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11-01-2004, 04:23 PM
Welcome to the November edition of the Weighty Issues Thread.

We are a group of awesome women who support each other through the highs and lows of every day life--it's not just about weight loss, it's about LIFE. If you have something to say or need a shoulder to cry on, Weighty Issues is the place to be. Come on in, grab a chair and stay and chat a while. You'll be glad you did!

11-01-2004, 04:45 PM
Hey girls. Happy(?) Monday and welcome to November! I am having major problems with my computer and am crossing my fingers that this post will survive. Hello to everyone :wave:. I will be back later after I run more scans and updates. Wish me luck! :crossed:

11-01-2004, 06:10 PM
Happy Monday everyone!! I feel good except for the headcold Brit gave me. :lol: I got a call from the Health Department on Thursday and she said that as far as she knows it is okay for me to work too as long as I dont have any symptoms so I am back to work now.

The kids went trick or treating last night and had fun. I got to go grocery shopping and get out of the house on Saturday. It was the first time I have left my house in 19 days of being ill. I pray noone ever gets food poisoning like that because it was ****!!! :lol:

7 weeks until we leave for Florida!!!! :cheer: I can not wait!!! I need a vacation!!!

How was everyones weekend?

Kempy, How was your party?

11-01-2004, 06:13 PM
Hey guys. I thought I would come here and have tons of posts to read but I guess we were all busy. The party was great. I have a few pics on my camera that I need to deveolp and then I will post them. I am going to try to do that tomorrow. I had two nights of drinking and eating so I am feeling pretty yucky today. I need to get back into the groove. I want to eat clean this month too. I have to go to our camp for Thanksgiving and I doing want to be too big for my pants.

Ok, I need to balance the ole check book. I'll check back in a bit.

11-02-2004, 10:38 AM
Good Morning! It has turned cold and windy here.... BRRRRRRRR.... but I will still get out and vote later this afternoon.

I am sitting here drinking my breakfast... a cup of hot cocoa. It was so cold in my building, I needed something. And since I don't drink coffee.. that is then next best thing. :-)

Kempy... I can't wait to see your pictures of your party.

Angie.. you can't seem to get a break. I hope you can get yourself well, and the rest of your family! I bet it feels good to work again.... take care of yourself... :-) Florida.. sounds FUN. Where are you going? My sister lives in Orlando, so next summer I am going to try to arrange a visit to her... the girls and I.

I did my walking yesterday... thought I ate fairly well... but was up a half pound today... I am thinking it is water... I noticed that I wasn't drinking enough yesterday... and what I did.. wasn't really coming back out! ;) Sooooo... I've got to concentrate on my water intake today!

OK.. I better get back to work..... Hi everyone... come on OUT!!! :)

11-02-2004, 12:41 PM
Good Morning girls

Cherie I really think i need to up my water intake too. I said I was going to eat better this week but screwed up again yesterday. Halloween candy. Ugh. Oh well today is another day. A hot cup of anything sounds great right now :), I am freezing. Does it get really cold and snowy by you during the winter? We get tons of single digits and tons of snow! I agree with Cherie COME ON OUT!

Angie you poor thing. 19 days. Wow you need your vacation after that. I am glad you got to get out of the house. I bet you are glad to get back to work and spend time with your sweetie.

Hi Kempy, when you starting the new job?

Noelle I hope that computer gets fixed. We miss you.

I ate so much last night I am not hungry this a.m. So I did not eat anything yet. Feel bloated. Better start the water. Well anyway check in later. Ds is at school today. DD wants me to play babies. cute and innocent now. Just wait for those teenage years! Hi everyone, check back, Julie

11-02-2004, 12:43 PM
Kempy btw and anyone else, that show The Loser's is going to be on tonight on NBC. I know you said you had liked it! Hi everyone :)....

11-02-2004, 02:02 PM
Hi girls :wave:. I still have a wonky computer but I'm gonna give this a go anyway. Rick gets home from Vegas this afternoon and Michael gets out of school by 11 am will probably be a very short day here at the office. I will go out and VOTE after I get my one guy out on the road to work. I have a question for ya. Maybe it's just my funky computer, but do any of you have these weird underlined hyper-link(?) words on your posts? I mean, like key words like "water" or "weight loss". I'm showing a lot of underlined words in my posts recently, like for instance in the previous post, someone said "halloween candy". The post I'm reading is underlined...anyone else have that?

Hey Julie, I actually watched the tail end of trading spouses...but did watch the entire show the swan. I usually don't watch but on the Swan, they had a lady who had lost over a 100 lbs and she had a total body lift. She looked a lot better afterward but it's so eerie the way these girls features' change after all that surgery. I think that cosmetic dentist lady should be shot. I think the veneers she does look horrible, so horsey-like. Yeah, they're all white and bright, but they really "out" there and unnatural. But that's just my opinion.

Angie, you so deserve this vacation coming up. Are you and the family back to normal? I hope so.

Cherie, great job on the lbs lost! :dancer: See? All that effort does pay off. And stop jumping on the scale every day--I know, I know, it's an addiction right? :lol: Glad your kids had a good time at Chuck E. Cheese--that's better than trick or treating and having to deal with the candy aftermath.

Kempy, can't wait to see the halloween pics. We had a thunderstorm lingering on Sunday, we almost thought we'd have to cancel the trick-or-treating bit. But luckily it cleared up enough to take the kids out. Are you guys still having warm weather or is it cooling off?

Cal, how did Ashley like halloween? Did you guys do anything special?

Hi to Summer! :wave:

One more thing, did anyone ever watch Motormouth on VH1? It's a show where they put hidden cameras in cars and tape the people singing in their cars. It's hilarious...

Gotta run and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

11-02-2004, 05:29 PM
Hey guys. It is raining cats and dogs right now. Joe came home today so we could get vote and now it is too bad to do anything. There are lots of bolts of lightening popping around. Thankfully I am home right now. I hate being out in this. It is going to cool off tomorrow down here. Once this rain passes it is going to drop a good 20 degrees. I really don't know how you guys up north do it. I am sure I will be freezing by the end of the week.

I don't think I have had enough water either. I mean to drink more but I walk off and leave the cup sitting in another room. I am feeling puffy though and I am sure that some of it is from the lack of water.

Not much going on today. Angie are you still around?

11-02-2004, 05:30 PM
Julie am going to start as soon as I get my license in. And yes, I will be watching that show tonight. Even if I have to watch it in another room.

11-02-2004, 05:47 PM
Hi girls

Finally peace and quiet, hus came home and bundled up the kids and took them for a bike ride before dinner.

Kempy, I feel like I am kind of in a slump, but watching the show pumps me up! Oh and I forgot that you had to have your licencse first, sorry. I want to go vote too, but it is crazy right now at the school where it is taking place. Everyone is picking up their kids and voting.

Noelle, I have never watched the Swan, but I have watched extreme makeover. I know what you mean about some veneers that people get. There is a local newscaster here and they look like freakin piano keys :lol:lol!! I mean I don't have perfect teeth so I should not judge, but come on they have to size them right to the size of the persons mouth and face. I totally agree with you. Never saw motormouth, I will have to check that one out. And I don't know what to tell ya about the underline thingy?
Wish I could help. Maybe if hus and I get a chance to talk tonight I will ask him.
Check back....Julie

11-02-2004, 05:54 PM
Btw for dinner, chicken parmesan with tons of cheese :^: and spaghetti, veggies, salad and garlic bread :devil:. Carbs here I come :lol:.

Cherie I wanted to ask you....who do you think Byron will end up with? I am hoping Mary, I really liked her from the Bob the Bachelor. She is beautiful, wants a family, and just seems nice and not fake. I cannot stand fake people! What do ya think?
Oh did some job hunting today too. Not much luck. It really sucks if you do not have a BA in something. Keep plugging along :), I am at a point where I think a job would be a good change for me. Fixing my hair and putting on makeup and getting rid of the sweats a couple days a week. LOL Noelle :^: want to hire me, I don't want this winter anymore! haha....Julie

11-02-2004, 05:55 PM
Hey everybody!!! I hope you all have had great days! I cant get on my diet that easily right now. I seem to be pigging out and we still have to take the kids out to the restaurant for the birthday dinner that we never got to do.

I have been working overtime cleaning and disinfecting the bakery because I am a freak and I worry about things until I am certain they are done. :lol: I just want to make sure everything is clean. My hands are raw from housecleaning. :lol:

11-03-2004, 10:24 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!! So who exactly is our President Elect??? Hmmmmmmm

I didn't workout last night... I took a break, curled up under my comforter (it was freezing) and watched the election returns. Around 9:40... I was so sleepy, I turned everything off and went to bed. I thought I would wake up and find out who the new president would be.. but NOOOOO..... Darn Ohio. :)

How is everyone doing today? I am up a pound from Monday.... I am not going to fret... just water. ;) I made a big pot of chili last night, so the salt in it is proably what is doing it. I will be back on the treadmill tonight.. going strong. I've also gotta bake cookies tonight. Tomorrow is Hannah's birthday, and she needs to take them to her school. Temptations....

Angie.. take care of your hands. You need some of that Silicon Glove by Avon. That is great stuff.

Julie.. how are things with you? Getting any better? Good luck on finding a job. I know it's hard... try the temp agencies. I had really good luck with them.. finding a long term assignment. I think Mary, or hope Mary will win. I just think she is great. I read a spoiler where they said she ended up the winner, but you can never trust them. I can't wait for tonight! I have no life. ;)

Noelle.. I hope your computer gets better soon too! Everyone is getting sick, and now it's rubbing off on the computers! :D And yes... I am a scale addict. But it helps keep me motivated. I haven't gotten down about the fluxuations yet... I know I am doing what I need to do to lose the weight.. it just never comes off as quickly as you want it to.. does it.

Kempy... how are you doing?

Hi Holly, Cal and Summer..... I need to get back to work. I am taking tomorrow off for Hannah's birthday, so I have a ton to do today. Talk to you soon!

11-03-2004, 10:44 AM
Did you all really think we would know who the Pres. is going to be this morning. I think last year really threw the whole system off. I thought that since the poeple who voted would have had their votes counted already. Why do they have to wait until the end? Oh well, I guess they have a method to the madness.

Julie I am right there with ya on the not getting dressed front. I find myself taking my shower after lunch and I still don't fix my hair. I am sure I look frumpy but I have no one to see. Some times Joe isn't even home and I don't really think the dogs care what I look like. I made smoothered chicken last night for dinner. It was my first time to make it and I think it came out pretty good. It didn't taste the same as when my neightbor made it though. Hers was better.

Angie girl grab some gloves. Usually this time of year I wear them whenever I clean. My hands get so dry and they smell like bleach. I found a friend who is going to trade out house cleaing for electrolysis. YEAH! She is going to come every 2 weeks. I am happy with that. I can keep up with things in between. She is going to come deep clean things. That is what I really hate to do too. I wish I could send her up to you.

Well, I am going to try and make myself workout some. I havn't done anything in weeks and I feel totally sluggish.

11-03-2004, 03:19 PM
I got the pics back. The four girls are some friends of mine and the other one is of me and my neighbor. I was a nun instead of a pirate. Now, that I see the pics thought I should have rethought the costum. Man I got to lay off the food.

11-03-2004, 03:24 PM
This is me, my brother and my sister. The other group is who my sister came with except the guy on the end in the different costume. They were from another planet and her car was their pod they the came flew in. Pretty funny stuff.

11-03-2004, 04:10 PM
Kempy love the pics. I also love your costume. I think you look beautiful! Wish I was there. Your dinner sounds yummy.

Cherie how is your day going? WOOHOO about Mary, I am excited now. I have no life either :lol:, I can't wait to watch it. I am thinking about chili for tonight, would have to make the cornbread to go along though :^:. I am not sure yet though.

Angie my hands are dry all ready from this cold weather. It is only in the forties today, yuck. Is everything getting back to normal with you poor family? I hope so. There is alot going around right now.

Well today I did some house cleaning, tub, sink, and toliet, and picked up tons of toys. I am so bummed my husband's work is not having a x-mas party this year. I have the outfit I bought from last year and wanted to wear it this year. Tells ya how much I dress up :lol:! Btw we did not even go last year so it was never even put on! Oh well. Check in later. Julie

11-03-2004, 04:13 PM
Noelle get your puter problems fixed? I miss ya. Hope you are having a wonderful HI day!

Cal you must be busy with school? Where are you?

Summer your life sounds exciting, flying all over.

Hi everyone!

11-03-2004, 04:16 PM
Kempy I wanted to tell you I see that you and your brother look alike, even though he has sunglasses on....I can tell. He is not a bad looking guy :) ;).

11-04-2004, 10:26 AM
Good Morning ladies!!!!

Kempy, I loved the pics. You look great!!!! You look like you all had fun. I wished I was there.

Julie, When are you gonna post some pics? :wink: How has your week been so far? Can you believe that they are calling for snow showers on Friday and Saturday here? :yikes: I missed all the nice fall weather when I was sick now it is just COLD!!!

Noelle, Did you get your puter fixed? Did Micheal get lots of candy? The twins didnt really get anything good. That didnt stop me from nibbleing it all week though. :lol: I need to get back on a diet but I have been stressed out with the food poisoning thing and bleaching everything,etc.

Cherie, How is your ex doing? How are the girls doing?

I watched the show Wife Swap last night. The husband of the fitness lady was such a jerk to the new wife. I would have smacked him if I was there. She had to workout for 3 hours a day just like his wife did but on the second week she got to make them live by her rules and he didnt do any of the stuff she wanted.

11-04-2004, 10:38 AM
Good morning girls. IT IS FINALLY COOL! We are going to have a hig of 69 today. WOW That is great after the month of Oct. was in the 80's. Sorry Angie, I know you didn't get to have a fall. Just fly down here right now and I will share mine with you. :D

Ya know Julie, I never even thought my brother and I looked alike until you pointed it out. Maybe it is b/c we both have on black wigs. He has red hair just like my sister so I can usually tell that they are brother and sister. They both like like my dad and I look like my mom. I found a pic of her when she was in high school and it is scary how much we look alike.

Well, I got my lisence in the mail. Now I just need to get a frame for it and drop off all of my stuff at the salon. I just called and they are trying to finish up the plumbing in the room so I don't want to bring my stuff just yet but I want to have everything ready. I can't beleive it is finally time for me to start working. In a way I am going to miss being a bum all day long :D

Angie I watched that show too. I thought it was funny when the guy said why do they think we hate people from CA? All they do is talk about it. You are right though that guy was kind of rude. I thought it was great though that the family stuck to working out after it was over.

Does anyone have anything fun planned today?

Noelle did your computer die???

11-04-2004, 12:02 PM
Kempy, Did your sis ever find homes for her cats or did her neighbor get a life and leave her alone? Domino(the stray cat) is so weird...he will come in and sleep and eat for the afternoon but at night he takes off and it has been cold at night. The pups pool is freezing and the temps get down to 27 or so. I wished he would stay inside.

My fun for the day is that we have 11 dozen donuts on order plus a reload night so I get to do lots of work. It probably doesnt sound like much but it is when Jay has to roll and cut them all by hand. We dont have any machines to do it.

When is your first day of work? I am so excited for you. I would love to work somewhere other than with food but that is all I have ever done and since we live in the boonies the jobs are very limited to say the least. :lol:

I have a pic of my Mom when she was 12 and at 12 I looked just like her too. Brit found the pic and asked where I had it taken and I had to tell her it was Mimmie not me. :lol: We are so much alike we could be sisters. haha :lol:

11-04-2004, 02:16 PM
Hi girls. My computer is not totally up to speed but it's working a little better than a few days ago :crossed:. I ran a scan last night and it didn't find anything--that in itself is frustrating because I know something else is wrong. My friend can't come out until sometime next week so I have to work around it.

OMG you guys, I have to kill my husband. He came back from Vegas with a huge 10 lb millk chocolate bar. And get this, he knows my sister (who lives with us) prefers dark chocolate so he bought one for her too--I have 20 freakin' lbs of chocolate in my house--right after halloween. :eek: So far I've cut about 5 lbs off and sent it home with 2 of my nieces. My other sisters have refused to take any. I just might take it to the church foodbank!

Kempy, those were great halloween pics! You guys make me feel so old, like I haven't partied like that in a looooonnnnnnnggggggg time. You look good though, so don't put yourself down.

Angie, I cant believe your temps go down that low already. My gosh, we're still having highs of 85 and lows of 75(?) I'm still sweating at night! It's the humidity that gets me too. I wish I could send some heat up to you. Hey, I know how you feel about not being able to get back on track. I have to renew my drivers license next month and I don't look forward to taking that picture and having it for the next 6 years! :ink: **Have fun making those donuts! I think those donut roller thingies are neat (I saw it on the Food Channel once :lol: )

Julie, if you ever moved out to HI I'd let you work in my office. I already know you can type and know how to use a computer ;). Ever since I started working for myself, I haven't been to a fancy Xmas party...I used to like to get all dressed up and eat good food on someone elses dime :lol:. Is hubby's company not having a party for a reason? Why not grab a sitter for the kids and plan a dinner for two for you and hubby anyway?

Cherie, Happy Birthday to Hannah! :hb: :hat: :balloons: :dizzy: :cb: :dance: Did you get to bake the cookies?

Hey Cal :wave:...I know you must be busy.

Summer, how are you doing these days?

Well, I guess I should run and get to work. have a great day all!

11-04-2004, 03:30 PM
Noelle, we dont have one of the donut roller/cutters either. We special ordered a single donut cutter because we make the glazed alot bigger than anywhere else. So he has to roll the dough out with the rolling pin and cut each individual donut one at a time. :lol: He has a routine down though so he is alot faster than I would be. He has been cooking donuts for 12 years so he knows what he is doing. Sad but I dont know how to make the donuts because he insists on doing it all himself.

20 lbs of chocolate? WOW, I would want to beat him too. :lol: I would be so tempted to chop it up and start baking hehe

11-04-2004, 03:50 PM
My sister just doens't pay attention to the lady anymore. Come to find out she is the crazy lady of the neighborhood. She is in and out of the hospital too so she may not be bothering my sis for much longer. (sorry that sounds mean) She still has all of her cats. A few of them are startign to get pretty old so they may be moving on soon. I think she has 3 that are around 14. And you know how old that is for cats.

Noelle is that enough to bathe in? :lol: I would have to be mad too. I don't think they realize sometimes what they are doing to us. I would hate to have to throw that away. Sooooooo, I would probably eat a good portion of it first.

I went to the salon today to drop of some price sheets and they said that my room should be ready for me by Monday. Now that doens't mean I will have any clients, it just means I can go sit up there and wait. I can't deciede if that is a good thing or not. I may just hang out part time for awhile until I get some calls coming in for me. I still need to make a flier but I don't know what to say on it. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Julie come out to play.

Cal you must be busy with school.

Cherie did you run away on your treadmill?

Summer where are you hiding?

11-04-2004, 06:39 PM
whats for dinner everyone?

11-04-2004, 06:41 PM
I forgot to say I was making homemade cornbread and baking a turkey kielbasa with sauerkraut and potatoes. And probally another veggie. Hope everyone has a good night.

Angie House Hunters is on tonight! I love that show so much....I have no life :lol:.....Julie

11-04-2004, 06:52 PM
Well, I just ate mine. I was so hungry I couldn't wait. I had a salad and then I had some left over crawfish pie. It was so good. Our produce stand makes them and sells them frozena dnall you have to do it heat it for an hour and dinner is ready. I will have to go back and get more. I told Joe that it was something that I will makes sure I have in the freezer. It was only $10 and I didn't have to cook it. That right there makes it better.

11-04-2004, 07:21 PM
Hey girls. I'm guiltily enjoying my sushi lunch. Sure, sushi sounds healthy but not the one I'm eating! :ink: It's called a 'volcano'. It's an inside-out california roll with a mixture of scallops, mayonaisse, chili/garlic paste and some other sinful fattening stuff poured all over the top. It's sooooo delicious and probably has tons of fat because of the mayo. But, oh well.

Kempy, :hun: that crawfish pie sounds awesome. Heat and go? That's my style :lol:

Julie, how old is DD? around 3? Do you put her in those pull-up pants? The ones that have the picture on the front that stays there if they stay dry or the ones that the picture disappears if they wet...I dunno, it's been so long since I've been in that stage with my son. Anyway, what worked for me is buying him "big boy" underwear--you know, like underoos? And yeah, letting him experience the feeling when they wet. (Sorry if this potty talk is bothering any of you when you're trying to eat :lol: ) Another thing is that he trained pretty quickly once he went to preschool--I think it was peer pressure, that he wanted to go to the potty like the other kids.

Maybe you can buy her some cute little panties that she can only have if she tries to go potty. I know some bribing (like a particular new toy) was involved with getting my son to go.... I know, Im probably not much help, but I know how headstrong girls can be :lol:. Good luck!

11-04-2004, 07:28 PM
I made crispy chicken,mashed potatoes and brocoli and cheese. YUM!!! I ate way too much as usual and am regretting it now. :lol:

We are supposed to get 1-4 inches of snow tomorrow and more snow showers on Saturday and then they said an arctic blast for Monday. GEESH!!! I am ready to move south again. haha

Julie, I really cant remember potty training. It has been so long. I do remember we started Brit when the twins were born so she wasnt yet 2. Her first time on the potty was the day we brought them home. haha I think she trained so quickly because of all the extra attention she got when she would pee on it. Since the twins were consuming all the attention at that point. The twins I really cant remember. Sorry, I am not any help.

11-04-2004, 10:46 PM
Hello everyone,

I am busy with school. I've been attending some workshops and seminars, and teaching when I have time. :D

We have a Fall Fest tomorrow evening, I have meetings ever night next week except Thursday which is Veteran's Day, and I tutor 4 7th graders on Monday afternoons. Ashley is loving her class. Every night she draws a picture for her teacher. I am so glad she is happy with her teacher.

The weather here has been great. It's cold in the morning, about 50 (I know, I know; here it's cold in Angie's part of the world that is swimming weather. :lol: ) The days are in the upper 70's and lower 80's. I haven't used the air conditioner in at least 2 weeks and the heater is only turned on in the morning because it's the only way I can get Ashley out of bed. She's also been introduced to flannel sheets and now she won't sleep with anything except her "warm sheets". :lol:

Kempy: I loved your pics. You are so pretty and you really looked like you were having fun. Congrats on getting your license.

Noelle: Ashley dressed up for Halloween in her Cinderella dress. She loves wearing that dress and acting like a princess. She even has the princess attitude. :lol: We took her to my brother's church for a "trunk or treat" and my brother made "worm sandwiches". Ashley got more candy there than if we'd gone out in the neighborhood. It was really fun and we know that what she got was safe. Glad to hear that Michael had a good time.

Hello to everyone else.


11-05-2004, 10:57 AM
Good Morning everyone! I am back at work today. I took yesterday off for Hannah's birthday. I cannot believe she is 7 years old already. My sweet little baby is growing up too fast on me.

Julie.. about potty training, it's hard, but here is what I did. I was buying the pull ups for Megan and one day at the store, I had them in my cart, and looked at them, and looked at her and said, NO, I am NOT buying any more. (Money was and is tight, and I just couldn't justify buying them anymore). So, I took her home and immediately put her into panties. That first time she peed in her panties.. she DIDN'T like it AT ALL. Just make sure you talk to your daughter, tell her if she feels like she needs to go to the bathroom to tell you and GO. She will have a few accidents at first.. but I think the feeling of peeing all over herself will catch her attention. Those pullups are just like diapers, and that is what she is used to. Megan was trained pretty quickly after that.

Hannah had a good birthday. I took her to school, brought her some cookies to share with the class, and I took her McDonald's for lunch and spent lunch with her. After I picked her up from school, I too her and Megan to their dad's to spend the night, and I went back to her school for parent teacher conferences. I have one daugther that is at the top of her class, Hannah. She only got lower marks on "Self Control" and "Using her time Wisely". Teacher says she is so smart, she can sit there do her work, have five different conversations, and be doing something else all at the same time. My little multitasker. But when she is finished, instead of going to read a book, or working at one of the other centers, she goes and goofs off, or goes and start talking. She has a talking problem. However, the teacher said if that is the worst thing she is doing, well... then not to worry. Megan on the other hand needs a LOT of help. She is very mentally immature for her age. She is writing her letters upside down and backwards, she won't give relevant answers to questions, and she needs to learn to control her social interactions ie not throw fits when things don't go her way. So I have to start really working on her alphabet with her.

I've still been using my treadmill.... I only did 6.25 miles last night... so tonight, I am going to try for 10. That is what I've been trying to do... thinking the more I exercise the more weight will come off, but that isn't happening. So I took it a little easy last night.

Angie.... I don't know how you do it... homemade fresh doughnuts.. YUM. They brought in some doughnuts today, and of course I had to have one.

Kempy... your pictures were great! You are so beautiful! And congratulations on your booth and your license!

Noelle.. 10 pounds of chocolate..... I would kill. That is my weakness. My sweetie is in Las Vegas now. I think he knows better than to do that to me. We both love chocolate, but he knows how hard I am trying right now to lose this weight.

Angie... I saw on the weather channel last night where you were going to be getting some snow dumped on you. Sorry..... I was just so happy to see sunshine this morning. I don't want the snow, unless I can go skiing!

Cal.. you have been busy!! Hope you can find some time for yourself in there!

OK.. well, I need to get back to work. I've got lots to do and lots to catch up on! Talk to you guys later!


11-05-2004, 11:02 AM
Oh and Julie.... Her name is Cyndi. I don't like her either. She says she is intelligent, but they haven't shown us that side. And why would a beautiful woman like that be so insecure with herself????? Geeze... don't be insecure about the ex-wife.. worry about the other three women he is going on dates with!!!! And what about that dress????? Wow. She is such the barbie doll/darryl Hannah type. I was sorry to see Charisse go, I liked her... I wonder if her not offering the fantasy night card to him was the cause. I still think he had the best time with Mary.. So.. next week is visits with FRIENDS???? Not family? I guess these girls are old enough, you don't need permission from their dad's to ask them to marry him. :D

OK.. til next week... wonder how it will turn out! :D

11-05-2004, 11:19 AM
Good Morning girls!!! Well, It started to snow last night but we wouldnt have known it if we hadnt turned on the deck light before bed. It turned to rain in the middle of the night and the snow is gone. Mickey got to see snow for the first time though. He didnt like it until I made a snowball and threw it across the deck. He was hooked after that. :lol: It is deer hunting time so I am sure my dad is pissed that the snow didnt stay to make it easier to track the deer.

Maine tried to ban bear baiting and trapping this year in the elections and it didnt happen. I dont think they should be able to do it. It is cruel and not really hunting if you are feeding the animal for a month before you shoot it!!!! I wanted it to pass too because I am so sick of the people bugging us for day old donuts for baiting every fall. It is so annoying. End rant!!! :lol:

Not much happening here today. same old same old. Since I am feeling better we are taking the kids out for a seafood dinner tomorrow since we didnt get to do it for Britt's birthday. I cant wait to get some fried oysters and whole clams!!! YUM!!!

Cherie, I am glad that Hannah had a great birthday. They do grow up fast. Enjoy it now because when they hit the teens it is miserable. :lol:

Kempy, What are you going to be doing? Are you renting your spot but working for yourself? Or do you work for the salon? Either way I am so proud of you....You wanted a change and you did it. :cheer:

Julie, I agree with Noelle and Cherie. Maybe if she gets to feel the wetness a few times she will not like it enough to pee in the potty. Kids can be so stubborn sometimes huh? :lol: I wished I had their will power. hehe

Noelle, I was too sick when you posted your pics to tell you but I wanted to let you know that you are so pretty. Rick is a very good looking guy too. You guys are just the cutest little family.

Can you guys believe that there are only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving???? Where did this year go?

11-05-2004, 02:50 PM
Hey girls, Happy Friday :cb: It's raining cats and dogs right now but I love the sound of the rain, it's so soothing. About a week or so ago there was a flash flood near the local University and it caused major damage to the library over there. All sorts of documents were lost--one prof. had over 30+ years of his research damaged in the flood. The dept. hardest hit was the one which successfully cloned some mice a few years ago. Now if that isn't God telling you to just stop it, then I don't know what is.

Angie, that is a cruel thing to do to bears, or any animal. Do people actually eat bear meat? Or do they just take the skins? Do I sound like a hick? :lol: Hey, thanks for the compliments on the pics ;). I do need another vacation already. Have a good dinner tonight.

Cherie, glad you got to spend the day with your girl. Hannah sounds like a doll. And hey, 6+ miles is still awesome :cp:. Is Megan in Kindergarten like my son Michael? I'm still working with him on his handwriting too, but for him it's more a matter of being careful and deliberate--he always wants to rush through things and be sloppy.

Cal, worm sandwiches? :faint: :lol: Can you PM me your email address? I couldn't find it. That way I can email you some pics. My mom just developed her pics and there is a good one of us when we first met on Main Street. I'll scan that one in too. Don't work too hard. BTW I'd love to have your weather here right now.

Summer, you busy gal. Hope all is well with you.

Julie, don't let your family get you down about your daughter not being potty trained yet. It's easy to criticize someone when you're not directly responsible for the task at hand. If they b*tch you out about it again, how about suggesting to them to hand over your daughter to them for a few days and see how successful they are at it? :lol: Kids will go at their own pace :yes:.

Kempy, yeah, what Angie asked. Are you renting space? I'm proud of you too, going for what you wanted. Do you guys realize that's it's been 2 years since we started chatting here? Happy belated Anniversary of sorts :)

Well, gotta go and do some work. See you all later.

11-05-2004, 06:11 PM
Noelle, You should have seen the commercials....They showed a bear stuck by his back leg in a trap and the hunter walks up and shoots it in the stomach and lets it die. Cant shoot it anywhere else or the fur cant be used as a rug I guess. It makes me sick to even think about it. As you can tell I am not much into hunting. It is strange because my Dad is a huge hunter but I wouldnt even eat the deer meat when I was growing up. I would just eat the veggies that night. I wont even cook it for Jay when someone gives him some. He has to cook it himself.

My cat Fat Cow got caught in a trap once when she was young. We lived way in the woods and she went missing so I thought a fox ate her and about 2 weeks later she showed up on our doorstep with her paw all swollen. We took her to the vets and he said she had been caught in a trap and he didnt think there was any permanent damage. I am so glad that the hunter let her go instead of just killing her. Her leg is fine by the way. She is about 9 now and huge. :lol:

11-05-2004, 06:25 PM
Hi Girls
Sorry getting on here so late again. I am so tired today. I feel like a got hit by a truck. TGIF all the way. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow :^: :lol:. We are not going out for our Friday night fish fry....thank god, I need to stop eating so much. Thanks for all the potty advice girls. Noelle I do agree they are ready when they are ready but hus and I may try the undies thing this weekend. See how she likes that? Better get supper going....Julie

11-05-2004, 06:30 PM
Cherie I was thinking the same thing....she looks just like Darryl Hannah! I am still hoping for Mary too! I was glad to see her let loose on her date. I would never be able to do that stunt they did! Have a great weekend everyone. And hope to chat with everyone. Hello all to other ladies. Bye for now....Julie

11-06-2004, 06:13 PM
Hey girls :( I got a horrible call this morning. My black lab who stays at my Mil's and Fil's house since we moved into our brand new house and he retired was hit by a car and killed today. I am just devasted. I have been crying all day. She loved to hunt and died what she loved to do the most, I guess. She was a once in a lifetime kind of dog, the kids could crawl all over her, when I had morning sickness she would throw up too! She was literally like a human, she could always tell what kind of mood I was in and if I was sad or depressed she would put her cold black nose on me or jump on the couch and sit and cuddle. I will miss her and always love her. Julie

11-06-2004, 06:15 PM
Forgot to say Hi everyone. I hope you are all having a nice weekend. Julie

11-06-2004, 06:27 PM
Julie, I am so sorry to hear that. Poor baby.I know how you feel. You can at leat be happy knowing that she had a great life and was loved by everyone. {{{HUGS}}}

11-07-2004, 11:51 AM
:grouphug: Julie, I'm so sorry for your loss. If you need to talk, you can PM me. Thinking of you! :lucky:

11-07-2004, 12:08 PM
Good morning girls. Yesterday Rick went to pick up some building material that he bought from an old warehouse. He was loading up a stack of shower pans and he said he was lifting each one carefully looking out for centipedes or rats or other creepy crawly creatures...underneath the last one he found a litter of 5 kittens. There were 2 gray striped tabbies, 1 smoky gray, 1 black and one black with white tipped paws. There were still young, the eyes have been open but are still blue. They were so precious! I forgot how fun having little kittens can be. I was out at an appointment when Rick brought them home so by the time I got home, Michael and his cousin had named them all. (Socks, Greystoke, Midnight, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl--can you tell we saw the Incredibles movie last night? :lol: ) Of course, we already have 5 cats so I had to take them all to the pound :(. I asked him why he didn't just leave them there in case their mama came back, he said he took their 'house' away and they would've been left out in the open. I felt sick dropping them off at the pound but they were really healthy looking and not afraid so I'm hoping they will be put up for adoption.

Hope everyone is have a wonderful Sunday.

11-08-2004, 10:08 AM
Good Morning everyone!!!

Noelle, I wouldnt have been able to resist the kittens. :lol: I know I am a freak!!!! :lol: I fell in love with a homeless cat this weekend into Pet Quarters. He looked like a stray I had a few years ago. He was old when someone dumped him at our house. I know he was dumped becuase we didnt have any neighbors at the time. He kept curling up in the kitty condo. He liked Corey the best.

We went out to dinner at Weathervane. The food was SO good!!! I had the half and half which consisted of fried whole clams and oysters with fries,slaw and bread. I had so much food that I ate the second half for supper and still had some for lunch the next day. I finally got my Big Brown Moose drink!!! YUM!!! It is chocolate ice cream with Kalhua,Baileys Irish cream and coffee with whipped cream on top. It was so good that we went and bought ice cream and Irish cream and made them at home. :lol:

Brit got to go shopping for tons of new clothes so she was happy as well.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend.

11-08-2004, 11:48 AM
Hey guys, I am still here. I had a very busy weekend and I am still not able to sit down for long. I am making a run to the salon to drop off my stuff and I will be back later today to catch up on all of the posts.

Just didn't want you to forget about me. :D :wave:

11-08-2004, 02:15 PM
Good Monday Morning. :-) I am here.... I've just been busy trying to figure out how to change the benefits in our payroll system. We just went through open enrollment, and now all the premimum prices have changed, and I've had to add new plans, so I am in the process of figuring out how to get everyone up to date. :-) I run payroll on Wednesday, so I don't have much time. I was going to try to work on it this past weekend, and I finally got my new laptop to take home to work, but I could never get connected to the server, so I didn't get anything done, other than just to play around with the new computer. :D

Well, I my weight still isn't budging. I am going to try an different diet this week and see if it will make a difference. I guess it's all about experimenting. I took Friday off from exercising, but did 4.25 miles on Saturday and 4.0 miles yesterday. I am going to try to up it again this week.

Kempy.. congrats on your first official day at the Salon! Woo Hoo!

Angie.. The Big Brown Moose.. YUM.. That just sounds so good.

Noelle.. awww those kitties.... Hannah wants a cat so bad.. but I am just not up to getting an animal right now.

OK.. I need to get back to work.... I hope you guys have a great day... Hi Julie, and Cal, and Holly and Summer...


11-08-2004, 02:49 PM
Here's a pic of those cute kittens. (See Rick's hairy arms? :lol: ) I was so sad to have to give them up, but I did not look forward to cleaning yet even more litter boxes!

Kempy, congrats on your first day at the Salon! Have fun!

Angie, you've put evil thoughts of Kahlua and Irish Cream in my head :devil:. That sounds wonderful.

Julie, how are you doing today?

Cherie, I hate bringing work home. Sometimes it's inevitable though huh?

Well, I actually have to run out for a bit, but I'll try and be back later. Have a good day.

11-08-2004, 03:21 PM
Hi Girls

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. My was sad of course, but I know she is in heaven. My eating was terrible. I made tons of comfort foods this weekend. Homemade muffins, brownies, and last night homemade chicken and dumplings. It seems like I had a taste of sugar and can not give it up now.

Cherie what new diet are you going to try this week? I was thinking about trying a new one too. I guess I get burnt out on the low carb thing.

Noelle I love the blue eyes, they are beautiful.

Kempy, how did it go at the salon? Is everyone friendly and do you like your room?

Angie that drink sounds yummy, I am glad you finally got your family night out!

check in later girls, hi to everyone I did not mention .. Julie

11-08-2004, 03:33 PM

Oh my god, they are so cute. Rick is such a sweetheart for bringing them home so they can get nice homes. What a nice guy!!!! I had a litter of kittens once and I kept them all. That was my first time with 6 cats. We had Meanie(the old Himilayan) and the Mommy and 4 kittens. Christmas was so fun that year. I have them on tape all in the Christmas tree. They loved it. They ruined it every day but it was funny to watch. If you walked by you would end up getting scratched by a kitty. :lol: Christmas morning was a riot too. Kittens and wrapping paper everywhere. :lol:

Julie, How are you feeling now? It is so hard to lose a pet. Did you have her buried at home? My kids get big rocks and I let them paint them for headstones for ours. They feel good because they are decorating the resting place of the pet they loved so much.

I got to load a bunch of stuff into the RV today. It makes it feel like it is getting closer when I can do that.

Okay, I think I have your Christmas gifts all figured out for this year. It will be a totally Maine thing. The problem is that I dont have everyones address to mail it out so if I dont have your address and you want your present than you better PM me it. :lol:

I gotta get back to work before Jay beats me. :lol: Just kidding. He knows better than to ever try to hit me. haha I will kick his ***!!! :lol: :rofl:

11-08-2004, 03:35 PM
oh yeah, I ordered these jjingle bell collars for the dogs to wear in Florida for Christmas. haha. I made them walk around with Santa hats last year. Alicia says "Mom are you getting them collars this year so they dont have to walk around all humiliated looking this year? " :lol:

Here is the link to them.

11-08-2004, 03:41 PM
Angie we are having her creamated (sp?) and we are going to spread her ashes on her favorite hunting spot.

11-08-2004, 03:44 PM
Angie I can just imagine Jay dragging you back with hugs and kisses to the bakery. He seems like a gentle loving husband from all you have said about him :).

11-08-2004, 03:45 PM
Oh Julie, That is so sweet. I want to cremate the dogs when they die so I can keep them with me always. I will get a pretty urn. How are the kids handling it?

11-08-2004, 04:23 PM
Angie my ds is more quiet and I asked him how he feels and he said sad, but does not really want to talk about it. My dd keeps saying she is going to tell her not to run into the road anymore and give her a doggie treat when she gets back :(. She is only three so she does not understand that she is not coming back from hunting with Grandpa. I tried explaining the best I could about heaven and dying. But its hard because they are so young. I just said she is our angel now and always be with us in spirit but now she is playing with God in Heaven.

11-08-2004, 06:47 PM
Julie I am so sorry. I just read your post. I know it is hard when you lose a pet. They are like family. I know when I lost one of my cats I was off for at least a week. I couldn't sleep and all I did was cry. I know he is ok though and that makes me feel better.

Noelle I read in a book that when there is a litter of kittens and they are all different it is b/c they all have a different dad. I could be wrong but I remember reading that. Isn't that crazy?

Angie I am doing commission at the salon right now but only until I get my clientel up. Once I get enough people I am going to do room rental. I got everything over there except my machine. I didn't want to bring it until I knew that I would be there with it. That sucker cost me way too much money to just leave there with out me.

I had my house cleaned today. I am trading out with my friends aunt and she started today. I liked it but I felt guilty the whole time she was here. I did get alot of stuff done in the office though. I had lots of forms to print and I got my brochures finished. It did help me and I need to just let it go and enjoy the fact that it is done now. She doens't so clothes though which is fine with me. If that is all I have to worry about then that is ok.

11-09-2004, 12:22 PM
Good Morning girls!!! Where is everyone today? We were on page 2 when I found us.

Well, I went and bought your gifts today. It is totally local and I had to buy one for myself too.. :lol: Noone has to worry about buying for me. I just wanted to get you something from Maine so dont feel obligated. I had never been in the shop and it was so hard to choose which ones to get because there were so many. I may just get the same things for my family this year too.

I thought we had lost Tigger this morning. He went out last night and never came back and he didnt show up when Jay left to deliver or when he got home. Jay went looking on the roads to see if he got hit by a car and luckily he came home while he was gone. I was getting paranoid about the cats all dying this year. For crying out loud we live in the boonies. :lol:

It is 31 degrees out right now. I think winter is coming quick. :yikes:

Whats everyone up to?

11-09-2004, 01:02 PM
Brrrrrrrrrrrr Ang!!!!!! That is cold! However, tomorrow, we are getting a Northern Artic Blast and our lows will be in the 20's... highs maybe in the 40's. I hope it doesn't last long, cause I HATE cold weather... (The cold is OK, it's just the wind that comes with it.. OKC is so flat, that the wind just tears you apart.) Awwwww a gift from Maine???? AWWWWW When I think of Maine, I think of Stephen King, Snow, Lobster and Crab and Maple Syrup. Does Maple Syrup come from maine? :D One day I really want to see the coast of Maine, I think it would be beautiful!

Kempy.... Since I have never had electoywhatever done.. ;) What exactly is it? I think it has something to do with hair removal, but since I've really never had a problem with being hairy, I have never paid much attention to it. I do have ONE chin hair (ewwwwww) that I have to pluck about once a month that drives me crazy. I didn't get that til I got pregnant with my oldest daughter.

Julie, I am so sorry about your loss. :( That is so sad. And how do you explain it to your kids? I know it's hard. Because of what is going on with their dad, I had converstations with my girls about death and dying, so I know it's not fun. How do you answer questions that they ask when you don't even want to know the answers yourself? (((((HUGS))))) How are other things going in your life? Any better? Have you decided to plan a trip for you and your hubby yet?

Noelle, those kittens were just the sweetest thing. I WANT ONE!!!! :D so does my daughter... too bad they have claws, and shred furniture, and shed all their hair, and hack up hair balls, and jump off high places and scare the crap out of you etc. :D Maybe one day after I can move out of this apartment I will think about getting a pet for the girls.

I walked/jogged 5 miles last night on the treadmill. I was doing 10 miles a day, but wasn't getting results, so I've dropped the mileage and I will see what happens. I am just restricting my calories this week to see if I can jump start my body to lose some weight... I am impatient... 3 weeks and I have lost 4.5 pounds. :-( I still haven't broken through the plateau lowest weight that I was at last Monday. I was 155.50. As of this morning, I am 156.00. I will keep plugging away. Sooner or later, I will win... and my body will LOSE! :D Tonight, I plan on 5 to 6 miles... I am trying to jog more, and walk less.... I see to feel better when I do that.. the walking is getting to the point that I don't feel like I am working much... but it's better than sitting on my butt watching TV huh? :D

OK.. I have payroll to run tomorrow, I just wanted to check in with everyone! Talk to you guys later!

11-09-2004, 03:42 PM
Cherie, Stephen King donates a ton of money to the community of Bangor. He just put in a public swimming pool for his part of the city that looks like an amusement park. It is really nice and he donated everything for the kids to get it. He is really big on community service.

If you would like a "Maine" gift I will need your mailing address. I will be sending everything out early this year since we are leaving on December 19 for Florida.Julie, let me know if you want one too, okay?

I admire your dedication to losing your weight. I REALLY have to get moving more.

I am going to Walmart this weekend because I saw these things that will be perfect for the kids to relax with on the way to Florida while watching movies. They are those little back pillows to make it comfy to sit up in bed with little blankets that come with them. They only had a few this weekend but the kids were with us so I should get them before they are gone. Other than that I have no idea what to buy them for Christmas.

I gotta get back to work. :lol:

11-09-2004, 03:54 PM
I am back after being at the shop today. I think I picked the wrong say to be there. They told me that Thursday and Friday will be busy so I a hoping that I can at least schedule some appts. I am just going to start to sit up there and wait for people. That is really that only way to do it.

Cherie it is permant hair removal. Some poeple are lucky like you and then you have the people like me that really need it. I started having it done when I was 18. The reason you got that hair was b/c your hormans changed. That is very common.

Angie I get a lot of our gifts from ABC Distributing. (not trying to plug them). I usually need about 5 couples gifts so everyone gets the same thing. Some of their stuff isn't very nice but sometimes you can get a real deal. I am making sure that Joe doesn't buy me anything this year. I never realized how much we used the money from when I was working to play with. I just hope that I get some clients soon. I need to start paying off all of this equipment that I had to buy.

11-09-2004, 04:28 PM
Okay lovely ladies....

There are days I'd rather telephone than e-mail :dunno:oh well...
Sorry I have again been the MIA banshee. I hate it but it's that time of year.

It's NOVEMBER -that's crazy. I am actually home for a couple weeks then I have to Birmingham, AL for a couple days then Thanksgiving! My sister is bringing a new boy home (please note: my sister has brought quite a few guys home before so it is not as big of a deal) but he is a student/Carpenter/Abercrombie&Fitch model who is well tattooed and pierced. I can't wait to see how my very straight laced evangelical dad will react? I wonder how the new boy will react to dad? and I get entertained for FREE! :devil:

Travelling is almost done. I go to the Doctor tomorrow. I am getting tested for diabetes....I just want some resolution on how I am feeling (lightheaded, always thirsty, have to pee so many times a day it's scary (especially when running through an airport) and a dry mouth all the time) so say a little prayer for me please.

Angie I am glad to hear you are feeling better and to comiserate a little - it is snowing here today.Not that it will last long - but the thought is BRRRRR~! I am excited for your FL trip for you.

Julie I am so sorry for your loss. If I lost Fenway I would go crazy :grouphug:. I am rooting for Mary too on the Bachelor.

Kempy I like the costume pics - you're my kind of nun! Good luck with getting clients - Where are you - I have relatives out that way and if I know the name of your place I will pass it along! I gotta big mouth when needed! ;)

Noelle I could eat sushi all day and still be happy. I love the pics of the kittens - it ALMOST makes me want one. How is Michael? Thank God that 10lb bar of dark chocolate is there and not here - I would of found 101 uses for it in the first hour. :D

Cherie keep up the amazing work on the treadmill. A plateau of over a week isn't too long but I am sure something will happen for the better with all the hard work you are doing. Your little girls sound amazing and bright.

Well I must be going - work is calling me, again. Hi to Cal and Holly :wave:


Life is a long lesson in humility. - James M. Barrie

be well.

;) Summer ;)

11-09-2004, 05:34 PM
Julie, I would also like it if we all could meet up together. It just wouldnt be the same if we were missing someone as important as Noelle. ;) wink wink. :lol: I still want to meet you all in person too.

I tried so hard to find ways to send you guys lobster for Christmas but the shipping alone to Hawaii was $70.00 :yikes: So I hope I found you all something equally as good but a little less harmful to the wallet. :lol: I found a couple more Maine Made things that we enjoy so I probably will add some to your packages. It is just a couple of cheap products but you may like them. I know one of them we couldnt find when we went to Florida last year and I was so mad. :lol:

Summer, You travel alot. I hope you get a chance to rest up. Good Luck with your entertainment for the holidays. :lol: I am sending good thoughts your way for your diabetes test. :goodvibes My nana had diabetes and I am built just like her and deathly afraid of needles so I am scared to get it.

Kempy,Is the salon a really busy one? Maybe you could take out a small ad in your towns newspaper to help drum up business and let people know you are there. I just saw an ad in ours for a lady doing that at the medical clinic in another town.


11-09-2004, 05:39 PM
My computer is being a pain in the you know what again. It's still not 100%--in fact, this is my 3rd attempt at posting today. I am so long-winded today you would not believe :lol:, errr, I'm sure you would believe :lol:...

Anyway, this is a test post. Here's a pic my mom took when me and Cal met up at Disneyland. FUN TIMES I tell you! :cb:

11-09-2004, 05:42 PM
I am going to run home where my 'puter is not so schizoid and have lunch then I will try and post there. See you in a little while!

11-09-2004, 05:50 PM
I love the picture. You guys must have had so much fun!!!

11-09-2004, 11:03 PM
Hey girls, I finally got a moments peace to sit at the computer at home. Between homework and laundry and refereeing little spats between those rotten kids...:lol: I am kinda bummed. Four of my sisters are traveling to Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand again on Thursday, they're staying for 2 weeks and returning on Thanksgiving day. Man what I would give to go shopping there again right now. Oh well, I had that awesome trip to Disneyland and that was my fun for the year. I WILL go to Bangkok next year though. It will time for a new bag by then. Whew, I'm sweating sitting here. It's so darn muggy. I would love to send some heat up to all of you freezing your butts off :sunny:

Angie you are so sweet (and organized) about getting your Xmas stuff done now. I think local specialties are a cool gift idea. I was thinking of sending you guys some fresh pineapple--I have no idea of the availability of it to you guys on the mainland. You probably get some from Mexico which is closer to ship. There's nothing like fresh Hawaiian pineapple. If you guys would like some, I'd love to ship it to you. PM me your addresses if you want a small case of pina! Don't be shy. I will try to think of other uniquely Hawaiian gifts I can send to you all.

Julie, please don't feel you guys have to postpone the trip in March just because I can't come. I just need to check Michael's school schedule to make sure he's taken care of, I may be able to swing it. I would love to meet up in Vegas anytime. I especially like the saying 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' :devil:

Summer, I will think only good thoughts for your check up tomorrow. Can I share a funny story w/ya? About 6 years ago, I thought I was diabetic. I was having similar symptoms like you're having--thirsty all the time, have to pee alot... turns out I was pregnant! :bb: Well, hoping all the best for you. Your sister's boy friend sound very interesting. Will you be bringing a video camera? :lol:

Cherie, you are the workout queen :strong: I have a weird white hair growing on my left eyelid that I have to pluck out about once a month too....stranggggggeeeee! :lol:

Kempy, I looked online for local salons offering electrolysis--couldn't find any except for laser hair removal (that is different isn't it?) and waxing. I will send new customer vibes :goodvibes: for you to get busy. :)

Cal, I will work on emailing you some pics tomorrow if my computer doesn't go too cuckoo.

Is anyone done with most of their xmas shopping? or egads, their xmas cards? Enquiring minds want to know... :lol:

11-10-2004, 10:09 AM
Good Morning Girls.. I don't have time to catch up yet...(BUT I WILL) however, I just wanted to say HI! I've got to finish up my payroll... and get it out of the door by noon. I'll be back this afternoon!!

Talk to you all later!

11-10-2004, 10:15 AM
Good morning guys. I am home today so I plan on splitting a few plants. I need to hurry b4 it gets too cold. Do any of you guys read the Famers Almanac? I know people down here believe that thing. Well, it says that we are going to have a very cold year and it might even snow. Now that is what I call cold down here.

Summer I am in southern LA. What town are your relatives in? I can tell you how close they are then. That would be cool though if I was working on your family. Who knows maybe then I would end up meeting you if you came to vist them.

Noelle I have most of my shopping done. I did most of it through catalog. I have a few small things that I need to get but I think I will wait to get those while we are in CA. I usually wait to buy the family out there things once we get there. It is sheaper than trying to ship it over early. Yeah, Laser is different. It is permanat hair reduction, I am perm. hair removal. Most people want removal not reduction.

Angie I hope eveyone gets to come out in March. If not that is ok too. I can't beleive your FL trip is almost here again. It just seems like yesterday that you were over there. I have to find some LA items for you guys this year. They really don't have LA stores in my town. I have to go to New Orleans to find the cool stuff. I might just have to get myself down there and shop!!!

Julie have you looked into getting away locally? I am trying to plan a trip for Joe and I to go to Vicksburg, MS. It is only a few hours away and the Civil War field is there. We have always talked about riding our bikes through it. I thought it would be nice to stay in a B&B. I am telling ya, you don't have to spend much $ to have a good time. Hear what you way about him I think you two need to re-connect. I would hate to see you seperate. I just love Joe so much I hate to see that other people aren't the same way as us.

Alright, I need to get my but going. I will be back later today.

11-10-2004, 01:57 PM
OK.. I am back and ready to post! :D I got my payroll off and now everyone will be paid on Monday... :)

Today, I weighed in for my official 3rd week weigh in.. and I have lost a pound from last week. So, total of 5 pounds in the past three weeks, 7 in the past month and ahalf. Not what I want, but I'll take, and keep working. I did walk/jog 7 miles last night on the treadmill. I started when that show, the Biggest Loser came on. I didn't realize it was an hour and a half long... so I stayed on that treadmill during the whole time and all I had left to do after that was 10 more minutes to finish out my 7 miles.

Kempy I am impressed you have most of your Xmas shopping done. WOW... I haven't even started. My reason has been lack of money more than anything else. I have set back about 200 to go shopping for the girls, so I hope that is enough, and they will be happy and excited. That cold front is starting to move through here right now... You will have it in the next couple of days.... Hope you stay warm!

Noelle.. those places sound so exotic!!! I have only been to Canada and Mexico.. so any other place sounds just great. I hope your family has a great time, and I hope you get to go back next year! That picture of you and Cal looks great.... You guys did have a great time!

Summer.. good luck on the testing. I hope it comes out negative. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Angie.. do you always go somewhere during the Xmas holidays? That would be a great tradition. Florida would be perfect too... that is where my sister is.. and I am hoping to take the girls there next summer. They want to see the ocean so bad.. and go to Disney World.

Julie.. sorry hubby is being a pain. Maybe he will wake up and realize that a relationship is worth more to work on than the money you would spend doing it. I am open to meeting everyone next year... just let me know the plans and I will see if I can swing it. Right now its hard for me to plan anything, being a single mom, and not knowing if my ex will get better and start working again. But I would love to meet you all!

Holly and Cal hey you two!!!! Come on back! :D

OK... I guess I better get back to work... talk to you all soon!!!!

11-10-2004, 03:55 PM
Good afternoon!!! I had to go to Bangor to buy the second part of your gifts today. It is such a cute idea, I hope you like it.

I am so embarrassed but I outgrew my fat coat. I have my skinny coat that was snug after Florida last year so I went and bought another and that is too tight now so I had to cave and go buy another one in a plus size today. Talk about depressing. I told Jay that my closet looks like a department store because I have clothes ranging from size 6 to 1X.

Kempy, Did you get your plants split? When do you and Joe go to California?

Cherie, Last year was the first time we went to Florida. It works out perfectly for us to take a 2 week vaca during Christmas so the kids dont miss school and the accounts are slow. We dont get to do anything during the summer because we are busy with the tourists so we just do it during the winter. Yep, We will do it every year until the kids grow up and then I am selling the house and travelling full time with Jay. We can get jobs in state parks for free lot spots and some pay. It sounds like so much fun, My Mimmie did it for the last 7 years or so.

Julie, I agree with Kempy, I think you and hubby need to reconnect with each other. You should have your Mom or his take the kids for a night and have a romantic dinner and just talk about the two of you and remember the fun days. I know it is hard when you have little ones to get special alone time but it is necessary.

Whatcha all been up to today?

11-10-2004, 08:15 PM
Noelle, I just looked up airfares to Las Vegas from my house and they are about the same as to La. If everyone wants to meet up there I am game. Maybe we could all plan it and rent a 2 room suite together and party for a weekend or something. It is up to all of you but I am in if we can all plan to do it. :lol:

I had to rake Candi's fur tonight. :yikes: I hate to do it because she screams and shakes and has bad breathe, etc. It is miserable to do and her fur sucks because it isnt hair it is fur and it matts like sheeps wool. She hates it so bad that I put it off until she looks like **** and then I have to spend a whole night doing it. I am not done yet I just did her head and back. I still have the *** to do(which is the worst) she screams so loud when I touch her butt, even though I am not doing it hard. :lol: I am going to get her cleaned up and start to pay someone to do it for me regularly. I just dont want to take her in right now until I demat some and have her come home shaved. :lol:

Noelle, I loved the apron you gave me for my birthday. I use it everyday in the bakery. If the bag had a zipper I would be using it as my everyday purse. It is so pretty.

Where is everyone tonight? I hope you are all having fun. The kids dont have school tomorrow and than they go next week and have the whole week of Thanksgiving off.

11-10-2004, 08:29 PM
Noelle there is one thing I know - I am not pregnant :yikes: I had mild heart palpitations when I read that in your post. Disneyland sounds fun (okay so does Bangkok) but mini vacation may be in order around the holidays. As strange as this will sound - I don't like muggy - I'd rather do cold if I had to choose. :dizzy: crazy, I know.

Kempy my family is in Mandeville, LA - is that close? I hope business starts picking up for you soon.

Cherie I love your motivation and positive attitude. :cp: on the one pound loss!

Angie you were sick for a while and are just getting back - don't beat yourself up about it. Soon you will be in warm weather and enjoying the family with no work :sunny: sounds like a slice of heaven to me!

Julie I will echo what all have said about the DH. Do something without the kids whether it is for 1 evening or a weekend. I think it is imortant. :goodvibes: sending them your way!

I get results next Friday. We'll see. I had to do a weigh in at the Dr.s though. 158 :mad: I just have to get over it and do smething.

I just came home from dinner with Michael and my in-laws (whom I love - crazy...I know) and had a Philly Cheese steak and that is not doing something! but the beat goes on....

Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all. -Sam Ewing

be well.

;) Summer ;)

11-10-2004, 08:45 PM
Good afternoon/evening ladies. I am back at work in my wonderfully air conditioned office. Our sky looks like Los Angeles smog right now, except that it's "vog" from the volcano (ya know, volcanic fog?). Anyway, we're still supposed to get more rain later in the week so it's hot and sticky. Michael is done with school for this week as well and I made him do all of his homework right when he came home so we don't have to worry about it over the weekend.

Angie, I'm glad you like the apron and the bag. I tried to think of things that would be useful to you. I would love to travel to LA just so we can enjoy the Big Easy but Vegas is always fun. I'm not a gambler, but I do like to hop in the car and find all the shopping malls and outlets to spend my money at. And let's not forget all those crazy themed hotels they have, gotta love it. I'm sure you'd love it there especially if you've never been. My closet is just like yours, except I've got my different sizes in trash bags. I don't think I have many 6's anymore since I haven't been that size in so long. The smallest thing I have right now is a 12--and I can probably get my one leg into it :lol: I am so mortified to think how big I am again, compared to how I was last year while on my BKK trip :(. Well, it's no one's fault but my own.

Cherie, you are doing great. 5 lbs in 3 weeks is super. I'm awed by your ability to stay on that treadmill while watching TV, that is a great thing.

Kempy, yeah, hair reduction vs. complete removal? That's strange....unless maybe it's a gorilla-hairy guy who wants some back hair removed, but not all of it :rofl:. Sorry for the visual. I am betting you will come across some pretty scary/freaky/hairy clientele :lol:. Be strong girl and always remember to wear gloves :lol: I've got a tiny bit of my Xmas shopping done, mostly for Michael since he's easy to shop for (toys toys toys).

Summer, any word from your doctor? Hope all is well!!! ***Oops, I see I was typing this out while you were posting. Sorry for the heart palpitations. I guess a 'negative' test is good for you, eh? :lol: I am still thinking good healthy thoughts for you though. --I'm not "doing" something either, I ate the same thing you did at lunch.

Julie, how's your day going? Any plans to take the kiddos to see the Polar Express? I may take Michael this weekend. It'll cost me an arm and a leg though...and they wonder why people sneak snack food in instead of buying it from the concession :s:

Hi Cal :wave: I haven't gotten around to the pics yet...but I will!

11-10-2004, 08:55 PM
Going to try and post again! Darn computer keeps eating my posts, my appetite must be rubbing off on it :lol:! Julie

11-10-2004, 09:25 PM
Good evening ladies.. thanks to you all for giving me such nice comments about my motivation.. believe it or not, that helps to keep me going. I need to hurry and post this because I am going to be on the treadmill while the Bachelor is on. If I have something to concentrate on, then it seems easier to walk/jog than if nothing interesting is on.

Let me know if you decide on Vegas... I can help. My sister works for a resort company and I can get some pretty good rates on a condo. They have two properties there in Las Vegas... so if I can get it booked in time.. then we would have a nice place to hang out in!

My ex wants me and him to take the girls to see the Polar Express together. I feel kinda weird, but I said I would go. Not sure when he has this planned... wondering if he plans on me paying his way? Hmmmmmm

I bought Bridget Jone's Diary last night.. I'm going to watch it and then go find a time when I can go see the new one. She is my hero. :D However, I saw an article about her in the Star.. (first time I've bought a trash mag in a LONG time) and she is looking downright sick. They said she is now 100 pounds. Wish I had a trainer, and a cook, and all that extra time to work it off. I would never want to get that low.. but it would be nice to be able to afford to just have the time and resources to work it off.

Summer... Let us know about the results... my heart did a flip too when Noelle mentioned the pregnancy thing too!! hahahaha.... We must be about the same size... I am only 5'2" and I think I saw somewhere you are short like me too... we can do this.. :-)

Julie... I hope you and hubby can find some time soon. :-) It would be so worth it!

Well, I need to get off here.. and go get the girls in bed so I can walk! :D

Talk to you ladies tomorrow!


11-10-2004, 11:24 PM
Hello Everyone,

It's amazing how little I post right now. I'm really sorry. :( After 'working with words' and talking all day, I feel I'm just used up and I don't feel like communicating. Of course, hubby only wants to talk and talk and talk.... :lol:
and so does Ashley.

I was just getting caught up on the posts. I love reading them.

Angie: I would send you some sun, but it's not really that warm here. The high for the next few days is supposed to be between 60 and 75. It does warm up during the day, but it's pretty cool in the mornings (by Phoenix standards) :D We have tomorrow off from school, but have to go back on Friday; isn't that crazy?? We also only have Thurs and Fri off for Thanksgiving. My sister has the entire week off. That's a bummer.

Kempy: Good luck on your new job. I'm so proud of you. Let me know again when you'll be in CA. I may be able to go over to meet you.

Cherie: You are a great inspiration. Reading your posts makes me want to go buy a treadmill also. I saw the news earlier this evening and they were showing some pretty wicked weather in OKC; even a tornado. Hope all's well there. I'm planning to take Ashley to see Polar Express in the next week or so. In fact, I tried to get tickets on the Polar Express train, but they are completely sold out for this year. The Polar Exprexx train is the Grand Canyon Railroad that goes from Williams, AZ to the "North Pole" (about an hour from Williams). At the North Pole they pick up Santa and he meets all the kids and gives them a jingle bell ornament; they have cookies, hot chocolate, and they all read "The Polar Express" story. I know Ashley would love it, but we'll have to wait until next year to do that.

Noelle: The picture was great. I showed it to Ashley and she got excited. She remembered you because she said "That's Michael's Mom". :D I look forward to seeing some of the other pics. I'm going to try to have my pictures put on cd so I can send you some. I have a good one of you, your neice, and my sister on the roller coaster. I will call you soon about getting a snowglobe from Hawaii for my neice. She collects snowglobes and she's working on getting one from every state.

Summer: You are a travelling girl!! Take care of yourself. Hope the news is good for you.

Julie: Hope things work out for you. :grouphug:

I was reading the posts about possibly meeting up in Las Vegas. I haven't been there in ages, but I'm game. It's only a 4 hour drive for me. Kind of like when I went to Disneyland to meet Noelle. Again, I'm all for it. I would love it if we could all get together. Talk about a 'slumber party' to end all slumber parties!!!!!!!

Hello to Holly; come out and play.


11-11-2004, 10:00 AM

Summer, I wished I could love my In laws. :lol: Aint gonna happen. It isnt that nice of a family. :lol: Luckily Jay is so normal I wonder how it happened. haha I am hoping everything comes back okay for you Friday.

Noelle, Jay loves Volcanos. He has to watch every show on them. haha I am pretty sure that when Rebel dies we will be making a trip there so he can see them. I dont care where we all meet up just as long as we get to do it. We have been hanging out for going on our third year. I feel like you guys are here with me even though none of us have ever physically met or talked on the phone. How was the Incredibles? It looks like it will be funny.

Julie,How is your son liking school? How is the potty training going? getting any better? What are you up to today?

Cherie, I am only 5' 2" too. This is a short group of women. Right now I resemble the blueberry girl on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. :lol: Can you find out what kind of rates your sis could get for us? If it is doable maybe we could all plan something together.

Cal, My kids have to go back to school tomorrow too. I figured it would have been a teacher worksop day or something. That is what they usually do. I am not complaining though. :lol: Oh can you just imagine the fun we could all have? I bet we wouldnt get any sleep. I can see us all now just sitting up all night talking. :lol:

11-11-2004, 10:41 AM
Good Morning girls. Ok.. I didn't do any treadmill stuff last night at all. I was all dressed for it.. I got my water, set up my computer and even got on. I went about a minutes, and decided my foot was not feeling right, and promptly got off and laid on my bed and watched the Bachelor. I also didn't think I ate too badly yesterday, but obviously I did, cause I am up a pound and a half this morning. Tonight, I won't be working out because Steven has the girls and I am going over to see my friend Alan, but I have already decided this is going to be a catch up weekend for me where the treadmill is concerned. I am definately showing my age. It's NEVER been this hard for me to lose weight. I wish there was a place where you could go and they could draw some blood, run a test while you wait and tell you exactly how many calories you need to eat and how much exercise you need to do to make progress. Then sell you something that you can stick into your food where it shows you exactly how many calories you are eating, so you know exactly what you are putting in your body. Maybe THEN once I figured out that delicate balance, I would be able to lose weight and not get so frustrated. You know! Ok.. not venting anymore.

Angie... I can try to find out some rates but just to let you know, I am not sure how far in advance I can book. I am thinking only about two weeks or a month in advance. But just for example... last time I went to branson, MO... I got a full one bedroom condo (1000 sq ft, full kitchen, washer/dryer, living room w/sleeper sofa, enclosed balcony, king bed and whirlpool bath) for 50 a night. So if they have a two bedroom.. it's would probably be about 80.... but it depends on the location. I will let you know. What time of the year are you we looking at?

Cal.. yes we did have alot of tornados yesterday. It's weird driving home in November, and hearing the sirens go off.... and you have to roll down the windows to make sure you are hearing what you think you are hearing! None of them were close to me, on the other side of town, and I really don't think any caused any damage... but I do live in the epicenter of tornados! :-) Just something you learn to live with.

OK.. well I need to get back to work. I hope you all have a great morning! Talk to you guys soon!

11-11-2004, 02:57 PM
Good morning girls. I am so green with envy. I just dropped my sister off at the airport for her flight to BKK. I have serious shopping envy :lol:. It is so much fun to hang out with my sisters and go shopping all the time over there.

Summer, I pretty much say word for word Angie's sentiments about her in-laws. My feelings for my in-laws are the same as Angie's for hers. You are lucky to get along with yours.

Angie, the Incredibles movie was hilarious. It's a good family movie. Are you guys planning on doing different things on your FL trip this time? Like going to different amusement parks and things? I like when I can return to a fun vacation spot, you can try all the things you didn't get to do the last time. The blueberry girls name was Violet Beauregarde, I think--the one that chewed the gum forever? You do not look like her! But, I think I look like fat Aunt Marge on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (when she floated up and away into the sky :lol: ) Did you hear that Johnny Depp will be playing Willy Wonka in a new remake of the film? Yummy!

Cherie, those are some awesome room rates your sister can get. Is it a time share thing? Have fun on your date night tonight. I hear you about getting older and having more trouble losing weight. Ten years ago I lost about 70 lbs in 5 mos, kept it off for only a year, but man, those pounds melted off fast. Now it takes me 3 mos to maybe lose 10 :shrug:. Have you ever tried WW? I like their flexpoints program, it really works if you follow it. No food is off-limits, you just keep track of your daily alotted points. Maybe you're not eating enough calories for the amount of exercise your doing?

Cal, I will be looking out for hawaiian themed snow globes. I'm sure i can find one somewhere, it's not a problem. Were you able to download the pics? I sent them yesterday. I have a lot more from the electric light parade, but didn't want to slam you with all of them on one transmission. I DO remember the picture you're talking about on the roller coaster--the one where I was screaming my head off in terror in the first 5 seconds of the ride? :eek: That Polar Express train ride sounds wonderful!

Kempy, are you hard at work today? Have fun.

Hey Julie, how're you doing today? Anything special planned for this Veteran's Day holiday?

Well, I've got to take Michael for a haircut before the school sends home a note. I'll be back later. have a good day all!

11-11-2004, 06:56 PM
Hey guys. We had a DU banquet in another city last night to go to. We went to help them out plus we got a free prime rib meal. I couldn't turn that down. I was at work all day today. I got one person on the book for next week so it was worth sitting up there all day.

Angie we are required by law to wear gloves. I am uner Health and Hospitals so we have to follow some strict guidlines. That is good though.

Summer Mandeville is about 15 mins away from me. How cool is that. That is where my grandmother lives. In fact to drive over there to shop at Target all of the time. I would much rather spend the time in the car to get nice things from there.

OK, I can't stay long, I am pooped from doing something different. I will check back later after I eat something.

11-11-2004, 09:46 PM
Hi Girls, GoodEvening....

How is everyone today? I had a pretty busy day. Dd and ds are getting over their upteenth :lol:cold and now hubby is sick as a dog. But I am feeling fine, so that is good. Gotta have at least one healthy person in the house! You guys my eating is so bad, I swear I have gained 10 lbs in the last week just by the feel of my clothes, but I am not stepping on the scale, until I feel I have lost some. My boobs, sorry tmi are killing me and my period is not due until a week from Sunday. Yuck, I can't believe I have to feel so icky every month, its like i only feel good a couple days a month and then the hormones take over, my gyn is going to get an earful at the next visit :lol:. We had chicken parmesan for supper. It was good, I made it with low carb pasta, but I would rather have the real stuff and just do portion control, yeah right :lol:. Did anyone watch Wife Swap last night? I felt so so so so bad for those military kids....they were like robots. The mom was so mean. I could never talk that way to my kids yet alone have a damn whip hanging on their bedroom doors, that was just nuts!

Kempy glad you wear gloves for your safety! I bet the prime rib was great.

Noelle nothing planned yet.....

Angie potty time is well lets say we are working on it :lol:. My son is adjusting to pre-k very well. I think he will do just fine next year in kindergaten.

Cherie can you believe he let Cindi go? I thought it was going to be her and Mary at the end. Now next week is the stupid tell all week....I can't wait for the last show! It better be Mary. They said it was the most romantic proposal of all time :lol:! Woohoo! Have fun tonight! I hope you get to relax. PM me if you want and tell me the name of the resort in Vegas if you want, if you don't thats okay!

Hi Cal and Holly and Summer! Have a TGIF tomorrow! Julie

11-11-2004, 09:53 PM
Btw Cal I wanted to say you are so lucky being so close to Vegas and California. You can take a beautiful vacation whenever you get the time and you want. I would love your temps too! Julie

11-11-2004, 10:00 PM
One more thing I forgot to ask....Kempy did they ever hire a replacement for you at your old job? Have you seen the boss man since you left? Just curious? Well I have to get to bed earlier, 12:30-1am last night was way to late. I had talked to my fil last night and he told me exactly what happened to my poor baby and it just broke my heart. I took out pics of her and cried. I have to realize she was a 10 year old lab and she probally only had a year or two left. It just upsets me to think about how she suffered so much.

11-12-2004, 09:55 AM
Good Morning girls!! My vet was supposed to come over this morning to give all the animals their shots. They had to cancell because something came up. Jeepers!! I have been trying since the beginning of Oct to get them done but than I got sick etc. etc. I have to at least get the dogs done for Florida so I guess I will go buy another cat carrier and take them all over some morning.

I have to work for the next few Saturdays making donuts for the freezer for the accounts and the MIL bakery while we are gone. See, I can only have a vaca if there are still something for donuts for everyone. It is a huge pain in the ***. I can not wait until the kids are grown so I can afford to stop doing this for a living. I dont care if I have money as long as my kids had enough while they were growing up so I do this because I have to. Seriously though can you imagine not being able to take any time off? I cant do anything during the summer so those have all been a waste since the kids were born. I know I dont work long hours so that is nice but I still have to be around because god forbid someone sell out of donuts. It would be the end of the world ya know!!! :lol: okay, enough whining from me, I didnt mean to do that. :lol:

Cherie, WOW, 80 bucks wouldnt be bad. I bet we could all swing 10 bucks or so a day to have a nice place to stay and meet up huh? Oh, It would be so much fun.

Noelle, Hubby owes you a trip since he just took one with his brothers. *wink* haha :lol: I am not sure what we intend to do this time. I cant wait to go back to Seaworld again though. I loved it there. I could go there everyday and have fun. We rented a minivan so we can go sightseeing with the dogs too so they arent left alone to bark all day. Last year the backseat of the car was cramped with the kids and the dogs. This year they will all have room to breathe. :lol: I am happy to get up and go see the armadillos in the mornings and just hang out all day though.

Kempy, Is electrolysis like a needle? :cheer: Yeah on getting a client booked. It may take a while for word to spread but I bet you will have a great business. Does anyone in your town do it besides you?

Julie, I can totally relate to the cold issues. I remember we never had colds until the kids got old enough to go to headstart and than we were all sick all winter. I watch videos of all the holidays and we were all coughing and sick. I keep hounding the kids to wash alot and dont touch anyone etc. I dont want us to keep getting sick for vaca. :lol: I am a germ phobic anyway. I hate public bathrooms and I have hand sanitizer on me all the time. :lol:

11-12-2004, 11:14 AM
Good Morning everyone. It's been ONE OF THOSE MORNINGS... already. :( It started out yesterday, afternoon to be exact, around 4 PM.. only I didn't know it until it was too late. See... with Steven being ill, he isn't working, so I am not getting any support from him at all. This whole year, I have only gotten 530 dollars from him in support for the girls. The last was in August. It's November now. So that is one issue. I am trying not to complain, he is ill. So, if he can't help out finanically, the least I need is some time off every now and then. Well, issue #2, with him taking his treatments, he is physically weak and fatigued all the time. He has problems taking the girls for more than a few hours at a time. I MIGHT get one night a week off.... but usually, I have to pick them up that night, and bring them home and put them to bed myself. So... I really look forward to that one night a week, were I am not driving, I am not working and I am not stuck in my apartment taking care of the girls. I love them... but I am drained when it comes to being a responsible mom. Last night was supposed to have been my 3 hour break for the week. Steven said he would pick up the girls. His truck is not working right, so I had to beg him to do that... or else it would take an extra 40 minutes or so for me to go pick them up and take them to his place. Well... I had a feeling I should have called daycare... but I didn't. I tried calling Steven's cell phone to make sure he was picking up the girls.. but I just got voice mail. Second time it went straight to voice mail in a couple of days. In Hindsight.. I am thinking he had his phone shut off.. but not sure, didn't ask. Well.. I do have time to get to my friend Alan's place last night... he is making me dinner... baking me some bread... and we are going to watch The King and I... I talked him into buying the collection of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals.. We have a nice spaghetti dinner with some wine.. no bread yet cause it's still baking.. and we sit down to watch the movie... at about 6 we decided to get up and he is going to make me a chocolate souflee... I have never had one, and so finally he is going to make one for me. Together we whip it up.. and place it in the oven, and my phone rings. It's about 6:15. Girls are still at daycare, I am going to be charged for late fees... yada yada yada.. So I grab my shoes and purse and run out the door.. I am at least 20 minutes away... I'm upset, I'm being selfish... because my night is ruined.. and to top it off.. I have to pay $40 dollars in late fees.

I get there... Hannah and Megan are a little upset... questioning me why Daddy didn't pick them up, saying that I WAS late.... etc.. doesn't help my mood. I run through McDonalds.. pick them up some dinner.. and when I get to my apartment.. Steven is waiting for me. Seems... he left at 5:15.. plenty of time to drive up to pick up the girls.. but unfortunately, around 4:00 PM... a van exploded on NW Expressway, and a man died, and they shut down the highway. My ex thinks this is the ONLY FREAKIN ROAD that he can take to get to the girls. (OK.. so he has only lived on this side of town for about 3 months) and he didn't have his phone on him.. and he doesn't have my number in his wallet... and he had NO WAY of letting me know.. and he wonders how I got there before him (I never hit that road except to cross it to get to daycare so I missed the whole incident) etc etc etc. Whatever.. I am upset, I now have to PAY late fees... My one night to see Alan in two weeks is screwed up... and the girls were upset cause I was upset with their dad. I just hate having to deal with things that are out of my control. Had I known, I would have picked them up earlier. Sigh...

So this morning.... its my same old fight with the girls. I get up at 6:20... get the girls up... I lay out their clothes on their bed.. tell them I am going to take a shower, please get up and get dressed. This is ALL they have to do, take off their night clothes, put on the clothes I lay out. Get a pair of socks out of their sock drawer and put them on, put their shoes on that are in the closet, brush their teeth and bring me the brush and a rubberband so I can pull back their hair. 5 Minutes, 10 minutes TOPS. Instead, I take my shower, I get out, Hannah is STILL using the bathroom (been on the pot the whole time I take my shower, every single DAY) Megan is still in bed, I yell at them to get up and get dressed. They bicker and fight amongst themselves... I yell... Megan gets her shirt and pants on.. I tell her to go get her socks and shoes... Hannah needs help unbuttoning her jeans... I help.. I turn back to finish drying my hair (I take a shower, I brush my teeth, I put on my makeup, dry my hair, get dressed, and I'm ready to go in 30 minutes). 4 minutes later I look out and Hannah is JUST NOW putting her first leg in her pants. I take away her stuffed animal and her doll.. charge into the bedroom and yell for megan.. she pokes her head out of her closet, and her pants are OFF and she is trying to put on white HOSE. I yell at Megan. I finish getting dressed... Hannah is brushing her teeth and I brush her hair. She is finally ready, shoes on, clothes on etc. I tell her to go gather her school things. Megan has her pants on.. has her tennis shoes (not the ones I told her to get) and a pair of socks. I tell her to put them on. I look at her once.. and she has her left sock on, trying to get her right one on. I go to the kitchen to get some milk to take to work.. look back at megan.. and her Left Sock is OFF and her right one is ON.. I yell at her again.. she tries to put on her shoe on the foot with no sock... I yell at her again... I finish getting my stuff together... and look at her and BOTHS SOCKS ARE OFF... I lose it... I pick her up and I spank her bottom. Hannah decides to go turn out all the lights without me having to ask for a change... I am telling her I am leaving... I turn around.. and Megan STILL doesn't have her socks on... so I have to do it. I am trying hard to control myself, when all I want to do is throw her out the freakin' window. How HARD is it... to put on socks???????? And this is EVERY DAY. Today was a little worse, but I mean.. its something I have to deal with every freakin day..... and after last night... I was in no mood.. I just sat down and started crying this morning... wondering why God has to test me so damn much.

Anyway.. at least I didn't have to fight idiots in traffic today like I had to yesterday.... I paid half the late fee this morning... and I will have to pay the other half tomorrow. I have 50 dollars to my name right now, I need to make sure the girls have food this weekend. I sat aside 200 to buy Christmas Presents for them... and now that will be down to 160 by Monday.

I am sorry I am whining... I know I have a great life with two great kids.. I am able to provide for them and keep them warm and happy... AND I am not the one with Cancer... so I should be very thankful.... I am just selfish sometimes... and I have my pity parties.. so I am SORRY..... THANK YOU.. for letting me vent... It really helps.

Anyway... I am going to get back to work.... I am thankful for this job... and I have to owe this to God Himself... and I am thankful that it's Friday, and I get to spend the new two days with the girls... So things are good... I just needed to feel sorry for myself some and cry. Thanks for letting me.

OK.. my next post won't be so bad nor so long. :) I promise.

11-12-2004, 11:32 AM
{{{{{CHERIE}}}}} Hey girl you can vent all you want to. You are having some very very tough issues that you are dealing with I dont blame you one bit. I can not imagine the stress you are going through. If I lived closer I would help you out all I could. I hope your day gets better.

11-12-2004, 12:13 PM
Cherie, hugs also, I do too wished I lived closer. Your girls could come and play with my kids for the day so you could have a day to yourself or with Alan. You are under a huge amount of stress right now. It is so hard to be a single mom, work full time, and get the kids out the door at a certain time and have money being tight. I know because my mom did it with me and brother. All I can say is come here and vent. It always feels better to talk with friends. Julie

11-12-2004, 12:25 PM
I forgot to say hello to everyone else.

Angie don't work to hard either. I bet you just can not wait to get to Florida. I am also a germ phob. I hate, I mean hate public restrooms too. There should be more laws on keeping those things cleaned :lol:!

It is freezing here. I think it got down to 20 degrees last night. My skin is all ready dry. How about yours Angie? My poor ds face is raw from wiping his nose, when I tell him blow your nose he wipes his whole face :lol:, and it does not help with the furnace running now. Okay enought about cold weather! Whats everybody's plans for weekend? I am not sure yet. Maybe buy a few Christmas gifts.

Hi Kempy, Noelle, Cal, Summer, Cherie again(hope your day gets better), and Holly. Julie

11-12-2004, 03:48 PM
OK.. I am back. I am in a better mood. SORRY EVERYONE.... for my rant. :-) I went to lunch downtown, took a long lunch break and Alan met me and bought me lunch. Thanks for all the hugs.

Julie... sorry to hear about the cold and all the dry skin. If you start to have problems with your nose being dry and sore from a runny nose, Clinique has something called a "Moisture Stick". It looks like a stick of lipstick, but it's a moisture based product. That is the best thing that I have EVER found for a sore, cracked runny nose.. It's starting to get cold here.... BRRRRRRR... I am not a winter person. I am not sure what the girls and my plans are this weekend. Probably dig into our movie collection and find something they haven't watched in a long time... pop some popcorn and have a movie night. I've got some lunchables that they don't know about, but they will be excited, cause they LIKE those things. Tomorrow, sleeping in, and I will try to take them for or routine Saturday Koloaches. Then, we are cleaning the house, doing laundry and the OU/Nebraska game is on tomorrow night. :D

Angie.. I talked to my sister yesterday, and she said she can book me something two weeks in advance. However, she said Las Vegas is always nearly full all the time... so go look at and see if there is any other destination that we might look at. Look at the ones that are Fairfield Properties. I can get into those.. the others they have showing are affiliates, and she can't book those. I hope you can get all your doughnuts made... I never thought you would freeze doughnuts... little I know about the baking industry! :D

Kempy... glad you had a good time at the banquet!!!! And Congrats on the new client! Hopefully word of mouth will start spreading!

Noelle.. I thought about you watching The King and I last night.. it was set in Bangkok. (Is that how you spell it????) Anyway.... I hope they have a great time, and I hope next year you will be there with them!

Julie... about the bachelor... you should go to and read his recaps on the show.. they are so funny. Especially about the weird kissing motions of Cyndi and Byron. Talking about how two of those blow up things that we had as a kid that had the sand in the bottom.. you could hit it.. and it would fall down, then come right back up.. He said they were like two of those.. :D I thought he got along better with her on this past episode.. but since I have heard spoiler info, I wasn't surprised that she wasn't picked.

OK.. back to work here... I need to get my stuff done so I don't have to worry about it anymore. Talk to you girls later!!!


11-12-2004, 05:23 PM
Cherie, I am glad you are feeling better now. We dont normally freeze them but the glazed and raised shells freeze okay and MIL can unthaw them and glaze or fill them. This way I can leave guilt free. :lol: I have to freeze them for Sundays for her or else we would have to work 7 days a week. I dont know why she cant close for a day.We do 6 days a week now except on Holiday weekends than we usually have to work the 7. I wished I could find a better skill. :lol:

11-12-2004, 06:36 PM
Cherie I hate that you are going through such a rough time. I know that things can get bad but just know that they are going to get better. Don't feel bad for letting it out, I bet you feel much better now. I wish I could giv eyou some advise on kids but I don't have any so I have no idea what you are going through.

Julie I have a few friends still at the gym and they tell me how much they don't like the old boss man. I havn't seen him since I left. He did call me one morning to ask me for aphone number. I gave him a wrong number. He called me later that day and yelled at me for not giving him the right one. I told him that is what he got for calling me at 8 in the morning. He said that he thought I would be up and I quickly yelled back that I don't work so I don't have to get up then! JERK! I am so gald that I am not there.

Angie and Cal we are going to CA in Dec. we are only going to be gone for 5 days. That is enough for me. I miss my house too much.

I think I got 4 potential new clients today. I talked to a bunch of ladies today so I am going to keep my fingers crossed. I am going to go lay down now. I bought Shrek 2 so I think I might watch it b4 I fall asleep.

11-12-2004, 11:07 PM
Hello Ladies,

We had quite a storm this afternoon. It had been cloudy and very cool most of the day. My kids were whining all day that it was cold (and at lunch it was hot). I just kept calling them whiny babies. :lol: The storm actually hit us about 30 minutes after the kids went home. I was in a meeting with a parent when the thunder was so loud that the building shook. We could also hear the rain from inside the building. The lightening was spectacular; lines of lightening just streaking across the sky. It lasted about 2 hours. Hubby said that Ashley wouldn't come out from under her blankets on the couch until everthing stopped. It's now about 57 degrees.

Cherie: I'm glad things are better now for you. I know there are several times that I get frustrated with Ashley because she takes her time getting dressed in the morning. She goes to the same school where I teach and so she just goes with me. I usually brush her hair after we get there because it always gets messed up in the car. Just enjoy the movie time this weekend.

Angie: When we went to Alaska last summer we rented a custom van to drive around in. I know what you mean about having room to breathe as you are traveling. When we got back I couldn't believe how small the car was. We felt so cramped. I sure did like that van.

Kempy: Good luck with the clients. I'm sure it won't take long to get lots of business.

Julie: It's been pretty dry here as well. My feet and hands are so sore. I've tried so many different lotions and still have the sore hands and feet. I usually wear socks to bed to help my feet. It is a little bit warmer here than 20 degrees though. :cool:

Noelle: I got the pictures fine. They are great. I was able to download them onto a cd and so I can show them to family. Thank you.

Have a great evening everyone and a great weekend.


11-13-2004, 01:56 PM
Happy Saturday girls!!! I hope you are all having a great one. I have cleaned out my closet. It is a walk in that I couldnt walk into so I figured it was time to organize. :lol:
I have put the garland lights up around the deck and side steps. Now the pups and Jay can have some light at night. I put my bows up as well. I

Jay made a big batch of donuts that we will count and send up to MIL for vaca.

I found a Himilayan/Siamese mix kitten at the shelter that looks like my Meanie with shorter hair so My Mom wants her so bad. I hope Dad lets her get it. I want her but Jay says NO!!!!! :lol:

I wished I could swing another week for vaca next year so we could drive to the Grand Canyon. I want to go there so bad!!! I want to see Colorado too. I dont know why but I just do. :lol:

Well, I am getting ready to go grocery shopping for the day so I just wanted to check in and say hi.

11-13-2004, 01:57 PM
Oh Cal, I would have been under the blankets(probably under the bed :lol: ) like Ashley for that storm. I hate lightening.

11-13-2004, 05:15 PM
Can you all believe that I made it here on a Saturday? I finally started to split my plants. I had to make myself move though. It is overcast and kind of chilly so I just wanted to veg. I feel better now that I did it though. I need to go to Lowe's though and get more soil I have 3 more ferns that need to be worked on. I think we are going to save them here adn give them to the ladies at Joe's office for Christmas. I know they will like them. The last time I did this they all wanted more.

Cal how cold do you guys get in the winter over there? I have a parafin bath that I use when Joe and I get dry feet and hands. They aren't that exspensive anymore. I would if that would help. It sounds like you got the kind of storns that we get down here. There are sometimes that I yell a little when I see the lighteing. It just catches me off guard and it just comes out. Kind of funny though.

Angie I loved CO. We didn't get to see too much of it but I liked what we did see. I would love to have an RV like you guys so we could travel. I bet you can't wait for the kids to grow up. :D

Julie any better luck with the hubby lately?

Noelle what are you doing lady?

Cherie do you have the girls tonight? I bet you are on the treadmill as I am typing this. :D

Ok, I am off to pay some bills. Fun, huh?

11-13-2004, 07:25 PM
Hi Girls Happy Saturday to everyone too!

Kempy glad to see you here on a Saturday! Come more often girl! I hope the gardening went smooth for you! No alone time for him and I yet :p! lol

Angie, how is my favorite baker today? Working your butt off? I hope grocery shopping did not take to long for you!

Noelle and Cherie did you see Polar Express today? We all went as a family, it was the first time we took the kids to the movies, and my 5 ds did great(other than having to go to the bathroom four times :dizzy:) and my 3 year old dd did pretty good most of the time. All in all in was a great movie and a fun time, did I mention I ate a whole tub of large popcorn :^:, oh my god I feel like a total pig! lol....I have not been to the movies in soooo long so I thought what the heck I am going to have some of this dreamy smelling buttery melt in your mouth popcorn :lol:.

We are pretty full from the movies, so we are just going to have a frozen pizza for supper. But....hus is making a homemade pecan pie tonight, his am going to let today slide, I know I shouldn't but I have raging pms :lol:and feel like just having a day. Ya know?

Hi everyone, Summer, Cal, Holly, Cherie....hope you are enjoying your weekend and get some time to post girlies! Julie

11-13-2004, 07:32 PM
Cal thanks for the reminder about the lotion and socks at bedtime! I might buy some of those special gloves you wear with lotion underneath on your hands at bedtime. My skin gets so dry in the winter, cold dry air and I was my hands alot, with the kids getting colds and potty training and all. Love to you all. Julie

11-14-2004, 12:01 AM
Hello Ladies,

I still haven't figured out how to post any photos, but I have posted a couple from Disneyland. I use a website called to post some pics. The web address is
The pics were taken at California Adventure as Noelle, her husband, son, niece, and my sister, Roberta (Bert) got off the ferris wheel; Noelle and Bert on the roller coaster. (Next to Noelle you can see the top of her niece's head).

Noelle: The pics turned out better than I thought. You guys look great. I e-mailed you a couple of pictures; just let me know if you get them or not.


11-14-2004, 09:37 AM

I went shopping yesterday and bought EVERYTHING that we needed(socks,paper towels,etc.) for the RV. Now all I need to get is the groceries right before we leave. Boy, was it busy in there yesterday. It looked like the day after Thanksgiving!!!!! I get so mad when you cant go up and down the aisles because there are so many people and half of them are just sitting there chatting. If you want to chat then get your cart out of the damn aisle!!!! :lol:

Kempy, It was nice to see you come on a weekend. So, did you get all your ferns split? I looked on Mapquest and it would be an 11 hour drive from Orlando to your town :yikes: I figured I could drive up and surprise you some day on vacation but holy cow that is far. :lol:

Julie, It sounds like you and hubby had a nice family day together. I am glad. How was the movie? I forgot to answer your question but my skin is so dry that my hands keep cracking. I have been washing my hands so much since I got sick and lotioning them right after but I think it is just too much for them. :lol:

Cal, I love seeing pics of you guys on your vacation. Maybe we can all meet up and we would get some good pics too. That would be so much fun.

11-15-2004, 11:47 AM
Good Monday Morning everyone. Its raining here.. and it looks like I won't see the sun for the next week, only rain. Oh well...

I spent the weekend curled up on my couch, playing a computer game, watching the Food Network (all these yummy ideas for Thanksgiving, and I have no one to cook for.) and vegging out basically watching the cold and rain outside. I haven't walked on the treadmill this weekend either... I had some sort of a stomach bug, and was in the bathroom all the other times I wasn't doing was I mentioned above.

Tonight... I won't be at home, I am going to try once again to see Alan, and watch Monday Night Football...(watch my Cowboys lose again). I will be calling to make sure my ex will be picking up the girls. He is actually going to have them spend the night.. so I get the whole night off! Yeah!! :D Tomorrow.... I'll be back on the treadmill.

OK.. well, time to get back to work.... hope you all have a great morning!!

11-15-2004, 11:56 AM
Good Morning!!

Cherie, I hope you are feeling better today. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that your night with Alan goes off smoothly. :crossed: If anyone deserves a quiet nice evening it is you.

I am looking up recipes for Thanksgiving myself. Jay wants a Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake so I think I have found a great recipe for it. YUM!! We wont be having anyone over this year because it is hunting season and NOONE can drag my dad out of the woods and my sister will be working so she wil;l be having it at my Moms house.

How was everyones weekend?

11-15-2004, 12:04 PM
oh yeah. Remember a while back I was asking if anyone knew the group who sang the song that was about doing it like Mammals? Well, I was watching Bam Margera on MTV last night and it is The Bloodhound Gang so I went to itunes and looked it up it is called Bad Touch. I would have never figured the name out on my own. :lol: I downloaded that one and the Tricky song they do. :lol:

11-15-2004, 02:00 PM
Where is everybody today???

11-15-2004, 02:27 PM
Happy Monday girls. I feel like I had a long weekend since Michael didn't have to go to school since Thursday and I've been just cruisin' along. We did see the Polar Express on Friday night, enjoyed it very much. The animation was a little disconcerting, kind of creepy(?) since it seemed so real, but it was a good show. We had a lot of fun at Dave & Busters yesterday and won a ton of stuffed animal prizes. They have a giant crane game and Michael won a Shrek 2 basketball, and I won a large pink stuffed poodle plush. The smaller crane game gave us a bunch of small bears, a chocolate lab plush and other novelties. These will be great stocking stuffers for Christmas. I was thinking about giving the poodle to my sister the poodle groomer, but I know she won't think much of it except for how much dust it would collect :lol:.

Angie 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmassssssss, everywhere you goooo...' Oh yeah the crowds are growing! I'm excited about your trip to FL. I would love to visit Orlando, there's so much to see and do. I don't think I have heard the song you mentioned...doing it like mammals? :lol:

Cal, I love looking at the pics. It brings you back to that particular moment in time doesn't it? That roller coaster was AWESOME :yikes: !!!! And yes, I got the pictures just fine. I also have more pics from the electric light parade, but they're just of the floats and not of people so I don't know if you want more of those.

Cherie, hey girl I'm crossing my fingers for you too to have a nice relaxing time w/Alan. Vent away all you want around here, we all need to let off steam some times, you don't have to apologize. We are having rain here also and it actually got a little chilly last night (low 70's :^: :p )

Julie, I'm so glad you guys had a nice family weekend. All you have to do to keep the kids quiet is to set the popcorn on their laps :lol:. Don't you just hate those bathroom breaks in the middle of the movie when the plot is just getting good? I guess missing a portion of the movie is better than dealing with a potty accident :yes:.

Kempy, have a good day at work.

Summer don't work too hard. Are you feeling any better these days? Waiting for test results must be stressful.

Well, I am glad that Starbucks has brought back my beloved gingerbread latte for the holidays. I am enjoying it now. I swear, I am asking Rick for a coffe/latte/espresso maker for Christmas, I don't need to be spending all this money for a dressed-up cup of coffe. *sigh* I just realized that in a few short weeks I will be another year older....can you hear my bones creaking? :lol:

Have a good day everyone, I'll be back later.

11-15-2004, 03:05 PM
Hey girls,

I can't believe it is Monday, where do the weekends go? Noelle the animation was so real in the Polar Express, we liked it too. It sounds like you and Michael had a fun filled weekend, thats great. You know I remember last Christmas time you talking about how much you loved that flavor of coffee! I would go for it and ask Rick for your special coffee maker. We have one.

Angie I do remember you asking about the name of that song! I can't believe you found it. I am glad you are packing your RV. Your ahead of schedule that so cool, I bet it is just getting more exciting. Btw I love cheesecakes. Especially the turtle ones. My dad makes great cheesecakes.

Cal great pics. Hope you have a nice and not a stressful week at school.

Cherie it is so gloomy here today too. I am really worried about how the weather this winter. I get kinda sad being stuck in the house. I hope its not a bad one with tons of snow and cold single digits. Glad you had a nice weekend with the girls. Hopefully tonight will go smoother for you than last week. Have fun!

Hi everyone else. Have a great day. Julie

11-15-2004, 03:13 PM
I wanted to ask you girls, are any of you doing Christmas baking this year? I usually make the frosted cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chex mix, Cornflake nobake cookies, and tons of other stuff. I may just make what I know the kids will eat, just the stuff they like and thats it. I mean I just love to bake this time of year. I can't even tell you how many pans of pumpkin bread I have made all ready!

11-15-2004, 03:42 PM
Julie... YUM. I used to bake like that. I miss that. This year, I haven't baked anything... and not sure what I will be baking. I just decided this weekend, that I would make me a Thanksgiving meal, for one.. The girls will be with their dad and his family. I am looking for a pumpkin/pecan cheesecake recipe right now cause I have finally decided since I wanted both, pumpkin and pecan pies.. I can make that instead. Hannah and I were watching the Food Network this weekend, and saw one recipe for gooey pumpkin butter cake, and she is begging me to make it. And I can use the PUMPKIN she painted for Halloween. Hahahaha... So I may make that for her, and let her take that to her Thanksgiving with her relatives.

Noelle... I don't like coffee.. but that one sounds GREAT!!!! I've been mixing some coffee here at work with hot cocoa, making a mocha.. so I might have to try the gingerbread flavor!

Angie.... I bet you are so excited for your trip!!! And congrats on getting things done ahead of time!!!! And.. that turtle cheesecake sounds good too... however, I need my pumpkin/spice fix for the year!

OK.. back to work.. talk to you later!

11-16-2004, 09:21 AM
Good Morning!

Noelle, Got any big plans for your birthday this year? Maybe have Rick get you the espresso maker for your birthday and get something else for Christmas too. ;) :lol:

Julie, I am the biggest fan of holiday cooking. I love to cook if I can eat it. haha :lol: :rofl: That is why I am making the cheesecake for Jay and I will have to make Pumpkin parfaits for the kids. They LOVE them. so I have to do them too.

Cherie, How was your night with Alan? I hope you enjoyed yourself. I dont like Coffee either. I will suck the Diet Coke down though. :lol:

Kempy, What happened to ya yesterday? Did you have a client?

11-16-2004, 10:18 AM
Good Morning! It's foggy and rainy and not too cold.. so a nice day! Wish I were still in BED! :D

I had a very nice evening... nothing fancy. I got to Alan's and he had a pot of chili cooking on the stove. We spent about an hour outside in his garage as he upgraded his server, and then we had to make a run to Fed Ex to pick up his shiny new moniter.. (He is a big computer geek!;) ) Once we got home, we had dinner and his friend Tim came over and watched the first part of the game with us... Poor Dallas, in the words of their coach.. they STINK.

Anyway.. It was a very nice night.... I get to spend the weekend with him, so I am now looking forward to that. I picked up the girls this morning to take them to school.. and told them I had chili.. and oh, they were envious. So I promised them I would make chili tonight, with fritos and cheese! The little things that make them happy! :D

OK.. I better get to work. I hope you all have a great day!

11-16-2004, 12:21 PM
Morning! :wave:

THought I'd pop in quickly and say hello!!!!!!! I'm in PA tomorrow and AL on Monday and Tuesday (anyone want to go for me???)

I am making Thanksgiving dessert this year.So those that you talked about Cherie and Angie sound sooooo goooood! :hun:

No test results yet. Not til Thursday or Friday. So just a waiting game right now and trying to keep my @ss busy.

Kempy I hope the customers start coming in! What is the name of the Salon so I can let me relatives know?

Julie I hope you are staying healthy! I am such in the holiday mood just reading over what you bake! It's a Pavlovian reaction

Noelle I love my little cappucino/latte machine - decent prices at Target!

Cal that sounds like an amazing sight - that storm! Wow! I hope all is well!

Well I must jump. I'll try to check in later

If you want to catch something, running after it isn't always the best way.
Lois McMaster Bujold

be well.

;) Summer ;)

11-16-2004, 02:16 PM
Good morning girls. Just getting into the office. We hired another plumber who's starting today, will this be the one or is this just the start if another nightmare? I can only hope... As long as our vans are on the road making money and keeping our customers happy I'm okay.

Angie, I never thought of asking for that for my b-day and something else for Xmas. I must be getting old and senile :lol:. Hmmm, I guess if I ask for an appliance for my b-day I better get taken out to a nice romantic dinner too. Haven't really thought about what I want for Xmas or what I'm getting Rick either. To tell the truth, I'm already thinking ahead to Feb. next year, our 10th anniversary :devil:...

Summer, stay safe while traveling. I don't know how you do it and stay sane. I hate living out of suitcases :lol:. Hey, don't tease me about Target, we still don't have one here in Hawaii. I love that store though. I guess I can have him look in WalMart.

Cherie, glad you had fun and relaxed. I still need my computer geek friend to come over and give my 'puter a look-see. I've been backing it up like crazy because I'm paranoid it'll crash soon.

Hi to Julie, Kempy, and Cal. Gotta run and get back to work :wave:

11-16-2004, 05:39 PM
Good Afternoon.Hey Noelle and Kempy, do you guys remember Gennel from our monthly challenges thread? I happened to still have her email and I sent her the link to this thread so she can come join us again if she wants to. She said she was on the forum last night but it has changed so much.

Hey Summer, It must be hard having to wait this long for your test results. How many days do you get to relax for thge holidays? At least a couple I hope. :lol:

Noelle, I will keep my fingers crossed for ya that this plumber works out. Maybe me and Jay should move over there and he can work for you. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen. :lol:

See, I am good at thinking of ways to get more gifts. haha :lol: Dont feel bad we just had a Target open up here. We are so behind the times.

Cherie, we have been having really nice sunny days but it isnt even getting up past 35 degrees anymore. BBBRRR!! Now Jay asks when I am doing the garland on the fron of the house. ha like I am standing out side and freezing my butt off....wait a minute maybe I should. :lol: :rofl:

Kempy and Julie, WHERE ARE YA????

11-16-2004, 05:52 PM
Angie, I do remember Gennel...I do hope she joins us, I need a drill sergeant to kick start my @ss and she was good at doing that :lol:. :wave: Hi Gennel if you're out there lurking. We need a fresh face in here for some motivation.

I can imagine if you haven't been here for a while the amount of changes in appearance here at 3FC. I mean, I used to journal almost daily, then they went and changed that format. I tried to use the new format but I just couldn't get the hang of it, then they changed it again. I gave up after that. I probably haven't journaled here in over a year? Figures though, journaling was one thing that helped me take the weight off...and here I am back at square one :ink:.

I just bought a new pair of jeans, they are denim but they have stretch in 'em so they actually feel good. I had to break down and get them since I gave away a lot of my "old" big clothes thinking I was staying on the path to losing. Lucky thing I love shopping. Heh!

Yeah, where is everybody???

11-16-2004, 07:17 PM
Sorry I didn't show yesterday. I got home and I thought I would start on some scrapbooking. Well, I started looking through some of my old pics as a kid and I started to get a little upset. I don't have any pics with just my dad and I. I have about three of them and they are all blurry. That is just so disturbing to me that all of the pics that we have together arnen't even good. Well, I got pretty depressed and just layed on the sofa all night sulking. I called my mom to see if she had any and she said that she would look.

Summer the place I am in is Salon 51 in Ponchatoula. I still can't get over the fact that you have relatives so close. I will keep my fingers crossed for your results.

Cherie you should come down for Thanksgiving. Joe and I are going to be alone too. He is going deer hunting on Friday so he didn't want to drive 3 hours norht to our camp and then hurry home right after dinner. Normally we will saty for a few days.

Angie I can't believe you brought up Gennel. I was thinking about her the other day. I remember when she moved into her house and I was wondering if she was still doing ok. She was a great motivator wasn't she.

Noelle I don't really care for the journal either. I used to like the way everyone would post comments for you at the end. It made you really see that everyone cares.

I have a board memeber meeting tonight for the subdivision. I am not really looking forward to that. I am kind of fed up with one of my neighbors. He is on the board and he is a big S@%t starter. What is said at the board is meant for board members only but he feels that he needs to run back and inform everyone of everything. If we wanted it public we would enclose it in the newsletter. JERK!

Ok, I am going to head out, I will try to get back on in a little bit.

11-16-2004, 08:10 PM
Hey Kempy, I missed ya yesterday. I had to work to get the picture of my family that I posted this summer. My Dad hates to have his pic taken but he is getting up there in age and is a huge chain smoker so I wanted to make sure we got something with us all in it. I would love to have professional pics taken of my family but we would never get Dad in the studio. I hope your Mom can find you a nice pic of the two of you.

Noelle, I dont like the new journals either. It was so much nicer the original way way back in the day. :lol: I tried a couple of times but it didnt stick. hehe

11-16-2004, 10:04 PM
Hi girls

I am so tired right now. It has been a busy day, ds had school, had to get pictures taken, and then had his confrences tonight. Whoo, I am spent! Plus I had a gazillion phone calls to make. Had another frozen pizza tonight, oopps....pressed for time. It sounds like everyone is doing okay from what I scanned through quickly....sorry not to get personal tonight but wanted to pop in and say Hello! Julie

11-16-2004, 10:07 PM
Btw I don't remember a Gennel. I could use her to kick my butt....if she wants to come back. Haha

11-17-2004, 10:27 AM
Hey guys. I have off today so I need to run some errands for the house. We have a friend coming in to go hunt with Joe so I need to get some things to make dinner with while he is here. When Joe isn't home I usually just eat soup for dinner. I guess I have to actually cook now. DARN! :lol:

Julie Gennel used to have a thread and she would do these challenges. I don't know what she did that made them so differnet but everyone would seem to lose on them. She was just awesome. She built a house in FL and I think she just got into being in the new house and she got busy. She was great and I hope that she comes to chat with us. You are going to love her.

I need to jump into some clothes so I can head out. I will check back in a little later.

11-17-2004, 10:46 AM
Good Morning everyone... Just a quick post.. lots to do here at work. It's raining still. Kinda my mood at the moment. Just mellow. I didn't exercise last night, but I did make a big pot of chili. I am going to try to make myself get on the treadmill tonight while the Bachelor is on.

Julie, I don't remember Gennel either... but I'm with you... a big kick in the butt where I lose weight would be great. I am still stuck on my plateau... and I am in a funk about it.. but I guess If I got up and got back on the treadmill, (It's been a WEEK) I'll get closer to my goal eh? :D

OK... talk to you guys later.. have a great Wednesday....

11-17-2004, 02:57 PM
Hey guys!! I had to go to Bangor today to get Corey a static ball(you know those things where you stick your hand on em and the static goes to your hand? ) and Brit a lava lamp for Christmas. While I was there I bought the boxes and packing peanuts for all of your gifts. I will probably mail them out right after Thanksgiving so you can get them before I leave. They are fragile so dont be banging them around or you may have a mess to clean up. :lol: :rofl:

I am so in trouble Wendy's brought back the Wild Mountain Chicken burger. Darn it!!! I love those!!! I think those sandwiches helped to fatten me up last year and throw me off the edge.

I went into the Dollar Tree in Bangor today and bought a ton of crap for the kids stockings so hopefully that is done.

Well, I have to go wrap the gifts up so I can go hide them uinder my bed in the RV :lol: Dont want the kids sneaking around my bedroom.

11-17-2004, 04:44 PM
Happy hump day ladies. I went to renew my driver's license today, partly because it's due next month, but mostly because I actually put make-up on and wore a blouse that I feel pretty in :rolleyes:. I don't love the picture I took, but I don't hate it either. The last time I had to renew I was 8 mos pregnant and it showed :lol:. Anywho, how's everyone's day turning out?

Angie, you are so on top of things I hate you :lol:...just kidding. Everytime I say I'm going shopping for Xmas gifts I come back w/something for me or Michael. It's terrible. I guess starting a list for others would help. Do you think that now your kids are older they are more sneaky and covert about snooping for their presents? How do you know they don't know where your hiding places are? :lol: I am mortified everytime I think of Michael growing up and doing things that Rick or I used to do when we were teenages :faint: Hmmm,I don't know if our local Wendy's has that chicken sandwich, it sounds yummy.

Julie, do you guys have a system where you visit a set of parents/inlaws for Thanksgiving and then the other for Xmas? I know how difficult it can be with so many sets of parents and people to please--Rick's got a stepmom too. Try not to stress too much about it and if you need to vent it out, go right ahead. PM me if you like. I bet you'll be amazed at how grown up your ds will look in his first official school portrait :)

Kempy, enjoying your day off? I was wondering, if Joe bags a deer, do you smoke it/dry it/cook it? or prepare it or does he do all of that? Hunting's not so big a sport out here unless you live on the other islands where there's actually forest land to do it in, and here it's mostly wild pig or some kind of deer. Rick's too much of a workaholic to go hunting but I'm sure if he had someone to go with he'd go in a heartbeat. I was just thinking about a cooking show I saw a year ago. On Molokai (one of the smaller islands out here) there's a ritzy hotel out there and because there's an overpopulation of deer, they pay people to hunt them and then the hotel restaurant has a special "gourmet" menu with venison.

Cherie, I hope the rain lets up over there. Your chili sounds like a great comfort food. Did you and your girls get to go for kolaches this weekend? I still want to try some.

Well, I guess I should get some work done--it's almost 11 :lol:. Hi to Cal and Summer. I'll try to pop in later.

11-17-2004, 06:13 PM
Julie I think I will cook some red beans. Our friend really likes those and they are easy. With all of this talk of chili I think I will have to make that too.

Angie I am hoping to finish up my shopping this weekend. I am going to a big show in the convention center in New Orleans. It is supposed to have eveything under the sun there. It is really for people with a business but I am taggint along with a friend. It is like going to market for area businesses. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish up. I want to mail eveything off too.

Noelle if Joe does get a deer we can bring it to a processing plant. Sounds gross huh? They will do whatever we want to it. I really like deer sausage so I think that is what I will tell him to do with it. They pay people down here to hunt nuetria rat. They are eveywhere and they are eating up the swamp. They actually pay $4 an animal. You would not beleive how many of them there are. Some explorere brought one over as a pet when New Orleans was still just getting started. They have been a pain in our butts since then.

Cherie did it stop rainign yet? They thought we were going to get all of that rain tomorrow but I think it is going to head north of here.

I need to go work on my luandry. I'll check back in a bit.

11-17-2004, 06:34 PM
Kempy, Have you had any clients to work on yet? Do you have a name for your business yet? I still think it is so cool that you went ahead and moved to get what you wanted. Does Joe have good luck with getting a deer? My Dad has the worst luck ever buit his friend could kill 10 a year if he wanted.

Julie, I think I will be starting right off. I crave sex right before and Jay gets headaches so I am sure it will be soon. :lol: I just realized how bad that looks. haha

Noelle, The sad thing is that finding gifts for you guys was easy. I still have no idea what to get my family or Jays. :lol: I used to stick a peice of paper on top of my closet door so I would be able to tell if they peeked. They knew it was there so they never did peek. haha

I went to Spencers Gift today and they had a little lamp there of a naked guy and you had to flick his peepee to turn it on. :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: I may get it for my sister.

I found a little pillow today thag goes on your doorknob and it says Oh No The Brats Awake. I HAD to get it for Brittany because she is so miserable in the morning. haha

11-17-2004, 09:21 PM
Angie you are so naughty...I'm sure we'd get along just fine ;) . I'm not sure what happened but my TOM has been a week before y'all. Remember when we were all pretty much in sync? Isn't that weird? BTW I get kinda :devil: right before mine too :lol:. Why is that? Is that nature's way of saying 'last chance'? :rofl:

Kempy, so if people hunt the Nutria rat for sport, I can't imagine anyone wanting to eat one :?:.

Man I am soooo tired right now. I watched the 10 pm news last night, then I started watching 'Something's Gotta Give' (with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton), the movie didn't end til after 12:30 a.m. That was so hilarious to watch-- plus Keanu Reeves was in it (I like him even though I always feel like I want to wash and cut his hair :^: )

11-18-2004, 11:14 AM
Good Morning All! :-) It's Thursday... and it's NOT raining, however, everything is still wet, it's cloudy and there are chances of rain today, tonight and tomorrow with it coming back in full force this weekend. :D

I have a very busy day.. full of meeting so I will have to make this short. I didn't do the treadmill yesterday, however, I did my weekend cleaning last night... dishes, vacuuming, laundry, mopping the floors cleaning the bathrooms, getting the girls to clean their rooms etc. I was busy from the time I got home making dinner at 5:30 to the time I crawled into bed at 10:30... so I think I got some sort of workout. :-) Julie, I did manage to see the Ladies tell All.... and it's was pretty interesting. I can't wait for next week... going to be a good one. And Jay looked pretty hot last night. Wow... I bet he would have made a good bachelor too!

OK.. I just have time for a potty break before my first teleconference. :-) Talk to you later!

11-18-2004, 12:09 PM
Good Morning Girls

Angie you are so funny you crack me up. I think I am like Jay before....not even craving anything like that at all :lol:. You are so on the ball for shopping. This weekend I would like to get St. Nick stuff for their stockings. No CANDY!! Seems like we still have a ton of Halloween stuff.

Cherie, last night was interesting. They were pretty aggressive, huh? I agree with you hon, Byron looked so great. Rugged, handsome and nervous to be there though. They said there is a surprise twist a the last show, do you think Mary is pregnant or they either one of the ladies whoever won are all ready married to him since the taping?

Noelle love the new pic of Michael. Also love the one of you and Michael. You are so darn pretty. Your hubby better appreciate he has a beautiful wife! I hope you got some sleep. You and I sound like late nighters. But last night I managed to get to bed at 11:15. Haha....I do remember when we all had TOM at the same time. I can't wait until Sunday. But not really because hus has to go back to work!

Hi Kempy, I think chili sounds good tonight. Whats everyone making? I hope you have fun this weekend with your friend.

Well guys I should eat some breakfast. Well it would be like almost lunch! I have to go pick ds at school in about an hour. Try to check back.

11-18-2004, 12:16 PM
Btw Noelle I can't wait to see my ds's first actual school pics. I bet he does look so grown up. His hair was a little long, he was a few weeks shy of needing a trim. but I think I got it combed just right. Unless he messed it up! Haha....Not to brag him up or anything but he knows his shapes, colors, counts to 100, writes his name, and knows his phone number and is zipping his own coat. Oh what can I say....I am so proud of him. He is my little best friend. I don't know what I'll do when he goes full day next year! Well dd says she has a tummy ache, gotta go, I think she has been drinking her juice way to fast. Check back later. Julie

11-18-2004, 12:49 PM
Julie, Remember when we were little and we would have school pics taken? The damn photographer ALWAYS parted my hair and messed it up. I hate every single school pics. :lol: In my 1st grade one they parted my hair just like my Dads. :lol: You can definately tell he is my Dad. haha

Cherie, Dont work to hard today.

Noelle, I love the pic of Michael too. He is such a little cutie.

I have to get to work but I wanted to say hi. Gennel is going to be checking in today. So HI GENNEL!!!! We missed you!!!!

11-18-2004, 02:06 PM
Hi everyone :)
I dont know how many of you remember me? I was on the old 3fc from 2002-2003 . My name is Gen and I used to do a lot of 4 week challenges. I reached my goal weight and then moved into a new house. No gyms around here ,opened up a store. Well the weight started creeping on.I lost 70 lbs total and gained 35 lbs back! I started walking again 1 hr a day 6 days a week.My first week I lost 5 lbs and this is my second week and I've lost 0. I didnt panic lol. My body was used to getting fed junk every 2 hrs lol. And now my body is freaking out and thinking I'm starving. So I added some fat and exercised less starting this week. Once it sees that Im not starving it will start burning calories for fuel and weightloss will resume.
I really do hate my clothes now and I miss my 5/6 and 7/8 jeans that are hanging in my closet! I'm not huge but I do feel tired much easier than I did when I was thin. My hubby also gained along with me about the same ! So I am helping him to slowly get into eating healthier.Now I have my stepson living with us and he is skinny and wants to gain weight. So I am helping him gain by cooking large portions of baked ziti and lasagna and eating chicken breast & baked potato for me! It sucks lol
Thank you Angie for emailing me ,you have no idea how you made my day :)


11-18-2004, 02:58 PM
I see some familiar names.Even though those of you who have stuck around have gained or stayed the same. It says a lot about you for staying here.You are stronger than you think and I dont doubt that you will reach a comfortable weight and learn to accept that we have a problem with eating the "bad" stuff. I havent posted in so long because of work and house etc....
I realized something. A lot of friends and family really looked up to me for support in losing weight. I always told everyone that I was human just like them and I had moments of weakness when I would just go through a Mcdonald's drivethru and order a meal. Anyone can lose weight. The really hard part is the lifelong commitment to keep it off.When you eat right you can maintain your goal weight and that is not a diet.I want to do a challenge for 4 weeks. Remember the absolute most important thing is this challenge is really about one person (YOU) the challenge is a list of ladies who post how many pounds they will shoot for in a month and the real challenge is the challenge you do for yourself.
I need you guys . Because you supported me more than you thought.
I personally feel like I'm alive when I was at my goal weight.I had all this energy.I felt more confident with myself. If any of you would like to see my before and after pictures I have a link :

Would any of you like to challenge yourself for 4weeks? The challenge could be 1/2 lb a week . Or even to maintain for 4 weeks. I think being accountable once a week to report of any loss is the main reason why I tried so hard.I didnt want to let myself down or my group either. Make any sense?

11-18-2004, 04:16 PM
Hey ladies :wave: I got into bed at a more decent hour last night, but I did get to watch a DVD Y Tu Mama Tambien (Summer I know you saw this one). I plan on watching Cold Mountain later on, has anyone seen it? I went and bought one of those unlimited rental movie passes from Blockbuster so I'm taking advantage of it (I even sneak a movie at work every now and then :s: )

Gen, welcome back! I remember you, I even joined in a couple of your 4-week challenges 'back in the day' :lol:. How are you liking your house? I bet you are all nicely settled in. I remember you said you had a brother or brother in law stationed in Hawaii at one time. Is he still here? It's great to have you back and see that you're doing well. I think a challenge would be good for us. I would be willing to join in, God knows I need a push to get some weight off again. I have totally been complacent and reverted back to the old ways of eating. It's so easy to slip into that, and you're right--maintaining the healthy lifestyle change is much harder to do than lose the weight in the first place.

Angie, remember those awful black man-type combs they used to comb your hair w/at picture time? I remember that ripping though my scalp. When I was in the first grade my mom made me wear this ethnic filipino outfit, with puffy sleeves--AND it was made of orange brocade :rolleyes:. Can you imagine? heehee

Julie, your son is a bright boy so go ahead and brag :). It's amazing how fast they grow isn't it? *sigh* Thanks for the compliments on the pics--both were taken last year around Christmas time. Michael is still cute but I'm a lot more chunky than that right now :D

Cherie, I'm w/Angie, don't work too hard. Enjoy your day.

Kempy, Cal, and Summer have a great day!

11-18-2004, 05:27 PM
Hi all! :wave:

Welcome back Gen! I remember you - though I started on this board later than some. So in for a challenge- and one I bring on myself - not work, or other drama mamas in my life. Welcome back!

Noelle LOVED :love: Y Tu Mama Tambien...hated Cold Mountain - watch that when you are already sad. Some are just meant to be books and books only. The picture of Michael is adorable btw.

Angie the photog would try to fix my hair and I would mess it up right before he took the shot, then he would come back and fix my hair again and wave the finger at me then I would mess my hair again :devil: - there are not many school pictures that my hair was not messy (save Kindergarten and Senior photo)...yeah I am gonna get mine BIG time when I have kids

Julie I had chili yesterday and stuffed shells tonight for my birthday dinner with my family and German Chocolate Pie (made with reduced calorie cool whip) :hun: I am salivating right now thinking about it.

Hi Kempy! I found out one of my cousin's kids from here may be moving to Mandeville to start guesss??? BEAUTY SCHOOL. How fun is that! I will pass on the name to my other family down there!

Hi Cal! I hope school is going well!

I have been on the nordi-trac for 15 minutes 5 days a week and walking my big ol'pup Fenway for at least 30 minutes but usually 45 minutes. And running through airports counts, right? :lol: Test results tomorrow....doc's office is closed today.

The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else.
-Martina Navratilova

be well. live well.

;) Summer ;)

11-18-2004, 07:17 PM
Hey everyone!!

Gennel, I hope that someday I can learn to deal with the bad food. Right now I am not doing so good at it. Alright I am not even trying just yet. I admit it. I am waiting until vacation is over and than I intend to buy Jay a snowmobile so he is gone in the mornings and I will crank the stereo and get some exercising done. That is my goal, I will then have a full year with no interuptions(hopefully) to get back to my goal weight for the third time. It is amazing how easily life can get in the way of healthy eating though isnt it? I am so proud of you for sticking with it during the holidays.

Noelle, Watching movies at work? :lol: I admit I will sneak inside if I am not busy to catch some soaps once in a while. haha Nope, I havent seen cold Mountain.

Summer, Good luck for tomorrow at the doctors.

Kempy,Cal and Julie, Where are ya today?

11-18-2004, 07:25 PM
Hye, hey Gennel. See, you come back and I already feel like starting the challenge. I think it is just b/c you know how to word it. I love these guys and I think it is great when we are all doing great. I stopped working at the gym almost 2 months ago and now I am working for myself. I do electrolysis and I love it. I am so happy that you are back and you know that I will be on the challenge with ya!

Angie I had 3 clients today. I was making a joke that I am going to be sore tomorrow. I can't believe that I had all 3 people in one day. It really gives me hope for the weeks ahead. I did a young girl today (her lip). I wish you guys could have seen her face when i was done. She was so happy, She is the reason that I am doing this. Kids are starting to make fun of her and now they aren't going to be able too. She mad my whole day worth it.

Summer is your cousin going to the Aveda beauty school? I used to work for that company about 8 years ago. It is a really good company.

Noelle I don't think I used to mess up my hair. I would just have a bike accident right b4 the pics. I have bump markes on almost all of my pics. It is kind of like my battle scars. Unfourtunatly the bike won most of the time. :lol:

We are going out to eat toight. It is steak night and the local place so we are going there instead of me cooking. I am going to do the red beans tomorrow. Maybe you guys can all come over. :D I need to go change out of my work clothes. I'll chech back in later if I can.

11-18-2004, 07:34 PM
Kempy, That is great that you helped the young girl. Kids can be so mean. Enjoy your night off from cooking. I had fat free hot dogs and fries. Not very yummy but at least I didnt have much cooking to do. :lol:

Poor Alicia, Corey and Brit have no trouble thinking of gifts but all Ishka wants is a gekko. Not gonna happen!!!! I said you know they have Salmonella? I am not getting it again. No lizards. :lol: I am going to try to find her a good art set since she is awesome at drawing and next to gameboy that is her next favorite activity.

11-18-2004, 10:23 PM
Btw Angie I do remember the old school pic days....getting that free black comb. Haha, and trying to do something with it. When I was in grade school my hair was so thick and down to my butt. I wish now. It would be alot of work unless I put it up everyday.

11-18-2004, 11:22 PM
Well I think many of us have tried many different ways make it through Holiday dinners. My plan for this Thanksgiving: I'm cooking our typical dishes.I will serve a little of everything on my plate and eat it. The only difference is I wont serve myself an extra serving. If you eat a regular plate with all the fixins and not eat a second plate ( you wont gain a whole pound) just by eating one plate. The only thing I plan to eat the next day is some turkey breast as a sandwhich. Or salad with turkey breast strips on top...
That's the only way I could make it through the day without craving for some pumpkin


11-19-2004, 11:54 AM
YEAH It is FRIDAY!!!!! I think I am going to go grocery shopping tonight after work so it wont be so crowded and then tomorrow Jay can cook a big batch of donuts to freeze for vacation. Then tomorrow I have to go to the Mall and get the gifts I found for the twins. Then I am done shopping!!!......Unless there are some really good sales on the day after Thanksgiving. :lol: :lol:

I was playing with some donuts and if we freeze chocolate and blueberry glazed cake donuts in a plastic bag they come out of the freezer fine and the glaze doesnt melt off them. YAEH! Now I can have every single variety while I am gone and noone should *****.

Noelle, What do you want for your birthday? I am racking my brain trying to think of something for ya.

Gen, You sound like you have Thanksgiving all figured out. :cheer: I am so happy that you got the "click" I cant wait to get my head on straight and do it.

Julie, Been a busy girl have ya? Dont congratulate me on the hot dogs. It is all I will eat. haha It is the only healthy thing that stuck with me. :lol: I also had a big brown Moose last night and a couplke twinkies. Monday I am going to try to be good until Wednesday (the day me and the kids will be cooking the desserts for Thanksgiving and my actual day off for Thanksgiving) then I will have Thanksgiving and "try" To be good until vacation but then all bets are off. We dont have a Bennigans up here and I have been craving those ribs all year. And the chocolate cake at Seaworld. On the plus side...I do walk alot while we are on vacation(the dogs make me :lol: )

Kempy, Whats up this weekend for you?

11-19-2004, 02:21 PM
Aloha Noelle, Angie, Julie, Kempy and the rest of the weighty issues crew!

I know you've all probably forgotten about me. Sorry for not keeping in touch. Just wanted to drop by and say hello! Hope all is well with all of you! I'm sure everyone is super skinny already - as for me, still the same and hoping to get back in to the game. Happy Friday to everyone!


11-19-2004, 04:17 PM
Well look who the cat dragged in! :wave: ALOHA and welcome back Jacks! Of course you can join us again. How the heck have you been? How's Petey and Kel for that matter? Are you married yet or is it next year? Super Skinny? Us? :lol: I know I'm not, I'm back, bigger and badder than before. But I love coming here to talk story w/my girls. Can you believe that the Great Aloha Run is coming up again soon? I felt so skinny I'm just back to the old me :^:.

My darn computer is going bonkers again I am going to kill it soon. We had a horrendous day at work the other day but today's another day and I am grateful for that. Can't post too much right now but I will later. Promise. Have a great day everyone. :grouphug:

11-19-2004, 04:31 PM
Hi girls

Happy is everyone today?

Jacks so glad to see you again. So whats new? Did you get married yet? Post, post, post away!!!! We would all love to hear from you again.

Noelle sorry about your horrible day the other day. You are right on, today is another day. Thank God we get to start fresh each morning, huh?

Kempy hope you are not working to hard today. Well I hope you get your clients though ;) :).

Angie thats great you can freeze the donuts. Now you can freeze them and no one can complain! So you made one of those Moose drink's at home? Was it as good as the one you had at the restaurant, I bet it was!

Cherie where are you? This weekend you are going to be with Alan right? Have fun what ever you do.

Hi Summer, Cal, Gen, Holly and everyone else. If anyone has warm weather send it my way :lol:, it is cold and rainy here, suppose to be tomorrow too. Julie

11-19-2004, 04:34 PM
Noelle and Jacks it seems like yesterday you two were talking about that marathon. Wow does time fly by us quickly. I hope these winter months do too :lol:. Well I just had to add that, lol.

11-19-2004, 04:50 PM
Mmmm, Jude Law is a hottie :T:

11-19-2004, 05:17 PM
Hey Jacks!!! We missed you. I was going through my Christmas list the other day and I thought of you. How are you? I am in the same boat as Noelle, I have gained it all back plus some. The story of my life. :lol:

I have to go grocery shopping but I hope everyone can chat tomorrow. I will be home most of the day so I am sure I will check in.

11-19-2004, 05:17 PM
Hey Ladies.. No, I haven't forgotten about you... I was just busy today trying to get organized and get everything ready to enter on Monday for payroll.

I am actually ready to get off work.. but I have an hour yet. I might sneak out of here a little early.... I am going to spend the weekend with Alan. Hope my ex remembers to pick up the girls! :D I was nice, yesterday, my company gave us all a 20 dollar gift certificate for Thanksgiving, and I gave it to Steven so he could use it to buy the girls food this weekend. He got turned down for Short Term Disability by his company, so I am not sure exactly how he is making it right now. He started his second round of radiation yesterday. 9 more sessions to go. The cat scan that he took last week shows over a 50% reduction in the size of his tumor, so hopefully this series of radiation will make it go away, and he can start back to work.

(((((Jacks))))) Welcome back! As Noelle said.... not skinny, bigger... but working on it again!! Don't be a stranger!

Angie... cool about figuring out how to freeze the dougnuts. Get all that out of the way and go on vacation! I can't believe you are almost finished with Xmas shopping. I haven't even started.

Kempy.. sounds like business is starting out great!!! Congrats! You seem so much happier!!!

Gennel Hello there! I am up for the challenge.... I need one. My treadmill is feeling neglected.. (I haven't been on it in a week, so it's starting to not talk to me...)

Summer it sounds like you are doing a great job fitting in your exercise with your airport hopping... keep it up!

OK chickies.. I need to get off here.... I hope you all have a great weekend.... I'll be checking in .... talk to you guys soon!

11-19-2004, 05:29 PM
Tests came back negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer:
That's a good b-day gift!
I hope all of you wonderful amazing gifted ladies have a great night and thanks for keeping me in your thoughts!!!! YOu are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

;)Summer ;)

11-19-2004, 05:35 PM

That is wonderful news Summer!!! When is your birthday??????? Happy Birthday!!!!! :gift:

Glad that is over with!!!!! Congrats!

11-19-2004, 05:36 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMMER!!! :gift: :balloons: :hb: :hat: :gift:

I am so happy that your tests came back fine. Have a great weekend.

11-19-2004, 05:56 PM
Today is my birthday!!!! :dancer:
Thanks for the well wishes.
Surf & Turf to celebrate tonight and I will toast all my girls! :cheers:

;) Summer ;)

11-19-2004, 06:30 PM
:hb: :hb: :hb: :dance: :gift: :lucky: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMMER HONEY!!!!
Great news on the test results, I am so happy for you. Julie

11-19-2004, 06:35 PM
I forgot to say Cherie that is so sweet and thoughtful of you to give Steven your gift certificate. You are really in the season of giving. That is also great news about his tumor getting smaller. Have fun this weekend. Julie
ps Noelle I totally agree :devil:!
Better get dinner going, having salmon and potatoes and coleslaw. And whatever else ends up on my plate. Haha

11-20-2004, 03:16 PM
Happy Saturday ladies. I'm scrub-a-dubbing the bathroom down today (my sis that's gone on vacation is usually the one who cleans it) and doing all the the middle of all of this Michael has his last swimming lesson for this Fall session. I don't think he's ready to take the test but I can always enroll him in the same class again in the spring. We went to see the Sponge Bob movie last night :rolleyes:. You have to be a fan of the show (which I sort of am, I admit it) to sit through it.

Summer, happy belated birthday :hat: :hb: :balloons: :lucky: :grouphug: I meant to come back and post yesterday but I never got a chance to. A negative test is a wonderful gift!!! I'm so relieved and happy for you.

Cherie, I'm glad for Steven's progress w/treatment :crossed:. Enjoy your weekend ;)

Have a good one everyone else!!! :wave:

11-20-2004, 07:49 PM
Hey Girls!!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? NO...Well, I do!!! He is so sweet!!!! I have been talking nonstop about this exercise bike that I wanted well today he made me show him which one it was and tried to buy it for me for Christmas. I said no because I have been sneaking money for a surprise snowmobile fund for him. Well, we were leaving and he showed me that he has saved $650.00 for my Christmas present that I didnt know about. So...He got me a new recumbent bike for Christmas!!! It is awesome. It has weights built into it plus a fan built on etc. I love it.

How has everyones Saturday been? Good I hope.

Noelle, Spongebob? Okay dokay!!! :lol: Brittany loves him too!!! smooch smooch. :lol: :lol:

11-21-2004, 08:46 AM
Hi Ladies,

I have been having some problems with my computer since Wed. My sis is here from Calif (Noelle, you remember Bert) and she's going to help me clean this thing up a bit and get rid of the problems.

Summer: Happy belated Birthday.

Angie: What a wonderful gift from such a sweet man.

Noelle: Ashley repeated her class in swimming lessons also. She did so much better the second time around.

School's still busy. We have 2 1/2 days this next week. I can't wait for the long weekend and the shopping on Friday. :D

Jacks: Welcome back!!

Hello to everyone else. Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to try to fix this computer so I can come and post more often.


11-21-2004, 09:49 AM
Cal, Have fun with your sis. Jay said after he bought it that he didnt know if he should get it or not because he wanted to make sure it is what I really wanted first. He said he didnt want to look like the guy that says I need to lose weight. :lol:

It is snowing outside right now. I had to shove Mickey outside. :lol: I guess he isnt a snow puppy!! :lol: :lol:

11-21-2004, 01:00 PM
Good morning ladies. It's a cool 67 degrees :lol: Michael did pass all his requirements for his Level 1 swimming lessons yesterday :cb: but I still plan on enrolling him for Lev. 2 in January, the classes are free from the City. Can't beat that. We went to the new Wal-Mart/Sam's Club complex afterward. I finally bought a Christmas gift (for someone else) :lol:. I found a 4-pack of Gameboy games at Sam's Club for $48 for Michael. It comes in a neat square box with the games on each side. They also have single games for around $13.

Cal, (Hi Bert :wave: ) hope all goes well with your computer. When Bert's done, can she fly over and fix mine? :lol: I think I'm going to have to take my CPU over to my friend's place rather than have him come out to my office. His business is booming and I don't see him as often.

Angie, Jay is a great guy for getting you what you wanted. I can imagine he'd be dead meat if you didn't really want it though :lol:. Enjoy your Sunday.

Well I don't know what's on tap for today but I should get my butt moving. Have a great day everyone.

11-22-2004, 01:15 PM
Hey girls how is everyone's Monday going?

Angie that is so sweet of Jay to buy you that gift, and sweet of you to purchase him a snowmobile. Are you going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving to catch some sales? Usually we pick up something for the kids at a great price on that day. I will have to check the adds!

Noelle I am glad you and Michael enjoyed the movie. Gosh I just love movie popcorn. Yum, did you give in and have some? I can not resist the minute I walk in the theatre. Great job on the little guy passing his swimming lessons! I hope your week is not to busy.

Cherie this Wednesday don't forget. The finale of the Bachelor!! I am so looking foward to it. I think that they may have their update on right after. How was your weekend with Alan?

Well girls gotta go. What are everyone's plans for this Thursday? My plans are not really set yet. But I know I will be eating, lol. I did make a turkey this weekend and a homemade pumpkin pie this weekend. It was really good. Julie

11-22-2004, 01:17 PM
Oh btw, I did some cardio today, only about 15 minutes or so but it was something! Hi everyone.

11-22-2004, 01:18 PM
One more thing, haha....Kempy did Joe get a deer?

11-22-2004, 01:49 PM
Hi!!!! I had to go shopping this morning or I would have posted sooner. I am supposed to be working so you guys know your more important than work!@!! :lol: :rofl:

Julie, Yes I would like to get the air hockey table that is on sale at Walmart for them on Friday. We also would like to get some paintball guns for us all and we can go play with them in my FIL gravel pit next summer. That would be so much fun. I am not sure we will get the guns just yet but I would like to.

Not much happening here. Brittany left today to babysit my niece for a few days so I was looking for some alone time with Jay and we get back from shopping and MIL had dropped the twins off at home. shoot!!!

11-22-2004, 01:51 PM
Did anyone watch the Stepford Wives? I thought that was so funny. When the robot dog fell down the steps he looked just like a cat I had when I was young. His name was Spazz. He was born with a deformed knee and couldnt bend one leg so he would run down the steps and fall on the last one. He was so sweet. I loved the opart with Bette Midler and the pinecone!!!! :lol: :lol: :rofl:

11-22-2004, 03:46 PM
Whats for dinner everyone? Here it might be two bean enchiladas or maybe chili or grilled pork steak or chicken salads. So many choices. I just wish I was rich enough to have a personal chef to come and plan and cook every night. Lucky I have a husband who loves to cook. And he is really good about scrubbing out the pots and pans. I guess I am pretty lucky to have a guy to do stuff like that.

Angie your kids and you and Jay will love the air hockey table. My mom has one and I love to play it. Your paint ball idea sounds neat too. I have never done it, but my brother has. Make sure you wear protective gear though, it hurts to get hit I guess. He had some bruises from it if I can remember. But I can imagine him and his friends getting pretty crazy doing it :lol:.

11-22-2004, 03:48 PM
Where in the world is everyone today....just a Monday I guess! Come out to talk! Btw Angie I never saw that movie, but heard it was great.

11-22-2004, 03:54 PM
Hey all. It's definitely a busy week being so short and all but I wanted to pop in and say hi. We got a call from my cousin in CA yesterday, my uncle (my mom's brother) passed away yesterday afternoon. He was 81 and suffering from emphysema (sp?). My aunt who is blind will probably have to move in with one of her two sons. The cousin that called himself was just recently diagnosed w/a form of cancer, and he's only 43. The prognosis doesn't look good for him either, but they will try to treat him as best as they can. *sigh* This weekend was kind of a bummer because of all this news but all I can do is pray and offer comfort to my aunt and cousins. My parents may be heading out to CA this week, I hope after Thanksgiving though. Rick will be making his first attempt at cooking the turkey :crossed: (what can I say? We've always eaten at one of our mom's places :^: ). I'm hoping for a brighter day today even though our weather forecast calls for more thunderstorms thru Thanksgiving...anyway, sorry for the doom and gloom.

Angie, I will go and rent that movie next (maybe this afternoon? :lol: ). I need a little comedy. Rick would love to buy an air hockey table but I have no idea where we would put it. My 22 y.o. nephew is a paintball fanatic, he even travels around the mainland for tournaments :rolleyes:. I think he'd like to be a professional paintballer. I've never tried it myself but I heard it hurts when you get hit :lol:

Julie, of course I ate the popcorn :ink: :D Hey! Good job on the cardio :dancer: It's more than I did. Has your DS been coming home w/cute little art projects like turkeys and pilgrim hats and stuff? I just found a million broken pieces of a macaroni necklace in the backseat of my car today :lol:

Hello to Summer, Kempy, Cal, Cherie,Jacks, Gen and anyone else I may have missed. Gotta get back to work.

11-23-2004, 10:13 AM
Good Morning!!!! What happened to everyone yesterday? Come out and play!!! Is everyone busy with the holiday?

I am getting up early tomorrow to do my baking. I am making pecan sticky buns for Jay and the kids for breakfast, than I have to make a turtle cheesecake and pumpkin parfaits. I may make a small cheesecake for my sister if I have the time.

The vets are also coming over tomorrow to do the shots for the dogs and cats so hopefully that will be all done. Domino, the stray cat stayed in last night. He is a huge cuddlebug.

Noelle, I am sending good thoughts for your family. I am so sorry about your aunt.

I hope everyone else can come out and chat today

11-23-2004, 02:38 PM
Hey all. I'm running around like a crazy person and have to drop my parents off at the airport shortly. My uncle's wake service is scheduled for tomorrow and the burial is on Friday. I guess Thanksgiving here will be a smaller, more somber one.

My BIL brought a 20+ lb. turkey over yesterday, but we already had one. He and Rick had the bright idea that they would have a turkey cook-off of sorts--yeah right, 40 lbs of turkey and no one around to eat it all :rolleyes:. I put the second turkey in the freezer for Christmas. Men!

Angie, I will be flying over to have some turtle cheesecake (I wish!). I guess I'll have to settle for a Costco blueberry muffin :lol:.

Hope the rest of you can come out and chat. Come on everybody, speak up! :) Have a good day, I'll be back later.

11-23-2004, 03:39 PM
Hello everyone! Sorry I was MIA yesterday and this morning. I had to run payroll today, and I so much I had to enter before I ran it. HR brought me a whole stack of changes yesterday, so I was just BUSY.

I went yesterday and bought my groceries for my Thanksgiving. First time I will be cooking a turkey.. (ok.. so it's a little boneless Turkey Breast) but still.. my first attempt. The girls will be going with their Dad to his family's get to gether.. so I will be winging Thanksgiving alone this year. On Wednesday night, I am going to help Hannah bake a Gooey Pumpkin Cake. Something we saw together on the Food Network last week. She will be able to take that with her Dad and tell everyone she made it. I am starting my girls out young learning how and enjoying cooking. :-)

I had a good weekend... just hung out mainly.. we went and saw National Treasure on Saturday and it was a pretty good movie.. lots of action, lots of movement... really a good flick to enjoy. Rated PG so not alot of violence or profanity etc. Alan and I made some salsa on Sunday.. I haven't tried it yet.. but I miss read the recipe and didn't get enough habanero peppers. He tried it and said it was pretty good, but not hot enough.. so we will have to make another batch soon! :D

Anyway.... I am going to try to get back on my treadmill tonight. I figure I won't be seeing Alan for another two weeks.. so I have plenty of time to get my butt back in gear and get back on a routine.

Well.... I better get back to work... :-) talk to you all later! I'll do personal replies later! Gotta finish up my payroll!


11-23-2004, 10:30 PM
No post would be honest if I did not tell you girls what I ate tonight....confession time....Two burritos, of course with extra cheese, popcorn and almost a whole container of cashews. Oh my god. It just dawned on me how much I ate tonight. The scale is not coming out for a loooong time. What the heck. I don't think I am eating enough during the day? Well hello everyone! Miss ya :).

11-23-2004, 11:11 PM
Hey Julie.. don't be so hard on yourself.. first step is being aware! :-) Lets try until the end of the year to really make an effort to do better. I'll be here with ya! I got back on the treadmill, after being off about 2 weeks... I threw out my pasta tonight too so I wouldn't be eating it tomorrow.

Anyway.. I just wanted to check in real quick.. 30 minutes on the treadmill... and I promise to do better tomorrow!

11-23-2004, 11:29 PM
You girls must think I am totally nuts, I wrote Happy Monday Evening....its Tuesday, duh, I am totally tired or must be losing it! Haha....Julie

11-24-2004, 11:08 AM
Good Morning everyone! :-) How are you doing? I am here at work, feeling like it's the holiday already and I want to go home! :D

I FINALLY got on the treadmill last night... and it felt good.... I just need to somehow work on my motivation for the morning. Last year I was doing really good of getting up a little early and doing pilates before getting ready for work. Now, all I want to do is hit the snooze button. Sigh... I am breaking down my coffee table this week, and storing it under my bed so I will have some floor space to do pilates and abs work ... I am going to really try to get back into a healthy routine in December.

I've been doing some research because I've been having a really bad problem of night sweats lately. I've always had them a little... but within the past two weeks.. it has gotten so much worse. I am not sure what the deal is, but waking up soaked from my head to toe isn't fun. I've found out that it could be a sign of sleep apnea, or diabetes, or eating spicy food, or exercising before you go to bed and being overweight.. also I was reading one site where it said it could be caused by a yeast infection. That one was really interesting, so I am going to start making changes to my diet, and cut out all sugars and try to stick with low carbs to see if that might help.

Julie, I wish we lived closer too and we could go out for Thanksgiving. My daughter was upset last night because I was going to be alone on Thanksgiving and that I didn't have any family to share it with. She is so very sensitive, I love her so much. I told her I would be OK, and that I would be having breakfast with her and Megan, and that I would see them Thanksgiving night as well. She was still upset that I would be alone, so she handed me her cherished favorite stuffed animal, Bossy, and wanted me to keep him so I wouldn't be alone. I promised her I would keep Bossy with me in the living room all day long, but for tonight, she needed to sleep with Bossy because he loved her too. Awwwwww... I love my girls.. :-)

OK.. well, I better get back to work. I have a lot to do before I get to go home today! Talk to you all soon!

Oh Julie... THREE HOURS of the Bachelor tonight!!!!!!! I guess they are doing After the Rose show tonight as well.... I can't wait. I've got to make a cake with Hannah tonight, but I will make sure we get it done early, so I can watch our show! I'll be on the treadmill for part of that.... so I am ready for tonight! Woo hoo!

11-24-2004, 01:15 PM
Good WEDNESDAY girls(got it right this time) haha

Cherie, night sweats? You are way to young for menapause????? So I don't know? But it can happen very early in some women? Maybe you should go see your doc and get it checked out. That is so sweet of your daughter to think of you....I got tears in my eyes. Those two girls sound like real sweethearts! I know how hard it is with the guilt and stuff that comes along with divorce around the holidays. I thought my Dad had to work on he calls and tells me he is off, ugh, now I feel bad because I am the only one he has, my brother lives in Ca. My mom is going to step relation out of town, and plans were set for us all ready. I don't know what to do now. Oh well. Hope for the best. Sorry to rant and I hope I did not make you feel bad. But anyway, you bet I am going to be watching The Bachelor tonight! I am soooo excited, GO MARY! I will be thinking of ya during the show. Wouldn't it be fun to get together and watch it and pig out on food and drinks,lol. Btw great job on the treadmill. Better than I have done.

Noelle I forgot to answer your question about the projects being brought home from school. I think I may need to put an addition on to keep them all. I can't even part with the scribbling things on paper :lol:. I have them stacked away in his closet. Every week there probally is 2-4 things I have to keep! Haha. I hope your holiday is best as it can be with the death in the family and a sick loved one. You are in my thoughts hon.

Kempy are ya off on Friday to get some shopping in? Or I bet you are done all ready :lol:, I wish I was!! I hope I can get some good sales for the kids. Money is tight and our heating bill is through the roof all ready! What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Angie where are today. Probally taking care of the poor babies after their shots. Where are you going for Thanksgiving? I am sorry if you mentioned it. I have a good memory but it is short :lol:.

Hi everyone check back later to talk. Julie

11-24-2004, 01:41 PM
Good Morning!! Well, I guess it is afternoon now!! :lol: I got up early and made pecan sticky buns for Jay than I made the turtle Cheescake and the crustless Pumpkin for the parfaits. I then cleaned the house because my vet will be here in a while to give the cats and dogs their shots. FUN FUN

Julie, today is my actual day off from work....I have to work tomorrow so we can deliver for Friday. I figured I would do the baking and just do the turkey for supper tomorrow night. It works out okay like that. We arent spending it with anyone. My sister has to work at the hospital and then she will be going to my MOms house to pick up Haley so she is having dinner with them.

Cherie, That is too bad that you will be alone for the holiday. Alan wont be around? Have fun baking with your daughter tonight. Alicia was supposed to stay home and help me this morning but she ditched me yesterday to stay the night at a friends house. :lol:

11-24-2004, 04:44 PM
Hey girls!! Well, the vet was supposed to be here at 1 and they still havent shown up so I guess I have been stood up for the second time this month!!! I am a little peeved right now because this is my day off and I have totally wasted it sitting here waiting for them while I had the cats locked in the bathroom all day so they couldnt crawl into the sofa and hide. So I have 3 weeks to get the dogs shots done before we leave!!!

11-24-2004, 05:12 PM
Awwww Angie, That really sucks! I wonder what your vet will have to say. :( I'm sorry.

I got my payroll all checked, I've got my checks out the door, and my 401K stuff taken care of.. now I am ready to go home.. (in about 20 minutes I will be!)

Nothing exciting is happening today... I had a turkey sandwich from Subway... and oatmeal for breakfast, with half a banana... tonight, going to be on the treadmill while Julie and I root for Mary! :)

Anyway.. I will check in tomorrow, but I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! I wish we could get together and have one big party.. I am VERY thankful to have you ladies in my life. Thanks for being here for me and giving me all the wonderful support! (((HUGS)))

11-24-2004, 09:29 PM
Hello Ladies and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!

I am still having some problems with the computer. I think I may have to take it in. My sis thinks it might have a virus because it's really slow, locks up all the time, and for awhile was having problems shutting down. The tech person at school said she will look at it for me next week when we go back to school.

Last day of school for 4 days!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I was so glad to see the kids leave today; even though they were really great. Makes one wonder what they were up to. :lol:

We will be going over to my sister's house in Glendale for dinner tomorrow. We were going to have everyone come here, but I talked my sis into having it at her house. After dinner we usually sit around and plan our shopping strategy for Friday. My 2 sisters, sister-in-law, her 2 sisters, and my niece all go out for the day. It's been a tradition since before my niece was born and she's 22 now. Hubby thinks we're all crazy :dizzy: but we look forward to this all year long. I'm actually done with Christmas shopping, but I still look for bargains and the way I look at it, it's never too late to start for next year. :D ;) I've been looking for something from Arizona to get all of you; a teacher's salary is not very good and hubby is still not working, but I think I may have thought of something. It's not big, but I think you may enjoy it. Please PM me with addresses. I only have Angie and Noelle's addresses.

Today we listed some things that we are thankful for and I'd like to add that I am so thankful for all of you. I don't know what I'd do without you and I'd never want to find out. God bless you all and enjoy your families tomorrow.


11-24-2004, 11:03 PM
JULIE!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sitting here crying... I love Mary!!! :D This is awesome! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute together!!!!! :D

And on a better note.... Alan asked me over for Thanksgiving dinner with his family tomorrow, so I won't be spending it alone.

Oh... Hannah and I baked her cake... I came in here and started walking on the treadmill.. and next thing I know, I hear from Hannah that Megan stuck her fingers in the cake... then the truth came out, the BOTH did. So I have some salvaging I have to do tonight!!

OK... everyone have a great Thanksgiving!!!

11-24-2004, 11:16 PM
Cherie I am crying my eyes out too! Go Mary, Go Mary Go Go Go Mary and Bryon ;) :) :lol: :D. I am so glad you are not going to be alone tomorrow either! Julie

11-24-2004, 11:25 PM
And don't worry about the cake! I am sure it will be just great....I am still here smiling all by myself, and Byron just read his journal entry to her too and saved the last rose as a book mark in it....he is so sweet and easy on the eyes :devil: :D. He looks better tonight than on the show!

11-25-2004, 05:23 AM
Happy Thanksgiving ladies! I just know tomorrow will be a whirlwind so I wanted to say I am thankful for all of you FRIENDS :grouphug: I am playing taxi driver as my sisters get in from BKK early tomorrow morning but 3 of them will be jumping on another plane out to CA later in the day to get to my uncle's funeral on Friday. Rick and I will be handling the turkey-day prep and we will entertain whoever is left at home, which is not that many people. That may be a good thing because I don't know how this bird will turn out.

anyway, i really love you girls and wish you all a happy day tomorrow. Thinking of you all and how fortunate I am to have met you. You girls are the best. :)

11-25-2004, 01:49 PM
I am so thankful for all of you, every single one of you. You all have a caring heart and show so much kindness, I could not ask for better friends than you girls. Since I don't have sisters, I consider you all to be mine :). At our meal today I will be thinking of you all during the before dinner prayer. Love you all so much! Julie

11-25-2004, 01:52 PM
I forgot to say lets all eat today and not feel guilty about it. We deserve it, Thanksgiving comes once a year ;). So have that piece of pie or whatever is your favorite! Love ya, Julie

11-25-2004, 07:13 PM
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! I am Thankful for my family and all of you!!! You guys are my best friends and I love you all. How corny is that? :lol: It is true though.

I am stuffed!!!! My cheesecake came out awesome. I may make one to take to Florida with me.

My Mom wants to come to Florida with me now. I would love it if I could take her somewhere new and nice. We will be taking her and my neice. She has to try to get the time off from work and overcome her fear of leaving my Dad for 2 weeks. :lol: They are as inseperable as me and Jay. My Dad told her to go, she will never get a chance like it again so he wants her to go. He doesnt want to do the long ride so he wants to stay home.

I hope you all had an awesome day.

Did anyone see Elf yet? We watched it last night and I thought it was cute. Much funnier than I thought.

11-25-2004, 07:55 PM
Happy Turkey Day girls. We just had our Thanksgiving lunch and I am full. I'm not stuffed (yet), but will wait awhile to have dessert. My sister makes this awesome Chinese Almond Float (sort of like a fruit cocktail with coconut pudding and lychee in it)...I know, not your traditional t-day fare, but still good. The turkey came out great, nice and moist.

Angie, I just watched Elf yesterday. It was good to laugh. My favorite part has got to be when he was insulting that dwarf author guy and they got into a brawl :lol:. I think it's great you will be taking your mom and niece along, that trip will be fun.

Julie, :yes: I will have no guilt when I eat my pumpkin pie and whipped cream :hun:

See y'all later. :wave:

11-25-2004, 11:02 PM
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :-) I've had a nice day. I got the girls up and dressed for their dad... (took a picture for my xmas cards this year: ) and then I dropped them off. I headed to Alan's house and we went to the store to get a few things.. I made some sausage balls to take with us.. and everyone loved them! I got to have a very nice dinner with his dad and step mom, his older brother and his girlfriend. Very nice afternoon. Around four, I came home and watched the Stepford Wives... not sure if I liked that movie or not... and then Survivor! :D I just got the girls home now.. and Julie.... with no guilt, I had a piece of Hannah's gooey butter pumpkin cake and whipped cream and homemade hot cocoa! :D The girls and I just had dessert, and they are finishing watching The Grinch. So.... It's been a great day!!!

Thanks guys for being here for me!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



11-26-2004, 02:55 PM
Cherie, your girls are so adorable. Hannah is the older right? I can't believe how much older she looks than last year. They're both beautiful girls, like mom :). Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Are there other crazy persons hitting the malls/stores today? I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and decided I would go to K-mart and get some new Christmas lights for a little 2' tree I have. I was planning on putting it in Michael's bedroom and wanted to suprise him when he got home this morning (he slept over at his cousins) The doors opened at 6 a.m. and there was this long-@ssed line snaking across the parking lot. I finally got in after cutting in a break in the line and there was barely room to move about the freakin' store. All I wanted was a string of lights. People were going nuts over all kinds of stuff, loading up their carts with STUFF. All I could think of was what am I doing here? and why is X-mas so commercial??? But, I stuck it out and got the lights and a mini-tree skirt. I got his tree all decorated up with mini ornaments and wooden nutcracker soldiers. I think he'll love it.

Whew, I'm exhausted from standing in line and just doing nothing. I think I'll go back to bed :lol: Be back later. Have a great day all! Happy shopping if you're out there.

11-26-2004, 03:47 PM
Noelle, I got up at 4 this morning to get ready to go shopping. :lol: It was so busy I couldnt believe it. I got a new bike for Brittany and the air hockey game for them for Christmas but just getting those 2 things took forever. I saw my aunt there but couldnt find my Mom anywhere. (she came with my aunt :lol: )

Jay found a snowmobile he likes so it should be ready by Wednesday for him. Now all he needs is snow!!!! :lol:

Cherie, Your girls are beautiful. I loved the pic. I have to get the kids dressed up and put the jingle collars on the dogs and get a picture of them all too.

My vets are supposed to do the shots first thing on Monday now. We will see!!! :lol:

I am mailing gifts out on Monday so they will come early. You can all open them up when they come if ya want to. :lol:

I am supposed to be working so I guess I should go do that for a while

11-27-2004, 01:25 AM
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I was really good the whole week with what I ate. But I was clear that I was going to eat an entire plate with a little of everything on it! I made a typical Puertorican Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey,stuffing,gravy,white rice,beans,potato salad,garden salad,homemade cherry cheesecake,homemade pumpkin pie. This morning I went back on my diet ,toast and coffee for breakfast,and Lean Cuisine for lunch and dinner was left over turkey breast sandwhich.
I was sooooooo full lastnight that I felt like I had taken a laxative! My stomach was rumbling and I couldnt stop burping lol . I was shocked how quick our stomachs shrink!
I went shopping today around noon and Walmart was so packed! I was able to get what my kids wanted and gothome by 2:30...starving for my lunch!!!! I get home and of course no one in the house had eaten lunch either! I think they dont know where the kitchen is! lol


11-27-2004, 11:33 AM
Happy Saturday girls!!!

Gennel, You rock!!! I cant wait to be able to get my *** in gear and stick with a diet. I am not going to push it until after vacation but as soon as I am done I will start the challenges with you. I got my new bike and it is so comfy and Jay has a new snowmobile to keep him busy that I am ALMOST excited. :lol:

Noelle, I am narrowing down ideas for your birthday gift. Are there any favorite stores near you that I could do a gift certificate for ?

Julie, How is your weekend and week going? Did you watch trading spouses last week where they sent the girl to Louisiana? I thought about Kempy through the whole show I cant wait to see the ending.

Cal, How did you make out on your shopping trip? I bet the stores were swamped there huh?

Cherie, I loved the pic of the girls. Did they have fun at their daddies for the holiday?

Kempy, Where are ya? I miss talking to you. I hope you dont leave us.

I am done shopping now. I am getting my sis a gift certificate so she can go shopping while I borrow her kid for a few weeks for vacation. :lol:

I do have to go buy a new bigger bike rack for the RV today and some more wrapping paper to finish wrapping so I will check back in later and I hope to have some new posts to read. :lol:

11-27-2004, 12:24 PM
Good morning. I am wishing I had a cup of coffee right now :yawn: . I have a nail appt. this morning and I am dropping Rick and the boy off to shop at the local swap meet. I am finally getting some Christmas shopping done. Yesterday I bought Michael a 5' tall wooden nutcracker from Wal-Mart. It's in his bedroom until I get the tree up in the living room. I could barely fit the box in the car but luckily two employees helped me cram it in.

Gen you are doing great :strong:. I didn't have to worry about turkey left overs. My sister had my son over to her house Thursday evening and I told her to take "some" turkey home to feed the kids. Turns out she hacked off ALL the breast meat and took it home. My husband was so P.O.'d because he worked hard on that turkey and when we wanted to eat more at dinner, there was hardly any left! :lol: Then she comes over the next day to polish off the rest of it :rolleyes: Better her than me I say.

Angie you really don't have to do anything for my b-day, a card will do...master card :p just kidding :rofl: Please, just having you as a friend is a gift ;)

Cal I am looking for that Hawaiian snow globe your niece wanted, haven't found it yet but I think I know where I can find it, hopefully this weekend. I will PM you when I find it :crossed:. How's your shopping weekend going?

Kempy where ya hiding? Are you swamped with clients this weekend? Hope you can get some time for yourself.

Summer, how are you doing today? Say hi to Michael and Fenway :)

Julie how are you doing with the kiddos? Anything new and exciting happen lately?

Jacks, don't hide girl. Or did you get lost at Ala Moana? :lol: How was your Turkey day?

Cherie, how are things with you today?

Hope everyone has a safe, fun weekend. Be back later.

11-27-2004, 02:06 PM
Hi girls

Just a quickie from me, my mom wants to do a Thanksgiving dinner with the family today because we did not see her on Thurs. But I am going to try and skip dessert. I got on the scale this am and no surprise I am up a little bit. Oh well. I did excercise though last night :D.

Wish I could get personal right now but I gotta go. The kids are screaming for lunch :lol:. Sounds like everyone had a great Holiday and I am glad. Julie

11-27-2004, 02:09 PM
Kempy, where are ya btw....I hope you chat soon with us too :)!

Cherie I am still thinking of Byron and Mary. I am going to be lost on Wednesday nights not watching them anymore. How are you feeling btw? Night sweats getting better?
Okay gotta run. I have tons to do but I will check back later. Julie

11-27-2004, 03:33 PM
Hey guys. Sorry I have been MIA. I have been down latly and I can't seemt o get myself out of it. I know I usually feel down this time of year but I want to make changes to help that. All I do is eat and sleep which of course is my depression talking. I am just not sure what to do to shake it. It is like dragging a dead horse to make myself do anything. When Joe isn't home it is even worse, I can't get myself off of the sofa. I don't want to bring you guys down. I am just feeling funky right now. I'll pop on later today.

11-27-2004, 06:18 PM
Hey Guys!!!

Noelle, Your Birthday gift should get to you in a week or 12 days!!! I think I found the perfect thing!!! :lol: I know it is something you already like so I hope it is good. You know I had to get ya something, You are like a sister to me. :grouphug:

{{{{{KEMPY}}}}} I am sorry you are feeling blue lately. Is there anything I can do. If you need someone to talk to feel free to give me a call. I wished I was closer to you all so we could all get together to cheer each other up. Dont leave us because we would miss you like crazy.

Julie, Another Thanksgiving? I am glad my turkey is gone. :lol: We only eat the white meat so the rest of the bird is in the freezer waiting for dump day. :lol:

Well, the kids are gone for the night so I should go cuddle Jay. :lol: :devil:

11-27-2004, 06:18 PM
Hi Girls
I am back from my mom's, and darn it wouldn't you know it I caved and had the dessert, but passed on the dinner rolls and potatoes and just had a little of dressing with some meat plus veggies. I could not resist the cake especially after Mom cut it and said just eat it. Plus it was a pound cake layered with bavarian cream and raspberries topped with real whipped cream. Ugh, I am trying like h*ll to stay away from sugar! It feels good to be home. It is so ugly outside right now, raining and damp. But oh well. The sun is suppose to come out tomorrow. Great, now I have the "Annie" song stuck in my head. Haha...Anywho, got some good sale items for the kids on Friday. People are nuts this time of year. I mean there were 3 hit and runs in our malls parking lot! Trying to figure what to have for supper since we ate at 1. My daughter wants steak, didn't want to make anything that heavy. Maybe though. Check back tonight girls, Julie

11-27-2004, 06:32 PM
Kempy I wish I could give you a great big hug right now. The holidays bring back memories, and can just be such a stressful time of year. If you ever want to talk, this includes any of you, pm me and I will get your number,( I have a really good calling plan.) We could make fun of each other's accents :lol:! I know when Angie and I talked on the phone it was so much fun. I love her accent. Take it easy on yourself. I know you know that I have issues with some stuff too. We are all here for you, and I mean it I will call you and we can talk for an HOUR! Don't leave us, I would be so sad. Post when you can hon.

Angie have fun cuddling with your sweetheart. Yup, another meal, I think I did a little better today than Thursday.

Noelle, do you have model hands now? J/K I hope your nails turned out pretty. Pretty soon AI starts, can you believe it. This year went by so fast. I finally hope Paula and Simon get it on all ready :devil: :lol:! I am a hopeless romantic....just like I faithfully watched the Bachelor and cried like a baby with Cherie on Wednesday when my cutie Byron proposed to Mary. I don't know if you watch that show.

Hi Cal, Summer, Holly, Gen, Cherie and everyone else. I'll probally check back tonight sometime. Julie btw I am dreaming of our Vegas trip ;). Someday we will make it happen!

11-29-2004, 11:14 AM
Well, the vets finally came to give the animals all their shots. Rebel was shaking so bad and he peed a little while he was getting his shots. After we took the muzzle off from him he rolled over and gave the vet his tummy. My psycho dog isnt so psycho I guess. :lol:

Well, I got asked the question that every girl dreads....."Oh, are you having another baby?" I said no I am just fat. :lol: I said I have a yoyo problem. He was so embarrassed and kept apologizing(sp). It is my own fault. I see them a couple times a year and when I gained 60 pounds back in a year I guess it is to be expected. I am so sick of yoyoing. I want to be a stable weight even if it is fat. I have been either gaining or losing my whole life. Will it be like this forever?

How was everyones weekend? Mine was nice.

11-29-2004, 01:10 PM
Good Morning Girls

Angie I feel bad for you about that question, don't feel bad though I think my neighbor thought the same thing about me 2 years ago! Glad the pups got their shots, your in the clear now for Florida. How exciting. Can you believe this month is almost over? Crazy, huh?

Cherie....Byron and Mary were on the View this morning. They looked so cute together. I think they are far the best couple on so far on the entire show. She looked so pretty and he looked really great! Well anyway I just had to mention it to you, oh they asked if they were going to have the wedding on tv and he said no and she said they have asked her, but she did not say no or yes....I would love to see it.

Check back later girls, hi to everyone. Julie

11-29-2004, 01:13 PM
Good Morning everyone. It's Monday and time to step back into the routine. Thankfully, all the leftovers are gone, there is no more cake and one more holiday is behind me.

Angie.. I know how you feel about the yo-yo stuff.. I have been on a diet my entire life since I would say 10th grade. It's very sad. I just love to eat, and that is my problem. I do it when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am angry, when I am frustrated, any thing is a good excuse to eat in my book. I have to really watch myself, and give myself limits, or I would be eating every hour of the day. (((((HUGS)))))

Kempy (((((HUGS))))) I am sorry you are having a rough time. Friday was my dad's birthday and I just missed him all day long. We used to have the best Thanksgivings going to his family's, where all his brothers and sisters and family would get together. There would be like 60 of us or so. Now almost all the brothers and sisters are dead, down to two sisters (out of a family of 8 kids) so, I have fond memories, but this time of year really makes me remember what I am now missing. We are here for your.... Just come and check in when you can. (((((HUGS)))))

Julie... I am lost now knowing that Wednesdays are going to have a huge void in them until January. I am excited that Jen is the new bachelorette, however, I was really hoping that she and Andrew Firestone would have had a better relationship. I thought they were perfect for each other. Oh well.

Noelle.... sounds like you had a great weekend! I haven't had my nails done is years. One day I will pamper myself like that again! :D

Gen.. good for you for getting back on track so fast! I enjoyed my food til it was gone. I never over ate or stuffed myself... but now it's all gone, I am back on track I think. Going to get a turkey breast sandwich from Subway for lunch, no chips, so today will be a good one.

OK.. well, I need to get back to work..... Happy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful friends here!!!!


11-29-2004, 02:48 PM
:cheer: YEAH ME!!!! :cheer: I just got in a half an hour of exercise. I havent exercised since before I got food poisoning so it has definately been a while. :lol: Well....I had better get dressed and go help Jay so he doesnt have to do all the work himself. :lol:

Where is everyone today?

Kempy, Come out and talk.

11-29-2004, 03:40 PM
WTG Angie!!!!!!!! There you go! GREAT JOB!!! I bet you feel wonderful right now.. that is a great accomplishment!!!! Go Go Go!!!!!



11-29-2004, 04:26 PM
Woohoo Angie, great job excercising....keep it up! I know it is so hard for your body to get use to. When I don't excercise for awhile I feel like I am running a marathon. haha....I did get a little cardio in, if you call dancing with the kids excercise :lol:. Do you have any snow on the ground yet? I know some places in the country are getting hit hard with 6-12 inches!!

Cherie isn't it a total relief when you get rid of all the sweets? I still have leftover pumpkin pie and M&M's here. Yikes!! Hubby can eat the pie and the kids can go for the candy. I hope your Monday is going well. I can not wait until Friday :lol:.

Noelle I bet you guys are so busy after the holiday weekend. Don't work to hard. Is your ds in any Christmas plays or concerts at school? My ds has one, I can't wait to see him up there singing his little heart out, I just hope he does sing and not freeze up or yell the words :lol:!!

Kempy are you hanging in there? I also hope your Monday is going well. Hugs

Well guys gotta figure what to make for supper. I hoping something lowfat or lowcarb. Check in later girlies....Julie Hi everyone!!!!

11-29-2004, 10:38 PM
Can I quit as being a mom????? PLEASE?????? A bowlful of chili on the carpet later.... my small bissell green machine that wouldn't I ended up throwing it on the floor.. broke part of it, but the motor decided to start working THEN????? Really, I quit. Whoever said having kids was fun was on some major drugs. I so relate to Lynette on Desprate Housewives. Too bad I don't have ADD medication to keep me going.

Thankfully.... both girls are in bed. And they both got their hugs and kisses. Sigh... now it's time to finish my glass of wine, and go to bed myself. :-(

Night ladies.


11-30-2004, 10:39 AM
Good Morning. :-) Yes.. I am in a better mood. Hannah wanted to know if I was still mad at Megan this morning for dumping her bowl of chili, and I had to tell her, no, Mommy wasn't mad. I gave Megan a big hug.... she is back to her normal oblivious self this morning. I am sure she doesn't even remember dumping it.

The girls were so excited this morning... seems we had our first official snowfall this winter. It was a TRACE. Dusted the roofs, covered the cars a little. I had to scrape my windshield even.. I park under a covered patio, so the wind must have been blowing last night. Anyway... They were so excited. I would like to take them one day to Colorado where they can see BIG snow. Hopefully my next car will be the Suburau Outback I've been drooling over.. I would love to have a AWD car, and then to be able to take off someplace like that. :D In a couple of years maybe.

I hope everyone is having a good morning! Come out and check in!

Talk to you guys later..


11-30-2004, 11:24 AM
Hey Cherie, When you go to Colorado let me know and we will come too. :lol: I want to go there so bad. I also want to go to the Grand Canyon so bad.

I exercised again today for a half an hour so I am pretty proud of myself. My eating is still sucky but I want to start to workout again so it becomes routine and the eating will fall into place after vacation. I love my ner bike, I cranked the stereo and went to town on it. :lol:

I watched a video someone made about pitbulls on an animal websight last night and the song they played to it I loved. It is called Afraid of me by Twiztid. I will try to post the link to the video so you guys can watch it too if you want to. It is sad in the beginning and then they show the family pets with their kids and it is so sad. I hate that so many losers have ruined it for them. Poor babies. In case you cant tell I love pits or any terrier for that matter. :lol: I would have one if I could keep my house insurance still. My Mom has 3 Rotties and she lost her house insurance last year because of them. They told her she had to have them put to sleep and show proof of it. That is sick> Her dogs are old babies. They raised my kids. When the kids play in the woods the dogs stay right with them and everything.

PS: She told them to kiss her ***. She went without insurance until she could find a company that would take her. She is now paying through the nose just because of the breed of dog she has. They would NEVER bite anyone either.

I found out I exercised at an 80 rpm on the bike yesterday to the tv and today it was 90 rpm with music loud. :lol:

Kempy and Noelle, WHERE ARE YOU?????? Come out and play!!!!

Cherie, I have the same feelings myself sometimes. I wished I could tell you that they get better with age but they dont. :lol: They get meaner and more mouthy. haha :lol: Your girls are little cuties though

11-30-2004, 11:27 AM
Here is the link to the video.

11-30-2004, 11:50 AM
Hey ladies!

I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving and from reading most of the posts it sounds like you did.Mine was nice - met my sister's boyfriend and he was nice (and tall :yikes: 6 ft. 5in.) and he was smart enough to take most of piercings out before meeting the parents. Very sweet to my sister and he brought his dog so Fenway was so happy to play with someone!

Just wanted to wish you all the very best and that you are a group of dynamic women I am thankful for!

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. -Andre Gide

be well.
;) Summer ;)

11-30-2004, 12:04 PM
Good morning ladies. I tried to pop in yesterday but my work computer wouldn't let me so instead of getting aggravated, I left the office :lol:. My 3 sisters are returning from Sacramento tonight. Thank gawd because I am so sick of cleaning that d@mn litter box! **P-U! :faint: ** I spoke with my sister yesterday and she said she spent $84 on dog tag charms(?) at Petco. I told her she was crazy. But then again, she's the one that buys loads of dog clothes in Thailand :lol:

Cherie, I think we all have days when we wonder why we spawned the little stinkers :lol: Glad you're feeling better today. I like that Subaru Outback. I had one while my car was being repaired and it handled great. I almost didn't wanna give it back. Enjoy the snow with your girls.

Angie, that video is so sad. I agree--dog violence is not breed specific, it's stupid human pet owner specific. I had tears in my eyes and all I could think of was that poor pit that attacked Kai, he was probably put down instead of rehabilitated. Too bad the owner wasn't put down. WAY TO GO girl on that bike. I can feel your motivation already. I better get my butt moving soon too :^:

Julie, Michael's school will be having their Christmas program on my birthday. He's been practicing singing Frosty the Snowman and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. I always cry at those functions :cry:. I don't know what it is :lol: I'm hoping Michael will sing as well. He loves doing it at home but I remember last year, he just stood there smiling and only mouthing the little Mili Vanili :lol:

Kempy, how are ya doing today girl? :grouphug: Hugs if you need them. We miss you and need your input around here. Thinking of you.

The rest of you girls: Cal, Summer, Gen, Jacks....come out come out wherever you are. Have a great day all.

11-30-2004, 12:06 PM
:lol: Summer, we posted at the same time. Sounds like your sister brought one hot-dish to Thanksgiving dinner huh? :devil:

11-30-2004, 01:18 PM
better than past dishes she has brought home....;)

11-30-2004, 03:19 PM
Hi girls finally a minute to pop in and post....I just had some lunch a peanut butter and some yogurt. My nails have been really brittle and I do not think I am getting enough calcium. I went and picked up ds at school this am and got his first school pictures back. They are so darn cute. He is not a baby anymore, a big boy :( :)!

Noelle thats so funny you mentioned milli vanilli, I remember them when they came out and I love that song "Blame it on the Rain". I know I am a total dork :lol:!! I am for sure going to cry to when he his at his concert. I always cry at certain dates I remember like memories and stuff and just about anything :lol:!!

Summer wow 6foot 5inches!! Wow! I bet your parents were happy not to see too many piercings! Glad you had a nice holiday, including Fenway! Take care and don't work to darn hard. I would love to jet set like you. In my early twenties, I interviewed for a flight attendant postion, got a second interview and the same day they called me back to take the job. I declined it. To this day I wonder what my life would be like, how different it would be. The first time I was on a plane I remember seeing a flight attendant and thought wow, thats what I want to do. She was poised, beautiful and caring. But life took a different turn :lol:. Maybe I will get the guts and apply again someday. I might be to damn old by then though :lol:.

Cherie, glad you are having a better day. We had chili last night too. How funny is that? I just thought of something, if we ever get together in Vegas to bad Bryon is not staying there, maybe we could get a glimpse of him, haha,lol, okay I will shut up about him all ready, you are probally sick of me. lol

Angie great job on excercising again! I think you are getting your grove back, I bet it does help with a new bike though! From reading your post sounds like you are trying so hard. Baby steps, the eating will come I bet when you see your results from excercise. I hope to get some cardio in today.

Kempy please come and talk with us, we love ya and will listen to you vent cry or whatever you need. Or just talk about nothing! LOL

Well the kids are asking for snack. Oh gosh it is always something. I will just pretend I am passing out peanuts high in the sky :lol: :D,lol. Check back later girls....Julie

11-30-2004, 04:55 PM
Hi girls

I am starving right now, but dd wanted some gum so I am chewing away with her pretending its lasanga and garlic bread, thats what I am craving. I am kind of in a supper rut. I don't know what to make and it seems like we have alot of the same things every couple of weeks. I guess I will wait until hub gets home and maybe he will grill something even though its barely 30 degrees outside. It was only eighteen degrees this am when I brought ds to school. Brrrrr!! Where is everyone today? Come out from wherever you are? lol. Well just checking in. Talk later everyone. Julie

11-30-2004, 06:01 PM
Wooo Hooooo.... I may not be able to take the girls to see big snow yet.. but I have FINALLY been officially invited to the ski trip at the end of December. :D We are going to Vail, with a group of about 10 people. I got the time off approved with my work, (and that is a hard one since it's end of the year, Payroll time) and now I just have to finalize my arrangements with the girls. You can bet I will be on that treadmill every single day until I go!!!! :D

The Biggest Loser comes on tonight, so I'll be on the treadmill for that!

Angie.. you are doing such a GREAT JOB!!!!! You sound like you are loving that bike and getting your motivation back!!! You are inspiring me!

Julie... Yeah.. I would like to see Byron in person.... I bet he will keep his Las Vegas home as a getaway.... I would!

Noelle.. awwww a Christmas Program? I can't wait til the girls start doing stuff like that. That would be awesome!

Hey Summer!! Good to see you around! You've been missed!

OK.. I better get out of here.. I am wasting valuable treadmill time ;-) talk to you later!


12-01-2004, 10:07 AM
Good Morning Everyone! :-) Wednesday.. this week is rushing by quickly. Last night I did only 45 minutes on the treadmill, but that was better than what I've been doing the past couple of weeks. I plan on trying to at least double that tonight.

I watched the stupidest reality show last night... it came on as I was flipping channels and walking/jogging on the treadmill. It was like a train wreck, and I had to watch.. the REAL Gilligan's Island. I know I am a reality junkie if I actually sat there and watched it all... Geeze. A Gay Professor :D

Anyway.. I hope everyone had a great night.... It's cold here, so I am trying to get warm. Time to go make my oatmeal for breakfast!

Talk to you all soon!


12-01-2004, 02:13 PM
:-) Where is everyone???

I just had lunch... a turkey sandwich, all veggies, no cheese and spicy mustard from Subway. It was yummy. I went to look at the nutritional values and realized the honey oat bread that I normally get had 50 more calories in it than the plain wheat bread. Luckily today, I had the plain wheat, cause they were out of the other. Now I know which one to chose. I left out the cheese cause with all the peppers and the spicy mustard, I can't taste it... so saving a few calories there too. Anyway.. it was YUM... I love Subway. I wish I could afford to eat it everyday!

OK.. everyone.. come on OUT! I won't bite.. promise! ;-)

12-01-2004, 04:13 PM
Angie must be drowning in doughnuts.

Kempy has so many customers, she can't keep up.

Noelle is off with Magum PI somewhere...

Summer is jet setting to some exotic place again.

Cal is being held hostage by her students.

And Julie is heartbroken that the Bachelor isn't coming on tonight.

So that is WHERE everyone is. :D

12-01-2004, 04:19 PM
I am here for a minute. I had to go get a waterbottle for the dogs crate for the trip. I am putting Candi and Mickey in the same crate for the day while we go to the parks so I dont want them to knock it over and have no water all day.

I did get in 30 minutes of exercise even thought I ate Wendy's for lunch and brought home a sandwich from there for my supper. At least I am moving a little bit I guess.

I cant stay long because I have to get back to work but I wanted to let ya know you arent alone. :lol:


12-01-2004, 04:21 PM
Cherie, I buy my sandwich as the footlong because it is only like a buck more and then I eat the other half for lunch the next day. That is what I do when I get in the groove because I love Subway too. :lol:

I didnt get the gifts to the post office today because we have been running all day and it is POURING outside but....they are all packed and labeled so they will be mailed first thing tomorrow morning.

12-01-2004, 05:09 PM
Cherie, :devil: Love it :lol:

I am dragging my butt today. We went and watched the Harlem Globetrotters last night which was fun. It wasn't as funny as I remembered–maybe because I'm an adult now? But Michael and the kids all around us were laughing their heads off at their antics. Michael got one autograph on a basketball from Keiron "Sweet Pea" Shine but the arena was so crowded we left afterwards. My sis finally got back from CA and not a moment too soon. The dogs and cats were so wildly excited to see her.

I will pop in later when I am using my normal computer at home. :wave: have a good day

12-01-2004, 07:24 PM
Hey girls....Guess who just called me? KEMPY!!!! :callme: It was so much fun talking to her on the phone. You guys we really have to all get together, It would be so much fun. I have to say that I love talking to you guys. I wished we all lived close enough to hang out.

It has been pouring out nonstop since 3 this morning. I bet the bridge to MIL bakery is flooded now.

Julie, Where are you today. Busy with your sons school? Are the kiddos excited for Christmas?

12-01-2004, 10:52 PM
Hey girls,
I am sorry I could not get on today! My computer is giving me big time problems....I have to get my hus to look at it.

Cherie you are so funny, I am totally bummed and depressed I can't watch and Byron and of course Mary too. How did you know :D :lol:!

Well I am going to try this post and see if it works. Julie

12-01-2004, 10:57 PM
Whoohoo it worked! To bad it is late other wise I would get more personal, but anyway:
Angie that is so cool and great you Kemp got to talk. I wish we could all talk on the phone at the same time! We would just be little chatterboxes!lol

Noelle, glad Michael had fun at the game.

Well girlies hi to everyone else. Going to get ready for bed, I have to get my dh to look at this thing and get it fixed! Julie

12-02-2004, 11:31 AM
I started the December thread. Here is the link: