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10-31-2004, 01:52 AM

We are a thread dedicated to making losing weight a pleasant experience. We laugh, cry and talk together. We have challenges, points for staying on program, drinking our water, and exercising. We have a daily topic to join in. Our only focus is to help us realize that dieting and all that goes with it need not be unpleasant, but can be fun. Come join the fun here at Time for Serious Fun! Everyone is Welcome!


Monday: Mission Monday New mission each week
Tuesday: Target Tuesday We target something to work on
Wednesday: Wednesday's Woes Our day to complain about anything and everything
Thursday: Time for Us Thursday The day set aside to pamper us!
Friday: Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Report our losses!
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10-31-2004, 01:59 AM

SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday and in honor of Halloween, since you were a child, what has been your favorite costume of all time?

Another sleepness night! I slept for about an hour and can't get back to sleep so decided to set up the next thread and post.

As for the poll, one year my mom dressed my sister and I as Mr and Mrs Santa Claus, which caused a great response. She dyed old longjohns red and glued cotton as trim. I guess we must have been about 7 and 9.

Have a good day ladies and not too much candy!


10-31-2004, 11:51 AM

Faye sorry to hear bout another sleepless night. Wish that I had a mircale cure but I don't. You could always get drunk and pass out. LOL!

Poll, went one year as litte bo peep. Heavy costume but won lots of money. No trick o treat here tonight. Ours was Friday nite. Getting ready to go to work ready to start anew tomorrow. Take care everyone.


10-31-2004, 02:32 PM
SandyG: Thanks for the suggest but I rarely drink and get a headache after one anyway! :lol: :lol: I may take some meds to knock me out tonight though! I have to drive to Nashville on Thurs with dd and dgs.

I know you NEVER get tired of seeing pics of Thomas ;) so here is one from the Amusment park yesterday. This is the infamous ride where I almost did my hubby in. We were sitting in the one in front of them.

Well, I need to get corn on cob ready and baked beans for tonight. We are cooking out at dd's and giving out candy while they trick or treat.

Faye :)

10-31-2004, 10:21 PM
Where is everyone at today. I guess that the lil gobblins have taken everyone away.LOL. Faye, hope that you get sleep. I know that I am going ot die when I finally go to bed. I hope that everyone is ready for the start of wonderful losses tomorrow.


11-01-2004, 06:37 AM
MONDAY: Today is Missin Monday and our mission this week is to scrutinize, re-evaluate and decide what it is we truly want from our total weight loss program. We must commit ourselves and stick with it. We mustn't waiver in our strength. Let's go forward, starting this week with renewed vigor in accomplishing our goals!

later ladies

Faye ;)

11-01-2004, 08:33 AM
Morning Ladies,
Dismal dismal weekend. Time to start anew! I'm clean so far, have dance tonight...but I want to get a walk in as well, or at least some stretching. It's gonna take a while to detox from all the sugar and white carbs I've been eating. I'm up to 209 :eek: Really not happy about that. Low calorie, high exercise. I want to be in the 190's by the end of the year! I will be in the 190's by the end of the year :crossed: :cheer:

I've been doing so well with meeting my writing goals....I know I can do the same with the weightloss goals.

Faye, that pic of Thomas is so cute. Here's some of my little goblins. Catey (the oldest) was Arwyn from Lord of the Rings. Sarah was a "hippie freak" (her words not mine) and Ben was a disco mummy (don't ask!)

Well, I don't think I'm getting the attachments attached...maybe I'll try later.

Today is a new day....Tabula Raza! Clean slate! Let's all help each other get where we're going.

11-01-2004, 11:22 AM
Hi All, hope you all had a great Halloween weekend...I am with Julie, I truly need to detox from all of the sugar that I had this weekend, so much candy!!
I was really bad...BUT I am with Faye and ready to renew my committment to getting back on and staying OP!! :lol: I am over TOM and ready to go...I know this week is going to be really hard though so I will need some encouragement when the fat is calling ... :lol:

Have to get back to work, have a great OP day ladies, and wish me the same

11-01-2004, 04:19 PM
Afternoon ladies!

Julie: Hope you can get the attachments on. I would love to see the kids. We took a pic of Thomas (he was a VAMMMMMPIRE...) but I guess Jack hasn't downloaded it yet.

It is raining here though I was lucky and got my upstairs cleaned and a nice 2 mile walk in before it started. I am not thoroughly sick of rain and need to get my leaves cleaned up and my patio furniture and grill stored for the winter, but everything has to dry out.

We are leaving for Nashville at 6 am on Thursday and boy do I hope I can get a good night's sleep before then. I have a sneaking suspicion T is gong to want to sleep with me and he is an octopus I guess and it is double beds, which I hate! We will be shopping all day Thur so should get a lot of walking in and Frid morning I think I will use the hotel treadmill before everyone gets up. They also have a pool though the hotel pools are weiny anymore and most don't go above 5 ft deep so it is tough to do some stuff in like laps. T loves to play motorboat though, so that will give my legs a good workout! :lol:

I don't think I told you that I think we got a bad tank of gas in the car. It is running really rough and our check engine light came on around the same time the car started acting up out of the blue. Jack had filled the tank up Friday morning and put about 30 miles on it when it started bucking and running rough and about 5 miles later the check engine light came on. SOOOOO, now we are trying to run the gas out so we can put more in. Our manual said we need to run three tanks through before having it checked out for something else! It is always something with us!

Everyone have a good afternoon and stay dry and warm if it is wet and or cold where you are!

Faye :o

Amanda Panda
11-01-2004, 05:14 PM
Hi Ladies,

Well as promised, I am back on track with renewed vigour and determination! :strong:

Last night, i prayerfully decided what i would eat today , and i wrote out my daily menu and kept it in the kitchen. It has really helped me to know EXACTLY what I am having. I am going to do this each evening, so it can take into account 'what I fancy' and what food I've got in. I really am taking it one day at a time - and I am thankful that today has been a good day!

AND (drumroll please....) - I went swimming! Yay me! I remembered my promise to you ladies and i got up early and went. It was REALLY busy for some reason, but I managed to have a good half hour swim.

JULIE - You CAN be 199 by Christmas - I know you can do it! I think you need to give everything a shake up to boost your metabolism and to get yourself out of this plateau. Hope you can post those pics of your kids - I'd love to see them!

CARRI - Step away from the fat! I hope your detox isn't too bad. I did the same last week and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think the key is to try to get some exercise in as it will increase your energy levels and general feeling of wellbeing - then you don't notice as much what you are missing out on! :lol:

FAYE - Well done on getting your exercise in today and not letting the rain stop you. I got your questionairre, and will fill it in shortly.

SANDY G - Well done on the 3lb loss by the way - you are doing really well at the moment!

Love Amanda x

11-01-2004, 08:40 PM
Evening everyone.

Faye, rubbing alcohol will take any water that might have been in the gas that you got. I had a problem with that for the longest time but finally got it all out. Started using super only and then no problem.

Amanda, wish that I could plan out my daily menu but it is hard to do so when you are not even sure when you are going to get a lunch break let alone knowing if you have time to eat then. It does work for me when I am not working.

Carri, if you find a good way to get rid of the sugar let me know. One too many little tootsie rolls here.

Julie, keep it up you will get there before you know it.

Today was going so well until I didn't get time to eat lunch at work. Was so busy today and when I got ready to take a lunch wasn't able to. Then I went to my mother's house to pick up Corey and all she had that was quick to eat was a biscuit. There wasn't time to fix anything. SO unfortantly I had the biscuit and it has went down hill from there. My plan is to get back tomorrow with a vengence.
Hope that everyone has had a great day. Later chickies


11-02-2004, 07:00 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and our Target this week is our individual weaknesses. Are you slack on the water, pump it up? Do you slip on your eating, commit to staying the path. Is exercise your weak point, make a plan to follow.

Amanda: Good for you sweety! We all need to get back to where we once were. Seems like we have all gotten really really sloppy.

SandyG: Thanks for the info on the gas problem.

I will check in with all later. It is raining today so I may not be able to get out. May have to settle for weights today and housecleaning.

Faye :)

11-02-2004, 09:38 AM
Good Morning ladies,

4 points yesterday! Wooo hoooo.......... staying on track. Gonna do some pilates this morning.

Amanda--I'm so proud of you for planning and swimming! Keep it up just for today, okay? We'll worry about tomorrow when it happens.

Faye--bummer about the bad gas. It's amazing how such a tiny thing can make a car act like it's dying. HOpe you get it sorted out.

Sandy, can you stash some healthy, filling food in your car for times like yesterday when there's no time for food? I always carry a bottle of dry roasted peanuts because when I get really hungry, I start to shake and feel awful. A little protein boost can keep me stable. I know they have alot of fat, but at least it's healthy fat.

Carrie, just keep away from the junk for a few days and you know the cravings will disappear. Stay strong and keep healthy snacks nearby for when you just gotta eat something.

Everyone have a great day and REMEMBER TO VOTE!!! Even if you hate every one of the candidates, we are lucky to have the privilege to choose our leaders. Remember, people died to give us the rights we have. So don't dishonor them....go vote!


11-02-2004, 10:18 AM
Good morning.

Julie, I haven't thought about peanuts. Somehow I think that if I did carry some of them with me it would be dangerous. That is one thing that I eat even if I am not hungry. I would love to have a really good cooler so that I could keep veggies that I like to munch on.

Yesterday wasn't good at all. Today has started out much better. Already have gotten in exercise. Now to make it with the water and staying OP. Gotta run catch eveyrone later.


11-02-2004, 10:46 AM
Hello Beautifuls... i have been mia for a few days here... hubby left this morning at 5 am for kentucky... the kids are taking it hard... andit was really hard to say goodbye... even if it is only til thanksgiving... but we got him all packed up last night.. sent some food for the cupboards and freezer. so hopefully all will go well and he will have a safe trip and get in town not too late. Hey Sandy ... maybe we could arrange to meet and have lunch or something around the thanksgiving holiday... the kids and i willbe driving to cincinnati and rick wants to take me to jackson... would be nice if we can arrange something. i havent been doing well with eating for the last 5 days or so... but i will get right back into it. as i sit and type i am drinking my decafe chia tea... lol just have to plan the menu for whats left of the week.
and get my arse in gear witht he exercising... why oh why cant i stay motivated on the exercise thing... that is my weakness... well i hope al lu ladies have a fantabulous day... remember to vote!! my love to u all

11-02-2004, 11:56 AM
Morning...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? For so long I did so good, and I started off good yesterday, HOWEVER, about 8:00 I went nuts and got angry and wanted some food, I had a couple of choc chip cookies and a whole bowl of buttered popcorn, which put me way over my points for the day, uggghh, afterwards I could have cried!! I am so disappointed in myself !!!! :( :(
Today, so far, i am on track, had a banana and water for breakfast, lets see what the day brings....I will try and be strong...

Julie - I wish I could stay away from the sweets, I need to get them all out of the house, my dh is going back on Atkins soon so then there will not be any sweets in the house...which is great!! YES, you CAN be 199 soon, I know you can do it !! :)

Amanda - Great, great job on your four pointer yesterday, I hope I can get back to my old dieting self soon ( like today ) ....

Faye - Wierd about the gas!! Cute pic of your grandson, glad you had a great time ... wish you could come here and kick my butt into gear, literally !!! :lol:

Sandybrat - Take care, I know you will miss your dh, but time flies right?

Have a good day all, talk later...

11-02-2004, 12:55 PM

Julie :bravo:

CARRI: Remember my motto is to not look back no matter what. Just don't worry about it. I know you feel bad, but you have today and today is going to be great for you, I just know it. I wish we could find time to meet up over Thanksgiving as I am going to be in South Bend for the holiday. We are always there for such a short time and we always are "booked" with familiy and friends. We are coming up there with dd in April and we MUST get together than if at all possible.

SandyB : Hope things work out well for the hubby and the move and whatever.

SandyG: For that matter, pack yourself a peanut butter sandwich with brown bread and natural peanut butter. It won't go bad on you unless it lays in there for days! :lol: It is also pretty filling.

Julie: YEAH for you girl! I am so glad you are back on track!

Well, I gotta run. Got the house cleaned but need to get trash out and do some weights and pay bills so everything is done before Thur.

Faye :)

11-02-2004, 12:57 PM
I think they make small car coolers that plug in to your cigarette lighter. You don't have the mess of melting ice. Maybe you could ask for one for Christmas.

Carrie, find a strong moment sometime today and DUMP THE CANDY. Just get it out of the house! If it's not there, you can't eat it. If you feel guilty about throwing it out, give it to some neighborhood kids or something. If dh complains, tell him you are helping him get back on Atkins early because you love him.


11-03-2004, 06:54 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's Woes. What can we help you with?

My woe is we stayed up until 1 am watching election returns! :dz:

later girls!

Faye :)

11-03-2004, 11:11 AM
Morning, thanks for all of the good suggestions and encouraging words...the candy is out of the house, but was replaced by a box of chocolate doughnuts!!! :lol: :lol: It is funny but also sad because it is true :( Dh is starting back on Atkins tomorrow, we went to the store last night and loaded up on good food for me and meat and cheese for him :lol: I like when he does Atkins because he looks good, but he looses so much quicker than me that I want to smack him, ha ha ... Just a quick check in to say hi, you all know my Weds woe (( FOOD )) ... well just the fatty food :mad:
Talk later...p.s. Faye I also stayed up late to watch the race but fell asleep around midnight, I cannot believe we do not have an answer yet...

11-03-2004, 01:28 PM
Carri: As you probably know by now, J Kerry called the pres around 11 am and conceded. I was a bit puzzled by that because at 10 am he was adament that he wouldn't concede until Ohio was fully counted so they must have gotten some info on those ballots that indicated he couldn't win. Who knows. At least I didn't have to go to work this morning. No snoozing on your computer keyboard!

I will out tomorrow and Friday but back Saturday. Jules can you check points and lbs down for Friday? If not, can someone else volunteer??

I have been running errands all morning and now have color gooped onto my hair and this stuff is fabo color by is very thin and runs like the devil (that and the fact I am an old F**T and my hair is thinner than ever so it has nothing to cling to! :lol:

I will talk to everyone later and have a great day!

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
11-03-2004, 02:03 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry I didn't visit yesterday - I made the mistake of buying Nigel a new computer game and he was on it for 36 hours straight!

I got 4 points for Monday and yesterday. Yesterday, I had a real wobble (PMS) and started really craving pizza. I was saying to myself 'one won't hurt' and 'pizza will make myself feel better as I've got PMS'. At the same time I KNEW that I was in danger of falling into the same trap that I fall into time and time again - I would be satisfied for a few moments, but afterwards the guilt would come and I'd feel really angry with myself. In the end I went to my room and prayed for strength to avoid this temptation and for motivation to prepare a healthy meal. Thankfully, I got past the craving and cooked a lovely healthy veggie chilli with baked potato - and I went on the exercise bike for 25 minutes. So what could have been a bad day turned out alright in the end - it's really hit home the importance of taking it one day at a time, and one meal at a time if necessary.

CARRI - ((((hugs)))) don't be too hard on yourself! At least you have bought in some healthy stuff now and have got rid of the sweets. I know you will get back on track soon.

SANDY G - I am incredibly lucky that I do not work at the moment, so I can devote alot of time and energy to my diet and exercise. It must be very difficult for you juggling all your responsibilities. I agree with Julie - healthy snacks such as pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds or dried fruit - they are also really good for your energy levels.

Everyone else - have a good evening.

Love Amanda x

11-03-2004, 03:37 PM

Amanda: :bravo: :bravo:

Amanda: I just want to send you a huge :grouphug: for withstanding your temptation. Each time you do that, it makes you a stronger woman. I think it's bologna that it makes it easier, your mind just wraps around it and you want what is good for you more than what is bad for you! Good for you!!!!

Ok, ladies, I am out of here until Saturday. You all behave yourselves til I get back!

Faye :)

11-04-2004, 07:19 AM
Morning everyone.

Just wanted to check in and say howdy. MIA the last few days as I have been so exhausted. You know how it is when you get off track you body tends to loose the enegry that you once had. Haven't managed to get in a 4 pt day yet this week. Here's to today! Got in the exercise the last few days. That was the good part.
Thanks Julie for the info about the cooler maybe Santa will be good to me this year. I thought about an pb sandwich but then again I know how I get sometimes and I figured that I would be able to use it the next time that I needed an antibotic! LOL!
SandyB. Let me say something....Jackson. Good luck! If you have any questions about the area email me and I will be more than happy to help.

Girls gotta run there has been an alert for sever thunderstorms and not too sure how long my connection will last. No rain here but it just has to be close to disconncet me.

Hugs to everyone

11-04-2004, 09:22 AM
Morning ladies,

Feeling really down today. I had a horrible binge day yesterday. Just ate and ate and ate. I was so ashamed of myself, I couldn't even come in here to post. I'm feeling really stressed out and I don't even know why...unless it's that the holidays are coming and we have no money. That's probably it.

I'm gonna go do some yoga.


11-04-2004, 10:10 AM
Morning Beautifuls... 4 points yesterday... had a doc appointment and all went well. Got a new script for alergies... but i cant fill it yet. Hubby left me with no cash.. told me there was money in the bank... well guess what?? there isnt... so i have no gas and no money and i am thoroughly pissed off. and when he called yesterday and i asked him what i am supposed to do... he just said i dont know...
what a great help... i know this isnt wednsday but i am just so angry...
anyway... have a great day ladies...take care of to u all

11-04-2004, 03:08 PM
Sandy, I am so sorry to hear this. Wish that there was something that I could do to help but all I can offer is to be here for you. I will pray for you and hopefully everything will get much better.
Julie, don't you just hate those days when you eat and eat. Seems like I am there as well.
Just wanted to check in before I go off to class. What you have to do for your job. Catch everyone later.


11-04-2004, 08:00 PM
Well I have finally figured out something. Call me stupid or whatever, but I have learned that if I am going to do this I can not have anything in this house whatsoever that I might go off plan with. There is candy here of course seeing how it was begoween(rafeford from johnboy/billy), but everyone knows that I work for keebler and these last 2 weeks I have gotten enough samples of product that I will not have to buy cookies or creal bars for a long time. As a result I have eaten some of the cookies! BAD sandy! just wanted to check in. Hope that everyone has a good night


11-05-2004, 08:11 AM
Good Morning ladies!

Sandy, maybe you could give all those samples to a local homeless shelter or food pantry or something? It would get them out of the house AND give you a good feeling inside.

I ate better yesterday, though still not as well as I'd like. I have to be gone all weekend taking pictures of belly dancers. It's a blast! Something I do for my classes. Get them all gussied up and take really nice professional photos of them. Everyone comes away feeling so good about themselves. This year I'm having the lighting guy take my pics. I hope it makes me feel good too, cuz I sure need it right now.

I won't be back here until probably Monday. So do post those losses! And I'll give everyone a great big cheer when I get back.

Have a great weekend everyone!

11-05-2004, 09:28 AM
Morning ladies!

Julie, I have given it some thought and I am going to give the samples to the church that I go to that way the youth group will have snacks. Seeing how those goodies and the begoween candy has help me to gain back 3lbs. YUCK!

11-05-2004, 10:33 AM
hello beautifuls... well 4 points yesterday ... woo hoooo and..... 3 lbs gone... yippie!! thnks for the prayers sandy... it means alot...i have to take my youngest to school so i have to get... but i will check in later... have aterrific day ladies... love to u all

Amanda Panda
11-05-2004, 11:11 AM
Hi Ladies,

I am so ashamed......I succumbed to a pizza last night! :( :( :( :( :( Apart from this slip, I've been doing brilliantly - exercised every day this week.

My PMS is raging, but I intend that pizza to be a one off and I'm back on track today.

I weighed myself and there has been no change - probably because I still have the pizza in my system from last night, and also alot of water retention. I'll weigh again on Monday, as that will make it a week from when i started.

One day at a time, one meal at a time, it's all we can do........

Love Amanda x

11-05-2004, 11:16 AM
Morning ALL

Amanda - Do not feel so bad about the pizza, we all give in sometimes ( me alot lately ) today is another day !! :)

Julie - Have fun this weekend...

Sandy and Sandy !!! Hello, have a great weekend !!!

I officially got back on the wagon yesterday, had a 4 pointer !!! And plan to have at least a 3 pointer today, it helps so much when dh is doing his plan, then the sweets and temptation are not there...wish me luck...

talk to all of you later!!

11-05-2004, 01:05 PM
Carri, good job on the 4 ptr yesterday. I agree it does help when someone else in the house is on a diet as well. I have had a slip up today but I am determined to to have any more today. As for exercise I will be gettting in all that walking that I do at work.
Amanda, I really wouldn't worry too much about the pizza. I know that on WW there is a brand of frozen pizza that isn't too bad with points. It is digorna(sp). The veggie pizza is pretty good. Try that the next time that you are carving a pizza. Just becuase you are watching what you eat doesn't mean that you have to go without.

TIme to get a move on for the day. All I am wanting to do is sleep but then again I know that I am not able to. Here's to a great Friday to all!


11-06-2004, 06:26 AM
SATURDAY: Today is Sunny Thoughts Saturday! We need this one this week girls so let's get some good thoughts on the board!

I'M BACCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I know, darn it, we thought maybe we got rid of her forever, right? :lol: uh-uh you are stuck with me!

Rather than individual replies, I think I will reply to the group. For Sandy, it is absolutely imperative to clean the house out of food "gook." You would be amazed how well you can stay on program if there is no junk food in the house. You might rave and rant when the itch gets you, but with nothing bad in the house you have to leave it go get ick food and most of us don't want to do that. For the rest of us, who all seem to be really struggling this fall in our own personal way, remember that good times have to follow hard times, no matter how long the hard times last. Our main focus has to be what we are putting into our body and how we are treating it. Think of your body as one of your children, whether you have children or not. If you were a mother, would you just let your 4 year old sit and eat coke, chips, candy, cake until he is sick? Would you allow him to sit in front of the tv and veg all day and do nothing else? Instead of milk and good juices and water, would you let him only drink soft drinks with lots of sugar, then refuse to take him to the dentist when he gets a cavity or to the dr for the tummyache it caused? Would you tell your little one, he is ugly and you hate him? OF COURSE NOT! Then why do you treat your own body worse? Why is it alright to stuff junk into it, sit around the house, and drink only soft drinks and coffee, look in the mirror and find only disgust looking back? Why is it ok to ignore feeling bad and not go to the doctor because of your weight? It isn't. If there is ANYONE you should take care of it is YOU! You cannot possibly even care for someone else, if your own body doesn't function well. Let's remind ourselves everyday that our body is like our child and it is our responsibility to love our child and TELL HIM SO EVERYDAY! Our responsibility is to our child and not to how someone elses "raises" theirs! Here's to our "children" :hat: May we strive to raise happy healthy beautiful ones!

Faye :)

11-06-2004, 01:26 PM
Well said Faye!

Amanda Panda
11-06-2004, 01:58 PM
Hi Friends,

Thanks for the sunny thought Faye - I agree, it was well said!

I've just come back from swimming - my fourth session this week! I'm really pleased as I thought I would have to spend weeks and weeks getting back to fitness, but actually I'm more or less back on track already! I decided to have a 'rest 'day yesterday - but I ended up choosing to go for a walk anyway! I'm really finding that on the days that I don't get out and go swimming, I start feeling really low and bored, so I'm going to have to make sure I get out of the house for a walk or a trip into town - just to stop me going stir crazy! :dizzy:

I forgot to tell you that when i went to buy a monthly swim pass, they had an offer on of 'buy 2 months, get another free' - so I've now got unlimited swimming until Feb 2006!

CARRI - Well done for getting back on track - I knew you could do it! :cp:

SANDY G - I know you are right about the pizza - I usually allow myself one home made one each week to avoid cravings, but I've got out of the habit recently.

:flow2: MY SUNNY THOUGHT :flow2: Every day that we stay on track is a day closer to our goal!

Have a great weekend!

Love Amanda x

11-07-2004, 07:19 AM
SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday and here is our poll this week. What is your true food weakness and what sensible thing can you do to still have it and not overload?

Morning ladies! I have been mega busy trying to put things away, wash clothes and generally get back to normal. I am almost completely done with my Christmas shopping except for Thomas. I still have a lot of his, a couple things for sil and Jack's gift, but we just buy what we want at Christmas and rarely exchange gifts. Since we are alone Christmas day every year unless we travel somewhere, we go down to the casinos and have lunch out.

As for the poll, I think my weakness is chocolate. I just eat something ff that is chocolate once in awhile like a chocolate pudding.

Well, I still have scads to do and need to get cracking!

Faye :)

11-07-2004, 07:52 PM
Poll......chocolate. need i say more. i have some homemande instant hot chocolate and it isnt too bad i use nonfat powered milk and splenda. gotta run time for bed

11-08-2004, 07:44 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday and our Mission this week is to look at where we are weak during the day and to try and combat it. All of us have a time during the day when we seem to have the urge to eat more than other times. Mine is after dinner before bed. If necessary keep a food journal for a few days with times and see when it is that you want to snack etc, then work on how you can keep from eating. Sometimes it takes sheer will power to break the cycle and for others, planning something to eat from their program helps.

I'll be back in later girls

Faye :)

11-08-2004, 11:18 AM
Morning All, I am happy to report that today is my 5th OP day !!!!!!!! I am so happy, and yes what has mainly helped me is not having ANY junk in the house, if it is not there I cannot eat it!!! :lol: A three pointer for yesterday.

Faye - Almost all of your Christmas shopping done? Geez! I usually do not do any until last minute, I like all of the crowded shopping centers and Christmas music, I like the crunch time, ha dh likes it too, we must be crazy right?? :lol: Good pep speech a couple of days ago, you are right...

Julie - So did you have fun this weekend?

Amanda- See do not sweat the pizza, you are exercising and it will be fine!!
Good luck

Sandy - My mom makes the homemade hot cocoa, it is so good...I would like to know your recipe though with splenda, sounds good!!

Take care all, have a great day, here is wishing you all an OP day !!! And me!!

Amanda Panda
11-08-2004, 02:14 PM
Hi all.

I had a good weekend - 4 points on Saturday and Sunday!

I'm having real trouble sleeping at the moment - I hate losing sleep! I'm tending to toss and turn all night and only get really shallow sleep, waking up every hour or so. last nightwas the pits - I went to sleep at 2am, (drugs knock me out briefly!), then woke up every half hour till about 4am - then woke up suddenly at 6.30am and couldn't get back to sleep! I got up and read and tried to go back to sleep at 8am, but it wasn't happening - so I got up and went to an earlier swim session and then I had to go into town to do a few chores. It was pouring with rain all day and I was gradually getting more and more tired and miserable (PMS) - by the end of the morning I came home and just wanted to cry! I really am awful if I miss my sleep - and I've been having trouble for over a week now. I had quite a good sleep when I got in this afternoon (I know I should have tried to stay up till tonight, but I couldn't), but just for 3 hours, and I feel alot better. We'll see what tonight brings........

CARRI - Well done on your 5 days back on track - that is excellent!

Haven't seen Julie for a few days.....where are you sweetie?

Faye - It is a very sensible woman who gets her christmas shopping done so early - my sister is the same. I'm like Carrt, and leave it right till the last minute - last year we nearly missed out on having a christmas tree because we left it so late. I'm going to try to be a bit more organised this year!

I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so will try to remember tomorrow!

Love Amanda X

11-08-2004, 02:47 PM
Afternoon. Great job Carri and Amanda. You two have got it going on. I stopped at the library after work. I checked out "Make The Connection-Ten Steps To A Better Bpdy And A Better Life", skimming thru it while at the library I found things that made so much sense. I guess that there is some part of me that is lost and I am trying to find it. Had a weak monent and had some cookies but I am praying for more strength for the rest of the day. Just checking in briefly before it is time to pick up my lil man from school. Here's to a great day for everyone.


11-08-2004, 03:10 PM

Carri :cp:
Amanda :bravo: :bravo:

Keep up the good work everyone!

Faye :)

11-09-2004, 07:55 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and let's target our home this week. Let's make sure our home is free of junk food and only has good healthy food for us to eat!

later girls

Faye ;)

11-09-2004, 09:32 AM
good morning beautifuls.... just a quick check in... 4 points yesterday this weekend was 3 pointers both days. i am in major pain... cramping and yuk.. i am hoping its not endometriosis... but thats whats in my head as the cause... we'll see... TOM is due today... yippie!! lol
i hope everyone is well... i will check back later all... take care of you...

11-09-2004, 11:27 AM
Hello all, very quiet in here this a.m. , well I know that I am a day early but I have a woe, well I have been OP for 5 straight days and still have not lost anything, usually I see something within the first few says I am up .05 of a pound, I think I need to start watching my sodium intake or something...I have been eating these WW snack cakes but they are only 1 point each, very low fat, but maybe the sugars in there are bothering me...I do not know, I guess ( like my dh said ) I should give it more time and maybe not weigh myself till next week or so to see a difference...

Girls we are coming up on the holidays and you know what that means - food, food, and more food...are we going to do our Christmas Challenge this year? I know we do a quarterly challenge but I think we need to "re-name" it this time for CHristmas!! Since I love it so much, ha ha :lol: :lol:

Faye, Sandy, and everyone else, have a great day, talk to you all is very cold here today, but I think I will still get out for a walk...

Amanda Panda
11-09-2004, 03:44 PM
Hi all,

Well I am sorry to say that I ordered another pizza last night! :rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin: I have been having such a hard time this month with PMS and I was just feeling really sorry for myself and didn't want to cook - Nigel refused to cook aswell, so i thought 'sod it'. At least I bought one with half fat mozarella on it!
So I got 2 points yesterday - at least I got some exercise and water in!

Well today is a new day, and I am trying again! I've had some real stress today with my bank -which could turn me to comfort eat, but I have made sure that I have got into the kitchen and cooked a healthy low fat meal (mushroom and lentil curry :T ).

SANDY B - Hope your pain goes away and isn't anything too serious. You are doing well at staying on track! :cp: :cp:

SANDY G - Don't let those few cookies get you down, you are doing really well !

CARRI - I was wondering if your weight gain is just a delayed backlash from last weeks overeating - sometimes it takes a while to creep on. Maybe you actually put on more, but have lost it over the past 5 days? Anyway - I'm sure you'll show a loss next week!

I was thinking about Christmas too - I ALWAYS go completely overboard at Christmas and not just for one day - but from about the 22nd dec till about the 5th Jan! I don't intend to be 100% on a diet over the festive period, but I'm going to try to not go TOO overboard!

Have a good evening ladies!

Love Amanda x

11-09-2004, 03:58 PM

Sandyb :bravo: :cp: :cp:
Carri :bravo:
Amanda :dancer:

Well, we have to think about Thanksgiving too, so here's the deal, we will have a Christmas Challenge running from Monday the 15th until Dec 31. You get to name your lbs lost so what will it be girls? How many lbs can you lose between now and the end of the year??????

Faye :)

11-09-2004, 11:51 PM
Evening everyone.

SandyB, I pray for you that your pain isn't endo. It robs you of your life and effects in ways that are farreaching. I went thur it and ended up having a hyst. There are days that I have lots of pain as I still have endo on my bladder. Just some advice for you if you do(dx is done via a lap) run if a doctor mentions lupron.
Amanda, we all binge during TOM. I know it totally sucks but like you said you have a lower fat cheese. Hopefully your problems with the bank will get resloved soon.
Carri, the girls are right sometimes it takes awhile for the weight to come on. I think that if you wait like your hubby was telling you you will see a loss.
Just wanted to check in quickly time for bed catch everyone later.


11-10-2004, 07:35 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's Woes. What can we help you with?

later ladies

Faye :)

11-10-2004, 09:09 AM
Sandy ... thanks and i hope so as well... but as of today i got my TOM yesterday and this morning woke up for the first time in 2 weeks withOUT cramps and pain... what a relief... i am going to call and talk to my mom and see if thats normal or if its a sign of endo... i cant remember what my dodtor said about it.... do u know? I am going and getting my hairs cut today... its to my shoulders now... and i am getting it cut short.... and then going back to real its the first time in a L O N G time i have found a hairstyle that i like this much... i am soooooooo excited... i will have my friend take a pic of me and try to make it into my avatar...
Anyway... i have more laundry to do today... isnt that and other than that not too much planned... so i am going to just take it eady i guess. I hope you all have a fantastic day... i will check back after i get home again.. take care of u.. love to u all...

Amanda Panda
11-10-2004, 02:19 PM
Hi gal pals,

I got 3 points yesterday - had a break from the exercise as my muscles were aching a bit.

It's very quiet here at the moment - where is everyone? Julie, Susan, Dot, Beth - come back soon!

How many weeks is it until Christmas? ...... about 7 weeks. I'm going to try to lose 12lb before Christmas (and then hopefully NOT put it all back on over the Christmas period! :lol: )

I ordered some new card making stuff on the internet last night - i haven't made any cards for months, but I'm going to have a go at making some Christmas cards for my family and friends. It's actually cheaper to buy a box of cards, but I enjoy making them even if they do cost a little more!

Have a lovely evening,

Love Amanda x

11-10-2004, 02:51 PM

Amanda: :cp:


Amanda: 12 lbs
Faye 15 lbs

Hope all is well with everyone.

SandyB Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Amanda: Keep working hard and you will conquer this too!!!!!

Faye :)

11-10-2004, 04:20 PM
Afternoon All ...

Amanda- I laughed so hard when I read your post about losing that weight and putting it back on during Christmas, ha ha :lol: Because that is what I was thinking would happen to me...obviously I can gain 5 pounds in a matter of days :)

Faye - Okay I am going to try and be realistic here, because I will be eating what I want on Thanksgiving day, so lets see, how about 10 pounds by Christmas? Sounds good, may be a little on the low side but it is only 6 weeks away...

Has Julie been back in here since the weekend that she was gone? Just wondering, didnt see a post from her, unless I overlooked it...

Sandybrat - Hope you get to feeling better :)

Sandy-Gigglez - You are probably right, I will go with what dh says and hope for a good loss next week...

had another 4 pointer yesterday !!! dh and I went for a walk last evening when it was like 48 degrees out, we kind of regretted it once we got out and our cheeks ( both sets ) were numb...but oh well we were out there so we walked a mile...
have a great evening all !! Talk to you later !!

11-10-2004, 04:25 PM
Hello everyone.

I'm still here. Been peeking in now and then to catch up with everyone, but I've been doing so horribly this past month that I'm just ashamed of myself. I can't stop eating. Life is very hectic this time of year and I'm totally dealing with the stress by stuffing my face. I'm always hungry. Even when I eat healthy, I just keep shoveling it in until I am so stuffed I can't breathe.

I'm not exercising other than dance class twice a week. My body is totally lethargic and achy. I've gained 6 pounds, back up to 210, I'm so depressed I could just cry. It's like I was stuck for so long that subconsciously I just gave up. Except I CAN"T let myself backslide anymore. I just can't go back to where I was, and I can see it happening.

I wasn't posting because for the longest time I've just been writing happy little notes to you all and pretending that nothing was wrong. But something is wrong. I don't know what to do. I'm in a bad bad!


11-10-2004, 05:19 PM
Julie... oh honey... thats what we are here for... u help us out by encouraging and we will do the same for u... sometimes its just the time of year that can trigger it... i have been doing the same thing... but we can NOT get mad or aggravated with ourselves ... thats when we start not caring,... hence the backsliding... I know its NOT easy by any means... i deal with it every day... i would be we all do but just dont always share it... just remember that u can come here and yell scream, laugh, cry... anything... JUST COMMUNICATE with us... i love you and will help u in any way that i can...even if its just to listen... i hope this helps hon... u r such a strong woman... with a great heart and soul... never forget that... we ar more... so much more than the outside...

11-11-2004, 07:17 AM