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11-01-2004, 08:42 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group who share all the ups and downs of our daily lives... not just weight loss. Won't you join us?


Good morning, ladies! Can you believe it's November?

Cristi - thanks for the congrats!! Anytime you want to talk about anything, we're here for you, girly. Bet your car looks nice. I need to clean out my van - wanna help?

Jen - well, once you get the photo downloaded to Photobucket, just copy the img link, then paste it here. I didn't know they had limited their times for freebies! Guess I can't blame them, though. About my purses, it's real easy to transfer stuff because I keep a clear cosmetic bag in it that holds all of my little stuff. Glad you didn't find anything under your porch, lol.

Marti - I saved you some soup and apple crisp, lol. My DGDs went T or T on Friday, since that's when the businesses gave out candy. The twins were giesha girls, Caylin wore last year's 50's skirt. Mackenzie Jo was Strawberry Shortcake and Macy was a witch. I might post a photo....

Sue - YAY 3 pounds down!! :cp: We didn't change time here either, but now some of our favorite shows come on an hour later.

Kathy - so glad to see you pop in, even if you did lose your post. How're the teens and your little guy doing?

Mindee - more of our shed door blew apart! Our insurance has a $500. deductible, so we're just out the money to repair it.

Susan - NO MORE SLEEPS since I know full well you ain't gonna get those eyes shut tonight, lol. Did you read what I said to you on the other thread??

Angie and Katy - now that your busy weekend is over, let us know how it went, ok?

It's raining here in Indiana, but at least the wind has died down. Gotta go to Walmart now that the crowd is gone, lol. We had a lot of fun with the family yesterday. Every one was in a playful mood, it seemed.


11-01-2004, 09:30 AM
Goodmorning Everyone

Well lets see if we can remember what I tried to post yesterday.

Susan...Jane said it perfectly. You are beautiful and sweet, and he knows it. Not only is he going to love you, he won't be able to contain his excitement at getting to know 3 beautiful girls soon also. I hope that you have a truly romantic time.

Jen that is so sweet of DBF to think about you, and to try and make sure you stay healthy. You will adjust to working so much soon.

Sue congratulations on the 3 pound loss. It sure is a great payoff and motivator to keep walking. How long will you be away for?

Mindee....Great pictures. How did your Halloween go? Did you dress Brandon up?

Katie...How was your weekend? What did the kids dress up as?

Angie...Did your boys go out at all? Every year mine say that this is the last Halloween that they will go out, but then they decide that they are not to old after all. Kristi's friends 20 year old sister went with them also.
Do you live close to the Shawnessy area?

Marti wow you got to do some scrapbooking. Did you get all those wedding photos done? Some you say? Well feel free to send us all a picture ok?

Cristi your car must look great. And up and out so early to do it. Mark washed the truck the other night. Took Cole with him. Wasn't really paying attention as he was putting the money in and got Cole right in the face with the water. His poor little face was red and swollen. I didn't give him to much of a hard time because he felt really bad that he wasn't watching.

Jane congrats on your continued weight loss also. I have gone back and read your thread a few times to help me get off my butt. Can we all go shopping with you for your new wardrobe?

Hi Ellen I hope that all is well with you.

Shanna we are all thinking of you and hope that you are doing ok too.

Hi to all the other JL that I did not mention.

Well we had a busy weekend. Cole and Kristi were both in a horseshow this weekend. Cole won 4rth place in a costume on lead line class. Kristi won 3rd in the costume class, then 5 seconds and a first. The winner of all those firsts has a 15 year old show horse that nows exactly what to do. Lucky is a 6 year old that we rescued and has only been ridden for the year and a half that Kristi has had him. They have both come along way, so it is so good for her to get to compete against her friend like this. Kristi wants Cole's ribbon to add to her collection and he keeps telling her No. It is quite funny to watch a 15 year old fight with a 2 year old.

Well I must run and get ready for work.

Happy Monday to all.


Tea Rose
11-01-2004, 11:08 AM
Good morning Ladies
Funny thing Kathy I did the same yesterday ,I was finally feeling like posting so I sat down and wrote a nice long letter and after what seemed like forever I finally finished proofread for mistakes and went to send and the server was down. I was more than a little frustrated ,but today I don,t feel so well, bad flu both of my kids and myself have it ,and my daughter spent 4 hours in the emergency room the other night and they made her wear a sars mask,because she was so sick, I thought I had been through the worst but today I feel worse than I have so far,so back to bed for me.I will try and post something later ,but have a wonderful day and I hope everyone else is feeling well. *Ellen*

11-01-2004, 12:26 PM
and first of November. WOW! this year has gone by so fast, too fast for me.

Kathy~aaaahh, poor baby (Cole). I know how those pressure washer thingy hurt. CONGRAT'S to Cole and Kristi! :bravo: You must be so proud.

Sue~CONGRAT'S on your loss missy! WTG! :bravo: That is a very good start.

Ellen~hugs to you and your family. Hope you all get to feeling better soon.

Susan~you just get that out of your head missy. You are a BEAUTIFUL lady both inside and out and Rocky knows that. And I hope you have the most beautiful time ever.

Mindee~sorry no one noticed your hair at your Aunts roast. It looks really nice.

Jen~know what ya mean about the time change-not liking it at all. Hope you adjust to the new job soon.

Jana~no thanks, it was bad enough cleaning mine that really didn't get so clean. For some reason the pressure thingy does not work on this car-doesn't get the dirt off so my money was wasted. Waiting for the new car wash down the street to open soon. It is a little more costly but they wash it, deodorize it, dry, and vacuum it and to me it is well worth the money. They asctually do more, just depends on how much you want to pay and what you want.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Have a good day all!

11-01-2004, 03:04 PM
Hello everyone!

It IS hard to believe that it's November! What gets me is, when I wasn't working I had plenty of time to get things done but always said "I'll do this weekend" did I ever get things I wanted accomplished?? Not really. And now that I'm working, I don't have time! I'm so not good with managing my time well! Anyone want to come over and mow my lawn????? :lol:

Susan--Just as Jane said, You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. He is going to fall head over heals in love w/you! You'll have the time of your life, memories that are going to last forever!

Jane--Send over the soup and apple crisp! I'm ready for it! :D The outfits the DGD wore sound so cute!! Jhanai told me last night that she's going to try and really enjoy going out t/t because in a year or two she may not be interested anymore. I found that to be interesting!

Jen--I didn't know that you haven't worked full time. I thought you worked full time all the time. Very sweet of your DBF to be looking things up to see if he can find the problem. Oh...once you get Photobucket downloaded, you're going to like using it. Very easy. (I had to ask Jane too!)

Kathy--I got some things done w/scrapbooking...but not too much. I was watching halloween shows last night. And I actually got more kids coming to my door than last year.....but still not I was too distracted to get much done. I will post pictures once I get something done!

Ellen--Oh I do hope you start to feeling better! Sending Get Well Hugs your way to you and your family! :grouphug:

Cristi--I like your signature. I wish I had more motivation to start walking or exercising more to have something like that. Now, are you walking outside or on a treadmill or both? It's been pouring here, and I don't like walking in the rain....or maybe I'm just too lazy to walk in the rain! But I really need to do something about myself. I get this motivation and it never last.....WHY!? I can even manage to lose weight but I don't hang on to that high of losing.....I go right back to my lazy ways. ****sigh****

Morning to all the rest of the girls! Shanna, Angie, Katy, Katie, Julie and whoever I may have missed!

Not much on the agenda today...gotta get to work later on tonight. Had some really cute costumes show up last night. This tiny little girl dressed as a unicorn. She was adorable. James was really hoping to get home early enough to hand out candy. By the time he got home, they stopped coming. So we have tons of candy left over. Not good. But James will be taking most of it.

Ok hair is sticking to my forehead...I need to get a shower and some food in my belly. YOu all have a wonderful Monday!

11-01-2004, 04:51 PM
Hello again!

I was straigtening up a little around the house and getting rid of some papers that I have no use for and a scrapbooking trick came to mind that I had to share! :D

If you need some strips for a page and want them all them through a shredder if you have one!

I was shredding some stuff and thought...."Hey...that would work great for scrapbooking pages that need strips"

Just had to share that! :D :D

11-01-2004, 06:26 PM
Hiya Girls!!!

Sorry I didnt check in over the weekend it was kinda hectic!!! We had lots of stuff going on, and then my friend and his kids were here practically all day yesterday so there was no time to get on here!!! I was so mad..I bought 8 bags of candy and only got 10 kids!!! The weather was 65 here yesterday...totally abnormal for this time of year, so I figured for sure the streets would be flooded!!! Then the girls I work with said they didnt get many kids either, so I was kinda disappointed cause I had lots of candy to dump today!!
DBF went friday to have the special blood work done again for our "baby" saga. So Im trying to stay busy this week, hopefully we'll hear something friday from the doctor!!! Im going to be so mad if he refers us to someone else, because its so frustrating!!!And he already mentioned that if the blood work this time didnt show what he's concerned with then our next step is to find a fertility urologist!!! That could take forever by the time we find someone who takes his health coverage and get an appt... SIGH......I dont know anymore...
Anyway I did get on the scale this weekend, and was back to 190.5lbs,but I ate a ton of candy last night, so I probably wrecked any shot I have of losing this week!!! Oh well, as long as I break even..we'll see Im trying here
Congrats JANE on the loss...You're really on a role.

Hello to all my jaded ladies.....gotta go fix dinner, check in with you all later

11-01-2004, 06:48 PM
omg, omg, omg!!!!!!!!

Soooooo excited!!! Yes........I raed the other thread Ma!!! lol......getting waaaay too giddy. I think he is too, keeps texting

I think I am pretty, inside and out. Yes, in my head I know this but ......hard to put old hurts behind me. The one area I need help in the most....

When I started gaining weight in the 4th grade I was teased and called names by the other girls.
I dropped out in the 7th grade. I just couldn't bear to face that everyday. Names like big mama, fatty, fatso, tub-a-lard.

I heard a lot of....."you have such a pretty face, if you just could get some weight off........" ,,,,and that was from my grandmother.

I just hate my body. Flabby ...I lost the weight but I want surgery to tighten up loose skin and a boob lift.....

So, I keep asking him what he looks for in a lady and he sounds so sweet. Someone that might not care about the loose skin and see me for what I feel I am.........and I think I am loveable, and kind, and a good person that deserves a wonderful man.

It just will take a lot of trust ....and if he breaks my heart........might become a

I don't think he will though. I feel a lot of love from him and he is the first man I ever felt like I could just be myself. Goofy and all........and he loves that about

He is so funny too. I asked him about him being so much thinner in his recent picture and he said " it just took a shot of the thin side of me..." like he has other sides to

But, ya...........I think he truly adores I just pray God takes away my insecurities..........

Broke my heart to take Gaby to grandma's.....her lil suitcase..... :(

Need to get a card for Rebecca .....and we are set!!

better later............and THANKS TO YOU ALL !!!!!!! :)

11-01-2004, 07:23 PM
Hiya ladies,

Susan - you first.. I'm so sorry for what you went through in school! Kids can be so damned cruel!! I put on weight the summer before 5th grade due to an emotional thing, and got teased until I was a freshman, So I know how it feels! I truly don't think Rocky is going to let you down, Susan. and he knows you don't have the skin tone of a 16 y/o, so don't even think about that!! If it bothers him, he isn't right for you anyway. But I just know that it WON'T bother him.....

Kathy - so good to see your post! Wow! Congrats to your kids for their success at the horse show! Sounds like your family has lots of fun!

Cristi - I LOVE your new siggy with the mile record! How creative of you!! This year has gone by way too fast for me, too!!

Marti - love the idea of making strips of paper in the shredder! You are also very creative!! Jahanai may be thinking that she won't t or t when she turns 13... all of my kids still did at that age, though. Hope she does, too, since they grow up too fast anyway!

Julie - thanks for the congrats! It's so much easier now than it was in the beginning because I have so many less cravings, for one thing. And I handle group dinners without any trouble now. (I pray daily for continued strength!) I hit a spot in my life that made me think - what am I waiting for???? Hope you and dbf get good news Friday. It has to be driving you crazy!!

Katie's car wheel fell off today! Something happened to the bearing, and the whole wheel was perpendicular to the car!! Luckily she was only about 1/2 mile from home, on the country road, and not yet on the highway she takes to school. The poor girl walked home and was so shook up! Neal had office hours from 9-11 so he took care of getting it towed.

Here it is - no wonder the poor girl was so scared!!

(edited out)


11-01-2004, 07:45 PM
Ok Jane. Now you've got me freaked out. I've been hearing a weird creaking, rattling, clunking sound coming from my drivers side front tire. Sometimes when I break, sometimes when I turn, sometimes when I hit a bump, but nothing consistent. Did Katie have any warning? Perhaps I should call my dealer. Maybe it's something under warranty still. She is so lucky she didn't get hurt, only scared.

Susan - Have fun on your trip. When your basking in the sun and warmth, think of us a little, ok?

Marti - I was lucky enough to not have to NEED to work full time. I always took a part time position, knowing it would be very easy to work a couple extra shifts a week. At least then I could choose if and when. Many weeks I worked full time. But if I didn't want to, I would take an easy week of 2 or 3 days. Now I don't have a choice. This job is only full time. Now I've just gotten used to the extra income. Plus, when you work in a hospital, the every other weekend requirement gives you a day or 2 during the week to run errands, appts, etc. I lost that too.

Cristi - Ugh, it is sooo dark out. And my body still thinks it's closer to bed time than what it is. And it's cold and raining. Ugh. Just makes things harder to get used to!

Well, that's about all I have time for. I guess I'm going over to dbf's house to watch the football game tonight. Guess I'm also picking up dinner on the way. Not sure what that's going to be yet. Oh well.


11-01-2004, 07:50 PM
Jen, yes after the fact, Katie said there had been a "popping" sound when she turned corners but didn't think to tell us!!!! When it happened, she lost control of the car, went from side to side of the road, then righted the car. She was shaking and crying when she got home, of course

Please, go get your car checked out if it is making an unusual noise!!!

11-01-2004, 10:19 PM
Hello to all JL's. We had another dreary chilly day today. I started walking this morning, it rained half way through and I had to rush home. Did manage to get a nice long walk in this afternoon however.
I met DD at Olive Garden for a soup and salad lunch, which was very good. She is such a sweetie and works way too hard. I don't know how she does all she does. Not only has she bought her own business and puts in lots of hours, but she is running two 13 year old girls to school functions, sports and everything in between. (Plus worrying about a first year college student son)
After we ate I had some bags in my trunk to drop at Goodwill. There is a new big store near-by which she said had some great stuff so we went on a "spree."

Kathy- We will be away until Dec. 18th and then leave again after Christmas and be gone until April. The horseshow sounded like fun. Glad your kids brought ribbons home. Cool! TY for the congrats!

Ellen- Get well soon. That sounds like a nasty flu bug. Take it easy and stay down!

Jane- WOW! That car looks scary. No wonder DD was so shaken. I am sure I would have been also. Yes, 3 pounds sure surprised me..TY.

Susan- You will have a wonderful time. Relax and enjoy the fact that Rocky thinks you are such a great person..becasue YOU ARE!

Jen- By all means get your car checked. Wouldn't want to hear of another scare. Hope you enjoyed the football game, sure you did since it was with DBF.

Julie- Hope you get good news on the blood work DBF had done. It is always stressful awaiting the results.

Marti- I know what you mean about time management. I am the worst. I always tend to do what I like to do very easily and quickly. Then it takes many fits and starts to do the things I dis-like. When I worked I was even worse.

Cristi- Thanks! I do know I won't lose 3 pounds again in one week, but it feels good to really see that the walking helps. I just want to keep myself motivated now.

Tomorrow I need to go to Wal-Mart for some fabric. I looked everywhere for Thomas tank train fabric cause my DGS wanted a blanket and pillow. Found some on the internet and it came Sat. Now that I can see the colors I need backing and would like to get this thing done before we leave Mon. I have a sewing machine at the other house, but it is not dependable. I love the machine here and can work much faster. Thankfully I have just about all of my house cleaned and clothes sorted and ready to pack.

Realtor is coming to look over our house Thurs. and answer some more questions about the condo for us. We might really do this instead of building a house. Who knows?

Hello and be good to any JL's I missed. Good night all..snuggle under the warm quilts in this damp dreary weather!

11-01-2004, 10:31 PM
OMG Jane~Poor Katie, I am glad that she is okay and wasn't hurt. Geez, that would scare me too. You know though I did have a popping sound coming from my mini-van and did have it checked but they kept saying it was fine and they couldn't find anything. Anyway, I am glad she is fine.

Marti~I am going to be walking outdoors, and on the treadmill. Outdoors when I can because once I get walking there is no stopping till I get home. Am going to try and just do the treadmill when it is rainy or really cold and the wind is blowing. I tend to get earaches from that darn wind when it is cold. I had to start something today because I am sick to death of being sick to death and something is going to change, for the better to. I am trying something different which I don't want to say what yet. I will let you in on it on Nov. 30 when I weigh in. I am not supposed to weigh for 30 days. I think this is my last ditch effort to lose weight. Oh my goodness Marti, you are so creative! I would have never thought about using the shredder to cut strips of paper-what an excellent idea! :thanks:

Susan~hugs to you sweetie. :grouphug: I too had people saying stuff to me all the time about being overweight and I only weighed 135 lbs.! I didn't get this big till years after being married not that I am blaming that. DH#1 and I ate out A LOT! It was easy with it just being the two of us. My SIL asked my sister once if I had always been that fat? Of course my mother was always telling me I needed to lose weight also. My sister did take up for me and told SIL that I wasn't fat. I think that is part of my problem now, not sure but I am working on it. You just go and have the BEST time ever with your Rocky! :love: He sounds like he is getting as excited as you and I am glad to hear that.

Jen~enjoy the football game with DBF. :cheer:

Hi Sue!

Just wanted to check in for a few minutes to see what's up with everyone. Take care ladies and don't forget to vote tomorrow! :wave:

11-01-2004, 11:10 PM
Cristi- I hate walking outside!!! lol. I do. I loved my treadmill though, listening to music and watching the sun rise. It really meant a lot to me to spend time on "me". Wishing you the best in your walking program.

Sue- Condo living sounds grand!! Thanks for the encouragement :) You all are really so sweet- pep talk, pep talk,,,,,,lol- thanks again.

Hope Katie is ok, Jane?

Hi to everyone. I just am ticking away here in Oregon!!! I might take a cab now,I am not sure.
Not to Hawaii of the

I bought Rebecca some cards need to go put those in the mailbox.

Need to jot down all yor addresses!!! If you don't think I have yours , I probably don' send it!!!
Rocky has a computer - so I will check and post some.........lil, lil bit......not much -

Anyway, I am exhausted. Waiting for him to call and walk me through the printing of the confirmation or whatever it is......

Better get , thanks again- you guys helped me a lot today.,.....

11-01-2004, 11:29 PM
omg, omg, omg, omg!!!!!!!!

I got my boarding passes!!!!! wooooo hoooooo. One pass to Honolulu and the other to Hilo!! Boarding time is at 8am.......omg, omg, omg....

So, happy. He is so me.

k- omg!!!


11-01-2004, 11:47 PM
Aloha, Susan!!!!

Have a great trip, sweetie!! Check in when you can so we know how it's going.


11-02-2004, 12:18 AM

Not gone yet Jane..........can I omg a few more times?? lol
omg!! I am going to take a taxi, cost $25. Low price for peace of mind. My co worker flaked out on me and she started talking about "you transfer here and wait" kind of talk and the stress started

So, that is pennies.......YAY...........argh.........going to be a looooooog night.

ta ta

11-02-2004, 04:59 AM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Jane~ Batton down those hatches, it is suppose to be another windy day! Wow! What a site to see! I am glad that she is okay!

Kathy~ Our Halloween went really well. We had two of my sisters and all of Brandon’s godparents, including the honorary one to take over the other ones spot. (long story there) We did actually dress him up. My sister made him a duck costume. I have pics of him in the costume on his webpage. Which reminds me, I have to get on there and put those pics up and change the background.

Ellen~ I hope you all feel better soon!

Cristi~ I wasn’t really expecting anyone to notice my hair, since after all it isn’t that far off from the color that it used to be. I have decided that once this stuff comes out, that I am not going to dye it again. (that is what I say now. I am sure that it will change by then.)

Aloha Susan!!! Have a great time!!!

11-02-2004, 09:04 AM
Happy Tuesday, ladies!!

Susan - not sure you're reading this before you go or not, but I'm glad you're taking a taxi to the airport. If I lived there, I'd give you a lift myself. Be safe!!

Sue - sounds like a nice lunch with your DD. Yep, she's one busy lady! Hope you find the right fabric today. Do you have a Joanne's Fabrics there?

Cristi - I applaud your determination for weight loss and exercise. I had to get angry about it before I could stick to WW! I'm sorry your SIL and mother were so tackless and hurtful to you. ((((HUGS))))

Mindee - yep, it's been rainy and windy all night. Neal said a cold front is coming through some time today, but hey, it's November. Brandon's Halloween outfit sounds so cute!

Angie and Katy - where are you two??

Hi to the other JLs, and anyone else reading this.

Gonna go vote when Neal gets home early this afternoon. Hope you are voting sometime today as well.

Like I told Mindee, it's rainy and windy, and it almost makes a person want to just stay curled up with a good book. Can't, though. Need to get some things done around the house.


11-02-2004, 03:56 PM
Happy Voting Day Ladies...

Hope everyone is able to get out today vote. DD and I went about 10'ish and I was done in about 15 mns. Took her a little longer. They divided everyone up by the alphabet and my line was shorter. :)

Susan~Oh I would much rather walk outdoors and like I said the thing with that is once I am down the street I still have to come back so there is no stopping. The treadmill while I like it, I get lazy with it and don't push myself as hard. Didn't realize yesterday how out of shape I am when I got on that thing. It has been too windy the last two days to walk outdoors. I will record my miles walked at the end of the week, which I started on Monday, so Monday I will tally up the miles. Have a GREAT time in HI!! I know you are probably already gone and won't see this but wanted to send well wishes anyway. I'll be thinking about ya.

Mindee~I am going to have to go check out Brandons pics. We had only a few kids for Halloween but some really good costumes. The three actually four I liked best were these two little girls, about 8 or 9 dressed as LaVerne and Shirley-OMG, their costumes were so cute! And very well made. Even had matching bags with the L and S on them, had them on the matching shirts too. Then the little boy next door was a fireman-he saw something in the house he wanted and was wanting in really bad, we don't know what it was though. Then the little boy across the street was dressed as a puppy dog, aaaahhhh, he was adorable! He's about a year old and the one next door is about 1 1/2 to 2, not really sure. We are having the strong winds here also and it is cold, had to turn the heat on and I have the fireplace going, so nice. Except that I am in the basement...:)

Jane~I think SIL said that because back then she was only about 110 lbs and she is only about 5 ft tall, if that, really short. But she got hers in the end, literally. She now is over 150 lbs. and my brother tells her she needs to lose weight. I told him that is mean to say that and to be honest she doesn't really look like it, 150 lbs. She was telling me about this and I told her there is nothing wrong with the way she looks and there's not, not weight wise. But I guess now she knows how it feels to be told you are fat and I don't hold it against them, SIL and mother, never have.

Anyway...same old stuff, different day...nothing going on. Went to vote and run to JC Penneys and a couple of other errands and that is my day. Need to get a walk in and think I will watch some tv and sit in front of the fire. Have some BD cards to get ready to be mailed. Take care ladies and have a good day. :wave:

11-02-2004, 04:32 PM
Afternoon ladies!!

MMMM.....I woke up to the smell of a roast in the oven! I have not had to cook in quite some time. I love it when James cooks! (he takes more time to prepare and make something worthwhile, as I just pop something in that is fast)

Susan--You're probably no where near a computer and won't be all week.. :s: just wanted to let you know that I hope you have a safe trip over and an absolutely wonderful time spent with a sweetheart of a man!!

Cristi--What ever it is that your'e working on I hope it works. I'm sure you'll have great results. I am so needing to work out more. That is my major problem right now. I've been talking to James about getting my gym membership back.....need to do something. Family can be hurtful sometimes when it comes to sensitive subjects. I grew up skinny, but had a step-mom who used to tell me that she hopes that I grow up to be fat and worthless. (I was shocked when she said that) Then after I had my son in highschool, I was only 110lbs. but I had the baby ex would constantly tell me to lose weight because I was too fat. SHEESH! I couldn't win anywhere! I didn't have any issues with my weight until Jhanai was about 2. I had gotten depressed and gained lots of it's just hard to keep off! And I still here these comments in my head when I look in the mirror. I wonder if I do lose to my goal weight if I will feel happy??

Jane--OMG!! Poor Katie!! I would have panicked so much I don't know if I would have made it home!! She didn't have a phone to call? I'm so glad to hear that she is ok. And so glad that she wasn't on the highway!! So.....does she get a new car after this??? :D

Sue--I have not seen Thomas the Tank stuff in quite some time. A few years ago, they had something going on for Thomas the Tank at some railroad area in some town up North.....something fun for the kids. I made sure I told a friend at work to take his son who was a HUGE fan of Thomas. They had lots of fun.

Jen--Hope you get used to working full time. It was hard for me to just go to work after a year of not working! Dragging my feet!! :lol: Plus.....I so miss the 4 on and 4 off schedule that Sony had. Sure wish I could have those hours and days back!! My weekends seem so short now!

Afternoon to the rest of you girls.

The wind is blowing like crazy! I have leaves that are flying all over the place. It's been getting cold here at nights. When I drive home, it's in fog. And I hate that. I'd rather have fog than rain though. Having both really is terrible! I drive so slow when it's like that it seems like it takes me hours to get home!!

Not much going on here. I need to mail some bills and then figure out my budgetting. ***sigh*** what fun eh?

You all have a wonderful Tuesday.

11-02-2004, 07:46 PM
Well, I won't have much to say today. We went out and voted this morning then caught a bite to eat at a nearby cafe. Ran errands, paid bills and got money for our trip.
It is rainy and gray again so we have just been lazy most of the day. DH is a big political nut so he is glued to the t.v. I was watching, but I am too nervous about how this election will turn out. Had to get out of there for a few minutes.
I ended up not going to look for fabric today as I have to go to town tomorrow anyway. Make one trip do.
Instead I cleaned out my bathroom sink and got rid of old make-up and gunk I had in there. Got some things ready to pack also.
We had to make a list for the condo people of what we would want in our unit and then a list of questions to ask them. Have a meeting on Thurs. I am not even getting excited about the prospect since there are a few issues I doubt if they will have the right answers for. lol. attractive on the surface however.
Might talk later!

And here I rambled on........

11-02-2004, 09:18 PM
Well, the football game last night was a bomb. My not-so-mighty Dolphins lost 41-14. Now they are 1-7 for the season. But that's actually a good thing when the coach needs to get fired!!! I'm so bad!

I'm nervously watching the polls tonight. I even got up 1/2 an hr earlier today so I could vote before work. Last night on the NBC news they said they had figured 33 ways the election could go where it would be an even tie 269 each and no winner. Just what we needed to hear!

Now if I can just get up earlier on every other day to say, do a couple sit-ups, take a walk, hmmmm, just imagine!

What is going on? Is it rainy and windy everywhere? Seems like I can't get the yard work done because of one or the other. Tonight I picked up piles of wet leaves in the dark.

Sue - good luck with your meeting with the condo people. Buying or selling real estate is always such a nightmare. Realtors are right up there with lawyers and morticians on my list of favorite people!

Marti - I've been debating on renewing my gym membership too. I think first I'm going to check out the second hand exercise equipment store and see what the selection is like, and what the prices are. Having it at home in front of my tv is much more convenient.

Cristi - Your trick or treaters sound cute. I didn't see too many really neat costumes, but one little girl, about 2 probably (I'm terrible with kids ages and what they look like, etc) was a cute little lady bug. I can't wait to hear what you are doing and your results too. Never say last ditch effort though.

Jane - Yes, I am probably going to have to make an appt to get my car checked out. Not sure when, with my schedule, but I'll find somewhere open in the evening that does free estimates, and play dumb blond. Guys love to come to my rescue! "Gee, I just don't know what that noise could be. Could it be my breaks???" It did stop making the noise though. Maybe it fixed itself?

Well, it looks like everyone is running errands and paying bills today. I have to figure out my check book. I think I missed one of my debit transactions. There's not as much money as I thought I had. It's bound to happen every once in a while. Especially when I don't balance my checkbook!


da fat n da furious
11-02-2004, 09:25 PM
Sorry guys I will do more after,,,just to let you all know Im around just been busy

Kathy YES I AM near there......10 minutes. are you going to be there soon ? Cause if so ,,,call me or email me
PM for details....

Jane,,,,poor Katie,,,I would of been shook up too...she ok now?

I will do more I promise after I read everything tonight,,,rehearsals and such

11-03-2004, 09:08 AM
Good morning, ladies!!

Cristi - we stood in line at the polls for almost an hour, and one of the workers said it was the slackest part of the day! One of my "neighbors" came in right after us, so we chatted the whole time.

Marti - no, Katie didn't have a cell phone with her! She hardly ever used hers, and so we let it lapse, saying she could take mine when she needed it. She WILL be getting a new one this week!! Her car is fixable, and is something her dad can do this weekend, but in the meantime, she's at the mercy of her buds to get a ride home from school. She's rather die than take the bus, lol.

Sue - hope you find your fabric today. Yes, it's rainy still, and makes me want to just close all the blinds and stay home.

Jen - I also like working out at home. Using the treadmill is much harder than walking outside, but I like that. And having it in front of a TV makes the walk go by quickly. I'm thinking of putting a weight bench in the same room, for my upper arms. They are so flabby!!

Angie - glad you popped in for a minute... how're rehearsals going?

Katy - I'm about to send out the FBI to find you.... uh, make that Angie instead, lol. She'd probably locate you quicker than the FBI, lol.

Shanna - wish you could find a moment sometime to pop in. We miss you.

Hello to all the other JLs out there. :wave:

Thank you all so much for the caring thoughts sent to my Katie! She is ok now, and I do thank God for that!!! Not much going on today... BBL.

11-03-2004, 09:45 AM
Good Morning Everyone.

Well I have so much to do in the next few weeks, I hope that I can get it all done. I have to find out what company supplies the utilities to the new house and get everything ready to change over for the 15th. It is different companies than the ones that supply the services in the city. Then we have 12 days, so we can pack up and move. We are all excited.

Susan I hope that you had a good flight.

Jane glad Katie is ok. Even my hubby commented on the picture when he saw it. Glad your hubby can fix it. Is she asking for a new car? Kristi is counting the days until she is 16 and can get her license.

Angie my Aunt lives there and I am hoping to come up soon and spend the weekend with them and go Christmas shopping. I will definately call you. Maybe I will have to time it so that I can come and watch you perform. Do you get Nov 11 off or do you have to work?

Marti how was the roast? Mark does most of the cooking here. He gets home alot sooner than I do, and he is just better at it than I am. I can cook but he....Creates. :rofl:

Cristi what a great idea. Keeping track of your miles. Maybe I should join you in that. You are such a sweetheart, that you are able to encourage your sil and not hold things that are said to you against them.

Mindee how is everything going today?

Ellen I hope that you are feeling better.

Jen, is it kind of a creaking grinding noise that your car is making, and it does it more when you turn a corner? If so please get it checked as it could be the cv joint on the axel. That is what was wrong with our car.

Sue I see that your DH will still be glued to the tv, as the internet said this morning that you still don't have a declared winner.

Hello to all the other JL. Hope everyone has a great day today.

11-03-2004, 01:24 PM
Hiya Ladies~

Marti~send James this way so he can cook for us would ya? :D Vince would cook but he works so much. Don't feel right about asking him to. But if I were working and he was actually home at dinnertime he would definitely help out. I just think that James is such a sweetie to cook for you. :love: How is his job going? Is he liking it?

Kathy~you guys will be in your new house for the holidays, what fun! Yeah, I don't really see any point in holding anything against them for what they said it was so long ago and I think sometimes we all say something we regret. I don't really have a close relationship with my family, not because of that but other things, and distance.

Angie~miss ya around here. Hope you get some time to post soon.

Jen~I know I shouldn't have said that, but I feel like one way or another this will be it. I'm either going to lose or quit trying because I can't live my life trying to lose weight. There is so much more to do than to focus on that all the time. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to just starve myself than to deal with loggin everything, counting points, calories etc. So for me it really is a last ditch effort.

Jane~seems the lines were long in a lot of places, especially the early morning and the early evening. I know a lot of people were going either before or after work. I figured too they would go at lunchtime so figured 10 would be good.

Have to run to the post office real quick and get stamps and the grocery store to get a couple of things I forgot to get at Wal-Mart. Was trying to get it done fast and didn't have a list with me. Some days I just hate to go grocery shopping. Anyway, I have tons of laundry to do today so I better get going and get things done. It is such an ugly day today, cold, cloudy, windy and drizzling-just dreary. Anyway, have a good day ladies. :)

11-03-2004, 04:43 PM
Ok,,,,,,,,,who is praying for me???

Has been going like clock work , I know some prayers are being said.....

Plane trip was a breeze, you be proud of me. Didn't take any medications or anything.

Having a grand time, met the man of my dreams...........I love him, He is sooooo sweet to me.
Went and bought me Kona coffee and a coffee maker. He doesn't drinking coffee himself.....

gotta go!! I did make it safe and am having a

Got your addie Angie, thanks :)

11-03-2004, 04:54 PM
Hey All,

Hope everyone is having a good day, just got in from work, getting ready to do some schoolwork, but figured I would say hello to all first!!!!
Been working a lot lately, and havent been watching myself that great...Not working out much either..I really feel like a slack off, gotta get off my butt and get back into it!!!
JANE: glad to hear Katie's alright, that must be a real scare!!
SUSAN: Glad to hear that your trip was worth the wait, hope it all works out

Hi to all the other Jaded Ladies, will check be later

11-03-2004, 04:59 PM
Oh Susan, I have been praying for you silly girl all along. Only want the best for you and for you to be happy, which it sounds like you are. So glad to hear you made to HI fine and in one piece. Now why in the heck are you checking in here when you could be with the man of your dreams??? :love: I am glad to hear you are having a fabulous time! But then who wouldn't with such a sweet man and being in a gorgeous place?! Take care and tell Rocky Hi. :wave:

Jane~I was thinking about your loss and was just curious how many sizes you have gone down, if you don't mind my asking. Also, once you reach goal will you have the surgery to remove excess skin, if there is any. I don't know anything about it-don't know anyone who has lost 100 pounds or more, except Susan. Did you have the surgery Susan? I was watching some shows on the Health Channel where women have had the surgery and was just curious if everyone has to have it. Anyway, you will be there before you know it and that is going to be a grand day-new wardrobe-hubba, hubba! :)

Was just checking in to see how everyone's day is going. I want to be in HI with Susan, or just be there period. This weather sucks big time. I am sooooo not ready for winter. Today would have been a great chili day-oh bummer-forgot to get stuff to make it. That's what happens when you don't make a list.

Take care ladies :wave:

11-03-2004, 05:09 PM
Good Day Ladies!

Cristi--You reminded me that I have to go to the post office myself and get some stamps! I told James that he's spoiling me w/all his delicious cooking....wonder if I can convince him to travel your way and set you up w/something tastey?! :D

Kathy--That's exactly how I would describe James' cooking! He it. I'm going to have to tell him that when he gets out of the shower. Oh I do hope that you and Angie get a chance to meet! That would be wonderful. I still need to grab Shanna and head up to Portland to meet Susan & Katy....hopefully sometime soon or at least after the holidays.

Jane--My goodness, rather die than take the bus?? How silly is that? I used to have rides w/my friends to school and then when I didn't, I rode the bus. What was horrible is my senior year I was pregnant....can you just see a pregnant teen boarding the bus?? I must have embarrassed my family......**sigh**

Angie--You are one busy woman so it's not to surprising that you don't have time to post...but I do hope it slows down a bit so we can hear more from you. Make sure you and Kathy get to meet! I want to hear more of the JL's meeting and getting to know each other!

Jen--I think I'm going to wait until after the holidays to get my membership. I would like to have some equipment here at home too, but I want to lift weights also...we just don't have room for all that stuff. Maybe some day. I really do miss working out like I used to. It always gave me energy....I think I'm really needing it.

Shanna, Katy, Ellen, Julie, Katie and whoever else I'm missing.....pop in soon and let us know how you're doing! Even a quick post to say hi!

Well not much going on today. Which is nice. Just have to get my stamps so I can send off some bills. They never stop coming in do they?

This weekend we are having a Birthday/Welcome back party for my grandpa. He has been in Iowa for the past month visiting family. He needed to get away for awhile and being w/his siblings is a good thing. Before he left he told me the visit won't be the same w/out grandma......felt bad for him, but I'm sure he enjoyed himself. His birthday was Oct. 30, he's 85 and going strong.

My sister and cousin have been trying to get the family together more often so we can bring back some traditions we used to do as little our kids can experience the same fun we did. It's really hard though w/everyones busy work schedules. We had wanted to do a Halloween party....but I think next year would be better, most of the little ones are too little right now. We are still trying to get a Santa for this year. Put together some gift bags and so on. My grandparents used to do that Every year! Until the youngest one was old enough to not want santa around....of coarse, I would have loved having a Santa EVERY year!! :D

Ok...Now that I have the computer back....James had to check on some items while I was on (of coarse...) I have to get going. I need to clean up and head to town.

You all have a great day!

11-03-2004, 05:14 PM
Well looky here!! While James managed to take over the computer a couple of you snuck up on me!!

Susan!! I'm with Cristi, why are you here posting while you can snuggle up w/the man of your dreams?? I'm so glad you two are enjoying each other. Tell him we say hi and to take good care of you while you're there! (And make sure you have someone take pictures of the two of you together!!)

Hi Cristi! Hi Julie!

Ok, I really need to get off of here!

Take Care Ladies!

11-03-2004, 05:33 PM
Hi Marti~(((((HUGS))))) to your grandpa and a :hb: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. :hb: I know how he must be missing his wife. It's good though that he gets out and about, keeps busy. I completely forgot he went to Iowa, hope he had a nice time otherwise. I think the party is a great idea and he will love it! I miss those family traditions we had growing up. It's hard to do anything when the family is scattered about in different states. Hope you guys can get it all together. Hey, why not just buy a Santa suit and have one of the guys, maybe James ; play Santa. Or is that what you meant, you can't get anyone to do it because of their schedules? Okay, better get going, still have loads of laundry to get done.

11-03-2004, 08:42 PM
Here is a pic of my baby girl, a few months ago. This is Jolie Sue, but I call her "Little Kitty". The only surviving kitten of a litter born in April.

I'm soooo tired today. What else is new??? Work was busy today. Stressful....but it's just homecare and no one will die over it. Life will go on.

I didn't have time to call and find someone to check out my car. I guess when I'm done here, I can try to call around. I bet if they don't answer the phone, they won't be open evenings for me! Would like to see if I could take it to my dealer though. It's still under warranty and maybe I could get a loaner.

I think I've decided to spend Thanksgiving at home with dbf instead of going to be with family. My grandmother is playing games trying to get attention, lying, manipulating, etc. I really don't want to be a part of that. It's too bad people have to be that way. I have a feeling it's going to backfire on her. Plus, I would love to spend the day in my jammies eating! I am going to make less food, and better food. Not all the fat-laden cassaroles, but more veggies. So it won't be so bad.

Marti - What part of Iowa was your grandpa in? You should have come too. I'm sooooo close to Iowa I can see it on the other side of the Mississippi from my living room!

Kathy - It seems my car has stopped, for now. But I still want to get it checked. Or I'll always be afraid. Especially with winter coming. It was most frequently when I turned. But I can't imagine why it would stop.

Jane - Would you believe my arms bother me the most. Strange. I have a few small weights, which I should use, but don't. Hmmm....wonder what's wrong with that picture. Maybe I'll make it to the second hand exercise store this weekend.

Well, I should go. My poor little beta fish died today. I figured he was sick. He was resting at the bottom of his bowl on the rocks. Poor Rocky the beta fish. I had him for almose 1 1/2 yrs which is pretty good for a fish from Wally World.


11-03-2004, 10:00 PM
Hiya ladies,

Susan - I'm so glad you checked in long enough to let us know all is well. Mama Jane has been a little worried, lol. You know my prayers are with you! Now go enjoy that hunka man!

Cristi - no, I don't mind you asking... I've lost 5 sizes. At my height, it takes 15 pounds to go down (or up!) a size. I can't tell you how alien it is to shop in the regular department instead of the plus sizes! About skin surgery, the only two places I would need a tuck is my upper arms and my neck. The skin there is very loose. My belly is jiggly, but not too saggy. I read that it takes up to a year from when a person starts maintenance for the skin to get where it's going, lol. But at my age, I don't think the skin on my arms will contract as much as the rest of my body, since that is the area most resistant to it. About my neck - well, we'll see. I personally think the loose skin is much more attractive than the fat was. :) But, of course, I'm not done losing yet... I'll keep counting points to lose until Spring, and then will begin maintenance for the rest of my life.

Marti - we have traditions at Christmas that the kids would have a cow if we broke. I love it!! Dale's family never had any, and Gina's family didn't really, either, so they have joined us with enthusiasm. This year, 5 y/o Mackenzie will join in, with help, as we read St. Luke, Ch. 2, vs 1-20 about the birth of Jesus. The house is quiet, and we turn the phones off, and light the candles. Then we pass the bible around and each read a little bit. Then Neal puts on his Santa hat and reads The Night Before Christmas. Then we turn on some Christmas carols and open presents, then eat. I probably told you about it last year - if so, sorry to repeat it. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!! :gift:

Julie - I know you must have mentioned it before, but how much more schooling do you need? Hopefully not too much. Then you'll be a Respiratory Therapist, right? Way to go! :cb:

Jen - what an adorable kitty!!! Wish we could have one, but Mary is allergic. So sorry about the fish... Good for you, deciding early on about your Thanksgiving dinner! You may have read in another thread that's what my family did, too. I may not lose over the holidays, but I want to at least maintain. I looked for clementines at the grocery today, but couldn't find any. Thought of you. :)

Hi to everyone else!! :wave:

Got my grocery shopping out of the way this evening instead of tomorrow. Dale and Mary are going to Evansville for him to see a Dr. about his workman's comp, and I'll be watching the twins. Looking forward to that!!


11-03-2004, 10:37 PM
I'm here - Jane ~ no need for the FBI, haha

Just real busy... have to work on my classes, squeeze in PT where I can , then there's just life in general

I feel for those of you who had to wait in long lines to vote - that had to be hard. We have vote by mail here in Oregon and I had my ballot done over a week ago. It's just like voting absentee except everybody does it. I highly recommend it - so bug your state legislators, ladies, it improves your turnout and no long lines at the polls.

Susan- you have time to post ?! go back to the fun in the sun and tell us all about it when you get back - post some pics!

Jane - love your holiday traditions. Our family is so extended and spread out it is hard to get us all together, so our holidays tend to get spread out as well. We've settled into a routine that is fun and doesn't stress us out.

OK- I didn't get to everyone ( again) and now I have to go to book group and discuss a book about smallpox. Its called the Speckled Monster and its about the early history of inoculation in the 18th century. Sounds gross, but it turned out to be a fascinating read. Just don't read it during dinner :p

Love to all and I'll get back when I can


11-03-2004, 10:42 PM
Another cold, gray day. At least we did manage to take a walk. I had moved the treadmill and didn't want to get it back out, so had to do the outside walk. Cleaned the utility room while DH cleaned the garage and got his car in for the winter. I dusted the house and cleaned bathrooms. Then I spent awhile putting the rest of our things in the suitcases. By that time I was pooped from lack of sleep, plopped in the recliner, but never managed to sleep.

Nothing on the tube tonight and I have finished my book, so I think I will just go to bed early.

Good day to all JL's.

SUSAN----Hey, you go have fun!

da fat n da furious
11-04-2004, 03:04 AM
good evening Ladies

What busy week!
Susan you have fun! And stop checking your email!

Kathy, call me when you come down, I will find time to hang out with you. My show runs from the 18th to the 27th,,,,but I wouldn't mind christmas shopping with And ya I work the 11th , I had the last holiday off. Both boys dressed up for halloween, Tanner was a mob charactor, but I told him to tell people he was an out of work hockey
Marti, I struggle with working and getting my stuff done. I right now have putting on my walls and they need to be painted,,,I have huge killer dust bunnies,,,there is something sticky on the floor in the kitchen,,,Ive avoided that spot for 2 days now. Did take off the Halloween decorations bit by bit. Each time I come home I bring one more thing into the

Work has been work, tired. And a high number of cranky people lately. Price increase in beer does that to people.
The play is coming along,,,,a few incidents,,,one being this one guy who I have a low tolerance for. He feels the need to take the spot light off of anyone who is being applauded for work well done. HE was goofing off in the back and hit his head and almost needed stitches,,,bled like well a head wound.
Then tonight one of my young actors told me he had an apendicits attack this past week...hmmmm why aren't you in the hospital recovering from surgery?
Our Lead is a pain in the butt,,,is directing the show to his liking and not listening to the actual director. *sigh

We had to hand in our football equipment tonight,,,Im not the only parent who almost cried after the game,,,and not the only one who is going throu withdrawls...I picked up 7 beautiful figurines for the coaches,,,banquet is on the 14th. And I was volunteered as the shopper.
House is a total disaster....arghhh I have kept up with laundry,,,and not much else.

We only had 15 kids for halloween this year,,,how sad is that? The weather was great.
I did make the gym on Monday,,,will go tomorrow night. Im going to Bow Valley College to sign up for night classes,,,going to get my math. Then meeting Becky for lunch,,,if Im early Im going to pick up a couple of gifts if I can.
well thats about all thats been happening....

Well need to get to bed,,,
night all

11-04-2004, 07:17 AM
Poppin in to read before I hit the hay and saw that our MIA ladies posted!! :D So glad to hear from you two! Now....who else has been missing??

Jane, I see you're up already! What time is it?! How early do you get up?! Go back to bed! :)

Ok....I'll be back in the afternoon when I wake up.

Have a great morning!

11-04-2004, 07:29 AM
Good morning, oh Jaded Ones,

Marti, it's almost 6:30 here - not too early. Get some good rest, sweetie!!

I'm in a hurry, so I'll just say hello to you all, and hope you have a great day. I've got a lot going on, so want to get my treadmill walking out of the way. See you later.....

11-04-2004, 11:00 AM
Good Morning Ladies~

Jane~WOW!! Five sizes!!! That is amazing!! :bravo: So how have you handled that in the clothes department? Have you just bought a few things as you have gone down and then will get a whole closet full when you reach goal? I've often wondered about the size thing according to pounds because I have read where others have lost 20 pounds and gone down 2 sizes and wondered how. I had lost a little over 30 pounds a few years ago, and I wore the same size I wore before losing. I guess it all depends on your build. :dunno: But then I like my clothes a little baggy, shirts anyway. Anyway, CONGRAT'S to you for doing an awesome job!

Angie~geez girly, when the heck do you sleep?? I wish I had your energy-I could get so much done and be skinnier to boot! :)

Marti~How are you adapting to your schedule now?

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Making this short as I have things to get done this morning before heading out for the day. Have lots of errands to run and then DD and I are going to see Surviving Christmas-hoping it is as funny as it looks.

Take care ladies and have a GREAT day!

11-04-2004, 12:46 PM
Good Morning-

ok- I get the drift I am not suppose to be on the computer- lol

Going to head out in a bit. Been drinking lovely Kona coffee and I don' t think I have slept in days.......really good.

Rocky is taking his 1o year old to Nana's- the school is across the street.
Would love to go see Ladder 59(??)....with John Travolta.......or Shark Tales,,,,,if we go with Kris.....really need to go by ourselves,

Anyway, I would love surgery!!! You all write to Oprah and ask her to foot the
I want a tummy tuck, thighs are saggy and a boob lift. I have never had "perky" even as a youngster,,,,,,....

Anyway, I am going!!! My mom wrote a cute email. She has had Gaby's hair trimmed and she is doing well.....Rebecca comes back Friday.
I never told Doug where I was going,,,,,,,,,lol.......though Rachel knows....

k- Going back to my sweetie.....he has the sweetest eyes. Saw the picture of his wife in the hospital after giving birth to Kris- she was 300 pounds and passed away 23 days later. He adored her.......brought tears to my eyes when I saw the picture.......
He is a one of a kind and,,,,,,,,awww, he loves funny and kind. Bought me Kona and coffee doesn't drink of my life.......him, not the

yikes.....better go,,,,,lol

love ya all

11-04-2004, 01:38 PM
Ladies, I have been notified by the powers that be, that we are not to discuss political opinions, and to edit posts to delete them. Any discussions you wish to have may be done in a "PM" mode, however.

11-04-2004, 03:10 PM
Sorry Jane...

11-04-2004, 04:00 PM
Hello everyone! Boy, I slept in longer than I intended too! I usually get up at 10:00-10:30, but it's nearly noon!

Jane--Why did I think you were only 2hrs away?? I love your family tradition. Wonderful way to get the family involved. I don't remember you saying all that before, but if you have that's ok, because I needed reminding! :D Thats wonderful that you've went down 5 sizes! WONDERFUL!! I think your next big gift should be a Spa/Cruise!! :) AND the whole new wardrobe.....and take Susan w/ya since she's lost all that weight girls are amazing.

Susan--So glad that you're enjoying your time w/Rocky!! Sounds like you're in heaven! Ok, now that I realize that you check your mail to see about your girls, I suppose it's ok that you pop in here for a bit. :) Sure wish I was w/you, ok.....sure wish I was in Hawaii, I'd let you two be alone that's for sure!

Cristi--I think I'm doing pretty good on this shift. I really like being able to have most of the afternoon to get things done if needed. So it's a perfect schedule. I am going to talk to my supervisor about trying to get off earlier on every other Friday though.....I want to be able to have my time w/Jhanai w/o it cutting into our weekend....we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the Hugs for Grandpa!

Sue--I think it's great that you went out to walk! If I felt to tired to want to pull the treadmill out, I wouldn't have walked.....lazy girl that I am! So I'm proud that you went out! Great job!

Angie--My oh my you wear me out!! I have got to spend a day w/you and just see how you do it!! You worry me sometimes with your plate being so full all the time. I hope you don't injur yourself trying to do too much!!
We only had about, hmmm....maybe 10 kids come to our door. Only had 5 last year. Strange since I live in a busy neighborhood.

Katy--Sounds like you're just as busy! How do you girls do it? I feel SO lazy when I read your girls post. Like I'm not doing anything with my life....better get a moving!

Jen--My grandpa went to Des Moines Iowa. I believe that's where he stayed. He also has family in Sioux City. So I'm sure he went all over.....I would have loved to have gone w/him, but my family would have missed me! So how far from Des Moines do you live?

Ok ladies--Since I'm a little behind on getting up I'm going to straighten up my house a bit, throw in a load of laundry and get something to eat.

You all have a wonderful Wednesday!

11-04-2004, 05:41 PM
I'm back, for a few minutes...

Marti~you are welcome for the hugs for your grandpa. I do hope you can get off early on every other Friday. :crossed:

Susan~so glad that you are checking in but seriously girl-go spend time with that hunk of a man! :p Didn't see Shark Tails but heard it is cute-did see Ladder 49 and it was fine. Not as good as I thought but it was fine.

Okay, just got back from the movie and errand running so must go make an appt. and finish up laundry. See ya...:wave:

11-04-2004, 08:27 PM
Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Well, we are hitting the home stretch of the year, and the big holiday season! I had Brandon belly laughing when we were watching the news. I was telling him to look for the snow when the weather came on. Sure enough….there is supposed to be a rain/snow mix Thursday night into Friday morning.

We went shopping yesterday at this awesome new place. It is like Save-A-Lots but everything is under a dollar! (well pretty much everything.) The most expensive thing we bought was a 3lb tube of hamburger and it was $3.90! We spent almost $75, and were able to buy 90 items! And our tax for everything…….$0.36!

Brandon’s Halloween pics are on his webpage!

Well, we are hit! Brandon is crawling…….backwards! Tommy put him on our bed on his back. I turned around to see what was so funny, and he was on his belly. I turned around a couple minutes later to see what was so funny again, and he was almost to the edge of the bed. So, before we know it, he will be crawling forward and then nothing is safe!

Jane~ I noticed yesterday on the news, that we have a HUGE cold front coming in soon.

Cristi~ We had some really cute costumes come through our area too. Our neighbor down the street brought her son and her husband over so we could meet. I met her through another website and didn’t know we were even neighbors until we sent some PM’s back and forth. She brought her little boy Andrew over, and he was Dumbo. He was trying to climb up our front door to come in.

Kathy~ Things are going well today.

Susan~ Glad to hear the trip has been going great!

Marti~ Happy Belated Birthday!!

Jen~ What a little cutie!

11-04-2004, 08:58 PM
psssst , Rocky is spending time with his son , so I am going to relax for a second......

We went to Mauna Loa this morning and I bought macadamia nuts, chocolate and some wonderul onion/garlic flavor ones......soooooooooo good.

We went by the Hilo Bay and took pictures (( he has a self time thing)) will try and get him to send some to my email so I can share. Went for a walk and held hands and.........he cracks me up.We were on this arch bridge and he set the timer and knocks into me trying to get in position before the camera goes off.......I go " geesh, if you wanna be in the picture by yourself just say so..." lol......
We laugh a lot and I giggle thinking of something and he starts to smile........he just loves me and thinks I am beautiful. I feel soooooo loved by him.

He has the sweetest eyes. I teared up when I realized it was Thursday already, go home on Monday.
We will go to Kona tomorrow night and spend time there for a few days. So, won't check in for a few days......

Anyway- going to a movie and dinner tonight. Humidity is causing me to look like a poodle. is raining here......not sunny. Though tomorrow might be sunny.....and Kona probably will be........

k- talk later
Love ya..........

da fat n da furious
11-04-2004, 09:06 PM
Susan ahhh man girl you are making me all teary just reading your posts! You desrve to be happy.
love you

11-04-2004, 09:39 PM
Hiya ladies,

Cristi - about the clothes, well, I have replaced the pants more often than tops. Tops can be big without looking too sloppy, but not pants. I've tried to keep the purchases down, but it's hard, when I need things for church, and for everyday, too. Remember when I told you guys that I just about cried while trying on jeans one day? I had totally skipped a size during that time, and it was the best feeling ever!! I kept a pair of my biggest jeans, and won't ever get rid of them. Very humbling, and a warning, too. Did you and DD see Surviving Christmas? I really want to see that, and will try to during the week next week. Don't like to go to the movies on the weekend. Also want to see Polar Express when it comes out. (Love Tom Hanks!!) Hey, how's your shoulder?

Sue - no need to apologize. :) The administrators had a note at the top of the page regarding their political policy for quote a while, and I don't know why they removed it so soon! So are you just about all packed?? Bet you're getting excited about going, aren't you?

Marti - glad you're enjoying your shift now. I sure hope they let you adjust your every other Friday schedule. I would LOVE to go to a spa, but never want to go on a cruise. Those spa places where you stay for the weekend are expensive!!! So what are your plans for the weekend?

Mindee - We've got a Save-a-Lot here, too, and that's where I get my water now that Walmart quit carrying the gallons. Your little Brandon is getting so big!! We've already had some cold temps, but yeah, next week it's supposed to really hit! But it's November - gotta get cold sometime, lol.

Susan - oh sweetie, I'm so glad you're having a good time!! I bet you'll return to OR only long enough to pack up Gaby, lol. Hope tomorrow is sunny for you, but I don't think it will affect your happiness any, lol.

Katy - it was great talking to you today! You have a nice voice and are so cheery!! Loved hearing your DD in the background. Hope you weren't late today, lol.

Angie - did you get signed up for your math class? Hope you had fun at lunch with Becky. Your schedule makes me tired just reading it!!

Jen - just so you'll know, I didn't edit your kitty picture - Photobucket allows only so many hits of each photo unless you buy a membership, then they delete it, or something.

Got some things done today that I'd been putting off, so I feel good about that. Also had a good time with the DGDs - they are getting so big! And now they are enthralled with all things Christmas, especially Santa, lol.

See you tomorrow,

11-04-2004, 10:12 PM
Well, we filled up another one! See you at # 87!!