having so many it's almost hard not to, huh?

Hi Steph, Chris, Amy, Angel, Jaymi, Geri, Cindi, Penny, Mel and all you other sahm's.

Well, it got really cold last night and this old house we're in lets in all kinds of drafts and we don't have centeral heat so we turned on our pellet stove in the livingroom and the heat travels throughout. Well we didn't get our screen out to put in front of it and low and behold Andrew touched the glass. Burned the tips of his fingers and a touch of his palm. Mostly just was red except one finger, blistered up automatically. Poor thing, we kept telling him, but as a kid had to find out the hard way. He cried for almost 2 hours, wouldn't let us do anything to it or look at it. Finally he just fell asleep from crying. But this morning seems better, he's using his hand and such so I guess he'll be okay. We are getting the screen out though, never know if they may fall into it or something. We'll probably be turning it back off today though.
Staying home and schooling. Dh will get to do some little things today on the house and the rest of the week is going to be sunny and beautiful so we're gonna schedule a Saturday pour, YEAH!!!
Well, I guess that's it for me now. I'm sure the other kids will be waking up soon and be hungry. I'll be around later.

11-03-2004, 09:24 AM
Crystal, sorry to hear about Andrew's poor fingers. Hope he's feeling a bit better.

Michelle, thanks so much for the web site, it looks great! What a nice job you did!

Deana, so glad that you got good use out of the curves coupon. I'm so happy for you! glad you enjoyed it.

ok, have a cold this morning and I have training this a.m. and I dont' know how I am gonna do it feeling this way! I'll do my best though.

11-03-2004, 10:21 AM

Hope everyone is having a great morning!

Michelle: AWESOME!!! to sum it up. You are soooooooo wonderful to do that for us all.

Mel: So sorry you have a cold this morning :( . Hope you get to feeling better very soon. Thank you again. I will be going again in about an hour and going to try to go every day at the same time.

Crystal: Kids will be kids! :dizzy: Hope Andrew's fingers get better soon. They are so resilient and bounce back so fast it's incredible. Glad the weather is good so you can get more done on the house.

Busy day agann here. Curves this morning, walking to the library with preschool this afternoon, scouts after school, dh has to go to work and need to work on laundry. Dh took the dog out hunting for rabbits this morning so as soon as he gets back I'll be ready to go work out and a trip to Walmart for a few things. I swear they should just build me a house behind the store so I would be even closer :dizzy: ! Or just let me move into the's so clean compared to my house :o .


11-03-2004, 10:22 AM
Good morning all!

Well Bubba is much better. He is still sleeping right now but my SIL brought over antibiotics yesterday (since I don't have insurance until monday) and I gave him some around noon. During naptime sometime his fever broke and hasn't come back since! I think we finally kicked it. Then my MIL was so afraid I would get what he had so she called her doctor and got another prescription for antibiotics and brought them to me last night. Well I am feeling better today than I was yesterday so I'm going to hold off on them for now. First because they interfere with my birth control pills and second because a side effect is yeast infections, and I don't want any of that, lol. So I will wait until I know for sure I need them before I start taking them. So I just doped myself up with zicam and vit c yesterday and I feel much better today.
So today, I'm really going to try and finish up this house while I have some energy. The rest of the house just needs touch ups but my room still needs some attention. So I'm hoping to spend a good hour in here sometime today.
Dinner tonight-- not sure, grilled asian chicken or a chicken and polenta recipe I have.

Mel, I hope your training goes well today despite your cold! Just be sure to take some tissue with you!

Crystal, I think you are right, I think Bush will win. I hope we find out today. So sorry about andrew's fingers! But yes, they always want to learn the hard way.

Michelle, that site looks great! But where will be chat? lol.

Jill, so how bad was the nurtional facts on what your dh eats? My dh now only eats once a day... he drives for 12 hours solid and then when he's done he eats. Can't be good for him. I keep trying to get him to keep snacks and such in his truck with him because his body needs fuel.

Steph, congrats on the great workout you got yesterday! What kind of nutritionalist are you going to see next week?

Penny, disneyworld?? I'm so jealous! Tell me your secret for getting decent prices on those trips you took, or have you been saving for a long time for them? I would love to take the kids to disneyworld or even sea world in texas for that matter.

Cindi, I know exactly how you feel about going back to work. I feel it to at times. I don't have resentment towards my dh because I know he is doing all he can. And he makes excellent money, pays all the bills and then some, but the medical insurance is crap and so expensive, so that is the reason I'm going to work, mainly for the medical insurance. But yes, at times I think, what am I getting myself into? Will my kids be ok without me? Will they start behaving badly? Will the job be so stressful that I come home in a bad mood everyday and my kids suffer from it? These are things you can't answer until you are working, and believe me, if it is too much then I'll quit without hesitation... but I think it will be just fine. Just think about all those other women out there working their jobs and their kids in day care or with family... they do just fine. Who will be watching your kids? The only thing that really concerns me is my dh... he keeps making statements that once I am a working woman I will find someone else and stuff like that. I hate it. If I wanted to go back to work to find men well I could save my time and hit the local bar, lol. So he's being very insecure about it all. But I think you will be just fine and your job sounds like fun and will be rewarding. But I am here for you if you need to talk! Did your card ever come in? When do you have to move?

Deana, tell me more about curves? What machines did you use? WHat were the other women like?

Roxy, so sorry some of your kids are sick. But I guess you are used to it. How does it work there when someone has the flu? Do you all get it?

Geri, congrats on the expedition!! What color is it? What year?

Chris, that is sooo nice of you to buy bunkbeds for your sis and to clean her house! I say, if you are "required" to cook, then you dh should clean up, lol. That way it isn't so hard on you. What did you end up having yesterday?

Well, I think I finally got caught up from yesterday! Ok, gonna get off here and get caught up on this house. TTYL!

11-03-2004, 11:15 AM
Moring Girls! Happy Wednsday!
Went to ww today. Didn't lose anything but talked tomy leader about switching to that core plan. Not sure if I can do it...I really ejoy my carbs alot but she told me I could still do flex and track pts while trying to eat the core foods. That way if I eat other things that aren't on core I'm still on plan. So I think that's what I'm going to do.

Crystal, I totally understand where you and DH are coming from. The only reason I belong to a gym is because it's the cities new recreation center. It's for the entire family and it was reasonably priced. $295 for a family membership for a yr. They have all sorts of activities for the kids they have indoor and out door swimming pools and 2 sets of exercise equiptment, bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers and various aerobics classes and spinning classes and such for the adults. They also have babysitting for $1 an hr. and you can rent rooms there for functions, mtgs etc....I do pay an extra $22 for the spinning class for 8 sessions. If they didn't have this I would not be "allowed" to join a club either. We have a ton of equiptment right here in our home and I have quite the video library. I started going to the rec just to get out of the house and have some association w/other adults. I love it and I do go when the kids are at school mostly. Oh yeah, they have a rock climbing wall for the kids too!

Cindi, I totally sypmapthize w/your job issues. I went back to work last march at an assisted living home being a waitress at my Dh's request and it was quite a battle for a while. He had recently moved his business home which made me more upset that he was here and I had to leave. Things actually didn't get better till I got this job at the school, less hours and I'm w/the kids.

Jill, have you gone to That is my favorite site and it's free. You should try it if you haven't. It's totally addicting.

Ok, off to work. I'll check back in later!

11-03-2004, 11:25 AM
Good Morning! A fly by for me !:) Penny you and I are flying by alot lately - you must be polishing my rocks for the friendship swap :lol: Anyway - lots to do today, errands, lunch with my dad :) and of course I have to continue working on this house to keep it clean! :) Okay so I am going to get into the shower and check on the kiddo. I need to look at my to day list to see what all is going on this week...for some reason, I am blanking out!

Michelle - Thank you for the site, it is wonderful! :) Its fun to have that! SO we will just update the msn site and you can update our new web site! Too cool! :)

Jill - thanks for the chat last night/evening/afternoon...both times and the fly too! hehe.......

Crystal - hope andrew is feeling better....I bet you will be so glad to get into the new house where those things won't be a problem! :) Have a great rest of the is too cold here now, and will stay that way, so have fun in the warm weather! Where are the pics of the land and house progress????? I know we are all excited to see! :)

Spryng - you have the perfect attitude about going back to work ;) Way to go, you will be just fine! :) Have fun working on the house. I might fly again in a little while before lunch so if you would like to! :)

Cindi - Spryng and you will have good support for each other, and you will get to do something for yourself! :) I'm saying some prayers for you and everyone else that is going through a big life change :)

Deana - Have fun running around, but I think that I wouldn't want to live closer to walmart, I would spend way to much time there! LOL!

Hi to Roxy, Penny, Chris, RIcci, Jeniqua, Sherry, Geri, Steph, Mel...and any other desprate housewife that I missed....I really gotta get my butt moving..... :)

Have a great day! :) Love to you all! :grouphug:

11-03-2004, 11:27 AM
Hey girls!!

I got an okay night of sleep thank goodness but the girls are a bit rowdy this morning already which I could do without. I'm getting ready to have some breakfast of canteloup and a pear and then I'm going downstairs with the girls to use the bowflex.

Spryng I just put up a chat on the new site :) Just for you :) Of course its nothing fancy but it works!

Penny I hope you have a great day!! Are you going to the gym?

Mel have fun at the gym!!

:wave: Hi Sherry!

Crystal I'm so sorry your little one burned his hand :( thats why we are nervous to have a fire in our fireplace here but like you said they do have to learn we just always hope that they don't have to hurt during the process.

Okay my girls want some breakfast so I better go!! Oh is anyone going to take the kids to The Incredibles? It looks hilarious!

Okay TTYL!!

Love to all

11-03-2004, 11:37 AM
Good morning ladies!

This morning I have #1DD home with me, she was so upset because she was going for perfect attendance, plus she would have had to give a 3-4 minute speech today. I won't let her go with a fever, so she can rest and help me watch the lil' ones whille I do LAUNDRY. I have to capitalize LAUNDRY because here it's my nemesis. Especially whites. I admit it, I haven't caught up on it (where it's completely done) since the last time my MIL visited. She likes to do it! Really! :dizzy: So I have a good chance today of whittling it down somewhat. This morning is eggs and venison sausage for me and :coffee: .

Crystal- It's like dominos, they will all be sick! I have hand sanitizer and lysol but they still have to smooch all the babies and snitch drinks from one another. You're sis sounds great! I hope you both are close. I have one sis, and we're not, but getting better all the time. It's a work on progress. BTW we have a woodburning stove in our living room too. Yes, Every last one of them had to touch it. They don't seem to be happy until they do. One had to twice, I wonder about her anyway!

Michelle- I checked out you're website! WOW! My #1DS is going to school for graphic arts and web design. So I say you did Marvelous!! The ladies are very lucky to have you!

Deana- Have fun at curves (my MoM goes there) and Wallyworld. Our nearest one is over 30 miles away. So I'm not so tempted. :devil: Off the subject, do you butcher your own chickens too or have layers?

Spryng- I'm glad Bubba is better, what a relief. Especially when your just new to work again. Yes, when we get sick we all get sick, except for DH, I think he has the cockroach gene. He claims cigarettes and whisky ward off all germs . But I'm not willing to test his theory. When we have the flu, it's immobilizing. It usually takes me two weeks to catch up on 3-4 days illness. Mostly LAUNDRY! :eek:.

Speaking of LAUNDRY, I better get out the bobcat and do some! I'll be sure to check in in between loads sometime. TTYL!

All of you have a wonderful day!!


Forgot to edit my sig. for that one pound :lol:

11-03-2004, 12:28 PM
Morning ladies...

Roxy-the laundry queen. I thinK I could run a close contest with you for that one. It seems like all we do around here is laundry and I'm only doing it for 5 people. You are like some super heroine taking care of your family. Good job hon!

Spryng-I ended up with spaghetti last's that for gourmet cooking? :lol: At least the kids will eat it without making the faces. Glad Bubba is feeling better. It just stinks to have sick kids without insurance. Those darn doctors charge to much and the antibiotics cost a small fortune too. I'm glad we finally have been able to afford it. We went for 5 yrs. without it. That was hard.

Crystal-Poor Andrew :( I hope he didn't get burnt too badly. I imagine that hurt pretty good.

Michelle- That website looks awesome. You did a great job. Where you find the time to do those things is beyond me. It's a miracle if I can get one room in my house done withuout getting interrupted. I love it!

I got my workout in this morning already. I'll get more personals done later. I have to get ready for the good old parent-teacher conferences. I dread those. You never know what your kids do in school and how many embarrassing stories they are passing around. Mama's worst nightmare!


11-03-2004, 12:59 PM
I got a 20 minute workout in, kids were being rowdy, and dh didn't leave me the full instructions for the bowflex so there were only a few exercises that I knew how to do. He said he will take me downstairs when he gets home and show me how to do it.

Thanks for the compliments on the site everyone :) I really enjoy doing that kind of stuff...obviously. I was thinking of making all my own graphics for the page but it is very time consuming and I don't have the time to spend doing that.

But at anyrate even if no one liked it it gave me something to do yesterday in my ME time that hubby gave me.

Back to work for me tonight 8pm to 1 am so only 5 hours and I'm thinking if I'm not too tired when I get home that I'll do a 2 mile watp dvd. We'll see though I'm not commiting to that yet ;)

Chris and Roxy I'm so lucky cuz my hubby does the laundry here! Hes so wonderful!

Spryng I'm glad that bubba is feeling better! I just hate to see little ones sick :( Teagan is getting better too she was just having a hard time coughing it up the first few days. but the humidifier is working wonders as usual.

Penny where are you?

Leigh are you coming back? We miss you!!

Roxy I hope you daughter starts feeling better :)

well I gotta go get some stuff done

11-03-2004, 01:25 PM
Michelle-WoW!!!! Your husband does all the laundry! I'm totally jealous! Well, I have helpers doing the other things, but the laundry is mine. I like to sort, and treat stains and add smell good stuff, and set the dryer for low-med instead of flamethrower. The other take issue with the way I do it, so I have to do it if I want it my way. Did you go to school to learn Web design?

Chris- Our H.S. teacher calls them parent/torture meetings and mine are Thurs. Oh boy, can't wait!


11-03-2004, 02:47 PM
Good afternoon everyone. Hope everyone's having a wonderful day. I just finished vacuuning, cleaning the bathroom, and baking some apple muffins. I have about an hour before I have to pick up the kids from school so I thought I'd pop in.
Crystal- Poor Andrew! Sorry he got hurt. Glad to hear is doing okay. Hope the weather forecast doesn't change on you.
Mel- have fun with the trainer. I'm really feeling it in my legs today. I guess that means it's working.
Deana- have fun at Curves. Hope you get a good workout.
Spryng- Glad to hear that Bubba is feeling better. Hope you don't get sick too. The nutritional meeting is with my trainer. I will have my resting metabolic rate(rmr) tested and then have a diet plan developed for me.
Shery- Sorry you didn't have a loss, but at least you didn't gain. Maintaining is better anyday over gaining. Hope you have success with whatever plan you decide on.
Kristin- you sound busy today. Hope you get some time to relax.
Michelle- That website is great. You are really talented. How do I go about having my bio added?
Roxy- Laundry. I hate doing laundry. I couldn't imagine havin to do it for 12 people. Hope your daughter feels better soon.
Chris- Way to go on getting your workout done. I have conferences in 2 weeks.
Just a curious question, but I was wondering when everyone's birthdays were?Kids too.
My birthday is Jan 2 and I will be 27. My stepdaughter's birthday is Aug 26, my son's is Feb 18, and my daughter's is Oct 20. Hubby's is Sept 1. Okay I'll be back later.

11-03-2004, 03:12 PM
Anyone who wants their bio added please go to the msn site and post your bio in the message board section. I also just realized that you probably won't see the fonts that I used because they are not part of the windows font package. I download a ton of fonts for scrapbooking and such so thats why the fonts you see on the buttons don't match the ones I typed directly onto to the page itself. Some one asked if I went to school for web design...easy answer is no lol I taught myself how to use the programs and I dabble a little bit in graphic art but it takes time to learn so I do a little here and there. :)

I just got some of the house picked up and the girls are watching the wiggles. I'm totally on plan today despite having a full bowl of halloween candy YIKES!! But I've vowed to lose 20 lbs by xmas so here I start anew. :)

oh here is the link to the msn group

Steph you just reminded me I have to go clean the bathroom too! Yesterday Taylor took a bath with me and we colored the shower walls with the alphabet it was fun but man I hate cleaning those bathtub crayons off the wall.

Well I'm gonna finish cleaning up and I'll be back in a bit.
Love to all

11-03-2004, 03:24 PM
YEAH, I'm so glad Bush is there. I was so worried that Kerry was going to be put in but I prayed about it and really feel like Bush is there for a reason and with his values and his Christianity, I feel like God placed him there for us and our country. I just had to say that.

Anyways, Michelle, I added my info there for you.

We finished school and Andrew has been so cranky today. I don't think it's his hand because he's not acting like it bothers him, just cranky. He's napping now and I'm finishing lunch and think I'll lay down shortly. I have no idea what dinner is going to be.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day. TTYL

11-03-2004, 03:34 PM
Michelle- I just tried to join the mom's losing weight site, but for some reason it used my husbands info. He has a hotmail account. I don't know who runs the site, but if you get an email from a screenname"thebaldgod" that's my husbands.

11-03-2004, 03:42 PM
Okay I think I got it now. Just waiting on an email confirmation

11-03-2004, 04:19 PM
I';m back for a few minutes!

Well plan changed today of course. Ended up following dh in to get new tires on the back of the truck, front ones will be next week, went to Walmart and got deer hunting tags and snacks for scouts this afternoon, dh took Abby home and I went to Curves, got Abby ready for preschool, they canceled the trip to the library because it's raining, had to go back to Walmart because I forgot I needed to get a tote bag for Saturday, they didn't have any I like so I got material to sew one and line it then paint the outside, stopped to get my glasses fixed and he wasn't in so I left them til tomorrow, got home and have to leave again in 30 minutes ot get Abby and scouts. Geesh and it's only 2 in the afternoon!

Spryng: Curves it great! The workout is so quick. The machines are hard to describe all of. There is a mat between al of the machines and they play a tape that tells you every 30 seconds to changes stations. Then every 10 minutes it tells you to step away from the station and check your heartrate for 10 seconds. You do the rotation 3 times in 30 minutes and it goes so fast. Today I found out the only way you can get the t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, etc is to earn Curves Bucks. I got 2 today for answering trivia questions. I'll get another one tomorrow for working out 3 times this week. T-shirts are 28 Bucks and she wasn't sure on the other things. As far as the other women, everyone comes in and out when they want, you just join in wherever. The only ladies I have seen have all been over 50....LOL! The lady that works there in the afternoons is 80!!! So I am working toward a t-shirt. Glad Bubba is feeling better and you are feeling good too.

Sherry: :goodluck: on the plan you choose!

Kristin: Put the broom away and stop in here for a while :rofl:

Roxy: No, we don't butcher them, they just lay eggs, brown ones. So sorry you have sick kiddos! Sorry dd had to miss with perfect attendance. Mine all have it so far and I hope they don't get sick and have to miss any.

Chris: WTG on the workout this morning! :)

Michelle: WTG on your workout today! :) Go downstairs and show dh what you're made of with that new workout toy ;) .

Steph: Birthdays here are: DH-8/14, DS#1-8/17, DS#2-12/29, DS#3-3/24, DD-1/8, me-11/13.

YEAH BUSH!!! We also got the governor, sheriff, lt. gov, and treasurer we wanted in there. Not to mention the congressmen and representatives.

I'll be back after dh leaves for work.


11-03-2004, 04:30 PM
Hey girls, just got back from a meeting with my teacher for my research paper class. I have been stressed about it so was excited to go in and get a little help and a point in the right direction however, that's not what I got. He told me SH*T you need to change your topic!!! I couldn't believe it! I felt like I was going to throw up! I mean I'm not against changing my topic but the rough draft is due week after next and it's 15-20 pages!! So anyway he's a really nice guy and is kind of a friend so I know he will give me a break but I still have to do it. He's going to call me at lunch to talk about it more cuz we were only scheduled to have a 10 minute meeting. I called my bf Heather who is one step ahead of me in terms of our school goals and has had the class before and she and I brainstormed and decided I should do my paper on proxemics which is how your surroundings affect your mood,ex: clutter, colors, warmth, cool etc. So I hope my teacher goes for it. Ok well enough about that, I feel better now that I told you all. I think I just needed to get that out. I know I can do it!!

As far as being OP I was pretty good yesterday and only 1.5 up with TOM here so I think that's ok. I haven't been very good the last couple weeks and all I can say is that I was going through a slum with my diet but I have finally realized that just because I had a couple hard weeks doesn't mean I should just give up all together. So I gained a couple pounds, I've lost 12 for crying out loud that is great! So anyway I am back OP today with water and food and think I can really do it now. I feel like I am back in control.

Ok I can tell this might be a long one, sorry. I'll get personal now so that I don't take up an entire thread page!! LOL

Crystal so sorry about Andrew's fingers!! Ahhh I know Bayley will do something like that soon and it scares me. However I do know that it's part of growing up and learning so I will try not to freak out too much. I'm glad Bush won too. I have been a little skeptical of him just because education in Oregon has been so screwed up but I think he will try to make it better these next 4 years I hope. I know with the war on terror it just makes other things less of a priority but I have to focus on that kind of stuff being a teacher and all :) I don't know about you but all the media seemed to lead me to think that Kerry was going to win this election. Seemed like everywhere I turned it was pro Kerry anti Bush talk. Did you find this too? Kind of funny how he won it in the end! LOL Makes you wonder about the media huh?

Mel sorry you are not feeling good. Good for you for going to the gym anyway. I can't go till Bayley feels better since they don't allow sick kids in the daycare. It's a good rule though, I wouldn't want them there if they were sick and Bayley was well. I hope to be back at it full force next week.

Deana how do you even have time to post?!! You are one busy lady. So glad you are going to curves! That will really help your weight loss efforts. I'm just so proud of you! You have been going strong for 2 months now right? You really found something that works for you, that's great! Sorry about the chickens. That kind of stinks that they took a lot of them when you did all the work, definitely buy them next year.

Hi Spryng glad Bubba is feeling better. Fevers are scary! Glad you are feeling better too. I am def. going to try that Zycam if I feel a cold coming on. I know that stuff I got for the flu works awesome but I don't think they have anything for colds. Oh man I was looking up meals on BK and McD websites last night and OMG!!!! The whopper with cheese king size meal has 1830 cal, 79 fat, 237 carbs, 117 sugar and 42 protein!!! I thought I was going to die!!! I don't eat that stuff but dh tries to. He doesn't eat is as often now because I make sure he always has things to take in his lunch and dinner is always made but if he had his choice he would eat it everyday!!! 30 grams of fat a day is supposed to maintain your weight and that meal was almost triple!! Anyway makes me never want to eat ANY fast food again! On a good note though the BK fire grilled chicken salad with a diet coke is only 250 cal, 7 fat, 20 carb, 5 sugar and 26 protein and that's with ff ranch. So there are some good choices out there you just have to research. Sorry about the book but I just thought these facts were interesting and you did ask didn't you? :rofl:

Sherry don't even get me started on internet games!! Now I'm really in for it! LOL I'll have to check it out now, darn it!! I'll be playing those instead of doing my paper like I am supposed to!! CORE is a great program and I have found that I don't crave starches if I don't get to eat them for a day. If I can refrain from eating them for the first few hours of the day my body doesn't tell me that I need them. However as soon as give in I can't have just one, it's all over! LOL You should give it an honest try and see what you think.

HI Kristin!!!! Have fun with your errands. Bayley looked so cute in the costume I forgot to tell you. I will post pics later. I will try and get it out by next week so I don't forget! THanks so much for letting be borrow it!!

Michelle thanks for chatting with me last night! And also for that great site, and now it has chat!? That is so cool! Also, spoiled much? DH does laundry? Geez! Well my dh will do it if he has to but that's only if he has nothing to wear and then he does a super huge load that is too big for our washer and screws things up, I think he does it on purpose LOL Good job on the workout!

Roxy, hmmmmm cigarrettes :smoking: and whisky? I'll have to try that! LOL I thought I was going to faint when I thought of you doing 12 peoples laundry. I would have to have like 4 washers and dryers to keep up with that. How do you do it? Oh ya I forgot your crazy!! Just kidding! LOL Hope you are getting some of it done!

Steph mmmmm apple muffins sound good! I'm assuming their low cal right? LOL Most of our birthdays and such are on the MSN site under important dates. You can check them out there and add yours to it. Hope you are getting a lot done!

Oh man Oik I think I am done. I need to get going on some more research and also start my other paper that is due tomorrow night. Does my life ever slow down? NO!! Ok have a great day girls I will TTYL!

11-03-2004, 04:57 PM
Just gonna blitz in for a sec. before picking up skadiddles from school. Have to pick up bias tape for DD, her apron is due Friday (home Ec). Grab some groceries, get a Little screw thingy for DS's glasses and make that window of opportunity inbetween feedings for #10. Since DD is home I don't have to take three with to pick up Five more. I will be alone in the car! Whoa! Jill's right, I am crazy! BTW isn't that organizational thing related to mood and positive energy called "feng shui"? Now, I can think of something to make for supper while I'm ALONE in the car. No, I didn't catch up on the LAUNDRY, I could only get six loads done cause DH, was home too. Nuf said.

"Remember, housework done properly, can kill you!" can't remember who said it, but it's true!

11-03-2004, 05:02 PM
I like the term parent/torture conferences better. I found out so far that my little Kayla is a chatterbox in school. At least she's doing really good though. Smart little cookie! I have Tiana's conference in an hour. I dread that one. She struggles in school on some things. Her report card was good though. Her only low grade was in Social Studies.

Jill-try that I signed up for it today too. Another addictive website. I have it bookmarked in my favorites right along with

Hi all to the rest of you. We got some nasty weather rolling in again. The house is getting cold. I'm going to have to turn up the heat a bit.


11-03-2004, 05:46 PM
Hi all, got about an hour and a half nap in. That was great, I felt sooo tired. Dh didn't get to work on the house today. Hasn't rained, but been cloudy and gloomy all day so no sun to dry anything. Now we're looking towards Monday to pour and I think that will work because it shows sun for the next 5 days, we'll cross our fingers.
Spryng, what did you send my way??? Andrew woke up from his nap with a slight fever. 101 to be exact. Not bad but along with his crankiness it's enough. I gave him some Tylenol. It could be his teething, I think he's working on molars and he chews on his fingers until he is literally dripping in spit.
Jill, so glad Bush won. I didn't find the media was leaning towards Kerry, I just knew it was going to be tight, but I knew that Bush was a better man and like I said, I felt like God put him there for a reason. I hope he fixes education all around, but education is also a state thing and Bush was governor here before he became Pres and I don't know as much about public education, but Texas is THE easiest state to homeschool in. That's great for me. Thats' who you need to focus on is the governor.
Anyways ladies, I still have no idea what dinner is going to be and with Andrew cranky I don't have time to make anything too big and time consuming.
Sorry to blab, I'm gonna go clean up the kitchen, ttyl.

11-03-2004, 06:47 PM
Ahhhhhhhhh.....see, I got you girls going on slingoooooooooooooo!!!! It's! Try mixed matrix it's a little more challenging than slingo millenium. And you win more money. And the best part is you can let your friends know your playing and what room you're going into and play against eachother. My friend Laurel and I have a BLAST! We harrass each other in the chat box too! You'll see....! Let me know what you think. Oh, and do your profile complete the entire thing and you get an automatic 1 million coins! You'll meet alot of interesting pple too! AND..............can't beat FREE! Gee, can you tell I'm hooked? My daughter too! She's only 7 and she plays the slingo millenium, probly more than me!

Good luck on your paper Jill, man what a bummer! Oh, I'm doing great on my pts. today and I did my 3 mile WATP Express tape! Woo hoo!

11-03-2004, 07:11 PM
my slingo name is hurley1751 if anyone is looking for me! LOL ya I am doing homework at the same time so it's ok, right?

11-03-2004, 07:39 PM
I am having a rotten day. My kids are all just awful today. I'm still upset and still shaking. I had Tiana's parent/torture conferenced (Roxy's lingo) and went to pick up the kids from my mil's house. I get there and all of a sudden the fight is on. They are hitting each other, screaming and tantrum throwing. The worst was Nicole. Kayla kept screaming at me and slamming off to the bathroom. Her and Nicole took my MIL's lotion and smeared it all over the bathroom sink. Nicole got mad because I said no to the popsicle and it got really ugly from there. Kayla tackled Nicole and slammed her to the ground for playing with her stuff. I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life. After I fought Nicole to change her diaper and put her clothes back on...I left crying. I was so upset. I have never had them act like that...esp. in public.
Makes me wonder why I just didn't stay working full-time. I just cannot handle days like this. They seem to be getting bossier and snottier. Where are my angels? I know I'm not the only one with kids who act up...but show me someone else who's gone through this and what happened. My frustration level is at an all time high. I hate telling them 4-5 times to do things they should have done. And I can just feel that "giving up on it all" feeling hitting me right in the face. Oh well, thanks for letting me vent.


11-03-2004, 09:26 PM
Hi ladies.

Chris: Sorry you had a bad day :( . I am with you honey! I have had a horrible day as well. Actually it got bad at scouts. Our leader has had it! She told the boys today that there won't be any more scouts because she quits. There are so many issues I don't want to bore anyone. But I honestly don't know how she has done it this long. But 75% of it is her son too. He is kind of an only child as her daughters are grown and gone and he is just fine with any of the boys one-on-one....get them all together and he wants to be king of the hill. Gets the attitude that it's his mom, his house and he doesn't have to obey the rules. I hope it didn't make her mad but I had to get on him today for hitting another boy. I told him if he couldn't keep his hands to himself I would send him to his room. Then when I get home, I have a phone call, kids asking when is supper, I'm trying to fix dh's supper and lunch and get him out the door and I lost it. I got dh's stuff done then when the microwave went off with my diet meal in it, dd came in to ask if hers was ready. I yelled at her, went to the pantry to find I only had one box of mac n cheese left to feed 4 kids and I got pissed and threw it at the stove. Needless to say it broke all over my stove and the floor. So then I had a mess to clean up, hungry whining kids and a dh ready to live at he doesn't already! Then my mood got even worse when he came and started making excuses for dd. I just told him I deal with it all the time because she makes me so mad asking for food, eating a few bites and being done then 10 minutes later she's hungry again! Drives me crazy. I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel like they think I'm a miracle worker and I can just snap my fingers and make whatever they want appear. I even told dh that I will just stop dieting and working out because it's selfish and everything else around here has gone to **** since I decided to do something for myself and that I'm not only doing it for me, I'm doing it for everyone else around here. He told me he appreciates it....pishawwww! Sorry.....I'm crying now. I just needed to vent. And to top things off today I found out that a guy I knew a few years ago and still know his mother, was found burned beyond recognition last night in his car and they don't know what happened yet. I am very worried about her because family is everything to this woman and she's not handling it well at all. And there is another woman I know who found out she had 2 brain tumors and lung cancer, she's never smoked a day in her life, and when she went for biopsy they found out it was spread all thru her. She is now in the hospital and not expected to make it to the end of the week. Man my day sucked! It will be better tomorrow I hope. One thing came of it though, ds#2 came in and I asked him "may I help you?" and he looked at me and said the same thing. Then he helped me clean up the macaroni and make something else for them to eat. Then ds#1 came in and gave me a hug and asked me to cheer up. I just told him I would if everyone would leave me alone to cool off. Maybe I am doing something right. I have wondered if any of my boys have any compassion. Maybe they are figuring it out. Needless to say it's pretty quiet here now. They don't want me mad again. I hope I don't sound like a terrible mother, but I get so angry when everythign piles up and they won't help me around here. Everything I do is for them. Is a little help too much to ask? Ok I think I'm done. Thank you ladies!

Jill: :goodluck: on your paper. Actually I have been going at it for about 2 and a half months now and am down 22 pounds and a total of 5 inches. Thank you.

I am going to pogo to play and try to calm down. I am resisting the temptation to go to slingo..... :lol: .


P.S. Anyone going to chat tonight. I will check in about 10 to see if anyone is there.

11-03-2004, 09:42 PM
Thanks for all the support during my pre employment meltdown. I am a little better today!!

Spryng...Glad I am not the only one going through this craziness. All of my kids are in school except Christian and he will be going with me to work. He will be in the class above mine. The older boys will care for the younger ones after school and Hope will be going to a friend's house or staying afterschool at her preschool. I have decided to just relax and remember that I do have teens that will just have to help! I may also have to relax my standards just a bit for the time being until we get into a flow from the huge change about to take place. But you have to do it all on your own with your dh gone all week, so what the heck am I complaining about???

Chris, my kids acted up at the doc's office today...when they finally called my ds, I accidentally shouted "Praise God!!!"


I was so ready to get out of that place by the time it was time to leave. I have been in tears on some days like today before, so I know how you feel. Just try to get away on your own for a little while to regroup! Maybe you just aren't taking any time for yourself and you really need that! Not that I practice what I preach enough, but I am sure it would work if we tried it :lol:

WTG on Curves, Deana! I am waiting to join the gym until I see what my life is really like! I imagine the first couple of weeks I will be worn out until I get a routine going. I hope you get alot out of it. I don't know anyone who has done the curves thing around here, so I hipe it's a good program! Most of them are when you actually follow the program.

Time for some kid time, be back later!

Love yas!!

11-03-2004, 09:43 PM
Hey ladies!

Well I just got done reading your posts on the kids being naughty and they really made me feel better because Taylor has been a Terror lately. So don't feel bad and I don't think any of us can "handle" them on those days I was thinking of locking Taylor in the closet (hey its big closet ;) ) I even asked Spryng if she thought I could do it without getting trouble.

So hang in there girlies I'm sending hugs out to you :grouphug:

Okay I've gotta get ready for work now I'll try and post while I'm at work.
Love to you!

11-03-2004, 10:24 PM
Hi Y'all,

Chris and Deana, I'm so sorry to hear of your rotten day. I can surely feel your pain. Isn't something odd though, see if this isn't true. I do not have half the trouble raising my DS(s) that I am having with my lil' honeys. I'm not talking about cats in the refrigerator either. Really happened. :lol: Girls are harder, sorry to say but true. Wish you a better day tomorrow. Tomorrows a new day with no mistakes in it yet. Take care!


11-04-2004, 07:22 AM
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